Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pacman the Man!!!

I still can't believe what Manny had just done! Most boxing experts predicted that dela Hoya would knock out Pacquiao and that Pacquiao will not stand a chance. I'm shocked, the world is shocked! He just raised himself to another level.

I have to admit that I was literally shaking and feeling cold before the fight. My heart was pounding hard when both fighters were entering the ring. I had a great view right at the center of the arena with my two friends. We really felt the pressure of the match and we even said a prayer all together right before the match began.

After the first two rounds, I already felt that Manny was in control and that it was just a matter of time when he would knock out Dela Hoya. He just had to be careful with Dela Hoya's quick power left hooks. His maturity was evident as he was cautious throughout the fight, but still remaining aggressive. Every time Pacman threw a series of punches that threw Dela Hoya off balance, I would get off my seat and start throwing punches in the air as well.

After the referee stopped the fight after the 8th round, i raised my arms and got goose bumps. What a great feeling! Filipinos in the Grand Arena in MGM Grand were giving high fives to each other, hugging and rejoicing out loud! The match was clearly one-sided. Dela Hoya just didn't have the legs and the endurance to keep up with Manny's speed and power. Sadly, some Mexicans and Americans were booing dela Hoya for a poor fight. He was gracious in defeat though.

It's a great feeling for all Filipinos! I just feel so proud to be a Filipino, and moreover, Manny's co-host. I was lucky enough to have dinner with him in his suite the night before the fight. Actually I was still stuffed from a heavy merienda, but of course i didn't want to pass up the chance to eat with Manny in his Mandalay Bay (The Hotel) suite before the fight after he invited me. At least this time it's not in the Pinoy Records studio. So i ate his tinolang manok, fried fish, pork and beef. He even invited me to watch the Celtics vs Lakers game this December 25 in the Staples Center with him and his family since he bought box seat tickets. Too bad I won't be in the states at that time . The whole time he was so relaxed and cheerful as if there was no fight the following day. He was very confident that he would win because he told me to join him in his convoy going back to L.A. because it will be very very fun in the bus. I'm still thinking whether i should join them or not because i also want to stop by an outlet mall on the way back to L.A. Manny's really such a funny guy, i wish i can tell you more but i have to go.

We didn't join the after-party anymore in Rumjungle in Mandalay Bay since it was just sooo packed!! Instead, we went to Manny's room and luckily, bumped into Manny without having to brave the crowd. Again, lucky Chris gets to hug and congratulate his idol right before he went into his bedroom and locked it :)

It's 4am now and i think i have to sleep so i can attend the mass at 10am . So please pardon my very messy and incoherent entry. My mind isn't really functioning anymore. I'll update when i have more time :)


some other personality i saw in the match: Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Usher, Mike Tyson, and the Golden Boy boxers,(they announced that the following were in the arena as well although i didn't see them: JLo, Marc Anthony, Eva Longoria, George Lucas, Russel Crowe, Magic Johnson, and others) Of course lots of Filipino celebrities and politicians too :)

Congratulations Manny! Congratulations to all Filipinos! Mabuhay! :)


crazypeach said...

MABUHAY si Manny!!!! He was so awesome on the ring!!! Wohoo!!!!! This is truly the greatest Christmas gift for all Filipinos this year! May he continue his winning streak!

You are so lucky to be there! I can tell how starry-eyed you were during those moments. Hihi! Nice to know Chris is a fan like all of us. Hihi!

Take care in the US and hope we get read more of your starry-eyed moments later. Hihi!

myv said...'re online..:) nice..
..congrats to manny..;)
..we are all very proud of him..:)

jessica marie said...

yeah he was so galing talaga!
my family listened to his fight on the radio and my dad was like shouting nung sumuko c dela hoya=)
im so proud of him
take care and sleep tight=))
godbless =)

pacu said...

first! :P

marvz said...

congratulations manny!

mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

its nice po na naglagay ka agad ng entry chris...

ikaw ang isa sa mga reliable source sa arena...

ingat po lagi...

GOD Bless!

3xie said...

yehey! congratulations 2 us! haha...:)) by d way...ateneo vs la salle again in d finals...haha..syang wla k dun...msya sana p lalo kung nandun ka..haha...cge c u soon n lng...:))

trisha said...

WOW! yeah. a great fight. :))
nice entry even though your in a hurry. thanks for sharing. *

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky!

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky! i envy you chris. :) anyway. you take care! have fun :)

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky. :) enjoy and take care chris. ;)

simplytoogood17 said...

congratulations to manny!!!! we are so happy.! so lucky that you have seen many celebrities but your very lucky to be pacman's co-host!!!!!! i'm sure you're very proud of him like we all filipino's around the world!!!!!!! way to go manny!!!!!! gtg chris congrats again!

JM said...

I am proud to be a Pinoy becoz of U pacman and you also Chris.

angela said...


You're so lucky....

chrissy said...

send my congrats to manny pacquiao too... :) :)

were you able to shot some photos?? can you please post them?? :)

how do you feel that you are working to the boxer who knocked the golden boy down?????

yay!!!!! cheers to everyone!!!

chrissy said...

your blog entry shows rush of hormones.... no doubt you are very proud of him..

catherine said...

whew!.. first akung nagcomment.. haha:) pacman is GREAT!! gaLing ah.. CONGRATS PACMAN!! proud ang pinoy sau..
enjoy kua chris..:)
imisyu na.. hehe..
a'LL buy the MEG dec.issue dis week.. hehe.. kaka excte:)
take care..

Anonymous said...

congrats manny, we all share the joy :)

Anonymous said...

don't go na to the outlet! take manny's offer so you have more things to write and tell us about. it'll be the ultimate bonding experience with the greatest!

patty:) said...

i join you, Chris, in proudly saying mabuhay! :) and i'd really like to thank you for being so generous in staying up until very early in the morning to write a blog entry for us all to read :) sayang you won't be able to watch NBA there with Manny. but that's fine since Christmas Day naman yun, you should be here with your family :) and i agree, you're really such a lucky & blessed guy! :) savor the moments that you're there & the pix, don't forget! :) thanks a bunch, Chris! :) these are the moments when i feel proudest to be a Filipino! :)

Anonymous said...

wow what an experience! mabuhay ang mga Pinoy! :)

zir said...

Hahaha! Like what others told me, the fight is great.. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to watch it. I've been on my taekwondo competition lately. Hahaha!

What's so funny at the competition is that when we're having our fights, no one really cheered loudly. But when our head coach announced that Pacman won, (and the details weren't very accurate) A big cheer came out of the crowd. Hahaha! Wala lang....

eyaa.. said...

wow.. the two of you are really getting close to each other now unlike your comments before that i'd read.

he did well, honestly.
and we envy you for being there and with such welcome that manny's showing you.

enjoy your stay there again.
be safe.

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

please say our congratulations to Manny! We're happy that he won his dream fight.

I'm very happy that he won, and honestly before the fight i am nervous because i don't know who's gonna win the fight. And luckily my friends texted me that Manny won nga, and i am shocked and teary eyes when i first read the message. I even jumped pa nga. . hehe

and like i've said before it's a very early Christmas gift for both of you and you have a double victory because first you won the Championship of this Season of UAAP and now Manny won the fight. Diba ang saya! ! Lucky charm nyo yata ang isa't isa hehe. .

i don't get a chance to watch your interview on Showbiz Central because i am fixing my thesis. And it'll be my defence tomorrow or by tuesday. I just stop kasi nung fight na ni Manny, but it's ok naman, it's worth it!

And i'm very inspired of my thesis because you're my "inspiration!" hehe

wish you come back here in the Philippines. hindi pa nga kita nakikita sa personal ang layo mo pa ngayon. . hehe

i guess it's enough for me now. . I have so many programs to do pa eh. .

take care and godbless always :))


rosse galvante said...

hey Chris!

you have so much fun with the People's Champ huh?!
hehe =)

anyway, Congratulations to Pacman!
he made it again!

as always,

take care.^-^


Anonymous said...

Chris, we were also shouting and jumping here in the Philippines and we are glad that you have the privileged of being near our beloved Sports Legend.

Hope you have pictures together and please post it here. Remember the two of you are the most beloved figure in Philippines Sports today.


charlestiu said...

where did you stay in vegas?
hope everyones good there! send my greetings!

Anonymous said...


cjat17 said...

hey chris! please post pics especially the celebrities! :)

char said...

wow. just congratulate manny for us! you're so lucky to be his co-host and vice versa. :) it seems that the two of you are kinda close now. hehe.

too bad you won't be here tomorrow to support the blue eagles against the green archers in the PCC finals. but i know they will still win. :D

MiTch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CjOyz said...

Proud to be a FILIPINO!!!

MiTch said...

Yeah! Congrats to Manny and Congrats to us Filipinos! He's really amazing. As i've told everyone i knew...they shouldn't estimate what this not-so-tall man can do! He's maybe smaller than dela Hoya but he really has the heart and guts to win this battle. I'm so proud of him! I'm proud to be PINOY!

He made us reunited despite our differences and forget our problems even just for this day!

Wow!!! You're so lucky Chris! Aside from the fact that you had the chance to watch the fight also saw those big stars you mentioned! Tsk! Tsk! How i really wish i'm also lucky as you!

Well, this is gonna be the longest comment i ever posted in your blog. lol. Where will you be back home? Miss you MR. TIU! Take care always! God bless!

P.S: How i wish you'd also be in the big dome tom for PCC. Hope your team mates will defend your crown. Good luck!Go Ateneo! ONE BIG FIGHT!

Anonymous said...

im so proud to be filipino!!!!!!!

Anna said...

Lucky you!!! The story about how you were with THE Pacman before and after the big fight will be something to tell your kids and grandkids. Classic!!

The excitement is evident in your entry and "incoherence"! Thanks for sharing. Cool to get the inside scoop. Ive been googling to find insider Pacman stories. Go na with bus para you can share more. :-D

CjOyz said...

Hi chris would just like to ask you a question, why didnt you play in this season of PCC? im just curious...hehehe ciao and tc...

Alyssa said...

YEY! im first!
I won 10,000 pesos because
of that match against my kuya.
Hahaha ;)) my 5k was doubled.

Ang saya! Lahat ng pilipino
as in super support kay Manny.
Nanuod ako sa cinema. Ang inggay nila. Ang sarap tignan pag sabay sabay sumisigaw. Hahaha =))

I heard nga pala
sa news na maraming
fans ni pacman na heart-attack kanina, while watching the dream match, dalawa yung namatay.

Bitter-Sweet Victory after all.

AYUN! na share ko lang.
Have a safe trip home!


~ROcheLLe~ said...

Hi Chris..


I feel that your happy with the result of the fight, and yah even you, your so funny, hehehs but then, it was nice to hear from you again about what you experienced at the event, and I saw you with Manny and Raymond at the Showbiz Central, I think that was before the fight..

^_^ you’re so really nice…

Hope you enjoy there, and take care!


Robina:) said...

Yey for Manny!:)

Anonymous said...

Manny indeed was a great fighter...
You two are the perfect team up.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the first to comment this time... hehe
Lucky me! ^-^
The whole Philippines is celebrating because of this BIG WIN from our nat'l hero.
Once again, he proved to the world that "iba ang Pinoy!"
Long live Many "Pacman" Pacquiao!!! said...

Manny really conquered the world of boxing! I wasn't able to watch the fight but I knew that he can knock down Oscar's A**! lol
Pls tell Manny congratulations from all the Cebuanos!
Take care Chris
God bless

Anonymous said...

manny your the man! ang lupit, feeling ko nga grandslam ang ginebra kahapon sa sobrang tuwa!! hahahah
ang galing galing!!!!

mabuhay si manny!


Anonymous said...

masaya na sana yung buong maghapon kahapon, kaya lang biglang nakakalungkot sa pgkamatay ni marky cielo! sad!!!!

ok na sana dahil nanalo si manny, kaso nakakapanghinayang at nakakalungkot naman sa pagpanaw ni marky! promising guy pa naman!


ms.Tiu said...

congrats chris for winning the n.k.c. award.. haha!..
i just wanna ask if you'll be visiting Holy Angel University in Pampanga, is that true? when is it?? what is that for??
please please please keep me updated.. i will definitely go there, if ever.. waha!..

Alyssa Lim said...

Hehehe i think you should go to the outlet that you've said in your entry because when we are going in back to LA from vegas we all ways stop by in that outlet its cheaper than the usual store. when you're already in LA you better go to COSCO to gadgets in cheaper prices!!(just incase you want to buy new gadgets!!)


nica said...

OMG Chris! Kainggit ka naman and you've seen all the excitement! We watched the fight (just inside my aunt's house) and we were all screaming and jumping out of our seats!

I dont understand those who booed dela Hoya. He's very gracious and only had nice words for Manny. It just shows that he's really a good sport and he shouldnt be booed. In fact, he should be praised!

Too bad you cant go and see Celtics and Lakers game. I was hoping you would. And I hope you'd also join Manny in his bus so that you'd have fun too!

Anonymous said...

Wow first to comment! Anyways I've been checking your blog site every now and then to see if you have a new entry. Oh well, as you said you are really lucky, having elbow to elbow with the People's Champ! Just send our congratulations to the champ and also I congratulate you for winning the favourite athlete in the nick awards (eventhough it's a bit late for me to congratulate you). God Bless the two of you and your family. Looking forward for your next entry. ^.^

Sherryl said...

Ang galing ! =) I saw the short clip about the weigh in. Gumagaling ka na sa pagho host. Galingan mo pa. Stay humble and good. I love you, Chris !! I'll be supporting your career. =)

christina said...

LUCKY CHRIS!?! oh yes you are! haha

manny is just so amazing. he's the man! but more than his talent, i admire his faith in God. i just love how he acknowledges God's power over him..and i love how he unites the entire Filipino people. so amazing.

Sapphire said...

Congratulations to Manny! He was able to give pride to our country again. He is such a great boxer. :D

Anonymous said...

Kelan po uwi mo? Miss na u! hehehe

deboz said...

oh yeah! congratulations to manny!=)

pewy_carandang said...

hi chris,
wow, you're really one lucky person, working with our pambansang kamao is really an honor, watching his game and joining him in dinner plus a bonus of seeing hollywood's personality, wow, you're really blessed and lucky...

By the way, i'm asking for your permission if i could organize a fan's club of yours?

Take care and GOD bless!!!


'Allyson' said...

hi chris! I watch Manny's game at home and its really the fight of the year , i mean the century. Haha. He is the man. Well i didnt see you there unfortunately. You're lucky being his co-host. :)

♥jane♫ said...

cOngRAtz to manny!!!
hope that he come here in phil. soon
i hope sna
ikaw din..
khit aq..
nun nanonood..
di ko akalain na mana2 knock out niya si dela hoyA...
but still thanks to him for another honor that he gave to our country...
and of course...
thanks to god...
kipsafe nalng sa inyo..

francine17 said...

I enjoyed the game!ü kudos to Manny for defeating The Goliath of boxing.ü you can never underestimate the UNDERDOG. I believe in the heart of the True Champion.ü

Hope you had fun watching the exciting match yesterday!ü

Dea said...

Yipee! Manny won! :) prayer is the ingredient to manny's success. hehe

anyway, when are you coming back to the Philippines? :)

Anonymous said...

hope to see you soon here in the Philippines! ;)

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

Congratulations to manny! It's a milestone for all filipinos! mabuhay tayong lahat! you are so lucky to watch the fight live! I've watched pinoy records last saturday and I have to say this!...You're so cute wearing a cap on your interview with manny!..I'ts the first time I've seen you wearing one:)

By the way..finally! I've got the meg magazine! you're awesome in the cover! It's nice to know more things about you..I'm very inspired for your concern on our public education. I am taking up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education..a future educator....and it means a lot to me:)...

Reading the mag...I admired you even more.

God Bless you:)

rieLui said...

-hey Mr. tiu,nice blog..anyway I just drop by to ask a question, that if its really true that you were going to holy angel university here in Pampanga on Dec 13????

ley said...

congrats pacman!tumigil na naman ang buong pilipinas at buong mundo...lucky for you chris that you were there and personally congratulates manny, truly he is a hero to all the filipinos around the world.nakakaproud maging filipino...

maryjoyce said...

Congrats to Mr. Manny Pacquiao! Galing!

I just want to say condolence to your co-kapuso star Marky Cielo. :(

manny fan said...

if youre drivng down from vegas to LA. the only outlet stores worth really stopping by are ontario mills or cabazon. cabazon is 40 minute detour but should be worth it. its the biggest outlet in socal. ontario mills is much smaller but on the way. dont stop by primm or cabazon because theyre both garbage.

christina said...

NATIONWIDE CRIME RATE: 0% AT 11:00am-1:00pm (Philippine Time)

all because of PACMAN! whew! one doesn't need to have superpowers to be called a super hero :)

eYnah said...

Congrats MannY!

ang galing niya..kabilib-bilib! :D

Proud to be pinoy!

almira said...

i wasn't able to watch the match completely but i took glances on the t.v. :)

Manny is really great and I'm pretty sure that his name will mark in the history of boxing.

his opponent is also a man of honor. he humbly accept his defeat.

take care!
thanks for the update :)

Anonymous said...

uo nga ang galing ni manny..
we're very proud of him...

chamie♥17 said...

please tell Mr. Manny P. a very whole-hearted congratulations! He raised the pride of the Filipinos again!Ü


keep it up!♥

Anonymous said...

congratulations to manny pacquiao, to the filipino people, to us...whatta perfect gift for us this least we, filipinos, unite during manny's game..=)

btw chris we miss ur plays hope we could see u again inside the court...(today is the admu-dlsu game in pcc)

Anonymous said...

you're so lucky...hahahahaha
i think you should accept the offer of Manny at the Lakers and Celtics game..
take care

nix14 said...

YOU are one, really lucky guy Chris! and of course congratulations to Manny :)

anyways, can i have pasalubong??? hahaha :D

Anonymous said...

when will you be back here in the Phils? take care & have a safe trip back home! will watch Ripley's later! Mabuhay si Manny, Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

MiTch said...

Hi chris! You're on line.. lol.
Sad:( coz you're teammates did not defend your crown in PCC. You're one of the missing piece in their game. Maybe you could win if only you had the chance to play today. But that's ok, you're still the champs for me... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! This is Roxi. I sent a message through Chinky Chicken's contact number regarding an interview request. I didn't know how I could reach you aside from giving the letter to your employees at your branch at MC.

The interview is for our thesis about blogging. Hope you can help us out with it.

Thank you and God Bless. :)

- Roxi

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

ui talo ADMU against DLSU sa Philippine Collegiate Championship kanina. . sad nga eh finals pa naman. . kaw kasi hindi ka pa umuwi eh. . pati si Buenafe ala din. . pero ok lang naman ang laban, baka pinagbigyan lang nla ang DLSU hehe. .

kasama sa Mythical 5 sina Rabeh at Nonoy. si Rabeh nga nung 4th quarter na ata yun parang napikon ata ky Mangahas. . hehe nagulat nga ako nung medyo nagreact si Mangahas. hehe

and nga pala. . ang galing mo na talagang maghost. . pati ate ko sinasabi na ang galing galing mo na talaga! ang ganda ng Ripley's kanina. .
Congrats ha!

take care and godbless!Ü

ian laput said...

Yes it's great to be Filipino! no matter the odds, pinoys stood up a good fight, just like manny. Win or lose, Pinoy pa rin!

Sherryl said...

I watched Ripley's last night. When are you going to start doing the voice over on the videos ? Same with Pinoy Records. It would be nicer if you would be the one explaining the content. Just a thought :) Tsaka, konting timing tuwing naglilipat ang camera, kasi nauuna ka eh. Nakatingin ka na sa kabilang camera, eh naka focus pa rin sa yo ang current one. :) Otherwise, pwedeng pwede na.

I love you, Chris !! >:D<

Merry Christmas !

Anonymous said...

congratulations to manny pacquiao!
and also to chris tiu!he's your idol,right?!

I am proud to be a Filipino! at pasok aq sa Pinoy Records!


cariza said...

sabi ko naman kc sau
eh.. mananalo c manny!!
hindi na 2loy gwapo c dela hoya

eien17 said...

hi Chris!!
- glad to know that you had a great time there and happy for us Filipinos for having a great fighter like Manny..
- Lucky you!! for having to be with him throughout the whole time..
- watched your Ripley's last night , whoa whoa you're such a charming chinky eyed Chris that ive grown to love everyday..^_^
-take care always...

nikowls said...

pacquiao is really really great... congratz to manny & oh! advance hapi bday to him & congratz to his wife jinky for the new baby... all the pinoys are very proud w/ him & also the foreigner are proud to him...congratz again..

pAtRiCiA said...

Manny had just done a great one over De La Hoya!!!
Its a nice gift for us, filipinos this christmas!!!
congrats to Manny!

Take care of yourself there Chris!

janine de gracia said...

..happy know that Manny won the fight it's really a 'DREAM MATCH' for him..
..he really made the whole country proud and happy for this coming Christmas..hehehe..
..i know you're really proud of him..
..take care of yourself there..
..hoping to know you're coming back home..

Anonymous said...

when will you come back here? we miss you na! :))

spellarli said...

When dela Hoya chose to give up and when they announced Manny's victory, I felt really really great that I am a Filipino. When it comes to Pacman and his fights, like what you said, lahat tayo nagkakaisa. ;D

bianxX said...

Hay you are so lucky to be partner with Manny, he's also my idol, and I really idolize his sense of humor and also his humbleness, he's so humble hope the luck will still be not in mock. Tell him that same as you, whom we idolize, I also idolize him.

chel said...

.. champion tlga kau ni pacman!!

dats why both of u are well desrved to be an idol!!

pang pinoy records tlga!!
ur so lucky to be there in las vegas to watch pacman's fight..

kip it up..

c16_c17 said...

proud to be "KAPUSO" ! !


proud to be "FILIPINO" ! !

kalliepepper said...

haha! the fight was great - never thought I'd get to watch it but then, it was a delayed telecast over GMA7 - my teacher already txted me that dela Hoya retreated even before the telecast started - ugh! but anyway, it was a great match - no surprise though, Manny had it in him. he was fighting with a full heart for the whole Filipino community unlike dela Hoya and that made a whole lot of difference.

we're just sad with the recent result of PCC though... T_T

jamy said...

Cute and nice entry hehe! You're so lucky Chris to witness such one great fight from a great Filipino boxer.

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

ui ang cute mo sa SIS! maga eyes mo? pero ok lng cute mo talaga! ang swerte mo din ha. . katabi mo si Manny! kapag pumunta ka ng laguna daan ka dito sa cavite ha. . hehe

Napaiyak ka nung nanalo si Manny? grabe ha. . feel na feel mo talaga yung laban. . hehe

proud to be "KAPUSO" ! !


proud to be "FILIPINO" ! !


Anonymous said...

Whoa! So many entries. I haven't been able to check your site for quite sometime and I was really happy to see that you've been busy posting.

Congratulatiosn to Manny. Sure made me proud to be Pinay!

Congratulations to you too for the NIcklelodeon award.

Just sad that the Eagles lost to DLSU in the finals of the Collegiate Games last Monday. Winning that too would have been a wonderful end to a great 2008 season.

haylin said...

your so lucky chris!



Ran said...

..Wow! your really proud of him ha!
anyway,ang swerte mo nmn nkapanuod ka ng live..
geh tc nlang...

patty:) said...

aww. i wasn't able to watch SIS earlier today because, obviously, it's weekday & i was in school. too bad for me :| hahaha. but well, what could i do? :)) hmm.. did you come home with Manny? or you went back home before he did? or after? :D thank God you & many are back home safe & sound! :)

alicia said...

i'm glad Manny won :D even my classmates where texting me if he won already :)). it was a relief when i knew that he won. It is true... what you said at sis. that manny was the underdog... but see.. he proved them wrong. thank you for keeping your blog updated :D

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

nice photos ha? Ok lang kahit konti. . hehe

ang cute mo sa last photo, may hawak kang flag. . hehe with a white coat. . cute mo talaga!

Ui paki inform naman kami kapag maglalaro ka na sa PBL ha. . kasi wala kaming cable eh sa C/S9 lang ako nanunood eh. . hehe

take care and godbless!


Anonymous said...

hello kuya chris!!

antagal naman ng next entry kna ng bgo^^


~ROcheLLe~ said...

nIce chris.. You updateD your Blog wiTh a filipino Flag ^_^

Proud To be a Filipino..


my_weakness said...

i am not sure if Mr. Chris Tiu gets to read comments over his blog. But since there came a chris tiu mania in school (he'll be visiting HOLY ANGEL UNIVERSITY in Angeles City) which i must admit i am a fan too.

i am not much of a techie person to search the net for long hours or spend more time sitting in front of our desktop or my notebook. but to get to know more of him (Mr. Tiu), i tried. Lucky to find out his blog and read some of it. i am surprised that an icon like him really takes time in splurging hours to makes his blog even in the wee hours in the morning. more so, he really gets the detail and elaborate every event he went to. Its as if he's trying to inform his readers what a great day he had.

i now admit that i'll also look forward in reading some of his responses or some of his kwento.

One best thing about his blog is that i am learning. keep on writing man!

my_weakness said...

i am not sure if Mr. Chris Tiu gets to read comments over his blog. But since there came a chris tiu mania in school (he'll be visiting HOLY ANGEL UNIVERSITY in Angeles City) which i must admit i am a fan too.

i am not much of a techie person to search the net for long hours or spend more time sitting in front of our desktop or my notebook. but to get to know more of him (Mr. Tiu), i tried. Lucky to find out his blog and read some of it. i am surprised that an icon like him really takes time in splurging hours to makes his blog even in the wee hours in the morning. more so, he really gets the detail and elaborate every event he went to. Its as if he's trying to inform his readers what a great day he had.

i now admit that i'll also look forward in reading some of his responses or some of his kwento.

One best thing about his blog is that i am learning. keep on writing man!

Anonymous said...


nakakagalak talaga ang mga laban ni Manny. Lalung-lalo na pag nanalo ang ating pambansang kamao!

thanks for the update chris! You and Manny are the best..


Anonymous said...

you're so cute sa pic..hehe

april said...

hi chris. i don't think you remember me but we met at Beyonce's concert, November last year (i was the one who took your picture together with your friends cuz i was sitting right behind you guys. lol). so anyway, just wanted to ask if you happen to know Manny Pacquiao's e-mail address or if you guys have an e-mail address in your show (Pinoy Records)? there's this orphanage that needs help and i (sort of) volunteered myself to look for his e-mail. :) so, uhm. thanks. hope you'll reply:)

angel 17 ^-^ said...

so nice of you to update this blog even though you're soooo tired! =) guess you were just too happy! well, welcome back home chris!

well, la salle defeated ateneo in the PCC finals...oh..sayang naman! heheh..

hani_cutie_ said...

hi chris!

please extend my congratulations to manny, yehey! panalo nanaman ang pinoy!!!

it's my first time to give comment here in your blog, u know what everyday i always visit this site, i always check if you have a new entry, hehehe! tnx! chris because this past few days u often updated your blog and xempre may mga new entries, yey!

last wednesday pala di kita napanood sa sis, haii... sayang nga kasi may pasok kami dat tym.. anyways, may next time panaman, hehehe! besides we always watch naman your shows, PR & Ripleys.

take care always chris! may God always bless you and your family!! _(",)_

jillian said...

hey! im really glad manny won against dela hoya but a lot of my friends were telling me that the game was just a give-away fight or something of that sort. But ive watched the fight myself and i told them that i know manny can knock out dela hoya if they still continued to fight in the 9th round.

ANyway, i want to ask if i could apply to mega publishing as i am planning to take my ojt this coming summer of 2009? and i also want to know if there are benefits? Btw, im a business tsudent from psba,qc. Hope you could answer my questions. Thanx a lot. Ingat!

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

are you here in the Philippines already?

I failed to catch you on SIS, I am in school...

Ateneo lost to La salle in the pcc...wish you're there to help the blue eagles..well, ateneo are still the uaap champs!

It's kinda late but I want to congratulate you in the meg teens choice award! It is featured in the december issue of the mag..

ainan said...

I watched the game and felt so proud when Mr Pacquiao brought home the belt, you're so lucky you witnessed all of these in your own naked eye. Enjoy your vacation, just saw manny awhile ago on his motorcade here in dapitan


ainan said...

Long Live! really for Manny Pacquiao, Kudos! for a job well done, he shocked the world with his glory and might in the boxing ring.

You're really lucky you witnessed all of that! I know it was a lifetime memories you'll treasure.

Hope, you conduct a fans day before christmas or during the yuletide seASON, That will be a wonderful gift and thanks to all your fans out there.


Anonymous said...

gwapo mo niman sa picture...ang galing din ni pacquiao,,congrats nga pala sa kanya...siya talaga ang pinakamagaling na boxer this century...

nurse jane said...

nice photos! I love the last one..
you really carried our flag ah!..:)nice!
thank you for keeping us updated..^o~

y0hj.o17 said...

nice picture Chris ! ang gwapo mo pa din ! hehe . (:

MiTch said...

Cute ng pic mo holding the Philippine flag. I'm happy that you're proud to be Pinoy!

Thanks for posting some of your pictures in the Dream Match fight.

I'll watch mastershowman kahit 5am na ipalabas ung appearance mo. hehe.

Take care!!! Mwaah!

alex said...

wow! that's all i can say for what manny have done but can i ask a small favor out you, since you know him? can you teach manny some humility? i like him when his in the ring, knocking down his oppenent but the moment he step out of that ring, he transform into this mega-yabang guy. He deserve to act like that in a way but please tell him not to over do it. Please remind him that the whole country love him, even the kids and his being mayabang is not the value kid's should patronize about him.

btw, you're so cute in the cover of meg and congrat's for winning the favorite athlete.

what can you say to the loss of the eagles against la salle for pcc title?..

take care always..

Nadine Camille said...

Wow! You're so luck. You had a chance to meet him..haha!

Erine said...

hei,,, I just bought the mag... Its cool...

NAkakatuwa naman yung entry mo.. HAHahaha.. The feeling of goosebumps must be too overwhelming at that time.. Bihira lang sa mga pinoy ang makapanood ng isang laban that only MAnny PAcquiao can give... Lucky Chris.. HAHahahaha.. Ang cute mo sa pic...

May insomia ka ba? Everytime you post an entry, its always during late nights and early mornings....(kahit nandito k pa sa pilipinas..hmmm...)

btw... congratz for winning the fave athlete award in the nick choice award..
Always smile coz there's always a good day ahead.. God bless..(=';'=)

yaniemae said...

bagay sayo ung suot mu nung mei hawak kang flag.. nice..!!! ♥

TIUtsieroll_amy said...

hi, chris! I just wanna ask, what will you do tomorrow at gma's christmas celebration?


iAnne_25 said...

I've also watched the Manny Pacquiao and Oscar Dela Hoya "DREAM MATCH"..
The experience was awesome not only because Manny won.. as well as because my friend treat as to eat "Chao long" hehe so yummy..!

hMm.. Chris.. I'm so proud of you.. because beyond of your hectic schedule.. you still find time to write in your blog..^^,

still.. I wish to meet you personally..(just being optimistic.. =)

and I think it may come true..

take care..!

Mikee said...

Hi Chris, is it possible for you to greet my friend who is a huge fan of yours? She will be celebrating her birthday next week and I don't really know what to give her. She has done so many things for me already and I want to repay her. I believe that, a birthday greeting from you would make her so happy, and I think that this is the best gift that I can give her. Either advance or belated will do, thank you so much.

tUbz said...

pacman astig hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi there.


wee...nice blog..i found it at last..

we're there at holy angel university, we saw you and heard your very inspiring speech also..
i'm so impressed because you were so nice and you really praised our school..

i'm really sorry if some students take advantaged taking pictures of you..=) maybe they jsut can't help it because they were really starstruck by your presence.

i was really hoping to answer one of your questions but i got mental blocked,..(don't know why)=)

btw, It was really a greta experience to see you in person..
I'm your no.1 fan, i really hurried going to school just to see you although i'm still sleepy.
too bad i wasn't able to meet you that closer :c

but seeing you and hearing you was already enough..

Goodluck in your career kuya chris..

Merry xmas Tiu u..

hope 2 hear from u soon.
and i'm looking 4ward to see u play again..=)

tiUsajah1547 said...

hay naku nanood ako ng master showman!! kaso di kta nkita,,kc nman nung pumasok ako ng kwarto ska ka pinalabas..asar..d na ko makatulog ngaun dahil sa dissapointment...

MiTch said...

CHRIS! You're wrong! The Mastershowman didn't start @1am..instead it started 2am. I watched it last night but why i wasn't able to see your part there? It ended @4am but still i didn't see even your shadow? huhuhu... why?why?why?

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

i saw your father kanina sa tv. . ung sa qtv11 sa henny' s kitchen. . hehe sa tagaytay highlands kasi yung venue eh. . interview sya and then promotion na din. . hehe bongga talaga kayo ha! hehe

Advance Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year!

take care and godbless always!


Jamaica said...

See what the power of preyer did?. Congrats to manny. You're so ver lucky to have him as ur co-host.

I do have the meg december issue na wuhoo,. Kaso parang nabitin ako sa articles bout you.

Take care> God Bless.

levy said...

wow! ang galing ni Manny sa ring!
Galit yata sa pogi si Manny kasi sinira nya mukha ni De la Hoya...hehe
Swerte nyo po! buti pa kayo nakapunta sa MGM Grand para mapanood si Manny.

God bless po pala kuya Chris!

chamie♥17 said...

Yey!!!! i already have the December issue of the meg mag!Ü

that one was a killer smile... you really look great on the cover!

Anonymous said...

Chris pupunta ka ba sa birthday celebration ni Champ Manny Pacquio this Dec 17 sa General Santos City?
F yes, we will be VERY EXCITED to see you there. Sa wakas makikita ka na rin namin sa personal.
Continue to be an inspiration to everyone.

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

I'm looking forward for your new's been a while since your last entry

what are your plans now? are you still playing for the PBL? I hope you could play asap! I've been missing your action on the court!

Keep us posted..:)

Anonymous said...

Manny is really an example of the Filipino brand of determination and perseverance!

tootsieroll said...

hey! i haven't seen you in mastershowman eh... =D

red said...

pano magpa cater sa chinky chickens? sensya na. ito lang yung alam ko na site mo eh. mr chris

den den said...

congrats manny! RIP marky

Nobe said...

I didn't see that coming.


Anonymous said...

nd knaman pinakita sa master showman! y?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your pic with the philippine flag..
So proud to be pinoy!

Anyway,I just want to ask the reason why you did'nt play on the recent PCC?
How sad that ateneo did'nt win the play over la salle..
However, its ok.I think team ateneo understands your commitments.

Keep it're the man!



nurse jane said...

hey, chris!
what happened to your left eye?..
why it's so red?...
btw, congratulations for being a TAYO awardee!
another well-deserved accomplishment!
God bless you more!^o~

E said...

I have seen the latest issue of the meg mag and you are sooo HOT((:

22_DHENG_BHOI_22 said...

Mabuhay kyo ni Manny!!! Pound for Pound Champion of the World
Mabuhay ka rin Chris!!
Champion of UAAP Season 71
Qianjin!, Qianjin, Qianjin!, Jin! (March on!, March On!, March On!, On!)

Anonymous said...

what's that thing with kc concepcion?
kwento ka naman..
di ka na nagpopost eh.. hehe!
ung parang naghost ata kayo.. di ko kasi naabutan sa tv..
uhm, do take care chris!
aja! =)

brizzeldonna said...

congratz t0 pacquiao and he really did a great job.. and also congrats to you because t=you did great in your present career.. kip it up.. take care and god bless..

sabriaü said...

Hey, Chris!ü Just this afternoon, my mom handed me an article from the Inquirer featuring your Read Along Session with numerous kids. Included therein was a picture of you with the kids and the link to where we could all watch the video of your storytelling--
Twas so nice! Haha. You're not too bad at speaking tagalog after all huh! And the interview was nice. Good job!ü Continue your advocacy of helping out to the Public Education Sector here in our country. Not everyone is given the chance to study in prestigious universities and reach out to the less fortunate ones. Two thumbs up to you for being the blessed and generous one!ü

Also, finally, I was able to purchase my own copy of the Meg mag! Don't cha think that sooo cool? Haha!ü I bought one for my sister as well since she's sooo dying to have one too. Haha!ü Of course, there were infos included inside that we didn't know before we got our copy. (I won't disclose them. Na uh! Grab your own copy fellas and find out for yourselves!:P) The pics were great too! Twas, all in all, worth every penny. A good buy indeed!ü

I think that'd be enough for now. I missed leaving comments here. Aww.

Before everyone starts sending you Christmas greetings, I'd like to be one of the first to do so, in advance though. I hope you won't mind since Christmas Day is like 7 days from now. Haha!ü OK, here's the touching part (hahaha!), May Tiü have a splendid Christmas, Chris! This year has been a greatly successful one for you. I am happy and proud of you and what you've achieved and will still achieve. I join all the other Tiünatics (as we all are fondly called) in expressing our deepest gratitude to you for being truly an inspiration to us. With your every jump shot, every assist pass, every good deed, every blog entry, every episode of your shows, and everything else that you do, you put smiles on our faces. I never imagined that there would be a being as nearly perfect, if not perfect as you are. I only wish that you be blessed more of what you already have and still don't have yet. Be happy, Chris. Go farther, aim higher, soar the mightiest!ü

chrissy said...

hi chris! did you attend manny pacquiao's birthday bash?

best online casinos said...

Congrats to Manny! By the way, were you in Gen. San. also during his birthday celebration? I miss tiu already..:D

just a suggestion, why don't you add a sitemeter widget to monitor your blog's traffic? I bet you really got lots of visitors...

Anonymous said...

cute pictures :)

bryanjay_12 said...

hi chris!
i just saw you on tv the other day on your interview at the TOYA awarding. I noticed that your left eye is red. What happened to your left eye?
I just want to know..

God Bless... :D

alessia. said...

hi chris.
i just wanna ask kung anu nanyare as left eye mo po?

take care Ü

trizzi said...

Hi there!

I was waiting for your next entry since last week. What happened? Busy aye?

Hmmmm.. Kuya Chris I really wanna watch your shows but unfortunately, my mom works in TFC. So, I have no choice but to watch kapamilya shows.

I miss Philippines. I hope you can write something about your Christmas Celebration to compensate for my loneliness. lol.

Ok I'm really looking forward to reading your next entry.


btw, I finally got the Chalk Mag.hehe! My mom gave me a copy. I wish she can give me the meg one. lol.

and oh, is there any chance of you visiting Sydney? Please.

If ever, plz keep us(me lol) updated. Thanks!

.~.7teentwenty4.~. said...

hi chris...

grabe you guys make me laugh..i just watched your video sa you tube kasama nyo yun eaglets tapos ang kanta yun ANG SARAP DITO yun theme song ng Coke..ANG KWELA!!!! kailan nyo ginawa yun?? hahaha! i can't imagine.. chris tiu has a funy side din pala hehe.. nakikipagkulitan ka din pala..haha! ang saya panuodin ansakit na nga ng panga ko kakatawa... haaaai...kulet nila nonoy sumayaw haha! pati yun eaglets game sa pagpapatawa..cguro naka 10x kong inulit-ulit panuodin yun tapos nirecord ko pa sa cel ko haha! gusto ko yun part na ginaya nyo yun commercial ng US vs. CHINA ng Coke..ang kulet mo dun!! haha! kenkoy ka din pala..tapos nag lipsynch ka pa..weeeeh!! ang sarap ulit-ulitin panuodin nakakatanggal ng really make my day..

sana gawa ulit kayo ng 1 pa haha.. nawili? c:

congrats to manny..magka birthday pa kame..hehe..

take care always..god bless..
[i forgot my's me crisel..hope you still remember..hehe..c;]

~CHRISel 1724~

Monica said...

Makes me proud to be his fellow Filipino.. please send my congratulations to your hosting bud.. =)

How does it feel holding our flag with your hands on the thrill of watching the highly-anticipated fight of Mr. Pacquiao?

Hoping for your reply.. just comment on my blog..

As early as now, I want to apologize coz I don't have much time to jazz up my blog.. My bestie did this for me, coz I'm a bit busy girl..

Take a bunch of care with you wherever you may be.. God bless.. :]

~Monica Licaros

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

I miss you!!!

we are waiting for your new entry!

hope to hear it from you very soon!

God bless you!:)

mania_ainam said...

~hmm..antagal ko din di nkabsita sa blog mo..anyway..congrats for manny..and u are very lucky u are there..hahahha..i already bought the latest issue of meg magazine..OMG!! ur photos are so hot and gorgeous..haahhaha..:D honestly im telling the new collections are magazines, where you are the cover...hahaha..i already have the blueblood,lifestyleasia,chlak and meg..i hope u'll always update us pgdating sa mga magazines na ikaw yung cover..hhahaha.. hmm anyway..take care olweiz..lalab..:D and goodluck..

grahani cabaltea said...

hi chris!

merry christmas !!!

why you are not updating your blog?....

i heard that you will spend your Christmas in America together w/your brother and you will be watching NBA live together with manny

take care always Chris

we miss TIU na....

by the way, later Pinoy Records nanaman, we surely watch that, sana marami kang exposure mamaya, hehehe!

God bless!!

almira said...

advance merry Christmas!

i can't wait to hear another news from you! :)

take care.

Anonymous said...

hello! aren't you gonna post something about your visit at Holy Angel University? mmm...



MiTch said...

MeRry ChRisTmAs ChRis!!! AdVaNcE HaPpy NeW YeAr tOo!!!

HaPpy TriP!!! MaY GoD bE aLwAyS wiTh YoU!!! LoVe YoU!!! MwAh!!!

Anonymous said...

hi chris,

i just read a comment here about you and the rest of the ateneo blue eagles doing some spoof with the coke commercial. the video is posted on youtube. may i know the link for that.


.~.7teentwenty4.~. said...

hi chris..

i have my copy na ng meg..hehe..saya! christmas gift ko sa sarili ko wahehe...

advance merry chistmas..! yngatz always.. god bles..


hazeljoyv said...

Hello Chris! Can you blog about your reading event with kids which was featured at the Philippine Daily Inquirer? Just saw a vid of it yesterday..Inspiring kasi..Thanks..I posted it in my blog pa nga..hehe

chamie♥17 said...

Advance Merry Christmas... It is just two days. What are your plans this Christmas?♥

Please type/update something about the happenings on your Christmas. I will be waiting. Thank you! Ü