Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Win FROM Him, and FOR Him

I still cannot describe what I am feeling right now. The closest word to describe it is probably "surreal". Before the game on thursday, I kinda had a strong hunch that we would come out victorious but at the same time i had a very heavy feeling. But i wasn't sure exactly what it was - stress, pressure, suppressed excitement? I really didn't know. One thing I knew was that this 2008 Blue Eagle team is destined for something so special. The character of the team is so amazing - hardworking, selfless, focused, fierce! During that last game, I was so excited already but i had to hold back 'til the final buzzer. In one way, i wanted to hit a game-winning shot to seal my college career with a memorable play. But it didn't happen that way, instead, we created a huge lead that just symbolized the dominance of this team throughout the season. There was no "Jec Chia-like" play that turned the tables for the team, but rather it was a very consistent journey for us except maybe for that loss against FEU in the first round.

After that unbelievable monster performance by Rabeh in Game 1, Coach Norman already predicted what was gonna happen in Game 2. They would try to shut down Rabeh by all sorts of double teaming (maybe even taunting) just to get him out of his game, although it was his foul trouble that made him sit almost the entire first half. Coach therefore told me that it's my turn to be aggressive and just fire away! Rabeh then made me realize that this is game #17 for us this season, that's why he knows that it's my time. I knew this # would always be special for me :) Rabeh just displayed that he is truly MVP by coming off the bench in the 2nd half very focused and prepared, not overly excited to score - a sign of maturity. Jobe Nkemakolam also stepped up big time in the 1st half filling in for Rabeh's absence. Of course, Defensive Player of the Year Nonoy Blocklao proved once again that he is dependable as the last line of defense - truly deserving of the Finals MVP award and sending a very important message to the basketball community that scoring alone does not win championships but rather defense. What a role player! I want to acknowledge all my other teammates as well but I'll save that for my future entries.

When Jai made that running jumper with 1 minute something left in the game, I knew we had it! All of a sudden the gallery in blue, as if choreographed, held up signs that said 'Champions' which filled the entire lower portion of Araneta. And I got goosebumps! I've never felt such happiness that it forced me to tears as the game was still on-going. Then, Nonoy and Rabeh hugged me in the center court while Jai was icing the game in the free throw line. Ryan Buenafe passed me the ball as the final seconds ticked and I just threw the ball as high as i could as the buzzer sounded! I wasn't thinking anymore. I hugged everyone that came my way! I just loved everybody! If I remember correctly, the first person i saw and hugged was Coach Jamike. I almost squashed his glasses upon my shoulders but I didn't care anymore! then I looked for my buddy Eric Salamat who came from the bench because of his cramps. But all the physical pain just went away at that instant. As I promised to Rabeh, I will look for him as the buzzer sounded and jump on him. But he was just too surrounded. Then I hugged Coach Norman, to whom we offered this victory greatly. For the first time, he said "I love you Chris" and I responded "I love you too Coach!" Very uncharacteristic for both of us who always appear very serious and with no reaction.

It was a "mission accomplished" after 6 years of hard work and pain combined. More than the sense of fulfillment, i felt like the weight which i had to carry with me was relieved once and for all. From now on, i'll be merely a spectator. How I will miss wearing that blue and white jersey with the name "Ateneo" on it. It was a fairy-tale ending for me and I thank everyone but most especially I thank the Lord for this wonderful gift! I know that He has bigger plans for us and that there is a deeper purpose for all of this. Thank you Lord for making this dream come true! This win is for You, for Your greater glory!


P.S. See you all at the Bonfire (as I mentioned before) on TIU's day, September 30, the last day of the RABEHdan @ 6pm at the Church of the Gesu (Haha corny!) Be prepared for the possibility of rainfall. :) It's time to party!


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vmv said...

you're very humble, Chris, and that's what makes you very special. Congratulations! AM+DG

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris and the entire team! Yipee! I wrote the first comment. :)

janette said...

hi poh!...congratz poh! sa pagkapanalo nyo sa championship...syang hindi ko po napanod kasi nasa retreat kmi...pero sana ulitin..pra mapanood ko nman poh! mama ko lng poh! ng blita sken na champion dw kyo....hehehhe congratz poh! ulet...

Jamie said...


It's my first time to leave a comment here. Anyway see you all Ateneans on Tiu'sday!!!! Masayang bonfire yan at excited na ako!!! Sana di maputik sa field like nung 2002. Kadire. Ahehehe

May mass ba bago bonfire???

Anonymous said...

congratulations then.. :D :D :D

it was quite a win really! i wish i was there to watch but school's really got me busy.. but i did watch on tv after my class.. too bad we won't be able to see you play next year.. but this really is a victorious end for your career in UAAP. hope you would still be great in any path you take from now on.. good luck then.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Chris! You deserved to win this (I mean you and the whole team). I'm sure God will keep on blessing you. See you at the bonfire!

Rina said...

Chris!!!!!!!! YOUR ENTRY MADE ME CRY AND LAUGH at the same time! Thanks to that major corny joke at the end. HAHAHAHA. I and the whole Ateneo community will surely miss you on that court strutting your skills! :( Super saya that we're champions but at the same time, super sad that you're leaving :( WE'LL MISS YOU SO MUCH. I really hope I get to take a picture with you on the bonfire. That's my only wish talaga ever since I entered Ateneo. Anyway CONGRATULATIONS!

inshangmarie said...

i've been reading your blog entries for almost a month now or maybe more than a month but this is my 1st time to comment.
hmm. i just want to congrats you and all the blue eagles for being the champion 4 this year's season. CONGRATS! AMDG!=)

mel said...

bonfire! bonfire! bonfire! bonfire! bonfire! bonfire! bonfire! bonfire! bonfire! bonfire! bonfire! bonfire!

of course, we'll be there! WE LOVE YOU ATENEO!!!

ara said...

congrats chris!

we're gonna miss you
wearing that ateneo jersey.


congrats again and more power.


Anonymous said...

God has given you that win for a reason. May you continue to glorify Him in all you do.

Remember, all of God's champions are unlikely heroes...

Congratulations #17! Go Ateneo!

girl17 :) said...

hi chris!!!!

ur such a good team captain!!!!

ur destined to win the game!!!!
hope to see you in PBA para makita ka pa namin sa hardcourt!!!I will miz # 17!!!!

God bless you always!!!

annie_r said...

you guys did great! thanks for an amazing season Chris! :)

Anonymous said...

hello Ahia Chris!!

You guys deserve to be the Champions!! Congrats to the whole Ateneo community! You've given a clean fight! GOD blesses that is pure in heart!!! More blessings!!

-apple lim-

Anonymous said...

Congrats again!

Bonfire bonfire! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Chris! You're one of the reasons kung bakit masarap maging Atenista! You're the best role model for the youth today. Good luck on your endeavors! I know you will do great in whatever you TIUs to do. hehehe Thank you for a great season!

kenneth said... from dubai and we are cheering for you!!!...the moment that my friend texted me that ATENEO won..i almost got up of my office chair and jumped as high as i could (in the maybe its just 1 foot high hehehe)...

Anonymous said...



MISS YOU.........







Anna said...

Amen to that, Chris!!!

Its always sweeter to savor something so hard fought. What a great way to end your stay at the Ateneo!!

Ive just had this unwavering faith all season long that this was going to be a special year for us. You guys have been so tough and focused all the time, hammering away to get to that goal.

Its been amazing. Thank you, thank you. For staying one more year. For all the sacrifices you mustve made. For all the hard work you obviously put in. For being an excellent role model for my young sons to emulate.
Youve brought so much pride back to the school, not just because of the championship but because of the road you took to get it.

You're an Ateneo Legend now, Chris. And yeah, it is definitely time to party!!! One Big Fight!!!

estrella said...

Congratulations chris!
Ateneo deserves it!
You deserve to be in the mythical five and the PS Bank Maasahan Award!

anyway, will there be a UAAP-NCAA All-Star Game? when is it?

One big fight!

caleb said...

touching yung I Love You nyo sa isa't isa ni Coach Norman! =)

Congrats! Good job! God bless!

PS CORNY. haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris first of all I want to congratulate you,your team and the entire Ateneo community for the championship that you guys banged!

You really deserve it the championship that you've gggggggggggot really paid your hardwork and determination throughout the season.

How I wish I was there to see you hos happy you are.You know when I saw you on t.v crying I also cried for you. You don't know how much it means to me.

You're such a special persons and yes you're an angel that God sent to inspire and touch the lives of everyone.

Again congratulation and more success on your career as a host,basketball player,businessman.

Just stay humble and God-fearing and He will lead you in the right path of life.......GO ATENEO ONE BIG FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Florhen Grace said...

super congrats! :) we will miss seeing you play.

and yeah, that last part of your entry is really kinda corny. hahahaha.

it's party time on tiu'sday! see you.

Philip said...

Good Job Chris! You guys were just terrific and your leadership has a lot to do with it. You were able to control your guys when they were about to be frustrated in some of your games.

Truly, it was your defense who really won it. GOOD GOOD JOB!

I admire the team spirit and the discipline you had. Unlike DLSU who kept whining about their loss. Their behavior on the floor is just UNACCEPTABLE. I always believe when you play in the UAAP, you should be role models to the viewing public. DLSU and FRANZ PUMAREN displayed NO CLASS .. Man, he should be mature to accept those losses and not think that the referees gave the game to you (EXCUSES EXCUSES FOR THEM). Maybe they just forgot that it's 4-0 this season and HOW SWEEP IT IS FOR YOU TO FINISH THEM OFF..

Nica said...

"I just loved everybody!" That made me laugh and cry at the same time! I know that every person has that kind of feeling when they're very happy and overwhelmed. We will miss you and Yuri on the court! Too bad for me, I won't be able to see you play live anymore. Unless, you have other plans =)

I dont know what to say anymore. Im just too happy for you and your team! Words are not enough =)

diana jane said...

Congratulations!!! The team deserves it. This is not the end, you're just beginning to start a new chaptter of your life. Thank you for inspiring us. be humble. :)

Sam Vy said...

Wow! I'm the first commenter! Congratulations, Chris!!! Really proud of you guys. Haha, you were right about being "uncharacteristic". First time I saw you cry (on TV). =p

diana jane said...

See you on TIU'sday, paki-sign yung tarp. :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations! a well deserved victory for you guys :)

nica said...

By the way, I love the title of your post! No kidding, but I did really pray for you and your team before the game started.

I was just watching it thru TFC and it was around 1AM and I still had jetlag coz I just got here in CA from NY. But I still fought hard not to fall asleep, even when the game had only 2 minutes left and I knew you're going to be the champions, I still waited til it's time for Boom to say goodbye coz I wanted to see you all celebrating.

I wonder if you could post vid clips with your celebrations to share with us, Ateneo Blue Eagles fans...

lara said...

"On TIU's day, September 30, the last day of the RABEHdan!" - ahaha. It's really contagious right? gRABEH na TIU! Haha. :DD


LOOJ said...

hi chris:) i would like to congratulate you for the win against dlsu. I always watch your games and my emotions are really high whenever you win!

we are all here for you chris! goodluck on your future career:) AMDG! godbless:)

Anonymous said...


Moe said...

Needless to say, this entry brought me to tears. Thank you for everything you've offered the community, Chris! You'll truly be remembered and loved by everyone. Your memory will forever live on. You deserve all of this! Hats off to you guys! See you on TIUsday! ONE BIG FIGHT!!

michiko said...

AMDG indeed!

Wow Chris... No words can describe the feeling of a well-earned victory. Congratulations to you and the rest of Blue Eagles! Such a lovely win! :)

I admire your strength, your faith in God and your character. It is so inspiring. I hope that the kids of today aspire to be like you. This chapter in your life should be bookmarked! And you still have so much ahead of you. I wish you all the best! I hope you continue to be a great influence to today's youth and that you succeed in every journey that you take. As long as you have God in the center of your life, you will make it. :)

I will definitely miss seeing you on the court. Keep the faith and Carpe Diem!

grayc said...

konnichiwa chris-kun!

well you are the champions for this season! it's already a BIG blessing from HIM! i hope i can join the bonfire but I'm not an atenean.. and i live very far.. (sulk) but i hope you have a blast! i really prayed hard and my friend and i were screaming our lungs out in front of the TV as we watch the game. heheh..

i really liked it when you threw the ball up so high like "yeah! it's over! we did it! we are the champs!!!" :)

well, again congrats and enjoy the party later! (i hope to sit next to you next season when you watch their game!) :)

if you have time pls reply.. i wud really appreciate! here's my email

grayc said...

konnichiwa chris-kun

well you are the champions for this season! it's already a BIG blessing from HIM! i hope i can join the bonfire but I'm not an atenean.. and i live very far.. (sulk) but i hope you have a blast! i really prayed hard and my friend and i were screaming our lungs out in front of the TV as we watch the game. heheh..

i really liked it when you threw the ball up so high like "yeah! it's over! we did it! we are the champs!!!" :)

well, again congrats and enjoy the party later! (i hope to sit next to you next season when you watch their game!) :)

if you have time pls reply.. i wud really appreciate! here's my email

nurse jane said...

Congratulations, Chris!...
My friends really cried at the last minute of the game...
What made me cry is when you came to your parents and hugged them...
How i love that scene!
Sooo touching!
God bless you more!..^o~

angel said...

see you at the bonfire...
hope i can come.....
(fingers cross!!!)

♥jen♥ said...

i'm very happy because you got the UAAP crown but i'm sad too because i won't see you playing again in Ateneo next season.
i'll really miss my Captain TIU!
looking forward to see you in PBL or PBA. heheh! ;D
take care always!
God Bless!

Raymond and Sharon said...

Congratulations to Ateneo for winning the championship! You truly deserved the win... We'll definitely be in the bonfire to celebrate this wonderful gift with the whole Ateneo communnity...

Chris, thanks for all your contributions... You're truly the King Eagle and we love you just as Coach Norman loves you ;)

nurse jane said...

Wait, have you seen the congratulatory message of GMA for you?!
That's so nice!..
Your home network is really proud of you...ayiiiih!
We are proud of you!^o~

Crizzy said...


khreezna said...

congratulations chris..
and also to the entire team..
i aslo cried when i was in araneta..
and i even cried harder when i watched the last minutes in youtube..
well..maybe i will see you on tiu's day..

we will miss tiu-perman.. :))
goodluck and godbless..

iamirene said...

hey chris! congratulations! it was a great game and you guys really deserved it. :)

Anonymous said...

hey chris. your invitation for the bonfire made us laugh so hard! haha. hope to see you there. congratulations! -karina and monika

p.s. our mother was praying so hard when she was on the plane. she's nearest to God daw. haha.

Bam said...

Your entry is so touching. Congratulations CHRIS -- the BEST KING EAGLE ever, our CAPTAIN, our LEADER! People like you are a rare breed! You make me even prouder to be an Atenean! We shall never forget your passion and dedication to the team. The whole Ateneo Community will miss seeing you wear the blue and white jersey. You truly deserve this WIN! This one is for you Chris Tiu! THANK YOU...THANK YOU....THANK YOU!

nickatuchi said...

we really can underestimate the heart of a champion!
you deserve all of this..
may you have continous blessing in life..Godbless!!

Noel said...

All honor and praises to God!!! Congrats to the Blue Eagles!!! Galing Galing!!!

eYnah said...


aww..Naiiyak na naman tuloy ako. haha!

Just wanna congratulate the whole team again and again and again!

You really did a great job.


Let's partaaaaY! :)

nina said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE WHOLE ATENEO TEAM! :) Most especially to Coach Norman Black!Coach for life na of Ateneo! hahahaha

It's really sad that Season 71 for Basketball ended na..It was well worth all the early wake up calls just to line up early to enter Araneta during the elimination games between ADMU and DLSU, Final Four and THE Finals(it was easier to line up and get tickets during games that was not against DLSU eh hehehe) was well worth sitting inside Araneta as early as 1130am even if the game's at 4PM was worth just eating NYFD fries, Dilly Bar, Pizza Hut slices and bottles after bottles of water just to be able to see the Blue Eagles finally bring back the trophy to the Hills of Loyola!

You're absolutely right, seeing those championship posters hoisted and hearing the Ateneo crowd cheering "GO! ATENEO!" can really raise goosebumps! Even our La Salle friend who was with us was awed! hehehe

I know a lot of people are sad that last Thursday was your final game for Ateneo. You would always be remembered and loved, Chris Tiu :) Good luck and God Speed! AMDG..One Big Fight!

Regina I. said...

Congratulations to you and to the whole team! My heart just seized up while reading your blog! It was one heck of a game and you are all one heck of a team! I'll miss seeing you and Yuri play for the Ateneo. :( I really hope I can get a picture with you and the whole team. I almost got a picture with Eric but my mom's so high-tech, she didn't realize naka-zoom yung camera so in the end, we got a picture of Eric's eye.

I knew this would be your year. :)
Thank you for playing Chris! God bless! You've got a bright future waiting! ;)

Lia said...

You've done a great job as a player and captain of the Blue Eagles. Here's to your bright, bright future. Congratulations and more power! Hope to see you at the bonfire!:)

♥`ツShe_Annツ`♥ said...


Congrats to you and to the team...
You really guys rock!
I only cath the 3rd & 4th quarter of the game coz i have a review..
And my lecturer (sir lester) got a new iphone because you win.. haha

Hope to see you running and shooting for three points in the pba.. :)

congrats again..

Godbless... :)

Meryl_17 said...

















haylin said...

Congratz! I knew it..You have had GRAND EXIT..Your TIU good to be true!I will truly miss seeing TIU in the court wearing that jersey#17..You have brought back the pride Chris with 16 pts and 4 rebounds..

Thanks for being humble and stay safe always..I LOVE TIU!

Anonymous said...

congrats!! you guys deserve it.

Good luck sa future career mo.


allen joy said...



Anonymous said...

congratulation sa iyo...ang ganda ng pagka throw mo sa ball...hehehe..

from bohol

jesse said...

Congrats, Chris!! :)

A job well done, indeed. You guys really deserve the Championship.

When I saw you and Coach Norman hug each other, I began to cry as well. I can feel that this championship was really a big thing for you. i know you've worked hard for this. :)

We will surely miss seeing you and Yuri play on the court. Both of you really did a good job this season, and I know you have a brighter future ahead of you. Good luck on your careers after UAAP! We're always here to support you. :)

and by the way, are you really going to play on PBL? together with some of your fellow Blue Eagles? if so, I'll really watch out for your games there!


lara said...

Wow! New banner. I'm extremely happy for you. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi..Chris...sayang noh..di na kita makikita sa UAAP...huhuhu...alam mo nagpabili talaga ako ng t-shirt dyn sa cousin ko...hahaha..mat #17 pa sa likod...hehehe...congrats ulit..I hope you enjoy the PARTY...

from bohol..

jm said...

I am not Atenean nor La Sallian but my brother is a La Salista I could not dare to give comment in favor of Ateneo during the game last Thurs. because I am watching the game with my Lasalista brother.

So now I have the chance to congratulate you and your team.

You deserve to win the game because you play hard and fair!

COngrats again

~ROcheLLe~ said...

ConGRATULATIONs ChriS.. U MAde It.. aNg gaLing mO Tlaga magLArO...

pinaka gusTo ko yuNg naiiyaK kana, hehehs ur so cuTe.. Im sURe masaya ka talaga ngayOn..

BonfiRe,, hoPe mapansiN mo kaminG mga FanS mo.. hehehs

(saNa ikaw mag poTray Ng Role ni JusTin sa FULLHOUSE remake) im suRe mataaS ratiNgs nuN.. (",)



geian said...

nope... this is not about your son. *joke* =)

you finally finished your unfinished business, and you finished it with an astounding victory. congratulations to you, to the team and to the whole ateneo community.

Anonymous said...

congrats. :)
g'luck sa future career mo.
godbless ^^

meg said...

i was there at the game and i was in tears when you guys won... the entry refreshed me within me that glorious moment that i cried just reading your it... awww... chris tiu made me cry...

congratulations chris! see you on TIU'S day!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the win and i hope to see you at the bonfire!

Anonymous said...

The entire 2nd year students section I,College of Nursing here in HOly Name University, Bohol congratulates you and your team for winning the 2008 UAAP championship...GOd Bless YOu Always...

PS.. mamimiss ka namin sa UAAP but we promise that every saturday and monday night,manonood kami ng PINOY RECORDS and RIPLEYS BELIEVE IT OR NOT..

from bohol

"karen mae castolo" and classmates sopport you all the time..

chantopher17 said...

Chris you really admired everyone not only that you're good looking or that good personality of yours but you really admire us because you have a good're not share to everyone the grace that you received from our almighty God above!!..thats what makes me proud of you..eventhough we're too far away from each other..CONGRATULATIONS to you and to your teamates and to all Atenistas out there who's always there to support the ADMU Blue deserve to be the champion of UAAP season 71 because of the hardworks that you've shown during the game...the finally rhe BIG FIGHT is over and yes ATENEO wins the GAME!!! Goodluck sa studies..hehehe...saka sa Career..i always watch your show on GMA..galing moh!! hehe Luv You talaga!!! gRABEH!!! hehehe..dapat Tiusday yung Ripleys Belive it or not!! hehe(Corny ha)....till here Chris...Take Care always coz i care for you...GOD BLESS and more power!!

Anonymous said...


Congrats on the win. I hope to see you at the Bonfire this TIU's-day!

nina said...

hey chris!

i knew that we would win the hardware the moment i stepped into araneta last thursday! i also hoped that you guys would not let a game 3 happen.

is the article that i read in the newspaper true? that you'll be playing in the pbl with rabeh, nonoy, eric and jai? that would be cool! and are you also suiting up for the postseason tournaments? hopefully!

congratulations! hope i can come to the bonfire and celebrate with you guys. FLY HIGH BLUE EAGLES! ONE BIG FIGHT!

blue eagle at heart,
nina x))

Yes said...

Congratulations Chris! I gonna miss seeing you play in the UAAP. You're truly amazing.

wangxiangmei said...

congrats chris!

funny! last thursday, we had to make a presentation for our leadership and management.. i know that it was your second game. i really went home early. hehe..

i told my classmates that i need to go home early because of my headache. hehe.. they believed me and asked me to go home instead.

i just want to ask if what are your plans after?? are you going to pursue your career or not??

you dont need to post this but please reply on my mail.

thanx! Godbless!

rachelle said...

Congratulations on winning the championship kuya Chris! You guys really deserve it! :)

Scott said...

Chris! Idol!! Thanks for bringing Ateneo the championship. You really stepped up as you promised haha. Good luck in your future pursuits!

alyssa mari ♥s 17 :D said...

Congratulations again Chris!

you deserve to win! you really deserve!

i'm so haPpy for TIU.. :) (and of course for your teammates & the entire Atenean Community!)

todo iyak din acuh nun, aHh!
that was the first time i saw u crying.. ;)

hOpe i-continue mu ang Basketball career mu.. :)
cause we really love the way you play basketball!
hOpe mg-PBA ka.. :)
and sana sa BGK..
hihi.., poSsible ba? :)

we're really really proud of you!!!

you're such a great person!

God Bless you! :)

rest ka, huh! :)

ian laput said...

Jubilant cheers to the Blue made it far this time and i pray the team would still make it next year to the UAAP Championships. God be with you Chris in your future career whichever way you choose... Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!!!

Leanne said...

Haha!^^ Kahit corny pasok pa rin. You made me laugh. And yes, we must bring back the glory to Him. Always be blessing to others. God bless you Chris.Have a great weekend! Ingat :)

shin said...

chris, we will surely miss you.

are u considering pba? hope u'll answer!

Anonymous said... a fan of yours..lov u..ehhehe..


7teen said...

i love seventeen...dont tiu?ehhehe


Cassie said...

Hey congratulations! We all knew that this season was for the BLUE Eagles. Anyway, I'm sorry I don't know where Gesu is. Will you tell me how to get there! thanks!

Anonymous said...

My senior year has just become 100x more memorable because of the championship! Makakaalis na kami ng Ateneo ng masaya. Ipapakita ko pa sa mga magiging anak at apo ko yung ticket ko at yung banner na 2008 CHAMPIONS. Ipapaframe ko yun. Ganun ka-espesyal yung larong yun para sa akin. Hahaha. Maraming maraming maraming maraming salamat talaga! Isa kayo (Blue Eagles) sa dahilan kung bakit ang sarap maging Atenista.

Everyone will miss you, Chris.

Excited na ako sa bonfire sa Tiu'sday! Sana makita ko kayo dun!
Muli, maraming maraming salamat. :)

7teen said...

aiy..ayoko na manuod ng uaap..kc wala kana..huhuhuh!!


diko napanood championship pxok kc ako..haizt...


congratz dn sa mga kateam moh...pati sa coach nio...



Maraaaa said...

Hello. Congratulations Chris. You really did well :)

One Big Fight, Ateneo.

rosse galvante said...


i cried once again...=)
i was really touched with your latest blog...^^
i can imagine how very happy you are...
ayeee =))


take care!


P.S. 17 is the numbah! =))


Anonymous said...

congratulations, you guys definitely closed it with an exclamation point. whew! ;)
goodluck, PBA's up next for you. :P


maganda_214 said...

Hello Chris!

We, here in Palawan who are great supporters of ADMU Blue Eagles were tremendously happy in the success of your team in this season.. From the bottom of my heart, CONGRATULATIONS . . It was truly a well deserved win for you and the whole Ateneo community. After 6 years, as you have said, all the hardworks and patience resuLted with a BIG BANG! :)

After all of these things, I hope (not just me but as well as your thousand of fans out there) na whatever career you are going to pursue after you graduate eh magkaroon pa rin kami ng update muLa sa yo because you are such an inspiring and honorable person, infLuential also in the lives of so many people who are following your life . .
We will be happy for all of your success.

Thanks for this little space in the net which allows us to let you know that we care for you, reaLLy :)

Thank you for taking time to read this little comment of mine . . hehe

Kath said...

congrats Chris,
i will surely miss you next UAAP season.

God bless && more power!

Vicka said...

(kuya) CHRIS! congratulations to you and to your teammates- to ATENEO! i was maka-TIU talaga. haha! sayang i can't come to the bonfire, syempre i'm still in high school and at the same time, malayo ako from there. haha! i just want to congratulate you for everything. i hope that you'll have a great career after you graduate college! God bless! =]

Anonymous said...

While reading your blog i was crying and laughing at the same time hahah i just love everything about the team.You're so humble despite the overwhelming blessings that is given to you IDOL KO TALAGA KAYO!!!:)
CONGRATS!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the bonfire!

jesse said...

chris, i have a question, is the bonfire open to the public? or is it just for Ateneans?

I really wanna go sana eh. :)

nix14 said...

congrats again for winning the 2008 championship king eagle! :)

i can't go to the bonfire but i want to. hmmm. :(

but then i was really laughing as i read the part when you and coach norman hugged each other and exchange i love you's. it's so cute. haha :)

well, good luck for your future career. :))

Tiffie said...


Well, it's me again, Tiffie ;) I should say your last post is full of substance.. Full of emotion and full of heart :).. Yeah you're right, 17 is a special number.. it made wonders to my life as well ever since I was a kid and I do believe God is behind all of it.

Indeed God is so great that He can make simple things mean a lot if we just take some time to notice such importance. Well, I suppose this is the way life should be.

Once again, congratulations to you and the whole team, also to coach Norman Black! ;) It's God's gift for those who put their trust on Him. Take care always and stay as humble and simple as you are now.

Soar high like an eagle (a blue eagle!) =) I'll miss watching you play on court. But I'll look forward to seeing you fight life's challenges with full determination just like the way you play the game. God bless Chris! I'm so happy for you and your achievements! More blessings to come ;)

Tiffie said...


Well, it's me again, Tiffie ;) I should say your last post is full of substance.. Full of emotion and full of heart :).. Yeah you're right, 17 is a special number.. it made wonders to my life as well ever since I was a kid and I do believe God is behind all of it.

Indeed God is so great that He can make simple things mean a lot if we just take some time to notice such importance. Well, I suppose this is the way life should be.

Once again, congratulations to you and the whole team, also to coach Norman Black! ;) It's God's gift for those who put their trust on Him. Take care always and stay as humble and simple as you are now.

Soar high like an eagle (a blue eagle!) =) I'll miss watching you play on court. But I'll look forward to seeing you fight life's challenges with full determination just like the way you play the game. God bless Chris! I'm so happy for you and your achievements! More blessings to come ;)

Anonymous said...


nakakamiss ang isang chris tiu sa UAAP!

alang #17 na inaabangan lagi...

we'll miss you!



see wat the power of prayers can do?

i'm so happy for the blue eagles!

nice way to exit the collegiate basketball!

hope to see you play more in the future!

you know why you won? it's because GOD is with you guys...

you played fair and square!

di kayo ill mannered like the other teams...

marunong kayo mag-bigayan...

di kayo mayayabang

nag-eenjoy kayo sa ginagawa nyo...

u put GOD before other things...

u played for His glory...

stay focused as always!

i'm happy for the eagles!

we'll miss you next season...

ADMU blue eagles will never be the same again:(

syempre mag-iimprove pa cla!



Anonymous said...

we'll surely be at the bonfire! ; )

jessa mae said...

well done! :D

kuya ur so humble tlga.. !

datz y many pipol admire you

at isa n ako don ! hehe

u deserve the win!

kng pde lng aq pumunta sa
celebration nio eh..

pu2nta ko.. gusto sna kta makita eh.. hehe!

pero outsiders are not allowed poh yata?! huhu..

anyways.. Congratulations.. !!

God bless you more!

i prayed for you...

more power to your career..!

il be expecting u sa PBA nlng.. :D

"it ended on game TiÜ. . ."

Anonymous said...

i commented on your last entry as soon as 'we' won (pardon me for using 'we' and sharing the victory. haha. im a blue eagle through and through. :D) but i wanna say again...

congratulations, captain! im sure this entry of yours is going to be FLOODED with comments. And I don't know if you read all of them.. but still. The drought has finally ended. BONFIRE NA!!!!!!

haylin said...

ur my TIUperman TIUday and TIUmorrow..!haha:)

yehey!may pinoy records..!see you TIUnyt..:)

AMDG! said...

Congratulations Chris Tiu and your whole team for being the champion this season. i really made the right decision of watching your game last Thursday even though im sick and skipped school. hahaha (i am such a bad student! XD) i didnt have tickets and since i was very desperate nagtanong na rin ako sa stranger for tickets (alam kong scalper siya! hahaha) but i realized okay na sa general admission na lang ako atleast i get to be there sa last game of your uaap career. im actually sad because the first basketball game i watched since i was a born is the last game of my favorite athlete. for me, walang wala si wade, kobe, and o'neil compared to you! (promise hindi bola ito! hahaha XD)

another great decision that i made is when i decided to go to Meg magazine's anniversary party last night at club ascend. i brought my friend karen even though uber last minute and kahit gabing gabi na. at first we dont want to go in because i know that we will be the youngest in there but then i realized i didnt travel all the way to the Fort for nothing. so when i saw you and rabeh entering the club (actually i was at the front na when i saw you, i was the tallest girl kasi so its my advantage! hahaha pwede ako maging basketball player! ^^) i freaked out and told karen na nakita na kita. i was shouting too much kahit alam kong wala na akong boses because of shouting too much when i watched your game the other night. hahaha
im very happy kasi i was able to take a picture with you and have my hanky signed by you and other players (nahihiya nga ako sa inyo and also kay Baclao, interrup ko pa yung labingan nila nung girl niya. hahaha).

i guess my message is too long na. :) goodluck in your future plans and i hope i get to see you again.
you are such a good person Chris Tiu. :)

till next time!

-Megan Bea♥

P.S- I love you chris tiu!! (hahaha not in a "groupie" way! just trying to make you smile! =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Ateneo! We'll miss you. Next year, di na ko sanay na wala si #17 na parating nakaka-3pt shot. HAHAHA. =))) Kung pwede nga lang, sana forever ka na sa Ateneo. Hahaha! Goodluck sa career and more more blessings to come! Take care. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats chris! you're an inspiration to the whole Ateneo community. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the Championship! Thank You Chris for being such a stellar example of a student-athlete and for leading the team to bringing back the pride to Katipunan! I thank the Lord for giving the Ateneo community the opportunity to cheer for a team that truly exemplifies what it is to be a true sportsman in this day and age of instant gratification. We are all very proud of this Band of Blue Brothers! Good luck in your future endeavors...

joy said...

Congratulations Chris!! I know that you can make it. I've always believe in you.

You know what?!I made you my subject in my Impromptu Speech for my Speech class last Thursday...

I had posted my speech in my blog.
I hope that you could read it if you have the time. If you don't, it's alright, I'll understand...

Kindly tell me what do you think of it.Because my professor had told me to ask my subject whoever it was (see, I don't mentioned your name during my speech) what will his reaction would be regarding my speech.

I know that my speech was not the best but those were really the first things that came to my mind during that time. I hope that you'll appreciate it.;)

Anonymous said...

kudos! congratulations! to you and to the whole team! ^_^ you brought back the pride and glory. It's really for the greater glory of God!

it's time to party! bonfire na! ^_^

xXLeaXx said...

Congratz poh ulit in your win! It is a well-deserved win for the whole Ateneo communtiy. After 6 long years you've finally put your hands in your goal.

Well just wanna say I'm so touch with this entry. Hope this is not the end but a beginning for a new journey for you and for the whole Blue Eagle team.

Congratulations poh and God Bless!

linktokrish said...

"IT IS NOT WHAT WE TAKE UP, BUT WHAT WE GIVE UP, THAT MAKES US RICH." The comments on this blog just goes to show how many lives you and the team have touched and inspired. Perhaps it's only God who perfectly knows what and how much you have sacrificed for the school and for the love of the game... we can never thank you enough for extending one more year of hardwork, selflessness, courage, determination, leadership, and humility. Congratulations, Chris, and the rest of the team! Considering that the battle was between two Catholic universities, surely God had an overwhelming amount of whispered prayer before the game but He could have decided to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show because He had already given each of the players the talent to play ball; it's really up to them on how they would use it. Maybe if we can only see Him watch (and cheer!) for both teams during the game last Thursday, considering how you guys played and how you have used that talent so unselfishly and with great determination, God could have also shared some happy tears with you after achieving this momentous victory. Everybody in the team displayed such an extraordinary talent with undescribable humility; this has always been your great edge! You've proven the world that it's not really winning that matters but how you play the game. You had your own share of loss on this season but we never heard anything bitter from you. You stayed focused and faithful.. what a great way to give back to our Lord!

Surely, this is not the end. I personally can't wait to see you guys spread your wings and continue to touch and inspire more lives. I pray that God continue to bless you for being a good instrument to Him. Congratulations also to your parents and family for raising a God-centered son like you.

May you have this two kinds of gratitude, Chris: "The sudden kind we feel for what we take; the larger kind we feel for what we give."


Anonymous said...

congrats kuya chris! you deserve be the champions! no one ever wanted that championship, the way you wanted it! i've never seen such passion and dedication in playing the game! ^_^ i'm sure this is only one of the blessings that God bestowed and will bestow on you.. :) Good luck on season 72 for the rest of the eagles, an Archer will never stops until until it catches his prey ^_^

Apple ^_^

john mark said...

congratz kuya chris 4 winning the championship.i am really proud of you.galing!!

congratz also for joining the mythical team (i am quite sure that you will be included there)

nice showing on game 2, although i also recognize your efforts on game 1. you contributed on game 1 too pa rin.

gud luck to your career as a basketball player and a host. i will feature you in our sports personalities page in our sports pages in our school paper. i will also make an article about your triumph.

again congratz, btw, i am also watching admu vs feu juniors finals in tv. and you are there.

god bless.



Anonymous said...

congrats kuya chris! you deserve be the champions! no one ever wanted that championship, the way you wanted it! i've never seen such passion and dedication in playing the game! ^_^ i'm sure this is only one of the blessings that God bestowed and will bestow on you.. :) Good luck on season 72 for the rest of the eagles, an Archer will never stop until it catches his prey ^_^

Apple ^_^

sam said...

hey kuya chris!!! congrats po... you really deserve that championship because all of you worked really hard... more championships to come for the blue eagles!!!

=,bianca59,= said...

++>>hi poh kuyah!!(n_n)

++>>GONG XI on wiNninG lasT thursdaY!!u dersevE iT!!=)

++>>i'M sO haPpY 4 u kuyaH!!i'M glaD daT b4 u'L leavE thE bluE eagleS,,aT leasT u'vE becmE d championS!!(n_n)

++>>buT der'S a saD parT oF mE coZ i feLt soRrY foR DLSU!!huHUhu..=,(

++>>peO i'M reaLlY haPpY daT u'vE woN!!

++>>sO kuyaH,,waT arE uR planS naH??r u riLy gnG 2 trY ouT 4 prO??

++>>kuyaH,,snaH tlgaH mgreplY kaU saH mgaH coMmentS koH..PLEASE??i'D riLy aPprec8 iT verY mucH!!

++>>CONGRATULATIONS uliT saH lhT nG mgaH ATENISTA!!pleasE telL kuyaH jaI,,kuyaH kirK,,kuyaH nonoY anD kuyaH rabeH congratS!!snaH mG-kapusoH naH lnG dN claH!!haHAha..tpoS meroN kaunG shoW,,mgKksmaH lhT nG bluE eagleS!!heHEhe..syaH cguroH nuN noH!!^_^

++>>geH poH kuyaH!!goT 2 gO naH poH..lapiT naH poH pinoY recordS eH..heHEhe..

++>>ingatZ poH plgE kuyaH!!God blesS u anD uR familY poH!!

mitch said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! For me you're the MVP this season coz I know you gave your all. You have a good heart so you really deserve all you've got right now! I'm still praying for the success of whatever career you want to have. I'll always be here to support you all the way! Two thumbs up to you Chris! You're simply THE BEST!!! Mwuaah!!!

sparkle-sparkle said...

Congrats, ang galing nyo naman.
Oo nga pala, sa november, merong palabas na play sa ateneo (sa may harap ata ng blue eagles gym, ewan, basta yun)entitled "JOSEPH THE DREAMER" gusto ko sanang sabihin sa iyo na manood ka, november 8, 22, at 29. Kahit ano sa mga araw na iyon bast manood ka. Please, watch it kahit 1 araw lang. Kung hindi talaga pwede, okay lang, thanks na lang.
Thank You very much :)

angel said...

congratulations chris! :)

syrell said...

Hi! chris, Congratulations! I knew you and your team would make, you deserve it.. my friend and I planned to watch your championship game but sad to say we failed, wish we we're there during that time to witness your victory...anyway, congrats! & God bless you always...

Lizzie said...

"I know we disappointed you guys these past couple of years, but now we finally got it, 2008." I swear I was in tears, Chris! It took 6 years but it was definitely worth the wait!

My sincerest congratulations to the whole team. You guys deserve it! See you at the bonfire :D

mary joyce galvan said...

Hello po! Congratulations po sa Ateneo Blue Eagles! Feel ko po yung pressure nung game kahit wala ako sa Araneta! Hehe! Mami-miss po kita kasi di po kita maaabutan sa Ateneo..I mean, sa college life ko! Plan ko po kasing manuod ng games sa Araneta! Hehe! (Kasi, graduating student po ako sa high school eh..) I-nimail po kita last time ah, regarding my Filipino project, pero di ka pa po nagrereply..Hehe! Again, congratulations! Sana this coming UAAP 72 naman eh CHAMPION ulet! :)

cariza said...

..hi.. chris..
..congrats ahh. ang galing nyo..
..sayang, wala ka na sa team next
year.. how sad..
..sana nga sumali ka sa PBA..
..su2poratahan pa rin kita..
..galing din ni "BLOCKLAO" at "RABEHDAN"..hahaha wonder nging MVP silang dalawa..

..congrats tlga s team nyo..
..luv you..

..very proud ung daddy mo sayo noh..
,,ako rin eh..
..nung nakita kitang umiiyak,
napa2iyak din akoh sa tuwa.. hahaha..

blue eagles,,one big fight..

mars said...

Congratulations! That game will surely be written in history!! You really step up-ed for your last collegiate basketball game. God Bless to you Chris. I'm hoping to see you in person one day.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris!!

The team truly deserves to be the champion...
Thank you for bringing back the glory..

I was really in tears after the game and finally declaring the victory of you guys. The scene wherein you hugged your dad was really touching.

Hope to see you on the bonfire!! Good luck on your upcoming activities. We will surely miss to see you playing in the UAAP..:)


blueblooded said...

Congrats Chris! You deserve it.

This is one of the many reasons why I can say that my entire stay in the Ateneo is really worthwhile.

God bless!


Anonymous said...

congratulations! well deserve yung pagkakapanalo nyo..
pinatunayan mo na basta gusto mong gawin e kayang kaya... at simula day 1 ng UAAP alam mo at alam namin na nakafocuse ka lang para magchampion at ngaun eto na nasa inyo na.
congrats uli.. we're so happy for you and your team!
and this is a fight you've won.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

congrats chris and to all ateneo blue eagle! you deserved to win! i love you poh! muawh!

Anonymous said...


a very good game indeed!
see you sa hardcourt padin..

and goodluck sa tv shows mo..
*me is currently watching pinoy records* hahaha! and i saw your interview.. your speech as well..

proud talaga maging kapuso!

nix14 said...

wow. the juniors also won the championship. congratulations! another reason to celebrate! 2008 is a really good year for the whole ateneo community. :) sadly, it is your last year. hmmm. :(

have fun in the bonfire!

star18 said...


very happy for all of you.:)
all of you did a great job!

anyway we'll gonna miss you watching in UAAP:(.

godbless and goodluck.

Anonymous said...

"A Win FROM Him, and FOR Him". your words are very inspiring. you worked hard and offered it to God!!! that is just awesome!!!

We will miss you Chris. It will never be the same without Tiu!! we love you.

You are an inspiration!!

God Bless you, from all of us in and out of the Ateneo community ♥

see you at the bonfire =D

Anonymous said...

hats off!
job well done for you guys,,

your last year in the blue eagles was really fulfilling..

good luck to your future plans!

stay humble!


PS: hindi corny! bumenta nga e! lmao!

arlene :) said...

Congrats Chris! BONFIRE NA!

We're gonna miss you playing for Ateneo. :(


Cheers to a great basketball career!

Anonymous said...

congrats chris!! your team deserve it. we'll miss you in the games next year. =( how I wish you could still play for the ateneo team next year.

That's true. God has really better plans for all of us. Goodluck and always take care. =)


Angel said...

Congratulations Chris!

Thank you for being such a great inspiration to all the Ateneans out there.

Your win just made my last year in the Ateneo waaay more special! I can't wait for the Bonfire on TIUsday! :D

Your presence on the court will be truly missed by the whole community!

Best of luck in the field/s that you'll be pursuing in the future! :)

paoi said...

congratulations! all the practice and hardships paid off... it really is a fairy-tale ending for your college career! ;p

though it was very unrealistic to imagine the 'i love you chris/coach' part but it was really sweet...

looking forward to see you on TIU's day ;p

Nette said...


When I read that game was the 17th game, I realized too all the hardships we went through watching all the games live!..[opening, ultra, semis and esp.finals]

After the last game, my sister told me "ate, ate mag wish ka!"

I replied, "huh?..why?..they are the champion now, no need to wish!"..

Then my sister said, "don't you realized that we attended all their games live!"

I really laugh out loud!!..Ginawang NOVENA!! hahahaha!![It makes me think, do I really need to wish?..hahaha..]

But seriously Chris, you are an image that is etched into our collective consciousness. We will surely miss you playing next season.

Take Care!

Anonymous said...

galing tlga ng Ateneo!!! especially you Chris!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris! You truly are an insipration to many. You taught us how to believe, do something great for others and the real meaning of humility. We all saw how you practiced all these every time you stepped into the court. We'll miss seeing you in that jersey but you will always be an Atenean, and a legend at that. Thank you so much for a great and victorious season. You played with faith, the right reasons and values and most of all HEART. This is why Ateneo will always have our undying support, win or lose. As coach Norman said, the future is yours, Chris! Live it well and make us even prouder. AM+DG

khaye said...

:) c0ngaratulati0ns chris,and als0 t0 all the blue eagles c0mmitee.'


Aira Nicole said...


BACK to BACK champs:))

i feel that this entry is very emotional..

we will miss seeing you in the court of the uaap games..

good luck in your future and GOD BLESS..


stephanie valencia+addu said...

hi po!.....


ateneo won!

all the atenistas here in davao were proud of you and ur team!!!!

keep on being a good model to all the youth!!!

gud luck!!!
and God bless u!

amdg....for the greater glory of God...!

chad17 said...

congrats chris! your last year was a very victorious one! goodluck on your career!

Camille said...

Congrats! My voice was seriously hoarse from all the screaming I did during the game. And to think I had a report to do for my Philo class the next day. Can't wait for the bonfire!:)

Aira Nicole said...


I have a question..

I hope you'll answer..

even if your uaap basketball career is over..

will you still be active in this blog?

I just hope you will still continue to write your entries here..

because I love reading them and still hearing from you even if you are outside of the court..


thank you for being an inspiration to many people and that of course includes me..

more power and GOD BLESS!!


Jeri said...

Congratulations! :)

I am so overwhelmed and happy for you too, I don't know what else to say..Ha ha..

I will truly miss you (and Yuri too) on the court. I'm looking forward for another great season for the Blue Eagles.

God Bless you! :)

Nikki said...

You know what chris? from the very moment that you(blue eagles) won the champions league and the nike summer league I really have a strong feeling that you will end up VICTORIOUS in the UAAP. Moreover, I can honestly see the determination and the strength of the team from the very start of your campaign. Well, all I can say is that the ATENEO BLUE EAGLES indeed is the BEST and the STRONGEST team of the collegiate hoops this year. KUDOS to you and to the whole team, including the coaching staff and all the people who contributed all throughout your campaign to the championship. Lastly, we're going to miss the man wearing the blue and white jersey #17 with the name ATENEO in front and TIU at the back. May God bless you always Chris. And I know that all you've been doing all throughout your life is AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM(For The Greater Glory of God.)

Thank you Chris for inspiring a lot of people most especially the youth. May you continue to inspire all others. Once again, GO ATENEO! ONE BIG FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

congratulations again CHRIS and to the team ofcourse.........

well just one question chris? (hope you read my comment and answer back to ur next entry in your blog) Well why is #17 so special to you?

well just a question bcuz i know that since your high school days your # was 17....

and i'm sooo curious why this # is sooo special to you.... :)


well we are sooo happy that ateneo blue eagle win and we love you chris...... :) :) :)

rach said...

congratulation chris! you really deserve it:) i will miss watching you play huhu. congrats again!

Mich said...

Congratulations, Chris, and to all of the Blue Eagles. I watched Game 2 of the Finals live at the Araneta, and it was a well-deserved win for our alma mater :)

Ellen said...

Congratulations Captain CHRIS TIU!!
I will surely miss you in the next season of UAAP...
It's my first comment entry to your blog...and I really enjoyed reading all the things happening to you and to your career...
I'm happy that your wish has been granted by the person above..because he knows that you deserved it...:)
GoodLuck to your career..
God Bless you...
I will always watch you at RIPLEY'S..actually I like your show..hehehe..
say my regards to BACLAO...gling ng blocks niya..hehe

Anonymous said...

WOW! You are the champions my friend..eheheh, congratulations chris and the rest of the team!:-)

Lucky said...

"I hugged everyone that came my way! I just loved everybody!"

How I wish I was there and that I came your way too! Haha!

Anihoo, CONGRATULATIONS to you lot! I love the title of the entry. It is so true. :) I did cry as I watched the wind up of the championship and as I read this. We will really do miss you in your Ateneo jersey. I have this UAAP-will-never-be-the-same-again feeling without Chris Tiu for Ateneo.

For the meantime, let's just savor this moment! I was so happy to see Rabeh finally smiling wide and perky too. :) Thank you for inviting us all to the bonfire. The championship is indeed a big exclamation mark to end your collegiate career.

No. 17 for season 71!
Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!

Anonymous said...

ang galing!!!:)

Anonymous said...

ChRis,, yOu reAlly aRe a gOod ModeL fOr thE yOuth oF toDay. yOu mOtiVatEd mE tO dO mY stuDiEs bEttEr aNd beTteR evEryday cAuSe i a want tO bE likE yOu sOmEday.. I'm strivinG tO grAduate vaLidiCtoRian sO thAt I cAn stuDy in AteNeO dE mAniLa.. pLz tExt mE mY nUmbEr iS 09098143590..
thAnk yOu sO much..

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! =) You guys deserve it. God bless!

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

ang galing ng last game!! di naman halatang nagpraktis kau ng bonggang bongga.. galing galing niyo maglaro ptai si rabeh... never ako nahilig manuod ng basketball, but this time... tsk!! since makita kita sa tv before, crush na kita:Dn grabe...tas nakita pa kita maglaro!!tsk!! kahit nga poh, nang aasar mga friends ko na naniko ka daw nun last quarter, kinotongan ko nga normal lang aman puh un sa game diba?:D sana po mamit din kita personal..

Anonymous said...

Chris you're
R-eAl mOdeL

T-hinKinG mAn
I-doL oF minE

ChriS TiU,, mY iDoL foRevEr...

Anonymous said...

congratulations! grabe double championship pa with the juniors! :)

Anonymous said...

ChRiS,, yOu'rE mY idoL in eVerYthinG..
yOu'rE sO gOod..
GoD bLeSs yOu,.
wIsh yOu aLL thE luCk in the wOrLd in yOur cArEeR(~~,)

Anonymous said...


unhoLy.saint.13 said...

... hi Chris, Congratulations.. the entire team really deserves to be the champion. :) i wanna see you play more.. weeee.. CONGRATS!

Anonymous said...

hOpE you'LL eNtEr thE PBA sO thAt I cAn stiLL sEe yOu plaYinG thE gAmE thAt wE bOth loVe...


ms.TIU said...

waaahhh!.. congrats blue eagles!!! and of course, congrats to you CAPTAIN CHRIS TIU!.. aha!.. im really a BIG fan of yours.. i simply love the way you play, the way you treat your fans and most especially the way you look!.. ^^
i feel so sad talaga 'coz i wont be able to be there at the bonfire, i come from pampanga pa kasi eh.. and my school loads just don't permit me to.. i really wanna see you in person, im already gettin' crazy!.. aren't you gonna check your supporters here in pampanga?? haha!..

BEST OF LUCK to you and to the team!.. i wish ATENEO will be back-to-back champs!.. we really admire you, you're almost perfect.. i hope you'll continue to be just that.. we'll never stop supporting you..

GBU.. hug!.. (^^,)

Anonymous said...

i think i know the reason behind that # 17.. something to do with your secret weapon/lucky charm right? :))

nwei, congrats chris. job well done.

God bless and soar high king eagle.

as what coach norman black said, "the future is yours." :)

lara said...

Hello. I watched Pinoy Records moments ago, and i saw your girlfriend, Clarisse Ong. She was interviewed with Charles and i realized that she looks like Grace Lee. Do you know her? She's a co-host in Qtv's sweet life.

Nothing more to say.

James said...

Congrats! What are your plans after this? Sorry because I wasn't able to watch your interview at UNANG HIRIT. Congrats again! And can you give to us your email add or pls. do email me at I am one of your millions valuable fans! thanks!

Anonymous said...

congratzzz!!!!! GOD Bless

Anonymous said...

haha..nice entry...full of emotions... love the way you said "corny" at the end...haha... i'm gonna miss seeing you wearing the blue jersey too!!!

Sandra said...

Super Congratulations! Good JOb! i salute ateneo blue eagles akhit hindi ako sa skul nyo nag aral. napaka humble mo, kaya blessed ka.

3xie said...


oda said...

hi chris!
congratulations for you and to your entire team!. finally the long wait is now over.your championship is six years in the making.super tagal pero super worth it naman!

i watched your game live.your team's performance was so great.
by the way, you made us emotional in the last 42 seconds of the game.naiyak tuloy kami dahil sayo.hehe!

we're gonna miss you chris! i hope you continue your basketball career..

3xie said...

alm nio rin po knina sa finals ng game ng juniors nkkta q po sanyo c ael banal ang glng rin po tpos ka height nio rin po...hahhahaa..just shrng lng po...also i saw u rin po in tv in san juan the arena! :>

Jamuna said...

congrats men.!
ya'll did it.!
God bless...

jassy ann said...

just as expected CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS (and to your team!) haha..

(for the part of your entry.. it wasn't corny, but sounded funny whn you said it yourself)

*we'll surely be missing you next year! goodluck.ü

Anonymous said...

it's so nice to hear those words coming from someone like you. you put Him first and never forget. i hope and pray that He'll give you more blessings. congratulations to you and your team!

i've been waiting for this post of yours since that night of your victory. it was worth the wait. :-)

melai said...

congratulation blue eagles...

chris congrats for a nice job...
your team deserve to win...
i watch the game in the araneta it is really funny kc ang daming high school sa gen ad n tumatalon sa lower box hahaha lucky for them kpag d npapansin ng guard but sad kapag na caught in the act...

honestly super kinabahan ako nung 47 50 na ung score...funny because i really cant describe what i feel dat tym im scared kc wat if makahabol cla i just silently pray silently whispered "god help them" but thnks god kc graduate c casio hahaha

i know meron ngsasabi na luto ung game...shame on them! all of us know na its guys play fairly...

it is a job well done...
congrats kc you bring the ham and bacon hahahaha

goodluck to your career i know malayo mararating mo just stay humble...

kindly send my warm congratulation to your entire team spc. to jai, ryan and rabeh...

i hope ive got a chance to meet you personally...

godbless you...


Anonymous said...

congratulations! It might seem a little late but the euphoria's still so high. Your win was awesome. It's just sad I won't eb able to see you wearing that blue-white jersey again. One more game please?

Anonymous said...

WOW! You guys really make us Ateneans so very, very proud.

You embody what Ateneo has taught us - hard work, brotherhood, integrity and faith in God.

I was there in Araneta and the whole stadium seemed to shake an rumble with the shouting and jumping when victory was becoming obvious.And, yes, the "champions" signs were held up, as in cue.

Let's party! Onward to the Bonfire!

Congratulations!!! Thank You!

ive said...

Congratulations for doing an amazing job this season! Go Ateneo! One big fight! :D

Anonymous said...

I ditched class (both of which have major quizzes) to watch the game. :D It's worth it. :)) What's even ironic is it was my Mandarin subject. :p

Congratulations Chris Tiu. Indeed. A fairytale ending.:)


myv said...

hi chris..

..congratulations to you and to the whole team..:) what a way to end your collegiate career..:) trying so hard not to think that this is your last year with the eagles cause it makes me so sad..but i guess i'll have to accept it..

..i just want to thank you for being an inspiration not only to me but to a lot of're such a great role model to us..YOU ARE REALLY A GREAT PERSON..

..even though i am not an atenean, my heart will always be for the blue eagles..

thank you for staying for one more year..thank you for all your sacrifices,hardwork,leadership and most of all thank you for leaving us with good memories that we can cherish forever..

you will ALWAYS be in my HEART and in my MIND.

..goodluck in whatever career you will choose to pursue..i wil still support you..but i hope you will consider playing in the pbl and pba..

..i will miss you chris one can ever replace you..#17, you will always be the greatest KING EAGLE..

again, thank you so much chris tiu for being part of our lives.. continue to be an inspiration to others..
..hope to see you soon..:)

..take care of yourself and godbless you!!:)

..your entry made me sad at first but eventually,it made me smile..TIUSDAY and RABEHDAN..haha..;)

joe said...

Too bad we JTA-ers didn't get to watch it live. We are ecstatic all the same, thanks to you and the Blue Eagles!

Animo Ateneo!

Anonymous said...

we're so proud of our team, Chris. And even prouder that someone as great as you is part of it. All our prayers have been answered. One big fight all the way! :D

all ateneans, see you in the bonfire! tiuper excited :)

Dine Racoma said...

you are truly humble...and amazing! congratulations, and super God bless.

marvz said...

congrats chris and the rest of the team!

job well done!

thank GOD!

we're very proud of you!

take care always!

GOD Bless!

MooNsTrucK_NiN said...

it was a well-deserved win Chris, God Bless :)

Clarice said...

I lost my voice after the game! As usual. Any game of Ateneo's is worth the loss of my voice! :)

Since the start of the season, I never doubted that you would win the championship! (didn't want to say that before 'cause I might jinx it) I really felt that God planned this year for Ateneo.

Wala nang pila! Haha! Kidding.

See you at the bonfire! I'm hoping to get everyone's pictures and autographs. :)


simplytoogood17 said...

Well what should I say.... You Made my tears fall down... (and I'm not Lying...) well all of us are going to miss Tiu and Yuri!!!! how sweet naman ur teammates... giving you the chance to shine.... all of us are having mixed emotions... happy at the same time sad... happy for the success and sad since that was your last game for ateneo... the i love you part was funny... i never expected coach norman is a gentle person(peace coach)... it was so touching to see a Chris Tiu crying and hugging everyone... especially when you hugged your dad... that really made me cry.... i really wish i could go to the BONFIRE PARTY which is so impossible.... I want to congratulate you guys in personal... can you just send my congratulations to everyone especially the very loving and the best coach in the whole wide world Coach Norman Black??? please please please!!!!! what a fabulous exit for you and yuri ayt'? and to you guys KUDOS as well as the EAGLETS.... you all deserved what you achieved especially you Mr. Tiuperman, Best player of the last game, colonel and most of all The Champion and KING EAGLE..... keep in touch with us chris and once again we're going to miss TIU.... God Bless always and take care....


almira said...

what a post! ^.^ it's just today, sept. 27 [haha. it's my bday today. =))]

anyways, i somehow cried because i will never get the chance to see you again in action. next year i'll be able to go to araneta pa naman because i'll be in college na. hoping to see you around there. as in hoping!

we will really miss the days you play in UAAP.

how unfortunate i am because i was not able to watch your first games in the UAAP. around 2004, i guess. i was not that into basketball pa kasi that time and then, thanks to you it became my addiction. =]

well, i guess we'll catch you in ripley's and pinoy records na lang. but i'm really hoping to see you in pbl or pba. as in super!

you will always be the man behind jersey #17 who inspires a lot of pipol. =]

i wish to see you in person talaga. sana one day i'll bump into you [papapicture tlaga ako].

layx♥ said...

congratulations for being the uaap season 71 champions!!!!i knew it!!hahaha..!!you really are the lucky charm of Ateneo this season..Ü

take care!♥


charmaine said...

Congratulations, again!!! You, guys, deserve it. Are the non-Atenean students invited at the bonfire??? I want to go...

charmaine said...

Congratulations, again!!! You, guys, deserve it. Are the non-Atenean students invited at the bonfire??? I want to go...

charmaine said...

may i ask a question? why is it you love #17??

ladyingreen said...

congratulations on your win! :) i'm so happy for you guys. you spent your last year in the uaap very well by winning the championship. more power to you and the whole ateneo team. one big fight!

antoine said...

You're a different breed altogether Chris. We'll miss you next year on the court but no doubt your spirit will live on in the players you're leaving behind. Ateneo was fortunate to have had you. Wishing you all the best.

ann said...

yes!you sealed it with a million !!!!!!

i know u already heard this a million times but i still wanna extend my very own "congratulations" to you and to the rest of the blue eagles..

you all really deserved this win!
it's really a gift from Him!

what an unexplained happiness you brought to us!i love the way you cried chris!:)

you're very humble!a true model for the youth today!you really inspire many people especially me..

i will miss you wearing that ateneo jersey!

God bless you chris always!

Jayvi Vilar said...

Congrats Kuya Chris Tiu!
Too Bad I'm not Atenean so I can't show up and congratulate you personally at the Bonfire. I might get into serious trouble with your school and mine. Ahahaha!
In fact, I'm what they all say a "traitor" of La Salle. XD XD XD
Although what can I say, I am a Lasallian but my family is a fan Ateneo. My grandfather came all the way from Ateneo and my father came from Xavier and studied in Ateneo, and here I am asking myself how come I studied in LSGH. Oh Well... The past is the past, I would just look up into the future. Should I or should I not? Hmmm... I idolize you for a lot of things! Congratulations again! Wish You SUCCESS in all aspects!

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