Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day with Pacman

This is the first time I spent Christmas day away from Manila and away from my family. I was with my brother Charles though so technically I was still with family. It was an experience that was all worth it.

I left Manila on Christmas Eve after attending our family Noche Buena. In fact, I had two Noche Buenas because I arrived LA on the 24th still. Because I didn't have a ride from the airport, the very kind Pambansang Kamao, who was on the same flight with his 3 playful kids, offered me a ride in his Lincoln Navigator together with Jinkee to his Palazzo apartment where we spent Christmas eve eating and playing games. The first game was a drinking contest and I won a hundred bucks. Actually there were three of us, and we tied so we all got $100 a piece. We kept laughing and laughing all night! We were about 30 to 40 people in his condo. The second game was so unique that you won't see it very often during Christmas day. It involved a Christmas tree decorated with dollar bills, denominated in $1000, $500, $200, $100, $50 and $20. as seen in the picture. When your name is called, you pick a sheet of paper from the box that Manny is holding then whatever amount is written on the paper, that's the amount you pick out from the Christmas tree. Everyone gets to win something. I won $100 and Charles won $20 (The only $20 sheet out of about 100, talk about luck!) Haha! This is just one of the many giving sprees of SANTAcquiao and this is why he is showered with many blessings and victories.

Christmas Day. This is what ultimately convinced me to fly to the US for the holidays. After hearing Christmas mass in his room, we rushed to the Staples center together with about 30 people to catch the first Boston Celtics vs LA Lakers game after the NBA finals last year. This is the first time I felt what it was like to be part of an entourage of an international star! Of course, he got special parking because he is Manny Pacquiao. He had reserved a VIP suite that could fit all of us. ALthough it was a bit high, the view was still good enough to get a glimpse of Kobe, Ray Allen, Pierce, Garnett and the rest. Food and drinks were being served too! I like Boston because of Rey Allen but I'm still a bigger Lakers fan because of Kobe. And i somehow had a hunch that they were going to stop the longest winning streak of Boston in their franchise history. And they did! It was a fantastic game, quite energizing considering it was an elimination round game. Kobe had 27 points and he was just so fun to watch!

Before leaving the Staples Center, of course we had to take a picture with the statue of the man from who was last responsible for the success and stardom of this man we call Pacman. It was truly a Christmas that will be remembered many many years from now. Not only did we get to watch the world's greatest active basketball player but also we get to watch it with ESPN's Fighter of the Year for 2008 and the Philippine's Sportsman of the year for 2008.


dortizoviguilla said...

hi chris
nice pics, huh!
i am a mother of three and a big fan of yours
i am always reading your blog
as everybody says you inspire a lot of young people
keep writing......thousands of fans are reading this blog


den den said...

Wow! my sister in law Valerie, who's also a friend of Manny told me that she'd met you already in Manny's house, and you joined them in Lakers game! that was great!! I wish I was there too! lol!

hazeljoyv said...

Hi Chris! Merry Christmas to you and to Charles! You really had a blasting Christmas huh? How lucky you are to watch an NBA game live..Anyway, though I don't like Pacquiao that much, I can still say that you're one lucky guy to be able to be a part of his entourage. Good luck Chris and Advance Happy New Year!

Sharon said...

hi chris..all i can say're so blessed...happy holidays!!!

♥jane♥ said...

swerte naman...
even me i lyk to watch the lakers vs. boston
your so lucky
kasi ksama mO hindi lang sa pinoy records si pacman
even this christmas!!
happy new year!!
kip safe..


ALVIN said...


Great Christmas for you, Chris!
Nakaka-inggit naman. Exciting ng games niyo ha esp that of the Money Tree. Hahaha.

More posts! More surprises!

22_DHENG_BHOI_22 said...

Kya Mka Celtics ka ba?
Ay paki-suyo kay Pacman
pero binabati na rin kita
Happy New pla Sa inyong lahat diyan!!

ANN said...

that was a fun, exciting & very memorable Christmas Chris! not like mine. i was sick. but i'm all good now. love to know that you had a great time! lots love to you & your family! take care...
God Bless you & family..


sarah jane selisana from bulacan said...

wow..swerte mo nmantiuperman!!

zir said...

GAH. Dami laging comments. Hahaha! NER, yung sa last post kasi ie. Bat ako, maximum na ata yung 2 comments per post.

WhatERR. :) I saw a video from Yeah, that one where you read a book to children. HAHA. Cool.

Comment! :)

=,bianca59,= said...

++>> hey yah kuyah!! =) MERRY CHRISTMAS PO!! sorry for the late greetings.. hehe

++>> soo.. u've spent Christmas with your brother kuyah Charles and Pacman.. haha,, whatta way to spent Christmas!! just read you're latest post..

++>> anyweiz poh.. are you going to spend your New Year here in the Philippines?? when are you coming home din po?? (sorry po sa madaming questions..)

++>> well.. gotta go na po.. take care po and God bless!! mwahugsz!!

baby28 said...

Belated Merry Christmas Chris!!:) you really are a busy person and i'm sure you had a blast eventhough you are not with you're family. i thought you will not push through in spending Christmas with Pacman because of your family. anyway, i wish i could watch a NBA game live. ahaha:))

Happy Holidays!! please continue on being a good role model to the youth and keep this blog updated.

Advance Happy New Year!! Stay safe and Godbless!!:D

chamie♥17 said...

wow!!! you, together with Charles, are very very very (to the nth power. haha!) lucky! i hope i have a chance of being in your place or being your sister (younger sister) so that i can also join :)

when will you and your brother go back here (at the Philippines)?

as always, take care!♥

Anonymous said...

you are so lucky to watch a lakers vs celtics game,
and what's is that you watched it with our PAMBANSANG KAMAO!!!!

myv said...

..hi!!! what a christmas!!haha..
i like lakers too..haha!!:)

..are you going to spend the new year here??

..take care and godbless!!:)

chel said...

./. nice one!!


pacman is so rich nman!!!!!


sure it was so exciting and great!!!

trueblue said...

advanced happy new year to you nad your family.
i'm glad that you had a wonderful xmas.

nika ech. said...

hey chris! lucky you!

we had our christmas party last night, you should have seen kuya mark dance! hahahaha!

we miss you na sa cafe azul! come visit us there again, ok?

Happy New Year! :D


..chelle.. said...

w0w..ang swerte m0 naman..

and ang yaman naman ni pacman..haha^^

happy new year:P


Anonymous said...

waaahhh! ang galing naman. kakainggit ka chris! hehe..

more power to you and Manny.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!


Nica said...

My gosh! Why in the world are you so lucky?! Hehe... I guess 2008 has really been great to you, Chris! I wish my Mom didnt have to work today and tomorrow so that we were able to watch the game too and of course, see you and Pacman! =) We're just an hour away from Las Vegas!

francine17 said...

You are really lucky! What more can you ask for?! You spent time with your family in manila. you also spent time with the Fighter of the year. You watched a game between the 2 best teams in NBA. That's the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!

did you go to pacman's birthday celebration in gensan?

jemaima said...

17th to comment...
hi Chris, i like your pic with Charles and the statue of Oscar at the center. hahaha!ü

happy holidays!

marvz said...

wow! saya naman ng christmas mo!
nakapanuod ka na ng nba, meron pa $100 from manny!

cguro di ko gagastusin $100 dahil galing kay PACMAN un bukod pa sa malaki rin ang amount nun...


ingat po lagi...

GOD Bless!

aira said...

hi kuya chris i've watch da lakers before. wen dey went here in FL.. dis year we watch da miami heat.. lolz.. I luv both teams.

Sandra said...

I bet Charles was happy to see you! He hasn't seen family in months, am I right? Anyway, have a great trip!:)

jessica marie said...

wow you're so lucky to get that hundred bucks.
And to watch that NBA game.
hope you had so much fun


Anonymous said...

"happy TIU year..."

crazypeach said...

Huwaw!!!! You guys had a blast! Kainggit!!!

Glad you enjoyed your recent trip! You've been flying like almost every week already! Hihi!

Take care and belated Merry Christmas and Advanced Happy New Year!

kittykath_17 said...

ur d man! 'stig...!!! hehe! nweiz, belated meri xmas... happy new year na din sau and to the hul family...=)

ian laput said...

Yeah...what a joyful Christmas this have been for all of you guys. I've just read Charles entry in multiply and am sure it's really a meaningful first time for both of you to be away from your parents. But anyway, Pacquiao is still there to cheer things up. Happy Holidays.

♥ alyssa mari ♥ said...

,hi kuya chris!

na-miss cu mg-leave ng comments hir!

that was great!
i love the LA Lakers too becoz of Kobe!

i hope you'll find some time to visit our group in friendster named TIUnatiCz!!!!!
which has more than 2000 members..

and also your fansite in friendster too, which has over 33000 fans..

sana ma-visit mu po un! :D

thank you! :D

take care!
God Bless! :D

fence sitter said...


What a different and exciting Christmas for you! =)

Merry Christmas!

pAtRiCiA said...

you're so lucky to watch the NBA Live.
cool games huh!!


carpe diem said...

wow!! you're so lucky :)) "celtics vs lakers" + pacman = win win!! I envy you, indeed a Christmas to remember :)

God bless

P.S how does Kobe look like?( weird question i know! hahah)I just don't know what to asked I just want to know how's the feeling watching the game live ugh! i really envy you--sorry this is a very non sense comment

-keep safe
happy new year

Anonymous said...

may i ask if you know who is in the cover of chalk magazine???

Anonymous said...

hi chris! i can feel your overflowing happiness as i read your entry. you really had so much fun this christmas. you deserve it!
you're very lucky to spend christmas with thw world's greatest fighter. i'm sure you all felt you're part of his one big family.:)
good luck to you and in everything you do! god bless you and your family!
and by the way, i got a copy of this month's MEG as a gift for myself. haha. it is indeed worth it! :)

MiTch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kaikai_ said...

Hi Chris!

just dropped by to greet you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year (in advance). =) I hope you'll have a blessed year ahead!

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!
Take Care!


weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris...

wow!!! you're the luckiest guy on earth with of course "the people's champ" manny pacquiao during christmas... buti nakapanood kyo ng nba games live coz i'm a fan of LA Lakers... by the way, your picz are nice together with your brother, charles. actually, he's so cute and handsome, just like YOU (parang pinagbiyak na bunga.... heheheh)

wishing you to have great and wonderful life and career this coming 2009....


P.S.:Pasuyo kay kuya manny pacquiao na pasalubong ha pagdating sa pinas [hehehe...:)]

Anonymous said...

hi... i just saw on the news that manny is in the finals of espn star sports "champion of champions" (against nicol david of malaysia), an online pool... i know that our votes can make a difference :) let’s support him all the way :) and make ourselves, once again, a Proud Filipino!

Voting will end on 30 December… I believe we can vote again and again haha!

Anonymous said...

hi chris!

wow! nice christmas! :)

you deserve it.. from all the hardworks and deserve to have some fun..

hope u'll enjoy the rest of the year..

and God bless you always..

keep up the good work!

i wish i could see you in person... :D

hikki :)

Belated Merry CHRIStmas and HAPEE New Year! ay may Tiu pa pala :)
Take care. :)

e'nahh said...

good for you! :)
not only you got the chance to spend christmas with pacman, but also to watch an nba game of your fave team! :) aztig!!! :) truly a wonderful christmas gift! :)

are you going to celebrate the new year in LA too? anyways, enjoy your holiday vacation! :)

happy new year to you & your family!
God bless always!

did you know that you're #2 in kapuso mo jessica soho's top 5 of most talk-about personality of 2008? :) galing galing! :)
way to go chris! :)

xoxo11715xoxo said...

heLLo chris

i always visit ur bLog

advance hapi new year

stay safe


gudLuck and godbLess


c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

you're so very lucky to spent christmas with Manny. Wala nang mas suswerte sa'yo! hehe

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year again to you!

I guess it's your year? because it's year of the ox? am i right? hehe

nice photos with Manny and Charles!

take care and godbless always!


Rick Cruz said...

Hi Chris. I don't know if you'll post this comment or not, but have you heard of what happened at the "golf attack" with the Mayor of Masiu City, Lanao del Sur and the Secretary of the Department of Agrarian Reform?

I know it's hard for a celebrity to comment on political issues, with having an image to protect and all, but I would just want to know your thoughts on pressing issues nowadays, and not just on your vacations or photoshoots or whatnot.

Being an Atenean means to serve others, after all. Maybe your blog would be a platform for that service.

Here's the link:

x fatedstar x said...

HI Chris.,!
ang cute nung ishinare mo.,! :)
ang kulet.,!
i think you really enjoy that day with him.,! :)

Keep safe always.,!


almira said...

good thing you enjoyed your Christmas-BIG TIME! :)

I am not a big fan of the NBA stars but watching basketball no matter what you call them (NBA, PBA or such) really blows me off. Its fun. Cheering your heart out for your fave team. Yeah.

Advance Happy New Year. :)
Take care.

bfrances said...

Allo, Chris!
Wow! Christmas with the People's Champ!
I hope you enjoyed spending your holidays abroad.


Ben Francis Rances

Anonymous said...

merry CHRIS-tmas & a Happy new year! can i ask? don't you have a picture of chalk magazine december issue?


janine de gracia said...

..hi,chris.. your picture with your brother charles..
..i also like lakers and i'm happy to hear that they break the 19 winning streak of celtics..
..are you going to spend your new year here in the phillpines??..
..take care..

Anonymous said...

really nice christmas huh! so lucky of you.. :D

anyway, i just noticed.. you look younger than charles..
well, he's also good-looking but his features make him look more mature than you are.. hehe..

advance happy new year! keep safe! :)

spideyprince said...

hi chris,
i just want to greet you a happy new year... i failed to greet you on christmas but i know your merry!!! hehe.. always take care!!! and also i watched twilight because of you and i really like it and the volvo c130..hope you can post a comment on my blog even just a HI.. thanks

patty:) said...

oh, i thought you didn't accept Manny's offer to watch the Lakers-Celtics game because it's Christmas Day.. i love Kobe too! :) it's nice to know that you enjoyed Christmas even if you were far from your whole family :) you & the Pacman are gonna be the best of friends if you continue hanging around together :)) belated Merry CHRIStmas, Chris! :) and a prosperous & more & more blessed New Year TIU you, your family & Ms. Clarisse! :)

johnpaul said...

hey kuya, can I jaut ask!? bakit wala poi Kayong fs!?

Anonymous said...

when do you plan to go back here? i mean here in the Philippines? Its good that you enjoyed. Happy Holidays. Take care.

hope to see you soon. :)

char said...

hi chris! great CHRIStmas ah. :))
lakers fan din ako. and i like kobe too. buti na lang they won.
it seems that you really enjoyed huh. :D

Cla Oyco said...

WOW! YOU PEOPLE ARE JUST SOOOO LUCKY...SEEMED LIKE YOU GUYS HAD THE BEST CHRISTMAS might wanna check this out however, to get a glimpse of this guy who got the other end of the candy cane.

here's the link:

Anonymous said...

it's dingdong dantes on the cover of chalk magazine dec - jan 2009 issue

jane said...

..hi kua chris!.. saya nmn ng christmas mhu.. i wish mapanood qu din lakers up close and personal..

..go kobe!..24..hehe..

..kipsafe!..hapi new year!..


alicia said...

hello chris!
good thing you got to hang out with manny and your family at the same time :))...good thing you can balance friends and family :D Merry Christmas!!! :)) to you and your family.. :)) I hope the Hong Kong ang Macau trip was really memorable for you. It's so sad to see you leave the ateneo bule eagles.. as well as yuri. I'll miss you guys sooo much! hipe you guys could come to the games of the blue eagles...


Nerise said...

hi Chris..
this is my first comment..
its good that your doing something like for your fans..
it means so much to us..
i'm a big fan of yours..
Goodluck to you..
take care!!

dortizoviguilla said...

really, we thought all along we'll see you in ripley's
why can't we watch ripley's here in saudi arabia?
my two boys would really love it.
ate joey

tiny said...

hello mr. chris tiu,. merry christmas and happy new year.. first time ko po magcomment dito.
*ang saya naman ng pasko nyo.. kainggit...
wish ko lang makita po ulit kita sa personal!hehe

tiny said...

hello mr. chris tiu!
1st time ko po magcomment dito..
Ang saya po ng pasko mo ha,.,
wish ko lang makita po ulit kita sa personal..

delemostine said...

hi chris!merry christmas and happy new year!i really enjoy reading your blog!godbless!

Barbs said...

You write very well. I enjoy reading your blog. :)

MiTch said...

You really had fun this christmas with Charles and Pacman! I like your pic in the statue of Dela Hoya! Haha!

yhana said...

cool! dat was a great experience. ! Godbless u more.

Ran said...

Wow!you're very lucky
Btw,nice pix!hehe
Advanced Happy New year!
sana mkita na kitA sa Personal!
wish Ko un!^^


BiancaUngpuaco said...

Hello Chris..
I'm also a big big fan of lakers though the last season they, unlike you, did not get the title i was very very a huge fan of them. i cold say Waoh.. Very lucky to watch the game live and with pacman huh. I bet you were verey close to each other... Hope to watch a live game. I was able to watch that on television.. wahahah wala lang just a simple you know... Keep updating...


Anonymous said...

wow your association with manny pacquaio is paying off huh. good for you.

patty:) said...

this may be a bit out of place, but i was finally able to watch Twilight though only online. haha! :D & i must admit, i fell in love with the film! :)) alright lemme clear that up, i fell in love with the film & not with Edward Cullen, well at least not YET :D maybe i'd have to watch the movie 17 times over first before i drool over Edward more than i do over TIU, Chris :)) the guy named Mike Newton (if my memory serves me right) had me at hello. he's a cutie & really a hotie! :)) i also was able to see your Volvo. cool! :) all in all, the film's goody good :) though i'd have to agree with my sis that the editing wasn't perfect but it was bearable :)) my favorite scene was when they kissed! *kilig!* & oh, the baseball scene was awesome. loved it! :) maybe i'd also try to read the book after the holidays since i wanna enjoy & have so much fun first! :)) anyway, may you & your family have a prosperous & peaceful New Year. :) & no, i'm not forgetting Ripley's. will watch later tonight. :D

alyssa said...

hey chris!
lucky you! spending Christmas with the world's no 1 pound-for-pound boxer,watching the boston vs lakers game in a vip room..enough said.. well i think you deserve all of this..God bless u!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


carpe diem said...

hey Chris, I heard that your family own the Discovery Suite is that true? if so I saw the news last night that it was on fire, good thing no one got hurt or something.

God bless

Sherryl said...

Hi Chris! I miss you! Happy New Year all the way from Zamboanga. :) Ingat ka wherever you are. Love you !!

trisha said...

WOW! cool man. :)) your so lucky.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! How are you? The last comment that i wrote to you was to relax and now at least you have found one! Kudos! (smile) I just want to greet you a Happy New Year! I really want to greet you on New Year's eve, unfortunately...I can't. I will be flying to the US on the 31st for an office training and I will be staying there for about 10 weeks, so meaning to say, no chris tiu for 10 weeks! hay...anyways Goodluck to you and to me na din! hehe. Ingatz! ^.^

By the way, I wrote something about you. If you have time try to check it on my blogsite. ^.^

pewy_carandang said...

hi chris, just wanna greet you and your family a merry merry christmas, and peaceful new year...
Wow, you're really one lucky person, hehehe...just an hours ago, i was watching Ripleys, you really improved your tagalog huh!

well, wanna wish more blessings on the coming year!!!

GOD Bless you and your family...

Anonymous said...

hey chris

i think you should look into this

you can post the story on your blog and maybe a few comments about don't have to take sides i just think you can use your blog to spread the word.

here's the post from the victim's daughter

apol-plump27 said...

hei!!ahehe..its been a long..since then!!

..jst thinking to ask "how r u?"
..but i guess, ur answer wuld be "never been better!" ahehehe!!

..almost a month i havent got d chnce 2 rid ur site..ahai, jst like u, being BUSY became my priority this pst weeks!..ahehe, kainiz?..i cnt even find even jst a glimpse of minutes to dropped by!!hmpf..

..nwayss..its stil christmas ryt??ahehe, so i can stil greet u a "HAPEE CHRIS-tmas!", en new year doesn't arrive yet, so "HAPEE new year!" ahihihi..may you have anoder yir full of good things!! jst keep on doing good things to oders!(en ofcors, including urself!)

..i also wanted to say thank TI-yoU vry mch 4 inspiring me(aside from GOD!) in so mny ways!(in school, sports, en family!)..though we rily dont knw each oder personaly en deeply,,im glad en feeling great that i've got the chance to open r tv en saw ds guy playing 4 d 1million question in the gmatvgameshow- 'kakasa ka ba sa grade5?'..ahehe..u nvr know how mch u inspired en help me to keep moving on n my life!!..i owe en learned mny things frm u..fei chang gan xie!! wat u sed on dt vry 1st moment i met u.."no gots, no glory!"..en the MAGI thing.."do everything w/ excellence en dscipline!"..(i always bring it w/ me!;p)

..sori 4 a long message (though this site was jst 4 comments),i jst rily wnted to express how gr8ful i am getting 2 know you!!


EIEN17 said...

-Wow!!! spending Christmas in the US of A,,,and no less than Manny as a companion,,,you really ROCK!!!
-nice to know you had a great time there and also Charles..
-Wish you the best for the coming year...May year 2009 be more lucky for you.more shows and more blessings..
-miss you and love you!!

Anonymous said...

chris on TAYO awards

@ 29:06 elapsed time

enjoy watching!!!
happy new year! :)

zsa said...

I saw you with pacman in
man, you're invading hollywood!!!! hehe

Anonymous said...

a friend of mine gave me be hands on! book(it has your signature on it:) as well as other contributors of the book), as present... i believe its a special edition, it can only be purchased thru online and only 10 books are out for grab, lucky me i have one:) truly, the stories are inspiring :) keep it up!

pox garcia said...

Hi Chris haPPy nU yEaR!!! 2008 has been a great year for you,i hope u continue to inspire the youth & other filipino as well,keep it up & more blessings to come,goodluck!!! ;-)


-jhen17- said...

hi chris...
Nice Christmas,..
Hope you'll have a wonderful
New Year!!!

God bless you & your family...


Anonymous said...

hi chris..!!happy new year...!!
2 u and year family..
im an avid fan of you and your blogs...
hope dat 2009 will also be a great great year for you...
continue to inspire us...inspire me...hehe...happy new year..!!
-naidz millan

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy New Year to you and your family...

richelle said...

belated merry Christmas to you...more strength and power to you..always stay nice...of course HAPPY NEW YEAR...we miss u..

kleyr castro said...

just want to say happy holidays! hehe. wla lng. i think ung mga good things na nngyyri sau are just part of all your blessings for being such a good example for all.
please continue to be a role model not only for the youth but also for others.
anyway, i'm sure a lot of your fans will miss u in the uaap. but don't worry, cgurdo nman dat people will continue their support for ADMU. cause dat's what i'll do myself.
again, happy holidays! may the Lord continue to shower you with blessings this coming year.


kleyr castro said...

ei chris kleyr again. e2 pla ung poem that i made for you. hope you like it. sorry kung medyo ntaglan.

at times of failure, we seek for thee
at times of triumph, we yelled "victory!"
when the force is needed by the sea of blue
a man stood up, his name is CHRIS TIU

in all of our encounters ,we came on top
ours is a team nobody could stop
as the captain you lead us through
'cause you deserve, we gave you support in lieu

our greatest battle is when the archers came along
all of us were rattled, panic is prolong
when everyone gave up, had no glance at hope
the KING EAGLE was there, so with fear we could cope

when you look up the sky, you would notice him
there'll be brightness, it'll never be dim
it's not a bird, a plane or a simple human
OMG! it's the great TIUPERMAN!

i also posted it in my friendster nad multiply accounts. sna mgustuhan mo. =)

haylin said...

hey chris..

you had spent a wonderful christmas with your brother together with pacman. I hope your New Year will bring you good health and more blessings to come.

May God be with you always Chris, take care..
God Bless!:)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and to your family.

weng10282000 (",) said...

may you and your family be filled with the wonder of sharing, the gift of faith and the serenity of a contented heart. wishing you more happiness, good health and success this coming year. may the GOD ALMIGHTY be with you always...


eyel said...


take care and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas chris and a happy new year! c:

Anonymous said...

a blessed new year for all of us >",<

keep on inspiring and being a blessing to others...

Anonymous said...

happy new year chris! hope you update your blog soon haha.


chamie♥17 said...

hapee new year! Ü♥

KimF and JudzSJ said...

Belated Happy New Year, Sir ! It's so coool that you got to watch a game of Lakers live ! That's just awesome. :D wiith Manny pa. Haha ! Anyway. A blessed 2009 to everyone ! :)

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi chris,

Sobrang late na nitong comment ko huh! =(

It is such a great honor to be spending the holiday season with "The Champions of Champions" --and his family as well-- on Christmas Eve. How does it fells to be "part" of Manny's family even for a few days, huh?

Anyways, you're very lucky guy.. and you deserve it.

God bless you always, chris!


sherilyn said...

hi chris,

Belated merry christmas!

you are so lucky and blessed!
congratulations on winning the drinking game! and the other game is so unique! manny pacquiao is sure a santa claus!!

It's a draem come true for you to watch a boston vs lakers live!! we are happy for you!

thanks for posting this..its an unforgetable christmas indeed!

again, merry christmas to you and your family!

3xie said... nmn...ang swerte2 m tlga...buti k p...haha...:)) belated hapi merry xmas 2 u nd 2 ur family!! :D

17 said...

won't you update your blog? is there a problem? if there is, i am willing to try to help you and you can open up to me... i will listen. Ü

God bless
Take Care

jeston said...

hello chris! nice entry! would u mind if i ask what camera u use to take pics? :]

Anonymous said...

hi chris, saw that pic (charles, pacman and you) at charles' facebook haha. :)) nice!

seems that you really had an awesome holiday!

keep safe :)

p.s: passed the acet but aww wont be seeing you play in the next season ..

-michelle :)

♥isha17♥ said...

hi chris!!!
parehas kaiung guapo ni Charles..
pero mas guapo ka..
hahaha,, piz poh tau kuya CHarles!!

Anonymous said...

kuya, nakakinggit ka naman,. you know, while i'm reading your blog it feels that my heart was jumping down to my stomach kasi andoon ka sa staple center napapanood ang nba.. talagang wow na wow, very exciting at sa harapan mo pa sina kobe at garrett,

hay, sana makapunta na rin ako doon..

plz update us more sa mga happenings sa life moh, lalo na kung mg-tatravel ka ha...
thanx bro

god bless!!

lara said...

Oooh. Ang rich ni Pacman!