Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Smart Gilas vs Talk and Text

One word to describe our game today against TNT... disastrous!! We couldn't get any rhythm going all throughout the game. I have to give credit to the coaching staff of TNT who crafted a freak defense catching us off guard. They started off in a man-to-man and as we made the first pass or screen in our set play, they would fall into a 2-3 zone. They did it from the start and we couldn't adjust 'til the end.

We trained with the TNT team for about a month (since we're supposedly 'sister teams') some time around July/August with Coach Toroman calling the shots and teaching the set plays. If you've noticed, both TNT and Gilas run very similar plays with almost the same defensive philosophy, except in today's game where they ran most of their old plays and applied a freak defense. Also with the absence of CJ Giles, they pounded the ball inside and got a lot of easy points underneath and through fast breaks. I was helpless watching in the sidelines due to a slight injury and i got so restless seeing the lead getting bigger and bigger.

I really hate the feeling of losing, i mean who doesn't? Most especially now that we are the RP team and we will be carrying the flag of the Philippines. Every game won is not just a win for the brand or the company, but rather the entire nation. Huge responsibility and pressure! Today's game was truly frustrating for us, and i know for many Filipinos alike. In basketball, just like in life, you win some you lose some. I just want to assure each Filipino (whether a believer of the RP team or not) that we are trying our very best in every game and in every practice everyday. We are giving everything we've got l in every practice, knowing that we are playing for a greater cause. I know 'trying our best' is not enough... we have to be the best!

I texted an old wise friend expressing my frustration and disappointment. The reply was "In these trying times, you have to stick together and toughen up! Be patient and you will definitely get better." Again, I want to thank all those who continue to support the Gilas team! Hope that you never get tired of cheering and believing!



myv said...


sad to hear that you didnt is your injury?i hope you're ok now.
i just want to wish the smart gilas goodluck in your following games.:) your next assignment is pretty tough.
again, goodluck.:)

badlongon said...

Hi Chris,

It's sad to learn that. On a brighter note, it's not yet over. You may have lost today but it doesn't mean that Gilas is no longer the best. A gold is tested by fire and water.

Coach T has learned something valuable today. Be thankful for this chance. Great men never cease to learn. Never stop believing that we can make it! I never doubted your spirit to win and be the best in every endeavor! Soar high for the Olympics. God bless Smart Gilas team.


egram said...

as the tv ad goes:

"wag kang aayaw! tink pasitib!"

i know it's really frustrating, but don't lose hope. you've had 2 games down, 8 to go...still a lot of chances to adjust and get your rhythm ;)

we believe!

ainan said...


That's ok! you all did your part! The team just started and it has a long way to run!


yanne said...

Everybody fails and nobody seems to be perfect as all we know.
We may not be the very best, but as long as we stay what we are and do everything that we can do for the benefit of our country that matters.
Believing yourself is the most important part.
As what Michael Jordan said, "As athletes, we're used to reacting quickly. Here, it's 'come, stop, come, stop.' There's a lot of downtime. That's the toughest part of the day".

As a team, just always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart in every game that you play.
As a Filipino youth, I know RP Smart Gilas Team will still be the pride of our country. I can say that you have the skills that other teams don't possessed.

I know you can do better for your next games. Cheer up Chris. For me, you are still the very "BEST" RP Team. I'm proud of you and so as with your team. Good luck for your upcoming games and God bless :)


jacy said...

Yeah, I know you guys really work hard for the country.. Just continue striving for more.. We will always support you..

I just have a constructive comment, hope this would help rather than hurt you..

On my opinion, masyado kayong nagkompiyansa when you beat Powerade. I watched the game, and you guys really did a good job. Pero, many would agree that it does not mean big.. I mean, you can't simply gauge a team with just one game, in the first you caught them unpreprared and undermanned..

You still have a lot of work to do, a lot of assignments to finish.. We, the Pinoy sports lovers will support you for a greater cause.. Just forget the victory against the Powerade, kasi sa palagay ko, it gives you false meaning (at some point, masyado nabababad ang isip in a belief that you are already a competetive team).. Di pa kayo ganon kalakas pero with your hardwork and with our hearfelt support from us, we believe you'll get there..

Just take every loss and every victory as a learning experience.. Go Smart Gilas! Work harder..

Anonymous said...

Better Luck next time poh..

God bless your Team!

Anonymous said...

goodluck chris!

waaaaaaah! my ginebra vs gilas! saya nyan!


borly said...

Hi Chris,

It's in these trying times where we have to remain strong and be hopeful for the next challenge in life. I'm very hopeful for your next games. All the best to Smart Gilas!

Anonymous said...

Stay the course! Learn from all these. It's supposed to be a 3-year program anyway.

Smart Gilas is our best chance to regain our lost basketball glory.

JL said...

Hi Chris,

Loose in a game wake you up in the truth that you need more concentration and practice to be able to cope to your mistake and weak points. Maybe your team’s preparation is not enough to match your opponent. Take it seriously but don’t forget to unwind and avoid stress. Your fans always cheer you up to do your best. Just keep it up and in time you will be strong enough to win in this game and through your life.

always take care,

Karla said...

That's the spirit!

Keep the faith! ^_^

Karla said...

when's the nxt game?

Uriel Francisco said...

I believe...

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

I wasn't able to watch the game...'re a very young team and there will always be rooms for improvements...

Keep the faith..we're here to support you guys...

God Bless on the games ahead

ian laput said...

Though it was really a lose with a huge margin, i still believe that you will be a great team since you are just starting to toughen up in the kind of plays PBA poses. You still have the next game to exercise what you have learned with the training of Coach T, as well as the times you stumbled and lose to the other teams. There is always an opportunity to bounce back in every adversity. May you not lose hope and continue to live up the Filipino spirit of not giving up despite the storms that you encountered. Proudly carry the Philippine flag on your jerseys and be the brave but humble hero that each of you can be. God Bless you and the Smart-Gilas Team.

believer said...

hey bro,

just continue doing your'll eventually get there. it's not about never losing and always being the best... it's about how high you can go again after defeat.

go go go team pilipinas!

i'll say it first... Smart Gilas - FIBA Asia 2011 Champs! booyah!

Renegade said...

Its not always about winning. Sometimes losing, even with a big margin, is a blessing in disguise. Atleast now, you guys see the loopholes and are able to fix it early. Its better to see the problems now, rather than seeing it during the qualifying games. Win or lose, me and everyone from ibn ( support the Smart Gilas National Team all the way! Animo Pilipinas! One Big Fight!

ahly said...


that was so sad..
so sorry for that...

you're right,. that was really frustrating.. i watched the NBN Sports, and i was shocked when i heard the score! whew! i can't believe...

it's just the start of the PBA Season.. it's better to learn the lessons earlier, right? (remember UE).. =D
and this is another stage for you to be a stronger and united team..there's a lot of rooms for improvement pa naman on your team.. =D
i know you can handle the pressure..

I, as one of the MILLION supporters of Smart Gilas RP team, assure you that we will never ever leave you in all your struggles, and we'll continue to support you all the way.. =D
and yes, we will never get tired of cheering and believing in your team!
this is for all the Filipinos..

tomorrow's another tough game!
are you going to play na?
i hope so.. =D
sayang, i won't be able to see you playing against mark caguioa... he's suffering from his knee injury again.. =(

how's your injury?
hope you're ok now..
never be sad na, huh.. cause i feel sad too..
SMILE always! =D

Never Say Die!
i know you can do it!
don't lose hope.
Go Gilas!

chris said...

I'm really touched with the positive comments and words of encouragement from all of you. Maraming salamat! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

bernadine said...

it's okay chris...just don't give up, and play within your very best, and don't worry we will support the team until the end. :)

Anonymous said...

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Thanks and more power!

jonx_29 said...

though cs9 aired it very late!yes very late indeed for it ended around 2.30am..still, i watched it because i wanna see it for myself how SG played their game..

game 1,you lose to BKW with 4 F1's , arboleda-fan fracas and all that issues.. but you fought good and hard..

with TNT(my team in pba but swear i'm also a fan of yours and SG,hehe)i agree w/you,it's disastrous but it's okay..

as you said,your there to learn and gain new experience..tha'ts it..keep going..

your 2 down,8 teams to beat,hehe..
c'mon you and the rest of the team can do that..i believe,we believe!

it's just the start..i think to be honest some pba ballclubs are threatened to you guys because you successfully made an impressive statement during that charity game..SG is not a push-over team..

goodluck on your game tomorrow against the crowd drawing ginebra!hehehe..i hope,you and rabeh are back!

i'll watch it no matter how late it is..^_^

Anonymous said...

Kaya yan Chris...No one said that your journey to the Olympics will be easy. Isipin mo tuwing frustrated ka God is challenging you to learn and be better. Isipin mo rin pinoy kids who will be inspired if you guys will do better when you learn to win constantly. Thank you nga pala chris for putting our country first.. Regards sa bros mo sa team .. Go Pinas!!!

Anonymous said...

And btw daming nagpupuyat to watch your games and support you guys.. 12 midnyt pinapakita sa tve games nyo.. Kaya dami inaantok sa offices ngaun hehehehe :D

bang said...

For me and for those who believe.. You're still the Best RP team.. and we will keep believing..
we will always be here to support you guys..
Yes, we will never get tired cheering and believing in you..
Go Smart Gilas!

Strong tayo and we will make it!
Good luck to your next game..God Bless..

Cheer up!!

Ya said...

I was apparently shocked when I noticed you were not in the first five. Then I realized you were not in your uniform. I pray you'll get well very soon (as in, tomorrow!). Ginebra na susunod niyong makakalaban. The team will definitely need a "Chris Tiu".

I believe this experience will make you stronger and tougher. Just don't lose the spirit of fighting for our country. Godbless.

lindsey said...

hi felt sory for smartgilas you again in your last match but its ok they are more veterance than you and your just in the game galingan nyo n lng this time goodluck to your next game i hope you win but if not for me smart gilas still the best team and i hope your ok now take care always chris

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris!!!

just want to share for you a simple quote:

"That's what learning is, after all; not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we've changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games. Losing, in a curious way, is winning.

don't lose hope, chris, i know that your team will can do it better on the next games. hopefully, you've still recover from a slight injury and continue to play again on the hardcourt. i'm really to support you and smart gilas team to play for our nation whatever happens, surely, you did it the BEST...

goodluck to your team against brgy. ginebra tomorrow. this has been a very thrilling and tough game... "NEVER SAY DIE!!!" you can do it the BEST and BELIEVE...

be patient and stay humble always...

take care!!! :)

Anonymous said...


no problem chris!
we're always there beside you, supporting you.. (kahit moral support lng muna... hehe!) whatever happens... =D

Good Luck!
God Bless! =)

Anonymous said...

I know that your team is doing your very best. Don't be discourage with the losses that your getting. Just keep in mind that your team is playing in the PBA to gain more experience, and to learn from these experiences. It will make your team very competitive in the coming international competition that you'll be joining.
Were always be here supporting your team Gilas. Godspeed.

Lhen7 said...

Hello Chris,
Wow! ang dami agad comments... So many people are supporting you and Smart Gilas Pilipinas... ^_^
I fail to watch the delayed telecast. I just read that the team lost to TNT with a huge margin. Nakakalungkot. TNT was really prepared, as expected from them.
Ok lang yun Chris. You still have 8 games to play. Your games in the PBA will teach you lessons and will toughen you up.
I and many Filipinos are supporting the Smart Gilas, because WE BELIEVE in you guys. There's a lot of improvements to do, but I know you can make it. Magaling na mentor si Coach Toroman.
Thanks again Chris... Pagaling ka rin, kailangan ka ng team. ^_^
Good luck on your next game. Ginebra is a tough team, it's gonna be an exciting match to watch for.. Sana maka-paglaro ka na rin...
God Bless.

bang said...

i was able to watch the game vs TNT (coz that was my off) but was a bit disappointed when i found out that you're not playing..

hope to see you play on your next game..too bad i have to report to work friday night..:C
but i'll still cheer and support you guys.. and you still have upcoming games pa naman..

Godspeed.. GO Chris! Go Smart Gilas!

Karla said...

just keep the faith. we believe in you and your team. we'll be here til the end. supporting. waiting for great things to happen. ^_^

Ivy said...

just want to share our battle cry during our accountancy days,

"stick to the fight when your hardest hit, it when things seem worst that you must not quit..."

goodluck on your team. you can do it. can't wait to see you guys play against ginebra. =)

Anonymous said...

tomorrow is another day...........don't be sad... di ba nga we learn from our mistakes.... take it easy.... god bless and always take care....

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

so sad aman ..
but it's okay .. just be optimistic ..
there still next time pa nman so SMILE (^^,)
maybe on next game with Ginebra manalo kau ..(im going to watch it)
im sure that you guys can represent our country ..

till hir.!
stay away from injury as possible ..hehehe

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..
It's part of the game ..
GoOdluck pu ...

annanana :] said...

sana i live telecast na po ung gilas' games :))

get well soon po
injured ka daw e

lindsey said...

hi again chris you dnt gave me an update in your game agains ginebra usually u r giving us update khit natatalo kau sa 4627 wt happen to your gme i heard in news knina 3n panalo ng ginebra so talo ulit kau bt its ok for me ur stil d best win or loss i stil want smart gilas and i always proud of u guys so dnt los hope gogogo fight fight chris do you hve a facebook

crazypeach said...

don't fret, it is okay to lose sometimes right? we know you'll all be stronger next time! fighting!!!! God bless!!

Karla said...

You shouldn't hate the feeling of losing! Its like feeling bad for the other team.

Losing is a PRIVILEGE.

EMBRACE it. ^_^

erica said...


A dear friend just told me, "The most important thing is that you're happy. It may be difficult, but if you're happy, then you won't feel the pain. Difficulty and stress also builds character."
But just a note: Pain is the main reason why we change chris, and as bad as it sounds, we need to be hurt for us to be a better version of ourselves. If the RP team stays on top or if you are always a part of the team, do you think you will be educated? This is an opportunity to learn and apply new strategies (just like the DLSU-ADMU game) and to get to know your team mates and coaching staff more. But most importantly, this is a chance to get to know who you are becoming and who are the people who really care about you.
I know most of the people who comment in your blog may not be experts in basketball, (including me). But again, we express our support not only to you but to the rp team (win or lose, local or international competition, charity game or commercial). We believe in the RP Team so I think, you guys should believe in yourselves more. Kami nga alam namin na kaya nyo, e what more kayo na alam nyo kung ano ang kaya nyo gawin?
I know you are happy and feel privileged because you are leading the rp team. But the job/ title comes with like a 100 pound baggage. But don’t be too hard on yourself Chris. We do know you guys could have done better but things happen because that is how God wants it to happen. He is planning something big for you and the team, so be patient.
The person who advised me (quote above, first sentence) also advised me to pray. But I do hope he will also do the same.



hi chris!

hoping ur okay...

why didn't you play last october 23rd?
do you still have a quadriceps injury?

well, xana okay na

take care and THANKzzz

mi_ca86 said...

in losing we learn a lot of things.

just want to share this...
CONFUCIUS: we are not beaten when we lose, but when we quit

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I feel bad for you and the team, but this loss will help you and your team mates to improve for the better, you'll be able to learn on your mistakes and you can be the best RP team, by keeping all of these in mind.

Goodluck on your future games, by the way when will be your game against Ginebra they are my favorite, and i'm looking forward to watch all of you in a game, because i love the smart gilas and ginebra team...

Thank You and God Bless..

jcs said...

Hi Chris!

Yes we will continue to cheer & believe!

We will be praying for the Gilas team!

God Bless & hope you recover fully from your injury.

Shayne Linden Jois said...

Hi Chris!
I hope you get well soon.. The team needs you.. I really enjoy watching you, Andy and JVee.. My friends and I actually call your trio TiuBarroCasio. LOL!! :)

Goodluck to the Gilas Boys. Hope you get your first win of the season on your next game. :)

Anonymous said...

The team is still on its developing stage and at a 3-year program, the team has a long way to go. Don't worry guys, we will never stop suppporting you. I understand the adjustments that you guys make and one thing too, the PBA rules is just too chaotic. Who knows? when FIBA rules are used when PBA teams play against you, we might see things turn around.

One thing too, just let CJ Giles know that I feel the same way he feels for his son. I have been through what he is going through right now as my daughter had a similar condition. It really breaks your heart more when it comes to your own child. It's like feeling the agony of your child yourself than him/her feeling it.

Just stay focused and heads up high, win or lose, we will be here behind you!

tonzi of iligan city

3xie said...

you will win sooooooooooooooon!!! :>

hope to see you again in the court!! :D

Anonymous said...

We know how hard you are working as a team. Win or lose the entire country is behind you. Forget about those shallow PBA fans, they really do not know what they are doing. Gilas is the future of RP basketball and our means to regain our Asian Supremacy . . We believe in all of you Chris . .Please let all the SMART gilas know that millions of Pinoy fans like me are optimistic of your success as a team . .. - Allanboy

lindsey said...

hi chris i hope ur ok now so could play in your next game i really really wish you win this time but if not im still proud of you and for me u r still the best more power to and goodlock

lindsey said...

hi u r really bc kc its been long time n ur nt updating ur blog eh bt i hope ur now ok i relly want to see playing these time goodluck to your game on friday i hope u guys win

lindsey said...


michy said...

baka naman natalo kasi di ka naglaro... hehehe, biro lang. ganyan talaga, trying times is a way to remind us to not to be complacent, that we should always work hard to be the best. but losing doesn't also mean that you are no good at all, it just means that the other side was better prepared than you were at that moment. so look forward to the next game and prepare for it. goodluck!

hannah said...

thanks for being our Guest Speaker awhile ago. if you just knew how loooooong we've waited for this to happen! thank youuuu! :D

mais said...

Hi Chris! I just want to say thank you for the inspirational message you gave in our school, Assumption Antipolo. I'm sure you inspired a lot. Goodluck!

PS Thank you for signing my shirt =)

Dawna said...

I am calling your attention to visit and read my blog entry. This blog entry of mine is for you Sir.
you can leave a comment as well.

Anonymous said...


hope you can also post when the Smart Gilas games will be aired.


God bless! :)


Ya said...

chris.. we miss you already!!.. sana makapaglaro ka na talaga sa next game nyo..

erica said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

hi chris! this is RHEA! dka na nagpapadala ng mms and sms muh thru fanatxt?! bc kana tlga nuh? hehe! know what?! You still have a lot of work to do, a lot of assignments to finish.. We, the Pinoy sports lovers will support you for a greater cause.. Just forget the victory against the Powerade, kasi sa palagay ko, it gives you false meaning (at some point, masyado nabababad ang isip in a belief that you are already a competetive team).. Di pa kayo ganon kalakas pero with your hardwork and with our hearfelt support from us, we believe you'll get there..


Cris Mangubat said...

whats the latest update regarding Gilas may opt out of PBA cup? -source: Philippine star

mike ^^ said...

hi chris!

it has been a long time since yung last game nyo but recently ko lang nabasa ung mga write-ups about the team stint sa PBA...

It just looked very weird that issues like that aroused at the start of the season... Dapat hindi na un naging issue bago pa magstart ung PBA but you can't avoid people questioning the bond between the Gilas Squad and TNT...

It's just so disappointing that some people turned out to be unbelievers that the team really played TNT with everything they got since TNT is also owned by MVP.

the PBA's decision that games between PBA teams and the Gilas would just turn out to be tune-up games and it would not reflect on the team standings is very unfortunate since it would be very obvious that teams would lessen their effort when they face the Gilas Squad..

But then di naman dun siguro masusukat kung hanggang saan na talaga kayo nakarating...

Just prove them wrong!!!

Goodluck Chris and more power to the Gilas Squad!!!

Awooh! ^^


Mike ^^

erica said...


hi there! lester of Milo gave me this link.
don't forget to post this on your blog ;p

thanks :D


erica said...

Pain is the reaction of the body, and as long as you have the body, some pain is inevitable. Suffering is the contraction of the mind, and unlike pain, is optional. Don't add suffering to pain, - relax your mind and the suffering will pass.

♥jen♥ said...

just want to ask.. are you going to balanga city, bataan this friday november 6 for GO Negosyo?
i'll be going there too with my friends..
hope you'll come..

JL said...

Hi Chris,

I saw today on the internet that you are in the cast of "Nagsimula sa Puso" as Rico, is it true? Please don't leave kapuso network. I saw it on wiki.

JL said...

Hi Chris,

I saw today on the internet that you are in the cast of "Nagsimula sa Puso" as Rico, is it true? Please don't leave kapuso network. I saw it on wiki.

queenie said...

I'll never stop believing in all of you..Good luck in your next game..

Anonymous said...


lindsey said...

hi chris just want to say congrads to you finally you guys won ds time more power to you and to your time more win for smart gilas take care always

Chin said...


actually the last tym i watch u was after your victorious game in UAAP's season 71..
you may perhaps thought that im not an avid fan of yours but if i am to say i am still one of your thousand fans..
just don't be so sad, i know that you and the rest of the team can do better the next time..
i know you can make it, YOU ARE CHRIS TIU eh..

Chin said...


actually the last tym i watch u was after your victorious game in UAAP's season 71..
you may perhaps thought that im not an avid fan of yours but if i am to say i am still one of your thousand fans..
just don't be so sad, i know that you and the rest of the team can do better the next time..
i know you can make it, YOU ARE CHRIS TIU eh..

Glenn (NBDB) said...

We all have good times and hard times. We learn from them and hopefully we become become better persons... I'm sure there's nothing out there you CANNOT handle..

Karla said...

congrats for winning! ^_^

cant wait to watch live again!!!

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

erica said...


hi! thanks for deleting :D but the offer is still on ha. i just don't want the other fans to comment about it. i know you understand what i mean. hehe.

thanks again and hope you'll let me know if your interested :D new moon is coming up na. or maybe 2012? i still have 6 passes pa actually...

also, were you able to get my email?

you know the drill (not to post this.. hehe)