Friday, October 16, 2009

Smart Gilas vs BK

Today, we got clobbered, literally and figuratively, by the 'BK Whoopers'! It was more of a boxing match than a basketball match. We expected it, but we didn't see it coming this bad.

Our offense wasn't so bad as we were still able to score 105 points and shot 47% from the field. BUT it was our defense that killed us, as we allowed 115 points for BK. We lost the rebounding battle as well by 12. BK played a great game today as well and made the necessary adjustments. They shot 59% from the field! That's excellent.

For me it's not so much about the X and O's. It was their viciousness that got us out of our normal rhythm. 4 flagrant fouls in the first half and Winnie Arboleda's "attacking a fan" moment saw our 13 point lead disappear. Our players became hesitant to drive to the basket and dive for the loose balls. Most coaches will probably instruct their players to play physical when playing against a younger, skinnier and faster team in order to intimidate them. But playing dirty, is something else. It was a fitting initiation for us in our debut game in the PBA.

It was a sorry loss for the Gilas team. We don't expect the referees to cut us some slack as seen today. It's as if there were two different standards for both teams. But that's precisely why we're in the PBA as a guest team. We're here to learn, to toughen up when playing more experienced and physical players.

It's just really embarrassing to see a veteran/franchise player behave so unprofessionally. After getting away with a slap to the face of JV Casio, an elbow again to the face of JV and a football tackle to Mac Baracael, he still hasn't had enough and goes up to the stands to beat up a Gilas fan. All that in just 3 minutes inside the court. I am really curious to see what actions or inactions the PBA will take for such actions.

Nevertheless, it was an entertaining game. See you Wednesday vs Talk and Text.



michiko said...

hi chris. thank God no one was injured with all the flagrants given. the bk players were like bullies on the court! and arboleda's moment was totally uncalled for.

anyway, bawi na lang kayo in the next game. you guys deserve to be in the pba. good luck and always be safe! God bless!

Anonymous said...

hi chris, i think it's whoppers not whoopers :)

keep safe always! :)

lynzel said...

Hakuna Matata! =)

bang said...

too bad.. i was not able to watch it..
but good luck to your next game..
that's correct..its really embarrassing to see a player like that..

Anonymous said...


I FELT BAD BOUT JV AND BARACAEL BUT I HOPE THAT there's right punishment for that "player"



Anonymous said...

Arboleda is not the franchise player of BK, he is the son-in-law of the Franchise owner , I guess thats the only reason why he is still in the PBA, he doesnt have the skills to compete that's why he's doing those things. Wag kayong papa Bully sa katulad nya, Go Smart Gilas! Kawawa naman yung fan nyo na sinipa pa nya at sinuntok, makahanap sana ng katapat itong taong ito.

Anonymous said...

"Winnie Arboleda's "attacking a fan" moment saw our 13 point lead disappear at an instant."


Is this what really happened or you erected 1pt lead after the arboleda incident...

Do you think he did that on purpose to baracael?

JL said...

Hi Chris,

It's ok, you still had more games to come. Just be prepare to your next game. Have a nice weekend!!!

take care always,

JL said...

Hi Chris,

I'm just concerned about your post. I know your just telling your comments on your game, it's a serious issues what happened to your game yesterday. Thank's that your fine and nothing happened to my idol, hehehe.


simplegal said...

Hello Chris..Thanks for the update and congrats for having a good "shooting" day despite the loss! Had a bad day yesterday reading all the tweets especially about the incident. Hope that game will make you tougher and be more braver in your next games. Too bad your scheds are all @ 2:30pm. Made me hate PBA more..hehe..Take care and God bless!


P.S. If you need a smile, try to search your name on twitter and you'll see heartwarming comments from fans. =)

3xie said...

whoa! what a debut game for you guys! tsk.. i really don't expect that wynne will do that to anybody especially to a fan :(

anyway..good luck to your game on wednesday vs. talk n text!!! :D ;)

Pao said...

what happens if anyone of you retaliated? they were clearly playing dirty, not just being physical against your team.

ahly_17 said...


i was able to watch the first half of the game on tv! and i saw all of those actions! di co na kinaya coz that was 1am already and first half pa lng.. i really had to sleep..

i was really shocked when mr. arboleda did that!
from what i heard from ms. patricia's report, the guy is a "chris tiu" fan and of course a smart gilas supporter..

too many flagrant fouls, and sa first pa half lng 'yun..

good luck sa next game nyo.. against the tropang texter.. i think that would be tough!

Good Luck! =D
God Bless...

Anonymous said...

"And that is what all coaches will probably instruct their players to do when playing against a younger, skinnier and faster team. It was a fitting initiation for us in our debut game in the PBA."

Seriously Chris, ALL COACHES? Not ALL COACHES would instruct their players to end their opponents careers.

jamesb from davao said...

nice game idol.. bawi lng kayo next game.. I'm sure na gagaling pa kayo lalo. kayo ang pag asa sa FIBA and hopefully sa Olympics. Win or Lose po sa SMART GILAS ako.. GOODLUCK SMART GILAS.. MABUHAY ANG PHILIPPINE TEAM at SBP.. thanks

chris said...

To Anonymous: I think i phrased it wrong, i've corrected it already. You're right, not ALL coaches would do that. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Kelangan ng enforcer ng Smart Gilas, someone who is fearless and thrives on a physical game. Si Ababou lumalaban sa gulangan, pero kelangan ng power forward or center na malaki katawan. Maybe Al Husseini can be that guy.

Lhen7 said...

Hello Chris,

Yeah I agree. What I watched was not a basketball game but more of a boxing match. It's Coach Yeng's coaching style, sobrang physical to the point na nananakit na ung mga players niya. That's why many PBA fans hate him and his team. Kahit ano hawakan nyang team ayaw ng fans, ganyan din Red Bull dati. He's just too afraid to lose again to Coach Toroman. Naawa talaga ako sa inyo, isa-isa na kasi kayong tumutumba. :(

About the team's performance, I think you really played well. Medyo kinulang lang talaga sa defense. At least you learned something. Bawi na lang next game. Saka pala, ganda ng shooting mo kahapon ha. Galing. ^_^

On Arboleda's case, yeah it's really unprofessional to attack a fan, really embarrassing. Pero sa tingin ko may pagkukulang din yung security ng Araneta at PBA. Ganito rin nangyari sa SMB-Ginebra Finals, sana man lang ginawan ng paraan na hindi naulit yung ganung incident. Alam nila na may nagmumurang fan dapat pinag-sabihan man lang yung fan na yun. Edi sana naiwasan yung gulo.

Thank God that no one was injured. Good luck on your game against TnT.

badlongon said...

so disappointed! First, i didn' get to watch yesterday's game. I was glued on CS9 for an hour but the game wasnt shown. Second, Smart Gilas lost. That Arboleda guy deserved to be sanctioned by the PBA commission or by BK itself.

Hopefully, luck will be on your side on your next game!

Anonymous said...

We need to step it up on the defensive end bro.

smart vs powerade-james yap scored 17pts.
smart vs alaska-willie miller scored 23pts.
smart vs BK-ronjay buenafe scored 25pts.

Highest scorers on the opposing teams r all guarded by chris tiu.goodluck next game!

Enrique said...

Sir chris I think if Bk didn't do that I think Gilas could still have won!!! sayang It made me a Smart Gilas fan lalo, Although yes medyo bad na nga yung defense you guys can still improve that dapat di matakot sina Japeth. But I wonder sir if? you guys were not clobbered do you think you played better D? Good luck na lang po and God bless I hope that game made you guys tougher

I hope you win against TNT an the next games

mike ^.^ said...

hi chris....

first of all, nice game for you and the gilas squad...

a hard fought game versus the pros... though they were all buffs and bruisers, pinahirapan nyo pa rin sila to the extent na they were annoyed by the Gilas' energy and eventhough you lost, it's your gain because you had the taste of the pro league...

puro cheap shots, it's hard to say na unintentional lahat kasi in happened many times...

then came nga yung brawling incident... every player has their own way of expressing emotion, siguro talagang nag-init si wynne kasi the fan according to reports was always uttering foul words agasint BK players na nadidinig pa daw mismo ng family ni wynne. They were both wrong but Wynne for sure will shoulder the consequences of his action. when i saw the incident, bigla kong naalala ung game way back bet. the Pacers and Pistons. Kala ko si Ron Artest si wynne...hehe

Anyway. Not a new issue for professional basketball players who are really with the "angas" factor... Siguro nga, you can make a roster full of them... hehe... ^^

sa kanila na rin siguro dapat magsimula ang initiative to change...

Good Luck and keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

magandang eye opener yan, natalo sila ng BK.. baka kase masyado nang lumaki ang ulo ng Gilas na yan kase tinalo nila ang Powerade..pero obvious naman na di pinaghandaan at masyadong dinibdib ng powerade ang laro. kaya ngayon mahihirapan talaga smart sa mga PBA teams kase iba naman ang teamwork at jell ng mgateams na to.. magandang training sa inyo yan..tsaka dapat mag pa bulk up naman sila sobrang patpatin, di pwede sa international games. lugi sa banggaan. keep it up!

Leigh said...

hi chris
Ive just watch your game last night
and thank god that no one was injured esp you...
Nakakatakot yung player ng BK ng uupak ng audience....
By the way kamusta na pla ung dibdib mo?

Shayne Linden Jois said...

Ooops, you still have to face TNT first pla.. :)

trix said...

You can expect more of that in your coming games in the PBA. You all have a bull's eye at the back of your heads. This will be good for you guys as you can't expect Iran to give you some love come FIBA.

Hey, do you have any idea on how fans can get their hands on your Gilas tshirts or the smartsports jacket? Thanks!

Good luck on your next game! Its not going to be easy defending Cardona. defense wins championships.

Era said...

We watched the game and you're right. It is more of a boxing ring than a basketball court. Okay. So they won. But the performance of Smart Gilas team last night was nonetheless, more commendable. For professional players, parang it is expected naman talaga that the Whoopers could play better but sa pinakita nila yesterday, they've shown how filthy their team is. No offense to MR. YENG GUIAO but, Sir, as a coach, sana naman next time you'll lead the team to a win in a good way. Nanalo nga kayo last night but look at how the PBA fans reacted. And to Arboleda, magtatapat rin kayo ng SMB. Let's see kung pano babahagin ni Dorian Pena yang buntot mo!


Go, my TIUperman!

danna:)) said...

hi chris! :)) oh i've watched the replay last night and i felt awful! those nasty BK players played really dirty! i never thought that they would hurt the Smart Gilas players and i hate that Matias for hurting you. Goodluck in all of your games! :))

See you on wednesday aginst my fave team TNT! ;))

Erine said...

No fair... Ang lalaki nilang tao tapos ganun sila sa inyo... parepareho naman kayong pro di ba???

Yeah.. mnakakadisappoint yung mga whoppers.. I hope that the next game will have no bullies anymore.. Kakarumi sa Pba gawa nila..

Goodluck to the next games!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
As far as I know, ang BK talaga physical sila maglaro, not just because kayo ang kalaban nila.. but they do that even to other PBA teams.. I feel na may gigil ang laro ng BK kaya naging sobra yung pagiging physical nila.. Siguro dahil sa isyu regarding Japeth,, they want to prove that they are strong even without him..

About the Arboleda issue, for may stiff sanction yun,, but i dont think na i-ban sya ng PBA,,nangyari na kc yan before eh,, pero wala naman na ban..

I believe that yesterday was a test to the character of your team..

Good luck to you and your team,, ganda ng laro mo and ni JV Casio.. (epekto ba ng MIlo yan?)

Anonymous said...

ohh its ok kahit talo may nxt time pah aman ehhh always take care goodluck sa next game nyo.. godbless ...


kalliepepper said...

that's why i don't really like PBA. when i was 6yrs old, i loved watching PBA because of Alvin Patrimonio. but when i saw a violent play, it almost looked like it was a wrestling match, i just stopped. i only watched NCAA and of course, UAAP.

anyway, ingat na lang kayo sa mga games nyo! learning experience na lang siguro yan.. :)

jacy said...

"Our players became hesitant to drive to the basket and dive for the loose balls."

I understand that SMART Gilas is still a development team. And for me, your experience against BK can really make you better..

International competition is more physical, so i think you should be ready of that.. Do not be hesitant to drive to the basket just because of the physicality of the game..

I remember how Jimmy Alapag attacked the basket no matter how physical the opposing team was. As a result, Alapag has gained so much respect from Asian basketball..

Hope you guys do the same.. Do not be bothered by such incident.. That's maturity and a learning curve..

Hope Gilas can bring honor for our country..

Ya said...

Hi Chris,

You were right. The game was really physical. I saw the first half. Playing dirty is never an option for any team and it really made an impression to me (what winnie did).

Anyway,you managed the game. You did not lose your temper kahit "bugbog" kayo literally. You and JV played well and the whole team as well.

Godbless to your next games. I am looking forward to you match with SMB. Dugong Bughaw!

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris :),

it's a nice game last friday but unfortunately it's too bad, you've loss against the BK Whoopers.:( next time bawi na lang kayo on the next game. i know that you can make it in a ONE BIG FIGHT (just what you've said in the previous entry).

just focused on your game at wag masyadong padadaan sa init ng ulo, unlike to BK Whoopers players na masyadong bully, mayayabang esp. arboleda and also unprofessional:/ (ooops, sorry for what i can say, masyado kasing nadala...); at least merong nagtatanggol sa inyo ng isang fan. wow!:D

ok, this is your first time experience to play in the PBA. just continue to play a lot so that i hope that you can really be achieved. i'm really to support you to play for the country; you're my favorite and best TEAM i've ever had.

thanks for sharing another new entry, just stay cool, keep safe and more power. may GOD be with YOU always forever. :)

[P.S.: chris, can i ask for your favor, could you share some sort of photos during PBA games and more updates on your next entry. i hope that it would be considered. also, i'm really excited to watch on your game (despite it's delayed telecast) against Talk n Text (Wed.) and Barangay Ginebra (Fri.). definitely, a very tough game. thanks a lot!!!]

armi said...

hi chris! was able to watch the game last night..

and i didnt really expect that someone who played for so long in the court would do such thing.. first thing that came into my mind was, "grabe, ang dumi maglaro!"
glad tj manotoc was able to post the link of the incident sa, i could watch it over and over again..

sabi ni JV, it was expected..(the physical thingy) but i guess it was too much..

it was actually my first time to really see you guys play sa TV.. and you all did great.. i really enjoyed watching it! if ever PBA would come and play again here(dumaguete), im 100% sure i wont get disappointed if kayo ang pupunta..

hoping for more great games from you..

God Bless sa next game nyo..

Anonymous said...

i just watched the replay and it was disappointing.. it's sad to see how professional players taint the game they are supposed to love with violence. i thought they will, to some extent, even stand as role models. rather than showing the Gilas team what to do, they showed them what not to do.

crazypeach said...

Good thing you guys are still okay! I pray for no injuries in the coming games! Stay strong!!! i'm sure everything that happened and will happen will be something positive for all of you. FIGHTING!!!

Jessa Marie Balbona said...

i watched your game po sa tv. you guys were really good. pam PBA na tlaga!! Go Smart Gilas!!! i'm a big fan of this team kxe i'm a UAAP addict. certified po yan. athlete din po kc ako!:) ehhehehe

pero grabeh po yung sinabi nyo yung PBA player. grabeh xah. yun lng po

God bless po sa nxt games!

BLUEblooded said...

Hey! :) I was just curious, do you have a facebook account now? Coz there are two accounts which appeared after typing your name: CJ ALANDY-DY TIU.

which is which? or both accounts not yours?THANKS! :)

Edel Arvin said...

i think may marching orders from the coach to harm the team. may motive kasi e, being humiliated in the gilas-powerade game and with the issue pa with japeth. as a basketball junky myself, i don't blame the gilas team if they got intimidated after the arboleda incident. as the new kids on the block, syempre you look up to these guys and with their example, ma shaken ka talaga.

pero honestly, blessing in disguise narin yun, kasi physical din talaga sa fiba. blessing rin walang na injured.

i've always believed na magandang strategy ang pag establish ng smart gilas, a developmental team devoted to compete in the international arena. i hope mag improve pa yung perimeter shooting ng mga big men niyo, rebounding and defense in the paint.

Anonymous said...

hi chris.... i watched the game but i decided not to finish watching it after arboleda suddenly attacked that unsuspecting fan.... it's just a shame that veteran players like him will be that unprofessional.. anyway, good luck with your next game...

PinoyApache said...

it's part of toughening up. dirty basketball is not the exclusive domain of philippine club teams but it is most ugly against other countries where discrimination is most high. take that as a lesson and, for sure, you will be much wiser defensively and psychologically.

Diego said...

Mr Katigbak should pursue his case against Arboleda..Me kulong ba ang physical injuries?sana meron kahit saglit lang.Hindi dapat magpa areglo si Katigbak ke Aroleda..Teach this guy a lesson..Mas matindi pa ginawa niya dun sa mga Indiana Pacers dati.Pero pag ako yung katigbak kase mukhang mayaman naman, ipatira niya na lang si Arboleda.


are you okay

I hope so...

Anyways, gud luck next game and take care always


Anonymous said...

Goodluck to Smart Gilas! :) and God Bless to you Chris. :)

Jessa Marie Balbona said...

yung mga ibang games nyo po ba makikita ko po ba sa tv? kc nachambahan ko lng mapanood yung game nyo the next day aftr your game, mdaling araw nga lang.

Marla Ani said...

Hi Chris! :)

Just wanted to ask, will the game be aired again?.. Sadly, I wasn't able to watch it. :( I was really looking forward to it..

I read in the newspaper that you scored 21 points in the game! :) Wow! You're really good! :) Congratulations on making it to PBA and for being in the Philippine Team! :) Looking forward on your future games! :) Good luck and God Bless! :)

bang said...

i was able to watch "Arboleda's attacking a fan moment" and "hitting Jv's face moment" on youtube.. and that was so unprofessional tlga..

Thank God your fine Chris..
Goodluck to your next game..
keep up the good work..
and stay HUMBLE..

Anonymous said...

i really felt bad when i found out what arboleda did! sa isang tiuatic pang kagaya ko, or kait kanino pang fan yun. wala talagang karapatan ang isang player na manakit ng fan, naalala ko tuloy si ildefonso, dati love ko sa nung sinugod niya yung fan ng bgk, nawala yung paghanga ko. besides player sila at professional na naturingan so dapat ang pisi mahaba being human is not an excuse. afterall sino ba ang tumatangkilik sa kanila, diba mga fan? hays!

anyway, gilas will be the next assignment of my favorite BGK! goodluck sa inyo chris, haha, hirap nito, tiu vs mg ginebra! we are targeting 3-0 pa naman.

sorry chris ha? ginebra ako e, hehe, don't worry titili padin ako pag nakashoot ka, wag lang pag lamang kayo dadagdagan mo pa, hehe!


ryanne1823 said...

I personally think that the BK players got physical with that game especially to that fan that Arbuleda attacked. Fans should NOT curse the other team. I mean, they should root for the team that they want. Players are human, marunong din mainis kapg natatalo. They can get mad especially when their pride is being stepped upon by the fans.

Bench said...

tough game, but you're right, arboleda and matias actions shouldnt be tolerated.

that being said, when things got back to normal in the second half, you couldn't defend either ronjay buenafe or gary david.

japeth couldn't stop beau belga(!) from driving(!) to the lane.

ahly =D said...

hey chris!

i saw a video from juami tiongson's account on facebook.. =D
it's for the UAAP championship..

here's the link.. (i don't know if it's clickable..)

nice video! =)

that's how they welcome a new team in the PBA??????

i've already seen the 2nd half of that ball game..
i must say that u really did well!
yeah, i agree that your defence killed you and i think another thing was cj giles' foul trouble..
i guess, it really hurt the whole gilas team..
the good thing is you all did your best and no one got a serious injury..

good luck again on your next game!
i'm sure you'll win!
i always believe in you, guys!
and always praying for you... =D

God Bless you!

reyrefran said...

Just in, courtesy of TJ Manotoc's Twitter:


ahly said...

hello again!

mr. arboleda is suspended for the rest of the season and for the fiesta conference..
di rin po sya mkakatanggap ng sweldo, including the bonuses..
plus.. Php 20,000.00 fine...

gud luck again for your next games! =)

trisha tan said...

one year + one day suspension & 20 thousand penalty to mr. arboleda is not enough .

arboleda want to extend his financial & medical assistant to mr. katigbak .


Anonymous said...

hi i whatch your game against bk i agree to everybody here bk is rally playing physical game and dapat some pba star pay some respect to the audience name normal lng naman n mg cheer ung mga fan eh d na nya dpat pinatulan goodluck chris sa nxt game nyo glingan nyo sana you guys win ds time take care always

Anonymous said...

i hope ur ok after u got an elbow from matias..,keep up the good works @ take care always.., God Bless.., i love u cj..,gud luck on ur game on wed..,

Anonymous said...

Hi CT!!!
thank God your not injured.
I was not able to watch sad...♥♥

punta k ulit dito sa Ateneo de Naga University..

Hindi aq nka pag Thank You nung nag papicture kami with you in coco cafe last august 15..
I'm so thankful kasi nanalo kami against team engineering.

Remember nung BACSand INTRAMS of ADNU??

Take care always...


bang said...

can't wait to watch your next game and to see you play..
thank God Wednesday is my off..

Good luck and God Bless..

Anonymous said...

Hi! Chris, its Naomie here, I watched a couple of your games already and that was a real tough game! Annoying to watch actually, kc parang walang rules and regulation, they played unprofessionally, parang liga lang sa tabi-tabi! Anyway, I sure you guys will have a better game next time, you guys can do it. You learn more as you go along. Just do your best always!! Good luck on your next game!! God bless!

psixteen said...

as much as i believe that arboleda deserved that suspension, we should also look at the other issue here: audience members must also show proper decorum during the games. as i have reiterated time and again in my previous blog entries re: uaap last season, trash talking (as much as people claim it to be "all part of the game") should not be disregarded just like that. it just shows you dont have manners and somehow reflects the kind of person you are. also, saying that "its all part of the game" just means you accept it and think 'its okay.'

i sure do hope the pba commissioner as well as the heads in other leagues start coming up rules re: this because as a bball fan, this is what makes me not want to watch live.

Anonymous said...

you guys shouldn't back down. i understand the intimidation factor. but i think you never have to fear anyone ever again. but always make sure you respect the opposition.

i'd love to see an edgier smart gilas team as a result of last fri's match. you guys are really good. but your game lacks steel. you got the edge, but you just need to sharpen it.

i look forward to the day when smart gilas will dominate without ever disrespecting; to play a scrappy and rough game without ever playing dirty.

but i guess you're on your way there. i can see toroman is doing a good job with you guys.

keep it up and make every filipino proud.

Karla said...

i missed this!!! ugh!
i hate these colds!!!

thanks for the post Chris!

keep us updated on smart gilas! thanksmuch!!!


bfrances said...

Hi Kuya Chris!

It's quite frustrating that a professional player like Arboleda cannot control his temper.

Anyway, bonne chance to the Smart Gilas!

God bless,
Ben Francis Rances :)

ahly said...

hello again chris!

so, how's your injury now?

can you play na for your game on friday?
hope you can.. =D
better na di ka muna lumaro kasi baka lumala pa yang injury mu..
sana gumaling agad..

yeah, i believe in your team too..
they can do it!

Good Luck! =D
God Bless you.. =D

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

the game got too physical...
well, it's a learning experience fro the team..
too bad for Arboleda...somehow, he should suffer the consequences..

Good luck on your game today!!
will it be televised? a delayed telecast??

God bless you..

erica said...


stay calm and think. i just read your twitter entry (smart-gilas vs TNT)

this is a learning experience. and you'll be back in the team in no time so don't lose hope. don't focus on the score, focus on the technique that they (TNT) used.

will comment in this arboleda issue in a few days... ;p

rest well.


Anonymous said...

Talk n Text 103 - Smart Gilas 70

What happened to chris tiu?

javen said...

for me, what he did was uncalled for. But I commend that you guys did not do anything as low as that.

I hope his elders and better feel very ashamed! For some reason manners and sportsmanship does not apply to this guy. I am not a hard core fan of basketball like my dad but my god!

At this point "lamang kayo!" for playing with caution and with respect. You might have lost the game but you gained more fans!

tropangpipz18 said...

Pare chris mag ingat ka just super ingat ka okay

RakenROL Smart Gilas