Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ateneo vs UP, Magic 89.9, Adidas, Hanford

The victory against UP brought us one game closer to clinching the #1 spot in the league and a sure twice-to-beat advantage in the semis. This means that we just need one more win either against NU this Saturday or DLSU next Saturday to be assured of the #1 spot. We made sure that we would come out and play hard from the very beginning but UP hung in there. We were only up by 8 during halftime until our 2nd team, composed of Eric Salamat, Kirk Long, Yuri Escueta, Mike Baldos and Nico Salva, sparked a major run that blew the game open! This allowed our very young and talented 3rd stringers to get a shot at UP. For me, this game shows the unselfishness and maturity of the team. Despite being in control of the game all throughout, nobody tried to impress people by showing that he could do it all by himself. We ended with 23 assists. I also got my career high of 10 assists and i was surprised to find out from Boom Gonzales after watching the replay that this is the highest number of assists by a player in the last 2 years. For me, I find it more fulfilling to be able to make a great play / assist that will enable your teammate to score - something that Steve Nash portrays very clearly. That's why he's my idol!

Since i don't have much more to say about the game, I want to thank MO Twister, Mojo and Grace for being such gracious hosts this morning on Magic 89.9. Glad there were no forbidden questions! I also want to invite everyone to the Ateneo visit at the Adidas Shop in Trinoma at 3pm this Sunday. The entire team will be there to sign autographs and take pictures with those who wish. There are a lot of cool Ateneo-Adidas apparels for sale that can be used during the games or even for going out. I personally have my own collection of everything from the t-shirts, jackets, shoes, etc.

Lastly, I have another bunch of Trivia questions for you that will enable you to get free HANFORD cheer shirts of Kirk Long, Simon Atkins and myself of course, hehe! Visit then go to the Customer Feedback menu. Fill up the form and answer the Trivia questions :) For full mechanics, you might want to visit


b. said...

i just left a comment on your admu-ue blog. when i came back to your main page, there's a new blog posted. cool, you're online and not much school work since you guys just finished your midterms. it must be exciting in the admu campus now that we're the top team in uaap. unfortunately, during my college days (not so distant past), winning at least 2 games for the season was rewarding enough. neway, good luck with the team, the showbiz commitments, and endorsements. busy guy! OBF!

kathrina said...

ni hao!.. u had a great game vs. up last saturday and u know what,,lalo kitang inadmire when u stopped rabeh and braganza (which was muntik nang mag-away.. tlagang u are a gud leader..
ei chris... ung question q... im waitIng.. hehe! how can i get an ADMU shirt?.. gustong-sudto kc tlga xa ng classmate ko and me too, i like that.. ska ung ticket sa UAAP..
know what.. today is my birthday and khit gritings lng coming from u will make this birthday the happiest one.. hehe! i will wait for ur answer..
take care..

anna said...

How come walang forbidden questions? Were they in a good mood?
And please, please. Win the last 2 games. After the ugly NU loss last year, lets not give them the satisfaction again this year. And against DLSU? Well, standings dont matter when we play against them, diba? ;-)

Anonymous said...

hi chris! just wanna ask if you'll also be in trinoma (adidas store) this sunday? :) thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi chris,

saw ripley's last monday... can i just say that you seemed to be a little nervous... and aren't you fluent in Filipino? parang hirap ka ata mag-Filipino....

but still it was great hosting for a newbie. :) keep it up...


sEvEnteEn-0-sEvEn said...

Hei Chris,

How are you? No busy works today that you’re able to create a new entry? Haha… Hey, congratulations on your game last Sunday huh! I wasn’t able to watch it till the end bcoz of some tasks at home. Ang daming “commercial” while watching it on TV… Haha..
So when will be you’re next game with DLSU? I hope I can watch it live but I can’t because of my work… (buti nga live xa on TV every Saturdays and Sundays…)
If I may ask, cno ung Best Player last Sunday? Dko na kse xa npanood.. (I hope it was you…) natutuwa ako whenever you smile sa camera while singing the hymn… sobrang humble ng dating towards your fans…that’s why many people admire you so much… 

Anyways, I just want to wish you guys’ Good luck!! I know you can make it on top! I’ll pray the team’s victory and safety always…. Please please take good care of yourself… and Take time to enjoy Life... don’t forget to relax every now and then…

Hope to see you on TV more often…and I’m always looking forward your new show…Congratulations!!! Mejo shy kpa mghost but I know you’ll make get use to it… uhmm, before I forgot, kinain mo ba tlga ung worm shown sa pilot episode nung show… I really admired you for that… you’re so brave!! hahaha… Congratulations!!!!

God Bless and JIMLY (Jesus In Me Loves You)…


kathy said...

hi diz is kathy :)
actually never p ko nkapanuod ng game mo or any other games ng UAAP,hehe..
wla lng juz drop by to post some comment - u're one lucky guy!
from wat ive heard - a great team leader and into showbiz p, tas heartrob n dn. God has endowed u with so many blessings!
kip it up , trust in Him and may u use ur talent to please him..
have a nice day!
Wish u luck! :)

Anonymous said...

you can visit,, and for details on the FREE Shirt...Cheers!!!

Chris Good Luck on the next game!!!

ehdahl said...

..' chris!

.' my idol..=)
.' uhmm..can get your friendster eadd??

.' god bless!!

Mai said...

Hi Chris, great game dun sa UE. I'm a big fan of yours since high school pa,I hope I'm not coming off as a obsessed or what. Keep up the good work!

alyssa said...

hey.. great game :))

nina said...

hi chris? you're going to be at trinoma on sunday? really? cool. i can finally see you in person!

i was able to snag one of those hanford shirts, and guess what, i picked your shirt!

good luck in your remaining games for the elimination round. hope you get the twice-to-beat advantage! OBF! go ateneo!

agay_17 said...

ni hao! i'm agay... an avid fan of yours since i was in college. now that i'm working for 1 year and two months at Panasonic as junior systems engineer, weekends n lang ako nkkpanood ng UAAP. kung thursday ang game, i visit those websites n may live score updates.. too bad kung minsan kasi banned site pa.. huhu.. buti n lang anjan ang anyways, im looking forward to meet you in person. sana may chance para mkapanood ako ng game nyo vs DLSU on Sept. 06 and mkpagpapicture n rin with you.. hehe... if you don't mind.. kaso ang hirap din mkabili ng ticket... goodluck sa game vs. NU. hope that every players stay healthy and no serious injury.. god bless you! xie xie :)

Mai said...

hello ulit Kuya Chris,pwede pong wag niyo ng approve yung una kong comment parang ang super fan girl ng dating eh. :) but seriously I'm a fan of UAAP and you since h.s, haha it was the time when my friend used to spell your surname as "tsu" hope you're doing well, Godbless on the Ateneo-La Salle game on Sept 6

pau-pau said...

hEllo..i hEard yOu on tHe radio whEn i woKE uP...i reaLLy hOpe you win tHis seaSon...

..i alSo wanna aSk cAuse i hAve heArd yOu greEt yOUr famiLy anD thIS giRl...and i wAs shOCk coZ i didnt kNOw yOU had a girL friEnd...

...weLL...wiSh yOu alL the bEst...

...gO atenEo...

patty :) said... could definitely be the next Steve Nash, or even more than him & what he could do! :)
thank you for your updates on the latest happenings in your life..ü
shine brighter, soar higher! =)

angelle :) said...

hi Chris! i really want to win one of those cheer shirts. but unfortunately, i can't. :( i'm from davao and i haven't seen any of your Hanford billboards yet. too bad. but i will still continue to support you! :)

and i know you don't know me. haha. but i saw you when you visited our school, Ateneo de Davao last year. you were invited as guest speaker for our sportsfest. :) thank you for making that a very memorable sportsfest! i was one of the girls nearest to the stage taking pictures and videos of you while you were speaking. hehe. but i don't expect you to remember me. still, i will really take care of my PE shirt which you signed. and of course my picture with you! i'm a reaaaaally big fan of yours. :D
sorry ang haba na ng comment ko.

again, congrats on all of your achievements! take care! :)



paoi said...

it was fun listening to the morning show this morning! never thought i'd hear you in one of my fave radio shows.. you and jai are cool ;p

Anonymous said...


ur team really deserve it

gudluck for the next game(lalu na sa game niyo against DLSU)

i watched you in Ripley's Believe it or not, ang kulit mong magtagalog >.<


mars said...

I didn't pretty much get what you said bout' the adidas store. Which one do you want us to visit?? An adidas store in ateneo?? Or the adidas store in trinoma that sells ateneo shirts, etc?? Sorry to bother you. I just didn't get it.

dianne said...

sayang, I wasn't able to listen to 89.9 a while ago, may class kasi ako eh (darn eco & philo! haha joke).

anyway, good luck sa saturday and I hope you'll dish out more assists =D

nurse jane said...

I already joined hanford promo before you post this entry! haha!
it only shows that I'm well updated...
just a fan girl...
not a stalker! hehe!
happy birthday ms. kathrina!=D

val said...

Aww, shucks! I love listening to that morning radio show when I get ready for my day, but I had to leave home early today...Sadly, I didn't get to listen to it..Ah well..

Anonymous said...

hi chris!! CONGRATULATIONS!! you really played very well in that game vs UP. 10 assists..(tskk3).wow!amazing.

I also heard that interview of yours with jai on Magic 89.9.. (happy to hear you over the radio)..(",)

goodluck on your next game. I'm sure you will win..God bless.


bebs (from neg.occ.)

bebs said...

hi chris!! CONGRATULATIONS!! you really played very well in that game vs UP. 10 assists..(tskk3).wow!amazing.

I also heard that interview of yours with jai on Magic 89.9.. (happy to hear you over the radio)..(",)

goodluck on your next game. I'm sure you will win..God bless.


bebs (from neg.occ.)

sing said...

i saw a poster of the ateneo team in an adidas store and then i saw a scar in your right arm...where did you get that?! did u get it during basketball practices? just curious...

rochelle said...

Congratulations for winning again and again, Chris! hehe!
Congrats Blue Eagles!
And Congrats for being the Maaasahan Player of the Game!
Good Job! And Good Luck to your next games! Continue being a good basketball player and a good captain/leader! I admire you for that! hehe!

And, Congrats on your new show, the Ripley's, well, napa'nuod ko yun, and you did great! "dont leave dahil bibilib!", hehe! i'll always watch your show! Again, Good Job!

Blue Eagles All The Way!!!
Keep up the good work Mr. Chris Tiu!
And continue posting blogs! =)
Take Care & God Bless!


kalliepepper said...

I'm glad I woke up early to catch you and Jai on Magic 89.9! too bad there were no forbidden question haha..=)

♥jen♥ said...

Hello Chris!
The most unforgettable moment of my life was because of this game... heheh!
Goodluck on your game on saturday against the bulldogs...
i know that the Ateneo Blue Eagles will be the Champion this season...
soar high eagLes!
take care!
gOd bLess...
i'm hoping for your picture... heheheh! thanks!

Anonymous said...

hi, idoL, uR the best tLaga!imagine it's been almost 2 years since pala me nka 10 assists! Nd, whiLe you were pLaying against UP, tlgang i kept screaming. I'm a very big fan kc tlaga ng ADMU, too bad, wala ako tym magwatch ng live. pero tlgang nanunuod ako ng every match kaia lng sa TV lang bc sa skuL eh! ghe po idoL euhn lahn ,.... ghe tc&Godbless!!! ^_^

bluebonnet_elf said...

I have classes on Tuesdays at the AGSB Rockwell campus and I always pass by C5 from Eastwood to see your Hanford Ice billboard! Haha! It's the same billboard that welcomed me back in Pinas after a weeklong trip, which is the reason why I missed the premiere of your Ripley's. There's also one in SLEX, right?

Anyway, I hope to get the answers to the trivia questions right. I want one "We got TIU" shirt for my birthday. :) And oh, I hope to catch you guys at Adidas Trinoma. That would be like the best birthday gift I'd ever get! :)

kat said...

congratulations on your win.. good luck sa next games.. :)

almira said...

yay! new post ^^

blue eagles' teamwork and cooperation are really great. you all pass the ball to whoever might score. "bigayan" - yun ganun! haha.

ateneo deserves to be on the top! good luck to your upcoming game with NU and hope you guys will have the twice-to-beat advantage.

take care!

almira said...

aw. i can only answer one from the questions in the hanford trivia. too bad i don't pay much attention to the surroundings while i'm traveling. maybe next time. haha. ^^

ainan said...

ei! Mr Tiu, i watched your game against UP on TV, and the commentator or announcer, if i'm correct?!hopefully,said that you didn't steal the show by just shooting or play as the star player.And It shows in your gained assist score tht you truly paly your part as the Captain Ball of the Blue eagles, all our prayers for the team to remain on the top spot. 12-1 your standing if i'm certain. thanks for the post, enjoy life, and goodluck.

christina said...

busy guy. when will i see you again? haha.

i still hope i could catch one of your games one of these days...

dollyxzh said...

a lot of endorsements lately?
you had your hanford billboard in the opposite side after 19th east here in the south, if im not mistaken..
well, goodluck in all of your endeavors then..
and omedetto once again for the whole team..
another win..


eldy said...

Congrats Chris for making 10 assists! I wish you all the best! I wish I could watch your game on Saturday versus NU (birthday gift ko sana sa sarili ko =)) but unfortunately I can't bec. it's the start of my midterm exams! -_-".I hope your team would win the last two games! Godbless and Take Care always Chris! =)

eynah said...

hi Chris!

Congrats!So sad i was not able to tune in on magic.Sayang! I will join that hanford promo din. hehe..I hope i could go there in trinoma on sunday..^_^

Take Care!^_^

gela said...

hey chris! I tuned in at magic this morning. And I have to say, you were funny on the commentating thing! haha. Jai was funny a well. Mo said that Jai was taking the guessing of the plate number game really seriously. :)
Just want to say good luck for the upcoming games!
And yes, you do have many endorsements now. By the way, what magazines have you appeared to?

iam_cia said...

KUDOS to you and your team!:)
i hope to personally meet you, someday:) im happy that u got time to update your blogs. anyway, i hope i can watch UAAP live.. Med School is killing me nowadays.. aarrgghh.. need to chill & SEE YOU! haha..

again, CONGRATS on all your achievements!:) Keep it up. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

chris tiu highlights:

Jeri said...

I was listening to Magic 89.9 yesterday morning and was surprised when Mo said you and Jai will be on the show. I had fun listening to you, you should have won on the basketball trivia challenge! Mo cheated on you! ha ha. Just kidding. I laughed my heart out when they were teasing Mojo after you did your game commentary! And that "spheroid" thing was funny too, I didn't know that one.

I thought of making a call but I wasn't able to get in the line. I was supposed to ask you two this:

"What has the team learned from the past 11 games after the DLSU match that will help you once again overcome the Archers?"

Well.. they'll play harder on your next match, but I know you'll be able to make it.


pau-pau said...

heLLo...i jUSt waNna ask poh if yOU havE abandoNed yOur frieNDster accoUnt...or is this emAiL addreSs reaLLy yoUrs... jUst askiNg tHis becAuse i added tHis accOunt anD it conTain private pHotos of i thouGht tHis accOunt is reaLLy yOurs...

..gOod Luck on yOur gaMEs...

..go atenEo... big figHt...=)


greta said...

Hi Chris! Haha. I was kinda balimbing with your fight with UP last time. I'm a UPian but I cheered for Ateneo. My bad. Anyway, regarding your up coming fight with DSLU, I'll be there. Actually, I've been going to araneta ticket center to get tickets for the game, unfortunately the tickets will be out only by next week. I really wanted to watch the game on sept 6. (I can't watch your fight with NU on sunday, I have a photoshoot *my apologies*wink*) Good luck!

Pia w. see said...

congratulations on clinching twice to beat advantage!

Will we be seeing you modeling hanford underwear anytime soon? =)

angelko28 said...

was there... was kind of expecting another defeat for UP, but was also hoping they would at least fight until the end... so up to now, I am still bitter. Haha. But since it was Ateneo that defeated them, it did not feel THAT bad..;) and I really can't do anything about it.:)
Anyway, congratulations to Ateneo and I really pray that you will be the champion this season.;)
God Bless and Goodluck!

sEvEntEen-0-sEvEn said...

Hi chris…

I’m here again… I’m getting used to posting comments here on your blog site…
Wla lang, I just feel sad that I won’t be able to watch your game versus La Salle on September 6.
Our company is scheduled to have a team building in Laguna kase, so I won’t be at home by then.. Ngayon p lang nanghihinayang na ko, sa TV n nga lang ako nkakapanood tpos d ko pa mgagawa dis time… I really really really feel bad..huhuhuhu... if only they could allow me to pay just because I don’t want to join the teambldg, I would do that… kaya lang compulsory kse xa…
I hope I could watch khet replay of it n lang… (kaso matagal pa un) maybe I will just wait for your blog entry, para nman at least alam ko ung mangyayari…(and I hope someone shares the video of it…)

But surely, I’ll pray for the team and for a safe and fair game.

Godbless and JIMLY Always….

I hope I’ll feel a li’l lighter later…

nurse jane said...

Chris!! I won the hanford promo! haha!
I wish i could purchase tickets..
you know, TICKET CRISIS...hehe
I'll be wearing that precious hanford shirt..
so see you on ADMU-DLSU game!..
One Big Fight!..^o~

miracle said...


i just find out this blog site of yours and im happy ive discovered know what i admire you alot coz at your early age,you are so have been spendig your life so useful not just for yourself but for many..even if i didnt know you personally, i know that you have a good heart and im happy that in this blog site ive got to know you and to be updated bout oyur life..its really interesting to know how you manage your busy life and have time for everything that needs your time..

well i dont know why im writing this,this is not a comment, this turned out to be a PERSONAL MESSAGE FOR YOU..Good luck to the rest of this uaap season, im happy i finally watched your game last sunday..I hope you are have NOT JUST HAPINESS BUT JOY IN YOUR HEART THAT ONLY COMES FROM JESUS CHRIST COZ ITS THE GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN HAVE MORE THAN FAME OR ANY MATERIAL THINGS IN THIS WORLD.

please read COLOSSIANS 3 VERSE 23..

Anonymous said...

nice one! anyways, godbless you nd your family:)

angel 17 said...

congrats again on your win against UE and UP.. too bad i wasn't able to watch the UE game cause i have classes but my mom was giving me blow by blow account! hahah.. i influenced her to watch the games! i was so nervous, i thought you're not gonna win! thank god you guys made it! whew! we only have 2 more games left so best of luck to all of you! one big fight! we count on you!

P.S. ooh..congrats again for the career-high 10 assists! you rock! =)

Anonymous said...

haha:)) we have the same idol pla.. Steve Nash.. wala lan.. share ku lan.. nwei, i hope n mnalo kau against DLSU.. GO ATENEO!! ONE BIG FIGHT!!:D

dazedblu* said...

Ni Hao :) this is kewl, I never thought you come up a blog something like this...

Hope t read more from you :)

jyl said...

will you be in adidas-trinoma on sunday? :D because if you are, i'm gonna be there. haha!

angelle :) said...

hi Chris! just wanted to ask, do you have a scheduled game on september 13 or 14? :) i'll be in manila on those days. and it has always been my ultimate dream to watch you play LIVE. thanks! and god bless! OBF! :D


jyl said...

hi! guess what? i just won a cheer shirt of you!! :D thanks for the post. :) i'll be wearing the shirt on september 6! oh yeah! :D i never thought i'd win. it feels great! :))

KimF and JudzSJ said...

Nice game with UP, sir ! Haha. We were glad everyone got a chance to play including Oping, Tonino and Justin ! :D WE WISH YOU LUCK IN THE NEXT GAMES ! And surely looking forward for the next game ! :D One Big Fight !!

peachy said...

hi chris :)
im not an avid fan of yours..for a lot of reasons (one of which is that im from dlsu) but it does not mean that i hate or curse you. ;)i have friend--JYL who told me about your blog regarding the hanford challenge..
well, i just wanted to say that your latest blog was so instrumental for me to win the shirt! :D had you not posted that blog, i/we would not have known that there was a hanford challenge ;) im really dying to get a simon atkins shirt ;)so thanks! more power and god speed! :D

emancipated_princess said...

UP-ADMU was an easy fight. again i can't help but cheer to loud because of the excitement that i feel during an ADMU game.. kuya chris, you really are a disciplined team captain.. i really admire you bacause you stopped the fuss bet. rabeh and a up player.. hope your la salle-ateneo fight would be as tougher than ever.. i'll be waiting till sept.6--the big day... hehe. CONCENTRATE!X))

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! I won a Hanford Cheer Shirt! Though I got only 4 out of 6 questions correct, I still managed to win! Of course, I picked the shirt with you in it I suppose? Anyway, I can't wait 'til Sept 6! :D I'll be cheering for you and the team, hopefully, court side! :D

God Bless!

- Roxi

myv said...

..first of all, i want to congratulate you for having a career high of 10 assists!! nice one..also, you've really shown that you are a team player..

..anyway, too bad i wasnt able to listen to 89.9 during your interview..:((

..haix..are you coming at trinoma for adidas???hehe..

..take care and godluck in your game against NU.. (dont let history repeat itself..:))

..godbless you!!:) big fight!!

reneelyn said...

hi chris.. i just lef a comment ue-blog.. I really want to win the shirt of yours sa hanford but unfortunately im to far coz Im from Zamboanga city...hope can have that sad nga eh.. Chris nice game talaga against up you have 10 assist.. good luck for the 2 remaining games.. ateneo one big fight!!


aiko said...

hi chris,
1st of all i want to congratulate u and the rest of the team for the last 2 wins.. ONE BIG FIGHT!!!:) i'm looking forward for ur game against la salle, i will definitely pray for your win..:)

actually, i had visited the hanford website coz i really want to have a shirt..hehe..:) unfortunately i don't know the answers coz i'am from Davao and my last visit to Manila was last year pa.. Is there any way for me to have a shirt without answering those questions? pleeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeee..:) yah i know that i'am makapal but i just want to have some of those things before i go to Japan..:) its not wat u think it is ha.. i will stay there for my papa...:)

hope to hear from u..:) tnx, god bless..:)

miel rosalinas said...


nice game against UP!
im so glad to see you all back to your good playing personas unlike the last one against the Warriors..whoohoo!!

I can't wait for this saturday's game..yipee!!

i juz wanna say thanx to you and also to all the blue eagles for you've been inspiring me so much..I swear! You are the reason that's why i was so inspired to take our departmentals exam after you won against FEU for the second round..And guess what..I was one of the top notchers among the BSA Freshmen..=)

gud luck! kip safe..godspeed!


miel rosalinas said...


pls do visit my site..ur always a part of it..=))

and pls, leave ur comment..i'd be very glad if you do..


'till ur nxt blog Mr. TIUperman..

PS: hope to catch you on saturday..hayyy



kathrina said...

ei nurse janE! hehehe! tnx for ur gritings! sana nga batiin ako ni chris...(i hope u heard that chris,, heheheh!) ay naku, punta n nga lng ako sa trinoma sa sunday! hehe! baka dun p ko nakabili ng ADMU shrit.. hehe!
back to u nurse jane, are u a real nurse n or student nurse? hehehe! know what, i am also a student nurse.. graduating n po... (hehehe!see chris, nagkaroon p ko ng new friend because of ur blog...) ahy.. i hope to see u personally at makapagpapicture sau..(babaw lng ng dream noh? hehe!)
so, until hir chris,, nurse jane, tnx agen!


Anonymous said...

I won!!! dang! thanks for the post! I've never won anything my entire life, seriously!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!

francine17 said...

I wasn't able to listen to Magic 89.9 yesterday. My classmate just informed me when i arrived in school, and the show was already over. huhuhu ):
I feel sad about it because i've been listening to that show for the longest time. But then, I missed it. So sad.

I heard about the hanford thing before pa talaga. I can't join it because I can't open the Feedback menu. I lost hope so I decided not to join it. If they sell the shirts, i'm sure many people will buy it. LOL :D

God bless and Good luck! :D

P.S. I always pray for you and the whole team. :))

nurse jane said...

wow! congratz to all the winners!
hi kath! yeah, I'm a real nurse...
a registered nurse...
unemployed nga lang..haha!
you're going on sunday at the trinoma?..
see you there!..^o~
hmmm...kath, just visit my blog na lang for your reply...
we can have lot's of chikahan session there!=D
see you on Sunday, Eagles!^o~
God bless you more, Chris!..^o~

sharleein said...

hi chris! congrats for winning last sunday. kaya niyo yan vs nu and la salle. :)

thank you also for letting me have a picture with you again last sunday. ako yung nagpapicture sayo 4 times kasi akala ko di maayos napicturan nung friend ko. i hope you still remember. hehe. :D

are you going to be in trinoma this sunday? please let us know, kasi kung oo pupunta talaga ako dun.

goodluck on your remaining games! OBF! :)

Anonymous said...

I just checked my mail, and I have a new shirt! (good timing, I'm running out of clean clothes wink wink) wohoooo, 4 out of 6 questions,,, not bad ei??? How many billboards do you have anyway chris, I think I didn't get that question right! haha

Anonymous said...

hi chris!
goodluck on your game vs nu tom.
so sad cause i wont be able to watch it. i have a class.huhu
nweiz, where can i buy ateneo shirts?
i really want to have one!
but im from tagaytay, are there available shirts in any shop near our place?
huhu, i hope so. haha

ahm, i was there at the big dome last sunday. i really want to have a picture with you but i dont know how and i dont know where should i go after your game. the next time i'll watch your game,can i have a pic with you? please?

lastly,are the seats at the back your bench still patron? cause i was at the ringside last sunday and it was not a good view. haha
thank you!

rona said...

hi chris. i watched your game versus UE last week and as usual, you did very great! will you go to the adidas store in trinoma on sunday? please reply. i want to see you in person again! I'm so excited. God bless you! :D

rona said...

hi chris. i watched your game versus UE last week and as usual, you did very great! will you go to the adidas store in trinoma on sunday? please reply. i want to see you in person again! I'm so excited. God bless you! :D

gracey said...

hi chris!i didnt missed any games of blue eagle this season, and i am glad that your team always gave a good play.the game with UP was really nice and by the way me and my brother admire you when you went to rabeh after a foul and able to stop him from a possible fight against one player.unluckily i wasnt able to listen to magic for i am on my way to my job interview,it must have been fun for you and jai.know what while i was clearing our old newspapers this morning,i was able to find an article about you in the last feb 22,2008 of philippine star, its about your life and your studies in france.i salute you for the courage to study at a foreign conutry and it really amazes me how ur able to manage your time doing all these things (playing basketball,being on tv,endorsements,and studying).i know it was tiring but i hope you enjoy what your doing.may i ask u something?do have any friendster account?when i looked at friendster there are plenty chris tiu and i dont know which is real.well wish you good luck on your games and i hope i will be able to watch your game against la salle(if i can still get a ticket..hehehe)..lastly,do you really ate the worm on the first episode of ripleys?tc always and god bless!hope you can respond..^_^

rona :) said...

hi chris. i watched your game versus UE last week and as usual, you did very great! will you go to the adidas store in trinoma on sunday? please reply. i want to see you in person again! I'm so excited. God bless you! :D

angelle :) said...

Hi Chris/Kuya Chris!

i made a blog for you/about you. :) i hope you could take time to read it. it was about your visit to Ateneo de Davao last October 2007. here's the site:
hope you can read it! :)

thanks and goodluck on your remaining games. i really hope i can watch it live :) TAKE CARE! OBF!


mj said...

tiu good to be true nga.. :) can't believe u still have time to update a blog... Having the thought how busy u are.. grabe noh? lalo na nowadays your endorsements are adding up.. but just like what i just said your tiu good to be true, having a life that everyone wants to have, but its hard ryt? I can see it in your face when you are facing a crowd that each wants to have a piece of tiu. well just goodluck for the games.. though I'm cheering for DLSU. haha..j.k!!! tc
nga you reply from comments? gudluck with everything cris.(I luv believe it or not (: )

Michael Jerick said...

tiu good to be true nga.. :) can't believe u still have time to update a blog... Having the thought how busy u are.. grabe noh? lalo na nowadays your endorsements are adding up.. but just like what i just said your tiu good to be true, having a life that everyone wants to have, but its hard ryt? I can see it in your face when you are facing a crowd that each wants to have a piece of tiu. well just goodluck for the games.. though I'm cheering for DLSU. haha..j.k!!! tc
Nga pala do u reply from the comments u recieve? how??

Leanne said...

Hi Chris :) 'hope you're doin' well. Good luck tomorrow. God bless and ingat :)

Have a great weekend!:)

mikee clarice said...

hi kuya chris!

weee! i also won the cheer tshirt! it! hahaha..can't believe it talaga..hahaha..but' i don't know how will i get bad naman.. =( eniweyz, CONGRATULATIONS nga po pala sa lahat ng games na nanalo kayo.. =) hope you can also make it on sept.6!

woohoo! go ateneo! one big fight!!

-mikee clarice

kathrina said...

hello nurse jane! hehe! wow.. registered nurse k n pla.. nice naman po!

ahhhmm, naku, im afraid n hindi po ako makapunta sa trinoma this sunday just because I hwill have my post test on CHN...kasama po kc sa grade namin un.. how sad namn po.. balitaan nyo n lng ako sa mgaganap.. hehe! anu po ulit ung address ng blog mu? blitaan nyo n lng po ako ha.. may friendster k b?...

elow chris! musta n? hehe! hpoe ur still fine! take care!


simplytoogood17 said...

hey mr. TIU!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! i won the shirt..... but its pretty complicated for cause coz im from cebu... I e-mailed Mr. Hanford Mansfield if its just alright for my cuz to claim it in my behalf.... and he replied saying there's no problem with them if i'll send my cuz to claim it as long as she brings an authorization letter signed by me and a printed copy sent by hanford validating that i won.... I'm pretty excited to receive the prize i wanna get the TIU one...... and btw, GOD BLESS for tomorrows game COLONEL TIUperman!!! tc olwayz!!!!

kathrina said...

chris on line ka ba? pa comment namn jan! hehehe!

jade said...

hey!=) can i just buy the shirt? hahaha! i haven't seen yet the billboards of atkins and kirk long.. the only billboard i saw was your billboard in españa.. sad to say, i can't answer most of the questions.. so no chance for me to have a shirt.. =(

anyway, you know what? i am able to watch your very first episode of ripley's.. but i observed that you're having a hard time speaking in filipino.. but still, your looks can handle it.. hahaha..=)

good luck on your hosting and basketball career..=) God bless..

chris said...
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chris said...

Yes, I will be in Trinoma for the Ateneo visit this Sunday at around 3pm, together with all my teammates! I believe there will be autograph signing for those who wish. It will be in the Adidas store, fyi. Do try to come! :)

Anonymous said...

chris, are you online? hehe.. comment nmn dyn, heheh:)

Ej said...

Hey Chris!

Just wanted to wish you luck in your next game! I really do hope we win this year, especially since its my first year in Ateneo. I want to experience the feeling of winning the championships. Anyway, you know everyone in Ateneo is rooting for you and the rest of the team! GO BLUE EAGLES :D

Anonymous said...

hi..i saw that game against ue, it was meant for ateneo.. just showed that ure a strong team because u surpassed that closed fight in an overtime..about the up game.. Chis tiu, a "man for others" u dont have to score just to help ure team.. ure the game maker..and for that i congratulate you..good luck on your career and hope t hear a lot from u..wu shu ai ni, chris tiu...

Abbygail said...

Hello Kuya Chris! I really wanted to go to Trinoma tom so I could see you closer..haha But there's already a schedule for tom. Awww... I hope your team will also go to the Mall Of Asia cause that's where I hang out most of the time. About the Hanford Trivia, I answered it...but I admit it's a bit hard... ;( That's all and good luck in your game later... I know you will win...


mary joyce galvan said...

Hey Chris! Hope I can visit Trinoma tomorrow afternoon. I'm currently studying for my Ateneo College Entrance Test e.. So ayun. Wala rin kasi ako kasama papuntang Trinoma e..Hope to see you there kapag andun ako tomorrow. Hehe! :) Sana sa rockwell bisitahin nyo din.. :) dun lang kasi ako medyo malapit. isang lakaran lang kasi yun e. :)

TIUper_girl17 said...

we watch ur game last sunday..
(ADMU vs. UP) Aug. 24, 2008
u had a great game..!
congrats..!we relly had fun..!
that was the 1st time we saw u in personal..hindi nga kmi ngkamali tlaga pong GWAPO ka..hahah..^_^
I really really enjoy watching basketball because of YOU..
IDOL ka tlaga nmin..!hindi lng sa basketball lalong lalo na sa buhay..u've been a good example to everyone...!"you are flying high but still down to earth.." IDOL tlaga..!"crush pa ng bayan" hahah..!ang cute nyo po pla tlaga sa personal..and very handsome pa heheh..^_^
wish you guys’ Good luck!! I know you can make it on the top! I’ll pray for the team’s victory..!
gudluck also in ur career..!
more shows to come..more power..!
GOD bless u..!
i lOooooove TIUperman..!


elaine M. said...

you are one busy guy!
uhm...just wondrin'...are you serious in entering show business? Oh! well...never mind, it's just that...urgh! anyways, good luck on everything and hope you can improve your hosting! ONE BIG FIGHT! Good luck on Saturday!

bitter me said... classmates were cursing me while we were watching the game...

you an ISKA...but i was cheering for the Eagles' team...

oh come...face the TRUTH UP...wala naman tayong laban sa men's basketball...(so why waste my time cheering for the losing team???) not anti-UP..i love my school...but i love Ateneo more...

go ateneo...


ms ISKA with a heart of an atenista

nix14 said...

hey congrats for another win! hehe. now you've got the twice to beat advantage right? i heard it just right after the game. nice 3-point shots you made there. and congrats to you for being the maaasahan player of the game! goodluck on your game with dlsu next week! go for 13-1! ONE BIG FIGHT BLUE EAGLES!

simplytoogood17 said...

Good Game by you guys.... Congrats to the team... i love the quarter when you,jai and eric had a back to back to back triples!!!!! love it.... well, i can't wait to watch the game against la salle.... its just so exciting... God Bless to the team and keep on praying!!! hoping for a new post soon... tc olways TIUperman!

angel 17 ^-^ said...

hey chris! congrats on a very great game kanina! you guys really rock! you looked so relieved when you made your 1st 3-point shot! we were holding our breaths at home when the ball played around the ring pa! whew! thank god it went in! even my mom screamed! we're officially at number 1! i hope you'll win on saturday against la salle.. so it'll be 13-1! but unlike their fate when they were in the same situation (2002!), i hope you'll go on to win the championship this year! i don't like to witness another cinderella story of another team, it's ateneo's time to shine! it's gonna be our year! god bless you all and keep giving a one big fight!!! best of luck and wish you all good health always..

i won the hanford promo! heheh..

"I try to do my best in every game. It's the Ateneo way. It's test of one's character, a test of which team wants it more. I play with all my heart..."
-Chris Tiu
Phil. Star Sept. 18, 2007

-play with all your heart and prove that you want it more! we're behind you all the time, win or lose! =)

angel 17 ^-^ said...

i read an article about you on phil. star yesterday (chris tiu is hot, hot, hot!) well, you really are hot! =) and you're one in a million! i hope you'll multiply so we'll all have our own chris tiu! i just remembered, the first time i saw you (it was in moro lorenzo, you just got back from france, i even had a pic with you!) was also the first time i saw manny pacquiao on his parade in manila! hahah.. wala lang! share ko lang! now you two have a show together! i saw both of you for the first time on the same day! =p

VALERIE said...

i wasn't able to watch your games after beating UE.. kasi sobrang confident nmn ako na u'll win! hahahaha!! Goodluck always to your remaining games! Whatever you work hard for will always pay off!! Finals is almost near, Ur almost there, so be there!! GOD BLESS!! OBF!

Janina said...

chris i want to see you tommorrow? are you really going to trinoma??
kc if you will not show up
my effort going there will just go to i hope ther would be no sudden plan or a really important thing that would happen that can inhibit u on showing up in trinoma..
just wanna say that im a die hard tiunatics..sori if i sound abit obssesd..ur just realy my idol..
my dream is to see you even just once(or many times)in person
so goodluck to ur upcoming games..

Anonymous said...

Hey! I'm pretty sure that the Adidas store will be extremely crowded. Oh, how could I take pictures with you? It really makes me sad.
Btw, I watched your game this afternoon and you did it again! Congratulations! Hope your team will make it again this coming September 6. Wish you luck!

charme said...

hai... sayang naman, hindi ako nakakapunta. bakit kasi nilagnat pa ako ee... wrong tyming. tsk!
good luck and congrats!
God Bless

charme said...

besides, i'm from bataan. kaya kong lumuwas kaso hindi ko alam kung kaya kong tagalan iyong dami ng tao(with my condition) when i got there. hehe!

patty :) said...

haven't found time to post another entry yet? you're really such a busy bee.. haha :D
congratulations for the win against n.u! :)
for a while i thought it will be a repeat of last year.. but it turned out otherwise! thanks to you & to the whole team! 12-1! woohoo! :] the big one's coming up this saturday.. the archers! hmm.. well yeah, they're a tough team, but i'm sure that you can certainly win against them! ü with all your heart(as alwaysü), show them how determined you are..
the big dome will surely be packed to its rafters again. the fans from both the green & blue side will once again troop down to araneta to witness basketball at its finest.. break a leg, chris! give it your all.. i'd still want to watch another ateneo-la salle championship (well, who doesn't? hehe!) but beat them first on saturday.. can you do all of us, ateneo supporters & believers & ateneans that big of a favor? oh, sure you can! :)
the team will surely be relying on you & your leadership.. too much pressure? haha! handle it, & do it well! :D
..all my trust & prayers are with you always.. =)
hopefully (& with the Lord's help & guidance), the ateneo would end up as uaap season 71 champs & you'd be this season's mvp.. you really deserve it, very much! :)
..end your final playing season with an exclamation point & with all the awards you've worked hard for & you rightfully deserve.. =)
..i will definitely miss watching this handsome, all-around & truly amazing guard, student & atenean play for his alma mater with everything he's got.. with all his might & heart.. maybe you could still play basketball in the pba, but it's just different seeing a chris tiu wearing ateneo jersey # 17.. =')
you know, i hate goodbyes.. but i know i'll still see you on tv & in your other endorsements & commitments..
..maybe there are still great & talented players out there waiting to be discovered, but there could never be anyone who could ever replace the chris tiu that we all love & admire, definitely none..
haha! this is too much drama.. but i mean everything that i said, with all my heart..:']
you're gonna be in trinoma tomorrow? aah! too bad i can't be there.. :(
maybe my brother could go & see you.. i envy him. huhu. ='(
congratulations & good luck again not just for the uaap but for all your future endeavors! =)
i'd still be quietly watching out for you. haha! :)
i wish you happiness & good health.. take care! ;)