Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A HAPEE first Game

Again, I have to apologize for a very very long disappearance. I've been busy as usual trying to finish all my commitments and also getting back in playing shape. I've practiced with the National team a couple of times and also with Hapee Complete Protectors, as some of you already know. In fact, I've played my first game already which was a do-or-die game. Fortunately, we won and advanced to the semi-finals against Harbour Center. Game 1 is tomorrow at 3pm in Ynares Center in Pasig. Please watch if you can! :) We need a lot of support!

Anyway, my first game was pretty rusty. I missed shots and made some mistakes but we won, so it's all good and we're all very HAPEE! :) I honestly thought that playing the PBL would be very different from the UAAP but basing it on the last game, it was not very far. The intensity was high for both teams and there was a strong desire to win! Aside from the smaller crowds and physicality of the game, both the UAAP and PBL are fun for me! I'd like to think i'm not disillusioned based on what previous players have been telling me about the PBL or PBA.

Many have been asking me what i'm gonna do next in my life. I've decided that I want to play basketball for another couple of years, of course if God wills it. I haven't decided whether I will be joining the PBA draft or the National Team instead. I'd appreciate it if you can give your comments and opinion regarding that matter. Here are some more details: the PBA draft is going to be around August and of course, nobody is sure to be drafted. On the other hand, the RP team is inviting me to join the them for 3-year term, quite similar to that of a PBA team. In terms of compensation, both are pretty much the same. It is this National team that will join the 2011 Asian Games to try to qualify for the Olympics, that's the ultimate goal. There are many other pros and cons to be taken into consideration, but let's just leave it at that for the meantime.

Thanks for reading again :) I'll try to post more often from now on.



trizzi said...

yey! I was waiting for your next post for how many weeks. I was just browsing and I was surprised to see a new post from you :)

Congratulations on your first game. Was that televised? Where can I watch it? I can't go to your games because I'm not in Philz. lol.

As much as I would like to comment about the team you're gonna be in, I'm sorry to say that I can't for I don't know anything about it.

Anyway, thanks for posting again. :) I'm looking forward to reading your next one. tc

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris...

by the way, congratz to u and happee toothpaste team for qualifying semi-finals at pbl. buti nakabalik ka na sa yong first love, ang basketball (naks naman...). nabasa ko lang yon sa newspaper and admitedly, hindi ko napanood ang laro mo coz i'm busy in doing my work in laguna...

In my opinion, you must concentrate on your RP National team than incoming PBA draft, kc sa National team maitaya natin na magkaroon ng karangalan sa Pilipinas na manalo ng gold medal sa SEA Games even on Asian Games (wish ko yon)...

Goodluck on your semi-finals, hopefully that it will bring your team on your championship in PBL...

Keep it up and take care...

ciao :)

Anonymous said...

hello chris. i miss reading your blog. hehe. i'm so happy that you pursue basketball this year. i'm so excited to see your game tomorrow. by the way, is it gonna be showing on tv? i'll be cathching it then.

well, if i were you chris, i would choose playing with the national team. not because i dnt wanna see you playing most often on tv, i.e. PBL or PBA. but i want you to participate in bringing honor to our country and i do believe that you do have what it takes to make into the olympics.

God bless you Chris and may you always give glory to God in everything that do.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

congrats! :)

as for your question, i think you'll do a great job wherever you go but i think the national team needs you more. :)it will be a great pride for the philipines if you help bring us to the olympics.

hope you are doing well! good luck with all your endeavors.


Elle said...

good to hear youve decided to play a few more years of basketball. Its such a joy to watch you play. so, isnt it possible to play for both the national team and the pba? i mean, youve decided to indulge your love for basketball for another few years anyway, why not try and experience as much as you possibly can?

i just think it will be two distinct experiences for you as a player and for us fans - seeing how you will fare on those two different competitive venues. for selfish reasons i like the pba option, only because for sure it will get more television coverage, plus your games will be held in the Phillipines so the option to watch you live will be there. however, of course there is a different honor and sense of purpose in playing for country.

so i guess if it would have to be a choice, then decide based on what you feel would give you a more worthwhile experience. including for instance how much you will actually be able to :-) think which one you feel would turn out to be a more insteresting tale to tell your grand kids :-) did i just confuse you more? hahaha


Leanne said...

Hi Chris 新年快樂! :) Glad you have new posts.:) By the way, congrats 'coz you guys won and goodluck naman for today's game. 'Hope you guys will win.

Regarding with PBA or the National Team, it would be nice to join both. Pero if need to choose one only, I guess mas maganda na maging part ng the National Team dahil iba yung feeling na nakakapagbigay ka ng karangalan sa iyong bansa at sa iyong mga kababayan. Mas marami kang mai-inspire na tao especially the youth. Also, I think iba rin yung self-fulfillment na when you get older ma-she-share mo sa iyong grandchildren about your experiences competing internationally. But then, there are many things that need to take in consideration.

'Til your next post(s).

Ingat and have a great day! (",)

akocDYUHLIE:) said...

i saw you play yesterday!haha i was quite surprised as i browsed through different and yeah. i can say your game was PRETTY rough. well, given na rin cguro un because you havent been playing and practicing like sa uaap. but im HAPEE you guys won!:)) nga pla exciting ung game!hahaha Godbless sa games nyo against harbour mamya. i think i will watch it- NO. i WILL watch it.hahaha

as for PBA or NATIONAL RP team? i think id go for RP team.:D well like you said, PBA draft isnt so sure. but knowing how you played. im sure you will be drafted (er- is the term right?haha) and ung sa RP team, e mas maganda ung purpose e. OLYMPICS! hopefully!lol and its for the philippine's greater glory!lol

cha said...

hi chris!

finally you had posted to your blog after few long weeks! ^_^

in my opinion, you should concentrate in the National Team rather than in the PBA draft. It is a rare opportunity for a player to be invited on the RP Team and represent the country. PBA draft will always be there but the honor in representing the country is hard to pass by, so why not grab it?

But of course, the decision is still up to you...

we'll support you no matter what...

God bless!

Nica said...

First of all, congratz to you and the whole HAPEE team!

And thanks for this new entry =)

Anyhoos, since your asking for suggestions/advice what you should do next, in my opinion, I think you should go for the RP team. There's nothing better than to represent your country. And the training could also train you more should you join PBA after the Asian games. Who knows, RP team would qualify for the 2012 Olympics in London. That would be fun!

But of course, you should listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling you too. Sometimes, our life's worries and other stuff deafen us to what GOD is really saying.

Hope He will grant you the wisdom to find out HIS will for your life. Im praying for your games to be injury-free always.


cyrle said...

hi! my first time to comment... =.=
magtry k nrin p s pba
db ung rp team my members gling s pba
or mgkaiba p ung rp team ng pba s national team???
sorry nonsense... =.=

asiandude71 said...

natiuonal tiueam

mikee2009 said...

hi chris...

im very glad na active ka na ulit sa basketball career mo... were so glad to see you in uniform again...

we'll try to watch ur games to support you..

by the way, if ur asking for our oipinion about entering the pba or the national team, I would say, go for the PBA draft...

here is my analysis:
> if the compensation is quite fair for both the PBA and the National Team, i would suggest to take the offer from the PBA because we are very sure that you will be drafted in the first round.. we're very sure of that...
and of course, if you became a PBA player, your fans (who happens to be us) will see you more often... lol.... seriously talking, if you are a PBA player, you can actually be a National Player just like the other guys in the Philippine Team under coach yeng now...

and you will definitely gain more experience from PBA players and you will continue to grow...

good luck to hapee, well try to watch it later wheter on tv or live....

yaneygirl said...


for me, RP team's much better. aside from the huge exposure, it's also something new. 3 yrs isn't that long when you know there's great opportunities up ahead. that's what i think though.

good luck chris! :)

fence sitter said...

I think that no matter what you choose, people will support you.

The thing is try to to find the crossroads between your desire and the options at hand. The thing is discernment is always between two equally good things. =) And prayer helps!

The compensation package for the RP team sounds good. I heard about it plus it will give you a chance to serve the country. PBA, on the one hand, is every Filipino basketeers' choices to make!

btw, it has been awhile since the last post...I have been visiting everyday! hehehe

blue lantern said...

National Team!

PBA kasi you're working for the promotion of the sponsoring company, sa National Team you're working for the honor of our country!

Besides, PBA will always be there after your stint in the National Team.

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

Congrats for winning the game! Actually, that day hindi ako mapakali kasi iniisip ko kung nanalo kayo kasi i have no chance to watch the game because we have our exams that day. But when i check to the internet about the game last tuesday, grabe talaga. . nagtatalon ako kasi first time mo na naglaro tapos nanalo pa. tapos pinost ko agad sa bulletin ng friendster ko. . hehe

Congrats again!
namiss talaga kita!

take care and godbless!


sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,

It's so nice to see new posts again from you...

Congratulations... It was a victorious game (again)! It's so glad to know your team won...You must be a lucky charm huh... Good start of 2009 for you!

I became a big fan of basketball because of UAAP, and in my opinion, I think you should play for the National Team. It would be a great pride for us Filipinos if the RP team will make it in the olympics, and with your hardwork, perseverance and passion and of course FAITH, I think, the RP team will make it...

God bless you, Chris!
And more power on Your future endeavors!

Just trust HIM, and he will give you your heart's desire...


ley said...

i was in ynares last TIUsday together with friends.. we were cheering for you of course and the whole hapee team cause we're quite close to coach gee and other staff and players of hapee. were so happy you won. we were in hapee practice yesterday and we saw you were really giving your best to do your share.harbour-hapee again for the 4th time and this time were all praying hapee would be the winner.Goodluck Chris!!!1st time to see you in yellow...

rEnEeLyn17 said...

Hi chris.. I was waiting for your entry, finally You posted already...I was surprised last tuesday that you will be joining in the Hapee team..

Congratulations for winning in the first game it was a close fight game...How I wish today(Thursday) that the Hapee team will win again.. anyway, good luck on your semis game..

Regarding about your basketball career, you should try it, It is a rare opportunity to join in the RP TEam to represent our country...Every player is dreaming of to play in the Olympic.. As of now, We are here to support you Basketball career, business ventures, Hosting and etc.. Good luck to you Chris, God as Plan for you.. :)

till then..

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris. It would be better if you suited up for the national team. You'll be playing with some of your teammates and of course get the chance to represent the country. I do believe people will start following the national team once you're in it. It's basically what our country needs with our sports programs. Once the government realizes that the nation is into it, maybe they'll start setting higher budgets for each and every sport. Besides, you're going to get paid anyways right?! (not that you really need it)

However, you joining the PBA will certainly increase your exposure and of course, you'll have more fans. Thing is though, you have to elevate your game to the next level. If you don't perform well, you'll be sitting on the bench and we all know what happens to players who can't adjust to the PBA. People start forgetting them. Case in point, JC Intal, Doug Kramer, and Macky Escalona, Yousef Al Jamal, etc...

In the end, it's really your choice, but we would love to see you play for the national team. Kailangan ng pogi sa team! :)

e'nahh said...

hi chris! congrats on your 1st game in pbl :) & goodluck later!:)

honestly, i really want to see you play in the pba...but i also want you to be part of national team for the asian games, and hopefully, in the olympics. Perhaps, i am as undecided as you are right now. But don't worry, i know for sure that sooner or later, you will know better which one to choose. You're a smart guy & i believe that you can weigh the pros & cons of the situations to make a decision. And of course, don't forget to ask His guidance :)

For the meantime, just enjoy playing in the pbl & i really hope that Hapee will win the series :)

God bless always! :)

kalliepepper said...

yay! been waiting for a new post from you. hmmm...PBA or National Team? tough one! I'd say go for the National Team. Maybe you would be the key to bring a Gold Medal to the Philippines. anyway, if you're gonna go for PBA draft, I'd be crossing my fingers that you won't go to Ginebra hahaha...

whatever choice you make though, we'd still support you in the hardcourt ^____^

Anonymous said...


is it not possible to play for both the PBA and the national team? at least you will get to experience playing for the two...=)

eYnah said...

hi Chris!

Finally! Nice to hear from you again. We miss you so much.

Btw, congratulations for winning last tuesday. We're also very hapee! :D

Goodluck on your game today.

Team HAPEE! :)

kaikai_ said...

Hi ahya Chris :)

Congratulations on your first game!

I think, it doesn't matter which team you'll play for, what matters is that you're happy playing. Being in RP team will give you big responsibility... It is really an honor to play for our country. and... they want you. Unlike the PBA, you are not sure if you are to be drafted. But, if you're not yet ready for the RP team, then PBA is the right choice for you. You'll just have to take a chance.

At the end of it, it's still your choice. Choose what'll make you happy. :)

Take care and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!

Thanks for posting again. Goodluck on your future endeavors. You're so cute. Hope you post more pics. Take care.


val said...

Hey there! I'm glad you updated after such a long while. Congratulations on winning your first PBL game, and I know you'll only improve and get better.

In my humble opinion though, I'd much prefer to see you in the National team rather than the PBA. I don't know...It's just I feel like the RP team is something good for you. And you know, you only get the chance to be part of it once in your lifetime...

God bless, Chris!

Anonymous said...

follow your heart! cheesy, i know but i believe that's the only way to make the right decision and be HAPEE! haha! :)

Anonymous said...

Can't you just do both? (Join the National Team and the PBA draft)


3xie said...

yehey! haha...labo..nweiz..
i saw u in ur 1st gme on tv..
ur really good!
im hoping to watch u live again at ynares soon..
hope 2 see u also in pba dis august...

jaivee said...

hi der.!im so HAPEE u won..was'nt able to watch but imlooking forward for the next game..

go chris!do wat ur heart says..^^

eien17 said...

-Hi Idol Chris! yipee!!! i can watch you play basketball again...on your question about your basketball career..well, whatever you think is the best for you and whatever it is that would surely make you happy then go for it..may it be the PBA or the RP team..whatever your heart decides,,i know you're not gonna regret it..and for sure you'll be the BEST!!
-Hope i can watch your games and also im hoping one of these days I can watch your taping on Pinoy records or Ripley' it possible? hope so..God i really hope so..
-To God be the Glory..
-I love Chris Tiu!!!

eien17 said...

-Hi Idol Chris! yipee!!! i can watch you play basketball again...on your question about your basketball career..well, whatever you think is the best for you and whatever it is that would surely make you happy then go for it..may it be the PBA or the RP team..whatever your heart decides,,i know you're not gonna regret it..and for sure you'll be the BEST!!
-Hope i can watch your games and also im hoping one of these days I can watch your taping on Pinoy records or Ripley' it possible? hope so..God i really hope so..
-To God be the Glory..
-I love Chris Tiu!!!

whengragontiu1517 said...

hi chris.. its my first time to comment on your blog.. truth is, ive been waiting for your next basketball appearance.. i wonder if you're still interested in playing in the pros. good thing, you've decided to play again. so many fans have miss you! for us, basketball is nothing without you. it has no thrill without TIU.. hehe.. anyways, congrats & hopefully, i'll get to watch one of your live games soon. love you a lot and more power chris! By the way, was PBL being televised? answer me back, please.. thanks!

erica said...

RP team!

make the whole country proud

ala manny pacquiao :D


erica said...

err... ang Ynares Center po ata nasa Antipolo...


bfrances said...

Hi Kuya Chris!
Congratulations to your first win for your first PBL game!

It's understandable that you had shortcomings during that game. After all, you can learn something from the experience. :)

Godspeed, Kuya! :)

Ben Francis Rances

tita kay said...

Hello Chris,

Finally, a successful debut in PBL.

It's such a great news to hear that you will still be very active in basketball, despite the many options offered to you. We actually missed you in basketball for over three months.

Although Ripley's and PR are aired weekly, it's different when we see you in action as a basketball player.

I have actually read about the offers given to you and some of the players who are being tapped by the SBP for the National Team. Personally, I think that being hand-picked to the team alone is already a privilege. This is the start of a long-term team building program, the fruit of which shall be harvested in the years to come. WHAT A GREAT HONOR FOR YOU TO PLAY FOR THE COUNTRY!!!

Compared to the PBA or PBL, I vote for the National Team. We may not be able to see you play b-ball more often, but at least we can see you in your TV shows.

Pray for the Lord's guidance that you will know His will for you.

bLue Lover 11715 xoxo said...

haha niCe im so hapi nah nG post kah sah bLog moh i aLways wisit ur bLog lgi nah Lng waLa haha

cOngratz!haha aHmm i join ur fanatxt haha..


sTAY safe



GudLuCK SAh Lahat!

hOpe nah manaLo aq sa Fanatxt haha

ciao mua!

archie said...

hey chris!
it's so nice to hear from you again!
we really miss you^^

Congratulations on your game!
keep up your good works!

by the way, i already subscribed on your fanatxt! thanks for the updates!

God Bless!
take care.


NERISE said...






bianca said...

Hello Chris, uhm i was surfing the net then drop to your blog if ever you have new post and yes I was right you have one.
Congratulations on your first game. And looking forward to your next upcoming games. I was able to read anyways the Newspapers and the sports has it's article about youn and your games and your team.

For me Chris if you would be asking me, I'll go for the rp team next, and then afterwards if you decide to still play baskteball join the PBA draft. Kasi I want the PHilippines to get a gold medal on asian games as other say, and also makapagcontribute ka po sa pagkkapanalo ng Philippines. PBA draft could wait I guess. Yun lang po.

Anyways keep on updating. Thanks for the post..

janine de gracia said...

.congrats to your game.
.even you didn't played well there are many games you will play in the future.
.i know you can do better in your coming games.
.i'm glad to read your post again.
.hope to read more of your blog.
.my opinion about your decision whether you will join the draft for PBA or play for the National Team, it's really up to you but as one of the many people concern about you I can say that you think for it many times so you will know what you really like.
.it's really amazing because even you had just finished your career in UAAP there are many oppurtunities coming your way.
.just think of it and i'm sure you will come up with the best decision.
.we will support you whatever decision you will have.
.goodluck on your next game.
.take care always.
.stay nice and HAPEE.

sabriaü said...

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate you & the Hapee Complete Protectors for winning against Harbour Centre last Tuesday. Secondly, I'd like to thank you for posting new entries again, finally. Haha.ü (Though I haven't read the other one yet.) Thirdly, I'd like to give my opinion regarding your basketball career since you asked for it. Haha. Well, if you'll ask me, I'd like you to continue training for the National Team & eventually be one of those who'll join the 2011 Asian Games & the ultimate goal of moving on to the Olympics. As you've said, nobody is sure to be drafted into the PBA. Also, joining the National Team will surely broaden your horizons all the more. Your basketball skills will be honed & nurtured to a greater height. But most of all, you'll have the much coveted opportunity of representing our country & bringing pride & honor to us Filipinos, just like what your buddy Pacman has been doing for the past couple of years now. You'll be known internationally, meaning you'll gain 1M+ more pogi points & popularity! Haha!

You have time to think things over, Chris. This may sound cheesy but follow your heart's desire & do what will bring you the most happiness & contentment. You're given many choices & opportunities, that's why many envy you. All you gotta do is pick one from them & be the best that you can be, as you have always been.

Rest assured that whatever path you end up choosing to trod, I'll always be right behind you (because I know your family & Clarisse are the ones beside you, so I'll just stay behind. Haha)

Thank you for caring to know about our comments & what we have to say about your future plans, regarding your basketball career, at least.

Don't ever forget to offer everything AMDG, For God's Greater Glory. And, One Big Fight, Chris!ü

Anonymous said...

congrats!hope u'll post some photo next time... maxx

ainan said...

Hello! I was watching your game a while ago the first game of semi-finals on the PBL. Although, the team lost i was HAPPEE you guys pulled it off. it's kinda peculiar watching you playing without your usual Ateneo's brood, nevertheless you need to grow. Expect my support on your new journey.

I was really blissfull watching you on the court again.If you're gonna ask me and you will count my vote, i want to see you on the PBA so please! join the draft (as if my opinion matters):)

i love seeing you on that yellow jersey, quite odd but i love it

Kudos! Chris...goodluck

JM said...

Idol!!!! congrats on your 1st game.And Yes its been a while since you have your last post. Idol continue blogging and inspiring people.

Wow being chosen to join the National Team astig na, It would be much better if you were in the National Team, nakita nila ang galing at potential mo to become one of them. And if would be a great honor representing your country. Though we may miss you playing the game on TV pero hindi ka naman mami2ss ng fans mo my FANAtxt naman eh,hehe.

God Bless!

JANINE said...

Hi, chris...
at last...hehehe
tnx for updating your blog again.
Congrats on your first game.

by the way, for me, i would suggest you to join the RP team than joining PBA. It would be great for you to represent our country and it will be a experience for you. But of course it's up to you,, anyway we your fans will support in any way we can. Sorry i can;t watch your game, but i will pray for you and to your team.
Take Care.

jesse ^_^ said...

hi Chris!! at last.. a new post! haha. :)

first of all, i'm TIU HAPEE for you! it's your first game in PBL and you won! Congrats! :)

about your RP Team - PBA dilemma, I think it would still depend on you in the end. Because you are the one who's playing, not us. So you should really listen to what your heart and mind say. But of course, our thoughts would still matter, right? haha.

Personally, I would love to see you represent our country. Not everyone gets the chance to show the world what the Filipinos are capable of. And I know you can do it. Go make us proud! Just like what your friend (and idol?) Manny Pacquiao does. :)

Although if you push through with it, we (your fans) won't be seeing you often, and it'll make us sad. :(

Anyway, whatever decision you make, always remember that we are here for you and we'll definitely support you all the way.

Good luck and Congratulations again! Be HAPEE!! :)

Mae Roldan said...

I would really love to see you represent our country. It will be a great honor, don't you think?

I bet it'll be awesome! :)

But whatever path you choose,
we will definitely support you ALL THE WAY Chris!

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

pba is cool, but for me national team is way much better. the rp team needs a player like you . . .
our country needs a hero like you . .
but, if ou can join both, why not. your such a good player. i'm thinking that you will be the next dondon hotiveros. yor really, such a good player.

-ajah17 said...

hi chris!
- i miss reading ur blog..actually i always check it from time to time..haha.. anyway..i'm so hapee that u pursue playing basketball..whatever you'll choose we are just here to support you..

well ..GUDLUCK!..and GodBLess!..=)

d. said...

hey chris. :)

looks like you're kind of decided..
i personally think that it would be a great way to grow as a person, but at the same time contribute to helping the country get more involved in supporting our national teams.
if our national athletes [collectively] had as much support from the Filipinos the way your fans support you, our government would have a harder time neglecting any support they'd need.

but hey, the choice is yours.
pray for & about it. :)

all the best chris!

kim said...

i've watch your last game.

it was pretty close, you did well. :)

"youre reliable as ever"


nwei, just want to say congrats and good luck on your next game.

keep safe,. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris! Glad to see you on the hardcourt again.

National Team or PBA? I think you should choose the one that you think you are ready for and you could give your whole heart to. Both are good options, but both also require a lot of dedication.

If you are sure that you could play in the National Team, like not only train but actually play when the games begin, then I think you should choose that. Whatever the result is, that will give you the preparation you need for PBA, if ever you decide to continue and join the draft, 3 years after.

Marrow said...

going for the RP team seems more appropriate for you. XD

Anonymous said...

great3x news to hear! congratulations for the win! i'm very HAPEE that we get to see more of u on the hard court! (2 thumbs up!)

well,whether u join PBA or RP team i will still surely support u! but i think PBA is way way better... isnt it that PBA players also get to be members of the RP team? not sure... but i just wish that u join the PBA coz there would be more chances for me and the rest of ur fans to see u play basketball...

anyways,i'll just pray for ur success watever pah u choose..

God bless!


JT said...

i think RP team first then you can apply for the PBA draft after that if you still want to play ball. :)

almira said...

yay! an update! :)

i was wondering if i can watch the games on tv? will it be aired or something bec. i can't go directly to the venue?

playing for the national team means a lot. i mean it's a great opportunity that comes almost once in a lifetime (exaggerated. haha). yeah, but it's really a big break for you.

whatever your choice is, we're still here to support you.

keep safe :)

MiTch said...

I've seen you in yellow jersey last tuesday in PBL and I also watched it this day on tv. Kinda weird seeing you in yellow uniform instead of blue. But anyway, I wish you'll win over Harbour this semis and make it to the finals.

I hope you join the PBA draft this August. Definitely most of the team in the PBA wants to pick you up and for sure, your supporters will double in number. PBA won't be complete without TIU being part of it. Can't wait for the day to come seeing you playing in the PBA.

Chris, whatever your heart and mind tell you, GO for it. I'm always at your back to support you in whatever you want to do in your life. Just stay the same.

Take care always. GoodLuck! Love you Chris! Mwaah!

tootsieroll said...

i go for the RP team. you were invited to join them, it's sure, and it's quite another huge achievement to have that ultimate goal. i think with that very good training, strong determination, and a positive mind-set, you can be qualified for the olympics. nakaya mo nga uaap eh. and! you can already have something to boast to pacman when it comes to international competitions. haha, kidding :) but of course, it's for the country's pride. on that PBA drafting, though you're one of those who can surely be in, it's still quite risky i guess. after all, you can also have that drafting after the 3-year term in RP team. am i right? sorry, don't know how they do that. is there really a required age for that drafting ba? well if not, you can have it after that contract. i wish my suggestion helps. good luck! i wish u'd make the wisest decision. have a good day!

pAtRiCiA said...

Congratulations for winning your first game!!!(sana mag tuloy tuloy)
so sad, i was'nt able to watch it because of the hectic schedule...but atleast you and your team won!!! i hope i can watch your next game
i miss reading your entries!!!!
congratulations again to you and your team!!

keep it up!!!and good luck


Cla Oyco said...


michiko said...

welcome back chris! it's great to see a new entry from you.
we'd all love to see you play for both the RP team and the PBA. I'd personally go for the National team first, it's a honor to be invited to represent the country.

Whichever your choice may be, good luck and Godspeed! :)

milkamilkz said...


I'm glad your part of the HAPEE TEAM,=)


Anonymous said...

The kind of life we have right now is the result of all the decisions we have made in the past. The best way to choose one from many options is to ask God to enlighten you as you prayerfully seek His will. As the saying goes -- where God guides, God provides!

classyspice said...

Hi Chris,

Welcome back!

Honestly, I'd prefer for you to play in PBA. Because once you are in PBA, you will be able to be exposed playing with the professional ball players and I assure you, you will learn from them as well.

Don't get me wrong, you are good already. However, I think an exposure to professional basketball will help you shape up and adjust to a bigger challenge such as the National Team.

If the National Team is open minded and will be able to consider their doors after open for you, then good.

Good luck! I really hope this helps

PS: We get to watch you more often. And that's the best.

delemostine said...

kepp it up!i hope hapee will win!

Anonymous said...

waaah... chris sayang medyo natalo kayo kahapon against harbour.=( ok lang yun! bawi nalang next time!=)

goodluck! PBA ka nalang! hehe...

Anonymous said...

since you asked... regarding your dilemma, i think it's clear you still want to play basketball. question is how much longer are you willing to give it? do you commit totally for 3 years with the National Team or do you join the PBA for the heck and fun of it for a year or two and get on with your life after? that i think is the heart of the matter.

understandably, 3 years is a long time to commit for someone who has options in life other than a career in the sport. personally, i'd prefer that you suit up and play for our country. the Philippines needs a boost since its FIBA reinstatement and i think your idealism, intelligence, leadership and athletic skills will contribute greatly to the formation of a National Team we can truly be proud of. another way of putting it is, it would be a greater loss to the National Team if you opt not to join it than it would to the PBA. as to your loss... well...
correct me if i'm wrong, but i feel that the situation presents a dilemma to you because joining the National Team may require you to give up your show biz career or tweak it down a bit, which understandably you are reluctant to do for one reason or another. maybe that will be the determining factor-- how much do you want to play without giving up that part of your life?

now to complicate matters more, perhaps choosing between PBA and the National Team might not just be the options to consider. like i previously said, for someone who has options other than a pro career in basketball, it might be good to think of moving on to that life you know in your made-in-China bones (hehe) you are pre-destined/destined/most likely to have (hopefully not show business, though. maybe it's time to spread wide the wings of your Chinky Chickens. haha.)

but, that's just my humble opinion... :)

thanks for taking time out to read this. hope all turns out well.

Anonymous said...

Hi chris! Finally, you were able to play for Hapee. Congratulations for the win against Pharex. I hope you will take more shots next time. But you have always been a team player anyway so giving those assists is okay as well. :)

Regarding the national team, is this with Mr. MVP? I think its really an honor to represent the country so go for it. But I was watching "sportstalk" in dzmm teleradyo last saturday ( ty tang was one of the guests :)) and they were discussing issues that needs to be addressed about that 3 year term with the national team. With 2 national teams, which team will represent the Philippines in the fiba qualifiers etc.? And there's something about that if a player do not wish to continue with the team, he'll pay the full compensation amount of P3M! Is this true? Kasi parang iniipit daw yung player. And one more thing, they're depriving the PBA of 18 good players for three years. I hope they do something about this. Anyway,whatever you choose, we will support you all the way. good luck with your future endeavors and good luck in game two against harbour centre( Game 1 was a disaster.).


Anonymous said...

Hi chris! Finally, you were able to play for Hapee. Congratulations for the win against Pharex. I hope you will take more shots next time. But you have always been a team player anyway so giving those assists is okay as well. :)

Regarding the national team, is this with Mr. MVP? I think its really an honor to represent the country so go for it. But I was watching "sportstalk" in dzmm teleradyo last saturday ( ty tang was one of the guests :)) and they were discussing issues that needs to be addressed about that 3 year term with the national team. With 2 national teams, which team will represent the Philippines in the fiba qualifiers etc.? And there's something about that if a player do not wish to continue with the team, he'll pay the full compensation amount of P3M! Is this true? Kasi parang iniipit daw yung player. And one more thing, they're depriving the PBA of 18 good players for three years. I hope they do something about this. Anyway,whatever you choose, we will support you all the way. good luck with your future endeavors and good luck in game two against harbour centre( Game 1 was a disaster.).


♥ alyssa mari ♥ 17 said...

hi kuya chris!

i really hope na mkpglaro ka sa pba..
in fact, palagi acuh ngwa-watch ng games sa tv especially ng games ng Barangay Ginebra.. :)
ang cute2 pa ni kuya macky.. :)

Good Luck sa game nyu tomorrow..

hOpe di na mskit katawan mu..
rest ka po ng mbuti.. :D

Go Hapee!

Be Hapee!

God Bless you and the whole team! :D

Anonymous said...


on my opinion, u can concentrate more on the RP team,.. to bring honor to our country, just like pacman,.. c:

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

Naisip ko na magiging reaction ko about dun sa National Team or sa PBA. . sa tingin ko sa National Team ka muna. . kasi para maging mas magaling ka pa diba, i heard that mas mahahasa pa kasi ung skills mo if dun ka muna magtry. Syempre if gumaling ka ng gumaling pati ung team natin eh di mas maganda. Panalo na tayo for sure! Pero its up to you naman. Pero din tulad ng sinabi mo you need our opinion, kaming mga fans mo. Kaya whatever you chose naman we're there to support you as always. Basta, keep on believing in the will of God. Hindi ka nya bibiguin.

Nice your fan-a-txt ha! Because while i'm writing this i recieved a text message from you! Thanks ha. But what if i have a personal message for you? Pano un? Inform mo naman kami ha.

Thank you again!
takecare and godbless!


tootsieroll said...

ow i changed my mind... u go for the PBA drafting than joining the RP team. i think it's more risky. that 3-year term is not quite sure if the team can be qualified for the olympic or asian games. at least in PBA, more opportunities, more projects(esp. commercials), and your fans can keep on supporting you in court. and more exposure din sa media. more pros. join the alaska aces! if you join the RP team, you are focused on trainings and can have no time for other extras. then after that 3 years of contract, and when u still want to join the PBA, i think it's a little too late. 3 years is too long, and it's risky.

♥jen♥ said...

i've watched your game last tuesday..
on tv nga lang.. :D
its nice watching you again in action.. heheh!
i also watched your game yesterday..
good luck on you remaining games..
take care!
God Bless.. :)

candy said...

i'll subscribe na to fanatxt.
kasi naman lahat ng sinasabi mo may sense kaya kita idol eh. hehehe.

keep on winning.
nasa maganda kang team.
i'll support you kahit anung maisipan mung gawin. hahaha.

hope to watch you playing in pba soon..

can i ask a question if you dont mind?

kelan kita mapapanuod sumayaw or kumanta sa tv? hehehe.

keep safe =)

Frannie said...

National team would be an opportunity of a lifetime. Have a wonderful time discerning God's will for you.

Erine said...

yehey!!!! Finally!!! Youre playing again!!! I missed your posts.. It's a promise ha... No more disappearing acts... hehehe

In my opinion, i think you should go for the RP team... Though a lot of fans would appreciate seeing you on PBA, the country needs the best players to compete on SEA games... I know you can be a great help para makapaguwi naman tayo ng medals( no pressures..) It's worth the experience..

When's the next game? I failed to watch your first (HAPEE)game eh...

BAsta... AJA3!!! In whatever your decision will be, we'll be supporting you!!!!

Advance HAppy Chinese New Year!!!!

Nica said...

Oh my! I didnt think I would be fussing about this. LOL! Since reading this post of yours, I actually couldnt stop thinking about your dilemma.

As Ive said from my previous comment, Id say you pick RP team. After all, they invited you to join. That's just so cool and I think it's a privilege to be invited. Im hoping, praying and wishing that the National Team can make it to 2012 Olympics as my family is planing to go to London and watch the Olympics.

Just dont forget to ask God for wisdom and guidance in everything you do =)

Bianca. said...

Hey! Congratulations! Keep it up! I so adore you! Haha. You're practically good with everything! Anyway. I think you should play for the National Team. :) It's such an honor to be part of that team and I think you deserve to get that recognition :)

Anonymous said...

National Team, definitely. You'll travel and you get the chance to represent the country (and you're pretty patriotic), also it's nice that you get to compete on a wider level than in the PBA because you'll be competing with different nationalities. In a sense, it has higher bragging rights plus the pride you'd feel when you represent the country is just priceless. Think of it as a cultural immersion, only a bit more physical? Or as a global conference on intense human kinetics. Haha. I dunno. It sounds more fun because of all the people you'd get to meet :)

trisha said...

WOW! :)) its been great. Yeah, i watched it 2 times already on television at CS9. You've been very good naman since then!

If your planning to step ahead for PBA or etc. Its up to YOU to decide. if you love what your doing then GO! we'll support.

POST MORE HA?! :)) Godbless.

Ran said...

Mas cool Yun!hehe :)
Dapat i represent mu yung bansa ntN..
pAra msAya taung lht, karangalan na ng bansa ntn ang pnguusapan d2..
sa pba laban lng kc un sa kapwa mo pilipino pg national na, ibat ibang bansa na ang makakaharap mu db?..mS may thrill!=) mas lalawak pa ung kaalaman mo sa basketball.Basta kahit san ka man sumali siguradong planado na ni God un kya dapat mo itong ipagpasalamat sa knya. Sna stay humble ka pa din..

bsta GO! GO! ATeneo Blue Eagles Pa dn!hehe miss ko na kC mg cheer para sa team nyO!:)God Bless!

P.S. sna bisitahin mo naman ung blog koh..B-day wish ko kc un!:) TnX!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! Finally, another post from you. It has been quite a while since the last one.

In my opinion, I think you should just accept the national team's invitaiton and play for them. But of course, follow your heart's desire.

God bless and good luck.

marvz said...

wow! congrats poh...

mejo natagalan ka nga po lagay entry u s blog.. pero ok lang... ikaw pa.. malakas ka sa amin...


PBA or National Team?


kung tutuusin po wala ka talo kahit ano piliin u...

mahalaga, nag-eenjoy ka po sa ginagawa u at the same time marami ka rin napapasaya... like us...


cge poh...
ingatz po lagi...

manunuod me game u...


lhen7 said...

Congrats! Sayang hindi ko mapapanood next games ng HAPEE...

If you're asking kung National team or PBA... hmm... In my opinion, much better if you choose playing in the National team, yeah it's really a big responsibility representing our country plus the pressure, pero yung feeling na i-represent ung country natin hindi yun mapapalitan... Yung PBA hindi naman mawawala yan nanjan lang yan... Rare opportunity ang mapasama sa RP team that means you're a great player and napansin nila ung leadership na pinakita mo last season ng UAAP...

It's up to you pa rin naman yan... Pero kahit ano piliin mo we will always support you...

Thanks sa mga posts and updates...

GOD BLESS po and Good Luck sa next games ng Hapee...

nahmeeh said...

In my opinion, I'd say you go for the National Team for now. For one, it's a sure opportunity against the pba draft, next, playing for the country would be an honor and I think it would give you a great feeling for it. Next, you could get drafted for the PBA anytime, and if after 3 years you decide to join the PBA, there's a greater chance that you'll get drafted for even a better team. :) Hope that helps :)

haylin said...

i cant believe this..
Chris Tiu, PBL na??
Time is very fast noh??
Last season, you just won the UAAP Championship and today, you're in the PBL team!akalain muh un!

Anyway, if your gonna ask me between PBA or the RP Team, of course I'll go for whatever my heart really desire. Both side have its own flaws and its up to you how your gonna handle it and how you trust your team..
Chris, you have what it takes to be on the RP Team or PBA.
So, Go on.. Feel free to think of it.

Basta,I and all the fan of yours will surely support you whatever decision you take:)

Take Care!

Casan said...

wow! congratulations on everything!
and good to have you back! :)

well as for that dilemma, i personally think you should join the national team. i don't know much about basketball and all that but what i do know is that, it will be a greater honor if you join the national team. you get to represent your country, whether you win or lose in the competition, it is still something that is worth your while. after all, they hand picked you.

BUT of course it all comes down to where your heart will lead you. just follow it and you'll never go wrong.

good luck in everything!

Anonymous said...

sana mag PBA ka na lang. kasi mas makikita kita ng madalas kesa sa RP Nat'l team. nagsubscribe ako sa fanatxt. kaso sandali lang. sabi kasi nila, hindi naman daw talaga ikaw yung nagtetext dun. sayang yung opportunity. kasi sabi nila, may chnce daw manalo sa parang contest ba yun? yun pede kang makita. basta yung ganun. ayun.

Kali said...

hey chris,

i'd rather you play for the national team... first. like some had already said, there's a certain more weight in playing for the country's pride which i think is important for an athlete to experience even once in his/her lifetime. if you ask me, it's somehow.. noble. heheh.. though it could be uncertain whether you'll be drafted or not, i think it will depend mostly on how determined you'll be. after playing for the rp team, i encourage you to play even just for a couple of conferences for the pba as well. it'll be exciting to see how you size up in the pro league.

at the end of the day, it'll be the voice inside you who will really make the final judgment. think about it and pray about it earnestly and you'll know what you really want cause He'll direct you. You'll also know He willed it the moment you've become confident of your choice. there's still plenty of time and opportunity for you to engage in business in the future. Besides, you're still young.


"Once God has spoken, it will come to pass."

freddie said...

thanks for keeping us updated :)
congratulations to your game!
hope you win the championship
and about the team you are planning to join with. iba kasi kapag sa olympics, hindi lang sarili mo yung pinapakilala mo kundi yung Pilipinas mismo. ang PBA kasi ang pinaka-prestigious na institusyon kapag basketball, okay din yun kasi mas madalas ka namin makikita na naglalaro. pero kung ako, pipiliin ko yung sumali sa national team. :) Go Team Philippines!
anyway, whatever your decision is, you will always have my support and my prayers.
God bless! :)

Michelle said...

Anywhere your mind and heart brings you, we're sure you'd do great, because not only are you a good athlete, you're also a smart one. Good luck with everything and we hope to see more from you. Take care!

Anonymous said...

uhm, PBA na. =)
i'm maybe so selfish pero gusto na agad kitang makita sa PBA. haiy..
pero wag sa ginebra uh.. di ka bagay dun. haha!

busy ka maxado..
do take care of yourself chris.. =)

jessica marie said...

Hey yay Chris!!
Sayang, hindi ko napanood ung game mo :|

Anyway, it's still up to you and to God regarding your future di ba?

and just so you'd know, I'm praying for you :)

Anonymous said...

hey chris,

i saw game 2 live this afternoon. word to describe the game "LUTO". Your 5th foul was bogus. You guys were right in front of me and clearly there was no touch EVEN the foot which the ref was trying to point out. You were staying away from him. That thing happened twice with you and benedict fernandez. Both fouls were called on you instead of a travelling. Also, that 3 pointer that you attempted was clearly a foul.

It was my first time to watch the PBl and I must say, IT SUCKS! They should call it Harbour Center League. The crowd sucks too.

Anyways, be more aggressive. Create your own shots. It's obvious it's more physical in the PBL. I'll try to watch what might be your last game this season for HAPEE. :) Sorry but I don't think you guys can pull it off with that type of officiating.

Anonymous said...

do what makes TIU HAPEE :)
follow your heart...

idyll `22 said...

hi kuya chris!

.. i would love to see you playing in the PBA. (much more if you will play with the TJ Giants!). just a thought.

.. i hope you win game 3 on tuesday. please keep the batang pier from advancing to the finals and getting their 6th consecutive title. (sorry harbour centre. i'm a hapee fan) hope to see you with the protectors in the finals.

.. i wish you good Luck on your career. idyll's here to support ! =)

katkat said...

elo chris!congrats in the your Hapee first game!hehe..anyway, you'd better join both the pba and national team. it's an opportunity you shouldn't miss.

-jhen17- said...

I'm so happy to know that your back playing in the hardcourt...especially for me
(a very big fan of yours).

I've read a few comments,and most of them want the National Team. Well,being part of the national team will be great but if it is possible for you to join both the National Team and PBA then it will be the best.

However, if you really need to choose only one..I think it is better for you to choose the PBA first. It is true that not everybody is being drafted there...but still I'm sure being you "CHRIS TIU" it's really not impossible.

Why the PBA?

Well,it is easier for us,your fans, to watch you either on T.V or live in action. For sure, many of your fans will be glad to see you more and more. It's really overwhelming seeing you..hehehe!!!(kidding aside)...
In PBA, you will surely learn more from the veteran players. You will continue to grow and experience more. terms of more tough defense, different plays and definitely more...probably,it will be great if you take it step by step.

It's true that being in the National Team is a great honor.
Besides, if it is really for you then for sure you will also be in there...and many of the players in the National Team are from PBA.
I think it will be the same for you.

I hope my opinion convince you more than anybody's comment here.
I do really hope you will pursue your basketball career first in PBA.

Good Luck!!!
I know you will be better.
I will always pray for you...


angel 17 ^-^ said...

hey chris! kung hei fat choi!
and congrats for winning on your first game in the PBL! i haven't watched it though, too bad! i haven't watched your 3 games! i hope i could catch the remaining ones and i really pray you'll win the championship!

anyways, can't you join both PBA and the National Team at the same time? it's a waste if you let go either of the two.. i mean, i know it's a pleasure playing for your country, and it means you're one of the best! but we want to see you on pro basketball too! they would absolutely draft you i'm sure! i mean, they wouldn't pass up the chance to get you to play for them! it would be such an honor to them to have chris tiu! =) hahah.. i'm glad you've decided to still play basketball! you'll be missed you know if you didn't! =) i know most of us have been holding our breaths while waiting for you to decide and now that you did, i can hear sighs of relief! heheh.. well, whatever you decide, just remember we're all here to support you! one big fight and fly high chris!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure God would show you what's best for you. Advance Hapee Chinese New Year.

alyssa said...

HI Chris!

after long weeks of waiting you've posted a new entry and i'm glad with the news you brought. I'm HAPEE
that you're playing with your new team in PBL. I wish i could watch your game but i'm so busy with lots of stuff..
about the PBA or National team thingy it is more favorable to us, your fans if you will join the PBA 'coz we can see you playing on tv but it is more glorifying to see you playing for the national team and who knows even in the olympics!
just follow your heart..weigh everything and ask help from HIM..
i know He knows what is the best for you..

looking forward for the next!=)

God Bless you!

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

you're back!!! nice!
It's pretty hard to decide... joining the the national team is a great opportunity.. But if you join the PBA, we can see you play often. for me, I will choose PBA..:).

anyway, whatever your plans are, we're just here to support you!
God Bless. keep safe.:)

ian laput said...

The Philippine National Team appeal to me more since it is the honor of representing the country that would count most, wearing the flag on your sleeves is really something to be proud of, just like the way your Idol, Manny Pacquaio wear his... hehehe. Though playing for the National team would also give you a lot of pressure since the goal is conquering the olympics and facing other foreign nationals which is really a great challenge. It takes a lot of teamwork and humility to ward off the temptation of letting pride take over once wearing the flag.... But i know you can do it since you have Confucious and the Jesuit ideals to guide you... God be with you for whatever decision you would take. LUCEAT LUX VESTRA.

Anonymous said...

hi chris, the choice is obvious! service to the country playing for the national team is of higher value than playing for pay and fame at the PBA. help the country gain respect in its favorite game. GO Chris! GO NATIONAL TEAM!

Anonymous said...

hi crhis, the choice is obvious! service to the country playing for the national team is of higher value than playing for pay and fame at the PBA. help the country gain respect in its favorite game. GO Chris! GO NATIONAL TEAM!

baby28 said...

i'd go for the RP National Team..:D i have nothing agains't PBA.. pro xe andami ng players.. ndi n nppancn ung iba.. unlike in National Team, you'll bring honor to our country.. this is a big opportunity for you.. PBA will always be there if they really want you to be part of their family.. aun.. goodluck in deciding.. Godbless!! tc..:D

Anonymous said...


I'm glad u have made another blog post!

as for my opinion, well cheesy as it may sound, but all i can say is "FOLLOW YOUR HEART!"

do whatever u would like to do! I mean if its playing for the PBA that really gives you satisfaction then go for PBA!

but if its the national team. playing for your country then just do it!

u have made many good decisions. or as i may say, best decisions, i guess anything from both will give u happiness and success because its basketball..and its what your heart beats for! :)

whatever u take.. whatever u do.. we will still support you.. :)

God bless you Chris!


fictionfactory said...

i don't know if this matters though, but i'll try, here it goes...

- since there's a lot of opportunities ahead of you wherein whatever you choose, you still have a couple of them, i pray that you'll choose to play for the RP team (i hope i'm not that imposing though, haha). but it would be more humbling (in my opinion) for a person such as you to take pains to represent our beloved country.

for what its worth, i hope you'll play with all your heart no matter what game you're in, may it be outside or inside the court.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

We surely miss your post here!

Congrats! I was able to watch your first PBL game on TV....... We sure missed you playing again. I must agree with you that you are still kinda rusty (that time)but it's okay, I'm sure once you have the momentum going again everything will be fine!

Hmmm........... about comments or opinions regarding RP team or PBA? Well for me, I think you should sign up for the RP team. Bringing honor and pride for the country is a once in a lifetime opportunity one should not miss! And maybe after playing for the RP team, doors can still be open for PBA (if you are still interested dba?)

Anyway, may God guide you in your decisions regarding your basketball career. Just wan't to let you know that whatever choice you make, we'll be supporting you all the way!


Anonymous said...

At this moment,i dont know if you had decided to play in pba or national team,but still want to share my opinion :)

I thought that it would be better for you to play with the national team.It would be a great experience to bring honor for our country.Hindi naman kailangan na magmadali to turn pro since there are many opportunities ahead of you.But the opportunity to bring honor for the country is a very rare experience and achievement.Furhermore,try to think the benefits of being part of the RP team will give you as a basketball player. Im not pointing out popularity as one of such benefits. Being part of the team will help you to improve your skills and ability in playing basketball and will enhance your confidence to play competitively on hardcourt. It does not mean that I'm underestimating your abilities ha.hehe.When it comes to compensation,i thought it shall not be the primary motivation to enter into a national team. I thought you knew it naman eh.But you have to think for it hundred times.

Honestly,when i read your post that we can give comments and opinions,the first thing(option for you) came in my mind is the saying "I want you to play in PBA so that your fans will always see you playing basketball".Well,this is only part of my siesta dreams.haha:) Never escape to the fact that im still hoping watching you in PBA.But as far as our own country is concerned,I dont want to be selfish.hehe.

Anyway,at the end of the day,still yourself will be the one to make the decision.Whatever it will be,we'll supporting you with all our hearts and please inform us.Thanks.

God bless you.

chrissy said...

wow i am so glad you are back playing basketball again... :)

if my opinion is counted, please join PBA hunnie. :)

number 1) PBA is shown over tfc i would love to spoil my day watching you whether you win or not.... OFWs like me loves basketball and they are going gaga just to watch PBA :) para lang ma-lessen yung pagka-homesick...SERIOUSLY. :)

number 2) considering of the very excellent background over uaap (i dont know how well you play over pbl nowadays, for pbl is not available), teams will get you. maybe all you have to do is exert extra effort...

number 3) please save the ailing ratings of PBA. you have that charisma.... you are someone MC Famous... we all know that pba competes with the teleserye and others. malay mo, the glory days of pba is all in your hands...hahhahah SERIOUSLY... :)

and yeah... i hope you can join ABSCBN pool of talents... and maybe sharpen your hosting skills.. because SERIOUSLY, you have the talent.... all you have to do is to increase the skill, gain more experience.

but anyway, its all up to you hunnie... at the end of the day, you will be the one signing the contract, you will be the one working not us... i am here to support you all the way from calgary hunnie....


chrissy said...

wow i am so glad you are back playing basketball again... :)

if my opinion is counted, please join PBA hunnie. :)

number 1) PBA is shown over tfc i would love to spoil my day watching you whether you win or not.... OFWs like me loves basketball and they are going gaga just to watch PBA :) para lang ma-lessen yung pagka-homesick...SERIOUSLY. :)

number 2) considering of the very excellent background over uaap (i dont know how well you play over pbl nowadays, for pbl is not available), teams will get you. maybe all you have to do is exert extra effort...

number 3) please save the ailing ratings of PBA. you have that charisma.... you are someone MC Famous... we all know that pba competes with the teleserye and others. malay mo, the glory days of pba is all in your hands...hahhahah SERIOUSLY... :)

and yeah... i hope you can join ABSCBN pool of talents... and maybe sharpen your hosting skills.. because SERIOUSLY, you have the talent.... all you have to do is to increase the skill, gain more experience.

but anyway, its all up to you hunnie... at the end of the day, you will be the one signing the contract, you will be the one working not us... i am here to support you all the way from calgary hunnie....


chrissy said...

kung hei huat chai

Anonymous said...

if you're going to ask me i think that you should accept the invitation of the RP Team,because not everyone are given the chance to play into a huge competition that will represent our country. its such a honor right?but i think the bad side of it is that your not going to be as active like now in your hosting career because as i have read on the newspaper once your chosen to be part of the RP line up you are going to have this intensive drills that will consume of course lot of your time. bit come to think of it they chose you because they believe that you have the talent to play the craft and they saw the potential in you that you can fulfill what they aspire,to play in the Olympics. well i wish you all the best in whatever you choose,whether in PBA or playing in RP Team i will still support you because i know that you are an exceptional basketball player(what about that hmm?!)c",)
god bless and keep safe always!!


*~* .dyecee. *~* said...

Chris! have you decided yet? Just ask for God's guidance, and you'll surely take the right path. :)

by the way, i saw your newest Milo commercial!! together with Japoy and another girl. it's so cute. :)

menchie said...

sige kuya,, suportado kita.. manonood din ako na mga laro mo.lahat, wala akong palalagpasin..

hinatyin ko ang next post mo sa blog mo kuya,,nga po pala bunili po ako na MEG MAGAZINE,, at ikaw po ang cover,, wow ur so cute talaga..

my gf ka na pala kuya thought wala pa, basta kung masaya ka HAPEE na rin ako

den den said...

in my opinion, better join the PBA because most of the players in RP team are coming from PBA. I believe in your talents so I know that you could make it in the Pro-league and in the national team. Goodluck and God Bless! see you at the ball games anytime soon!

Anonymous said...

hi chris...

with regards to RP nd PBA i think you can pursue both but one at a time...go first for RP since it is once in a life PBA you can join anytime you want and im 100% sure that they will pick you...he he he

ur milo commercial was cool

god bless...keep on posting


Anonymous said...

Go for the National Team :) Make your country proud :)

Anonymous said...

hi,. well, nice to hear that you are deciding for what level of basketball game you want to take in.,

hmm, for me, parang gusto ko na sana sa pba ka, para makita q lagi yung game mo,hehe just kidding, but half true na rin...

at kung sa pba ka talaga papasok, sa ginebra ka na lang kumampi kasi talagang magagaling ang mga players doon eh and they play the game smartly, syempre anu pa ba ang ma- expect mu doon eh mga professionals naman ang mga 'yon.

on the other hand, ang national team talagang kinakailangan ka nila at the same time you have the qualities to be one of them, because you have the guts to play the game and everything.also, they showed na hindi ka naman nila pababayaan

but either way, na sa iyo pa rin ang decision, sinasabi ko lang ang nasa isip q kahit puro katangahan pa ito hehe..well, what's important now is that you must give all your best shot on the situation you are in now and appreciate the things you have now..

"because life is too short so take the time and appreciate..."

khen said...

hi chris!

rp team, definitely, ;)