Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I don't have the original copy of the file. But here's the link for the Sandbox TVC as you guys requested. Hope you guys like it.




Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I am very sorry, if I offended you, regarding the tags, in your, previous post.

I am very sorry, from the bottom of my heart.

kalliepepper said...

i have already posted the link in my facebook account. you were more lively (and cuter)there!

any news about your new show? i haven't received that txt from your FanaTxt...just learned about it from other subscribers. ^_^

and oh, do you have a sandbox account? ^_^

erica said...

uy, umaacting ka na ha. :D
nice one!

ice_and_snow said...

i love your new tvc!

keep it up! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes! I've seen this! I think I was the first one who viewed it kasi kaka-upload lang nito nung pinanood ko. Nung nakita ko yung commercial na to nung sat hinanap ko na sa youtube. I searched for it pero wala pa then after 10 mins ata meron nang nag-upload.

"yes! hehe..." --> may kulit side ka din pala?


angelica said...

hahaha...the new prince of persia and baller na asphalt racer pa...

but honestly i think smart offered another feature that cud be a sure hit...i want it but i can't download it on my motorola phone...

Nica said...

I love it! You're sooo cool in it!

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

i've already watch your commercial in tv and it was great.. specially when you said "yessssss!" it was cute.. hehe..

takecare always!
sarang hamnida!

kathkath c=

Ceila said...

You're so cute in this TVC. :)

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

as what i've said ..
ankulit ng sandbox commercial ..

thank TIU so much.!!!!(^^,)

lynzel said...

It really looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

sandbox na tau!! ;D

Leigh said...

your new commercial was cool..Your so cute in that commercial esp when you did the prince of persia version (i hope that im right)..I love it....

Anonymous said...

dami ng endorsement ah! ibig sabihin talagang ibang level na. ang kulit ng concept ng commercial.


Erine said...

hehehehe!!! Nung makita ko to, one thing struck me...You can join Cosplays!!! Ang astig nung Prince of PErsia!!!WOOOOHH!!!

HAppy 150th anniversary for Ateneo!!!!

Anonymous said...

if you guys wanted to keep a copy, you can dload this thru www.keepvid.com :)

anne1014 said...

wow chris!
ang cute naman.. hehe..

so, mag aaritsta ka na talaga nyan? hehe..
keepsafe ^___^

abby said...

i love your new tvc. it's really fun! haha :) keep it up!

Anonymous said...

HI CHRIS! THIS IS RHEA! your new commercial was cool..You're so cute in this TVC. :)I love it! You're sooo cool in it! takecare always! GOD BLESS! MWAH MWAH :)

kaRluckyme said...

i lUv dis new TVC fRom sMArt..
uR xo cUte en diffeRent!
i lUv it! ü

tita kay said...

Hey Chris,

Very nice. Another sure hit. COOL!

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

I like this tvc because you are less serious and it shows your playful side...

I wish you more tvc and projects to come
keep it up!!!

lhoi said...

lilipat na ako sa smart coz of CHRIS TIU!!!!Goodbye Globe!

Anonymous said...

hi...ganda ng tvc mo ngayon ah.. pansin ko lang puro green!!milo green tapos ung smart sandbox green den!! di ba dapat blue.. hahah..take care always hope i'l see you very soon...

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris... :)

it's me again!!! you're soooooo COOL and FUN in your Sandbox TVC. i really enjoy and love it when you act in your commercial [pwede ka ng mag-artista... hehe :D (just kidding!!!) be focused on your basketball and hosting]... i really like it... :)

keep it up and take care... :)

yil said...


oh my God, you are sooo CUTE. you really look good in whatever role you are playing. the Philippine audience has just witnessed another facet of Chris Tiu - the makulit side. and it was awesome, as always. Congratulations for the good acting, Chris!

btw, do you have a Sandbox account? i do have one because of Tiu. hehehe

too bad i 'm not one of your lucky fanatxt subscribers to get the chance of bonding with you. how were they chosen? tell us something naman about the basketball clinic, ha?

bring it on, Chris! you have the potential of a good actor. :)

thank you so much for granting our request!

always here to support you,
--yil :)

Anonymous said...

nice tvc, Chris!

it was totally different. i love your Prince of Persia version. it was cool.

sandbox will be a sure hit.

keep it up, Chris! i wish TIU more endorsements to come.

i love you!!! mwaah

michi said...

sobrang cute tlga nung tv ad..
and d lng xa cute, mgnda tlga love it ^^

buti meron n sa youtube dna ko magaabang s tv o.o

kittykath_17 said...

ang cute1000X mo tlaga dun sa tvc mo... sobra... hehe! lalo na nung tinawanan mo ung kasama mo... i can't help but to shout... hayyyy!
don't you wanna try tlaga to be an actor? i'm sure sobrang sisikat ka.. nweiz, bsta kung san ka masaya, we will always here to support TIU..
basta Chris, kip up the good work... stay humble and basta, always depend on HIM ok? :)


kittykath_17 said...

oh, btw, happy 150th anniversary to Ateneo de Manila.. ur beloved Alma Mater.. "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam"

Jerick said...

i love this TVC.

so much!



badlongon said...

"yes hmmm hmmm".... wahaha... galing ah!

ganda ng tvc mo tska ung sa kimerald (kim and gerald) din "ibo-blog ko to". idol ko kayong tatlo e. hehehe

janine de gracia said...

.so glad to see your new TVC.
.you looked so happy and more handsome.
.you really enjoy what you are doing.
.you have your kulit side din pala.
.i'm so glad to see that beautiful smile of yours.
.but i'm so sad because i can't afford to have that SANDBOX.
.but even though i don't have the opportunity to enjoy the games and other applications i will still support you on whatever you will do.
.i hope we can afford the DOG TAG in some malls near our place.
.we really like to have one.
.hope to see you back in the court.
.i miss your basketball moves.
.and about your show,you're great.
.keep it up!.
.take care always.


SarahTin23 said...

Hi poh Ahya Chris..

+ Nc TVC.. I really love ung nka pang Car Racing outfit k poh.. Super fun and kulit ng TVC n ito.. ^o^

+ Congratz nga poh pla for being the Style Icon of Metrowear Magazine.. U deserve it..

+ Uhm.. I hadn't thank u for the time nung June 17.. it was a really fun Basketball Clinic.. Hope maulit p yun.. heheh!

+ and sna kasya poh sayo ung shirt n bigay q sayo, gawa poh un ng company ng Mom ko..

+ and tnx for the cap na u had given me, its my Lucky Cup.. (not only n its ur cap, kaya ito very special kc may something good n nagyari while I'm wearing ur cap..)=p

+ and I'm making a Blog.. its something n related k poh.. hahah! hope u can read it when I have posted it.. ^^

dami ko pong cnsbi noh? heheh! sorry poh ah? super kulit q tLga!!
Ito last n poh..

+ i really want to make a Fan Club of urs.. i want to have ur permission.. hope u can approve it..=)

_ saRahjO23 _

bhotyongnick said...

hello, my TIUperman...

this is your best TVC so far...

i've seen another side of you, ankulit!!!

sbi ko na nga ba na you can act, hehehe!!!

keep on going, you always makes me happy whenever I see your shows and TVC's. kakainspire talaga!!!

always keep safe!!!

nasa anniversary show ka ba ng GMA later tonight???

I'm Proud to be Kapuso!!! Greater and Grateful at 59!!!

mike :) said...

hi chris!

sandbox is really cool though i am not a smart subscriber...hehe

thanks you nga pala last wednesday!
it was really a great activity...

hope you can post it dito sa blog mo...

thanks and goodluck!

death_ether_no_more said...

sandbox.funny name.the thing that comes to my mind is a litter box but i think it's kinda cool especially since an improved version of the Assasin's creed is there.Too bad I wasn't able to play the entire game since my sis uninstalled it from the computer coz she thought I would get hooked to it too much.Yeah she was right haha.Assasin's creed is a cool game.You get to steal things, do missions, kill people( well part of the thrill) and choose any horse that you can see in the game.you should defintely try it.

~ROcheLLe~ said...

hello Chris!!

wow! what can I say!!

I am much more alive everytime I see your new commercial!! especially the last part na parang nang asar ka dun sa katabi mo! ^_^ it's really cute! ^_^

hope na makita ka na naming umarte sa TV ng matagal2 naman.. nakaka bitin kasi pag hosting ka lang!! ^_^ eh, ang galing mo naman plang mag act!!

Congrats btw.. keep it up!


Anonymous said...

hey chris,

hmmmm? it seems like you got some acting skills, huh?

well, way to go mr. tiu.

keep it up.

stay safe always and God Bless you.

sabria ü said...

Chris! As I've said in my past comment, that Sandbox TVC sure is really cute! Through it, we saw the funny side of you goofing around and enjoying. Really nice!ü

Thanks for the link. Happy Weekend!ü

joy m. said...

hi chris! tagal ko narin hindi nagcocomment ah. nga pala, ive watched your sandbox commercial! the best! ang galing mo! i wonder if you will start acting na..haha. wag na focus ka nalang sa basketball. keep up the good work and keep safe!

almira said...

i was lying on the bed when i first saw your commercial, i was like "err. its chris tiu" i immediately stood up.

keep safe and good luck in everything!

3xie said...

ang cool m dun po :))

sna 2loy nio n rn po ung acting skills...

kng i2loy nio po un bka macompre rn kau ni jc tiuseco pero cguro bka matalbogan nio rn sia =)))) :P

sana someday may episode ka n rn po sa MAYNILA :))

bernah said...

hi kuya!
totoo bang pupunta ka dito sa cebu for pinoy records?
i really want to verify..
please answer naman kuya oh..
sige na..:D
thank you!

little miss blue eagle♥ said...

wow. bring it on. :DD

Anonymous said...


yan-yan said...

hello chris!
your new tvc is so cute!!
it was fun and really great!
congrats for the success of your career..
tc and GOD bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

You are so damn hot, in the April- July issue of Powerbooks' Read magazine.

Nakaka-in love.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

You are so damn hot, in the SandBox television commercial.

Nakaka-in love.

:) =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

You are so damn hot, in the April- July issue of Powerbooks' Read magazine.

Nakaka-in love.

:) =)

Belle said...

oks ha

Anonymous said...

Chris on Habitat for Humanity:

Chris Tiu enjoys building with Habitat for Humanity Philippines:

Chris Tiu builds at Habitat Pasig site:

haylin said...

bring it on!!

astig!!hahaha..i like this tv ad..keep it up!!


erica said...

hey chris,

we really had a blast last wednesday! TIUlit yung paghihintay namin ng ilang oras. *peace ms. joan. hehe*

thanks for everything also... for being patient, nice and accommodating. for answering our questions, for motivating us, for the countless smiles for our camera phones and digicams, the autographs and also for the freebies. hehe.

thanks din kasi you remembered that i was the girl commenting on your blog. that was really touching and sweet of you.

if you need the pics, just visit my facebook. connected naman kami ni charles. the lucky 9 are connected there so feel free to grab the picTIUres. hehe.

hope to hear from you soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! Very cute commercial. I love it to pieces! :)

Can you spare me a few minutes of your time. Im preparing a surprise for my bestfriend Thea and even if you don't know her or me either, Can u please sign in the Group Card that I made for her? Please. The more greetings, the merrier! Just a simple Happy Birthday will do and will make her really happy. :)
She's a huge fan of yours just like me. I hope you will sign Chris. :)

Here's a link to the card.

Thanks a lot,

Light, Peace, Love
Chakee :)

Chakee said...

We love your new commercial to pieces Chris! Its really cute :D

I have a small favor,

Can you spare me a few minutes of your time. Im preparing a surprise for my bestfriend Thea and even if you don't know her or me either, Can u please sign in the Group Card that I made for her? Please. The more greetings, the merrier! Just a simple Happy Birthday will do and will make her really happy. :)
She's a huge fan of yours just like me. I hope you will sign Chris. :) pleeeaaaasssssseeee....

Here's a link to the card.

Thanks a lot,

Light, Peace, Love
Chakee :)

Anonymous said...

Ang cute ng commercial na 'to. haha. [: Tapos yung team niyo, nafeature na sa TV. [: ANG GALING MO TALAGA. [:

haylin said...

happy father's day to your dad chris!! :)

erica said...


here are the links pla for last wed's basketball clinic.

so far, its only the first link that works (you tube). hay...




Happy father's day to your dad!


Anonymous said...

hi ang cute ng tvc mo gusto kong part dun yung nag "hmmhmm" ka!! kulet...

kainis di ako napili sa fanatxt!!

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

hapee father's day to ur dad and to all the father's out there ..
specially 2 my papa ..

+>> why is it dangerous to do math in jungle?
=becoz if u add four&four, you get ate ..(^^,)
+>>how do you make number 1 disappear?
= just add a "G" to it & its "gone"
last one .. (^^,)

+>>y do u go to bed everynight?
=because the bed wont come to you .. hehe corny.!!!!!!
nyt nyt .. switdreamzzz godbless

Anonymous said...

Hi Kuya Chris!

Long time mno comment! Hehe! Grbe! I'm very busy kasi ngayon sa studies ko!

Ur Sanbox TVC?? Hmm.. that was so cool! Hehe! After ko kasi dumating sa haus galing kasi ako sa 'Ako Mismo' concert eh na-shock ako! Ur so cute at that TVC when I saw that! Hehe! Grbe! Ibang level na! Hehe! :)

Ayun lang po! Busy na po tlaga eh! But anyway, kelan po opening ng UAAP?? Ichi-cheer ko pa din po ang Ateneo! Hehe! :)

Cge po! good luck on ur career and God bless! :)

mary joyce :) said...

Happy Fathers' Day to your dad! :))

kittykath_17 said...

Belated Happy Father's day to Daddy Gerry :)...sayang, di ako napili sa fanatxt pero ok lng.. :)

Anonymous said...

i love your new commercial for sandbox! haha. It was really great. :)

Anonymous said...

I really admire you, Chris! You're so close to perfection. Haha! You really made my day. I'm your fan for almost 3 years. Pero hindi pa kita nakikita in person. Hmp! Aus lang. Makikita rin naman cguro kta. Hehe!

The secret of happiness is to admire without desiring. -Carl Sandburg

Do take care, Chris! :)

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

The girls in your basketball clinic are soooooooooo lucky!!!!! How I wish I'm one of them.....^_^

How are they chosen???
Please tell us something about it.

God bless...

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

Congratulation for being the style icon for metrowear magazine...You definitely deserve it..

btw,are you having a new show???
Please update us...:)

GVG Society said...


to continue the fun and excitement just Sign Up Here:


Jm Benavidez Estoque said...

wow! galing!!! idol!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! chris...

ur so cute talaga

astig kn na ah..

umaacting ka na ah...


Anonymous said...

sana kmi din d2 sa cotabato
makabili din ng tag...

angel 17 ^-^ said...

i just loved it! my fave commercial of you! ♥

UAAP's gonna start na in a few weeks..we'll definitely miss you playing for the ateneo!

good luck in everything you do! i heard you're gonna have a new show! wow! congratz! tc always..


*yaNnah1217* said...


Ang cute mo dun sa bagong Sandbox TVC. Aside from that ang kulet mo din dun. It's very nice to see another side of you. I love the new TVC (Well,actually i love all the commercials na ginawa mo). Hindi din ako makapagdownload ng Sandbox sa phone ko I think hindi pwede. But anyway, sabi mo dun sa isang message mo sa FanaTxt mo,you have a new show. Any news about it? Marami nanamang manonood nyan for sure. Yun lang. God Bless and Take care. :)


Anonymous said...

chris, you might want to check this:

ang cute ng girl. kamukha mo? not sure though if you know her..


faye said...

I'm so green with envy coz I was not chosen.. :( maybe because i'm w/ a different service provider? and I'm on postpaid. bummer.

Anonymous said...

i love the add.

patty :) said...

Chris! Chesca Garcia has already given birth to the very adorable baby Claire Kendra last thursday! :) i bet you're going to be a ninong again. :) blog soon please. we miss you! :)

erica said...

hey chris,

found these high quality pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/29226535@N04/sets/72157620451531026/

special thanks to Quing S. Obillos :D

hope you're ok. enjoy boracay! :D

cin19 said...

hello there chris!!! you are really!! indeed!! very!! effective endorser...! we already change our simcards na to continue support sandbox.. hehehe... anyway... meron na bang akomismo dog tag sa team manila?? tnx! god bless!!!

death_ether_no_more said...

I don't know if something's wrong with my sight but i think you looked rather thin in your commercial?
Are you on a diet?kidding hehe

Anonymous said...

hi chris can i ask you something? :)

what can a chris tiu ask for? i hope you can answer my question.. :) thank you

Anonymous said...

my favorite line sa tvc mo ung...
'bring it on.
tsaka un 2mawa ka 'he-he'

god bless..love TIU!!!!

mannypangie said...

Hi Chris, let me affirm your great success you have achieved so far. I'm a member of Life Direction (batch 59) I used to be a teacher at AHS and an assistant of coach chris monfort of admu athletics office (fr. holshers days 1996-2005)and I also grew up in the old maynilad in malate until i was asked to helped lauan center in loyola heights, where most ateaneans go for professional development and spiritual formation. the director there is now paul argamosa, if you still remember him in maynilad during the opus dei prelate's visit.
Chris,im now an administrator of FEU-FERN college here in diliman and one of the things i do is mold the character of our varsity junior team (basketball and football) that are quartered here. I am pretty sure you know how they are, from different places/ provinces with varied backgrounds and cultures.. and habits as wells.. Would you be nice of you to accept an invitation from us to drop by for a short pep talk not about basketball (of course, kasama na rin un) but more on how to balance academics and varsity obligations, self control, self discipline, etc. your experiences as a student and athlete something like that.. how you earned your good grades despite long and tiring practices and tons of assignments to do.. Hope you will be able to find mutually agreed time/day.. Just inform me on how to send you the invite. My emails are mannyp_admu@yahoo.com, epangilinan@feufern.edu.ph., mannypangie@gmail.com, friendster search mannyp_admu@yahoo.com. cel 09166991906 or 09086305197.
Its goin to be a low key get-together with the players if okey with you. Thanks you very much. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam (AMDG)!

berd said...

elow...i saw ur article in totalgirl mag....hehe cute2 m dun..nice glasses para kng bmalik ng preschool!!!ehehe

Leonalyn said...

ang cute ng commercial.. ang kulit...


Anonymous said...

eowzz ..


erica said...


here is the link for the pics, as taken by Quing S. Obillos:




gladys said...

elow chris.. 2nd comment ko palang to dito sa blog mo. 1st is nung ng champion ang ateneo. hehe but i visit dis site regularly.. i really like dis tvc. hehe nasa phone ko na xa.
hmm i saw the PF mag kanina, kaw ung cover kaso nag dadalawang isip ako kung bibilhin ko, kase di ko alam ung laman ng mag.. hehe

hmmm chris favor naman :)) malapit na bday ko :) two days before ng iyo.. july 13. sana mag grit mo ko. magiging super hapi ako. hehe Godbless.. sana mabasa mo to at mag reply ka hehe :))

erica said...


another link:



Anonymous said...

Hi chris!

Hindi tungkol sa sandbox ang sasabihin ko. Hehe! Uhm, what are your thoughts about the ongoing PBA finals? I'm a SMB fan (talo sila kanina, so sad). I bet you're on the Ginebra side because some of your old teammates are there. That's just okay. Hehe!

Anyways, what can you say about Ricky Rubio? Hehe! I really like him. He's one of my favorites. Well, just next to you. Hehe!

Sana mag answer ka man lang ng kahit isa jan. Hehe!

Be safe. :)

Jl said...

Hi Cris,

Just checking for your newest post and comments for July. For me, your such a good example of a perfect person. Even though we didn't know each other.

Lapit n bday mo, advance happy b-day, my guesting kb s sop 4 ur coming bday?

Take care always,

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chris Tiu nice one. Ahm, I just want to ask you. Ilan taon ang Contract mo Sa GMA 7? at i-rerenew mo ba ang contract sa GMA. I hope magtagal ka sa GMA 7 dahil ikaw lang ang dahilan bakit ako nanood ng Pinoy Records and a follower of Ripleys.

More Power to you Chris.

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris Nice ad. Keep up the good work

sabria ü said...

Hi, Chris. Your birthday is coming very soon, just 9 days from now! You're about to turn another year older, but you're looking younger. Ha ha!

I'm a bit sad that you're still not posting a new blog. Well, I heard that you went to Boracay? Hope you had a good time.

Haven't been receiving updates from you also through fanatxt. Does it mean we can no longer get in touch with you there because the promo period is over? I wish I were one of those lucky ones chosen to meet you and play bball with you.

Have a great Sunday, Chris!ü

liza said...


Chakee said...

Hi Chris, i love your new commercial. You look really good. :)

I have a small favor, Can you spare me a few minutes of your time. Im preparing a surprise for my bestfriend Thea and even if you don't know her or me either, Can u please sign in the Group Card that I made for her? Please. The more greetings, the merrier! Just a simple Happy Birthday will do and will make her really happy. :)
pleeaaassseee.. :)


LiLmizmAy said...

hi kuya chris!!

>..first time ko mag.comment dito sa blog mo though I'm reading your blog for almost a year now..

>..I'm currently watching ASAP 09 (hindi halatang kapamilya ako n0oh?!)..nag.guest si Jai Reyes and TJ Manotoc for the opening of UAAP season 72..

>..wala Lng..kind of feeling na nanhihinayang ako kasi I can't watch you in UAAP anymore..

>..Last year, hmmm...high school pa Lang ako..I made sure na I could watch the games of Ateneo..kahit pa thursdays ang game..

>..and now na I'm already coLLege..I'm sad na I can watch you play na..

>..ang rami pa naman ng free time ko..and I don'y have cLass during thursday afternoon..


>..before i forget, I LoooovEEEE your TVC of sandbox..i reaLLy do!!!

>..hope I can see you in person..bday gift na Lang sa akin..

>..pumunta ka sa ng davao..so I can meet you and also francine17..stiLL remember her?..

>..I don't know her pero I think I saw her na sa maLL or Ateneo de Davao not sure though..

>...chEge,goodbye for now..

>..takE cAre aLways!! gOd bLess...

jasmine said...

hi chris,

how r u?mis u

cariza said...

advance happy birth day !!!!

j_han said...

hi chris,

jz wana ask if we can avail also the AKO MISMO dogtags, here abroad? i really like to hve once, to share the advocacy, for our country...tnx!!!

by the way, tnxt for the fanatxt. though wala ako pinas. parang anjan pa rin ako dahil sa mga txt mo...

UAAP time na!!! good luck sa ateneo blue eagles!!! ONE BIG FIGHT!!! I will miss it! i miss the araneta! GOD BLESS!!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

Anonymous said...


ganda ng tvc mo!

nga pala,

advance happy 24th birthday sayo!

Anonymous said...

♥♥eowwzz ..

gOodLuck in ur new show!!
(clear men future leagues)
mano2od ako .. hehe


Anonymous said...

advance hapi bday!!!!


melodyfair said...

...hi po,1st yir college student po ako & im taking BSCriminology.Just want to say,


more power & more projects to come..may God always guide you po...>_<'

Anonymous said...

hi!!! ako nag poh pala si aljon de ver laude(chris john)
add nyoh naman poh akoh oh.....
sana mkya koh kau in person