Sunday, October 5, 2008

There's No Difference Between Green and Blue (By Charles Tiu)

I took this blog from my brother's multiply website

Seriously, apart from the physical properties, there isn't really anything different between these two colors, or for that matter DLSU and ADMU.

I am probably one of the few people who thinks that this rivalry is over the line. Apart from the usual battling of the players in the court, a lot of extra curricular activities are going on, from the fans bashing one another, their genuine hatred (for some at least) for one another, looking for reasons to make fun of the other and stuff like that. I wish people just left all the emotions on the court and let go of them right after the game (okay i admit i may be guilty!). Of course when i say this, it doesn't apply to all of the supporters, there still are those sensible ones. Maybe it's just me, since i don't believe that people need to fight one another. I feel that the cheering during the games get out of hand sometimes, especially when it becomes so personal. Like during game 2 of the series, some die-hard Lasalista shouts terrorist to Rabeh! I mean come on! what did he ever do to you to deserve being called that? And Ateneans who always love to make fun of Walsham, Rico or Cardona and others where's the breeding there? And when people shout Tangina Mo, its like what did my mom ever do to you?! As a player, you have to learn how to block it all out but man, sometimes it's gotta hurt too. But of course i've got to make it clear that not everyone does this. It's probably just a few of those super crazy die-hard fans!

I've been thinking about stuff and i realized that these two schools are no different from one another. Both schools are constantly looking for things against the other and when they do find something, it's like a time bomb waiting to explode. There will be non-stop taunting and teasing and all those stuff, and it goes back and forth. Let's see, Ateneo was having a blast by making fun of La Salle for their mistake in the spelling of La Salle during the cheering competition (i've always thought this was pointless. gee!) and they had their share of cheering wrong spelling! They've also had the pleasure of making fun of La Salle for their "cheating" (fielding ineligible players) and they've been saying bad stuff about La Salle for that. La Salle on the other hand, have had the pleasure of boasting their numerous championships through the years and they have this new bonfire incident to take against Ateneo (I must say this was a stupid move by some alumni who did it. Disgrace. To whoever did it, imagine if it were our own players? That would be below the belt)

La Salle calls Ateneo mayabang. Ateneo calls La Salle bobo. I don't know what the basis for this is because i believe that the education of both schools are equally as good (Yes ateneans, gotta admit La Salle has a helluva good engineering course, plus accounting too!) even though the rankings may differ (before La Salle was higher but now it's Ateneo) and as for the mayabang claim of La Salle, i'm sure there are tons of mayabang people from DLSU too.

Ateneo makes fun of Brian Ilad for throwing a punch during a game, gee could they have forgotten that our very own beloved LA Tenorio once threw a punch too, (a sucker cheap-shot punch for that matter) against La Salle pa!

Ateneans despise La Salle players like Maierhofer, Yeo, Cardona, Malabes and the other "mayabang" ones. La Salle despise Ateneo players like Salamat, Buenafe, Villanueva and those others they call mayabang too! But i bet one thing is for sure, as long as those players perform on the court, their own schools would love them no matter who they are (as long as they don't do anything to ruin the school's image) and they would stick with them. So i bet if those players changed teams and were playing for the other school, like lets say Rico played for Ateneo, it would be the other way around. Ateneo would love him and La Salle would hate him! haha that's just the way it works.

Players have to work hard and prove themselves to gain the respect of both schools. Ateneo and La Salle both have certain players that they like to make fun of or criticize (im talking about the fans) but of course once they do well then it all ends. I remember hearing non-stop criticism before for Rabeh, Ford Arao, even Jai Reyes and their very favorite Chris Tiu. But where are those naysayers now? Haha. I also knnow from my La Salle friends that they do this too. Kish Co was always being criticized until he showed up big and played well during last year's finals. People from DLSU keep on critcizing Walsham, Malabes, Ferdinand and others too. I remember they used to criticize my good friend Ty Tang back when he was still a rookie (i still used to root for La Salle cause of him hehe until Chris went to Ateneo) but after delivering a championship on his final year, i doubt they have anything bad to say about him anymore! So see? The way we act and treat players are alike! After all, we are all Filipinos still!

When Ateneo loses they blame the referees, when La salle loses, they blame the referees too. Both communities come up with really good explanations as to how the officials made them lose, but the bottom line is the outcome won't be changed. Both schools accuse each other of sourgraping when they lose.

I thought all the while that it was just Ateneo saying that DLSU buys players and gives alot of stuff under the table. I also thought na it was only Ateneo accusing DLSU of having double standards for the players, finding ways for them to enter the school even if they fail the entrance test and giving alot of special privileges and stuff like that. Apparently, as i stumbled upon some DLSU thread, i found that they too accuse Ateneo of exactly the same thing. I found it funny. I mean, both sides would go on debating and finding evidence to prove that they are right and rest assured that they will both defend themselves and claim that this doesnt happen in their school. But i bet that it does happen, in both schools! Funny though that the threads of both schools accuse the other about the same thing! Amusing and amazing.

I know right now that DLSU is having the last laugh especially after the bonfire incident. They can make fun of our breeding. But Ateneo has been saying the same thing through the years (not coming out for the championship awarding?). I don't think it will ever stop but i do wish that it were less volatile! Sure that might take the fun out of the UAAP, but it would hurt less people too!

And one more common thing is that both schools love to generalize. When one Atenean makes a bad goof-up (bonfire!) its generalized to the whole community! When one Lasallite makes a mistake or when there is a bad incident (awarding, illegitimate players) it is generalized to the whole community too! And i personally think that it is not fair. No matter what sort of education each school gives to their students, one way or another, there will always be those immature boneheads who deviate from the norm. And they are the ones who do these stupid acts that unfortunately people automatically generalize to the school. So no matter how much Ateneans love to say that they are superior over DLSU when it comes to education, i do not believe that one bit! (for the record, i have never made fun of DLSU when it comes to that wrong spelling incident, as well as i am never personal to any of their players when i cheer. I cheer for my school, not against another school.)

On a side note, i must say that i am deeply disappointed and embarrassed by that bonfire incident. I would like to apologize to the La Salle community for that act. But as i said in the preceding paragraph, the action of one alumni (who wrote their names on the wood) must and should not be generalized to that of the whole school. I believe Fr. Ben was very angry upon finding out about it and he will issue an official letter of apology to DLSU. I was talking to Rabeh about it and he said that yeah, it really was below the belt and we both agreed that if that were done to our players we would be outraged too, so i understand where the DLSU community is coming from, but learn to direct your anger please. It is not the team who did it nor is it any school official/administration. Oh yeah, and regarding that article on Rabeh almost transferring to LSGH but didn't because he didn't pass; well, his comment to that was that it was "a bunch of BS" :)

So there you have it, i don't know maybe it's just me who sees it that way. I'm sure alot of people will beg to differ. Unfortunately for you, if you want to beat me up for writing this, you'd have to wait til next year since i'm in far far away land :)

One thing i do know is that no matter what each school says about the other and no matter what wrong actions the school may have done, a Lasallite will always be proud to be a Lasallite and an Atenean will always be proud to be an Atenean too.


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Anonymous said...

hi Chris,
This is the first time i will ever comment to a blog and it’s uplifting to know a person like you even just thru this way. Stay an inspiration to many, Cheers! ☺
Keep it up, be a man for others!
carpe diem

chris said...

Actually this is my first time to post a comment in many weeks. I haven't had the luxury of time in the past week to read through ALL your comments but I've managed to read most of them. And I really do appreciate them so keep them coming. As for negative comments, thank you to all those who have been protecting myself as well as my teammates and don't worry because i have managed to create a system where i don't get to read all the nasty comments.

Regarding Bon Fire issue, this is the first time I will comment. I was totally unaware about it until recently and I admit it was a foul move by that alumnus. He has apologized and we should move on. We all make mistakes.

Anonymous said...

good job to charles.
and good luck to your future endevors chris! whatever that means. haha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!
Just like you, i was unaware as well of what happened until a friend of mine told me.
It was really weird cause everything seemed to be going smoothly through the bonfire. Blogs on multiply about it are going on left and right and we can't avoid it. Yes, it was below the belt and so immature.
Like one of my comments on the blog of my friend: It is the way that you are brought up at home. If the values that your parents have taught you are the correct values, then you are on the right track. I believe that the school is just second to home. The SCHOOL is where you are suppose to grow as a person and be molded to be a better person.
We must admit that both institutions are good institiutions probably the top in the country, but it is just so sad and in my opinion a disgrace to the school that there are people, students or alumnus who are able to do these things.
Though the issue has been resolved, we must admit it will take a long time before it dies down, cause there will be people bringing back the issue even if it has been solved. Sad, but that is life.
Take Care Always! =)

kreena said...
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kreena said...

nicest blog ever read..

hope 2 see your mR. chris tiu in the 2nd Jesuit Invitational Game!


angel said...

hi chris,

w0w! NOSEBLEED!!!! nahimatay ako sa post ng kapatid mu. . .**hail,bow, Luhod to you and to your brother graV super nosebleed talaga ako actually ngayon pa ako narelief kasi nahimatay talaga ako sa post mo bro. . . g0sh!
tama ka bro actually may site nga na pinagkaisa ang ATENEO and La Salle


-eyecatchy me0w me0w (=^_^=)

Pat said...

I've seen the picture. I've seen the blogs of some la sallians. I'm just wondering no one even had an effort to remove those planks before it was burned. Anyway,I hope it won't happen again.

I sure hope that the Green and Blue rivalry would end...soon.

march said...

i so agree with Charles.
theres really no difference between admu and dlsu.
and about the rivalry, i assume that it only happens during the games.

keep us posted chris. =D
we'll surely miss you since its your last year in ateneo na.
youre such a good role model to the youths
god speed! AMDG


Anonymous said...

You know, given the length of some of the comments that people post in your entries, they might as well make their own blogs. They're like short stories! Hehe sorry random, I just got really amused =D

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Tiu,
I,ve just read your brother's article. He really loves you very much and will support you along the way. Put it in your mind that you and your teammates had won the UAAP championship because it was DESTINY. And, I think that both teams (especially the whole Ateneo and La Salle community) are hurt when they hear foul words using a player's name. It's only a game after all. Both blue and green love their schools so much that they take these games personally..your brother is right. You know, it made me think that "ano kayang klaseng estudyante ang nag-aaral sa Ateneo at La Salle?" maybe someday I'll tell it to you. All I can say is, it's part of the UAAP history. Please continue to inspire others...and again, congratulations for being the winner this season.

Anonymous said...

I beg to disagree. DLSU acts a lot differently than ADMU. when ADMU does something out of character, we make an apology, they don't. when ADMU loses during the finals, we accept the 2nd prize trophy proudly, they don't. Plus it was only 1 year that DLSU topped ADMU in the school rankings, and they had to place it in the cover of their application forms pa. I don't know, I (I'm sure along with many others) still believe ADMU is the better learning institution.

Cheers, Chris! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

hi chris!

Will you also be playing for hapee in the PBL? I read that Ateneo already allowed players from the team to join Hapee. Who will be part of the PBL team? thanks.

Anonymous said...

Chris, your brother's so straight forward.. and I like it.. way to go Charles!!! rock on!! hehehe =P

tootsieroll said...

it's good that you were able to post a comment again. i waited long for you to do that... haha! finally you had time! just wanted to see how would you react to those bonfire comments. hmmm... 'twas really a bad move! sana case closed na... with that letters of apology. sheesh!

Btw, i totally agree with charles! nice literary! i don't know why i am pretty much affected when it comes to ateneo-la salle issues knowing that i'm just a blue knight! and not having much knowledge of that fights and biases (like the "wrong spelling" thing) or the how-really-things-going-on between the schools. gee... i guess my heart beats the blue way talaga. haha! i love my school! we all have the MAGIS. =D

angelle said...

Hi Chris! good for you to post Charles' blog. its really releiving to read an unbiased blog, 'cause during the past days (after that bonfire issue) all i've been reading were blogs of a La Sallite accusing Ateneans and at the same time Ateneans backfiring at the La Sallite. oh well, so happy that the issue done. the word war is over now :D

To Charles :)
i must commend you for this very very very well said blog :) good work! i hope you take care wherever 'far far away' land you may be. ;)

Chris, the shirt you wore during the Jessica Soho interview was really cute. i wanna have one. i'll ask (for the 2nd time. haha) where can i buy one? :))

take care always Chris! God bless.

crazypeach said...

Kudos to Charles for writing that! I totally agree with what he said. I am sometimes guilty too of generalizing, which is really a sign of narrow-mindedness. The rivalry is just sensationalized by media.

As a Lasallian, I thank you for having a mindset like that. I do hope everybody tries to keep that in mind as well.

Although competition brings out the best out of each side, it would be better if it is a HEALTHY competition. And the thing we must be concerned of is not how better each side is from the other...but how we can extend our greatness so that the WHOLE WORLD can recognize each side's worth.

angel said...

uhm one more thing cris,

uhm pwede ba pa copy-paste nito??? please so that my friends will realize... actually Neutral din ako even if im from Ateneo wala din ako kinakampihan between green and Blue

sana mabigay aral to sa mga ateneans and la sallite na dinibtib yong rivalry. . .

thank you and more power to you and to your brother

-eyecatchy me0w me0w (=^_^=)

Anonymous said...

i still can't believe you blog! LOL.

this rivalry has been going on for ages. at some point, we all should realize how pointless and moronic it is. why cant we all just get along so we can get thru finals week with a breeze? haha!

you're the man, chris! gudnyt :)

kristinee* said...

i admire your fairness. =)
well, i guess in this case, the best thing to do is to remain the bigger man.
after all, that is what peace is all about, yes?


keisha said...

i guess, it is the culture that both Ateneo and La Salle have tolerated (admit it,) even other schools do the same thing...

but learn to realize that it is not the honor or reputation of the school that matters, IT IS YOU AS A PERSON, A HUMAN BEING.

Anonymous said...

hope you read this....

hi...this is my first time ever to comment here in your blog...

I, we, all know how stressful things on you...But be sure to take care of yourself this is just an advice for you because i am a nursing student...

by the way,keep it up!!!!

i always watched your shows and games on TV...but never in my life saw you in personal...
hope so...

i just can't find times because of my duty....

but hope to see you soon...

GodBless you...

take care!!!




May Ann M.

kathkath:) said...

hi chris. .
just d0nt mind that other pe0ple. . their just "l0sers" haha j0ke lang. .

hmm. . basta keep it up! just c0ntinue of being in yourself and like i've said kanina d0nt mind them nlang. . just pray for them na sana magbago na sila. . haha

ang cute niny0ng lahat sa SOP hehe
haiy. . late ko na kasi nalaman kaya hindi ako nakapunta agad. . huhu

always take care. .and thank you for always an inspirati0n to us. .

kathkath from cavite:)

pewy_carandang said...

Hi chris,
Charles is right, there's really NO DIFFERENCE between the 2 schools,coz the bottomline is that these schools want to mold their students to be a responsible citizens.Why do we have to compare these schools to each other? just because of the UAAP games, especially in basketballl, i think they forgot something that the games is SPORTS, wherein we have these what we calls SPORTSMANSHIP. If your team wins be thanksful, if your team loses then accept and check out why you lose, don't be bitter of what happened, right?
I'm from graduate school of La Salle too, but i think the issue about this bonfire thing is too much, and i think the Ateneo players and even the management doesn't knew about it, and i think we the La Sallian community should stop and put a period on this issue. The players of ateneo and i think even their management apologized too. And we should stop the rivalry between these 2 schools and be friend with each others.



nica said...

Yey for Charles for being brave to post that blog! Nay for the sourgraping people out there!

Chris, good to see you back in this comment section again!

Very nice of you and Charles for making clear that you didn't like the bonfire incident either =)

linktokrish said...

Good job to Charles! I believe in everything he said about the two schools. You see, I am not an Atenean and neither a Lasallite but I do have friends from both schools. We share the same thoughts about the bashing of the fans that goes way, way below the belt during a very heated UAAP game. Aside from the way some people were raised at home, I guess part of the culprit or influence is our society's way of "sourgraping" about losing. Millions of search results will definitely come up in the internet about articles on that, not just about UAAP but most especially the area of politics. I hope Charles' post will stir the hearts of many, especially those who finds "fun" in uttering vulgar words to their archrival's players. I hope it would ever occur to them that such behavior is something we would definitely not want to pass on to our children.

Let me end this comment with this famous line from Ralph Waldo Emerson, which I hope will help some people to stop and think a bit before opening their mouths to say something foul: “WIN AS IF YOU WERE USED TO IT, LOSE AS IF YOU ENJOYED IT FOR A CHANGE."

dresdendoll said...

Hey Chris! I was contemplating whether or not to line up to have something of mine autographed by you guys, but I gave up in the end since the mud was really getting to me. I was thinking too that it wasn't fair of me to deprive someone else of the chance to see you since I got to see you in class during our one sem as classmates.

I'm really glad we got to be classmates this sem. Actually, I was talking to Charles just awhile ago about his JTA, just a very short conversation.

Also, I haven't slept yet and mamaya na orals ko for Chn4. Haha, I think I'm so dead. You're done with yours right? Oh well. See you when I see you around campus. Take Care okay? Cai Lao Shi will miss having you as a student, you make our class so interesting. LOL. Abi and Dianna will surely miss you too. :)

Anonymous said...

It's a very nice insight. At least for now. People who do that will have second thoughts before making their moves or actions. I've seen you played in tionglien seeing how beat my school. Your good just like your brother.

I admit I cheer for the school that I want to win and laugh out loud if the other team loses. But I guess that's just normal.

Hope I'd see you play in the coming UAAP season.

Hope to see both of you in tionglien this January. Cause that's only place where I can see both of you in person.

Take care both of you.

--crazy bubbly lady

ainan said...

Hello! Charles,

I feel your grievance about what happened during the bonfire. I read onsome blog about it and some lasalista and even ateneans are quite disappointed. That was cruel, but just what you said, everybody commits mistake, so charge it to experience na lang.

I want to commend you on you're good writing style, i think you have a career on this path.

P.S. Chris Tiu,]

Hi, I watched your guest episode on Jessica Soho, and i was laughing when she asked if you have a girlfriend right now?! I think we all know that your committed to Clarrise Ong for so many years, I know you too both are happy together.

I'm glad people now recognizing your effort to make a huge change in the society. Don't bother yourself with those nasty comments, they are just an insecure brats.

I'm glad at least you read some of our comments. Thanks! Be Blessed always!

rona :) said...

Charles Tiu made a good blog entry. :) Anyway, It's nice that you posted a comment at long last! haha. I've watched you in Jessica Soho Report, "Mr. Perfect!". :) I also watched you and your team in SOP yesterday. Jai is very cuteeeeeeee! haha. I hope to see you more often in TV. It always make my day :). I will be watching Ripleys later. :)

God bless you Chris! :)

Jamie said...

eek it's getting out of proportion. it's not like we all celebrated kasi may nasusunog na firewood na may pangalan nila. i think it was worse back then. im not saying though that it's fine, pero that's what they used to do during that alumnus' time. it's probably one of the reasons people think na mahangin ang atenista. :-/

Anonymous said...


yeah. I do feel what Charles observe about this ultimate rivalry between these two schools

But if you think of it - that is really the art of a diehard fan, may it be below the belt or worst than that, but the fact is we just need to learn how to live with it – more like being part of our norms already. lolz

It is shameful in a way - yes, but that’s the beauty of it. Of course I’ll be happy if everyone would not lost a bit of logic every time there is a admu - dlsu game - but that is more of a dream world – very far from reality.

I think it would be boring too if the drama between fans are gone as well as everyone would just be sensible to control themselves of emotions. What happen last bonfire as well as on game 2 when la salle was shouting terrorist are incidents that would turn to memories and colors, that we would just learn to laugh on it as years goes by. Something not to be proud of indeed but still memories that I believe would also make you say – I FIGHT FOT ATENEO, I FIGHT FOR LA SALLE (hahahahaha)

Anonymous said...

The Green Side is so elated to find something to throw at the Blue Side and they are so harping about it. Minsan lang kasi sila may makitang puedeng ibato sa Asul. But what about their transgressions... They condone a coach who deserted an obligation to his country; they allow ineligible players to be a part of their team; they allow a team manager to hit an opposing player after a loss; they allow their coach to make a stupid excuse for not claiming a 2nd place trophy... And, the list can just go on and on, but do they own up to their own mistakes? Can Bro. Armin do a Fr. Nebres and issue an apology? I might be hoping for too much.

Kudos to Fr. Nebres for owning up to a community member's lapse in better judgment. Nobody's perfect, not even the Blue Side. So, I agree that the apology is in order...

Sorry to disagree with Charles' premise here... There are La Sallians who are good people, no doubt. But as to the actions they take and the values they show as an instution... I think much is yet to be desired.

Anonymous said...

That was a nice comment from your brother. At least both sides would have an understanding. Good luck ad God bless you..

Anonymous said...

In one sense, there is no difference between green and blue, in the same way that there is no difference between blue and maroon, green and red, and all the other colors out there. Pare pareho lang naman talaga e. But for people who have studied in Ateneo all their lives, specially from grade school to high school, there is such a difference. I don't know why but for some reason you grow up just not liking La Salle. I personally don't think they're an inferior educational institution. Heck for all I care they may even be better than Ateneo. But yet even way back I never really liked the school and I never even considered studying there for college. In fact when my son took pre school in LSGH (wala kasi sa Ateneo), I had my wife pay for the tuition! My son's school activities for the year he studied at La Salle were literally torture for me and I was so relieved when the schoolyear was over and we got him placed in Ateneo for Prep.I know it's kind of OA but still that's the way I felt and that's how I feel up to now. I do feel that a lot of alumni have gone overboard with this rivalry thing and to be specific, I really also think the bonfire thing was a big mistake. However, I would also just like to share that I do know where the alumnus who did it was coming from. For some people like him and me - there is a difference between green and blue.

ian laput said...

Yes Chris, i think it's not right to put much emotion beyond the competition. It could really ruin the image of sportsmanship between groups and universities for that matter, after every game must end atthe court. Competition is needed as motivating factor to excel and succeed, but never to pull down others' self-esteem and honor. For ADMU, DLSU and other universities and colleges, keep the team spirit alive within the boundaries of God's concept on Christian Love for the community. God Bless Our Souls.

-apple3- said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
-apple3- said...

**hard court he♥rtthrob chris tiu has a blog?! now where have i been?**

hi chris..
i really really like the way you have been leading others into following your good example. it's just so nice of you to use your popularity into giving such good examples.

*i sadly missed the bonfire. huhuh*


F_R_H_B said...

ei, im not from either from CLSU which stand for CENTRAL LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY...though we're far from manila and live very differently from the norms of both schools, i just want to point out that in a way we're also affected by the rivalry of ADMU and DLSU...maybe its because of the long-time's been going on for decades...and even if we're not directly affected, maybe we just have to accept the fact that a lot of people are suckers for "stiff competition", and DLSU-ADMU clash is a perfect example of that.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear from you finally about that Bonfire thing. Anyway it's over. That issue is dead meat.

It is true that we love Charles and we like his writings, especially about the Blue and Green, but we love you more. And it is your posts that we are awaiting day in and day out. So please post again your own thoughts.

Pero Ok lang kasi alam namin na very busy ka. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT INTERVIEWS IN THE NEWSPAPERS AND ON TV, especially with Jessica Soho. You made us very proud and happy. Kaya lang the more we see you or read about you we hunger all the more... Mahirap ma-inlove sa TIU-lad mo! You're TIU-PERMAN!

Anonymous said...

who's charles by the way?

Anonymous said...

Go Charles!!! Nice Blog! Take Care & God Bless you. :)

carlie said...

hi Chris and Charles,
first of all thanks for being so open minded about the whole la salle-ateneo rivalry thing...i, too, found it over the line. i may be a loyal la sallian but i find nothing wrong with ateneo. I know it is a great school to and that the rivalry should be left inside the court. once again thanks and congratulations to your victory in the UAAP...take care!:)

Anonymous said...

charles is chris' younger brother.

fyi. :-)

Anonymous said...

DANG!this blog SURE HIT some people..haha!..i think that one of the pinoys problem is generalizing..the author was right they should get rid of their fingers pointing to the officials/admin. especially to the players of ateneo..because they totally understand the green archers feelings..!

Ann said...

very well said.
the school rivalry got too emotional & intense. both schools (i know) are thankful to the fans. but fans can't be controlled.
i think there's nothing more to say.
ADMU is so blessed to have you. i so love the(wonderful) spirit & person you are. you are very intelligent.
you are more than an inspiration to me! take care Christopher... keep smiling!


Ann said...

hi charles!
sorry i didn't notice that you wrote the entry. i'm sorry.
take care


john said...



kmusta n c james yap at baby james...?

ooopssss... sori... kla q chris aquino blog...chris tiu pla..



an gwafu m nun nnood k s pba last sunday....

kla2 m b c aj tiu???

xana kpg nglaro k xa pba, xa ginebra k mpunta..

gudluck xa career..


Anonymous said...

As a basketball fan, it is sad to know that things are getting out of proportion already. I just got hooked with the UAAP during season 70. Coming from the province, i only watch the PBA, PBL, and NBA but i saw a great difference of these 3 tournaments as compared with the UAAP. I saw the passion of not only the players but also their respective supporters. Aside from being entertained while watching the game, i usually wait until both teams, win or loss, sung their school hymns while raising their right hand (close-fist) to show to whom they offered their game. Is this not the real purpose of the game? Just asking.,.

Nette said...

two thumbs up for charles!..

a salute for your courage!..

btw.."if you want to beat me up for writing this, you'd have to wait til next year since i'm in far far away land" -charles tiu

thats my favorite part..hehe!

cheers to all!

myv said...

..very well written for charles.. chris..
..thanks for speaking up and clarifying all the issues about the bonfire..:) i hope all this things will end soon..:)

..btw, will you be playing for hapee?? (i hope so!)

..haha!! take care and more power!! godbless!

kathkath said...

hi again. . hehe

grabe. . nkita q ung c0mment q. . hehe ala lng natutuwa lng aq. . hehe

ginaganahan tuloy aqong magaral. . hehe

ripley's mamaya. . ok lng na mapuyat. . ala nman aq0ng pasok bkas. . hehe

kathkath of cavite :)

Anonymous said...

Nice entry. [:

nica said...

Ive just watched your inteview with Jessica Soho. At the end of it she said something like, "Sana dumami pa ang katulad niya." I wonder how do you feel about it. That's huge, man! You must be really feel honored! And looked nervous a bit too. Were you?

nica said...

Oh! Ive seen you guys in SOP too! You and your mates looked like you had fun!

mimi said...


i would like to apologize for being so rude commenting on your own blog site.

seeing the pictures of the woods with the name of our players on it pisses me off coz those players represent the name of our school. it's like your burning the reputation of our school.

i accepted the apology of jess paredes who is responsible in this incident. since your president sent an apology letter to our president let's move on. the competition nowadays is healthy no more.

i'll try to share this article written by your brother to my co-la sallians.

sorry for everything. i am just carried away by my emotions. again, sorry.

yoshini said...

As a reply to PAT "I've seen the picture. I've seen the blogs of some la sallians. I'm just wondering no one even had an effort to remove those planks before it was burned. Anyway,I hope it won't happen again."

I was there too in the bonfire BUT I didn't see the names of the players. I guess for some reason, people didn't actually pay attention to the woods 'coz honestly.. with the program, who would? I also learned that they covered them because of the rain/drizzles or whatever. I guess we can't really say what actually happened. But as far as I know, a lot of people were unaware until they lit the bonfire. And even if they already did, most people were not close enough to see them.

Anyway, I hope this issue would die soon. I mean if we want the rivalry to end.. then might as well start now.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Charles! I completely agree with everything you said!

Have fun in Austria!:) I wish my course allows JTA, too. Oh well...

Hi Chris!:)

angelko28 said...

i think i'm turning into a charles tiu fan. this guy has a lot of guts inside him. a very true person; no pretensions.:) kudos to you, charles! you have spoken or should i say, written just the exact scenario of what has been happening/ what had happened.

online forum is another materialization of such situations. people always tend to generalize students from a certain school. I have to admit I was really hurt when i observed that there was this connotation already about UP students; that we do not have breeding and we don't look presentable (to euphemize it). It definitely took me a lot of self-control to stop myself from retorting back and posting my picture just to show them they are causing threats to the external validity of their so-called stereotyping.
And what a single Atenean did should not to be blamed or attributed to the whole community because I am sure that one Atenean could not just possibly know how another Atenean's mind works.:)

and of course, i definitely said "de acuerdo" out loud when I read the last paragraph. it all comes down to one's love for the school; and how one is proud he or she came from such a university.

Anonymous said...

couldn't have said it better myself. great post charles! i totally agree. being a lasallian for how many years allowed me witness how the whole rivalry thing is too overrated. i don't see any reason why we all shouldn't get along.

Sapphire said...

this is the greatest blog entry i've ever seen. it is unbiased. i agree that there is no difference between green and blue. we are all the same so we should not fight with one another.
good luck to your future career and God bless! :D

hannah monicqa said...

veritas liberabit vos!!!!!!

abrilata said...


I'd like to ask, I'm actually confused on what happened during the Bon Fire. I have no idea what the commotion is all about. Can you please elaborate?

Thank you.


kimpink said...

hi chris...i'm kim, ofcorz u dont know me but that doesn't matter 2 me,hehehe...just want 2 tell u through this blog what i fil 4 u...i'm actually a big fan of u...u know what, i'm not really into diz kind of thing...lyk posting a comment on a blog or wat so ever...but i just want u 2 know dat u'r an inspiration 2 many people, not only because u'r a model student, or a famous athlete, or an endorser, or a heartthrob, it is ur personality as well dat made u stand out among d' others...lyk wat i olweiz say "ders more 2 CHRIS TIU dan what mits d' just kip it up...i'm not actually an atenista but i did watch ol ur games ever since i was in college and up 2 now dat i'm olredi graduate...dats ol pu guided by god pu kua chris...u'r right...nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm...and dat's wat made u der...GO ATENEO...go 4 d' goal...mwaaahhh...

nweiz, just want 2 ask if u really have a friendster account or there are just some posers pretending 2 be u....?!? guided by god...kimpink hir...\m/

christina said...

im a frequent reader of your baby bro charlie's multiply entries. i personally admire is ability to speak up his mind and share his opinions no matter how many people disagree with it.

i think he's more matapang and palaban than you chris. right? hehehe. (just my opinion though)

i kinda would like to see more of his articles on print (in the future maybe) you both have great writing abilities just like your sister cher :)

thanks for sharing!
way to go charles!


kittykath_17 said...

to chris: hehehe! hanep ang kapatid mo.. nosebleed!! hehe! very well said..i understand charles..gnyan tlaga ang mgkpatid and i know that charles loves you very much kya gnun.. dont mind n lng ung mga naninira jan sa tabi2x.. inggit lng un.. they're such a loser... hehe! ung tungkol sa bonfire,I am very much aware n wala kng kinalaMAN Dun.. hehe..kaw pa.. super good boy mo nga di ba.. btw, i watched ur interview on jessica soho.. hehe..nice to know na khit mha taga ibang school, super love k tlaga nila.."mr. perfect" k pla ha.. hehe.. totoo naman eh.. bibihira lng tlaga ang mga katulad mo.. your parents are so proud of you im sure.. they'll can't ask for more.. hehe..

to charles: very well said.. two thumbs up! I understand you.. chris is so lucky for having a wonderful brother like you..saka tama nga naman.. sana nga lng, sa game n lng ing mga ganyang away di ba.. wala nang personalan..

Kudos to TIU brothers!!... God bless you more and I love you both..=)


kittykath_17 said...

to chris: hehehe! hanep ang kapatid mo.. nosebleed!! hehe! very well said..i understand charles..gnyan tlaga ang mgkpatid and i know that charles loves you very much kya gnun.. dont mind n lng ung mga naninira jan sa tabi2x.. inggit lng un.. they're such a loser... hehe! ung tungkol sa bonfire,I am very much aware n wala kng kinalaMAN Dun.. hehe..kaw pa.. super good boy mo nga di ba.. btw, i watched ur interview on jessica soho.. hehe..nice to know na khit mga taga ibang school, super love k tlaga nila.."mr. perfect" k pla ha.. hehe.. totoo naman eh.. bibihira lng tlaga ang mga katulad mo.. your parents are so proud of you im sure.. they'll can't ask for more.. hehe..

to charles: very well said.. two thumbs up! I understand you.. chris is so lucky for having a wonderful brother like you..saka tama nga naman.. sana nga lng, sa game n lng ung mga ganyang away di ba.. wala nang personalan..

Kudos to TIU brothers!!... God bless you more and I love you both..=)


little miss blue eagle♥ said...

yeah.i agree with kuya's just that RIVALRY was racial difference.they're both unique in different aspects:))


CrYzThA said...

To Charles!..u did a great Blog..its a good blog that the ateneans and la sallites shoud appreciate and to think of their actions..NiCe one!..i ope that BoTh Skuls were able to read it,,wel the battle bet. those skuls dont hav an ending because it luks like a tradition for both skuls that AtEneo is d BiG enemy Of la Salle and Vice versa..

BuT i do rily love ur bLog..=)

a big ChEEr for You!..


CrYzThA said...

By The wei,,Charles,,my frend was able 2 talk to u at xavier..noThing la,,i just said it..hehe

marvz said...

nice charles!

good job...

GOD Bless!

simplytoogood17 said...

I salute your brother.... so far this is my fave post by your bro in multiply...... so sad to hear that he went to Austria already... he really does love you..... in your interview in Manila Bulletin, one sentence sank in my mind.... " You Do Things Excellently, Don't Settle For Mediocrity..." because of this, i really told myself stop playing around and study well..... Well All hail CHARLES TIU!!!!!!!(even though he still didn't accept my invitation... But Ok na rin yung nakakapag comment ako sa kanya....)

P.S Please wear pink more often... you look MORE good!!!!!!:p

zir said...

COOL for Charles tiu. haha! i've read your comments in this blog months ago, and there you have it. you always point out the "ateneo, la salle thingy." and so with that, you proved that you are (and all those people like you) truly a person. (PAPURI!=)

i don't know if you knew about this, or somebody told ya 'bout this. but a video on youtube, entitled, "one big ugly fight" has so many negative comments. i know you won't like it but if you want to see, GO FOR IT. haha! other comments there make our stomachs ache (due to laughing!)

aright, so here goes my farewell.... FAREWELL.

kim said...

very straight forward charles.haha
>>and very unbiased!

>>hope the blue and green side would be like you..

>>>as to the bonfire controversy, i heard that some of the dlsu players weren't mad about it. it's just the supporters who were making big issues about it.

>>>to chris, keep it up..
dont worry about this too'll get through this.
we'll support you always.


baby28 said...

Nice blog Charles!! Well, all the things you said are true. Almost many people from both communities say bad things against each other for some reasons I really don't understand. And regarding the rivalry between the two universities, damn, it is just a game. I mean, you make the university proud by winning a championship but people shouldn't be saying bad things against each other. There are so many games more in the future and what comes around, goes around. People should have fun and not take it personally. Plus, people should be mature enough to display camaraderie and sportsmanship. I think that's the goal of UAAP not the other way around. I'm not from Ateneo nor from La Salle, but of course, the same with you guys, I will always be proud of my university.

Chris, it is good to hear that you don't get the chance to read all the nasty comments. And if ever you read it, it shouldn't bother you.


joncyean17 said...

i agree with what charles said.. this is a nice blog, one of the best i've read. hope that this would bring realizations to those people out there. KUDOS charles!
such a nice work! keep it up!

to kuya CJ, just take good care of yourself wherever you are right now..

ki otsukitte ne oniichan! (=^-^=)

Anonymous said...

hi chris, thanks for being an inspiration! GOD Bless!

Anonymous said...

hi chris, thanks for being an inspiration! GOD Bless!

star alava said...

I've already read this blog at Charle's multiply:) share:D

Anyway, this blog is nice and really tells the truth about the both schools, just like what it said that both schools buy players;) haha. I know a player who experienced that, but I'll zip my mouth which school and who's that player:) haha

Oh well, I agree that everyone make mistakes:P


Anonymous said...

hello!!! i am a lasallian and i appreciate how you emphasize that the rivalry between la salle and ateneo must not go over board...and about the bon fire incident, i also believe that there is no need to continue making a big deal out of it since an apology letter was already sent to our community. though it is a below the belt hit, we must learn to forgive since both teams made below the belt hits for sure.

Anonymous said...

you guys really deserve to win the championship...^_^

Anonymous said...

It's funny to see the lengths La Salle and Ateneo go to fiercely contest the UAAP men's basketball crown. Not realizing it's the Cheerdancing Competition that really matters. Kidding ;-p. Peace everyone! Chris and Charles, you two are Godsend.

Anonymous said...

Greeting to Chris & Charles!

Crazy over Chris Tiu na talaga ako, hehe, kakahanap ko sa google ng official blogsite or website mo, natagpuan ko din! Neer Say Die ika nga, obviously die hard ako ng Ginebra, and im wishing na SANA, i know maybe not now but SOON, makapaglaro ka na sa PBA, seeing jersey #17, at sana dumating yung time sa Ginebra.
Chris sana you continue being a good role model to the youth. Alam mo tumataas yung paghanga ko sayo every time napapanuod kita saying you prioritize your study a lot, good example ka talaga. Mahusay sa time management, napagsasabay sabay ang pag-aaral sa basketball career, tv hosting, business, politics, san ka pa? I wonder, pagdating sa girls, magaling ka din ba sa time management, meaning kaya mo din pagsabay sabayin? hehe, just kidding. mukha ka naman stick to one eh.
And sana Chris stay as humble as you are, sa kabila ng estado mo napaka humble mo parin na tao, walang kayabang yabang sa katawan, always pang nakasmile.
Good luck to your career, whatever choice you will make, we will always support you.
And to your brother Charles, thanks a lot for this blog site. Sa isang fan na katulad ko, napasaya mo kami, kaligayahan na namin tong matatawag!
Thanks for the time reading my post, GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY!

Anonymous said...

charles! what-a-blog!! again!

SIKAT KA NANAMAN nyan! haha!

great job!

almira said...

i am not a La Sallian or an Atenean [but i'll be in college though, next year, haha.] and i took entrance exams in both schools. these two universities have their own way of educating the youth. they are both unique in terms of facilities and all that. so i guess it's not so good to compare them for they have their own norms and system. =]

what charles said 'cheering for your university not cheering against the other' is truly remarkable and has a huge point!

btw, i watched your interview with jessica soho. nicee!

zhee said...

Very well said, Charles! I must say, you and your brother (and probably the whole Tiu family) is truly admirable:D

patty :) said...

it's so nice to hear again from you, Chris, after a pretty long time. such a relief from all the stress in school. good thing you've somehow found a break. and thanks for taking time to read our comments. yes indeed, we'll keep them coming. and it's always been a pleasure protecting you from all the harms your stardom has brought you :)
thanks to you and Charles for being forgiving and unbiased regarding the bonfire fuss :) i agree, let's just move on. what's done is done already. life is not like a PC that has an "undo" :D
oh, Ripley's again tonight. yay! :) good luck sa eye bags tomorrow :)) all for the love of Tiü, Chris :)
i only wish you the best.. take care ;)

Anonymous said...

I want to have a picture with you, Chris!! :)) Kailan kaya next na autograph signing whatever ng team niyo? :D

nix14 said...

to the anonymous who asked:
charles is chris' very supportive and protective brother. :)

to charles:
nice blog! :D

to chris:
good to see you posting again comments :D

ateneofan said...

ADMU-DLSU rivalry is a healthy rivalry. I think it's pretty inevitabe for one team (school) not to boast of what they have against the other school(or the other school's weaknesses). This rivalry becomes dirty when it becomes too personal (i.e. in work, dealing with people). This rivalry will never end I guess. I love the fact that each university is doing their best to improve what they can offer to their would-be students. As for now, let this rivalry live! for the greater good :D

Anonymous said...

hi! do you have a relative who plays judo/jiujitsu? a younger brother?


Anonymous said...

kuya, lam mo kasi ang parehong partido doesn't know anything about humility c'',? walang nag-papakumbaba sa inyo, walang gustong mag-patalo and parating my tension pag nag-kakalaban kayo sa court parang hindi ko na nakikita ang point ng dalawang partido.. Kids look up to you and sets you as an example kasi napapanood nila kayo sa tv so you guys should be responsible sa mga actions nyo lalo pa at nag-aaral kayo sa dekalibreng Schools kaya lahat ng mata naka-focus sa inyo kaya Kung sino na lang yung nakakaintindi sya na lang umintindi di bah,kuya?... yngat and GODBLESS!

Anonymous said...

I'm not from either school and I firmly believe Ateneans in general are smarter, nicer and more humble.

sharleein said...

hey chris! i hope you can post a blog entry about your guesting at SOP. i really enjoyed it. :)) i hope you will have more guestings soon. and i hope to see you again on the UAAP-NCAA All Star Game!

anyway, are you joing HAPEE? :D

Noel said...

As much as I respect you and your brother Charles, I beg to disagree about there being no difference between the 2 schools. Granted that people make mistakes, that there will always be bad eggs in each community, and that one's mistake should not be generalized for the entire school he is part of, there is still a wide difference in values.

Fr. Ben and the alumnus apologized, because no matter how you justify the act (in the heat of the moment, etc), to issue an apology for the act of a person was the right thing to do. LA Tenorio apologized to the public and to the Ateneo community for his sucker punch.

In contrast, did La Salle's Bro. Armin or Franz apologize for:

1. not having a single person from their school come out to accept the trophy (don't give me the reason that the team was in their dugout and didn't hear it; there were still a lot of school officials in the patron section)
2. calling a unnecessary timeout in the dying seconds of a won ballgame just so they can let the La Salle players pose for an imaginary picture? (In contrast, Norman is very particular about telling players not to shoot the ball in the last play of a won ballgame.)
3. Ryan Arana's jig in front of Eman Nazareno to ridicule a defeated opponent? In fact, Franz slapped Arana on the butt when he was called to the bench after a techical was called.
4. Joseph Yeo's slapping away the hand of Magnum or was it Macky after they lost?
5. Joseph Yeo's clothesline of Rico in a joing Ateneo-La Salle exhibition fund raiser?

Did La Salle ever own up to the cheating incident by firing people or suing those who were implicated by the investigations? Shouldn't they have let go of Franz for command responsibility?

Did Ilad apologize for his action?

Those were mistakes of their bad eggs, and yet La Salle's leadership did not lift a finger to set things right and show to the rest that their university does not uphold those actions.

And why is Bro. Armin implying in his commencement speech over the weekend that we "bribe our way to victory"?

I've been watching Ateneo-La Salle games for decades, so I know what I am talking about when I see a serious deterioration in the other side's values. That is why you see respected La Salle alumni like Tommy Manotoc and even lately Quinito Henson, questioning the actions of the school and Franz Pumaren.

Dane said...

Hello Chris! This is my first time to comment on your blog.

You're one of the few visible Atenistas who have a neutral view over the Green-Blue rivalry. I myself would think that the so-called rivalry is getting too far. I mean, both are equally competent schools, and both have a lot to say when it comes to almost everything.

I hope to read more from you (and I will read the others too). Congratulations after that UAAP win.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. :)

Anonymous said...

wow.. i am impressed by this article. this would be my first time to comment on a blog, and i would have to say that you are right. both schools are similar in a number of ways. (even the upbringing of its students are almost the same) perhaps it is just the colors which are different. i would agree that both schools try to make up things against each other, and try to destroy the image of the other school. let us just admit that this is a part of the long-running rivalry between the two schools. i am awed that you, too have owed up to the mistakes that one person has committed, and admitted that it was a foul move. Let this event or happening a lesson to everybody that the rivalries between the two schools SHOULD end inside the basketball court, and not be brought up outside and become too personal. again, good luck in your future endeavors and congratulations.. ;)

chi said...

wow.. i am impressed by this article. this would be my first time to comment on a blog, and i would have to say that you are right. both schools are similar in a number of ways. (even the upbringing of its students are almost the same) perhaps it is just the colors which are different. i would agree that both schools try to make up things against each other, and try to destroy the image of the other school. let us just admit that this is a part of the long-running rivalry between the two schools. i am awed that you, too have owed up to the mistakes that one person has committed, and admitted that it was a foul move. Let us just let this event or happening a lesson to everybody that the rivalries between the two schools SHOULD end inside the basketball court, and not be brought up outside and become too personal. again, good luck in your future endeavors and congratulations.. ;)

Anonymous said...

grabe yun.. parang nagka-political rally bigla dun sa bonfire.. tzk!
anyway.. wala na yon.. tapos na.. :D

Anonymous said...

Hello again Mr.Tiu,
I watched your interview with Jessica Soho last Saturday. On the television, it shows that you are a shy person (a bit). Almost everyone admires you because your face is like a baby and you are very gifted. May nagsabi nga na taga-La Salle "Lahat nasa kanya na,ano pang hahanapin?". Don't hold any grudge to people who may tease you behind your back. You are risking your good looks and good heart. Of all the UAAP players that I know, I think you are the most blessed one. That is because you are very devout. Good Night.

Anonymous said...

it was a nice comment from your brother, very much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

i really like the way you speak through your interviews, very smart and kinda funny in a positive way, hehe. Keep it up! and just focus on hosting. Beyond that? i guess.. you should be focusing more on your business..hehe..well as far as finance is concern..

the higher the return...the greater the risk. hahaha! ^_^ well in showbiz..your personality is at risk...

Anonymous said...

2008 looks like a great year for Ateneo. Aside from the Grade School, Juniors and Seniors basketball teams bagging the championships, we also had the Juniors and Womens swim teams getting first place.

Recently, Ateneo placed 1st in a URCC competition, and bested La Salle in Judo.

Regarding the last win of Ateneo (Judo), take a look at this, because I think we can all learn from it:

One Big Fight!

Anonymous said...

chris, your such a humble person. i relly love reading your blog. i read you blog when i feel sleepy in the office during the wee hours. keep it up!

Sahara said...

bayaan mo sila,.
i am sure na di mo gusto yun,.
dapat respect each other,.
kahit na magkalaban kayo,.
dapat andun pa rin yung respect,.
di mo naman masisisi yung iba eh,.
kase mali talaga,.
pero isipin mo na lang
na malinis yung konsensya mo,.
wala kang kinalaman
about it,.

smile palage,.

hope read mOh to,.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
I so agree with Charles. I am an alumnus of both ADMU and DLSU and I can't say that the quality of education is better in one school. Their systems are both excellent. Maybe, what makes this rivalry so ugly is the fact that a lot of the so-called "die-hard" alumni take all these things personally - they shouldn't.
So, who did I cheer for and whose color I wore this UAAP season? Blue, of course. I was an Atenean first (DLSU for my post graduate!) and also because, I really believe that your team played great basketball and deserved this title.
Good luck on your future endeavors. Will we finally be able to watch the ADMU players in the PBL? The news is so confusing, I don't know who to believe anymore but will take your word for it. And, will Charles be suiting up soon for ADMU? I believe he is in Team B.

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,

Uhmmm, Great entry from Charles huh!!!

It was really nice to hear that your younger brother has been very protective of you… My brother is also in the same situation actually (but not bad publicities because he’s not a public figure anyways haha!) that’s another story that I hope I can confide on you… It’s good to take advice from such a God-fearing individual like you.. :)

Chris, just be strong no one can pull you down because you’re a very unique person… You family members is surely proud of you…
Keep it up Chris… Long Live!!

Charles: Chris is surely very very proud of you… he’s lucky enough to have a brother like you. You are the first one who gets affected when bad comments and/or publicities are coming out about your brother…
Anyways, goodluck Charles!take care on whereever you are!

Godbless you both and your family as well…


“We are all motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better a man is, the more he is inspired to glory” -- CICERO


Erine said...

hei.. I think it's already a fact that schools really should have atleast a rival to call.. Hehehe.. kasi, having no rivalry between giants is simply boring.. Walang competition, walang cycle..Di lahat ng pagkakataon eh you're on the top.. Sometimes you have to go down because victory is sweeter pag ngawa mong iakyat ang sarili mo after a downfall.. Kumbaga, the time of LA salle has passed.. It's Ateneo's time to shine now.. And the following year, it can be UP, FEU,NU, etc.. PAnapanahon lang yan.. Nakadepende din sa kanila if they want to stay on top..
HEhehehe.. Charles' post is nice.. NApaka frank nya.. hehehehe..I must say that he's really a loving brother ha.. (sana me ganyan din ako!! Unfortunately, wala!!!)hehehe... A good day is always ahead so just smile...
Nga pla.. san nanggaling ung firewood nyo nung bonfire? Pano napunta sa inyo ung kahoy ng LA salle?hehehe

anna said...

Hmmm, tough call on this. There ARE differences. I am majorly proud of the way the Blue Eagles have handled the heartbreaks of the past few seasons. We've endured our share of being on the receiving end of some taunts too. I think quite a few of them have been mentioned by posters above. Im not saying that the blue side is beyond reproach either. I just think though that the way things are handled are different. And the number one difference that I would point out is accountability.
That said, I also agree with a lot of the points in your brother's blog. Especially about how we shouldnt generalize and how we are just all proud of our schools. But green is green and blue is blue and they will never be exactly the same shade!
On one other note, I think you'd agree that if kept healthy, the rivalry shouldnt be looked upon as a negative thing. Ive heard you say more than once that the win was definitely sweeter since it was against La Salle. There is some satisfaction to beating a long time rival. Part of the rivalry is also the "alaska" the loser has to endure. I think the burning wood was meant to be that but turned out to be a really bad tasteless joke cos it misrepresented the school.

Anonymous said...

hi chris

well i totally agree with charle's statement....though im not part of either school, it is irritating to hear about the rivalry of ateneo and la salle.

kc parang ung mga student they enrolled in lasalle or ateneo pra msabi n they had been part of it. d ko po lnalahat kc i know both school provide the best education in the phil.

leiram said...

hi chris,
you've been an inspiration 4 us!!
we luv ateneo blue eagles!!
keep it up kua chris!!

Anonymous said...

Hi chris! feel free to visit this site. made a blog entry last sat after Jessica Sojo.

keep up the good work! you are truly an inspiration to others. :) more power to your career! will pray for you. n_n

Chakee :)

kim said...

hi again!

i saw in the pba game last sunday and you're talking to Commissioner Barrios..

do you have plans of joining the pba next year? (I hope so!)haha..

i heard you're not joining the Happee team in the pbl(*sigh*)

oh well..i know you're too busy..

hope you find time to read our comments..



mars said...

Great entry for charles. Did he do that for fun, randomly or what? It was really fun. As high school senior, it is really hard to choose between ADMU and DLSU coz' he's right both schools are great. It's just funny that the two schools are always rivals at almost everything.

BTW, I had fun reading your conversation with ricky lo last sunday; however, i wish he had new pictures of you!

bfrances said...

Hello, Chris!
First, thank you for your time last Sunday. Thanks for the autograph and the photo. Yes, I was speechless that time when I saw you again in person at the GMA Network building.

You have always been my source of inspiration to continue working and striving for the best. You remain down-to-earth and approachable, even though you share the spotlight with your teammates for your glorious victory. Kindly extend my message to the lady in white long sleeves (the one who assisted your team last Sunday. I'm sorry. I don't know her name but she entertained me and she is also from GMA. She is kind, even though she looks strict at first glance), and to the lady in blue shirt. (She also works in the station and she cheerfully assisted me when I asked if I can have a brief picture taking with you.)

Stay good always. About the bonfire, it is good that the one behind it claimed the responsibility. I have been taught by the members of the AdMU community, and I believe that the members of this respected institution will not do such act or go to any lengths just to prove that they took him the bacon and let the opponent eat dust, at the expense of AdMU's reputation.

I think no school is entitled to belittle other schools because I think each one has a unique way of training students and teaching them to become the best and productive members of the society, with a heart to serve the needy and the marginalized.

Allez, M. Chris! Godspeed.

Ben Francis Rances

PS: Kindly keep us posted about your plans for your foundation. I would be glad to participate and share the blessings that I have received. Paying-it-forward. Merci beaucoup. :)


hi chris! congratulations to you and the rest of the gang! also to ADMU! i work with Great Image Services Corp. and would like to discuss the possibility of endorsement opportunity.

classyspice said...

I totally agree with you Charles! I am hoping that La sallites will see the way you see things.

Besides, once everyone has graduated and eventually start their careers, its impossible that you will not meet an Atenean or La Sallian on the way.

What's important is that any mistake that happened was addressed with an apology. Hey, even God forgives... so why should we?

Jayvi Vilar said...

Kuya Chris Tiu,

Here I am again posting a comment about your blog. (Well you got it from your brother so it's his. Haha!) Anyway to start it off, I was never actually interested in this whole Archers-Eagles, Green-Blue, nor La Salle-Ateneo Rivalry. It was only this year I actually watched a fight between the two on TV. (I was too late to get tickets.) I said to myself that this looks funny cuz I see Blue and Green all over the stadium. Reminded me of Nature's Beauty only it was a crowd of people screaming and not the humming of the birds and the hushing of the trees. I questioned myself on why I watch these shows when I'm not into these. I don't really care about the rivalry and all 'BS'(sorry) and here I am watching and cheering for the wrong side (I actually knew that Ateneo would win in the end and I was right. \:D/) Regarding the cheating done during the last game, bonfire and cult rumors going around the place, I knew it was never true. I kept laughing about it because for some reason I can't just believe that Ateneo would cheat to win. Well anyone could cheat, but I am positive that if either one of the school tries to cheat, God will smite them. Look at DLSU's controversy 2-3 years ago? God probably wanted to hit them hard. The "mayabang" or boastful people of both schools is utterly unavoidable, we will all encounter boastful people in our lives because of their status in life. Although you, Kuya Chris, is an extraordinary person, I know that you are extremely popular and your status is just super, (My dad and I were talking then I mentioned your name and he said, "Chris Tiu? I know his father eh. Then... [I won't spill]..." I replied, "Oh really? That's nice! I idolize Chris Tiu. He's so awesome! Not just in basketball but in other stuffs as well.") but you are so humble and very very kindhearted. Okay, I think I got off the topic. Well anyway, Good Luck and God Bless to you now and forever! We must live On not as rivals because there is no significant reason for anyone of us fight for glory, but instead we must help one another to change our country and our world little by little! Animo La Salle and Fly High Ateneo!


psixteen said...

to noel...

great analysis. u and charles both have equally good points.

lets just out this one to rest...let ateneo enjoy their grandslam in bball for the time being. i do hope that the uaap board become more consistent w their calls re: suspensions and stuff like that. :)

btw, i want to cross-post ur comment on my blog if thats ok w u.

KimF :D said...

We truly idolize you guys! :D Specially Charles Tiu for standing up. I myself, truly agree with his blog entry.I mean everything's about a basketball game and all that really matters is that you guys played fair and had fun. Of course winning is one of the best things anyone could want, but we should also remember that winning isn't everything because the best part of the game is knowing that you played your best and even had bonding moments with your teammates, too. :> We all have different schools to support, but we shouldn't take everything seriously. It's a game so you either win it or not and we should all be proud of which ever team we support. You won it because you deserved it. :) Hahaha. :D

KimF and JudzSJ said...

Go Charles Tiu !! :D Hahaha.
Idol :> Whoever beats you is whatever :)) 'Coz you just expressed your feelings, right. Haha. Honesty is the best policy :D

Ateneo. " Win or Lose it's the school we choose :) " !

Carissa Limcaoco said...

Hi Chris!
I just wanted to let you know that there's this article about you in our village newsletter. It's actually just one paragraph and a picture of you but let me know if you want to see it. I can scan it and send it to you if ever. Good luck and God bless!:)

dzoie said...

hi chris..

i agree with charles..there's no difference between green and blue (dlsu & admu) this rivalry thing became too personal already for each school just to show their loyalty to their school kahit pa may masasaktang iba..whether sa basketball game yan o sa academics.. dahil sa PRIDE ng school..di na natin maalis dhil matagal na yang rivalry na yan.. though ang pwedeng mangyari ay baguhin ang pananaw sa Rivalry na yan.. How???through the next generation.. =)
we can change this chris.. =) lets unite all the schools for a change.. =)god bless TIU


Anonymous said...


Chris, post your quotable quotes na. Haha. Yesterday was history. Tomorrow is mystery. Today is Present we need to focus on. haha. Master Chris Tiu.=)) ^:)^

dzoie said...

i know the bonfire issue is closed..just wanna share this:
i remembered the talk we had in yfc...during the reflection the speaker showed us a piece of a clean coupon bond.. then asked us what do we see.. we answered "wala" kasi malinis nga ung paper walang kasulat-sulat.. then using a pentel pen he wrote a small line on it.. then asked again what do we see.. we answered "may guhit" some even said "may dumi". then the speaker said.. dun niyo lang nkita ung paper nung nadumihan na first ang paper "WALA" lng sa tin, pero in the end nung may mark na ito, "dun lang napansin"

para saan ung sharing ko???
ganun ang nangyari sa admu ngayon.. ngayon lang nadungisan ang panagalan ng school kaya ganun na lamang pag usapan ang insidenteng ito at husgahan ang mga atenista..bakit kailangang husgahan ang mga taong walang kasalanan ngayong umamin na at humingi ng tawad ang may sala??

atenista :lets take it as a challenge.. kaya natin ito.. aja!!
one big fight...

good luck chris... we miss you already..muahmuah

Anonymous said...

can i grab this post and publish in an another site...don't worry i won't claim it as mine. :) hoping for your immediate reply. [",]

Anonymous said...

i saw you on jessica soho and i just want to ask why you called chris sumalinog "kanto boy" sounded offensive

Anonymous said...

Hi! I won't disagree with you. But I guess we just have to cut them some slack.

What I'm trying to say is we're all just humans they're just humans, we tend to make mistakes and vulnerable to it. Being rude, we have a little of that in all of us. I guess it's just a matter of when and how you do it. Why bother doing it if you know it's not right?

I'm always and have been an Ateneo fan and I don't care much about who goes to which school. As long as the team/school I cheer for wins. That's all that matters for me.

Had to admit it Ateneo did make La Salle look bad this season. But I guess they deserve it. They're already too proud and conceited. They feel like they've already soar high above the sky. And it's time for them to crash back to Earth. I mean, it's just a simple Law of Gravity "everything that goes up must come down." Can't stay on the top all the time,have come down one way or the other and work your way up again, don't you think so?

I think I've said too much. Take care you two.

--lady macbeth

Anonymous said...

Sharing a post by "wanderlust" on which mirrors my sentiments too...

my friend gave me this link earlier:, containing fr ben's and mr. paredes's apology letters. in the comments portion, this person (who is probably a La Sallian) was defending the dlsu antics in the past (e.g. the famous Arana dance).

Sabi ni Mr. LaSallian: The "jig" and the "photoshoot" spoke of a bunch of young boys battling it out on the hardcourt and eventually gloating. It was never personal. Does not even come close to fanatics who burn wooden planks with the actual names of all DLSU players voodoo-style. It comes off as creepy and outright un-Christian.

pero siyempre. mas matalino ang atenista. sinagot siya ni nito --

With all due respect, sir, to say that the exploits of your beloved "young boys" were not personal is not only illogical, it is utterly misguided. Acts such as those approximate the proverbial acts of spitting on one's face and kicking one when he is down. And no matter how you look at these acts - as long as you look at them for what they actually were - they were downright wrong.

I will not bother discussing which of the offenses (that of Arana and that of Mr. Paredes) weighs more. There are way too many factors to consider in doing so - Arana and the La Salle players being public figures of the school, the age and stature of the offenders, the circumstances, etc. But, assuming - not conceding - that the recent bonfire offense was indeed more grave, it does not change the fact that Arana's stunt was still, in itself, wrong. And it does not change the fact that the Atenean apologized and the La Sallite did not.

At the end of the day, I guess the difference between Ateneo and La Salle is not that one school makes mistakes and the other doesn't, but, apparently, that one school acknowledges its mistakes while the other condones them. Having values was never about being immaculate; it is about realizing one's mistakes when one makes them, acknowledging them, and learning from them thereafter.

Which perfectly explains why an Atenean like Baclao felt compelled to apologize several times for such a benign act like screaming after a huge block, while we have heard absolutely nothing from La Sallite LA Revilla after mockingly doing a shooting gesture to a person who had just escaped death by the skin of his teeth.

Oops, sorry... we did hear something from Franz Pumaren... "He's just a kid."

La Sallian reasoning at its best. Something you two apparently share.


Anonymous said...

Although both schools make their own fair share of boo boos, what makes La Salle look worse is the fact that the people who represent them and are supposedly 'influential' in their community act inappropriately like Franz Pumaren making excuses and Bro Armin saying that Ateneo cheated to victory in his speech. You never heard anything like that from Norman Black or Fr. Nebres despite knowing that calls were not in Ateneo's favor in the past years which caused the team to lose.

In fact, all these years, nobody has owned up to the Gatchalian and Benitez scandal. We have not heard any apologies from the school for such issues, including the Revilla shooting incident. the Arana dancing incident nor the recent Game 2 awarding incident. All we hear are excuses, "he's just a kid", "we were never called out to receive the 2nd place award", "that was the worst officiating I've seen, it was scripted for Ateneo to win". I guess that's where the difference lies.

I am grateful that Ateneo has Coach Norman and Fr. Nebres who are class acts in themselves.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I'm just too and I run through your blog again...finding out some updates and read some comment and entries all over again...

I just want to express something to everyone:
Dba Sabi nga " When your RIGHT no one REMEMBERS, but when Your WRONG no one FORGETS"
Do we know why?
Because some people just adds fuel to the fire. We know that only few people have seen those names in the wood, (the players may not have seen it thou) but since they spilled it out, many people now are asking and commenting about it where in fact, they don't really know the story behind. Blaming other Ateneans and saying comments that they rude, the act is below the belt and etc...We know nman that emotionaly there are people who gets affected in those issues, because it may get too personal..They're trying to fix na nman the issue, letter of apology n nman so sana enough na. We should learn when to stop...the damage has been done, and it is now resolved. then, stop.

And On the lighter note, dapat they Join PBB, UAAP Edition tpos maging BBF (Best Buds Forever) ang La Salle and Ateneo. Like Robi Domingo of ADMU and Josef Elizalde of DLSU.. hahaha! (Just kidding!!)

**Stay positve Chris
**Goodluck to Charles
**Godbless the rest of you family
**Take Care!

toshi123 said...

Hey Chris! It's so nice that you posted your brother's blog . Your brother gave very nice insights about being an Atenean or a La Sallian. I do not care less about status or something, but I believe both La Salle and Ateneo strive to provide the best education there is possible to their students. Thank you for being gracious enough to post this blog so that others would understand what it means to be an Atenean or La Sallian. Kudos to your brother, too! =) By the way, your guesting on Jessica Soho's show last Saturday was fantastic! I loved it =)

RichelleSy said...

Hi Chris.. Wow! I mean, what a great write ups from Charles..You think I got the correct term? Anyways, You have also your point. Well, I choose Blue eventhough my favorite color is green.(corniness,this is me.hahaha)You've already made a great history and I'm sure that you will always be remembered by everyone. Far far away huh? Please promise that you will come back. Good luck.. Hope you have a time to read this. Shishi...Shishi...

pewy_carandang said...

Hi Chris,

Can i post this entry to my multiply account? hehehe

keep on inspiring us and always keep us posted...

GOD Bless!!!



"hi cris! i think i was carried away. you're winning in the recently concluded UAAP is such a feat. by the way, my email add is and i was the one inquiring re possibilities of endorsement. i would appreciate it so much hearing from you." robert lumen

RichelleSy said...

For once I wanna be the one who made the player fall, the one who made the player change and made the player give his all. I wanna be the person who made the player quit the game, retire the jersey and draw hearts around my name. Even just for this one time, I wanna be loved. Not played... "I am dreaming that someday I can spend my life with you.."#17

Megan Bea said...

HI Kuya Chris,

i was not aware of what happened sa bonfire even though i was there. i saw the issue sa news and i was really shocked! i cant believe that someone would do that. sorry for the word but its very stupid! masyadong pinepersonal ang "rivalry" sa basketball ng la salle and admu. its time for both school to just calm down! things are starting to get very ugly na eh. i just wish that if i will study in ateneo next year, the stupidity of the die-hard fans of both school will end. nakakabaliw! hihihi

Ang galing niyo ni Kuya Charles. ^^

-megan bea

little miss blue eagle♥ said...

As I read the manila bulletin lately this morning, I eagerly checked the sports section of it. These are the 2 topics that I had highlighted: It’s Final—Al-Hussaini, Tiu out of the Hapee team and La Salle douses water on bonfire controversy. [Both written by Jonas Terrado].I got sad upon seeing that you’re not going to join the next season of the Philippine Basketball League that is supposed to be slated next month. Rabeh won’t make it also since he’s trying to finish his thesis. As an Ateneo source said, only Eric Salamat and Jai Reyes are available for Hapee. Well, it’s written there that you had begged off from playing for Hapee due to hectic TV schedule. On the other hand, about the bonfire issue, I was glad that Br.Armin Luistro thanked Br.Ben Nebres after the latter problem. Fr.Ben issued a formal letter, apologizing for the said issue. Fr.Luistro said in the interview, “In behalf of the La Sallian community, I thank Br.Nebres for his heartfelt apology and accept it wholeheartedly. While the incident remains unfortunate and could possibly have been avoided, it shouldn’t be seen as reflective of the kind of values and principles that we, both La Salle and Ateneo, strongly uphold. Even if there is stiff competition in the UAAP games, we have always believed that our active participation in the league helps build character, foster camaraderie among the different teams, even as each of our school’s rally the school spirit of our students and alumni. We also believe that through the games, we are providing good role models, not just for the students of the different UAAP schools, but also for the youths at large.” Well, I do hope that the both communities would then, impede the fuss going on around [i.e. in their forums] and just move on. So even though you’re not going to join the next season of PBL, we’ll still support you [but no more playful banners. Aww. hehe] by watching your shows. WE LOVE TIU!!:))

Anonymous said...

i agree, with charles, maybe among the alumni, there isn't a big difference. but there's a whole world of difference between the 2 schools' officials AND coach! that's why we ateneans know when we are misbehaving. which is why we wanted to skin LA Tenorio alive when he gave that foul and why the choice of Coach Joe Lipa didn't sit well with a number of alumni and why now this Paredes guy is in hot water for giving La Salle something to throw at us. in the end, the difference lies in the values the school leaders stand for and model to their students. and for the last how many years, La Salle has been wanting in this department. the immediate response of Fr Ben on the bonfire issue shows that he truly knows his responsibility as educator and President of the school. If sour-graping is the stuff that fills graduation speeches in their side of the fence, then, yes, the students are being cheated of quality, Christian education. and i guess that spells the big difference between blue and green.

b said...

hi kuya chris.
know what, one of the djs in a local radio station here in davao(and he's not an atenista here ah).
is always saying this (whenever he's goin to play AKALA of PNE).
"UP is a school for smart people,
LASALLE's for the rich,
ATENEO (de manila) IS FOR BOTH."
and i agree.

i saw the picture and read lots of articles about that bonfire thing.
halos lahat ng mga tagaLASALLE ang comment "kasi nga mayayabang sila"
i partly agree, esp. kasi dito sa davao madalas talaga na nakakasalamuha naming mga atenista ay sobrang yabang.pero hindi naman lahat may friends din naman ako na nag-aaral dun.

plus yung tungkol sa pambabato ng isang atenista sa isang player ng lasalle ng bote ng mineral water nung secound round ng lasalle-admu game.foul talaga yun.

at first talaga sobrang kampi ako sa lasalle pero dahil sa nabasa ko to (thanks charles) napag-isip ko hindi talaga tamang mag generalize.
tsaka both parties may nagagawa talagang mali.

ive read this:
A lot of people have noticed that the Green Archers
haven't been humble in victory and haven't been
gracious in defeat either.

take care kuya chris.

bianca said...

Uhm I guess that blog of your brother really cares about all the breeding of each school, and I'm aware of it, I was a writer in our school, and I wrote about those things in our sports section, about those incidents, cheerdance wrong spellings, and also about those things all the players keep on doing. Regardless of that bon fire incident that I've heard and also I've read from the broadsheets, I havent wrote anything about it. One thing is for sure in those acts, that he, your brother is concern to the people alumnus, and all the other way around, he's a good public defender and a writer huh. He speaks out his mind and I raise my thumbs on him. You both are uplifting and both of you were humble and inspiring. I will surely then wrote it up to our next deadline ish.
You act fairly and for sure if you'll both be a public servant there will be peace in the country, hope people would be like you, and never be bias, hahaha...


Anonymous said...

hello chris..!
i really admire your competitiveness and it inspires a lot of people or i mean youth to always give it their best shot including me..! at first i am ashamed of what will other people say if i give my best but now i've realized that sila pala ang mas nakakahiya kasi hindi nila ginagamityung mga talents na given by GOD.. and before i don't like competitive people kasi parang they always take things seriously i always say na immature sila , but now i did knew that hindi pala ganun,.. i am so happy na meron pa pala mga tao na like all i can say is thank you for inspiring not only me but a lot of people..!

GODBLESS u and your family always..! ^_^

> nicolette <

vince said...

This is the first time I'm commenting here. The article written by your brother was a great one. I am a Lasallian, and I (usually) don't agree with anything from your side of things. But, what your brother wrote was true; this rivalry has got to stay within the bounds of the basketball court, although it is easier said than done (obviously). Some of us Lasallians don't necessarily hate on everyone from The Ateneo. We also know how to respect your players, especially if those players really do a good job on the court. Hey, our schools' former players coexist in PBA teams with no problem whatsoever. Why shouldn't that happen to our schools' supporters?

It probably is true that Ateneo needs La Salle and La Salle needs Ateneo. 2 sides, very different sides, of a coin. But there are a lot of other important things in life other than basketball.

Just my 2 cents, sir. And congrats to the blue eagles again. You all really deserved the championship this year.


jc said...

hi chris..kayo ba ipapadala sa university games sa dumaguete?

mariel said...

just an aside..

grabe nasa wikipedia ka narin pala!

gudluck sa exams this finals week! ciao!

Tina said...

Hi Chris! I just want you to know that you really inspire me a lot, to do more and to do my best in everything. More power to you and your family. You are really good example to us, the youth. Keep up the good work and more power to you!

Anonymous said...

Finally, La Salle received their trophy, and it seems everything is being ironed out now.

From Inquirer:

Bro. Armin Luistro, the DLSU president and chancellor, clarified that the Archers failed to receive their trophy because “no one called them.”

“At the time, University officials and other supporters already filled the dugout to express appreciation for the team,” he explained.

“We would have gladly received our trophy during the ceremony because we know that we worked hard to get to the Finals. Being a runner-up in the UAAP men’s basketball tournament is an achievement the University is very proud of.”

Anonymous said...

.,hi kua chris!
its already been a long time since i've posted a comment here...
., its really difficult to be involved in a rivalry., coz personally i've been experiencing it,too, when i was still in high school.,
and guess what, blue and green are also the colors of our schools., =)
i can still remember the text msg of my klasm8 when you beat la salle this season during the 1st round elimination.,
"ateneo vs. la salle,
(our school) vs. (our rivalry),
blue vs. green,
wow! grabeng rivalry..
i just laughed on that msg coz we were rooting for ateneo since we came from a true-blue school, too.,
and sometimes it will also reach to a point that there will be conflicts between the students...

your brother is right that having a rivalry is sometimes good coz it can excite the students but sna they'll just leave it alone after a game or a competition..i hope that it will not happen again..

and i wish you goodluck to your career in the future., we're just behind your back to support you...
luv yah!!!mwaah!!!


pAtRiCiA said...

i agree to charles...
theres really no difference between the 2 schools mentioned (ADMU&DLSU)...
it was just the diehard fans who are making the rivalries wider....
i still understand them because they are just supporting their schools but it was really them who are over acting...
its okay to support but make sure na wala kayong tinatapakan at nasasaktan....
kasi mas lalong gumugulo...!!!!!

angel 17 ^-^ said...

kudos to charles for that entry! very enlightening! it made my day..hahah..i hope people will realize too that this ateneo-la salle rivalry is going overboard would be so much fun if both ateneans and la sallians would meet halfway and stop saying things against one another!

chris, i hope to see you play in PBL! we're gonna miss you sooooo.. you were right, the bonfire incident was a mistake and the alumnus had apologized so la sallians, please stop blaming the players because they wouldn't do such thing because they wouldn't want that to happen to them! move on! after all, you make fun of ateneans too! i think we should just learn to treat each other with respect!

pAtRiCiA said...

i agree to charles....
theres really no difference between the two schools mentioned(ADMU&DLSU)...
it was just the diehard fans who are making the rivalry wider..
they are over acting....
i can still understand them...
they are just supporting their schols but plese...
make it sure na when you support...
wala kaung natatapakan at nasasaktan...!!!!
kasi mas lalong gumugulo...!!!!!

green meets blue said...

Mr. Tiu, Good Day :)

Will you be here in Cagayan de Oro this December for JIG? And Xavier U (Ateneo de cagayan)'s 150th? :)

Anonymous said...

I have nothing against DLSU, but I believe Ateneo has a superior education; a better philosophy.

I agree with Charles, though. Sometimes the rivalry gets very personal, it's inappropriate. said...

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ms. TIU said...

hei chris.. ^^
is carina ong (owner/designer of kitchen couture) related to clarisse ong?? is she her sister?? just asking.. ^^ thanks!..

Diane said...

WOW!!a perfectly-written blog.. amazing observation and i guess a realization on my part. I am a frosh from La Salle and that game two was my first time to watch a live UAAP game. Honestly, I am guilty of a lot of things you or your brother have written in your blog. Now, it completely makes no sense at all. Haha, anyway, i would just wanna thank you for inspiring me in a lot of ways which would be too long for a comment after reading some of your blogs and articles written about you in the news paper. It's really amazing how God uses people like to you to inspire a lot of people especially the youth. Keep it up! you're a really great man! hopefully, you'll inspire others as much as you have inspired me.
congrats again for winning this year's championship!!! you deserve it...=)

YOUR ANGEL said...

get out of your comfort zone. explore. life is short. stop being boring. date girls. get to know fans. ride a jeepney. speak fluent tagalog. say a single cuss word every once in a while. you might regret not experiencing these things later. LIVE LIFE CHRIS. LIVE LIFE.

from an instrument of God

diana jane said...

Are you going to china? :)

patty :) said...

hi, Chris :) i just thought of posting a comment here out of the blue.. it's been a few days since i last saw you on t.v., so i sorta miss Tiü already :"> how are you, by the way? ;) i hope you post another entry pretty soon about your plans, we're all awaiting it :D take care and good night :) i wish you the sweetest dreams :)

bajing said...

thanks for commenting chris..and kudos to charles for the entry..really enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your pictures as well in your fan sites..God bless chris and hope you'll get to post another entry soon..

mania_ainam said...

~hmm..ang ganda!!..bravo..astig..:D galing ni charles..:D ahahahah.. ang ganda ng mga binitawan mong salita..i feel so inspired for that..hahahaha.. TAMA!! there's no difference between green and blue.. prehas silang mgandang school..prehas mganda aral..ahww..someday i'll study at ateneo.. after i take my bs accountancy on ue..ahww.. eniwei.. STAY AN INSPIRATION TO are really a role model for me..hahahah..:D take care olweiz..i watched KAPUSO MO JESSICA SOHO..hahahha..astig..TWO THIMBS UP FOR CHRIS TIU..:D

warriorprincess said...

Haha. My dad was telling me that DLSU-ADMU rivalry today is highly commercialized and profitable but it doesn't really match with ADMU-San Beda rivalry before. the fans used to hit each other's windshields after a game. :D

The alumni are the ones who can get really outrageous with this rivalry. Nasa dugo pa nila ung NCAA days. hehehe.


Nice entry!
kudos to charles...
really nice analysis regarding the rivalry of the two schools...

pareho lng naman ang ateneo and la salle...

it's basically not in the school...
nasa tao pa rin yon...
if u'll be successful or not...
if u'll do good or bad...
La Sallista ka man o Atenista we are all the same in the eyes of GOD....
there's no need to boast at one another...

gawain lng yan ng mga taong mabababaw...
they base their life on their social status...

GOD denounces the proud but gives grace and humble to the poor....

basta ang mahalaga u do things the Lord's way...


nagcomment back ka ata for the very first time after sooo many years!


patty :) said...

hey, Chris! :) i checked out fabilioh again just moments ago after a few weeks and i found out that there are pics of the blue eagle bonfire there. haha! silly me. i didn't know :)) i must say, the pics are fab! thanks to Sir Philip Sison :) you should have gotten the pics that you posted here for your bonfire entry from fabilioh na lang, sayang. hehe :D there's a pic there of Miss Clarisse and Charles, nicee! ;) they look good together. KIDDING :D well, anyway, when will you be posting another entry? i long for it everday :"> take care! :)

kngow1709 said...

I agree with that 110%.
I cheer for ATENEO when Ateneo battles with other school.
But if DLSU isn't playing ATENEO, i cheer for them!
Well, partly coz i'm not in college yet.
But, if i go to ATENEO for college i'd still cheer DLSU on if they aren't playing ADMU.
ADMU and DLSU are 2 really AMAZING schools. Both have accomplished a lot, and though ADMU and DLSU have their differences, they are still very the same aside from the obvious /:) anyway, bottom line is they're just really great and it should be a friendly competition. it shouldn't go this far..
Nice blog. :)) Makes sense. It makes so much sense! :)))
Hey, btw, CONGRATULATIONS! you guys deserved to win! YOU ROCK!

abrilata said...


I, well maybe all of us, are awaiting your next post. It has become my habit to view your web page everyday and it excites me everytime I see a new post. However, know you're very busy with your work and school load.

Hope we get to hear from you soon!

♥ take care!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Very good blog. So true.

Chris, I would just like to ask your advice on how I can stop stressing about the ACET. Results will be out on January and I'm really scared for it. Ever since I was in grade 6, my mom told me that I should study in Ateneo, that's why I've been working hard in high school. I thought maybe, perhaps if I good grades in high school, my chances of getting in ADMU were greater. But now, after taking the ACET, I'm not so sure of it anymore. The test was really difficult and it's hard for me to say if I'm going to pass or what. Do you think if I write an appeal saying how much I really want to go to Ateneo and intend to study there, it would help? I feel so desperate. Please help me.

Anonymous said...

HI Chris :) I'm still amazed how one really gifted person can be so humble and still think sanely like you. Hope you'll stay that way :D You're able to see the real things that matter in life :)

patty :) said...

still haven't had the time to accept new comments? aww. anyway, will be watching Pinoy Records later :D

joanna said...

well said :)

yokishinai tegami said...

hi chris!!!

my blog ka pala! talagang laganap na ang admu-dlsu rivalry sa pilipinas. I guess atenistas really don't hate lasalistas the fact na mas enjoy naman talaga kapag DLSU ang kalaban sa basketball, regarding sa bon fire ang mahalaga nag apologize naman ang admu. i think they just got carried away.
good day mr. kagawad!!!

patty :) said...

wow! you were there pala during Doug and Chesca's wedding :D you're even more handsome than the groom himself! aahhh! :)) wala lang :) ikaw kaya when will you get married and with whom? haayy.. whoever she is, she's the luckiest lady :| haha! eew so emo :)) Chris! imy! paramdam ka naman.. :|

crisel said...

hi chris!! it's been a month na pala the last time i posted a comment here.. well, [BELATED] CONGRA"TIU"LATIONS [hehe..] for being the NEWLY CROWNED UAAP CHAMPS!! [i'll just post in tagalog na lang ha? para mas feel hehe..] ahaaaai... alam mo bang habang nanunuod ako ng game 2 nyo ng Finals.. nilagnat ako!! grabe yun..ang saya!! pag nire-replay yun o pinapakita sa studio 23..kinikilabutan pa din ako..SOBRANG GALING NYO!!! hindi ako nagkamali ng Team na sinuportahan..haaaai...til now, very fresh pa din sa memory ko yun pagkapanalo nyo..kahit nilagnat ako..WORTH IT! CONGRATS again..

mami-miss kita sa next season ng UAAP... :c CONGRATS din pala sa Blue Eaglets..[Galing ni Kiefer Ravena..hehe..]

so much for this..God Bless you always!!

Anonymous said...

hi..i hope you knew the this's for you..hope you'll find time to listen to it..

by: Shanice

There's a right or wrong to know for everything
And the truth is somewhere written in between
But there's always something missing in the dark
There you'll find the true condition of the heart

Well, I can visualize the pieces of a dream,
And it's not as far away as it may seem
But if truth be told, it is you that holds the key
To the question that defines my destiny

I've been in love, a time or two
I've seen the world, but not with you
I wanna fly and spread my wings
I don't wanna cry, I wanna sing
I wanna live and take a chance
I'm not afraid to love again
I wanna fall, fall for you
And I want you to fall for me too

I've had plenty conversations with my heart
Coz I want this thing to work, not fall apart
Oh, I ask my heart how it can be so sure
And it answers me because your heart is pure

I've had every expectation that is true
Coz my heart won't lie to me, much less to you
But if truth be told, it is you that holds the key
To the future that becomes our destiny

Unto the mountain snow that melts into the stream
My heart goes like a river to sea
To the heavens up above,
I pray to God our destiny is love.

bea said...

hi tiu :)

thanks for doing this blog of yours and for reading some of the comments.
i know its JUST crazy to see flashfloods of comment in just a second haha.
btw, hope you'll read the previous comments then and hoping that you'll answer my sister's question. :)


Anonymous said...

After the TIU-NAMI of media coverage in the past weeks, now it seems that a new era has passed. The UAAP is finished for this year and definitely you will not be back. Now that you graduated in the league I don't think that a star like you is likely to appear soon. Yes there will be cheerings and stiff competitions but they will not capture the imagination of the public the way you do... the way you did...

We glory in your triumph and we consider it our victory as well. We rejoiced in the fact that your face were plastered on front pages on the newspapers and frequently shown on TV channels. We were like kids who listened to your interviews in the sports news and watched it again and again in You Tube. We feasted on your exclusive interviews on papers from Star to Bulletin to Inquirer, yes even the Business section. We couldn't have enough of TIU.

Unfortunately, the love and admiration we showered on you propelled you to a stage much higher than our expectations. Now because of it you became so busy that this blog is no longer updated for almost a week; unlike before that you even give your comment from time to time and really answering our questions. Because of this success you can longer play for PBL which for many of us will be another opportunity to see you play at your best again. Now there is even doubt if you can still join Ateneo in the battle of champions with the NCAA teams.

We prayed for your success because we want you to be closer to us. Instead, it created a greater barrier. Hopefully, you are fine and ok. Hope you can still relax and enjoy after all these moments of glory and fame. We are worried because Charles is away but we are consoled by the fact that you have enough values formation to be far away from danger and has a faith greater than ours to keep your feet rooted on the ground. We are consoled knowing that your parents are there like shining lighthouse in your life. And hopefully, Ms. Clarisse is there at your side, in our behalf, to give you the love that you deserve.

Still we pray to the Lord to bless you more and lead you to the summit of success He has prepared for you. As you face new challenges we want to assure you that WE BELIEVE in you and with you as we believe before while seeing you falling on the court to grab the ball desperately in a loosing game. We want you to know that you are the King Eagle of our hearts, forever... you are the Captain of our generation, for all time... AND WE WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT WE LOVE YOU SO... THE WAY YOU LOVE US AS FANS AND FRIENDS...

haylin said...

yeah!i totally agree!

ateneans are really proud to be ateneans..and so LA SALLE..I salute the TIU brothers..hehe:)


mak said...

I'm just wondering no one even had an effort to remove those planks before it was burned??????

tsk tsk tsk!

Pat said...

Hi!!! I've tried other means to send the blog layout code pero mukhang dito ko rin ipopost. XD
Heres the link to the blog code. Just extract the file! It's not a virus. Swear

indigo said...

Are you going to play on saturday for the UAAP-NCAA ALL STAR?

cj said...

hi chris!

i just visited meg magazine's site and they had a poll about who we want to see in their cover.

the choices are you, enchong dee and phil young. of course i voted for you though i also like enchong dee. haha
and i was expecting that you would be getting the highest percentage. and after i voted, the percentages were 83%, 14% and 3% respectively! haha
the other two were sooo left behind.haha

just sharing.

Anonymous said...

hi chris, ur such a good inspiration to the young ones keep it up dude..and i thank you for that!!..kudos to ur career..and godbless..

ps. sana dumami pa ang mainspired mu..ur such a big influence to all..most especially to the teens..


Anonymous said...

hi kuya chris....
are you going to participate n the PBL?

pls post another blog.....

bombastarr said...

Hi Chris! :)

I'm neither an Atenean nor a LaSallian, but I agree with everything your brother said in this post.

I was shocked about the Bonfire incident, but I knew all along it couldn't have been done by the players..

Anyway, thanks for being SO KIND (I cannot stress that enough :P) to us when me and my friend visited the set last Friday :) It was such a GREAT experience! :) We hope to see you again soon!

- Karla

sushirolls said...

very well said. :)

patty :) said...

although i know you're a Jay Chou fan, you might wanna listen to the song The World's Greatest by R. Kelly :) i think that song was intently written for you :)) seriously, the message of the song suits you :D i won't post the lyrics of the song coz i want you to really take time and download the song and appreciate it, though i know you don't have the luxury of time :)) maybe you could do it during your free time, don't tell me you don't take a break anymore even for 1min.? :))
ayt, that's all. i just wanted to inform you, but maybe you already know the song. anyhow, it feels good that i told you about it. it won't hurt naman eh :))
sige, you take care huh? :)
and please do post something real soon, please :D even just a comment but please make it long enough :))
and i just wanna say, to end this, i miss you na, seriously :| yeah like i don't know you naman personally and you don't know me as well, i just have this longing for you. hay.. good thing though you're part of the media and that studio 23 regularly replays UAAP games, so i still get to see you even on t.v., at least :D
whew. dramas dramas.. :)) bye for now! :)

myv said...


..just dropping by..:) are you??..i've been waiting for a new post.:)

..i already miss TIU..hehe.:)

..hope you could post soon..:)
..take care..:) said...

hi chris.. how are you??i know youre kinda busy na din lately..just droppin by to say hi and to remind u to take care of yourself.. heheheh god bless TIU... miss your stories na...jsut pray always..muamuah


psixteen said...

to chris...

watching this doc special "walang iwanan" in abscbn. mvp was one of their featured entrepreneurs. though u two did not have the same background or childhood, i hope and pray u be the next mvp that ur alma maters, both xs and admu, will be boasting about in the years to come.

uve already made a name for urself this early in ur life but i believe u can achieve so much more. im still waiting for the foundation u are to put up...and i want to help out in any way i can...[for free since tis been my dream to also have my own since 2002].


benj said...

hi chris!
i agree with you.. the rivalry in the basketball court should end up there.and we should pay respect to each and every team in the league. but let us face the reality that there are supporters and fans that can't move on after the game and worse bad mouthing the rival school. i hate it! and the worst words i heard was about Arwind Santos(calling him a pedicab boy) so whats wrong with that?, calling FEU as jologs(although for me that word dont really exist) and that "batukan issue" involving the DLSU's official which is very humiliating on our part as FEU community. Each and every school deserved to be respected. Each School is the best in their own right. "We are all brothers" but honestly I really can't feel the spirit of brotherhood and and sportsmanship in the UAAP. But good enough that there are still people who knows how to pay respect to others..
GOD BLESS! and more power!

benj said...

hi chris!
i agree with you.. the rivalry in the basketball court should end up there.and we should pay respect to each and every team in the league. but let us face the reality that there are supporters and fans that can't move on after the game and worse bad mouthing the rival school. i hate it! and the worst words i heard was about Arwind Santos(calling him a pedicab boy) so whats wrong with that?, calling FEU as jologs(although for me that word dont really exist) and that "batukan issue" involving the DLSU's official which is very humiliating on our part as FEU community. Each and every school deserved to be respected. Each School is the best in their own right. "We are all brothers" but honestly I really can't feel the spirit of brotherhood and and sportsmanship in the UAAP. But good enough that there are still people who knows how to pay respect to others..
GOD BLESS! and more power!

Anonymous said...

hi Chris..
You inspire a lot of people..
keep it up!

kharen tuss said...

....BOW to YOU mr.charles tiu.

....i think mahal na kita.

....s0rry chris,he,he.


kharen tuss said...

....B0W t0 YOU mr.charles tiu.

....i think mahal na kita.

....sorry chris.he,he.

....C0NGRATZ & BEST WISHES t0 mr.&

anne said...

ei!chris hope maglalaro ka sa pbl..hoping..too good to be true...!well!iba-iba nga talaga ung mga tao...gooluck!

krista said...

Hi Chris,

Just want to know what you will be up to after the season? Aside from your shows in GMA.

Hope you can provide an update...

Gab said...

Very well said chris..ur da best. We will always support u no matter what happens. Just contact me @ 09082521194..Hehehe.. ill just w8 4 u..cute mo talga!!!

Honey said...

hi CHRIS TIU... you know my sister apple is a big fan of yours, she always screams on top of her lungs when she hears your name or when she sees you on TV, imagine how she looked when you suddenly appeared on SOP together with the champ teammates of yours.
i'm proud of you as all sisters should be proud of their borthers, i am an atenean myself and i should say that you did well when you said nice things bout the school and your values in life during your interview with Jessica Soho, i don't know about the Bonfire incident and the below the belt thing but i hope we all get through with that and learn to forgive... we all have human dignity, so we need to respect each other. di ba?

God Bless always

Honey Abilay
Ateneo De Naga University

almira said...

no updates yet? anyway, you seem to be too busy, captain!

take time to rest and always pray [=

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