Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Very Special Gift for my 24th

After viewing the 'Comment Moderation' page, i was shocked to see more than a hundred new comments / greetings just after checking it a few hours ago - which is actually the reason why I decided to write something new. It's very touching that most of you remembered my birthday or perhaps because my THANK YOU message came quite early in the day. Either way, thanks for the very very kind and flattering words! Except for those who greeted me a Happy 25th Birthday! I still posted it anyways :) Your support and appreciation truly encourages me to always go beyond giving my best. I honestly thought that once my stint with the Blue Eagles is done, you'd be all gone as well! Kidding! Glad you're still following this blogspot of mine despite my seldom posts.

I'm writing this at 2am of the 16th already. Thanks to all those who wished that i have a great birthday, well, i did! It was nothing less than amazing! I actually woke up pretty late today, around 10am because of a late night last night. If not for a phone call, i would have probably slept longer. I couldn't believe it! It was... the mayor! Apparently, he makes it a point to greet all the Kagawads under his watch on our birthdays. We spoke for less than a minute and he even called me Christian! Haha :) Then i checked my inbox and i had about 80 unread messages in one phone and 50 in the other. That was at 10am... more beautiful greetings came in as the day came along. I then attended the 12nn mass and bought food for the household to celebrate my b-day since all my family members were missing in action. Then i spent around 2 hours replying to every single message, at least those whose names are in my phonebook... but 2 hours was still not enough. I just tried to reply to a few at a time every time i could get the chance.

The highlight of my day was watching Game 6 of the SMB-Ginebra Finals in Araneta Coliseum with my idol, Amb. Kristie. I've always admired how she remains so grounded and genuinely friendly to each individual she meets along the way. What really struck me is her ability to pay close attention to details despite the extremity of the issues she has to face on a daily basis. Her energy is unbelievable! Sometimes, i can't keep up anymore :) I can go on and on with great things to say about Amb. Kristie. We have to be so thankful that she is assigned to us, a nation in great need of selfless leaders who place national interests on top of everything else. I think that was the best birthday gift this year, not the front row ticket to the game, but rather the chance to be in company with such a remarkable and inspiring individual.

Then of course, what better way to cap off the day with a sing-along night with my Tiu cousins in Redbox!


P.S. Thank you again for making me feel special and appreciated today... and everyday :) You are the very special gift! :)


Nica said...

Yes Chris! We are celebrating too because July 15 is the day when GOD gave you to us =) Thank God for giving us you! You're also a gift you know.

I know we need more Chris Tius here on earth but I guess, there's only one you! :D

You're always be our "idol" coz you're such a good role model. You inspire people and it's seldom to find people such as you. I could go on of how you inspire me but that would be too boring and I just want to say for now that Im glad you had a nice birthday.


faye said...


I already greeted you thru fanatext yesterday morning but I'll greet you again.:) I guess it's never to late when it comes to birthday greetings..(even though it gets kinda redundant if you already received more than a hundred birthday greetings and it keeps on pouring in just like this one.) I'll call you Kuya Chris in the meantime since you're 3 months older than me now. LOL

I'm glad you had a blast on your birthday!:) And pls don't even think that we'll leave you out cold because we'll always be here to support your endeavors, just like a friend. God bless! Faye

Anonymous said...

your always in our prayer chris,hope you will stay grounded and sweet as you are.

lynzel said...

Hi Chris,

Happy happy 24th birthday! More celebrations of life to come! May God bless you with good health, more career opportunities and a happy family! All the best for you!


Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday! :)
i'm glad you enjoyed your special day... wishing you good health and true happiness... have a fruitful year ahead! keep on shining... smile often... stay safe... God bless! >",<

superjaid said...

i have also given a chance to meet amb. kristie when she visited my former school for the US electoral process campaign last year,and she was really very approachable and down to earth..and have you watched her dancing giling giling in wowowee a few months ago which really shows her down to earth personality..and like you im also one of those people who have been inspired by amb. Kristie..^_^

emmalyn said...

You're very much welcome!
It only shows that you are well-loved by many people. Goodluck!

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris again,

i'm very happy that you're happy to your birthday. actually last night i am watching pba on tv and i saw amb. Kristie but i never saw you.. sayang! hehe dapat sana nakita kita dun para mas lalo akong naging masaya..

and i would like to say a big THANK YOU! for appreciating the greetings of your million fans (i'm one of them.. hehe) thank you po talaga!

always remember that we are alway here to support you, basta stay humble and stay cute.

greet mo naman kami on tv para masaya.. hehe



J miracle said...

belated!! i love you!!!

bfrances said...

Bonjour, Kuya Chris! :)

Tardive joyeux anniversaire! :)
You're 24 already!

My siblings saw you on TV last night while watching the PBA Finals. SMB team won. :)

I wish you good health and a fruitful career, in business or in the entertainment industry, though you have already mentioned that you find yourself more in business.

You have always been one of my sources of inspiration. A BIG THANK YOU for you, Kuya. :)

Keep your feet on the ground and continue to be God's instrument of kindness. :) I include you in my prayers, Kuya.

God bless and TC!

à bientôt,

Ben Francis Rances

lhoi said...

Happy, happy, happy Birthday! More birthdays and blessings to come! You deserve everything you have now!
God Bless!

Jerick said...

hello kuya chris.
you're getting old na. hahaha.
kelan ka mag aasawa?

you will always be a special person to all of us. just keep up the good work.

anyway, pls tell to your brother charles my warm thanks for commenting in my facebook. i was kinda shock when i saw his comment. hahah. di ako makapaniwala. :))

we love you kuya chris.
Godbless. take care of yourself.

-------->john jerick Orduña

lhen7 said...

wow a hundred new comments and greetings, that's a huge number in just a day, very touching... that goes to show how you are very much loved by so many...25? haha pinatanda ka ng 1 year... but at least naalala nila birthday mo :)

i'm glad your very special day went amazing... sing-along with your cousins, and watching the game 6 of the PBA finals with the very kind Amb. Kristie... (hmmm i wonder what team you're cheering to...hehe i hope it's SMB hehe... glad they won last night...) ^__^

stay the same chris...
siyempre hindi kami mawawala... we're here to support you...
thanks for reading...
ingat ka lagi...

Sharmane said...

Belated Happy Birthday Chris Tiu!!
I'm sorry I was not able to greet you yesterday because I'm so busy in school..
I wish you will have more birthdays to come..God bless and take care always..

Sharmane said...

Belated Happy Birthday Chris!!! Sorry I was not able to greet you yesterday because I'm so busy in school...I wish you will have more birthdays to come..God bless and take care always...

jenna said...

hey i know this is late but happy bday!you deserve all the happiness in the world!! im hoping i could see you soon in person (like that would ever happen haha) well... i just want you to know that it amazes me how you appreciate little things despite the success you've got...
Happy bday ulit and God's Blessings to you forever!


Chie said...

I almost laugh when you said that there were people who greeted you as you were a 25th celebrant and the Mayor even called you Christian. ^.^ Well, at least they'd greeted you. I am not sure if I greet you already but (belated)Happy Birthday, although it's late. Well, as you said, you had a great day and you really deserved it! ^.^

kittykath_17 said...

chris...belated happy birthday... hope that ur 24th year may still be a great one... more success to come and more projects to go... never forget to thank god for all of ur blessings..ahhhm, gud health, long life... hehe! happy b-day agen chris..


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy b-day Chris...
God bless you always...

zyreen :) said...

hi chris (tiuperman)!!

just want to greet you happy 24th birthday!!(belated na!!)

i wasn't able to greet you yesterday 'coz we have exams eh..(inspired ako upon answering the exams..haha..bday mo eh.)

wish you all the best in life..

naka panood ako g show mo..hehe..

fan ako ng PBA hinintay ko nlng yung show mo..galing!!

sana mabasa mo to..


gumawa ako ng FS lay-out..ikaw yung bg can check it if you have time..( magustuhan mo..

i'm a big fan of yours.

tc ulit..

muah3..god bless you ad your family!!


..btw, nanood ka raw noong first game ng ateneo?! huhu sayang hindi ka nakita ng friend ko..(inutusan ko syang hanapin ka!!ahaah)

i'm here kasi sa UP (miagao) nag-aaral eh..

hindiako makapunta..

sana makita ka na niya para sa akin..ahaha


kaya mo yan!!

TNX sa time mo.. :)

ang saya nman ng bday mo..
haha..sana tuloy
tuloy ag kasiyahan mo..

<24 kna? hindi halata!!>



... ...
... ...
... ...
... ...
... ...
... ...
... ...
... ...

diehard17 said...

of course Chris! we're always here to support you! all the way! even if you're retired na, we will support you pa rin to all your works! and thats a true Tiunatic is all about!!!!!!! =)

zyreen :) said...

hi chris (tiuperman)!!

just want to greet you happy 24th birthday!!(belated na!!)

i wasn't able to greet you yesterday 'coz we have exams eh..(inspired ako upon answering the exams..haha..bday mo eh.)

wish you all the best in life..

naka panood ako g show mo..hehe..

fan ako ng PBA hinintay ko nlng yung show mo..galing!!

sana mabasa mo to..


gumawa ako ng FS lay-out..ikaw yung bg can check it if you have time..( magustuhan mo..

i'm a big fan of yours.

tc ulit..

muah3..god bless you ad your family!!


..btw, nanood ka raw noong first game ng ateneo?! huhu sayang hindi ka nakita ng friend ko..(inutusan ko syang hanapin ka!!ahaah)

i'm here kasi sa UP (miagao) nag-aaral eh..

hindiako makapunta..

sana makita ka na niya para sa akin..ahaha


kaya mo yan!!

TNX sa time mo.. :)

ang saya nman ng bday mo..
haha..sana tuloy
tuloy ag kasiyahan mo..

(24 kna? hindi halata!!)
(paxenxa super haba nito ha?haha)
wink.. ;)

Anonymous said...

That really nice to hear that you really had a great time in your birthday...
I Hope I can meet people like Amb. Kristie too.You are so lucky to have that kind of time with her.
Hope someday I can meet you too...wish me luck hehehe.
God Bless!!

P.S: Don't worry we'll always be here for you...anytime.
Good Luck!!
-Janine Nervez.

SarahTin23 said...

uhmm.. here's the poem I had made for u..

hope u like it.. ( even its in tgalog.. mas magaling poh kc aq gmawa ng poem s tgalog.. hahaha! ) =p


Ikaw ang aking inspirasyon
Panalangin ko ay tinugon
Nais magkaroon ng gabay
Sakin ikaw ang ibinigay

Ikaw ay hinahangaan ko hindi dahil sa kayamanan
O sa itsura, galing sa pagbasketbol o sa katanyagan,
Kung hindi dahil sa iyong pagiging modelong kabataan
At dahil sa pagmamahal mo sa kapwa at sa kapaligiran

Ikaw ang naging aking inspirasyon sa lahat ng bagay
Sa paggawa ng desisyon at sa pagiging matagumpay
Lalung-lalo na sa aking pag-aaral
Ikaw ang naging sagot sa aking dasal

Maligaya ako at ikaw ay dumating sa buhay namin
Ika'y hinangaan at naging inspirasyon, lalo na sakin
Ang mga ngiti mo, sa akin ay nakakapagpasigla
Sa puso ko ay para kang isang maliwanag na tala

I made it especially for Ahya Chris Tiu..


Anonymous said...

After reading your new post. I also ant to say thank you because you're such a role model to every young person like me. You truly deserve all the things you have right now. I just want you to know also that i send a birthday message on your brother's account in facebook because I don't know your account there. I searching for it but i found nothing. I hope you got my birthday message for you.
I saw you while I'm watching the game 6 of SMB-Ginebra Finals in Araneta Coliseum. You're really handsome talaga. grabe!hehe.
Again, goodluck to your career. I hope that you will join in the upcoming pba draft.

Joanna said...

Belated Happy Birthday Chris! More birthdays to come and God Bless you :)


Jl said...

Hi Cris,

Your such a good person. I truly appreciate everything you done for us just to make us happy. I hope we can meet in person and i will wait for that moment.

Laarni said...

Hi kuya Chris!An nyung ha sae yo!!just wanna ask if you'll be joining PBA?Para atleast mapanood ka ulit namin.Anyways,i will watch your shows na lang at GMA7.By the way,happy,happy 24th birthday!!I hope that all your dreams will come true.Goodluck to your career!!!GODBLESS!lORD,cover him with yourHi kuya Chris!An nyung ha sae yo!!just wanna ask if you'll be joining PBA?Para atleast mapanood ka ulit namin.Anyways,i will watch your shows na lang at GMA7.By the way,happy,happy 24th birthday!!I hope that all your dreams will come true.Goodluck to your career!!!GODBLESS!lORD,cover him with your most precious blood.=>

rujrpam said...

wow, another blog.. thank you! it completes my day.. am glad you enjoy your special.. we will always support you.

Laarni said...

Hi kuya Chris!An nyung ha sae yo!!just wanna ask if you'll be joining PBA?Para atleast mapanood ka ulit namin.Anyways,i will watch your shows na lang at GMA7.By the way,belated happy,happy 24th birthday!!I hope that all your dreams will come true.Goodluck to your career!!!GODBLESS!lORD,cover him with your most precious blood.=>

crazypeach said...

Hello!!! Happy Birthday again!!! Glad you had a blast!!! Wishing you more birthdays!!! A lot of us really love you!!! Hihi! Hope to meet you one day!

Laarni said...

Hi kuya Chris!An nyung ha sae yo!!just wanna ask if you'll be joining PBA?Para atleast mapanood ka ulit namin.Anyways,i will watch your shows na lang at GMA7.By the way,happy,happy 24th birthday!!I hope that all your dreams will come true.Goodluck to your career!!!GODBLESS!lORD,cover him with your most precious blood.=>

Marlon Tecson said...

u r rily hulsum in ol aspects

god wil always guide ol thru out

peachpooh said...

Hi Chris!

Belated happy birthday! Your family and loved ones must be very proud of you. Keep up the good work! Happy birthday!

krishae :) said...

belated happy birthday, mr. tiu!

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

P.S. Thank you again for making me feel special and appreciated today... and everyday :) You are the very special gift! :)

-were touch, very much ..hehe

they sent a lots of messages,
it only means that they loves you .. hehe
bket kea laging name ng kapatid mo nata2wag sau?? cguro kc parehong my chris .. (^^,)haha

, its such an honor to be with her tlaga .. i hope someday, i can bond with her too kc prang she's so nice and comfortable to be with ..

redbox is such a good place .. but, did you sing??(^^,)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday chris tiu! grabe sayang muntik na tayo maging soulmate! july 15 ka pala ako 16! happy 24th birthday!

Leanne said...

Hi Chris!:) Happy 24th birthday! God bless you always and keep inspiring us. Have a great day!:)

Anonymous said...

eowzz again ..

pahabol,is it okay if i will tell you something about jay chou?
of course kc la kna maga2wa,i already wrote it na ..haha
Jay Chou (Zhou Jie Lun) was born in Taiwan on January 18, 1979. At the tender age of three, he started to learn piano under constant supervision from his mom, Jay practiced piano diligently and eventually developed a love for the instrument and music. He went on to master a number of other instruments, including guitar, cello, jazz drum as well as the Chinese Dizi.
Jay's parents divorced when he was 13. Already a quiet boy to begin with, Jay grew even more secluded. He became independent rather quickly and was absorbed in his own music world. Whenever any musical ideas came to mind, he would jot them down. It wasn't before long he started writing his own songs.
Basketball was his other love and he often played with friends. In terms of school, Jay was not very strong academically, but he did manage to complete high school.
Bloodtype: O
Education: Taipei Tan Jiang High School, graduated 1997
Clothing Style: Hooded sweatshirts, ball caps, cool jeans, sleeveless tees,
Musical Style: R&B, Rap, Ballad, Rock, Pop
Recording Company: Alfa Music
Person Jay owes most for his career: Former manager: Jacky Wu
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Food: Mom's cooking, and Kentucky Fried Chicken
First Released Single: He Sei You Mo (Black Humor)
He combines Chinese and Western music styles to produce songs that fuse R&B, rock and pop genres, covering issues such as domestic violence, war, and urbanization.

"I believe my music can speak to young generations from many countries as music is an international language that can help to break down the language barriers," Chou said.

During the concert, Chou displayed his talents in playing piano, drum, guitar and guzheng that showed distinctive Chinese characteristics. His stage show was complemented by a top Taiwanese band, exotic dancers and state of the art visual effects.

He dedicated his sensational song "Dao Xiang" to the youngsters and encouraged them to have a positive attitude towards life.
"You got to be strong....don't give up your dreams even when facing difficulties in life," Chou said.
Jay Chou revealed to have once taken part in a singing competition where Taiwanese singer-songwriter David Tao was judge, and only awarded a second place.
"It was my first singing competition and David Tao was the judge. I had wanted to win the competition but I only ended up as second," he said.

Recapping the past, this present best selling Chinese singer said, "Being second is nothing. The champion later became the keyboardist at my concert."
Chou also advises young people who love music not to get too uptight with winning and losing as dreams are what will bring them further.

-whoo! its too long .. no need to post this anyways.
gtg.. godbless

asiandude71 said...

hapi bday chris

Anonymous said...

wow..this post is quite longer than the other posts! i don't know, but i really love reading ur posts...anyways..i laughed so loud when i read about those 2 who greeted u happy 25th birthday, so loud that my mother looked at me as if i have been possessed by bad spirits..hahaha..

Mr. Tiu,

may you succeed in everything you do..just remember to stay grounded and do everything for God's greater glory..

stay safe!




sherilyn said...

hi chris,

You're always welcome...:)
It's great you had a nice birthday...
and even if you are not playing anymore for ateneo, I will always support you..please do remember that..:)

God bless you..and keep posting...:)

mi_ca86 said...

waahhh.. that calling you Christian is funny...LOL... but atleast he remembered your bday!

rizamae said...

hi chris, im sorry for not greeting you yesterday. Im too busy to.

Happy 24th b-day. Pero you look younger and younger now :)

YULI said...

happy bday lah~ God Bless! :D

simplegal said...

Hey Chris!This post is really really heartwarming. Know what? Really felt happy yesterday when u smiled in front of the cam during the PBA game. Felt like I was the one having a happy birthday! Anyways, you're so lucky to be sitting and chatting with Amb. Kenny..Keep going! Your fans are just always here. And oh,another sweet present..Ateneo has a 2-0 standing already..Go Chris and God bless!:)

Anonymous said...

chris tiu...belated happy birthday to seems that you really enjoy your birthday...maybe another best gift for your birthday is ateneo's basketball team being the champion again this UAAP season...hope it will be true!....again belated happy birthday :)-anonymous

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday! wishing you good health and good career!! :)

arrie said...

hello chris!im sorry i failed to greet you yesterday.anyway,belated happy 24th bday!wish you all the best in your career and life per se!God bless and enjoy everyday! =D

nikki said...

waa. first commenter? lawl. doing this also because of my bestiee. yadaa. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:)) lawl

yhanyhan01 said...

happy happy birthday Chris! =p

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday chris
God Bless!

freesia said...

Wow... Another post... Yey!!!
I suddenly got teary-eyed as I read it... =)
Again, Thank You, (Kuya) Chris! =)
'Til then...

Anonymous said...

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappyyyyyyyyyyyyyy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay..

hehehe =p

God speed.. =p

mary joyce said...


Anonymous said...

belated hapi boitday chris!!!!!!!
god bless u!!!!!!!!

gruesome_mike ;) said...

hello ulit chris....

I was watching Game 6 last night when I saw you sitting beside the ambassador who is a big time basketball fan. She really is a basketball buff. You know what, I do believe that she is the answer to the basketball associations problems in the country... She should step over and make BAP disappear.... Just my opinion....

By the way.... The link I posted on your previous blog was too long and it appears to be broken....

Here is the link to the link (lol).... Hope you will like it....

Don't worry, this link is safe... :)


Again happy birthday.... Enjoy life as always....

Good Luck!!!

-mike :O

andrea said...

Feliz Aniversario!!!

eyafaye said...

belated happy 24th bday to you. :)

god bless.

joanne said...

am i the first one who'll write a comment here?
belated happy birthday. :)
i checked my planner last night and remembered that it is your birthday.
a while ago,
i watch the ADMU-UE game
and i really miss you inside the court, playing with them.
TIUperman is missing!!
it isn't complete.
but then, ateneo will always be #1.
and you too!
God bless.^^

little miss blue eagle♥ said...

oh, chris. :DD

of course we`ll never leave you behind! =))) even though you`re not playing for the team, we still believe in what you can do. as a matter of fact, more and more are getting inspired because of what you can do. =))))))

nix14 said...

chris, you know how much we love you that even if your stint with the Eagles is done, we'd always be here for you :D

and i saw that i'm the first one to greet you in your CLEAR Men Future League post on your actual date of birth. haha. ^_^

oooh. congratulations to the Eagles today for winning against the Warriors. i would love to hear you talking again about the games.

did you really sing when you were in Redbox? hehe :)

char said...

hi chris! i saw you watching PBA yesterday. you were with Clarisse too, right? :) what team do you want to win, Ginebra or San Miguel?

anyway, belated happy birthday! =)

maricris :)) said...

i'm so happy for you..belated happy birthday and i hope every year will be memorable for you..

hope to see you soon...! it's been my dream since then :(

anyways,,godbless and take care^^
i wish u all the best^^

dzoiekat said...

belated happy birthday chris... :D enjoy ur another 365 days..and may god bless you with more blessings and happiness..and also good health...

missing you na chris...muahmuah

'Allyson' said...

Hi Chris!

I greeted you yesterday but I didn't see my comment. So sad :(
But its okay . . .
Its better to be late than never!


Hope you have a fans day! LOL :D
I hope to see you on Ateneo and LaSalle game on UAAP.
(unfortunately your not playing anymore, maybe I'll see you on the audience) :)


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Chris! Thank you for being a blessing and inspiration to all of us! I am glad that kahit busy ka you still try to find time to post here. I am also happy to know that a lot of people remembered and greeted you! We will continue to support you in all your endeavors! Stay humble and nice!

My prayers are with you....good health, lots of love and hapiness!

Thank you so much for bringing joy to all of us! God Bless!


haylin said...

Your so nice Chris that's why we adore you.. Thank you so much for inspiring us.. Keep it up.


weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris!!!

i know that you're the happiest person on earth when celebrate your 24th birthday yesterday. Thank you so much for accepting my comment last night, you've appreciate a lot that makes me so special. So, you're 24 now, just asking "when you'll be going to settle down???" (yipee...) i know that your still happy on lovelife with your loved one. sana kayo na magkatuluyan... (yipee...)

Ok, more blessings to come and you'll always be here in your prayers to guide and support you...

You're a GOD's greatest gift, CHRIS...

We'll love you and GOD BLESS... :)

MiTch said...

Belated happy birthday chris! I'm so touched to know that we are a special gift for you!

I was also in araneta coliseum last wednesday watching the game between ginebra and san miguel but i'm so sad i wasn't able to catch you there. huhu. btw, who are you routing for?! smb or ginebra? i hope it's smb coz i really love them and besides 2 former King Eagles are playing there: Kuya Olsen and Wesley!

take care alwyas christian! hehe! funny pala si mayor!!! more power chris! we're still here to support you! love you! mwah!

angelle said...

You are very welcome, Chris. I'm sure all of us are glad that you appreciate even our simplest greetings :) I really do hope that you'll be blessed continuously by God because you truly deserve it ;]

And yes, I saw you on tv watching the game 6 of the PBa finals! :)) Which team were you supporting? Haha. :D

Take care always. We miss you! :]

sEvEntEen-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,

It's been quite awhile since I last posted a comment here in your blogsite. Lots of stuffs to attend to =) But I've been reading all your new posts, just don't have enough time to write a comment..=)
Sorry =)
I even missed greeting you on the exact day of your birthday,
But nevertheless, I still want to greet you BELATED happy happy birthday. You've been so blessed in the past year and I still pray that God will continue to shower you and your family His blessings because you always deserve such.
I wish you Good Health always and of course Good Luck in all your endeavors.

You're such a wonderful blessing to everyone because you continue to inspire us with your words, your wisdom and of course your good deeds, especially the younger ones.

It is such a blessing that in July 15, 1984, God has given us a wonderful gift.

Again, belated HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
Good Luck Chris, More POwer!
And looking forward to another fruitful year ahead!

God Bless you ALWAYS!
take care! =)

Anonymous said...

,oh chris ur so sw3et..that's why ur s0 speciaL to us..just stay like that..haha..that's alL..take care and godblesS..

jane said...

belated happy birthday!!!
sorry late busy sa school e...
take care always...

Kali said...

24, one of my favorite numbers. don't get married just yet, okay? heard you will play for pba in the next conference. dying to see you play again. We love you!

All the blessings from God!

Laarni => said...

Hi kuya chris!!an nyung ha sae yo!its me again.juz wanna greet you again a belated hapi bday!!=>

Godbless you in all your endeavours.I believe that you'll be able to reach all your dreams not just for yourself but for the humanity because you're very helpful and you have a BIG "HEART". =>

Juz bear this in your mind- "TRY NOT TO BECOME A MAN OF SUCCESS BUT A MAN OF VALUE." Hope you like it. =>

Belated happy birthday!! =>

jennieca117:) said...

kaw pah kua mlimutan q bday mOh

bday qOh mana pah pro bday moh nde

hapi bday kua chris:)

btw mglgay kah nman ng pix mOh:)

hmm kua ur my inspiration

hapi belated hapi bday

stay safe

GudLuck and GodbLess




i love yah



Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday! unable to greet you last Wednesday, quite busy with my work..
anyway, happy birthday again! wish you good health and more blessings to come..
God bless you and your family! (",)

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Chris Tiu :)
That's how fans really love you :)
Again, Belated Happy Birthday :)
I'm really sorry for the late greetings :)
Since the time I know that you have a fanatxt... The first thing I do is subscribe: CHRISTIU to 4627
hehe :)
that was long time ago na :)
I always have an update from you :)
hehe :)
I was really an avid fan of yours, Long time ago pa... :)
Godbless :)
Take Care :)

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday! unable to greet you last Wednesday, quite busy with my work..
anyway, happy birthday again! wish you good health and more blessings to come..
God bless you and your family! (",)

Ryan said...

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris!!!!

Bernadette Salvador said...

Hello Mr. Chris Tiu :)
That's how fans really love you :)
And one thing, your fans still loving you because of your good attitude. (Like in your blog, you don't foget to say thanks to your fans!) ;)
and I am proud to be one of them :)
Again, Belated Happy Birthday :)
Sorry for the late greetings ;)
You're already 24 :)
you're getting one year older na :)
When I first heard that you will have a fanatxt, the first thing that I do is to Subscribe to your fanatxt (CHRISTIU to 4627)...
That was long time ago na :)
I can't remember the exact date, BUT I know that when I subscribe, your fanatxt was new pa! :)
I receive updates from you regularly :)
I was really an avid fan of yours! :)
Being a Celebrity, Basketball player, Good role model and an inspiration :)
I saw your brother (Charles Tiu) yesterday in the game of Ateneo Blue Eagles vs. UE Red warriors :)
the score is 57-72 (Ateneo Won!)
The Ateneo Blue Eagles are still an awesome and a great team :)
BUT, I miss you playing there as an Blue eagle :)
I was an avid fan of yours long time ago pa :)
I wish you had an Amazing and Great birthday :)
Godbless to your lovelife (you know what I mean)
Take Care of her too :)
you did so sweet when you visited her in Canada, and surprised her :) awww. so sweet.
I read that one on Meg Magazine :)
Godbless :)
Take Care :)

One of your true blue blooded addicted fan :)

Anonymous said...

belated happy bday..well i greet you in fanatxt ...
take care always...

CRE' said...

belated happy birthday...

sabria ü said...

Glad to know you had a great, fun and happy birthday, Chris.

And no, we will never count you out even if you're an ex Blue Eagle already. In our hearts you'll forever remain. Rest assured, we will always be right behind you to support and give encouragement.

You're most welcome, always.ü

Anonymous said...

Kuya Chris, Belated Happy Birthday! May you continue inspiring people and be always safe. God bless! :)

faye said...

Hey Chris, I was browsing through your old posts and I came across our little chit-chat. I miss you replying to my comments..Seems that you have not replied to any of us lately. Well, with all the comments you receive daily through this blog and fanatxt, I could just imagine you replying to all of us. That will eat up your time!
But still, I miss your comments.
Take care always! :)


death_ether_no_more said...

May God always be with you.I believe that's enough to sum it all up...

gute nacht chris

eLai said...

it is kinda late, but still, happy birthday!!!
so..naisip mo kuya na mawawala na kaming mga fans mo pagnawala ka sa Ateneo... actually, akala ko din eh, pero hindi eh!
pano ba yan, fan mo pa rin ako kuya...ahahahahahh...
gumawa kami ng maraming brownies sa baking class namin nung araw ng bday mo...and yung cappuccino bars, muntik ko magawang mukang cake, nilagyan ko kasi ng icing eh... kandila na lang kulang... hay...kung pede ko lang mabigay sayo yun oh! sayang ... ahehehh... so...Belated HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY na lang ulet...

Pagpalain sana kayo ni Lord! good luck in everything you do and hold on tight to your dreams! go!go!go!


nananaNEI.:) said...

i saw you on TV wearing pink shirt. and yes, you were with Amb. Kristie. i was shocked and glad at the same time when i saw it. geeess. ;)


blueangel17 said...

I hope what I heard is only a rumor. But if it's true, I guess it only proves you are human and capable to making mistakes. Just ask for discernment and He will guide you in your actions and decisions always.

(It's up to you topublish this comment but I just meant it for your eyes only. This is in reference to your (?) appearance in a questionable publication. Please don't promote such publications.)

blueangel17 said...

Good to see you are signed in! To follow up my previous comment, even your mom said that you should not promote those publications as mentioned in an article in the GMA7 webpage of the 24 things about yu:

“I try mybest to control the TV shows they watch to make sure they are holesome. I try to put away immoral reading materials at home."Said Lianne.

cariza said...

hi chris ..

you don't have to thank us ..
for me, it's our privilege to
greet a good person like you ..

you are a role model to every children and teen's ..

you never loose hope to fulfill
you're dreams ..
that's why we idolized you ..

im thankful that you appreciated
our greetings ..
cause that's all we can do ..
and also thankful that you celebrated you're birth day with
happiness .. more birth day to come

we will always pray for you ..

♫ cariza ♫

Ceila said...

Damn, I've been sick this past few days and wasn't able to open the PC! Huhu. :(

Anyway, belated happy birthday Mr. Tiu, :)

jasmine said...

helo kua chris,


Tricia said...

My greetings will be one of your super daming greetings so I'll make this short. Thank you for being an inspiration to me though I don't comment here all the time, you're always remembered. May mga tao ka talaga na naiinspire kahit hindi mo napapansin. God bless you Mr. Tiu! I hope you update your blog when you have the time. - Tricia, Frosh Lasallian

Anonymous said...

It's kinda late but,
Continue to be a blessing to everyone.

yokishinai tegami said...

pahabol chris!!! belated happy birthday. i was on duty last july 15 pero di ko nakalimutan yun pagpatak ng alas dose. nag miss call nga ako sa landline niyo eh. joke lang baka maniwala ka. nakakatuwang isipin na ang dami dami mong naiinspire na kabataan!!! thanks to Amb. Kristie at naiinspire ka niya.

kim said...

belated happy birthday!Ü

im really sorry to greet you this late..

wishing you more and more and more birthdays 2 come. :)

hope you get all the blessings that you deserve. :)

stay as down to earth as you are. :)

keep safe! God bless!Ü

Monica said...

just wanna greet you belated happy birthday.. God bless :]

jane marlyn said...

belated happy 24th birthday!..

sorry kun naun lang kta nabati..haha..actually naun lang ulit aqu nkpagNet..

may God continue to give all His blessings for you and for your family!..keep your feet on the ground!..always smile!..
god bless!..

nkita qu c amb. pero ndi kta nkita dun..ahaha
bgk lost the title..soo sad..

Liberty said...

Hello, Chris!
Belated Happy Birthday!
I got too busy last week that I failed to post my greetings on time. Do not wonder if people didn't forget your special day because honestly, through this blog we felt connected to you even after the UAAP. Thanks for giving us such opportunity. Your presence is really refreshingly positive that I really enjoy reading all your posts. I enjoyed it even I am far from the Philippines.

Thanks and God bless!

May you continue to keep us posted!

maganda_214 said...

it just goes to show that sooo many people loves you, adores you and appreciates you for every single thing you did for them, for us. :)

we are really thankful that we have someone like you to call our "idol" :)

GoD bLess, aLways!!
Happy birthday uLi!

badlongon said...

Belated Happy Birthday Idol!

i'm so sorry for the late greeting but i remembered you on your birthday and said a little prayer for you. hope you continue to be an inspiration to us and i know God is with you always.

I adore Amb. Kristie and hope of meeting her personally when we're going to the US Embassy for an interview, hopefully this year. The Philippines is so blessed for having her. I watched the PBA last Wednesday and thought it was you with someone else. I didn't see the good ambassador. hmmm..

I pray that there would be more Chris Tiu in this world! Keep staying grounded Chris! We're here to support you all the time. You are loved.


Bonnie said...

kuya chris happy b-day! sorry though its kinda late. i wish you good health and more power. may we see you this coming days in soaps at gma. God bles!

annanana :] said...

belated happy bday chris
ily hahaha

col_ama said...

Elow Chris...
I would like to say "Belated Hapi b-day..."

I saw this blog in the newspaper. When i read your blog, eto lng ang masasabi ko ang dami talagang nagmamahal sayo.You know why?? ksi they treat you as their own friend and family.Sobrang bless ka. You know how much they appreciate you..

for me, There`s no special gift that i receive this year but sadness and despair..i cannot say this in public coz whats on my mind is my mom. Im also an Atenean just like you for me being my Atenean means dreams.. but i gave up my dreams of being an Atenean for my problems.. Dont wori i can handle this... its just too hurting

again tnx for reading my comment for you...

erica said...


let's party! haha.
belated happy birthday again!
just dropping by to say hello :D

take care always and stay sweet and humble.

btw, please don't forget us.
(1 month na ah.. hmm.. asan na yung promise mo na blog entry? hahahaha)

(plus the 8 fantext winners/ milo scholars)

just when you think that the fans will disappear after your ateneo playing days are over, well, the truth of the matter is i think it doubled pa nga because you became a media person.

and just so you know:
i came to know you because of your basketball expertise but your intelligence and innate (and genuine) goodness are for me, the most memorable.
thanks for touching us and inspiring us... for making us believe that we can be champions in our own right.
speaking of champions, milo did a great job in having you as an endorser because you epitomize their tagline, "champions for life".
you look good wearing green and white by the way :p (hehehe)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday
god bless you and your family


janine de gracia said...


.that's are feeling and emotion everytime we see you.
.were so happy and glad that had you come to our lives.

.you were born to inspire and touch many lives.

.you're such a wonderful gift not just to your loved ones but also to thousands of fans who are always here for you.

.i'm glad that you had enjoyed your special day.

.i'm happy for you because you had a very special gift for your 24th birthday.

.the ambassador looks like a great person,that's why i know that you will really idolized her.

.she's a basketball fan too,right?.

.we wish you can play again.
.we miss your skills.

.were always here for you.
.you know we love you.
.take care always.


EHSBHIE said...

Kuya Chris, are you going to attend the Grand Atenean Alumni Homecoming on December?

Click to Reply.

j_han said...

ei chris! belated hapee burpday!!! wish u more bdays to come,
good health,
more candles to blow...
more cakes to eat...
more wine to drink...
maligayang kaarawan kaibigan!!

angel 17 ^-^ ♥ said...

i'm glad you had fun on your birthday! so many people love you! and i'm so happy i finally got to see you watch the ateneo-UE game earlier! man, they murdered UST! that was awesome! and you're with amb. kenney again, whoa! what are you now, BFFs? kidding! the team was inspired by your presence! you must be proud of how they were performing now even without you! back to back championships sana! really miss you playing there.. it was weird seeing you behind the ateneo bench wearing casual clothes and not your jersey!! hope to see you again in the coming games! take care chris!

xoxo, kate ♥

Bernadette Salvador said...

Hello Mr. Chris Tiu :)
I saw you awhile ago in the game of the Ateneo Blue Eagles :)
They are still great :)
you're beside with Amb. Kristie., right?
Ateneo won with 93-77 :)
Take Care :)

Mich said...

belated happy birthday chris. :)

Hope all is well with you :)

-Mich Roxas Manlapaz :),dls-csb

ahly said...

i have a message for you Chris!

When you're down to nothing,
GOD is up to something.

Faith sees the invisible,
believes the incredible and
receives the impossible!

Trust GOD!
Keep the Faith! =)

sobrang daming ngmamahal sa'yo Chris! =)
you're so bLessed!

you watch the game kanina & you're w/ amb. kristie again..=)it is obvious that she loves the philippine basketball, isn't she? =)
Ateneo is indeed the strongest team for the ongoing UAAP Season! Seems that they'll definitely grab the Championship again! i love to cheer for them always, kahit na nandito lng aco sa bhay.. mukha na nga acong baliw eHh.. joke! LOL! =)

Belated Happy Birthday! =)


patty :) said...

today the Ateneo has proven that it can defend the crown without you (and Yuri, Mike, Jobe). they've beaten 3 teams in a row, with big leads at that. there's no go-to guy this year, everyone really contributes and steps up when needed.

i was specially amazed with today's game vs UST. Montfort scored the highest, 20 points. but everyone else contributed big time, even Tiongson who's a rookie. kudos to everyone in the team, esp Coach Norman!

it's wonderful seeing you enjoying the game beside Amb. Kenny. you two seem to be really close already.

hope to see you in all the games till the finals!

take care, Chris. God bless you more. :)

patty :) said...

P.S: belated happy birthday, Chris! :)
of course i remembered you last 15th, i just wasn't able to find time to read your blogs and comment, till tonight.

thanks for giving me inspiration and strength to go on with life. and before this gets cheesier, here's my wish - may you and the RP team make it to the olympics come 2012. (i know that's one of your greatest wishes, and i'm sure you'll have it, at the right time) :)

anna katrikka said...

Hi chris.... belated happy birthday!
May you have the best blessings in life!

I love you so much!

I promise, I'll be your LAST FAN STANDING!


----anna katrikka----

Anonymous said...

belated happy bday..thou late na but d ko nkalimutan ung bday mo nung 15..hehehe..ingatzzz!


Helen said...

Hi Chris!

Belated Happy Birthday! I'm glad you had a blast. Wish you all the best. :)

jasmine said...


congrats sa ateneo!gling nila, I saw u at the television yesterday..

mais said...

is chris_tiu really your twitter account? if it is, then COOOL!t

CjOyz said...

happy 24th birthday chris... eventhough it is super late, i want to greet you. i didnt forgot your birthday, i was just stuck in the graveyard shift and we dont have net access in our workstations. Again happy birthday and may the good Lord continue to bless you always...

Ms. Roxy said...

Honestly Chris, whenever i feel bad(just like right now lol), i just look at your photos(that i put on my mobile phone haha :D ) and suddenly i'm all happy again. i guess it's not just your smile that i love, but the meaning behind that. marami ka kasing tao na na-inspire, and yeah i'm one of them. you're such a good person. :) i gotta admit, i barely check this website of yours lately, naisipan ko lang i-check kasi nga it's your birthday. alam mo one day, i really hope to see you in person. i'd be so overwhelmed if i did. hehehe gagawin kong default photo yun sa facebook ko. hahahaha! and yeah my ex used to get jealous of you. aside from the fact na he's la sallian, lalo sya nainis nung nalaman nya na crush kita. haha! then i'd tell him, "i really love looking at chris' billboard sa nlex" lol then he said "ipapatanggal ko yan eh" hahahaha. but yeah i know you're one of those persons na he looked up to. he wouldn't get as mad if he wasn't jealous or insecure. hahaha!

sorry napahaba yata ang comment ko Chris. i'm just really feeling bad right now and sharing this with you makes me feel a lot better. thanks a lot Chris. hopefully i'll see you someday in person. i mean ung malapitan then magpapapicture ako kasama ka. hehee. hope you had a good one Chris. God bless. :)

isha15 said...

belated happy birthday chris!! muah!!

♥jen♥ said...

hahah! kakahiya! ;) ako yata yun. sorry po talaga. na confused kasi ako. you have the same birthday with my cousin, kaso 84 siya. siya yung 25. I also send him a birthday greeting with Happy 25th Birthday kaya yun din nalagay sa'yo. sorry talaga. it's pissing me off. nakakahiya talaga. ;D
By the way, I also watched the PBA game last wednesday nung birthday mo, on tv nga lang. I saw you there. Katabi mo pa nga si Amb. Kristie nasa left side mo siya. si Ms. Clarisse ba yung nasa right side mo? naka orange pa nga kayong dalawa. :D Last sunday naman Ateneo game, you're with Amb. Kristie. Bagay po kayo ni Ms. Clarisse..
Perfect match! :)
take care!
God Bless.. :D

Anonymous said...

HI chris

Belated happy B-day!!
Mas Poder!!!!
Yo Amor VosotRas!!!

christina said...

you are just sooo sweet and humble. that's why we sooo love you. God Bless you more and more. Keep inspiring people :)

Bradpetehoops said...

He's the Man!

den den said...

belated happy birthday, sorry for the super late greeting, i've been very busy the whole month. anyways, i hope to see you again, unexpected... =P

NUUR said...



Anonymous said...


more blessings, good health so may continue being a blessing to many other!

"once Ginebra, forever Ginebra"

Blair said...

such an honor to know you. see you around chris. :)

Sherryl said...

Happy Birthday, Chris ! =) Sorry for the late greeting. I just wanted you to know that I remembered you on your bday kahit late ang bati :D

nor-ann gemma said...

hello po!
it may be late for me to greet you, but still I want to extend my hapee greetings for you CHRis.
Though it seems that you have all the best in your life, just stay pure and active.
wish you a good health !
ingat. ingat. :)

Anonymous said...

hi Chris!!!

I'm fem..

sorry that i wasn't able to greet you on your birthday.. anyway super belated happy birthday.. it's better late than never naman db? hehe

I'm not an avid fan of anyone but I really admire you... just seeing all these comments about you makes me think you are a nice person.

I hope we could be good friends and know you more...



Anonymous said...

hi! chris...
belated happy birth day too you..
sory if late po ako nag greet syo... kakauwi ko lang po ng bahay galing duty ko.. hnd ko kc nadala loptop ko kya hindi kita na greet sa mismong araw ng birth day mo...

happy2x bith day po syo...


Mariam Jawad said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you. :)
Hope you had a great one!
Dude. I hope we can talk. :) Like personally. :)
God bless!

almira said...

your "PS" really meant a lot to us. you're a gift to us as well. an inspiration to many, indeed.

kathleen guiang said...

:D belated happy birthday CHRIS TIU! OMG! you're my idol. in fact, i also wear the number "17". it's because my birthday is 17th of SEPTEMBER.

this is a late greeting since i have to do my APPLICATION FORM for the College Entrance Examination for ADMU (ACET). :) thanks for being the inspiration to a lot of people. good luck and god bless:)


Anonymous said...

you're a blessing!
i know it's late...super late..HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY pa din!hehe!July pa naman eh, pwde pa naman...looking forward to see you!


patty :) said...

Chris, Ateneo lost to UP maybe cos you were not able to watch the game live :(

ness04 said...

happy birthday....late na jud kaayo..hahahaa...sorry if im not that updated...are you interested in joining PBA kuya?

micia15 said...


this is a very late comment. haha. I just want to say that we have the same birthday. I was born on July 15, 1993...haha...and that's true i swear...hehe...that's just all i want to say


Anonymous said...

kuya Chris... i want to know lang kung sino yung girl sa party mo last year sa Fiama yung taga- De La Salle.... she's beautiful kasi... thanks!!! please give my regards to Kuya Jai!!! Miff pala name ko..