Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who says we can't dream?

Hello, it's been a week since the last day of the FIBA Asia Champions' Cup held in Jakarta. As you may already know we, the RP Smart Gilas team, finished 5th place out of 10 participating countries. Maybe before the tournament began, we would be satisfied to clinch 5th spot. But after actually competing against those colossal and experienced national players, 5th place was actually a disappointment for me, personally. I have been advised not to get too hard on myself and the team because we did OK considering we are a young, scrawny and inexperienced team. But here's the reason why i felt that we could have easily landed in the 3rd or 4th spot.

First of all, we were unfortunate enough to have been placed in the 'bracket of death'. Our first game was against Korea. They were not unusually gigantic, maybe 6'7 and 6'8 centers, and without an import. We matched up pretty well against them. They played their usual "korean" style basketball with a lot of back screens, drive and kicks, and flawless 3-point shots. Not just were they physical, they don't trim their nails as well. This was our first official international game, we started off slow but got our rhythm going and won the game by 10+ points. (I can't remember the stats)

Second game was against Iran, the powerhouse that made it to the Beijing Olympics, plus two imports - Priest Lauderdale who stands at 7'4 and Jakson Vroman (6'9 and played for three years in the NBA) 7 of their national team players who played in the Olympics were in the lineup. Honestly, before the game, i have to admit that i would have been happy if we finished the game losing by not more than 25 points. To our surprise, we came out aggressive and even led by 2 at the half. I've never seen a human being as huge as Priest in my entire life. He was just so huge both vertically and horizontally! He simply needed to tip-toe to lay the ball on the cylinder of the rim. Vroman was a white power forward who could attack from the top or post up and finish left and right. He scored 42 points in that game. Anyway, they adjusted in the 2nd half and our center CJ Giles got into foul trouble which gave us problems trying to stop their inside points. At the end, we lost by 12, not too bad.

Third game was against Lebanon, playing without their injured star Al-Khatib, we were able to control the game pretty much all throughout, until CJ Giles had a horrible fall and had to be taken out of the game. Again, we were massacred inside the paint by their big men. But we were able to hold the fort for a bit, until CJ came back and heroically lifted our team again to victory. That was a big upset because Lebanon was another powerhouse that was expected to finish at the top of the tournament.

4th game was against Kuwait, it was a no bearing game for us. Either way, we would have finished #2 in our Group A and would have to play the #3 in Group B which was Qatar. Quarterfinals was the following day. But Coach Rajko made it clear that he wanted to win the game against Kuwait! Qatar, on the other hand, didn't even try to win their no-bearing game and played zone all 40 minutes to rest their players. On our part, we played without CJ and myself due to a quad injury. We were down all throughout the game, and thanks to the Filipinos and Indonesians who were cheering for us, we made a last minute run that gave us the lead and victory. Truly an emotional victory!

Next day, the quarterfinals, a knockout game against Qatar. We felt we could beat them because they only had a 6-man rotation but almost all 6 were of African descent, tall and very experienced. Two of which, were imports. This was supposedly advantageous for us since we like to speed up the game and pressure the ball. We had control of the game pretty much throughout the game... until the 4th quarter. Again, CJ gets into foul trouble and they pound us inside. Then , their big man hits consecutive 3 pointers to beat the buzzer which swung the game to their favor. We made a small rally at the last minutes but it wasn't enough. There goes our hopes of entering the semis! Just like that!

After 4 well-played games, we suddenly found ourselves shooting blanks one shot after another. After shooting close to 50% the day before, our percentage was nothing close to that! Pressure? Fatigue? Maybe. That was our 3rd consecutive game and 5th game in 6 days. NO excuse though since all teams have similar schedules. But maybe more so for us, since our style of play is really to run, run and run. We just couldn't get it going that night. I myself finished the game with 0 points. What was really frustrating for me, was that i was in the bench for the most part of the game. I sat down around halfway through the 3rd quarter and never got the chance to get back in the game. Really disappointing especially since I love 4th quarters! And i usually finish games.

After being eliminated by Qatar, our next goal was to finish 5th and prove that we deserve to be in the upper field of teams. Despite being down, we were able to bounce back and we did it! We beat Korea again convincingly and then beat Indonesia in an unbelievable match in overtime. In my estimate, they made about 6 highly contested 3-pointers in the last 2 minutes to force overtime., of course with a little help from the refs since they're the home team. But still, they were pouring in miracle shots from all over.

Anyway, the FIBA Asia Champion's Cup was truly a wonderful, wonderful experience for us. We got a taste of international competition at its best. We played 6 great games out of 7 and it's just unfortunate that we had to play our one and only horrible game when it mattered the most. I believe in fate. I guess it's not meant to be yet. As they say, it's the loss that builds character. Our team is only in the beginning stages of our long journey ahead, although disappointing, i know that things can only get better as we aim towards that ultimate goal - the London Olympics. We are not forbidden to dream.



jyl said...

it's nice to finally hear from you! :) the team did a good job all throughout the cup, i must say! this is definitely not the end for you guys.

btw, when are you coming back here? and what is your schedule when you come back? back to shooting na ba? or basketball pa rin? :) i'm pretty sure you have a hectic schedule ahead of you!

school is about to begin again. i miss chinky chickens!!haha!

Leanne said...

Hi Chris, it's been a while..just keep striving and hoping for the best! It's part of all the preparation. Keep believin' 'coz a lot of people know you guys can make it happen!Jia you!:)

PeterPan said...

Well at least you shown that you have a character and from what i've heard most of the team in that tourney really impress with the way smart gilas played, still you deserved the praise and goodluck to the team pls. make us proud goodluck.

badlongon said...

The country is so proud of you Smart Gilas Team. Never give up! Soar high... Sky is the limit.

Anonymous said...

kalungkot naman! sayang. pero sabagay what's important is walang nainjured sa inyo and marami kayong lessons na natutunan in and off court, tsaka syempre yung bonding moments with the team mates. sana lang may pic ka chris na naupload.

-JONA of Caloocan City

Anonymous said...

Great things start from small beginnings...hehe

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris! Nice to read your blog again.........been waitin' for your post amidst your busy schedule. I followed the RP Gilas FIBA stint thru live streaming updates. I just wana say that am so proud of the team and we know you tried your best! I read that you are the captain of the! YES i agree......"who says we can't dream?"

I hope you continue writing/posting blogs here.

BTW, why did you not join the exhibition games in Japan?

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

exactly, anyone can dream and we don't need to stop this line of aerosmith's song goes "dream on dream on dream 'til your dreams come true.." nice, so positive!=)

ian laput said...

Yeah, i've read the news reports regarding the Jakarta games you proud of you guys for playing a good fight with other nationals. Maybe the next time you would probably clinch the top, the team is so young but you have somehow proven you can do better and better in each progressing plays with your strong determination to win the game and your good leadership as team captain. God Bless the team always. Go Pinoy!

berd said...

hi chris..ehehe yah dream big!!!lhat nman tau dpat gnyan ung view sa life db?...go for the gold...yeboi

bernadette said...

how are you? aren't you tired? hehe.. just take care of yourself and don't forget to pray. :)

Anonymous said...

wtf. great read. especially the last paragraph.


I predict that the hosts of the Pinoy records show in GMA7 will be the future President and VP of the Philippines. Pac will be the figurehead but Chris will run the show. ^^

eRicKsON maNueL said...

ui nGa pLa uPdaTe u nGa pLa kMe aBOuT dUn sA aKO miSmO tV pLUg nYO..wLa iNterested laNg aKO....

patty :) said...

it's nice to have read your thoughts on the recently concluded FIBA Asia Champion's Cup, Chris. kudos to you for writing it so well, you couldn't have done it any better. our long wait for your next blog sure was worth it.

as to Gilas Pilipinas finishing 5th, it's not bad AT ALL. as you've said, you guys are still young and inexperienced compared to the teams you've matched up against. i've been reading the papers and visiting FIBA's site regularly to get updates, and i know you competed pretty well, not to mention defying the odds over and over again, just when everyone else counted you guys out.

expecting is OK, Chris. but maybe you have to put limits to it. cos with expectation comes disappointments too. it'd be nicer if you'd just be your best at everything, and then just be surprised and grateful for positive outcome, without assuming anything much before hand. He knows the desires of our hearts, and He'll give them to us at the right time, at the time when He knows we're already prepared.

i believe this Gilas team is destined to reach great heights. you guys just have so much potential in you. with just more honing and training, i bet the London Olympics would just be a reachable star. hang in there, you guys. keep the faith sealed and intact. and remember, no dream is impossible unless you give up trying.


tita kay said...

Hello Chris,

Finally, we hear from you!

My officemates and I actually followed the games through the newspapers.

I am particularly proud that the RP - Smart Gilas Team finished 5th from among 10 teams... this despite the fact that the team is barely six months old (very young and barely adjusting to the system). Don't be hard on yourself. I agree with the observation of the international sports community that you, guys, will be a formidable foe by next year. Even Iran is already threatened by the sheer talent and determination of the team. This team is indeed very special and with great potential!

It must have been a great honor for you to have worn the country's colors.



Anonymous said...

ok lang yun chris! you guys played very well i guess coz the way you described all of your oponents, you couldn't even imagine getting close to them. but you did a great job so still, congratulations!!!anyway, congrats also to kris allen of american idol for winning the title!i am a fan of you two, kris and chris!tc always!

faye said...

I feel your frustration but don't be too hard on yourself. Your team played pretty well and we are proud of what you guys accomplished in FIBA. :)

How's your injury btw? I'm a bit paranoid lately because my cousin just had ACL operation (he's an ex-varsity player in ADMU, volleyball men) So pls. take care!:)

What happened with the fanatxt promo?

erica said...


don't be too hard on yourself iho. we all understand na you are the captain of the smart gilas team. unconsciously (or consciously), you believe in the quote from the movie "A Bug's Life":
First Rule of Leadership: Everything is your fault.
Nevertheless, we all know you did try your best guys and having the team in the 5th place of FIBA was due to certain factors that you cannot control.

I guess the most appropriate term for your experience in FIBA is BAPTISM BY FIRE... and just like the phoenix, it has to burn fiercely and is reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix arises, reborn anew to live again. so keep your hopes up!

I give you a pat on the head for being extremely honest regarding your disappointments on how FIBA ended. but to tell you frankly, I am so proud of you guys because you made it.


Thanks a lot for the update and enjoy the rest of the day!

kalliepepper said...

glad to hear back from you sir. you all did a good job in the tournament though. don't be that disappointed.

ako mismo, bilib sa smart gilas team! at naniniwala akong mas magiging maganda ang mga susunod niyong laro. ^_^

arrie said...

hi there!nice blog by the way,the title suits well.hehe!i can sense that your team did a good job but unluckily it's not yet the right time to win,not bad for starters's just the way it is when you're at the beginning.sad to hear about your quad injury.hope it's better again.good luck in ur future games and keep on dreaming! =)

edward santos said...

kuya chris,

sinubaybayan kau ng buong interbasket pinoy forumers..
kahit sa live streaming(internet) nlng kami nanunood..
sa al jazeera..
minsan wla pang palabas ng games nyo..takte un organizers..
ang ganda ng laro nyo lahat lalo na si ANDI MERK...
-ayan sabi ng arabong commentator..haha

sayang tlga un sa qatar..

at sana hindi nainjured si khatib..para matesting talaga ang depensa ng team gilas..
malay natin baka ang team gilas pa ang kaunaunahang team na makapigil kay fadi elkhatib..


i heard na may laban kau sa japan,
sg ka diba?
katapat mo si orimo?
madami ka matututunan dun..hehe
sknya ko nakuha un style ko sa free-throw weh..


Anonymous said...

Not too bad for first timers.
There's always a next time.
Good luck to your team
God bless..

almira said...

with all the challenges the team endured during the said event, no doubt you guys will soar higher.

at least you learned a lot from your FIBA experiences. just don't forget to pray. :)

i know you can do it!

keep safe!

yil said...

hi, Chris!

i just can't help myself but to visit your blogspot even though i'm on a review for a board exams. it's good to hear new updates from you.

well, first of all i wanna congratulate you and the rest of the Smart Gilas team for a well-played game. landing 5th was good enough knowing that it's your first timers for this kind of competition, the bracket to which you were placed and the features of the opponent teams. You guys showed the fighting spirits of Pinoy - matatag at walang inuurungan. Mabuhay ang Smart Gilas Team! Yeah!!!

Your journey towards the 2012 London Olympics has just begun. Good luck and keep up the fire burning.

and i wanna congratulate you also for being the 4th sexiest man in the Philippines according to Starmometer. You're worth it. From 59th, now the 4th. Wala pa yan pinapakita, ha. hehehe. Maintain that "simply hot" body, Chris.

Dream on, Chris!

--yil :)

Anonymous said...

nice blog, Chris! it's worth our wait. you really have a good blog. it does not only update us but also teaches us.

"who says we can't dream?"
-- no one has the right to. :)

we're proud of you, Chris!

Jerick said...

hello kuya chris(my idol). sometimes, i can't relate to your posts, especially when it comes to basketball. hhaha. (i don't like sports.)

hhaha. anyway, i know that all of you can make it. my prayers are always with you. God bless.

P.S. i love watching Ripleys. the topics are so amazing. (and also the way you host). :)

------->John Jerick Orduña.

3xie said...

syng na injure k p db?

gud luck na lang sa mga nxt gmes nio ha!!!


Sherryl said...

I like the part "Things can only get better" and "Loss builds character".

Ok lang yung 5th place, Chris basta you did your best. Try to do better next time and learn from the mistakes. :)

Thank you for the positive views lagi. It's infectious. Lalo na in times like this when the economy is not doing well. It's like fresh air in Manila or sunshine in a cloudy day.

Keep your faith in God. I wish you all the belssings in the world. Take care !

amigi said...

hi, chris! I am just wondering what AMDG means?

Anonymous said...

its ok sadyang ganyan talaga ang buhay.. proud pa rin kami sainyo.. and goodluck..ingats lagi.

yun lang..

KGirl said...

Finishing 5th is already good enough (with only one loss at that!:)- with you guys being a young and inexperienced team. But I do believe the team could have finished 3rd or 4th, at least. I heard there were some discrepancies with the way some of the games were officiated but such instances are just inevitable.

Nevertheless, there certainly are a lot of improvements still for everyone in the team, with more training and exposure.

Good luck and more power to all of you!

jamy said...

A very inspiring entry I would say...thanks =]

GBU always Chris.

Jl said...

Hi Cris,

It's a good experience for everybody in your team. What ever happens or come to you and to your teamates, everyone is proud to what your team contributes in your league. Just believe in yourself and always take care.

By the way, is it true that you will make the role of steven in the remake of pinoy version of fated to love you with c. Ortaleza?

maganda_214 said...

Yes!! We can dream!! Higher than we can even imagine :) Anyway, thank you for the update in your life.. Hope you won't get tired sharing some of your passions in life with us.. :) GoD bLess, as aLways!!

Anonymous said...

wow! its been so long since I heard from you, well its really happy at least you showed them what Filipinos got right? and the point na nakasama kayo sa competition na yan its really an honor for us we all owe it to you, to all of you.

so don't be so disappointed because I tell we are proud of you I do personally really proud of you and your team. keep it up..

God bless..

j_han said...

hei chris!!!

im leaving tomorrow nyt for UAE. I will miss ur fanatxt updates..but its ok. i'll check ur blog entries na lng. i will miss also UAAP and PBL. gudlak sa games mo... GO FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! GO TEAM!!!

dearblogspot said...

Hi Chris, I think after playing basketball you can be a great basketball analyst or court side reporter, I was able to visualize everything that you wrote down.

eLai said...

hello kuya! *smile*
ayos lang yan, wag ka malungkot, ganyan talaga buhay... lahat naman ng tao may pagkakataong manalo.. minsan nga lang di sabay-sabay... iba't ibang oras, iba't ibang paraan... ang mahalaga sa lahat, lagi mong ginagawa ang best mo... importante pagdumating yung pagkakataon na nagwagi ka, dapat magsaya ka talaga! blessing yon noh! ahahahahahahahhhh... :D
basta...keep on smiling and keep the faith!

saludo ako sa inyong lahat na lumalaban para sa bansa natin! good luck sa inyo at pagpalain sana kayo ng Diyos! ingatzzz lagi! :D


joy_17 said...

job well done 4 you and your team,despite of fifth place spot in the FIBA Asia Champions' Cup...
Gud Luck on your exhibition games in japan.

God Bless and Take Care always...

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris!!! :)

it's nice to see your new entry. btw, job well done for you and Smart Gilas RP team for placing 5th spot in FIBA Asia Champions Cup.
its not yet the end of the game despite of your disappointment in the 5th spot,
you're the best team in the hearts of Filipinos as well. it was challenging experience for your team to join the international competition in Jakarta, Indonesia and part of your dream is to qualify in the next 2012Olympic Games in London.

we're very proud of you and also, goodluck on your exhibition games in Japan. just to show that Filipinos make us proud to support and enriching us towards
the main goal....

just want to say that Deus Providemus Semper (God will always provide...)Praying for you always and GOD BLESS...


Anonymous said...

hello...i know your a basketball player and all but how about the other aspects of your life? don't you want to share them?i'm sure your fans will like it.
just a suggestion.hope you don't mind.

mikee2009 said...

Hi chris

Congratulations again… I was always updated on what was happening from Indonesia. I heard it on the news and read it on the papers. I really believed that the Gilas team, in spite of inexperience and age, could get through international tournaments. It only proves that what Mr. Ronnie Nathaniels said in one of Probes episode that I’ve seen about the formation of the Gilas Team by Noli Eala is wrong. He said it’ll be impossible for a young and inexperienced team to play international ball and go on to the Olympics….

Just continue to play better and hopefully you’ll see yourself playing in London….

God bless!!!...

elaine said...


janine de gracia said...

.hi chris. :)
.it's been a while since your last entry.
.the team did well,really!
.we are proud of you guys because even you're all young you did very well in all the games.
.it's just the start for you.
.there's a lot of opportunities coming for the team.
.don't lose hope,ok?.
.for us(fans),you did a great job as a captain.
.we know that you did all of your best for the team and we really appreciate an admired you for that.
.looking forward for your return.
.take care always.
.Congratulations, SMART GILAS!!


trisha said...


crazypeach said...

Wow...I'm still proud of you guys! You still did well!! I know someday you'll reacher far greater heights than this one. I believe you'll be better and stronger next time...kaya maghanda na ang mga future na kalaban ninyo! Fight-oh!!!!

Jerick said...

hello kuya chris.
(its me again.)


"wǒ gào zǒng shì yǐ nǐ"

tama poh ba ung chinese mandarin ko?


sabria ü said...

Chris! I've truly missed reading a new blog from you. Finally, here's one.

It's nice of you to have let your feelings out and expressed your thoughts even through writing. Bottling up one's emotions isn't healthy.

Get those disappointments out of your head, Chris. You guys did really well, you've made us all proud. Finishing 5th is good enough, considering the Gilas team hasn't been together for that much time yet. As you've said, you are just in the beginning stages of the long journey ahead, and as beginners, you're awesome. In time, for sure, you'll be able to meet the expectations, and even reach beyond them.

Just look forward to your next trainings locally and/or internationally with heads held up high. No matter what, you guys are part of our national team, and that alone proves how good you are and how much better you can become.

Always keep the Ateneo ideals close to your heart, Chris. Embody what it is to become a true leader, and guide your team to the promised land - the 2012 London Olympics.

Nothing can go wrong if you keep your faith in the Lord. Offer everything for His greater glory, like you always do. One big fight!ü

death_ether_no_more said...

its my third time to read this blog entry but for some unknown reason i can't figure out what to put as my comment yet.i guess my eyes just wanna shut everytime i read it but i should probably make one by tomorrow.but for the meantime i wanna say good luck with your games in japan.

i think putting comments here in your blog has become an addiction for me this summer hehe but at least i get to have more profile views eventhough i just started using blogger April haha

Nica said...

I still wonder why although you blog almost everything about basketball, I still get words of wisdom from you and apply it to my own life :)

My favorite piece from you in this blog is "Loss builds character."

TOday, I passed my road test here in California. I failed my 1st one. But I agree with what you said. Failure shouldnt decide your fate in life. We should learn from our failures and do our best to succeed next time.

Im sure if you and your team practice more, you will do better. I believe in your abilities and capabilities. And most of all, I believe in your hearts' desire to bring honor to our country.

kaaaaaat said...

i wab you chris!

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

How are you na?
Hope your're doing great.
Ok lang yan atleast nagawa nyo yung best nio diba.. and basta continue lang tayo sa pagbuo ng mga dreams para lalo tayong magsikap na marating yun.. we all know na hindi tayo pababayaan ni God.

Takecare po!

bfrances said...

Of course, Kuya! There's nothing wrong with dreaming big. I believe that we should not be content with biscuit-sized achievements.

I believe that God is orchestrating a big plan for you, Kuya Chris.

Be optimistic.

Godspeed, Kuya! ;)

Ben Francis Rances

angelica said...

its great...all of you did a great win you lose that's a part of the game, the important thing is you learn from each game. that is one of the benerits of playing against other countries. you're exposed to different strategies so next game you can do much much better...

Elle said...

Wow. Great write-up Chris! Very inspiring and insightful. Keep the faith, were rooting for the dreamers! :-)

_mSp_ said...

wow..ang galing...good luck p0 sa mga games...

gus2 ko lang sabihin na iyak po ako ng iyak ngayon... dahil alam ko wala akong chance mkuha nung jersey mo...hays...bakit naman p0 un pa dapat ang kapalit??

gobless p0..

Anonymous said...

a day before ko makita yung commercial ng cool center na pamimigay mo yung jersey mo, akala namin ng sis ko imposible mo gawin. pewo pamimigay mo na sya... huhuhu

Anonymous said...

a day before ko makita yung commercial ng cool center na pamimigay mo yung jersey mo, akala namin ng sis ko imposible mo gawin. pewo pamimigay mo na sya... huhuhu

Ceila said...

I hope that after that you'd get enough rest. Don't abuse your body, you'll get sick if you do.

Its great that you finished 5th, you're in the upper half but its not bad to dream, especially when you know that you are better and that you can perform better. :)

jasmine said...

Helo Chris,ok lng yn kh8 ndi kau na2lo s lhat ng games bsta pra smin kau p rin ang champion...gudluck s mga su2nod mong ga2win!!!


Anonymous said...

eowzzz ..
it's been a week ..
ok Lan un.!! mahaLaga buhay tayo!!
(naka2inspire dba?? hahaha parang d aman nka2long .. haha)

sometimes, if you work hard enough you can get wat you want. but most times, wat u want & wat u get are two different things.
sometimes, God breaks our spirit to save our soul.
sometimes, he breaks our hearts to make us whole.
although we cant have everything we want, we can want evrything we have ..
kaya dont lose HOPE .. never say die .. tomorrow is anoder day .. hahaha
5th spot isnt bad aman .. kaya niu yan.!! my nxt games pa aman ee ..
just kip on dreaming & working so that it will come true ..(^^,)

++ "how can you believe??
if in the middle of "believe"
was the word LIE??" ++
- nga naman .. hehe

olweiz take care.!!! (^^,)

Anonymous said...

hi, just got a copy of the jeepney magazine today at trinoma mall, i think they will be there until tomorrow only... hope you guys can get a copy... thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Chris! THIS IS RHEA! Nice to read your blog again.........been waitin' for your post amidst your busy schedule. I followed the RP Gilas FIBA stint thru live streaming updates. I just wana say that am so proud of the team and we know you tried your best! it's nice to have read your thoughts on the recently concluded FIBA Asia Champion's Cup, Chris. kudos to you for writing it so well, you couldn't have done it any better. our long wait for your next blog sure was worth it. bet the London Olympics would just be a reachable star. hang in there, you guys. keep the faith sealed and intact. and remember, no dream is impossible unless you give up trying.
GOD BLESS CHRIS! mwah mwah :)

eRicKsON maNueL said...

ui nGa pLa aaNhiN mUh yUnG biG siZe pasnTaLON???? chiKs u nMnan SmEn..SnA NaG UpDAte k NA lANg PrA KmE AnG NkAkUhA Ng JerSeY N Un... SaAYaNG NmAN..ANyWAy Kaw BaH May-ARI NUnG chris t. SPOtRS PLaza??? s maY sM noRTh edSa????

death_ether_no_more said...

no need to post apologies for my ignorance with the exhibition games in Japan.
a good day to you.


Bradpetehoops said...

I know the Philippines will be back in Olympics or in the World Cup. I believe!

cin19 said...

yes chris! believe in the power of your dream coz God wont put that desire in your heart if its not meant to be

jessica said...

kahit 5th place, ayos na yan!!
still, i'm very proud of you!!!
your the best chris!!!!
I love you!!

nurse jane said...

"don't stop reaching for the stars..
they might be out of our reach..
but sometimes stars do fall, right?.."
keep safe!..:)

Erine said...

5th out of ten?! That's still very good!!! At least you guys made it through the halfway ranks.. Think of the positive side, being in that ranking and having the games with the "bracket of death" is still a good thing.. I just keep wondering what happened to Cj Giles,, Coz you've just mentioned foulouts and injuries.. gee.. BAd luck..

The experience was the most important in those kinds of competitions, not the prizes( of course,a trophy is a good bonus..hehehe..)

btw, when are you coming back here? I saw on tv (cool center) that you'll be swapping your Ateneo jersey for the biggest waistline sized pants.. I was totally ( as in) depressed when I saw that.. How on earth can I find that pair of pants in a span of three hours??!!( i saw the ad at 8pm lst sat.. huhuhuhu) hai.. Ok na din.. At least may new entry ka...

Dont pressure yourselves too much.. Stress and Pressure is a big "Bacon BEater"...

Ansaya nung Ripleys nung nakaraan.. PAno mo nagawa ang tapings nun??

Ingat po lagi!! Andami mo nang followers.. Remember.."HAkuna MAtata..."


moustafa said...

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fence sitter said...


It is not that bad, and i think things are looking up for the team.

Good luck on the rest of the journey!

karlandrew said...

I was listening to Mo Twister's show earlier and he was talking about names of love teams, like Brangeline [Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie]... he said if your were to be Kim Chiu's love team... it'll be called Cream Tiu


great game!!!

finally, nagsulat ka na rin ka-miss kaya yung pagsusulat mu.

marami aqung natututunan...


gudluck at ingat palagi...

death_ether_no_more said...

I received a text message from a friends and the fist thing that came to me was your blog about the FIBA games. So here it goes:

An arrow can be shot only by pulling it back first. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it's going to launch you towards something great.

Funny thing, arrows are used by .. you know what i mean hehe

I read a comment from an anonymous sender saying the blogs that you are writing aren't that personal and i find it a bit funny coz
isn't expressing disappointment something personal?
and somehow i see expectation and disappointment. Come on!Fans are lucky enough this busy guy is posting in his blog in here.

Anonymous said...

i don't really understand why my friends think you're cute. I beg to disagree..

I think you're the cutest! haha

Believe it or not(lol)I'm just kidding I think you're a great guy,not the type who looks the best(unlike some women think) definitely not the best host there is on tv but the attitude and how you changed my perspective of varsity players (and the like) takes you to where you are at present.
I know one's opinion of you isn't a big deal or anything. I just feel like being honest right now.

About the games, you will be having more of them so don't get too disappointed with what the team has achieved. Ending on 5th is still a win. You get to learn things. It sounds pretty cliche but the funny truth is that the most common advice and the corniest of jokes most of the time, are the most effective way to cheer someone up.Life gives you ups and downs. That is something normal.And you're a smart guy so you must know that.

I suddenly remember the commercial of Lucky Me(? I'm not sure). The one with the weeping kid. It's really funny. You should try watching it lol

patty :) said...

Chris, you have a new show? really? tell us more about it! haha. i'm having this weird feeling you are the pinoy version of Fernando Jose and you'll be paired up with Carla Abellana, who most of us know is the pinay Rosalinda. but i know it's nearly impossible, cos you've said in the past that you want to focus on hosting and that you don't see yourself acting (you have even in fact turned down a role in a movie, as stated in one of your interviews.)
anyhow, whatever that new show is, am pretty sure it'd be as successful as Ripley's and Pinoy Records, or maybe even more. i'm glad your home network is continuously giving you projects.
keep it up, Chris! and please blog again soon if you have time and if you have something to share with us.
keep safe especially these days when the weather's not so good. :)

Anonymous said...

hey I like your AKOMISMO commercial, I think we're really being too dependent with other countries,it's parang we can't go on with our life without them. We have to start to do things in our own- at the end nmn magkakanya kanya rin ang mga bansa,we have our own problems to solve, eh kung di tayo dependent wala sigurong makakapasok na h1n1 D2 satin, at grabe pinasok n rin ung DLSU maybe it's a wake up call n rin sa mga rich kids na very selfish, look no more party life or them,kelangan nga lng madamay nung matitino, I think it's a karma dun sa mga corrupt oficials nagpapaaral ng mga anak dun. I'm sorry If I have to used your page coz I don't know we're to post my opinions.I believe your a good man with good intentions,I know all humans are naturally selfish but we have to make sure that we still have the control in everything. If you can use your talents and abilities, do your part like CHRIS TIU- Rock on :-)STOP BEING TOO MATERIALISTIC!!!naglalaho din yan...

enderun gurl~ said...

i remember those games and those none stop cheering especially during the indo-phil game, i nearly lost my voice hahah. but it was a great game n great tournament all in all. take care all!

Jee said...

How awesome is it to be able to share your life and have what? 275++ readers getting inspired by you? That's my dream.

I'll be praying for you, Chris! :) And I'm following you here... :D Hope you can drop by my blogspot as well. Godspeed!

kalliepepper said...

Hi Sir! will you be at the Fort on June 12 for the Ako Mismo event? hope you'll post another entry soon! oh're too busy nowadays. ^_^

Jerick said...

hello kuya chris(my idol).
its me again. hahaha.
i just want to ask you something...

i heard some rumors that you have a
new show. is it true? and will it be aired in GMA 7 or ABS-CBN?? please inform us through your fanatext.

i can't wait to hear it from you.

God bless always.


------>John Jerick Orduña

simplegal said...

asan ka na Chris? sulat ka naman ulit o...please..:)

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

thank you for sharing your experience to us.
not bad for the team...5th spot is impressive.

Congratulations!! Next time our team will get the first spot all the way to the London Olympics!!!

Anonymous said...


super late comment :)