Sunday, September 7, 2008

ADMU vs DLSU (Round 2)

Sometimes I still wonder why people do all sorts of wild things just to get hold of that DLSU-ADMU ticket. I heard that Ateneo supporters were already lining up along the Blue Eagle gym as early as 2am to get hold of the limited upper A and B tickets being sold there. When I asked what time they start to sell the tickets, i was told... 6pm! Wow!! Last year, I remember seeing people setting up tents to spend the night there just to be the first ones in line. I also heard that scalpers were already selling tickets as early as Monday at a price range of 5,000 to 10,000 for patron seats. Deep inside I was thinking, no wonder we players can't get any tickets! I didn't get my 4 ticket allocation (2 patron and 2 upper A which i had to pay for) not until 6pm of Friday, the night before the game. When I requested for more, I was told that they had 5 upper B tickets for me. Fine, I'll take those. It's a common misconception that if you're part of the team, you have more access to tickets. In fact, our coaches only get 2 Upper A tickets. I already have a generic reply to all of those people who all of a sudden text me for tickets when an ADMU-DLSU is fast approaching... "best effort!" I even ALMOST resorted to buying scalper tickets at the last minute because I was already desperate. Somebody is just such a lifesaver! Let's just call her my secret weapon :)

Now, about the game, I had to admit that I did feel nervous before the game. I don't know why. It's no bearing for us. It's my 14th Ateneo La Salle game in my UAAP career, the 7th since last year (I just found out after watching the replay). I guess it's just the fact that it's an Ateneo La Salle game and that there are approximately 23,000 people watching in Araneta and much more in their TV screens here in the Philippines and all over the world. There's just so much hype! Almost everyone I know stops to watch (since my friends are mostly from either of the two schools). It gave me goosebumps when the Ateneo crowd was cheering upon stepping out on the court. But after I was able to warm up, i felt settled and ready to go!

I won't go to the details of the game. But overall, it wasn't our offense that won us the game, but our defense! We held them below 60 points. Many would argue that it's because JV Casio was so out of sync. But he wouldn't be struggling that much if it wasn't for the defense that Jai and Yuri put up on him plus the help defense provided by the big men underneath. Basically, I felt that JV had to carry the weight of the world upon his shoulders and that he tried to take it upon himself today. Unfortunately, he got very little help from his teammates except for Rico. I say the 'weight of the world' because not only does he have to lift his team past the 16 players of Ateneo but also the rest of the de La Salle community. It is difficult to lose and play horribly when much is expected of you, especially if you're playing for ADMU or DLSU - two communities that can comprehend the game of basketball well, plus both are very passionate but can be critical as well. But I believe that everyone is entitled to having an "off night" and i'm sure he will bounce back! So beware FEU. I don't want to say more because there's still a possibility that we might play each other in the Finals. Let's just save the analysis until after the championship :) If not, then this will be my last Ateneo La Salle game :(

For now, it's still a long journey for us! I'm so thankful for the victory and I believe that this is the best way to show our appreciation to all the Blue supporters who were present today, most especially those who had to queue for hours and those who had to cash out a huge amount on tickets. No such thing as a 'no bearing game' against La Salle. I just ask ask and pray that we continue to improve, stay injury-free and keep our focus coming down the stretch, especially since 'hell weeks' and exam weeks are coming up right smack during the Final 4 and championship series, IF we make it! That's actually the disadvantage of having a two-semester system. But like they say, adversity makes champions! One big fight!Oh and if you have the chance, please go and support our Blue Babble in the UAAP Cheerleading Competition today at Araneta Coliseum starting 2pm! Audience impact weighs a lot in the criteria for judging.


P.S. I'd like to apologize for not being able to entertain the fans outside the South Gate after the game as I was prevented by Araneta Security to do so, as a result, I had to take an alternate way out. Next time! :)


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Anonymous said...

congratulations Chris!!! one big fight! all the way to the finals...yey..


cj said...

whoa! congrats again chris!
i know that you could win again over the archers!haha
one big fight!

michiko said...

Congratulations Chris! Great game! All the players did well yesterday... you guys showed that teamwork really pays off. Nonoy's 3-pointer was a classic! Best of luck to you and the team in the upcoming games. One big fight!

kimf and judzsj said...

congratulations, sir! we were one of those who lined up the whole day at the blue eagle gym. in the end, it was worth it!

GOD BLESS in the finals. ONE BIG FIGHT!

Bea said...

Congratulations, Chris! La Salle didn't even get the chance to the take lead nor tie the game, right? Awesome defense! If the the team can keep this kind of game up, you'll definitely make it to the finals!

What does "AMDG" stand for? :)

Alyson said...

yay! my picture is in your blog :D

OBR said...

Sir Aly! haha :D

Patsy said...

We asked our drivers to fall in line at the BEG as early as 2AM and we got upper A tickets. Yes, it may be a wild thing to actually think of that--much more do that, but I think overall, we'd like to see it as sheer dedication. Because after all those ticket hullabaloo, I think the main aim of every fan is to be there with you guys as ONE. And I'm sure the players use that as inspiration for the games :)

Goodluck in the upcoming games. We'll be there :)

And by the way, thank you for the victory against La Salle. You've proved your maturity as a team and how you learned so much from last season. Indeed, there is no such thing as a no-bearing game. I bet you made the fans who bought dozens of scalped tickets worth it! Hahaha

arlene :) said...

Congrats chris! 3 wins to go!! \m/
and! they wrote a feature about you on Saturday's Inquirer.

Interesting stuff, I must say.

Anna said...

Wow, did you not sleep at all? :-D Early post!

Yes indeed, the hunt to find tickets was insane. And slightly stressful. My secret weapon came through too. At 11am! Better late than never.

Great game, guys!! Yours is a respected (and feared!) Blue Eagle team. Didnt see a hint of the DLSU swagger and on court antics today. It was obvious from the first basket you guys came out to win. Things got sloppy for a little bit, but the maturity and composure kicked in and things got back on track. It was great seeing everyone on the floor contribute in their own way. THAT is what champion teams are made of.

Now, take that killer instinct all the way to the Finals. OBF!!!

chris said...

I always wake up in the middle of the night after a game and find it hard to go back to sleep so i decided to write an entry. Yes, Sir Aly. Your picture deserves to be there after I use all your pictures for my entries :) Actually, I should have one of Tito Philip Sison too.

valerie quin said...

FANTASTIC game!!! ang galing-galing nyo lalo na ung nag-NO-LOOK pass kay Baldos!!! hmm...(~~,) ikaw ba un?!! Finals na. God bless!! Kaya nyo yan!!:)

Sarah said...

I luckily had the chance to watch your game live.. birthday gift sa akin ng friend ko. Nahiya nga ako kasi hindi naman kami Atenean. Waha:)

Sayang.. kala ko I'll finally have my chance of having a picture with you. Boohoo. But there's always next time:)

Great game.:) Congrats sa inyo!:)

Anonymous said...

congratulations kuya chris ! you & you're teammates did well yesterday !! woohoo !!! you defeated la salle ! goodluck for the next games.. i know you could make it through the championship ;)

karen said...

wow...great game..congratulations kuya chris...nanood talaga kmi sa game niyo with la salle..congratz again especially with your teammates and coach norman black..wheeeeh...

karen said...

congratulations kuya chris...nanood talaga kami sa fight niyo with la salle...regards to all blue eagles team...Good Luck to your next game...

nix14 said...

congratulations again captain! you won against dlsu! after 2 months right? because your last game with them was still last july 6. :)

hey if it won't cause you trouble, could you congatulate rabeh for me? it's about him being the best player and champ of the game. hehe.

what's amdg by the way? i'm curious.

goodluck on the semis and i really, really, really hope you will win the championship! ONE BIG FIGHT BLUE EAGLES!!!

nix14 said...

i forgot to ask, are you going to watch the cheerdance later?

dea said...

congratulations ATENEO!
congratlations Chris! :)

at first, i was really depressed when i found out that i was invited to attend the Marian Youth Camp(for 2nd & 3rd year high school students)at the Ateneo, the same day as the ateneo-la salle game. i was crying so hard when i received the letter about the camp (especially when i read that it would be from 8am to 8pm) and so my mom talked to me. she said that it's a great honor to be invited to the MY Camp and it would 100% deepen my relationship with Mary. it may corny but IT DID! :) and i'm really happy for that. hehe

anyway, confession was also offered that day to those who want to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. while waiting for my turn to confess, i prayed hard to Mother Mary that all of you guys will be strong, injure-free, and very well-prepared for the big game. i also prayed that the game would be fair and and nothing chaotic will happen in that 2-hour game. hehe :) we also prayed the rosary and had a mass afterwards (at around 7pm). i was really thankful to God & to Mother Mary when Fr.Jojo Monis, the priest, announced that Ateneo won the game ;)

congratulations once again!
God bless!
see you in the championships!


Anonymous said...

Hello Chris, just want to congratulate you and the rest of the team for the victory against DLSU yesterday.

Oh what does AMDG means?? and by the way, did you really take an alternate way out?? We thought you were fetched inside because we saw your car going inside the South Gate. That's why we already knew that you wouldn't be able to entertain the fans waiting outside. Some were really upset but anyway we understand the situation naman. Good luck on the SEmifinal games. One Big Fight!!!


Anonymous said...


I was able to finally watch a game live after two years of not watching live since I promised myself to watch one ADMU game before I leave for my JTA. I just hate it that it is so hard to get tickets! I actually spent PhP PhP 800 just to get to Upper A (PhP 500 for an Upper B ticket + PhP 300 suhol to the usher to let me in! Sayang, my friend said he gave PhP 50 suhol to the usher and let him in. Sana I gave a lower amount. But it is ok because we won!)

I guess you guys were pumped up during the game to see that Ateneans occupied more than half of the coliseum! Btw, I really hate it that Atkins gave this "Mas-magaling-ako-sayo" attitude to you during the game. It seems like he wants to intimidate you. But hello?!? You are Chris Tiu and he is just Simon Atkins!! Hahahahahaha!

- Brian

nica said...

Im still watching your game thru, 4th quarter. You guys played well! So now, if you could just play good defense, as you did against DLSU, you'd be the champion for sure! And you're right about JV. I was reading about it in PEX and yeah, it's not just about him having an "off-night", your team's defense sealed the game and should be credited too.

You remind us that this is going to be your last UAAP season. Huhuhu... I wont be able to see you play live anymore! Unless, you'll join PBL or PBA. It sucks not being there watching UAAP live! The last time I watch UAAP live was 2005, before I left the country.

Anyhoodies, congratz with the win! You deserve it!

layx said...

congrats kuya chris..!I'm really happy that i was able to watch your game against your archrival live at araneta yesterday..Ü its worth every penny..haha!especially that you guys really played well..and I've got to see you playing in flesh..!haha!Ü well..good luck on the semifinals..!

Aira Nicole said...

congrats on the game! (^_^)

-bianca- said...

yeah, i was able to dee you,.
yesterday, i just got overwhelmed coz paolo bugia is sitting beside me, togehter with enrica, hahahaha.. i' happy, i saw your game lively,

but the thing is, your right, i think i as the last to get the patron ticket, i spend much from it, while my mom spends less, for a patron tickte, but still it's good you won, hope you bring back the pride...
one big fight!!

mayenne said...

Congratulation Chris!! I am ecstatically happy that you won against La Salle. I really want you guys to win the championship. So you better keep it up. Stay focus and have faith that you'll win against all of them.:)

But I feel bad that I wasn't able to watch it from the start. I was anticipating the game. But thank GOD I was able to arrive home when it was half-time break. My mom told me that you really did play great and you are a good passer. She watched it for me. Haha:)) But she said there were too many turnovers. I hope you'll improve it. You might lose because of that.

But the way, thank GOD I'm an avid reader of your blog. I was able to know what time is the cheer dance competition. Thank you!! This time I'd be supporting my own team. Hehe:)

Anyway, Congratulations again!! I hope and pray that you'll win.c:

Take Care and God bless Captain!!:D

layx said...

congrats kuya chris..!I'm really happy that i was able to watch your game against your archrival live at araneta yesterday..Ü its worth every penny..haha!especially that you guys really played well..and I've got to see you playing in flesh..!haha!Ü well..good luck on the semifinals..!

mikee clarice said...

hi kuya chris!

weee! congrats!! you won again!! very nice game!! you've beat la salle AGAIN!!! =) nice! one big fight!! see you on the finals [?]..hahahahaha..i hope i can watch..=)

-mikee clarice

almira said...

congratulations! nice game! haha. i keep on praying for the continuous victory of the blue eagles.

take care!

Mary Louise said...

Hi Chris!

Congratulations again! You won over La Salle! ONE BIG FIGHT!!

hey! is clarise ong is still your girl friend???

and by the way:
could i get your Yahoo messenger address???

and your cellphone number too?

Please Reply!! I need to see your reply please! ASAP!!!

I need it! please!


Mary Louise

jo said...

chamTIUn na tayo! i know it!!! i don't care if we have to finish our LS papers or study for philo orals while lining up for tickets! it's so worth it!

and is there still a chance for the lady eagles to win the championships again? para ang saya ng bonfire if ever!

go ateneo!

Anonymous said...

hi there!
congrats for the win though i'm from the other side :) i watched it live yesterday you guys beat us again but its ok, its a good game anyway... it means a lot for both team i know, most for us but probably its not our game its shocking to see jv play that way maybe your right that everyone is entitled for that so called “off night” :(
i am with my friend yesterday but he’s from your side so we got separate seats :)
the game is so exhilarating with such a huge crowd :) that really defines that admu-la sale game is a must to be watched by everyone :)
im happy for you, for your team really, and good to see nonoy shoot from 3 point line :)
congrats again! It’s still a long journey for everyone, for every team...sorry for so long comment
good luck & god bless to us :)
animo :)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, excellent game! Go Ateneo! :D

sunshinegirl said...

I was so happy you guys won!! Galing ng shots throughout the game! I was so impressed when Nonoy shot a 3-pointer. Natulala ako for a while. Imagine at 6'5", kaya pala niya tumira ng 3 points! Galing!!

I was so glad we were able to get FREE tickets from the Adidas fansigning last Sunday. Buti na lang pala pumunta kami. HAHA. Kahit GA lang, sobrang sulit naman!

Good luck on your next game! I hope the next game won't coincide with my work schedule para makanuod ulit ako. :)


P.S. Chris, I have a question. When you guys were singing the school hymn, I didn't see Jai. Was he hurt? I didn't see him leave the court either or maybe because we were at the GA section kaya hindi masyadong kita. I hope he's all right. I was kinda worried dahil dun sa "dive" niya nung 4th quarter.

nix14 said...

i really, really love the blue eagle mascot! so cute! hehe. :)

Helene said...

Hi mr tiu,

it was not an off day for JV, he was just so alone during the game and he was the center of your defense which of course was expected.

Now, La salle has to come out strong this thursday and hopefully they'd be able to bounce back.I wish to watch another Ateneo-La Salle championship...

Just continue playing good or even much better defense...La Salle always come out strong during the BEWARE too.They have a different finals it was already proven last year.But for the final four, win all your games first...UE might also be a surprise this final four.

One big Fight!

nurse jane said...

so does that mean you'll never ever have your exit at the south gate?...
and will never entertain waiting supporters there?..:C
anyway congratulations!..

sharleein said...

congrats chris! :) i hope this is not your last ateneo-lasalle game. hehe.

sayang, you used the other exit. nung sumilip ka kasi sa gate nakita mo ata kung gaano kadami yung fans na naghihintay. hehe.

goodluck on your next game against UE! when is it by the way? :)

anya said...

Congrats! You made our lining up in the wee hours of the morning definitely worth it! My friends and I were dumbfounded that DLSU couldn't lead in any of the quarters and that their side of the dome was relatively smaller than ateneo's. We were even shocked that Gen Ad was full! I guess this is the fruits of the team's hard work. Expect to always have the support of the school in every game. We're definitely ready to add another stripe! =P

john mark said...

Congrats for another job well done Kuya Chris.(Hmm.,I'll gotta have a long comment for you.,hope you will read it all.,I'm like an aspiring sports analyst.,hehe.)

First, winning against La Salle with the score of 65-57 is very nice. Even I'm not an Atenean, I feel that I am 'coz I really support the Blue Eagles.

You scored nine points, if I'm not mistaken, including those seven early points that gave a boost to the team!

You were heavily guarded by Atkins and Barua, and they really stick to you throughout the match.

And two of your moves became he Nike Hyperplay of the Quarter, in the 1st and 4th, while the other one was the 1st QT Accenture Play.

Now that you finished in a 13-1 record, you will face UE in the semis and I know that you can make it in the Finals (hopefully with La Salle, that would be exciting, but FEU is a tough team).

Before I forget, that dish to Mike Baldos was spectacular. I thought you will have the last shot of the 2nd QT but you gave it to him and he scored. (that's what i also like with you, your unselfishness)

Good luck to the team and also to your career in basketball, school, and in television.

That's all


mikels said...

I thought you are just excited because you won yesterday! Haha.. Grabe I can't imagine from 2am to 6pm?! Will you do something like that for a ticket? Well maybe that's why I won't be able to watch the cheerfance competition today, coz I'm not that hardworking. Well there's always a way to watch it.. Through television. (: but the only one who'll hear my support is our maid. BTW who's your secret weapon?? And what model is your phone?

nina said...

let me congratulate you and the rest of the team for winning against DLSU yesterday! :) one heck of a game! :) screamed myself hoarse(that was first quarter pa lang,mind you!) and got purple and BLUE bruises on my knee due to jumping up and down and hitting them on the(drumroll please!) Upper A seat in front of me hahahaha but hey! it was well worth it!they're my battle scars hahaha :)

Good luck on your game against UE(hoping to get lower box seats, but hey! upper A tickets are not so bad either :)) and well, I know there would be a lot of fans both from ADMU and DLSU (and scalpers too!) wishing for a finals between the 2 schools, but for the sake of not going through hell just to score tickets, sana ADMU-FEU na lang sa finals ;p but regardless who ADMU meets sa Finals, I know that college bball fans will surely enjoy!

OBF! again, good luck sa games and sa exams :)

haylin said...

hey der chris!

coNgrats!i knew it..hahaha,i wOn too..we have had our PUSTAHAN right?!nywei, stay injured-free and the rest of the team too..We will always pray for you guys!I know you will made it until finals..


mikels said...

Can I ask for some advice? What kind of cellphone is really worth buying? I'm planning to buy an iphone but they said its such a complicated phone to use in here (Philippines)... Tnx i know ul respond :)

Anonymous said...

hi chris!nice game tlga:) i was cheering for ateneo on lasalle side, at first i was a bit shy to scream because i am beside the lasalle crowd ( My friends that im with are from lasalle, we are seated at upper a and my ateneo friends are in upper b) but when the game started to heat, i was cheering one big fight! hahaha they just looked at me and i dont care!!

goodluck on your next game against ue!!

bfrances said...

Salut, Chris!
Félicitations à votre équipe! Keep it up! I also felt disappointed when I failed to buy a ticket last Monday at the Araneta Coliseum. Anyway, I believe that last night's game is a thrilling and a nerve-wrecking one. Allez, Ateneo Blue Eagles! :)

regis said...

congratulations Chris!! I knew Ateneo would win. I have this friend who was mocking me, telling me that dlsu would win.I told him that "no way Ateneo would lose!wanna bet?" So thanks to your victory over the Archers, my mate is now swimming in his own misery!haha! your battle against UP was one of the most memorable games for me 'coz I had the chance to watch it live with my brother and I must say that you were awesome with your assists! two thumbs up for that!!:)well,just keep up the good work.break a leg on your upcoming games.

ebullientteen said...


Ivanne said...

You changed your blog name! :))

CONGRATULATIONS! :) If I wasn't lucky enough, I wouldn't have any tickets too. It's the scalpers fault. :( It was even featured on the newspaper. :)) And you were featured as well! Did you read it? It was yesterday's Inquirer issue, the lifestyle section.

I shall support Blue Babble! Did you guys had a chance to watch yesterdays drum line? It was so nice. :D

Good luck on Hell week! :) ONE BIG FIGHT!

Lea said...

congratulations chris! another win for ateneo, it's getting nearer and nearer to the final four.. i saw your game and we must all admit that you did a very GOOD DEFENSE out there, rabeh and nonoy were very well in synch in the defense while yuri and jai really did stopped jayvee from penetrating a good play.. so, what can i say? ateneo is always ateneo and you're very lucky to be on the team.. =)

regarding the tickets, you should not be surprised at all, it's been like the for years and what's really sad is that scalpers are taking advantage of this kind of situation. yes, an admu-dlsu game is always a "must see" game but what the hell? spending thousands of money for a single ticket? ridiculous i must say.

Clarice said...

Congratulations! :) GREAT GAME! Getting tickets sure was hard! We only got upper B tickets so we had to go to Araneta at 11:45 to get seats at the first row. Haha! No pain, no gain. I don't really mind because all Ateneo games are worth the wait! :) You guys were EXCELLENT! I've lost my voice due to cheering all throughout the game and I don't regret it at all :) God bless, ONE BIG FIGHT!

Lea said...

hey chris.. what does amdg stands for in your blog title?

christina said...

quality games are always worth the scalped tickets and the effort :)


charles Tiu said...

AMDG = ad majorem dei gloriam, for the greater glory of God :)

Anonymous said...

congrats! :)

Regina I. said...

Congrats kuya Chris and to the whole Blue team! Also, happy happy birthday! :)

Thanks for putting up a hell of a good fight! It was a bloody brilliant one! I love Ateneo-La Salle games!

Kuya Chris, this year is YOUR year. :) Ateneo is going to win the championship.

Admajoren dei Gloriam! :)

mars said...

Great game!! The best game I've ever seen so far. Keep it up. And by the way you were in Inquirer yesterday.

Regina I. said...

Err. Whoops, not your birthday today =)). Mom told me it was your birthday, gahh how embarrassing. :|

Anyway, congrats again! My pro-La Salle classmate and I will be arguing again on Monday. :> I love the way the game ended, with kuya Eric hogging the ball and pretending to chat. :)) I was laughing my butt off. Hilarious!

mary joyce galvan said...

Hey Chris! Nice game! Haha! Congrats! Taob na taob na ang Green Archers! Grabeh! Haha! Sana champs na talaga ang Blue Eagles this season! Did you receive ba my text? Kasi after the game, I texted you eh. I don't know kung ayun pa tin yung # mo! :) *peace*..Go Ateneo, One Big Fight!

krystine said...

congrats chris! nice game!


eynah said...

Hi Chris!

Congrats! ^_^

hyacynth said...

Congratulations Chris! The team did very well yesterday! The game was very crucial! There's a big chance that you will win the championshiop! I hope you will.. Goodluck and more power!!

Anonymous said...

will Jai still play for the next UAAP season?

Anonymous said...

will Jai still play for next UAAP season

Anonymous said...

durugin nyo ang la salle

Anonymous said...

wow. matatapos na ang uaap and yet, wala pa akong napapanood na game. ang hirap naman ng walang cable.

fan ako, na hindi ko alam kung paano maglaro yun idol ko.

nice one.


bea said...

Chris, thank you so much for the tickets, I kinda feel guilty after reading your entry about your own ticket troubles, and I do know how hard it can be even though you're part of the team already. But I feel super duper touched since those tickets were unexpected.:) Akala ko talaga when you texted me that morning na I would have to resort to scalpers, but no! Have I thanked you enough? Haha I don't think so, so thank you thank you thank you!:))

francine17 said...

After a VERY long wait to face the Archers once again, the Blue Eagles proved to be worthy for the Twice-to-beat advantage!

For the whole day, last sept. 6, I was busy with our exams in Financial Accounting 1. I was really happy to know that the Blue Eagles won(even though I wasn't able to watch the 1st Half of the game). The performance of the whole team was AWESOME! I should say his, I was expecting a close fight game. I guess La Salle wasn't expecting a much improved Blue Eagles Team.

I'll continue to pray for you and the whole team! :)


yeah! congrats...but the game didn't turned out to be that UBeR exciting as I imagined it would be...anyways...good luck on your future games!

patty :) said...

huhu. too bad the Blue Babble Battalion didn't win in the UAAP cheer dance competition. oh well, at least they improved a lot compared to their performance last year.. good enough! :) (UP deserves to be the champion though)
did you watch at the Big Dome? hmm..
will you be up against UE on saturday or on sunday?ü
oh btw, congratulations again for the win against the archers! :D
OBF! =)

Liberty said...

congratulations! good game! great game especially ro Rabeh and Nonoy! good teamwork! God bless!

ainan said...

Hello! Mr. Tiu

Congrats! the team did well on that game, and i would like to give credit to Mr. Baclao for his first three-poin shot in this season, and he did play good. I wonder whom is that 'life saver'?! You said 'her' so she's a girl.lols.

Never mind the question. I'm just fishing information... savor the victory!

One big fight up to the finals!

roger said...

you won the battle but will you win the war?

nesse said...

totoong charles tiu ba yung nagbigay ng meaning ng amdg?

Gretchen S. said...

Congrats Chris and to the rest of the ADMU team!! It was a great game!! I was able to watch it through TFC here in the states.I had to refrain from visiting your blog to see who won, in order to watch the game, which is showed a day later here.

Reading about the lengths people go through to get a hold of those tickets is crazy, but sounds fun!

Congrats once again!!
Good luck on the coming games!!

3xie said...

congratz!!! admu did it again!!! im so hapee 4 u guyz....:> gud luck on ur nxt games!!!

myv said...

..congrats for winning against DLSU.. a great game again..:)

..i have GA tickets but i decided to just stay at home because i know i can have a closer look at the game..:) just curious..why did you change the name of your blog?? hope you dont mind..
.. and hope you could answer too..thanks..

..take care and godbless!! big fight!!

..when will your semi final match against UE start???

myv said...

..hi..its me again..

..hmm...just want to share..:)

"Scalpers caught

During the game, the NBI Special Task Force Unit apprehended 15 scalpers, including a security guard of a nearby establishment and a former policeman."
-phil. daily inquirer big fight!

Meryl_17 said...

Hi chris!

Being a team captain in ur team, is isn't hard for you? combining studies?ryt? is that hard or easy?

just asking?

hope u could reply in my comment.



psixteen said...

congrats to the team! see u at the finals! ;)

im an iska (from upd) and luckily, they allowed me to buy upper b tix from upaa (up alumni association) even if im not yet an alumna. and yeah, they figured i wanted the tix for admu-dlsu, not up-ust! ;p

just one request, chris. can u ask one of ur heads to remind both the babble and admu supporters they THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHEER OR CHANT DURING TIME OUT? i dunno if theyve forgotten or are just too stubborn to follow this simple rule. i know tis just to show their love and support for the school but it does distract the players and coaches. ;)

mikels said...

aww.. The BBB didn't win any place today... But for me I think AdU pep & blue babble's performances are better than FEU's & salinggawi's, I wonder why they're in 3rd & 2nd place?! Anyway champion naman ang eagles in basketball. Yey! btw y did u changed ur blog's name??

kat said...

OMG.. OMG.. OMG.. congratulations chris..! ateneo all the way..! wasn't able to see the game coz i was out attending an event.. but sum1 told me the result after the game.. and i was jumping up and down and shouting "yay! ateneo won!".. my friends thought i was going loco.. haha.. ateneo ftw!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Congrats! Tito Philip said the game is this Sunday. I just wanna find out what time is it gonna be? and where? =)

reneelyn said...

hi chris...

congratulations for the win against dlsu.. a great fight, and for all the players who really step up the game and most especially to you chris.. you all guys showed a defensive stop against dlsu and you guys really had a team work.. chris, I wish u good luck for the final four and hope to see you guys in the finals and bring back the championship this season..

Ateneo One big fight!

Anonymous said...

hi chris...

congratulations for the win against dlsu.. a great fight, and for all the players who really step up the game and most especially to you chris.. you all guys showed a defensive stop against dlsu and you guys really had a team work.. chris, I wish u good luck for the final four and hope to see you guys in the finals and bring back the championship this season..

Ateneo One big fight!

Anonymous said...

Hi Regis!

I found it funny that you wished Chris well with "break a leg on your upcoming games". I know, you have good intentions in wishing Chris well. But, OMG! Wag naman sana literal na ma-break ang leg ni Chris! An injured Eagle is not what we want right now! Haha! :p


Janina said...

oooo...r u online???
just want to congratulate u for having such a great game yesterday..tooo bad our team(im from ust) wont be having any more games with you...i really felt sori for our players during the game vs u.p before ur ateneo-la salle game..jervy was rele crying back then..maybe because its a shame wer not in d final 4 if only our players wer mor persistent tru out the games..ust always have a close fight esp. w/ la salle and uealways just a point or 2 point short..hayz regrets..well dats life..

wat makes me sad is dat i wont hav a chance to watch u agen play becoz as we ol know its ur final yir..and my parents only allow me to watch uaap games only if ust is playing which is now least ive seen u twice even if its from the lowerbox view..its all worth it..even from afar ur still cute and handsome(naks)pacheese burger ka n man...

you havent answer my question regarding the ur ripleys show..
i want to watch it i have to know someone from gma just to get in??im desperate(kinda)hehehe..
sori if im scaring you or something..
dont worry im not that psycho like the guy from PROM NIGHT(hehe have u watchd it??im not even close to dat so dont be scared)lol i sound ridiculous..ok this commnt is way to long na..tnx for inspiring me tiuday..
and tiumoro is anoder day..
so good luck on your exams..
i know u'll do good cause ur smart nmn eh...
ingat congrats agen to ur win yesterday...

Janina said...

oooo...r u online???
just want to congratulate u for having such a great game yesterday..tooo bad our team(im from ust) wont be having any more games with you...i really felt sori for our players during the game vs u.p before ur ateneo-la salle game..jervy was rele crying back then..maybe because its a shame wer not in d final 4 if only our players wer mor persistent tru out the games..ust always have a close fight esp. w/ la salle and ue its always just a point or 2 points short..hayz regrets..well dats life..

wat makes me sad is dat i wont hav a chance to watch u agen play becoz as we ol know its ur final yir..and my parents only allow me to watch uaap games only if ust is playing which is now least ive seen u twice even if its only from the lowerbox view..its all worth it..even from afar ur still cute and handsome(naks)pacheese burger ka n man...

you havent answer my question regarding the ur ripleys show..
i want to watch it i have to know someone from gma just to get in??im desperate(kinda)hehehe..
sori if im scaring you or something..
dont worry im not that psycho like the guy from PROM NIGHT(hehe have u watchd it??im not even close to dat so dont be scared)lol i sound ridiculous..ok this commnt is way to long na..tnx for inspiring me tiuday..
and tiumoro is anoder day..
so good luck on your exams..
i know u'll do good cause ur smart nmn eh...
ingat congrats agen to ur win yesterday...
mostly its all about tiu..

eldy said...

First of all, Congratulations Chris and to your team for being no. 1! Yey! =). We also had a hard time getting tickets. My sister bought our tickets as early as tuesday, umabsent siya sa clinic para sa tickets pero worth it naman e =). Also it was our first time to watch an ateneo-la salle game :D. When my friend and I saw the crowd, wow nakakagulat, we felt that we were at a different dimension x]. Our seats was at upper A. The funny thing is my sister said that we'll be seating sa side ng ateneo para icheer kayo so i decided to wear blue. unfortunately napunta kami sa la salle side! Hahaha! But it's okay 4 naman kming nakablue and nanalo kayo kaya ok lang!:D kahit pinagtitinginan na kami ng masama ng mga la sallista x]. Goodluck for the next game :D. Godbless and Take Care always Chris :D

dzoie said...

its is really hard for us to get tickets whether from ateneo or araneta, sobrang haba ng pila!!! i asked my aunt to dropped by araneta last monday(she goes to work around 6am ksi) but she told me mhaba na ang pila...9am ung opening ng booth..hehehe but i had 4 tickets given to me when i bought adidas apparel at trinoma.. hehehe last sunday(i prayed for it and meant na mkanuod ako ng game hehehe)aside from that ngpareserve din ako sa source q ng upper a.. sadly, di ko nkuha ksi nasa work pa ko nung sat and kailangn makuha ung ticket ng 1!!from makati pa ko.. hehehe

niwei, bout the game.. wow talaga!!! ad majorem dei gloriam!!!!it was for u guys talaga with HIS guidance... we'll pray that He and mama mary will keep us safe always just bring back the glory to them right after(win or lose) always... "ask and you shall recieve..."

just hope sa championship hindi mahirap kumuha ng ticket..heheh i promised myself ill watch the remaining games of admu..mixed emotions..

God bless, TIU...heheheh


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I was in Araneta yesterday for your game against DLSU and today for the cheerdance competition. I was actually quite disappointed because Ateneo's crowd today is very small compared to the large basketball supporters that were present yesterday. Of all the schools, it's Ateneo's crowd that is apparently the smallest. The cheerleaders also reserved the area, even having to ask the people for a password before they enter, only to be reprimanded by the Araneta security for denying other ticket holders, who were standing, of seats.

My friend, who comes to watch and cheer for almost all Ateneo games live is from the AGSB Rockwell campus and was denied entry to the Ateneo area because the cheerleader did not know what AGSB is. She really felt bad that she had to be seated at the NU side and that she was not able to cheer with the pack just because she's in the business school already and not in the Loyola campus (Let's not talk about age here, it's another story and she might kill me. :D). Nagtampo tuloy, ayaw na mag-cheer sa next games. Haha!

I hope that in the next years, Ateneans could also support the BBB, who cheer their hearts out for you, as much as they support you guys.

Congratulations on the win against DLSU!

TIUper_girl17 said...

Whoooooh..Congaratulation po..!
nice game..ang galing galing nyo po tlaga..!ur the best..:)
syang lang di po kmi nakanood sa araneta..ang hirap po kasing makakuha ng ticket eh..
di ble manonood nlng po kmi ng finals ..!sna makapagpa-picture po kmi sau..!hehehe..:)
gudluck for the upcoming games..
you can make it through the championship..!
gO ateneo..One big fight..!
oo nga pla this is ur last season sad..cgurado pong mraming malulungkot tulad q..cgurado din na mababawasan na ung mga manonood sa areneta kc wla na si TIUnami.. si TIUnami na nkakaapekto sa mraming tao.[in a good way.]mawawala na ung bagyo ng araneta..
iniisip ko plang naiiyak na q..

gudluck on ur career..
more shows to come..
continue inspiring the youth..:)
i love TIU..

Always here:

dzoie said...

i forgot to asked you a question... my sister asked me this yesterday right after the game while waiting at the valet " naririnig ba nila chris ung sigawan ng mga tao kapag pumapasok sila sa court?? o habang nglalaro sila???kasi tayo nung nglalaro pa tayo.. di n natin naririnig minsan??? e paano sila??"


Anonymous said...

chris, one serious question and i wish you'd answer this..
do you get ECSTATIC whenever you see the la salle community cry or feel disappointed? do you jump and shout for joy whenever you prove yourselves to be better than the taft based squad? don't you think that the reason why the dlsu-ateneo rivalry never subsides is because the players themselves add fire to the already existing flame? i really hope you answer this.thanks..congrats also! one big fight! go ateneo! see you in school.

warriorprincess said...

You guys really pushed the Archers against the wall. ang galing ng defense, gRABEH! (haha). I've never seen such tight and flawless defense even at the start of the game.(not just in this game but all throughout the season) You came out so strong..nakakayanig! haha. My dad and I were probably part of those silly people who'd line up for hours and call up people just to get tickets but its always a pleasure to be there and be the sixth man.

P.S. : I agree with michiko, Nonoy's triple was definitely something to remember! i love that "boy" hahaha. (can you give him a pat at the back for me, haha)

Come on, finish this game so we can all go back to Gesu to celebrate!!!

Anonymous said...

you know chris i watch the entire fight of ateneo. haha. i was shocked because of your performance. GREAT JOB! you deserve it. haha. BREAK A LEG!

-camilleü[14yr old girl]^-^

mariel said...

can i just ask, i was just wondering why did the referees called a foul on austria in the 4th qtr? that was on jv casio i think? i'm really puzzled.. i wasn't able to see the foul and wasn't able to catch the replay on tv.. :) thanks..

mariel said...

yeah.. thanks to super good friends.. life saver! a friend of mine also gave me two upper b tickets friday afternoon.. i repeat "gave".. haha.. i also heard that gen ad tickets were sold at 300 pesos..

crazypeach said...

Getting tickets for this particular day is like a matter of life and death already. I do hope somebody regulates the ticket selling more effectively next time. How to stop the scalpers? That's a hard thing to do so far. Sheesh. It's unfair that they get those tickets which are supposed to be for students or alumni only. Huhu! When I was a student, I had problems getting tickets already for this game (we were always squeezed in the sports complex like tuna)...and now I'm an alumnus already...the harder it gets! Huhu!

Also, just wanna say how nice of you to say nice comments about JVee (proves that rivalry is only on the court). I'm sure he'll love to read the things you said about him.

♥jen♥ said...

Congratulations Captain TIU!!!
and please extend my greetings to the rest of the team...
good luck on your next game against the red warriors on sunday...
(pls. correct me if i'm wrong...) ehe! :D
take care always...
gOd bless you all guyz!
keep up the good work...
btw, i watched the cheerleading competition... i thought kasama ang blue babble sa 3... galing pa naman nila, very synchronized and malinis ang sayaw. meron isa dun doesn't deserve na mapasama sa tatlong winners... parang may something... heheh! :D

Anonymous said...

well sorry about the blue babble cheering squad... i havent had the chance to be there so i stayed home watching... and UP is still the champion. But im very sure ADMU will win this seasons UAAP... Godbless

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!!
My workshop was from 7-5 and I wouldn't dare miss an Ateneo-Lasalle game so I had to leave early to watch the game. I was having second thoughts cause the workshop that we were having was mucho important (casting our roles, yeah :P haha) but good thing I went anyway :D

My cousins and I were waiting for you to come out the South Gate but we were only given a few minutes by our dads to be there so only got pictures with the players who were out na :(
Oh well, maybe next time :D haha.


Good luck on Sunday!!!

Leanne said...

Hi Chris. Congrats!:) I'm very happy for you guys. Have a great night. Jia You! Ingat..:)

darklight3r said...


why the title change?

deboz said...

congratulations mr tiu!
hope you can make it to the finals.!


to mr charles tiu:
how are you related to mr chris tiu?=)

babypinky said...

Hi po kuya Cris can I somethng? Wat makeup does your makeup artist use on you? Do u have a p.a? If wala pwede po bang magapply?? Sna po magrespond ka kuya.. ur so wafu talaga... Mwahugsss!!! Tnx 4 being my inspiration!

Anonymous said...

deboz, charles tiu s his brother..

nica said...

I forgot to comment about Yuri. I think he's really a nice fellow too. I was watching the game on, and when I saw JV fell, Yuri helped him got up back to his feet. I seldom see that kind of gesture, I mean, not from your team but from other teams as well.

Anonymous said...

haha. wats amdg anyway? haha.

nice game! good luck on the finals =)

Anonymous said...

I just want to answer those who have been asking what AMDG means. It's Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. For the greater glory of God.

Congratulations, Blue Eagles. March on to the Championship. We'll be supporting you all the way.

claire said...

CONGRATS for the win against archers!!!

its sad that i didnt get any ticket so dito na lang ako sa house nanood but it doesnt stop me to shout!! sis scolded me nga pag nasa eagles na ang bola..

may personalized banner pa naman akong ginawa..sayang..but ok lang, sinabit ko lang xa sa room.. =)

congrats again and again...=)

claire said...


ONE BIG FIGHT!!hope to see you soon!!!!

martin said...

pau-pau said...

..i kNEw yOu gUys couLD do it...eVenthOugh i didnt gOt tHE cHAnce to wAtch tHE gAme todAy(eithEr TV oR LIVe)...i wAs stiLL upDatEd bY my fRends whO wAtched tHE gAme...

...sEe yoU at the FinALs...
...aND agAin..CongRats pOh...

..One bIg fiGht...


Anonymous said...


..i'm not an atenean..

..i'm a PT student and i had a chance working at moro sport clinic..

..know what???..

..i did not enjoy the game..

..siguro kasi hindi masyadong mainit..

..sinasabi ko iyon as a basketball fan, baka kasi sabihin ng iba hindi ko madadama ung intensity because i do not belong with the both community..

..but i had the highest salute to BLUE EAGLES.. academic speaking as well as sports..

..i'm a fan of yours..

..but i just don't like the game..'s not intense..

..kitang kita kung sino mananalo..

..godbless sa championship..

..hope you win..

Anonymous said...

first of all, i want to say congratulations for the win. i may be from the other school but i must admit, your defense really brought us down. good job for that :)

i agree with what you said about jv. i felt really bad for him. we were really expecting him to lead us to victory :( but then, maybe that's what caused him to have an "off" game. he felt so much pressure from his team and especially from the whole lasallian community. :(

but again, like what you said, someone as awesome as JV Casio can bounce back in one snap :)

anyway, good luck with your remaining games and i'm still hoping for an Ateneo-La Salle finals :D

yani said...

hi.. i'm yani

i'm not an atenean...

i'm a fan of yours and MR. jersey #5(hahaJAI reyes iamNINOY..hehe..

i always watch your show(haha, kahit galit na galit na si papa)

well, i love your blog..
nababasa ko mga insights mo sa game at kachorvahan..

maybe my fave(so far) yung homily..

nakakatuwa kasi yun.. dami ko natutunan..

..aiun, about sa game..

..di maganda, hindi intense (isa ako dun sa isang nagcomment kanina)

..wala lang..aiun lang na-feel ko e.. big fight na lang..

Anonymous said...

charles and chris tiu...brothers. said...

i've a few questions to ask:

1. how do you still manage to find the time to blog despite your very busy schedule? i mean, there's school, practice, tapings and everything. im impressed by your time management skills haha
2. do you actually get to read all the messages here?

Nette said...

..congrats again chris..

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
-Napoleon Bonaparte

..haha!.. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! Congrats to you and the team on the win over La Salle and ending the elimination round at #1 in the standings. I'm glad that the prayers and good thoughts from fans abroad like myself are paying off! Gotta kick it up a notch now that you're heading into the post-elims (and exams)...

angelle said...

Hi Chris! :)

of course congratulations for winning that game! i was really thrilled, of course it was an ateneo la salle game. i was even wearing blue wile watching the game (even if i only watched at home) congrats ulit! and take care always.

goodluck on your remaining games!

+Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam+
(i always remember writing this phrase on my test papers whenever we have one in school. haha)


P.S. i hope that i could get the chance to take a picture with you when i go to manila next week. i could watch a game too! (if ever you're gonna have one.)

mikels said...

Ther time settings of your blog is wrong? Just letting u know (:

mikels said...

Its correct pla... sorry! tc cris

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It kinda embarrassing to say this. But you have this particular smile that always turn my grey sky blu

Jeri said...

Actually, there were already people in Araneta as early as Sunday Night (around 8pm) and they were already falling in line at the red gate.

They were housemates of the alumni and students of the two schools and were eager to stay overnight just to get tickets for the game. And Araneta won't start selling tickets until 9 am, so they were there for more than 12 hours! I couldn't really believe my eyes when I saw them at the Araneta gate when I passed by that night.

I went there by 5am and there were already hundreds of people waiting for the tickets. By 8am, it was more than 500! It's sad though that most of them are scalpers. As far as I and my Atenean friends saw, only 20% of us are legitimate students, and maybe 10% are those housemates that I mentioned above. The rest are scalpers.

One scalper approached us on the line and was selling the Upper B ticket for 1,000!

Good thing my long wait was worth it, I was able to get a ticket for myself. :)

sEvEntEen-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,

Great thing I was able to watch your game with DLSU last Saturday…
(Remember I was the one who’ll have a team building that day.)
Kaya lang, it was the last quarter then…at first I saw the DLSU fans on tv all screaming and shouting, I thought they were heading the game, I really felt nervous…a loss from la salle will be so disappointing for the team…  and when the scores prompted on tv, it was a relief… it was a sure win.. Another victory for the ADMU team.. Prayers are really that powerful… and I thank God for the wonderful and safe game…

Let’s lift up all the praises and glory to God!
I know, He’ll continue to shower you guys with all these wonderful blessings!

God bless the game and the players!

More Power ADMU!
One Big Fight!!


timothy said...

sabi ni dada si kuya chris daw ito. hello ako si timothy 8 years old promise sakin ni dada manonood kami ng finals basta payagan ako ni Dr. escudero. masungit kasi iyon nantusok ng needle sa dalirisabi niya it wont hurt pero masakit kase alamo kung pede akong maglaro tatalunin kita magaling kase si dadang maglaro sana makita kita saka tung ibapa si kuya jai, saka tung malaking isa si mahirap ang pangalan niya eh. babay kasama kayo sa prayers ko

Anonymous said...

everyone did a great job..
congratulations Chris...
One Big Fight!!


mikels said...

The blue babble got 83.81, while FEU got 83.96! Close fight... sayang. For complete results of the cheerdance competition yesterday visit my blog

sherwin said...

congratz for the win against lasalle.. 13-1 win loss record, i hope u make it to the championship.. Beware for UE, because they can pull some surprises, but i trust and believe that ADMu would win the semis and make it to the finals.. by the way the last time i post here, is when i put your stats about the 1st round and as i browsing the net, i was very impress in your performances during the 2nd round.. your performance during the 2nd round is a lot better than the 1st round.. here is ur stats during the 1st round

14 points/game,
6-30 3 pt area (20%),
24-46 2 pt area (52%)
32-39 FT (82%)
3.1 asts/game
1 stl/game
1 error/game

the this your stats during the 2nd round:

14.9 points/game(104 pts overall),
15-37 3 pt area (41%),
16-34 2 pt area (47%)
27-31 FT (87%)
5.9rebs/game (41 rebs overall)
4.1 asts/game (29 asts overall)
0.4 stl/game (3 steals)
0.1 blk/game (1 block)
2.3 error/game (16 errors)

your second round performance is a lot better than the 1st round.. you 3 pt shooting percentage is on target right now and you are passing a lot but not sacrificing your offense.. even if you have the worst game this season in the second round ( vs AdU, producing only 2 pts) but you have made a lot of career high and first time this season (29pts vs UST, and 10 ast vs UP) u have the first double-double and first and only block this season on the second round..

Over all, this is your stats in the elimination round..

14.4 points/game,
21-67 3 pt area (31%),
40-80 2 pt area (50%)
59-70 FT (84%)
3.6 asts/game
0.7 stl/game
0.1 blk/game
1.6 error/game

overall, you have one of the best averages this season.. so good luck, and hope you make it to finals.. Your averages would turn into nothing if you fail to make it to the finals (I pity Jervy Cruz for that)..

by the way another congratulation for making to the TOP 3 in the statistical pts for MVP.. #3 with statistical points of 62.14 and just behind jervy (75.07), and Rabeh (71.14).. i'm not hoping for you to win the season MVP, but i'm Praying that you'll be the FINALS MVP..
good luck and One Big Fight...

kathleen said...

Once again,congratulations!God Bless!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATSSSS! superrr! just keep on doing whatever you guys are doing and be better! :)) Ang galing nyoo! (well I didnt actually see the game but i can tell!)

Its in these times that I really want to go back there in the Philippines! HOPE ATENEO WOULD BE CHAMPIONS THIS YEAR! especially bcuz its ur LAST YR! :(

take care! :)

Anonymous said...

- Congratulations!! that game was really awesome!! Especially that 3pts shot by NOy... One Big Fight.

- Eien

Anonymous said...

uhm.. do you have a game on Saturday or Sunday? ( sept 13 and 14)

If there is, I HOPE YOU WIN! that would be a great birthday gift for me! Its my bday on Saturday kasi eh!


Anonymous said...

hi chris!
- congrats!!! Im confident you guys will have the championship this season...More power and OBF!!

alyssa mari ♥s 17 :D said...

hey kuya chris!

just want to say CONGRATS! :D


gud luck for the next games! :D

God Bless you and the whole team! :D

we LoVe TIU! :D


Rin said...

Congratulations to you and to your team. You all did a good job!

Yeah, that game wasn't Casio's day.

Goodluck to your next games!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Surely, Blue Eagles will be the champs this season!
Go Ateneo! One big fight!



uhm...just wondrin'...uhm...when will be the next game??? I really need to know...uhm...thanks:)

Anonymous said...

charles tiu is chris' younger brother.. and for the one who asked if its really charles, well i think its really him..:)



comment pa ulet...hahaha...d kita mxadong nakita sa game...hehehe:)
la lng...nsbi q lng...and nonoy was really a revelation...pd dn plng 3pnt shooter...:)

Anonymous said...

chris? please answer me...will jai still play for the next season? :(

Andi said...

Hey Chris! :)

Thanks so much for giving me the autograph Mr. Esquivel asked you to sign. He's the dad of my friend, who surprised me this morning with it. :)

I hope I could meet you in person! :)

Andi :)

emancipated_princess said...

well, what do i have to say.. CONGRATULATIONS! you and your team had a job well done. Rabeh did good shots. aww. i didn't saw you made too many 3 point shots. but one thing that really wiggle my soul was your first free throw. you really made the start of the game too exciting.hehe.:) actually, i didn't watch the game but my brother did! but anyway, he's in the vein of la salle. (so what do you expect?)haha..:)) but good for me, he had brought home some posters and cheer banners.. (i just want to feel the ateneo environment)haha. well, goodluck on your next game with UE.. OVERTIME? just kidding! and i do hope you'll have again an "epic battle" with la salle in the finals. wee. i HOPE..

tita kay said...

Hello Chris,

My 12 year old daughter was able to watch your game live at the Araneta last Saturday with her friends. Actually, I also wanted to watch the game live, both as an alumna of ADMU and at the same time, to be the adult companion of the 12-13 y.o. Ateneo boys and Miriam girls inside Araneta. Unfortunately, I could not get a one more ticket for the game : ( Their Upper B tickets were bought at Php1,200.00 each. I must say the price was worth every penny spent because my little girl is still on Cloud 9, not to mention the bragging rites of having been part of the cheering crowd : )

Last Saturday's game was extra-special for my daughter. She really prepared for it, clothes, accessories and all ... including BLUE nail polish which we applied just before lunch ha ha. After the game, my daughter told me that she is now a CERTIFIED UAAP FAN.
As to the exit, we saw your brother, Charles, as surveyed the crowd at the South Gate. Boy, it would have been a security nightmare for the Araneta guards as everyone was waiting to have a glimpse of you. Chris, you are so blessed to have a brother like Charles who is very supportive of your activities and endeavors. I salute your parents for having raised their children well.

Btw, your throng of fans (mga "Iglesia ni Chris Tiu") were not very pleased when the guards told everyone that you left through another exit (were you the one riding the Starex with pitch-black tint???) WE UNDERSTAND. I had to explain to my daughter that it would be very difficult for the guards to control the crowd.

Anyway, we are just so happy that the BLUE EAGLES won the game. For me, win or lose, it's the school we choose!!! We will support the BLUE EAGLES all the way to the finals. Well done, boys! CONGRATS!!!

gracey said...

congrats on your game last Saturday against La Salle!!i must say it was really a great game and to those who were able to watch at Araneta was worth it even the tickets were hard to get.unluckily i was not able to got a ticket for it was already sold out.i was shocked that many people are falling in line as early as 2am for the tickets,i imagined that it will be hard to get a ticket but not as hard as you described.thats why Araneta has a whooping audience of almost 23000!i must agree on what u have said regarding casio it was not his lucky night but the defense of jai and yuri adds up to his pressure.yes he must be carrying the world on his shoulders for i know that the his team was expecting alot from him.i expect a great come back from him against FEU.i must also commend you on the great defense that you have showed and also the assists that you have given(almost a steve nash game hehehe).and how can i forget the 3point shot of nonoy it was really unexpected,a HISTORY i must say!even me i was not expecting that he will throw a one is guarding him at that time so he feel free to take the shot,it was a wise move from him.rabeh and jai also did a great job,they add to the pressure of La the fans would say "YOU CANT DEFY gRABEHty" nice quote right?!^_^your team just proved that ur ready for the final4.hope ull win against UE(am i right?)they are not easy contenders for the finals but i am positive that BLUE EAGLES will be on finals..
zai jian!

gracey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
simplytoogood17 said...

hei.... congrats again!!!! i wore the we got tiu shirt to show my support.... WELL DONE!!!! to the team great defense.... Tc OLWAYZ guyz... And GOD BLESS!!!! OBF!!!

agiie said...

is this your final year in ATENEO?
if yes, please do tell. because im really going to buy a ticket to watch you play in araneta.

karluckyme said...

cOngRatz! uR dEstinEd tO win! HEhEh, wAn biG fAyt! :)

stella ♥ said...

hai chris,
congrats! ar u coming here in cagayan de oro??
dis december??
hope u can come.
we will be happy to see u here!
uhm, i think u know my social studies teacher maam divina gamo??
u know her??
hope u can reply??
here's my yahoo email add

Anonymous said...

HI!just want to say congrats!i wasn't able to watched it at araneta so i just watched it on t.v. It was a great game,actually, even though i'm just wathcing on t.v i just can't controlled myself to cheer you.hehehe, congrats to you and to the entire blue team.Again CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS!!!one big fight!GOD BLESS!

Good Luck!See you at Championship!!

Chelsea said...

Bonjour! I just wanna interrogate. :D
How old is young younger sister??
It'll be awesome if you'll reply. Merci beau coup. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

It's nice seeing you in Moro this afternoon. You made my day much more sweeter! :P

patty :) said...

hi, Chris. :)
How are you today? Busy again? ü
Actually I don't have anything in particular to tell you.. I just wanted to know how you are. Maybe it'll take several more days before you post another entry because you're next game will be this weekend, if I'm not mistaken. :]
Just please take care always & may you be blessed more & more.. :D
I really hope & pray I get to see you in person asap. =')
I'd be watching Ripley's again later, I'll be seeing you.. yehey! :)
God speed & more power! =)
One Big Fight till the end, captain!ü

twilighter said...

charles tiu is the brother of chris tiu. though i'm not sure if the charles tiu who commented there is the real charles tiu. hehe

tootsieroll said...

congratulations! mr.dreamboy?! lol. haha! as if you're really existing?! well, you're just a tv icon. and the guy i saw a million times... in my dreams. sorry for this. haha!

-drama queen

marvz said...

congrats chris!

sabi ko na nga ba matatalo nyo ulit la salle eh...

sana kayo magchampion ngayong season...

pray naming lahat yun...



one big fight!

claire said...

Hey... I just wanna congratulate you for winning against my school last saturday... haha... :)) even though i'm from la salle im still cheering for ateneo... hope you win the championship... :))haha...

chris said...

Sherwin, thanks so much for those stats. I have to say it was really useful. I was totally unaware of the breakdown of my stats between the two rounds.

Yes, Charles is my brother. And I believe that Jai Reyes will still be playing next season. He still has 1 more playing year.

raine said...

really? jai is still playing next year? alright! ;)

woah! i'm amazed to see lots of comments for this entry. no wonder, it's ateneo vs. la salle!

aim for the championship, chris!

and oh! i still believe that this season's mvp will come from our school. :D

see you~

tootsieroll said...

you already had a great number of assists! i think that's the best accomplishment in a game. it really shows how a player values "teamwork" they call. in other words, "HINDI KA MADAMOT". =D keep up the good work Mr.Dreamboy! =D i wish you don't mind how i call you. haha! "dreamboy". +AMDG+

rai said...


we tried lining up at the blue eagle gym but we didn't get a chance to buy ANY ticket!

still, thanks to the extra tickets araneta released last saturday... even if they were just upper b tickets, at least, we were able to watch the game...


tootsieroll said...

hey, you're online... wla lang. goodnight.

Merryl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

martin said...

I love the dunk! galing mo:)

..kristina.. said...

this comment may be two days late, hehe but i do believe it will still be counted.. congrats chris... i know you and your team will make it, not only at the finals but winning the championship...GOodluck and GODbleSS...

Cla said...

Congratulations!! I think you will be the CHAMPIONS for this season. Good for you since it is your birthday wish and it is also your last year. I will miss seeing you play basketball. Good Luck!!

blueshen said...

nice game...
god bless on your way to the finals...
sana mag champ ang ateneo..
go blue eagles....


Anonymous said...


timothy said...

kuya meron bang ganito sila kuya jai and yung isang malaki yung mahirap sabihin yung pangalan

Anonymous said...

congrats chris! the blue eagles deserve all those victories. :)

it was a good fight with dlsu archers. everyone stood up for the game.

oh, so it was true that you already left that night. sad. :( we waited for you outside. it wasnt that crowded.. but anyway, there's always a next time. take care and good luck! see you in the finals! :)

-kryzzle :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Chris Tiu!
First of all, congratulations!
Ask ko lang anong ibig sabihin ng AMDG?

Philip said...

I do hope DLSU wins the Feu match. FEU scares me than La Salle coz of their great team play. You guys need to beat UE first, they will come out really strong and hopefully you guys don't give them a chance similiar to what you did on the DLSU game. Pressure Zamar if he's in the court (he is prone on turnovers, TRUST me on this!). I am confident that your Baclao, Rabeh defense will hold (just don't get in foul trouble).

In order for you guys to win, here's my analysis:

1. The ability and speed of Rabeh to spot the open man when he gets doubled team.

2. Your outside shots needs to be established at the start of the game. This is very crucial. Game may be decided on this if you don't hit those shots. UE for sure will give you looks on the outside rather than the inside where you guys are dominant (and i mean dominant).


4. Buenafe needs to drive and draw those fouls

Anonymous said...

hi po kuya chris..:)
marami po ksing ngtatanong kung may girlfriend daw po kau ngayon..?kayo pa rin po ba ni ate clarise ong..?uhmmm..kung ok lang po sana paki sagot..kung hindi po ok lng din sure marami din pong gustong makaalam heheh..thnx..:)

psixteen said...

how come charles hasnt left for austria yet? guess he will miss you playing for the finals then, chris? ;)

some of my comtech friends from admu said jai is graduating this year, but u did mention that jai will prolly be team captain next i guess the jainamite will take another course for the next AY, right?

diane angeli said...

"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam"
To the Greater Glory of God!

right Chris?:)
i was very very glad you won the game! And you were definitely right, defense made you won. I feel sorry for JV too. tsk! Good thing it didn't happen to you. haha

btw, i read an article in the Phil Daily Inquirer about you. Try checking it out, Fun stuff. LOL!

me and my family, all the way across the country, wants to congratulate the whole BLUE EAGLES team (especially you of course) for a classic win! See you at the Championship game! :))

Pat said...

I wish I could get to watch one ADMU vs DLSU game in the near future..harharhar. It's hard to get tickets.T_T btw, ahya chris, hav u receiv any emails from me? I dont receiv any replies. It's about a school activity that we're asked to do by our profs --an interview. my email is

dzoie kat said...

hi chris...good pm po..this is kat(the one who u th miraculous medallion 2weeks ago, at philsports arena.. )can i ask u a favor/can u help me??i need to know lng kasi sched ng game ng admu..tapos la pa sinasabi sa ticket net.. la pa sa internet..para mfile ko na as leave un hehehe.. thaks so much.. u can snd me the scheds sa number ko.. 09202112597 thanks.. kathrina iquina

francine17 said...

I can't help but put a comment. I so love the way the Blue Eagles CRUSHED the Green Archers last Saturday. It was the best Ateneo game! LOL :D

Btw, it's my birthday and i the team was part of my birthday wish. Hope my wishes come true(alot of wishes for you and the team). LOL :D

Anonymous said...

now that you mentioned you had difficulties getting tickets, am sure so many fans will be offering you their extra tickets. and if they do... can i have one? hehe.

good night, chris!

Anonymous said...

to all of chris' well-meaning fans: maybe we can just cheer him and the team on with the more appropriate and less ominous "One Big Fight" than "break a leg," which is really used for dancers and stage performers. we could use it for the blue babble battalion for next year's cheerdance competition though. thanks!

Kathleen said...

Haha... Sir Aly, nice picture! Good catch, Chris! Congrats and Btw... Thanks! ;)


mikels said...

Are you really required to speak in Tagalog in Ripley's? I think it will be lot better if you'll speak in English, and the eyeglasses? They're for?? (: tc cris

babypinky said...

hi po kuya! Y po antagal nyo magpost ng bago? inaabangan q po xe un lge... Can I ask a question? Wat do u prefer, briefs or boxers?? and ano pong size? sna po magrespond kau.. Onga pla ayw nio po b ng shirtless kau on cam? Sayang nman gnda pa nman ng body nyo.. (: tc po lge and thx 4 being my indpirstion! Mwahugs!!!!

jamy said...

Hi Chris,

Great game, really...
Congratulations to you and the whole team. ONE BIG FIGHT!

"And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men"


kharen said...

H! chR! a huge fan of green archers but i adore you..& i want to be your bride someday...... >KHAREN

mikels said...

When will be ateneo's next basketball game?

emancipated_princess said...

woah. the title of your blog seems so religious. i liked it a lot!:)

Anonymous said...

ahm...kelan pu nxt game?

tootsieroll said...

we really wish you could play one last time! -toots

dzoie said...

happy happy TIUsday... hehehehe

rina said...

hi po..good luck kuya.. pwede po ba ko pbili sa source mo ng tcket for your next gme??1 lng nmn po..preetty please kuya chris...


Anonymous said...


Aira Nicole said...

isn't the meaning of AMDG is "Ad maiorem Dei gloriam"???


patty :) said...

I miss reading a new entry.. Please do post if you have time. I'd love to know what you've been up to these past few days.. :)
I envy those people who have the privilege of seeing you & being with you everyday.. :(
And oh, I agree with Mr. Mikels that maybe it'd be better if you could host Ripley's in english as I think you are more comfortable with the language. :D
Yeah, maybe GMA is trying to reach out to the "masa" by having most of their shows hosted in tagalog, but nowadays people from all walks of life know & speak english even though not that fluently. So I guess it's no big deal if you host in english, right? just an opinion..;]
Good luck & may God bless you always.. =)
Good night, Chris!ü

Carissa Limcaoco said...

Hi Chris!

I came across this advertisement in the newspaper the other day. It's called "Yes the Filipinos Can! Awards" I wanted to let you know that I nominated you as an inspiring Filipino. You can check out the site in case you're wondering what it's all about:

I believe you can win especially if we get a lot of people to nominate you through your blog.

I really hope you don't mind. Thanks!:)

deboz said...

haha now that my question about
charles tiu has been answered,can i fire another one? does he play basketball too?

thanks chris!

One big fight!

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