Friday, August 1, 2008

ADMU vs FEU (Round 1)

I've been trying to sleep for the past two hours but there are just so many thoughts lingering in my head so i decided to just get up and create an entry. I had dinner at home right after the FEU game, studied a little for my quiz tom (even if my brain's not absorbing anything) and went to bed at around 930 because my body can't take it anymore. But then i woke up at around 1am and can't go back to sleep despite listening to Chinese songs through my iPod which normally puts me to sleep. Now here i am wide awake with so too many thoughts about the loss and the past week. I don't even know where to start.

I'll start with the most recent game against FEU. July 31 is the feast of our Patron Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who is the founder of the Society of Jesus or the Jesuits. Obviously, it's a school holiday. In the past years when we have games during his feast day, we emerge victorious. I woke up this morning with a heavy feeling for some weird reason. But of course I had to exercise my mind to stay positive and i played really hard during the game even if i only scored 7 points, my lowest output this season. I have to give credit to their tight defense, which they mixed up well too, but I also felt that i settled too much from the 3-point line. We knew FEU will come out with energy and inspired because of the shooting incident (We continue to pray for the recovery of Mac Baracael and may the truth be revealed) but i felt that we could match their energy, which we did throughout the game where we led all throughout until the last 40 something seconds. For one, we could have taken them out of the game when we led by as much as 10 in the 4th quarter. But they never gave up and we weren't able to convert down the stretch. I won't complain about the calls of the referees although there were a couple that didn't go our way especially in the 2nd half, including the crucial one where I believe it was Adolfo who slapped my wrist upon releasing a possible game-tying 3-pointer. I was sure he hit my hand and not the ball because my hand was pushed back which forced my shot to end up short. (See this great captured shot by Nono Felipe

But it's already expected that calls won't go your way if your team is starting to pull away (might be a natural instinct to keep a game close to maintain the excitement) so it's important to really bury the opposing team when the opportunity arises. I couldn't resist a grin when i saw the "BIG 3" referees all at the same time in one game (Manalac, Mendoza, Tolentino). Hey, but they weren't too bad for the most part of the game, quite an improvement! I think we have to credit Commissioner for that! But it was Eric Salamat's disappearance in the 2nd half that really handicapped us in the end game. Apparently, he was kneed in the jaw. We know what Eric brings to the team, his defense, his dare-devil drives and his ability to create and to organize the offense. There is still no word whether he will be available but please pray for his recovery. Anyway, this is a learning experience for us! Better to experience a loss early and learn how to deal with it rather than sweeping the league then losing at the end and not being able to bounce back, sounds familiar?

P.S. Hats off to Rabeh for a splendid performance! 33 points, 20 rebounds.


Lea said...

yah chris you're right. It's not always something negative when you lost a game, it's something to learn from to avoid committing the same mistake. It's not about a clean record you do, it's how you play each game and what you learn from it. What's more important is how you play until the end.. Good luck on your next games though, and we pray that Eric would get better..

Anna said...

FEU was the team that scared me the most this 1st round. Especially after the shooting since it seemed to bring a heightened level of motivation to their game.
Am glad to hear you trying to be upbeat about the loss. (I chuckled at your sounds familiar comment) There were just so many things that werent clicking today. (But not for Rab though, he tied a UAAP record daw!) Even if we were leading by 10, it didnt really feel like a comfortable lead the way the game was being played.
Hope you all can shake it off and come back fighting hard on Sunday.
(Did blogging help you sleep better? :-D)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like its been a tough week for you.
Praying Eric is okay. Please let him know there is a whole Ateneo community wishing him well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

You guys played a really good game today. Rabeh was something else today!It's just too bad that things did not go our way during the last few minutes of the game. The refs' calls were very unfair and lopsided. It really looked like FEU was favored to win. I know this loss really hurt but I read your blog and I really appreciate the way you handled the loss.
Good luck on your next game and I hope Eric will get better.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure many have tried to comfort you already about your game yesterday. But for what's it's worth "You and your team was great the whole way." Hope Eric Salamat will be okay? I hope your okay too, saw you got bumped hard.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi it's me LondonPrincess don't worry about your loss with FEU I've watched it and I know you gave your best and also your teammates.

Just don't think too much and I know you can handle everything as you want it to be.Stay calm and focus on your game and always put God in your heart and He will guide you on the right track.

I know your working so hard and for that you become your teammates inspiration to keep them on fighting you gave them strength and determination.Just don't be too hard on yourself and drink vitamins and eat healthy food ok.

Just do your best on your next game and I will be right here supporting you even if I'm million miles away from you.bye.......AJA!

theyellowmushroom said...

I agree Rabeh did a remarkable job in that game. I even remember the reporters saying that he might be a candidate for MVP (so Jervy beware!). I hope all goes well with Eric.

bonski said...

i skipped work to watch the game live. though it was a tough loss, i believe you guys put up a good fight. well, we still have the ust game on sunday and the whole of 2nd round. thank god for the uaap season! hope eric is okay. good luck on sunday! OBF!

katrina mae said...

Hi chris,
Ahmm, I did not read this entry of yours… sorry ha… kasi naman I hate seeing you guys lose a game and I also hate reading entries that won’t make me happy. Well, I would just like to say goodbye for now… goodbye UAAP and goodbye my beloved Ateneo Blue Eagles. You know what; I haven’t seen your first four games this season (personal matter I would say). And I guess I’ll be watching just one more game. And I believe it would be against UST this Sunday. I have already seen 2 with 1-1 record. It is goodbye for now kasi I finally decided to go away to find myself kung baga “soul searching”. I really have painful and unacceptable situation right now. And I am referring to my personal feelings to it. And I know I have to give time and space for myself. Since 2003, I have been an Ateneo avid fan... a crazy supporter to be exact. And honestly it becomes more serious each season. And while thinking that I will be leaving my life that I have in which Ateneo has been a big part of, it makes me cry... it certainly breaks my heart and I know for sure my life is incomplete... I will be living in a place na walang basketball coverage, no newspapers and no computer. Kahit masakit at kahit sa tingin ko ay hindi ko kaya, kakayanin ko for myself and for you guys. Maybe I’ll be back next year but it is still maybe and uncertain. Well, I promise naman, that I will forever keep Ateneo in my prayers and in my thoughts. Yes, I may be far from you but I am spiritually and emotionally supporting only for this team. The team that I love and I will always love. I will always support you guys and hopefully you’ll win and who knows you could start your dynasty in the UAAP… hehehe… well, I believe that is it, sa blog ko na lang ako magsusulat ng aking farewell message.
Thank you Ateneo and I love you more than any other things in my life. (I am crying talaga right now... I can’t help it eh...)

Some insights:
 What happened to the teams’ perimeter shooting?
 You can’t always depend only on inside points, especially when the other teams scout your big guys and they can’t deliver. Find other ways to score
 Anticipate passing lanes for possible steals and turn-overs
 You do not have a good defense outside so far
 Better have gang rebounding
 Be patient, don’t rush your shots especially when there is still lot of time to spare and no offensive rebounds and always look for the best option
 Stick to your man. Search where each player is located so that you could see who are open and could possibly get passes from teammates
 Communicate on the court and avoid mental lapses
 Be aggressive and don’t foul too much
 The rookies must step-up big time in the 2nd round as well as the veterans
 If you make mistakes correct it right away
 Trust each and every team member
 Listen to your coach
 Lastly, play your game. Play for God and play for the community.

It is till a long way but you have to mature at the right time. Learn from your mistakes for your next games. Just always have faith and don’t lose hope. We believe in you. Go Ateneo. One Big Fight!

By the way that is the spirit chris… end part lang ang binasa ko.. sorry ha ang haba..

val said...

I thought you guys had a hard time converting from the outside. Yep, Rabeh had a great game, but that was it for you guys. When he was pulled out to rest, that was when FEU started to catch up with you. Well, it was a learning experience, and I was disappointed too that you guys lost.

I guess that's the way the game is played.

Good luck on your next game. Hope your outside shots improve. UST has some pretty consistent guys delivering on the outside. They don't rely too heavily on Jervy Cruz anymore.

I hope Eric is okay to play your nex game..I have no idea how long a broken jaw needs to heal...

God bless!!

kae said...

Hey, I took pictures of the NU game last Sunday. They're on =D


kath said...

i know it will make ateneo a better team after the loss to F.E.U
Hope Eric will get better before ateneo can reach semi finals round???

ness..ü said...

I believe your team can do better...ü good luck on your next game..ü

trina said...

"Better to experience a loss early and learn how to deal with it rather than sweeping the league then losing at the end and not being able to bounce back, sounds familiar?"

--sure is! haha.

Rabeh did awesome!!! sheesh. He scores just from everywhere and because of his towering height, no one can stop him. He was just great!

As much as i want to wish you guys good luck, i don't think you need it. seriously, lucks are only for people who aren't that good but managed to go all the way. And i don't think you guys are like that because you're just freakin' GOOD, as individuals and as a team. :)

i was reeeeeeally sad that eric had to leave the game. i hope he's doing well. i miss his really cute eyebrows!!! aww. :(


centroeagle said...

-we lost that game, yes. Then again, maybe it's for the best as you (the team) are no longer burdened by its hitherto unblemished slate. But you have to wonder about the ramifications of this loss. we know that the blue eagles will surely redeem theirselves in their next game against ust tigers.

But for the eternal optimist in me, this loss just might be the springboard for another streak. it's a wake-up-call and a character building L.
Yes, the loss hurts quite a bit. After all, who would have wanted the win skein to end? If anything can be gleaned from this loss, it was the team's resiliency in the face of overwhelming odds.
Animo Ateneo!

Kaia said...

Hey, sorry. Here's the direct link to the album of pictures from the NU game:

Thanks! OBF!

angelko28 said...

... sounds familiar (Tiu, 2008)--> I smiled at this comment. I detected a slight naughtiness. haha. You have a sense of humor after all... kidding.

And yes... I have to say you were not your usual self during the game, but of course, there are really times when we are visited in the morning by those heavy feelings that no matter how we try to stay positive, we just end up still having that 'down in the dumps' feeling... but at least, there are lots of reflections after the day and we learn.

Goodluck and God Bless on your next game and I really hope Eric will get better.

blue eagle fan said...

Hi Chris,

I've been reading your blog silently, but now I'm speaking up.

I watched the second half of your game against FEU yesterday (in the office board room, I might add). While we may not have emerged victorious, I can honestly say you guys played well. So don't feel bad, and don't lose sleep over the loss. You guys fought well and hard. :-)

Besides, it's better to lose now than in the finals, right? :-)

One Big Fight! Remember, we are with you and the team all the way! :-)

nurse jane said...

Rabeh really did an outstanding play yesterday!
He can do more, you can do more!!
We're praying for Eric's recovery...
We're praying for the team!
Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!!^o~

andi9 said...

yeah...and it was seriously quite a relief to end that streak...'cause the pressure of having to maintain that was just too nerve-wrecking...which is why we have to come out EVEN STRONGER in the next series of more excuses! sure we're sad with what happened to mac, but a game's a game. God, i really hope we beat their asses off the next time we face 'em...'cause it really sucks to lose, no matter who you're up against. NO WAY BUT UP ATENEO!

rhODs said...

I wasn't able to watch the game of your team against FEU.. But I read it from the newspaper that Eagles were defeated by Tamaraws'... I feel sad for what had happened, (though I am not an Atenista as people call your alumni, hehe). But, we must learn to accept that sometimes failure will come into our way... This would mean, a challenge for us. What is important is that you still faught together as one. And, eventually this failure will soon be your inspiration as you face each other for the finals inside the ring... I still hope you will win this game on sunday... Eventually seeing your team for the finals... My prayers is with you, but ofcourse I won't forget, the whole family of UAAP!
Go Ateneo.. One big fight!

Ateneo Basketball said...

hey chris. you might wanna check this out. i know he's an atenean, and he had some interesting points with regards to your loss to feu.

Rick said...

We'll get them the next time. I really hate those refs, though.

You had some excellent passes, and kept our offensive game running smoothly. Please tell Coach to keep his rotation to 8-9 players. I know we have a deep bench, pero nawawala ang momentum natin sa mga combination niya eh!

aiko said...

hi chris..
ur definitely right about wat u said.. look wat happened to u.e last season (sorry guys if i cite u as the example, peace...)
i'm really concern of salamat's condition, i hope that he can join u guys for the round 2.. i will really pray for his recovery...:)
Anyways, i almost skip my political science class yesterday just to watch the game but my mom nagged me about my "perfect" idea... I know that my mom was right but i was really annoyed about the fact that i'm stucked in the classroom thinking about the outcome of the game. Even if you guys did not won over FEU, still i believe dat u will be the champion this year.. If you don't mind, please send my appreciation to Raba's performance yesterday... thank you in advance, hehe..:)

god bless u and the rest of the team..:) take care always..:)

Anonymous said...

hi chris..actually i wasn't able to watch the game against feu. so sad talaga, talo kayo but your right then that it's better to experience a lost early than sweeping the league then losing in the end.sounds familiar talaga..hehehe.Basta wag lang kayong matalo ng sea of green.
anyways..i got a copy of chalk mag, July ish and sana nga, mag dilang anghel ka dun sa sinabi mo na you'll be the champion this year.
Tsaka we have faith in God and we believe in you!

arlene :) said...

here's an interesting piece of trivia that I heard somewhere (though I'd have to confirm it): the last time the blue eagles didn't win the game on St. Ignatius Day was six years ago.

That's 2002...the year the Ateneo claimed the championship.

i'm just saying :)

Kali said...

a soldier when wounded in battle becomes braver. consider yourself one. i was thinking of some words to cheer you up and i was suppose to remind you about that elims sweep thing and how it's not the best thing to happen if you'll turn out to be losers in the end...but apparently, you already had that in mind. hahah. God surely has some good reasons for this. besides, a victory can only be sweet if you've had your fair share of trials. let's not dwell on that defeat but instead, look forward to the next game, alright?!. keep in mind that we're just always right behind you. we always pray for the team. after all, we're the sixth man, remember?

carol said...

I'm from UE and your final words really sound familiar.. lol..

Anonymous said...

my sister and I were realy worried about the admu-feu game because the feu team now is far different from last year.. but then, you're right chris, it's better to lose now than in the finals (this is me really hoping :) ).. hope eric and mac will be okay soon. goodluck on sunday! we'll definitely watch the game. one big fight!


mars said...

You are right about losing now. It is better to lose as early as now and have a great vengeance later. Actually when I opened the TV only 49 secs were left and I thought you guys were winning! More power to Ateneo! Jia you (go)!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

This is my first time to place comments on your blog but just wanted to share my thoughts on the game.

We definitely had an off-night, with the exception of Rabeh. But as we all know, bball is a team sport and we cannot rely on one man alone.

I think the main reason why we lost is because of our poor outside shooting. We definitely didn't prepare well for the excellent zone D of FEU...and I'm afraid that other coaches watching saw that, too. I'm sure Coach N. knows this too and is preparing the team well for future games.

Lastly, can you confirm if Eric is set to play on Sunday?

Win or lose, I'm damn proud of our Blue Eagles! One Big Fight!

Christina said...

ok --- FIRST -- Let me commend you for a well-faught game. Sure you did not perform like you usually do (same thing happens to Casio), but ateneo's a team. you're not supposed to carry your team alone. There will always be bad games for you, you just have to have faith on your teammates that they would step-up during those times. ergo my thumbs up to Al-hussaini for playing a MONSTER game!

SECOND --- We really do hope for the recovery of those injured (Barracael and Salamat). Ofcourse, during heated games (especially when your team is down), we could not help but to curse and to hope that the opponent's players would trip or get injured. But we don't really mean that. Good Players bring better quality games. And we want them on our league right???

THIRD --- Bad Calls. There will always be bad calls. But hey, every team goes through the same thing. It's something we just have to learn to deal with. "Walang natatalo, Nadadaya lang?" right???? NO!!! You're way above that! You don't want to be in the board room complaining that you should have won the game just because your opponent is wearing a different jersey! (familiar??? haha)

Lastly --- "Better to experience a loss early and learn how to deal with it rather than sweeping the league then losing at the end and not being able to bounce back, sounds familiar?" It's funny! seriously, it is!!! hahaha, But it's just MEAN (hehe)... Nah..

Well, anyways, goodluck. You're a really good baller(I am a fan... just not when you;re playing our team!!! haha) Just hope you're on our side, cause you really know how to slay our players!!! haha (but hey you have to admit, we know how to win those important games huh! --- less the ineligible players!!! Hardiharhar)

I think I have to cut this one already. Looks like I'm making a separate blog entry and not a comment anymore, haha.


eynah said...

hi chris!

wasn't able to watch the game..

anyway, it's okay, kaya nyo yan..

goodluck on your next game!

you are always on my prayers..

go ATENEO! ^_^

Anonymous said...

bawi tayo sunday :)

i was there watching and cheering live (even when the game was over) and no regrets cause win or lose, its the school we choose :D

Ivanne said...

Rabeh was soooo good yesterday. I didn't knew he had that talent inside of him, he was just keeping it all along! :)) I'm hoping he could show more of that on Sunday, against UST. [I'm watching! :D I hope. hihi.] So that's why the last three point shot didn't get in. It seem I didn't noticed it on TV. :D

How's Eric? :) Hope he's doing fine. We wouldn't want him to miss out the basketball action. :(

My friend told me that it's better to lose a game in Round one than the Finals. :D Since you have more games to come! And your supporters are here to cheer you on til the end! GO ATENEO! ONE BIG FIGHT! :)

shobe trensi said...

omg, i thought you guys won? sayang i didnt finish the game cos may klase ako:(
im a FEU-natic;im happy actually kasi they won(minus kuya mac).
pero FIGHT pa rin kuya Chris:)
sang talo lang naman yan ee.

francine17 said...

I was really disappointed with the outcome of the game. I was really happy because we had shortened classes due to the feast day of ST. Ignatius of Loyola. I was really excited to watch the game.

I would have to say that Rabeh has improved a lot. He showed us how much he has improved.

During the game, I was shouting and screaming. People around me were staring in awe.

Due to the outcome of the game, I felt sad. I wasn't able to sleep. Luckily, we didn't have classes the next day.

We can beat UST this Sunday. I think Franciz Allera(who happens to be my neighbor) will give his best because it is also his last season in the UAAP. Good Luck! God Bless! :)

tootsieroll said...

hey, it was just a phase... just have faith!

sunshinegirl said...

Hi chris. :)

Actually, I felt really sad after the game. I think very inspired lang talaga ang FEU dahil kay Mac Bacarael.

But yeah, may next game pa naman. ^^
Good luck sa UST game! My sister is from UST kaya magkalaban kami sa Araneta sa Sunday. hehe. This will be exciting!

Karina said...

We'll get them next time, Chris! :) It was still a great game. Rabeh played so well!

Good luck tomorrow! See you there! :)

Anonymous said...

there are always second chance,
just have faith..that's life..YOU CANNOT WIN IN EVERY FIGHT BUT YOU CAN TRY...atleast you fought hard...

good nalang to your next game...



Jelline Lao said...

Dear Chris,

it's ok..ateneo is number one pa rin..u will be the champion 4 uaap season 71! we will cheer 4 u..and your team..:)) hope sa next game nyo, panalo nah! ok?! btw, i lyk chinese songs too..pinapatulog nya ako..wee..well, chinese ako ehh..hehe..good luck sa next game, i know u can do it! God Bless!

marvz083082 said...

it's ok chris...

don't worry, we're praying for the team...


haylin said...

i agree with you chris.Rabeh did very well but I think his disappearance in the 4th quarter made the FEU beat your score. But anyway, you guys fought hard so dont feel bad. Thanks to the feast day of St. Ignatius of Loyola that I was able to catch your game. I know this loss really hurts but dont give up,isang talo pa lang yan..ADMU vs FEU will surely match up again this finals so dont feel bad about that..Let them feel who really deserves to win..nah!hands up,no offense pls

you will surely beat the ust growling tigers this coming sunday..goodluck!hope salamat could already play:)

WIN or lose, it’s the school we choose =)
It’s not all about tiu, only.. it’s his last season but ateneo’s roaring!

Helene said...

every game is like a war to fight.and wars are not bad either.War brings out the best and develops weaknesses.

Just like your recent loss, I hope you've seen the areas where you and your team should improve.Its a heartbreak for a fan like me to see the loss since you were leading most of the game.But well, luck was not on your side.I hope to see more of your leadership and drives this sunday against UST.

But i disagree, its always an advantage to get into the semis with a clean record since you don't have to deal with the final four games. Time will give you the chance to prepare for the finals. With what happened to UE last year, they were not able to match the intensity and hunger of the Lasallites when the finals came.Reviewing it from last year's finals, UE took it so easy.tsk tsk if they showed the same intensity as what they had during the elims, they could have beaten La SAlle.

hmmm refs, No more nasty comments.;)

For Feu, I wish they could have beaten other teams instead of Ateneo...No seriously, the emotional effect of the shooting incident brought them to their senses.Tsk tsk do we really have to loose someone so dear before we could realize that we have to be better??..I think we all know the answer.As for Mac, get well

I hope ul beat UST..tsk I'll be watching it live but I'll stay with some UST friends.I'll continue praying for ATENEO.Yeah Rabbeh is doing just fine, pang PBA na talaga.

Philip said...

Chris, FEU was able to make the adjustments in the 2nd half which resulted to a "W" for them. They had your team shoot 3's and jump shots (obviously it was a struggle all day long for you guys, the NU game really exposed your team's weaknesses and hopefully you would be able to work on it. You just need CONSISTENT shooters.)

I hope you get Eric Salamat back right away, trust me. If he was on the 2nd half, it would have been a lot easier for you guys to score in the 4th quarter. He could create plays which unfortunately no one in your team can (Sorry, just being honest. His absence was a big blow and will always be unless some1 steps up).

Cheers! Hope you guys would be champions this year..

cleng said...

i was about to leave the pantry but i was stucked in my seat when i saw your team playing against feu, i never thought na may game pala kayo that day. im sad kasi ndi ko nasimulan (avid fan kasi ako ng blue eagles), 2nd quarter na yung nakita ko. i was so loud in the pantry pag nakaka score kayo but ndi ko natapos yung game kasi i need to go back in my training. i have FEU friends whose beside me and bumping me that youll lose but i dont care, i have my faith with blue eagles, win or lose ill stick with admu. i thought you won because of the high score you got during 2nd quarter, but when i heard the news from housekeeping boys that you lose the game, i was sad. (i even cry a little, thats true).. anyway i dont care if your team lose the game youll still be the number 1 team in the UAAP and no one can replace it (even in my heart). and dont think so much of that, the important thing is you did your best and you play it clean (no "germs" attached) =). goodluck to your next games...mananalo na kayo nyan!!! (or i must say see you in the finals)


ciao =)

paula said...

., God bless in your upcoming games !!! it was a really heartbreaking loss. uhm, it was lucky that here in Xavier-Ateneo de Cagayan also didn't have class in honor for the feast of St. Ignatius so i was able to watch the game. But i know that you would emerge victorious still in the next games. Just keep up the spirit. hope Eric Salamat will be ok in the next game.

Claire said...

i was about to leave the pantry but i was stucked in my seat when i saw your team playing against feu, i never thought na may game pala kayo that day. im sad kasi ndi ko nasimulan (avid fan kasi ako ng blue eagles), 2nd quarter na yung nakita ko. i was so loud in the pantry pag nakaka score kayo but ndi ko natapos yung game kasi i need to go back in my training. i have FEU friends whose beside me and bumping me that youll lose but i dont care, i have my faith with blue eagles, win or lose ill stick with admu. i thought you won because of the high score you got during 2nd quarter, but when i heard the news from housekeeping boys that you lose the game, i was sad. (i even cry a little, thats true).. anyway i dont care if your team lose the game youll still be the number 1 team in the UAAP and no one can replace it (even in my heart). and dont think so much of that, the important thing is you did your best and you play it clean (no "germs" attached) =). goodluck to your next games...mananalo na kayo nyan!!! (or i must say see you in the finals)


ciao =)

Nette said...

Hi Chris!..
As usual, we watched the game live..actually, I dont know what to comment about that game against FEU. Those bad calls makes me feel "Grrrrr!"... Even the person seating beside me, left..right..up..and down.. have the same question.."where's the foul?"...

I am praying for the speedy recovery of Eric!

Mabuhay si Rabeh!!!

"Better to experience a loss early and learn how to deal with it rather than sweeping the league then losing at the end and not being able to bounce back, sounds familiar?" - Chris Tiu

answer: u.e.! :p

sharleein said...

it's okay chris. bawi na lang kayo sa game niyo against ust! :)

eunice p said...

i wasn't able to watch this game since i was at work, but my sister texted me of the results...well at least you won most of the games and i really hope you(blue eagles) win this season. =D

Mary Joyce Galvan said...

Hey! Good luck to your game vs. UST! :)

Anonymous said...

Heart is the reason why the FEU won that Game... they are very Emotional due to the loss of their Player so every game, they are giving their 100% to win.. there would come a time that they will lose a game, but ryt now, let them enjoy this win.. (actually, i would compare the team of FEU ryt now to the team of ADMU 2004.. I remember that you lose Larry due to ACL and many people expected that you won't sweep the 1st round, but you pull an upset win over FEU and AdU which are the title contender during that season..)

During the game, HAts off to Rabah, he is proving to be the major contender against jervy cruz in becoming best big man in the league.. but before i would like to give this comment, i like to ask for an apology if it will hurt you or any people that would read this comment but i think during that game, most of you become spectator of the awesome game of RABAH.. i hope the next game vs UST would be a better one..

so gudluck on your next game and i don't care if you would sweep the next round... i'm just hoping that you make it to the championship and win the crown.. just like Ginebra, they started the conference 0-6 or 0-5 record but ryt now they are in the championship and the clear favorite to win the crown...

Anonymous said...

...woohh!! we both had a bad bad bad experience this day!!...

lam u bng nilusong q tlga ung baha sa manila...coz i was so determined to catch ur play-off w/ the tamaraws....huuhuhu..but un4tun8ly..wasn't able to catch it!! grrrr...almost 5 hoursss...nasa bus lng aq!! imagine how boring was that!!?? and the fact n nd q p nabutan ung game nyu... huhuhu!!

then the next morning, i got dis news that u lost!! waaaarrrr!!!...grabeh tlaga!

npcgaw 2loy aq s clasrum!! huhuhuhu... bk8 gnun??

what a very bad bad bad 2 days had past...

peo okzzz lang!!...i still believe in you guyzzz.. i hpe u can make it a nice sunday 4 me ds day!

yunzhuan ateneo!!

yi da zhengdou!!

nix14 said...

congrats! you beat UST. :) nice pass to reyes! then shooting with the left hand? wow. haha. i enjoyed watching the game very much. i kept my fingers crossed throughout the game. hehe. keep up the good work! and of course advance good luck for your next week's game!

ms.tams said...

Hi Chris.

Well, let’s say we’re lucky that day. My school won against yours plus my friend was the only one who got the chance to have a picture with you. Maybe you don’t remember us, but we’re the ones who followed you when you’re rushing to get in to your car. My friend has a really big crush on you and you almost disappointed her because you’ve rejected everyone who was waiting for you. Yes, everyone was shocked. But still, thank you for the picture. I was the one who took it and you didn’t let me to have a picture with you. But it’s alright. Thank you for smiling though. Jai said that you were just worn out. And we understood it. BTW, you’re one of the reasons why I watch your game. Stay safe!

Congrats for today! Your team won against UST! Great job!


francine17 said...

Congratz! You've bounced back from the defeat against FEU. Good thing you were there to shoot some hoops and assist the other players. (:

Hope you're ok after so many tangles with the other UST players. I saw you bump with Franciz Allera and Mirza. There were a lot of "Unsportsman-like calls" from the refs.

I enjoyed watching the game. It was a good fight. The UST gave the Ateneo a hard time penetrating the basement. I have to commend the performance of the UST.

Continue to fight hard to win the trophy! I will continue to support the team. God Bless! :D

Anonymous said...

It would have been a very bad weekend for me - I wasn't able to catch your game against UST earlier... was in transit back to Manila. Yesterday, I tried to get home early to catch Pinoy Records but I only saw Manny there. Have a paper due on Tuesday and was not able to do anything. Good thing I got news that Ateneo won against UST!!! That has turned everything around. Thanks for making my weekend. :D

meg said...

there's a better picture of the foul that wasn't called during the crucial part of the fourth quarter...

check it. can't you protest the game?

Anonymous said...

good lucky win vs ust. helps to have refs on your side this day.

katherine said...

Good Morning Chris! Great game yesterday. It was tough but in the end it was all worth it.


Take Care!

anne said...

hi chris!

i know its not ok.. but God has a plan.. =) keep on smiling!!

anywayz, lasy July 31 was the day of St. Iggy, we have no class so we decided to watch your game.

It was really a nice game! goodluck!

Keep safe!

Anonymous said...

youre magaling talaga although at start i hate basketball, i started liking it when the first tym i saw u play on national tv..keep it up good luck...rAz_eKa^_^