Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blue Eagles Visit Adidas

I'm sorry it took me a while to finally write something about the Trinoma experience last Sunday. I have to say it, i was so overwhelmed with the turnout! I totally didn't expect anything close to the number of people who showed up that day. And I am very much delighted of course!

The team gathered together at around 3pm in Abe for a quick bite, courtesy of Adidas. While we were still eating, we were told that the line was starting to pile up in the Adidas shop in the 2nd floor of the mall. I couldn't quite picture the crowd because i was expecting students and alumni supporters of Ateneo to be there to catch a glimpse of the team. At 4pm, we all went down to the shop wearing the clean White Adidas jacket. When we got the store, we were like "Wow! This can't be real!" Not only was the store filled with people inside, the crowd was building up outside as well. What was interesting to note was that most of the people present were not Ateneans. A lot were young high school and college students, mostly girls i should say. There were some cute kids too :) It sure doesn't hurt to feel like the Philippine version of the Jonas Brothers for an afternoon, well at least even 1/10th of their stardom! Haha!

When we entered the shop, we were introduced one by one by the hosts Lia Cruz and Andrei Felix, who also happen to be Adidas endorsers and Ateneo alumni. Then, we proceeded to a long table that's shaped like a letter "U" in order to give everyone a chance to get their posters and apparel signed by each one in an orderly and organized manner. After signing for about 30 minutes, we noticed that the lines weren't getting any shorter. And we were told to sign faster so that the line could progress rapidly. Signatures were getting shorter as well. Jai was beside me and i saw his signature from "Jai Reyes #5" it became "Jai #5". I got tired as well, so from "Chris Tiu #17", it became "Chris T #17". Apparently, two letters make a huge difference. The first few ones in line were still able to get pictures with some of us, but the organizers got stricter and disallowed picture taking so that others could get the chance to get our autographs as well. I do feel bad to see the fans get disappointed, but over the years, i've learned that it's really difficult to please everyone. The next time i checked my watch, it was already 6pm. It was exhausting. I've had two bottles of mineral water during the 2 hour period and i had to take off my jacket because the temperature was rising! I was talking to Oping Sumalinog beside me and he said that he wouldn't mind doing this the whole day if we win the championship!

It was truly an experience that made us feel really grateful for the support coming from the fans from all over! Some even waited as early as 12nn. I thought that those who would be following the Blue Eagles would be mostly Ateneans. It's even more touching to know that the base has extended outside of that circle. And we really appreciate it all! Thank you!

If you guys wanna get your chance as well, I guess you'll have to wait 'til the Bon Fire! :)



karen said...

You labeled your post JONAS BROTHERS among others. Now that's funny! Haha.

Anonymous said...

hi chris..
if you would just dare to know that your fellow Ateneans here in CDO are looking forward to meet you and your team on XU Days.
hopefully it will be finalize na because for now there were rumors that it's tentative pa daw.
God Bless this Saturday against DLSU..
go..go..go..Blue Eagles!
Lipad Agila..lipad!

kalliepepper said...

huhuhu...i was unable to go to Trinoma to see you guys! i was kind of dizzy after a party...i feel like crying now...i hope you'll have another chance to do that at another mall, maybe at MOA so that we'll have more chances? please please please???

I hope you'll post more pics bout this Trinoma activity though, or even a link. I previously saw another link with pictures of you from a recent car show - can't remember what it was - but you were posing beside this robot, and a volvo! I'll try to find that link and post it here...

Good luck on Saturday! it's blue & green day but again.. I won't be able to go. I'll be wearing blue all day though as a support! =)

♥jen♥ said...

hi Chris!
undeniably! talagang super dami ng supporters nyo guyz. mukhang sobrang saya talaga ng crowd sa trinoma, i wish i was there too. :D
when will i see you again? heheh! after i saw you in person last aug. 24, kelan kaya ulit para makapagpapicture na ko sa'yo. heheheh!
good luck sa game on saturday.
take care...
gOd bless you and the whole team!
i'm still hoping for the pic. thanks! :D

lara said...

WOW! That was ginormous! So what time did it finished?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

This is my first time to comment on your blog. You and the entire Blue Eagles team have a really wide fan base. Your appearance at the Adidas Trinoma is one proof of your big following. The crowd was in awe of you guys!

This is not surprising since the Blue Eagles team is the epitome of what an ideal college sports team is... no rough playing inside the court. In fact, it is your sportsmanship that endears you to the crowd, apart of yours from your good looks and manners inside and outside of the court.

Btw, we will be watching your game live at the Araneta Coliseum on Saturday. We have tickets already. We will cheer for you and the entire Blue Eagles team.


mary joyce galvan said...

Hello Kuya Chris! Haha! Sayang, di po ako nakapunta! I was kinda busy kasi on that day kaya, ayun po! :) Hopefully, you can visit din the rockwell mall, meron din kasing branch and Adidas dun eh, tsaka medyo malapit ako dun, layo po kasi ng Trinoma eh. From Makati tapos sa.......di ko po alam yung place! Haha! By the way po, about sa Hanford Cheer Shirt, I won po kasi eh kaso nga lang, di ko po "ata" mac-claim kasi busy pa rin po ako and wala pong pwedeng mag-claim nun kahit isa sa amin.

About sa UAAP Season 71 naman po, Sana makapanuod na po ako ng live!(Yung sa AdMU vs. DLSU game) para maka-experience naman ng pressure! Haha!

Ok! Advance congratulations! I hope Ateneo Blue Eagles will win against De La Salle!(I know naman! Galing ni Kuya Rabeh eh! :)) And also, oo nga pala, sana champion na ang Blue Eagles this season! Haha!

Go Ateneo, One Big Fight! God bless! :)

Stef Go said...

Awesome. You mentioned the Jonas Brothers. Hahah. =)) And also the Bon Fire. I`m actually looking forward to that. :)

Good luck this Saturday!
A lot of us are praying for you guys to win the championship.

anna said...

I read another blog that compared you guys to the Beatles! :-D It was funny to me that you compared it naman to the Jonas Brothers. Generation Gap! :-)

About your bonfire comment...I remember the last one very vividly! (And the first one I went to some 20+ years ago.) This team deserves to experience one. I actually havnt been letting myself think that far ahead but your "declaration" got me excited!!!
Ganon dapat - visualize!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

your an endorser of adidas right? do you get the chance to get a free shoes that you want? like t-mac shoes?

myv said...

..hi kuya chris!! guys really rocked the place!! it was awsome! the experience was great!! the way, im not an atenean.. brother is in the picture..haha..i was hiding..:)

..i also have pictures..

..thank you for giving us a great time..we really hope there will be a second time..or 3rd and even more!!haha!!:))

..goodluck on saturday!!godbless you and the whole team..hehe!!:) big fight!!

Anonymous said...

well, unlucky for me for i don't live in Manila and didn't have chance to get your autographs. huhuhu... hoping you'll also visit some provinces that have Jesuit education or Adidas store so, some your fans can have your autographs. well, that's only a suggestion if i might consider, thanks! good luck to your game this coming Saturday! Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!

Anonymous said...

hi, im really happy on what i read on your blog today, that you guys were supported and appreciated by other people than one of your funs, but i never had a chance to see you in person and will never get into my mind to do that.but it does'nt mean its not worth it and there is something wrong doing all that stuff for you,it's just that we all have different ways to support and love people and maybe personality as well....,its my second time to do comment here,on the last blog was my first and i really amaze when i saw it least i can give my opinion by not knowing me personally.
by the way Ty is now part of PBA. and its great that both of you are doing good in your chosen career, but please dont do acting.Also today is UE vs FEU game i wish Marcy will be in the mood to get his play on the game.
so bye for now its already a long entry.regards to all Blue Eagles.Wish all the luck!
And you will always have my prayer for all of you to have a safe game specially on Saturday.
GOD Blesz po!

Therese said...

Gah, I see myself in the last picture!
I'm super lucky to be one of the first ones to get all your non-shortened autographs.

I do hope we win the championships! God Bless, ADMU!

Hosanna said...

Hey Chris...
1st of all I wanna say that...I've never seen you in person (almost, Its my friend's fault actually)I Just got a glimpse of your back...yeah,its so disappointing...
2nd,I also didn't have the chance to see you in trinoma last sunday because of my friend (same one)...
yeah,so tragic...
3rd,I never ever watched Ripley's Believe it or not...yeah, its because of my hectic schedule.
4th, I never watched your game live...yeah, so sad...
5th,Even though I never seen you in person or watched you live on court or watched your shows,YOU've became my inspiration to continue and face all the challenges in my life! (pa- cheese burger ka naman)hehe... I can't wait to see you in person,as for now,I'm living with this motto," If Chris Tiu can do this, so can I!" I'll be cheering for you in the finals...I hope you'll reply...hehe...(^_^)

Cel said...

I wanted to go to Trinoma last Sunday! :)) Although I couldn't.:( My cousins wanted to bring me though...I regret not going. Haha! :))

I can't believe you know the Jonas Brothers! Hahahaha! :)) I love them! =)) =))

By the way, my friend and I are planning to join our school basketball team. Most of my cousins play basketball and I guess I just got influenced. Oh! and I also got influenced from watching the UAAP games. Hahaha! So yeah, we're just scared because we might get humiliated. Haha! =))

elaine m. said...

I feel sorry for myself! I wasn't able to visit Trinoma last Sunday because of school works! Sayang! I missed the opportunity of seeing you guys in person...I wonder if there would be a second time...:)

richelle esguerra said...

hai puh.hehe.kcgnun pu kalakas hataknio s tao..and supah dmi pu kc ng-iidolize xeo ee..ang bait-bait u pu tlagah..and nun nkita pu kita akla pu kita s trinoma akala q pu umalisn kau nun..hmp..syang aman pu sna nka pagpaautograph p sna p pu aq xeo..kht pu cguro pumila me ng mhba..hehe..more power pu..god bless

cj said...

hi idoL, hehehe,,,,, natabunan ako sa picture,. well, ok lang un well at least nkita ko ang buong eagles and me autograph pa ko then, nakapagpapicture pa ko with my IDOL!!! still hoping na sana maging MVP ka, and may free ticket na nga pala ako for Sept.6 lasalle and Admu game,... haii,... great match talaga 'to. sana lang payagan ako ng mom ko . strict kc xa when it comes to watching live concerts ang matches e. ghe un lng idol. sure ako magkakaflood na naman ng comments dito sa latest blog mo. ege na po bye!tc& Godbless ^_^ =D ^^ ^-^

Anonymous said...

CHRIS!!! 'knock-knock-knock' (on wood)

kittykath_17 said...

wow! what a crowd!!!..this proves n mrami tlagang nagmamahal sa blue eagles.. hehe! kip it up.. gud to your game on saturday..


marvz said...

grabe di ako nakapunta...


dibale aabangan ko ang susunod...



ingatz po lagi...


Anonymous said...

i didn't make it last sunday. :((
but at least you updated us of what happened to the Blue Eagles on that day. =)

I hope you'll continue to update us with the games that you'll have and the shops you'll visit so we can come. =D

goodluck on your game this saturday against the green archers! i'll pray for your team. ;)

God Bless. =)

ainan said...

hello, Mr.Tiu;

I was laughing out loud when i read about Jonas brothers, i agree their somewhat famous nowadays, bit i would rather prefer if you compared it to 'Beatles'.lolz, so retro?! You guys deserves that jampacked occassion at trinoma, especially you, don't be surprised because your a household name already.

Chris, would you mind if i comment on your hosting in Pinoy Records & Ripley's?! First and foremost i would like to commend and congratulate you for a job well done, your improving by far. You're much better from the pilot episode last december, you improved by mile and it shows.
There's only one minor problem i want to discuss, it's just petty you can pull this off. I am really bothered, you do have 'weired intonation' when speaking in Tagalog, maybe, because you're used to speak in english. But based on my observation and assessment, maybe your stressing the emphasis on the wrong syllable,that's why sometimes it sounded monotone.And even the needed emotions and feelings aren't enough, that's why it sounded flat or lack with inflection. But, i know you can improved it, you're Tiuperman right?!lolz Just kidding. I do believe if you continue this path you can be the next Ryan Agoncillo or Paolo Bediones...

Hope, you're not offended by my critism, i had the best of intentions. I'm not a connoiseur on this stuff, rather a following of yours whose just concern. Goodluck on your play against DLSU.

ONE BIG FIGHT! and God bless.

mj said...

what model is your phone? Are you gonna watch on Sunday?

marphs17 said...

"SURPRISED kami dahil ang kauuwian pala namin ay sa Kongreso para makinig sa privilege speech ng congresswoman friend ni Janet who spoke on the possible demolition of the Veteran Memorial Medical Hospital.
Tatakbo raw bilang mayor si cong.this coming election. At mantakin mo kung sino ang magiging vice-mayor nito. Surprised talaga ito para sa amin. Si Chris Tiu!!!
Yesss! Si Chris Tiu nga of Pinoy Records and Ripley's Believe it or Not ng GMA-7.
E,the last time na nainterbyu namin ito,ang sabi ng poging basketball player ay mas interesado raw siya sa business. Twenty-four years old lang ang Ateneo Blue Eagles star player na ito.
Pero kunsabagay,bata rin namang nag-start ng kanyang political career si Herbert Bautista.And in a way,politics is also a business,"di ba?
Well,ganyan talaga,magkamag-anak ang politics at showbiz,okey?"

>I read that from BULGAR NEWSPAPER last SEPTEMBER 03,2008..
I will just ask if that true??
you're going to politics??
and you're just 23y/o now right?
>godbless and goodluck sa UAAP..
champion sana..

Anonymous said...

haha :D i was there!

mayenne said...

How I envy the people who are able to attend your autograph signing in Trinoma. :'c I really want to go there to see you guys. But then, I can't. I'm overloaded with work and it is not advisable to go there because I have a hectic schedule and I'm assuming that the place will be jam packed. And I'm correct!! Haha:)) Still I envy them. :'c

By the way, I really love your jacket. The one you are wearing in Trinoma. I visited the branch of Addidas in MOA, and it is kind of expensive. I'm hoping to buy one before the year ends!! Haha:))

I wish you guys good luck. I'm really hoping and wishing that Ateneo will win the championship this season '71. Keep up the good work guys!!

Take care and God bless!!:D

♥♫bianca♫♥ said...

hey yes, as you mention po, the signature got shorter, i wanna show sana to my couzins that i was able to have your signature, wiht the complete chris tiu, and jai reyes, pero by those time, ung couzin ko na isa na mejo na alte, nasa may bandang back, kaya un, insted of getting her jealous, i decided not to show her na lng, what i got, for her not to get mad, and regrets.. hehehe... good thing i was a bit earlier tha her... gosh, there are lots lots of people, adidas trinoma, and they almost push me, but i did not let them, ruin that day. hope next time, adidas gateway will be the next destinations, coz our house is nearer their.. hehehe..
regards hope to win the game this saturday.. regards...

Anonymous said...

that must be tiring...hehe..anyways, good luck with your game against DLSU on Saturday... I'd definitely watch it...^_^


trixie ocampo said...

kuya it true that you will leave in oct. to study in china? pls say sumthng about dat...:>

crisel said...

hi chris!
weeeh! i'm d first one to write a comment! too bad i wasn't there at TRINOMA were you guys visited.. it's okay..marami pa naman chances hehe..saturday is fast approaching..kinakabahan na ako! haha! sana ADMU ang manalo!! para 13-1 na! KAYA NYO YAN!! hopefully, may angel na magsama sa akin sa game nyo para mapanuod ko ng live!!

have you read the email that i've sent to you? sorry kung masyado akong matanong ha? hehe..kaya nga masscomm course ko eh hehe..madaldal. [di naman masyado..slight lang..c;]

i hope you could be able to answer my queries..if you have time..ill wait na lang sa response mo kahit matagalan..hehe..

GodBless on your studies and monday, magre-record na naman ako ng episode ng Ripley's lang..c; BEST OF LUCK SA GAME NYO SA SATURDAY!!c;


.~. criseL1724 .~.

Mavy said...

hi chris!

yehey! at last! you've posted about your trinoma experience! i know you're busy but still you made an entry! yehey! i guess you're online too. it made my day! haha. i'm one of your countless fans who went to trinoma last sunday. It was really fun to see you and your teammates in person especially when i got the chance to take pictures of you. :D. Too bad i didn't have your autograph! huhu :(. I wish I could have one soon. Do you have any other upcoming mall visits? Anyway, God bless you! God bless your team! Good luck on your game on saturday!

As I expected, you truly are more cute when seen in person. :)

-rona :)

d.d said...

wow!! your a fan of jay Chou!!! me too!!!
the only guy I know who's a big fan of j.Chou!!! amazing!!!
can I put u on my blogroll??????(",)

mariel said...

haha.. jonas brothers.. they really are famous these day.. especially with younger teens.. by the way.. goodluck on your game this sat.. we'll be watching live.. woohoo.. is coach pumaren already back? where did he go anyway?

Cheska said...

I really wanted to go, but Trinoma is just so far away! I live all the way in Alabang. It's no surprise to me that most of the people who went were not Ateneans. Tons of people from my school, Woodrose are die hard Ateneo Blue Eagles fans! Hopefully, Adidas can plan another visit, maybe in Rockwell so that it's a bit nearer. If not, I'm sure we'll have a Bon Fire this year so I'll wait 'til then! Good luck Chris!:)

almira said...

waahh. i wasn't able to go there because i have a dentist appointment at that time. too bad for me again. i wish there's still next time.

acet will be on sept. 13 & 14. i'll take the exam on the 14th. hoping that i'll get the chance to see you around but i think i won't be able to see you because it's sunday. =[

dea said...

hi chris!
congratulations! i was also able to witness the overwhelming crowd because i was there (hm..since 1pm i think :P)and it was really tiring since everyone is pushing one another just to be first in line, yet it was all worth it. it was so much fun & breath-taking despite the heat. i will always remember this line... "I Love You All!(girls screaming)" haha! anyway, too bad that we can't have a short chat with the team 'coz my friends and I were wishing that you'll recognize us for attending 1 of your practices :p hehe

God bless & more powers! :)

by the way, when will the bon fire take place? thanks!

OBR said...

Yes, we are all hoping for a bonfire. Good luck with your remaining games, and the heller weeks in school for us.

mars said...

Wow too bad I missed it. I was actually there in the morning and I also visited Ateneo that day. Too bad, too bad. I didn't know you were aware of the jonas brothers! Not that I'm offending you.

arlene :) said...

last time I was at a bonfire was 2002. :D I'm just saying.

I can't wait 'til you guys win it this year. Yeah, no questions asked, it's yours.

I may not be an Atenean, but I sure do BELIEVE.

\m/ rock on Chris!

- arlene

Anonymous said...

eres el amor de mi vida

jas said...

wow grabe na tlga ang ATENEO fever!!
ang dami nyong fans SUPER and i'm one of them hehe..

anyways, good luck po sa game nyo this coming sat.. and hope you will beat la salle:) coz u guys deserve 2 win..

^^,)one big fight!!

Leanne said...

Hi Chris. It seems a great experience.:) I hope to meet you too in the future. Anyway, good luck on your next game. Jia you!:) Ingat...

sabriaü said...

yehey! the most requested trinoma post! :D
whew! even though i wasn't there, seeing the pics just proves that there was really a big crowd. no doubt you're all so popular nowadays. kudos! :)
the big game's just a day away. i can't wait to watch it! :))
the best of luck once again to you & the rest of the ateneo blue eagles! i'm praying very fervently for your 13th victory.. =)
OBF! ü

Paula Marie Valles said...

hi chris

i saw u in trinoma last sunday

well, among all the members of ur team u really standout

goodluck to ur upcoming games!?

God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris

I dropped by the shop and saw huge crowd of excited fans piling up. I wasn’t able to have your autograph but it’s still worth the effort cause I saw you guys in person! I hope you continue to post your team’s visits for autograph signing so I can still have my poster signed. I know there’s more to come.

Good luck on your game with La Salle. Hope I can catch it live.


A N G E L L E E said...

Hi Chris! ^^

I was actually waiting for this, haha, well not really, I heard exams ngayon sa Ateneo so you must be really busy, or I could be wrong, but still, you could be busy.

I totally LOL-ed hard at the JONAS BROTHERS mention, hahaha, I don't listen to their music but they're really popular, hehe, and but yeah, there were lots of people, I was really shocked when I got there with my friend Meg. I dunno if you remember but, we were the ones filming (or taking a video, whatever lol) and my friend Meg asked you to sign her Huge Headphones. Hehe. We're not stalking you, nope. Galing galing nio lang talaga, ADMU BLUE EAGLES FOR THE WIN! ♥

Goodluck for the game on Saturday! Buti nalang pumunta kami dun sa Adidas (thanks to you, hehe, I found out about it here) or else wala kaming ticket for the ADMU vs DLSU game. Wala ng ticket kahit GA. Grabe. Ibang klase talaga! Aun, haba na nito, dami ko ng nasabi. CHRIS FIGHTING! =D

PS. Inulit ko na to, eurgh, Blogspot!!! -_-;

joy said...

talaga namang marami kayong fans na hindi Ateneans...

Even I myself is one of them... It is because my course is not available in Ateneo... I'm your fan since my high school years in UST Pay High and I'm your fan for 6 yrs. now, because I have been supporting you since your rookie year for the blue eagles.It's quite a long time, I'm in my last year of college now. I know that you already prove your critics wrong because you had improved a lot since your rookie year. I'm glad because you remained humble despite your achievements.

sunshinegirl said...

Hi chris! :D

Thanks to you and the team for accommodating all of us last Sunday. :)

I'm thankful we went to the store and bought a shirt. Kasi kung hindi, wala kaming tickets for the saturday game. Grabe soldout na?! haha. GA na nga lang yun nakuha namin. haha.

Good luck sa game vs. DLSU! We'll be there to support all of you! :D One big fight! Go Ateneo!


Anonymous said...

Ang galing naman!;-)I'm happy for all of you. You all deserve the crowd because your team is a great (not only good) example to almost all the youngsters.

It simply shows na marami talaga ang humahanga sa inyo (I'm one of them...haha!). Although malayo ako sa Manila I'm always watching your games.

God bless sa future games nyo!;-) I'm always praying for your team to win the game.

dzoie said...

hi chris... i was there too and can say that BLUE EAGLES supporters are not only found inside the blue and white fences of ateneo but outside also. im one of those lucky gals who got your signature and a picture..hehehe omg.. just saw the website of a.s.s, i was shocked to see a picture of me.. hahahaha..
i was already hoping that this wont be the last time youll be spending time with your supporters..just like what happened to 2002 blue eagles..may shows sila sa ch 2.. so this year.. mauulit un ksi, champs kayo.. =) thy will be done..GO ATENEO!!!Go king eagle muahmuah


janette said...

hi! kuya chris "kuya" hehehe feeling close...good luck poh! sa game nyo this saturday against DLSU
....pti poh! sa mga susunod na mga games pa!

estrella =) said...

Chris! I've been waiting for this! I've been leaving comments on your previous entries but i'm using a different name but right now i'm gonna use my real name. =)

Anyway, thank you for signing my iPod touch! I'm kinda thinking twice because at first i was shy. You were so busy signing stuffs then i'm gonna interrupt you again for an autograph. Were you hesitant to sign it ba? Coz you asked me if i was sure about it. Honestly, i thought you're masunget coz every after game you're not that accomodating to your fans. But when i got that chance to have that short chat with you, you're really nice! Nice talking to you though (eric and nico too.)! I hope you remember. You guys are so cool! Thanks again! =p

Goodluck on Saturday!
Beat La Salle! (yes. bitter.)

God Bless Chris!

Anonymous said...

hahah the jonas brothers comparison was hilarious =))

dzoie said...

hey.. ill be watching the game at araneta nga pala.. got tickets na... good luck ulit and god bless... sweep the 2nd round elims, hmmm??hehehehe bring home the bacon...birthday pa nmn ni mama mary sa sep 8.. sana best game mo ulit ito.. till finals game 2


Anonymous said...

i almost forgot... "i love you all" we love you too, chris.." we love blue eagles... team fight team fight fight blue and white

Anonymous said...

mostly girls, coz they want to see you. true!

Anonymous said...

grbe ang dami ng tao sa adidas trinoma.. me din, i was not expecting that crowd.. we were like kids, parang we were expecting for a surprise.. sobrang nakaktuwa sana po maulit.. lam ko nga may bon fire and may mga event pa after ng uaap days and ateneo especially kpag ngchampion na diba?? hehehehe i was surprised to see kung gaano kahaba patience niyo at tinatry niyo best niyo maaccomodate niyo kami....=) thats why love kau ng tao.. sorry po makukulit kami..i even notice nga na may coordinator na nakukulitan na and tinago ka hahahaha..thanks for the time u spent with us.. we appreciated it really... regards to the team.. ok??? good luck on saturday..WIN OR LOSE ITS THE SCHOOL WE CHOOSE

viiip said...

heeey :)
i know were you got that idea of the jonas brothers...

youre lil sis :))
send my greetings to her :">


cjavp18 said...

i just wanna ask how often do you go to highlands? :)

aaand, what mall do you usually go to? :)

pleaaase reply :]

thanks :)

Anonymous said...

are u guys gonna come here to dumaguete for the unigames? :p hehe

NICA said...

OMG! Im so happy for you and your team! I just wish I was there too to have your autographs. I remember it's like the American Idols guestings and concerts where people wait for hours just to have a glimpse of their idols. I wonder how did your rookies feel? And even the veterans like you? I mean, I know you felt great and amused as well, but to be there, it might seem surreal to you.

Gee... I really wish I was there! Im really a HUGE fan of Ateneo Blue Eagles and Im gonna pray hard for your team to win the championship!

Philippine's Jonas Brothers?! Why not?! Maybe try to sing too Chris and put your teammates to play guitars and drums! LOL!

angelle said...

Hi Chris!

i'm still actually smiling up to now because of what you said about you guys being the Philippine version of the Jonas brothers :) btw, congratulations! i know the trinoma visit was a success [even though i wasn't even there] i understand that you have to shorten your autographs. [that's what happened when you visited ateneo de davao last year. my shirt with your autograph has "Chris T #17" on it. haha] but i'm sure all of you made all your fans happy that day.

goodluck on your game against la salle this saturday! OBF! :)


psixteen said...

i, myself, was surprised cos when i checked out the store before lunching w my mom and brother, there were only a coupla people inside.

i did bump into u and ur fam on my way back to lunch which was a nice surprise...though it felt like charles must prolly also recognize me already since i always bump into him in the games and thrice last sunday!

nice u recognized me...from the game last sat...though im hoping it wasnt because of the shirt i asked u to sign! hahaha! [twas the title of my blog post from months ago---and since i also do not hail from the hail mary school but have always been cheering for the BEs, i think my heart is blue too! ;p]

thank u for that again. my atenean friends are all commenting how i did it. haha! on the contrary, i think theyre more "embarrassed" to ask for a pic w u cos u might recognize them in school.

my blue eagles weekend---i bumped into gec chia in shang that night too! :)

cster said...

I was there! And my poster has a complete "Chris Tiu #17" autograph – I just checked!

I think the crowd was mostly families (with an Atenean or former Atenean member, like ours) and girls' barkadas. For sure, no one went there by himself - everyone came in a group. That's why the crowd was so huge! And the people in line all bought Ateneo apparel. That's why we got in early :D

anya said...

hahaha! Jonas Brothers local version! I'd give you more credit than that. =P

Being the humble person I know you to be, I'm sure you didn't expect a huge gaggle of girls to be present at Trinoma last Sunday. Let's just say it's due partly becuase of UAAP but mostly because of your recent entry into the entertainment scene. You're currently on the spotlight because it's so rare for someone of your background to enter the industry and gain instant popularity. So, expect more flocks of girls [and kids] to ask for a picture with you or your autograph!

I can't wait for this saturday's game! Even though it was HELL getting tickets, I'm sure you guys will make our efforts worth it. I'll be praying for a clean, fair and injury-less game! Goodluck!

PS: I don't think the school fields will be big enough to accommodate your extended fan base for the bon fire! hahaha!

arlene :) said...

Jonas Brothers?

the eagles are much more talented than those pop singers. Hehe.

ebullientteen said...

you were really like the jonas brothers there. :)) HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL IN DAVAO SOON. we are all eager to see you.


eynah said...

Hi Chris!

I wish I was there too.. Looks like you really had fun! Oh well, may next time pa naman.hehe..^_^

Goodluck on your game tomorrow.


spongeknox said...

Chris.. meh ipopost lang ako na ka cornihan... hahahaha


I'm in the mood to Laugh. Wahahahaha

1. Black Hawk Down - Ibong Maitim sa Ibaba
2. Dead Man's Chest - Dodo ng Patay
3. I Know What You Did Last Summer - Uyy... aminin!
4. Love, Actually - Sa Totoo lang, Pag-ibig
5. Million Dollar Baby - 50 Milliong Pisong Sanggol (it depends on the
exchange rate of the country)
6. The Blair Witch Project - Ang Proyekto ng Bruhang si Blair
7. Mary Poppins - Si Mariang may Putok
8. Snakes on a Plane - Nag-ahasan sa Ere
9. The Postman Always Rings Twice - Ang Kartero kapag Dumutdot laging
Dalawang Beses
10. Sum of all Fears - Takot mo, Takot ko, Takot Nating Lahat
11. Swordfish - Talakitok
12. Pretty Woman - Ganda ng Lola mo
13. Robin Hood, Men in Tights - Si Robin Hood at ang mga Felix Bakat
14. Four Weddings and a Funeral - Kahit 4 na Beses ka pang Magpakasal,
Mamamatay ka rin
15. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - Ako, Ikaw, Kayong Lahat
16. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Adik si Harry, Tumira ng Shabu
17. Click - Isang Pindot ka Lang
18. Brokeback Mountain - May Nawasak sa Likod ng Bundok ng Tralala / Bumigay
sa Bundok
19. The Day of the Dead - Ayaw Tumayo (ng mga patay)
20. Waterworld - Basang-basa
21. There's Something about Mary - May Kwan sa Ano ni Maria
22. Employee of the Month - Ang Sipsip
23. Resident Evil - Ang Biyenan
24. Kill Bill - Kilitiin sa Bilbil
25. The Grudge - Lintik lang ang Walang Ganti
26. Nightmare Before Christmas - Binangungot sa Noche Buena
27. Never been Kissed - Pangit Kasi
28. Gone in 60 Seconds - 1 Round, Tulog
29. The Fast and the Furious - Ang bitin, Galit
30. Too Fast, Too Furious - Kapag Sobrang Bitin, Sobrang Galit
31. Dude, Where's My Car - Dong, Anong Level Ulit tayo Nag-park?
32. Beauty and the Beast - Ang Asawa ko at ang Nanay nya
33. The Lord of the Rings - Ang Alahero

Cheska said...

Chris, why doesn't Charles play for Ateneo? Heard he was suppose to go to Austria this month but moved his flight...I'm sure he has a feeling that Ateneo will win this year and he wants to be here when that happens!:)

Anonymous said...

JONAS BROTHERS UH. DO some regional tours!

AbBy said...

Hello Kuya Chris...

I am really sad because I missed that Adidas visit of yours... huhu. I also want that poster, I should have brought my 2 Ateneo Adidas Shirts for you to sign.

Well, there's still a next time...

Gud Luck and Take care!


ms.tiu said...

hello chris... (^^,)
im a big fan of our school, your team and you, most especially.. isn't it obvious? aha!.. i would want to watch you guys play live at the big dome but i can't 'coz I have lots of things to do in school.. busy-busy-han.. waha!.. kainis!.. it's one of my dreams pa naman to see in person.. pero my classmates and I will do everything just to see you beat the other teams live! ching!.. ty tang is your friend, right? or is he your best friend? well anyway, do you have other La Sallian friends other than him? because i heard you Ateneans and La Sallians aren't really in bad terms, uhm, maybe just inside the court coz you're playing for your schools respectively.. is that really true? and is joseph yeo your friend too? ingksz!.. daming tanong.. i will wait for your answers.. ehe.. oh xia na, best of luck!!! bring home the bacon!!! go Ateneo!!!

angel 17 ^-^ said...

You guys have so many fans because aside from you're all good looking, you're nice too! I wish I was there! You should make a nationwide mall tour! heheh.. Anyways, best of luck for tomorrow's game! We all know the Archers will play their A-game because the win will mean so much to them, so even if it has no bearing for your standing, please give it your best shot because it's Ateneo-La Salle! I already have tickets so I'll just see you tomorrow! I'm saving my voice and energy! Please please bring the glory back to the Ateneo! We're all praying for you! Rest and sleep well tonight so you'd be refreshed and reenergized tomorrow! God bless.. Fly high Blue Eagles!!


"If you guys wanna get your chance as well, I guess you'll have to wait 'til the Bon Fire! :)"
['s championship atmosphere now huh?!=)]

francine17 said...

Hope that the whole team will also visit Adidas stores here in Davao. :))
Happy that you guys had fun.

Good Luck! I won't be able to watch the start of the ADMU vs DLSU game on Saturday because we have an exam on Financial Accounting. Anyways, God bless the whole team!

-holymaiden- said...

..hi chris!! :D

hope the blue eagles will win this coming saturday against the green archers..

and im praying that you bring home the championship this season!!

take care!!
good luck to the blue eagles!!

kalliepepper said...

here's that link I was referring to..hope the account owner doesn't mind!

http://borly. multiply. com/photos/ album/203/ Philippine_
International_ Motorshow_08#25

good luck on your game! ^_^

nina said...

i don't know if you would remember me, but i was the girl with the little miss blue eagle shirt and i had a tiu jersey and ateneo jacket signed. you also asked where i got the jersey. i even had a picture taken with you! just wanna say thanks to you and to the whole ateneo team for for spending time with all your supporters.


btw, my friends drool over the jacket with the signatures of you guys!

crisel said...

haLLua Mr. Nice Guy!(n_n)

...eeeeennnk!!! i thought i was the first one to post a comment...pang- 32 pala ako..haha! okay lang..;p haaai... saturday na tom.! waaaaaaahhh!! this is it!! whew! galingan nyo..lalo na sila Jai, Eric, Ryan, Nonoy and of course IKAW..c: of luck bukas..make it 13 straight wins!! GO BLUE EAGLES!

[i've been watching your videos sa you tube..everytime na magne-net ako..hehe..kahit ilan times ko na napanuod..hindi nakakasawa..(n_n) la lang, na-share ko lang..c;]

so much for this..i will be praying for you guys for tom. SHOWDOWN! hehe.. i know and i BELIEVE.. YOU'LL GONNA MAKE IT...AGAIN! [keep the faith!]

GodbLess always..

.~. [criseL1724 hearts TIU..c:] .~.

lee said...

oh my!
oh my!
oh my!
ive finally found it!
kahit im from UP,
super idol talaga kita!!
ang galing mo kasi,
dami eh!!
i cant wait to be updated everyday!!
hi idol!

crisel said...

hi chris.. are you familiar with this song? actually, i've just seen it in one of your fan-made videos sa you tube..then after watching and hearing it.. i started to like it..ganda kasi ng meaning nung song..haaai...senti_mode haha!


Verse 1:
I get lost in your eyes
And I feel my spirits rise
And soar like the wind..
Is it love that I am in?

I get weak in a glance
Isn't that whats called romance?
...and now I know
cause when I'm lost I cant let go

I don't mind not knowing what I'm headed for
You can take me to the skies...
Its like being lost in heaven
When I'm lost in your eyes

Verse 2:
I just fell, don't know why
Somethings there we cant deny...
And when I first knew
Was when I first looked at you

And if I cant find my way
If salvation seems worlds away
Oh, Ill be found
When I am lost in your eyes

I don't mind not knowing what I'm headed for
You can take me to the skies...
Oh its like being lost in heaven
When I'm lost in your eyes

Verse 3:
I get weak in a glance
Isn't this whats called romance?
Oh, Ill be found
When I am lost in your eyes..

ahaaai...ganda..^_^ ka-inlove! haha!
"...was when I first looked at TIU..." [YUN YUN EH! teehee!] (n_n)

.~. [criseL1724 hearts TIU..] .~.

patty :) said...

good luck for the game tomorrow! :D
even though i have tons of school work to be done, i will definitely watch the game! ^^
may God be with you.. :)

Anonymous said...

God bless you guys tomorrow when we play La Salle!! And yea, see you at the bonfire!! We're prayin for you, One Big Fight!!

sabriaü said...

oh btw, i just noticed as i was browsing the pics at, nico salva's cute huh. haha! but you're the cutest & fairest of them all! ^^

lara said...

Btw, i think you got a very supportive family. Do they always come with you? (Specially Charles and you Dad) Aren't they busy?

Anyway, Charles is like your body guard. Haha. He's a cool bro. :D

Jeff D. said...

spongeknox, you're post is SOOOO funny! i can't stop laughing!

special mention goes to numbers 3, 18, and 23.

hopefully chris is "kalog" enough to actually get the humor out of these titles....hahaha!

just kidding chris! :)

Anonymous said...

hei! i still have 3 upper a tickets for admu dlsu game, text me if interested 09173529537.

haylin said...

hey chris!

This post is really funny..JONAS BROTHERS huh??..nywei tomorrows the blue-green day!ME and my classmate had already our bet who will be winning for tomorrows game..though were both ateneans, he chose La SALLE and decreased our bet into oooHhh nevermind..hehehe

iM hoping for your another victory against La SALLE,(crOssed fiNgERs).. im also looking forward if you and the rest of the team visit Ateneo de Naga uNiversity after this season..pLz???!!!!


cutedimples said...

Hey Chris! Wow I loved you entry!:) I was actually there at Trinoma and yeah I know you guys didn't expect the line to be that long! But come on you're not only great basketball players you're also one hot team!hahaha Anyhow..I'm saying this because this is really how I think of you guys I may be a lasallian but it's true that I'am an atenean by heart!:) I just study there..but I support you guys till the end!haha I guess it may be unbelievable but it's the truth!:) I'm looking forward for the bon fire! I really hope and pray that you guys will be champion!:)

Nette said...

hi chris

..napatawa ko ni spongeknox dun ahh!.. :))

..natawa din ako sa jonas brothers..

..well, goodluck 2mrw!..

angelina jolie..hehehe

Anonymous said...

hi Sir!!!
you almost have everything. and you deserved that Sir with a good heart you have. God is so faithful to those who are faithful to Him.
With a lot of achievements you have here on earth, please keep your relationship with God and that is the most important thing in life!!!
God bless you Sir!!
Angelica here.
Thanks Sir!!!
hope to get a reply from you sir if only possible
i would appreciate it a lot sir!!

Jeri said...

I was there! :) And I went there alone..Ha ha..(contrary to what someone said on the comments page)
Sobrang mahal ko na talaga ang team niyo, I came there just to catch a glimpse of you before heading to my group study somewhere in Cubao. You guys have lots of fans, Ateneans or not!

Good Luck on tomorrow's game!

Let's paint the town blue tomorrow once again!! :)

Bianca said...

++>>hi kuyah chris!!it's me again..Bianca,,(hope you remember me..kc nMn poh akoh lng ung my ++>> everytm nah mgPpost me ng coMment 4 u..heHE)

++>>anyweiz's 1:32 while i'm posting this i'll just have to wait for you game agianst DLSU..(i'm so excited!!^_^)

++>>i'm really praying for your win!!=) I together with my aunt and cousin really like to watch your game on Araneta but unfortunately we've run out of tickets..hmP ='(

++>>anyweiz..i'mm just going to watch it on TV..nkoh!!for sure,,maingay na nMn sah bahay!!haHA..kahit wala po kami sa Araneta we're still going to cheer for you and the rest of the Blue Eagles!!(n_n)

++>>I really wish you all the best kuyah Chris!!and I also wish to meet you in person and make friends with you (somehow..)

++>>I'd really like your hosting both on 'Pinoy Records' and 'Ripleys'..keep up the good work kuyah!!

++>>sna po tlaga mgreply kau sa mgah emails koh when u have the time..kc sobrang suPer mGgng haPpy akoh wen u'll do dat!!^_^

++>>geh poh kuyah!!Good luck on everything po!!take care and God bless po!!lhab yah po!!*^_^*

mary grace said...

Hey chris!

I just wanna ask if aabot pa ng 2nd week ng october ang uaap? Coz yun yung end ng semester namin.. And if ever pumayag na yung mom ko and yung weather ay ok.. Uhmm, baka makapanood na ako ng game ninyo ng live.. Kasi I'm from surigao city..

Nga pala chris, fiesta sa Surigao city this coming sept. 10.. Pupunta ba dito ang pinoy records para sa bonok-bonok festival?

Anonymous said...

Hi chris...
goodluck today!!!
just want to ask if you have meet asnd greet w/ your fans before or after games? how can join if ever you have one?
thanks and goodluck again!!..

Anonymous said...

your really famous time you'll be one of the jonas brothers..hahah...

estrella =) said...

congrats on your win against la salle!!

coz i said sooo said...

You're so hot i'm melting

crazypeach said...

The game between the Eagles and the Archers just ended a while ago...and I wanted to greet you as soon as it it ended. Since you still don't have a post for it ('re still in Araneta...hehe!), I still wanted to greet you CONGRATULATIONS! Being an Archer and your fan is hard at the same time...but I still wanted to greet ya! Hihi! More power to you!

P.S. Did you see the article in Inquirer this morning about YOU? It was really a cute article. Your picture they used for that part was really great...your smile was the best there! ^_^

It makes me wanna sing "Doushite Kimi o Suki Ni Natteshimattandarou" by Tohoshinki, which I believe all your fans can relate to it too. Hihi!

alessia. said...

yey! you won over la salle haha :D
great game! angling mu during the 1st quarter :D lalo na when you pased the ball to baldos! haha :D
i think casio was not in the mood for his thrilling shots! :D
jai too! the 3pts. shots!

well goodluck sa next game niyo.
against UE ryt?
btw, san un venue and kelan xa.?
thanks po :D

patty :) said...

you won, you won, you won!!! AMDG! :D
whew! you were all so great! :)
i love it when boom said, "Ateneo sweeps la salle today!" =)
even though you didn't grab any of the post game awards, i still believe you deserve to be this season's mvp..ü
yeah, the game's a non-bearing one for team ateneo, but it's all about pride. it's for the school & for all the ateneans, believers & supporters.. & you truly made us proud once again. kudos! :)
you're up against UE for the final 4 match-up right? beat them! haha. you have the twice-to-beat advantage & you're team # 1, 13-1! break a leg! =D
i was also able to watch another episode of Pinoy Records although not the whole show because of your game. you really take my breath away!(O.A. haha!) you're sooooooooo cute!!! :))
again, congratulations & good luck! lead the eagles to the promised land, captain (& mr. mvp for me). =)
you deserve to be UAAP Season 71 Champions! :]

Anonymous said...

oh men... first time i ever read your blog...

Congratulations on your game against DLSU Green Archers today!

sorry to say, i'm a bit disappointed with your play today...

hope you guys do much better next time...

Congrats anyway...

nix14 said...

you won again against dlsu! congatulations captain! nice game. hehe :)

as for your visit in trinoma, i really wish i was there. unfortunately, i'm not living in metro manila. hmm. maybe just next time right? :)

diane angeli said...

ei chris!
congrats on your win against lasalle!!!that was awesome!
even though im thousands of miles away from the araneta, it will never stop me from supporting you& the whole BLUE EAGLES team!

btw, i read an article on the Phil. Daily Inquirer about you, and the crazy names that witty fans created. haha! try checking that out. it's funny. LOL!:)


Anonymous said...

Congrats to your game against DLSU. You are such an excellent asset of ADMU. Keep up the good work Mr. Chris Tiu.

--a proud Atenean

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win against La Salle! Great game, DLSU never got the lead.

One Big Fight! We're praying the Blue Eagles nail it. :)

sabriaü said...

kudos for the win! you were all so great! :)
i wonder, what do you usually do after a game especially after a win against your arch rivals? haha. =)
good luck on the final 4 match-up versus the red warriors & God willing for the championship! :D

♥♫bianca♫♥ said...

hey chris,
i was able to watch your game this day, against la salle, and good thing you won the game, 57 65? or what? all i know is that you won, you just waited the time to laps, and that's it, congartuklations,
you really rock the baskteball court, and you really deserve to get there, bring back the pride, as my shirt says, 1988, 2003? or what? bring back the pride..

Anonymous said...

congrats on ur win against la salle!!!! i must admit..i didn't expect that kind of game from la salle..they didn't even got the chance to lead on the scores the entire game..Congrats again!!!

mikels said...

congratz for beating DLSU today... But to be honest I love it whenever the archers score kaya lang the eagles are really a tough opponent but I hope they'll be #2 this season. Uhm.. I feel bad about what I wrote in my blog (, I just realized a while ago that you really improved as a host... BUT i still believe that you have much to improve. Tc cris

gUhREiZiE said...

hmmm.... i just passed by because i've just read an article about you in inquirer... i had to check it out myself.... and boy your blog has a lot of hits and you have your own fandom! haha! anyway, goodluck on the games... i'll be watching...ja!Ü

Nina Francisco said...


wow, i wish i had gone. i'm a really big fan of the Bule Eagles. haha. and congratulations for winning the 2nd game against La Salle. you guys are really on a winning streak. i'm hoping that ADMU will get the championship this year and the years to come. :)

Nina Francisco said...


congratulations for winning against the second game against La Salle. the Blue Eagles are really on a winning streak. i do hope that ADMU gets the championship this year and the years to come. ONE BIG FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Haha. Cool :))

Anyway, sayang, I wasn't able to go then :(
My dad didn't like making siksik with the crowd eh :))

dzoie said...

congrats chris(playmaker/king eagle) and the blue eagles for winning the game.. i was there at araneta to witnessed it myself, wow, whattagame... this is my first ever la salle ateneo game at araneta... u guys made my day..i can smell the bacon??hmm?? hehehe... lets offer a mass to mama mary ok?? no matter what the others say about the game, its really for you..this is your year!! BLUE EAGLES: FLYING THE HIGHEST HIGH...we believe....


Helene said...

mr tiu,

please send my apologies to mr eric salamat.funny but i have mistaken him as someone from the province,jejeje i know nico salva heard it.

Good thing u won over La Salle this pm, ur chance of getting the championship got bigger.Good Luck.I can't say much, so much is at stake in the coming games.I wish u well and I'll be continue praying for you guys.

ps dont forget to send my apologies to happened last adidas event.



mikels said...

wow you still managed to moderate comments even after a big fight kanina... You're really good at time management, how I wish I have a skill like that

Anonymous said...

haha.. Jo Bros? they rock \m/

asiandude71 said...

I was there! had a great time. c u guys at d bonfire! =)

Anonymous said...

jonas brothers? hahaha. pinoys love chris tiu more than the jonas brothers :)

now, im having flashbacks when i last saw you in ateneo (davao). as far as i can remember you were mobbed by high school kids! hahaha. so many non-atenean fans were also there to see you ( me. hehe)

it only shows how many people believe in what you guys have done, and what you can still do.



erika said...

hi!1po kua chris.,galing niu p0o khpon.,lgi ko po pinano2od mga game niu.,i hope mkta q kau sa personal.,!!godbless po.!!

Anonymous said...

you know chris i want to go there!unforunately, my mom & dad don't want to. haha. how sad i don't see you! haha. i hope someday!ü

-camille[14 yr old gurl]ü

warriorprincess said...

haha..i remember the bonfire night last 2002. I was still in my last year in high school and i lined with a friend for hours to have my ateneo jersey signed by the champion team. We were the most popular girls in class the following Monday (haha)! nakakahiya, it turned out that Enrico will be my friend's close neighbor and he was actually my relative. I just saw that jersey a few days ago, all dirty and a bit faded but the memories behind was really something. haha.

Anonymous said...

Hate to say this but others get their chance more than what they bargained for but some of us just don't have that luck, and never get that chance.

cheryl said...

hi patsy!!

it's me! haha :)
my first time to comment.
did you get that jonas brothers analogy from shobe?? wahahaha!
anyways congrats, am super proud of you even tho you're always cranky with me :) in case you didn't realize, i've been alot more VISIBLE and PRESENT this season as most of your entries in your blog, i could relate to or know of.. COS I WAS THERE!!! ha! now you have nothing to say :p


Rin said...

Glad you had fun in that experience.
I was actually at Trinoma that day and my little sister was persuading me to take a look at the 2nd floor when she heard that your team were there. However, my mom didn't allow us because there are too many people, and she is afraid that I might lost my sister.

Ha, Jonas Brothers? Coincidentally, my sister like it too - just as the way she like the Blue Eagles and you.

Goodluck on the next games.!

emancipated_princess said...

aww. i felt very sad upon seeing this newly posted entry of yours.. well, it's because i didn't get the chance to go to trinoma on that day. i wasn't allowed by my parents to go there.:( sorry for myself. hehe. well, too many people were there. well, congrats! well, you got pretty exhausted there? haha. anyway, hope you'll have other exciting visits like this one. i HOPE. haha..

gracey said...

helloo0ww..i was laughing while i was reading your post about the trinoma experience especally when you compare your team with the JONAS BROTHERS(hey if your team got the singing powers or musically inclined then why not?hehehe^_^)..yes your team was very popular even before,not only in your school but also to those who doesnt belong to Ateneo.i was a big fan of Ateneo even before the time of Villanueva.i was there at trinoma but unluckily i was not able to go to the shop for there were many people already and it seems that the line will not get shorter.i was with my nephew that time and i really felt soory for him because youre the only player he knew from your team though he is from ateneo(he's only grade 1).that time i really dont know how to stop him from crying luckily he gets tired eventually.i just told him that there maybe another chance that he will be able to meet you and the rest of your team so that he will be familiar to yuor other team8s.

"If you guys wanna get your chance as well, I guess you'll have to wait 'til the Bon Fire! :)"-ahm i can already feel the championship...

zai jian!

shobe said...


seee. the minute i found out you mentioned the JONAS BROTHERS (:x :x :x @-)) in your blog, i just HAD to read it !!

how about mentioning miley next time? :> ^:)^

'til then, i shall bug you. x)


sarah said...

Hi chris!haha..i would like to be a TIUnatic!really..but my classmate told me that she still don't know where the real fans club is..pls tell me more info about your fans club..:)) If you don't mind?!

mary grace said...

Hahaha chris, kaya pala hindi pinoy records yung nag.cover sa bonok-bonok festival and pasayan (shrimp) festival kasi nakita ng aunt and cousin ko si marc logan.. Sana next time pinoy records naman..

camilLe said...

"the whole team is so cooL.."

hi chris!
i was at the adidas-trinoma when you visited there and i am one of those many people who waited just to see and to have an autograph from you guys.. actually i was one of the girls who followed you sori po sa istorbo :(
im just a big fan of yours and the whole team..
keep up the good work guys.. and to u chris, i wish you all the success in life :)
-take care GodbLess

abrilata said...

hope you do well on tomorrow's game. ;) i'm rooting for Ateneo eventhough i'm from UP.

hope you W-I-N! ;) go ADMU! :)

♥ take care. :)

idolubyou ^^ said...

hi chris!!
congratulations!! anyway,, i knew all along that ateneo will win the 2nd game against la salle.. that is so obvious.. i just want to meet you in person again,, Ü ,, hopefully,, i can still see you on tv,, well,, i watch ripley's alright,, but i really want to see you play again,, i mean,, those three point shots are so good and everytime you are hurt inside the court,, i can't deny that lot of people get angry.. i am really looking forward to your future shows or programs.. now that this is your last year,, i am a little sad because i really support you in your games,, well,, actually the ateneo games.. but even though your'e already gone,, i will still support ateneo!! go ateneo!! i will treat every game a ONE BIG FIGHT!! Ü..

idolubyou ^^ said...

hi chris!!
congratulations!! anyway,, i knew all along that ateneo will win the 2nd game against la salle.. that is so obvious.. i just want to meet you in person again,, Ü ,, hopefully,, i can still see you on tv,, well,, i watch ripley's alright,, but i really want to see you play again,, i mean,, those three point shots are so good and everytime you are hurt inside the court,, i can't deny that lot of people get angry.. i am really looking forward to your future shows or programs.. now that this is your last year,, i am a little sad because i really support you in your games,, well,, actually the ateneo games.. but even though your'e already gone,, i will still support ateneo!! go ateneo!! i will treat every game a ONE BIG FIGHT!! Ü..

marizt said...

hi chris!!
Im just a fan from one of the unvrsity at u-belt.A graduating student like you, taking up bachelor of scincein accountancy.from the time I watched you played at "kakasa ka ba sa grade5"(syang dm nsagot,lam koh sgot nun,hehehe!) I began to watch the shows you have with GMA,as I am a kapuso,even UAAP and read articles about you.I may sound to be an stalker but don't worry I'm not.I just admire you on how you keep all those comitments play good at UAAP,a public servant,hav a business,a dean's lister, and have a tv show.Astig mo!lucky thegirl you have!you do good on hosting,pgpatuloy m!!Ilove watching basketbal,I hope I can see you play in the PBA soon. congrats for the victory yesterday.I wasn't able to watch the game I juz heard the news from my prof and galing m dw!!hoping of seeing you also in person,and have picture with you.Sna pd tau ging friends khit s email lng!gud lak!!keep up the good work..

erika said...

hi!po.,congratz.,gling mu po.,!!!ONE BIG FIGHT!!!!

Anonymous said...

i can take all the madness that this world has to give, But I wont last a day without TIU...I love you!!!!