Monday, August 4, 2008

ADMU vs UST (Round 1)

When I arrived Araneta Coliseum about 2 hours before game time, I realized that we were using the same locker room as the one we used in the previous loss against FEU. I settled in a different cubicle so that maybe i won't suffer the same unlucky fate as with FEU. Sometimes we players can get superstitious. After our regular mass presided by Fr. Nemy in the locker room, players were walking out to peek at the NU vs FEU game that was on-going. I constantly reminded them to forget about that game and just focus in on our battle vs UST because i figured that FEU would win anyway. So when we were doing our final stretching in a narrow corridor, I was informed that NU was up by 1 with less than a minute to go. I thought he was playing a joke. Then i heard a roar that was pretty much unexpected in a NU vs FEU duel. I figured it must have been an NU 3-point shot and both UST and ADMU fans were extremely delighted as FEU slipped to 5-2. It was a great relief for us! Now we had a chance to take solo lead after round 1. And we did!

I vowed to the coaches that I will be more aggressive in this game not just in terms of scoring but in creating for my teammates as well. And i won't settle too much on outside shots unless it's really there. At least it paid off, i ended up with 9 rebounds and 7 assists. But it was really the team game that gave us the victory. One disappointing observation is our inability to close out teams when leading by as much as 10 during the early part of the 4th quarter. Same thing happened against FEU. But at least against UST, we were able to regain back the lead after a threatening run which gave them a 3 point advantage midway through the 4th. In the end, it was really our defense which kept us in the lead - extra credit should be given to Nonoy Baclao for his amazing blocks!

Although only scoring two points, he finished with 11 rebounds and 4 blocks (1 each on Allera, Mirza as well as the crucial ones on Ababou and Jervy). He practically stopped the entire UST! Nonoy ended up being best player, and i totally agree with that! Points do not always have to be the basis for being best player. He is truly an example of a 'team player' , knowing his role and getting the job done! Of course, I want to thank the Lord for the victory. But what i truly pray for is that everyone is kept free from any serious injury and that the officiating will be fair in every game! May the best team win.


P.S. I have to admit that we might have benefited a little more than UST in some 50-50 calls that could have gone either way. And thank you Tito Philip Sison for the photos.


me.meryl.97 said...

Hi chris!

Congratulations Yesterday!! Wish u all, the best and luck!I hope u will win in your next game.. Even though that I didn't watch your game in Araneta Coliseum.. I am happy that you won!

If it is ok.. Can I Get your number? If you don't mind..

Congratulations Again!

TCA! GBU! muah!


KimF and JudzSJ. said...

Go ATENEO !!!! Congratulations, Sir ! :D That game was truly exciting !! Looking forward for the next game on Sunday !!! Hahahah. We Love Ateneo !!! :D

KimF and JudzSJ. said...

GO ATENEO !!!!! :D LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE NEXT GAME !!! :D :D ! We love ATENEO !! And .. we bleed blue.
HAHAHAHAH =)) Good Luuuuck !!

Anonymous said...

Good job Chris and to the rest of the team! I am delighted that you guys took the loss against FEU as a motivation to play better. :o)


Nette said...

Congrats again!

Godspeed for the Blue eagles!

BlueSoul said...

Thought I'd share my feedback on the game...

Great game by the Blue Eagles! Awesome game by Nonoy Baclao - he should be named Defensive Player of the year! Also loved his "nakaw shot" from Jai ... we should have more of that.

Also, excellent assist in the final few minutes of the game! That was really our winning break, allowing Jai to make that uncontested 3-pt shot! Thank you for that VERY SMART play, Captain!

I'm also very happy with the way Ryan has played against the Tigers. That's the way to go! Use his upper body strength and go to the paint! He shouldn't settle for those 3s, no matter how open he is.

Rabeh is our BIG MAN! Loved that drive to the basket with 5 seconds left in the 2nd q. That was simply fantastic!

I'm waiting for Nico's break-out game..and maybe Jobe can learn a thing or two from his big buddies Nonoy and Rabeh? :)

You guys made our day, but then again, WIN OR LOSE, Go Ateneo pa din!

Good luck against the Tams in the 2nd round!

bluesoul said...


I do not agree with the 2nd travelling call on Ryan... that was bad officiating! But then again, NABRO is not known to be good at that...

karlandrew said...

congratulations for the win! it was raining but we still watched....

nix14 said...

hey! i just wanna say congrats again 4 your win against ust even though i did it yesterday on your other entry. :) i'm just really happy that you won. haha. just keep on believing to God and always do your best! take care and good luck again :)

Philip said...

Good team game for you guys. This is just my observation but hopefully you would be able to share this with your team mates.

1. Rabeh should stop shooting those jump shots. He may have a shot but he is more effective inside (I think no one can stop him there).

2. Ryan Buenafe should mature. I mean he should not be tempted to take those outside shots. He may make those during your practice but it's totally a different ballgame when you have an opponent. He should continue to attack the defense - this is his specialty and i believe he would be fish a lot of fouls.

3. Consistency on the outside shooting. Your opponents in the 2nd round may give you different looks in terms of their zone defense. It is imperative that Jai Reyes and your shooters need to make those outside shots as there will be games that you'll find it hard to score inside.

4. All of you should remain healthy. You'll win the championship this season as long you guys are healthy and at the same time cut on your turn overs. Turn overs means less chances of getting points.

Anna said...

Amen. Happy that we pulled off a win and kept injury-free.
Loved the hustle you showed on the court. I think your teammates take their cue from you.
No comment nalang on the refs. ;-) Kulang pa yan after ALL the dubiousness of the past games, ay years pala. hehe.
You guys are definitely on track to reach the Final 4. OBF!!

_gLy_ said...

Congratulations for winning the game against UST…
Hope to see you in person someday… C=
God bLess you and the whole team in your incoming games…
Hope this year ATENEO will be the champion…
Take care always especially in every game… C=

nina said...

hi chris!

it was my first time to watch a game live yesterday and it was sooo worth it! we were cheering like mad whenever ateneo would make a shot even if we weren't from ateneo ourselves. congrats on getting the top spot after round 1! hope the streak continues! good luck and God bless for the next games! OBF!

blue eagle at heart,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and good luck in round two. :) I believe that Ateneo deserves to win the championship! More power to you guys. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You guys can win the championship, just stay focused. I also agree with all the comments made by "philip", above.

As our defense remains priority, I wish you guys more luck in your outside shooting.We are doing good in under-the-basket drives and stabs.

Good work you did in keeping the plays coherent, as well as your more daring drives and rebounds.

Congrats in landing #3 in the MVP top ten.As the second round progresses, I really pray either you or Hussaini win the coveted award.

God bless you and the Team. Stay healthy and injury-free.

Bea said...

Hey Chris!
How did you save those pictures from Fabilioh? My brother and dad have a picture there and we want to save it. Haha
By the way, Congratulations! Great assist to Jai! ONE BIG FIGHT! :)

ebullientteen said...



jonessa said...

hi Chris! congrats on the win and for taking the lead again. i hope the wins just keep pouring in. i have to say though that Ateneo is really missing Salamat...the intensity that he brings to the team is really missed, and i think that's one of the reasons that for the past two games, Ateneo failed to maintain the big leads. i hope he gets better, and i also pray for no more injuries for the team.

oh and btw, congrats for the new show in GMA...i just saw the ad on tv. =)

cleng said...


happy na ko kasi your team won!!!

Go Blue Eagles keep it up!

sherwin said...

actually, yesterday game for me is your best game so far.. because you didn't settle much for 3s and you show a lot in different areas of the game(9 rebs and 7 ast). almost a double-double performance from a guard position..

well as i look on your averages dis 1st round and heres what i got (I got it from the internet and I hope its correct)..
14 points/game,
6-30 3 pt area (20%),
24-46 2 pt area (52%)
32-39 FT (82%)
3.1 asts/game
1 stl/game
1 error/game

quite good and an all around performance especially having 6 rebs per game from a guard is quite impressive but to tell you the truth (and sorry for this opinion), i was shock in your 3 pt percentage.. 20% from a clutch shooter who buried a lot of heartbreaking 3s in ADMU-DLSU game.. i think your well guarded ryt now.. and the good news in that is your not settling in 3pt shot, but your trying ryt now to be aggressive and attacking the basket.. so good luck and hope to see a lot of improvement in that statistics..

for ADMU team, i'm happy ryt now that you're the # 1 in the UAAP dis season.. you might not have the best athletic team this season ( i think FEU and DLSU) but ADMU have the highest Basketball IQ in dis season and the second is million miles away.. so hope that you make in the championship and hope that nobody gets injure..(most of the team are plaguing with injuries)

so see you in Aug 9, vs FEU ( am i ryt?) i know you will avenge your only loss in the 1st round...

Jhen-17- said...


You really deserve it.,
I've watched the whole game,and i can say that it was one of the most exciting games for the 71st season as of now...Watching you,blue eagles, play really make me happy and will always do..
What you have shown against UST was undeniably an "A".

Good Luck to your next games!!!
You and your fellow eagles will always be in my prayers.



katrina mae said...

congratulations!! good game... your team really is the best defensive team.. but hopefully come second round you will be a complete team.. but the team must not be toocomplaisant becuase their is still 7 more games in the elimination and the teams are stronger in the next round... goodluck to all!!! i wish that each member would grow and play all out all the way..

francine17 said...

I enjoyed the game. For the last few minutes, it was a bit nerve-wracking. Good pass to Jai Reyes. It was the turning point of the game.

It was a low-scoring game. But the points you nail are well earned after the tight defense of the UST.

Hope you will maintain your team standing for the 2nd round. Good Luck and God Bless!

P.S. Although I'm from Davao, I promised myself to watch your game if ever the Blue Eagles will have a shot in the Finals! Go Ateneo. I'll keep my fingers crossed! :)

christina said...

im just happy to see everybody working hard. you surely learned so much from the previous loss. im also happy to see eric salamat in good shape. good luck on round 2!

God Bless everyone.
keep safe.

Nica said...

I havent seen this game yet but thank God I could watch it through abscbn now. ANyhoodies, CONGRATULATIONS!

I would reserve my comment after watching the game itself.

Nica said...

I havent seen this game yet but thank God I could watch it through abscbn now. ANyhoodies, CONGRATULATIONS!

I would reserve my comment after watching the game itself.

mitch said...

I truly admired your game yesterday. It's a sweet victory on your part after you had a 3 point deficit in the last few minutes. I agree that Nonoy Baclao deserves to be the best player of the game although he only had 2 points. COntinue to fight blue eagles till the end of this season. Good luck. May God be always with you. Take care dude!!! You're the man!!!!!!!!

Leanne said...

Hi good evening Chris,

Congrats!:) I'm happy that you guys won yesterday.Good luck and ingat:)

tootsieroll said...

hey, congratulations! =) good teamwork.

tootsieroll said...

"magtulungan tayo, walang maglalaro para sa sarili nya." -sounds familiar? hihi

(heard this from your previous game pa. one of the keys of victory talaga)

arlene :) said...

referees are not infallible. it's a fact athletes must live with.



sunshinegirl said...

Hi chris!
Congrats to you and the whole team for winning the game against UST. :D
The highlight of the game for me was your assist to Jai that made him throw a 3-pointer. I so love that!! And I know you were quite happy that he delivered well. hehe. You guys looked so cute with the chest-bumping action. haha. And yey for Ateneo for taking the no. 1 spot~ Good luck on the game on Saturday~ We'll be there!


sharleein said...

hi chris! just wanna say congrats! :)) i was there too at araneta coliseum. you're right that ateneo and ust fans were happy that feu lost because their record became 5-2. good luck on your next game! btw, who's your next opponent? :D

Joe said...

Isn't it funny that almost after every game there's a commentary on the refereeing? What does it say bout the uaap? The refs should be crowned champions..... I think when you win, its easier to say the refs called a good game.

bfrances said...

Hi Chris! Congratulations to your team! Bonne chance to your nezt game. Alléz, Ateneo Blue Eagles! :)Godspeed!

Anonymous said...

hi.... congrats.......

sobrang saya ko kasi kayo panalo... at higit sa lahat nakita ulit kita at nakausap pa at nakasabay maglakad palabas sa south gate..(thanks talaga kay ate jane at kuya mike)

tanong ko lang kung nagustuhan mo ba yung binigay ko(yung naka frame) ako mismo yung gumawa nun...
yun lang..

sana magchampion kayo this season..

Go ateneo!

One big Fight

Angela Joy Sarmiento

val said...

Guilty! I was cheering for NU. I came in the coliseum with only around a minute left in that game, and I was soooo surprised that NU was winning. Talk about an upset. ;)

Congrats on the win! I'm glad you guys are first in the standings again. Hope you will be able to sustain that place. Remember that if you're on top, the only place left to go is down.

Work hard! Show everyone what you and your team is made of.

God bless!!

eynah said...

hello Chris!


good luck on the 2nd round..


Jeri said...

Congratulations for a very good Round 1! :)..I really enjoyed the game @ Araneta last Sunday, what a way to end my weekend! :)


I'm looking forward to watching more of your games! :)

luna said...

can you please tell nonoy that he did a great job in the last game! Keep it up!

hope you guys win the championship this year!

Anonymous said...

hey Chris!

It's been so long since I visited your blog! haha!

Congratulations on winning against UST!!!!! 6-1 :)

thats really good!


nurse jane said...

Congratulations Chris!
Thanks to you and to the Blue Eagles for the win!
I'm the lady who chose to wear BLUE instead of red on my birthday!
Now I've learned that blue is luckier than red..hehe..
You're Dad is so nice!
Like father like son!^o~

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

Congratulations! The Eagles really did well. You are a good leader to your team. I watched the game live. I'm really hoping and praying that we will be the champs! ONE BIG FIGHT!


peachie said...

Hi Chris!

Congratulations! The Eagles really did well. You are a good leader to your team. I watched the game live. I'm really hoping and praying that we will be the champs! ONE BIG FIGHT!


aiko said...

hi chris..:)

from the start of the game pa lang me and my friend already knew that u guys will win.. wla lang we just felt it. but honestly wen ust had that "run" we got a little nervous. I'm so happy dat u guys won the game despite of that little "thrill", hehe...:)

I will still include you guys on my prayers.. I hope dat u will win this season..:) Thank God dat Eric managed to play last game.. I will also pray dat none of u will get injuries..:) God bless and Congrats!!:) One Big Fight!!!:)

Anonymous said...
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angel 17 said...

congratz! i was there and i really enjoyed the game! we ended round 1 at number 1!!! it doesn't guarantee anything though but it was a big morale booster! hope you'll do better in round 2 and finals (?).. well, you said in chalk that you're going to be the champions this year, i'm not pressuring you but i expect you'll be really the champions this year! :)

i cried when you lost to FEU..i was hoping you'll make crucial shots again for us to win.. i miss your game-winning clutch plays i must say! hope to see them again soon!

you said, may the best team win.. if that's the case, then ateneo blue eagles should!!

one big fight!!


Anonymous said...

hmmm, hi chRis!!(",)

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." {Henry Ford }

gOOdluck on your next gAme.
GOD BLESS the blUe eaGlEs..
we bElieve in yOU..

-bebs of negros occ- :)

nika ech. said...

hi chris! congrats! you know naman dba na im from the yellow side? but my heart is with ateneo. :) anyways, ill see you soon in moro during dinner.:) -nika e.

xoxo said...

it's not just you players who can get superstitious! i don't repeat the clothes and accessories i wore when you lose games! i have a pair of blue earrings that i always wear when i watch games live cause you always win when i wear those! hahah.. feeling ko ako pa responsible for those victories! :D

myv said...

..hi chris!! nice game!! congrats!!
:) was really a team effort..:)
..i love your assist to jai! it was amazing!!

..nice performance from Baclao too!!he's really a great defensive player..:) eric not yet fine??..:(

thanks!!Take care and goodluck in your upcoming games..especially the one against FEU..haha!! godbless!!


Anonymous said...

Fans can be as superstitious as players - after last Thursday I stopped wearing the "lucky flipflops" I've been wearing to Ateneo games since the Nike Summer League semis against La Salle. I also switch seats with people and have other little pregame rituals. I'm sure it sounds peculiar to people who aren't hardcore fans, but those like me will try anything to help our team to victory!

Anyway, congratulations to you, Chris, and the rest of the team :) The NABRO winds were indeed blowing a bit strangely last Sunday, but that's better than the usual direction and hey, you guys won legitimately.

I'm glad my last Ateneo game of the year was a great one. This is probably more than you need to know about me, but I'm leaving this weekend to start grad school in the US and I'm going to miss watching the Blue Eagles a lot! (I don't know if you ever heard me yelling during the summer tournaments, but I was one of those who watched the off-season games in FEU, San Beda and God knows where else. Good times!)

Good luck on your last season, Chris (and to Yuri, too) - I'm praying it pays off after all the effort you've poured in over the years :) Keep posting!

Anonymous said...

Good day to you Chris!! It is very nice of you to admit that some of the calls made by the referees where kind of unfair for the UST basketball team. Eventhough I was watching only from upperbox B, I witnessed that some of the calls made by them were unfair. I personally think that there were fouls that should have been called to Ateneo. I am not being biased to UST just because I'm one of them but I am a basketball fanatic. I'm fully aware of the rules and regulations in basketball and some of the fans of UST were disappointed with what happened. But I don't blame Ateneo for any of the calls made because I believe that you guys play fair and I admit that I am one of your biggest fans. I actually did cheer for you even if I'm with the Thomasian community.

I hope I didn't offend you with this comment. I'm just sharing my views about the game.

Anyway, Congratulations for winning. I wish you all the best. I know how much you want to win the championship this Season '71.

Take Care and Godbless!!:)


Anonymous said...

Great game! we enjoyed watching from the patron. ONE BIG FIGHT!

Helene said...


is there such word as awed?

oh no, I can't believe what I saw last Sunday.It was a different Chris Tiu.Mr nice guy no more.

hmm, I was a bit worried during the first 2 quarters of the game because there were too many turnovers and I should say, too many uncontested shots made by UST.No defense.

Just the same, I hope you'll improve more on questions about the offense,you guys are fair but not excellent.Grabee si kuya Nonoy, hahaha we used to tease him capre coz he was the tallest in their team in our ligas (enough of old memories).

regarding those calls, believe me, your team took the advantage through the free throws you shot.

I personally would want to congratulate you for being aggressive in all aspect of the game.But I wish to see you improve in your defense.


meg said...

chris! what's GLad?

sherwin said...

congratz.. for making the top 5 in statistical race for MVP.. 3 ADMU players in the top 10 shows why you are in the top the standings.. so keep it up.. good luck..

sharleein said...

hey chris! congrats for winning against ust. i was there at the big dome too. hehe. :) goodluck on your game this saturday even though i won't be able to watch.
maybe i'll see you again on aug24 on your game against UP or on sept6 against DLSU. :D

congrats blue eagles! one big fight! and congrats for your new show "Ripley's Believe it or not" that will be airing on august 18!

♥jen♥ said...

hi Chris!
Congratulations on your game last sunday...
the bLue eagLes are still the leading team with 6-1...
i heard your 1st game for the round 2 is against the tamaraws...
am i right???
well, gOOd luck on your game this weekend and i know this time you can surely defeat the tams...
gOd bless...
btw, Congratulations to your new show Ripley's Believe it or Not...

kleyr castro said...

hey sir chris. again congrats! it was nice to see that you've regain your confidence after your loss against feu.

gud thing jai got his spark back. correct me if i'm wrong but in the past games b4 that ADMU-ust game jai is not in the mood.

anyway gudluck on your next games.
me and my friends will continue to support you!

God Bless!


ms.tams said...

hi chris.!

congrats! goodluck on saturday! =)

forgone_murk said...

God Bless to your up coming games.. ^__^

Clarice said...

Hi Chris!

Congratulations for winning yet again! You guys make us Ateneans proud - win or lose! :)

Anyway, I'm applying for a minor in Chinese Studies. I'm currently taking Chn1 and Chn35. I'll take Ethnic Chinese in the Philippines next sem. Do you have any suggestions about which subjects are fun and interesting to take?:) Thanks in advance:)

Good luck on Saturday! I will surely be there to cheer you and the rest of the team on (I try my best to be present in all games but I have already missed 3, sadly). Maybe you'll get to see my banner :)

Anonymous said...

It was a good game, Chris. Even though we lost, me and my friends enjoyed a lot. I'm going to watch our team versus yours in the 2nd round. Hope it's another great game. :)

Ivanne said...

"Sometimes we players can get superstitious"
Fans can get superstitious too! :)) I used to wear a heart shaped blue pendant every time you guys had a game. And it works. =))

Baclao's blocks were amazing. :) It's nice he used his gift, his height of course. :D

Can't wait for your game on Saturday. :) One Big Fight!

Cheska said...

Hello Chris!!

Congrats congrats congrats!! Good job on the defense, I hope that you guys keep it up taken that part 2 of the game isn't that far away. Hehehe.

Best of luck to all of you! I hope that Jai will keep his game up. Thanks to his shots, we got the lead! :) and so to Nonoy Baclao who is forever improving. I hope he will keep it up us well.

I am glad to see teamwork. I hope though that you guys remember to rebound and defense, defense, defense! Keep it up Ateneo!

Win or lose, it's the school we choose! :D

Anonymous said...

hey chris! congratulations on your win against UST. and goodluck this saturday against FEU. do well! god bless you!



arlene :) said...

Congrats on Ripley's believe it or not!

daph said...

that was an awesome game..i really enjoyed it! thank God i went home on time!hehehe...
me and my friend were really excited watching your game...
we were both shouting the whole guys really showed a team should be...
i love the way you play...though you didn't scored much but the way you directed your game and your aggressiveness kept your team spirit..of course your teammates were all great.they did their part well...

what more can i say?'re the BEST team of the season....


stay fit!(i know you are...*)

glaiza said...

I think as a group you must work harder for outside points... "Bilog ang Bola" we never know what will happen its better if u have strong defense inside at the same time scoring outside... Baclao, Salamat, Reyes, Rabbeh and you of course really work as one continue to work hard. Learn from mistakes before and use it as strength for the upcoming game. Play as one... I hope for your success... Thats my b-day wish also....

glaiza said...

In my opnion you shouuld work harder for outside shots... i really agree two thumbs up with rabeh and nonoy, but as a whole team I think if you will not work harder for shooting... winning could be 50/50. You, Rabeh, baclao, reyes and salamat really work as one. Continue to improve the shooting and th rest are properly done. In rebounds, deffense and etc. the team is doing a great job. Learning from previous mistakes and take it as strength will help the team alot. Gud luck to the team....
Blue Eagles Fight

psixteen said...

good luck on sat! im still debating w myself whether or not imma run after my meeting to catch it live---and then have dinner w my hs kada after, luckily somewhere near ultra. :)

well, i guess acads must be prioritized over guilty pleasures like this sometimes. ;p ---like u said, PRIORITIZE RIGHT. haha!

diane said...


congrats in winning!. its good that all of you contributed to your win.. i hope you continue doing well in your games.. i wish you and the whole team the best of luck.. :D:)

congrats also to your new show!. i will surely watch out for it..

by the way.. it is my birthday this coming sunday and i am one of your solid supporters.. and just a greet from you even only through a reply from this would really mean a lot to me, it would really complete my day.. i hope you give in to my wish.. :D:)thank you very much..


Chyng said...

I know all along you will beat UST that day.

The Hail Mary crowd was cheering for NU (as we wait for the main game). The over-cheering FEU crowd started cheering BITTER BITTER BITTER! ahahaha After the game, most of the FEU crowd transferred to the UST side to cheer. Who's bitter now?

I just love watching UAAP live!

Congrats Ateneo! (--,)

valerie said...

i smell championship! hmmmmm.......(~~,)Y

karen said...

Hi Chris. I was able to watch the game between Ateneo and UST. Ang ganda ng game grabe. I am looking forward for the next game. Good luck!

gina said...

chris, being a big celebrity, how do you deal with adoring fans? how bout the opposite, how bout the obnoxious people who hate you?

Mary Joyce Galvan said...

Hi Chris! Good day! Congratulations to the Blue Eagles! Hehe! Good luck to your upcoming games, I thought in August 21, you will have a game. I'm not sure if FEU po ang kalaban. But again, good luck! That date kasi is my birthday! Hehe! Hope you guys will win! :)

toshi123 said...

Hi Chris! Congratulations for a consistently good performance of the Ateneo basketball team on the UAAP. Hope you make it to the Finals hehehehe. And also, congratulations on your new show Ripley's Believe It Or Not! =)I am sure that your show will garner high ratings and congratulations on your success

psixteen said...

to mary joyce galvan:

admu-feu game is aug9, sat in ultra/philsports arena---TODAY! aug21 is the game against ue in ac. :)

Alyssa Melanie said...

Hi Chris.


It was rainy but we still watched the game..even though Manila is quite far in our place..

I hope you'll win in your next game
See ya!


Take Care always,

Alyssa Melanie

Anonymous said...

...eloh mr. tiu!!

great job!!...4 ur gme lst sun w/ the tigers!!

thanks 4 making my sunday dt awesome!!!

woohhh!!! my wish was commanded!! ahihihi:p

andr play-off ds day w/ d tamaraws...dnt be scred n poh huh...

ofcourse...u can do it nah ds tym!!
no more worries pwa mkpgconcentrate k 100%...dnt be intimidted w/ dem!!

watevr hapens..jst stay hapi en stil be thnkful...2 our Lord huh :p

well..i know ull always will !! ahihihi:p

PS: buti nman mk2nuod nq naun!! d q n kelngn p lumusong ul8 s baha pwa lang mknuod ng lro nyu!! ahihihi:p

yunzhuan ateneo!!

yi da zhengdou!!!

chris3n27 said...

...eloh mr. tiu!!...eloh blue eagles as well!!

great job!!...4 ur gme lst sun w/ the tigers!!

thanks 4 making my sunday dt awesome!!!

woohhh!!! my wish was commanded!! ahihihi:p

andr play-off ds day w/ d tamaraws...dnt be scred n poh huh...

ofcourse...u can do it nah ds tym!!
no more worries pwa mkpgconcentrate k 100%...dnt be intimidted w/ dem!!

watevr hapens..jst stay hapi en stil be thnkful...2 our Lord huh :p

well..i know ull always will !! ahihihi:p

PS: buti nman mk2nuod nq naun!! d q n kelngn p lumusong ul8 s baha pwa lang mknuod ng lro nyu!! ahihihi:p

yunzhuan ateneo!!

yi da zhengdou!!!

kat said...

omgomgomg.. i luv the game knina.. congratulations.. u and eric were great..! :)

nix14 said...

yey! you win against FEU this time. congrats for that! and also for being the best player of the game! nice game :) my brother and i are really tensed while watching the game. hehe. we really want you to win. :) anyways it's 7-1 now. keep it up eagles!

karlandrew said...

Congratulations for bouncing back ang winning against FEU...

Round 2 is getting exciting!

simplytoogood17 said...

hei chris its been a while since i commented... congratulations to all your wins and i was really sad about your first ever loss. but yesterday i was confident that you will win cause i know you'd get revenge after what happened.... eric was superb yesterday... hes was just i think 1 point higher that you are right? and i agree that you got the best player of the game yesterday... your foot was twisted yesterday right??? just before the game ended... how are you hope ur fine.... just stay focused and i know you'll get to the top... TC olways chris and God Bless!!!!!

charme#17 said...

congratulations for winning the admu vs feu (round 2).

Anonymous said...

congrats for the win against feu.,.you deserve it kuya chris just be humble.,. and wag makampante dahil pag nasa taas ka mas madami ang tiyak na aagaw diyan

trueblue said...

congrats...keep up the excellence...i always pray that u'll be the champions this season. ONE BIG FIGHT!

Stef Go said...

Congratulations on your win against FEU! It was a pretty exciting matchup. :)
I actually wanted to congratulate you when I saw you in Shang after the game, but I was too shy to do so. Hahah.

Anonymous said...

chris, could you post more than just about basketball? people wanna know more about you.

yazmin said...

who is this guy? just browsing about basketball then by fate I saw this.

haylin said...

hey chris!coNgratz!you were great!gudLuck for your next games..i smell champions here,hahaha..tHumbs up!

take care..

christina said...

i failed to watch your game against feu coz i had a prior appointment with the Lord yesterday..i have to put first things first. but i have included you and the team in my prayers :)

i was so happy to know that you guys won. great job captain! i heard you had an injury during the fourth quarter..i wonder how you are right now.

hope to hear from you
keep safe captain :)

iam_cia said...

CONGRATS for being number 1!:) im so rooting for ADMU to be champs this season, Though im currently studying in UST med.. KUDOS to YOU & the blue eagles as well.. keep it up!:)

anyway, i remember the last time i saw u (except for some UAAP games) was last sem break in bangkok! haha! we're in the same flight goin back to manila.. haayy.. so happy then though too shy to approach you, i was just like few seats behind u. hah!:D wish i could personally meet u! (i sound like an obssess fan here, haha! well dont worry, im still sane.. haha!)

UST by choice, ADMU by heart!:)

Pauline A. said...

Hey Chris!

just dropped by to thank you again for doing me that big favor of greeting my bestfriend a happy birthday, and for signing the shirt too. i really thought that i would no longer be able to see you coz you were not in Jsec the whole day..i waited pa naman.. haha. pero it's ok, at least i got to you before you did your interview. the whole thing was really worth it.

my bestfriend wanted to thank you very much. told you she'd love the gifts! she cried when i surprised her with the video and the shirt. haha.. you really made her day!!! so im really really thankful that you were able to give me at least 5 mins of your busy schedule. SUPER THANKS! if you need anything, just tell me..hahahaha.. i'll be glad to help too..

i think we'll watch the ADMU vs UE game, come next next week? i hope that we catch you at the end of the game kasi gusto pa nia ng picture with you.. :) hehe.

and CONGRATULATIONS for winning the game against FEU!

btw, i'm Pau.. sorry, i keep forgetting to introduce myself. haha. thanks again!!!
see you in Moro! :)

Anonymous said...

dunno if you've seen those na but you have so much pics there!

Anonymous said...

chris, ang showbiz mo na ngayon ah? nagkakapalit na kayo ng mukha ni manny pacquiao ^_^

Anonymous said...

chris, bakit ang pangit ng laro mo these days? i'm just wondering...

Anonymous said...

you and clarisse make a lovely couple... :)

Anonymous said...

chris, be my man... cause i'm willing to be your man too (*wink*wink*) you're the man! \m/

Anonymous said...

Nice game last saturday it was tough but a nice start for the 2nd round. Keep it up!


Take care!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Chris! Nothing much this will be my last. A month ago I've told you that it was my first time to make comments to stuff like this and I made a few more after that, but I got disappointed a huge disappointment so decided I to go back to my old self just reading no vocal reaction if I have I'll just keep it to myself.

If you don't post this I'll understand. But I hope you'll read it at least.

God Bless and Good Luck on all your upcoming games and agendas.

Sorry if I bored you with such a long non-sense comment.

Just remember that: "Patience is a virtue." and "If you are humble, nothing will touch you, neither praise nor disgrace you cause you know what and who you are... Humility is the only virtue that the devil can't imitate..."

My friend told me once that and I quote: "Forgetting the feelings you have for someone is one of the things that could never be easy. After the long times of loving, here you are now, trying to forget but loving in silence..." I know I sound stupid and yet it's embarrassing to state all of this to you but I just wanna share it to you.

Anyways, take care always! As usual don't overworked yourself and take time to rest. Stay healthy.

P.S. I'll stand anonymous this time but your a smart and intelligent guy. I'm sure you'll figure out who I am.

♥jen♥ said...

hello Chris!
Congratulations again!
i told you, you'll gonna beat the tams! and i'm absolutely right!
good luck to your game on thursday against the tigers...
just keep up the good work guyz...
and you'll surely gonna make it to the finals!
gOd bless...
take care!

dollyxzh said...

i think this might be a late greeting but i'll say it anyway..

job well done again chris..

though i havent really watched the game, i know you did your very best.. while waiting for the traffic and the pouring rain that night, i was thinking about the game.. oh well, didnt even catch the replay on the tv.. ahahah..

God speed in your next game and hopefully i can finally watch it.. =)


ms.tams said...

congrats for the win against feu!

i was there. job well done!

and thank you for the pic!


goodluck on your game aginst ust.

toshi said...

Hey Chris why tolerate those comments about your personal life? Whoever those anonymous people are ,don't ever let them get into you. God Bless! One Big Fight!

myv said...

..hi chris!! nice game!!yehey!! 7-1!!

..job well done..:)

..hmm.. im just worried when you where on the floor?? during the latter part if the 4th look like your in some kind of are you now?? just worried..

..hope you could reply back..thanks!

one big fight!!

myv said...

..hi chris!! nice game!!yehey!! 7-1!!

..job well done..:)

..hmm.. im just worried when you where on the floor?? during the latter part if the 4th look like your in some kind of are you now?? just worried..

..hope you could reply back..thanks!

one big fight!!

Anonymous said...

wow chris! oh so honest ha? hmm...
i wonder what happened... >:) harharhar

ella said...

Chris, did you hear about Baracael? He's been given the go signal to play in two weeks na raw. :)

mayenne said...


Congratulations on winning your game against FEU. At last you got your revenge. Haha:)) I'm happy that you guys won. And again you are the best player. It was a nice play by you and Eric Salamat.

I smell championship!!:D Good luck!! Hope you continue those winning streaks.

Take Care and Godspeed.

Animo Ateneo!!


ainan said...

eow! MR. Tiu, I've watched your game last August 9, 2008 against the "Tamaraws" and I am so happy you pulled it up after the team's defeat on the last encounter with F.E.U., You all did a good job and I'd like to commend you all...Keep it Up. and Congrats! on your new show...Your hosting skills become a lot better.... "Kudos" Chris.

angel 17 said...

well, since you haven't posted an entry about your victory over FEU, i'll just post my comment here!=)

congratulations!!!7-1!it could've been 8-0 but it's ok..we need some pain in order to get better! you've learned your lesson and it's better to lose early that to sweep games and lose the most important ones! you guys have proven you can beat not just FEU but all the other teams as well.. hard fought game but you were all great!! kudos to blue eagles! i knew you could make it! we're halfway through the season and i dread the day when you'll be playing your last game =(..but i pray you''' win the crown so it won't be so sad..i hope you'll always play the way you did last saturday, total team effort! please win the championship! i don't wanna shed tears of sadness on your last game..i've been doing that the past 3 seasons..please don't make it 4..=)..i always include you in my prayers!best of luck on the next games! keep winning cause la salle's just breathing down your necks! stay at number 1 all the way!

fly high king eagle tiuperman!!
fly high blue eagles!!\


feena_ritz said...

hi there!

juz want to wish you and the whole team the best of luck on your upcoming game with the tigers on the 14th...

my whole family cheers and pray for the continuous success of Blue Eagles..

keep it up guys, God speed!

alyssa mari_17 said...

hi chris!

UST kalaban nyo sa thursday, ryt?
and sa sunday ay UE?

galingan muh, huh..
un na ung birthday gift muh saken..
birthday cu kz sa saturday.. (august 16)
masaya na cu dun basta manalo lng kau..

you know what?
umiiyak acuh pag natatalo kau sa games nyu..
pero pag nkikita cu ung smile mu, happy na ulet acuh.. sobrang nakakagaan ng pakiramdam..
un nga lng sa tv pa lng or sa magazines kz di pa kta nakikita sa personal ehh..
pero sobrang hinihintay cu ung special moment na un..

and nagiging inspiration kayo sa maraming tao…
nakakapagpasaya kau ng libo-libong taong sumusuporta at sumusubaybay sa inyo… :p
kEep on inspiring many people, huh!

sana tlga..
ma-meet na kita in person! (birthday wish lng) LOL!
nyaAha! hirz my number,. (txt me, if you want) =] 09217574945..
you can trust me.. :p




gud luck and god bLess.. =]

keep safe! =]

nurse jane said...

Hi yah Chris! No new entry yet?!
Anyway congratulations!
We're all excited to read your post about your second game with the Tams..
I noticed that you're in pain right after the game...
Are you ok now?!
We miss not only your entry but your answers to some of our questions here!
I advice you to do an entry now so that you could promote your upcoming show too!
Am I demanding?! haha!
just an advice though! hehe!
To all who visit here:
Please watch Ripley's Believe it or Not on GMA 7. Every Mondays right after Dalja's Spring!^o~
haha! campaign manager here!..hehe..
God bless, Mr. Captain!

Anonymous said...


How come you don't reply to comments anymore? :)

I miss the Chicken Tarragon! Why isn't it available anymore? :( Please bring it back :(

Queen Eagle said...

I know you're busy...

But..ummm.. people are waiting for your next update...

It's been over a week since your last! C'mon man! Keep up!

LOL LOL LOL just kidding! We miss you already! :)

Glaiza said...

Kuya chris pkisabi ky Kua Eric Salamat GALING nya tlag ASTIG xa dun sa laban nyo sa FEU... kaw din galing mo congrats.....

feena_ritz said...

hi chris!

goodluck to you and the team for the game this afternoon against the tigers...hope you'll continue to soar high and take the lead of the league!

God speed!

Anonymous said...

CHRIS? no new post? belated happy birthday to Rabeh!

charme#17 said...

congratulations for winning the game UST(round 2)! nice free throws.

Anonymous said...

round 2 today. congrats for defeating UST!

mumai said...

hey chris!

congrats!ü good job against UST! 29pts!.. wow! hope you're ok. that was a very physical game. there were several hard fouls plus that cheap shot by canlas.. its really cool that you were able to control your emotions. other players in your postion would have already fought back but you hit them where it hurts by winning the game.. hats off to you and to the rest of the blue eagles! go ateneo!

Anonymous said...

may you please post the magazines where you're featured and your guestings.
Please. =D

bec. i'm not fond of watching television. so may you let us know. hehe..

god bless.

sharleein said...

hey chris! congrats for winning against feu and ust! i know you're gonna be the champs this year. hehe. :))

it's been a while since you made a blog entry. maybe you're really really busy especially now that you have your own show : Ripley's believe it or not. I'm so excited to watch it na. :D

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Chris, careful on the court. Saw how those UST guys pounced on you, not good. And I'm sure there are players from other teams who are like that, so take care.

meg said...

we hope we can hear from you soon! we miss you! :P

Nica said...

Wow! Maaasahang Player of the Game vs UST! 29 pts 4rebs 2asts

Great game Chris!

Jeri said...

Hi Chris! :)
You haven't got any new posts lately ha, busy?

Anyway, congratulations on your second round game with UST!

Thank you for signing the poster I've made for you and the rest of the team! All of you made me happy last night!:)

Actually, sobrang di ko inakala na maaapproach kita and makakausap nang ganun - you're such a humble person! :)
(Ako at yung friend kong guy yung nakasabay mo palabas ng Ultra kagabi...yung parehong may face paint na A! ha ha)

I felt glad nung nakita ko rin ang buong team! Super bait ni Nico, ang kulit kulit ni Nonoy and Jai! Jai even asked where did I get the poster, sabi ko I was the one who made it. The Ateneo Blue Eagles are the coolest persons on earth!!! Woooooh! :)

Good luck on your game this Sunday!:) I won't be able to watch it kasi my field trip kami this weekend.(the third ADMU game that I will miss this season!)

Thank you so much! :)
God Bless you and your team! Saludo ako sa inyong lahat! :)

Lee_Anne said...

hi chris!

i watched your game yesterday and whoa! hats off to all of you guys, you've shown how a team should really play in order to win and make it to the top!

congratulations and God speed!

Anonymous said...

Chris Tiu, My crush :">.
I just wanna say, you're perfect! :))
I'm really amazed with you, Know Why?? You're a model, an endorser [im really suprised your endorsing volvo cars, it reminds me of edward cullen :">], a host, an SK Chairman, the blue eagles team captain, an ateneo student and yet you still have time to blog for your fans[maybe?]. Woow, How do you manage your time!? You're Incredible! and I adore you for that :) May you Inspire more people like me :))! Yun lang, God Bless :) GO ATENEOO! :)

Anonymous said...

hi. honestly, i don't know where to start. uhm, obviously, i'm not a blogger. i would like to ask something to you Chris if that's fine with you and please answer my question if you don't mind. do you have a facebook or multiply account? or some of them are just really posers? i'm very curious about it and one more thing, i want you to be my friend. i know that's impossible but.. anyway, if you have time, just answer my question. thanks a lot and in advance. i hope you'll answer my question.

PS: good luck to you and your next game tomorrow with adamson. God bless your team.

-i want to meet you and rabeh. haha.-

haylin said...

hey cHris..aNother victory for the team!hope your luck will still waiting for Nico,hope he finally redeem himself..MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO,..

taKe caRe aLways..

Tine<3 said...

Your first episode was great!!! Did you really eat those worms, or were those really live worms..gross..You did great!!! :D

Kaia said...

Hi! I've uploaded some pictures from the ADMU-AdU game.

They're in

Congrats, OBF! =D

- Kaia

Anonymous said...

Hello po!!!CONGRATULATIONS po sa inyo !!!God bless po sa game ninyo tomorrow!!!GO ATENEO!!!

charomaine anne said...


MiKee LLeNo said...

congratz po! =)