Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!! :)

I've just read through the comments section of the last entry and I think it's about time i write another entry to update you and all try to answer some questions :)

Again I apologize for disappearing for a while. I think the title of this entry explains it all. I just got back from a very short trip to Hong Kong / Macau with the Ateneo team, as our reward for the UAAP Championship. It was a great trip. Thank you MVP and Tita Debbie Tan for making this trip possible and worthwhile :)It's sad though that this may be my last official engagement with the team and i'll surely miss hanging out with the players, coaches and management alike!

The past weeks have been hectic attending Christmas parties, store openings, giving talks, fixing outreach programs, and shooting a commercial. Imagine if basketball is added to that list. It was indeed tiring physically but not for the soul. For example, weaving through the mountains to get to Tanay, Rizal to give a short talk to Juvenile delinquents was fulfilling. Driving to Pampanga and back to give a short talk about leadership to student leaders of Holy Angels University was just as memorable. I promised the students that I will write about my visit, and I am now keeping that promise. I have to admit that I am very impressed with their campus and facilities, not to mention their very warm welcome. For a moment, I thought that I was in a hotel or corporate office in Makati.

On that same day, I was blessed to have the chance to read to about 80 kids a book entitled Ang Mahiwagang Biyulin by Christine Bellen and published by Anvil. Of course, the event was sponsored by Inquirer and tied up with Barangay Urdaneta who also provided the food for the kids. Thanks to Hapee and Anvil, each kid was able to take home a book and some kiddie toothpastes. Here's a short link about the event which you might want to check out

Some people were asking why my eye was red during the TAYO (Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations) Awards, where I awarded the winners together with KC. Well, apparently I had an eye allergy/infection which caused my contact lenses to react badly. I felt terrible having to stand on stage and press on my eye all throughout in such a formal event with many distinguished guests. Therefore, i had to survive with one eye wearing contacts and the other without. Felt weird! I didn't want to turn down the press who wanted an interview so I went on with it. Anyway, congratulations to the winners!

Anyway, it's been a very busy but INTERESTING December for me going to so many cool places, driving north to Pampanga, east to Tanay, south to Pila (Laguna)... In the city, i've been to the pier, to the streets of Binondo, to the US Ambassador's residence... In First Pacific's headquarters in Hong Kong and Lang Kwai Fong which is just a few meters away... In Pacman's quarters in LV and LA... and others! Whew! Truly a learning experience for me! I wish I can share the many inspiring and touching stories of the people I've met in these places.

Some of you seem to know already that I won't be spending CHristmas here in Manila for the first time. I will still try to update this blog from time to time but I would like to take this chance to thank you all for a wonderful 2008! Thanks for all the support and encouragement! Don't forget the true essence of Christmas - to love and to share (your self, your time, your resources, etc)! But above all, it is to be united with HIM by creating a new and clean relationship with the Father through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE New Year TIU all of you! (Hahaha! Corny!)




Vin said...

Good for you! anyway like what I always say, Its your call. merry Christmas! Sad enough that you wont be here for Christmas.. Take care!

charise said...

merry chirstmas and happy new year to you....god bless and ingats always!!!

Anonymous said...

finally..! a post! Merry Christmas to you TIU! wahaha ; )

trueblue said...

goodluck sa pbl..
and we'll miss you sa uaap..
well, that's life.
merry christmas to you and to your family.

hazeljoyv said...

Hi Chris! I am already following your blog na.hehe.A very big thanks for the updates!I am really 100% sure that this entry will, again, be flooded with soooo many comments :D Merry Christmas Tiu! :) Thanks for inspiring us always and for taking time to read the countless comments of your fans.hehe.Rest assured that we'll continue to support you all the way. Hope we'll get to see you on hard court next year. Take Care and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Awesome post! Explains everything. Have a Merry CHRISmas tiu! :))

Anonymous said...

Happy holidays Chris, to you & your family!

more blessings to you and more soul to touch in the coming year.

so as of now, no basketball on our sched pala? hay miss ka na namin sa court.


22_DHENG_BHOI_22 said...

Maligayang Pasko po Sa iyo
Kuya Chris!!!!
Happy Trip Po!!

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

merry CHRIS-tmas and HAPPEE new year to you!that's not corny. . hehe

you have a very tiring experience this past few weeks. . so you deserve a very relaxing christmas here in the Philippines. . hehe

i also thank you for giving us a very inspiring year! because of you i learn a lot of things in life and to help other people by sharing also your thoughts in life. . thank you very much!

again. . a very merry CHRIS-tmas and a very HAPPEE new year to you!


Sapphire said...

Merry Christmas Chris! :D

It may be a very tiring Christmas for you, but I'm very sure that the lives of all those people who you were able to share yourself, your time, and resources are very grateful of what you did.

I feel so glad that you were able to post another blog entry.

"Merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE New Year to all of TIU!"
This is not corny! It's CUTE! :D

Sahara said...

merry christmas,.
tsaka happy new year na rin,.
talaga pumunta ka ng Pampanga??
taga dun ako ehh,.
proud to be Kapampangan,.!!!aheh,.

alysa said...

haha!1st to comment
how r u kuya chris?
Merry CHRIS-tmas and hapee new year!haha lab it
ur so busy na huh.
good na updated ung blog mo
take care olweiz

-i wont last a day without TIU-


-alysa khuletz-

asiandude71 said...

merry christmas chris...thanks for making christmas merry for atiuneo and as well as your legions of fans

Anonymous said...

Kailan ka namin makikita sa TV or fashion shows na nakasuot ng hanford brief?

zir said...

Merry Christmas!!!

WHOA! You've been to Pampanga? Hahaha! That's my mother's bithplace (er, somewhere there.) And to Tanay, Rizal, too? Well, I'm from Rizal. HAHAHA! Wala lang.


Panda said...

hi chris!

this is happy of philippine airlines.well that's my agent name but you can call me kaye or happy kaye..anyways, if there's anything that i can help you with in your future travels, feel free to contact me-09272601357/ you seem to be a jetsetter and always hoping you'll have a safe trip under our PAL plate.I read that someday you would like to have your own airline company and if you get there, can i apply? i'll update my resume and hoping to have an interview. My passion is the airline industry. customer satisfaction is my everyday goal.hope you'll reach your dreams and help more people.Good day!

**if you don't mind,pls don't post this comment.i don't want to disclose my contact details to anyone aside from you.thanks! Welcome home!**

Anonymous said...

are you going to play basketball? cousin is asking me why you are not in the game...actually we are so much amaze the way you handle in the court...your good leadership is the one we like the most...hehehe

anyways, i already got a copy of Meg Clarisse the one you are talking about?...
she's really so lucky to have you and her as well...hehe

just hoping that you both will be covered in Meg...Valentine special =)

bhem said...

wow??im amaze..youre doing charitable deeds..meri xmas and a prosperous new
chris??pwd po ba mlmn kng san po pwd mkbli ng jersey nio po??ung afford q lng po kc mtgal n q nag iipon dun peo d q p rn mbili 2do tpid n nga po aq s skul pra dun ehh..

ances said...

hi chris..
ive been watching you since i was 1st year high school..
now im a 3rd year nursing student..

super fan ng ateneo blue eagles..

congratz last uaap season..

last season mo na yun, diba? ano na po next plan mo?

good Luck..

Anonymous said...

Finally! After 48 thousand years, a new entry! hahaha. How are you? I hope your okay. Wow! That was really a hectic sched for you. I really can't believe that you've been to Tanay, Rizal! How I wish I knew you were there so that at least I can say Hi and help as well(I'm living in Antipolo that is why it's quite near to us). Anyways, I hope your eye is ok now. I saw your interview in 24 oras and I was worried to see you like that. I thought that you were just working so hard without thinking of your own health. I hope you can find time to relax despite of your busy scheds. Remember that we are only humans and I know that God doesn't want you stress yourself too much. Just at least take care of yourself because you cannot be able to reach out if you are not healthy, right? Looking forward for your next entry! Happy Christmas to you and your family! ^.^

eena said...

yea to all of TIU...haha!!!uhmm can i ask something?will you be playing in PBA/PBL?pls...answer....thanks!!!

=,bianca59,= said...

++>> nihaoma gege!! (n_n)

++>> how i miss leaving a comment here on your blog!! i'm so sorry if i haven't been visiting your blog for awhile.. busy po kasi last week eh.. u know.. CHRIStmas party and stuffs.. hehe

++>> anyweiz poh.. it's sad to hear that you're not going to spend CHRIStmas here in Manila.. i thought pa naman po na we'll looking at the same big sky while waiting for CHRIStmas to arrive this CHRIStmas eve.. (hehe.. corny eh noh!! haha.. OA!! haha)

++>> so.. where are u going to spend you're CHRIStmas then?? i hope u'll spend your new year here!! and i hope that sumama ka po dun sah new year's eve party ng GMA.. (dba po lagi po silang may show while waiting for new year's eve?? ung puro dancing and singing yung ginagawa nila..) i really hope that you'll be there.. we'd really like to see you there!!

++>> and gege.. great job on both Ripley's and Pinoy Records ah!! i always watch them!! (*n_n*)

++>> ge po.. i have to go na eh.. 5take care always po!! God bless you and your family!! have a very very very Merry Christmas and a very very very Happy New Year!! love lotzzz!!

ren khristah said...

..i'm the first one to post a comment..hehe..wala lang..
..wala rin naman akong masabi..
..hope this one will what i always say..

..take care always!!
..have a blessed holidays!!! deserve all the happiness!!..
..GODbless!!! the way po, pwede po bang humingi ng ateneo jersey nyo??..hehehehe..kung ok lang po..tenkz po!!!..i'm really craving for one..tenkz again!!!

..HE and I will always be here for you!!! siyempre SILA!!!hehehe

ebullientteen said...

Merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE New Year to you TIU!

Sandra said...

You're not going to be here for Christmas? Why? How bout New Year? hehe:)

yheL said...

hi chris,

im noriel from holy angel university, one of the nursing students that attended your talk. thank you for gracing our school and thanks for giving that talk about your leadership principles... i had no idea that you were also an active leader even though your are so into basketball and your hosting career... i admire that you can balance all your endeavors... i lack time management skills... if you have any advice, id be grateful for a lifetime... it would surely help me aolt... thank you very much... wish you the best, and Godbless...

kalliepepper said...

Merry CHRIStmas! from your parting greeting i'd assume that your new commercial is for HAPPEE toothpaste? haha! did i hit it right? ^_^

thanks for your new post! we were waiting for it for how many weeks now. you were in Binondo?! when?! ugh! why didn't i sense that you're gonna be here????? I would have volunteered to be your alalay for that day! waaaahhh!!!!!

kate said...

merry christmas :) hope you'll have a blast. Godbless you and your family ü

karla said...

hi! im one of the students in HAU in Pampanga. im so touched that chris tiu mentioned his visit to our school, im so flattered bout that!
anyway thank u for visiting us.
know wat? i nid to escape from my review class jaz to see chris... i dont have regrets in what i did... he really made my day complete then..
tnx again..

Anonymous said...


jennieca said...

merry x-tiu jowk merry xmas i always visit ur blog peo wla prn bgo buti nah lng ng post kah ulet haha im so hapi aq una ng post ng comment..btw ang cute u sah meg magasine hehe..gudluck and godbless xoxo smoochessss stay safe..cute moh tlga..gtg..xiao!!!!!!!

katkat said...

Merry CHRIS-tmas!hahaha

bLade said...

merry xmas...
very busy huh?

ingat nalang po plagi



eYnah said...

Merry Christmas Chris! :)

Anonymous said...


it's my first time to post a comment on a blog.... (so i'l make it short) just wanted to greet you merry christmas!!! and advance happy new year...


bea-molina said...

hi chris.i'm bea molina.i don't know if you remember me but i was the one who had a picture with you when you were in Holy Angel University in Angeles also met my father, rene molina.i hope you remember me.well, that's all.MERRY CHRISTMAS. :]

P.S. please check my friendster: B.E.A. molina or my e-mail add: do check my friendster so you could see our pictures during your stay in Angeles City.THANKS. :]

belfrey blackraven said...

yayx! first comment?haha.
MERRY "CHRIS"-TMAS!XD and advance merry christmas.XD
you had a cool december indeed...and well, it will get cooler and coller most probably.hahaha.XD

bea-molina said...

oh, and my uncle knows your sis cheryl tiu.ask her if she knows arvin uncle said that she was their intern before in l'oreal. :]

classyspice said...

Have the merriest Christmas Chris even if you are to spend it away from Manila!

Take care of yourself always and find time to rest.

trizzi said...


Merry CHRIS-tmas and a Hapee New Year TIU you..hehehe

I love it!!

thanks for this post..

it's a really nice gift from you..


yelli17 said...

you make me smile again.. :))
i Love the Last part.

"Merry CHRIS-tmas and HAPEE New Year to all of TIU"

s0o cute..

Anyway, Thank You for being such a wonderful person and a great inspiration to all of us. and Take Care Always!

We Love you Tiuperman!

Anonymous said...

hi there kuya..MERRY christmas..;}

nikita said...

happy christmas to you too!
i'm such a fan! more power to you and take care always!

myv said...

..merry christmas,chris!!

..where are you going to spend your christmas??..

..what a busy sched you have!!haha..hope you still have time to relax..:)

..take care and god bless!! hope to see you in court soon!!:)

..merry christmas and a happy new year!!:)

Anonymous said...

I love you Chris.

Have a God-filled, meaningful Christmas.

janine de gracia said...

..i miss reading your entry but well it seems that we will not able to see you around here..but i hope you enjoy your christmas spending it with those people close to you..take care always..thanks 4 all the happiness you brought to us..we hope that you continue inspiring all of us here..we will miss you this christmas season..

..Merry CHRISmas and HAPEE New Year TIU YOU!!!!

patricia said...

merry christmas and happy new year chris.. hope you have fun.. i also hope that someday i could watch your game in pbl.. take care and god bless

jessica marie said...
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jen said...

Merry Christmas Chris! Good luck on your career and studies:)

little miss blue eagle♥ said...

happy holidays:)

Nica said...

Merry Christmas Chris! Your latest blog entry didnt disappoint! Esp the last part! ;) Thanks for sharing your interesting experiences with us! I truly enjoy reading it and Im sure all members of Iglesia ni Chris Tiu loves it too! And also thanks for reminding us what Christmas is really about =)

Wonderful of you to enjoy your Christmas =) Unlike me, Im sick so I feel so bad not spending it with much enthusiasm as I used to =(

Wishing you a holiday season filled with love, peace and good health! GOD bless!

almira said...

Yay! a Christmas entry. :)
Good to hear some updates from you.

I've tried that only-one-contact-lens-left thingy many times. My right eye was irritated or vice versa and I just need to bear with that one-contact-lens-left because i won't be able to see what's happening around me. yeah, especially during volleyball games i can't see the ball if I don't have my contact lens.

Anyways, 2008, 2009 or any year in the future - we will still be here for you. trust me :)

merry Christmas again and happy new year! :)

take care!

mary joyce said...

Hi Kuia Chris! Merry Christmas! God bless and take care! :)

Mary Joyce and Veronica

Anonymous said...

Merry CHRIStmas to you too..hehe..^_^ hope you enjoy the holidays..

Anonymous said...

Tnx for updating your blog again. Just to greet you a merry CHRIStmas and happy new year TiU.!!Take Care.

khariize0617 said...

merrii xmas mr. chris tiu.
Thanks for inspiring us always. :D
again merii xmas :)) take care , ingats.God Speed mr. tiu

"Merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE New Year to all of TIU!"

erised said...

merry christmas to you too!!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas TIU you.:)
we'll miss you in the UAAP. i sooo love your team. blue eagles. :)
anyways, where will you spend your christmas? =)

take care!
God Bless! ;)

anya said...

Wow! Super busy this month! I hope you get your much deserved rest & relaxation this holiday season. Btw, where are you spending the holidays? I do hope it's with your family even if it's not here in the country. =P

chel said...

/. hehe..
gud thing your back!!

we miss u so much!!

merry christmas too
and a prosperous new year TIU ol!!


JM said...


angel 17 ^-^ said...


yeah chris, it's been a wonderful year.. it was your year! 2 shows, tons of coomercials and product endorsements, ateneo's championship.. really! you have it all! what more can you ask for? aside from maybe good health, peace of mind and more time.. so those will be my wishes for you since i think you will need them the most! and tell us stories about the team's hongkong trip! we're dying to hear from you!

and since you won't be spending christmas here with your family, i just wish you'll be safe there! god bless and take care always! love yah! xoxo..

trisha said...

WOW! thanks for updating us. :))

Yeah, i noticed your eyes when you were in an interview, i thought you had a sore eyes or something but i know wala, kase you can't expose yourself to everyone if you had that. So now, I know! :DD HAHA!

Happy christmas and a Bestluk year ahead for 2009. :)) and "TIU all of you" [yiss, sounds better] haha!


rais said...

Merry CHRIS-tmas and HAPEE New Year to all of TIU!Ü hehe..Ü that's sooo cute huh?! =)

Anyway, this year has been really sooo good for you and you inspire a lot of people.. You actually deserve the success and blessings that you receive 'coz you're really a great person!Ü

Enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones!Ü

GOD bless and continue to be a blessing to others!Ü



alexa-"lek-lek" said...

merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE new year TIU you CHRIS TIU... GOD BLESS

Anonymous said...

Merry'll always ba my TIUperman..

lots of love..


reneelyn said...

hi chris.. thank you chris for letting me smile again..I just want to say THank TIU for making us inspiring again this year..Well, I just want to greet you a merry merry christmas to you and to your entire family from the bottom of my heart.. Wish all the the lucks, success and most especially good health to you..:)
hope to see you soomm.. merry Christmas TIU..


TIUtsieroll_amy said...

Maligayang Pasko!


what commercial will you be doing?


Anonymous said...

hi! i hope you'll have a wonderful christmas:) and i hope we'll see more of you in basketball even though it's not gonna be in uaap. good luck to you!:)

paula said...

hello chris!:) first of all, i'm a really huge fan. come visit bacolod:) you've got a lot of fans here. seriously.

anyway, i wish you a merry christmas and a fruitful 2009.:) sana makikita ka pa namin sa court kahit na d na sa uaap. update us:) we'll be supporting you all the way. good luck to you chris!:)

ANN said...

Happy CHRIS-tmas Tiu! lol

enjoy CHRIS-tmas,!!!!



ikaw na pambihira said...

such a big heart surprisingly fitted your chest,..thanks chris for being an inspiration. my wish for you would be to inspire the youngs more and influence them to share their lives with other people just like what your doing. God bless and have a very merry christmas with your loved ones

tootsieroll said...

Merry Christmas!! :)

yhanyhan01 said...

Hi Chris,

Merry Christmas!

What did you do po in Pila, Laguna?

Enjoy the Holiday season..Keep safe always! God Bless! =p

x fatedstar x said...

kuya chris...
masyado po ata kayong nagiging busy.,! wag pong kalimutang magpahinga.,! haha.,! good thingkahit marami pong ginagawa naeenjoy mo po yung mga bagay bagay.,! ingat po palagi

merry christmas din po. :)

Vianca said...

Merry Christmas, Chris! Thanks for inspiring us, as always. Stay humble. And thanks for reminding us to go to confession this Christmas :) Hope to see you in person someday! :)Pray for ur fans! :P

christine said...

Merry Christmas Chris!

enjoy the holiday season.=)


chamie♥17 said...

Merry 'Chris'tmas to you and your family... where will you celebrate Christmas? take care! :)

Nic said...

Merry Christmas, Chris!

OBF :)

(One Big Flame? =P Nyahaha)

lhen7 said...

hello chris!!!

merry christmas to you TIU!!! hahaha... gaya gaya lng hehehe...

take care always...

God bless...

JuST aNoTHeR GiRL... said...

Hooray!! a new post!^_^
wow, You've been busy...I bet it was fun though tiring...Have a safe trip..^_^

'Merry CHRIS-mas to you TIU!(never get tired of this, even though you say its

sabriaü said...

Merry Christmas!! :)

jennieca said...

merry xtiu haha merry xmas stay safe olweiz xoxo gudluck and godbless xiao

Christine said...

Merry CHRIS-tmas and a very happy new year to you!!! ( I don't like to include the 'tiu' because it will sounds corny like you've said hehehe).

I hope that even you're not spending xmas in Manila you will still post here in your blog because we really miss you if you're not posting here for so long (by the way, where are you spending your christmas?).

Again merry Christmas CHRIS!!!

kharen tuss said...

* oH! look, yet another christmas tv special!

* How touching to have d meaning of christmas brought to us by cola, fast food & beer......who'd ever guessed dat d product consumption, popular entertainment & spirituality wud mix so harmoniously?

* Happy christmas chris! & to ur family..

* With all d good wishes for christmas & happiness in d coming year!

CrYzThA said...

"Merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE New Year TIU all of you!"

its not corny..i lurve it and u made me smile after i read these..haha...sooo brilliant!..

Merry CHRIS-tmas chris..God be with you all the time..

mMmWuahugsz..lots of luv,,hugs and kisses from me..

->Crista Paola L. Caluma

~ROcheLLe~ said...


MerrY CHRIStmas TIU you.. ^_^
MArunOng ika rin pLa mG joKe hehe
feeling ko kasi napaka seryosO mo..

heheh buti nLn naG updaTe kaNa.. hihih..

GoodLuck sA PBL! (wHen ka Po maG starT!?) and (anU po comMerciaL mo? HaPpeE riN bA?) ^_^

GoOdLuCk anD conGraTs iN advaNce!

Thank You riN Po sA paG paPasayA mO samiN nG mgA miLLionS of suPporterS mO.. ^_^


*~* .dyecee. *~* said...

at last, an update!! haha. i've been visiting your blog everyday for almost two weeks already, but everytime i do, the same "Pacman the Man!" greets me. at least now it would be Merry Christmas!! :)

The Ateneo team is really enjoying the championship, ha. You have a loooong celebration and you got lots of reward! but hey, you really deserve it! :)

I want to listen to your talks, too! Especially about leadership, coz you know what, you truly are my favorite leader and my idol. You're such a great leader in every aspect! You manage your own business, you serve as Kagawad in your village, you possess really good values of a true Christian, and of course, you're the great Team Captain of the Ateneo Blue Eagles! How cool is that for a leader?

Anyway, I just would like to say "Merry CHRIS-tmas TIU, Chris!!" :)

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that you've been a constant inspiration to me but more than that is the good effect you continuously bring to my only brother who is just 6-year old preschool kiddo.

Like you Chris, I am fond of traveling too. i have had few travels although not like the one you've already experienced. I also got chance to visit Holy Angels Uni for few instances when i was assigned in Pampanga for a short stint. Small world.. but huge place to live and learn.

Where are you spending Christmas? you've been to a lot of places and i must admit, it made me jealous. LOL

Thanks for the inspiration Chris!


Ladybug Ü (sounds old haha!)

jeann buenafe said...

Merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE New Year TIU all of you! (Hahaha! Corny!)

-- It's not corny, it's cute. :)
Merry christmas and a happy new year to you too! Take care. :D

rosse galvante said...

hey chris!
it's so nice to hear again from you!:)

with this entry...
u inspired me a lot!
waha! :)
keep it up!

love the last part!
haha XD.

merry Chris-tmas TIU you and TIU your family!

take care and God Bless!


bryanjay_12 said...

Hi chris!
Nice to hear from you again. Mali pala ako, akala ko TOYA, that was TAYO pala...hehehe.. :D
Thank you for answering the question. Kala ko di mo sasagutin eh..

Merry Christmas! May you and your family have a wonderful and blessed holidays...
Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us this year and may you not be tired of sharing your thoughts with us.. God Bless. :D

Karina said...

Your last outing with the team! :( We'll surely miss seeing you on the court!

A very merry Christmas to you and your family! Despite your seemingly busy, busy, I do hope you have fun! :) Take care!

chamie♥17 said...

Hapee Birthday, Jesus!

Merry Christmas!


aleihseiram said...

hello der..
merry CHRIStmas TIU ol of TIU...hehehe
well,i hope u have a happy xmas wid ur family..:)

ur such a great person tlga so i know u will be happy diz xmas...hehe
godbless u nd ur family..:)

bitter me said...

Merry Christmas Chris!!!

God Bless

den den said...

Happy Holidays! I hope your eyes are ok now. Thank you for the Birthday message you gave for my friend, she's very happy (I was the one who talk and ask to you during TAYO event) thank you so much marry christmas and have a blessed new year!

--den den---

crazypeach said...

Wow, you did have such a rewarding experience throughout these past days! Hope you continue to spread love all around!!!

Thanks for sharing your experiences. It inspires me to do good also in my own way!

Meri kurisumasu/Maligayang pasko/Merry Christmas!!!!!

Anonymous said...

kelan ipapalabas yung commercial niyo sa laguna?

Anonymous said...

just want to ask if why would it be the last official engagement with the team?



Ran said...

WhoaH!finally you updated your blOg! =) Anyway Merry Christmas "TIU"!(haha corny dN!) I wish to you all the best. Pls keep on giving praises to God. Btw, where are you in macau? have you seen Mariah cArey? she stayed there for a week I think?
Well, again Merry Christmas to you and your family. :)

e'nahh said...

"Merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE New Year TIU all of you! (Hahaha! Corny!)"

haha! so cute!:) for sure a lot will answer, "all i want for christmas is TIU!" :)

merry christmas to you too! it's been a blessed 2008 for you & i'm positive that God will continue to shower His blessings to you (& your family) 'cause you're a good person. Keep it up chris! You're truly an inspiration to a lot of people :)

God bless always! :)

sjane selisana from bulacan said...

Merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE New Year TIU all of you! (Hahaha! Corny!)
di nman po corny!!

but, all i want for christmas is tiu...chris tiu..(hahah,,eto yata corny..)

merry christmas....

haylin said...

Hi Chris!

Merry Christmas to you and to your family..

God Bless!

where did you spend your Christmas??hehe, Im just curious..

take care!

3xie said...

Merry CHRISmas 2 u and HAPEE new year 2 TIU!!! haha...benta!!! thnk u also 4 all d fun nd memorable experiences seeing u in person dis 2008...haha..hope 2 c u soon...haha..:))

rica ann17 said...

Merry christmas and happy new year to you chris:)I hope ur always in
good condition:) ingat palagi ha:)

alicia said...

hi chris!!.. awww! it's your last trip with thr team right?... merry Chris-tmas and a happy new year! d naman corny eh... :)) ang cute kaya :)):))

♥jane♫ said...

merry Christmas!!
happy new year!!
may god bless and guide you always...

Anonymous said...


Merry Chris-mas and a happy new year Tiu you din :))

Anonymous said...

I love the CHRIS-tmas part. :))
Merry Christmas!
Thanks for an awesome UAAP season!
and btw, you really inspire lots of people.
Including me.
Have a Merry Merry CHRIStmas
and a Happy Happy New Year TIU. ;P
God Bless always,
Tiuperman! :)))))

Chakee said...

Merry Christmas, Chris! sayang I didin't see you when you went to Pila with Japoy! I heard that you were there to shoot for a commercial from a friend. sayang talaga! hehe. next time. Merry Christmas! :)


Anonymous said...

i have watched the ballet manila's interpretation of "Ang Mahiwagang Biyulin" and it was good. i think you'd also enjoy it if you did watch. too bad you're not here in the philippines. just sharing. it was a nice story. go rodrigo!! haha

carpe diem said...

Chris truly you share almost everything you have :) please continue inspiring the youth..
Merry Christmas to you and your family :) God bless you more haha..

-enjoy the moment Chris

Anonymous said...

May you feel God's presence in the candles, that softly spread their glow at Christmas and may you experience the wonder of His abiding love, as He guides you through each day of the coming year. May God's Blessings be with you. A Blessed Christmas...

May you always be a blessing to others... Keep on shining >",<

weng10282000 (",) said...

Hi chris...

May the spirit of Christmas be filled with great joy, peace and love. It is a sign of GOD's great love for us, let us give thanks that we've given a new day to share HIS love with special people in our HEARTS. Remember, when we praise the LORD he SMILES, when we ask, he GIVES, when we pray, he LISTENS, when we repent, he FORGIVES, when we LOVE, he stays FOREVER...


MiTch said...

You really are a good person inside and out that's why you deserved ALL the blessings that you had this year!

More blessings to come next year and continue sharing those blessings with other people!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Take care Chris! Thanks for inspiring us! Love you! Mwaah!

Superman JC said...

Merry Christmas! Just subscribed. Haha! :)

Andrea :) said...

Merry Christmas Chris! by the way, where did you spend your christmas? :)

marvz said...

merry CHRIStmas TIU you!

ingat po lagi...

GOD Bless!

fence sitter said...

Merry Christmas, Chris!Such a busy and enjoyable month, indeed!

Anonymous said...

hi chris!
merry christmas!!!

chamie♥17 said...

about your contact lenses... didn't you bring your eyeglasses? i also experienced having one contact lens left twice or thrice, i think. one incident was i think it was in my left eye... when i wore the contact lens ment for my right eye, it irritated my eye so i have to remove it. that is why i have to bare with my left eye. but, i always make sure that i bring my eyeglasses and solution for my contact lenses so if ever both of my eyes will be irritated, i have my eyeglasses as a substitute.

just a piece of advice, always bring your solution for your contact lenses and your eyeglasses with you. i know it is an additional baggage but it will help you a lot! :)

take care always! :)

nika ech said...

hi chris!

question: where can i get the "TIU will always be in my 'heart with 17'"?
i want one for my birthday...:D

thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

Ohh! btw, Merry Christmas to you. ;;) and to your family too.
take care :)

zhee said...

merry CHRISTmas to you and to your family, Chris!

kaaaaaat said...

mahal n kita ;)

Nica said...

Did you have fun watching Lakers-vs-Celtics game? =) Lakers won, what can you say about it since you watched it live? (Im still envious! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you Chris! I'm sure you enjoyed your CHRISTmas! Have a blessed new year!:)tc!see you!

char said...

merry CHRIStmas chris! :))

bop said...

i Love U!!!

knoxville said...

hehe chris pwede kau nalang ni KC magkapartner sa valentines movie ng GMA? hahaha... i think mas kilig un.. :)

Anonymous said...

merry Chris tiu haha (corny :p)
merry Christmas.
Happy New Year TIU you :)
i love kuya chris.

-renzlee :)

angelle said...

Merry CHRIStmas and a HAPEE New Year TIU you too! hahaha. that's nmot corny naman. i love that part. God bless you! :)

mars said...

OMG! You used merry CHRIS-tmas!! Hahaha.. We fans are really getting into your system.

hannah monicqa said...

merry CHRIStmas and a happy TIU year to you!!!!wehehe...TC!(tiu, chris!!!wahaha!!!)

Anonymous said...

you look really happy Chris, which makes me happy too...I'm really glad that you've made good decisions this past year, i hope you keep it that way this coming new year. I know it's late to greet you Merry Christmas,,maybe I'll just greet you a Happy New Year on new year's eve. It's always nice to have you around the corner,,it's like Christmas for me everyday. Always remember, there is always something to be thankful for. I know you never forget that. We all should remember that. God bless!

meg said...

merry christmas! :)

belfrey blackraven said...

...or so i thought I was the first!lol!XD

joanna said...

That wasn't corny at all! ha ha Merry CHRIS-tmas and a Happy New Year TIU you as well! God Bless

kittykath_17 said...

Merry CHRIS-tmas!!!=)

pAtRiCiA said...


anither entry!!!...

thanks for keeping us updated even though you have that hectic schedule....!!!

merry CHRIS-tmas TIU you!!!!

bfrances said...

Hi Kuya Chris! :)
(I used to address my tutors in Ateneo with Kuya or Ate)

Joyeux Noel TIU you! :)

Nothing can beat spending Christmas with all your loved ones around you! They're the greatest gifts He has given to us.

Christ is the reason for the season!

I hope you would still pursue your plan/s to build a foundation that promotes public education. I would really like to share my time and reach out for the potential beneficiaries. :)

Joyeux fêtes, mon idol! :)



Ben Francis Rances

Anonymous said...

hi chris! hope you had a mirthful xmas vacation! happy new year tiu u and ur fam... ^_^

mary grace said...

yay chris corny.. joke! ehehehe

btw advance happy new to you! take care always..

kimf and judzsj said...

Funny. Haha :))) we miss the UAAP season. Nothing really to look forward and line up in araneta/ ateneo anymore. Haha ! Ohwell. Next season nalang :) belated merry christmas, sir ! And a happy new year as well ! :D
Btw, congrats to the ateneo team in the collegiate competition. 2nd wasn't bad at all ! :) though we missed you and some other players. Haha.

Erine said...

Whatta trip... hehehehe... HAppy New Year Chris...

E(: said...

Merry CHRIS-tmas and a HAPEE New Year TIU all of you!

hahaha. ang funny((:

Anonymous said...

hi kuya..
thanks f0r all0winG me 2 take a picture with y0u..
u rili made my birthday a mem0rable onE..thanks p0h ulit..:D
btw,.i was 0ne of the students wh0 waited f0r you wen u visited Holy Angel University..

happy nEw year!!
ingat lagi!!:D

sherilyn said...

hi chris!

belated merry christmas and happy new year to you!!!!

Now we understand your situation, you are such a busy man and that activities are physially tiring..but fulfilling inside. Thank you for sharing this to us.

Thank you also for a wonderful 2008! you are such an inspiration to many. Keep it up! we're always here to support you!

Anonymous said...

hi, kuya chris, happy new year., godbless and takecare. said...

hello, musta n., godbless take care., have a nice day and goodluck in your career and more projects to come.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! sayang hindi kita nakita last Monday s FEU though I am a tamaraw I still admire you CHRIS TIU. good luck sa career mo. I wish makita n kita ng malapitan and sana punta ka ulit sa FEU

Anonymous said...

i love you chris

:Gaby said...

I read a few of your posts and I think it's really great that kids my age look up to you because there are rarely people in the spotlight who seem considerate and God-fearing. C'est La Vie! hope you have a good rest of the year. I know it's a bit late but Happy Chinese New Year :]