Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pre-UAAP Finals

The upcoming finals series is just getting so intense. It's being overly hyped up by the media. All sorts of angles are being looked at to create the perfect story. For me, I try as much as possible to stay away from all sorts of distractions and to lay low on publicity interviews. But some things, we just can't refuse. Just today, I did 4 interviews. The first interview was on Boom's show on Magic 89.9, and we had to do it over the phone to save on travel time. My first time to do such a thing. Then I went to school to meet up with my group mates to create a short skit on video for our Chinese class. I don't think I'll ever make it to showbiz in China! I just kept on stuttering. After that, i went to practice and to my surprise, 3 networks were there waiting for me to be interviewed. Funny how 3 major networks were all there under one roof, ABS-CBN/ANC, Studio 23 and of course, my home network GMA7! I guess there are ways to get around a "closed-door" practice. Anyway, i had fun doing the interviews with buddies like Boom Gonzales, TJ Manotoc and Chino Trinidad. Got some advice from Chino too about my career. I'll save that for next time.

Inviting everyone out there to support a former Blue Eagle and teammate who is part of the 2008 MYX VJ search. He's now part of the 12 finalist who will become the next MYX VJ. Vote for Mr. Macky Escalona by texting "myxvj5" and send to 2366 for all networks!


nurse jane said...

Wow! The whole Philippines is waiting for the outcome of the big event!
Hope it would be in favor of you, Eagles!
You have lots of supporters praying for your triumph!
We're all praying for a safe and a fair play..
Thy will be done...
Your fellow Atenean, Robi Domingo
is part of the VJ search too!
(They say he looks like you, btw..)
God bless the Ateneans!
God bless the Ateneo supporters!..
God bless us all!!^o~

celine said...

wow! it's good to hear that macky is among the 12 finalist...
I think with this blog macky has a big chance to win... because a lot of people are really reading and looking at your site... so he needs to pay you for promoting him...hehehe PEACE!
kidding aside...
i'll really vote for him since macky escalona was one of my favorite player last season '69. but still you're no.1 for me...hehehe


mariel said...

good luck on sunday!! mwah!

Anonymous said...

hi chris tiu,
New entry again.But you never mention robi he is also from ateneo.Studio23 is a big part of your career bcoz dito ka namin nakitang maglaro.Hope na magkaroon ka rin ng show sa studio23 yung maging host ka ng yspeak para sa kabataan.Goodluck on your game on sunday.GOD BLESS YOU.

Anonymous said...

hi chris tiu,

Anonymous said...

look at charles blog! hehe how nice

mikels said...

wow.. Ansipag mo nowadays ah? Is that the effect of getting close to winning the finals? Don't be so sure! I'm sure the archers will do their bestest best... So bring it. Goodluck.

mikels said...

Macky Escalona? After being a cosmo centerfold, now he's trying to win the myx vj search? Did you vote for him already?

Anonymous said...

Macky Escalona? After being a cosmo centerfold, now he's trying to win the myx vj search? Did you vote for him already?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

I don't know you personally but I'm calling you Chris. Haha. Anyway, I just hope that with your popularity, you can at least express gratitude to the Blue Babble Battalion.

First of all, they were there the whole season to support you guys!

Second, during the cheerdance competition, not even 1/16 of those who go to AdMU DLSU cheer for them.

Sana you can give them due credit. DUDE, if they had at least some audience impact, panalo na sila!

Anonymous said...

lasalle will win by using all means necessary.

myv said...

..hi..goodmorning..;) are still pretty busy even though finals is fast approaching..

..goodluck on sunday..:)

..this is your year..:)

..godbless you all!!!

simplytoogood17 said...

hei chris..... so nice to hear something about macky..... i hope he wins so that i'll be able to see him more often.... i also just wanna ask if what shows in abs-cbn/gma/studio23 were you interviewed in??? and if that episode already aired... please chris... thanx and GOD BLESS to your game this olways TIUperman!

ainan said...

Hello! Mr. Tiu,

Indeed the upcoming UAAP finals is a major media frenzy. I'm also awaiting who will emerge victorious but my votes is for the Blue Eagles.

You have a very hectic schedule, i wonder how you can still manage it?!

I guess another Vj Andrei is up to take the challenge. A Big goodluck to you all. We're all praying that the crown will be on your side.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Macky joined the vj search? wahaha =P well, that's new..

Anonymous said...

huh malapit na finals...
we pray for ateneo win...


♥jen♥ said...

gOod luck on your remaining games against the green archers!
can't wait to watch that ateneo-la salle game.
we believe in you guyz!
we know that the blue eagles will have the UAAP crown.
just focus on the game and avoid those distractions.
take care always!
GOd Bless!
btw, we already have the shirts with the surnames of the blue eagles. it's really nice! my nephew is so excited to wear it in school. it's very cool daw! :D

Gab said...

HI Chris Tiu, youre so talented, in basketball and in hosting, and because of you im supporting the ateneo blue eagles. I hope i could get tickets on your finals. And i wish you could post a comment on my blogspot on I really admire you, your my idol on UAAP. Thanks and God Bless you always. Go Ateneo!!

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris, good day!

Do you got a chance to watch Umagang Kay Ganda dis morning? (Sorry, Kapuso ka nga pla! hehe). But well anyways I’ll tell you the story na lang. featured nila today in one of their segments ang Ateneo – La Salle rivals…They had “wacky” games for the two universities… and for Ateneo, their coach is Ms. Rica Peralejo (is she a graduate of ADMU already or she’s currently taking up a course there?) and for La Salle, their coach is Ms. Pinky Webb-- a very respectable journalist of course…)

The players for both teams are actually Highschool students (and Pinoy Big Brother borders) of each school, for ADMU players were Robi Domingo and Mikee (both wizards and PBB placers…hopefully you know them, khet nde ka nanonood sa Kapamilya network) and for La Salle, players were Josef Elizalde and Fred (also from PBB)... During their basketball games, of course ADMU players won (in a first to get three points..hahaha..) Then Rica said: “premonition naba ito… mananalo naba kme…” – or something like that… she’s claiming now that ATENEO will make it in the champs game… hehehe… ( and so do I…)

I wasn’t able to catch on the over-all winner because I have to leave for work… but then, in the 2nd game which is an egg-relay, la salle won… (FYI lang)… It’s not (that) important, the thing is, there are aspiring Ateneans who, in one way or another wanted to follow YOUR footsteps...I’m just curious if you’re able to catch the shows at the Kapamilya and Kabarkada network which features your school, so you can appreciate them too… 

That’s it… I just want to share it with you, for you to realize how big the forthcoming ADMU – DLSU game would be… Everyone, even the big personalities on TV (and Radios) waits for who the champions would be this season…

Long Live ATENEO…
One Big Fight!!!

Our prayers will be with you always!!!

**I hope I can congratulate you personally, but then I know I can’t that's why I hope that you’d appreciate the comments I write here in your blog!!! =) **


angelko28 said...

anonymous: i read charles's blog. It was quite good. He really put his heart on it.

Chris: You are so lucky to have a brother like Charles. He has always been there and I know he will always be there for you. And I totally agree with him in the school spirit thing he mentioned in his blog. I, as a fresh alumna (but still a UP student by heart), never lost hope for our U.P. 'frightened' maroons (kudos to Bianca Consunji in her PDI article, for using such term. haha). I always watch their games even if it was just me and my brother. Even in the Homegrown leagues, I never fail to watch even just some of their games just to show them that I support them. I have always wanted to tell them, though I don't know how, that even if I will just be the only UP fan that will support them; they still should not give up because there is still that one person who believes in them.

So sorry Chris-- for this long comment. Just got carried away by Charles's support for you, for the team, and for the Ateneo. I hope the UP community will realize how our support can really help our team.

Anyway, God Bless in the finals. Whatever will be the outcome, the Blue Eagles already have my respect and I know the respect of others too.

Hope can make it to September 21 or at the second day of the finals. Ticket problems again. Again. Again.

Anonymous said...

why you dont support robi sto. domingo.. he's also an atenean and a blue babble membr in hs... he is also a contestant for the vj search in myx..

arlene :) said...

God bless on Sunday's game!

kayang kaya niyo sila!

psixteen said...

i agree w the anonymous blogger who said u should try out hosting for yspeak. it is against ur home network but unfortunately, gma7 hasnt produced a program like this yet. ull do pretty well as u are articulate---though u still have to work on delivery at times. ull do a lot better there i guess since tis mostly free talk and not smuch memorized scripts. u did say u wanted hosting stints after all. take mo twister's place! hahaha! ;p

gluck on sunday! hopefully i dont sit near people who trash talks yet again cos they ruin the game for me and a lot of people.


cj said...


i saw the finalists yesterday at studio 23 and i really am not sure if it was macky escalona! and indeed it was him!haha
thanks for the confirmation.

nweiz, sunday's almost here! you could do it guys! we have faith in you!

one big fight!

tita kay said...

I am very much impressed by the way you carry on with your normal/usual activities as a student during the week prior to the finals. 'Atta boy!!!

As the finals is fast-approaching, I think I'm more pressured than anyone of you guys, combined. The anticipation ... I can't explain it, but IT'S LIKE EXPERIENCING LABOR AND BIRTHING PAINS ONCE AGAIN.

In all the years that I've been watching the Blue Eagles' games, I feel a different kind of attachment to this present bunch. My 12 y.o. daughter fondly calls you "TIUperman," Rabeh as the "Gentle Giant," with Jai, Nonoy, Nico, Eric and Ryan as the brothers that she never had. Actually, she wants to consider everyone in the team her "Kuya."

Anyway, expect us to cheer for the Blue Eagles on Sunday. As of now, we only have 1 ticket and am doing my best to get one more from the Alumni Off. We will continuously pray for the Blue Eagles team, the coaching staff and the refs for a fair officiating.


Anonymous said...

hey chris..
just wanna tell you that im always watching your shows on GMA..

goodluck sa sunday!!!



Anonymous said...

hi chris,

When and where can we watch your interviews? Thanks.


tita kay said...

Hey Chris, I've just voted for Macky (myxvj5).

Nurse Jane, although Robi Domingo is also an Atenean (and I am sure he has legions of fans, having gained popularity thru PBB), Macky was Chris' former team mate, thus the bond is stronger because they played ball together, trained together, won and lost games together...

Let's just support these boys.
God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hey, good luck sa sunday match!

show them who's the tiuperman! Just kidding!


eYnah said...

Good luck on your game this sunday chris!

I'm praying for the blue eagle's success.

Good Luck again!

One Big Fight!

God Bless!

sEvEntEen-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,

I'm just wondering, are you an exclusive talent of the KAPUSO network? Is there a possibility that they will allow you to have a project at Kapamilya (Ch. 2), just like Richard Guttierez... hehehe.. or even at Kabarkada Network (Studio.23) like host a show, do things similar to what Boom Gonzales and TJ Trinidad does during your games?
or a guest anchor at Y Speak... Because you see, you really started a career at Studio 23, (a Sister company of ABS-CBN.) you we're known because they always have a live TV Telecast of the UAAP each season, so I think, there will be no problem seeing you doing a show at ABS/Stdio.23..

Not unless your "Kapamilya" at GMA 7 won't allow you to do that...

Is it true that in a way you are "closely" related to GMA's President and CEO, Mr. Gozon.

**hope I'll receive an answer from you... =)

Nways, Goodluck in the game and Godbless the whole team...


Anonymous said...

Hi! With all the pressure, it is amazing that you still find the time to write an entry. I didn't expect a new one before the Big Game on Sunday.

Will pass the word around for Macky. He's my friend's big crush!

Anonymous said...

goodluck sa ateneo sa sunday!

goodluck din sayo, chris tiu!

sana manalo kayo!!!1


nung nagkaroon free concert dito sa university namin ang myx nakita c macky even robi domingo na atenista rin!


dapat bayaran k ni macky kasi in endorse u xia.. hihihi!
just kidding!

by d way goodluck sa sunday..
promise maski hindi ako makapanuod sa araneta mismo, panunuorin ko pa rin un sa tv....

go ateneo!

galingan u!


jessa mae said...

I'll be wAtching the big event on Sunday! Excited na q mkita kang maglaro.. ^-^

Last season mo na po sa UAAP noh?
nKkalungkot nMn! nxt season wLa ka na.. ang galing2 mo po kc maglaro eh!

gO gO go.. CHRIS TIU! hOpe to meet you in person someday! (hmm.. kelan kya yun?) anyway, goodluck again.. and GOD BLESS YOU ALL for the game.. ^-^

from: the girl from UE, again! hihi..

angelle said...

hey Chris! im sure you won't allow all these publicity to affect you. as you said focus is what you need for the remaining games. :) everybody's just thrilled and excited about the finals. i believe in all of you and i hope you bring home the championship this year. we're all praying for your victory. God bless you Chris and the rest of the blue eagles too. take care! :]

teshy said...

im really excited for that big event(admu-dlsu game)!..can't wait to watch kung panu niyo tatalunin ang mga archers!hehe


goodluck chris!one big fight!

hope you'll give your best this time!

Karina said...

Good luck on Sunday, Chris! We'll all be praying and cheering for all of you! :)

Anonymous said...

You do make me curious. btw, im from lasalle and having read some of your entries, I really wanna meet you. someday. :)

Anonymous said...

I read the Sports section of the newspaper everyday, and there`s always an article about the upcoming "dream showdown" Ha ha. I guess a lot of people just find it so exciting. :))

The last paragraphs of your entry were funny. Wala lang. =))

Take care and good luck on Sunday! :)

Ivanne said...

Macky Escalona joined the search?! @-) Wow, hope he wins! I'd be spending my prepaid load on voting. :D


almira said...

i saw macky escalona on the list of myx vj search. hihi. nicee!

fly higher blue eagles! ^.^

good luck on your game and you're being watched by all your supporters. we're always here.

fight! ^^

Anonymous said...

God bless Blue Eagles!!!!!

rosse galvante said...

hey chris!

just dropping by to say GOODLUCK on sunday! hehe...kainis nga lang di kami nakakuha ng ticket...! we called it "TICKET SHORTAGE"...hope next game we could buy and hind na talaga mauubusan...haha! GOODLUCK ulit! i am always here to support you and the team, the blue eagles whatever happens...promise^^
take care...chris...


keisha said...

god bless you, chris and the rest of the team:)

sabriaü said...

New post! You've written it earlier than usual, wow. Haha.
Really? Macky's part of the 12 finalists? That's nice! I love it! Haha. Well, i heard that Robi Domingo, our co-Atenean & former Pinoy Big Brother teen housemate is also one of the finalists. Ateneans really excel in everything they do. Oh, come on! Haha.
Everyone's really anticipating the fast-approaching finals series. Pressure's building up!
I wish you all the luck for the championship. I really pray that you'd bring home the bacon! I'm sure God will not fail us..
We'd all be watching the remaining games of your career as a collegiate basketball superstar. haay.. :(
I hope they choose you as this season's MVP(well, finals MVP is good enough) & that the games will be FAIR. May the best man win!
Be safe & injury-free always! OBF, AMDG.ü

Claire said...

hi... hey im gonna watch this sunday's game LIVE... I already have 2 tickets... 1 for me and 1 for my friend... I bought it for like 400 pesos each... My friends told me that im crazy because im the kind of person who is "kuripot" when it comes to buying things like ballpen, notebooks or EVEN FOOD but then bought a ticket for like 400 pesos each... hows that? haha... even though im gonna be on the green side this sunday deep inside i'm still cheering for Ateneo... haha... I'm a fan of the Ateneo Blue Eagles since grade 6... :) Even though im a sophomore student in DLSU, I still love the Ateneo Blue Eagles...

Earlier I went to the doctor to have a check-up coz i've been coughing alot and found out that i have asthma... :( My doctor told me to take a rest but I told him that i cannot do that because i need to read many things... He didn't allow me to watch the game this sunday but with all my effort in persuading him finally he gave up and said yes... He even told me "kahit manood ka ng live, ateneo pa rin ang mananalo... " haha...

God Bless to you and to your team... Go Ateneo... One Big Fight...

P.S. Hey, Im just curious, how do you managae your time as an athlete, a student and a tv host and still be successful? Coz right now that im taking four major classes, even though i do not have any extracurricular activities im having a hard time managing my time...

Leema said...

Well, maybe it's the closeness factor. Whole Macky-Robi thing. Let's not make it an issue. And besides, I honestly believe that Robi's a sure win there.

Go Chino!!:)

Anyway, I think you'll be successful in any career path you take, Chris. AND I'd rather you have a showbiz career here rather than China. :)

Vote for Macky and Chino :))

mikee clarice said...

nice one!
i hope you can also be a myx vj!

good luck on your game on sunday!!!
mwa mwa mwa!

one big fight!
blue and white!!! (^^,)

-mikee clarice

lara ö said...

gudluck on your game. :)
gO ateneo! ONE BIG FIGHT. :D

=,bianca59,= said...

++>>no doubt that u're really famous na poh kuyah!!

++>>kuyah..ask koh lng poh..bkt nde nyo po cngot ung question ko about your stay on UAAP??is it confidential??if it's so..I'M SORRY if i asked po!!i thought po kc it's ok if i asked u..=( just curious lng po..SORRY po tlgah!!

++>>hope u're not mad po..anyweiz po,,GOOD LUCK on your match with DLSU this Sunday..i'd really like to watch it LIVE kso wla po me ksama..nd SOLD OUT na po ung tickets..

++>>anyweiz,,i really hope that u'd reply to my coMments kuya..u dnt knw how much u'd make me haPpy wen u do that!!^_^

++>>geh gege!!JIA YOU!!

toni mari said...

gud eve


gudluck in your 1st game in the uaap finals
i know you can all do it
coz ur teamwork is very very strong

andi also want to congrats u
you really are doing great in your shows
i really love ripley's
and hopefully,
please stay in gma7

u made us all happy when we are watching you there

keep it up

again gudlak



Anonymous said...

We Believe! I will be there on Sunday to cheer our Team to victory. This time, I will be praying and cheering more than I have in all your previous games.


nix14 said...

good luck again chris! keep FOCUSED on the game on sunday and the other games that will follow that. :) hope you'll win!

hey robi domingo is also one of the finalist for the myx vj search. hehe.


Anonymous said...

i knew it! at first i'm not sure if that's really macky escalona.. but now you confirmed it.. haha.. you did not mention robi.. he's also from ateneo..=)

mhei said...

wow! congratulations! one big fight! i hope that the Ateneo team will get the first score on the game 1 on sunday! wish you the best! we're going to support you all the way! hope you guys have a safe and FAIR game!

..we're still going to wait for you in the South gate.. ! hope you could entertain us now.. :)

cj said...

hi idoL,.! sana online ka ngaun kc i'm bothered sa kung pano ko mkkbii ng ticket lalo na ubos n daw ung sa match nio ng lasalle,.... sana idoL magreply ka ,..... first tym ko kc mkapnuod na live e,...... cge,,..... gudlak din ,.....

kaikai_ said...

annecuGod Bless on Sunday :)
I know you guys can do it!

ebullientteen said...


kaikai_ said...

God Bless on Sunday's game!
I know you guys can do it! =)


Janina said...

really u cant speak chinese fluently??that only proves ur human..coz ur not perfect..uhmmm but for me ur almost perfect..hehehe...its a good thing to know that evn a guy as smart as you do stutter...
hehehe...sori but robi is the one im supporting...but still he is also a Atenean...
i hope to see or watch ur interviews sa t.v..
tnx for another entry...
and also tank u for inspiring me everyday...i love tiu so much...

Anonymous said...

Goodluck on sunday chris!!

One big fight! =)

dzoie said...

grabe ang dmi na kaya articles about u, the blue eagles, dlsu and the finals.. LETS PAINT THE TOWN BLUE AND GREEN hahahaha.. wow... ok ka pa ba, with all these stuffs??? hehe i hop so.. =) WANT u to win the championship and the MVP trophy.. u deserve the best Chris.. wANT U TO BE HAPPY ALSO.. WIN OR LOSE ITS TIU WE CHOOSE.. HAHAHA

youre like a virus, youre infecTIUs... cant take u out of my mind na.. hehehe kahit san ako tumingin ure there, mrt, edsa billboards, newspapers, tv,magazines, kulang na lng lumabas face mo sa radio.. heheh

good luck sa games niyo.. 2 games to go chris.. Then we're champs na.. be patient..for the greater glory of god..

we've got ur back, catain king eagle(mvp)..see you soon God bless

nga pala... take care of yourself charles, pakihug si chris bfore the game for us..


Cla Oyco said...

hahaha my friend's in that myx vj search too..her name's sam...VOTE FOR HER!!!!! and robi domingo who's a current ateneo freshman and ex-pinoy big brother teen edition housemate joined as well(and no he does not look like you)...and i know, i hear it all over the news and to be honest, i feel pretty embarassed about it...parang ang OA na offense...i love my school! medyo OA lang talaga. anyways, go ateneo!!!! OUR TEAM HAS NO EXCUSES FOR LOSING chris tiu soooo....DO WHAT YOU GOTTA DO!

sharleein said...

hi chris! goodluck on sunday. :)
me and my friends will be there to support the Blue Eagles especially you! i hope to see you at the South Gate after the game. pretty please. hehe.

anyway, robi domingo is also part of the VJ search. i'll just support him and macky. and oh, i saw your interview at the news.

goodluck again. i know you'll make it. ONE BIG FIGHT! :)

kharen tuss said...

My Dear Chris,

You're my ultimate dream..u r my wish on every single star..u r one of the reasons why i enjoy life. U hav become so much a part of me that i can't imagine. whenenever i see u on t.v. i can hardly believe u hav my heart & i can hardly believe that out of this world of people i was lucky enuf to find you. i luv every single sweat on ur face & body every tym u play basketball,every motor oil sticking on ur hair. i love you chris..& i don't know how else to love you but that.& if i can accept seeing u sweating ol over,then i guess i can love u no matter what.
Every tym u smile stunningly, something powerful is happening deep inside of me. U are a part of all d secret hopes & dreams i hold closest to my heart.I believe my heart has always known dt i would find u & i would love you..but who am i to u anyway? who am i to be loved by u? Can a famous basketball player fall in love w/ an ordinary girl? Can two people fr. two diff. worlds apart collide?
I am nobody..i'm no fancy car,no flashy jewelries.& you-U are Chris Tiu!-rich,popular, great-looking,achiever,an elite- whew!for crying out loud!what a catch!a great catch!in short i don't belong 2 ur circle..
Chris..i may n0t be d most beautiful woman in the world,i may nt be d sexiest woman alive,i may not be living in a 1st class subdivision,i may nt b ur perfect dream girl,i may nt wear d right clothes & drive d right car,i may not have everything,bt everything dt i have i'll share it w/u..
I will patiently wait for u matter how long,i knw it will b worth d wait.& on that day comes,i kn0w it will b as beautiful as d rainbow..i love you,tomorrow & every tomorrow beyond that.U just don't mean d world to me,you mean everything..i can't give u d world all i can offer is my life.I'm so blessed i found my dream prince in u & i'm grateful 2 G0d bcz when He wrote my life He included you as a part of it.Every tym i dream,i see us together..i see a life dt is full of love..i see babies..i see an old man & an old woman sitting on a bench,holding hands while looking at their old photos together..
I want u to knw dt even if it means dt my w0rds would be pushed aside..i care 'bout you.i want to be there for you,through anything & evrything..i love you Mr.Chris Tiu..i want to be your bride someday..i vow to be the future wife that God wants me to be for you..i want to grow old w/u..i want a fairytale ending w/ be Mrs.Chris Tiu is what i want more than anything else in d w0rld.& i would be very proud to carry dt name forever....& on d day after forever,maybe i'll just begin again.... or lose,i'll always be ur "BIGGEST FAN" & ur number 1"CHEERLEADER"!!


wangxiangmei said...

good luck sa finals chris!

i'll pray na your team will win..

i'll support you all the way!


Anonymous said...

hi Chris!
Ur so cute tlga..
wish i can see you often sa campus!
Anyways.. Good luck on your upcoming games against la salle!

Tke cre and God bless! :)

arlene :) said...

It's great to hear that just about everyone is waiting for the duel on sunday. This fact also makes getting tickets so hard for basketball fans like me who studies at neither schools.


God Bless on sunday!!!


AziALe said...



Nina said...

go TIÜ! :D keep it up, you Blue Eagles are really doing great this season :)
i hope and pray i could get tickets to see you win :) break a leg, One Big Fight! ü

* N i N A (;

Anonymous said...

good luck sa game on sunday...I love u!!!

Anonymous said...

hi chris tiu,
Tomorrow is your best of 3 games.I'm pretty sure you gonna win tom.After UAAP what are plans.Don't pursue your career in showbiz or politics it will effect your good image.You must focus on your family business or in sports or maybe you will continue your hosting career only.It's better if you are hosting in a youth oriented show like YSPEAK bcoz your a good example to the youth today and some of them are admiring you bcoz of your so many achievements.GOODLUCK and GOD BLESS YOU!

ian laput said...

i've heard in 24 oras yesrterday that araneta will be selling 500 general admission tickets for the first game, tomorrow morning, sunday. hope, i could avail some and cheer for the eagles. SOAR HIGH CHRIS and the BLUE EAGLES!!! ONE BIG FIGHT. TO GOD BE THE GOLORY AND HONOR.

charme said...

i just watched your interview at ABS-CBN last night at TV Patrol. Actually, my mother is the one who was watching and she suddenly called me. hehe! Even JV Casio was interviewed. Well, Good Luck!

greta said...

Hi chris! dami talaga nagkaka-crush sayo! hehe. anyway, kudos to you on your game, career, studies, etc.

psixteen said...

to angelko28:

i agree w u. im also fr. upd but unfortunately, ive always cheered for the eagles since my hs days. but whenever i do get to catch the maroons' games live (when they happen to play on the same day as admu), i do cheer my heart out as well! and i do hope that supporters fr. all schools also cheer on their respective teams TILL THE VERY END.

i remember one admu-dlsu game i saw live back in 2004. i felt so bad for the eagles as the supposedly loyal fans [who ALWAYS chant "WIN OR LOSE, ITS THE SCHOOL THAT WE CHOOSE" at the games] stopped cheering when it was a sureball lost for the blue side already. the players themselves lost their passion for the game...BUT KUDOS TO LARRY FOR PLAYING HIS HEART OUT TILL THE VERY END. it saddens me how some only cheer when the team scores...i lost my voice during the first quarter during the admu-dlsu first round game but i didnt care even if i had a production to do in two days---im not even atenean! tis just frustrating...thus i admire jai for his love for the game...i see the same passion in him as i saw in larry back then. :) maybe cos theyve always been ateneans since their kindergarten days?

AMDG! see u all on sunday!

btw, i hope we also support the other uaap sports players. my kada's little shoti is playing track for the jrs div. ;) ---but he also went to xavier for grade school. dont we just love former xvians turned ateneans? ;p

Anonymous said...

hi chris,,

ahm,ust wanna say hello toyou, and good luck for your game, no matter what happens, i'll be there for you,because i am your no. 1 fan. yun lang po,sana wag kang maiinjured and and congrats sa ripley's ha..muah..hehe...

angel said...

to the one who posted an anonymous comment about practicing Filipino, please observe respect and courtesy naman to the owner of this blog. it's so bastos to enter this site and insult the owner. kung gusto niyong magcriticize, do it constructively naman. it's so disgusting kasi the owner of this blog is so accomodating and humble enough to share with his admirers a part of his life tapos just to be abused by others whose parents didn't teach them basic manners. oh well... maybe chris, don't give these people the satisfaction of seeing their comments posted. we know you mean well but it's not right anymore.

Anna said...

Macky's voting count mustve spiked waaaay up since you posted this! hehe...

I'd be doing the same thing if I were your shoes right now. Finding ways to de-stress!!! Its unreal how everyone is talking about it. And unbelievable how hard it is to get tickets.

At this point I know you all are as physically prepared as you possibly can be. Its now about game plan execution, mental toughness and heart. Hope you guys are all locked and loaded for tomorrow.

Praying for you all. OBF!!!

bfrances said...

Bonne chance, Chris! I'll pray for your team! :) Godspeed! I'd rather be BLUE than green.

Ben Francis Rances

deboz said...

hi chris!

im sooo excited nah for tomorrow's game.

one big fight!=)

Anonymous said...

gOodluCk chRis! Ü
ur so cute. ö
break a leG BLUE EAGLES. ♥

lablab chris tiÜ.



Ryan said...

hi chris! can i ask a big favor from you? my gf's sister's birthday is this coming Monday, September 22. she is a very big fan of you. maybe if you can greet her in your blog or e-mail her at that would be greatly appreciated. good luck on your game. im from Benilde but I am an Ateneo fan. thanks.

bianx said...

ow yeah right, the tickt again is the big problem, i asked to reserve a ticket, and for three, gosh it was really expensive and a lot of demands has been made, ut thank God we still hath have the chance to see it, believe you could make the cut, we plray fopr you..

patty :) said...

hello, chris! :)
tomorrow's the big day!(or maybe even the biggest day of your basketball career) ;]
are you nervous? maybe you have training today or even early tomorrow. hmm.. i know you're tired, busy & all that but you've still managed to write a new entry & accept comments. you're really one-of-a-kind! :D
oh btw, sorry for the long & melodramatic comment i posted in your previous entry. i was just really feeling so blue. now i'm a bit okay, though not really 100%.. :(
but i have to really be okay & keep my hopes up at least for the finals! no positive vibes as it might jinx everything! haha. well, if God is with us, who can be against us? :)
i was able to watch your interviews in 2 networks- ABS-CBN & of course GMA 7(24 oras & TV Patrol). you still looked so fresh & fragrant even with all the sweat! ;D
the BEST of luck again not only for tomorrow but for the entire finals series. team ATENEO DESERVES to be CHAMPIONS & YOU DESERVE to be the season's MOST VALUABLE PLAYER. =)
WIN or lose, it's the school we choose! ;D

p.s: i read the blog on charles tiu's multiply site & i was really touched by the bond that ties the 2 of you & your family as well. you were really brought up so well, i salute your parents. :)

i just wanna ask, is the song Better Together by Jack Johnson the theme song of you & ms. clarisse? or is it just her favorite song? because she even posted the lyrics of the song on her multiply site. the song's nice. =) (sorry for the personal question. don't mean to intrude your privacy, just curious. thanks if you'll respond, thanks still if you'll not. ;)


nurse jane said...

Hello po, Tita Kay!..^o~
Yeah, Macky and Chris were friends
so I think we should stop mentioning Robi Domingo here..
(oops I just did)..haha!
I believe there are other Ateneans aside from the two...
Vote for macky!
myxvj5 and send to 2366!:)
weeeew! tomorrow is the day!
Go get the first two wins!
One Big Fight!

emancipated_princess said...

yeah.i've seen the interviews in 24oras and tv patrol..they're real short but really maeningful. :)) ohow. tickets were now sold-out. how stressful would be the search for tickets. i really really want to watch the finals.. i've heard on news on q that tickets were even sold up to 25,000php.

well, even though i can't watch it live, i'll just watch it on our tv.

i'll keep on praying for the continous victory of your team. Keep on soaring! as what a certain song says. "it's gonna happen when it's supposed to happen.."



sarah said...

goodluck to you!kuya chris.. :))
hope you'll gonna win tomorrow!
hope i could see you dn! a big fan of yours kc ee..! :))

Jkt said...

Repeat the Animo Feat!

Hindi dapat maging kampante and Ateneo, malakas pa rin ang La Salle. Just like what happened last season, they nailed it. 14-0 nga ang UE sa elims, pero hindi naman sila nakaporma sa La Salle pagdating ng finals. Parang ganun lang din ang setting for this season. :) Dont get me wrong Tiu.

I believe in Green Archers` spirit. They will keep on proving to everyone na they shouldn`t be underestimated and all. Malakas nga kayo this season pero as what i`ve said, wag maging kampante.

On your hosting thing sa kapuso network, you should just stick to speaking straight english. i mean, hindi bagay sayo mag tagalog. halatang di ka sanay mag tagalog. and, yung topics, medyo off sa personality mo. you should be hosting shows like y-speak and other youth-oriented shows which could enhance one`s intelligence. since matalino ka rin naman, you could share what you have learned in the Ateneo to the youth.

hindi ka bagay sa kapuso. you should be a kabarkada. bagay ka sa studio 23.

comment ko lang. :)

good luck though.


Anonymous said...

Repeat the Animo Feat!

Hindi dapat maging kampante and Ateneo, malakas pa rin ang La Salle. Just like what happened last season, they nailed it. 14-0 nga ang UE sa elims, pero hindi naman sila nakaporma sa La Salle pagdating ng finals. Parang ganun lang din ang setting for this season. :) Dont get me wrong Tiu.

I believe in Green Archers` spirit. They will keep on proving to everyone na they shouldn`t be underestimated and all. Malakas nga kayo this season pero as what i`ve said, wag maging kampante.

On your hosting thing sa kapuso network, you should just stick to speaking straight english. i mean, hindi bagay sayo mag tagalog. halatang di ka sanay mag tagalog. and, yung topics, medyo off sa personality mo. you should be hosting shows like y-speak and other youth-oriented shows which could enhance one`s intelligence. since matalino ka rin naman, you could share what you have learned in the Ateneo to the youth.

hindi ka bagay sa kapuso. you should be a kabarkada. bagay ka sa studio 23.

comment ko lang. :)

good luck though.

trueblueatenean said...

God Bless on tomorrow's game chris! the whole Ateneo community stands behind you guys in full support! Let's show them the real champs of this season. One Big Fight Ateneo!

Anonymous said...

hi, chris.. goodluck to your team especially to you!! looking forward on your game againts DLSU. just wanna say that i dont think that ue sold the game to you guys last sunday.. i think its a fair game, warriors lack of confidence might be the reason why they lost the game! and besides your guys are so intimidating.. hehe!! (im from ue, btw..) ill pray for you and your team..

well being at the blue side are'nt so bad after all!! hehe.. one big fight!! GOODLUCK!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

hi! r u aware n super dami mo ng pic s net ngaun? i think some of them r private n.. i even saw ur pic (u nd ur gf). Anywy, i've read the entire 'Comment' page and puro GUDLUCK ung nklgay..

CONGRATS!!!in advance pra maiba nmn.. Godbless!

Anonymous said...

btw, kmukha mo pla c rico yan!hehe! try to watch got2believe (in magic).. kmukha mo tlga xa dun.. maybe bec. of ur eyes..hmmm... anyway, CONGRATS again in advance!!!!! Godbless.

sabriaü said...

I watched Pinoy Records.ü Hmm.. Do you have colds? Hehe. You didn't seem to be that well. Maybe you're really tired already. Aww..
Manny's not around because of his upcoming fight, right? So the floor is all yours. Hehe.
Please find time to rest. Don't abuse yourself too much..
Good luck for tomorrow!
Pray hard & fight with might!
We'll all be watching..
Go, Ateneo! One Big Fight!ü

Anonymous said...

sana maging kapamilya ka na lang. hahaha!

Anonymous said...

oNe biG fiGht atEnEo!
tHis iS it..i kNow it wOuld bE iN fAvOr fOr uS cOz wE're nOt cAllEd aS a hAil mAry scHoOl fOr nOthing..
gUdluck tO u aNd fOr d rEst oF d eAgLes..nO aRchErs wilL hit tHe eAgLes tOmmOrow..ONE BIG FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

"iGlesia ni CHRIS TIU"
alL "chrisTIUanity" wilL suPPort yOu tOmmorow
hahah..nBasa ko lng sa isang news paper..

lotsaLOVE said...

hi chris!:)

well, i just want to share with you what happened to US (me & my friends) last night at Eastwood, Libis.. :) so we're dining at this resto and we're talking about who would be the RIGHTful UAAP champs this season and we all agreed that it would be ADMU, though out of the 9 of US 3 of them are from DLSU; 3 from ADMU & 3 from UST.. haha! (such rivalry- despite that we're still the Best of Friends!)

anyway, the other group heard what our topic was about and from what we've guessed they are fom DLSU then out of the blue, they were like saying things like "FEELING KO DLSU BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPS GAGAWIN DIN NILA SA ADMU GINAWA NILA SA UE LAST SEASON"& some side comments that should not be said out loud.. so we stopped talking about the game.. we just talked about how you guys really improved this season esp Rabeh.. hats off to him & to the team ofcourse!:)

i really hope you prove those lasallians wrong.. we're praying for you!:) and also hoping for a fair & honest game!CONGRATULATIONS for making this far.. GOOD LUCK tom! OBF.. God Bless..

**sorry if my blog keeps you.. too long.. haha!

xoxo.. atenean at heart!<3

christina said...

good luck on tomorrow's game. it took us 6 seasons to finally witness this battle again! i know you've all worked hard for this game. our hopes are as high as our faith in you guys. but whatever happens, WE ALREADY ARE VERY PROUD OF YOU CHRIS.

let us all pray for a safe and fair game. this needs a major Divine Intervention :)

God Bless Everyone!

+ AMDG +

jonessa said...

hey Chris! just wanna say i love how you are so proud to be a Kapuso...;)

congrats on your two shows...they're both doing well in the ratings.

oh and btw, re all the hype bout the Finals, even the color of my shirt really matters to my friends...they always bug me when i happen to wear green...but trust that Blue is my fave color. ;)

dzoie said...

chris... good luck... for your game tomorrow.. LETS PAINT THe TOWN BLUE na lang ha?? hehe
we believe...
sometimes naiicip ko elims na lng.. u know y... yoko dumating ung last day mo sa uaap.. but life must go on for you..kung pwede lng isang tao lng mgsusuot ng no. 17 sa admu..THERE's only 1 CHRIS TIU ..
but b4 that, there's this unfinished business right??? GOGOGO captain..
we know, with your faith in God, with your talent and skills, with your leadership,and with your BIG heart.. you'll be able to surpass this test..god bless you

till There was TIU..


kat meow said...

by the way, tagal ko na gusto i ask to, endorser ka ba ng CLEAR?? saw this ad sa waiting shed along ayala ave, it was really you.. and dad mo is a brgy official also??

share ko lng din.. ung ad ng h&s, number 17 then blue ung jersey.. hehehe

gogo chris...we love you

jessa mae said...

Sweat plus sacrifice equals success.
- Charlie Finley

kuya Chris, GOD BLESS YOU! :D

ang bait mo tlga.. kht sobrang busy ang sched mo, u take tym to read our messages pa rin.. thnx po tlga! kya tuloy daming humahanga sau! ^-^

-girl from UE

gracey said...

i was able to listen to your interview at magic 89.9.actually i really dont know that you're going to have an interview that time its just that accidentally i was listening and then all of a sudden they keep on talking about you.i was also able to watch the abs-cbn interview,they are just checking on how Ateneo and La Salle prepare for the Finals.i dont know that macky escalona have the heart for being a jock,i havent heard him speak honestly,but i guess he speaks well.good luck on the game bukas,i really pray hard for you guys to get the championship.

btw,on your last game with La Salle the executives of Abs-cbn were watching the game andtake note they are seated at the side of the Blue and they even wear blue.

god bless!
zai jian?

estrella said...

goodluck on your game tomorrow!

i want you guys to win, and i hope you will!

btw, i watched nuts entertainment and they had a survey about ateneo and la salle. most of the students from morayta chose ateneo! ateneo had 102 points! "ayon sa hatol ng taong bayan, kayo ang number 1!" _i dunno the name who said it =) hoooray!

go ateneo! one big fight!


Anonymous said...

God bless you in your game tomorrow. Just do it.

kharen tuss said...

chris, my eyes you'll always be a perfect 10 made just for me.


....gud luck 2morow..i'll be watching you..i'll be mmmm...Green..he,he. love.

ley said...

goodluck chris and to the whole admu squad, super publicized talaga ang finals na eto pero ano nga bang di makakapantay sa rivalry ng luntian at bughaw haha...

the other day nasa admu kami para lang kumain sa chinky chickens, sarap!

Anonymous said...







Sahara said...

goodluck ahh,.
sana manalo kayo,.,
sayang,.di koh na napapanood
ung UAAP,.kase nagpalit kami ng cable ehh,.now,.we have two filipino channels,.GMA and
ABS-CBN,.wala na yung channel kung
saan koh na napapanood ung
UAAP,.ok na rin yun,.eheheheh
basta balitaan moh na lang ako ahh,

manalo matalo dapat maging okay ka lang,.kase wala ka naman magagawa kung yun talaga ung plan ni God ehh,.just pray always,.enjoy lang yung game,.wag mag-papanic,.

parang kinakabahan pa ako sayo eh,.
kinakabahan kaba??

sige na poh,.
God Bless You,.

sana uwi na koh pinas para may
chance na makita kita,.
asa pa ako,.

mars said...

You're in STAR'S front page!!! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I am sooo much praying for the whole team! I can feel the pressure from here! xD

Today is THE day! Hope everything goes fine and goes with your plan!


btw. I just read this article about you. It was an interview with your parents and how they raised you and all.

After reading it, it made me realize how much of a perfect role model you are! Everyone should be like you and the world would be a better place. (I'm not joking! This is really serious! xD) It made me think how "bad" I am! :)) I mean, YOU... you're like a saint!

It said there that when your friends "accidentally" watched an X rated channel, you were just praying the rosary with your back from the TV.

WOW. thats really something! ^:)^
and that you would just run as fast as you can when being bullied. Thats really cute!

You really are one of the greatest people that ever lived! You, and your family!

Hope many people would be inspired because of that article! I know I was! You're such a commendable, good person! Wish there were more of YOU in this world! Your parents really raised you well. They must be sooo proud of you!

So thats all! I was just really awed with the article! AND

GOODLUCK AGAIN! Prayers are being said!


marvz said...

good luck po sa game...


One Big Fight!


cj said...

this is the day!

go guys!
win the game over dlsu! haha

im so excited and nervous as well! haha

btw, your hosting skills really improved a lot! good job!


sabriaü said...

I woke up at around 4am & haven't slept again since then.. I don't know, maybe because I am getting really nervous for your upcoming game later this afternoon, among other things that are bothering me..
You haven't accepted comments since last night? Maybe you're very very busy already, busier than you've ever been. I can just imagine all the preparations & rituals(if there's any) that you guys are doing. For sure there'll be a mass before the game..
This one's a gloomy day huh. Hmm.. It's showering outside. Maybe they're blessings for Team Ateneo, as they say, raining is a sign of outpouring of graces. Well, I do hope it's true.
The game later would be the 1st of your possibly last 2 games in the UAAP. Now I'm really really sad. :'( My sister (patty:) and I always talk about you. You are almost always, if not always, the topic of our every conversation. And weird enough, we were both crying last night. We both still want to see you play for Ateneo for like 20 more years! But we know it's not possible. People come and go- that's reality. But there would always be those who stay, and stay for good. As for you, you'd stay forever in the hearts of all of us who have always looked up to you and admired every single aspect of you. You may not know how much you mean to us, how much joy and inspiration you bring to us with just your simple but charming smile, how much pain we feel when you lose or when other players are tough on you to the point that you're already hurt, how much glory we feel every time you win..
I hate dramas, so now I am hating myself. Ugh! I hate goodbyes.. But I know this is not the end. This is only the beginning of greater heights that you'll reach in the near future. This is only the start of the history that a Chris Tiu has written in the world of basketball.. This is only the beginning of more and more and more to come. I know you're a good person that's why you have all these blessings that you really deserve..
Congratulations in advance!
One BIG Fight!
AMDG, always..ü

baby28 said...

you really are in demand. now i wonder how you manage your time.:)

eunice said...

another ateneo-la salle match...we are supposed to go down to quezon city to watch this match since it will be a first for me and my friend.unfortunately she's sick and is in the hospital. god bless to you guys!

kharen tuss said...

....the longer i know you chris,
the more i think about what
really matters in life....

.... i love you & congratz!!

.... oh G0d,help me.. i have
fallen soo bad,i don't wanna
get hurt(though i'm already
hurting)..Man! he's taken!
(hey! kharen,he's not yet
married!0.k?)i guess i'll
just leave our fate to the
L0rd.& i believe that fate
brings together people rily
meant to be.

.... g00dnyt my chris,i can't wait
to share eternity with y0u.

alyssa mari ♥s 17 :D said...

Congratulations Chris!!!!

so proud of yah!!!

UAAP Season 71 Champions!!!! :D


mamimiss kita! :(

dollyxzh said...

it's gonna be ateneo's season..
championship all the way..

Kate said...

Congrats Chris! Sori we won't support Macky, we like Robi Domingo more! ;)

Fan of Bangkok Hotels said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's very informative. I love to read it and do hope to read your next story.