Sunday, January 25, 2009

When things get tough, just smile :)

I cannot remember the last time i fouled out in a basketball game. Maybe the last time was in high school. After playing 5 years of UAAP games and other college leagues, I never fouled out. And just in my 3rd PBL game, where the referees supposedly allow significant contact to take place before calling a foul, I was left helpless in the bench practically throughout the most part of 4th quarter. That was the thought that came into my head as soon as i sat in the bench after being given my 5th foul in our game a while ago against Harbor Center. When I push and bump the opponent, they don't call fouls. But when i try to avoid the opponent, i get called for the foul.

For those who did watch the game, i couldn't help but laugh and smile out of extreme frustration with the way referee #21 was picking on me the entire game. In the 3rd quarter, i get slapped in the wrist by Barua while attempting a 3-pointer, it misses the rim, no foul. Then they have a fast break attempt and I avoid Barua, he misses the shot but then a whistle blows. My 4th foul care of ref #21. I ask him how that became a foul and he said i hit Barua in his arm. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, he probably didn't see it. Bad call. So during the free throw attempt, i tell him nicely to check the replay and he says they review the tapes for mis-calls after every game. Deep inside I was thinking, "wow, what can reviewing the games do now that i have my 4th foul in the 3rd quarter?" So i sit on the bench til around the 7 minute mark of the 4th quarter...

Lead now balloons to double digits and Coach G calls me to get inside the court. After one minute, right in front of the Harbour bench, Ben Fernandez drives tries to absorb contact from me, but i avoid him with my hands raised and he looses his balance and throws the ball out of bounds. A whistle blows, I look to my right and again it's ref #21 who calls a blocking foul on me. My 5th foul. I'm out of the game. I was saying to myself "Is he serious?? is this real??" Our coaching staff goes bezerk! Hapee fans go wild. I could see the faces, talagang nalugi! I knew that reasoning out could not reverse the call anyway, so i just smiled it out and walked to the bench to try to cool me down. I've experienced poor officiating many many times, but normally it would be against a team and not a specific person. But this one seemed like a personal matter. Very unusual.

At the end of the day, we lost to the better team. I'm not saying that the outcome of the game would have changed if i stayed on and finished the game. We were down by like 6 or 8 or 10 points when that happened. Obviously, Harbour played well and they deserved to win. But at least we gave them a tough fight and the effort was there. We missed a lot of easy shots too!

In fact, from the owner, to the players, to the utility boys of Harbour, all of them are friends and or acquaintances. I was even invited by boss Mikee Romero to join them in the RP-Harbour team that participated in the 2007 SEA Games. There, I was teammates with players like Al Vergara and Boyet Bautista. I also currently train with Mark Barroca and JR Cawaling in the National Team pool under coach Toroman. That's why I have high regard for their team and I know what they are capable of.

It just really puzzles me why situations like this can occur. I don't question the integrity of the PBL because I know it is run well by professionals with good moral character. My only wish is that this game be investigated and reviewed to avoid future similar instances. And i pray that ref #21 just made two honest mistakes, and nothing more! For me, I think it's a more noble deed to just admit that a mistake was made rather than to try to reason out and defend oneself. After all, it's just a game and there's more to life than just winning a basketball game. (Except if it's against DLSU! Haha kidding!)

I'm not writing this to criticize or put down any particular person. That's not what this blog site is for. That's why I didn't put the name of ref #21. Let's just leave it at that. I merely wrote this entry so i can vent out and share my thoughts. It's hard to keep it in all by myself, especially since it's Chinese New Year and we all want to celebrate and wish for another prosperous year. At least now I can sleep well, relax and most of all, SMILE :) Thanks for listening!

To all the Chinoys, Happy Year of the OX!


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Jess said...

Hey Chris! I had fun last friday at the press con :P Anyway, I agree with everything you said. Instead of being bummed and just stressing over things you have no control over with anymore, just smile. :)

Anonymous said...

hope after writing this entry you're all better. Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财!be Hapee and SMILE:)

Yanah Goco said...


jenna said...

yeah i totally agree! smiling makes a difference. It can take off the negative thoughts in your mind and it has the power to detoxify you..whenever im stuck in a not so nice situation i just smile and make myself believe that it will soon be over.. keep smiling! hakuna matata!! :)

fence sitter said...

You must be very frustrated...

I don't take it against you if you discuss it here. I do think you have the right to vent. It was not a criticism; just processing and sharing what happened and how you feel. We all have our low points, and writing can be very helpful.

Take care, and I hope that the Chinese New Year will cheer you up a bit. =)

fence sitter said...

And yes, a smile is the best weapon ...

Anonymous said...

wooah. too bad i wasn't able to watch the game! :(

heck for that re#21 !!!

nwei, God bless !

Anonymous said...

Happy Year of the Ox!
wow while reading your blog I sense that you just had let go of your frustration ;) truly, writing or blogging can stress out. I agree with the title 'when things get tough, just smile =)' because when you frown or make face things get tougher =) Just want to share a to you a verse from Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men"

hope you'll have time to check

God bless on your next game. I believe your team will win =)
(sana naman tama akong meh next game pa kayo halatang di nanonood ng pbl haha mas gusto ko uaap dun lang ako nanood ng bball)

aira said...

sumtimes life is unfair.. we hav 2 face it. at dey says wen a wave cums ride wid it till da end.. don't worrie gud times will cum nex..

Anonymous said...

i feel bad about that chris. i surely understand where are u comin from. i dont play bball. i dont even understand the rules but certainly, i can feel ur thoughts. ur such a cool and nice guy. keep it up idol. perry here :)

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

oh. sad that you lose the game:((

hmmm i wonder who is ref #21? His not doing his job right. And honestly? I never thought that you will be fouled out on that game, one or two mistakes is ok but to be fouled out? It is not! Definitely, a big "NO"! i've been hearing a good comments for you a long time ago and even to the present about your job and to your career and to basketball and this is the first time that i've heard that "Chris Tiu na-fouled out on their second game vs. Harbour!". i said to my mom, "ma totoo ba yun?" kasi i cannot believe eh.

In court i've known you by a very patience, a very brave, and a very respected team captain [in Ateneo]. And you know, i think as long as kaya mong umiwas sa fouls kaya mo eh. As i can see, if you know that may foul you just lay down your hands eh and make iwas. Sometimes ikaw pa nga natatamaan.

But. . . it's just a game! A very tough game. Nothing personal, nothing! [ i hope:)) ].

As you've said. . just smile:))
smile lang, just think that it is Gods will. No one can say. Maybe you are the next big big thing on basketball. And alway remember that challenges makes us strong!

Happy Chinese New Year!
Always believe in the will of God:))

takecare and godbless:))


c16_c17 said...

and nga pala. .
it's nice to know that no matter what #21 did to you is you remain calm and just smile:))
you are not taking advantage of what you are right now. Not like other basketball player that make "away" on the referees if they given the player a foul and be fouled out.

And honestly, it's another prove that you are the very good example for the youth and heartrob ofcoarse! hehe

kathkath:)) again

angel said...

hi chris! i'm angel! it's actually my first time to leave a comment for you though i used to read your blogs every now and then.. in fact you inspired me to do a blog also for myself..and i believe im the first one who made a comment for this entry.. (can u acknowledge me on that..just kidding!i hope so though im not the only one whose actually reading this i guess)im in the office now working on a graveyard that's why i found time to look for your site..anyways, i didnt get to watch ur game but i perfectly understand your point at this matter..that referee should be interrogated as if he were acting that way so personal against you..why?did he want to test your professional skill as a player?or perhaps just want to see how you feel towards about it..but i was really amazed that you still get calm due to this didnt take it personally though this kind of incident happened to you back way then..your such a good sport! and one more thing chris i suggest that u shud join in the national team instead of PBA..who knows we might qualify for the Olympics and aim to win! good luck and i promise from now on to leave a comment for you as possible as i can.. il get back to work ok it's only my the way i work in peoplesupport here in makati.. thanks.. god bless..


e'nahh said...

hi chris!

sorry i missed the game...been busy with work & stuff...anyways, better that way than to get pissed off by that referee #21! what's wrong with him? (wait, are you sure he's not from DLSU? hehe, just kidding!:))

anyways, it's really frustrating when things like that happen, esp in a professional league like PBL...but, as they say, those unusual and unexplainable calls by the referees are expected to happen, in one way or another, in any basketball game...whether an honest mistake or just personal reasons...but not to worry, i do believe that the people behind PBL, or any other leagues, won't allow this kind of nasty officiating ruin the true spirit of, who knows, we might see referee #21 no more in games to come? hehe...(better do your job right, mr. referee #21!)

"when things get tough, just smile :)"
- too bad i also missed that "smile out of extreme frustration" of yours! hehe...

oh well, just think of it this way - fouled out in your 3rd PBL, pang-Pinoy Records! haha! just kidding! peace! :)
just want you TIU smile! hehe :)

anyways, HAPEE Chinese New Year TIU you! :) it's Year of the Ox, your year right? :)

good luck on your next game on tuesday! go for 2-1, ok! :)

God bless! :)

Nica said...

It's ok Chris. Good thing you've kept your cool under tremendous pressure and didnt resort to some outburst. I can feel your uttermost frustration with the bad calls but you handled it well. Good job!

I havent watched the game so I dont have the slighest idea what really happened. I just hope somebody will review the game so that it will eliminate any doubt.

Happy Chinese New Year to all Chinoys! I guess that includes me! Haha! My paternal grandma's Chinese.

Nica said...

Ok. Somebody just verified your recent post. In your previous blog entry, somebody commented that your 5th foul is a complete bogus. You have witnesses Chris.


That referee should let his eyes get checked by the doctor. Or maybe he got some neurological problems that's why he's having some problems with his sense of sight.

pacu said...

unusual things like that usually happen

chamie♥17 said...

i didn't have the chance to watch the game because CS9 didn't aired it. they just aired the game of bacchus vs magnolia. isn't your game was after that?

well, that's life... at least you just keep cool and no serious happened.

besides, blog is used in releasing your thoughts and sometimes, a medium to release your emotions... thank you for sharing!

God Bless :)

Anonymous said...

Well I always say, "When life gives you lemons, find somebody you despise and squirt them in the eye" but I think you're more of a "make lemonade" kind of person. Which is good. I hope you keep on keeping positive, not only when you've had a rough game of basketball but also when the going gets pretty tough in real life. Don't let other people's actions weigh you down, afterall you can't control it. Stay in character. It's what YOU do on times like these that proves what kind of person you are. And for now, you're doing a pretty good job at being amazing. Good luck to all your other games for the rest of the year:)

Anonymous said...

There's no other way around it. Hapee played phsyical, they get called for a foul, Harbour played physical, Hapee still gets called for the foul. Fernandez travelled oh so many times yet Chris gets called for the foul. Gaco throws Jervy Cruz on the floor, still there was no foul. Baroca slaps Chris on the wrist while attempting a 3 pointer, no foul.

The refs were biased. They want Harbour to win.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah Chris!
just SMILE :))

Anonymous said...

its okey Chris..
at least you did your best dba?
Bawi nlang kau next time..
anyway, win or lose, we still love you and we will support you all the way!!

take care.. we love you!!

janine de gracia said...

.sad to hear that you had been thrown but i'm still proud of you for being so kind to ref #21.
.your right when things are getting tough we just need to smile and don't let ourselves get affected by the situation.
.i hope you feel better now.
.just do your best in the next game.
.stay smiling.
.HAPEE Chinese New Year!!!.

ley said...

hi chris andun kami kahapon sa likod lang ng bench nyo, we were all cheering out loud para manalo kayo.and the refs were really disgusting kahit hindi hapee ang kalaban lagi silang it seemed to us na super kampi sa harbor halata naman.nakita naman namin nangyari even the camera man said that there was no foul.i pag pray over na nga namin mga referees eh next game...hehehe. i admire you chris for everything that happened, i can see na pagod ka na rin but still you accomodated everyone and stay calm. di na nga kami nakigulo sa kanilang lahat cause we understand naman na pagod ka na, til next game chris...
Smile though your heart is aching, Smile what's the use of crying...:)

gizelle said...

hi Chris!.. i hOpe yOu feel better nOw.. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!.. =)

anna said...

Hi chris!
I’m at the game yesterday and was so frustrated on the calls of the refs, especially the calls on you and that stupid call that eventually sent you out of the game, even kuya cameraman said that it was a wrong/bad call, the replay showed that Fernandez slipped, no contact was made. Imagine on the 7 minute mark on the 4th qtr hapee was already in the penalty, ang nipis ng mga tinatawagan nila sa hapee, pero grabe pagdating sa harbour wala lang, si jervy nga nahuhubaran na and all, tapos ang daming contacts and no fouls was made, duh are they blind?! Its okay to lose a game but it should be fair; no team will win if it’s 5 vs. 8. I hope the game on Tuesday will be different. Good luck on your game, sabi nga ni bossing manager “kaya pa yan”. Let’s win game 3. LET’S GO HAPPE.
yngatz..God bless

jessica marie said...

AWWW. sayang talaga hindi ko napanood yung game mo last night :((
Hinihintay ko kasi yung pinoy records eh ;;)
Tama yun smile na lang lagi. ako nga eh laging na-ffoul twing intrams.
God Bless.
ps nag subscribe ako sa fanatxt wooo!!

Anonymous said...

hi kuya chris. .
how are u now??
im not good in english eh kya tgalog nlng..hheheh..:)
smile smile nlng. .
kya nyo yn..gog go go lng
sna mnalo n kayo s nxt game para umabot s championship..
take care always..


Anonymous said...

i watched your play
against harbour???
it'z ok at least u try ur best..
just smile..
you can do it!!
go! go! go!
chris tiu!!
happy Chinese new year!!

Anonymous said...

just smile because your cute when u smile!! haha :) happy chinese new year!! :) nga pla bakit di gumagana fanatxt mo tgal m mgreply!!

almira said...

yeah, i guess there's nothing more one can do if it's the referee's decision.

just be calm and relax. don't allow your temper or that incident ruin your day. there are a lot of things to celebrate. :)

smile and everything else good will follow. :)

keep safe!

Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese New Year TIU you Chris !! ^^ and to all the Chinoys out there.. God Bless..

~ROcheLLe~ said...

hi chris.. :)

uhmm about those things na nangyari.. uhmmm.. we know na, napaka cool mo.. :) so, maganda yung ginawa mo, kahit nakaka inis un, nde lang sau, pra rin samin, na maintain mo prin pagi2ng cool mo, still role model ka parin pra sa mga bata at lahat ng fans mo.. kung iba siguro un, maint na ulo.. :)

and about jan!? hindi sigro maiiwasan yang mga ganyang pangyayari.. may mga ref. talagang sadyang ganyn..

at dahil jan, asahan mo lagi na may mga bagong hindi inaasahan, at maging ready ka.. basta alam mo naman ang totoo at hindi lang naman ikw.. kundi lahat ng taong nanunuod sau :) isa lang xa pero kami, marami.. lalo na si lord :) kaya nde ka lang nag iisa!! :)

you know naman na maraming support sau kaya we believe in you! BELIEVE IT! ^_^

kaya mo yan! napaka successful mo na! marami kang napag daanan, CHINKY CHICKEN lang yan sau.. :)

Always HAPEE ka Lng dapt..

gamiTin mo pagiging TIUnami mo.. hehhe joke lang..

Thanx for the uPdate.. ^_^


chel+anne said...

i watched the game last staruday at the ynares pasig..
and nagulat tlga kme about wat happened!!

alot of us from the happee side were trying to asked how come na nafoul ka???

tlgang nagwewelga na kme inside the court!!

sad to say, the team lose..
but the happy thing there is that they did their best and played the game clean and fair!!!

dats olryt hapee!!

just smile!!!

anyways i had fun last saturday,..
at last nakapag papictur aco wit u!!!


godbless hapee and chris!!!

sna maipanalo nyo un remaing games to get into the finals!!!

more powers..


chel+anne said...

i still can't figure it out!!
nakakainis tlga un game last saturday...
" LUTO un game!!!
nashock na lang aco nun tinawagan ka na nan ref21 na un nan foul..

, hai..
lets just 4get about it!!
pero unfair ryt???

... anyways,
hapi chinese new yir!!!
kong hei fat choi!!!


sna makapag papictur ulet aco wit u!! your very down 2 earth in person..
dats why i lyk your personality!!!
ur a good sport!!
a good athlete!!
wel lyk wat u said, game lang un..

lovelots, chel

kalliepepper said...

hard to believe, but hey, things like that just really happens.

and yep, best thing to do is just let it out, and smile. learn lessons if there are lessons to be learned. :)

Happy Chinese New Year Chris! hope this year of the Ox brings all of us who are born in the year of the OX a good year...i'm still scared of all those premonitions 'bout us waaaahhh...but hey! sabi mo nga, when things get tough, just smile! ^___^

[hahah dapat mag-endorse ka na ng hapee toothpaste eh...]

angel 17 ^-^ said...

"After all, it's just a game and there's more to life than just winning a basketball game. (Except if it's against DLSU! Haha kidding!)"
-hahaha..nice one chris! i love it!

oh i hate that ref#21!!! but no point complaining now, just make bawi nalang next time! show him he can't get into you! he's so unfair!! i'm so proud pa naman of the fact that you were never fouled out on a game and now because of poor officiating and conspiracy, you were fouled out?! it's not even your fault! oh god bless that ref!!

like you said, just smile! you're chris tiu no matter what and i so admire the fact that you're still looking into the bright side of things despite what happened.. i wish i have the same patience! =)

and i just remembered that this day 4 months ago, ateneo blue eagles became champions!! it's been a while since you play for ateneo.. i miss you and the rest of the team! i haven't seen you play since then! i hope i could watch PBL! best of luck and god bless!

happy chinese new year!
sending you lots of XOXO this year of the OX!!

Anonymous said...

Well said..Do you think he holds a grudge against you?. Don't worry, you still have many games to play, do your best! (you always do) and as for him, if that happens again I think you should talk to him and understand his reason/s.

weng10282000 (",) said...

sometimes, life faces situations or challenges that encountered in our daily lives. while i'm reading your blog, i feel so frustrated about you when you fouled-out and sadly, you've lost again the team. this is the first time that ever happened in the pbl career (sana wag na sana maulit ang nangyari sa'yo yesterday). its just a tough game and hopefully you win in the next game.

i know that you have a strong person with a deep heart, kind, understanding and patience. As Bible says, "Do not lose your courage, then because it brings with a great reward. You need to be patient, in order to do the will of God and receive what he promises..." (Hebrews 10:35-36)

stay cool, chris and SMILE...:)

tenten said...

..hi kuia chris..
..i just love the title of your blog..
..especially the word SMILE..
..iyan poh kasi yung name ng partylist ko sa school..
..malapit na poh kasi yung election sa school namin..
..SMILE Party (Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral para sa Ikauunlad ng Laht ng Estudyante)..

..about sa game..
..buti na lamang poh at navisit ko ulit itong site ninyo..
..ngayon ko lang poh nalaman na naglalaro na poh pala kayo..!
..saan poh ba itinetelevise ang games na PBL..??

..trix.. said...


i guess mei ngpapancn lng..
crush k lng ni ref#21. haha..

issue? hehe.. feash mr. ref. XP

♥ alyssa mari ♥ 17 said...

,hello again kuya chris.. :D

i really felt bad on that game...

yeah.. i did watch the game, and I was very disappointed on those calls by the referees,.
I can't believe na na-fouled out ka po!
di tlga acuh mk-get over.. T-T

and nkta cu wHen someone slapped your wrist(that was Barua pala!) while u r attempting a 3 point shot and your shot got short,. grabeh tlga un! taht moment I shouted, "aw! walang foul!" wHew! grabeh tlga,la acuh msbi.. kitang kita nman kz tlga na foul un eHh.. but then, parang wla lng..

i know what u'r feeling kht di acuh nglalaro ng basketball kasi khit girl acuh inlove tlga acuh sa basketball.. :D

aw! I won't be able to watched your game on tuesday. :(
may PE class kmeh, huhu.. anyway, mkakareceive namn acuh ng updates mu! :)

good thing na ng-smile ka.. :)
and you've shared all your thoughts through this blog... :D

Goodluck sa Game 3! :D
sna may game 4 pa! hihi.. :D

Kung Hei Fat Choi! :D

Happy New Year of the Ox!

enjoy your stay there in Tagaytay! (Tagaytay is such a very nice place!)

God Bless you!

mary ann said...

hi there...
hoping to see you someday..
just keep on smiling.. =)
happy chinese new year..

God bless you always...

bianca said...

Hello, I really wanted to bale that ref#21, if I were Him I will not call any fouls on you. You just then avoided all of the shots yey! I hope this nxt game will be in favor of your team and we TIUnatics really support you..

marvz said...

hi chris!

nakapanuod po ako ng game last saturday.

nakakainis nga yung ref #21 eh...

questionable talaga yung foul na binigay sa'yo...

kaya marami ang disappointed sa ref#21 na yun...

hanga nga ako sa'yo kasi talagang COOL ka nung bigyan ka ng 5th foul... talagang naka-smile pa...

dibale po... ok lang yun... mahalaga nakapagbigay kayo ng magandang laro that day...

nilagay ko po pala yung video and pic ko sa blog ko last saturday...
hope makita mo...

cge po...



cheenz malang said...

though ur story was really disappointing u still did put a smile on my face!haha. U really are a "HAPEE" player!:) but with regards to the incident, sana gayahin na yung rules sa NBA, wherein they can reassess their calls and watch the replay sa mismong time na yun not after the game, what's the use nga nmn pag ganun dba? by the way, i posted na rin a bulletin to stop those people na nagsesend sau ng nasty comments. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS! said...

gong xi fa cai chris and your family... wishing you a healthy and properous new year ahead...i miss your blogs..=) but im back...hahahah =) been busy also... take care..


Kali said...

wow, that ref#21 must be insecure or something. hahah. too bad i wasn't able to watch and support. i'll try to come on the do or die game on tuesday. you can never be a loser when you give your best. best hopes for the team.

Kiung Hi!

freddie said...

aside from being good-looking and gifted person, i admire your humility. this is what makes you different from other players. kahit na bad calls yung tinawag sa'yo hind nawala ang composure mo. :)

too bad, i was not able to watch your game. anyway, you and your team will always be in my prayers.

happy chinese new year! :)

bea said...

too bad for me i didnt get the chance to watch the game
but anyway, as you said *just smile.
just focus on the next games. :))
so keep it up.
strive for the best.
happy chinese new year!
goodluck chris :)

Ceila said...

Aww, that's so unfair. That referee must be feeling something negative towards you. But you're a great man for acting like that. Just smiling at unfortunate things, :)

karlaaah said...

i so agree when things get tough,just smile. :)because in dealing with it its all about POSITIVITY!

Anonymous said...

hey Chris! my friends and I watched that game live, and yes we are included in that "fans went wild" portion. We were seated just behind the Hapee Bench and we just couldn't help but boo the referees...and oh, you were referring to #21, I was busy booing #33. haha! it's good that you just smiled at it, we were actually the ones who did most of the shouting. I still had fun watching though, because it was my first time to see you in person. ;)

faye said...

I'll share with you one of my fave quotes from Mother Theresa.

"Peace begins with a smile."

So, you see, you did yourself a favor by just shrugging it off! You're so composed, good job!

But let's admit it, it is frustrating. I'm an athlete myself so I know the feeling..If you could only freely shout at that ref..but just can't because the team is at stake..Haay! Good thing we have this blog to release the negative vibes!;p

No plans this coming Tuesday so I might see the actual game! Yipee! I'll be screaming like crazy, that's for sure. Hahaha!

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family! (We share the same year, btw) Oh, and Chris, Thanks for keeping us updated. Appreciate it.

sabriaü said...

Aww. I feel for you, Chris. Though I was not able to watch your game, I could just imagine how awful you felt.

But despite all that happened, you kept your cool, and that's very admirable of you. You did not let temper and emotions get the better of you. You did what's right. Now there's really no doubt that you are such an example to your teammates and co-players, most especially to the youth.ü

It's really a good therapy to write down your thoughts and express how you feel. It's a lot of help to feel better after going through tough times. I do that also, and it makes me feel a lot better all the time, especially when you think no one's there to listen to you and comfort you. Well, after all, what's done is done. We should always learn from our experiences, because they're our best teachers.ü

I regularly receive text messages from you through fan-a-txt, so I know you're in Tagaytay right now, probably to welcome the Chinese New Year with your family. Well, have a good time there.ü

You know, honestly, at first I didn't believe that it's really you who texts us. But then you're very convincing, so I gave in. Haha. Thanks for updating us always through the fan-a-txt and this blog.ü

I very much appreciate your being open with all of us, really. Thanks, Chris!ü

I want to sincerely wish you and your family a Very Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.ü

myv said...


..i wasnt able to watch the game because it wasnt aired right after the first sad..

..sayang natalo kayo..may next game pa ba?? if meron, sana manalo na kayo..:) we'll keep on praying and giving you support!!

..happy chinese new year to you!!:)

..take care!

..i admire how you handle things like that..(the one with "ref 21") haha!!:)

Anonymous said...

Chris! happy Chinese new year :)
thank you for updating your blog.. just always SMILE

Vianca said...

Thanks for sharing your inner thoughts with us too. I really appreciate the fact that you made an effort to smile and calm yourself down. It could have been different if it was done to another person. I'll pray for you always...hoping that you have enough graces to do the right things.



blue lover 11715 xoxo said...

kunG heI fat cHoi ChRis!

haha jusT smiLe aLways!

sTay saFe



hapi yr of the Ox

stay safe

xoxo smooches


c16_c17 said...

hey! Kong Hei Fat Choi! ! it's your lucky year. year of the ox ka diba? hehe i wish you a very great and successful year. Hope you appreciate all of the advices of your fans. Because our advices comes from our hearts, deeply in our hearts.

So. . happy chinese new year again!

takecare and godbless!


ghe gilbuena said...

hehe,,ramdam ko nga ang depresion mo khapon,,pati tuloy ako depres na rin ,,nways tama ka dun,,smile na nga lang,,bawi na lang next game,,yaan mo isama ko sa bday wish ko na manalo kau sa tuesday,,not to mention bday ko un eh,cge po tc na lang,,gudluck and God bless!!

jenna said...

hi... im not sure if you'll take ur time to read and answer this.. this is totally not related to your post in come kitchen couture is in your webpage? I mean i cannot really relate it to you.. well so much for being pakialamera.. whoever came up with the idea of the sylish aprons,, its very brilliant! especially for the stylista chefs, also i love their receipe journal.. best pad to keep my best kept recipes :)
happy new year

jamy said...

Happy Chinese New Year Chris!...and remember,just keep your cool...

Jeri said...


That's alright, it's all part of the game.

I'm looking forward to see you play soon..God Bless and Happy New Year! :)

mikee2009 said...

hi chris!

we were there during Game 2... we were the ones at ur

I definitely agree that there were some discrepancies during the game...

The refs are alittle bit sensitive to make calls against hapee.. And it was very obvious... I personally saw Coach Gee's disappointments...

But you're right, people do commit mistakes and everyone is entitled for another chance...

goodluck sa game 3...

manonood ulit kami to support you....

go chris, go hapee!

kittykath_17 said...

nareceive ko nga ung txt mu n un through fanatxt... huhu! tama k... smile k n lng.. hehe! tlagang marami lng nakakaasar sa mundo.. haha!

Happy year of the ox.. Kung hei fat choi!


kittykath_17 said...

nareceive ko nga ung txt mu n un through fanatxt... huhu! tama k... smile k n lng.. hehe! tlagang marami lng nakakaasar sa mundo.. haha!

Happy year of the ox.. Kung hei fat choi!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this story, Chris. It is an illustration of how life in general can throw some unfair calls sometimes. The bright side is we can take refuge in the fact that in the end, the truth will always prevail.

alex said...

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Did I said it right?..

It's really fun to see you play again!

I think ref#21 is just having bad-blood against you because you're chris tiu,"The Chris Tiu". He might think that because of your fame you acquired playing in UAAP, it would be easy for you to do it again in PBL and it might be a case of typical Filipino "crab mentality".

Just like you said, just smile and with every oppurtunity you have in PBL, show him and others how much of a player are you. Just blow them away with your 3-piont shot like you did with us during your UAAP stint and I know, you'll get into your mojo after quite sometime.

Goodluck on your upcoming games!!
(hope Hapee will get an edge over Harbour!)..

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

you are very welcome! I always want to listen to your stories..

life can be so unfair sometimes...I am just wondering..what's ref#21's problem???
I guess It's a sort of welcoming you in the PBL?? just kidding...:)

Actually, I wasn't able to watch the game.. and that saves me from great frustration!

I'll pray that you will have better games ahead..with better officiating..and referees!:)


crazypeach said...

That sounded disappointing! Sino si ref #21? Dapat mabasa niya ito least maintindihan niya nangyari.

Smile na nga lang! We are all here for you!

Kung hei fat choi!!!!


♥ alyssa mari ♥ 17 said...

Chris Tiu to play for Hapee in do-or-die match vs Pharex
(January 19, 2009)

With its back against the wall, three-time champion Hapee Toothpaste will turn to former Ateneo King Eagle Chris Tiu when it battles a resurgent Pharex squad in their sudden-death playoff for the last semis berth tomorrow in the 2009 PBL PG-Flex Linoleum Cup at the Ynares Sports Center in Pasig.

Hapee team manager Bernard Yang said yesterday the 6-foot Tiu will suit up for the team when they clash with the Generix in the deciding game of their quarterfinal series.

“Chris will definitely play for us on Tuesday,” said Yang of the former UAAP star. “He is our ace, he will provide the needed spark to keep our semis bid alive.”

According to Yang, Tiu agreed to play with the Complete Protectors after a long talk with Hapee Toothpaste owner Dr. Cecilio Pedro on Friday.

Though he did not play a single game in the two-round elims, Tiu is expected to provide the team the stability and firepower the team lacked the last time out.

Yang shrugged off the notion that Tiu is not in shape for the do-or-die match, saying: “He has been practicing with the national team so we are confident he’s still in top form.”

Tiu begged off from seeing action in the elims due to his numerous commitments after helping Ateneo win the coveted UAA crown last year.

The Complete Protectors gained a twice-to-beat bonus after finishing fourth in the elims but the Generix wiped it off with a gutsy 76-61 win on Saturday.

The winner in their playoff match will join early semifinalists Harbour Centre, Magnolia Purewater and Bacchus.

Hapee is gunning for its first championship since winning back-to-back titles in the 2003-04 editions. The Complete Protectors advanced to the finals in the last two conferences but were frustrated twice by the Batang Pier.

By Joseph W Buduan
(January 21, 2009)

Before the PBL PG Flex Cup opened a couple months ago, Hapee Toothpaste was supposed to enlist the core of the reigning UAAP champion Ateneo De Manila Blue Eagles. That plan did not quite materialize and head coach Gee Abanilla instead stuck to their old reliables from last season plus a couple of Filipino-Foreigners to carry the cudgels for the Complete Protectors.

One thing the Lamoiyan franchise never stopped dreaming of however was landing Ateneo team captain and UAAP Season 71 Mythical 5 selection Chris Tiu. Tiu had ended his collegiate basketball career with a UAAP championship, his first and only one with the Blue Eagles, and he was also in the process of earning his second undergraduate degree after completing his BS in Management Engineering. At 5-foot-11, the sweet-shooting guard provided not only valuable perimeter scoring, handling and ball distribution but a lot of intelligence and leadership.

“We really want to have Chris Tiu on the team because he is a proven competitor and a proven winner,” declared team manager Bernard Yang in a television interview during the open tryouts before the conference began. “We still have a lot of very good players including Jervy Cruz, but of course he (Tiu) would still be a welcome addition to the team,” he added.

Come opening day, Tiu was in uniform and joined the rest of the Complete Protectors in the parade of teams. “We are very happy that Chris Tiu joined our team, and hopefully he will be able to contribute right away when he plays for us,” said team owner Dr Cecilio Pedro in an interview during the opening ceremonies. However his other commitments, including some business that had to take him overseas and his network television hosting, prevented him from playing for all of the elimination rounds

Hapee struggled all throughout the eliminations as they failed to play at a consistently high level. Their backcourt played come and go as did their perimeter game. It seemed only center Jervy Cruz, leading the league with 10 rebounds per game, played consistently for the Complete Protectors. Guards Earn Saguindel, Ely Olarte, Lance Convento and swingmen Anthony Espiritu and Josh Vanlandingham provided scoring but could not seem to move the ball around enough as defenses built walls around Cruz, backup center Reynel Hugnatan and forward Jim Viray.

When Tiu finally showed up in their win-or-go home game against the Pharex Generix, he soon proved what all the fuss was about, and why exactly the Complete Protectors kept the faith and waited for him to finally suit up. He didn’t score much in their 84-81 victory over the Generix. He did however provide exactly the kind of on-court leadership and stability expected of him. “He has a very high basketball IQ and plays with great intelligence,” declared Abanilla in a pre-game interview. “He’s had only a coupe of practices with us but he has jelled very well with all of his teammates,” Abanilla added.

Tiu played mostly pointguard in their game against Pharex, going up against arguably the best guard in the PBL today, Filipino-American Chris Ross out of Marshall University in Texas. Ross is the league leader in both assists and steals, and is incredibly fast and athletic, and he very nearly made it a one-game season for Tiu. “I hope to provide stability, maybe some scoring and ballhandling, anything to help us win,” Tiu said during a pre-game interview.

Abanilla made no secret about Tiu’s role on the team: he started him right away in a do-or-die quarterfinal game against a Pharex side that was on a five-game winning streak. Tiu responded by finding Cruz time and again right in the lane for easy layups as the Complete Protectors took the early 26-13 lead. Pharex made their expected uprisings of course, but the Complete Protectors hung in there and just kept playing their game.

Pharex made run after run, cutting into the lead behind Ross, but Hapee always had an answer. There was Convento attacking the baseline, Vanlandingham nailing back to back treys in the face of a hot Pharex rally, Viray slashing and striking everywhere else. Through it all Tiu was directing traffic, finding the open man, moving the ball quickly.

In the end-game Pharex came within 78-80 time down to about a minute. Tiu however made it 82-78 for Hapee with his dead-on freethrow shooting. Pharex nailed a corner trey to make it 81-82. Vanlandingham sealed the win though with two pressure freethrows of his own for the final count.

Cruz was adjudged best player of the game with 19 points and 10 boards, but Tiu proved to be the real difference. He settled his team down and provided stability from the backcourt. Although his outside trigger was absent, he still found ways to help his side get the critical W.

Up next for Tiu and Hapee is Harbor Center, the best team in the league and champions the last five conferences. It will be a tall order and a big challenge but it looks like, with Tiu finally onboard, Hapee should be ready to rise to the occasion.


Go Hapee!

galingan nyu tomorrow!

do-or-die game na..
you have to win.. :D

Good luck!

God Bless! :D

cin19 said...

its ok chris,,, atleast you showed your respect to the ref#21 though hes acting that way... hmmm,,, said...


Cool,yeah. So keep it up.
I can't really think of a way how you managed to read all of the comments here.

Btw, I'm a follower. Is that alright?ü GOD bless. Hm, another. I'll be posting a video in my personal blog, I just don't know when. I know you'll like it that's why I'm telling you.ü

Please do watch it. I find it very PEACEFUL. Bluh, bluh.
GOD bless..
Good luck to your future games! :)

candy♥'s tiu all. heheh. said...

ok lang yan chris.
suportado pa rin kita.


d. said...

"I also currently train with Mark Barroca and JR Cawaling in the National Team pool under coach Toroman."

- does this mean you've decided? :)

3xie said...

nway..hapee chinese new year 2 u nd 2 ur family...
hope 2 c u soon...
especially in pba on august..haha...
just remember...
be hapee always no matter what happend 2 u during dat bad gme of urs... :>

ian laput said...

Well...PBL was known for bad officiating eversince especially last year as it was discussed in the news.... too bad, but what can we do but hope this kind of immaturity in officiating the game be stopped....
Anyway, good luck in you next game. You are a good athlete despite the nasty calls from number 21...

Ran said...


"just smile :)" 'hOpe you'll feel better nOw!

Ran :)

you look cool in that game!

mary joyce said...

Kung Hei Fat Choi kuya chris! :)

arlene said...

hello mr.chris tiu! it happened that i missed to watch your last game against harbour but just the same, i dont feel glad knowing that you and your team lost the said you cant remember the last time you were fouled out?could i be mistaken remembering that you were fouled out Game 1 of DLSU-ATENEO season 71 finals? God speed and take care always! =p

Anonymous said...

c God n bhla s knya...

Carmina said...

uhmm Chris.yeah.. I like the way how you look up to negative things..hehe that's inspiring.. i do have watched the game.and honestly, me and my kuya is very stressed with what has happened hehe..we were like, "Chris tiu, got fouled out?! no way.."hehe..yeah it's true.. anyway, just give all you've got for the next game and we'll sure to watch it again..hehe.. good luck..

and btw, happy chinese new year! be "Hapee"...hehe, just SMILE :)


mars said...

Chin Nien Kuay Le!!! (Sorry, I'm really bad at pin yin!! hahaha) Ahya Chris!!

cariza said...

happy Chinese new year!!

arrie said...

agree to u chris!we got to face unfair situations at times but happiness is always a choice!and gud thing that u chose to be happy.anyway,kung hei fat choi!keep on smiling! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi kuya chris!!I'd Just subscribe to your fanatxt.. hehe...

Kung Hie Fat Choi!!!

chamie♥17 said...

hapee year of the ox to you and your family!!! :)

Ann said...

ack. i feel frustrated for you..bummer. but anyway, that is so the right attitude! hahah :D as they say, "a time spent with a smile is a time well spent." (did i get that right? hahah. well, you get the idea. ;P)

Happy Chinese New Year! :D

J**o said...

May tama ka.dapat lang naman natin tawanan ang problema natin stress lang yan,bagay ka sa team na HAPEE kc ang cute mung ngumiti.ang sarap basahin ng blog mu ah i find it so refreshing hndi maxado malalim ung mga salita na gnagamit mu.kedp up the gud work and i watched u kahapon sa ripley ang cute mu dtn ah parang bag0ng hairstyle mu dun. . .bka naman pde iadd mu q sa ym mesenger mu wala kc me pangsubscribe ng fanatxt eh,haha! smile . . . Mine_always17 ym q antay q msg mu ah

blueshen said...

that was chris tiu! cool headed...
shame on that referee,hmmp! bad yang referee n yan..

anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you=)


casinos said...

Hello Chris! I really felt sad with what happened with your last match between Harbour. Sana manalo na kayo next tym tsaka hope hindi na mag-rereferee ung c #21..hehe..God bless are truly inspiring..How I wish I'd seen that smile of yours after your last foul was called..:D

Happy Chinese New Year!

joel santos said...

Hi Chris.

Just relax. Maybe, that guy wants you to be in bench. Or, maybe he's jealous of your success, good looks, a number of male fans, and a number of female fans screaming and shouting for you.

He he.

Anonymous said...

chillax cris!

- pau

Sherryl said...

Hi Chris !

Good thing that you had the strength to hold your anger and frustration when you were fouled out at the court. It takes a great man to hold his tongue and not lash out immediately at the injustice ( whether perceived or not ). I wonder if ref#21 has his own blog to vent out his frustration and explanation, too, or if he has his own hordes of fans to empathise with him. But you wouldn't care about that, would you, since this is your blog ? This is your side of the coin :(

I hope that the game will be reviewed by a fair panel not because Chris Tiu graduated from this particular game but because we don't want unfair practices and prejudices in basketball, moreover, we don't want a repeat of this in the coming games or any game for that matter.

I love you, Chris. :) You inspire me to be a better person, more efficient in my work, perfect just as our heavenly Father is perfect.

Be the better man. Take the high road and show them how it is to be gracious.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! How are you? Here I am again after almost a month of disapperance. First of all I'd like to greet you and your family and tsinoy friends Gong Xi Fa Cai! Better late than never. hehe. Anyways, congrats on your new team! I'm sure that they are so HAPEE that you're one of them. I'm sure that you'll do good on that team, because knowing you, I know and your fans know that you do your best in every actions that you make. I was supposed to ask you if you can wear your glasses again on ripley's and to my surprised you wore it last week(tama ba?). I just finished watching the jan episodes of ripley's, my mom recorded it(also pinoy records) for me since I'm out of the country for the past weeks. You're getting better and better in front of the cam, funnier than ever! Especially when you raised your arms and posed like a macho man. I was able to register on your fanatxt last night but I am not yet recieving any updates. I really don't know how this thing works but I am sure that I will be recieving one. About the referee thing, it's sad that he did that but at least you have proven that it's just a game and still smile after all. Don't worry, you never let us down. Just focus on your game and I know that you'll make it.

Haba na ng comment. Sorry ha? Tagal ko kasi to na-miss.

Take care and God Bless!

Till next time, ^.^

Anonymous said...

thats tough!!!
but everything happens for a certain reason. we may not know it right now but later on i guess we will..why this and that happens.especially you..
thats right..SMILE..hehehe
show off your million dollar smile...hehehhhe
its ok..ur still the best basket ball player ive ever known..
take care mr.# 17..
kung hei fat choi...


Anonymous said...

oh that was really bad coming from a referee. you're right, they should study the game and observe if the call for foul was right. otherwise, they are putting themselves in hot waters. i also hope that your coach/team is one with you will look into this Chris.

too bad, i cannot watch PBL because the station carries PBL doesn't have a signal in my location and i believe, in the entire Cebu. tsk tsk....

God bless you Chris! Stay humble and driven


faye said...

Hey Chris! How are you? I'm really pissed off right now coz I missed your game. I still couldn't believe that we went to the wrong venue! That's right, instead of going to San Juan, we went to Ynares Center in Pasig. I wasn't aware, I really thought all of the PBL games were held there. Bummer! :( The guard told us to go to Ultra and try to check if there's a scheduled game. So there we went...The stadium was empty. There's no reason to stay..We had no leads...

So we went home, brokenhearted, and I really felt like crying when I checked the website again and sure enough, you guys are in San Juan...How frustrating! :( *sniff*

I wanted to go San Juan but we have a shift later and we haven't had rest yet and I have a bad cold so there... But of course, I don't want you to feel sorry, It's my fault. I should've double-checked it. How pathetic. Hahaha. I feel sooo stupid. Oh well. I know there's still a next time.

So see you guys in Game 4?! (that thought made me happy again.:0)Good luck!

chris said...

Hi Faye, I really appreciate your effort for trying to catch our game live. Unfortunately, you went to the wrong venue. Your effort is much appreciated already, even if we lost the game! said...

when things go wrong a smile really makes wonder. just gotta keep your cool and everything will go in your way. keep going and HE will stay beside you as always.

mara claire said...

hi.. you're right dapat always smile kaya lang hindi ko napapanood yung pbl ngayon eh,, kasi wala pong live coverage.. sayang nga hindi kita napa2nood maglaro napka xcited ku pa na man,, but anyway happy chinese new year din po sa'yo eventhough hindi me chinese ahehehe, , sori din if i greet you late

Gabrielle said...

You truly are an inspiration to everyone kuya Chris.:)

chamie♥17 said...

what's your next game, then?

Anonymous said...

hi chris..d ko napanood ung laban na un..ung first game lng na well!im proud of you galing mo then ung laro mo knina..4points lamang nung kabila,sad to say parati nman ganun e,hope makapanood aku ng laban mo in court d lng sa tv parati...kip smiling and be hapee!muahzz!


jhunkie said...

ur righT KUYA!!
hehe.pwd bang kuya lang ang itawag sayo??hehe.kung pwd lang naman.
keep smiling.kahit na it hits your ego na.
atleast smiling makes you feel better.
tc always.gudluck sa basketball career.i'll still support you.

karen said...

hi chis! ok ka na ba? im so worried kanina nung natumba ka sa game, kala ko grabe yung tama mo kanina... sayang talo kayo ang ganda pa naman ng performance mo kanina lalo na yung pag steal mo dun sa ball tapos ipinasa mo kay Lance...nice one!!! di bale my next time pa naman diba?

happy year of the ox to you!!!

Anonymous said...

Ow so sad about the game today but still I know you could make it...

Leonalyn said...

Hello Chris..

Kung Hei Fat Choi…

Hope your doing fine….

I was there last Saturday…. I watched the game and yes, like you, I was frustrated on how they fouled you out on the forth quarter round.

When you exist the court, i tap you in the shoulder and said “OK lang yan Chris”, (it seems you haven’t even notice me) I really felt your disappointment for that game.

On the parking area, a lot of fans (including me) were asking for your autograph and picture, you tried to smile but your eyes… Well it failed to hide what you really felt during that time.

I don’t know what to say/write to make you feel better…. Just pray and ask for guidance. You’re playing in a very different world now… if you know what I’m saying…

Be wise, be strong and pray….

Thank you,


P.S Thank you so much for signing my BlueBlood Magazine. I want to thank you… on your simple way… you remind me that I’m created for GOD’S GREAT GLORY….

Anonymous said...

hmmm... from now on, hate ko na ang #21... hehe...

Anonymous said...

C.T.! It's me again! 2nd time this day(na-miss ko lang talaga mag-comment). Anyways, I felt sad when I recieved your fanatxt SMS early this evening with the message that your team lost. I wasn't able to watch it that's why I didn't know until I recieved your message. And in the 1st place, I don't know the schedules of PBL, the venue and where to buy tickets. Anyways, I think that this is not yet your team's time. I know that you're sad as well as your teammates' but I believe that everything happens for a reason and siguro may mas magandang plan si GOD para sa iyo/inyo. Just always remember what happen to you and the blue eagles last season. Surely in time, your team will be able to reach your goals.

Till next time, ^.^

faye said...

Hi again! Thanks for your prompt reply! You had me blushing there for like, an hour! Hahaha!

I thought you only browse through all the comments you receive because, well, you're Mr. Busy!:) I really appreciate the fact that you still give time for us.

BTW, I watched your game on tv. (much to my dismay because I should be there in the first place if we only knew where to go..tsk tsk.)

I'm sad that you lost the game but I'd be furious if you really got hurt with that hard foul!!! I was expecting a black eye honestly. How many stars did you see after that?! *wink* It was an exciting game but of course all of us would like a Game 4. Oh well, smile na lang!;)

If I may ask, what are your plans while waiting for the next conference? Will you be in a movie or something? Now, that would be interesting! Good luck and God Bless!

erica said...


I know you are disappointed,at hindi ka nag-iisa. marami kami na umaasa na you guys will win.

but let us try to look at it this way. remember the long wait you went through before you beat la salle? ganito lang siguro yun. i saw naman na yung pagkapanalo ng ateneo was really worth the wait and it has unleashed your team's potential. the loss made you awaken and made you guys aware of what was lacking. your frustrations made you think of new and better strategies. it was a way to develop you guys. ganito lang din yan Chris.

lasalista ako. but you were always and will always be my favorite basketball player. i dont know if what i said would really matter, pero i know for a fact that all of us "TIUnatics" feel the same way.

never lose hope. bigger things will come your way.

sabi nga sa isang text msg that i received,


ley said...

hi chris, so sad you guys lost yesterday...i hope your ok, the game was so physical, i know you'll get back next conference. we will never tire cheering and supporting you guys, lets go HAPEE lets go!!!btw congrats for your 2nd runner up trophy...god bless chris!!!

Jomzkielixiouz said...

hi Chris,

kami ung nasa likod ng bench nio nung sat., Grabe talaga ung ref. na un! kaasar talaga! pero you did well! hahaha!!
And nung last game, kamuzta nmn ang ulo mu? anyweiz, sayang ung game na un, u almost win! pero sabi mu nga, SMILE LNG!!!

Anonymous said...

unfair that you've mentioned "ref # 21"...he has no means of explaining his side of the story are already a celebrity..whatever you say will have an impact to people...

poor ref #21

jane marlyn said...

..a smile can bring you an ease at least..

..i'm going to watch PBL nxt tym..
hahanapin qu c ref#21..haha

..wen nga pla nxt game niu??

..keep safe!..

..break a leg!..

Anonymous said...

hi! kuya chris...
sad to hear that you had been thrown with referee #21...
bilib talaga ako syo dahil na pakalma mo ang sarili sa ganung situation...
and your kind to referee #21 kahit ganun ang nang yari...
I hope you feel better now...
just do your best in the nxt game...

happy year of the ox...


myv said...

.its so sad that hapee lost yesterday.. but i know,someday, its gonna be your time..:) the way, how are you? i saw when you fell on the floor because of 2 harbour player.. i kinda felt worried because it took you sometime to get up.. i hope your ok now..:)

..always take care..:)

Erine said...

Wahahaha... whoever that referee 21 is , I just hoped that youre right with what you've thought...
frankly.. I thought that personalan issues are just for junior basketball leagues,,, (uso pa ba yun sa college?!) hehehe...

Yep... just smile and be quiet when things get wrong...Silence is the best answer when nothing seemed to get right..

MArunong ka nang MAng-Hard Hat!!!!

Congrats!!! aT LEAst theres more mind pieces that we can read now.. I can really sense your frustrations and disapointments... Pray for that ref#21...

;D Smiling is a good start for the new year...

tootsieroll said...

malaki lang cguro basketball frustration ni referee #21. haha! insecure lang sayo. nice mind-set though. very optimistic. parang nireverse psycho mo c ref21 eh. nagtaka cguro bakit u'r not so affected. haha! even the announcers got what you wanted to say eh. tawa lang din sila. hahaa! at talagang natawa nlang din ako nun. haha!

alex said...

Hi again!
Saw the game yesterday.
It was better than the previous one, kaso parang nabugbog ka masyado dun ah! Is it just me or Asoro and Fernandez are just venting out their frustration to you?
I just hope that the team will have more coordination and cooperation with each other. Honestly, sayang yung mga pasa mo sa kanila eh!
I guess ,see you guys na lang in the next conference...

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

Hapee lost...too bad
It seems like hapee was in control..but all of a sudden..harbour center steal the game.

The bump on you really hurts!! are you okay now?? sometimes, basketball gets too physical..

Anyway, we still have the next conference! Cheer up!:)
I know you can do better next time!:)

cin19 said...

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How many wishes on a star

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♥jen♥ said...

Kung Hei Fat Choi! :)
i didnt watch the game..
sayang nmn..
but i watched your game yesterday..
ok kn b?
ntmaan face mo s game khpon..
take care!
God Bless.. :)

chris said...

Hi again Faye, ya that was a hard hit i took from Asoro. My head and body still hurts today from that hit! It's a real physical and rough league that's why we have to be tough but careful too. I won't do movies. I'll probably play the next PBL conference and practice with the National team :)

chris said...

Hi Erica, I'm really touched with your kind message. It made me smile, seriously! Especially when you said that you're from La Salle and that i'm your favorite player. Thanks for those encouraging words! :)

Nica said...

Erica's message is really touching, especially these lines,

'you were always and will always be my favorite basketball player. i dont know if what i said would really matter, pero i know for a fact that all of us "TIUnatics" feel the same way.'

Chris, you are indeed, a lucky person. Ang daming nagmamahal sayo!

Nica said...

Chris, you said you're going to practice with the National Team. Does it mean you've already decided to go and play with the National Team rather than PBA?

erica said...

well, touched din ako dahil i made you smile.

keep smiling :D

joanna said...

Happy Chinese New Year 'kuya' Chris! :)

sabriaü said...

Galing naman, Chris. You're replying to their comments, I hope you'll reply to mine as well. Though there's really nothing so interesting I said here. Hahaha.ü You can always reply to my previous comment here, better late than never.ü

erica said...

can i just say that im so touched by your msg also? it made me TIUper happy :D

i was there in araneta whenever i had a chance nung UAAP. i know TIU can't hear me but i was the girl (wearing green and all) in the middle of the green crowd. and i am shouting chris tiu! thank God walang bumabato sa akin. haha. and i am still alive and complete as of the moment :D

always remember:
thou shall not TIUrender.
always have a positive attiTIUde.
TIUs to be happy and seize all the opporTIUnities that come your way!

kala mo ha?! may dicTIUnary ata ako. (now its getting really corny na..)
addicTIUn na ata tawag dito?! (talagang ipinilit pa?!)

keep smiling :D

sarahangelica said...

lol chris. i absorbed all your sentiments. but you're right in any way. keep it up. :)

chums said...

i hope ur okei now despite the troubles you've had .. i'm always praying for you .. even though i'm a lasallite, ur still my number one favorite athlete.. :)

erica said...

i know this is not my blog. but i just really want to thank nica! hehe.

and ofcourse, chris. thanks for the response.

still smiling,

ian laput said...

I watched the game against harbour last tuesday....sad thing that you lose. It was really a disturbing pass between convento and cruz during the last quarter, if it succeeded then it would surely make a difference. You seem so adept in leading the team...good for you to exercise strong leadership in the ball games. As for your next step...whatever you the best and be responsible. LUCEAT LUX VESTRA.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what channel PBL is shown. and what sched? i don't know. am i asking the right point? cause i haven't watch you play in that league yet. :(

♥ alyssa mari ♥ 17 said...

,hi kuya chris..

may idea ka po ba kung kelan ulet mg-start ang PBL???

TIUper excited na agad cu eHh.. lol!

fan na tlga acuh ng haPee since andun pa si gabe norwood.. :D syang kz ndi kau nging teammates! :D

try cu kz i-catch ng live ang game mu if ever na mg-start ulet ang PBL this vacation.. (well, i hope so...)
punta tlga acuh sa manila to catch your games live!.. :D

Be Hapee!

smile! :D

chocohani said...

hi chris,

good aft!

how's your day? hope your always fine, no more hard night sleep, you just mention that lastnyt on your txt

nways, just dropping by to check your blog (sadly, wala paring new entry, hehehe)i understand siguro your busy lang talaga

by the way, were glad na your answering some of the comments here in blog.

can i ask???

di ba you've mention last december na you shoot a commercial, hmmn... pwede ba naming malaman kung anong produkto yon? hehe!

but then, its ok if this is not yet the right time for you to reveal that,(:


may godbless you always, (:

Anonymous said...

I'm princess from cotabato city
I'm having fun in reading your blog...

I'm happy to know na you share your experience to us...

ang galing mo naman kaya mong pakalmahin ang sarili mo sa ganung situasyon...

and your so kind to referee # 21
hidi mo binanggit ang pangalan niya...


Nette said...

hi chris!.. 'em back from the grave! :)

juz let it be.. it doesnt matter. what matter is that we need to consider what it means to compete, and what it means to win in a right way! Jesus said that you could gain the whole world but forfeit your soul.

Despite all of that, you still show compassion and respect.

As you said..juz smile..
in the end, it's just a game, and we’re in this life all together.

have a hapee life!

Maan said...

Hi Chris, I really hope you can help me.I am an incoming college junior whose parents are both doctors.They are not exactly forcing me to follow in their footsteps, but they always push the idea of being a doctor.I don't want to disappoint them, but I don't want to commit myself to something I don't want to do for the rest of my life.I choose you because I know you are a good person and a good son to your parents.I know this is not related to your post, but I hope you can still give me your advice. Thanks

Btw, I just want to share my most encouraging words : "Carpe diem.Live like there's no tomorrow.You never know what's going to happen tomorrow, who you won't see tomorrow.Look at life 'glass half-full', not 'half-empty'." and "When you want something, you have to go after it; waiting won't make your dreams come true!" And lastly, "Just Persevere."

I hope this words will encourage you too.

faye said...

Hello Chris! Thanks for replying again! It freaks me out in a good way. Hahaha!:)

Sorry, I was unable to reply back yesterday because I'm sick and I had myself checked a while ago.. though it's nothing serious, juz a terrible cold because of allergy, I guess.

Sad to hear that it was a bad hit...Are you still aching? Even those who are "MADE IN USA" would get hurt by that foul!(I remembered your Made in China joke. LOL) Always be careful ok?

When you said that you'll be practicing with the national team, does that mean that you'll be part of their team and ditch the PBA draft? Or is still uncertain?

I just got your msg and well, I'm not really fond of jap food, I'd go for chinese or italian food anytime!;p Hmmm..Do you know how to cook?

Take care always and God bless!:)

simplegal said...

Hello Chris,musta?when will be PBL's next conference?please let us know :D
God bless! Continue to be humble and don't forget to smile..:)

@ Erica:
Natatawa lang ako sa comments mo..Ang galing ng dicTIUnary mo ha..Bilib talaga ako..:)

Anonymous said...

are you really CHRIS TIU? as in FOR REAL?

Anonymous said...

hey! if you're really chris tiu, just want you to know that am one of your fans.:) i watched your game against harbour and i was sad because hapee didn't win. i saw you you fell down and i was like, oh my god is chris okay?! i was really worried that time.:(

BTW, anne joyce here..:)

Anonymous said...


just a thought, baka ung wife ni ref #21 crush ka! heeheehee,, seloso! haha joke lang!

cheer up chris! pero its a good thing nilabas mo. pero wag mo na isipin yun. Let God be the judge na lang of his actions. (kung personal nga ung reason!)

Pero hey atleast you did your best and you play with dignity! haha :P i mean, you know ur rules and limitations in playing basketball!

and thats what makes you a great person!

keep it up chris! :)

God bless you! take care!

P.S. ang kulit nung FANATXT mo!
I've tried and I'm so delighted with your text messages! :)

Marj :)

ay Kiong hee! :)

nix14 said...

hello :D

my computer had some serious issues and it was only fixed now. seriously. after waiting for almost a month, i finally got the chance to visit here and it really made me HAPEE (hahaha) that you have some new entries. i missed out a lot of things here.

(1) i didn't get the chance to greet you a Happy Chinese New Year. :(

(2) i didn't know that you already played for Hapee until my cousin told me. i was really disappointed that i was not able to see play again (after waiting for how many months).

(3) i don't even know when and what will your next game be.

and if you don't mind me asking, have you already decided if you will play for the National Team or the PBA?

for referee #21, i think he might have some major issues for giving those bad calls. haha. and i congratulate you for taking that situation calmly.

and for this: "When things get tough, just smile :)" i know this is true because smiling does really do a lot of things to lighten up a bad situation, right? :)

and i'm so sorry for this lengthy comment. haha. i just really missed giving comments to your posts.

God bless. take care always. keep it up and keep smiling chris! :p

mikee2009 said...

hi chris!

just droppin by to congratulate you ni your performance in the last PBL playoffs...

you did a great job!

by the way... can i know what are your current thoughts about joining the PBA or the National Team...


Anonymous said...

hello, goodluck sa game on saturday, i hope you win on the game, godbless take care have a nice day.,

Nica said...

OT: Hi Erica! I dont know if you're the same Erica I know from Chris Tiu's thread in igma forum. If you're not her and wish to join us, TIUnatics there, just go to this site:,11.0.html

and look for Chris Tiu's thread. It's easy to find it. TIUnatics are growing so I find it very cool and makes me happy for Chris coz it just shows that there are a lot of people supporting him.


Monica said...

The right word for that ref....


I got to watch a lot of games like what had happened to you, and it made me frustrated. It's not because I want my bet to win, but because referees like this referee #21 ruins the game. The spirit of competitive sports gets lost.

I've been an avid fan of basketball since the first time I watched the PBA, where bias reigns a lot.

Know you can do it, he's just one referee. Maybe he doesn't like you either, and we can't please everybody.

As for your entry about your decision whether to join the PBA Draft or to be part of the National Team, I'm also having a hard time to decide for you. Both are good opportunities to grab...
Maybe, you should ask for God's sign.. He knows what's best.. Just an advice, and it's up to you if you're gonna do it..

May God bless you always. Take care and wish you success on all your endeavors.

Kung Xi Wat Chai!
Xie xie peng you.
Zai jian! =)

~Monica Licaros
just e-mail me if you like.. here's my Yahoo!Mail:


erica said...


my phone had "issues" kaya i wasn't able to get some of your updates. sorry kung nakiki-ride ako sa blog mo... naaliw lang kasi ako na may nakakapansin ng comments ko at naappreciate nila.

for simple gal,
im flattered that i made another person smile. for TIUre na-cornihan ka rin sa mga tinatype ko. hehe.

thanks po ulit :D

EIEN17 said...

hi Chris!
- i totally agree with you, i was really sad when you were fouled out and i was even wondering why would you be called for that? what was it? anyway, just be cool...winning is not everything; its how you played and being yourself out're still number one for me..
- i would also want to tell you about your fan-a-txt, im a subscriber and theyve been sending me pix which they tag as you but its not you in the pix, ive txted you about this but idk if you have read my comment about that..i was just disappointed to get that para kse niloloko nila fans mo..hope you can do something about that..
-Goodluck sa career and Godbless always
Love you!! ^_^
Happy year of the Ox..Stay HAPEE..

Anonymous said...

grabe ung referee n un..hehehe
mai nxt tym p nman...and do all ur best.. I always pray for u and ur team when there is a game...year of the ox k db??
bl8td happy chinese New Year!!!
nag subscribe nga pla ako sa fanatxt mo...hahaha

adel said...

grabe ung referee n un..hehehe
mai nxt tym p nman...and do all ur best.. I always pray for u and ur team when there is a game...year of the ox k db??
bl8td happy chinese New Year!!!
nag subscribe nga pla ako sa fanatxt mo...hahaha

antonette said...

hi chris. it's good to know that you really have time reading the comments. i thought you don't give much time for this knowing that you're too busy.

anyway, i felt really bad that you've been hit on that game. i even got my lips bleed, believe it or not. huhu i guess i just bit my lips too hard, tsk tsk. so sad that i wasn't able to have a perfect pictorial that afternoon... but the good thing was that i had my lips redder even without lip color. hahaha! injured din ako. what a day. thanks for listening. i just shared the story... yah, 'cause i just kept it myself and couldn't help but laugh everytime i was asked why that happened. haha and ow, let's just keep this a secret. haha! corny ko na. well, anyway, you'll do better next conference. i'm very proud of you.

hey, btw, can i ask you something? may i ask chinky to branch-out in ateneo de davao? hehe. i'm an alumnus. have a nice day!

Anina said...

Hey Chris!

I passed the ACET and I really want to go to Ateneo this coming school year. My course is ComTech but I'm thinking of shifting because a lot of my friends who are studying there now say that it is a course for people who have brains but don't know what to do. They also end up not knowing what to do once they graduate. What do you think of ComTech? Is it a good course? Hope you reply because as of now, I really don't know what to do. Thank you!:)

chris said...

Hi EIEN17, thanks for letting me know about the wrong MMS pics being sent in the fan-a-txt. Will report it immediately.

Antonette, I want to branch out Chinky Chickens but I'm having difficulty devoting time for it with all my obligations and commitments right now. But I do wish I can branch out to as far as Davao!

faye said...

Hello! You know what Chris, because I enjoyed reading your posts, you somehow talked me into creating my own blog. Thanks!:) So if you have time, you can check out my first post. My first feeble attempt to become a blogger. Haha!

a said...

happy chinese new year to you. Ü

di po ba pwedeng pagsabayin ang pba at ung being part of the rp developmental team?

reply ka po sa

t.y. Ü

♥ alyssa mari ♥ 17 said...

hey Chris,

can't wait to see your commercial!

sana un na lng lhat ng commercial sa tv!

i lUb the latest commercial ng MCdo.. :D
so sweet! :D
(share cu lng! =D)

*belated haPpy birthday to your dad! :D

Good Luck!

wish u all the best!

God Bless!

EIEN17 said...

hi Chris!!
-thank you for reading my comment...gosh i was really happy to read it kahit maikli lang i was really shouting ang giggling knowing it was me you address in that comment..whew!!!
-thanks really for the time...You made my day!!! i was kinda gloomy when i woke up kanina but now well, well, well, im the happiest person on earth!!
-God bless you always and love you always

ainan said...


"Happy Chinese New Year" we're both born in the year of the ox that's why, i believe this is our year, i feel all your predicaments you vented out on your entry, i sense the frustration you felt but you have to charge it to experience to avoid much complications. unluckily, i haven't watched that particular game so i have nothing to say with it, but at the end of the day i know you have learned and picked a morale from that story.

Just do your best, and will gonna support you, continue to post your schedule so all your following is updated.


karen said...

hi chris! im karen feaster your no. 1 fan here in ilocos sur, you know i always visit your blog because you're trully an inspiration to me, you made me smile kapag binabasa ko na yung mga entry mo, you're a true role model especially to the youth keep it up!!!

im also a subscriber of your fanatxt and i received your txt this morning about that milk commercial. im so excited about it na! di ba it will coming out tommorow na? hehe =)

alessia. said...

hi kuya chris :)

i just ask something about the fanatxt po :)

pano po ba kami magtetext sayo for example aking you some stuffs? hehe.

thanks po.
take care

--SMILE :)

hallyugy said...

Hi Chris, how are you? It’s great to know that you’re having time now to update us on what’s happening in your life… its feel like we’re really getting close to you :)

I received 4 sms from you today, it really makes me smile everytime I see a message coming from you hehehe, but something makes me wonder, 1 from your 4 messages was that, the words are shortened/abbreviated compared to other 3, so it makes me think that you’re not the one who wrote that message… am I right? Anyways, I had a gut feeling that your milk commercial will be for bear brand hahaha its just a guess ;)

Keep us posted! Keep on shining! :)

faye said...

Hey Chris! I have a hunch that it's for Nesvita..'Coz that's your previous commercial.. But you'll also do well for Promil! (gifted child! Hahaha!)

I'll watch out for it! Cheers!:)

eena said...

Well's ok....maybe for you it's ok pa...but then if you'll experience in maybe you'll be really embarassed coz of the refs call....even I'm just a fan of every basketball event I can see everything...and sometimes all calls in my fave team was wrong....XD

Yna said...

Hey Chris! You should read this blog about you:

It's so true!:)

Anonymous said...

hey, i already saw your milo commercial... you look great!:) especially when you dunk the ball!!! building a champion :)

sabriaü said...

Hi, Chris. I saw your Milo commercial just moments ago. Tis very very nice. When your part was shown, it says, "Chris Tiu, Basketball Champion" I love it.ü

♥ alyssa mari ♥ 17 said...

hey chris!

i've seen your commercial already! =D
Milo pala! :>
and wow! it's TIUper cool, huh! Congratulations for a job well done Mr. Basketball Champion! :) and for
The Best MILO commercial ever! =D

erica said...

Ei Nica,
Thanks for the invite :D
I have not joined any threads yet.
Been really busy but I'd love to join, maybe one of these days.

Chris, I would appreciate if you could check how gma new media is running the promo. Im also saddened by EIEN17's problem. In my case naman, i haven't received an update last week, although 1 day lang naman yun. They already sent an sms msg addressing my concern. I hope lang na these things will be avoided.

Japoy and I were texting Thursday night but he never mentioned you were in the same commercial. Kaya I was surprised to see you! When i knew about this "milk" commercial, I thought agad na magkakatapat kayo :D Nice to see 2 of you are joining forces instead.

I noticed na some of the scenes in the commercial was shot in Laguna. I've been there kasi since that place was the subject of our coffee table book.

pAtRiCiA said...

hi chris!!!
its nice that you just accept it.even though its obviously unfair for you...
but at least you have the attitude of sportsmanship...

by the way, i have justwatched your commercial in milo...
i love it!!!

thanks for sharing!!!

take care and good luck in your coming games!!!


erica said...


ask ko lang, last sunday ba, feb 01, nagsend ka ng updates? wala ako nareceive...


antonette said...

hey chris. thanks for the reply. i never thought i could get a direct answer from you. haha because i've been visiting chinky's multiply site and kept asking but i guess i'm not being noticed. haha thank you :)

btw, i wish you'll have the wisest decision on what team to join. i saw you lately on tv. on barangay hoops? hoopsters? ow, whatever-that-is... and you're still uncertain when you were asked about that. well it's a huge opportunity to join the RP team. but i aslo want to see you playing in PBA. i really admire LA Tenorio... of course, next to you. :) i hope you could join their team if you decide to be in PBA. hehe. i can now imagine your great chemistry with them. haha! take care! thanks again.

nix14 said...

hey i just saw your milo commercial a while ago. it was my dad who first saw it and pointed you. haha :) he knows that i'm a big fan of yours :D

crazypeach said...

Your new commercial was awesome! The Milo ad in the Inquirer was so great too! Hope to see you in more endorsements!

I still can't get how I can text you through fanatxt. Can anybody help me out about that? I only get to read the messages but how can I send a message to you directly through fanatxt? Sorry to bother. Just wanted to know. Thanks!!!

faye said...

Oh, my hunch was close enough because it's still a Nestle product..Haha!:)

I must say, the ad is nice! You look awesome Chris! Woohoo! Thumbs up! Kudos!:)

btw, no updates for Sunday?? Haven't received any. Hope there's nothing wrong with the system. Or I'll be missing a lot. *sigh* Good night!;p

♥princesz jane♥ said...

kuya chris..
nkita kOh na pOh ung new commercial mo..
for milo...
with japoy lizardo...
sana ung next entry mo poh..
ung tungkol sa paggawa nio ng commercial na un..
sana pla nakasama akO dun...
kip safe pOh...

myv said...


..i saw your milo commercial yesterday! it was so cool!! ang ganda!!panalo!hehe..

..congratulation for a job well done! ang galing galing mo talaga..the commercial fits you well.. you guide young kids and even teens or adults..:) you're such a great role model.. i really admire your leadership..:)

..take care always!:)

bipoLarchic said...

Hi Chris! Good day! I was watching unang hirit a while ago, and in their entertainment news, Lyn Ching said that you are now part of the Philippine Basketball Team?! tama ba?!=)

oh, anyway kahit anong team pa salihan mo I'm sure all of your fans will still support you..=) and I guess kasama na ako ngayon dun, I'm now a fan.;) Coz, you seem to be a very nice person.=)

And oh, I just want to say goodluck to all your endeavours!=)



chris said...

Hi crazypeach, you can send a message by typing CHRISTIU (your message) then send to 4627. :)

Sorry Faye, I did not send any update yesterday, Sunday, because I was quite busy. :)

-cez- said...

Your new milo commercial is like encouraging the youth into sports…. It’s a good campaign for the coming summer vacation :) so does this mean you’ll be participating in their summer milo summer sports clinic? Well I hope so… aside from the SKILLS, it will also be a great way for you to share/instill the right VALUES and ATTITUDE to the youth, not only inside the court but most especially into the real world :) keep on shining! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Christopher John Alandy-Dy Tiu! How are you? Hmmm...and dami na comments about your latest commercial. I saw it yesterday sa SOP ata, basta commercial siya ng SOP. And since you want our feedbacks...well...ang masasabi ko lang eh it was a really nice commercial. Parang Olympics lang ang dating pero instead na torch ang hawak mo eh bola ng basketball. Congrats! I love the part nung nag-dunk ka ng ball sa ring tapos yung mga kids eh sumabay sa'yo. Nakaka-inspire! Anyways, sabi ng friend ko pede magreply sa fanatext kaso nung nag-reply ako sa message mo kanina, nagreply din sakin ang 4627 at ang sabi eh error daw. Para lang akong tanga. hahaha. At least you have your blogsite...

Till next time, ^.^

Anonymous said...

I've watched your commercial and its very inspiring. It really shows your passion,basketball. It would be a wake up call for the youth today to engage in sports and become champions in life. Congrats for being one of the Milo Ambassadors for this year.

I heard from the news that you decided to play with the national team. Will you atill play in pbl next conference?

Anyway,im also a subscriber of your fanatxt. Really appreciate your sharing. I also subscribed to your gomms but have'nt received any. I sent back messages and replies but i only received infotxt not related to your fanatxt. Do you really receive the messages from the subscribers?

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

the milo commercial was inspiring..
they made the right choice on making you as their commercial model.:) The concept was nice..encouraging youth in sports!

No doubt that you are such a role model for the youth..not only in sports but also in their lives.

Keep it up!

Erine said...

whoa... Chris,,, Naging forum site na yung blog site mu.. hehehehe... It's nice to see you're replying to their messages... hehehehehe... Ang cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Just wanna share to you..
I'd read a newspaper entitiled " Bahaghari",the official publication of a high school in Calamba City and will be featured in the division press conference. I am surprised because I saw your face there with an article. It contains your personal profile, your passion, your qualities and the most important thing is how you become a very good example to the young people in the society. Because of you,the students are striving and hoping that they will also become champion like you not only in academics and sports but also in life. Very inspiring actually.

Believe it or not!

Bi said...

Galing ng commercial mo bro! Astig! Hanep lumipad. Idol talaga kita pagdating sa basketball.

Good luck sa career mo

Siya nga pala maitanong ko lang napu2ntahan mo ba ang mga blog ng fans mo. Ang dami ko na kasi napuntahan, nagkalat sila. kini-click ko yung mga nagcocomment sayo at binabasa ang mga blog nila. May mga tungol sayo meron din wala. Pero may isa akong napuntahan na talagang natawa ako. Pag may oras silipin mo lang at tiyak matutuwa ka. isa ka kasi sa mga paborito niyang bagay at sa lahat ng artista sa'yo lang daw siya magpapapicture. natawa talaga ako dun. halos pareho din kayo ng layout. hanapin mo yung nagcomment na chie. siya nga pala wala ka na bang ibang games?

myv said...


..still no updates for today??:(

t.e.a.l. said...

hello there chris!! saw your new tvc!!! hahaha so sad for me i haven't seen you for even once in my life.. (i mean in person)huhuhu.. me and my friend were supposed to be watching your game last saturday.. but suddenly... arrrgghhh.. im still looking for a way to see you.. 1 way is thru the fan-a-txt thingy..

speaking of that.. im registered to both mms and updates.. but how come i havent received any mms?... follow up question is what mms pic does chris sends? (is he the one who sends it?)... thanks!! Kung Si Fa Zai!!! (it's better late than never!! hahahaha)

mary joyce said...

Hey! I just want to congratulate you on your new commercial. :) Gulat po ako nung napanuod ko sya. Haha! :)

antonette said...

hello chris :) i saw your milo commercial yesterday. it's so0o0o0 nice! i wish you more projects! just don't do movies. hehe kidding. i guess you'll fit more on talk shows like "y-speak"? y'know, something like involving youth, debates, politics, etc. :) hmmm... or in game shows! ow, you're versatile alright. anyway, i haven't seen you dance or sing even once. :)

btw, the nickelodeon kids choice awards phil will have a replay on feb 13 7:30 pm at nick channel. at last! hehe :) i'll watch out for that. take care chris!

kim said...

hey.. i like your title. :))

nwei, just want to say congrats.. even though you lost, for me.. u're still the winner because u're a good sport, and i know that u did ur best, so don't fell bad about that. :)

woah! so far,e2 ung pnkmhbang comment qo xau. ;p

aun.. happy chinese new year din pla, sorry xe l8 aqo nkgrit.. naun lan nkpagnet ulit e..bc xe. ;p

hmm keep safe, God bless!:)

antonette said...

hello chris :) i saw your milo commercial yesterday. it's so0o0o0 nice! i wish you more projects! just don't do movies. hehe kidding. i guess you'll fit more on talk shows like "y-speak"? y'know, something like involving youth, debates, politics, etc. :) hmmm... or in game shows! ow, you're versatile alright. anyway, i haven't seen you dance or sing even once. :)

btw, the nickelodeon kids choice awards phil will have a replay on feb 13 7:30 pm at nick channel. at last! hehe :) i'll watch out for that. take care chris!

antonette said...

hello chris :) i saw your milo commercial yesterday. it's so0o0o0 nice! i wish you more projects! just don't do movies. hehe kidding. i guess you'll fit more on talk shows like "y-speak"? y'know, something like involving youth, debates, politics, etc. :) hmmm... or in game shows! ow, you're versatile alright. anyway, i haven't seen you dance or sing even once. :)

btw, the nickelodeon kids choice awards phil will have a replay on feb 13 7:30 pm at nick channel. at last! hehe :) i'll watch out for that. take care chris!

kalliepepper said...

Hi Chris! that was a really great commercial! Milo's commercials have always been a favorite of mine & when I saw their new one yesterday, pinakita pa lang si Japoy I was already praying na ikaw sana yung susunod na athlete na ipapakita...and there you were! haha! it was really good! sana pag gumawa sila ulit ng animated version meron ka din - they did that before (with Japoy) and it was really cool. and the Inquirer article about it was great - it's an addition to my collection hehe.

regarding Fanatxt, I don't know if I'm doing it right when I send a message to you. kasi di ba, CHRISTIU (message) then 4627? pero after i send my message, I get this message na "Subscribed kana! etc...". i don't know if it's an acknowledgment of my sent message to you pero kasi, ewan...parang mali eh. parang they're telling me that i'm already subscribed, not that they are acknowledging my message for you. baka nawala lang sa network wires ung message ko. anyway, at least dito sa blog mo I can pass on my message for you hahaha... ^__^

any plans of doing a toothpaste commercial next? you've got really nice smile kasi hehe... (^____^)

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