Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thank You

Here's a big THANK YOU to all of you for your greetings! I feel really touched that you remembered me in my special day. Hope you continue to pray for me that this coming year will be another great one filled with love and happiness. And also that I may remain grounded and make the right decisions in life :) Once again, thank you! Thank you! :)



nika ech said...

im not sure if mama had texted you na, anyways...


hope to see you again soon in moro. :)

-Nika E. :)

rujrpam said...

happy birthday! take care always. please keep us posted on what you're doing, please, please, please..

bhotyongnick said...

happy birthday, my TIUperman!!!

you are most welcome!!!

life won't be the same without you!!!

always stay as you are right now!!!

i promise that i woould not feel tired suppoting you on your endeavors!!!

i love you always!!!

keep safe!!! mwuah, mwuah, mwuah!!!

freesia said...

You are very much welcome, Chris!
Thank You, too, for being so nice!
Stay happy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!
I wish you all the best especially in your career!
Goodluck to you!!
Continue to inspire young people like me!
I hope that you'll be happy on your special day and may you have more birthdays to come!
Take care!
and also, khit wla k n s ateneo..alam q magcha2mpion p din kau s basketball!ONE BIG FIGHT!
Again, happy happy birthday!

♥jen♥ said...

Happy 24th Birthday!!!
it's TIUr special day!
heheh! ;D
take care!
God Bless.. :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!!

yah!!we'll always be praying for you!!God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

...Mr. Chris Tiu

You have circle of fans here in Cotabato City supporting you all throughout!!!


hope to see you on your upcoming GMA 7!!!

Your a good host!!!

myv said...

hi kuya chris!
happy birthday po!

we are so lucky to have someone like you to look up to.:)
thank you for being our role model.:)
continue to inspire more people!:)

have a wonderful birthday!:)
take care and godbless!:)

angelle said...

Happy birthday Chris! :)

May God continue to bless you and may you have many more birthdays to come. I wih you good health, a happy family and a succesful life. Continue to inspire more people and also continue to be a good roe model to the youth. :]

We really miss you! And we love you and will continue to support you. Take care and God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

hey Chris,
i just want to greet you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I hope and pray that this year wil bring you more luck, good experience and more hapiness.
Enjoy your special day!!
GOD Bless!!

-Janine N.

penny:) said...

(im so F.C. hehe) i hope your happy ayt now. i wish you more happyness, love,& contentment in life!& ofcors good health!
stay grounded & continue 2b the person that you are ayt now. keep inspiring lots of people spexali d youth!:)
as a "distant fan" (hehe) , my only gift for you are my prayers, i believe thats d least thing dat i cn do & its also my way of thanking you 4 inspiring me thru your talents! THANK GOD also sa parents mo, 4 if not w/ them you won't b d person dat you r ayt now. i honestly salute ur parents, ur family..i love d way you support one another!:) may GOD continue 2strengthen ur relationship w/ ut family, friends, &ofcors w/ ur 'lady lOve'
lastly, may GODbless you & your family always. may dis year be anoder success 2u..

P.S: i hope i could meet u n person & i wish u'r one of my friends..haha(dreeaamm on!)

- penny s. :)

erica said...


Hope you'll have a blast TIUday :D

Thank you also for being nice to all of us. The messages, greetings and shout-outs are our simple way of thanking you for just being you.

Happy birthday!


sherilyn said...

hi chris,

Happy Birthday!!!!!
we'll always be here for you...
thank you so much for being my inspiration in a lot of ways...
stay as humble as you are and I know life has been and will always be beautiful for you in the years to come...

The pilot episode of your new show was very interesting...I love the idea of "the only BLACK basketball court in the Philippines"...:)

What can you say about the opening of the 72nd season of the UAAP????
I think the concept was simple compared last year...but just meaningful...

Congratulations to the blue eagles for their victory in their first game against the tams...a quite close fight...and you are right. I guess that game was a preview of the championship...:)

again, happy happy 24th birthday.
God Bless..;)

Anonymous said...

chris, happy happy birthday:) God bless:) Wish you more success and happiness. Take care:)

Anonymous said...

,,,hey!i just wAnT to greet you happy b-day...i hope to see you soon!
i wish you all the best in your career...god bless to you and your family...happy b-day again...

Anonymous said...

i just wanna greet you a happy happy birhtday.. may God bless you always.. take care..Ö

Anonymous said...

happy birthday chris... wish you all the best!! i hope to see u soon!! happy birthday again... god bless... mwuaah!!

_ahly_ said...

Good afternoon Chris!

Happy happy Birthday chris!!!

well, i hope you are able to receive all my messages through fanatxt.. =)
thank you for coming into my life Chris.. you're such a blessing & inspiration to everyone of us! (even if we don't know each other personally..) =)

I'm always praying for you, Chris.. I know God still showers you more and more blessings 'coz you're such a good person & you deserve those blessings... =)

I'm still hoping that someday I'll meet you in person.. hihi!
I'll still support the Blue Eagles & watch all your TV shows.. =)

We LOVE you Chris! =)
miss you a lot..
God Bless.. =)


Anonymous said...

i just wanna greet you a happy happy birthday.. may God bless you always.. take care..Ö


penny:) said...

so how's ur day? :) how dd u celebrated ur bday? :)
btw, wat's ur bday wish?hehe
blog ka nlng ulit...
enx po!:)
happy birthday ulet!:)

simplytoogood17 said...

happy birthday kuya chris!!!!!!

wish all ur wishes come true.... we will love you forever and no one can ever replace u.... we all hope for your happiness and more blessings in everything..... :D tca....<3

mi_ca86 said...

Happy Birthday again! God Bless you!Stay humble! Take Care.

Anonymous said...

i'm sure you will not change because u will continue to inspire people! happy birthday!! :)

almira said...

happy birthday! :)

you really deserve everything you received right at this moment.

don't forget to pray and we're always here behind you.

keep safe!

yil said...


First, I wanna salute you for living a life so close to perfection.

You were and will always be my source of inspiration and the best role model of mine.

I hope you stay as you are. You just don't know what kind of happiness I feel whenever I see you.

I assure you my 100% of support and admiration whatever path you choose.

Here's my b-day present for excerpt from the Carpenters' Close To You:
(sing it, ha...hehe)

"Why do birds suddenly appear
Every time you are near?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

Why do stars fall down from the sky
Every time you walk by?
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true
So they sprinkled moon dust in your hair of gold
And starlight in your eyes of blue.

That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around.
Just like me, they long to be
Close to you..."

Hope you like it. Stay as you are and keep up all the good works.

May God bless you this 24th year and the coming years of your awesome life. I love you, Chris!

your most loyal fan,
yil :)

Anonymous said...


KimF and JudzSJ said...

Hello, Sir!
We miss seeing you play, but Ateneo's sure to win again this season! :>
HAHAHA. Best Wishes to you! :)

-Kim F and Judith SJ.

-vAne- said...

happy birthday! cheers to another year added in your life.
Stay an inspiration to others especially the youth.
We will all be here supporting you till the end.
We love you kuya chris.:))

♥ angel 17 ^-^ said...

hi chris!!!!

hapee hapee hapee 24th birthday to you!!!!!!


well, i wish you all the best.. i'm so glad you're doing great in everything that you do! stay as what you are.. stay grounded and humble..and handsome of course!☺ good luck and god bless..i miss seeing you play for ateneo..i hope you'll be watching games live! you weren't there last sunday! anyways, i hope you're enjoying this day of yours..always smile and be happy..continue being an inspiration to all of us! love you chris!!

one big fight!!

kate ♥

kryzzle said...

happy birthday chris! :) may good Lord grant all your dreams. best of luck in all your endeavors!


karen said...

Hi Chris!
Happy Happy Birthday to you!!!
Wish you all the best and goodluck to you...=)

God Bless!!!

chocohoneybabes:) said...

Happy birthday Chris! Wish you all the best & God bless! :)

mais said...

happy birthday chris!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi chris!

Happy birthday!!! Wish you all the best in life... :)Hope you will have many more projects to come, and you will receive what you long for.. :)

GOD Bless always!!!:)


danica said...

ahaha ui tanda na sya, pero don't worry d nman hlata, cute k p rin...heheh. hope you enjoy your day! god bless! mwah!

danica said...

ahaha tanda na sya don't worry d nman halata eh. cute k p rin.
hope you enjoy your day! god bless!mwah!

noelle17 said...

Happy Birthday :)

noelle17 said...

Happy Birthday!


I hope mas dalasan mu pa kua chris ung pag-release ng mga write-ups mu please.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris! May God bless you with more birthdays to come, good health and more success in life! Stay happy! =)

ella said...

happy birthday chris!!!

Nica said...

Happy Birthday Chris! May God bless you with more birthdays to come, good health and more success! Stay happy! =)

seVenteEn17 said...

Happy birthday po. Goodluck in your career! =)

nananaNEI.:) said...

you'll always be remembered. :)

God bless you and your family always. Just keep up the good work, we'll always be here for you. <3


Unknown said...

Ahia Chris, 生日快乐! :)

denice said...

..happy birthday chris..
..may God continue to shower you blessings.. deserve all what you achieved..

jC said...

Happy Happy Birthday Chris..! ; )

jasmine said...

helo po

hapi hapi birthday!
I hope n s buong year at s mga su2nod pang year mging succes kau s mga ga2win nio,good health and more bday to come..

sna rin po mkita ko kau s personl!!!

happy happy happy birthday to u!!!

Andrea :) said...

Happy Birthday Chris! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday Chris! :)
I'm a real big fan of yours and it's quite sad not seeing my favorite Ateneo player in the court anymore. I do hope you watch the games though, and blog about it :) More power to you! And hope you enjoyed your day. Take care and God bless.
Go Ateneo, one big fight!!

- Nicole

michiko said...

Hi Chris! Happy happy birthday! May you continue to prosper in all your endeavors. God bless you and your family! :)

sabria ü said...

To the one who has made me love basketball to the highest degree,
To the one who has embodied what it's like to be close to perfection,
To the one who has lead the 2008 Blue Eagles Team to the promised land,
To the one who makes every girl shiver and smile,
To the one who has the cutest chinky eyes,
To the one who's every woman's dream guy,
To the one who has been and is still very successful in all that he does,
To the one who gives me inspiration so deep no one else could,
To the one and the only #17 Chris Tiu,

You may count how many "happy" words there are, dear, but there are 17! Cos of course I know it's YOUR number and it means a lot to you, Chris.ü

I only have 2 wishes for you - eternal happiness and good health... then everything else will follow.

This may be the first time I'd say this for everyone to know, and since it's your birthday...
I LOVE YOU, CHRIS! till forever ends...

Happy Birthday once again and may God bless you always.ü


angela said...

Happy Birthday!!
Stay the same..
God Bless!!

enahh said...

happy happy birthday Chris! ^_^

wish you good health & more power!!!

God bless you & your family! ^^

fighting! (^_^)v

abby said...

HAPPY BDAY CHRISTOPHER JOHN ALANDY-DY TIU:) more blessings to come. love TIU so much. :)) -abby ( )

ianne said...

just enjoy your special day!!! good health for you and for the rest of your family........SMILE!!!!!

cariza said...

happy birth day chris !!

wish you more birth days to come and
good health ..

may god give more blessings and stay good as you are ..

♫ cariza ♫

cariza said...

happy birth day chris !!

wish you more birth days to come and
good health ..

may god give more blessings and stay good as you are ..

♫ cariza ♫

Althy said...

Happy Birthday Chris! :D May God bless you with all the blessings this year and may He grant you all your hopes and wishes for the coming year. More power to you! God Bless you always! And like many others, we miss you in the UAAP! hehe :-)

Take care! :D

nhadz said...

Happpy birthday Chris :))

better late than never. haha!

Anonymous said...

hey chris,

i wish you the best in everything.
keep up the good work.
may God always bless you and your family.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

ur always welcome.!!! (^^,)

and of course you're always in our prayers ..

enjoi the rest of the evening and be happy coz it only comes once in a year .. (^^,)


Love Lots,

Anonymous said...

hafee burthday
-ma. erika solidarios

joy m. said...

hi chris!i guess i was a little late to greet you now but still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! i wish u all the best in life and i hope na sana maenjoy mo itong special day mo. continue to be a good role model to us and always keep in mind that we (your fans) are always here to support you in everything you do. keep safe! god bless!

peralyn said...

happy birthday..

jesse said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! :)

My wish for you is that all your wishes would come true. haha.

Happy Birthday! :D

jamy said...

GBU alwayz...=D

dearblogspot said...

happy birthday! I know God will continue giving you blessings because you help others. happy happy birthday! Keep safe and be humble always.

jearL said...

sorry for the late greeting. hehe :D
hmm.. my wishes for you are more birthdays and blessings to come, good health, and always stay as you are. Keep safe!. :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday chris :)
more birthdays to come..
and blessings as well :)

Ms. Roxy said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! hope you have a good one! Hope you continue to inspire more people, and I'm proud to say that I'm one of thoe people you have already inspired. Kepp up the good work and be happy always, cherish all the blessings you have. God bless! :D

Leigh said...

your always welcome chris...Kaw pa eh malaks ka sa fans mo..
we are here for you to support you always...
Happy BIRTHDAY again....

mike :) said...

Happy 24th Birthday Chris!

How are you on your special day? Hope you always do well...

I wish you all the best in life....

God Bless you more...

Just continue to inspire and help people...

Happy Birthday again!!!

i wish could give you something more aside from the book....

Thanks for the time ulit....

Stay humble, Stay Safe and stay cool as always!!!

-mike :)

Nota Bene:

here is a little greeting from me... hope you will like it....

Anonymous said...

happy birthday :]

Emee Julian said...

Happy Birthday po kuya Chris... Many more birthdays to come...

ema said...

happy birthday :D
take care.

AimMyeL said...


..** many more years to cOme,, be blessed..^__^ and goOd health..

...** takecare & Godbless

elaine said...

happy birhtday chris ,
more bday 2 come ! =)

god bless =))

take care always ..

ian said...

happy birthday!god bless you on all your endeavors...

haylin said...

hey chris!!

gush!! It's your 24th birthday..

Happy Happy Birthday TIU you!!! Today is really "Tiu's day"..hehe. Another great year for you and for the Blue Eagles.. Back2Back champs yn!! :)

more power!!



stef said...

happy birthday chris! wishing you more years of love and happiness! God bless!

death_ether_no_more said...

happy birthday!haha technically,i believe my greeting still counts hehe but so late compared to your fans around here.I was so busy with school and i even had to do facebook fasting.That's why I haven't been using my computer since sunday coz i was getting addicted to it.
more birthdays and blessings to come.May God be always with you.

I better get back to my school. stuff.

death_ether_no_more said...

Got a question though

I didn't want to type your full name because it was longer than normal which made me wonder..

Did you ever feel bad.....

... for having to write a longer name compared to your classmates back in preschool years?haha coz i was always the last to finish writing exercises because I had a longer name.

this would be the effect of depriving myself of the computer for days.I can't stop using it! hehe

gute nacht chris tiu

Anonymous said...

nakalimutan ko bday mo pala...
happy Bday!
dont worry...
lagi ka kasama sa prayers namin...
enjoy your additional year in life...
we know you earned more wisdom and knowledge from the past years...
and we know na masmarami pang blessings ang darating sa iyo this year...
ingat lagi!

Anonymous said...

happy happy happy happy birthday!

ad majorem dei gloriam!


anna said...

hapee birthday! more blessing for you. god luck. God bless

Anonymous said...

i hope and pray that all your wishes and aspiration in life will be granted by our almighty God. Happy happy b-day.Godspeed.

Cheska ;;) said...

Happy birthday po! My friends and I miss seeing you play in UAAP. :)

Redg de Vera said...

pahabol, Happy Birthday!! :D God Bless on all your endeavors! :D

ness..ü said...

ahya chris :)

祝您好运,上帝保佑 :)

♥ lots,

Gladys said...

It's still july 15.. I can still greet you.. Haha. Actually na greet na kita kaninang umaga.ö through prayers.. Hehe.. Sbe ko kay God i-greet nya ko sayo... I also did it last year...ö

happy2 birthday chris tiu.. Truly u'r an inspiration to us.. Hehe.. Godbless.. Keep moving forward.ö continue sharing your blessing.. We love you.ö

benj said...

sir chris happy bday
continue to be a inspiration to otherl like me
hope ol ur wishes and dreams would come through
God bless

Anonymous said...

parang mainit ata sayo yung US ambassador a. dikit ng dikit sa yo sa lahat ng events. at sa mismong birthday mo pa! iba talaga ang chris tiu!!!

kalliepepper said...

happy birthday! wish you all your wishes, and all the best! looking forward for more Chris Tiu in the years to come! ^___^

jemaima said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Chris! You're really a nice person that's why you're blessed. Aww. :)

I saw you on tv, watching PBA. You've just made my day. Atleast, i saw you on your special day kahit sa tv lang. I really hope that you're cheering for San Miguel (asa pa ako) haha! I really want to watch the game live but school works won't allow me. Nakita pa sana kita. I'm just so lucky. Haha! But atleast, they won! So happy.

I do hope that you've enjoy this day. :) Happy birthday ulit. Anyways, my name is asa. Hehe!

Jeri Anne said...

Hi Chris! Just dropped by to greet you a Happy, Happy Birthday! :)

May God continue to bless you! Good luck on your shows and on the Philippine Basketball team.

I saw you earlier at the Ginebra-SMB match. I hope you had a great day.:-)

Happy Birthday! :)

egram said...

happy birthday, chris! more blessings!

hey, you were shown on tv, sitting beside the US ambassador, watching the smb-gin kings game live. btw, which team are you rooting for?

mary joyce said...

Hi Kuya Chris! Happy Happy 24th??/ Birthday po! :) Sayang! Ur no longer at UAAP... di na rin kasi ako nakakanuod ng games this season.. sobrang busy talaga sa studies now kasi freshie pa lang at Assumption College. Hehe! Btw, my wish to you is more blessings to come, tsaka more tv shows!!! Hehe! Tsaka good health! I hope makapag-apply ako sa company mo if ever... bibilisan ko grumaduate!Hehe! :) God bless po! :)

gen said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!! wishing u more happiness, prosperity, loads of blessings and millions of love, love, love!!! keep it up!! ^__^

~ 1 of your newest & loyal fans

little miss blue eagle♥ said...

happy, happy birthday chris tiu!! :))

hope you get everything you`ve wished for.

take care always and may God Bless you.

keep insipiring. :D

Jl said...

Hi Cris,

I hope your enjoying this special day, where do you spent your birthday?

Thank's for making us happy for all what your doing.

Just keep it up for us. Always take care.

weng10282000 (",) said...


You're one of my favorite celebrity, and I appreciate you in so many ways. You really have a lot going for you - you're an effective TV host, basketball player, businessman, good leader and achiever. It's exciting to see someone like you with so much potential getting so much out of life. The person you are right now is pretty special. You're reaching more dreams, becoming more and more, all you want to be. Just give thanks to GOD for such a wonderful blessings on your special day and just wishing you good health, happiness, love, and success in your life. Count your blessings and I know that you will achieved.

Thank you, Chris for being an inspiration as a fan and also, as a friend...


nurse jane said...

how can we forget the special day of a special person?...:)
Thank you, for being an ambassador of God!..
I can see Him in you!
hope to see you again before I leave..
God bless you more and continue to be a blessing to others..
Happy Birthday!^o~

lhen7 said...

You're welcome Chris...

By the way, how's you're birthday? hehe...

A big THANKS to you too for always inspiring us...

Take Care...Be Happy... hehe...

Anonymous said...

hi mr chris...

happy birthday!

wish u good health and more blessings..

stay humble p0...marami p0 nagmamahal sayo dahil sa ugali mo..kahit na,sikat ka,mayaman ka,matalino ka,at parang na sayo n p0 ang lahat...humble ka pa higit sa lahat makadiy0s ka p0...=)

ayun...humabol lang p0 sa pagbati..=)

god bless...more bdays 2 come..


bombastarr said...

Hi Chris! Happy Birthday! :)

My roommate and I even wore blue today to school to 'celebrate' your birthday, haha! We miss you sa UAAP :) Take care and God bless!

wangxiangmei said...

hi chris!

wow, i think i'm the first again to post a comment here. :)

uhm, its 12:25am now so its "belated happy birthday.." hihi..

better late that never, right?

i wish you good health and good life.. success and happiness.. don't forget to ask God for whatever decisions you will make in your life.


kharen tuss said...

* hi chris! it's been a while..
i miss you! wishing you a
happy-happy Birthday! luvU
alwayz.. more success! more
wealth! & more girls! to come!

s said...

happy birthday! :)

kharen tuss said...

* happy-happy Birthday chris!!
it's been a while....
i miss you.. wishing u more
success! more tv appearances!
more wealth! & more girls!
luvU alwayz! mwuaaah!!!

EHSBHIE said...



Liza Carmelli Chua said...

Happy birthday, chris! As always, I wish you well :)

Anonymous said...


More Power To You!

Hope you can leave a comment on this article :)

Happy 24th Birthday Kapuso Chris Tiu! 24 Things You Should Know About Him (Plus! 24 Chris Tiu Photos)


c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

Oh, it's ok! kaw pa!
lakas mo samin!
basta pagbutihan mo lang..
at basta masaya ka masaya na din kami..

ingat ka po palagi..
we always love you!


lhoi said...

happy birthday!
wishing you all the best in life,,,,God Bless!

bfrances said...

Happy birthday, Kuya Chris! God bless and be happy! :) Enjoy life. Zutto ikete. :)

a bientot,

Ben Francis Rances

Pinoy Gay Guy Confidential said...

Just greeting you a happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday po!! :]
hope you have a wonderful 24th birthday and good luck in everything.

May you have more birthdays to come too..
God Bless po & I hope to see you in person with my friends who were also a big fan of yours.. :]

toshi123 said...

Hi Chris! Happy Birthday! (or is is belated already? Hehehe). Looks like 2009 is an even better year for you. I just want to wish you good health to you & your family, more success and please continue to motivate the youth of today into becoming future leaders the way you have become. I really admire that you use your celebrity status in a very positive way. Again, Happy Birthday Chris and may God Bless You through and through. =)

Anonymous said...

,hi chris..belated happy b'dae..i'm n0t able 2 greet u yesterday..s0ri,but i greeted u d dae b4 ur b'dae..agen hapi b'dae..hope this year will b also a w0ndrful year for u..m0r b'daes and blessngs 2 come..just tke cre..bye


Anonymous said...

Happy B-day! God Bless and Stay Cool!!

Wish you could switch network to KAPAMILYA...

Jet from Norway :)

rizamae said...

Sa dinami dami ng bumabati sau, sa dinamidami ng nagmamahal sau. Alm ko nmang ndi mo ako mapapansin. Pero im wishing na sna stay what you are right now. Stay healty. And thank you for being my inspiration.



Trish said...

Woah! Happy bertdayy! =))
Stay nice and cool*


Anonymous said...

happy birthday po. salamat sa mga inspiring post mo,

LiLmizmAy said...

>..hi kuya chris!!

>..sorry kung ngayon Lang ang greeting..I'm soOo busy with school stuffs..

>..bawi na Lang ako..

>..i will greet you in different Languages..haha!!

>..Brazil: Parabéns a você! nesta data querida muitas felicidades e muitos anos de vida.

>..Chinese-Cantonese: Sun Yat Fai Lok!

>..Chinese-Mandarin: qu ni sheng er kuai le

>..Croatian: Sretan Rodendan!

>..Czech: Vsechno nejlepsi k Tvym narozeninam!!

>..Danish: Tillykke med fodselsdagen!

>..Dutch: Hartelijk gefeliciteerd! or Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!

>..Esperanto: Felichan Naskightagon!

>..Farsi: Tavalodet Mobarak!

>..Finnish: Hyvaa syntymapaivaa!

>..French (Canada): Bonne Fete!

>..French: Joyeux Anniversaire!

>..German: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

>..Greek: Eytyxismena Genethlia! or Chronia Pola!

>..Hawaiian: Hau`oli la hanau!

>..Hebrew: Yom Huledet Same'ach!

>..Hungarian: Boldog szuletesnapot! or Isten eltessen!

>..Italian: Buon Compleanno!

>..Japanese: Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

>..Russian: S dniom razhdjenia! or Pazdravliayu s dniom razhdjenia!

>..Spanish: Feliz Cumpleaños!

>..Swedish: Grattis på födelsedagen

>..Taiwanese: San leaz quiet lo!

>..Thai: Suk San Wan Keut!

>..Ukrainian: Mnohiya lita! or Z dnem narodjennia!

>..pero ito ang pinaka special..

>..HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my TIUperman..

>..don't you worry, you wiLL not Lose us especially me!! haha!!

> Life wiLL not be the same without my TIUperman!!!

>..sana you wiLL aLways be happy..

>..bye for now..:]

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Mr. Chris Tiu :)
Sorry for the late greetings :)
I wish you all the best :)
Godbless :)
Take care :)

Bernadette Salvador said...

Belated Happy Birthday Mr. Chris Tiu :)
Sorry for the late greetings :)
I wish you all the best :)
I hope you're birthday was great! :)
Godbless :)
Take Care :)

Ceila said...

Damn, I've been sick this past few days and wasn't able to open the PC! Huhu. :(

Anyway, belated happy birthday Mr. Tiu, :)

xcvz17 said...

i will always admire you as a person!!
gud luck nd stay humble!!

Show said...

Maligayang Kaarawan!

M.E.L.O.D.Y. said...

happy birthday chris....GOd BLESS!

cin19 said...

happy bday...
u know.. no matter what... fans will be here to support you all the way... we love you so much chris!!

3xie said...


belated happy bday!!!

my bad that i have forgotten ur bday :(

nway..3-0 na ang admu blue eagles :)))

again..happy bday and u have more bdays 2 come !!! :)))

Anonymous said...

hi chris

super belated happy birthday...i hope you do well and continue to post in this blog so we're still connected with you...he he he

i also hope that you will consider playing in the PBA...hoping for you to be a beerman...

godbless and googluck in the path that you choose...

respect for your self,
respect for others and,
responsibility for your action.


Kaye said...

I replied in your other post. haha