Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bon Fire (September 30, Bellarmine Field)

It was a pretty stressful day but very fulfilling nonetheless! I was already stressing out because I was running late for my 430pm interview with Jessica Soho, who was waiting for me at Moro Lorenzo. It was my first time to meet her. She is a very warm lady and asked intelligent questions. Immediately after the interview, I had to make sure that my Chinky Chickens was already being setup in the soaking and muddy Bellarmine field. Then, I arrived just in time for the mass at 6pm. Because we were seated in front, I didn't notice how the crowd was already starting to pile up. After the mass, Alingal Hall served as our safe haven allowing us to relax a bit and eat peacefully before storming out to the field. I was amazed to see the number of people who attended the grand event despite the weather, traffic and muddy conditions. Here are some of the highlights of the night, for me:

- I was given a citation to possibly be inducted into the Ateneo Hall of Fame. But, l'll still have to wait 20 years from now. I'll be 43 by then and with much less hair.

- I was shocked to see U.S. Ambassador Kenney, who normally prefers to remain very diplomatic regarding her choice of team. I guess she, too, believes that there is much reason to celebrate and that there is no need to hide her true feelings :) Moreover, she proudly wore the blue Ateneo jacket which Kirk and I handed to her a couple of weeks ago, and she even acknowledged that it was given to her by a "friend". I was touched.

- I was given the honor, together with co-captains Yuri and Nonoy, to light up the grand Bon Fire.

- We hardly realized it but we were signing and taking pictures for about 4 and a half hours. We ended at 230.

- I was informed that electricity kept fluctuating in the Chinky Chickens tent, which caused a shortage in production. Furthermore, we ran out of rice and styros at one point because they apparently lent hundreds to the nearby stall who didn't return them immediately. More stress!

- I signed my name on this guy's brief. Afterwards, he told me he had just won P1000 from a dare. He seemed to be a straight guy. Hilarious!

- It was 1:30 am, and it started to rain again. I stood up and saw the line, still about 50 meters. People were holding up their umbrellas. At 2:15 am, it was still raining, and still people were lining up with their umbrellas.

- I don't know exactly how long the waiting time is for those queuing. Coach Sandy overhears two people who had just come out of the tent saying: "Sulit na sulit ang hintay natin!" (It was all worth the wait.)

Those words said it all. Our efforts in signing and smiling were all worth it too even if we were extremely tired. In fact, I started getting all energetic again after midnight, maybe because I saw how we were able to put little smiles on their faces just by posing with them, signing posters, t-shirts and even body parts! We really appreciate everybody who came and supported the team all the way! It is really because of you people that move us to keep going and going until we can finally soar like an eagle.

My messed up self and the owner of the photos :)


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nurse jane said...

i also had a great smile last night
though i wasn't able to attend the bonfire personally..
thanks to mozcom for the live streaming!..^o~

Anonymous said...

WAHAHA funny entry, chris. loved the brief signing part. :))


bonfire was great! next year ulit! ;)

mikels said...

hey. I think the burning of wood with the green archers names written on it is a FOUL. Imagine seeing something like that having your name on it, what will you feel? Is that fun?

nica said...

Thanks for sharing that moment with us Chris! It's hard already not being there and thanks to you, I dont feel that bad anymore!

Im glad you and your mates enjoyed every moment of it. It's very cool that you and them stay connected to fans, esp Jai and Kirk. Pls send my regards to them as well.

It's also nice to know that your Chinky Chicken did well too. =)

Anonymous said...

Props to the dedication to your blog

"poshaccents" said...

I am happy we made it to the Bonfire last night. Sadly, the field was too muddy and the line was too darn long so we were too tired to wait in line... (snif!) So no "authograph" and photos to my son (who's ur #1 fan). Nevertheless, it was an experience I shall never forget!

Anna said...

This was my 3rd Blue Eagle bonfire. The first one was by the BEG and there was so much more room to move. LOL. Back then there was just beer and a pile of wood.

My son lined up for 2 hours and didnt complain about the muddy shoes and the long wait. He said the same thing when he proudly showed me his signed poster. "Mom, it was worth it!!!"

PS. I found it amusing to hear you sharing stories about how stressed out you were. Werent the Finals supposed to be more stressful? :-D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Chris and continue writing! Your blog has been very entertaining, specially for us Pinoys in the US :)

Nette said...

It's nice to see that many people gathered and rejoice together!
There's nothing sweeter than harvesting the fruit of labor!
Congrats again!

Anonymous said...

Our feet got all muddy, but it was fun:) Fantastic fireworks display by the way. There were so many people! It was like combining grade school,high school and college fairs in one night!haha. Good job Chris!

RezzaC said...

The muddy Bell field kinda dampened (no pun intended) what could've been an even better celebration vs. the 1st bonfire in 2002. But it certainly didn't dampen the pride I felt seeing all those Ateneans converge (parang Edsa 2!) together that night!

Congrats to you and the team!

Leanne said...

Wow! :) It seems everybody had fun. It's alright to look messed up as long as you had put smile to people who were patiently waited for your autographs and pictures.

It’s a night that will always be remembered especially for you.:)

Have a great day! God bless you Chris!


kenneth said...

Hi Chris...waaah i missed this..what to do i youre MILES away from the least we have this blog to keep us posted...

it looks like you guys really enjoyed the night. and boy signing autogrpaphs for 4 hours...mAhn...and the guy who won the bet for P1000 clap clap clap

hope to TASTE your CHINKY CHICKEN someday..maybe ill hand carry it to dubai after my up coming vaca in the phil this coming DEc...whoohoo!!!....

thanks fro inspiring all of us..GOD BLESS

mstiu said...

waha!.. am I the first to leave a comment?? wow!.. hmm, i feel so upset 'coz i wasn't able to get there last TIU's day.. :(.. but it's okay, you shared naman what had transpired there.. thanks a lot!.. are going to be in Ateneo this coming sembreak?? we're planning to visit Ateneo kasi eh (actually to look for you haha!..) and try your chinky chicken.. (^^,) weeh!.. exciting.. i have really been an avid follower of this blog.. whenever I use our pc, i always check "", kahit wala pang new post.. crazy me?? haha!.. uhm, yesz.. ehe.. and is true that Brgy. Ginebra has thoughts of drafting you into their team? well, if that's for real, Ginebra will be a lot more famous because a "Chris Tiu" joined their line-up.. and it will be a lot stronger as a team too.. waha!..

..take care..
*i always include you in my prayers.. May he keep yOu and your family safe at all times.. (^^,) *
*always wear that "cute", "kakilig" smile owkei?.. ^^ *

Anonymous said...

Dear King Eagle,

We can hardly thank you enough for the happiness you brought us all. The inspiration that you shared is also too many to be counted. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

We are waiting with bated breath for your major decisions these days. As you see even though you are a very private person your life has been part of ours and as much as we want to respect your privacy we are eager to know more about you and to be closer to you. We know that your future is yours alone to determine with God but we pray Him and you to please consider your legions of fans in your decision making.

As you have noticed these past years your sorrows have become our sorrows too and your success have become ours too. We learn to love the things and persons you love without you loosing your dignity and honor. It is rare for us to have an 'idol' that is truly kind, humble yet class and royal. Most of all God-fearing and genuinely a man of faith.

As the drums of victory fades in our ears [but never in our hearts] we pray for you continuously to be blessed all the more. SOAR HIGH KING EAGLE. BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE NOT ONLY FOR YOUR WELL-BEING BUT ALSO FOR ALL THOSE WHO LOVE YOU BY GLANCING FROM AFAR.

CongraTIUlations! More TIUsday to come!

I'm very sorry. TIUnatics keep on inviting me to change religion and be a member of IGLESIA NI CHRIS-TIU but I politely declined because my spiritual director told me to remain a KATOLI-TIU for life and forever.

Anonymous said...

ahahahaaaaa!!! rofl!!!

I really enjoyed reading this! Especially the part when a guy asked you to sign his brief. *and he's STRAIGHT* Thats really funny and quite flattering!

Waaa. Sana talaga I was able to go there! Hmph, wala kasing ganyan ganyan dito sa New Zealand! Even if there was, still there was no ATENEO and of course, NO CHRIS TIU!

Haha! Congrats again for everything!!! Take care!!



dzoie said...

congrats again chris...

its really worth the wait and the muddy field... we really appreciated the team and the bonfire... =) we were thankful for your patience with us hehehe... binabalik lng nmin ung binigay niyo sa community..=) everybody love Tiu... hehehehe ung mging part lng ng admu comunity ok na what more maksama pa kau... =)nkita lng natin kung gaano karaming tao tlga ang sumusuporta sa inyo...


onebigfightiu17 said...


I wasn't able to line up, but I took pictures from behind. =))) Stalker much.

God bless. :)

Monster said...

thank you for the give-back gesture of signing autographs and photo ops. the hours (days!) i spent in queue for tickets has been rewarded!

Anonymous said...

c0ngratz to all ateneans! ! specially to chris tiu. . ur so very hands0me and very g0od in basketball. . h0w i wish i am studying in ateneo to see u and to attend all the parties hehe. . gudluck to ur carrer and to PBL. . i always watch pin0y rec0rds&ripley's to see u and to support u. . take care always chris. . and may g0d bless u always :)

cr!s said...

Congrats Chris,,everybody's hardwork paid off.. ^__^

fence sitter said...

Wow! I was there; I was near the stage. And I was able to take pictures.It was fun, and I am glad that other Ateneo teams also won the championship. My feet was covered with mud, and the campus looked like one big parking space when even the roads were blocked by cars wanting to go in and others who wanted to go home early. Some peple parked their cars outside the school and walked just to get in. But none of these really mattered. Everyone was out to party.

Ang galing mo mag-plugging ha! You made around three plugs. hehehe

Was supposed to buy at Chinky Chicken pero ubos na. (effective talaga ang plugging) hehehe

Kidding aside, it was a happy event for everyone. Well worth the mud and the traffic.

lian said...

im so happy!! i'm the very first to post a comment.. (this is my first time) haha.. yeah chris,, thank you for making us smile, that means a lot!we hope to see more of you!! God bless, and good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris..You really deserved of what you have now..and about sa party, ang saya niyo cguro..hehehe..sana nakapunta ako dyan..pls dagdagan mo pa yung branch mo sa Chinky chicken til makaabot dito sa BOhol SOON..HEhehehehe...Good Luck and more power..oh, by the way..I watched Ripleys last monday..hehehe..Good job.

-from BOhol-

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris..Good Morning...congrats sa successful party kahit bad weather..hehehe.. ask lang me kelan ipapalabas sa Jessica Soho yung interview mo? Thanks...

-from bohol-

Marianne Lerma said...

my kids and their friends were lined up for about 4 hours and they finally got in the tent at around 2am...and it is true, it was all worth the wait...they had so much fun that night in spite of the rain, walking my 5 year old all the way to xavier hall to use the washroom and having their feet inches deep in mud... our van was a sight to see the next son joaquin was lucky cos he got a jersey for free, thanks to my cousin vinci of parkokya. :-) i'm glad to be a part of the ateneo community (thanks to my son and his dad)...i've never seen a group with this kind of team spirit, that sense of oneness was definitely in the air. i was so surprised, upon getting out of Gesu, to see a crowd that big, i thought i was in the eraserheads reunion concert all over again. hahaha.

thanks for signing my kids posters and smiling for the camera. i know how tired you guys must have been, but i'm sure that you also felt a certain high in making your fans and supporters, specially little kids, truly happy that evening.

congratulations to you and the team! we'll truly miss watching the games and your practices in moro. thank God for this win, and for an injury free season. we're proud of you guys, lets show them (specially those who are GREEN with envy who got a dose of their own medicine, or should i say, poison. haha) that we can win the crown again next year. ;-)

Animo Ateneo!
Mary, for you...AMDG!

Jamie said...

Heheheh nice dare!

Atenean said...

Its just sad how the names of La Salle players were written on the wood used for the bonfire. Dont get me wrong, I'm all for Ateneo but dont you think this rivalry thing has gotten too far? We already won. We didn't need to rub it in more. We should be the BETTER team. We are the better team.

NEIL said...


I am not a Ateneo alummni, but my 8 year-old daughter happens to be your No. 1 fan. I had your No. 17 Ateneo jersey and every time you have a game, she waggle it and jump with loud voice screeming inside the room. She also happens to be your Assistant coach outside the court but in front of our TV and to the unexpected crowd in our neighbors.

Congratulations and good luck for a job well done !! CHAMPIONS !!

In behalf of my daughter, DAPHNE . . . thanks to being true man with good values and inspiration to the young kids.

Also, for the rest of the team . . MVP Rabeh Al-Hussini, Finals MVP Nonoy Baclao, Eric Salamat, Rookie of the Year Ryan Buenafe, Jai Reyes, Kirk Long, and other players, Coach Norman Black and the coaching staff..... Congratulations !! Good Luck !!


ian laput said...

I missed the event cause i was really caught up in my work-out until 9pm. Anyway, i lauded the Blue Eagles and the Ateneo Community for the victory that was really meant for the institution right from the start. It's a well-deserved ONE BIG FIGHT for everyone who loves sports and fair play. Congratulations CHRIS TIU and the rst of the Eagles!!!

arlene said...

the bonfire is a night to remember as always.

is it true that u burned woodsticks that has the names of the green archers?.. i just saw the pictures and read an article about it.some of the lasallian says that they're disappointed about it.. u can check the pics and the comment as well

.. anyhow, I still believe in the ateneo way. one big fight!. Goodluck chris! :)

Anonymous said...

you dont look messed up..still looking good i should say..^^..pang-asar lang rehearsal namin kya di ako nka sama sa mga frienda ko sa bonfire..and now i envy my friends for their photos and other souvenirs they have during the bonfire..!its unfair!i told them to get me an autograph of all the players..including coach NB..reading your blog made me understand why they wasn't able to do that for me..

so proud to be atenista..!

linktokrish said...

I was given a citation to possibly be inducted into the Ateneo Hall of Fame. But, l'll still have to wait 20 years from now. I'll be 43 by then and with much less hair. --- that's gonna be like looking forward to it along with one of your child's college graduation... bweheheheh.. I guess it's nice to have something priceless to look forward to in 20 years. You definitely deserve it!

bryanjay_12 said...

Hi Chris! That seemed to be a very exciting night. I wish I was there to take pictures and autographs with you and the team. Too bad I come from a different school..wuhuhuhuh….

zhee said...

I missed the Bon Fire! I wish I could let you sign the same white Ateneo jacket from Adidas you were wearing in one of your pictures here in your site (sigh)... Is it possible to have a part2?

Anonymous said...

Congrats for winning the championship. Some of my dlsu friends also went on your bonfire, however, we we're disappointed when we learned that some ateneans wrote the names of some of our la salle players on the bonfire wood. Is that true? If it is true, I don't think it was an educated act. As far as I can remember, we never celebrated championship that way. Congrats anyway. I'm still your fan!

Anonymous said...

hi chris.. congrats.. it was a successful night for all of us...
thank you for signing my poster.. i will treasure it and your foods at chinky chicken is so delicious...:) (i ate three!!) and soup no.5 as the best... congrats again and more powers to you....


rc of bopo said...

It's kinda weird to say, "Can you please sign my plate(click me)?" In the end, it's really all worth the wait. Thanks, man. Kudos Blue Eagles! Go Ateneo!

J.A,C, said...

rock on! hahaha..
2:30 am?! thats amazing.. but i feel sorry for the people waiting in line too..
anyways, here's to a great UAAP season, great bonfire, and a great school!
Let's hope we'll get to have another one, bigger and better, next year! :D

~ROcheLLe~ said...

Nice to hear from you about the bonfire.. ^_^ unfortunately, i wasn't be able to go there because yah, of heavy rain.. but i really want to.. and 24 oras finally featured about the bonfire.. and so im satisfy by that.. so stressful? yet your so blessed.. heeee C",


~ROcheLLe~ said...

BTW, I saw these a while ago at the mall.. and Luckily I saw a copy at one of the blog, and I am Thinkin to share with you since your god-fearing person.. ^_^ hope you like it.. here it goes:

One night a man had a dream. He dreamed
he was walking along the beach with the LORD.
Across the sky flashed scenes from his life.
For each scene he noticed two sets of
footprints in the sand: one belonging
to him, and the other to the LORD.
When the last scene of his life flashed before him,
he looked back at the footprints in the sand.
He noticed that many times along the path of
his life there was only one set of footprints.
He also noticed that it happened at the very
lowest and saddest times in his life.
This really bothered him and he
questioned the LORD about it:

"LORD, you said that once I decided to follow
you, you'd walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed that during the most
troublesome times in my life,
there is only one set of footprints.
I don't understand why when
I needed you most you would leave me."

The LORD replied:

"My son, my precious child,
I love you and I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering,
when you see only one set of footprints,
it was then that I carried you."

^_^ and wait, about your hosting.. really improved! ^_^ keep it up.. and don't be shy hehehe..


Anonymous said...

thanks for staying until 230 as well! it was worth the wait for everyone!:) and we're so glad you even remembered us from sci10 class. haha! - jaymie

Anonymous said...

hey chris, congratulations! you deserve what you have right now because you're really an amazing person.

fly high!

kathkath said...

chris! ! congrats again for winning the UAAP Season 71 championship.. we will miss you but i heard a news that the best players of the blue eagles are playing at the next season of the PBL next month for the team of happee toothpaste? is that true? if that's true we all of your fans will support you! ! hope to see you in person.. keep up the good work...

you're very good in hosting huh? and for that.. congrats to you and i hope GMA 7 will give you more projects..

michiko said...

I just can't imagine a straight guy asking for his undies to be signed. hahaha... talk about guts!

Cheers to you and the whole Ateneo community for the success of the bonfire! Til the next one! :)

bea said...

hello alandy....

for a change,, i do really like ur blog..
its so YOU...
congrats to all ur projects to come..
and more blessings to come....

the bonfire is great even though im not their....

just take care ..
and GOD bless u always...i will pray 4 u and ur family....

till hir alandy...

blueangel17l said...

congrats chris and goodluck sa magiging team nyo sa pbl...more success!!!

Sapphire said...

wow chris, i really admire you because you can manage your time very well. i also admire you because even though you were extremely tired, you were still able to grant your fans' requests. i hope i will be able to meet you personally soon. Congratulations to the Ateneo Blue Eagles & God bless! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
Wow, no comments yet.
I was one of those who braved the weather last Tiusday. The traffic was terrible going to Katipunan and we finally got to Belarmine field past 10 PM! My friends and I left our Makati office at around 7 PM. We joined the already long line but unfortunately didn't get to have our T-shirts signed because we had to go home na at 12 midnight (Cinderella kasi!). Anyways, just seeing you and the team made our day. We were also able to buy some t-shirts which already had your signatures printed, so pwede na rin. We wanted to have a picture taken with you but didn't get the chance. Doon na lang sana sa image mo na standee but it was gone. Somebody must have taken it home. Grabe!
Read yesterday that you won't be playing in the PBL. So, what are your plans? Hope you will always update this blog.

kryzzle ^-^ said...

the bonfire was definitely fun.. :) but it was really stressful because of the mud! haha. despite walking carefully, everyone had muddy shoes and sandals. the entire ateneo community converged just to see and congratulate the team for a WELL-DESERVED championship.

too bad we weren't able to stay late. but the feeling of just being in the bonfire event was exhilarating.

we'll definitely miss you next season. good luck in everything.

AMDG. :)

Anonymous said...

..haha. what a night. we'll miss your presence in the next season chris! take care. :)

pewy_carandang said...

Hi chris,

the people attended the bonfire really means that you guys ROCk!!!
Different ages, different economic status was there to party. I was just so sad because i wasn't there, (me and my sister didn't know if it is open for the public or for atenean only).
This is long overdue but let me CONGRATULATE the whole team and coaching staff of the Blue Eagles. Wish you guys more championships to come hehehe!!!
Anyways, i wish to meet you in person so i could have a chance to ask for an authograph, so i can share it with my sisters and to my class (by the way im a public high school teacher).
Again congratulations and always ask GOD for HIS guidance in all the things and decisions you make...



Anonymous said...

The Blue Eagle bonfire was great except for the freakin' MUD which gravely soaked my feet! Garsh! If only I had known the scenario ahead of time, then I shouldn't have worn slippers! :(

after cleaning up our messy more so muddy feet, we forbade ourselves from stepping on the fields.. that's basically y we didn't took all the courage to come up close to you guys.. haay..

nonetheless, the evening was great.. Loved the fireworks! ; )

hope there would be a "next time"..

Anonymous said...

hey chris all of the tiunatics will miss you wearing the jersey # 17,

anyways visit these sites where all of the tiunatics discuss everything about you,


CHRIS TIU: Kabilib-bilib on/off court, on/off cam! Mythical thread #5,5649.0.html


chris tiu yahoo groups


CHRIS TIU Appreciation Thread


the third one is a tearjerker thread, you must visit it coz it's about you and your fans appreciating your hardworks, but visit all of the sites, hehehe

one big fight!!!

rabehcrush said...

helow chris!!!!

We will miss you playing in UAAP...

God bless!!!

Anonymous said... have loyal fans.

i still envy you for being a volvo endorser. i've been wanting the c30 for months now.

Anonymous said... wAs very disappointing For mE coZ i did nOt sAw tHAt niGht...anD i didnt goT yoUR autogRAph...cOZ tHEre too mAny peopLe filE up for you...=)hehehehe....
...stiLL i goT lOng's signatuRe=)

..we hAd to go hOMe eArly...duE to soME certAin reaSons...=)

..we'll gooD luck to yOUr cAreer.. yOU knOW tHAt in survivor philippines tHere is this guy JC who tHey sAys looks slightly liKe yOU???
...hehehehe...just asking...
...he's a basketball plAyer din pOh=)


ariane lumbera said...

saya nman nian..sana nakapunta ako jan.. ='c

Anonymous said...

When po i-air yung interview sayo ni jesica soho,so we can watch?.


Anonymous said...

Too bad I wasn't able to be there because I'm miles away. :(

"I was given a citation to possibly be inducted into the Ateneo Hall of Fame. But, l'll still have to wait 20 years from now. I'll be 43 by then and with much less hair."

Less hair, no hair... You'd still be adorable, for sure. :)

d. said...

a lot of people will miss you Chris. [the whole school - me included. :)]
God bless in your years ahead!
i agree with what Coach Norman said during the Thanksgiving Mass - you can do and be anything you want to be.
see you at the Bonfire in 20years!
you'll hopefully still have a good head of hair then. :))

grace said...

we loved the fire works!
buti nalang hindi umulan nung lighting of the bonfire!

once again..congratulations ateneo!

ateneo school of medicine and public health

mewholovesicecream said...

You guys really made a lot of people happy.they didnt mind the rain, mud, lamok at kung ano pa!
I was there till 230, at may pila parin!
Ang sarap maging Atenista!
Bonfire uli next year!!!
Thanks to batch'86 (ang tatanda na nila! haha) who welcomed us to their tent. offered us free flowing food and booze! mabuhay kayo!!!

Anonymous said...

It was fun being a fangirl that night! :)) haha. Glad I was able to have my picture taken with you, before you finally graduate and leave ateneo. :( We will miss you Chris. Continue making us proud! God bless you! :)

-You inspire me.

Anonymous said...

hi =)
the field was really muddy, wasn't it?
i was sad that i wasn't able to get the team's autograph and take pictures with you guys because i had to go home already. i know i already have the team's autographs from last thursday at gesu but what can i say, garapal ako. xD
i hope the team does another event in which you guys can interact with the fans once more. and if this indeed happens, i trust that you'll inform us via this blog of yours! =)
thanks for the amazing season, chris. you have truly been unbelievable this season. i hope even after your graduation, you will continue to watch the games, because we will all miss you. sad at hindi kita maabutan sa ateneo. i do hope i pass the acet! =)
best of luck in your future endeavors. you are a remarkable person. :)

Anonymous said...

oh, and i do hope you reply. haha ;) i didn't leave my name on my comment before because... well i dont know. haha! my last words were "you're a remarkable person, chris" just so you know that that comment came from me. thank you again! and sorry if i keep on babbling.
if you do reply, just refer to me as anonymous 1 i guess. ;)

Anonymous said...

goodluck on being part of the Ateneo Hall of Fame!
we're looking forward to it...:D

CrYzThA said...

wheew! feels great dat ill be d 1st one 2 giv a comment bout ur BonfiRe blOg..

U deserv 2 b part of the hall of famer of the ateneo because u rily rily giv credits and honor for ur sKul and u rily inspire a lot of people 2 push for what u aimed for!..KiP inspirng every1 chris..

I know The feeling if someone hus very new 2 u said that ur a Friend for her..its rily overwlming..

Ur soo amzing,,bcoz despite of ur bc sked and not gud wederu still remain at the ViCtoRy!..ur soo humble,,ur rily one of a kind,,maybe thats why ur being bless by god,,because u kip on sharing ur thoughts to every1,,and u also share ur blessing 2 every1 dat u love..

im still hoping 2 mit u in person..even just a minute of ur time..even 1 minute can be,,i just want to hav a pix with u..and dats it..if im lucky enough to take a pix with u together with ur team mates..haha...

haahha...soo funny to think of,if it could hapen,,just dont know where and how?i hope it would be..hope 2 hapen it very very soon..GOdbless u chris and ur loved ones..

sEvEntEen-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,

I wanted to congratulate you for the success of the bonfire held last TIUsday… It was a great experience for, I know, because this is you first (and sad to say the last) Bonfire you’d experience in your college career..
I feel sad that I wasn’t able to come, they say that it is ONLY for the ateneans and alumni.. but when I watched 24Oras that night, they say that it is OPEN FOR ALL. They even interviewed a gurl (with) his dog, who is a die-hard ateneo-fan.
**Sabi nga nila: asa huli ang pagsisisi**

But Anyways, I’m still happy for the entire team… it was the party that you guys really deserve… (bka pag andun ako, maiyak pa ko.) I’m very emotional that’s why…

I won’t make this long coz I know you have a very very short time to actually run-through our comments…

I just want to wish you luck Chris… and also, More Power to your “chinky Chicken” – great entrepreneur huh!!! You handle your business very well… And ATENEO will forever be proud of you!



Anonymous said...

yeah,that's really were able to put smile on our faces just by the simple signing of posters and smiling on the camera by all of you..thanks!(=
it has been a memorable one for me!

atenista_ako said...

dear mr. tiu.

i think its unfair for you guys to put up the names of the players from other teams in the woods which you lighted during the bonfire. its classless and so arrogant. you already won the season, i think its too much. if its just for laughs, well i think its not funny at all. it went overboard. people say, la salle are sore losers, but with this act? how could they become the sore losers?

im an atenista and these things are not taught in our school.

Anonymous said...

im a freshman and cheered loud and proud for the eagles but why the names of the archers on the wood used for the bonfire? :(

Anonymous said...

chris...more pics sa bonfire.
Super congrats again...
and may you have a fulfilled heart and a peaceful journey as you get out of the eagles nest.
Love you king eagle!
please do update about the team's latest tv guestings..
thank you!

Jen said...

hi, Chris! first of all, congrats to the Blue Eagles for winning this year's crown. :)

I have a question regarding the bonfire: is it true that the names of the Green Archers were painted on the woods that were burnt? a friend from La Salle sent me pictures showing such and since I didn't get to go near the bonfire because of all the mud, I am not sure of the authenticity of the pictures, although I really think they are fake. and since you mentioned that you lit up the bonfire, I might as well ask you. :)

Thanks!:) congrats again. :)

sahara14 said...

hahah i was one of those who stayed in line until around 2am, and when i was going to take a picture with you, the battery of my cam went empty...just my luck.

I just wanted to thank you guys for being so accommodating despite being tired. too bad i wasn't able to catch nico salva and ryan buenafe; they already left when i got to the tent.

good luck in all your endeavors and hope to see you in future bonfireS (perhaps next year??) :P

once again congrats and thank you for a very memorable season and stay in the ateneo :)

mommy j. said...

Chris, hi! I was with my husband and brother in law(both alums), and my 7-year-old daughter who just adores you. We even brought her to one of your games vs La Salle in Araneta and she was such a fan! This is her second Bon fire as her first one was in 2002 when she was a little over a year old. Unfortunately, she was only able to see you through the pictures I took while you were signing posters, etc. I wasn't even able to take a good one. The queue was just too long and it was already getting late, so i just made "silip" in the tent and hastily took shots. It took us one hour just trying to get in the campus and another half an hour to find parking. But nevertheless, as you stated in your blog, it was all worth it. Again, congratulations! And kudos to your parents for "producing" a fine son, like you; for instilling values that we, most parents wish for our kids to have. God bless you!

Anonymous said...

u know what chris.. wla na ang mga billboard mo sa edsa and especially sa baclaran.. too bad.. tanaw nga sa haus nmin.. nalungkot ng bahadja ang aking little sister.. kse wla lng..nalulungkot lng dw xa..

fe said...

i wish i was there...hmmmp...

you're so humble chris,,

liza said...

Hi Chris! We were among those who lined up to get the autographs of all the players and to think we waited for 6 hours just to finally get your signatures! Even if it was muddy, it was worth the wait. You must have been tired signing all those shirts and posters but we saw that you gladly did it for your supporters.
We were also able to sample your Chinky Chickens and it was good!
Hoping that next year we will still have another bonfire and you will be a happy spectator from the sidelines.
Good luck on your future plans!


Annie said...

Wow! The Bonfire seemed really fun. What a great way for you to celebrate your last year. Congratulations again Chris!:)
I'm from La Salle, but nonetheless, cheers!

alyssa said...

congrats again to you and to the team! i wish i was there at the bon fire but i did not make it..haay..but then i'm so happy reading your post. i felt like i was there too..btw, i will watch your interiew on saturday..=)

Lhiyoj said...

hi chris, i just saw d replay of your last game f0r uaap in "kapamilya channel" here in LA.. I kn0w im 1 week delay.. My m0m told me 2 watch d uaap just bc0z of u coz she sed u kinda luk lyk my husband 2 be and my baby lian.. Yah wen i saw u, u guys have s0me similarities but stil ur cutier dan him. Were b0th 23 kso kht 1/4 ng achievements m0 d q naac0mplished. C0ngrats! U guys deservd 2 win dat finals! Ka2inis nga wla kming gma puro tfc dats why s youtubd nlng aq man02od. Were c0ming h0me jan dis oct. I realy h0pe 2 c u just 2 try ur "chinky chicken" i just d0nt kn0w where we can try dat. i d0nt kn0w ur frendster dmi n kcng fake.. I just want u 2 see my lian just incase u d0nt mind.. (sori 4 my email add) congrats captain! Wish u all luck!

apol27 said...


...1st 2 lve a coment???!!! plexur!! ;p seems dt bonfire-thing gave u lot of smiles dt day!!?? i wish 2 b dr 2... :c
..a got not an atenean amn kc eh!!..u knw..jst seting up wer 2 plce myslf..ahehe..
..peo, im contentd nman na being a tru-blu-atenista-suporter!!ahihihi.. ;p ..esp ni #17!! (..stil wondring wts d stori bhnd dt #??..)

..wel leave a thought nlng..

"faith allows impocble things 2 hapen, 8's d pwer dt cums from a fearles heart..en wen a fearless heart beleives...

..blessings ovrflows!!"

(..mybe 1 of d reason behind dt gloriuzz win!!!)

yi da zhengdou!!..yunzhuan ateneo!! mor blessings 2 cum..(sna makakain dn aq dn sa chinky chickens muh!!;p)

..God bless TI-yoU en ol ur luvones!!

=,bianca59,= said...

++>>heY kuyaH!!(n_n)

++>>mztaH kA nA pO??hoW waS thE bonfirE pO??ohH hoW i wisH i waS therE!!kC nMn pO eH..walanG gs2nG sumamA skN duN!!eH i'M afraiD 2 gO alonE nMn pO..hmP =(

++>>bY thE waY..iS iT truE thaT u'rE enterinG PBL nA pO??i reaD iT iN thE newS papeR pO kasI eH..kaunG 2 daW pO nI kuyaH rabeH!!sO..u'rE reaLlY goinG PRO nW huH??welL,,it'S youR decisioN nMn pO eH..i meaN,,whO aM i tO stoP u dI pO bA??=( bztaH!!i'L suPporT u 4eveR!!whateveR decisioN u mighT makE..^_^

++>>KUYAH!!.............replY nMn pO kayO sA mgA coMmentS kO xenyoH oH!!PLEASE??u don'T knoW hoW mucH u'L makE mE haPpY iF u wilL!!i knoW thaT u'rE busY pO,,i understanD nMn pO eH..peO sanA pO wheN u'rE noT busY nD iF it'S oK witH u..pleasE coMmenT bacK oR emaiL mE..PLEASE KUYAH CHRIS??

++>>cgeH pO!!nexT timE nA lanG pO aH!!havE tO dO mY projecT nA kasI eH..deadlinE nA pO bukaS..heHEhe..;D

++>>bztaH kuyaH aH..emaiL pO kayO sakiN!!sanA bukaS (fridaY) mY emaiL nA kayO sakiN!!(i hopE it'S noT englisH,,bkaH mg-nosE blEeD pO kasI akO eH..haHAha,,jokE lanG pO!!:D)

++>>takE carE alwayS kuyaH!!God blesS yoU anD youR familY pO!!gOoD lucK oN everythinG pO!!mwahugzZ!!

++>>here'S mY emaiL adD pO:
tnxeW pO!!

=,bianca59,= said...

++>>heY kuyaH!!(n_n)

++>>mztaH kA nA pO??hoW waS thE bonfirE pO??ohH hoW i wisH i waS therE!!kC nMn pO eH..walanG gs2nG sumamA skN duN!!eH i'M afraiD 2 gO alonE nMn pO..hmP =(

++>>bY thE waY..iS iT truE thaT u'rE enterinG PBL nA pO??i reaD iT iN thE newS papeR pO kasI eH..kaunG 2 daW pO nI kuyaH rabeH!!sO..u'rE reaLlY goinG PRO nW huH??welL,,it'S youR decisioN nMn pO eH..i meaN,,whO aM i tO stoP u dI pO bA??=( bztaH!!i'L suPporT u 4eveR!!whateveR decisioN u mighT makE..^_^

++>>KUYAH!!.............replY nMn pO kayO sA mgA coMmentS kO xenyoH oH!!PLEASE??u don'T knoW hoW mucH u'L makE mE haPpY iF u wilL!!i knoW thaT u'rE busY pO,,i understanD nMn pO eH..peO sanA pO wheN u'rE noT busY nD iF it'S oK witH u..pleasE coMmenT bacK oR emaiL mE..PLEASE KUYAH CHRIS??

++>>cgeH pO!!nexT timE nA lanG pO aH!!havE tO dO mY projecT nA kasI eH..deadlinE nA pO bukaS..heHEhe..;D

++>>bztaH kuyaH aH..emaiL pO kayO sakiN!!sanA bukaS (fridaY) mY emaiL nA kayO sakiN!!(i hopE it'S noT englisH,,bkaH mg-nosE blEeD pO kasI akO eH..haHAha,,jokE lanG pO!!:D)

++>>takE carE alwayS kuyaH!!God blesS yoU anD youR familY pO!!gOoD lucK oN everythinG pO!!mwahugzZ!!

++>>here'S mY emaiL adD pO:
tnxeW pO!!

reneelyn said...

hi chris..

congratulations for that event(Bonfire), a grand celebrations for the ATENEO community.. well, I want to say I will be missing you in the Ateneo team next seasons... how sad talga..:( huhu.. even though I'm not from manila Im continue supporting the blue eagles through television..:)Chris you really a true example to us...continue to inspire others..:) You are the Best TIU,I cant smile without seeing you in TV TIU..:)

PS: hope i can watch your live game at the court soon.. and possibly to see you in person..My greatest dream ever I want to achieve it..


ainan said...

Hello! Chris,

It was nice reading this entry, i feel you, ican feel the erratic emotion of happiness you felt. The guy who took your autograph on his undies was hilarious but considering the thousand box, i might do the same.

Looks like the Chinky Chickens are making its way to the market, hope to see the stall in malls soon.

Congratulations! Mr. Tiu, you're so successfull, i'll go watch your interview at Jessica Soho's show.


cep17 said...

Hello. First to comment. Congrats again :)

Anonymous said...



Simmy said...

one big fight, chris ! ;)
i didn`t get to get your autograph. :(

gizelle said...

yOu had an autograph signing and picture taking?.. where?.. what time?.. huhu.. i shOuldn't went hOme early if i knOw it will happen.. i thOught i wOn't see yOu anymOre after the mass.. me and my friend stayed fOr a little lOnger abOut fOr 2 hOurs but nO sign Of yOu sO we decided tO gO hOme since we had tO catch up with the lrt.. anyway, i wOuld tO thank yOu fOr allOwing me tO see yOu again maybe fOr i guess the time 'cause i dOn't knOw when will i see yOu again.. the party was awesOme thOugh its really muddy in the bellarmine.. hehe.. cOngrats again.. its really a sweet victOry fOr yOu.. take care always.. Ü

Alexandrea Mae T. Dee said...

The bon fire was great.
I'm looking forward to seeing you and be a friend.

I am just thinking on what course to take up (Of course, the school would probably be the Ateneo if and only if, I'll pass the ACET. Wish me luck. :)) and I'm hoping to hear your advice through a comment or if I'm lucky enough to have you sign on my blog, then that would be great.. Although, I know you're so busy. :D

I cogitate that this comment would be just like the any other comments.. So, yeah, my post ends here.
Again, congratulations! :)
Please delete this after reading. Thanks! :)

Alexandrea Mae T. Dee said...

The bon fire was great.
I'm looking forward to seeing you and be a friend.

I am just thinking on what course to take up (Of course, the school would probably be the Ateneo if and only if, I'll pass the ACET. Wish me luck. :)) and I'm hoping to hear your advice through a comment or if I'm lucky enough to have you sign on my blog, then that would be great.. Although, I know you're so busy. :D

I cogitate that this comment would be just like the any other comments.. So, yeah, my post ends here.
Again, congratulations! :)
Please delete this after reading. Thanks! :)

elaine said...

Our efforts in signing and smiling were all worth it too even if we were extremely tired. In fact, I started getting all energetic again after midnight, maybe because I saw how we were able to put little smiles on their faces just by posing with them, signing posters, t-shirts and even body parts! We really appreciate everybody who came and supported the team all the way! It is really because of you people that move us to keep going and going until we can finally soar like an eagle.

-how I really wish I was one of them.:)))

Clarice said...

I absolutely loved the fireworks! :)

So apparently, my legs couldn't take standing for 3 hours straight, my left shoe was sort of...hardening 'cause I unknowingly stepped into deep mud (I thought I was still walking on that plastic thing) and my ride home was getting annoyed so I didn't get the team's autographs even if I was already halfway there. Boo. :(

My friend and I attempted to take at least one last glimpse of you guys before we left but the crowd was just so...big so we couldn't see you guys. We ended up seeing Coach Norman Black who we got a picture with. Haha! Masaya na kami dun. :)

Still hoping to get all of the players' autographs and pictures!
I need that sense of fulfillment.

I'll be bringing my Ateneo t-shirt and pentelpen wherever I go now. Who knows, I might see you guys somewhere :) (Yes, I'm that hopeful)

Anonymous said...

i got my pic taken with coach norman that night. he's a nice guy. :)

tuesday night was like your graduation from basketball. how melancholic and joyous at the same time. congratulations! you graduated with flying colors :D

zowie said...

wee!!... *cheers for admu!! btw congrats and good luck..

one big fight!

ishie said...

wiiiiiiiiiiii hello kuya..i was there but i didn't see you because of so much people..unfortunately i can't breathe whenever too much people surrounds me so my brothers refused to bring me inside and instead ask me to go home T.T ahuhuhuhu.... may i ask you something?... is it posible for us to convince you to be one of the judges and speaker in our forthcoming Mr. and Ms. UN?..

ishie said...

wiiiiiiiiiiii hello kuya..i was there but i didn't see you because of so much people..unfortunately i can't breathe whenever too much people surrounds me so my brothers refused to bring me inside and instead ask me to go home T.T ahuhuhuhu.... may i ask you something?... is it posible for us to convince you to be one of the judges and speaker in our forthcoming Mr. and Ms. UN?..

Anonymous said...

Cool! I am the first to comment! And I have just discovered your blog today! :)

Congratulations on your win! You and the team really deserve this championship. Seeing you guys play full of passion and drive is really inspiring, even to freshies like me. :)

I have read and seen everywhere about you and your great achievements, and for me, you are truly the ultimate role model of Ateneo. More than that, you are one of the humblest persons I have ever seen, and I deeply admire you for that. I hope I someday could live my dreams, too. :D

Not wanting to make this long, I just want to wish you all the very best in your future career, and whatever path you choose to take. Continue to inspire more people with your unwavering spirit and talent.

It's amazing how you find time to blog as well!

That guy signing your brief was really funny! :D

Go Ateneo!!
One Big Fight!

Wishing I also had an autograph,

zir said...

WHOA! nice event then! haha! the cousin of my friend who finished her college in ateneo got home at 12 midnight if i'm not mistaken. COOL. and it's your kindness that makes the mob smile. enjoy the win, and never ever forget about God who brought you on your stage. CHILL! hehe!

eldy said...

You've been very busy for the past few weeks because of interviews and other stuff =). Hehehe... x]. I wish I was also at the bonfire last TIUsday, unfortunately need to do paperworks and its raining heavily x]. I'm really really happy for you Chris! Godbless and Take Care always! =). Oh yeah it's Mahatma Gandhi's birthday today! We had our lesson about him at our Theology subject a while ago (:

myv said...

..hi!! i was at the bonfire last TIU'SDAY.haha.. was so muddy!!i was wearing a white shoes then it became were wearing a white rubber shoes,right??haha..i cant walk too much because of the mud..haha..but "no pain no gain" right?? was all worth it..i really had a great's so nice to see you and the whole's more than i expected! nice to watch spongecola and parokya ni edgar play..haha..:)

..hope there will be more like this..haha..:)

..take care! hope to meet you..:)

Franco said...

Hey Chris! Were you the one singing "Mary for You" during the bonfire?:)

Anonymous said...

wes was funny! i found it cute when you plugged chinky chickens on stage!!! well done!

good luck to you chris! ;P

zir said...

WAAAH? another comment. (sorry na) i think, do ko na naman na-post yung isa ko pang comment. AISHEE. haha! anys, tanong ko lang. recently, bakit do ka na nagre-reply sa mga comments dito? hehe! pasensh. 'cause i noticed that months ago, there were your replies on the comments. but now, i think, wala ka na rin atang time? hehe! sige, natanung ko lang. GOD bless. c:]

Anonymous said...

Hey! There are pictures of the bonfire wood being posted anywhere.. the woods have the names of DLSU players... Are you aware of that?

i just can't believe it

APRiL♥♥ said...

Hi :)

Anonymous said...

ur such a nice guy. ^^

Sapphire said...

uhmm. excuse me. i'd like to ask a question. i've seen several pictures on the internet about the bonfire held at AdMU last tuesday. the names of the players from DLSU were written in green on the wood burned. are those real? if they are, all i can say is those pictures offend the Lasallian community so much.

Cla Oyco said...

hahahahaha it's crazy how you guys are being treated...still can't help but feel really upset knowing that you won't be coming back next year though...=( oh well, TIME FOR THE NEW BREED OF EAGLES! God Bless you Chris Tiu! *amblis magbounce back eh noh? haha*

ms.tiu said...

hello chris.. ^^
i have observed that this year's team is so popular 'coz you guys have done a lot of guestings since the most waited win against dlsu.. (^^,)
i dunno y, other champion teams naman didn't had much tv guestings, but you guys, you really rocked the showbiz world.. haha!.. most especially you, you are already a "shining" star.. like when unang hirit visited ateneo (uhm, kahit sa gym lang).. haha!.. unfortunately, i wasn't able to catch that completely then because i had to attend my morning classes.. nevertheless, i know naman that i'll see you more nyan, and i hope even the rest of the team.. haha!.. best of luck to you!..

* May God bless you and your family always.. *
* take care *
* always wear that "cute", "kakilig" smile.. *
* haha!.. *

sarah jane selisana from bulacan said...

hay..sana nakapunta ko sa bonfire pero talagang di pwede..kc tga-BUlacan pa ko...
congratz po talaga..
sana mgtuloy2 ang pagsikat mo..
im so hapi kc nanalo kayo..pero sad dn ako kc di kana mglalaro ulit..
pero lage ako nanonood ng mga shows mo..
i will support you always..
sna mkita kta in person khit malayo..kc lagi lng kta nkikita sa comp ko,,kw wallpapaer ko nOh!!!ahihihi....

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

You brought joy to others... that is why you are blessed....

SOAR High.... BLUE EAGLES.....

Congratualations again.....


CEMD said...

Nice entry...parang nandun na rin aq sa bonfire!
Nice! hehehe
an lakas ng business ah...hahaha

Anonymous said...

"- I signed my name on this guy's brief. Afterwards, he told me he had just won P1000 from a dare. He seemed to be a straight guy. Hilarious!"

OMG! Funny guy!x)

Bianca said...

Thank you so much, Chris! I REALLY was worth the wait! :) We're really going to miss you next season. :( Well anyway, I'm wishing you all the best in life. Keep praying. :) -Bianca

Anonymous said...

CHINKY Chickens?

Anonymous said...

how i wish i were there. by the way chris, do you speak chinese fluently?

Kimberly Anne said...

Eventhough it was really traffic last night, i bet that all the ateneans & all of your fans were very happy.

The Bonfire was a success! :)
I'm so delighted that i saw you in person! :> :">
But then, sayang! I was not able to have a picture with you! :|

Oh well, next time nalang.ü
I hope that that 'next time' will happen. I'll be optimistic no matter what! :D HAHA.

Anyways, i'm running out of words.
Just Take Care. God Bless you always. :)

star alava:) said...

i hate it when places are far from our house because i cant attend some events. anyway though my house is far from katipunan i was still given a chance to had a shirt with the players signature but suddenly my cousin wasn't able to go to ateno, so yet i still dont have it but still hoping to have one.haha

nway. CONGRATS again for your victory and for the double celebration:)MORE POWERS TO THE ATENEO TEAMS:)

Anonymous said...

hi chris!:D im so glad you had a great time! my sister was one of those who stayed until 2:30. in fact, she was one of the last in line. i really wish i could to bonfire next year.
God Bless you!

patrick said...

Congratulations on your citation, Chris! The line was too long so I did not bother to line up. Good luck on your career!vh

Dine Racoma said...

Congratulations again, Chris. and thanks for having a kind heart! Super God bless.

chrismarie said...

yey! i was the first one to leave a comment! haha =p

anyways, again, congratz chris!
you're TIU good to be true! haha
i prayed so hard for ateneo to win the championship. and you did! thanks God! ang dami niyong nakuhang awards. this season was really for ateneo! :)

I hope I can still see you playing at the P.B.A..kahit 2 to 10 years lang? hehe =)

I always watch pala all your shows. Hope magtagal pa lahat ng shows mo kasi sa dun na lang ata kita makikita.. :)

Take care and God bless! :)

mars said...

You look totally stressed!! Have a great rest and hope you'll be in the PBL!

diana jane said...

Thanks for signing our tarp, and my shirt! :) and please tell justin chua, thank you for being nice. ( siya kasi nag abot ng tarp sayo).

tim said...

Chris, it was really worth it. You and the team are my inspiration. :) To be a the true blue Atenean we all should be. :) Congrats and GB! :D- tim

mayenne said...

Hey Chris!! Belated Congratulations. I know this is already late cause you already celebrated your victory party in Fiama and the Bonfire is already done. But anyway, I still want to greet you congratulations. I was able to see the whole game 2. I went home early just to watch it and the UAAP awarding. I was so happy when you guys won. I was vying for Ateneo to bag the championship. It was really your time to shine and be the champion. Though it made me teary-eyed coz I know that it will be your last game for the UAAP. I won't be able see you again play for Team Ateneo which is really sad on my part.

Anyway, good luck on your career. I wouldn't be commenting on how the Archers played game 2. Haha:))

Congratulations to everyone!!

Take care. God bless!!:D

Celine said...

I went to the bonfire! It was so cool! :) My friends and I had a picture with your brother, Charles. :)) Funny story, actually. =)) Anyway, we actually lined up, although, it was getting late, so we had to go. :( It was really hard to leave the line! I was so depressed. :)) Until now, actually. My classmates are all talking about how they met all of you. It's really hard for me!
:( :))

Anyway, congratulations to all of you and I hope to see you guys soon! :)

hannah said...

hey kuya chris!

grabe,the bonfire was awesome:D my friends and i stayed there until 1am. too bad we were not able to ask for the palyers' autographs and have our pictures taken since we can hardly move from the mud and we were sure there were a lot of people waiting in line too.

But we still had fun, and until now i still have a hang over from the bonfire.:)) the fireworks were also beautiful:D

i hope i'll still have another time to see you again..i'll really miss you play for Ateneo.:( it just struck me again when they showed the tribute for you and yuri that you both won't be play anymore next year.

anyway,thanks again for making my day/night complete last tiu's day.:D i can't wait for the next bonfire.:)

Nikki said...

Congratulations again Chris!:) i reached the tent at around 2 and i can really say that everything was literally worth it!:) thanks for being nice despite the fact na super pagod ka na:) and you asked me pa if i was sleepy na!:) haha well anyway super kapagod but i had a blast!:) anyway God Bless and goodluck with your career!:)

abrilata said...

The Bon Fire looks fun. Sadly, I'm not an Atenean to be part of it.. Hehe. :)

Hhmm.. When will UP do that? Haha. :)


3xie said...


hannah monicqa said...

yipee!!!! so i'm the first one to leave a comment....hehehe
i congraTUIlate(hehehe) you guys for the success of the event amidst the bad weather, surely the rain represented more blessings to be bestowed upon you i wish i was there-but i'm just too far away...tsk2x....hope to see you soon!!!
God bless and good luck!
-proud to be aTIUnista...hehehe-

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! It was so muddy! My boyfriend and I tried to line up, but we were just sinking! We really had to step on something firm already. SAYANG! Anyway, just wanted to congratulate you guys again! This season was just AMAZING! Definitely a blessing from HIM. We'll get your autograph someday. Haha.

hannah monicqa said...

(visayan translation of the acronym: AMDG)
"Ang Mangopya Dako'g Grado,
Ang Masakpan Dili ka Graduate."
for short: those who cheat will have good grades, to those who are caught won't graduate...hehehe
(corny noh??!)

Anonymous said...

hi mr. TIUnami :] 230am? whoa. i went home at 10 after i bought a copy of your jersey. :D

that mud experience in the field
was fun-NY. haha. i guess you
didn't experience that :P

i didn't attend my classes just to go there. i knew it would be
a big night for you since you won't play in uaap anymore :(
how sad. but i guess i'll see you
in pba! :]

i heart TIU :]

-joan tricia lua, 16 :]

Jeri said...

Wohoooo! Sulit na sulit nga ang paghihintay sa pila! At sulit din ang paglalakad sa maputik na bel field nung gabing yun! :)

I got your signature at around 2 o'clock in the morning. (Good thing I have an umbrella with me when it started to rain) I wasn't able to get the signatures of Rabeh, Nico and Eric 'cause they already left..

Anyway, Congratulations!! :)

And thank you for the inspiration!

I had fun on those 13 Ateneo games I've watched this Season..:)

Trina the Strange said...

Uh, that's cool Chris. Keep it up! ;)

Reg said...

hi chris! buena mano! this is my second time to comment here and my first time to be the first on your list!yey!:) anyway, I was moved with this story written about you in inquirer. I think it was way back during your grade school days when you were sent overseas and the one thing that I will never forget was when you decided to just pray the rosary instead of watching an x rated film and because of that I really admire on how you were brought up by your parents, you turned out to be the ultimate dream guy.whoa!bigat nun!haha!:)pede na kita i consider na one of the jonas brothers padgating sa kasikatan! put smiles on a lot of people..basta continue inspiring the youth and one last thing may I ask what's so special about the number 17? I'm just curious.hope you'll find time to answer it.thanks! more power to you! God bless!

Anonymous said...

congraTIUlations to the ATENEO Blue Eagles and Blue Eaglets for winning the champonship.... hope that there would be another championship title for ATENEO for the next season... The play of ATENEO this season is really amazing... i can't forget every game that i watch... ATENEO really deserves the champonship title... good luck and God bless YOU, your FAMILY and your career... FLY HIGH EAGLES!!!! AMDG...

Anonymous said...

i'm an atenean and have read some blog posts about the bonfire..

how will you react to issue that the bonfire with the names of players and some other people was rude for an atenean to do?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!It's nice to hear how you had so much fun during the bonfire..I wasn't able to be there coz I'm not an Atenean.. I'm so unlucky!I really am missing half of my life...Huhu... Anyways, just remember that there are people whom you don't even know but cares a lot for you...You're such a lucky person..Know why?!Coz many people loves you so much...
Anyways, my birthday is on the 10th of would be the happiest birthday of my life if you'd be able to greet me!Here's my email add: it's fine with you...I'll wait for that!Thanks and God bless..

Bea said...

hi, kuya chris. too bad i wasn't able to get your autograph and take a picture with you. but i do admire you for being so humble despite the fame.

good luck with life and see you around! ^_^


Anonymous said...

Chris, you always put a smile on people's faces. :)

angel said...

Congratulations for the successful Bonfire.

Anonymous said...

The Bon Fire was truly an experience to remember. Thousands of people braving the muddied field - eating, drinking, watching the show, going around the booths, lining up for your autographs, buying t-shirts, caps or jackets to remember the victory.

Fun! Something we should repeat next year. OBF!

Anonymous said...

hello Chris,

it's been a tough grind for our Blue Eagles and you've made it. congratulations and i wish you luck in your chosen career. anyway, while i was using multiply, i was shocked to see pictures of the bonfire with the last names of the dlsu players painted on it. i don't think ADMU will do that. were you able to see the pictures. thanks for the 5 years you sacrificed for us Chris. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

bianca said...

When will be your interview to Jessica Soho will be airing? Hehehe, la lang just asking of you don't mind. Anyways thanks for that autographed I got from you here in my blue pants, i really thank and appreciate it, you really are too humble. Hope to see you playing pba, during the next times and the following time. I was just wondering where Ken Barracoso is? Where is he? I haven't seen him playing in your team, and also, the article included in the Blue Blood magazine, with the title of, is that history? He's not part of it. Hope to see him next, and hope to see you season 72 supporting your team, and wearing your stripe. Good luck in the upcoming career, wish you all the best...


Anonymous said...

chris tiu, when can i possibly meet u? hay

Anonymous said...

chirs tiu, when can i possibly meet u? *sigh*

Anonymous said...

chris tiu, when can i possibly meet u? *sigh*

Patricia said...

Congrats again, Chris! :) I had so much fun at the Bonfire. :)

a said...

It was so tiring and stressful but it was so worth it! Just seeing you guys in person and having fun made my day! I don't even care about the mud anymore! Good Job Chris and We will miss you so so much!

And even though you'll have less hair by that time, we won't care! Kahit kulubot na okay lang!



Anonymous said...

I wasn't able to get your autograph!! Stupid mud :( If I see you around school, can I still get your autograph??? I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!!


Regina I. said...

Congrats once again! :) And although I wasn't able to get your autograph, I still want thank you for having the patience to sign hundreds of shirts and stuff for the fans. :) (Sorry na rin cause you guys really exhausted yourselves with all the signing)

We were in the line but we got out because my mom was already tired. I really hoped I could get your autograph and Yuri's as well during the Bonfire. But I wasn't. I was then haunted in my dreams, I kept seeing you and the whole team in my dreams and not being able to get your autograph!

Another day then, if I see you uh. Somewhere, I hope.

(even if it was muddy and earthworms crawled up my slipper urgh. )

Let's do it again next year! :D

francine17 said...

The Bonfire sounds really fun. I heard all of my friends saying that the field was really muddy. :)

Good thing the Blue Eagles had fun doing it. You should do that more often. LOL :D

Is it true that some players of the Blue Eagles will be playing in the PBL for Hapee?

Hope to see you soon this coming Sembreak. :)

P.S. Do you have any plans leaving the country this October? Hope to hear from you. :)

bea said...

hi tiu.
congrats for the success of the bonfire party. :)
wish there would be a second time for those who didn't have the chance to catch the said event. (like me)
btw, my sister has questions about you that i(personally) can't answer at all. hehe
i know you're the only one who can answer it.
FIRST: why is it your jersey no. is 17? :)
SECOND: why you're not eating ice cream?
i hope you can answer and post short stories about those stuffs.
thanks. Godbless.

P.S. please don't accept the comment its too long to be put in your comment box. haha :)

eYnah said...

hi Chris!

wasn't able to attend that bonfire celebration but at least we had a glimpse through that live streaming! :)

sakslover said...


Kudos to the whole ADMU team for the 1st place spot sa UAAP basketball :) keep up the good work guys :)

but sadly, a lot of my friends, both from ateneo and la salle, are quite disappointed about the "green-archers'-names-written-on-the-
bonfire-event" thing. it's pretty uncool and as i read your blog, didn't you notice na nakasulat yung mga names ng dlsu players + even the other teams ata (i saw this picture wherein nakasulat pati fighting maroons) kasi di ba sabi mo isa ka sa naglight ng bonfire? sana naman next time di na maulit to :) hindi kasi magandang tingnan eh T_T

pero still, happy parin kami for your team :) it was a really good game and congratulations for your last year (tama ba?) sa team :)

marriel said...

hope you can react about the name of the archers on the pieces of woods burned at the bon fire.. to whoever thought of that.. it's really a rude idea.. bet it disappointed most ateneans...

kaia said...

Sigurado akong marami na sa inyo ang nakakita ng mga larawan o nakabasa ng mga naisulat tungkol sa nangyari sa Bonfire noong Martes. Hindi ko na ilalagay ang mga larawang ito at hindi na ko ikekwento ang mga pangyayari, dahil hahaba pa itong sinusulat ko. Gusto ko lang ilabas ang aking opinyon tungkol sa pangyayaring ito.

Unang-una, ang dami kong nabalitaan tungkol sa nangyari. May nabasa akong nagsasabi na gawa daw ito ng isang alumni na lasing at hindi naman ng administrasyon ng Ateneo. May nabasa rin akong nagsasabing hindi naman sa Bonfire mismo nangyari ito kundi sa High School. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang buong kuwento at kung saan ba talaga nangyari ito, pero ang alam ko at ang alam ng mga tao, nangyari ito, di bale na kung saan at kung sino ang mga nakakita.

Ang dami nang nasabi tungkol sa nangyari sa Bonfire. May mga opinyon na lumabas at salitang nabitawan mula sa magkabilang panig. May mga taong apektadong-apektado, may mga taong walang pakialam, may mga taong feeling cool at steady lang. Isa ako sa mga feeling cool. Hahaha!

Nakakalungkot na ang mga gawain ng isang tao ay nakakaapekto sa komunidad na ginagalawan niya. Masyado nang nasanay at nabulag ang lipunan sa mga stereotypes na ang opinyon, pagiisip, o mga aksyon ng isang tao ay nagiging indikasyon ng opinyon, pagiisip, at ugali ng grupong kasapi niya. Nasanay na ang lipunan natin sa pagkakahon ng tao na nagiging awtomatiko na ito. "Walang modo ang mga Atenista," sabi ng ibang taong nakakita ng mga nakakahiyang larawan. "Mandaraya ang mga Lasalista," sabi ng mga taong nakarinig ng balita tungkol sa pagpasok ng mga manlalarong hindi lehitimong maglaro sa UAAP. "Magnanakaw ang mga Pilipino," sabi ng ibang banygang nakakarinig ng balita tungkol sa pangungurakot ng gubyerno.

Hindi ako nagmamalinis. Inaamin ko, sa ibang nibel pinatulan ko rin ang kabilang kampo. Nagbitiw din siguro ang ng mararahas na salita tungkol sa kanila. Nanlait din ako ng mga tao sa kabilang kampo, nag-asar ng mga kaibigang galing sa berdeng dako, nagmura, nanigaw, nangantiyaw. Ako man din ay nakatanggap din ng mga insulto tungkol sa paaralan ko, ako man din ay nakatanggap ng mga kantiyaw, panlalait, at pang-aasar mula sa kabilang kampo. Aminin natin, lahat tayo nagawa na ito. Minsan sadya, minsan dahil nadadala lang tayo ng mga damdamin natin. Ngunit pagatapos ng laro, bagama't may mga taong dinadamdam ang mga pangyayari, ang karamihan satin ay nakakalimutan na ang mga nabitawan at natanggap na salita.

Pero matapos kong mabasa ang mga naisulat tungkol sa pangyayari at nakita ang mga larawan ng mga kahoy na may pangalan nila Maierhopia ('senya na, di ko talaga mapigilan sarili ko. hehe ;p), naisip ko... Sana pinagtuunan na lang natin ng pansin ang pagkapanalo natin imbis na pagtuunan ng pansin ang pagkatalo nila. Sana pinagtuunan na lang natin ng pansin ang pagbibigay pugay sa mga manlalarong nagbigay sa atin ng dahilan upang magdiwang at magsaya. Sana pinagdiwang na lang natin ang ating pagiging kampyon. Sana nagsaya na lang tayo (kahit na sobrang putik nung gabing yun at ang haba ng pila kaya hindi kami nakapagpa-autograp sa mga manlalaro), kaysa sa tapak-tapakan natin ang kalaban.

Ngunit sabi ng ng kapatid ko sa kaniyang blog, nagawa na eh. Tapos na. Hindi na nating mabubuo ang kahoy na inilagay doon. Abo na yun. Tapos na. Hindi na natin mababawi ang nakakahiyang nagawa "natin" sa komunidad ng mga Lasalista.

Ang nais ko lang, hindi ito maging basehan ng mga tao (Lasalista man o hindi) sa katauhan ng tunay na Atenista. Tulad rin ng hindi basehan ng pagkatao ng Lasalista ang pagbatok ni Salagado o ang pagsuntok ni Ilad noong nakaraang mga season.

Sa kabila ng lahat ng ito, hindi pa rin ako magdadalawang isip sabihin na masarap pa ring maging Atenista. At alam kong maraming agree sa akin jan. =D

nadz96 said...

Hey Chris!
I'm sorry If I wasn't able to come to the bonfire party.
By the way some La Sallites are angry because you placed the names of the players on the wood used the bonfire.

I was really hurt when they told that. :(

Anonymous said...

hi chris tiu,
I wasn' able to attend the bonfire last Tiu's day bcoz of my work.I have read in a news paper this morning that your team ateneo are no longer joining in the PBL why?Anyways,I,ve watched UMAGANG KAY GANDA yesterday all the players of DLSU are all present and they all happy but when ATENEO gueting in UMAGANG KAY GANDA are not all present only rabeh,jai,yuri and the 2 player i forgot there names are present but you are not guesting in abs-cbn they are one of the reason why you are well known bcoz of live telecast of the uaap in studio23.GOODLUCK to all your endeavorse.

Anonymous said...

nice entry.What happen that your team are back out in the PBL.

Anonymous said...



*dapat pala pina-sign ko din shirt ko, kaya lang i hesitated since i was wearing it that night. haha :)) pero malupit yung nagpa-sign sa brief ah. :))


*feeling ko nga nag-form na ng capital letter 'S' yung backbone ko dahil sa scolio ko sa sobrang tagal ng pagkakatayo dahil lang sa paghihintay. :))

timeerificationisms said...

why were the names of the green archers on the wood sa bonfire? parang. ang sad.

atenista ako, but parang.
di ako na proud don. :(

Anonymous said...

I just want to comment about the bonfire.I think mr.mikels is right bcoz dlsu are already loose and it's already over why your fellow atenean do this kind of things.I hope that you and your team mates are not responsible for this things happened.

amanda said...

Guys, yes the firewood incident was true, but please don't blame all Ateneans (or Chris for that matter). Only one crazy Atenean was responsible for that. Most of us Ateneans feel embarrassed because of what he did. It was wrong and we know it

sunshinegirl said...

Hi Chris.

I was one of the last people who got to get your signature. Thank you for staying that late. I salute you and the players who stayed til the wee hours of the morning. Lakas ng ulan, maputik pero andyan pa rin kayo. I know you guys are so tired. Thank you talaga. :D


patty :) said...

at first i wanted to read all the comments here and see what other people have in mind to say, but hey, i just realized that i have to go to sleep already :)) i still wanna post my own comment nonetheless and just read the others' maybe tomorrow :D
really the Bonfire was only up to 2:3o? :)) i thought it was gonna last way beyond that :D
the citation thing sure is cool huh ;) for sure all of us are still your fans even after those 20 years and Chris Tiu w/ or w/o hair is still that same perfect and adorable guy :)
Ambassador Kenney is an Atenean at heart, it shows when she watches games :))
i don't know about the names of the archers written on the pieces of wood that were burned, haven't asked sis bout that. hmm.. but if that's really true, oh no, that's foul already. way too much. we shouldn't stoop down to their level, well if you know what i mean. that's really below the belt already if ever that's true. please be kind enough though to clarify this issue :|
sure, signing autographs and flashing a smile one after the other for more than 4 hours was all worth it for you guys! you brought so much joy to so many people, young and old alike. they and we have all stuck with you all throughout this season and even throughout the other painfully-concluded seasons, so it sure didn't hurt giving back to the community. gratitude is indeed the memory of the heart :D
of course your Chinky's a best-seller! everything and everyone associated with you is seen up there at the top sharing most likely the same success as you what you have ;)
the brief thing made me giggle :)) kinda weird but 'twas all part of the fun :D
those people really waited, patiently and eagerly at that, just to get their stuffs autographed by the Eagles and just to get your pics taken, despite the rains and everything else :) for sure after all the stress and mud and the long hours in line, they just felt fulfilled and super happy that finally at least a few of their dreams finally came true :)
you have placed countless smiles to so many people's faces, Chris, as well as your team mates :) you have made so many hearts pound uncontrollably with so much bliss :) and you have fulfilled the dreams of every Atenean and non-Atenean alike :)
thank you very much for everything! :) you are such a heaven-sent and you'll forever be remembered :) continue being our inspiration and the being epitome of what it's like to be perfect and what it's like be a true blue Atenean :)
you have definitely soared like an Eagle and may you continue doing so :)
May GOD Bless You all the more!ü

rona :) said...

huhu. kainggit! how i wish i was at the bonfire! :'(

anyway, is that for real? green archers' names were written on the burnt woods??? awe. (am a bit disappointed!) O_O

would you tell us some things about that if you don't mind. thanks.

I will miss watching you playing in UAAP Chris! :'(

Take care! God bless you ALWAYS! :)

kharen tuss said...

.... everything's created from
fr.moment to moment.
Chris..u'r rily destinined
to shine.

.... it's true that "it's n0t
who starts the game but
who finishes it."

* g00d mornin'!

torchbearer said...


can we please put things in perspective here and not be so tight-assed about those wooden planks we burned at the bonfire?!! i mean, people, it was a celebration, for heaven's sake! the spirit of the evening was not like that of a political rally where effigies are burned out of anger and outrage!!! given that, consider the green archers and the 3 blind mice honored in that their names were set up in flames and sent up to the heavens as part of our thanksgiving celebration! think of them as a sacrificial offering for our future victories!

it's funny how big a deal is being made about the impropriety of this, but none on the green-bashing that was going on the entire night. isn't it precisely because it was all done in the spirit of jest and fun?

so, lighten up, guys! maierhofer and a fire don't necessarily mean eternal damnation for him and the likes of him, no matter how tempting. ;)

we lit that fire to chase away the demons of the so-called "dark ages"... to light up and usher in a new age of victories reminiscent of the glory days of the great forefathers of the blue eagles!


Tomas said...

Wish i was there!

angelle said...

Hi Chris! :)

although i wasn't able to go, im glad you shared your experience during the Bonfire. glad to hear that it was a success! Congratulations! i really admire you Chris for being able to make many people happy. :)

God bless you always Chris! thank you for always being my inspiration. take care!

jesse said...

too bad i wasn't able to go to the bonfire. i really feel sad.... :(

but there will be a next year, right? you guys will win the Championship again! haha.

but anyway, i'm just curious, what can you say about the Green Archers' names written on the wood? was that really intended or not?

I HOPE NOT. please.

Anonymous said...

I had fun last TIU'sday even if there's mud all over my shoes and we're all tired, it didn't matter already. Congratulations again! Thanks for a memorable season!

P.S. Chris, thanks for making TIU'sday extra special for me!:) so surreal! Thank YOU for making me (us) smile =D

hazel said...

hey chris...just wanna know what you think of those woods being burned, during your "bonfire night", which had the archers' name on it?I hate seeing the pix and the possibility that the ateneans did that..hope you'll be able to answer the people's comments on this..thanks.. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! I just watched the bonfire program online and I must say I'm pretty glad I missed the mud :-p but also sad I missed celebrating with the rest of the Ateneo faithful.

Congratulations on your citation. My lola's brother is in the Ateneo Sports Hall of Fame so you'll be in good company once you get there, hahaha!

PS To all the people who have an issue with what was burned at the bonfire, you may wish to note that the team had no control over what that was. I'm also pretty sure potshots have been taken at Ateneo during the other side's celebrations. If not, well there's a new idea for you! :-p

angel said...

my dearest Chris Tiu,

First of all, congratulations you did the good job! and well done sa party ninyo! kaya lang. . .

what can you say when people said na Unfair daw yong game nyo? curious lang po ako dami kasi accusation about sa inyo lalo na dun sa BonFire, parang Binarang with 0rasy0n nyo ang mga players ng La Salle :(

i admit medyo naghihinayang ako sa ADMU:( sana naging wholesome yong Bonfire nyo :( tulad sa ibang Ateneo schools. . .


P.S sana ipost mu dito ang mga tanong ng mga tao. . . gusto kasi namin malaman yong side ninyo, ayaw kasi namin magjudge. . . makakabuti yan para hindi kau ma misinterpret ng ibang tao at mawala yong bias. . . hope it helps :)

-eyecatchy me0w me0w(=^_^=)

bluebloodedstar said...

no it wasn't the blue eagles who put the names of la salle players in the bonfire. it was apparently an alumnus..its really sad that he did that coz i saw the wood earlier that afternoon and it was just plain wood. im pretty sure chris and the ones who lighted the bonfire didnt see it too since the lighting of the bonfire came from another place before it went straight to the big pile of wood...

kathkath:) said...

hi again mr.tiu. .

hindi nakakasawang magbasa ng blog mo ha. . hehe :)

do you really play with the next season of PBL? kasi hindi ko alam kung anong channel pinapalabas un eh. . paki bigyan naman kami ng info about that. . pls :)

tonight oct3 there is a Studio 23 special titled "Fab 5: The Road to Glory" haha for sure i will watch that. . it includes the mythical 5 kaya papanuorin ko talaga kahit ang daming pressure sakin ngaun. . bcoz our finals is near huhu :(
pray for me chris. .

you're really my inspiration :)

goodluck to you. . and to me na din hehe
take care always :)

Anonymous said...

hi sir!i really don't know how to call you. i just wanted to ask if you and yuri will still be going to Moro in the next days?i am really, really sad about what happened during the last few minutes ng pag-sign niyo ng autograph.

my friend is sick(until now) during the bonfire.pero pumunta pa rin siya to accompany me.but at around 1:45 am suobrang taas na ng lagnat niya and we have to leave. nasa side lang kami ng adidas booth and we were tring to get the autographs of the other we decided to go to the end of the line.Jobe Nkemakolam went to there to sign some of the posters. my friend wanted to stay with me but i can't see her ng ganun yung kalagayan niya.

i really wanted to have a picture with you and yuri sana(because this is your last year). but i don't know where to look for you.I'll be leaving for australia soon and..oh..i just wanted and autograph =)

i hope you will reply to this msg.Thank you so much


Anonymous said...

hey chris. thanks for the video message wishing me luck with my thesis (i'm not so sure if you even remember doing it). if it gets an award, imma get back at you (in some way, hopefully ;p). :D thank you so much. i was really, really sick but your message made me feel A-okay. :) God bless.


Karina said...

Thank you, Chris, for being patient with all of the fans who wanted to get you signatures on their posters! :) And please extend our thanks to the rest of the team, too! :)

We were waiting in line for about four hours, and our feet were covered in mud, but we were so happy that we got to see you all. It was one of the happiest days of my life! :) Thanks so much and congratulations again!

bfrances said...

Hi Chris!

Bea, I'll try to answer your second question as to why Chris does not eat ice cream.

I read an article by Ricky Lo entitled "Body Talk with Chris Tiu" in the Philippine Star. It says there that Chris does not consume much dairy products because he's lactose intolerant. I hope that I have read it right.

I never thought that the party will lasr until the early morning. By the way, Alingal Hall housed Pathways to Higher Education Program before. The first office in that hall is very spacious that it was able to accommodate the program units of Pathways.

I also bought the UAAP issue of the Blue Blood and when I brought it to school, my friends could not help but borrow it. They even warned me that I'm a traitor to my school. Haha.

Anyway, I'm glad that despite the stressful disturbances in the Bel fied, you still enjoyed the entire event. I'll watch Jessica Soho's show tomorrow. :)

Ben Francis Rances

pam said...

congrats and thanks for being an inspiration!

simplytoogood17 said...

hei.... looks like all of you really enjoyed a lot... well you all deserve a break.... I've hear ateneo's going to play in NCC... is it true?? if ever you guyz are, are you going to play?? well i hope you would... i wanna taste the chinky chicken!!!!!! i have a question hope you have time to answer it.... Pwede bang pumasok sa ateneo even though you're not an atenean??? please please please.......... that's all TIUperman!!!!! teecee always and GOD BLESS to everything that's coming in your way!!!

Anonymous said...

hey chris! I WILL MISS TIU SO MUCH! haha goodluck :)

go ateneo! one big fight :)

Erine said...

hahahaha.. You really did sign an underwear? (LOL)
You really did'nt looked messed up in that pic..hehehehe...
YOU know what, I think you'd still looke good at ur 40's..
Nice and funny entry,, A good thing to start my day.. GOdBLess!!

Anonymous said...

chinky chickens! wiee :) i love i love :)

chill said...

Hi Chris!!!!

congratulations!!!! you're the best!!!! :)

Chris!!! can i asked a question???

Is it true that you and Clarisse Ong are in to dating??? Please answer this. Thank you.!!!!

mania_ainam said...

~hmm..hi kuya chris..:D hmm..again congratulations..:D hmm..mania hir..the one who gave u the letter..i hope u remember me..i hope u read it..because it's an honor to me that u receive my letter and read it..;D anyway..thank u for smiling at my camera and talking to me even if hindi ako nkapila piniplit pa rin po kita na pirmahan yung dala kong poster from chalk mag...hahahahhah..i'll always treasure the moments when im with you..hahahahhha..eniwei.. i loved the brief signing part too..hahahahah..hmm..again thank you for the inspiration..hahahhaha..hope u liked my drawings and i hope that i can have one of your jerseys..hahahahha..eniwei..take care always and god bless..:D

asiandude71 said...

ako jehovah's wiTIU-ness =)

Anonymous said...


congrats again!

but i wasn't able to attend in the bonfire how sad.

tnx for posting your tv guesting i surely watch that.

i love you.. hehe

kristinee* said...


Anonymous said...

congratulations! you made every single freshie in ateneo very very happy :)

can you please clarify the bonfire wood with the players names? :| i really believe that Fr. Nebres would never allow such a thing to happen. i'm sure if you were the one to discuss this "issue" even lasallians would listen. i was way to far that night to actually see the bonfire wood and i can not defend my school from my lasallian friends because i do not really know the whole story.

thank you :)

Meryl_17 said...

Hi chris tiu!!

Ugh!! I didn't go to the Bonfire!!

by the way, i have a friend that looks like u.

Gosh! I want u to meet him!!!


How are u??


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