Friday, August 1, 2008

A Day with the Prelate of Opus Dei

If you've noticed, I've skipped an entry regarding the ADMU vs NU game last July 27. I know not everyone out there are basketball fans and some are probably just scratching their heads upon reading the technical stuff I've been blabbering about so i'll give in to your requests to write about the other parts of my life.

I enjoy watching movies in the cinemas but I can't even remember the last one i watched before Kung Fu Panda. I watched half of Mama Mia but i had to leave halfway through the movie because the cinema in Promenade was just freezing cold and i didn't want to get sick. When i heard that the team will be watching Dark Knight all together after the NU game, I was excited. It's actually the first time that we ate together and went out as a team right after a UAAP game this season. Rules have been imposed for us to go straight home, rest and study! We are students after all. Going back to the movie, i found the story a bit too complex and very dark, well bats supposedly come out at night. I remember stepping in the Edsa Shang Cinema at 630pm, and when i checked my watch afterwards, it was already 9pm! Btw, thanks to ClawDaddys for the great dinner.

On Monday, it was President GMA's big day. I actually had an invitation to attend the SONA but i opted to just catch it on TV. (Sorry no political comments on this blog! hehe) Since we had a day off from practice, I was able to have a get-together dinner with my die-hard-Ateneo Titas (Lou, Vicky, Joji, Zerny and Edy) at a Chinese restaurant in Edsa Shang followed with dessert at the lobby where i enjoyed the music very much. There was a live performance and they were singing Broadway songs. There were a lot of politicians there that night but our special guest for the night was a die-hard Ateneo Tito this time. Tito Joey is the "Manny Pangilinan" of our Chess team. A very well respected professional in the business, his passion for the school is very evident. I quote him: "it doesn't matter who the President of the country is, what matters is who the Coach of Ateneo is!"

Tuesday, a day to be remembered throughout my life. I was not only able to meet the Prelate of Opus Dei, Don Javier (who happens to be in the country for a couple of days) but i was able to kiss his ring not once, not twice, but three times! Opus Dei is a Catholic group founded by St. Josemaria Escriva that has thousands of followers all over the world. My mom is a super-numerary, and with her connections, she was able to come up with a special arrangement for me to meet The Father at the Maynilad mens center ironically beside DLSU in Taft (because I could not attend he regular session due to training sessions and games). I was also able to join a special "get together session" of about 20 people in that same center (normally there would be hundreds and thousands of people in attendance in the sessions in SMX). My mom was not even able to personally meet The Father this time around. He is probably in his late 70s but still has a very sharp memory. Despite being the highest in the organizational hierarchy of Opus Dei, he is very down-to-earth. At the same time, he is treated with utmost reverence and respect. I was at awe, he was like a living symbol of all the virtues we needed to posses in life. In the small get-together session, he spoke in Spanish while the Vicar (Father Durant) translated it to English for us. He told us that the closer we are to God, the happier we will be in life! We can achieve this through deep constant prayer with our Father in the Blessed Sacrament as well as by receiving the different Sacraments. I totally agree with him. He also shared a story about Pope John Paul II who spent most of his time in the Blessed Sacrament talking to God as his source of rest and refuge. After the short get-together, there was a simple photo-session but i just stood and watched at the back of the room. He personally called me "you, basketball player, join us!" I was very touched! He even remembered me from the time we were introduced a couple of hours earlier. His words and stories got me thinking about my own life. I was truly moved. I want Christ to be the center of my life as well. We are all instruments of the Father and it is our mission / apostolate to bring Christ to others. Amen.


cha said...

hi chris!

if you don't mind, may i ask how does your family become a member of the opus dei?

hope you will answer...

thank you and may God always bless you and your family.

Lea said...

we just all wish that other guys would be just like you, someone who value their religion so much. it's not undeniable that these days, most men are more interested on their looks, their status in life and what would make them look 'glamorous' in the eyes of others.. you're such a nice guy and for sure God would always bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Just a side note on your previous post - I'm sorry about the result of yesterday's game, but still proud of you guys nonetheless :) You'll get the Tams in the next round! (No comment na lang on the NABRO Hall of Fame selection that was on duty that night... :D)

I'm really glad that you and your teammates went out and did something fun after the NU game last weekend :) It's good to hear about you guys doing stuff like that - I think you all deserve to hang out and relax occasionally, after all the hard work you put in!

bfrances said...

Bonjour, M. Chris! I believe that God has good plans for each one of us. Actually, better plans, than what we think of. He is and will always be good. God bless. :)

ness..ü said...

you're such a good person that's why you've always been an inspiration to me...ü good luck to ur next game and God bless..ü

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you skipped attending the SONA. Don't ever allow yourself to be used by these trapos. We've seen how they've exploited your buddy Pacquiao. Now that you're a public figure, they'll try to ride on your fame. But with your great faith in Christ, I'm sure you won't succumb to those worldly temptations.

val said...

I have some pretty bad impressions on the Opus Dei chapter of the Catholic church. I don't know why, maybe because I'm not connected to anyone in the Opus Dei. Or maybe because I loved "the Da Vinci Code" too much, which didn't really paint them in a good light. (Have you read the book, by the way?) But then again, I don't think I'm fit to judge since I don't really know anything about them.

You turned out okay, and you're connected to the Opus Dei, so mayber they aren't so bad after all. :)

God bless always, Chris! He always has his reasons for everything that happens in our lives. He is always teaching us lessons that might not always be apparent now, but will ge a big help to us in the future.

Take care and good luck in your upcoming games.


Carissa:) said...

Hi Chris! I was also able to attend the get together with Bishop Javier Echevarria in SMX. I actually saw you parents there. Anyway, I come from an Opus Dei school and my parents are cooperators so we were all invited to attend the forum. I was glad that I was able to see him and listen to his words. You're so lucky to have met him! I wish I could have too. I'm just grateful to have been able to see him and listen to him speak. He is truly an inspiration!We can really reach heaven through sanctification of daily work. Maybe you can just lift up all your basketball practices and games to our Lord and that would be your ticket to heaven! God bless Chris and good luck!:)

Nica said...

I dont know how to say it but your blog entry today is like an answer from God.

Last night, after dinner, I had a chat from friends from England and they were talking about religions. They teach about religions around the world there. And they started talking about the Bible and got into the books of the Bible.

I wont say the whole story because I dont think it would be good for others whose faith is not that strong. I believe that if your faith is not that strong, you could be easily swayed.

To give some clue, they said about books they've read contradicting the basic Christian doctrines and history and people actually believe those stuff.

I felt so bad about that, about those kind of books and the writers and historians behind them, that I felt like crying right there and then, and I felt like throwing up.

I questioned God like why He let Himself be bullied by those people.

Knowing that there are still people like you who has that very strong connection to God really lifts my spirit up!

It's like God is talking to me, telling me that He is really there, through people (complete strangers) like you. It sounds corny and silly but I really find comfort by reading your blog. I believe it's not just a coincidence, you writing about your faith. There is always a purpose for it.

So Chris, next time you post a blog, always remember that it has a purpose. Your blog might be a tool from God too, to talk to others through you.

Marley said...

"I want Christ to be the center of my life as well. We are all instruments of the Father and it is our mission / apostolate to bring Christ to others. Amen."

So do I.

Amen to that brother :)

trina said...

I became familiar with Opus Dei when i read the The Da Vinci Code. I never really understood everything about it so i Google-d it(about 2yrs. ago).

I found out that Opus Dei is a Catholic Organization and was founded by Saint Josemaría Escrivá, who was canonized by Pope John Paul II in 1994(please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm really trying to remember what I've read years ago). I also know that they practice mortification and they do this to offer their pain to God (as what Silas do in the The Da Vinci Code).

Also, i know that there are a lot of criticisms regarding Opus Dei and its transparency (as some people think that the organization is secretive). Just now, i read some information about it in Wikipedia, just to know something about the whole "contoversy". I actually didn't finish reading it because i think it's pointless and i still believe in God and His words anyway. I think that's the only thing that matters at the end of the day. :)

Leanne said...

Hi good day Chris,

I hope all is well. Always pray to God and trust Him with all your heart. Ask for His guidance and never doubt. We should always check our life if we're doing what He wants us to do and follow. Everything will be alright if He's with us. We should see to it at the end of the day to try to look back or do some reflections what happened on that day. That will help us to remain on the right track.

May God bless you and your family always.

By the way, goodluck on your next game! :) 加油!


Leanne :)

chillspot said...

you really are a nice guy, chris. keep it up!

Anonymous said...

The Lord has blessed you with so much Chris Tiu...and you know what, you deserve every inch of it. Continue being a prime example of what a Christian should truly be...take care of yourself! =)

nurse jane said...

We haven't seen you after the NU game...
We waited for you (in the rain) but you used the other exit that's why we went home with no pictures of you to show..hehe
Anyway Coach Norman was there naman to substitute you...=)
Anyway, continue to bring God closer to all!..Naks!
God bless you more, basketball player!...hehe...^o~

d. said...

you met the Prelate of Opus Dei.
i used to help out at a study center in the province where i'm from before i moved to Manila and, being that it was Opus Dei led, at some point a trip was scheduled to go to Rome to attend a conference.
you are so lucky to have had attended a special meeting, here in Manila no less. ;]
it's great how school, basketball and the other projects that you have right now are perfect opportunities to apply what St. Josemaria Escriva teaches - lifting up your work and daily acts to God for His greater glory. ;]

rhODs said...

It's very nice to know the other side of you Chris. A person with a strong facade, and with a big faith to Him... I happened to read the description of yourself in your friendster..yup! I am one of your friends in that account, but I don't know if it's yours or just an account made by some possers..haha! But your description regarding your personality is same as what is written here in your blog...
Well anyway, it's good to know you'rr fighting for your team and at the same time you are putting Christ as the center of it... (an advice) If we let Him inside our life, we'll find peace, joy and happiness! Thank you Chris for you served as an inspiration for the young generation! (Ei,we're at the same age po ha!hehe)

maganda_214 said...

i Love you CHRIS!
we have the same desire to bring Christ to other people all throughout the world.. I salute you for being religious despite all your success. Praying for your safety as always, and for your team.. Go BLUE EAGLES!!

Anonymous said...

goodluck on sundays game... for sure everything will go your way because you really believe in God.

hmm... sayang, you werent able to finish Mamma Mia!... the movie was good though. a feel good movie.

take care always!


Anonymous said...

This just shows why you are so blessed. Stay grounded, Chris. This generation needs more "Chris Tiu's" (and they're nowhere to be found kasi ikaw lang naman yun... Haha!). Tiu for President. Lol...

anna said...

Hmmm, this one made me think. For one, I find it a brave thing when one shares something that is usually very personal and private.
And another thing, its really admirable how simple and resolute your faith is. Sabagay, its the way it should be.

kalliepepper said...

I won't pretend that I know so much about Opus Dei or other religious stuff - I mean, I basically believe in God and He's the Center of every decision that I make - even if I'm not religious. and it's great to hear that you're also like that. Actually there's been a lot of trials that has happened recently that made my faith waver for a while. Still, there's just no other way to live life to its fullest but to put God on the center.

not really a big basketball fan either. it's just because of you that's why I learned to appreciate UAAP - i used to think that basketball's too physical; i even hated going to NCAA games when I was in highschool. but I got sad and disappointed when I read bout Baracael. so disappointed with the news that the reason for it is due to UAAP fixing. hope that the case shall be solved soon and that he gets better soon. you guys better take care of yourselves too. and oh, we also hope that Salamat gets better soon.

win or lose - it's still the Blue Eagles for me! with Chris Tiu leading the team! ^_^

Anonymous said...


Ivanne said...

"you, basketball player, join us!" hahaha. That sounds so cute! It's good to be remembered by a famous person, it's like you feel important. :)

yel said...

i was also invited to come by someone i know and I thought it would be very inspiring. Too bad I was so busy I had to let it pass. Sayang.

tootsieroll said...

hello. BELATED HAPPY IGNATIAN DAY EVERYBODY! Lux in Domino...... Fortes in Fide......

Vianca said...

Hello Chris!

Wow, you're so lucky to have met the Father in person and up close. I attended the one in SMX. :)

Well, I totally agree with you that we should respond to our mission of doing apostolate with others, and I think that you're in a very good and strategic position in drawing people closer to Christ because a lot of young people look up to you. :) And you can already draw people closer to God simply by just serving as a good example to others. I'm really happy for you.:)

Actually, you are already doing a lot of apostolate :)a.)by simply being generous to your fans (by taking pictures with your fans, you make them happy and provide a reason for them to thank God)
b.) showing adherence to Christian moral values for the youth to emulate(though I don't really know to what extent because I don't know you personally but that's how I perceive you atleast:) c.) by setting your priorities (again, I don't know to what extent, but that is how I perceive you)Anyway, I've said a lot already...haha hope I made sense and hope you'll read this long entry. Take care always, Chris! And may you continue to be an instrument of God. :)

Anonymous said...

just admit it chris... you were dragged to watch mama mia and it sucked and you needed an excuse to get out of there. it wasnt really cold. haha.

how can you say batman was too complex? you didnt understand the movie?

tamara said...

I’m really glad that you have reflected on that. I mean nowadays people would think more about anything that is not connected to Him. It’s just sad to say that what is considered morally wrong is beginning to look ‘ok’ nowadays. At the moment of birth, there is already a responsibility given to us by God. Like ‘hey, I have a mission for you that’s why I sent you here.’ It’s a must that in everything that we do we should think if it’s for His greater glory. Everything that we do must draw us nearer to Him. Because in this life, there are a lot of options in front of us some may look good on the surface. But when you go deeper it’s nothing but a pile of crap. You should be wise in choosing because you might miss the spot that tells you it’s not at all a right thing to do. You’re a really deep person Chris. I hope you keep it that way. Good luck!

me.meryl.97 said...

hi chris!

i'm just wondering..

When did you, join the Opus Dei?? and what's the meaning of that?? What kind of Organization??

God Bless you and your family too.. Take Care Always..

marvz083082 said...

GOD Bless us Chris!

JR said...


I read all the comments related to this blog and they were in sum overwhelmingly positive!

How lucky you are to have gotten close to a holy man. They say that it is enough to catch a glimpse of a holy person to change you...well, you had a lot more than that. Perhaps God has a plan for serve him?

What I know is that in Opus Dei you can serve God by being where you are. Oh perhaps that is a good way for you...

By the way, how do I get in touch with Opus Dei?

cleng said...

hi chris..

your a good man, a good follower of God and a good son of Him. Keep it up and may God Bless you and your family always...

Take care

Jeri said...

I can see now why you're so blessed with such a great career, wonderful family and bountiful friends. Your faith and humility keeps you close to Him.

Just put the Lord in everything you do, and everything will be alright. We may not always get what we want, but we need not to worry because He has His great plans for us.

May He continue to bless you more, I wish all you all the best! :)

Nette said...

You dont like Mama Mia..Admit it! hehe..

Anyway, if you want to know the whole story, you can visit my blog, I have a review of Mama Mia there..

I have a bit comment about what Val said.

The Da Vinci Code’s depiction of Opus Dei is inaccurate, both in the overall impression and in many details, and it would be irresponsible to form any opinion of Opus Dei based on The Da Vinci Code.

Peace!.. :P

Take care Chris!

Anonymous said...

hi, chris
wanna ask if you have an account on buzznet?
and if you don't mind,may i ask if your father is the chairman of mega publishing group?
hoping for your response

tootsieroll said...

haha! mamma mia was not that bad naman dba?.. parang tribute to ABBA. i loved the abba songs there. hihi better watch it, super funny.. hey, i've also heard a lot of stories about Don Javier from my lola mamu. she was able to meet him a couple of times na rin. huhuhu i really wanted to see Him personally. ang lucky mo naman! you were able to kiss His ring pa...ang swerte mo tlagaaaa!!! inggit ako. i also wanted to meet Father Bernas, SJ. idol ko rin un eh.. it was only on our graduation day kasi na nakita ko sya. tsk tsk. i just hope i could visit your law school there..

tootsieroll said...

hey, do you know when's the next visit of Don Javier here? i hope you'll answer. =) thanks.

Anonymous said...

Chris, you should become a priest. Your dedication to the Catholic Church is so strong that it has touched my soul. I wish I was as dedicated to it as you. All I want to say is that you are so lucky to meet Don Javier--I am seething with jealousy right now. Goodluck with your future.

myk said...

i just want to ask...

had you read the Da Vinci code and the Angels and Demons of Dan Brown?

tina said...

congrats! panalo kayo vs ust! galing galing talaga. lalo na yung assist mo kay jai reyes. hehe. panalo! tas kayo na lang ulit yung nasa #1 standing (didn't expect, though, that feu would lose vs nu).

anyway, galing galing talaga. hehe. pagbutihin niyo pa sa next games! sana kayo maging champ this year. pero don't feel the pressure ah? hehe. i'm not really from ateneo. hehe. sa up ako nag-ca-college. pero mas feasible naman kasi na manalo kayo kaysa up. hehe. xP

anyway, i heard na you graduated last year under B.S. Management Engineering. cum laude pa raw! you must really be smart! hehe. i can imagine you now na na-fa-flatter. hehe. pero really. you must really be smart. hehe. yung course na yun yung first choice ko sa ateneo (and i passed). i heard na it is, if not, one of, the most prestigious and hardest courses sa ateneo. so siguro magaling ka talaga sa math kaya natapos mo yun ;) on-time pa! ;) and cum laude pa! ;) galing galing ;)

anyway, just really want to ask this question. is that course really really hard? it actually broke my heart kasi when i chose my science course in up over bs man eng in ateneo. i'm from a science-oriented school kasi. kaya kahit approved course naman sa amin ang bs man eng, i still chose the science course in up. i don't want to feel any feelings of regret kaya ko 'to tinatanong ngayon sa'yo. hehe. ironically, ikaw lang kilala ko na bs man eng! sana sumagot ka. hehe ;)

P.S. ito, share ko lang sau. hehe. may nagsabi sa akin dati na "life is what happens when the what if's don't." so enjoy life lang palagi! hehe. this makes no sense, actually.. hehe. pero magkaka-sense 'yan when you're feeling down about your decisions. kasi, there are actually no wrong decisions. because your life is actually what you're developing in every decision you make. you don't want to say na you're living a wrong life naman, di ba? hehe. ang labo ko na.. haha.. basta reply ka doon sa tanong ko ah ;)

MAIKA said...

katatapos lang ng UST admu game congrats ! do you have a fster account ba? if meron can you give it naman . thanks . btw, sorry not realted in the topic hehe :)) hope you are kind enough thanks :]

tootsieroll said...

galing ng pass mo kay jai kanina. =D i hope you'll make an entry bout this game. =D

eynah said...

hi Chris!

I love this entry..

May God bless you more!

keep it up! ^_^

tootsieroll said...

quick question: do u know an architect named popoy? hehe

me.meryl.97 said...

hi chris..

I know, it's not in the topic.. but., Congratulations yesterday., U won.. haha.. TCA always.. GBU. =) Muah


Anonymous said...

you are an ideal guy chris, i really do admire you as a basketball player,student and as a person. may you continue to serve as a good example and inspiration to a lot of people who really look up to you.. i once saw you in person sa nsl'08, i even waited for you after your game,to have a pic with you but too bad it didn't happenned!;c haha,(next time) your such a great guy in and out! may god continue to bless you and your family!
from: katrina gatdula=)

Anonymous said...

hi, chris. of all your blog entries, this one on your meeting with Fr Javier is the most meaningful to your readers who admire you not just for your celebrity.

by sharing with us your experience and insights, you have done so much good-- you have shed light on a much-maligned group and have piqued the interest of some readers to get to know more about Opus Dei and hopefully bring in vocations to The Work [Opus Dei means "Work of God" and is also referred to as The Work]. while not everyone is meant to have a vocation in Opus Dei, the call to holiness is universal, for everyone. "You, basketball player, join us!" i don't know if this was a mere invitation to join the souvenir photo... well, we could take it to be a divine invitation, the essence of the call to holiness. You, mother! You, student! You, teacher! Why, even... you, referee! it would all do us a lot of good if we elevated our work as prayer and received the sacraments frequently as a response to this divine call!

God bless you, Chris, and with the help of our Blessed Mother, your Guardian Angel and St Josemaria, may you continue to bring souls closer to our Lord.

arA said...

hi chris!!

im an avid fan of urs!!

morE poweRs!!

stEii hUmbLe as yOu are!!

ur xoO cUte



arA said...

hi chriS!! hOw r U?!

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,
I was one of the other 20 guys in maynilad study center.
Anyway, good luck on your next games.

Anonymous said...

Precisely with this blog entry, CHRISTiu is bringing others closer to CHRIST!

In the same vein, the Great John Paul II has promoted the values of the Gospel through sports.


Keep it up Chris, may you be a great apostle of Christ through sports.

I'm praying for the Championship of the Blue Eagles this season!

angel said...

Just wanna share you my favorite bible verse..

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us." (Romans 8:37)

Remember this in every battle..^0^

God bless you in all your games!

nika ech. said...

chris! i was in shang that same day! but my sister and i left around 6pm! then i received a text message from my classmate that the team was in shang! :( -nika e. (maam cristy's daughter.:>)

sissy said...

Now I can mean it when I say that Chris, I CRUSH YOU! Haha. Not because you're good looking, not because you're a galing basketball player, not because you're smart, not because you're rich, not because you're a "celebrity" but because you're a genuinely great guy inside AND out. Even my boyfriend loves you. HAHAHA.

Thanks for being an inspiration, Chris.

Blue Lantern said...

I've never gotten so much interest with this UAAP season until the time I read this famous "You, basketball player, join us!" line elsewhere.

I agree with Carissa. I'd like to add that during your moments of tiredness in the practice, when you feel exhilarated with your 3-point shot, when you made an unselfish assist, when the referee made a biased call and you tried not to blow your top, you can say these as your aspirations:

"This - for the conversion of the atheists in UP!"
"This - for the commuters of UST who are stranded by the floods!"
"This - for a peaceful 2010 elections and start of national renewal!"
"This - for the alleviation of poverty in our country!"
"This - for my fans, that they may also bring Christ to others!"

God bless Chris, and sana manalo Ateneo!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

THe other priest with Don Javier is Father Joseph Duran, not Durant.

Thank you for an inspiring blog.

Anonymous said...

how does one become a part of opus dei?

j said...

I actually went to the bishop's get together. I enjoyed listening to his talks.:) I didnt get to kiss his ring though. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your inspiring blog on the meeting with Bishop Echevarría. I am from an Opus Dei school down south but I was able to attend his meetings. They were very enlightening.

You are very blessed to have kissed him thrice. He's the closest person we've got to St. Josemaria.

God bless.

rj said...

you're so blessed. i only got to kiss his ring once when he visited UA&P(good thing i ushered for that event). It really was a great feeling to see the Father personally and to be able to kiss his ring..

Anonymous said...

hey chris

i was lucky enough to be able to go to UNIV in Rome this past holy week and i currently study in the Universidad de Navarra in spain. Don Javier seems to have this gift to inspire both everyday and spiritual life and the feeling is just absolutely amazing so i completely understand how you feel. I was also able to kiss his ring (just once) but i mean hey, that's one more than most people so you truly are blessed.
you are one of a kind chris. i earnestly believe that you will accomplish great things and continue inspiring others. x

dennisraymondm said...

Wow, memeber ka pala ng Opus Dei, keep up the good work, share your Catholic Faith and cotinue doing GOD'S WORK!I was also able to attend the get together with Bishop Javier Echevarria at the SMX, some of my relatives are members of the Work (Tita Reverente is my aunt)and I used to join their activities. I joined pa nga UNIV '85 (tagal na!)representing Saranggani Center and met the present prelate there during a tertulia in Rome. I also saw the sainted Msgr. Alvaro del Portillo while traversing Via Bruno Buozzi inside his car. I waved at him and he did so too!

Mark said...

Hi Chris

I heard about this blog post from a fellow member of Opus Dei.

My parents are also part of Opus Dei. One is a supernumerary while the other one is a cooperator. I myself am a cooperator and I must say that the formation that I have received from Opus Dei is priceless.

It is good that you were able to attend a more intimate get-together with Don Javier. Imagine, he was one of the people who stood beside St. Josemaria when he was still alive! I'm not sure if you were able to watch videos of the get-togethers by the St. Josemaria but for me, they've always felt so distant...just a video of something that already happened in the past. And yet there was Don Javier, someone who personally knew St. Josemaria.

My parents attended the SMX get-together while I attended the last get-together which was for university students and young professionals at UA&P. It is quite humbling to be in the presence of a man so holy. And he calls us his sons. He never stopped talking about the importance of prayer in one's life and offering up one's sufferings to God daily. Mortification, penance, the daily norms of piety...

It was a wonderful experience and I appreciate that you shared your experience with the rest of your readers.

Keep up the good work, Chris!

Mark Parreñas
ADMU 2005

Anonymous said...

helow kuya chris???????????

may friendster poh ba kau?????????

ask ko poh kung pedeng kunin email add nyo po?????????if u don't mind......


gudluck po sa career nyo!!!!!!!!!

kip a gud work..........

J.A. said...

Interesting post. Just found it through another link.
Sorry, I'm from down south and not typically a fan of college basketball.
I travelled to Manila to be able to attend meditation and mass with the Father as well as a medium- sized get-together with other members of Opus Dei last month.
I just want to say how lucky you are to have kissed his ring twice. I only got to see and hear him, not really getting that close to him. You really have your mother to thank for that!
I hope you can be a great role model for other young people by showing that sports and one's faith can go hand in hand.

hallyugy said...

hi chris,

just in case you wanted some meditations, may be you and your team can try the pranic healing/energy healing (not sure if you already heard about this)…. I’m fortunate that I’ve experienced it already, it’s so refreshing…. It will only take 2 days to complete the course, but im not sure how can you fit this in with your hectic schedules ^^, (this will not cause conflict with your religion/belief, it will complement with it) everything that you can learn from the session can be applied on your daily routine, for sure…

Unit 2210 Medical Plaza Ortigas, San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center Pasig City or

i hope you find the sites, which i gave before, useful…. just keep on shining >”,<

hallyugy^^, (not for posting please…)

vannida joane said...

Reading your blogs, i feel i'm being blessed! His light shines thru you Chris Tiu! Thank you for inspiring me, always putting Christ at the center of everything.

vanie said...

I see Christ in you Chris. Keep your faith and spread His love. Write more about your faith! :) You're truly a person to admire. God bless.üüü


allan said...

Hey Chris,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. You are so lucky that you met Don Javier in flesh.

The next time he visits I will try to spare time to hear him talk about prayer and life.

Keep up your prayer and spiritual life.