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Many of you have seen the AKO MISMO commercials. Of course, how can you miss it when it was first aired during the Pacquiao-Hatton match, which was broadcasted locally through GMA7? Some people still ask me what this advocacy is really about. Here's my own version to try to explain it to you.

AKO MISMO is an advocacy that aims to encourage each and every Filipino to make his or her own pledge that will help make this country a better place to live in. Whether you are a fisherman, a taxi driver, a fishball vendor, a teacher, a scientist, a banker, a politician, a businessman, you get what i mean... you must make your own commitment no matter how miniscule or how outrageous. A pledge can be as simple as stopping to buy pirated DVDs or paying your proper taxes, or going on carpool to save gas, always putting on a smile and saying thank you.

Because if we seriously want our country to progress and be more 'livable' to the millions of Filipinos, we have to start somewhere. We have to start from ourselves! Stop blaming the lawmakers, law implementers, crooked policemen or whoever, look first at yourself! Are you actually doing something for the good of your country men?

This advocacy's primary goal is to move YOU to take an INITIATIVE, rather than being a passive spectator waiting for a better tomorrow. And this is precisely why I agreed to support this cause, because it is something that I firmly believe in! Critics were bashing at the lavish spending of SMART for this campaign for the media placements and talent fees. Well, no talent fees were paid because we, endorsers all support this cause 100% , knowing how much impact this can create.

I can't keep track as to how many queries i've received asking how and where the AKO MISMO DOG TAG can be bought. Well this is the reason why I timed this entry today. AKO MISMO has been receiving over 1000 dog tag requests daily. Finally, we will be having the AKO MISMO DOG TAG DAY on Friday, June 12 at the Fort Global City Open Field. It will be a day-long event starting 2pm. Dog Tags will be sold at P40 each and will serve as your ticket and ID to the event. Proceeds will go to the beneficiary charity partners. Caritas Manila, UN Stand up Against Poverty, World Vision, Dynamic Teen Company, ERDA, UP PGH Cancer Institute Foundation, Gawad Kalinga, Cutis Laxa Benefit, PNP Badge of Honor Foundation, PLDT Smart Foundation, and DDB Cares.

There will be many many bands performing, from the up and coming to the iconic bands today like Bamboo, Ely Buendia and Pupil, The Dawn, Kamikaze, Kjwan, and Up Dharma Down. The event will run all the way until evening. There will be raffle prizes as well. I'll see you guys there!

You can also visit



enderun gurl~ said...

interesting thought po, I think people blame the law-makers or etc. cause they are afraid to make a difference themselves alone or they'll start only when everything is in its worse na. well that's my opinion..who knows. Anyways i'll try my best to go to the event even is its for a short while ehehehe. it's good to know that you care=]..take care kuya!

G. said...

i think that Ako Mismo could give us the boost that we need... the campaign against apathy is especially useful now that the 2010 election is nearing. We have to be catalysts for change!! Keep it up!

cieanne0603 said...

aside from loving La Sallians,,. what else will you say continuing the AKO MISMO _______?
haha curious.. wel anyway Goodluck on your nw show at Solar Sports :)

kalliepepper said...

yay! i just got my dog tag yesterday from a friend. it was really cool and i got lots of questions and stares while i was wearing it. too bad i won't be able to go to the Fort, since I got work early Saturday and the event's gonna last till late Friday night... aw. i won't be able to see you again.

enjoy the PCD concert and the AKO MISMO event! ^_^

c16_c17 said...

hi chris,

how are you na?
so you're going pala dun..
my god.. my god..
sana pala nagplan akong magpunta dun.. sayang!

nga pala.. member na ko ng akomismo.. nung mga times pa lang na nicocommercial yun nagregister na ko.. hehe

hindi po ba pwedeng magrequest na lang online? at ideliver na lang? hehe hindi kasi ako pwedeng umalis eh..

sige po! ingatz na lang po lagi..

miss you alot!

ano po pala yung new show mo? paki update naman po kami ha..

Anonymous said...

I know that my question is off-topic, but still, I want to know.

May I know why, you no longer put tags or labels in your posts?

Just asking.

:) :=)

janine de gracia said...

.hi chris.
.so happy to read again your entry.
.i already saw the AKO MISMO ad.
.it's a great campaign.
.many Filipino will benefit from the commercial.
.they will be struck by the mission of the tv ad.
.that's to start the change within our self before complaining about the problem of our society.
.you are really putting a lot of effort and passion on what is right for everybody.
.this whole campaign will surely be successful.
.hope i can get the dog tag even not going to event tomorrow, our place is too far.
.continue what yuo had started and i know many will follow.
.take care.


jessica said...

member ako nun dahil sayo!!!

i love you chris!!

elaine D. said...


it's nice to know your thoughts regarding the political issues of our true that people should really stop blaming others, basically the one in authority, for all the troubles our country is facing right now...

the problem lies not only to them but also to the attitude most Filipinos are showing..

hmmnn...i have to stop..i might be able to make a blog here in ur comment box..


i'll try to go to the fort tom..


nurse jane said...

how about those who won't be able to attend?

sabria ü said...

I personally support the AKO MISMO advocacy, Chris. I have submitted my pledge through its website, although it's only one because I haven't really found the time to regularly update it.

I also believe that if we want change, we should start improving ourselves first, before anyone or anything else. If only we start becoming aware of our own flaws and shortcomings and find ways to try to correct them, or maybe not commit them again, then the Philippines will slowly but surely find its way to the change we want to witness.

Have a great time on Friday's Ako Mismo Dog Tag Day! And please do share stories with us regarding it.

Advance Happy Independence Day and God speed on your new show!ü

JM said...

what a good advocacy, change should first start with ourselves...

idol astig ka talaga

Anonymous said...

i already put my commitment in the wall.

and just recently, i was really disappointed when i visit the site. kakainis lang talaga yung ibang filipino, lagi pinapasukan ng kalokohan yung isang bagay na dapat sana e seryosong! i don't know if nakita mo na yung isang nakalagay dun, it stated "ako mismo, kamukha ni chris tiu", may isa pa, "ako mismo ang maghahabol sa lalake" very disappointing talaga.

basta ko, ako mismo, sisimulan ko ang pagbabago sa sarili ko.


angelica said...

can i just order it?i'm going out of town tom and i want one...

yil said...

...a round of aplause for you! That a very persuasive campaign!

AKOMISMO is such a great advocacy and is very timely with the present economic and political scenario of our country. And it has a very impressive list of credible endorsers like you. that's why i'm a proud member of this advocacy. we must be the catalyst of the change we want to have. Sino pa ba ang gagawa nun kundi TAYO MISMO:)

i heard you have a new show at Solar, right? I'm very happy for you. Tell us something naman about that.

are there any other means of having that dog tag?i'm here kasi sa davao. i really wanted to have one.

hope you'll enjoy the PCD concert tonight and tomorrow's event!
just keep up with your advocacies, i'll support it all the way.

till your next blog...

yil :)

jenniecamanuel said...


i aLready signed up

ur my inspiratiOn

GudLuck and Godbless




Jerick said...

OMG!! pupunta ka poh ba dun??
gusto ko pumunta kaso not enough
yung pera ko. huhuhu.

sana meron pang next dog tag day.
para makapag plan nman ako pumunta
with my friends.

sayang! but i'll try to go there
pra makita nman kta in person.

God bless.

------->John Jerick Orduña

amigi said...

hi chris, im just wondering what AMDG means. is it an acronym or what?

mikee said...

hi chris!

it's good to know that akomismo is giving an event to the people who believes in the movement's advocates.

hope it'll turn out great....

hope we could see you tomorrow....

just stay safe....

P.S. You look like an anime character in your "geek" pic in one magazine... lol...

hopr you could update us more in your fanatext...

gambatte kudasai chris-san.


crazypeach said...

Yeah you're definietly right...glad they came up with someting like this. The only thing I'm concerned about are the pranksters that signed up in the website. Thay were just playing around...somebody posted "AKO MISO ay pogi" was funny but shouldn't be brought there. Oh well. At least I know it can really make a difference. Thanks again for saying you'll be loving Lasallians!!!! Hihi! AKO MISMO, mamahalin ko ang mga Ateneans! Hihi! Fighting!!!

Mich said...

chis pde b bmili mltiple tags, andming ngbibilin haha :)) kulits ;p tke cre, see u :p

Anonymous said...

hmmm nice...
hey mr chris sinabi mo sa fanatxt na nag shoot ka ng new show..ano title??sa gma7 ba?? hope you answer my question...
take care always..
hope i'll see you very soon..

3xie said...

i want to go there tomorrow and buy the dogtag... :))
it will be a success i think!! :>

faye said...

Good thing I filed for a leave!:) Ely + Chris Tiu=AWESOME! See you guys there!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! I like the campaign of this org. it's like we can do almost anything by starting from ourselves and para pa sa lahat, walang specific age, gender, profession. My bestfriend and I signed up on the website and left a message about what we can do to help the country and we are practicing it naman. i really want to have a dog tag. It's so cute and sign na din ng pagiging makabayan. Unfortunately, I can't be there tom (June 12)because of my job.

Goodluck to the concert and to the campaign!!!


lhoi said...

will you be there ba?

eLai said...

i want that dog tag!!!! i love merchandise, actually...
pero gustong-gusto ko talaga yung campaign na yan...
"makaPilipino"!!! ako mismo...ako mismo...ako...??
"Ako mismo ang gagalang sa karapatan ng kapwa ko tao.."
pasado na ba?! ahahahahhh...
kuya, ang alam ko, sabi mo, "Ako mismo ang magmamahal sa mga Lasalista"??? tama bah??? ahehehhh.. love that! natuwa si Mr.Edu Manzano dun sa sinabi mong yun eh...sinabi nya dun sa show nya..."thank you" daw...right??? ahehehehhh...
Ateneo/La Salle....friendships!!!
yeah!!! wala ko sa dalawang yan eh.. pero friends-friends syempre!

sigeh! good luck in everything you pagpalain sana kayo ni "Bro" (Si Lord)...yah..i got it from a TV program...ahahahahhh...
ingatzzz na lang palagi!!! :D

maganda_214 said...

Yes, as in I agree with what you said in that campaign.. I believe we can contribute something great for our country even through small, random acts of goodness to our fellow kababayans..

AKO MISMO - magiging POSITIVE Filipino blogger just like CT-17 :)

Anonymous said...

.hope i can get the dog tag even not going to THE EVENT! GOD BLESS! mwah mwah :0

arrie said...

hello chris!i think that AKO MISMO is an advocacy that we surely need in order to achieve even a single and simple change within us.after all,change starts from within.good luck and may the event come into a huge success!God speed! =)

Anonymous said...

,eowzz ..

i wish i can go there ..
but i think, it's impossible because i have a lot of school works to do .. as always review, review and review ..
i want to have a dog tag pa aman & to see u also .. huhu

btw, CONGRATULATIONS.!! for winning samsung's style icon award .. kung gusto mu akin nlan un phone & t.v. hehe (just kidding)

well, goodluck mamya ..
wat a rainy day ..

Anonymous said...

nice smart commercial:)

nurse jane said...

hey, chris! just saw your new commercial of Smart's Sandbox!
it's so cool!..
car racer ah! it!

fei.:) said...

hi chris.
are you the one who's on the commercial of sandbox? i really don't have an idea on what that is but i think it's cool. :)
i'd never seen the full commercial yet, but i hope you'll post links of that. because i've been looking for that commercial in youtube, but there's none. hehe..
that's all.

god bless chris. :)

sabria ü said...

Chris! I was watching TV a while ago and I was really surprised to see your new Sand Box commercial. It's really cool and cute! I love it.ü

How's the Dog Tag Day?

Have a happy weekend, Chris. Take care and Happy Independence Day!ü

♥jen♥ said...

hi chris!
how's the AKO MISMO Dog Tag Day?
are the dog tags available in the market?
i really want to have that dog tag.
hindi ako nakapunta sa event kasi i'm from bataan pa..
by the way, nice naman ng new commercial mo sa smart..
different chris tiu ang nakita ko dun.. :)
take care always! :D

blue starbean said...

i hope AKO MISMO campaign would inspire people to do good.

thank you for being my inspiration, Mr. Christopher Tiu!

God Bless!

Leanne said...

I personally support this advocacy. Like Mahatma Ghandi's point of view:

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Happy Independence Day to all!

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris...!!! :)

by the way, i'm so sorry for the wrong entry of my comment
instead of your latest entry entitled "AKO MISMO", i posted
on "Playing against Antoine Walker" last April... haha... :D i'm soooo tired
coz of my work... overpressured...

Now, my comment must be transferred to your AKO MISMO entry so hoping for your
good consideration, ok...

"I'm a member of AkoMismo advocacy campaign few months ago and I believe your statement regarding this concern.

I've seen on print, radio and TV ads, and I'm really support for this.

It's not a political campaign nor the black propaganda against the present administration; it expresses our beliefs and actions just to showed up that Filipinos make us stand and proud for our country to fight against negative side. The advocacy marks the point that we must take an intiative and
make a first step on what you're going to do to help
our country.

My own point of view is to show that Filipinos must take action in order to help create a better change in the Philippines. POVERTY, EDUCATION, HEALTH
and UNEMPLOYMENT are not the main problems that we are currently experienced, our country must suffer on people's losing of hope is the biggest problem that happened in our daily lives.

Sa daming problema na madalas mangyari at naririnig sa radyo, peryodiko at telebisyon tungkol sa away pulitika, corruption, scandals at iba pa, paano
natin ito maiiwasan? paano natin ito magkakaroon ng solusyon?

Don't lose hope. Our Lord Jesus is the "center" in our daily lives. Without HIM, there will be no guide and protection to us.

Ako Mismo, kailangan magkaroon ng magandang adhikain at pagbabago para sa ikauunlad ng ating bansa.

I hope that this advocacy must encourage them to express themselves
and play an active role in nation building towards success.

Continue to support AKO MISMO advocacy and all we need to do is CHANGE...

Keep it up and Goodluck!!! :)

Jerick said...

hello kuya chris(my idol)..

so sad. di ako nkapunta sa event
ng AkoMismo sa The Fort. tssk.
anyway, paki lagay mo nman poh
d2 sa blog mo ung new TVC mo.
ung Smart Sandbox.

pls. thanks poh.
aasahan ko poh yan. :)

----->John Jerick Orduña

Ceila said...

Chris, how can we- people not from Luzon- get dogtags? I really want one, know a way? And I support AKO MISMO too, I'm a proud member. :)

almira said...

" take an INITIATIVE, rather than being a passive spectator waiting for a better tomorrow."

yeah, you said that right. :)
ohh, i really want to purchase a dog tag but i won't be able to make it today at the venue. will there be stores selling it?

take care!
i'll always pray for your success!

Mich said...

yay have the dog tag na ;)) grabe sooper daming tao kht sooper init, meaning we really wnt chnge and do something for this nation, ang galing :))

thanks for inspiring a lot of people ;p take cre :))


Anonymous said...

off topic 'to. sori.

pero i should say.

sobrang ang CUTE mo sa sandbox commercial ng smart. hehe. :)

sige sige. stay humble, cute and gwapo, chris tiu. :) you're really a big inspiration. :)

bernah said...

hi kuya chris!
how are you na?still missin' you until this moment..harhar..
you know kuya,the ateneo blue eagles played for a friendship cup here in cebu..but unfortunately, they only got the runner-up title..
and it's all because of the stupid refs..
how i wish you were here..xguro, may chance pa na manalo if only those who played for the uaap season71 championship game were here (,jobe,and yuri).
all of the ateneo fans(im one of them) really felt bad upon seeing their fave players being defeated by some losers.even jai and the others, as what ive seen, got really disappointed,.
kuya,would you mind taking another course in ateneo?:)joke..but if you would love to, we will surely be happy..
kuya,try visit cebu naman o.,all of your cebuano fans are waiting for you..please..
take care kuya!
we all love you!!
(kuya,hwag k munang mgpakasal ha!? wait for me..joke,harhar!:)

bernah said...

kuya,ive already seen your sandbox commercial.Still the same, you're really gwapo..
goodluck for everything!
luv yah..:)

Christina said...

i saw your sandbox commercial! ang cute!=)

Anonymous said...

A very WORTHY CAUSE! Such a good role model..........God Bless You as you represent the country in playing basketball and hosting good shows.



Anonymous said...

hi chris nkita ko na ung sandbox mo..ur cutie..


Anonymous said...

Hey, just want to say thank you very much for being an inspiration to me.

Thank you for coming into my life, you're an angel that God send to me.

You're such a wonderful person.

Thank you so much,and goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just want to say thank you very much for being an inspiration to me.

Thank you for coming into my life, you're an angel that God send to me.

You're such a wonderful person.

Thank you so much,and goodbye.

karen FORTU said...

hello!!i wanna say thank you to those who made the dog tag day possible and very very successful.dat was my first time na makaattend ng ganung event and it's also my first time to support a huge org. i'm really happy to be a member of ako mismo.with just a minimum of 40 pesos nakita ko ang for me the best youth role model in whole wide world.of course that's you mr. chris tiu.and not only that,my libreng concert pa and most importantly, i was able to help the less fortunate especially mga kids. i know with the help of ako mismo, marami pa akong matutulungan at magagawa para sa kapwa ko pilipino.

we thought late ka na tatawagin on stage. we were about to go and then i prayed "cge na Lord palabasin mo na si tiu". and then when mark abaya asked kung sino ang basketball fan sa crowd, i immediately knew what he meant.i thank the Lord right away.

although it was hot, tiring and we were standing for like 7 hours, i would still love to attend the succeeding dog tag day.sana nga nxt year meron ulit.

and nxt year when i see you again di na talaga ako mahihiya magpapic sau. i don't know pero na starstruck ata ako sayo. i didnt expect na makikita ka namin sa may vip exit. then pumasok ka ulit, to answer a phone call i think. and may friend was like, sige na pumasok na tayo dun oh, magpapic ka na. then you went out again, i want to call you pero i cant make my self speak and call you. and finally, you got inside your car na. hayzz sayang pero iniisip ko nalang na i should be thankful to God parin kasi He answered my prayer na makita ka and im sure nga na marami pang opportunities for that diba?

sorry for making kwento of that pa. im just so happy to see you.

take care po!!

karen said...

hi chris! tagal na din nung last na nagpost ako dito...medyo busy lang kasi...

im a proud member of Ako Mismo Campaign...

and grabe im sooooo happy that i saw you sa Ako Mismo Dog Tag Day last June 12, grabe!!! i didn't expect that, finally nakita na din kita sa personal... isa ako dun sa mga sumisigaw kapag sinasabi yung name mo... plus may ely buendia pa! grabe na talaga!!! hehe =)

pls post mo naman yung new commercial mo dito!!!

mikee2009 said...

hi chris,,,...

the Ako Mismo DogTag day was a blast...!!

There are way too many people who supported the event. I was there too. Im happy that I got may Dogtag.

It's amazing that there are many celebs and personalities who attended the event. I was looking for Edu but he was not there. Good thing you and the other bands were there...

good luck always!

love said...

chris, i am not able to see ur newest tvc, its airs very seldom. can u post a link? thanks

yil said...

hi Chris!

it's me again..hehe :)

just want to have a comment on your Sandbox TVC. Ang cute-cute mo dun!!!subra-sobra... I hope you'll put it in your blog so i can watch whenever i like it.

congratulations for that TVC and for winning Samsung's Style Icon award! You really deserve that award. :)

stay as humble as always, Chris. And keep on smiling. You just don't know what your smile does to me. thank you for always inspiring me. hehehe :)


Anonymous said...

,eowzz ..

anKULIT ng sandbox commercial .. haha
seems like enjoi 2 have sandbox ..

btw, a few hours ago i saw the commercial of ripley's for tomorrow and honestly, i like your hairstyle .. so cute.!! (^^,)

gtg .. t.c.

badlongon said...

Hey Chris. Just wanna share how i am so blessed to have known such a godly person like you. i used to think that this country is hopeless, but after i learned about you and the things that you're doing, i realized that God still wants this country to be great. i believe that He sent you to inflame our dying patriotism and to cast away our apathy towards pressing social issues.

As i read the comments here on your blog, your readers are beginning to think and feel like you. People share their own ways to make this country a better place to live in. and that's what we badly need today. You've made an impact to us and We thank you for that Chris!

The road you're treading is that of Christ and I'm sure that you put a very wide smile on His face everyday.

asiandude71 said...

kindly post the sandbos tvc link too thanks =)



kua saya di aku nakapunta...

kelan ulit???

pupunta ka kaya???

cge ingatZZZ

erica said...


see u on wednesday. received a call from GMA new media. i was chosen. hehe.


Anonymous said...

From the Ako Mismo TV ad.:

"Ako mismo. Mamahakin ko ang mga La Sallista"(?)


I wonder what the reactions of all La Sallistas.

:) =)

Jl said...

Hi Cris,

Well, you inspired all of us everytime you post and gave your opinion to each topic. Good job idol!

Whaaaa...... Late reaction, hehehe, i'm so busy s work, ncra p laptop s haus. What plan ng mga kapuso 4 ur bday this coming july? If u will be on SOP advice us earlier, so that i can be there. Take care always!

haylin said...

hey chris!!

You look awesome in your sandbox commercial.. huwow!!amazing!!:)
car racer??pwede..

ingat! :)

Anonymous said...

everyone check this out.......

Anonymous said...

hey everyone check this out.....

yokishinai tegami said...

i went to the event!!! ang daming nanood grabe! nakakatuwang isipin na lahat sila ay naiintindihan ang diwa ng Ako mismo! dahil ako mismo di ko magets! hehehe. joke lang. sana simula na to, seriously. nainspire nga ako eh! tc.

Erine said...

hai.. nakakainis ngayon ko lang nabasa 'tong entry mo..

I actually wanted to have a dog tag too..kaso late na.. PEro its ok na din... I've reciprocated it already with a couple of good deeds that can serve as my contribution...
Just like having registered for the elections.. MAhaba man ang pila, at least you can take a part for choosing our future leaders and most of all... I'll start being a thrifty girl from now on..
Small sacrifices for the greater good.. It doesnt hurt... thanks for doing Entries like this.. Ikaw mismo ang nagiinspire sa mga followers mo na gumawa ng kabutihan sa kapwa filipino.. Aja!!!

nga pala.. happi sesquicentennial anniversary for Ateneo....

Anonymous said...

(Don't post this na.)

Just want to say "broadcast" has no past tense. You may use "aired" instead if you want. :-) Thanks.

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

This advocacy create a great impact for us youths. Change should start on ourselves, simply on the way we live.

Too bad I wasn't able to attend the "dog tag day".

Anyway,another great tvc that will move filipinos to come up with their simple acts for our country.

Congratulations Chris!! and all the rest behind this ad.Keep it up!!

Guia said...

Hi. Umm. I have a question. Hope you won't be offended by this or something. This commercial, is it organized or powered by government official/s?

oneTIUlove said...

hi kuya chris , your such a wonderful role model to the youth...

BTW, I'll be taking the acet for sy 2010 2011, I hope you could give me some tips for me to pass the test because I heard its not designed to be finished. i wish you could give some tips)

another thing, Ive seen in the dictionary that "broadcast" can be "broadcasted".

Anonymous said...

hi! I;m Cristel Magdaong from makati...Just want to know where i could get ako mismo dog tag? a lot of people have this tag even though they didn't went last june 12 at the global by the way the comercial really atracted lots of kabataang pinoy supper useful talaga for this 2010 election sana wala ng dayaan! hehehe ^^, I really support the ako mismo advocacy! Happy Fathers day to your dad! and to all the dad's in the world! ^^,

simplytoogood17 said...

kuya chris, will you be here in cebu for the ako mismo event????

hope you would be coming.....

Ellen Esguerra said...

I love the "Ako Mismo" advocacy ad...actually it is one of our selected topic for our problem is how can I get the AKO Mismo dog tag if I'm here in there any place that I could buy it???

I love what you say on the ad...:)

Kim Lee said...

Hi Chris, I really like to get the same tag. That's so cute...nweiz, I'll tell you something, well it has nothing to do with the tag ^_^...You know what I subscribed to your FANATXT, and I think that's so cool. It's give me information about what's happening to your day. My pleasure ended up, when they started to send me a lot of repeated messages from you. I think that's really infuriating because it ended eating up my entire load. The next day, I unsubscribed with your FANATXT, coz I found it unmerited...Unfortunately, up to now, I'm still receiving messages from you, and it worsen...whenever, I will text CHRISTIU OFF, they will respond that I'm not subscribed yet so I should subscribe first… Then, why do they keep on sending me such messages??? That’s not making any sense ryt!?!...xD...I know that you have nothing to do about this...I just want you to know, how this thing works...Don't worry I'm still your big FAN...and I really like you...Thank you Chris! Be guided by GOD!


celine crudo said...

hi chris, i wasn't able to get a ako mismo dog-tag... there are a lot who's selling it. but, i doubt if that's the original. can you pls tell me where can i find the original tag? thanks.=)

christiumench03 said...

kuya,.its me again menchie...hehee
kuya happy happy birthday po...hmmmp,24 ka na..mang libre ka naman jan...hehe..kuya,goodlock po sa mag darating pang mga laro mo sa RP.balita ko nga po na mag lalaro daw ang SMART GILAS TEAM sa olympics ah???will.,goodlock,wish ko sana manalo kayo.once again,,happy birthday po...ingat po kayo comment naman po kayo sa friendster po ulit

Rowena "Twigs" Mara Diocton said...
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