Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ateneo vs NU (Round 2)

We had to wait one year. Now, we have finally redeemed ourselves from that shocking upset that NU gave us last season which caused us to lose the twice to beat advantage and the season as well! Finally I can stop hearing all those comments like... ' it's all because of that NU game' , 'you guys should have defeated NU', 'bakit kayo natalo sa NU?', 'di kayo pwede matalo sa NU, ah!' I can also get rid of flashbacks from that game last year where we were all very tense and pressured while the NU players were smiling and knocking down 3s one after the other.

After yesterday's practice, the captains huddled the players in the center of the court before we parted ways. A random quote just popped out of my mind while i was thinking of something to say to the guys. I told them 'Ok lang magkamali. Ang hindi okay ay magkamali at hindi matuto sa mali natin.' (It's okay to make a mistake, but what is not okay is to make a mistake and not learn from it.) Of course i had to repeat it in English for the benefit of our two American poster boys who still cannot fully understand Tagalog. Obviously, what i was referring to was our defeat against NU last year. Unfortunately, we had to learn it the difficult and painful way but at least we were able to learn from that experience and see to it that we clinch the #1 spot this year with the twice to beat advantage in the Final 4. I credit Coach Norman and the rest of the coaching staff for the great game plan! And of course the boys for executing the game plan, playing defense and keeping composure despite the roughness of the opposing team.

Now, we have achieved half of our goal, which is to end the elimination round in the top 2 position. We still play La Salle next Saturday and we have the chance to put them to a possible 3rd place by beating them (depending if FEU sweeps its remaining games). But more than that, it's a DLSU-ADMU game! Whether or not we're vying for anything, it's about pride! So don't expect us to take it easy on them. At least for now, we can sit back and watch UST, UE, FEU and DLSU battle it out for the remaining 3 slots.

I'd also like to apologize for not being able to entertain all the fans a while ago who waited after the game because I had to leave immediately. Nevertheless, I appreciate your support and i'd like to invite you all to go to the Adidas Shop in Trinoma tomorrow at 3pm for the Ateneo Team visit. We will all be there to take pictures and sign autographs if you wish! See you there!

Thank you Sir Aly Yap, Tito Philip Sison and the rest of the Ateneo Sports Shooters for these photos! And thank you also to the Blue Babble for always cheering your hearts out in every game, win or lose! It would also be great if we can support our Blue Babble team this Sunday (Sept. 7) for the UAAP cheerleading competition!



francine17 said...

I wasn't able to finish watching the game. I still enjiyed a few parts of it. To redeem yourself fopr last year's loss, was a sign of the team's improvement. Good job Eagles! Keep it up!

Good luck on your game on Saturday! I'm sure it will be an exciting game(not to mention it's a DLSU vs ADMU game). I'll continue to pray for you and yoyr team!

♥jen♥ said...

Hi Chris!
Congratulations sa game nyo knina against the bulldogs. The Blue Eagles are truly undefeated. No doubt! You're all good shooters, especially you Chris! with those 3 point shots, talagang unbeatable ang ADMU. please extend my greetings to the rest of the blue eagles, thanks! btw, i just read an article of yesterday's philippine star & i was surprised because you are featured there. the article is entitled "Chris Tiu is HOT, HOT, HOT!". Talagang bow ako sa'yo. Despite of hectic schedule, you still can manage your studies, business, hosting and basketball career, and being a public servant. besides on your masters in applied mathematics and finance, you are also taking up Chinese studies. Wow! iba ka talaga! and Brad Pitt pala ang penultimate style icon mo and the Angelina Jolie of your life is very lucky to have you. i just want to share this, my sister is working in our provincial hospital and may doctor sila na may son sa ateneo and ung wife niya is a professor in ateneo, nagkuwento lang ng konti about you. hehe! He said that you are a very smart student and super dedicated sa studies. kakabilib ka talaga, pang Ripley's. hehe!
Next game nyo na is against La Salle! can't wait to watch and see how you will beat the archers! :D
take care always!
gOd bless you and the rest of the team!

haylin said...

hey chris!nice game against NU buLLdogs!..stay focused and we all pray for your coming game this saturday against La Salle..

bRing baCk the pRide CHRIS!

charme said...

congratulations po sa pagkapanalo n'yo against NU. keep up the good play/work.

cr!s said...

what?! i just got home (from phil sports)and you've got yourself a new entry already??..!!^__^ congratulations.. God Bless on your game with DLSU..

Gia said...

Nice game Chris!
I'll try to go tomorrow to the signing if my parent's will let me :D
Hopefully, they do. Haha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!! When NU got the lead at 32-31, I became nervous!! But you guys responded aggressively! I am so happy! :D

- Brian

Sheena said...

fuhvzryni hao!

Congratulations! everyone played great... yeah your right okey lang magkamali for as long as we learn something from it and we should make sure that we won't make the same mistake again... you deserve to win coz your team shows what a team really means...

Good Luck for your game against DLSU I know you can do it... One Big Fight!


Lexi said...

it's always fun to see the 3rd stringers have a go at the ball, whenever they can... can't wait to see them at the peak of their potential

nika ech said...

hi chris! congrats! i hope pumayag si mama na pumuntang trinoma tomorrow. she bought an ateneo notebook for herself na gusto nyang ipa-sign sa buong team. and she also bought me a tiu jersey na super laki sakin. hehe. sana mapasign ko rin sayo personally. :) kung hindi tomorrow, sa next dinner na lang. hehe. see you soon! :) -nika ech

Anonymous said...

congrats guys.. beat la salle.. hehehe.. -joy

ann said...


and godbless in your next ADMU-DLSU game!

we're always here to support you chris and the rest of your teammates no matter what really deserve to be in top!

just have faith in Him!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I better stay anonymous in posting comments to your blog because even if I use my real name, you still don't know me. :( Anyway, I watched your game with NU. It was really good! You proved them that you really deserved to win! Great job! Wish you luck on September 6. I'm looking forward to it! ONE BIG FIGHT for you guys!

dex1696 said...

Go out there and win it. Now is the chance. I cant wait to see the ADMU-DLSU matchup.

Anonymous said...

hi. i'm just confused. is it 3pm or 4pm? i'm really wishing to see you there! :]-joan

Anonymous said...

Congrats po!!!!
I hope you win your last game for the elimanation round against DLSU.

mikee clarice said...

hi chris!

weee!! congrats on your awesome game a while ago.. =) you really have done a good job! hope you can really really make it again on sept.6.. (*fingers crossed*) =D how i wish i could go tomorrow at trinoma..i really really want to see the ateneo team in personal! and have some pictures with you! =) especially you,jai and kirk! =)

good luck guys! one big fight! ohyea! =)

-mikee clarice

Nette said...

..hi chris..

..congrats again..

..we didnt watch the game today coz we are saving our energy for the dlsu game this coming saturday..[prang naglalaro din ehh noh!..meh enrgy png cnasabe..hehe]

..we know that blue eagles can beat NU this time..

..goodluck sa next game..

Ivanne said...

"I'd also like to apologize for not being able to entertain all the fans a while ago who waited after the game because I had to leave immediately."

It's okay Chris. :) You did your best to accompany us all. No need to say sorry. :) I think I'll be dropping by Trinoma tomorrow! :D What time will you guys be there?

Best of luck on Saturday! One Big Fight! :D

nix14 said...

i just want to congratulate you again for winning against the bulldogs! i'm glad you landed on the number 1 spot and got the twice to beat advantage. sadly, i can't go to trinoma tomorrow even though i want. hmmm. goodluck again on your game with the archers next week. do your best to beat them! go blue eagles!

sir aly said...

hi chris! the pics are up already :)

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Rabeh who did very well today! He did it again!!! And by the way... please tell him that somebody could pass for his twin. His name is Ronald Al Papioni and they have the same facial features. :)

Anonymous said...

Goodluck sa game nyo vs. DLSU.
We will be praying hard to support you. Tatawagin na namin lahat ng mga santo! Hehe.
Alam naman naming paghahandaan nyo ang labang ito ng bonggang-bongga. :)
Basta kahit anong mangyari, nandito lang kami sumusuporta sa inyo.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for being the PSBank Maaasahan Player of the Game. =D

Anonymous said...

congrats sa win against NU!

we're all praying for your success against la salle on saturday..


humble_heart said...

hi! again, CONGRATULATIONS for a job well done!:)

is there any chance you'll also visit greenbelt makati? it's sad that i wont be able to go to trinoma tom... i have tons of school work that needs to be done.. arrggh.. med school is really getting on my nerves..

anyway, i'll try my very best to watch on saturday or maybe during the final 4!:)) can't wait for you guys to be CHAMPS! im so thrilled just thinking bout it:)) again, GOOD LUCK & CONGRATS! im looking forward to see & meet U..

take care chris!:)

OBR said...

Oooh you posted so early. I was used to reading your posts a day after a game, so it was kinda new to me. Haha. Congratulations to what you have been achieving so far! We are very proud of you and I hope I can experience a bonfire for the first time since I entered college. Good luck and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

nice game:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

I'm one of those people in the dug-out.Thanks for the chance to have a picture with you.

Good luck on your next game!

Anonymous said...

congrats chris :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you and the Eagles for exacting vengeance on the Bulldogs! When they had a 25-10 run in the first half and led by 1 pt., we who were watching live at Ultra experienced some sort of a deja vu of last year's 2nd round loss at NAS. But fortunately you and Jai broke the game wide open and went on to whip them by 25 pts. at the final buzzer.

Now that UST is virtually eliminated, the MVP standings of Jervy and Ababou will also suffer. That leaves Rabeh, Casio and you in the running. We hope and pray it will be you or gRabeh this season, with Ryan as ROY!

Beat DLSU on Sept. 6, UE on Sept. 11, and FEU in the finals! OBF!

Leanne said...

Hi Chris. It's good to know everything is well. You guys did great! Just a few more games left toward your goal, winning championship. Just strive hard and hold on to that. Be at your best at all times. Win or lose, at least you did your best and nothing to regret later on. You're right that it’s fine to make mistake and with that we should learn from it. That’s where we become mature in handling situations. Keeping our composure and think for solution. Every game is like a battle in life. Every move and every set we make in a game is like how we try to create a life that we really want. Life without pain and hardship is worthless. Goodluck and stay healthy! Ingat…:) jia you!

sarah jane selisana said...

hay sayang di ko po natapos ung game!! kya cguro kayo natalo kase di ako ngwatch..hehe
ok lng kung natalo kau..ATENEO pa rin ako!!!
I want to go in Trinoma tom kaso di ata mangyayari un..
Im sarah jane selisana nga po pla..from bulacan..16 yrs.old..

Anonymous said...

hi Chris you won again(yehey)


sayang ndi q npanuod un game kanina.

but anywiez, hope that ateneo will win d championship this season and i am really looking 4ward to that..

congrats again and godspeed!!!

Helene said...

Chris, as I was watching the game I can say that you guys were really not so careful especially towards the 4mins of the 2nd qtr. Good thing you were able to regain your composure and went back to your normal game. I was really upset because you might experience the same loss by FEU during the last game of the first round of the elims.
I hope you'll still be tough...or tougher in your next game...
FYI...its good to see Nonoy taking those shots.Its very refreshing.AS usual, Jai was consistent with his outside shooting.

Michael Jerick said...

Yeah. Im the first to comment :p ei are u aware that there are quotes in txt messages carrying your name? u know stuff like: coz there's "tiu" and me all of the pipol..., he's just "tiu" good t0 be true & I'll do everything for "tiu". haha.your really getting a lot more popular as time passes.. it gives me the thought na you're almost unreachable. Are you still reachable pa nga ba? anyway as Saturday ba ang ADMU-DLSU fight?? aww.. Sayang nman I won't be able to watch, but goodluck pero I don't think u guys need luck coz your team is the best among the rest na e.. Go archers!! korny ko.hehe tc chris.. (:

sunshinegirl said...

Hi chris!

Thank you for signing my shirt a while ago. I'm sorry kung medyo naistorbo kita, I knew you were hesitating to sign it because you had to leave but thank you for staying a bit and signing it.

DLSU game ang susunod, we'll surely watch you guys again!! <3 I'll skip work for the game. haha. I'll try to go to trinoma tomorrow and meet the team~~


Anonymous said...

good job chris! sa wakas bago ako mag-graduate at matapos Ateneo years ko makakatikim ang Ateneo ng Championship (God bless the team!).

Praise God!


A N G E L L E E said...

Heya Chris! :)
First of all, congratulations on the win against NU! The first THREE POINT you did really left me breathless, it was awesome! I rewatched it again last night (it's almost 2 AM na hehe) and it was really spectacular, I was really proud of you guys, amazing game! I can't wait for the DLSU one, I'm sure it'll be awesome! Goodluck in advance! ^____^

Oh and, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for accomodating me and my friend Meg yesterday/awhile ago, I know you're tired and everything, but you still signed and we're really happy, thank you so much ♥ haha, I'm just embarrassed with my long, 'Pllleeeaaassseee??' but anyway, thank you again! :D

We might just drop by Adidas tomorrow, hehe, see you then! ^^

angelle said...

Hi Chris! :)

that was a great game against NU! i was amazed at your 1st 3-point shot. i thought it wasn't going to get in coz it went around the ring pa. i really jumped from my seat kasi pumasok nga! again congratulations for your 12th win this season. make it 13-1 na! goodluk on your game against la salle this saturday. :) OBF!

i still really wish that i can watch you play live. lalo na that it's your last season. i hope you have a game on sept 13 or 14. i'll be in manila during that weekend.

take care Kuya Chris! and goodluck in everything you do! :]


raine said...

let's beat la salle!
hurray! *school spirit*


Anonymous said...

hi chris... its ok if ure in a rush...we understand... =) i saw your family a while ago.. anyways, congratulations for being able to secure the number 1 position...hope you would win next saturday(sadly, i wont be able to watch it at big dome, since i dont have a ticket yet, and i might not be able to get 1 na..=(( ) i know that this is really your year.. Just pray always (carry the miraculous medallion with you always)be faithful.. THY WILL BE DONE... god bless hope to see you again some time..

myv said...

..kuya chris..

..nice game again..:) you're already secure of the top spot right??

..i was there..:) its my second time to watch..:)

..and i was one of them who was waiting for you..thanks for the autograph even though i didnt get a good picture with you..

..i hope i could have a chance to have a nice picture with you..i think i cant go to trinoma today..:( too bad..:(


..anyway..since ateneo is now #1, who will you probably play? #3 or #4??

..hope you could answer back..thanks..

..goodluck in your game against dlsu! pride is at stake!:)

..take care!:) godbless you and the rest of the team!:)) big fight!!:)

Anonymous said...

Congrats again! Onward to the championship.You guys can and will do it.I know the whole Ateneo community is looking forward to winning the trophy this year.And you also want it more than anyone else since you have led the Team and it is your last year. Just stay focused and believe.. Lets not get intimidated by La Salle; it seems we get nervous and rattled whenever we face them. Lets show them what we can do this Saturday. One Big Fight!

cj said...

hi chris!
congrats on your win over NU!
i was not able to watch the game because i have a class but i asked my sisters to watch it for me. haha

nweiz, as much as i want to go to trinoma this afternoon but itwont be possible cause it's so far. im from tagaytay. :)

hmm, just want to ask. after your games at araneta, where can i go so that i could take a picture with you?haha cause the first time i watched your game live, i really dont know where to go. so i was not able to have a pic. haha


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Chris, to you and the team!

I admit I was upset when you guys lost to NU last season, but I also firmly believed the team learned a hard lesson from that and such a thing was not going to happen again. It really burned me to hear people dwell on that loss and act like the team was going to do it again this year. I hope their words tasted good!

*deep breath* OK, I feel better now.

Good luck against La Salle and in the post-eliminations. It's too bad that I'm no longer able to watch the games live, but I continue to follow the team's doings online. I'm rooting for you guys from the other side of the world - and hoping that my absence will bring the team luck, hehehe!

Anonymous said...

I wanna see you sana in Trinoma, but parang it's too late. :(

Why can't i see you kasi sa Ateneo weh! :(

lara said...

Congrats &&
Good Luck on Saturday for the much-anticipated battle against DLSU.

val said...

I was wondering, do you have like an on/off switch somewhere inside your head telling you to step it up when your team needs you or to tone down when the rest of the boys are doing well? You stepped up again when the chips were down!

Love that 1st three-pointer you nailed when the ball made a sweep around the ring and even bounced out before falling in. ;p You were even grinning about it afterward!

Congrats on the win, Chris! Good luck on the DLSU game next saturday!

God bless!

ebullientteen said...

my barkada ang I wish you luck on your upcoming game with DLSU. we'll be cheering all the way from davao. :)

we all wish to be on the Adidas Shop in Trinoma but sadly, we're too far.hahaha :))


nurse jane said...

Though i'm not yet a follower of UAAP last season, I am aware that BULLDOGS gave you heartache last year!
thanks to my new found friends who shared the sad story to me..
the ball is round indeed!=D
i wish no more sorrow this season..
don't break our hearts, Eagles!..
One Big Fight!!!!
God bless!..^o~

ainan said...

Hello! there Mr. Tiu

I was watching your game against N.U yesterday at studio 23, and i was glad that the team redeemed itself from the chaos brought from the defeat you sufferred last year. Now the status 12-1 assurred you of the top spot.I'm certain that ADMU vs DLSU game for next saturday will be a certified hit, DLSU being your main nemesis, everyone will be excited. I saw all the apparells ADIDAS in store for all their fans and i'm planning to buy some. Goodluck on your remaining game against LA Salle. "Kudos"

johnmark said...

again, congrats for winning a big game yesterday against nu and especially being the psbank maaasahan player once more.,and of course being the number one team in the eliminations!

i am really delighted when you do those three pointers and i also like that drive to the basket that was chosen to be the accenture play of the game (if i'm not mistaken)

i really make it a point to watch all ateneo games in the uaap on tv although i already missed one (that was against the ue 2nd round overtime win where i was suffering from colds)

well gudluck for your ateneo-la salle game on saturday.,continue doing the good work.,and i hope that you will be the champions for this 71st season and i am looking forward to do an article about you if that will be accomplished by the team.,

have a nice day! god bless!

patty :) said...

..sorry for posting long comments.. haha. maybe you're already tired reading them.. alright. i'll make this one as short as possible(if i could)! :D
congratulations on the n.u. win again! you have certainly redeemed yourselves.. :)
continue being a role model to the young & young at heart.. & keep your feet firmly rooted on the ground, always. don't ever let success & fame get into your head.. ;)
hats off to you, chris! =)
..yeah! this comment's quite short. an achievement for me! haha. =D
good luck on the game vs the archers! ü

mikels said...

haha.. so stupid, I thought I'm the first to comment, in pla there are 20 earlier birds (or eagles..hehe). So at trinoma? Today. Cant wait... to go to the mass later. tc cris

dollyxzh said...

another win!
though i havent watched it, my aunt (who's younger than me) told me all about it..
i cant wait to see you play against dlsu..
i know it will be a thrilling game against them..
one big fight!
its championship all the way!
you guys are unbeatable and hopefully this season will end as you guys being the champion..
Godspeed and goodluck then..

and oh, how about going here in greenbelt as well, just like one comment i've read..




Lea said...

congratulations to your win and being the top team in this season's UAAP.. we all wish the same as yours na magchampion kayo this season. Goodluck as always Chris! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

Congrats for winning over NU! No upset this year. :) Good luck on the next game... it's ADMU vs. DLSU! even if it's a "no-bearing" game (as far as team standings is concern), give it a one big fight! We will watch LIVE this Saturday. Stay focused, enjoy the game, and play hard! God Bless!


bfrances said...

Congratulations to another win, Chris! Looking forward to your game vs. DLSU on Saturday! Bonne chance! :D

Mai said...

hey chris great game kahapon! I'm looking forward to the ateneo-las salle game this saturday! got my ticket already, hope you'd do well

Bianca said...


++>>good game yesterday!!kso ndi ko pa natapos ung game eh..pero i'm glad u've won!!(n_n)

++>>next game is against DLSU dba??sna po makapanood me..i really wanted to watch your game kaso ala po kasi me kasama eh..nahihiya po me pumuntang mgisa..=(

++>>hAay nkuh!!there has been a lot of happenings in my life lately..='( i don't know if i can still handle these problems that i'm facing right now..hmP ='(

++>>..bkt ko ba cnsbe un??hay nku!!anyweiz..good luck poh sah lhat ng laban nyo!!wish u all the best po!!^_^

++>>ang cute nyo talaga sa 'pinoy records' kahapon!! monday nMn 'ripleys'(can't wait!! *^_^*)

++>>i really hope that i can meet u in person kuya chris!!i know that u're a really really nice person!!hope we can be friends..(n_n)

++>>ingatz po palage!!God bless!!JIA YOU GEGE!!

meg said...

hey chris! have you seen this article written by a PDI 2bU correspondent? obviously, it's about you... try reading it and post it here... it made me smile... :P

here's the link...

claire said...

CONGRATS for the WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hyacynth said...

hi chris..
i am a big fan of the blue eagles..
im from lipa city, batangas..
congratulations for winning the #1 spot and the twice to beat advantage..
i'll be watching you game live soon..
i hope you'll will the championship this season..
gudluck and gobless..

miel rosalinas said...


good game guyz! bad thing was that i didin't catch you up again after the game..

anyway, good luck on the La Salle match! I believe that you'll beat them.
Fly high Blue Eagles!

Anonymous said...

TIUper Man.,

Hi po… :) we watched your game last Sunday.
August 24, 2008 [ADMU vs. UP] you had a great game! Congrats..! We really had fun. That was the first time we saw you in personal…hindi nga kmi nagkamali talagang GWAPO po kau heheh... you are really a basketball heartthrob..!
You don’t play physically, you play with passion. I really really enjoy watching basketball because of you… IDOL ka po talaga naming magpipinsan... [lalo na ako heheh..:)] We were inspired by you. You’re such a good player and a good person..!
You’ve been an inspiration and a good example to the youth…
“You are flying high but still down to earth...” Continue inspiring many people and affecting more people positively..! “IDOL ng bayan” heheh... :)
[pasOk ka sa pinoy records hahah..:)]
anyway gudluck po sa mga susunod nyo png lban..!ill pray for the victory of your game..!
god bless you..
One Big Fight..!


richelle esguerra said...

hello po..
hmp..nkita po kita knina s trinoma..
gusto ko lang po sna mgtnung kung san po b pde mamili ng jersey mo?
and kung nka bili po ako sna po mpaautograph q po sayo..ang saya-saya ko po neun nung nkita kita kasi taga olongapo pa po ako na super fan mo,,hmp..pde po b kmi manuod ng shooting mo ng ripley's,,lhat po kasi kming mgkakatropa fan mo e..sna pu mpgbgyan u po kmi,.tnx po..more power...god bless..

richelle esguerra said...

i'm hir again po..
lam u po b super n admire
kming mgkakatropa sayo
kc po ang galing-galing u
n pgsasabay u po kasi lhat ee,,
studies,,bsketbol,,kagawad ng urdaneta,,hosting..may plano k pu b pumxok ng PBA??
"Success should not be seen as an end, but as a means. The more you’ve achieved, the bigger your responsibility to share it to others." ung sinabi u n po n yan s isang interview super ngmark pu smin..sna pu tlgah mkita knmin

kittykath_17 said...

i missed ur game yesterday between NU bec. nagcmba muna ako.. eh, aun,, di ko na naabutan game nyo.. But i knew that u won .. unbeatable tlga ang blue Eagles.. hehe! especially u captain chris tiu!haha! u are indeeda tiuperman!.. haha! by the way, ako nga pla ung previously n nagpopost dito as kathrina.. i hope u remember?.. i had create my blog n kc.. hope u'll visit it..
take care my chris.. finals is nearly coming..gudluck..especially sa comung gamenyo vs. Ateneo.. take care of urself.. always pray..


reneelyn said...

hi chris...

congratulations for the job well done.. good job for win... Im tellig you in advance good luck for the next game in against dlsu.. ateneo one big fight...

sabriaü said...

so how was the trinoma thing? hehe. for sure the adidas store was packed, you're indeed an attraction! haha :)
too bad i wasn't able to go there.. :[
hmm.. you're not busy? you've accepted comments for today.. nice! :D
i just wanna ask, are you & ms. clarisse ong really engaged already? aww.. :( (sorry about that, just curious here.. thanks if you're gonna answer, thanks still if you'll not)
good luck for saturday's game!
OBF! :]

Anonymous said...

King eagle.. just got home from the trinoma... wow, admu rocks trinoma!!!! hehehe the manager told me that they had a larger number of supporters today than yesterday.. hehehehe good luck on saturday... ill be watching you guys and ill be praying for the team... GOOD LUCK KING EAGLE

claire said...

kudos to the blue eagles! it was my first time to see rabeh smile in front of the camera yesterday. :) hope he keeps it that way. i noticed the cameraman never fails to (i think) nudge you for a wave to your fans after every game. it's cute though. :)

juLie said...


unbeatable tlga admu! the best ! no. 1 tlga!

god bless :)
ciao (.^_^.)

mikels said...

What a contagious blog.. Everyone reads it na. I wonder why? Maybe because the author is someone like chris tiu?hehe.. anyway can I ask where you get your hair done? or who cuts your hair? Thanks! I know you'll respond (:

chris said...

Hi, I'm not even thinking of getting married anytime soon, not in at least 5 or 6 years. Also, i get my haircut in Toni and Guy in 6750 :) I'll post something about the Trinoma experience maybe tomorrow. It was crazy!

rina said...

august 31, 2008--- 25 years after the last march of the late ninoy aquino with the filipino people,he was buried august 31 1983 ... ive read this article this morning and i remembered the blog you wrote.. its really sad we had to lose a leader like him.
we need a leader like ninoy. a leader who is intelligent and who is a man for others. A leader who can unite the filipino people.
have to admit, we are divided into groups thats why we have a lot of problems nowadays. crab mentality is another factor.
our problems today that we need to pray for are the war at mindanao, lack of education, poverty, corruption, malnutrition, population increase(would you believe it, we're number 12 among the highest populated country around the world), government.

god bless the filipino people..

Anonymous said...

true, it was really crazy.. some pushed me and stepped on me but still it was fun... hehehehe u made the little girls "go gaga" hehehe good night...

jae said...

i was not able to watch the game against UP and NU but anyways, congrats!

yeah, and i uber excited about the game against lasalle. woOh! fight all, GO!

ok, just wanna cheer you!

charme said...

hi! how's the Trinoma "tour"??

myv said... guys rocked trinoma!!!!

..fortunately, i was there!! my mom allowede me!!!hehe..its so nice to see you and the rest of the team..

..i lined up twice because i forgot to ask you sign the shirt that i bought..but it was worth it..thank you.. the way, did you go with the team?? i saw you when you were on your way out and a adidas staff is directing you and you go on the right side while the team was on the left?? and there is this lady who keeps on calling you..(i think she's part of adidas or something like that) but you didnt heard her..

..hehe..just curious..:))

..hope you could answer..

..goodluck against dlsu!.. big fight!!

sharleein said...

hi chris! grabe sa trinoma kanina, punung puno talaga. :) mas mdami daw supporters kesa kahapon nung sa lasalle. nakatabi ko nga knina dad mo eh, ang cool niya pala! andun ako sa gilid, sa may likod mo banda. picture lang ako ng picture sau using my cellphone. buti nga nung tinawag kta lumingon ka tapos nagsmile eh. :) saan po ba nakakabili nung jersey mo tlga na may 17? kasi yung nasa store knina ateneo lng nkalagay, eh gusto ko sna yung may 17 eh. i hope you can tell me where can i have it. :D

and last question po, are you joining the pba draft or sa pbl ka muna after the season? i hope you can answer me! please. :p

goodluck on your game this saturday. i know you guys will beat la salle! ONE BIG FIGHT!

Che said...

Hey Chris! I won a Hanford shirt and confirmed through email that I was going to get yesterday during the Ateneo vs. NU game but they didn't reply so I wasn't able to get it. Do you know how I could possibly get the shirt? Thanks!:)

Anonymous said...

hi, just dropping by. I am quite sad because I just got my heart broken when I saw my crush had this girl (huhuhu).

Anyways, i am just wondering if you too, Chris, did experience the same feeling with your crushes??heheh..

By the way, nice game against NU:)

Anna said...

Excellent statement win yesterday. Good way to excise the ghosts of the past. Despite that big NU run, I had no doubt that it would be doused!

Id love to know how you get pumped up for a game. You know that scene in Blade 3 where they are in the car on their way to the vampire lair and Jessice Biehl plugs in her ipod to listen to her fightmode playlist? I know you arent out to kill vampires naman pero parang fun to find out how you guys try to psych yourselves up for a game! hehe..:-D

Good luck on Saturday! Dont let up until that bonfire is lit...

angelko28 said...

wow... nice game against NU.;) I am really hoping and praying that you will get the championship this season. Your team deserves it.

And wow... this coming Saturday... the Big Four match-ups as they call it. Of course I'll be supporting UP and AdMU. I just hope we will be at the same side. It'll just be hard to cheer for AdMU if UP and DLSU will be at the same side.

And the cheering competition... haha... we'll see. I'm all for the UP Pep this year, but I also hope BBB will be able to enter the top three because they have improved a lot.;)

Good luck and God Bless on your next game!!;)

jam said...

Hi Congrats!! I'll be watching your game on saturday! Godbless! I know you guys can make it. Have Faith,,

Just want to share this site from Phil. Star its an article bout you.,
that article really inspired me. espcially the one that you said "While we're young, we should try do do as much as we can"
Yeah it makes me realize sumthing.

And also i found out that your not just a guy with a beautiful face,but also with a beatiful heart.

Keep inspiring the youth Chris.

God Bless so that you may be a blessing to others!

sEvENtEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris…

I watched your game versus NU last Saturday and I was so stunned… Sobrang breathtaking yung game..and sobrang say nung mga nanonood...i can fell the fun and excitement of the audiences from PhilSport…(so sad can’t watch it live..) Maybe because many peoples can still remember ADMU’s loss from NU last season… 

Anyways, I know many people (especially your fans) prayed so hard so you can win this battle… Prayers are really powerful, huh! (Well, to chris’ fans, they still need our prayers for their battle against DLSU…)The effort, perseverance and love of what you’re doing… Plus the dedication and faith of the whole team, Well, you really deserve to be on top…

So bad I won’t be able to watch your game vs. DLSU on Saturday, I hope someone can share the game on Saturday...but I’ll be praying for another victory for THE Blue Eagles... 

Keep up the good work…
Play safely…
Congratulations to the whole team and to the coache/es…

PS: No plans of getting married yet? Good for you… you’re still young.. Stay single and live your single life to the fullest…

JIMLY... :)


Anonymous said...

congratz!!so proud of you!!!i'll surely be there on saturday!!god bless!!

one big fight!!!

Anonymous said...

hi chris,
gosh!that 3pts shoot you made is definetly the most playful i've ever seen.haha,everyone is watching in awe as that ball cleans the rings rim before going through the basket. we are all looking forward for you game with la salle.we'll definetly pray for your victory.if ever you will be match up with UE in semis,for sure they will give you a tough time especially that marcy arellano is there to guard you.

sEvEntEen-0-sEvEn said...

Hi chris…

it’s me again…
I just want to ask… I’ve seen the “commercial” of Ripley’s episode that will be shown tonight. Is it really you dog? Or is it SAVER? The dog that’s also present when TV shows features pets…I know that dog really plays basketball.. hehehe
I’m just curious coz I enjoy watching that dog playing tricks… 

Nyways, I hope you’ll let me know… :)
And good luck on your shows (and of course you upcoming games…)
Godbless and JIMLY!!!


Anonymous said...

nice game!! congratulations on your twice to beat advantage!! goodluck on saturday!!! i know ur team's gonna win on saturday!!! hehe..goodluck mr. volvo!! hehe!! thats a one sweet ride!!!!

psixteen said...

hahaha! i met the CHRIS TIU MOB that night too! my friend wanted an autograph of nonoy and kirk so being the broadcomm student that i am, i did the asking. thanks to the two and to nico for letting my friend have a pic w him! :)

thanks for signing my shirt, chris! nevermind what was written in front. ;p

poor charles. he always has to wait that long for you to come out from the dug-out.

G =) said...

Hey chris!
Congrats on the win!!
how was the team visit at Trinoma yesterday?

G =)

louie said...

great game chris! :)
God bless to Ateneo blue eagles..

Abby Manawat said...

Hello Kuya Chris!! Just want to share something... The first time I saw those two guys (Kirk Long and Burke), I thought they were brothers. I seldom see Burke play that is why I also didn't usually see the back of his jersey. Well now I know... ;>

I want to taste your menus at Chinky Chickens... I hope you can have them at MOA... hehe XD


gracey said...

ni hao!juz wanted to say congrats on winning the game with N.U last saturaday.the whole game was really fun and quite nerve wracking especially on the first two quarters.ur opposing team really gave hard and dangerous foul(w/buenafe) which is not good.ur team8s really did a good job on contributing to the was funny when u throw that 3 point shot and boom gonzales cant help but comment that u clean the ring for next convergies and u cant help but gave a smile after it finally fall on the net.i guess boom's comment wass true for ur next shoting attempts finally adds to ur ur sure of the twice to beat advantage.hope ur game on saturday against ur rival school will be a another success and will take pride for your school for defeating them on the second time...
zai jian!


Yeah! I can still vividly remember that ugly game with NU last year. I was really shocked and I couldn't believe how they defeated you guys. But I know the reason why. Probably you treated them like "NU lng yan...kaya yan!". Well at least you guys learned your lessons well this time. For now, good luck on the up coming DLSU game! Hope you could pull off another ONE BIG FIGHT!


geian said...

congratz! great game...

myv said...

..hi kuya chris!!

..uhmm..can you please tell kirk long my greetings?? "happy birthday to him"..


..goodluck on sat!!! big fight!

cj said...

hi idoL. I was one of the fans who came to your visit by the adidas shop. thank u very very much po most especially because I had a picture with you. By the way I was the first of all the fans who got your autograph nd a picture with you. I was also the one wearing the bLue jersey(without any number. Before I bought it, I thought there would be a number and the last name. BUT I DID NOT SEE ANY #17 on it. but still, I bought it,...hehehehe.) thank you very very much. you made my DAy!. take care and Godbless ^_^

Ayumi Nakamura-Takarai said...

I'm really happy you've come this far..I mean..I’ve been a fan for years and it's really a pleasure supporting you in anyway i could without really thinking you'd actually pay attention..I never have somebody to look up to as an inspiration the way you are to me, and leading this team this far shows how much you've matured not only as a player but also as a man.

This is the first time that I’ll be leaving a comment even though I've been updating myself everytime you write a blog. I want you to know that whatever happens on Saturday, it'll be only a gateway to wherever God leads you. There's still plenty ahead, may they be much more complicated, but I'm confident you'll be able to play hard and survive until the end the way you did against NU. DLSU may come out stronger than before after learning their lesson in the first round, but i know i don't have to fear anything because we have you on our side.

Congrats for winning this game for us..I’ll definitely look forward to saying the same words again this Saturday...ganbatte kudasai, Tiu-sama!

(....i've been trying so hard not to miss an episode of PR and Ripley's...and I'd like to say you're improving, onii-chan. Thanks for putting up a good show!)

nina said...

hi chris!
it was really great meeting you personally yesterday! i was the one wearing the little miss blue eagle shirt and you even asked me where i got my tiu jersey. if you're still curious, i got it here:

thanks for the picture and autograph!


chillax said...

"Ang pinakabugbog sa game was CHRIS TIU." - Do those 'fallings' hurt you? just curious. ü

almira said...

good job, captain! with all the blue eagles' hardworks and efforts, you guys really deserve every won you've got.

good luck on your game with la salle. i know you can beat them.

take care and God bless!

sabriaü said...

really?? hahaha! nice! :D
thanks for answering my question.. good luck on your relationship! i hope the Angelina Jolie of your life doesn't get jealous despite many pretty girls deeply admiring you, like me. LOL! :)
i'll be waiting for your post about the trinoma experience since i wasn't able to make it there yesterday. :(
oh btw, thanks for always smiling to the camera after a game. you're soooooo cute when you do that. :]
if i ain't got tiu, then what's the reason for living?? :))

Christine said...

hello kuya Chris!! I will call you kuya because I'm only 15 and turning 16 this december. Congrats po sa game nyo ha...panalo na naman po kayo hehe...i will pray na kayo po ang maging champion...and kayo po ang mvp hehe..

kuya ask ko lang po sa inyo ung friendster account nyo..what po ba ung email add nyo?Iaadd q na rin po kau sa YM. eto po ung sa po kasi aq kaya ganyan email add q joke hehe..

cge po gud luck po sa game nyo sa sat...i will pray po na manalo kayo sa game nyo vs. la salle...

tnx po..

trixie ocampo said...

congratz again!!! :>
u made it again!!! :>

trixie ocampo said...

did you know that the 3 girls in the pic are my batchmates and friends and classmate!!! :>
hope to see u again!!!
gud luck to the next games!!!
hope to see you play in PBA!!!
i also want to thank u 4 all the pics w/ u and the autografs!!! :>
tnk u so much!!! :>

Anonymous said...

are u guys gonna be going to the unigames here in dumaguete???? hehe

rona :) said...

chris chris chris! i'm so excited for tomorrow. it's TIUsday. haha. corny. Post something about your trinoma visit! i was there yesterday. Of course i took a lot of pictures of you and your teammates. Hmm, so sad i didnt have your autograph :(. Please help me to get an autograph from you. please. HAHAHA :D

God bless you always!:D

Anonymous said...

great game!!
i couldn't be happier for you! wo zhen te hen ai ni Chris! *chim! :*

Good luck next Saturday, (like what everyone says,this is a big one!). Expect all my support and prayers for the whole Blue Eagles team!

OBF! :)


spongeknox said...

Hei Chris.. HAve you try singing? hulaan ko left handed ka no? kse lahat ng creative side nkuha mo na eh.. hahaha pero are you singing? hope youll reply.. XD

spongeknox said...

chris!! ripley's mo ngaun ah.. ncie hosting!! nag iimporve compare dati sa pinoy records way back dec 2007!

kaia said...


I've uploaded some pics from the Round 2 ADMU-NU game (Congrats, by the way!.

They're in

One Big Fight! =D

Anonymous said...

can't wait for your entry about your trinoma experience!!! Kwento!!! Okay,sorry for being demanding. :) btw, your still awake!?

luna said...

nice game...

funny how most of us who went to the game also went to the eraserheads concert afterwards! haha! Some of us are still wearing admu shirts.

hope you guys win against la salle and i hope i get to buy tickets. arrgh

sweetprankizta said...

hi chris! i'm from mindanao and i've been an avid fan of yours and the ateneo blue eagles ever since i was in highschool.. good luck in all of your remaining games..hope to see you in the championship this year again..go ateneo!

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris...

It'as a nice episode of "Ripleys Believe it or not" huh! There's improvement when it comes to hosting ha! but, prang you're more confident sa pghohost sa Ripleys as compared when you're hosting sa Pinoy records.. bkit kaya?

Anyways, I know you'll excel more and more in your chosen field...
Just keep it up and always continue learning new things...

God Bless Always...
Goodluck in every endeavors...
teecee and Congratulations to the team..



jeffrey said...

kuya d k b talaga mag pro basketball?

jeffrey said...

its me again just want you to know na ngayon di k n lang naglalaro for yourself and for the team,you also serve as an inspiration for the others who can't......its a long story but to cut it short GO PRO PLS....

Mai said...

hey chris just want to ask if you are planning to pursue professional basketball? PBA to be exact

martin said...

whats the advantage of playing to win versus lasalle? its a no bearing game and only bad things can happen. players can get hurt, coach norman should play most of the young guys to give them experience.

isnt the reason you came back is to win the championship? beating lasalle is secondary, keep your eye on the ball. wouldnt be it sweeter too if lasalle goes to the finals and thats where you beat them?

gem said...

hi Chris!!
nice game against NU...
as always you did a good job as the captain of the Blue Eagles, you really know when and where to step up.. keep up the good work and GOD BLESS on your game against DLSU on Saturday.

apt said...

Hope we win against DLSU!

By the way, may I suggest a different colored background for your blog? Something lighter perhaps? Black hurts the eyes when you stare at it too long. I usually have a headache after reading your entries. Just a suggestion.

mikels said...

So tony & guy? In ortigas? its the same place where Sam milby gets his hair cut right? badtrip naman ang araneta they said sept.1 the tix for the cheering competition will be available na but when I got there di pa available! anyway i hope the BBB will get at the top 3 spots this season, by the way are you gonna watch? and can I ask some advice? I'm planning to buy a new phone and I'm clueless about which is worth buying, do u have any suggestions? What model is your phone ba? tnx

bernah said...

hai poh kuya!..
ask lng poh aq..
ano poh blo0dtype nyo?
then, meron poh bah kyo
yahoo! mail?
on the other hand..
ang galing nyo poh talaga..
no're the mostly feared team in uaap..
ateneo blue eagles:
you can feel the heat
coz they're the one to beat

go kuya!

0ne biG figHt!

emancipated_princess said...

whoa! this game is an easy fight. well, it's just a matter of some snap for blue eagles.. hehe:))well, i was amazed by rabeh for having such consecutive shots that give much points to Ateneo. And OF COURSE,SPECIALLY TO YOU, CHRIS TIU for being (as always)a responsible team captain. Your team really deserves to be victorious this season. well, anyway, the next game would be against La Salle. How enormous it would be! hope my premonition (that you'll win against them) wouldn't miss. BREAK-A-LEG!


Amy and company said...


Hi chris! this is ur avid and no. 1 fan in the world... you know we really wanted to watch your game against La salle this Saturday... but unfortunately, we had run out of tickets.... one of my friends is planning pa naman to make and to make us wear a personalized headband with your name on.... lastly, I one of the lucky winners pa naman nung hanford cheer t-shirt which i will claim on that day at the gateway center... since malapit lang naman un sa araneta we grabbed the opportunity to watch your game... kaya lang un nga naubos na ung tickets... =,( I told nga sa mga friends ko na if we aren't able to purchase tickets for the game... we would just wait at the parking lot para abangan ung buong team ng ateneo... hehehe... atleast di ba? and that day is our only available sched... and malayo din kasi kami eh... taga paranaque pa.... SORRY KUNG MAKULIT AKO....

PS: I hope that you could help us... pero kung hindi okay lang... I understand... (pero we really wanted to watch ur game) just in case this is my email

rona :) said...

hello again chris. Hmm. You still haven't posted anything about the trinoma visit ah. I'm so excited to read your upcoming entry about it. God bless you always chris! :)

-rona :)

rona :) said...

Argh. Too bad i wasn't able to watch ripleys last night! I fell asleep waiting for it. :(.
What time is ripleys ba talaga??? Please respond. thanks chris :)
God bless you! :)

-rona :)

mayenne said...

don't go pro please. they are already to many in the pro league.

anyway, i watched you in ripley's last night. and i like the part when you talked about the prosthetics for people who are disabled. i hope someday those prosthetics will be brought here in the Philippines.

i'm just curious, are you having difficulty speaking Filipino? is it because you speak Chinese? or is it because you grew up speaking the English language?

by the way, i really want to watch your game against DLSU. eventhough i'm not from Ateneo nor in La Salle. i just want to support the Blue Eagles. but i guess Araneta will be jam packed again.

goodluck to your upcoming game. i hope you win against La Salle.


Ivanne said...

Sorry for double commenting on this post. I was just so shocked to see our picture on YOUR blog. :O THANK YOU SO MUCH. :) You made a fan happy. :D ONE BIG FIGHT!

patty :) said...

another nice Ripley's episode last night, captain! good start for the month of september! :)'s my birthday tomorrow(yeah, like the hell you care. haha) i wanted sana your autograph & pics as the best birthday gift for me.. but now, i just dream of seeing you in person & my life's more than complete already.. well i still am not certain if that would come to reality anytime soon.. :(
..i am highly anticipating your game on saturday! good luck again, & again, & again! =]

sabriaü said...

where's the entry about the trinoma thing? hmm.. you must be busy again, as always. hehe! =)
you've improved a lot in your hosting, but maybe you should still have to work on your tagalog as you work on your chinese.. haha. :)
keep it up, chris! good luck for saturday's game! =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

I Really Really Love You soooo much! I hope i can see you next TyM..

I love love love love love love you so much!

Please Reply!!!

You are so GREAT!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
Congratulations sa game nyo knina against the bulldogs. The Blue Eagles are truly undefeated. No doubt!
im ur no.1 fan

Meryl_17 said...

Hai Chris!

You and your teammates were so great in your game against NU.

Good Luck in your Next Game in La Salle!


dea said...

hi chris!
i just want to let you know how gratitude i am to be able to go to trinoma and see all of you guys. We have been there since around 1pm and patiently waited for all of you. hehe. anyway, the long waiting was totally worth it especially when i was able to get the autograph of all the players of the team. my friend and i were wishing that you'll recognize us for attending 1 of your practices but i think you're quite busy and the crowd was really overwhelming :p thanks once again. God bless and more powers! :)

Stef Go said...

I heard about what happened in Trinoma. At first I was bummed cause I wasn`t able to go, but when I saw photos, I guess it was a good thing that I didn`t. Hahah. You guys attract such a big crowd!

Ateneo`s awesome. :) Good luck this Saturday.

Anonymous said...

blue eagles for the championship...
go blue eagles!


angelko28 said...

Just curious.... are you going to watch the UAAP Cheerdance this Sunday? Cool.;) And it's really fun.:) During my last year in UP, well it was just last year actually... was the first time I watched it live and it was so great.;)

But if not... do you have tickets to spare for me? Haha.:) Can I have them? I am so desperate to have tickets that I will fall in love with someone who can give me tickets.So will you give me tickets? Haha;)

And I'm getting nervous... I really hope the eagles will fly high this Saturday while the Archers... uh... never mind. It's not my habit to people bad luck.
I just wish you will win.;)

And I just have to keep saying God Bless and Goodluck!

Anonymous said...

ni hao chris!
Goodluck on your game on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

chris, could you please post some of the promotional pictures of ripley's. i can't find any sa net and sa site eh. thanks and more power to your show.

kittykath_17 said...

,,ni hao!,, waz up?.. hindi ako nkapunta last sunday sa trinoma jaz because i had my exam in my review class.. how sad,, my couz went there p naman.. hmmm.. a chance to see u p naman sana..di bale.. i try to watch u on your final game..( tyak namang papasok kau sa finals eh..)..hehe!

my classmates and I can't wait to watch u personally playing for ADMU..we planned p naman to watch u on ur game on saturday but we had run out of tickets..parang pag kau ng La Salle ang naglaro, it's jaz like Ginebra team of PBA.. hehe! napupuno nyo ng mga fans ang Big Dome..!

I watched Ripley's last night, and I must say na nag-iimprove ang paghohost mo..(no kidding o kung ano mangpambobola..hehe!) di ba si Saver ung dog na hinagisan mo ng bola and as u said, jaz like u eh, nagbabasketball.. hehe!katuwa k dun..=D

I'm glad na u didn't take off ur eyeglasses tlaga.. hehe! it makes u look like a genius and I love that! I make sure n I alarmed my cp at around 10:30 pm jaz to watch u and the unbelievable stories on ur show.. nalilibang tlaga ako.. hehe!

hay.. haba n ng kwento ko noh.. hehe! I hope u appreciate it..take care chris..u know that watching u on ur shows makes my days happier..(naks!)..always pray.. I hope someday, we can have our picture together..I wish that u might leave a short comment on my blog khit simple hi lng?..(hehe!) it will make my day so happy.. tnx kung igigrant mo and thanks din po kung hindi..until my next on line and again, take care..


crisel said...

ni hao ma chris?C;'s me again, CRISEL.. WOW! you guys are undeniably GREAT! Imagine... 12 straight wins with only a single loss? AMAZING!! after that "nakakaloka ng bonggang-bongga" game against UP and NU, it's DLSU naman... [alam mo, siguro kung may sakit ako sa puso, matagal na akong inatake..why? nakakaloka kasi manuod ng mga laban nyo eh hehe.. ;p] i hope this coming saturday, you will break another record.. by beating DLSU the second time around...KAYA nyo yan..! ATENEO pa?! sus! hehe.. haaaai.. you know, every Monday night, naka set na sa video mode yun celphone ko..hehe..kasi i always record your Ripley's show..actually, pang-3rd na yun nakarecord sa cp ko yun episode last Monday..medyo nababawasan na nga yun mga nakasave na pix and videos ko sa cp hehe..para may space sa'yo..hehe.. wala lang..;p

btw, i want to ask, is it true that last Aug.24,2008 you were at TRINOMA?? sister and my cousin said that he saw you there and some of the Ateneo team at the NIKE shop? tumitingin daw kayo ng mga shoes?? IS IT TRUE?? sabi ko nga "paanu mangyayari yun, eh adidas ang sponsor nila??" hindi ko tuloy alam kung maniniwala ako sa kanila o hindi..kasi they used to play tricks on me, especially when it comes to you..sabi ko nga sa ate ko bakit hindi sya nagpa-picture na kasama ka..she just smiled..! parang ewan lang..hmmp..! so...? IS IT TRUE? i hope you could answer my question..*fingers crossed!* i just wanted to know if it's true.. [sana mabasa mo ito..] haaai.. i hope i could meet you someday..kasi sa dreams lang kita madalas makita haha!!

so much for this..please do answer my query.. para malaman ko kung totoo nga yun sinasabi ng ate at pinsan ko..thanks in advance!! ;p

GoodLuck this coming saturday..make it 13-1 na!! weeeeeh!!! (n_n)

.~. CHRISel [7teen twenty4] .~.

arlene :) said...

I know it's waaaaaaaaay too early to say, but...

I can't wait to see you in the finals! :D

Nikko said...

hey idol!.. wazzup, juz wanna say Goodluck on your game on Saturday!

nurse jane said...

Have my tickets for Saturday's game!
Not the seat that I love though..
But I must say that I'm lucky enough to have an Upper Box B ticket.
I went to Araneta yesterday and I was amazed by the hundreds/thousands of people having their line to the ticket booth!
It feels like I'm on the AMERICAN IDOL audition. haha!
The crowd's like rallying in front of the araneta shouting:
"Ticket!! Ticket!!!"
Strategy ineffective though..
Many of them went home frowning with no tickets on hand...
we visited Ateneo too!
we had our snack at your CHINKY CHICKEN..
How I love the food you offer!
I would like to go back there and have my breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner! haha!
I even kept the tissue and spoon from your stall..
I have to confess that I took an extra spoon for souvenir..
Pardon me...hehehe!=D
That's all!
God bless you more, Mr. TIU!
God bless the Eagles!
No arrow shall hit the Eagles this Saturday!
One Big Fight!^o~

gracey said...

ni hao!last monday my brother was watching ripleys believe it or not and i over heard when you said "YES YES AWW!",i run over the t.v to see your reaction when you said that but sadly it was only a voice i was curious on how ur reaction was when u said that.^_^..good luck on your game on saturday and i was excited for the game!


zai jian!

cj said...

hi chris!

i just want to share with you my very funny experience this afternoon.haha

after class, my mother,sister and i went to SM mall. we ate at the foodcourt and then we went to national bookstore. as we were walking, my sister saw a poster/picture of you at a hanford stall and then she showed it to me. (omg, you're so cute there! haha) anyway, we continued walking and like every 1 minute i'm telling my sis "gosh! he's so cute!" i was really like a pirated cd!haha and then we're still walking and walking.. we passed by again that hanford stall. she told me, "picturan mo na!" i was hesitant at first because as you know, there are so many people and it was a stall, and not a shop. haha so many people are passing by.
but i told myself, i dont care with what the people will think! haha i took pics at every corner of the stall, there were 2 i think. and 1 of atkins?. (is that atkins? i think it's him)
the salesman came to me and told me , " ayun pa si geoff eigenman picturan mu din " i said "no,si chris tiu lang gusto ko eh! haha" and then he told me, "gwapo nga yan mam!haha"
i even asked him if he has an extra poster of you and then he said there's none. so sad. :(
and then we left already. haha
the end. haha

sorry for having this comment very long. haha
i really just want to share this with you. haha

goodluck on your game on saturday vs DLSU! i hope you'll win!

Anonymous said...

When will you post a new blog entry?

lara said...

I can't wait for your entry about the CRAZY trinoma experience, even though if i wasn't there. ;)

Hope to hear from you soon.


baby_angel said...

hi chris... just wanna know what your answer will be...
"are you willing to go on a date with someone who is not a chinese?" n_n

cariza said...

Congratulations on your last game against NU bulldogs.
by the way, good luck naman sa laban
nyo sa saturday laban sa LA SALLE.

patty :) said...

it's my birthday today! haha. just felt like droppin' a comment here(as i always love to).. :)
the trinoma post is taking a while for you to write huh. was it that crazy or are you just really busy? haha. i guess everyone's waiting for it. hmm.. can you make a post of it today as my birthday gift? haha. as if! well, just maybe, though you don't know me.. i'm pretty sure you're that kind.. :D
2 days before the game vs dlsu! whew! maybe that's why you haven't found time to write a new post yet, because you're too busy getting ready for that game? :]
God speed! :)

Aira Nicole said...

i hope you win against dlsu on saturday...(^_^)

more power! ONE BIG FIGHT!!!

simplytoogood17 said...

heI ChRIS!!! my cuz went to trinoma coz she was hoping to have a pic with yah... but she said you need to line pero and taas daw nung linya.... she really got pissed.... and they already planned to go when nasalubong nila yung brother mo.... what she did nalang is instead of having pic with you kay charles nalang sha nagpapic... natatawa talga ako sa kanya.... parang artista din daw c charles.... hahahaha... but he really looks like you so no regrets para na rin da shang nagpapic with you.... BTW, God Bless for this saturday's game.... tc olways our TIUperman!!!!

bluebonnet_elf said...

Chris, I can't wait for your posting on the Adidas Trinoma store visit. I was there since 2PM when nobody was lining up yet. Before you guys came out, we saw your brother, Charles, who was apparently surveying the area. :)

I felt really nervous when I asked you to sign my cap using a different marker. You guys were holding black markers kasi and the color of the signature had to match the blue and white cap. Sorry for that. ;) I came prepared ha, I bought a blue marker before going to the store! Haha! Thanks, even if a little smile and a photo with you could have doubled my elation. Sayang, di ko na kinaya sa sobrang hiya. :)

And oh, it was my birthday that day, by the way. My officemate, who happens to have the same birthday is also an Atenean and a die hard fan who watches almost all of your games live. I asked my companion to line up too to get another poster signed by the whole team for him. I gave it to him as a birthday gift and he said, it was the best birthday gift he got this year. Lucky for me, I didn't have to spend much. Pawis lang pala and sakit ng paa ang katapat. Haha!

Janina said...

elow..just wanted to ask if audiences or outsiders are allowed to watch ur Ripley's show on the set during taping???or only the staff are allowed??unlike in Pinoy records???
i really want to get ur autograph but it is just so hard..
i only get to see u wenevr u have a basketball game..its really hard to get an autograph from there becoz many people are also lining up just to try to get u to sign..can u plese send a picture of you with ur autograph...please..pretty please..

i havent seen u in person(kinda) or maybe just face to face..i only see you during games when im sitting in the lowerbox portion of araneta and un lang time na un pinkamalapit ako sau..that the only time na nkta kta na medo malapit...and the badthing about it is that im nearsighted so i cant see you that clearly..
pls inform me naman po if you have mall show, or any activity that i can go to so i can see you in guestings...autograph signing...tanx po...pls do reply..gud luk on saturday...

Anonymous said...

hUhu.. d aq nkapUnta ng 3noma..^^
my oTher visits p b kau..