Friday, July 10, 2009

CLEAR Men Future League

I want to apologize again for disappearing for almost a month. It's already UAAP season and for sure you will be hearing from me more often. I can't wait for the season to kick off especially since Ateneo will be playing FEU in its first game - i think it will be a preview of the championship series for this season. Uh-oh! i think i just motivated all the other teams especially DLSU and UE.

Anyway, since we're talking about basketball again, some of you probably have read the press releases of my new show that's going to air this Sunday, July 12 on Solar Sports and CS9. It will air every Sunday at 8pm on CS9 with replays on Tuesdays at 9pm and Saturdays at 5pm on BTV. It's a basketball reality show called The Clear Men Future League. I will be the host for this show, together with Sharon Yu and Coach Benjie Paras who will be dealing more closely with the players.

There are 6 players per team. Each half runs for 10 minutes. Hundreds of teams participated from the different legs all over the Philippines (Baguio, Laguna, Cebu, Davao and Metro Manila). Most of the participants are current or previous college varsity players. Then, 10 of the top teams will enter the finals to be held in Manila, all aiming at the prize to be proclaimed Champion of The 1st Clear Men Future League.

Hope you guys can watch and support!! Thank you :)

Oh btw, Happy Birthday Mom!



ice_and_snow said...

oh,surely im gonna watch your new show. i'll be missing you in the UAAP games, it will never be the same again, watching you play and all those stuff,hehe..

always keep grounded.

and advance happy birthday to you. :D

SarahTin23 said...

I'll watch it.. hahaha! prti q nga poh nkkta ung commercial in CS9.. good luck! =)

erica said...


Yeah, its been awhile since you updated your blog. Looks like you were really busy. Hope your ok :D

On the Clear Men Future League:
I know this new show will not only develop your hosting but will also be a way to discover new talents from all across the country. We hope you can also share to these upcoming basketball stars some of the techniques that you learned over the years so that they could be the BEST that they can be. i also hope that one of them will be the next member of the national team! I hope you can also motivate them and as you said, impart to values to them which they could use both inside and outside the court.

On the UAAP Season 72:
We will be there tomorrow at the UAAP opening. Hope to see you, specially in the DLSU-ATENEO games, in which as you know, i will be in the green side of course. But don't you worry, when the archers are not playing, I also support Ateneo, because I want a blue-green match on the championships!!!

Other stuff:
Why don't you model again for Eiko? I know your aunt would be more than glad to sponsor your accessories, like your AKO MISMO necklace. :D

thanks for being so game last saturday in the nestle the joy of wellness expo. we were there kasi i was invited by the PR Exec, who was also the host... its really nice of you to recognize us. i had so much fun, specially during the basketball challenge. i cannot believe i was up against you! thank God i didn't screw up, good thing you taught me how to play basketball last june 17 :D

But before we can all forget, you owe us a blog entry remember? you know, fanatext winners? hahaha.

Happy birthday to your mom!
and Advance Happy Birthday to you!


Anonymous said...

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JC :)

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris!

miss you so much.. hehe
excited na ko sa UAAP, sana anduon ka sa opening ceremony.
and syempre excited din ako sa new show mo.. busy na busy ka ha.. hehe
naku! for sure magiging busy ka din for your birthday! hehe

dami mo ng shows ha..
saturday may Pinoy Records, tapos sunday may The Clear Men Future League, and then monday Ripley's.. ayaw mo namang magshow.. hehe

madami na kong nadidinig na good reactions sa new show mo.. and nagimprove ka talaga ng bonggang bongga! hehe

basta keep up the goodwork and laging magpray to your health. bka kasi sa sobrang busy mo nalilipasan ka na ng gutom. hehe syempre concern ako at kami sayo. hehe

goodluck talaga sayo!
take care..

happy birthday to your Mom! and also to you in advance!

katherine po!

<*period*>; said...

i like the way you inserted you birthday greetongs for your mom...very sweet.

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

Happy Birthday to ur mom Lianne.!!
more birthdays to come .. (^^,)

of course we will support you as well the show ..
and im sure mataas n2man un rating .. hehe

i hope Ateneo will win this season ..



MiTch said...

Sure Chris! We'll be watching your new show! Happy Birthday to your Mom! Goodluck! Take care.

angelle said...

hey chris, good to hear from you after a super long time :) we're all excited for your new show and we'll surely watch it this sunday :)

I hope you'll still watch the Ateneo games so we'll be able to see you even as a part of the audience only :)

God bless you always and Happy birthday to you Mom :)

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

You're back!!! Nice..:)
Thank you for this entry..
Clear men future league will be a sure hit!!!
We'll definitely support it..:)
I'm so excited for your new show!!!

I can't wait for UAAP season 72!!!
I really hope the blue eagles will defend the championship crown...even without TIU...:(

Oh...Happy birthday to your mom!!
God Bless you

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

Your birthday is just around the corner!!! Happy Birthday in advance!!!
What's your birthday wish???

Wishing you more birthdays to come...celebrate life...stay happy..:)
and thanks for being such an inspiration..

Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! chris...

i glad to know that you have your new show...
good luck po at sana maging succesful ang new show mo...

god bless you...
always take care...


Anonymous said...

hiyee chris! this is rhea! tnx for the mms that i am receivin on mah fone thru fanatxt! i know ur bc on ur career but at least once in a while your updatin us thru txt and on dis blog! goodluck to ateneo! im very much sure that ds uaap season will be very excitin!

God Bless chris! chao for now! mwah mwah ;)

Rosalynd said...

Nakita ko nga po yung commercial nung "Clear Men future league" sa CS9. Promise, papanuorin ko po talaga :) Advance Happy Birthday din po. Uhm, isang araw lang po ba yun ipapalabas? Then after July 12, wala na? Thank you po.

Ceila said...

Wow! I've seen the ad for your new show and it looks interesting. Happy birthday to your mom! And we all missed you. :)

Oh btw, is this an error:

"There are 6 players per team. Each half runs for 10 minutes. Hundreds of teams participated from the different legs all over the Philippines (Baguio, Laguna, Cebu, Davao and Metro Manila."

kalliepepper said...

congratz on your new show! & happy bday to your mom ^_^

of course...advance happy birthday to you! (^____^)

myv said...

hi chris!

its good to hear from you again..
im so excited about the UAAP..hehe

what do you think about the chance of ateneo to go back to back champions?

take care and godbless..:)

Jerick said...

hello kuya chris(my idol),

its nice to hear it from you.

24th BiRTHDAY!!!

God bless you and more power!
we love you kuya chris.

always take care of yourself.

-------->John Jerick Orduña

crazypeach said...

Congrats to your new show! It sound interesting!

I also can't wait for the new UAAP season...although I'm sad because you and JV Casio are not in the league anymore! Huhu!

Happy birthday also to your mom! ^_^

jake said...

i'm looking forward to this one.good luck on your career and God bless:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

Chris, you are so damn hot. the picture, in the blog post.

So kaka-in love.


char said...

hi chris! happy birthday to your mom. and advance happy birthday to you! :))

are you gonna watch the game on sunday? hope to see you there. :D

jasmine said...

helo chris,

hapi bday rin s mom mo and advance hapi bday sau!!!!

ask ko lang kung wat time ung new show mo sa CS9.

gudluck sa laro ng ateneo sa uaap ngaun!!

JQUIZ. said...

Let me the first to say, great job so far, Chris!

If you think Mr. Tiu can step up big time during big games wait until you see how he brought his game (hosting skills) a notch a bit higher for the Clear Men Future League.

Good luck and we hope the show rates well!

Anonymous said...

Kuya Chris,

Congrats sa bago mong show ha!
Wow! ang saya naman nun after Ginebra, Chris Tiu naman... amazing di ba?

Anyways,Advance Happy Birthday!
Love you always!!! Miss you...

Anonymous said...

Kuya Chris,

Congrats sa bago mong show ha!
Wow! ang saya naman nun after Ginebra, Chris Tiu naman... amazing di ba?

Anyways,Advance Happy Birthday!
Love you always!!! Miss you...

simplytoogood17 said...

kuya chris, what time is ur new show airing???? please reply....

tca... and GO ATENEO! ONE BIG FIGHT!!!! :)

nerissa said...

nce happy birthday Chris!!

we love you so much..

weng10282000 (",) said...

hello chris!!!

long time, no comment... hehehe... goodluck to all teams especially Ateneo Blue Eagles on the opening ceremony of UAAP season this Saturday... it's been a ONE BIG FIGHT for the Blue Eagles against FEU on the first game... may the best game win!!!

btw, congratz on your new show and lastly, this coming birthday, I know that your achievements will be fulfilled and wishing you all the best that life can offer - good health, love, happiness and success...


Anonymous said...

hi chris!

wow.. i think, im the first one to post a comment here.. great!

hmm.. i will surely watch your show.. :)

btw, happy birthday to your mom.
i wish her all the best and happiness in life. :)

God bless!

wangxiangmei said...

hi chris!

wow.. i think, im the first one to post a comment here.. great!

hmm.. i will surely watch your show.. :)

btw, happy birthday to your mom.
i wish her all the best and happiness in life. :)

God bless!

lhen7 said...


Hay after a month nag-post ka rin...Ok lang un, eh busy ka naman kasi...Marami naghihintay sa next blog entry mo...

yehey UAAP n uli...excited na ako... wow UE vs. DLSU agad sa saturday, tapos ADMU against FEU sa sunday, ganda ng game ha...

Congrats ha may new show ka... bagay talaga sa'yo ang hosting job...galingan mo pa hehe... promise i'm gonna watch and support it... i'll pray for its success...

Good Luck po sa new show...and sa Smart Gilas Team...

Happy Birthday to your Mom..
Malapit na rin birthday mo... Advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY sa'yo...

little miss blue eagle♥ said...

hello chris. ;)

wee.are you going to watch UAAP games live? :)))

goodluck to your new show. i hope the blue eagles would get the crown again. yeay! =)))))

oh, an happy birthday to your mom. ;}

death_ether_no_more said...

it has been a month ahya chris (my chinese friend prfers to be called ahya since im the youngest in our group,might as well use it here hehe).people here of course were waiting haha.too bad we won't be seeing chris tiu play sa UAAP but good news for me i wouldn't have screaming friends to endure everytime you take a shot haha

too bad the front row and the lowerbox tickets are all gone.i am not surprised though.DLSU has a game today so front row and lower would all be GREEN haha

it'll all be yellow soon hahaha
i wish

bfrances said...

Hi Kuya Chris!

Thank you for accommodating my request to have a photo taken with you. You have always been one of my sources of inspiration.

It's good to know that you have a new show. Bonne chance, Kuya! :) This time, it's more related to one of your passions, basketball. No wonder, you will really enjoy hosting the show. I'll try to see the pilot, or if not, the succeeding episodes.

Joyeux anniversaire à l'avance, Kuya Chris. And to your mom, a Happy and blessed birthday to her.

A bientot,

Ben Francis Rances

P.S.: I like the chicken teriyaki being served at Chinky Chickens. It is notable that a lot of students buy from your store :) Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

hi chris!

qu ni sheng er kuai le

Jl said...

Hi Cris,

Advance Happy Birthday to both of us.

LiLmizmAy said...

hi kuya chris...

>..i found this new site of the UAAP..

>..i also found this article..

>..wala Lng.i found it kind if funny..

>..take a Look in this site.


>..may aritcle about ateneo and feu..

>..kuya may nakita pa akong isa..


>..may nakita naman ako.ang tagal ko 'tong kasi I keep surfing the net for more articles..


>..i Love this paragraph in that says like these:

The magnitude of the loss of former captain Chris Tiu cannot be fathomed until the team is in a clutch situation where someone clearly has to strap the team on his shoulders and be willing to take that last shot. Tiu was not only Mr. Clutch but also a La Salle killer with many a late game heroics.

>..wala Lng..xge bye for now..

>..feel ko kasi ang haba na ng comment ko..

angel 17 ^-^ ♥ said...

hey chris!! long time no post.. glad you're back!

oh yeah, UAAP season again.. it feels like yesterday when you won the championship and now the blue eagles have to defend the title without you.. so sad.. big shoes to fill for them but i do hope they make it again! will you watch the games live?? i hope so! love to see you there! will you watch tomorrow? if yes, well, then, i guess i'll see you! =) though it's gonna be weird seeing you not play and wear your ateneo jersey..=(

anyways, good luck on your new show! bigtime na talaga huh!

belated happy birthday to your mom
advance happy birthday to you!! ♥


badlongon said...

thanks for the update Chris! i watched the opening of the UAAP earlier and i couldn't wait to see ADMU vs. FEU tomorrow! Congrats to your new show. Alas, CS9 has a terrible reception at our location here in Cebu. I'll just keep posted of the latest..Happy birthday to your mom! Congrats to her for raising up such an amazing person!

micot said...

i almost thought that you abandoned already this site kc your not posting any blog eh....hehe,soory.
Anyway, congrats for your new show and gudluck! Its good that i open your site today for at least i can adjust my time to watch the pilot telecast of your show (kahit man lang yun mapanood ko!, hehe)

God bless always and advance HappY Birthday! (",)

3xie said...

i will watch your show!!! =))

gud luck on your premier tomorrow!!! :>

god bless u always!!! :>

amigi said...

chris! congrats nga pala:) i found out kasi na you'll gonna compete sa Olympics for basketball:) goodluck ah?! break a leg:)

Anonymous said...

i'll watch that for sure!!

I LOVE YOU CHRIS!!! waaaahhhh

Hope to hear alot from you...

gladys said...

yah it's uaap season again.. awww namimiss na kita makita maglaro.. i remember last season. i have my own standings of uaap.. haha.. naadik talaga ko, kase andun ka.. napanuod ko lahat ng games nyo.hehe

wee.. you have a new show.. how nice. magandang bday gift saken yan.. hehe..
it's my birthday on monday.. if you have time you can greet me on my blog

tnx :))Godbless always :)

Anonymous said...

belated??happy bday to your mom!!!! well very nice yung uaap kanina.. panalo yung ue.. hahaha im from ue..yes!!! sana manalo din ang ateneo tom.

gudluck to your new show..

janine de gracia said...

.i will watch it.
.nice to read your entry after a long while.
.i hope you will play again in PBL.
.you are really a good host.
.keep it up!.
in this program,many aspiring basketball players will gain hope to continue their dreams and to show their talents in their chosen field.
.i'm happy that you are chosen to help them.
.you really inspire many people.
.continue what you have started.
.take care always.

.advance happy birthday!. :))

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

Chris, you are so damn hot. the picture, in the blog post.

Opinions on excessive consumerism

So kaka-in love.


haylin said...

hey chris!!

That's so great!! keep it up Chris.. btw, what do you think about UAAP Season 72, will it be a back2back championship for ATENEO??
gush!! We would surely miss you playing on the court:((

Kali said...

you can definitely count on us for support. we miss you so much! i hope you would tell us how you would spend your birthday. (24 ka na! hahaha) that would mean a lot to us cause we don't have a way of personally greeting you. you know, you should organize a fans day or something...(hehe) and happy, happy birthday to your perpetually young looking mom, tita lianne! she must be in her early thirties!

we love you so, so much!
all the blessings from God in your 24th year!

yil said...

hi, Chris!!!

i've been waiting for this new entry of yours. :) I know you were busy but thanks for updating us always.

Congratulations on your new show! I hope i 'll be able to watch Clear Men Future League. I have seen its coomercial at CS9. Well , I hope that your new show, like your two other shows, will have a good ratings.

I like the comment of JQUIZ. I agree to his/her comment. You've really gone that far on your hosting stint. I must say that you are of the best hosts in the Philippine TV. Keep it up, Chris!

I'm excited for the new season of UAAP. I hope the Blue Eagles will be able to retain the championship even without TIU. GO ATENEO, ONE BIG FIGHT!!! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.

Happy birthday to your mom, Lianne. And of course, advance happy 24th birthday, Chris. I hope you'll have an entry about your birthday thoughts this 15th of July. Please do have!!! hehe

Thank you for always inspiring me. God bless you always. Take care because millions of us do care for you. :)

jennieca117 said...

i will surely watch it ahaha,,kaw pah!

advance hapi bday 2 yah!..ahehe

hmm taga mOh den d nag bLog:(

till here

sTay safe

GudLuck and GodbLess




i loVe u




Anonymous said...

hi..good luck sa new show..(^.^)
mamimiss ka namin sa UAAP..pero buti na lang p0 may new show ka!hehehe..ahh..advance happy bday p0...god bless...

love you chris..ur the best!
kip up the gud work..
d2 lang sau..=)

ingat p0...


mike :)) said...

Hi Chris...

It's been a really long time since you have updated your blog...

You must have been a busy bee with your business and tv stints...

Hope ateneo will adjust well to your departure and still grab the championship though i think FEU will be their biggest obstacle...

Regarding your new show, CMBL,
it is always shown on commercials in CS9...

It looks very promising since the show showcases undiscovered talents from across the country...

Hope it will turn our great and we will support you!!!

Happy Birthday to your mom and Advanced Happy Birthday to you...

Hope you enjoy the book... :)

-mike :)

bhotyongnick said...

hello, my TIUperman!!!

congratulations on your new show!!! still more shows to come!!! hehehe!!!

happy birthday to your mom!!! i would like to thank her since she'd deliver us a gift, which is you!!!

and of course, Happy birthday to my one and only TIUperman!!!

always take care and love you forever!!!

keep safe always!!!

sabria ü said...

Hi, Chris. First of all, belated happy birthday to your mom. I read your blog late, hence the late greeting. But, better late than never.ü

Ateneo won over FEU! Rabeh and Ryan did really well, among others. Though the Eagles had a pretty tough time vs the Tamaraws. But it's understandable since it's just the 1st game. UE's the next victim of the Eagles' mighty claws! Ha ha ha.

It's just a bit saddening since, if I'm not mistaken, you were not there live at the Big Dome. I saw Charles, but not you. But that's fine, there are many more games to come! And for sure you won't miss the Archers-Eagles battle.ü

I'm quite excited for your birthday, Chris. Looking forward to your blog 'bout it. I hope you have a blast as you turn 24. You're at the peak of your life, you must be really contented and not wish for more. Just continue everything that you're doing, and strive to be better everyday (if you're not yet the best).ü

I wish you continued success, good health and happiness all the days of your life. And may your legacy forever live on in the hearts of those you've touched... God bless you, Chris.ü

daphne said...

hello chris,,i'll be celebrating my 18th birthday this july 15,,we had the same birthday,,i hope you can greet me..advance happy birthday!!

Ceila said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with your blog post but I just want to share this with you:

I think its worthwhile. Help spread the news. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

Chris, you are so damn hot, in the picture, in the blog post.

Opinions on excessive consumerism

So kaka-in love.


lhoi said...

Happy Birthday na lang sa Mom mo,,,,

scl061788 said...

It was a bit weird watching an Ateneo basketball game without you playing for the blue and white. I was actually expecting you to watch their first game.

I am your fan since 2006(first time I watched UAAP-Ateneo-UE July 30, 2006 game live). My reasons were the same, like most of the girls. But as I “get to know” you through your blog and interviews I see you in a different view. Its not yet the real you but it’s a far cry from my first reasons why I became your fan.

I feel like you're always giving your best. You’re very humble to your fans and I saw it more than once.

You have all the things you needed and yet you keep yourself grounded. I am hoping I could be like you, you’re such an inspiration to me, I want to become a better person.

Thank you Chris, for changing some of my views in life. :) You've touched my life.

Advance happy birthday and God bless you.

Anonymous said...


wish u all da best....
GOD bless us always...

-- shei. :) said...

ateneo had a great game yesterday. i'm so frustrated about FEU's loss. but it's ok naman coz i think ateneo's still the strongest team in the league. :) well, yeah, i agree, it might be a preview of the finals. :)

i watched ur new show last night. u look good in that outfit. :)

Nica said...

I miss your presence in UAAP! It seems wierd not seeing you there... Im just used to cheering every time you score.

Reading from UAAP forum tells me that, like what you have said, the game between ADMU and FEU last Sunday is like a preview of what it is to come in finals.

Im a huge fan of the Blue Eagles and Im hoping that they'll be the champion this UAAP season... again.

I guess Eman and Jai are not disappointing BE fans. I used to worry because of ADMU's outside shooting now that you're gone. Then everyone's shooting threes yesterday! It was awesome! Kirk has improved a lot too!

Anyhoos, congrats with your new show!

Happy Birthday to your Mom and advance Happy Birthday to you!


Anonymous said...

, we lose in our first game against ateneo..

well.. im a big fan og the blue eagles though im a tamaraw!! hehe..

, btw.. hapi bday chris on july 15!!
we mis u!!

... chel ...

Erine said...

Hello there.. After your disappearing act for a month, finally!!! A post!! I watched The Future LEague yesterday and Two thumbs up again!!!

HAppy Birthday on the 15th...

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

just one more day and a few hours .. and its your birthday na .. yehey! hehe

about your new show ..
its nice to see that your getting better and better on your hosting skills ..
well, medyo serious mode nga lan ..
but its okay (its a reality show btw)
peo iba tlaga pag reality show because all the scene is unscripted like the argument between a guy and his group friends(teammates) .. (^^,)

can i ask a question.?
are you here in marikina last july 10?? my bestfriend's sister just told me that you went to a school to teach basketball to some students and of course to endorse milo, its around 11-1pm daw .. she saw you pa nga daw in your black car .. is it true??
im just curious lan kc ..
coz i was near on that place in that time .. and sayang tlaga ung chance to meet you in person ..hehe


take care olweizz ..
may God bless Tiu!!

lynzel said...

Hi Chris,

I'm going to miss watching you in UAAP! The season will never be the same without you! Anyways, I have seen your new show and I will keep on supporting it! Keep it up!

Happy birthday to your Mom and advance happy birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Advance Happy Happy 24th Birthday to you!=)

I thank God everyday for giving us the chance to know Chris are such a good example to all of us...may you continue to be the good man that you are...stay humble and God fearing always!

Happy Birthday and many many many more birthdays to come!=)

Always take care and God bless you everyday!=)mwuahh!!!

Anonymous said...

,hi are y0u?,yeah i watched it..your so magling there..hehe..i mis u on UAAP..advance appie birthdae..many more birthdays 2 come..i'm looking forward to see you soon..

alex said...

Hi, Chris!

Advanced Happy Birthday to You!
Wish you to have more bday's to come as well as success..

I hope the Smart Gilas Team can bring us honor again in the world of basketball..

erica said...


Good luck in the Milo Champ Camp :D
See Manila Bulletin's issue today, July 14, 2009. page d3. (mike saw this)

I hope that you get what you want for your birthday, if not, then, I wish for you to get something bigger and better.

Happy Birthday Chris! blow out ka naman! Milo ulet. Hehe :D


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!

-mary ann..

penny=) said...

i watched the 1st game of ateneo last sunday against feu..and i was so happy they won!!yey!!:)
but i really miss watching you play in the uaap. it's just so sad that i won't be seeing the man behind jersy #17 play in the uaap ballgames.sad:(
but ofcors, i will still be supporting ateneo specially basketball & volleyball!woooOh!
goodluck & GODbless to Jai&company!!:)

_fight2x Blue & white! gO2x ATENEO!!__ONE.BIG.FIGHT!hehe

btw, y is Baldos not playin' dis season?hehe jst curious..

GODbless kuya idol!:)

red ^-^ said...


happy birthday to you...

more birthdays to come..

-Anne- said...

derest chris,
you have changed my life ina very special way..well to be honest i look up to you as my role model...someone who deserves things he has persevered for. you rock!!!!and....zhu ni sheng ri kuai le!!!!!!also...I hope to meet you someday...and i would be happy to hear from you.

email me if

Jl said...

Hi Cris,

Happy Birthday!!!

char said...


Nice seeing you again last sunday. Thanks sa pagpayag na magpapic ako sayo kahit na you're with your family and clarisse. :) Hope to see you again soon.

Anonymous said...

good luck on your new show T_T

advance happy birthday♥

mi_ca86 said...

hi chris! so you have a new show? hope i could watch it! anyway.. it's your day tomorrow! Happy Birthday!

graxxie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
I hope you have a great day today.
Have a blast. :D

-graxxie :)

nix14 said...

happy birthday chris! and belated to your mom ^_^

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

and your special day comes ..
ur now 24 ..

“Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
hehe (^^,)

be happy, its your day!!
may ur wishes do come true.!!

keepsafe tiu.!!
may God bless you specially on this day .. (^^,)

i have to sleep na ..
i just want to greet u lan aman ee datz why im staying up late .. haha

CL said...

It's 12am, july 15...Happy birthday Chris! hope you have a great year ahead of you!:)

lhen7 said...

Good day to you Chris....

I watched the premiere episode of your new show...It's really nice... galing... medyo nainis lang ako sa ibang players, may pagka-mayabang... hehe... well ganun naman talaga...

Congrats nga pla sa Ateneo... It was indeed a great game last sunday...

Happy Birthday!!
I wish you more success, happiness and of course good health... sobrang dami mong commitments eh... also to achieve your ultimate goal, the London Olympics... don't worry marami ang sumusuporta sa team... i'll pray for the success of RP Gilas Team...

Thanks for reading... ingat...

Happy Birthday uli sa'yo!!!

freesia said...

Hi there, Mr. Chris Tiu,
Happy 24th Birthday!!!
Enjoy this special day of yours... =)
We wish you all the best in life.
You are indeed a very blessed person.
Congra-tiu-lations with all your achievements
and may the likes of you and your family thrive in this world... =)
Well, God Bless you more and more and more...
Take good care of yourself all the time... =)
Thank you, Chris, for being a good role model of today's generation...
'Hope we can be friends someday... =)
Happy Birthday! =)

Anonymous said...

happY2X Birthday to you,i wish all your wish will be come true,good health and more show to come..always stay humble...t.c and god bless..

Anonymous said...

HoLa..hi chris...happy TIU's day..more blessings & goodluck =)


c.e. said...

happy happy birthday to you!!

many more birthdays to come!



take care always!



simplegal said...

Hey Chris! just dropped by to say hi and to wish you a very Happy happy birthday to you! Just wishing you good health and your family as well. May God bless you in all your endeavors. Good luck Chris and keep inspiring people! Mwahh!

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,


my wish to you is i hope that you remain humble to your fans, good health and also to your family, more projects to come and more happiness.

always remember that we (your avid fans) are always here to support you. always and forever!

goodluck to your basketball career, hope to see you on PBA.
and also goodluck to Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas. go for the gold!

Chris Tiu..
we love you always!


tiu-perman and friends said...

happy birthday IDOL....
namimiss ko na
jersey # 17 sa big dome
happy birthday ulit
love ya...
i wish you all the good things in life

Genevive said...

"Happy Birthday to you.. Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday to you ... "
Happy Birthday Chris!!!!

Congrats for your new show!:)
You deserve all the blessings that came your way. Stay same as you sare. Always keep the BLUE spirit in you alive...know what? even if I'm not an Atenean I know that I have one thing in common with you guys ---and that's we all wish to have the crown & glory for the blue side, and this season, to defend it from much eagier competitors. I am forever fan of the BLUE EAGLES team, forever fan of yours.
Gudluck on your career!
Stay in good health & keep safe.
God bless.
Have a wonderful and a happy birthday..!

J miracle said...




Anonymous said...

elow..just dropping by to greet you a happy birthday... :)
Just enjoy this day and GOD bless always!!! :)


emmalyn said...

Happy Birthday!
I hope you have a nice day!
Goodluck on all the aspects of your life and keep the faith. Always believe!
We wish you many more years and birthdays of being a true model and inspiration!

Anonymous said...


Chai Ubalde said...

Happy Birthday Kuya Chris! hope you'll have more birthdays to come. and also hoping that all your dreams will come true. Happy Birthday! -chai :)

SarahTin23 said...


Happy Birthday poh Ahya Chris..

Hope happy k poh and stay healthy..
( bz k poh pro wag mu poh ppbyaan health mo.. ) =p

uhmm.. Sorry hadn't brought ung gift q poh syo nung July 4..

but there's a poem I made for you..

uhmm.. its in my bLog.. hope u can read it..

take care poh always..


karluckyme. :] said...

HAPPy bDay..
gOdbless. :]

Dino said...

Hey Chris!

Happy birthday!!

And even if you're not in the UAAP anymore, I hope you'll be able to write entries about the Ateneo games. :)

Good luck and God bless!

julienne said...

hi Chris, happy birthday!!

i miss you playing in the UAAP hehe..
May you continue to inspire and be a good role model to the youth..
Good luck on your new show..
God bless po and take care always..
hope to see you soon..

maganda_214 said...


you rock! :)
GoD bLess!

karen said...

HELLO!! happy happy bday mr. tiu!

once again has come your bday
once again the time is here
what a loving gift from Jesus
He has given you one more year!

kanta yan!! haha!!

i wish dat God will continue to bless you and dat you'll continue to be a blessing to others too.

i wish God will give you all the desires of your heart.

i pray that you'll have a deeper and more personal relationship with Him.

i pray that you'll continue to strengthen your faith in Him and Love Him even more.

i pray His Holy Spirit will always be with you.

and i pray to see tiu again soon!!

i want to share a powerful story to you. it's my simple gift for you. it's a story called "THE ROOM" BY JOSH HARRIS.

here's the links

hope you'll love it!!

have a wonderful bday and a tiuper amazing year ahead!!

-karen FORTU

Anonymous said...

生日快乐 Chris!

mary grace said...

happy birthday chris!

Anonymous said...

eow chris

happy happy birthday..

wish you all the best

continue being a good model to everyone..

always keep grounded..:)

take care always GODBLESS


♥jen♥ said...

Happy 25th Birthday CHRIS!!!
take care always!
God Bless.. :)

♥jen♥ said...

i'm so sorry..
Happy 24th Birthday!!!
na confused ako..
take care.. :D

ice_and_snow said...

Happy Birthday Chris!
God Bless you always.
tc! ü

nananaNEI.:) said...

happy happy happy birthday!!..:)

i celebrated your birthday actually by playing sports, particularly billards and bowling for the first time! hahahaha! i so enjoyed my athletic day!..:) thankTIU.:*


Anonymous said...

Have a happy birthday, Chris! You sure do deserve one. :) Enjoy!

SLRBTee said...

may you have a great year ahead ^^


lots of love,
rOwz. aj. erika. elvi. roileen

Anonymous said...

an anonymous comment said here.chris tiu looks so damn hot on the cover of a magazine.

And for the second time.I BEG TO DISAGREE.But this time I will not say you are the hottest because "hot" is not appropriate for you.I am not even sure if you are pleased with comments like that because I see a nice and good guy in you.I don't see you as a hot guy on billboards.I see a guy who is very gentle,very decent,and very charming.And the eyes are just so lovely and cheerful.Every girl just can't smile without seeing this guy flash a smile.Gosh do I sound spooky now?:)

See the difference?Being coined as hot is so much different from being known for being charming and nice.Hotness fades.Charm never wears off.

I stand corrected for saying this but I really can't seem to associate love with the word hot.

eLai said...

you know kuya, i remembered you during the game of ateneo with feu.. nami-miss na kita...mmmmm...super... i will support you na lang talaga... para naman makatulong din sa career mo...
sigeh...fight fight fight! and go go go! God Bless You Po! :-D


Aika nakazawa said...

hi kuya chris...ahmm,,yes! panalo po ung ateneo may pinagmanahan..hehe kuya chris lam nyo po lagi ko po pinapanuod ung ripleys belive it or not txka ung pinoy records..txka kyut kyut nyo nmn po sa bago nyong commercial na sobrng cheesy tlga...hehe.kuya chris pwde poh favor cge na po...isa lng nmn eh...sana po pumunta po kayo sa rusvelt san mateo hndi po lamuan san mateo poh..hehe cge na po khit minsan lng..pra po makita kita gustong gusto ko po kc kitang makita eh...txka pwde nyo po ba ko bigyan ng jersey nyo na may pirma? txka ung jacket? hehe gustong gusto ko po kc magkaroon ng gnun galing sa inyo eh...cge na po kuya chris,,,IDOL NA IDOL KO PO kyo eh..khit tanung nyo pa sa mga classmate ko hehe...bumili nga po ako ng tshirt ng ateneo nung sunday eh..nung aug 16 lng poh? dba po kc may laban ung ateneo txka lasalle nun? tpos dami ko po nakitang mga naka ateneo...hinahanap nga po kita eh..kxo po uala kah..huhuhu...cge kuya chris hangang d2 na lng po antok na po ako eh...gudnite po..

ps: hehe ung favor ko po ah...un lng nmn po...sana may pirma para un na ung pinakamasyng araw ko...plsss :)

->aika nakazawa<-

Aika nakazawa said...

kuya chris may ym ka po ba txka fs?? add nyo nmn po ako
eto po fs ko
txka eto po ym ko

add nyo po ako ah..para chat chat tyo.hehe

jokeshn said...


I was browsing through the internet to look for Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas Roster Profile, unfortunately, I didn't find an updated info. I only found this one, which was posted Feb 2009
Would you mind posting an updated profile of your team?
Thank you.
Team Pilipinas for London Olympics 2012! :D