Friday, December 5, 2008

Short Update from the US / MEG Magazine December Issue

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you for all your congratulatory messages! It's 12:15 am now here in California of December 5, just one day before the Dream Fight between Manny Pacquiao and Oscar dela Hoya. Everywhere I go here, everyone talks about the fight. Can't wait for the big day! I just hope and pray that Manny doesn't get hurt whatever the outcome will be. Anyway, we just finished our Pinoy Records taping in L.A. I'm now in San Diego spending a night here with an uncle then we'll drive to Vegas tomorrow morning in time to catch the Weigh-in! That I wanna see too. I hope that you all try your best to watch the fight , support Manny and our country! Times likes these are rare when all Filipinos come together for to cheer for a common cause! That's why Manny is such a national icon. I hope that we have more of these events and people.

That's all for now . I'm gonna hit the sack. Update you guys soon, hopefully with pictures :) Btw, I will try to upload a video of my short speech after receiving the Nickelodeon award. ALSO, I'm on the cover of the December issue of MEG Magazine. So for those interested, get a copy :)



janinedegracia said...

..happy to know that you're there to support Manny..
..we will also pray that he will not get hurt too much but we can't be sure of that yet..
..enjoy you're stay..
..i already saw the magazine,you looked wonderful in the cover..
..looking forward for the video and pictures..
..take care of yourself there..
..hugs n kisses..

Anonymous said...

hey!hopefully,manny pacquiao will bring home the bacon not just for his boxing career but for our country.I will pray for that.
Looking forward also for the pictures and video..& excited now to watch the episode of pinoy records featuring the fight of pacman.
Enjoy youre stay there..


Anonymous said...

"Times likes these are rare when all Filipinos come together for to cheer for a common cause! That's why Manny is such a national icon."

--- a very shallow common cause and a very shallow reason for Manny to be regarded as a National Icon.

Anonymous said...

you look handsome in the cover :)

pAtRiCiA said...

hi chris..!!!
its nice to know that you and manny were supporting each other...!!!
we will pray for him!!!
i'll grab a copy of it!

bianca said...

Hi Chris,
I'm so happy you have updated your blog and keep us updated on your busy and hectic schedule. We will pray for Manny's glory, for his win, and for his safety. For him not to get hurt. And we will also be praying for you to be also safe there in states, and also in your baskteball career. I have the copy already of the meg, and you look great there. I really admire your pictures and take a pic words their. Just to mention I voted you 20x in the poll on meg, but swear i just did voted you 5x on the nick sorry hehehehe. Bus still it's a dream come true to see you winning for me. Keep it up, good luck take care.


KimFandJudzSJ said...

This is so cool. HAHA. We sure would love to hear your speech. We weren't able to watch, e. :) Ohh. MEG Magazine. Awesome. Can't wait to watch your shooting there in LA. for Pinoy Records. :) Haha.

Anonymous said...

sana nga manalo si manny! malamang zero crime rate na naman ang mega manila nyan!

chris sana meron ka din ma upload na mga behind the scene ha? yung tipong light moments, before na after ng fight.

thanks a lot for keeping us updated, noong isang araw pa ko pabalik balik dito sa blog mo, im gonna be watching Pinoy Records tomorrow.

ingat kayo dyan!


mary joyce said...

I hope Mr. Manny will win! :) Hehe! I'll pray for him.

chel said...

i already have the copy of the december issue of meg!
it was great!!!

especially the article about you about the shooting star!

axtually im collecting magazines which feature you and the blue eagles!
i must admit that you really inspired and touch the youth today!!

more power to you..

especially the cover!! hehe..

jessica marie said...

hey chris =)
take care jan sa US ha =)
excited na rin ako sa laban ni manny eh hehe
and i'll definitely get a copy of that latest mag =))

godbless =)

rAn17 said...

hi chris!
i Already got a cOpy of that mag!
ang cute mo dun..
sna sa ibA pang mAgazine kaw ulit ung issue..
i really looking forward for that..
pls Stay humble and always thank God for all the blessing that you have now!
kipsefp olweiz..

chamie♥17 said...

yah right! i am already trying to get a copy of the magazine. hopefully, as soon as possible.

take good care of yourself and ingat!Ü

by the way, pasalubong? hehe!Ü

3xie said...

ok..lets pray all together 4 him...and i will also buy d meg magazne! haha..:))

angel 17 ^-^ said...'re there pala! i have meg na! nice! =)

chel said...

.. we all hope that pacman will bring home the crown and glory!!
gudluck to his fight..

.. chris tiu is a shooting star tlga!
.. i really got hooked on basketball and got interested in that sport bcoz of u..


the article is nice..

thanks for sharing with us..

u look good in the cover of meg magazine..

i also grab the lifestyle asia mag..

keep on inspiring us..

words that best describes you for me...


thats why we admire you, CHRIS!

Anonymous said...

is meg magazine cost P80+?
i'm intersted with its content.
i never have meg magazine ever since.

good luck with your career,hope to see you in pba soon. God bless you & take care

Anonymous said...

One Big Fight for Manny Pacquiao! :D

Anonymous said...

How about your second degree classes, eh?


Anonymous said...

hi chris i just buy your mag instead of the band aid. because i just have 100 pesos left in my wallet your shotd are very awesome!! i have read the article and i knew that your girlfrined is studying at canada and your so sweet in your girlfriend!! we'll take care there!! hope to meet you and be a good friend of yours soon!!

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

i'm happy that you share your feelings in Manny's fight. You know what, i'm nervous about Manny because Oscar is very strong though Manny is also strong but you know there's kinda feeling that he can do it and because of that i just keep praying for him to win his dream match.

And i'm also impressed in you because you are very supporting co-host and friend. You even go to Las Vegas to watch the fight ha?

Basta, saludo kami sa inyong dalawa ni Manny!

Ingat ka po dyan!

Go! Philippines! Go Manny!


eyaa said...

woah.. i'll sure get a copy of that!
god bless.
enjoy your stay there. :D

nix14 said...

i'll surely grab a copy of this issue of Meg :) i'm a collector of Meg and Candy magazines. i'm wondering when will you be on the cover of Candy? i hope you will be soon. hehe :) by the way, take care there okay? :D

and please, if it this won't be a problem, tell Manny good luck from me. :D

and also, i'm looking forward to the pictures and video of your speech :)

ley said...

hi chris goodluck to manny talaga!ingats dyan lagi, your teamates are in the bubble gang now, hehe cute nila sa jokes...i'll get a copy of meg tomorrow. God Bless Chris!!!

c16_c17 said...

hi again!

I just got home and i'm currently watching Bubble Gang, and surprisingly i see Blue Eagles except you and Jai. they were delivering good jokes actually. and their very funny, they good in cameras huh? baka matalbugan ka na nila. . hehe joke lang. ofcoarse, no one beats Chris Tiu!

Burke, Yuri, Kurt, Rabeh and Nonoy is very very funny. . hehe

Just sharing lang. hehe


patty:) said...

wow, Chris! you're there na nga :D hope you can have even a short chat with Manny before the fight & tell him that we all are praying for him & we'll all watch as he fights with his courageous heart for all of us, Filipinos :) you've been given such a great opportunity to witness the fight live! pays to be the Pacman's co-host & a loyal Kapuso huh :)) thanks for letting us all know about the present happenings in your life even during wee hours. so much appreciated! :) please please please please post pix of your trip there! :)) yes, i am very much interested with the Meg mag so i will definitely get my own copy soon! :D ooh! i am thrilled about the vid of your speech! :D i'd so love to see how you graciously accepted the award that was possible mostly because of us, your fans! :) btw, Team Ateneo is featured in today's Bubble Gang episode. seems like you & Coach Norman are the only ones missing in action. aww. but that's fine since you're there nga :D i hope you enjoy & take care huh! sana you already brought your own cam unlike your Bora trip so that you'd be able to share with us plenty pix which you personally took! :)) okay, that's all for now, Chris :) i'm quite sure Manny will win because you're his lucky charm! :)

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your stay there chris...I'm going to buy na tomorrow your mag,,i just can't resist from someone like you. Ingat and good luck to our people's champ! God speed!!!

fence sitter said...

Wow! Thanks for updating the blog, though,you are a thousand of miles away, so to speak.

Have fun!

MiTch said...

I already got a copy of meg magazine december issue! love it more as you at the cover!!! I'm gonna wait for your blog updates. We're all praying for the success of Manny and also for the success of our country!
May God be always with you! Take care always Chris! Mwahh!

~ Dyilyan Dyosa~ said...

sort of out of topic but dear you look a lot like jc of survivor phils :) lol

you take care there :)

gizelle said...

hi chris..
i see that you're in U.S to suppOrt Manny.. that's very nive Of yOu.. by the way, cOngrats fOr winning the nickelOdeOn kids chOice award.. take care.. gOd bless..

kalliepepper said...

it's been a while since i bought Meg - and it's because of you! haha...

you're lucky you'll get to watch the dream match. i don't think i'll get to watch it, coz TV says it's gonna be aired at 10 am - i'll probably be still sleeping then [hehe, i sleep at least 12 hours straight during weekends as it's my only chance to catch up!]. but still, i pray for him.

and oh, i just watched Bubble Gang last night - the Blue Eagles were their guests! too bad you weren't there, i think you and Jai were the only players missing. Rabeh and Yuri was so funny! will we get to see you guest on BG as well?


Anonymous said...

the make up artist must be fired! the make up is so thick, i dont think it looks natural on you. :O next time hope you can tell them to tone it down..

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

I'll pray for manny! and for all the filipinos!

enjoy your stay there...we'll keep posted!

God bless!

p.s. I'll try my very best to grab a meg magazine!

char said...

good to know that you still find time to update this blog even if you're there. :) i know manny will win! i just hope that i'm also there to support him. hehe.

i already have a MEG mag december issue. my mom bought it for me. i love the article about you and your pictures. :D

nikowls said...

its nice to know that you will support manny pacquiao & our country... of course we will pray for manny pacquiao's victory... i will buy the meg magazine maybe tom.... im gonna watch the pinoy records today... gud luck to u & to manny pacquiao... :)

Anonymous said...

i luv you chrs tiu!!!!!!!!!!!

colleen said...

nice!! kaya mong mag travel ng mag isa ka lang.. i already got a copy of the magazine!!:P you favorite things are very unexpected! .. simple things lang!!:)
take care of yourself!!:) i know you would.. haha..

Anonymous said...

Really? Wow. I'm going to hit the store later so that I can have one copy. I am not Meg collector,its usually Candy,but for you, sure.sure. I'll buy. But what's on the issue? :D

=,bianca59,= said...

++>> it's saturday here na po.. tomorrow's the day!! i'm so excited na po talaga!! (n_n)

++>> sana po makunan kayo ng camera para makita namin kayo.. hehe =) it's so nice to know that you'll be there to support our 'Pambansang Kamao' i hope he'll win.. also hope that he wouldn't get hurt that much..

++>> love your hosting in both Ripley's and Pinoy Records.. you're becoming better and better everytime.. (n_n) keep up the good work po kuyah!! i'll continue to support all of you shows..

++>> by the way,, i've watched Bubble Gang last night.. and the Blue Eagles are there.. kaso kuyah Jai is not there and YOU!! pero it's fun to watch pa rin kasi ang kulit nilang lahat dun!! hehe lalo na po yung nagkakamali si kuyah Nonoy sa lines nya.. hehe

++>> ge po.. til here na lang po muna.. bye po!! ingatzz!! God bless!!

Valerie said...

opo, meron na po akong copy ng MEG mag. Pogi mo dun!! para kang 17 years old!! hihihihi=)

~ROcheLLe~ said...

cHris, hee yOUr so suPporTiVe Tlaga.. caN't wait to see the PR na na shoot nyo jan.. ^_^

BTW, i got a copy of LifeStyLeAsia Mag nA cover kaYong mGa BLue eaGle.. and so beautifuL, napaka formaL nYo heee...and Later I will buY MEG mag.. ^_^

hoPe yOu take CaRe..


cariza said...

MEG mag. di ba daddy moh ung chairman ng pub. group nun..
nabasa ko sa S mag eh..
bi2li ako nun, wag ka magalala..
collection ko na nga ata ung mga
picture moh eh..

cgurado na,na si manny ang panalo noh..
wala sa laki yan.. nasa tibay ng loob.. ehehe

jane ♥♥ said...

i hope manny will bring home the bacon..
i assure to you that i waill watch manny's fight...
and i will buy for that magazine..
i really love reading magazine..
specially about
you & about blue eagles..

take care...

nica said...

OMG! You're in San Diego?! If I only knew, I would have asked my cousin to pick me up and drive me there coz they live in San Diego! Just kidding! =)

It's cool coz every time Manny has a fight, Filipinos here in US get together! From NY to CA, food and drinks and stuff. Like we would have in less than 24 hrs. I cancelled my Disneyland/6 Flags trip for this fight! Hehe...

Im glad you can watch him fight coz I know you missed his last fight bcoz of the UAAP preparations. You deserve it after winning the UAAP championship =) It would be nice for Manny to know that you'd see him and support him in person!

I bet Filipinos all over the world would pray for Manny... Just so you know that some Mexicans are betting for Manny. It's kinda wierd though...

marvz said...

hope na manalo po si manny...

pray q po siya...

xmpre, proud to be pinoy....

ingat ka po jan...

GOD Bless!

patty:) said...

hey, Chris! :) am watching Pinoy Records now. i was able to get a glimpse of your acceptance speech at the Nick's :D i wonder, were you informed beforehand that you won as Fave Athlete? hmm. the kids were jumping up & down when your name was revealed :)) nice interview with Manny! :) i think you're more effective as a spontaneous host :)) take care & i hope to hear more from you real soon! :) the best of luck to Manny! may St. Ignatius & all the saints & of course our Almighty be with him & with you as well :)

hannah deanne agatha omengan said...



mary joyce said...

Why po wala ka last night sa Bubble Gang. Blue Eagles are there. Hehe! Pwede na po silang mag-showbiz! Hehe! Galing and astig! :) Anyway, I will buy Meg Magazine on Monday. Haha! :) Ayun lang po. Good luck again to Mr. Manny. :)

Mary Joyce

Anonymous said...

Hi. Tanong ko lang po kung meron ka pong alam na sites ng chinese songs? thanks po.

zheelz said...

take care chris!

Fjordan Allego said...

wow! very supportive sa fellow athlete and co host hahaha.. goodluck!

almira said...

i'll grab a copy of that and i'll also pray for manny's victory. :)

keep safe! ^.^

♥jane♫ said...

Mr. TIUperman…
Ive already red the meg magazine…
Your so nice,,
And of course cute…
What I mean..,
kip Up the good wOrk..
stay as you arE…
kEep sAfe..

Nica said...

Yahoo! Manny Pacquiao won!

nix14 said...

hey please tell manny congratulations!

patty:) said...

haha! i knew Manny would win :) congratulations to him & to all of us Filipinos! :) indeed another proof of glory & pride for our country :) although somehow i felt sad for Oscar. he's good looking e :)) but then he's already successful as a promoter so maybe he would just have to resign from boxing. grabe! i can just imagine the festivity and celebration there in Vegas :)) be back soon, Chris! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm really wanted to see the video.
I hope you can do so......
why isn't you're not belong anymore to the ateneo team...??/
sayang di k nakasali sa NATIONAL COLLEGIATE Champs!
well as expected kasali ang ateneo sa FINALs at maghaharap cla ulit ng La Salle!!!
sayang talaga chris!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! I finally brought the Meg Magazine. Of course, you were on the cover. :D Hot and so matured. I love it.

angel 17 ^-^ said...

hey! congrats to manny! he clearly erased all the doubts about his being the best boxer in the world today! sadly, gma's telecast was sooooooooo late! everybody knew the outcome even before they started televising!

congrats also to the ateneo blue eagles for forcing another finals showdown against la salle tomorrow! i can't believe it! it's been 2 months and here they are again, staged for another championship game! sayang you're not here to play! it would be much better sana! i hope the eagles will defend the PCC crown even without you.. i'm sure la salle's motivation is to get back at ateneo! but it'd immaculate conception feast tomorrow so i'll pray mary will once again be on the blue side! pray for the team!=)

jiLLian said...

I got the chance to see your interview with manny pacquiao on pinoy records yesterday. I kinda envy you for being able to watch the Pacquiao-Dela Hoya match live. Hehehe. Anyway, i got to watch it nman although the last 2 rounds na lang ksi i fell asleep before it even started. And i just want to say congratulations for your shows. Ripley's is doing good and i watch it whenever i'm not too tired to wait up for it. And i do enjoy Pinoy Records too. It's just that i haven't seen you play basketball for quite sometime now especially in the PCC. And i'll grab a copy of the meg magazine one of these days when i have the chance to drop by somewhere where they sell magazines. U take good care of yourself and i hope to see you in Katips one of these days. Ciao!

jessica marie said...

yey! victory for manny =))

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,

Please extend my congratulations to Mr. Manny Pacquiao. I watched the delayed telecast of GMA7 and I'm very very confident that Pacman will win but I didn't expect that Dela Hoya would "surrender" instantly before round 9 starts... And we should be very proud to be a Filipino right...
And you must e very proud of your co-host... hehe

Anyways, I'll grab a copy of Meg's December issue! And I'll look forward to your video.. And your LA episode at Ripleys!

GodBless you Chris!

crazypeach said...

Aaacckkk! It seems the mag is sold-out from where I was looking! Nooooo! I'll try to find it elsewhere!

Looking forward for more of your magazine apperancs. I've been collecting mags with you in it ever since your rookie days! Hihi! ^_^

tiutsieroll_amy said...

i bought a copy. just now! hahaha... can't wait to read it. i Forgot pa nga to buy a correction tape eh... hahaha... pero okay lang atleast nadagdagan nanaman collection ko!

Anonymous said...

hi mr. chris tiu how will you watch
support your teamates play against your archrival today at araneta for the championship?! wish that your there to cheer them...

spideyprince said...

hi there i know its kinda lkate for conratulations but its better late than never right?? so "CONGRATULATIONS"...well my vote really count hehe... god bless!!!

Anonymous said...

i bought the meg magazine dec. issue just to know more about you... it's really cool and natatawa q when i read about your ligaw style... always take care.. i'm one of your avid fan.. hope to see you soon...
and congrats for winning the best athlete.... (marian :) )

Anonymous said...

chris is part of chalk's hottest men this dec. issue!!!

EIEN17 said...


NEX said...

I have Meg mag`s December ish already. :]] You`re the cutest cover boy ever =)))

haylin said...

hi chris!!

i already have a copy of MEG look so nice on the cover..

keep it up!


tita kay said...

Hi Chris,

We already have a copy of Meg December issue. It was fun to read the interview/write up about you.

It's so touching that you have not forgotten your social responsibility in the field of education.

Keep up the good ork and keep updating us about your activities.

Lucky you! You got to watch Manny's match with ODH. It was so cool for Manny to be so at peace about the fight during your dinner with him.

JuST aNoTHeR GiRL... said...

Chris! Meg MAgazine is always out of sock whenever I try to grab a copy...but I looked it up online, you look nice..Lookin forward to Saturday's episode..stay safe...^_^

Anonymous said...

A Letter for An Angel
I hope you will keep on smiling. You just do not know how many people around you are inspired by your smile.

I don't know. Maybe I am wrong. Or maybe I am right. But people have always told me I have beautiful eyes. Eyes that can see the emotions of other people. I just hope I am wrong in saying that your smile almost always never reaches your eyes. Whether I am wrong or whether I am right, I just wish that whatever it is that influences that look in your eyes, it can be changed.

An angel's smile, I call it.

Your smile. It is a blessing to your family, friends, relatives, and fans. Actually, even to strangers... actually... even to me... and there's no use in denying it. Haha.You make me smile when you smile.

I just hope it will reach your eyes. Or maybe it does reach your eyes. And I am wrong and am just imagining things. Anyway, if that is the case… I'll be glad to be wrong....

CHINA17o.O* said...

hi chris.

il mek xur dat
il be able to
hav a copy of
d meg mag.
i promise.


Anonymous said...

heheehe...ei!chris gt ur meg mags na,kumpleto lahat dun pati lovelife mo...gotcha!bro.ko pa bumili nun para sakin,nkita kc ng sis ko she told me about it at pinakta pa.congratz pala sa pagpanalo mo sa nck pati c manny natalo..whooaaa!keep safe!


♥jen♥ said...

hi Chris!
Congratulations for being the Nickelodeon's Favorite Athlete..
you really deserved it!
i already have the copy of the Nov issue of Lifestyle Mag and i'll surely buy the Dec issue of Meg.. heheh! ;)
this year is truly for you..
lalo kang naging famous..
not only for being a basketball heartthrob but also as a tv personality and a role model for the youth..
just keep up the good work!
Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.. :D
take care!
God Bless.. :)

Anonymous said...

i rily want a copy of the issue of meg magazine featuring you, but i cant seem to find any here in gensan and even in davao! :-(

shisha said...

i have the meg magazine with you on the cover..

i tried to look for that magazine in different bookstore but it was already sold..

luckily i got the last magazine..

with you on the cover of the magazine.., the magazine is really MABENTA

Anonymous said...

hi Chris..

I just got a copy of the meg magazine ^^ you look great, i love it.. hoping to see more of you in magazines ^^

(my mum is also a fan of yours.. - good choice I guess.. ^^)

Good Luck and God Bless..