Monday, September 22, 2008

Finals Game 1 (ADMU vs DLSU)

It wasn't the prettiest of victories, but a win nevertheless! A game played with a lot of intensity and emotion! Jai and Yuri again chased Casio all over the floor and tired him out, forcing him to take difficult shots. Nonoy again anchored the defense highlighted by an exclamation point rejection on Maeirhoffer that sealed the game! It's rare to see him let out all his energy after a spectacular block, but that just goes to show how intense and emotional this game really is! Nothing personal. Defense was key again today. Offense just followed. I believe Rabeh just showed the world today who the true MVP of the league is. Hats off! I felt that La Salle wanted him to score at will and make him beat them all by himself, and he did! Of course, with timely assists from Nonoy, Jai, Eric and Ryan. Expect DLSU to adjust in the next game.

I spent more than half of the game on the bench because of foul trouble and scored only 2 points. Well, I think i got too excited and i wasn't able to adjust to the calls. That just goes to show how deep our team is and that the rest of the guys can indeed step up when needed. During the 2nd quarter, Nonoy, Eric and I were merely spectators but the guys were able to hold the fort and even extend the lead to 7.

Upon waking up, my little brother was pointing to the headline of the Philippine Star and I was shocked to see a huge photo of myself and JV Casio on the front page! That's something I can share with my grand kids when I'm older, my next dream is to make it to the cover of Time Magazine! haha! There were like 4 or 5 write ups about this series on both the Inquirer and Star, all with their own story angles. That's just how big a deal this series supposedly is. In fact, there have been rumors going around that I have been receiving all sorts of threats , even death threats! haha! And that I even hired bodyguards for that matter.

I think I've said enough for now. Series is not yet over. Just one more game and i'm sure DLSU will come out stronger and tougher! We promise all of you supporters out there that we will play even harder this Thursday to try to close out the series. We offer the game to all of you but most of all for His greater glory - AMDG! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. For God's Greater GLory!


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Hebeegat said...

Yup, Chris, give it your all on Thursday. Finish what you've started, you guys deserve that championship. No room for leniency, wrap it up on Thursday then we can go and have mass at Gesu and a bonfire :) Best of luck and God bless to the team!

Zara said...

Good job guys! :) Although there were a lot of WTH calls from the refs, it was an intense game and an even more intense WIN! A win is a win! :) Kudos to you guys, hanging in there despite the foul trouble. :)

God bless and the best of luck in the next game! Onebigfight! :)

Nette said...
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Noel said...

Great game!!!

Go ATENEO!! Abot kamay na ang tagumpay... One more big FIGHT!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! What can I say? I'm still at a loss for words. I saw the game today at a club that was mostly occupied by green shirts so I guess you can just imagine how quiet it was when Rabeh started waxing hot and when Ateneo finally won. I beg to differ though, I don't think it's an ugly win. It was a beautiful game that had a lot of highlights and was ended with Nonoy's "where do you think you're going with that ball" block on Rico. It was a great game indeed!

On behalf of all the Ateneo fans, thank you and a very big congratulations to Team Ateneo for bagging game 1. We know and believe that you guys can close the series on Thursday already.

Hand in hand we stand as one!

We believe!

Tahn said...

It was certainly a very intense game. Wish you all the best. We are very proud of our team, who definitely played not only with all their might but also with their heart. AMDG!

riezel said...

i really want to watch the 2nd game live..

i just wish my father could buy me some tickets.. hehe

we only have the morning classes on thursday.. good thing we are celebrating teacher's day that day.. hehe..

i wish all of team ateneo luck!!

do your best!! jia you!!

i'll always be here supporting the team all the way!


Anonymous said...

oh yeah! i watched your game via studio23 yesterday. Well, I've got to hand it down to you guys! you were great! I wish you guys luck on the next game! Never say die!ONE BIG FIGHT! :)

fence sitter said...

Congratulations! The opponent did not have a chance to take the lead. It seemed you are frustrated just to be sitting by the sidelines, but I am glad that your other team mates were able to really step up. It is just game 1, for sure you will be back with a vengeance in Game 2. At the same time, the team got to the finals relying on your leadership and scoring. Needless to say, you still showed tenacity everytime you get a chance to be on the floor. One big fight!!!

Lia said...

Good job on the win! You all played spectacularly. Looking forward to the next game. God bless! I'll be rooting for you guys.:)

rona :) said...

Good luck on your game on Thursday! I know you'll win! God bless you! :)

Anna said...

I bet the news about the death threats came from the same people who started the rumor that Rab was injured. Mga walang magawa. :-(
Watching the reply and the intensity on Rab's face, you could tell he was a guy on a mission. It was so focused, it was scary!!! (couldnt see that from up on the stands!!)
It was really frustrating (for us too!) that you were not able to play for so long. I mean, this is what you stayed one more year for. Its great to see the boys have your back (and kinda a changing of guards cos without you, its really next year's team). Hope you can shake off the Game 1 fouls and come back to show La Salle why they were right to be afraid of you!
One more. OBF!

Anonymous said...

Praise God for Game 1!

Basta ingat lang palagi.

God bless!


Philip said...

You guys are a super strong team as defined by Senator Webb.

Keys to Victory this Game 2.

You have to limit your turnovers. To be honest with you, without Buenafe in the first half you could have lost the game even with Rabeh's MVP type of game. It was Ryan who was mature and calm at the floor.

Continue chasing casio and tire him out. Make the other DLSU make their shots. They have struggled and their confidence right now is in limbo.

I am confident that you guys would win Game 2. As i predicted in my previous blog, this would be a 2 game sweep by the Blue Eagles with the Archers not coming as close as they did when they first met you in the Season.


Btw, would you know where we could purchase those " I love Nonoy " Shirts...

jass said...

wow is all i can say.

nice start for you guys, goodluck!

and Congratulations.ü

sayawkimy said...

'Sup chris! Good luck on Thursday! :D


dzoie said...


just focus on your game next thurs, we'll pray for you and the team and let God do the rest on thursday =).. just like what ive said before, thy will be done..we know ure doing this for Him, for the community and the supporters..its sad one game na lng then ure uaap career is over.. gogogo chris on thursday...itll be ur day..lahat ng efforts ng team and sacrifices ng team will b rewarded...ONE BIG FIGHT!!!

are we invited sa bonfire???sana weekend...hehehehe i almost forgot,when th blue eagles won the 2002 championship, abscbn invited them over and nagguest sila sa shows nila... what if invite nila kau, aattend ka ba???kapuso ka?? but i really wanted to see u sa kapamilya channel...


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!!

i'm just wondering... what's the significance of #24 printed on your shirts? :)

anyway... Good luck on thursday...
we'll pray for you... :)

God Bless...

lilmissmushy said...

congratulations chris! :D

myv said...

..hi! good morning..

.first of all, cograts in your win against dlsu.. it was really a great game..

..i've read the article about the bodyguards.. it is true??

..i hope you could bounce back on thursday..:)

..goodluck on your game..:)
..keep the intensity up..:)


cherrytiu said...

great! you ruled the first game! keep up the good sync and you deserve the title.. God will guide you for sure! congratulations!

maresy said...

congrats for winning the game just need one game to win.i hope that you'll get the championship it's been a while now since ateneo got a championship.though i cant watch the game 2 because i have classes. i just pray for the team,,hehe
good luck to the whole team

Anonymous said...

Good job BLUE! ; )

hey chris..! Do inform us about the bonfire beforehand.. so all of us could party with you guys.. :)

Nadine said...

Congratulations on your win! You guys deserve it! I wish you all the best for Thursday's game! God Bless! :)

Ayumi Nakamura-Takarai said...

who care if you've only scored 2pts?! Splendid game by the eagles! I never thought DLSU would have a very tough time knowing they would most likely had something up their sleeves for game 1. We really hope you'd get the 2nd one this thursday..i don't want any game 3 ^_^ v...ONE BIG FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

hope manalo ulit kayo this thursday!

Anonymous said...

The game was amazing Chris... i hope you will have a great game on thurs and close out the series. You are the TRUE leader of the team and you all deserve the best and thats to win the championship! Will continue to pray hard. :) ONE BIG FIGHT!

mel said...

You guys made us really proud. It was such an exhilarating experience watching the team work as a team. You guys kept focused and determined, despite a slow start.

Now, on to Game 2. =D


ME '91, Psy '01

agnes said...

congrats! :D
nice game.

nina said...

AWESOME, AWESOME GAME!!!! :) CONGRATULATIONS TO THE TEAM! :) Let's make a prediction on how many points you'll score on Game 2, 'coz I'm pretty sure you're going to make an explosion!After all, that's 2 games that you didn't get to score much but heck!The team still won! So for the 2nd game, you'll be scoring 40points!Too much ba un?Okay, okay..50pts!..okay let's be realistic...a HUNDRED!:)hahaha Don't worry, Capt.even if you're not scoring much, the other players are there to score..just give them great assists and they won't have a hard time scoring :) Hats off to Rabeh,Jai,Yuri,Ryan and Nonoy!LOVED his expression after blocking Rico(sorry, don't know how to spell his last name instead of making a mistake about it, I'd rather use his first name hehe)

Good Luck on the next game! :) Have filed our VL's from work already just so that we can get to watch live and be with the team for the MASS after the game :)


chrissylace said...

Good luck on your next game chris! :) Go Ateneo!!! One Big Fight!!!

-=lace=- said...

Congratulations! and Good Luck on your next game Chris! Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!!! :)

Tetet said...

Great game! Agree with you. In the end, a team's greatness is measured by the contribution of everyone, not just one person. This is what we have that DLSU doesn't. Way to go. Go Ateneo!

jas said...


one game to go..

hope and praying that you will win the championship on thursday!


diane said...


Thank you for making us very proud.
I pray that you all continue to well.

Go team!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cris;

Congrats Ateneo!!!

One Big Fight on Thursday
We are praying for another win...


Anonymous said...

Hi Cris

Congrats Ateneo!!!

One Big Fight on Thursday
We will be praying for a Win.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your win! The teamwork is awesome. Just one more game. FOCUS and it will be yours.

I and my gang will be there to watch you guys claim the crown on Thursday.

We Believe! OBF! GO ATENEO!


Anonymous said...

great job for the ADMU Blue Eagles! Hope you could sustain it come Thursday and be the champ of the league already! To God be the Glory! And include also: To my neighbor the benefit and to myself the burden. But don't give any benefit to La Salle for the game huh? Maybe on other aspects and matters! Hehe.

b. said...

good job guys! chris, go get them in game 2. i know it'll be your last your game as a blue eagle. that's how confident i am of the team! :) it breaks my heart that my fellow ateneans and i will be in singapore on thursday. but we hope to catch the game online. we'll be cheering and praying for the team. GO ATENEO ONE BIG FIGHT!

michiko said...

hi chris! congratulations to you and the boys for a great win! :) i went to mass yesterday at the church of gesu and offered it for the team. :)
best of luck on thursday! stay healthy and keep the faith!

One Big Fight!

Anonymous said...

Our family watched the game faithfully yesterday and it was the first time that I've seen you in a game. Well, it is true that you didn't score well but your leadership was very evident, your movements were very fluid and fast. It is also very inspiring to see how you set up your teamates to score by wonderful assists. YOU DID A GREAT JOB, YOU PLAYED EXCELLENTLY because the greatness of a Team Captain is not in conquering but in sharing, building the team through sacrifice. As St. Ignatius says: "It is in dying that we are born to eternal life!"


Anonymous said...

go chris goodluck sa next game ;)

Anonymous said...

congrats chris :) goodluck sa next game ;)

eYnah said...

Hi Chris!

Congratulations! An intense game indeed.

Seal the season with a victory on thursday! :D

Best of luck Blue Eagles! :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning Chris! Congratulations to you and the rest of the team on the great win. And I have to say that Nonoy played really great defense. He is my favorite (second to you, of course!). Hope the team plays as well on Thursday. And whatever it is that's got you during the last 2 games, I hope you'll be able to shake it away! Looking forward to a good game from you. OBF!!

bombastarr said...

Congrats, Chris! :) I was very very impressed with how Ateneo's defense didn't at all falter in the whole 40 minutes of play! Despite the many errors committed by the team (like the turnovers), you still managed to get 10-point leads! Just goes to show how solid your team really is :)

Again, congratulations Chris! And of course, to the whole team! I'm not from Ateneo (I'm from UP) but I'm with the Katipunan crowd in saying, "One Big Fight!" :)

God bless on Thursday! :)

-- Karla :)

shy said...

so hindi totoo na naghire nga ng bodyguards? kasi sabi sa inquirer reliable source daw angsabi sa kanila na naghire nga ng guards! haha.

plus...nasa lifestyle section pa ng PDI kahapon..."How to raise a Chris Tiu". ang bait mo pala nung bata ka, nakwento kasi dun ng mother mo yung about sa x-rated movie na pinanood ng teamm8s mo! pinabayaad ata kau ng coach niyo, tapos ikaw ayaw mo magbayad kasi nga di ka naman nanood! instead, u prayed...ang abit mo talaga!hands down!

and ur picture there was so cute...spider-tiu! hehe.

khreezna said...

hi chris..

congrats for winning the game 1..
this win really shows how deep the ateneo team what mr. fredie webb said, team ateneo is not a strong is a super strong team..
wiee..1 more game to go..haha..

btw..check this out..i e-mailed it to mr. rick olivares and he posted it in his blog..haha..

goodluck on thursday.. :))

Anonymous said...

Good job, team! :)

Anonymous said...

hei Mr. Tiu..
Congratulations again to your team..

goodluck sa thursday..

Dva RABEH in arabic means WINNER??
hehe..narinig ko lang..



Anonymous said...

Great game Chris. It's ok if you scored 2 points, at least you aren't scoreless and you said it yourself that most of the time you were seated on the bench.
Your team mates played great defense.
I have to bow down to Rabeh for an awesome job on defense and offense as well.
Hands down to the coaching staff for great plays.
We are praying for you and your team mates this Thursday.
That's right, DLSU will come in strong this Thursday.
Offer the game not only for His Greater Glory but also for the intersession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit. They will be the ones who will guide all through out to seal the series this Thursday.
Go Chris and the rest of the Blue Eagles! ONE BIG FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Blue Eagles!

everyone did well and hopefully you'll win this coming thursday.

i will include the team in my prayers.

God Bless

nica said...

Congratz for the win! =)

Anonymous said...

gud morning chris!congrats ha..oo nga laki ng pic. mo sa newspaper!gudluck s thursday make it 2-0!hehe
wat r u'r plans nga pla after uaap?ingat

Anonymous said...

it's such a wonderful game!..i hope you'll win the championship..goodluck're a great captain..i know you can beat jv..keep up the good work guys!

timothy said...

natatawa ako umiyak si kuya ko noong nanalokayo natatawa talaga ako kase magaling talaga si kuya 19 ang galing talaga niya kaya lang aalis na kami ngayongweek na itobaabay pero pray pa rin ako na mananalo kayo sabi nila magstay daw ako don ng matagal kaya matagal pa akong babalik dito na lang ako magababasa sabi nga ni dada dapat daw behave ako dito sabiko di naman ako magulo diba
ayaw na nga nila akong napapaagod kase paramalakas daw ako sabi ko malakas ako kasing lakas ako nila kuya chris sige babay na uli

Anonymous said...

time magazine :)
thats great

you hired bodyguards?
woah. riccch :))

good luck on your game on thurs.

eien17 said...

hi Chris!
-Congratulations! we really had hard time getting tickets for the game, finally we got upperA for P1,200..okei lang, worth it naman..the game was really amazing, the way you guys played whew!! what can i say.. I really love that scene when Noy blocked maeierhofer and the way he reacted..(di na nya napigilan talaga nararamdaman nya that time).
-Again congrats to Blue Eagles..loveyou guys!! Godbless and Be safe always..

eien17 said...

hi Chris!
-Congratulations! we really had hard time getting tickets for the game, finally we got upperA for P1,200..okei lang, worth it naman..the game was really amazing, the way you guys played whew!! what can i say.. I really love that scene when Noy blocked maeierhofer and the way he reacted..(di na nya napigilan talaga nararamdaman nya that time).
-Again congrats to Blue Eagles..loveyou guys!! Godbless and Be safe always..

Anonymous said...

just focus on the game guys. dont let the outside world bother y0u on anything. let go and just do it. its one more game and not different from any other game you hve already won.

its our time and there is no turning back. just keep doing what you do best. keep adjusting when needed. keep la salle thingking what you guys are going to do next. dont be predictable.

all ateneo community believes

Anonymous said...

just curious...whats with the t-shirt you guys had on yesterday?

any special meaning to it?

peejabi said...

Our 2009 team beat the defending champs team minus ty tang and cholo! Bright future for ateneo!

Sana sa thursday, we sweep the awards, then sweep the archers after. Hehehe.

Mythical 5: Chris, Rabeh, Nonoy, JV and Rico.

ROY: Buenafe

MVP: Rabeh

One Big Fight!

christina said...

in former senator webb's words.."ateneo is not a stong team. it is a very strong team!" whew! just keep it up guys.

one more game.

God Bless Everyone!

+ AMDG +

karlandrew said...


anj said...

the blue eagles team is way better than the green archer's...

i have this feeling that casio doesnt really trust his team mates...
konti lang ang assists ng's like blue eagles vs casio...that's why he got tired siguro...

anyway...congrats to you and your team...

God bless on you next game..



jill said...

Well... similar to the NBA.. the team who wins the first round.. usually creates the momentum.. Maybe it really is your teams year this year.. But then again DLSUs the defending champs .. and itn might become similar to the Heat-Mavs finals series of 2006... for the reason of wrong moves and I guess too much confidence for the mavs? I hope your team will do well though... for the greater glory of God.. and for the Ateaneans.. I'm pretty sure with whatever happens... all us Ateneans will be proud of you guys.. one big fight.. (lol.. I may sound like some crazy fangirl I hope not cause thats whacked up..but I just love basketball.. mostly Nba so lol..) go ADMU +

charles tiu said...

to someone who tried to use my name and post a comment on this blog.. what are you trying to do?

And to anonymous (too chicken to even leave your name) who keeps on saying bad stuff and weird stuff to my brother, im sorry but your efforts will fail you because your messages will never get to him without being filtered first. to the people reading this, some person said, "in your face, that just proves that the team can win without your mayabang ass." i am wondering what that message is for? uhh.. i dont think my brother cares how he plays as long as the team wins and that is the most important thing. so maybe its in your face cause you aren't gona beat ateneo this year. not without any help from the refs.

and to kristine who said that wala raw si chris kay jv casio cause jv has 2 championships (isa lang yun, the other one was disqualified kasi nandaya kayo e ) i dont know what to say about that, they both are about to have 2 mythical five's each and one championship a piece. enough said.

so to those who want to bring him down, go ahead and try but there is no point in doing so, it doesn't really matter what you think anyway. Luckily some people screen the comments before chris reads them himself.

patty :) said...

aww.. you already gave up the MVP award to Rabeh? hehe. well, he deserves it. you're very UNSELFISH, Chris. what matters to you is your team and your team mates more than yourself and your own success. come to think of it, you can just be greedy and shoot as many baskets as you want. you can even not involve your team mates if you wish. but you're just not that type. you're very much different from those star players from other teams and even from other leagues who just want all the credit given to them. "bakaw" as they call it. you just make me admire you more and more! :D
oh, before i forget, CONGRATULATIONS! we're really the TRUE BLUE CHAMPIONS! :) (okay, let's not speak too soon. haha) for sure la salle will seek revenge. but hey, bring it on! team ateneo's inspired and you have the momentum. ;]
the bench of ateneo is really deep. you have so many talented players. kudos to your scouters! even if you scored only 2 points, you still won. your team mates delivered when it mattered the most! i bow down to all of you. as freddie webb said, "ateneo's not a strong team, they're a super strong team!" (even those from la salle admits that huh. haha!)
i'm sure next season and in the other seasons to come, ateneo would still be one of the teams to beat, even without you. sigh. :( i hope on thursday you'd give an MVP performance for the possibly last game of your UAAP stint.. ='(
thank you, chris, for the 5 years of devoting yourself to ateneo. not just by being a witty student or by being the star player of the blue eagles, but by being a man for others always and being the inspiration of many of us esp the youth. i really salute your parents for bringing you up so well.. we'll all be missing you. how i wish you'd have a clone! haha. kidding aside, we'd very much be longing for your presence on-court.. =(
wah! just bring home the championship trophy, please. and we'll all have our happy ending..
good luck! one big fight! :)

krisha mae said...

hi! it's my first time to send a comment here. well, i may not be from ateneo, but just wanna congratulate you with your game yesterday. =)

Anonymous said...

wow!!! ateneo is an incredible team this season...kudos for you guys! especially to rabeh, he's like a bomb. and for you chris you're really good in basketball. hope you'll have room for it when the time comes you'll be doing professional stuff.

i always place my bet on your team. luckily, i'm not mistaken for my choice. congrats in advance i'm confident you'll end up with a high note this year! you've made it this far so don't let the archers gain enough courage by winning the 2nd game.

i have faith on you guys! keep winning! good luck to all of you...
bring home the crown this season.
god bless!!!

Anonymous said...

hey charles. don't worry bro. their intentions are obvious. in this world, especially in our country, there will always be people that i would like to call 'negators'. it can stem from jealousy or insecurity.

the best thing to do is to ignore these people. the more you comment on it, the more they will try to post. like you said, it's futile. it'll never reach him.

ateneo is playing as one unstoppable unit. the boys are playing as a team and not for the team.

please extend our warmest congratulations to chris and to the whole team. we all believe that ateneo can win it on thursday!

hand in hand we stand as one!


john mark said...

anyway kuya chris congratz 4 da victory, just one more game and ul be d champs, yeah.

its not a bad showing naman., at least you contributed what you can do naman. they really make it a point to deny your offensive play and that will be common for a championship match..

good luck on thursday. hope you'll be the mvp or a member of the mythical team..

i'll watch ripleys later..

have a nice day!!


kharen tuss said...

GOOD m0rnin' my dear..

you're the reas0n why i wake up
each day w/a smile..& if i would
have met you sooner,i would have
loved you sooner.

chris..i think y0u deserve
a little rest.

i miss y0u everyday.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris!
That was one helluva fight! Ateneans indeed play with their hearts... And you,, Chris Tiu, have the biggest heart (now, now, before I get misunderstood, that doesn't mean to diminish the hearts of the other players). AMDG! OBF!
Oh, by the way, I love your brother Charles for coming to your "rescue" even if you don't need it... That only confirms what I read in the PDI about your family - your loving and close-knit family. Hope to see you in the Time cover SOOON!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

Goodluck on thursday! I don't care about your individual scores as long as you play as a team. Wag na lang pansinin ang mga detractors.

Go Ateneo! OBF!

MECO '02

jessa mae said...

♥ CHRiS TiU ♥

congratulations blue eagles!
for winning the game last sunday..
i know ur team really deserves to be called the champions, kasi u always play fair..
'di gaya ng iba jan, hmmm..
nabasa q po ung comment ng brother charles mo and i agree with what he had said..
beat DLSU!
i know the Lord will be there to guide you.. ^-^

-a UE student

Anna said...

Hey Charles,

Its really heartwarming to see how protective you are of your brother. I have 2 sons and I always tell them that no matter what happens it this world, they always need to watch out for each other. So I appreciate your effort in shielding Chris from the unnecessary distractions.

There are people like that in this world, walang magawa except to send out negativity. Hayaan mo na sila. In the end, when this ends on Thurs, there will be nothing more to say or prove.

You both take care...

fourstraight said...

Congrats, Chris! ☺ Hope to meet you at the bonfire! ☺

Onto the fray!

sabriaü said...

I was able to read that article in the Inquirer regarding the Tiu family hiring bodyguards for your safety. It was written by Jasmine Payo, if I'm not mistaken. It is said there that a reliable source informed Inquirer about the matter. So is it really true that you hired bodyguards? The article included your interview where you said you have an aide but not really a bodyguard and you have a driver with you always.

You're really so popular nowadays huh. Hehe. I'm praying for your safety always.

Anyway, congratulations again on the win against La Salle! Just 1 more game! Seal the deal! Surprise the archers with an explosive performance, Chris. Shake off all the tension and pressure that you're feeling (well, if there's any) and just go out there and play.. I just love what an anonymous well wisher of yours said in his comment here about the essence of a true team captain. It really applies on you. You really signify what a TRUE TEAM CAPTAIN is. Kudos!

I still believe you deserve to be the MVP. But as you said, Rabeh just showed who the true MVP really is. He showed he's really deserving of the title.. Oh, those individual awards are only icing on the cake. What matters the most is for Ateneo to bag the championship crown. It is the main reason why you opted to play for another season. Whatever it takes, finish what you've started.

We'll all be watching you guys as you sweep the series (in God's name) come Thursday. But as the cliche goes, never underestimate the heart of a champion. Never be too complacent as La Salle would for sure be back with a vengeance. Good luck though. God is with you.. He wrote this very beautiful success story for the Hail Mary squad. You're destined to be champions, you're meant to be here! AMDG. One Big Fight, once again!

p.s: To those who are asking what the black shirt with the #24 behind it that Team Ateneo was wearing during the warm-up before the game was about, it was the jersey # of Coach Norman Black during his playing years in San Miguel. (I just read this in an article somewhere. Hehe. So am I right about it, Chris?)

Anonymous said...

charles, dont bother responding to every disparraging email to your brother. its a waste of emotion and energy. there will always be haters no what you do.

luna said...

it was indeed a huge success. the whole day affair in araneta was worth it. we were there by 9am to get good seats and we weren't even the first to arrive! hahah!

i know this sounds a little strange but i'm kinda glad that when you stayed on the bench, the guys were doing great and this means that this team can be strong next year with you graduating. >.<

tell nonoy he was great in that game. he's my favorite! heheh!

i hope the series ends on thursday! good luck to you! it might be your last game after all! see you in araneta. ONE BIG FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

Charles, I second that! Chris is not even mayabang! What do you call Maeirhofer and Walsham?! I don't think they're the humblest of persons. Don't talk about our players. Look at what kind of players La Salle has first! You just can't take the defeat. You have nothing elso to say...

alyssa mari ♥s 17 :D said...

,hi chris!

hope you'll graB the championship!

i'm praying for you guys!

gUdluck and GOD bLess you!


you're the bEst! :D

alexandria margarita said...

oh, well.. goodluck on thursday!!!

rachelle said...

Congratulations on winning the first game! Good luck on your game on Thursday! We'll keep on praying! One Big Fight! :)

marphs17 said...

ADMU won in the first game..
ask ko lang po..
bakit may 24 po na nakasulat sa likod ng shirt nyo??
what's the significance of 24??

gOdbless po sa 2nd game!!

Anonymous said...

promise pag nag cover ka sa TIME magazine bi2li aq ng marami ahihihi!

as always sa tv lang ako nakakapanuod ng game ninyo...


although 2points lang ang na score mo ok lang nanalo rin naman kayo eh...


at goodluck sa susunod na game!




from your no. 1 fan here in UE

ladyingreen said...

once again, congratulations on your win though i'm also a fan of dlsu. it was really a good game. you guys were really great. its just sad because i can;t watch the game on thursday because i have an exam on that day. but still, do your best! godbless to the whole ateneo team!

Anonymous said...


Since 2002 those team who defeated UE in the Final Four / Championship series, eventually became the UAAP Champion.

2002: Ateneo defeated UE in final four series, then defeated DLSU in championship.
2003: FEU defeated UE in Final four series, then sweep Ateneo in championship.
2004: FEU defeated UE in Final four series, then eventually became UAAP Champion (After the crown was
forfeited to DLSU in 2005).
2005: FEU defeated UE in Final four series, then defeated DLSU in championship.
2006: UST defeated UE in final four series, then defeated Ateneo in championship.
2007: DLSU defeated UE in the Finals, (since UE automatically enter the Finals after sweeping the
2008: Ateneo defeated UE in Final four series, Ateneo defeated DLSU in game 1. Will ateneo will take home
the crown?

Well, if this chain of sequences since 2002 will continue, definitely Ateneo will win the series !!!

For the DLSU squad, Its a challenge to you guys to break this chain and take home the UAAP crown this 2008.....

Let's see what will happen..........

marvz said...

Hi Chris!

best of luck!


we love you and the whole team!


One Big Fight!


psixteen said...

"To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport, where you have five acting as one. You become selfless." - Mike Krzyzewski

Though they still sometimes lack communication on the floor, the Blue Eagles have proven their teamwork is one to be reckoned w. They help one another, evident w Chris's 10 assists in the game against my college alma mater, UP---best record in 2years according to Boom. [I do cheer for the Maroons too, tis just that Ive always rooted for the Eagles since sophie year hs]

"Sometimes a player's greatest challenge is coming to grips with his role on the team." - Scottie Pippen

And Chris has proven this countless times too. As already mentioned by Boom, TJ and other sportscasters/analyts in previous games, Chris doesnt always have to be the go-to-guy even during those crucial seconds. A lot of players have stepped up to the challenge and Chris, in turn, being co-captain (w Yuri) and one of the kuyas, has let his fellow teammates have their time under the spotlight.

It isnt a one-man game, tis not even a game played by just five players on the court...each person on the bench has his input there, from coaches to players.

To those who trash talks Chris or any player for that matter (whether from ADMU, DLSU or any other team cos it doesnt matter where the players is from), I pity u all for ur childish ways. U cannot seem to get over a lost or whatever it is thats making u do that. I know tis painful but at the end of the day, TIS JUST BBALL! It may be one's "life" (or a person's means of a livelihood) but dont take it too personal. People should know when to draw the line! Instead of bad mouthing the opposing team or refs, look at where ur own teams went wrongor how to improve their game. Theres always next season!

To Charles, dont mind what others are saying about ur ahya and just filter out those messages. Dont let these people get the better of you. Theyre prolly just envious and who-knows-what-else-theyre-feeling! And whoever used ur name to post a comment, he/she prolly wants to know how it feels to be a "Tiu" even just in online writing. Haha! I remember seeing one girl who asked for a pic w u during the Adidas Trinoma event of the BEs. U may have heard countless times ure lucky to be Chris's [or Chris'---we were taught diff rules in showing ownership apparently] younger bro but I think that Chris is VERY LUCKY TO HAVE A SHOTI LIKE U, CHARLES. Ure missing out on travel time w friends in Europe (which ur bro was able to XP-experience) but u opted to stay home for a few more days to cheer on ur ahya. Maybe hed give his Jay Chou music a break to get him to sleep---so u urself can get some shut eye! Haha! ;)

[both quotes lifted from "Deliver or die" article from Inquirer Libre September 21 ish]

psixteen said...

to the anonymous blogger whos asking about the number 24 on the eagles' black shirts yday...

twas coach norman's jersey number when he was still playing for san miguel beer in pba. :)

[thanks to my ever-so-reliable former eaglet friend gio for the info]

everyone was asking the same thing at the game yday. haha!

warriorprincess said...

Rico was "Larry-ied" --if you get what I mean! Panis si Rico, I love Nonoy! I'm excited for Thursday and I hope its going to be a beautiful win!
See you at Gesu! hehehehehehhe

Cathy Rodriguez said...

Great game! A bit rough on DLSU's side but I really enjoyed it... made me miss my college days! Again no need to post this...
May I make a suggestion for your next game? Would it be too much for the team to acknowledge the Blue Babble Band? They were really great!!! Really made the's like they're an extension of the Basketball team! any hand gesture by the team would really be touching to the crowd. If you can acknowledge this through a post I'd be really happy =) Thanks super and Go Ateneo! Masarap TALAGA maging Atenista!

onebigfightiu17 said...

YAY! Ateneo won. \:D/
I hate the fact that you barely played, and just stepped on court mostly on the 4th quarter.

It's your last season, I want to see you as much as possible. :D HAHAHA.

and I havto disagree with the one who said "in your face, that just proves that the team can win without your mayabang ass.", because my brother who studies in Ateneo told me that you're the most down-to-earth player in the team. When he sees you in school, it's as if you aren't that big basketball guy. WEEEE. ;D

Anyway, good luck! I love how Baclao reacted on Maierhoufer. We kept laughing. :))

BYE! ;))

warriorprincess said...

Almost all the key players of the Eagles had a foul trouble early on, I was shaking my head at first but then it only allowed the other team members to shine their way in the finals and prove that Ateneo really is a solid team. I don't care if you only had two points, it's really how everyone contributed in the game anyway to make the TEAM win.

myv said...

.. i cannot help myself but comment..

..i felt bad when i read charles' comment..i dont know what those people are up to. chris.. never let those kind of people bring you down..we know what you can do and we believe in you!!! big fight!!! prove to them what you can do on thursday!!!

..p.s. those people who are trying to bring chris down,well you cant!

angele said...

i actually have nothing else to say but congatulations! :) one more game and ateneo brings home the glory! :) go ateneo! one big fight! i'll pray for you Chris and the rest of the blue eagles. keep safe && godbless!

Ateneo all the way!

classyspice said...

Great job guys!

I'm confident that you'll do great on Thursday...

Can't wait...luluwag siguro ang traffic at lahat manonood ng game ;)

Anonymous said...

helo! galing talaga ng ateneo kahapon.. hihihi.. nanuod ako sa tv.. naasar n nga yung mga kasama ko sa bahay kasi ayaw nila manuod uaap(as in ako lang, gusto nila manuod gma7) sabi pa nila matatalo daw kayo.. ahahaha malas nila kasi nanalo kayo although wala ka points ok lang.. ahahaha... big fan talaga ako ng team nyo since nung nag aral na ako dito sa manila kaso nga lang di afford ng mama ko na mag aral ako sa ateneo kaya ito nasa UE ako..(ok lang?)
ahihihi.. by the way pangalawa ko ng comment ko sa iyo ito kasi natuwa lang ako nung natalo ko mga classmate ko la salle kasi sila kampi eh.. ahahahaha!!!

anyway congrats sa ateneo.. at sana kayo na ang mag champion kasi isa ako sa milyung milyong fans na matutuwa.. hihihi... i mean it. fan talaga ako ng ateneo..

that all!

goodluck sa ateneo!
goodluck din sa iyo chris tiu!
ingat at God bless!


ainan said...

Hello! Mr. Tiu

Kudos! for the whole team, you're halfway there. I believe the Blue Eagles will emerge this time, the crown will be on your team.

What a nice dream, to be feature on Time magazine is somewhat a Huge aspiration, but soon you'll be there, we will wait for that time comes.

i do personally praying on the team's success especially this thursday.. Goodluck on that day..

P.S hope you give US a good play, no more fouls and many baskets. Go! One Big fight!...

♥jen♥ said...

Hello Chris!
please extend my greetings to the rest of the team. thanks! :D
The Blue Eagles won the 1st game.
nO doubt!
the Blue Eagles are the unbeatable team this season.
Keep it up guyz!
i know you can do it!
but don't be too relax, the archers will do everything to win the championship crown.
very obvious naman yung mga refs nung game 1, foul daw kahit hindi naman. you don't deserve the 3 fouls given to you by the refs. super obvious, even ung technical foul ni eric.
wOw! feeling ko expert na kO ngayon sa basketball. heheh! ;D
take care!
God Bless you all guyz!

pau-pau said...

...yeah i always know you guys will win...just one question because i watch the game last sunday and i heard this shOut "HALIKINU" and i aLWays want to ask whAt doEs halikinu mEans???

...go aTEneO onE big fiGHt...=]

Anonymous said...


reneelyn said...

hi chris.. congrats to your games yesterday I watched it on studio23.. hopefully you can bring back the championship again on thursday.. Im hoping you can do it all with your best performance on thursday.. I believe in your team.. GOdbless you all guyz and you can do it..

fly high eagles..ATENEO ONE BIG FIGHT!!!


Anonymous said...

hi Chris !!
Con6ratuLationz 4 winning the game.01 !! i'm lo0king forward that you'll step up big on game.02 !! AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM ATENEO !!

actually i am always watching the games live !! hehe ..

sana this time around labas ka naman sa south gate to entertain all of your fans !!

& im ur no.1 FAN !! (:

Ja said...

Chris :"> Ateneo had a great play yesterday :) Can't belive it, Rabeh scored 31points the entire game!:O Wow :)) Haha. Too much of a MVP :)) Anyway, just one more game :D God Bless you Guys on Thursday! And I hope you would score that much of what Rabeh did. Haha. Ikaw pa!:) I know Ateneo will win :"> ASUL ang kulay ng taon!:) One Big Fight!:">

rosse galvante said...

i've seen the best effort of the team yesterday... WOW! O_O ^_^

hey! GOODLUCK on thursday...i know you can do it!!!
I'll cheer for yah!

take care^^





sinu kaya nag-screen ng comments? hahaha

ung mga walang magawang tao hayaan nyo na...naninira lng sila ng self-esteem...but chris should not be down by that!

Anonymous said...

haha nice game talaga sana tuloy tuloy na, congrats! Haha a lot of jta people watched online too. Thanks to, which had good streaming. May tfc coverage pa :D go ateneo! amdg

charles tiu said...

thanks for all the support. i try not to stoop down to the level of those people saying whatever ( my brother definitely wouldnt but i would! bwahaha)

Anyway, its nice to hear that the fans all seem upbeat for the game on thursday but just a fair warning, dont be too sure yet. we also won game 1 vs ust 2 years ago, so the series is far from over. la salle aint just gona give it to us! but rest assured, the team will do everything to win. if not on thursday then on sunday. but preferably thursday! so we dont have to fight for tickets anymore!

Anonymous said...

congratulations on the big win of game 1. one game to go,,,and the championship will be on Ateneo. goodLuck on thursday! i know you can do it,,and wrap up the finals with a bang! ^_^ make our alma matter proud!


cariza said...

wow.. galing nyo tlaga..
..xpected qoh n. n kayo ang mnanalo..
..glingan nyo s thursday ah

mayenne said...

Hey Chris!! Congratulations on your first game against DLSU. It was a really good game. I was able to watch the whole game and I was really surprised with the fouls that were given to you. I really haven't watched all of your games but I think it wasn't normal for you to be in foul trouble. I don't think you're that kind of guy. From my observation, you are the most prone in getting fouled not the other way around. I don't want to think that the referees are being biased in La Salle just because I'm supporting the Team Ateneo.

Anyway, I just hope that the team will commit less turnovers because it is a big factor in your game. And I congratulate Ryan and Rabeh for stepping up. They were really great!! Hands down to the both of them and to the rest of the team.

Hmm, it really doesn't matter if you only scored 2 points, what matters is you know you did your best in contributing to the win of the Blue Eagles. And I know you will be doing a great job if you weren't in foul trouble. So its okay!!:D

I read the comment of your brother, Charles, it was really sweet!! And I too believe that it was below the belt to say that kind of things to you. It was really low of them. I already saw and to talk to you personally in the most unexpectable place. You were really nice and accommodating even my mom admired you for that cause as she says, most of the people who are famous wouldn't be that nice to their fans because I caused you some hassles.

Anyway, just do your best on Thursday's game. Who cares with other people's opinion. As long as you are not doing something bad. Dbah?

Good luck on your 2nd game. I hope you win!! Please win this game. No more game 3 even though it is saddening in my part cause I will not be able to see you play again for the Blue Eagles.

God bless and good luck!!



gel said...

i'm a fan of the archers. but i can feel that this season is for the eagles'. congrats eagles!

sana nga lang manalo ang archers sa game 2! para may game 3 pa! eagles will surely win game 3 if ever meron.

gud luck chris!

grayc said...

otsukare sama desu chris-kun! nice game last sun! although it was a close fight, you have won and prove that ateneo is stronger than ever! give it all again in game 2 so that you'll be the champions for this season!
wish you luck in game 2. gambatte kudasai! i'll be praying for the team!

pAtRiCiA said...

its been a great job for the team....!!!!
keep it up!!!!!!
im counting on you CHRIS.....!!!!
let them see your best and let them know who really CHRIS TIU is....!!!!!
congratulations for the blue eagles......!!!!!

good luck on thursday...!!!!

Dai Xu Na said...

i wanna start this by saying Congratulations to the Blue Eagles Team... you're not a good and strong team but you are very good and very strong... i heard those from the announcers yesterday... you really played well and you deserve the victory...
i know that many people envied what you guys achieved that's why they try to say bad things about everyone in the team most especially to Chris who is a good role model to everyone and who became an inspiration to the youth... we can't do anything to those people who are trying to blame bad things to the people they envy but we can show to the team and to Chris specially that more people appreciate their efforts and that they should continue to do good and prove to everyone that they really deserve every win that they have... God Bless and I hope that you will bring home the crown!

to Charles... you and Chris are blessed to have each other... you two should keep supporting each other coz that's what family members do... God Bless you and your family...


mars said...

Good luck this thursday! Play as if it's the last game you'll ever play in your life!!! And take care always. Even if the threat is not true. Be safe!

3xie said...

helow kuya chris!!! congrtulations again! admu did it again!!! u won 3 straights already vs la salle this season!!! so hapi 4 u guys!!! and also sad...bcoz d season will end nd u will graduate n nxt year...hahahaha..prng anlpt n eh.....nweiz...hapi again....gud luck 2 ur game on thurs!!! sna ndi lng 2 pts ang gwin m...sna umabot k p sa twenty plus....hahahahah....cge dats all!! :>

Kimberly Anne said...

Hats Off to the Ateneo Team! :)
You guys did really well yesterday!
Thursday's game will be a big clash, i know that you guys are expecting La Salle to explode!

But then, I know that you guys will do your best! :>
Goodluck on Thursday's game.
One Big Fight! =) God Bless kuya Chris & take Care.

josh said...

i got tix for thursday's game and filed my leave na!

the line in araneta was a chaos and people are piling up in ateneo already according to my friend!

let's all pray that the series ends on thursday! good luck to all of you guys and kudos to babble and the fans for their continued cheer for the team! one big fight!

charles, daijoubu!

Iris said...

Congrats on the win. Even though i wasn't able to watch it live, I still cheered for the team while watching on Studio 23. Haha. Give it your all on Thursday. Best of luck to you and the Team. :] God Bless.

simplytoogood17 said...

congrats for winning the first game..... i was laughing when i saw baclao reacted that way... so happy to see you guys smiling in the end... so happy so see charles also posting some comments in here....... really hope you'd win your following games.... and sad to think that your getting closer to your last games.... SHMILY?!?!?!?!? tc olways mr. TIUperman!!!!!!!

P.S really hoping to see you as cover for TIME magazine.....

N i n a (: said...

i hope you could play more this second game ( and third game too, if evr ) but i believe not, 'cause BLUE EAGLES ARE REALLY SOARIN' HIGH!

God bless on your next game (: Admu team just proved that they could win even wthout you, but let's not focus on that first, 'cause Tiunatics are sure to bewail since this is your last year in UAAP. so better use it wisely (;

break a leg, we're all here to support you 'til the very end ( a winning end too, i suppose ;D ) God bless, Chris! ;D

* N i n a ü

P.S. One Big Fight! =))

Anonymous said...

congrats! congrats! haha..saw those articles too...and looking forward to see your face in the cover of TIME..hehe..the death threat thing got me a little should take care of yourself...hire all the bodyguards you need..haha...good luck on Thursday!


Anonymous said...

"who defeated UE in the Final Four, eventually became the UAAP Champion"

well in a sense that is true coz as what Boom G. and TJ M. said no 4th ranked team ever won the UAAP championship...and except for 2007, UE was #4..
the refs called the game tight in Game 1...and i think for good reason...we don't want any hard fouls and non-calls do we?? you just need to adjust your game and be your usual explosive self in Game 2...

the game wasn't ugly at just showed what Coach Black has been preaching for all these years (whether in amateur or professional game) that offense win you games, but DEFENSE WIN CHAPIONSHIPS...

hope you win the game this Thursday and bring home the crown....

btw my alma mater is UE but i still root for ADMU...even way way back when Olsen Racela (who also wears #17)was the playmaker of Coach Chot Reyes...i think Jai is his nephew???

again GOD BLESS and GOOD LUCK!!!!

riezel said...

awww.. the tix are all sold out! my father didn't get the chance to buy any.. he went there 6am but unfortunately by 11:30, the line was already cut..

nwei.. i'll still support u guys! jus on screen though.. hehehe


give all ur best u guys! Trust in the LORD!

tita kay said...


Indeed, Chris is one lucky guy to have a very supportive and protective brother like you. As i'm reading your comments, I can't help but admire how tight your relationship is. I wish to congratulate Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Lianne Tiu for raising their kids well.

Charles, I am sure that the person who keeps posting unpleasant comments must be really GREEN WITH ENVY on the national attention that Chris is getting and the admiration that the people have for your brother. I believe that Chris did not ask for attention not admiration ... but people look up to him not only for his dedication to basketball and for being the epitome of a model athlete (no rough playing and trash-talking, good sportsman, etc.), but more importantly, because people saw and continue to see that beyond basketball, Chris is a good-natured person, a very good student, public servant, a good son and great brother (Note: I read an article in the Inquirer last year about your trip to Bangkok where your older sis and Chris acted as "mom and dad" to you and your younger sis).

Going back, never ko pa nakitang magyabang si Chris in his interviews and appearances. All in all, he is a great role model of the youth that parents would like their children to emulate.


Chris is NOT selfish in every game. Even if he scores low, he makes it a point to support and assist his teammates by setting up plays for them so they can take the shots. Not everything that Chris does is reflected in the stats. Hence, it is NOT FAIR for people to say that Chris did not contribute to the winning of the team just because it was a low-scoring game for him. I may not be an authority in basketball but at least I can understand the game.


You and your team mates are halfway in getting the mission done. Just continue to focus on the goal... claim it ... work hard for it ... pray for God's blessing ... and it's yours.

Let's make the series short and sweet.


jusz said...

i would love to watch the thursday game live at araneta but i can't sleep at school to get tickets since we have pre-finals on law 11 tomorrow. :( but anyway, hindi naman kailangan manuod ng live sa araneta para patunayang atenista tayo. :) i'll still support the team, kahit sa TV lang. :) God bless sa thursday game. :) GO ATENEO! ONE BIG FIGHT!

PiNKLOVE said...

Wow. Nice game yesterday! Keep it up. :) I was so happy that the Ateneo team won Game 1 against DLSU. I hope this Thursday, you'll banged it up against DLSU. GO FOR THE GOLD! :))

By the way, I'm one of you're huge fans. I know you have a lot of them. And, I'm guilty of being one of them. :)

So, hope you'll be replying to this message. :) You can check my FS account if you want. Here's my e-mail address.

GO ATENEO! Even though I'm not an Atenean, I'll still and I will support you until the very end. AMDG! :D

Anonymous said...

i hate that some people buy tickets so that others who really want or need the tickets would buy it from them at a higher price. Students like us couldn't afford tickets like that. why don't they just leave us alone!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS, CHRIS! Intense game yesterday. But we all believe that this is Ateneo`s year. I know that the championship would be an awesome graduation gift to you. So, good luck! :) ONE BIG FIGHT.

eldy said...

Goodluck chris for the second game:D. Hope that you guys will be the champs. :D. Godbless and Take Care always! Btw, I was also surprised that inquirer had 4 articles for the finals. :D. Galing! :D. Also, I like the article featured last sunday about you and your family. Nice one! =)

Cla Oyco said...

HAHAHA MY SISTERS AND I SAW TY TANG OVER AT THE STA. LUCIA BOWLING CENTER AT AROUND 6PM AND WE WERE LIKE "OH. MY. GAAAAH." first of all what on earth would he be doing there in a mall when he's supposed to be there supproting either u or lasalle right? and secondly----STA LUCIA? i mean cmon...i never thought rich people like him have even haerd of that place...anyhoo--SEAL THE GAME ON THURSDAY...wala ng thriller thriller pa haha...GOD BLESS YOU CHRIS TIU!!!!

meg said...

i enjoyed this article about you... it's nice if you post this... hahaha!

almira said...

rabeh was unstoppable last saturday. nicee! ^.^

do your best-est, captain!
i'll keep on praying for your and the team's success.

God Bless!

Chez said...

Hey Chris!

Congrats on winning the first game. I know you guys can do it, just believe! Do your very best on the second game.

Yes, La Salle will definitely try to make a comeback, but I know you guys will be able to handle it. ;)

Defense is the key and do not forget to rebound! Play as a team, play selflessly. You guys wouldn't have reached this far without each other.

Don't let the bad calls of the ref get in your head, focus on what is ahead and that is winning this game.

We are proud of you, Blue Eagles!
Best of luck, Chris. I will pray for your victory. :)


Alex Mendoza said...

I have faith in all of you, guys.:D Today is Monday, and people are starting to line-up in the Blue Eagle Gym, camping there tonight, to get tickets which will be sold tomorrow for Thursday's game. This goes to show how much the Ateneo community support the Blue Eagles. You, guys, are no doubt the strongest team in the league. Good luck on Thursday! ONE BIG FIGHT.:D

littlemissblue said...

I hope you get your game back on thursday. Game 1 was a blast! It just proved how much deserving you guys are of the championship! Its amazing to see all of us ateneans united for the love of the game. Let's win the championship on thursday and celebrate all the way! God bless chris! :)

joanna said...

More power to you guys! Good Luck! :-)

baby28 said...

To Charles: Yeah, you shouldn't be stooping down to their level cause it is a total waste of time and energy. Obviously, those guys are bitter that Chris and the rest of the Blue Eagles are doing great this season. And they have nothing else to do with their lives. So just keep your cool. They won't earn anything from saying bad things about your brother. Though it was really sweet of you to defend your brother with those things. Chris is really lucky to have you as his brother. It only proves how much you love each other.:)

I hope Team Ateneo will end this na. No more game 3. I really want the Blue Eagles to win!!

Good luck!!

patty :) said...

it's so sweet of Charles to "defend" you, Chris. you're both lucky to have each other.. now i'm really missing my own ahya :(
to those who are trying their very best to bring Chris down, oh come on! grow up! don't you know how to accept defeat graciously? well well, who ended up being losers? HAHA. i pity you, detractors. you're just so envious of Chris and of everything he's achieved.. he'll gain more and more and more success so too bad for you guys. :P
Chris, don't be bothered by these people who are so immature (i know you're not affected even a bit, though. well, why would you be? if you're always right and you're always doing good, you shouldn't really be affected at all :D) let them do their stuff until they tire out and realize that nothing will ever change, they're still sorry losers. HAHA. :P
FOCUS on the 2nd game and sweep the series! then let's see what those people still have to say. boo! ..alright, too much for the detractors. such a waste of time! :D
the TEAM delivered spectacularly yesterday! each one contributed and i just love how la salle was so helpless. haha! (i'm being too mean) who cares if you only scored two points? you're stll the king eagle, the team captain, and our MVP. :)
i'd love to see more of you come the 2nd game. since it's your last season and probably your last game in the UAAP, it will be a MUST to see you play as many minutes as possible. :D :(
see you at Gesu and during the Bonfire!
do this AMDG--For the Greater Glory of God and for all of us, your fans and supporters.
truly, ang sarap maging ATENISTA at ASUL is cool!

joy said...

I know that Ateneo could win.... I'm thinking of cutting my Thursday class just to watch that game...

haylin said...

hey chris!
good job!Its ok if you the King Eagle just scored 2pts. Well, atleast you still managed to made us feel your presence by contributing 3rebounds and 3 assists in 3:24 minutes left making the game to a 65-52 advantage,how was that? .. And Coach Norman admitted that he wasn't prepared when you fell into early trouble. The team is very fortunate that your back-ups stepped in and held the scores so tight for the game. I salute Nonoy for his spectacular block against Mangahas and Maierhofer.whew! Care to tell the story about Eric and James Mangahas's trouble?..

Just want to clarify if your parents really hired bodyguards for you?..And oh, if your on the cover of the time magazine, then i would definitely love that! Who knows?!haha:)

Godbless Chris and may you and the rest of the team have the best luck for the game this Thursday..Take Care!


lotsa_love said...

CONGRATULATION for winning game 1!:) HATS OFF to the whole team:) YOU did prove those lasallians wrong.. YOU guys really deserved to get the crown this season!:)

Again, CONGRATS! GOOD LUCK! GOd BLess! just one more game... do your best, and we'll do the rest! haha;D


sherwin said...

congrtaz... for winning the game 1, so good luck to the game 2..

actually, i don't want to give some comment here, but i really like your comment about scoring just two points.. i like that attitude, you're ready to what it takes, even you only just score 2 points in the finals just as long as the team wins.. i hope you keep that mental attitude..

hope you win and find ur groove on thursday.. so ONE BIG FIGHT

PS, i don't want to add some pressure to you right now.. i know, you're just a man, who feel the pressure of the finals.. i know you and Casio are the main attraction of the game... so in the next game, i know all eyes are on Rabeh, so good luck on that game.. GOD BLESS... said...

chris, congats again for the win yesterday blue eagles really deserve to win.. not because ure desperate but because ur determined to win unlike others.. it so sad uaap is an association ceated to unite the best universities in the country..this tournament was established to enhance talents and skills of young aspirants and to bond all the universities through sports and not to hurt someone and to ruin the relationship just because of the pride and selfishness..just read the paper late this afternoon bout this sad.. before baracael, now you!!!! who's next rabeh???just cant take it..its so depressing.. sport activities shouldnt be involved with violence..a lot of youth today are involved in different sorry im so emotional this day.. i know youll agree with me..its just that im concerned about you.. u better take care of yourself, huh??sad ulit we'll never be able to get a glimpse of u when u go out of the south gate due *its for your own protection* GOOD lUCK CHRIS!!!! ONE BIG FIGHT!!ONE GAME NA LANG,..

wag mo na pansinin ung mga naninira sau.. take it as a challenge.. =) sbi nga ni Lord, "hindi kita bibigyan ng pagsubok kung hindi mo kaya..."you prayed na makaabot kau sa championship and win a championship, right?? before mo mkuha un, u have to pass the test na ibibigay ni Lord.. dont worry youre in good hands.. Just pray.. God bless..

kudos to charles.. i really wanted to have u as my brother na din.. u know y?? i dont have a brother to protect me(though i have 1 sister who love me nmn..)



basta dapat mag focus na lang si chrs sa game! no more distractions from those people na walang ibang magawa sa buhay nila kungdi mampuna sa kapwa! hahahaha...those people who are trying to pull others down...

mga ganyang tao alang silbi sa lipunan! (ang lalim)


GO CHRIS! we are all behind you!

ahm...charles? hahaha
natutuwa aq, mxado kng close sa brother mo...on da go lage to defend him! hehe

nix14 said...

wow. hearing the tickets were sold out again is proving that alot of people really want to watch the next game live.

anyways, congatulations again for winning in game 1! i hope that you'll win in game 2. but knowing that the archers will surely try to even out the record in the finals, it will be hard. but with TEAMWORK + GREAT DEFENSE & OFFENSE + RIGHT AMOUNT OF AGGRESIVENESS + HUGE DETERMINATION + DISCIPLINE + FAITH IN GOD = WINNING THE GAME. :)

i really wish you would play more on the game on thursday and that rabeh, nonoy, ryan and the other blue eagles will show the same kind of determination like yesterday's.




_we'll always be here to be your sixth man :)_

AziALe said...

ahmmm...i watch your game with de la salle and it was nice...hehehh....actually, my throat reached its limit...for cheering...hehehh...what dah!
i just want to say goodluck for your next game...GOD BLESS of course...pray, pray, pray for the better result...CHAMPIONSHIP IS NEAR! GO ATENEO! ONE BIG FIGHT's been years...
teriyaki gurL

warriorprincess said...

Having a championship title is the most blissful thing at the moment (who wouldn't want it) but for me, at least for me, the Blue Eagles have already proven that you are the best team in the league this season-- no matter who wins in the finals.

As for DLSU playing it hard on Thursday, well, they've been playing SO hard since the start of round 2 (hehe).

What makes you a winner are your winning ways :)

Nail this on thursday! I Believe! We Believe!

You are all MVP in my eyes!

AziALe said...

oh,,,by the way!
i saw that pictures of you with jvee casio in MANY newspapers...ahhmm..i laugh actually(sorry about that!) is so HUGE!!!hahahhh....(i laugh again!...'s been years...
teriyaki gurL

bianca said...

hahaha, yah right, you're too excited during the game, i also notice, not only me, also to my couzin, she noticed that you are too excited that you dont bother to mind the referee, he called three(3) fouls on you, though you still play your game, and you really are a good leader, as according to you, if there's a chance you will shoot the ball, but if you see some other opportunities, then give it away for them, and also as leader for you as also according to you, "on leadership-" someone who embodies what he preaches and leads by example. Someone who is flexible and can handle adversity." hope to see you creating points on the following game, and only one wish, to accomodate cheaper ticktes, or might as well, use my padrino system. hahah.LOL.

Anonymous said...

Give it your all on the 25th :))
We deserve to WIN.
AMDG!! God Bless you guys :))

I'll pray for you :))

dzoie said...


KAT said...

to charles:cant tel wats going to happen on thursday.[i already filed leave of absence for thurs though i dont have ticket yet=( WENT TO araneta but unfotunately did nt get 1..sad.. i wish i could get to watch chris in his last game..but ill try my luck on thursday.. hehehe who knows(miracle might help)]enough of that can i ask you something charles, can u give ahya chris ahug(big hug)from me.. yun lng mbibigay ko for now(including my prayers)i know he needs comfort at this moment.. even pat his back also.. hehehehe GO CHRIS, GO ATENEO


dzoie said...

"ang mga iniisp nating imposibleng mangyari ay maaring mangyari"
--- chris tiu...

Believe it or not

WE BELIEVE!!!!!(it is not impossible to defeat dlsu 4x in one season right)ONE BIG FIGHT...AMDG


patty :) said...

wah! akin na lang yung rose, Chris! plus your kiss on it to boot! :D
yeah, i'm still awake because of Ripley's. wooh! how i wish you'd give me that rose. haha! your smile after you did that "magic trick" was really awesome. you were Tiüper cute! (as always) :)
okay, gotta have some rest and sleep now. you too! good night! may we both have the sweetest dreams.. ;]

Leanne said...

Hi Chris :)Just one more game. Good luck on Thursday.

Jia You!Jia You!

God bless! Ingat,wanan...:)

anya said...

To those who try to bad-mouth Chris, you have NO IDEA how humble and nice he is. Imagine, with all the people he meets everyday, he still remembers them even after weeks, months or a year has passed!

Obviously, those who try and bring him down are just jealous they couldn't achieve 1/4 of what Chris already has. So here's my challenge, get to know the guy behind those slanders you throw at and see if you wont have to write a public apology.

To Charles: I know that there are times when enough is enough and you just have to say something so I commend you. Plus, I definitely know Chris wouldn't bother defending himself so the task is left to those who love him.

Anonymous said...

Keep the Faith.
All the hardworks will be paid off as you guys end the season this Thursday.


roger said...

"It's rare to see him let out all his energy after a spectacular block, but that just goes to show how intense and emotional this game really is! Nothing personal."

i love it when people say its not personal, its a cop out. everything is personal, its personal cause one person gets shown up on national tv. admit it, baclao wanted a send a message to maierhoffer when he stood over him screaming and alot of you guys loved it too . imo, that wasnt smart cause that should have been a tech.

Mallows said...

i want to see a TIU-nami on Thursday.

Davao is cheering on for the team. Where else but at Eagle's Bar at the Marco Polo Hotel Davao.

One Big Fight!

toni mari said...


you all really did great in the game

and you
in ripley's awhile ago


it's really funny watching you doing somemagic


really enjoy it!!

kharen tuss said...

.. i rily admire jai reyes skills ar0und the court,he's so damn quick & even though he's n0t that tall,he makes incredible things!

.. to rabeh i think he's one of the greatest players in the game. & to Blue Eagles: "just keep playing well"..

.. g00d m0rnin' chris & also to charles..mwahhh!!

.. & to ol bloggers check 0ut my friendster:
frenz nmn tyo..hehe

sunshinegirl said...

Hi chris. :D

Yeah, you spent a lot of time on the bench. But the other guys stepped up, didn't they? I know you'd be proud of them. Good luck on the game on Thursday. God bless you and the team.

See you!!


Nette said...


..well, who knows?, future is still a mystery..

..we might see you someday on the cover of Time Magazine!..



** i deleted my first comment..
..inulit ko yun comment ko..
..wla kse S yun still..hehe!

..Godbless Tiu! nyt!

dzoie said...

shi4 shang4 wu2 nan2 shi4 zhi3 pa4 you3 xin1 ren2

fly blue eagle fly, fly the highest high!!!!

celine said...

congrats chris! waking up early and my gen ad ticket was all worth-it last sunday! i hope there will be no game 3...hahaha
know what chris, even if you only scored 2pts... at least you still manage to give the ball to your team mates rather than trying to score... and i salute you for that! you really deserve to be the captain of your team because of your good decisions. you never really played for yourself. you play for the team. ateneo deserve to win this season and you deserve the chapionship on your last year in uaap. i'll be counting on your assists on game-2...hehehe ONE BIG FIGHT ON GAME-2! GO ATENEO!

PS. i always watch ripley's... and your a good host... but i think you need to show more facial expression... smile...hahaha peace!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris! Congratulations to you and the team for taking Game 1! I barely slept Saturday night and dragged myself out of bed early the next morning to check the game results online. Reading about the Blue Eagles' win meant that there was at least one very sleepy but very happy person here in Massachusetts yesterday :)

I wasn't too happy with the way "the invisible hands" kept you on the bench for a large part of the game, but I'm glad that their efforts didn't pay off because everyone else stepped up big time. It's too bad there can be only one winner for MVP because as far as I'm concerned, the entire Ateneo team is the most valuable - I'll include our Team B as well so that Charles is also included :-p

I really don't want to start talking about endings here, but it can't be denied that this is your last season in the UAAP. I'm praying that this Thursday will be your last UAAP game (because Ateneo will win the championship) and that you exit the league in a "blaze of glory," as the old-school Bon Jovi song goes. Stay safe and ONE BIG FIGHT!

sharleein said...

congrats chris! alam kong kaya niyo yan sa thursday. sa game 2, champs na kayo! :)

i watched the game live, sayang nga lng di ka lumabas sa south gate. i think yun na ung last time ko makanood ng live na naglalaro ka pa for ateneo since napakahirap bumili ng tickets for the game on thursday.

goodluck on your game. you can do it! OBF!

Blue Lantern said...

The Inquirer article "How do you raise a Chris Tiu" is one for the classic about responsible parenthood.

It is not only Chris Tiu who was raised up well, his siblings too! Check this article written by his sister Cheryl in Inquirer's 2BU: Bonding in Bangkok.

(Cheryl, Chris, Christine, Charles, now the youngest' name must also start with C!)

ian laput said...

THE BLUE EAGLES CLAWED THE GREEN ARCHERS.It was nevertheless a good start for the finals to win game one though there is still game 2 on the go. Anyway, do enjoy the feat. i've lost my voice during the game, wish it would be back on thursday's match. To GOD be all glory and honor. Go Ateneo.

nHiKkie said...

CONGRATS.....Grabe talaga, you guys rule and rock da big dome last sunday,you really are the ultimate champs this season.That was a very explosive and really a main event to be awaited in this seasons UAAP finals.I just have 2 watch your game again in studio23 coz i think sold out na cguro yung mga tickets eh...huhu..i really wana watch it live and feel the roar of the blue crowd.I wish you all good luck and do your best.Kaya nyo yan,just one more game to be the champions.Always stay confident at wag kabahan,fight with honor and glory and fight to win..Go Blue eagles...Go Fight blue and white...go Ateneo...hehe...todo na toh... :)....GOOD LUCK uyet 4 thursday....

Seventeen-0-seven said...

Hi Chris,

Sorry for a very late Congratulatory message..

I was able to watch the game via ABS-CBN Sports (good thing they always cover it live)... The entire coliseum was filled with blues overpowering the greens...
and of course, the game was so so so intense...cheers from all sides of araneta...shouts (and booes) on every bad calls from the referees haha...
You're so so near to the championship and All our prayers was answered now... let's just continue to have faith in Him.. He'll give us our hearts desire...

Captain, your birthday wish is now close to reality and in advance, i congratulate you ALL for a job well done...

One Big Fight... hope I can be there on to see the victorious championship game..

sorry, I lost out of words...
I hope simple Congratulations can make you smile..

Long live, ADMU!!!
Long Live, Blue Eagles!!!

angelko28 said...

Charles: You are so supportive. Hands down.:) And yes, I have always perceived you as someone who is not afraid to fight. Haha. I just can't help but say na bagay ka rin sa U.P. Sayang.:)

Anonymous: (although there are a lot of them) I hate scalpers. I just hate them.

For the Blue Eagles: Good luck and God Bless on Thursday. Great support for and faith in the team will be there.

One Big Fight.

arlene :) said...

One game to go Chris!!!

Congrats on the win! You guys deserve it!

Good luck din to the rest of us scrambling for tickets. haha!

allen joy said...

hi chris tiu.. i watched ur game last sunday, and your guys rock, galing ni rabe.. kahit na 2pts lang nagawa mo ok lang for me you're the best.. i know u can guys can make it this coming sunday.. lam ko na kau na ung magchchampion, i really pray for your team... god bless always

allenjoy :D

dzoie said...

hay chris...
kinkbhn ako....
lapit n nmn ng thursday..
lam ko kaya niyo yn..
konying hirap na lng
musta nmn studies mo??ung mandarin class mo??ako nhihirapan haha
aun...sana alagaan mo sarili mo
god bless

ingat ka lagi...

Anonymous said...

sana sa atin na'to....

do it one more chance...


psixteen said...

to charles...
chris is lucky to have a v loving, protective and supportive shoti like u. must be tiring at times to always have to wait up for him after every game. during their last game in ultra (vs nu), u were going back and forth hoping hed come out soon (and u did look tired wanting to go home already)---unfortunately, he was held back by the famous chris tiu mob outside their dug-out. but tis nice to see u guys have that tight relationship. sometimes i wonder if tis difficult to be a sib of a famous person but in ur case, u both dont let the popularity affect the relationship u have always had. and im sure this has even made ur bond much stronger. :)

ditto to charles. 6hrs in line (6am in AC) for gen ad tix. it was heartbreaking at first but twas worth all the wait---just to see game two live in AC. see u on thursday! [the archers definitely wouldnt make it easy for the eagles so to fair calls and amazing plays, OBF!]

araneta should always check the people's ids before selling them tix. we saw lotsa scalpers (no offense---im not judging them by the way they look but...) and they had photox of school ids, report cards and who knows what else! hahaha! twas so amusing, it lightened me and my new friends' moods while in line. AC became a mini Recto yday am! :))

Anonymous said...

I watch Ripleys last night sobrang laki na talaga ng improvement mo sa hosting. I am sure you are aware na marami ka ring female fans from DLSU na gusto kang makita and waiting for you sa south gate ng araneta after the game last sunday pero di ka nga lumabas.

Anyway, Congrats!!

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Good Day Chris,

Yah, it's me again...

I'm not in the mood to write a comment a while ago so I decided to write another one..

Just want to share some things to you...
Well, We had our Company's Sportsfest last Saturday, and yah know what? I'm with the Blue Team hehehe... when my team played basketball, I keep on shouting and cheering stuffs like "Go Blue Eagles!" or "One Big Fight" or "Go Ateneo".. hoping against hope that we'll win but unfortunately we didn't - Don't worry, it's not the Green team that won our championship, but the Yellow team.. hahaha!

About the game, really there were really bad calls from the referees, and I find in unfair - but its A-ok... at least "our" team won... naawa tlga ko Kay Eric when he fell down the pile of people sa Ring side... npatayo talaga ko while watching it on TV... Prang teammate ko ung nsaktan, but it usually happens... the show must go on --- sabi nga nila... :)

So, Goodluck in the game on Thursday.. I know you can bring home the bacon... and I hope I can be there on your Bonfire :) My prayers will always be with you guys! One Big Fight Ateneo!!!!

Godbless the team, and the game as well... Hoping for a fair and injury-free game on Thursday!


I watched Ripleys last night.. (it was so so late na)... and "you can do magic huh!" Molding another career after UAAP Season?

Well, then Good Luck!

TO CHARLES: I know your brother is very very proud of you, for all the support he receives from you. He's so lucky to have you as his Younger brother... AND you're indeed as lucky as he is to have him as your "ahya"..

More Power to you both...
BE proud!! your parents molded you to be a better person, a Humble individuals, a loving brother to your siblings, and talented, intelligent students.. You'll have a bright future ahead...

eien17 said...

hello chris!!
-Excited na ko para sa game sa Thursday.. ticket price keeps getting higher and higher as game2 gets closer...

Anonymous said...

hi chris, game1 was really a close game between the players of eagles and the archers. But thanks GOD you won the game, the eagles really work hard and play as team. I wish you win the game2. ONE BIG FIGHT EAGLES!!!


sabriaü said...

Is it already 100% sure that Rabeh will be this season's MVP? Because almost all writers say in their articles something like "soon-to-be-crowned MVP Rabeh Al Hussaini.. blabla". Aww. I still feel you deserve it more.. It's not all about scoring, think about it. Rabeh would just have to position himself underneath the basket and wait for you and your other team mates to dish out assist passes to him then that's the time for him to shoot. You're the one who really does the job. He's just somewhat like the "finisher". Well, just my opinion.

It will be sweeter if you bag the title plus the MVP award since it's your last year. If I'm not mistaken, Rabeh still has 1 more playing year to go, so he'll have his time next year.. But you're too kind and humble to already give the award to Rabeh. Hehe. Either way, whether it be you or Rabeh as this season's MVP, of course we'll all be very happy for the two of you. You're both Ateneans and Blue Eagles anyway.ü

Okay, enough said about the MVP. Just continue focusing for the upcoming 2nd game and make the series short and sweet.. WE BELIEVE, CHRIS!

sabriaü said...

Is it already 100% sure that Rabeh will be this season's MVP? Because almost all writers say in their articles something like "soon-to-be-crowned MVP Rabeh Al Hussaini.. blabla". Aww. I still feel you deserve it more.. It's not all about scoring, think about it. Rabeh would just have to position himself underneath the basket and wait for you and your other team mates to dish out assist passes to him then that's the time for him to shoot. You're the one who really does the job. He's just somewhat like the "finisher". Well, just my opinion.

It will be sweeter if you bag the title plus the MVP award since it's your last year. If I'm not mistaken, Rabeh still has 1 more playing year to go, so he'll have his time next year.. But you're too kind and humble to already give the award to Rabeh. Hehe. Either way, whether it be you or Rabeh as this season's MVP, of course we'll all be very happy for the two of you. You're both Ateneans and Blue Eagles anyway.ü

Okay, enough said about the MVP. Just continue focusing for the upcoming 2nd game and make the series short and sweet.. WE BELIEVE, CHRIS!

Anonymous said...

..hi,my CHRIS TIU...
hope you'll bring back to the game what you really you manage and play the game amazingly..

Anonymous said...

hahaha!!that was a very good game.. You guys were really having fun during the game although foulouts were flying everywhere.. It was funny seeing Rebah doing that "growl",Jai blowing an imaginary gun after the 3-point shot..Too bad you didn't make more points like the previous game.
Good Luck to the next game..
You're far better than Casio, believe me..:)

bluebonnet_elf said...

Chris, I admire the maturity you've displayed in a lot of occasions. You're always pitted against JV and I know you're both really good players. But what I like about you more is that you can really bring the team together on the court and even if you're in the sidelines. You bring something different to the Blue Eagles - something that goes beyond points.

Good luck on Thursday! For me, you and Rabeh should share the MVP title!

ONE BIG FIGHT! said...

namimiss ko mga pictures dito sa blog mo.. saw fabilioh shooters shots, i really love the pics by sir philip, nonoy, aaron etc..hehehe i got emotional when i saw some of it, cant help it eh.. nafefeel ko ung emotions nyo, b4 the game, during the game, after the game.. i flt i was there also..must give credit to those guys din.. ganda ng shots nila..ope i cud get a copy from them(my pic din kasi ako sa kanila)hehehe. aside from that, magaganda shots nla ntong finals..


patty :) said...

out of the blue, i just thought of looking up "tiu" at the dictionary. i ended up finding "tui" which is a BIRD (sana EAGLE na lang =)) with iridescent dark BLUE-GREEN feathers, white tufts at the throat, and white spots on the wings. Native to: New Zealand. :)) sana the spelling of your surname na lang is tui =)) i'm so out of my mind! :)) haha! wala lang, Chris. just wanna make you smile, even just a bit. and to maybe ease out the pressure and stress that you're feeling. :)
good luck again! :D

john said...

congrats chris...

gudluck s game nio s thursday...

xana mnalo kau

Anonymous said...

CONGRATZ sa 1st game!! knew u will win that 1st game..hehe!! well congratz in advance narin poh cuz that 2nd game is yours.. hehe!! sure that 1st game was intence whew.. glad u pulled it off guys.. good job!! rabeh is really a revelation for me, now q lng xa nanotice kaw kc lagi qoh pinapanood dun ehh!! hehe..
best of luck.. & may god bless u all!!

-telay =)

Anonymous said...

nice game chris!.. thOugh yOu scored low but it's Ok.. i understand yOu i nOt blaming yOu Or anything.. yOu knOw what?.. yOu're really my idOl!.. hOw i wish yOu were my big brOther.. i knOw nO One is perfect but fOr me yOu're the mOst perfect persOn i knOw.. hOw i wish i am One Of yOur clOse friends.. gOOd luck On thursday!.. gOd bless..

d.d said...

hi!!! congrats!!!, my jay chou of the philippines!!!

Anonymous said...

hi kuya chris!.. i dOn't knOw hOw will i address yOu in a pOlite matter sO i will just call yOu kuya since yOu are Older than me by i think 5 years.. i just want tO seek an advice tO a successful persOn like yOu.. i'm sort Of prOblematic with taking the qualifying exam fOr BSA (BS accountancy).. i failed when i take the level A Of it sO nOw i"m scared tO take anOther qualifying exam because Of the thOught that i might fail again.. because Of tOO many failure that i gOt i'm scared tO face new challenges.. that wrOng, right?.. being tOO pessimistic.. i guess i can't blame myself fOr that.. i dOn't even knOm hOw tO OvercOme shyness, being nervOus and being scared when in frOnt Of many peOple.. i admire yOu nOt Only because Of yOur looks but alsO fOr all the achievements and attitudes yOu have.. yOu're really a great guy.. yOu're family is lucky tO have a sOn and brOther like yOu.. hOw i wish i have a brOther like yOu, whO will be their fOr me in times Of trOuble and wOrries.. there i already tOld yOu my dilemma..

P.S if it's Ok withyOu, yOu can send yOur response at my personal e-mail address.. Only if it's Ok with yOu.. here is my e-mail address: i dOn't knOw hOw wiil i make a persOnal message tO yOu that's why i pOst a cOmment abOut my prOblem.. i hOpe yOu dOn't treat this as a little scheme Of an avid fan.. i just want an advice that's all.. thank yOu very much fOr the time.. take care and gOd bless.. and alsO kindly erase this cOmment after deciding if yOu will send a respOnse tO me Or nOt.. i indicate my persOnal e-mail address and i dOn't want it tO be knOwn in public.. sOrry, if there are wrOng grammars.. thanks again..


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