Sunday, July 26, 2009

Follow me on Twitter / ADMU vs UP

Wow!! I'm sure everyone expected a blowout game today between UP and Ateneo. But that's precisely why it's so fun to watch basketball! Because you cannot predict the outcome of games no matter what the odds may seem. Today, UP played very very motivated and inspired basketball. They did their homework and they were on fire in the 2nd half. Give credit to the coaching staff. Ateneo on the other hand was overconfident and came out flat. With an early lead in the 1st half, they failed to put away UP when they could have but instead allowed them to get back in the game and build on their momentum.

Anyway, it's one of those games where valuable lessons are learned! A reality check and wake up call for the Blue eagles! It's fine... there's still a long way to go in the season. Besides, "Ateneo" made it to the 2nd highest in the trending topics list on Twitter. That means Ateneo was the 2nd most talked about topic for a moment even ahead of Michael Jackson, Harry Potter, etc. Cool huh!?

By the way, you can follow me on twitter @chris_tiu that's the real me! I believe there are some fake accounts. :)



mi_ca86 said...

i just read a news about it! WELL it's a game..some wins some losses!but still FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT ATENEO!

mi_ca86 said...

anyway...twitter is twitterific..hope to hear more of you on twitter and updates about sad coz I can't watch it :(

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris...

what??? ateneo lose over up in the uaap games??? oh well, bawi na lang sa susunod na games... hehehe ateneo blue eagles must still a LEAD and a one big fight!!!
(btw, ateneo blue eagles and letran knights are my fave college teams since i'm graduated from letran, which is a dominican school)

i know you're still so much busy at this time just like me...oh well :D

take care, friend... :)

Mich said...

Hi Chris. I know its not really right to say it here but my friend is really a big fan of you and I just wanted to make her happy on her birthday. Is there any way that you can make a VTR for her? If its okay and you're not busy. I just wanted to make her happy cos its our last year together since I'll be moving to Europe this August. :( Her name's Keethe and if you can do it, you can send your vid here: :) THANK YOU!

No need to post this one. I just don't know a way where I can reach you.

symplegurl said...

I still hope ADMU wins the championship!

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

haiy.. sayang nga at natalo sila.. nakakapanghinayang.. pero ok lang un kasi unang talo palang naman.. And tulad nga ng sinabi mo mahaba pa ang s72, kayang kaya ng ATENEO yan.. ATENEO pa! hehe

Ikaw po ba talaga ung nasa twitter? Ung picture background mo eh parang nasa ilog ka? kung un ka.. tama pala ung finafollow ko.. i'm maucy_05.. sana makita mo kahit madami ka ng followers.. hehe

ingat po palagi..

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

I wasn't able to watch the game..
I'm still in shock right now..
But I'm happy for UP..they are very motivated.

you have a twitter account!!
I'll check it out..but I need to create my own account first..because I don't have yet...:)

you are featured in ka blog last Saturday!!! I'm so happy for Monica
It's a dream come true for every tiunatics!!!

clear men future league is getting more intense...I support the Laguna team..because I'm from Laguna...:)
Next episode, the teams will be seeing you in person..I'm so excited..:)

thank you for posting this entry..God Bless you

chrizella said...

sayang nd ako nkaspanood ng uaap kahapon ie...but i watched you last saturday sa KaBlog..wahaha kakakilig naman yun kng aq din yung gurl dat time ma starstruck din aq..jejeje,den last night i watched you in clear men..mas bagay you tlga mg-english kaysa mgtagalog kc para kang galit..jejeje pero sa pronounces ion nman malinaw..okey..
Belated happy b-day pla ah lam ko very lated n pro atleast july pa naman ie saka para sakin buong july b-day u..jejeje Gudluck to all your show anD always have a good!!!

erica said...


i never expected the outcome but i guess its really a manifestation that God moves in mysterious ways. maybe the eagles were overconfident yesterday. and maybe the new jerseys of UP brought some luck :D

nice to know you are now on twitter. im still having a hang of it though. hehe.

well, just a heads up... kyle, kaye and i were able to start with milo-best in xavier (1-4pm) last sat. our legs are still painful but it was a wonderful experience! i am still trying to figure out how i can manage to practice the drills on weekdays because as you know, i am already working. joyce and mike will be joining us next sat. hope you can drop by xavier to give some moral support. hehe.

have you enjoyed the cake that the SBP/milo kids gave you last sunday? milo's pr exec texted me that you were coming but i was still sleeping due to fatigue (hehe) lasts sat. he asked me when was your birthday...

take care!


mary joyce said...

nice! you have twitter account na din po ah! :))

Dominic said...


dominic said...

Ohhhh My Goooddiiiesss..

Chris tiu Kw ba talaga yan??!!!

oh... my...

mais said...

thank you for confirming that its your twitter account. at least now i know its really you! :)

Chie said...

Start na naman ng "One Big Fight"! Goodluck sa Ateneo! Hope they win again. Follow you on twitter? I just did!

angelica said...

its okay to lose...i mean admu is on the lead while up is well, the lowest. they really played well its their chance to stay in the competition

elaine :D said...

tsktsk..ADMU, always stay grounded..i was expecting a sweep win..peo ok lang..hehehehe..look at the brighter side of the day! at least may natutunan na lesson diba? pero parang nangyari na rin to last parang ganito din ung comment ko..anyhow..good luck on ADMU's future games! win win! fight! fight! ONE BIG FAITH!

faye said...

Hey Chris! Just followed u on twitter.. tag along! :)


almira said...

err. just like what you've said, its a game after all. we really don't now what will happen.

there are more games to come and for sure ateneo will bounce back.

ganun talaga. bawi sa susunod.

almira said...

err. just like what you've said, its a game after all. we really don't now what will happen.

there are more games to come and for sure ateneo will bounce back.

ganun talaga. bawi sa susunod.

♥jen♥ said...

i just did..
heheh! ;)
shock nga kami ng sister ko nanalo UP..
may sis is an alumna of UP..
but we're both rooting for Ateneo..
pero kahit siya nagulat sa outcome ng game yesterday..
hindi talaga siya makapaniwala..
sabi sis ko nagpray over yata ang UP kaya sila nanalo..
i know, kayang kaya ng Ateneo yan until finals..
take care..
God Bless.. :)

bhotyongnick said...

hi, my TIUperman!!!

i haven't watched the game, but i'm glad that UP won, hehehe!!! of course, I 'll support my school first but don't you worry, ateneo is my next favorite!!!

i love my weekend co'z, i've watched kablog and true enough, you have loosened up a bit and I kinda like that part of you. ive also watched pinoy records and clear future league (ang kulit nung isang player sa 'yo, napakawacky nun, hehehe)

of course, i will not forget tonight, hehehe!!! it's my date with you again through ripley's!!! yuo look so handsome on that episode based on the previews, I'll surely watch it.

i love you always...

keep safe as well!!!


Gladys said...

I also watched the up ateneo game.. Haha. So shocked dn aq nun.. Pg pasok q s scul knina.. They were askng me abt dat! Haha.. Pero ok lang.. 4th gme plang nman yon e..

Btw, I heard na ung p.e teacher daw namen nag referee sa xavier? Nglaro ka daw!!?? Is it true?? May mga pics m daw xa... Waah kainggit! Hehe..

I'll follow u on twitter..ö sna mag facebuk ka na din.. Hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hello, Chris. :)

My Friend said na nawala ka lang daw natalo Ateneo. :)) I watched the Ateneo-UE game live. :D I saw youu !! HAHAH. Ang galing ni Emman Monfort. \m/ 6 three points. Like whoa. Anyways, Good Luck in your games abroad. :) See you in Areneta ! hahaha, kidding.

mina said...

Hi Chris watchesd the ateneo game was so sad that they lost to UP...well as they bilog ang bola...

jasmine said...


I've watch dat game yesterday and I noticed dat sum of the ateneo player was overconfident but Its ok It's just 1 game there r more incoming games p nman
gOgOgO ATENEO,go nd defend ur title!!!!!!!I wiil always cheer u
go kua CHRIS

Sabria ü said...

I'd have to admit, Ateneo's loss to UP was shocking, to say the least. The Eagles were just not in their usual selves, although Rabeh had 17pts. They struggled almost the entire game, except for a decent 1st half.

Maybe the fact that you were not able to watch the game contributed to the loss (OK I don't want to sound too superstitious. Haha) But seriously, Chris, it would have meant a lot to the team if you were there to support them. Sayang lang talaga.

As they say, bilog ang bola. Anything can really happen. Who would have thought, the winless team would upset the unbeaten one? Oh well, as you've said, it's still a long way to go. Ateneo's still the defending champs anyway and the boys have almost the entire season to clinch a back-to-back.ü

Oh btw, thanks for sharing your twitter account. Will surely follow you there.ü

Hope you can watch the next games! Take care :)

Ceila said...

Been too school lately. Nursing is such a hassle. Anyway, I'll be following you on twitter. Follow me? It will make my day! No scratch that, it will make my MONTH! :)

Honestly, you're the only person that puts a smile on my face lately, been sinking into depression because of the pressure from school. You're such an inspiration Mr. Tiu. :D

Jl said...

Hi Cris,

Ok, I will follow you on twitter. Hahaha, sbi mo eh, malakas k skin. San b fans club mo? Mk sali n nga, hahaha

little miss blue eagle♥ said...

quite shocked and upset about that game. hehe. i never thought that would really happen since rabeh has been doing good these past games. i hope, the blue eagles could bounce back. :)

PS. i already followed you on twitter. HAPPY TWITTERING!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing to us yourself!


tiiin said...

Let's just hope that that's the only game that Ateneo will lose this season! HAHAHA!

I followed you on Twitter already! It'd be so awesome if you followed me too! I would probably die if you did HAHAHA :) My twitter is thatgirltin. :D


Erine said...

Yup,,, That was such a big news... Even other players from the other teams...(clue: NAmamana sila...)posted it on their facebook walls... hahaha... Sabi pa " Wag sila MAsyado KAmpante..."

Still, Its just the fourth game... Makakabawi pa... Like last year.. Go Blue Eagles!!!

Yehey may Twitter ka na... MAke the most out of your twittering... Updates ha?

crazypeach said...

Hello again! Wow you'll be tweeting too! I'll subscribe soon!!!

You're right about your post...lessons will always be learned for everyone. Overconfidences kills applies to everyone.

But that certainly is the beauty of many unpredictable moments...better than your average telenovela! ^_^

mike :) said...

" Life is a ball game.....
You win... You lose...."

*I still remember the pilot episode of CMFL when you said those words.... hehe...

And that clearly manifested in the UP-Ateneo game.... It's tough to lose but it's thougher to always win....

anyway, it's good that you have your own twitter account... it's a lot easier to keep updates there....

Hope you still make an account in fb....

thanks and always take care.... good luck!!!

nota bene:

hope you can drop by at the best ceneter clinic in xavier.... hehe....

-mike :)

Bonnie said...

i heard the news on the radio and i was also on unbelief( just like the dj).But i believe that the lost will be your motivaton to perform even better( coz you guys did great.. as always). ill pray for your next fights. God bless!

Anonymous said...

hey chris how are you na, it's been a long tym since i visited your blog.Hope you're doing fine.

Take care always and God bless.
Continue to be an inspiration to all.

Anonymous said...

hey chris how are you na, it's been a long tym since i visited your blog.Hope you're doing fine.

Take care always and God bless.
Continue to be an inspiration to all.

erica said...


please read philstar, tuesday (july 28, 2009) issue, page a-38. article about smart-gilas.

gudluck on your trainings :D


Anonymous said...

it's very unexpected...

Trish said...

ONE BIG FIGHT parin sa inyo! =)

jesse said...

I'm so glad UP won. at least impossible na kaming ma-'0' this season. and i'm happy kasi nakikita na yung potential ng team. sana masundan pa. :)

though i feel bad din for Ateneo.. kasi next to my alma mater, kayo na yung favorite ko. tsaka i feel sad for Kirk. kasi nung fino-focus siya ng camera, ang lungkot ng face niya. :(

anyway.. one game lang yan. 10 games to go. may 2nd round pa. I believe naman na Ateneo sa Finals eh. ;)

NADiiiiNE said...

nyc. you have a twitter :))
are planning to get drafted in the pba? hope to see you play again :))

take care.

Anonymous said...

Tingin ko pinagbigyan lang ng Ateneo, kasi parang kapatid naman turing nila sa UP! :)

Anonymous said...

ahm,nakahinayang,,,kasi ateneo ay ung mas stronger team...tp0s ganun ngyari..

marami nashock dun..but...for up..its a great game...and i think,msaya cla...kc they got their first win from ateneo,, overconfident/naunderestimate nila ung up..

oh wells..ganyan tlaga..
go ateneo!

bawi na lang!

MiTch said...



Kaia said...

Pictures of the ADMU-UP game:

One Big Fight! :)

Anonymous said...

anonymous: sobra ka naman. i think UP did its best. Maganda ang laro nila. Even Chris said so in his blog.=)It was a different UP team.

Jesse: Tama ka, I still believe na Ateneo sa finals. Ateneo is such a strong team.
(Though I hope it'll be Ateneo vs UP. Malay natin, dahil sa pinakita nila)=)

death_ether_no_more said...

having seen the team stats,it was really funny because we all wanted to watch the game coz we were getting the same feeling with what happened when ADMU lost a game against a team which has zero wins I think. Was it NU?I can't remember anymore but it sure was a funny surprise haha.

death_ether_no_more said...

I'm a chris tiu fan but I'm still hoping I see yellow in the finals. I'm really hoping I get to have the experience of UST winning men's basketball before I graduate. I got 2 years left 'til I leave USt so please nmn ADMU pagbigyan niyo na hehe kidding.

Anonymous said...

i want nobody nobody but tiu...!!!

nice may twitter ka na..facebook wala??

take care alwayss godbless...

janine de gracia said...


.that's ok.
.there's lot of time to keep on fighting.
.they must do their best and be dtermine to continue what they've started.


.i also saw you last saturday in Kablog.
.i hope i will also have the chance of meeting you in person.
.that's one of my dreams.



Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

ukei Lan yan ..

mei ibang games pa aman ee ..
just keep in mind:
"manalo, matalo, cute pa rin kayo"

hehe (^^,)

goodluck Ateneo!! One big fight!!!

kimberly ♥ said...

hi chris...

i hope your fine...

kelan kaya kita mapapnuod sa isang teleserye sa gma7?