Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MILO 3-in-1 TVC

Hello, here's my latest MILO 3 in 1 TVC with JVee Casio, my current teammate in SMART Gilas. Hope you like it!




Nica said...

I remember seeing this when I was watching UAAP finals last Thursday =)

I love it! Chris, you're getting good with your "acting skills", hehe... Maybe that's why some people want you to join showbiz! Haha!

chocohani said...

hi chris,

congrats! for this new TVC of milo 3-in-1, cheers for that! (:

congrats also to the ateneo blue eagles, for the back to back championship!!! one big fight!

JL said...

Hi Chris,

Nice TVC again. Congratulation on your new commercial. Hoping to see you soon acting on TV. Kelan kaba magkaka drama or any show on GMA aside from hosting? I'll wait for that.

take care always,

jai ho said...

No showbiz for Chris!! That will ruin my life! He will have his loveteam or worse a kilig scene with another girl.. Please dont enter showbiz because we all know how dirty showbiz is.. Lots of intrigues and you know, with a busy schedule, for sure tons of'll surely be sick. :(

But I may say, GREAT and amazing TVC with the rivalry, JV CAsio!..not anymore.haha. Keep it up!ingat! :)))

weng10282000 (",) said...

hello chris!!! :)

this is it!!! you're new TV commercial is really superb and nice.

congratz and goodluck to your game on friday.

take care and have a great day!!! :)

yokishinai tegami said...

i'm a big Ovaltine fan but hey, switch na ko sa Milo dahil sa commercial mo!!! whahahahahaha!!!

armi said...

knew it! it was you!.. i had doubts 'coz i wasnt able to see your name!

totally cool! congrats for this new TVC..

milo, simply the best!

Lhen7 said...

Hello Chris ^_^

Your new TVC with JV Casio rocks! The first time I saw it akala ko hindi ikaw... Congrats sa new TVC...

Good luck sa game on Friday against the Whoppers... Go Smart Gilas!!!

God Bless...

badlongon said...

this one is so good chris! I just simply love it. Milo cant get enough of creating wonderful commercials.

ainan said...

I love the TVC, it was carefully crafted and it was beautifully done.

Congrats! to ATeneo Blue Eagles for winning again! You guys showed you hone your craft!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Awesome TVC!

It's nice to see you in green too. hehehe

Anonymous said...

Awesome TVC!

It's nice to see you in green too. hehehe

-tj, cali

borly said...

This is great stuff, Chris. Looking forward to more TVCs!

Anonymous said...

guys visit nio din ang

the newest, hottest and most interesting showbiz blog in town!

erica said...


officially milo enforser ka na ngayon coz you finally got your animated version :D


i wonder if we're going to see your face printed in the milo packs soon...

nice to see that you and jayvee are not only team mates and buddies, but endorsers of a reputable brand.

keep up the good work!
and take care of yourself. rest well. good luck on your game tomorrow! :D


annanana :] said...

wala kayong game against purefoods?

tnx :)

Leigh said...

nice ads chris...
BFF na kau ni JV
Goodluck and Godbless
By the way congrats on Smart gilas...

josephine said...

hi mr. chris tiu. we would like to ask you for an interview if it's okay with you. i am josephine from makati science high school. this is with regards to our prerequisite article for us to pass the quarter. thanks in advance. :] we are hoping for your favorable response.

ahly_17 =D said...

hey chris! =)

good to see your blog entries again.. =)

first of all, i want to Congratulate the Ateneo Blue Eagles for winning the back to back Championships, and the blue eaglets as well.. =)
i knew it, from the start pa lng.. i'm super duper confident na mgchachampion ulet and ateneo.. =)

'about your new milo tvc..
i really love it.. =)
it's nice to see you, together with jvee in one tvc.. super nice!
i always drink milo for my breakfast.. but not milo 3in1 yet.. i think, i'm too young for it....? =)

'i've seen your game against the powerade team.. i must say that smart gilas is a very young, strong and talented team.. plus a very good coach.. =)
i'm glad that the smart gilas joined the current PBA conference.. confused tuloy aco,.. ginebra or smart gilas? hihi.. of course i'll be sacrificing my favorite pba team, just to support YOUR team.. this conference lng naman, right? hihi.. nyaAaah! just kidding..
i've seen the PBA schedule and all of your games are at 2:30pm.. why, so maaga?
anyway, good luck sa game nyo tomorrow.. =)
another question.. how's japeth? why is he playing for the burger king, not for gilas?

sorry if i'm so madaldal, huh..
ngaun lng kz ulet aco nkapg-comment d2 iHh.. =)
super na-miss co tlga!
busy kz with my studies, eHh..
(but i don't forget watching pinoy records and ripley's...)
tomorrow would be the last day of our final exam.. whew! =)

so, 'til here..
thanks for reading this..
Good Luck sa games mu.. =)
God Bless..
take care.. =D

One Big Fight!

Nica said...

Ive read Rick Olivares' blog entry about the Smart Gilas. Im so happy that you're in good hands! I havent seen you play in Smart Gilas but from what I gather from his entry is that you've improved a lot and you're better than before!

How I wish I could see you play now! Better yet, see you play in 2012 for the Olympics! =)

Keep safe and God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi to All,

Is there any Chris Tiu fans club here? I wanna join, kung wala pa let's create a new one!!!


Anonymous said...

congrats sa bagong tvc.. hahaha ganda.. kasama pa si mr. jvee casio.. hehehe i love milo alot.. toynk!! hahaha

yun lang take care alwayss godbless...

natz said...

this commercial is so cool!!! love it!!! if its on i really watch it and i can't take off my eyes!! haha!!!

everything i said is true... keep it up kuya!!

lindsey said...

hi chris congrats 2 ur new tvc ang gwapo mo dun kesa kay jv more power 2 u and take care always

bang said...

I really love it..
so cute and nice..

bang said...

kasali pala smart gilas sa pba..
im so excited na to see you play..goodluck chris..

Anonymous said...

Hi kuya Chris,

sa lahat ng commercials mo,

ang Sandbox ng Smart

ang pinakagusto ko..hehe

wala lang, para kacng

d ikaw un..lolz

"d other side"

of Mr. Chris Tiu..



Anonymous said...

i heard you loss to your match agains burgerking but nw matter wt happen for me ur stil d best

lindsey said...

hi i heard you loss to your match 2 day agains burgerking bt its ok nw matter what happen win or loss your stil d best

gaienne said...

loooove this one!

baby28 said...

why is it ung number mo sa Smart Gilas is 8?:)

Anonymous said...

hello chris! thsi is rhea!

i love the commercial! :)

Anonymous said...

i love your newest commercial with jv casio..

your now an in demand commercial model, congratulations and i'm looking forward for your commercials in the future..

May God Bless you always..


i really love kua chris

thankzzz and take care

kArLa said...


ur such a great person..hope i can see u personally..hehe..

take care!!

~ J A P Z ~ said...

this TV is so cool...first time kong narinig si Chris sumigaw..hehee

josephine said...

kuya, bwal ka po ma-interview?

mariz said...

Hi, Chris,
Congrats to your new commercial. I can see that you really love basketball in every commercial you made. I'm so sad last saturday because your team has to battle againts my favorite team in PBA, Gin Kings. But what I'm sadder about is that you didn't play beacause of injury as well as Mark Caguioa. I really wanted to see you againts Jayjay and Mark Caguioa because it will help you on your international game. But your still there supporting your team mate by just being there. I hope you'll be fine and of course Mark and Eric Menk. I am a supporter of yours and your team but a big fan of Gin Kings. I love you, keep up the good work, stay healthy and leave everithing to God He will always be there for you.