Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!! Here's 2008 in Review

2008 will surely be marked as a milestone year for many. There are so many memorable events that occurred and some not so memorable ones. Let's take a look at some highlights of the past year.

Barack Obama becomes the first African-American President of the world's most powerful nation defeating Republican John McCain.

Earthquake in China's Sichuan province kills 70,000 and leaves millions homeless.

Cyclone hits Burma and kills about 100,000.

Sub-prime crisis. Wall Street collapses. Fall of giants Lehman and Bear Stearns.

Philippine Peso broke the 50:1 barrier to the dollar.

Oil prices reached $147 per barrel

Beijing produced the world's greatest show during the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics.

Cancer victim Randy Pausch gave life lessons, via YouTube, to millions. He died in July.

Russia invades Georgia causing global anxiety.

OJ Simpson is sentenced again for robbing a hotel in Las Vegas.

Pope Benedict 16th pays his first visit to the US and claims that American power won't solve religious conflict but American values might.

The Dark Knight grosses $988 million and makes Hollywood's 4th biggest hit in history.

New York Giants, with quarterback Eli Manning, upset undefeated New England Patriots in the NFL Superbowl.

Tiger Woods played the greatest golf game of his life by beating Rocco Mediate in the US Open by a comeback victory with an ACL.

Boston Celtics defeat the LA Lakers in a fantastic finals series between the NBA's two greatest rivals.

Rafael Nadal defeats Roger Federer in the greatest tennis seesaw Wimbledon finals in 5 hours.

Michael Phelps sets a world record by winning 8 golds including a come from behind split second victory.

Usain Bolt set another world record by winning both the 100-m and 200-m sprints in world-record times.

Manny Pacquiao wins his fourth title in four different divisions by defeating Diaz in June. He also embarrassed the Golden Boy in December 6 and was named the No. 1 Pound for Pound fighter in the world.

And lastly, my favorite, Ateneo de Manila Blue Eagles defeat arch-rival de la Salle Green Archers in the 71st season of the UAAP. :)

Obviously 2008 was a great year for sports but it also hosted some tragic events. I guess at this point in time, we just have to be grateful to the Lord for all the blessings that have come our way during the past year. And at the same time, it is a time to reflect and learn from the lessons of the past in the hopes of improving ourselves, our country and our relationships with people and most of all, with God for the coming year. Let us make 2009 another milestone year! Happy New Year to you all! :)


sahmae said...

Happy New Year Chris!

-jhen17- said...

hello Chris...

Happy New Year!!!
I hope 2009 will be a great
year for you and for everybody.
Good Luck!!!
God Bless!!!

ATENEO BLUE EAGLES defeats De La Salle Green Archers...that's really the BEST of 2008. :)


dortizoviguilla said...

hi Chris
from all of us here in saudi arabia
Happy New Year to Every Filipino around the world and may the next year be more fruitful and prosperous.
keep it up Chris......... we care for you.


Anonymous said...

apee new year chris!

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,


it's very nice to read your last entry because you do have time to spent and think the very most important happenings in the world. And hornestly, after i read the title of your blog I said to myself that "hindi mawawala ang championship ng UAAP Season 71" hehe:)) and ofcoarse Ateneo beated la Salle.

I know you're very thankful this you to have your achievements last 2008. And congratulations to you!
Keep up the good work and more power to you! Stay as you are and stay as our inspiration!

takecare and godbless!

again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! may you have a wonderful 2009 ahead.


ANN said...

HAPPY YEAR OF THE OX CHRISTOPHER!!! You were blessed in 2008 and I pray for more more more blesseings for you this 2009! Keep insipiring people most especially me! God bless you and your family!

Love lots Christopher.... xoxo


Ceila said...

Happy New Year Mr. Tiu. :)

Anonymous said...

nice one chris!

happy new year again and more touch to soul for 2009. we are hoping to see you soon, wearing your hapee jersey. goodluck to all your endeavors!


Claire said...

cool entry... :)

Bonnie said...

last year was both good and bad but we still managed to survive because even when the world is fast changing we are confident enough that the God we are serving is an immutable God.May God bless you in all areas of your life. Happy new year!

e'nahh said...

happy new year TIU you, chris!:) (yup, i know, i'm not the original..hehe)

nice review of 2008 :)

i think that 2008 was also your year because of all your achievements :) way to go chris! :)
i know that more blessings will come your way this year,2009...just continue giving your best in everything you do :)

God bless! and always keep your feet on the ground (kahit super sikat ka na, TIUperman!:) )

again, happy new year! a blessed 2009 for all of us! :)

Christine Joyce said...

happy new year Chris!
Wishin you a prosperous new year.=)
God Bless.

Monique said...

yay! i'm the first to leave a comment!!!
mukhang tulog pa ata yung iba. :)
anyways, have a blessed new year chris!

marvz said...

happy new year Chris!

may the Lord bless you and your family always!

take care!

Nica said...

Astig ng blog entry mo ngayon Chris! One of my favorite events of 2008 is when ADMU won the UAAP championship!

Im also saddened by all the tragic things that happened around the globe. I was in front of Lehaman Brothers building in NY when it collapsed. It's a devastating sight! Its employees were all grief-stricken.

Anyhoos, Happy New YEar Chris! All we can do now is to pray that this year will be more blessed.

Remember these: Everyday we face CHANGE, but there's three things that will NEVER CHANGE!

1. God's Word never change.
2. God's love for all of us dont change either.
3. God's promise will ultimately be upheld in HIS own time.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Chris!

May God continue to light your path as you take the journey that he has set before you.

bea reyes said...

CHRIS have a prosperous new year ahead!
may your 2009 be as great as 2008!
godbless and goodluck. :)


EJ said...

Hi, Chris, just want to greet you a Happy Happy New Year!

ian laput said...

It was surely an eventful 2008 for the world with the Obama victory, Pacman fever, Eagles glorious flight, Papal message to the pastors of the church....ang dami. May 2009 bring new hope and learnings to make the year good for education, economy, family ministry, and political and spiritual upliftement to our country and the rest of the world...Happy New Year Chris and your family and the rest of the readers.... Luceat Lux.

Anonymous said...

the last one's my favorite too. XP but if you'll ask me, what i'd like to know is how chris spent his new year's eve. anyway, it's probably just like the way everybody else did, right?

hope to see you on jan 6 for hapee's 1st game of the year. somebody has just got to come to the rescue or else, the team will fall behind.

btw, it's your year.. the year of the ox! i hope i get tikoy from someone on chinese new year. heheh.. (f ud lyk 2 snd me 1 jaz email me or sumthn. *laughin out loud* XD)

God's graces abound on people like you who are faithful and grateful. may He continue to show you favor so that you may inspire others in return.


char said...

happy new year chris! i hope this 2009 will be a great year for you again. i hope this year you'll be able to post in the igma tiunatics thread. :)

here's the link.,6896.msg1567042.html#new

take care chris. =)

xoxo11715xoxo blue lover said...

hapi new year haha..

..stay safe..

gudLuck and godbLESS




♥princesz jane♥ said...

happy new year!!
have a bless new year!!
always take care...
always hav a heart for other people...
stay the same...
kip safe...


Anonymous said...

Happy new year cHris!
Guess Im the first to greet You in your blog,
May this year be a prosperous year for you, surpassing your last years' achievements,

trueblue said...

happy new year chris.
wish u ol d best this 2009.
indeed, the victory of ateneo in UAAP season 71 is one of the greatest moments in 2008.
thanks for playing sa iyong last year sa UAAP.
god bless :)

tiny said...

Happy New Year mr. chris!!god bless po!

erika said...

talking about new year posts huh.. what a year, isn't it?

Happy New Year Chris! Have a good one ahead!

jessica marie said...

Happy New Year!
I hope this year would be more peaceful than 08.
And let there be more blessings for us all.
God Bless

fence sitter said...

Happy New Year!

Your favorite was mine as well. hehehe

A blessed and prosperous new year to you and your family!

sabriaü said...

Aww. My most favorite of all as well is your triumph over your bitterest arch rivals De La Salle & bagging the championship trophy after several seasons of upsets & heartbreaks.

We should all be thankful for all that has been last 2008. But most of all, we should learn from our experiences & be better persons. 2009 is a brand new year, a year full of hope, another chapter in our lives.

I'd like to thank you once more, Chris, for making my 2008 another memorable year for me. You have no idea how much inspiration you've brought to me, to many of us. Have trust & confidence that we are all still behind you to support you all the way this 2009, & the years to come.

We'll surely miss your relentless jumpers & swift assist passes as a Blue Eagle in the UAAP, but I guess life still goes on, it should. You'll still & forever remain in our hearts as our Captain, our Tiuperman, Team Ateneo's heart & soul, & our inspiration. You may not be an Eagle in uniform forever, but you can & will always be a Blue Eagle at heart.

Happy, Happy New Year Tiu you, Chris!ü

ajAh12 said...

hi chRis..hapi new yeaR.! GoD bLess! =)

angel 17 ^-^ said...


Ateneo Blue Eagles defeated De La Salle Green Archers for the UAAP season 71 championship.. definitely my favorite!! that was really the best of 2008! the highlight of all ateneans' year! and mine too of course!

2008 was great and i hope 2009 would be greater for you and all of us!keep up the good work chris! you really are the greatest young man i've even known! good luck in everything you do and god bless..

i love ya! and again, happy 2009!!


Sapphire said...

Happy New Year!

I wish you good health and peace of mind this 2009! :D

Sherryl said...

Happy New Year, too, Chris !!! :)

Bianca....♥♥ said...

Happy new year! you almost mention all of th eimportant happenigs in the year 2008 Chris, but there is that the most important thing you forgot, the RICE shorttage.. Hope to have updats from you. Thanks again for another update from you!

alicia said...

don't forget that ATENEO BLUE EAGLES WON UAAP SEASON 71... and that was one of the most memorable events that happened :D >:D<

ivy said...

happy new year Chris! c",)

nina said...

Happy New Year!!!! Have a rocking 2009!! I am sooo looking forward to the 72nd UAAP Season this coming July! Woohooo!!! :) According to Feng Shui experts, my lucky colors for this year are BLUE and BLACK (year of the Dog's my sign hehe) my brother wasn't so lucky...he got GREEN and RED (ewwwww!!hahahahaha he wished pa naman na sana not Green hahahahaha)

Let's make sure that the BEST of 2009 will be a BACK-TO-BACK CHAMPIONSHIP!hahaha :)


almira said...

Yeah, who would forget the Blue Eagles victory. Totally remarkable. :)

Happy New Year! :)

Take Care, captain! :)

Nerissa said...

Happy New Year Chris..
Hope that there will be more blessings to come for you and your family..
Keep safe and healthy..
God bless!!!

You made a lot of Capampangans fall in love with you..
And I'm one of them!!!
We love you Chris!!

Anonymous said...

just red ur interview in meg magazine...
hope dat 2009 will be a great great year for u..nd ur family..
continue to inspire people..
specially the youth like us...
happy new year...!!

myv said...

..happy new year!!!:)

..the last one is my favorite too..:) september 25, admu defeated dlsu..:) so nice,so sweet..:) the way,where did you spend
your new year??..:)

..take care and godbless!!

jamy said...

Happy New Year...

Anonymous said...

Hapee New Year Chris! :)

Parang Yahoo News lang ha! updated sa lahat!

Well, the best nga naman ang pagiging champion nyo!
Definitely you had many great memories of 2008!

and yes, you're right that whatever things may have come our way, we should always thank God for the blessings and also challenges.. because challenges strengthen us into something that will make us better persons..

well, I just wish you all the best this 2009!

and hope that you will fulfill your goals and dreams... God bless you and your family always.. :)

hikki :)

Leanne said...

Happy New Year Chris! God bless and good health. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a Blessed New Year Chris!:) 万事如意!身体健康:D

Karina said...

Happy 2009, Chris! :) Hope you'll be given more and more blessings this year.

joel said...

Haooy new year.

More blessings to come to you, and to us all.

Heidy said...

happy new year..

feena ritz herly said...

hi there chris!

i wish you a more prosperous and fruitful 2009..

may you be able to continue being a role model for the youth and an inspiration for millions of people who look up to you...

take care always and God speed!

MiTch said...

You summed the events in year 2008 right! Happy New Year to you Chris!

eena said...

WAAH!!!happy new fave part there is BLUE EAGLES BEAT GREEN ARCHERS!!!!!
+read eena-macaspac.blogspot.coom+

haylin said...


ADMU beats DLSU 3x ba?? Anyway, thats the best thing that happened last year..whew!

Keep inspiring know how the world needs more people like you..

Stay Cool..
Hope this year will bring you more luck and most esp. with our school..

Keep safe:)

myrna said...

Hello Chris,

Happy new year to you and your family.. Sent my regards to your parent Jerry and lianne coz.I left his cel no. in manila. I dont know if you are still In LA. You can contact me at 626-823-7937 and have dinner with my is so happen i am in C
alifornia since sept.I was in the Plane the day when I read the articles.How your Mom raise a chris Tiu .I always told Jerry he is so lucky to have a son like you ,very fine man and humble same as your Dad!!and what facinate me that as a young man you are so religious. You gave all the Glory to the Lord I congratulate you, Keep up the good work chris , May the Lord continue to guide and keeps you wherever you go.Stay as you are.We are very proud of you Take care and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

hi there! hapi new year!!! mwahugs........

crazypeach said...

Happy New Year too!!! Good luck and more power on your career this 2009!

Fighting! ^_^

Anonymous said...

happy new year!!!! :)


weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris...

wishing you more blessings and success this year... may you keep us for being my inspiration and being a role model to the people...

miss you, friend and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!:)

pAtRiCiA said...

2008 had been a blessed year for everyone specially you Chris!!!
But fo me, the most exciting event of the year is when Ateneo defeats la Salle in the 71st season of the UAAP!!!
Happy New Year Chris!

chrissy said...

very well said :) happy new year chris... i love to see you host your shows...(i am a kapamilya but i become kapuso just to watch pinoy records and ripleys) more shows to come... :)

happy new year chris

jane marlyn said...


..hapi new year!..

..wish all the best for us people!..

..break a leg pipz!.. minz..Gudluck!..

..go blue Eagles..soar high!..

kalliepepper said...

Happy New Year Mr. Tiu! It's your year this 2009! actually it's also mine hahaha [i was also born 1985]. but they say that we (those born on the year of the ox) won't be that lucky this year...what an irony! huhuhu...

anyway, will you be here in Binondo for Chinese New Year? I hope Binondo's Chinese community extends an invite to you and if they do, hope that you'll accept it!

2008 was a memorable year for you, as you bought ADMU the UAAP championship after 6 (?) yrs., and also a memorable one for us, (your fans) as we got to see more of you! hope 2009 will be a better one for all of us! cheers! ^__^

tiiiiin said...

I hope you have a wonderful 2009!
Make the best out of the 365 days. :)
Always stay the way you are and God bless you!
Take Care! :)

ehsbhie said...


More blessing to come this year and sana Magpatuloy pa ang magandang career mo this year. Sayang at di na namin makikita na nagbabasketball ka para sa ATENEO sa susunod na mga taon ngunit mananariwa pa rin sa mga alaala namin ang ginawa mo para sa kanila.....


Ehsbhie :)

Ran said...

Hi Chris!
happy New year To you!
Hope I'll see you soon..:)
Keep On inspiring people like me!^^
God Bless..


ekah said...

"Cancer victim Randy Pausch gave life lessons, via YouTube, to millions. He died in July."

naiyak ako nung pinapanuod ko siya sa Oprah.grabe ang galing niya..sana masagot mo tanong ko..naka Volvo kb? kasi may nkta akong Volvo sa Edsa e kaya lang tinted yung salamin.

ekah said...

"Cancer victim Randy Pausch gave life lessons, via YouTube, to millions. He died in July."

naiyak ako nung pinapanuod ko siya sa Oprah.grabe ang galing niya..sana masagot mo tanong ko..naka Volvo kb? kasi may nkta akong Volvo sa Edsa e kaya lang tinted yung salamin.

Anonymous said...

"Cancer victim Randy Pausch gave life lessons, via YouTube, to millions. He died in July."

naiyak ako nung pinapanuod ko siya sa Oprah.grabe ang galing niya..sana masagot mo tanong ko..naka Volvo kb? kasi may nkta akong Volvo sa Edsa e kaya lang tinted yung salamin.

ekah said...

"Cancer victim Randy Pausch gave life lessons, via YouTube, to millions. He died in July."

naiyak ako nung pinapanuod ko siya sa Oprah.grabe ang galing niya..sana masagot mo tanong ko..naka Volvo kb? kasi may nkta akong Volvo sa Edsa e kaya lang tinted yung salamin.

KrIsNa said...

you have a nice review of the past year event!!!

Happy New Year to you!!!

May the Lord bless us!!

Good Luck to your career.

bfrances said...

Bonne année, M. Chris!

I agree that 2008 was packed with good events, as well as not-so-good ones.

I guess the best thing to do for the year 2009 is to learn from whatever has transpired in the previous year. Also, we must look at the positive side always. In addition, God is always here to support us and I believe that He has planned everything for us, though we may not understand some parts of His divine plan.

Kuya Chris, I wish you a productive and joyful year! Allez, mon idol! :)

Ben Francis Rances :)

3xie said...

belated hapi new year 2 u nd 2 ur family!!! hope more blessings 2 come 2 u nd 2 ur family!!! haha..:))

Angel said...

And ye, who have met with Adversity's blast,
And been bow'd to the earth by its fury;
To whom the Twelve Months, that have recently pass'd
Were as harsh as a prejudiced jury -
Still, fill to the Future! and join in our chime,
The regrets of remembrance to cozen,
And having obtained a New Trial of Time,
Shout in hopes of a kindlier dozen.
~Thomas Hood

happy new chris!
mag-ingat sila sayo!
gimingaw nami sa imong dula! ganahan mi magtanaw sa imo na gadula ka chris! daghan jud kaau nakagusto sa imo diri ai sa tinuod lang. hehe!
i hope you understand bisaya coz i dont speak tagalog. Toinkz! hehe


freddie said...

Happy New Year Chris!
Goodluck and God bless to you and your family.. and also to the Blue Eagles (i am praying for a back to back championship!) ;)
and i wish you more blessings this year :)

mary joyce said...

Happy New Year po! God bless! :)

cariza said...

happy new dream boy!

weng10282000 (",) said...

hello, chris!!! it's so nice yet interesting that there are many events happened last year, may i ask you why did'nt include most controversial stories like madonna-guy ritchie breakup, or the "mysterious" death of fellow GMA-7 talent Marky Cielo, etc...? well, it's ok lang, i hope that this year, sana merong magandang mangyayari sa mundong ito. wag na munang isiping merong negative things/events na mangyayari sa taong ito, the important is to TRUST and PRAY to GOD that all things made possible let us give thanks to HIM...

i'ts just my opinion, so take care and ingatz:)

Btw, jan 4, is the feast of EPIPHANY, so, HAPPY THREE KINGS in advance...

*******G O D S P E E D********

prs said...

hapi new year chris!

Anonymous said...

happy three kings chris! i wish you the best in life, may the Lord bless you more. be an inspiration to many! you take care always! God bless!

rubai117 said...

Happy 2009 Chris and God bless you always!=)

bryanjay_12 said...

Hi chris! Happy new year! I pray that you receive more blessings and continue to inspire more people this year. :D

eien17 said...

- 2008 was a great year for the Eagles and hopefully this year too...though we experienced a lot, a mixmatch of triumphs and tragedies, i know and i pray that we will conquer all no matter what.
-thanks for all the inspiration you've give us, may you continue to be one!
- Happy New Year again and Godbless!

Anonymous said...

your right...
we must thank god for the blessings and the trials he gave to us to become strong person.

hope this year will be a good year for everybody...

happy new year to you...
god bless you...
good luck!!...

KimF and JudzSJ said...

Its so sad to hear about the China earthquake .. Seeing that picture feels baad.
But we think Obama's just awesome. Haha ! and .. Wuhoo. Ateneo wins ! :)

A happy and successful two zero zero nine to everyone ! :D

ley said...

belated happy new year chris!more blessings for all of us this 2009...

Joey Santos said...

Hi Chris.

Happy new year to you, to your family, and to us all.

More fruitful blessings to you, to your family, and to us all.

Good day, and ingat.

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,


Better be late than never huh!

I'm looking forward to another great year ahead of you...
You deserve all the blessings you've had for 2008 and I know, you'll continue to succeed.



Anonymous said...

You promise to us, that you will post your second part of your China trip.


sherilyn said...

hi chris,

2008 is truly a remarkable year for all of us!
we have the same favorite event! the blue eagles championship!!! congratulations again again to the team. it seems that it is a never ending celebration!!

too bad because your uaap extent is over. I've been missing you wearing a basketball jersey, especially an ateneo jersey! I hope you can play for the PBL very soon!

Happy new year to you and your love ones!! may you have a more blessed year ahead. Keep inpiring people through your works and writting entries on your blog:)

God bless you!

chris.tine said...

hi! kuya Chris...

Happy New Year po!
more power to you and to your career this 2oo9!
Good Luck!
God Bless!

pwede po ba kita i-link sa blog ko? I'll be happy po kung pumayag kayo.
thanks po in advance!:]


aleihs eiram said...

happy new year chris..
i hope u'll have more bleesings diz year..

nd also to ur family..gudluck to you..Godbless..:]

tnx for bein an inspiration for many of us..ehehe =]

Erine said...

HAppy New YEar Chris!
It was a great year that passed... I just hope this year will also be as good as the previous one.. better at least...
I'd still be cheering for the Blue EAgles kahit ga-graduate na ang favorites ko... The newbies will break the "threepeat curse" ( what you guys did... the arrows will start falling this coming season..)..hehehe.. fearless forecast...

Are you gonna play for HApee?
Sana maaga ka nang makapagdecide kung san ka maglalaro... We miss seeing you on the hardcourt..

A prosperous New Year TIU you...hehehe..

Dyilyan O. said...

happy new year chris :)

christine said...

hello po,

ahm, i just want to greet you a happy happy new year.
goodluck sa career mo. and more blessings to come.;)

..grabeh.. super idol po talaga kita.

..ahm, stay happy, always take care and godbless. ;)

jhocel said...

h! I've enjoy reading meg..I hope you will visit bohol..

Martin said...

You should have included the UAAP championship, the PS bank maasahan Player award, the mythical team selection, Rab's MVP award, Nonoy's DPoY award and Ryan's RoY award.=)

pewy_carandang said...

hi chris, i know this is a bit odd but i just want to say that the first time i saw you in an eskinol commercial(i hope you still remember that commercial), i knew then, that you will become a heartrob as they say. But not only that, you've been a good example to everyone. Keep being an ispiration not only to the youth but also to every filipino.

GOD Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

hi chris,

may you have a blessed 2009!

- novamay

Anonymous said...

i am surprised to see comments still outpouring in spite this entry being a bit outdated already. it's almost 1 week since you've posted this, sir. when do you plan to post a new one? sorry, just so eager to get an update from you. i visit this site everyday, just so you know. thank you though for being very open in sharing your experiences with us, even though you don't know us all personally. anyway, i just want to wish you a happy new year. i'm looking forward to seeing you play again. you take care. :]

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

we are celebrating our fiesta soon! I live here in san pablo laguna..We have fun events here, like what we called coco festival! It is a street dancing event joined by all school levels here. schools compete using coconut products for their costumes. I am just thinking if you can visit here. Many celebrities visit here already like iwa moto etc...Pls...I am looking forward for your answer..It's sure a fun event..

joannfaithqp said...


♥jen♥ said...

Happy Happy New Year CHRIS!!!
the year 2008 is really for you..
so keep up the good work..
the brother-in-law of my sister is the manager of PS Bank Bataan Branch..
i think the opening will be this month (not sure..)..
invite k nga sna nila kaso you have many commitments na daw..
sayang nmn..
i thought makikita n kita ng malapitan..
face to face..
when we watch ur game last august..
hindi kmi nkapagppicture with u..
hindi kami nakalapit.. :(
always take care.. :)
God Bless..
good luck! :D

chamie♥17 said...

hello! how was the first day at school this 2009?

chamie♥17 said...

Yeah right! For us, our batch in our school, the best thing that happened to us was when we became the Champion to our school's annual "Paskuhan" program, even our teachers were criticizing our batch. They called us the Preparation Batch because for the previous years, we were always the "kulelat". But after that happened, our batch proved that we were worth for something! :)

The Preparation Batch turned "The Champion Batch"

hope the year of the ox will really be you year... God Speed!♥

Anonymous said...

Indeed, 2008 is YOUR year. Congratulations! Belated Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year by the way! I hope we all have a prosperous year ahead of us, right! I know we didn't start as we want it to be, especially with the dismissal of the case of the alabang boys...I mean knowing you belong in a country that is no. 1 in illegal drug transaction in Asia isn't a good start at all. I would like to hear your opinion regarding this. You are a good influence and surely people will listen to you. keep us posted! thanks!

anna katrikka said...

hi chris...
i'm kat...
i'm a first time blogger and do you know who's my inspiraton, hahaha... it's you...

bittercandysweet said...

happy new year chris tiu.!
galing galing mu talaga. as in sobra.

da best talaga nung nanalo kau sa dlsu.

nakikita cong mas magiging magaling kang player.


supergrace said...

happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I know it's already the 9th of January, but then Happy New Year Chris !! && Congratulations for winning the UAAP.. ^^

Goodluck && Best Wishes always!! XD

a said...

happy new year. Ü

y poh di ka nag-laro sa pcc?

a said...


almira said...

kuya, i wasn't able to pass the acet. too bad i badly want to go to admu for college.

anyways, wala lang. i will still support the blue eagles no matter what. (all the way.] :)

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you just precious :) I wish you a great year ahead, hopefully a full-stop launch on a fantastic year in high power business? I'd love to see you work your magic on that field :) The chinky chickens works but, Chris Tiu CEO works even better :)

kittykath_17 said...

hello.. super duper late n ng gritings.. hehe!Happy New Year!!!

have a prosperous 2009.. gud luck to ur career...

belated HAPEE NEW YEAR TIU U..hehe!


patty:) said...

it's Charles' birthday tomorrow, right? just saw in facebook. advance happy birhday to him :) by the way, when is he coming back home?
just months from now, another UAAP season will unfold again. Ateneo will never be the same again without Tiu :( but good thing is though, you'll be a fan, a mere spectator just like all of us :) you'll be our cheerleader :)) looking forward to seeing you in the Ateneo crowd this coming UAAP season :)

Anonymous said...

what a 2008 right?
2009 will be better!

Anonymous said...

ryt thats also my favorite event. haha.;)

Raiza said...

Happy New Year. Stay humble and God bless!

chamie♥17 said...

i think, it was November issue that you were at the cover of S magazine. You were together with Gary V., am i right?

patty:) said...

i had the chance to send my birthday greeting to Charles through facebook chat just moments ago, he said thanks naman :) i also had the opportunity to ask him as to when he's coming back, he said he'll be home in a few weeks. that's good news :) you'll be back in each other's arms again :))
i watched Pinoy Records yesterday. twas nice seeing you bake pandesal :D just wanted to share these stuff with you :D TC :)

Anonymous said...

happy new year! chris

i really really admire you
such a perfect guy

i miss your blogs

bfrances said...

Hi Kuya Chris!
I think you omitted something in your entry. :)

I can still remember that "Pinoy Records" aired its first episode last December 2007. Hence, your show has been on the air for a year now.

Congratulations, Kuya! I hope to see more fascinating and interesting things that are truly Pinoy! :)

You said last Saturday that it is quite difficult to bake pan de sal. But I think you are able to bake a good batch of these yummy breakfast staple. Who knows, you can make another business venture from this awesome experience. :)

Bonne chance, Kuya! Hope to see you around. :)

Ben Francis Rances :)

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

How are you? I am looking forward for your next entry.

Have you read my invitation? The coco festival street dancing competition is tomorow! I wish you could pay a visit here in San Pablo Laguna :) channel 7 will cover the event! Unang hirit is here this morning!

anyway, I've watched you in pinoy records(as usual). You are so cute making the pandesal! you look like a professional baker!:)

Again, I am still hoping that you can visit our fiesta..Please..I know you're busy but..just hoping..:)

eleisiee said...

hi chris!

i just wanna share with you a story. you know what, whenever i visit a bookstore i always see to it that i get to drop by their magazine section. and guess what, i've been to like hmmm 6(or more maybe) bookstores already and your meg magazine cover issue are all sold out! :D i always ask for a copy, though i already have one,
just to check and be overwhelmed by their respond which always goes this way: "i'm sorry mam, sold out na po dito matagal na... try niyo sa ibang branch..."

you are absolutely amazing! :D you've really captured the hearts of many, count mine hahahah!

well, i'm definitely looking forward to your next blog post. i so miss your stories.

good luck and god bless you always!

with love and prayers,
eleisiee ♥

Kat said...

hello you!
I never really heard about you before. My sister's just so crazy about you and I wondered "who IS this guy?" So now I know. I don't know about you much but from what I know, you're a pretty decent guy. :)

Anonymous said...

elow chris.. just wanted you to know that you had a really great feature in the meg magazine..actually the issue was sold out here in our place so i have to go to our neighboring city just to look for that magazine..i'm a big fan so can't just let that ish slip..take care always chris!!!

cin19 said...

chris... cant find chalk dec. ish at any magazine stands.... haaaaayyyy.......

cariza said...

tgal naman ng bago mong entry..
miss na poh kta, ehehe..
nnood nga pala akong RIPLEY'S kgabi..
galing mo na maghost ah..

karluckyme said...

walA pa rinG entRy???.. HEhEh. :) inGAtz! :)

Anonymous said...

Chris sana makita na kita. Hindi kasi kita nakita last monday s feu. Sana bumalik k ulit s feu.

Anonymous said...

hi! chris...

ano bago sa iyo ngayon?

matagal ka rin hindi nagpost sa blog mo...


Anonymous said...

chris,ask ko lang kung maglalaro ka na sa hapee?

kamusta na pala ung eye m?

sana ok ka na..

gudluck na lang sa mga gagawin mo..

^-^God bless

Anonymous said...

why i love 2008
- year of the pig
- i'm done with school
- travels
- and there was 17
- and u tiu!

Anonymous said...

wala pa rin bagong entry?
miss ka na namin..
super busy ka po siguro..
god bless!!!!
love you chris..=)

milkamilkz said...

What's keeping Mr.Chris Tiu busy lately????



almira said...

no entry yet? anyways, keep safe! :)

Anina said...

Hey Chris!

I passed the ACET and I really want to go to Ateneo this coming school year. My course is ComTech but I'm thinking of shifting because a lot of my friends who are studying there now say that it is a course for people who have brains but don't know what to do. They also end up not knowing what to do once they graduate. What do you think of ComTech? Is it a good course? Hope you reply because as of now, I really don't know what to do. Thank you!:)

Anonymous said...

happppppppppppy TIU year...

Anonymous said...

IGLESIA ni chrisTIU...!!!!

Anonymous said...

TIU gave me the reason for my being
and i love what im feeling...
TIU gave me a meaning to my life
yes im on beyond existing
and it all began
when i met TIU...!!!!!!



♥ alyssa mari ♥ said...

hi kuya chris..

super miss yah inside the basketball court! :)

hOpe ok ka lageh..

God Bless :)


Ayei said...

whoa! what a long post! anyway good thing you summarize it all but anyway Happy New Year to you too!

Anonymous said...

chris,. namimiss ka na namin... sana magkaroon ka na ng bagong entry,.

Jamaica said...

I missed you blogging!!!,,

♥ alyssa mari ♥ 17 said...

hi kuya Chris..


panalo ang Hapee.. :)

super haPee cu..

na-miss cu ung moves mu inside the court! hihi! :D sobra!
sobrang lyk cu ang basketball kya sna mging ok ang basketball career mu.. :)

haPee acuh na nglaro ka ulet! :)
Goodluck sa games nyu sa semis.. :)
galingan nyu..

God Bless yah!
muah! :D

hjv said...

hi Chris! just saw you kanina in tv playing with Hapee against Pharex. Good thing my father scanned channels...hehe..I really felt elated seeing you again in hardcourt..and oh,fyi,my father is a fan too..:D Congrats on your win pala and for the last two freethrows..hehe..God bless Chris and hope to see more of you in hard court and good luck also with your game on Thursday! And just a reminder, please don't forget about this blog of yours..:)

myv said...


..congrats in your game yesterday! it's so nice to see you playing again..:) ang galing mo parin as always!!:)

..keep up the good work and goodluck in tomorrow's game!!:)

..take care and godbless!!

Anonymous said...

i watched your game yesterday versus pharex, congrats for winning the game!=) it's nice to see you play again. nakita ko ulit na may tumatakbong naka number 17 sa court! hehe..

anyway, goodluck!;p

sabriaü said...

Hi, Chris. I haven't viewed your blog for quite some time now, & I'm surprised to see that the posted entry is still the old one. Hmm.. You may be busy again.

I heard you're training for the National Team? & I read that you just made your debut as a Hapee player yesterday & you helped your team gain the last semi finals berth, despite your jersey being over sized. Haha! You're still our smart captain after all.ü

I still do watch PR & Ripley's always.ü

Hope to read your newest entry soon. Please do update us. Thanks.ü

trisha said...

Ive seen you playing basketball in a company -- hapee ata ung name. :)) keep going!

baby28 said...

you're playing na pala.. yesterday ku lang nalaman.. haha:)) when my parents saw you in tv.. they called me just to say that.. anyway, tc!!:)

Lyra said...

Hi Chris, we are friends of Jeany who is one of your fans, we would like to surprise her on her upcoming birthday this February 3 by requesting you to greet her, through video and writing down a message on her birthday card..

Btw, Jen is leaving for Australia on Feb 2 for a scholarship and also graduating from UP Diliman this year. Your greetings would be a really huge gift to her.

Thanks so much.

Teresa Prondosa

Lyra Villamarin

Anonymous said...

chris... i miss hearing news from you badly T_T

Anonymous said...

mas bagay talaga yung ateneo jersey sayo mr.chris!!
busy ka po sa pagpra-practice.. kaya walang bagong entry..
god bless!!
GO CHRIS #17!!!