Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Favorite Ateneo Shirts

One reason why I enjoy the UAAP so much is because I intensely feel a sense of school spirit and competition! This is manifested through the attendance and cheering during the games. I believe that one great way to show your support to your university and show that you are truly proud of it is by wearing its T-shirts, more so if you are not a student nor alumnus of the institution. In my case, it's the Ateneo T-shirt! Here are some of my favorite Ateneo shirts that you might want to purchase before the season ends.

1) I find this shirt very attractive and unique. Very colorful. It has the names of all the players, which can serve as a souvenir for Blue Eagles Season 71 as well. This is the mini-business of a friend and part of the proceeds will go to charity. You can check this multiply site for details.

2) I not only like this shirt because of the #17 but because of the cute Eagle patch. I usually use this for warm-ups before a game. It comes in different designs and different numbers as well. Available at the A-shop inside the Ateneo campus.

3) "Magis, this time for the environment" I find the message very significant to each one of us. It comes in royal blue as well. Available at the Loyola School Bookstore in the MVP Building of the Ateneo campus.

4) Not only can these jackets be used in the games, they're perfect for the rainy weather too! I love the hoodie that Lia is wearing, very sporty! Available at Adidas shops nationwide.


P.S. This is not a paid advertisement. Just sharing my love for my university :) sorry for the lack of better pictures


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crazypeach said...

As posted during the wee hours of the morning (haha, parang ako hindi!)! Hihi!

Those are cool shirts! Well, anything you wore would look good anyway! Hihi! Cheers!!!

Nette said...

..nice shirts..

..i like the first one..

Godbless..nyty nyt!..

Anonymous said...

you know, if you put up a foundation to help any charity of your choice, you'd raise a lot of money. i hope the causes and charities you choose to support in the future will be carefully chosen, as well as your endorsements.

g'night chris!

Nica said...

The shirts with an eagle patch on it look like American Eagle shirts! Cool! I like it! I wonder how can I get just even 1 of those shirts since I dont live in Philippines? I wish my cousin would get me one! Haha!

I love the environment-loving tshirts too! Im a member of Greenpeace. I think they would to see those kind of shirts.

cherrytiu said...

cool shirts..
by the way, the first shirt is really cool, i saw one shirt that jai is wearing, it says in front, "does my heart beats blue?" or something like that.. i wonder if you also have the same? 'coz that is a really cute shirt.. and lucky for me, i love blue, that's why i love ateneo's shirts.. =)

Anna said...

I just got one from Mav!!! Hoping to have it signed at the bonfire. :-D
*Wishing really, really hard!*

Every year they are getting more and more creative with the shirts. I was looking at that #17 one too pero one of my favorites has a very simple but very loud ATENISTA printed on it.

Anonymous said...

finally,,,i've been wondering where can i purchase the shirt with the players' name that i saw kirk wearing on a tv show,,,haha thanks for sharing! i can now purchase mine. ^_^

khreezna said...

i just want to ask where can i buy the "today is tiu's-day" shirt??

tnx.. :))

btw..check this out..

cj said...

hi chris!
thanks for this post! now i know where can i buy admu shirts!
i really want to have one! (though im an archer!haha)

hmm,do u also know where can i get a shirt with your name only?(like the ones that i saw before in hanford )
or even a shirt with your pic? haha that would be sooo cool! haha


cj said...

btw, do you have a game on the 21st of september? cause im planning to watch on that date but i cant find the schedule of the upcoming games for the semis.

thanks again!

Sharon said...

hey thanks for sharing your fave admu shirts. i have a collection too..goodluck in the games! we will be there cheering all the way!

krystine said...

ni hao chris! i love those shirts. can't wait to have one.

goodluck to you and your team for your upcoming games! one big fight!

Anonymous said...

i love you chris!!!!

nina said...

LOVE, LOVE the bedspread! ;p

-sEvEntEen-0-sEvEn- said...

Hi Chris...

hei... hei...

I was about to comment about that first shirt (with all the surname of the Blue eagle Team)... I first saw it when Kirk Long guested in One Proud Mama (that was last week) together with his mom of course... and they where at a mall then, sa isang videoke booth..(Kirk actually sang a song p nga, but I forgot what song was that...hihihi!)
color pa lang nung shirt I know it was somehow related to the Ateneo team (Kirk was indeed a One Proud Atenista of course)...

To the "designer" of that shirt!, I'll give you a two thumbs up!!!

till then...
GodBless and GoodLuck to the Blue Eagles!!! OBF!!!



Anonymous said...

i have the name shirt and the jacket. the shirt is really nice that i am tempted to buy all colors..haha!

♥`ツShe_Annツ`♥ said...

cutie shirts..

hope I could buy one... :)

tc :)

Anonymous said...

yah!right school spirit is always there you see faces of different batch of ateneo alumni during the game....speaking of that do you know Lester Tanquilot?Is he a friend, classmate or batchmate? I saw here pic in one of your game. Just asking po...

greta said...

cool shirts!! haha unfortunately I'mnot from Ateneo sooo... I can't wear your shirts. =(

Anonymous said...

true i also like the blue shirt #17with the blue eagle on top,it looks cute and feels like saying soar and fly high captain.....

reneelyn said...

hi chris.. thank you for the information regarding of the ateneo t-shirts.. actually, its really nice and cool shirts.. thats why I always search in the net how to get the ateneo shirts coz im not from manila.. hehehehe.. thanks.. good luck for the next game:)


kaliwetengkambing said...

I love the shirt with the player's name. and i think theirs an auction going on for the autographed shirts with the players. of course the proceeds will go to a charity.. btws,, good luck to your exams week..

nurse jane said...

I'm having a second thought of purchasing the first one...
now that you shared that part of it will help a charity,
I think I should have one!...^o~
God bless, Mr. TIU!..=D

onebigfightiu17 said...

I also love the hoodie Lia Cruz wore your Adidas visit. :D

I wear the Ateneo shirts even though I'm an Assumptionista. ;)) HAHA.


Good luck on your game this Saturday against UE! \:D/ Just do it! Woopps, I forgot this site belongs to an Adidas Endorser. =)) HAHA.


Anonymous said...

hey mr tiu..
i want to have ateneo shirts too..
pange naman ako..hehe

nyways congratzz ah..
kau number one team this season..



karen said...

...thank you for sharing your fav shirts....we like it too- especially its cool and blue. hehe..

from "bohol"

Anonymous said...

wow..i also like those shirts:D especially the one with all the players' name in it. I'm planning to buy one actually.:))

anyway, goodluck on your next game:D


dyuhlie said...

chris, i actually like the second shirt.. sooooo cool!:) and i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to buy it. BUT im not in manila kac. is there anyone else that sells it online? like sa multiply? hahaha just desperate to buy that shirt though, cause it's soo cool. do you like know any other way? hahaha.phuless?:D

PS. if possible.. just dont post this at the comments part.. kung pede lang.:) if you have any reply.. can you just email it nalang? not into blogspot kac. i just have multiply. anyhow, the email is

phuleees.. dont put this in the comments side:D

mikels said...

everyday I check all the blog's I follow, yours, Sharon yu's & others. I'm surprised that you are the one who updated his/her blog today. Are those pics (the shirts on your bed) photographed by you during the time you're posting this entry?? (:

Ivanne said...

You don't like the I <3 ATENEO shirt? :(

I like the 1st shirt. :) I have it in both white & royal blue. :))

My friends and I were thinking of making shirts too. :> We might sell them on the Finals, watch out! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Just a question, are you having a hard time sleeping at night? Because you post some of your blogs during midnight. Or you’re just too busy during day time? I remember you mentioned in one of your blogs that you woke up in the middle of the night but you just can’t go back to sleep. Are you having creepy nightmares? Such a bad sleeping habit(like mine)!

Anyways, I think those shirts look good on you. I hope I can see you wear them in one of your episodes of Ripley’s or Pinoy Records.


yani said...

nakakatawa naman ang aga mo mag-post..

..cute ng shirt..

..can't afford ko lang ung jacket..


..pulubi lang kami e..


..cute ung shirt na 17 with blue eagle patch..

..akin na lang..

..joke lang, importante un sayo e..

mikels said...

I never attempted to enter your campus (I'm afraid to be crushed by the blue people in it!!) but can other students from "other" schools enter it?

tita kay said...

Last Saturday (06 Sept), some people were wearing the shirt with all your names (Blue Eagle Team) printed on it. We were looking for those shirts at the merchandise area just outside the Green Gate but we have not seen them on sale. I hope your friend will bring the shirts to Araneta on Sunday.

I also hope they have children's sizes, too.

Stay calm and cool. Just three more wins ... My daughter and I are praying for the Blue Eagles and the entire coaching staff as well.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

cool ateneo shirts..

eventhough i'm not an atenean, im really collecting the ateneo shirts to show my support to the blue eagles... I even visited Ateneo just to buy ATeneo shirts and other stuffs. I even bought shirts online.

Go Ateneo!! One Big Fight!!:)

mikels said...

When are you planning to build other branches of Chinky Chicken? I'm sure it will be very succesful. (:

nix14 said...

i love the first shirt and the jacket. haha. too bad i still lack the time and money to buy them. how much is that shirt and jacket by the way? i hope i'll have the time to go to the souvenir shop on sunday because that is the schedule of my acet. can you please wish me luck? hehe :)

anyways, good luck on the semis and go win the championship! ONE BIG FIGHT BLUE EAGLES!

Anonymous said...

I have the jacket and I love it so much although it was quite pricey. Haha. It`s just sad that Adidas didn`t make jerseys for each player. I was really looking forward to getting one of those.

Btw, good luck this Sunday on your game against UE!
Hoping for your victory so you could head on to the finals. Take care. :)

yoleen said...

yeah so nice!!!
I'll buy one soon..
Hey Chris..May i ask?
What's your Chinese name?

myv said...

cool shirts..:)

..i like the first one..:))

..i saw you wearing the shirt with a #17 after your game against NU..:))

..goodluck on sunday!!:))

john mark said...

hi kuya chris.,

hmm.,i want to grab one of those shirts that you are wearing.,the 1st one.,

but i'm gonna ask.,our place here in floridablanca, pampanga does not have a banco de oro here in our place.,i need to go first in guagua or san fernando which is quite far from us.,

are there other ways on how can i get that??

pls. help me.,i really want to purchase one of those.,anyways.,i will really try go get one of those.,

wait.,kuya chris.,can't you believe.,i just had a contest on sports writing and i won!!it is about the uaap.,but it is about the blue eagles, unfortunately.,but i won 6th place.,(i'm already telling about my life.,apologies on that.,)

well.,good luck at your game against ue!! i hope you will have a stellar performance.,go ateneo!! one big fight.,

mark :))

jonessa said...

hey Chris! this is a fun entry to read...
my fave Ateneo shirt is the one that has all the years Ateneo won the championship, then at the end "2008: Bring back the pride"...It's sold in Adidas... i hope the message comes true this year. ;)

-bianca- said...

ahay, i like the shirt, huh, the one with an environment theme, i'm an environment lover, and it's great. hoping to see you agin, me and my couzn would be earlier than before... hahahah
cool good luck this sunday's game i'll watch it agin, i'll be desperate, 'll be with mom( sana d ka na snob)


Karina said...

I love the shirts! :)

Good luck on Sunday, Chris! We'll all be praying and cheering for you guys!

eldy said...

aww... the shirt is so kawaii! i mean super cute ;D. i wish i could get one =). Godbless and Take Care always Chris ;D

arlene :) said...

I'd love the whole team in the "Will TIU marry me" shirt. :D Hehehe. That would be funny. :D

3 more wins Chris! Just 3 more.

\m/ rock on!

patty :) said...

Do you have insomniac? Just wondering.. You have bad sleeping habits huh. Hehe.. I experience that too but only during weekends. Maybe you're really just busy during the day. :D
At last! I found out just a while ago after I watched the game of La Salle vs. FEU that you'll be playing against UE on Sunday at 4pm at the Big Dome. Yipee! :)
Phew! La Salle won against FEU so they have the twice-to-beat advantage. :( But what's good news is that there is a big possibility that there will be another Blue vs. Green championship! So your game vs. the Archers last September 6 will most probably not be your last! Yehey! :]
God speed, Chris!
May you & the rest of Team Ateneo be safe & injury-free always..ü
All the best! =)

sabriaü said...

cool shirts & jackets, indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

dunno if you've ever been asked, but why 17? anything interesting behind your jersey number?

almira said...

nice shirts. the one with all the blue eagles' surnames in it is cool.

take care. ^^

eYnah said...

hi Chris!

I love the shirts...

specially the first one..:)

take care! ^_^

chris said...

Hi everyone, I only have a hard time sleeping after games. Other than that, i try to sleep as early as possible after getting all my work done.

ALso, I actually have a bank account that i'm accumulating for my "soon-to-be-setup" foundation. In fact, all my earnings from the PSBank awards and other basketball related monetary compensation will be used for charity. I'm still in the process of planning and conceptualizing the most effective way to help. Specifically, I like to help the public education sector.

Yes, non-Ateneans can enter campus but you will have to leave your IDs with the guards, THey are very strict lately.

john mark said...

hi again..

hmm.,nice idea of having a charity.,this will help a lot.,gud luck for that.,

i hope i can go to ateneo someday.,^^

good luck again for your future games.,hope you'll win the crown.,

always take care idol.,godspeed.,

spongeknox said...


HI!! I'll just give the links if you want to order those shirts..
-if you want to order the blue eagle's surnames shirt. (the one long is wearing on an interview)
-they have different shirt styles. and i believe chris has a shirt of I heart ateneo.. visit their sites

They were all open for shipping! Just inquire them on how to do that. :)



Anonymous said...

hi chris! can you share with us stories of your teammates too? especially eric salamat and nonoy baclao...i adore them!

btw i'm not gay so eric and nonoy don't freak out haha

Anonymous said...

i'm just curious... this has nothing to do with the t-shirts-- but, have you had laser surgery done on your eyes? i just noticed that there hasn't been any incident in any of the games this season (and last?) that the game has been halted to hunt for your contact lenses. wherever you had it done, they must be good because your 3-pt shooting has improved even more! :-)

dzoie said...

have 1 also "championship shirt" bought it during admu-up game(2nd round)i love the color ksi(sky blue)i asked my mom to alter it so it will fit nicely.. wore it during dlsu-admu game, i rmemberd that time a mom asked me(she's a supporter also of admu) where did i get the shirt "ang ganda kasi eh.. wala sa a shop niyan..." i told her, "ma'am, sa may starbucks ko po nbili, hehehehe" just sharing lang my fave shirt aside nga pala sa color.. my shirt has an autograph.. "CHRIS TIU #17" "JAI REYES #5" "ERIC SALAMAT#11" thats y its special.. former king eagle himself, enrico villanueva saw it also and said it was a cool shirt... hehehe my cousin loved that shirt also.. -kat-

nurse jane said...

I thought theres no money in the collegiate basketball...
nice to know that the players earn through those awards...
anyway, I want to be part of your charity in the future...
I'm willing to be a public TIU-tor..hehehe..=D
you really have a great heart...
more blessings to come!...^o~

Anonymous said...

Great to hear that you are trying to put up a foundation that will help the public school education sector. These children deserve a proper and excellent education. There are a lot of them with potential but it just doesn't come out cause of the lack of funds.
Good Luck on your game this Sunday! We will be praying for you, the team and the coaching staff. =)

inupuang manok said...

What's with number 17?! during my application this afternoon in ortigas.. my number is 17?! then suddenly i think of idol chris. I told myself. hope this numbe rwill be lucky for me... then to make it short. i passed. and i will now start my internship with that magazine publishing company.. oooppsss... hahah. start loving the number 17.. hahah though 7 is also reffered as palakol or axe in cards during hs days.. hahaha

angelle said...

Hi Chris!:) i like the one with all the players' names on it. but i haven't got one yet. i plan to buy soon. the second one with the number 17 on it is also cute. i wanna buy too! hahaha.

adidas jackets are pretty expensive. i only have ateneo shirts which are pasalubongs from my friends studying in admu. :)

and its a really good idea for you to set up a charity. that's really so nice of you.

btw, goodluck on all your remaining games Chris! i'll be flying to manila this weekend to watch your game against UE. unfortunately i can't watch the finals because the week after that would be our periodical tests. but i'll be there this sunday. see you! :) ONE BIG FIGHT! :D

sunshinegirl said...

Hi chris! My friend Angel and I have been looking all over for the first shirt! now I know where to get it finally. haha. :D

Good luck sa game against UE. I can't watch you guys then kasi may work ako. But sa finals, I'll definitely be there. :D See you soon.


ainan said...

If you are the endorser, its gonna be ahuge hit...Thanks for sharing your favorite shirts, its our favorite now.

Anonymous said...

hi chris! just curious, what will be your plans after playing in UAAP? or after graduation?:)

mobsterr said...

i have a favorite gray admu shirt with a blue capital A on it that i wear every time i watch the games live online over abs-cbn's site :) makes me feel like i'm at the araneta or at moro lorenzo cheering for my blue eagles :) i'm in the east coast right now so i guess watching my hail mary team over the abs-cbn site would have to do for now :) can't wait for that championship bonfire at the bellarmine field!! will be praying for you, guys :) ONE BIG FIGHT! :)

roger said...

why dont you market something that you can make money from? Or market something that your friends or relatives sells rather than ateneo products whose profits you have no chance of seeing. This just makes the ateneo's pocket book even fatter.

Paula Marie Valles said...

hi chris

congratulations!!! you won the game vs. dlsu as well as Ive read the news that the ratings of your shows (pinoy records and ripleys)is higher than your rival shows...

Good luck to your studies and upcoming games!!!

with regards to the shirt, I love the magis shirt, i just hope i will have a chance to get one...

Anonymous said...

chris! do you like to see ATENEO jersey dresses? cute!

Anonymous said...

nice shirts!i lovethe one with all the names of the admu basketball team! goodluck on sunday!

Anonymous said...

a true blue eagle
heart & soul..

gud luck s game s sunday=)


LJ said...

Cool shirts.! Haven't got one since I'm in high school.

mikels said...

I'm glad you've been able to respond! (: I'm quite sure they are strict, I'm just wodering, just wondering.. what if the I.d is from the green side, is the visitor still welcome to enter?? And I have a suggestion for your foundation's name, CHINKY foundation! Haha korny. Can I be a part of your foundation? I want to help poor people too, it makes me feel like I'm a good person (:

bfrances said...

Salut, Chris!
I would like to buy one of those Adidas shirts/jackets, yet they are really expensive. Anyway, I like to buy even one Ateneo shirt (preferably the one you wore in the first picture or the #17 shirt). I'm not an Atenean, and I'm sure my schoolmates will kill me if I dare to wear one inside the UP Manila campus. Hehe. But I don't care.

I support AdMU because your school/alam mater has contributed a lot in my college education through the Pathways to Higher Education program. This is just one of my simple ways to pay back. Bonne chance to your team's games! :)

mayenne said...

Nice shirts!! But I love more the jacket. I'm actually frustrated to get one. But it is too expensive. Huhu. :'c

My friend who is currently studying there in Ateneo is actually thankful that I'm already done with my debut before seeing your jacket or else he was sure I will be asking him to buy me one as his gift. Haha:)) But I'll try to save up so that I could buy one. Super love it xe eh!!:D

I read your comment, it is very nice of you to put up a foundation for public education. You really have a big heart. Only few people could see how low standard is our education here in the Philippines. I've been to community service in one of the public schools there in Quezon City and frankly speaking it is very depressing because most of their chairs are already broken and according to my students some of their teachers are not teaching them. They don't know actually how to pray even the Lord's prayer. I just shared this to you because I hope you wouldn't stop on doing things to help these children. I'm an aspiring teacher someday and I really hope that more people would extend help to them. Plus, I really hope that there will be an awareness for the children who have special needs. I don't think that Filipino people are aware that these children also deserve quality education same to us, normal people. Well, that's all. The only thing I know to help them is to be the BEST TEACHER that they can have. Kindly update us with your charity.:)

But the way, good luck to your upcoming games. I'll be watching and supporting the Blue Eagles. Stay safe and God bless.:)


angelko28 said...


what if i give you a up shirt, which says 'up ako, ikaw?' would you wear it?

don't get me wrong.:) i am from up but i also wear ateneo shirt because i support the team.

oh well.. it was just a question.:)

♥jen♥ said...

cool shirts!
especially the shirt with the surname of the blue eagles and i really like the white shirt. heheh!
good luck on your remaining games.
gOd bLess & take care!

haylin said...

hey chris!

cool shirts! I wanna have it too but the other sites(like and the Ashop) does not accept shipping into our could we have one or even more??i wanna have those shirts and most esp. the admu cord..are there any possible ways so we could have it?

pls do reply..

goodluck to your game this sunday..

charles Tiu said...

to roger:

because making money isn't everything. there is such a thing as giving back to your school :)

cariza said...

..cute moh dun s #1 shirt.
..4 sale b un?
..wer can i buy dat shirt?
..4 remembrance..


..tma xa.. lhat ng isuot moh
bgay sau..
..khit nga wla kng suot eh..
ehehe ..juz kidding..

..luv you poh..

cariza said...

cute moh s #1 shirt..
4 sale b un..
wer can i buy dat?
4 remembrance

..tma xa lhat ng isuot moh bgay sau,
khit nga wla kng suot eh..ehehe

joke lng..
luv you poh..

cariza said...

cute moh s #1 shirt..
4 sale b un..
wer can i buy dat?
4 remembrance

..tma xa lhat ng isuot moh bgay sau,
khit nga wla kng suot eh..ehehe

joke lng..
luv you poh..

mikels said...

you're very right Charles!! Money isn't everything but I think it will be very hard for us to live if we don't have money (or credit cards!), btw, besides cris, you moderate incoming comments in this blog too ryt? Such a supportive brother

psixteen said...

haha! i heart those two shirts too; theyre also my fave shirts plus the iloveateneo one...but i do not think ill buy them---im not an atenean and i think tis just weird to do so...;p
(and id rather not be commented on sporting ateneo apparel when i dont even hail from the said university).

ditto to charles. not everything is about money. more than the profit, tis usually for school pride and bragging rights at times. ;p [much like us from UP]

john mark said...

yipee.,i can buy that 1st shirt that you're wearing na.,

i have enough money na.,

i have talked to you're friend about this.,

they're really nice.,

mikels said...

And goodluck Ateneo on Sunday! I'm sure the archers will win their fight.

lo said...

cool shirts
i have the first one :)

charme said...

i already saw the jacket on one of the adidas shop but i can't afford it (too bad for me but i really want it!). i like the shirts with all your surnames on it and the #17 with a patch. :)JUst wondering, what is the meaning of AMDG?

Bianca said...

++>>hey kuyah chris!!=) it's me again,,Bianca!!(n_n)

++>>anyweiz..nice shirts!!hope I can buy one for myself..=)

++>>nice game against DLSU!!i'm really glad that u've won!!^_^ i really wish that u'll become the CHAMPIONS this year!!we'll support u all the way!!GO BLUE EAGLES!!GO ATENEO!!

++>>kuyah,,i'm really curious and i wanna ask u if it's true that this is your last season in UAAP??i read on a forum that this might be your last season..'is it true kuya??' (PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!='( di po talaga me mapakali nung mabasa ko po yun!!='(

++>>i really hope that is not true!!kc nMn po noh!!this is my first time to watch UAAP..and i've done that 'coz of u kuyah!!kyah i'm really going to be sad if ever na totoo man po un!!='(

++>>kuya..i hope u'll answer my questions..PLEASE!!

++>>anyweiz..GOOD LUCK po sah laban nyo against UE this Sunday ah!!JIA YOU GEGE!!(n_n) i'll pray for you!!

++>>ingatzz po plge!!God bless!!

yLLA said...

nice shirts..
i have one ateneo shirt too..
it's the halikinu halikina..
i'm also planning to buy the shirt with all of your name on it..

very nice idea in suppoting or making a charity or foundation..

me, i also want to make such foundations..

i want to help others in terms of health's really important now a days but people don't realize that..especially our government..and that's sad..;c

Goodluck Chris!

patty :) said...

Oh, okay. It's good to know that you do not have insomniac. Maybe it's just because of the extreme excitement that you feel before, during & after every UAAP game. :D
Great idea of putting up a foundation especially for the public education sector. For sure it'll be very successful because you are so popular & of course because there are still many Good Samaritans out there who, like you, still have hope for our country and the youth.. :)
We will all be praying for Team Ateneo for Sunday's game & for the finals. =)
We are all anticipating the Bonfire! :]
Ateneo de Manila University Blue Eagles-- 2008 UAAP Champions!
Season MVP-- Chris Tiu..
In God's name, these will come true.. soon! :)

aiko said...

hi chris,

its a good thing to know dat u are not insomniac.:) Anyways, tnx for ur post about the shirts.. I've already ordered 4 shirts from Mav Gonzales..:) Don't worrry i will promote about it here in Davao coz i believe dat its purpose is good..:) Hey if u alredy finalized ur foundation please do tell us (me and my barkadas) about the details. Trust me we are more than willing to help..:)

Godspeed..:)I will continue to include you and the team in my prayers..:) Animo Ateneo!!!

3xie said...

luv the first shirt so much...want to order that soon...:> gud luck 2 ur game vs. ue! :>

Mav Gonzales said...

Hey Chris! Super thanks for putting up the Blue Fever picture on your site. I'm pretty sure a lot of basketball fans became interested in the shirt haha! :)

Michaella: A Dreamer, an actress and a whole lot more.............. said...

whoa!! nice shirts!!!!! umm.. I wanna ask ya something, do yah know Fame Flores or Lance Raymundo? hehe! I just asked.....

GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!

dzoie said...

having a foundation for children jsut like give a life foundation is what im dreaming of but i dont have enough funds.. all i can do was to be part of medical mission since im a med tech/health service provider.. my tita in gawad kalinga invited me to be part of organizers of medical mission for gk, is it ok if i ask for your support since gk has ths SIGA youth.. i know you will inspire those kids more..


ebullientteen said...

hey. my sister and I are planning to buy the saeson 71 shirt with all the family names of the players. :)

again, goodluck this season!
we'll be cheering and praying.
take care! GOD BLESS :)

Anonymous said...

can i share my favorite shirts too???

1.championship shirts by mav--- just like what ive told this morning i like the design the color of the shirt, and the players hu signed it..CHRIS TIU #17

2. I LOVE ATENEO---it says it need to elaborate..(loyola bookstore)

3. 1 (at the back " CARRY THE 2002 CHAMPIONHIP SPIRIT WITH YOU...)not so sure bout the text.. but same thoughts.. 3 more games chris... =) +ad majorem dei gloriam+

4. ATENISTA..self confessed ATENEO-HOLICS--- im a certified ateneo-holic.. sad to say "out of stock"...

hehehe good luck chris.. ive seen the support of the university and the whole community with all those shirts and other stuffs.... go ateneo.. WE BELIEVE!!!!i even heard some supporters will fly in from provinces this weekend just to see you guys play...

god bless this sunday..


Anonymous said...

chris, you can attract a battalion of volunteers for your charity!

to nurse jane: that's a cute idea... the public Tiu-tor thing! i'm willing to be one! haha!

roger: i understand your entrepreneurial mindset =D but i think charles is right. it's very fulfilling to give back to an institution you owe much from.

Anonymous said...

ei chris i need your help.. i went to ticketnet this afternoon, they say the tickets are sold out already.. can i get the number of your source.. i just need 1 ticket.. im sorry for disturbing you po.. my number is 09165590208..thank so much... i will be grateful po..with this..

Anonymous said...

i agree with charles... money isnt everything.. chris will do anything he can just to help his school without asking anything in return.. a MAN FOR OTHERS...

deboz said...

i'd love to have one of those!

goodluck for the remaining games mr chris!=)

tina said...

"because making money isn't everything." -true enough charles :)

i hope somebody appoints you chris to be an ambassador of goodwill. im sure, you'd make a great ambassador amongst young filipinos.

that foundation that you're conceptualizing will surely be a good avenue for you to materialize your dreams of helping our fellowmen at a larger scale. many of us think na hopeless nang maging maayos ang bansa natin, puro tayo reklamo..pero come to think of it, are we even doing our part para tulungan ang sarili nating bansa? something to ponder on..

chris, keep inspiring people. continue being a man for others :)

god bless you more! you deserve it.

francine17 said...

Love the shirts! Is it true that the ADMU team is in XU (Cagayan de Oro)??

Janina said...

to charles and chris

cijs, i envy your love for your school. i had A LOT of school spirit once too. it faded away after reality knocked at my door. and i was just dumb enough to answer it. haha.

anyway, can't wait to hear what your foundation is about.

dzoie said...

good night chris.. you should get more sleep.. ull be needing that... we dont want u to have low hemoglobin count or u will be will affect you energy the whole day hehehe take a rest na ok??? everyones counting on you, remember??ill pray that you'll alwys be protected.. good night.. dont forget to pray also..


CEMD said...

GANDA...hehehehe...luv the first one...ung may mga surnames...hehehe...oh! gud luck nga pala sa next game...against UE:)
un nga...gud luck...hahahaha:) (*taong ala pang tulog*)

CEMD said...

ah...hehehe...ung lng...parang power trip lng:) but if u will be da will surely be a tremendous hit!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Tiuperman!

kharen tuss said...

H! Mr.Chr!s Tiu..

* you have wowed me fr.the very beginning..

* i'm a hardcore fan of green archers but i adore you..

* i like you very much,just as you are..

* i haven't met you,i don't even know you(personally),but every tym i listen to my favorite song & d way it makes me feel,it makes me know you..

* GoodNyt ChRiS..<8s me Kharen>

kharen tuss said...

H! chris,
I almost forgot.. pls. say H! to kirk for me..i lyk him too..he,he. (oh wag na u mag selos dyan)i lyk u much much better nman eh .. nyt,nyt..& also to zion p pla..

kharen tuss said...

i almost forgot.. pls. say hi to kirk for me..i lyk him too..(oh wag na u mag selos dyan)he,he,i lyk u much much better..& to zion pa pla..ha!ha!

mikels said...

Can't sleep... Good thing tomorrow is Saturday. I'm just wodering what #17 means to u? A lot of people loved that number because of u but I don't think they know why you have that # on your jersey, so why 17??

roger said...

money isnt everything when youre in college. once you start working, you'll realize whats it worth. what im trying to say is chris should make money while he can. fame is fleeting, as they say it lasts 15 minutes.

my personal opinion is, people shouldnt have this debt towards their schools. its not like people go to school for free. we pay to enroll so nobody really owes anyone anything.

kharen tuss said...

i luv wearing it! though i'm a true-blooded green..!!

Anonymous said...

i loooove the shirts! :))

crisa said...

nice shirts.,
i hope i can get one.,
take care.,gudluck sa nxt game.,

b said...

i love LIA CRUZ.

psixteen said...

to bianca:
yes, tis chris' last season in uaap. he did say hes considering on trying out for pro for a while---though id prefer chris doesnt enter the pba anymore...maybe sports commentating instead, yeah? i remember when he and jai guested in magic a few weeks ago...practice will make chris a good sports commentator and/or analyst.

to charme:
admg=ad majorem dei gloriam [latin for "for the greater glory of God"]

Chelsea said...

ACET is hard!
I took it a while ago.

Anyway, good luck on Sunday!
Beat the Warriors!

jade said...

hey chris! those are cute shirts..=) i'm wondering where i could buy a shirt with your name? i remember before, after one game, i went to buy a shirt with your name in the ateneo booth in araneta but it was already out of stock.. what was left was the shirt with number 17.. lucky for me to have it because it was the last stock and the booth was about to close.. haha.. i hope i could have another chris tiu shirt.. haha..=) anyway, goodluck on your next games..=) God bless..

Mai said...

hey congrats last game! hope you beat UE tom!

rona :) said...

Hi chris. Those shirts are really really good! I'm planning to avail one soon eventhough i'm not an Atenean! Anyway, Goodluck on your game versus UE. Unfortunately, no more tickets available this time :((. huhu. So i don't have choice, I have to watch your game on TV. I hope you'll win again. God bless you and your team always!

-rona :)

emancipated_princess said...

i also like the first shirt there! (the one with the admu players name). but i felt sorry for myself because i doesn't have that one. the only "atenean shirt" i have would be the one with the little miss blue eagle shirt.well, i really liked that one.:)) good luck on your game against ue tom.!


GO kuya Chris!!:))

mars said...

I believe they have been strict because of us -those who took the ACET. I just took mine this morning. After the test, I dragged my friends to the Moro Gym and saw a few players. Too bad for me "I" didn't see you. Ten minutes after I left, they saw you. They said they even got to talk to you. Oh well, I hope there's still a next time. Good Luck on your game tomorrow. Do you have a game on the 21st??

arlene :) said...

Hey Chris,

I think you should see this.

I think they have made the best shirts ever :D

mish said...

hey chris, read a good article on why you should be the mvp.

-kristina- said...

nice shirts (also, nice pose! hehe)

i love to hear that those cool shirts will help a charity..

i find irresisteble to wear one..

.. i'll try my best to buy some of your shirts.. unfortunately,i'm here in tarlac..

i may not be an atenean.. but i'll be very proud to wear and show my support to your team,

i believe that BLUE EAGLES will be the CHAMPs in this season of UAAP..

i'll be one of your avid fan MR. CHRIS TIU,.. thank's for being one of my inspirations.. GODBLESS..

.. just wanna share this stuff..

Athletes are driven by commitment, to their sport, to themselves, to excellence itself. Commitment fuels the extra mile, the final set, the last quarter. Going on when body begs to stop. A winner makes commitments, loser makes promises.

Even when you’ve played the game of your life, it’s the feeling of teamwork that you’ll remember. You’ll forget the plays, the shots, and the scores. But, you’ll never forget your teammates..

i hope you'll agree?! hehe

that's why myself loves BASKETBALL

a lot…

i've seen your commitment and you definitely manifested it to your team..
you're a great captain..
I BELIEVE in you # 17..


charme said...

ahhh... knew it! hehe
good luck!

charme said...

won't you(admu basketball team) visit the robinsons place ermita???

reg said...

I was just wondering why did you choose 17 as your number?wala lang, I'm really interested to know 'coz I heard that you're a fan of Michael Jordan.
My brother told me a story about Kobe Bryant why he replaced his number to 24 'coz he reckons that he'd be the next Michael Jordan and that made me become interested to know the reason behind your number:) I hope that you could make a blog about it despite of your hectic schedule.Thank you!God bless and good luck on your game tomorrow!:)

eliazoan205 said...

chris! =) you should check this out.. it's my friend's blog.. =)

Anonymous said...

roger do you really think chris wont be successful after his career? he will be a good business man way after his fame is gone. haha he's too smart and good.

hallyugy said...

to roger:
if you have time, please try to watch "PAY IT FORWARD (2000)" starring kevin spacey, helen hunt and haley joel osment... it's a nice movie and maybe you can do some thinking ^^,

Nette said...

Charles is certainly right..

I'd like to share an old Hasidic story about Heaven and Hell.

"I will show you Hell," the Lord said to a rabbi, and led him to a room of famished, desperate people sitting around a large circular table. In the center was a pot of stew, enough for everyone. Yet no one ate. All they had was a single long-handled spoon; long enough to reach the stew, but too long to them to get the food into one’s own mouth.

"Now I will show you Heaven," said the Lord. The rabbi entered another room, identical to the first. They had the same table, same stew, and same long-handled spoon. Yet everyone was full, flourishing and exuberant.

"I don’t understand the difference," said the rabbi.

"It is simple," said the Lord. "You see, the people in this room have learned to use the spoon to feed each other.

" Just let yourself to be fed, and pass it on to others...


kat said...


chris, just droppin by to say good luck for tomorrow's game... a lot of expectations are expected from you..we believe in you.. you are the clutch... the captain.. the leader.. the heart and soul of the team.. THE KING EAGLE... we'll pray God will grace you with strength to lead the team and protect you in this game..we'll always be proud of you, chris tiu and the rest of the blue eagles... our mvp...


dzoie said...

just an observation..

2002- ateneo joined the pbl before the uaap season..the won both uaap and pbl championship..

2008- ateneo joined nsl and fil oil.. before the uaap won the nsl.. now youre on finalfour with the twice to beat advantage..

may the 2002 championship spirits be with you with the grace of our mama mary and holy spirit.. i want you to be happy since this will be ur last year =D =(( sad last year m na.. we believe.. GO hail mary squad.. we'll be praying for you.. ONE ATENEO


mikels said...

can't believe how many product endorsements you have now.. Your face is EVERYWHERE. Are you trying to beat KC Concepcion? Haha! Btw goodluck tomorrow! Im sure the archers will win, do you think the eagles will win too? :p peace!!

kharen tuss said...

Gud eve chris!ay gud m'rning n pla..

* i want to know more 'bout u..
* i want to know your most fave
* ur other recreations..
* ur fave color..(cguro green
* ur dream wedding..(oh chris, i
can't wait to be your bride..)
* or just reveal anythin' about u
that we still didn't knw..
* bye,bye 'til 2mrow again..gud
mrning future groom..

kharen said...

forgive me chris.. i just can't help________________________with you..basta alam mo na yUn!.. gd mornin'..

mikels said...

goodluck on your game later! (:

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Cris Tiu!
Goodluck sa game niyo mamaya!
Bring home the bacon!

By the way, thanks to the following people who answered my question regarding the meaning of AMDG:
jamy, Aira Nicole, Anonymous & buhaykyusi. It really help a lot.

AMDG stands for Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. Latin for "For the Greater Glory of God."



Nice Philosophy in Life: (i just want to share with you)

lahat ng problema may solusyon. kapag alang solusyon, wag mong problemahin. make ur life easy, don't stress urself too much...:)

timothy said...

do you have a size for a small kid like me puwede bang mag order sa web sabi ni dada bayaran na lang namin tung shipping and handling bawal kase sa akin ang biyahe nakakapagod daw gusto ko number 19.
i really hope ma meet ko kayo in person pero sabi ni doktor escudero bawal kasi sa akin ang ma excite sana kase gumaling na ako kuya pero sabi ni dada di pa answer tung prayer ko niGod kase busy pa siya ok lang yun. basta manalo kayo kahit sa bahay lang ako manonood ng finals. kasama uli kayo sa prayers ko babay

simplytoogood17 said...

hei chris!!!!! just wanna say God Bless to your games... at last final four na rin... well i want to buy the jacket pero its kinda mahal... well GOD BLESS ulit! tc olways TIUperman...

katie said...

wu shu ai ni, chris tiu...

Bonnie said...

im not an atenean but seeing those shirts... worn by YOU! i think ill transfer next year...heheh. But are you on your last year of school??

mikels said...

Congratz, once again the eagles won, and of course the archers won too! (:
So you still have a la salle fight next with! I hope your happy...

lavendeour said...

hi there., ive design a shirt for ateneo and what inspired me is.. this blog! haha the day ive found out that chris tiu got a blog i was inspired to design a shirt, if u wanna see it:: its here

Paula Marie Valles said...

hi chris,


ateneo won the game against ue earlier

goodluck to your upcoming game against la salle!?

Anonymous said...

hey chris!

just wanna congratz you and the rest of the blue eagles for winning the game againts u.e. and yehey! you've made it to the finals! hehe...
goodluck for the next game!
take care!


patty :) said...

You won, you won! :)
Even though you only scored two points, if I'm not mistaken, you have contributed in other departments like the assists, steals & rebounds. You create plays for your team mates time & again, you're very unselfish. And the best & most important part there is that Team Ateneo is in to battle it out for the championship crown against your arch rivals La Salle. :D
You really blew it out against UE. No match! Haha. I don't really wanna brag, but i think i have all the right to. =D (But of course we have to stay humble and you have to win the title first before we could REALLY brag. Haha!)
For sure La Salle would be giving you a tough time. They've been playing so well, plus the fact that they are the defending champs. But like so what?! HAHA. =)
May you finally bring home the crown this season & may you, Mr. Chris Tiu, be this season's Most Valuable Player. Yeah, Rabeh is a strong contender for being the MVP, but I personally believe you deserve it more than he does. It's not all about scoring, it's about the leadership & inspiration that a player brings to a team, & you definitely have those, even more than what is required. :)
Even this early, I'm already seeing the bonfire!(I am getting way ahead of myself but i know it'll come true, in God's name) Wooh! Go fight, ATENEO win!!! :D
Like what an Ateneo shirt says: 2008, Bring back the title. (And it'd be sweeter this season because you're against your rivals) ^^
And like what a true BLUE Atenean says in every success with all humility:
Ad Majorem dei Gloriam- For the Greater Glory of God. :)

almira said...

hi! i took the acet this morning. whew! i survived.

good game! so September 6 was not your last game with La Salle after all.

take care and all the way to the champ title! ^^

ohhh, btw i'm going to purchase two blue fever shirt. just sharing. ^^
maybe next season there'll be a shirt like that again but no more TIU on it so now is really the time to buy! ^^

mikels said...

I'm so amazed!

But I know DLSU will give you a hard time on Sept.21!! Mwahaha.. peace!! :p

sabriaü said...

WOW. What a blowout game vs UE. Haha. Congratulations!
Best of luck for the finals! Beat La Salle!
Go Ateneo, One Big Fight!

dzoie said...

chris.. congratulations youre in the FINALS... thank God you made it... 2 GAMES TO GO... we'll continue praying for you and the team may he lead us to Victory.. THY WILL B DONE.. doesnt matter whether you scored or not..Youre the eagle's eye ksi nakikita mo ung open man... nice game captain.. Kudos to jai, eric,nonoy for stepping up.. esp jai.. go ateneo..

c you sa next game..


dzoie said...

mark molina said before the game that youre leadership is the key in today's game... he's corect.. you showed it earlier though you didnt score much still you created plays for rabeh and others...CONGRATS AGAIN..KAT

katie said...

nice hair nga pala..

vanessa said...

hi chris! :)

great game today against UE! that was indeed another statement...Ateneo is number 1 and ur standing is legit.
Hope u guys go all the way against DLSU in the finals... I know u guys can make it! One Big Fight...

btw, i'm an avid Ateneo fanatic! ever since Rico and LA's time...and to think I'm not even from ADMU.. but does anyone really have to be, to become a fan?
I admire how u guys play...pure basketball and great teamwork. Unlike other teams who play really physical games and fouls hard. You just play Ateneo kind of basketball- tough and mental.

Keep up the good work! And for me you are the MVP... u may not have monster points all the time, but ur mere presence inside the court is overwhelming. And I admire how get ur teammates invovled. and you've proven that u are Ateneo's Mr. Clutch. You've made such huge timely baskets.. and as they say, it's not how many times you shoot but when you shoot them.

keep safe...

TIUper_girl17 said...

Congratulations Chris..!
just keep on doing whatever you guys are doing and be better!
Ateneo really rockZ..!
were luckily had the chance to watch your game again lived.
Great game! All the players did guys showed that teamwork really pays off..
Ang gling gling nyo po tlaga..
we really really enjoy the game..
we will NEVER forget this day.. Sept.14,2008..bec. we had a great time.,great experiences and most of all we saw you in personal.. are so good to be TIU..very CUTE..!
And finally we had an authogaraph from you...Ang dmi dami nyo po tlgang Fans..paglabas nyo po ng gate nagtilian na ung mga Fans..[kasma kmi dun heheh..] your so GWAPO hahah..!sa dmi ng fans di na po kami nakapagpa-picture sayo..
ayaw na rin po kc naming makipagsiksikan eh..kasi namn nakita rin po namin na nasisiksik kana..and mukhang pagod na pagod kna po..pinagpapawisan pa.. kya di na po kmi ngpumilit..
there's always next time pa nman eh..sinasbihan nga po nmin sila..
sinigaw ko po na "nasisiksik na si kuya TIU maawa namn po kayo" kaso di tlaga mapigilan ang fans eh..
gnon tlaga..kayo po kasi eh..
Ang GAlING and ang GWAPO nyo po kasi eh yan tuloy ang daming naghahabol heheh..joke..:)
congratZ po ulit..
gO ateneo..One big fight..!

♥♥take care..

Christine said...

congratulations for making it to the finals! Hope you'll get the championship this time. =)

deboz said...


i bet you can win the finals against la salle.=)

dex1696 said...

i wouldn't let this day pass without congratulating you guys for winning against U.E. and for finally securing the finals. Hope you guys get the championship this season.

jas said...

chris congratulation
u won against UE..(yipee)
i am very happy for you and the team.
hope that you will beat la salle and win the CHAMPIONSHIP!!


dzoie said...

_____ +AMDG+_____

3 M's for you..

----kat said...

hey.. mr.chris TIU!:)

first CONGRATULATIONS to you & your team for being in the final 2!:) i hope & pray that you guys beat DLSU!:)

its so sad that i wont be able to watch your game live and to see you guys bag the championship crown (wow, i can just imagine..). well, i will be leaving this wednesday (my classes in australia have already started, missed a week of school) and i dont think i can delay it again, my parents will go mad if i did. haha!

anyway, i just wish i can personally meet/see you before i leave (yeah, i really wish.. but i guess that wont be possible..) so, i guess i'm just gonna have to keep hoping then:) maybe i'll see you in sydney?? (haha! yeah right..) anyway, i just wish you & your team GOOD LUCK! im so excited for you guys! keep it up chris. OBF:)


Nette said...

..congrats again!..


..goodluck sa next game!..

..nd na kme lumapit sau, andami nagpapapiktyur ehh..


Nette said...

.and thanks pla keh Charles!.. knya kme nag papiktyur..

..Godbless Charles!..

Nica said...

70-50?! Wow! Congratz! Though you still have to worry bout FEU and DLSU, I know you guys can do it!

Anonymous said...

congrats blue eagles...
ganda ng laro...
iba talaga ang eagles!

finals na...
sana ateneo na to!

one big fight.....


babypinky said...

Hi po kuya!! Sna magpost ka n po ng bgo. Sna po about your favorite undies nman! Luv u po! Your my tiuperman!!!

tita kay said...

For Roger:

I believe that we should share our blessings in any way we can. A person may have all the money in the world but if he lives in apathy, or does nothing to help the least of his brothers, then his life is meaningless.

Some people do have the means and opportunity to help but they don't; others have the opportunity to help but not the means; still others have the means but come up with excuses. Chris has both the means and opportunity to do good and help others. He could have chosen to keep and spend all the money that goes with the awards. Instead, he chose to pool the funds to serve as seed money for the foundation. Such a gesture should be supported.

For Chris:

Your efforts and concern to the least fortunate will surely leave an indelible mark to the beneficiaries of the foundation. Keep up the good work!!!

Btw, congrats to the Blue Eagles team and the coaching staff for a game well played against UE yesterday. We will continue to pray for all of you in the finals.

Anonymous said...

Hello! =) I am an avid supporter of the Blue eagles,especially you, erik, and jai. =)Keep up the good work. We all pray that there wouldn't be any injuries and we are very proud of you.
I also admire you that you have the guts to open up a piece of your life to your fans, =)Your blog is well appreciated, and it shows. Your sincerity towards your fans is very much adored.
I wanted to talk to you personally or even have my jacket signed but sadly, I am too shy.For a fact that, majority of you're fans are highschool and college girls, and I think that I don't fit in, while those girls are screaming their lungs out. Although, I just graduated from college also from ateneo and a lot of times have i seen you around the campus but I still don't have the courage those girls have. A simple glimpse of you is enough to brighten up my day. =) I even asked our helper to join the girls who would wait after each game to have you signed their jackets. It also took me a lot of courage to comment on you're blog. Sadly, I'll be leaving the country soon and I hope that I'd be given a perpetual chance to meet you and have a chat but I guess it wouldn't happen. I would prefer watching you play. =) I am aware that at some point in time, you become exhausted and as much as possible it shouldn't be obvious to your fans. So I don't want to be a burden to you, Although, I know that you don't consider you're fans as a burden but some people are, especially the security. They act rudely at times and people get intimidated. It's really annoying.
It's also nice that you are planning to build a foundation, try visiting WORLD VISION for your conceptualization of your chosen foundation and for partner communities. =)I just do hope that you will have a sustainable development for your foundation. As they say: It's better to teach them how to fish, rather than give them fish all the time. =)

-Athena =)

Mai said...

GO Ateneo! Go for the UAAP crown!

Anonymous said...

Who do you think will be MVP this season? Do you think it will be you?

elmina said...

nice blogs
&& good luck on the championship series

CEMD said...

congrats for the win...kaya lang parang di k masyadong visible sa game? is there something wrong? ala lng...just askin':)

jessa mae said...

Hello Chris Tiu! Well, it's my first time to post a comment on ur blog.. hihi!

im one of your millions of fans..
it seems kasi na ur very intelligent.. hehe. it shows nman! the way u talk pa nga lng eh..

anyway, goodluck sa career mo..
ur rili such a nice person.. and an excellent basketball player..

juz wanna congratulate u also, for winning the game last Sunday against my school, UE.. hehe!

gOodluck for the game in the finals against DLSU.. God bless you and your team, as well!

kya nio yan.. =)

kittykath_17 said...

hello chris!!! hehe! i miss posting some comments on your blog huh..hehe! you know naman the sked of a nursing's what do they called "patayan"!!! hehe!

so how are you.. i had watched ur game between played so well..=)

btw, is it true that u are trying on pbl's rookie camp on Sept.27 together with eric and nonoy? hmmm well, jaz curious,, hope you answer this..

nice shirts by the way,, =) hope i can get one..

take care chris and godbless u..

lara said...

hello chris!
i like the second one...
i always watch your tv programs eventhough i'm not a kapuso!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for making it to the finals! The whole team played extremely well yesterday. Everyone was expecting a tight match, but just the opposite happened. Good luck this Sunday! As usual, you guys have our full trust and support. :)

P.S. People`re already going crazy looking for tickets although it`s already sold out, including Gen Ad! Haha. That`s what happens when Ateneo and La Salle are the teams in the finals. =))

Anonymous said...

Pagkatapos sa SOP ay nagtuloy si Manny Pacquiao sa Showbiz Central para sa isang segment,dadaan pa sana siya sa Araneta Coliseum para suportahan si Chris Tiu pero sa dami ng gustong makipag-usap sa kanya ay hindi na siya nakadaan.

--Abante Tonite

nix14 said...

wow. congrats for winning against ue yesterday though i was not able to watch it. hey i noticed that ever since you used +AMDG+ as the name of your blog, a lot of people commenting here uses it too. 2 more wins and you'll get the crown! goodluck on your game with the dlsu on sunday (right?)! GOD BLESS and GO BLUE EAGLES!

_Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam_

.hehe, just trying to use it :)

patty :) said...

You haven't posted a new entry yet, huh? Well, I'm used to it. Haha. ^^
I'm doing tons of school work when I just thought of checking on your blog & posting a comment. :)
I'm also waiting for another Ripley's episode which will air in a while. I'm excited to see you again! :D
Good luck on the upcoming 1st game of the best-of-three finals on Sunday! May God be with Team Ateneo as you trod the path on to the highly-coveted crown with all your hearts & might.. :]
Gusto ko sana umabsent on the 25th because it'll be the second game of the finals, right? Sana there'd be no exams or many projects. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! ;)
One Big Fight till the very end! =)

dzoie said...

hi chris how are you today??? hope youre ok nmn.. phinga ka po.. ok???ingat...kat

eliazoan205 said...

=) check it out chris..

sabriaü said...

aww. there are fewer pics of you in too bad. hehe.
good luck again for the finals!

patty :) said...

are you online? you've accepted my comment! haha :D
hope you're already making a new post =)

patty :) said...

are you online? you've accepted my comment! haha :D
hope you're already making a new post =)

deboz said...

ripleys nah.=)

psixteen said...

cools. didnt know u had plans of putting up ur own foundation. tis a dream proj for me too---inspired by rico yan youth foundation back in 2002. good luck. u have all the means right now to work on that.

education is the best way to fight poverty truly. UP lost a lot of possible new students last AY because the sudden increase in tuition. so i believe we should all be grateful we are able to go a decent university.

btw, guards in admu are v. strict about the business non-ateneans do inside the campus. im not sure if they do allow outsiders to enter without official functions.

good luck on sunday! i already scored my tix this am---four and a half hours standing in line. for the love of college bball. :)

kharen tuss said...

gudnyt my dear chris..

pls..dnt think of me too much
na ha.? cge k dka n nman
mkka sleep nyan..bhala ka.

gOOdnyt..tsup! oh Ayan ah kiss p

lea c said...

rico yan.. hehe u really look like him.

Anonymous said...

halu poh...

gus2 q un tshirt....

akin na lang....

wla kc aqng pambili eh.....

thank u!!!


tita kay said...

Hi Chris,

You must be extremely busy catching up on school work, which explains why there is no new entry in your blog. Afterall, you are a student, first and foremost, who is also a sportsman.

Anyway, I just want to thank you for accommodating your supporters (I'd rather call them "supporters" than "fans") last Sunday at the South Gate. A lot of supporters wanted to get near you but due to the avalanche of people (mostly girls, my 12 y.o. daughter included), a lot more could not get near you. Also, your father said you have to go some place so you can't stay much longer.

The banner which bears your signature is now my daughter's most prized possession. Again, she has bragging rights about having obtained your signature and that of the equally talented players of the Blue Eagles. Hey, I'm sure each man on the team is great, unfortunately, only five players could be fielded at once. As you previously mentioned, their time will come.

We are praying for a victorious finish for your last two games against DLSU (yes, you read it right - last two games!). We are hoping that the finals will be short and sweet.

May the grace of the Lord be with the Blue Eagles and the entire Ateneo community as well.

babypinky said...

when will you post something new kuya?? Tgal tgal nman! Jowk! Excited n xe q e.. (: sana po about ur favorit underwears ung new entry mo... Luv u po!

Anonymous said...

diba, kaya madaming humahanga kay kuya chris, dahil totoo siyang mabait, matalino at matino? kaya hwag naman natin siyang pasulatin tungkol sa favorite underwear niya. ibang mas makabuluhang topic ang pagaksayahan nalang niya ng panahon. alam naman natin na endorser siya ng hanford. yun na yun.
grazie of caloocan

john said...

uhmmm...gudluck xa laro nio...xana kau mgchampion..
pinsan m b c aaron james tiu?

angelle said...

hey Chris!

congratulations on your win against FEU last sunday. i was really extremely happy that i was able to watch it live in araneta. now its gonna be an exciting finals. ADMU vs. DLSU. i know you can win against them. :)

and thank you for coming out of the south gate. although i wasn't able to take a picture with you, i was still happy that i saw you again up close. and i heard your dad say that we have to cut it short 'cause you had to go somewhere else. but its okay. :D and i hope you could send my thank you's to kirk, jai & nico because i was able to get a pic with them. :)

GO ATENEO! ONE BIG FIGHT! :) For the greater glory of God. Congrats again to you and to the whole team! :]

baby said...

e maybe he uses other brands of undies! Hmp!!!! My gurl friend ka n po ba n bgo?? And pwd po bng magapply as ur P.A?! Sna mgpost n kau ng bgo... Luv v po

To grazie: anonymous ka pa e my name nman s dulo! DUH!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Chris!!!!!!!

Ang taas ng rating ng Ripleys kagabi 21.3 nabasa ko sa PEP.

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