Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wonderful Serbia

That's us in our travel suits at the PAL Centennial Airport preparing for our 24-hour long journey to Serbia
My roommate and I
The junction of the two major rivers that flow through Belgrade, the SAVA and the famous DANUBE
Kalemegdan, a prestigious Belgrade Fortress located by the confluence of the Danube and Sava rivers. It literally means battlefield and played a very significant role throughout the history of the city.
Kalemegdan park, one of the most beautiful parks in Belgrade.
Temple of Saint Sava, the first Archbishop of Serbia and founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church
View of Belgrade from the dining area in our hotel
City center of Novi Sad, a northern city of Serbia
The National Museum and the National Theatre by the Republic Square. Beside it is Knez Mihailova Street with numerous cafes, restaurants and shops.
Me and the beautiful cherry blossoms at the start of spring time


ainan said...

wow! what a wonderful sights... Thanks for sharings all of these wonderful sights..

Happy easter! mr Tiu.

Nica said...

Wow Chris! You've been to a lot of places already! Thanks for sharing your pix with us! Hopefully, we can go there too!

What's your favorite place in Serbia? And what have you learned about it so far? Especially the one that amazes you the most.


mikee2009 said...

wow chris... serbia is indeed a beautiful place just like what you have described it...

good luck to your games in the PBL, hope Licealiz will win all the time!

good luck and god bless...

may we know the schedule of gilas for the rest of the summer? thanks

speedle said...

hello chris!

well, your pictures showed how beautiful serbia is. of course thanks for sharing your pictures there...you're stunning as usual.. :)

hope you can share pics from your practice games....

thanks and good luck!

ian laput said...

Nice pictures especially that of the Temple of Saint Sava....nice architecture.

Jamaica said...

waaahhh ilove the pix..

judielle said...

elcum back po!!

malamig pu yata sa serbia??
how's ur vacation po in tagaytay??

gud luck po sa mga upcoming games.

geh po ingat n gud luck =)

cHeeN uY said...

WoW! The place is so nice. Thanks for sharing it with us Chris! Happy Easter! : )

tita kay said...


Thanks for "touring" us to the beautiful spots in Serbia. Such a beautiful country. I just love the parks and the architecture. WOW!

I can't help but feel proud about the team, especially after seeing your pix at the airport in your travelling suit. Very impressive!

As usual, you always manage to brighten up the day wiht your smile.

Btw, are you back from Serbia? My 13 y.o. daughter told me that her friend saw you at the Golf Club in Highlands last Thursday but I told her you might still be in Serbia. We were at the Country Club at that time. She wanted to rush to the Golfclub!!!

Anyway, more updates about the result of your games.

eena said...

Welcome HOME again CHRIS!!

arrie said...

hey chris!welcome home!wow Serbia indeed looks wonderful and the scenery is great!u look good in the last picture with the cherry blossoms background!do well in your practices!enjoy and win the games!god bless! =)

Anonymous said...

heya, nice pictures..
thanks for always updating us..

are you going to play for PBL??

take care always(=

bhotyongnick said...

hello, my TIUperman!!!

i am so happy that you have already uploaded your pictures!!!

you're right that serbia is a very beautiful place. i love the one with the cherry blossom, you look so cute in this picture.

goodluck on your game later, eventhough you're not basketball fit yet, i still believe that you'll score points. hoping that your team will win later.

thank you for uploading your pictures and hope to see you more on TV as well as your thoughts in your blogs.

always take care of yourself and hope to watch your future games.

ciao for now, still need to work!!!

love you always, my TIUperman!!!

sabriaü said...

Chris! You've just proven that promises are made to be kept. You posted your Serbia pictures, as you've said you will. And for that, thank you.ü

I'd say my 2 favorites from among those pictures are 1) you & JV's and 2) your pic with those pretty cherry blossoms.ü

Oh by the way, nice Ripley's episode again last night huh. Chris the Wolverine?? - pwede! Haha.

Good luck on your PBL game later vs Oracle if I'm not mistaken.ü Though I'm afraid I won't be able to watch it on TV nor live. :(

Stay safe and healthy despite your busy schedule.ü

Anonymous said...

hi there!ang tipid mo naman sa picture..anywayz keep it up..you're doing the Lord's work.

Anonymous said...

hi there!ang tipid mo naman sa picture..anywayz keep it up..you're doing the Lord's work.

pacu said...

beautiful indeed! :D

♥ alyssa mari ♥'s 17 said...

nice place, huh! =)

Good luck sa game nyu later!

Go LICEALIZ team! =)

God Bless! =)

jessica marie said...

Chris, you look so jolly in your pics! I'm so Hapee you posted ;)
Can't wait to watch yout game later :)

janine de gracia said...

.cool pictures. :)
.Serbia really looks wonderful.
.everytime you visits a country,you always give us many information and lots of interesting facts about the place.
.feels like we are also there with you.
.looks like you are really having a good time there.
.btw,it's my birthday(april 14).
.it's a great gift to travel to Serbia even just looking at it's wonderful scenery.
.thanks. :]
.take care.
.God Bless.

umf..z said...

hey..chris tiu..
its my first tym to leave a comment on ur site..
u luk gud on ur pics..
gud luck 2 u..nd god bless..
by da way hows da chicken last nyt?..
in ripleys..

Anonymous said...

hey..chris tiu..
its my first tym to leave a comment on ur site..
u luk gud on ur pics..
gud luck 2 u..nd god bless..
by da way hows da chicken last nyt?..
in ripleys..

tiffany roxette l......:D said...

when will u come back here in the phils??
serbia is beautiful i think...
so enjoy....
why most of european travel packages don't include serbia..??coz im finding a travel for this summer..that's all..
more power to your shows...;)

sakura-chan said...

hi! i love your pic with the cherry blossoms...makes me want to fly immediately to Serbia! i really love cherry blossoms!!!!

anyways...are u still in Serbia?

and i heard you will be having a game in the PBA all-star something conference? when will that be? thanks



carpe diem said...

Hi :) thanks for sharing the pictures, and nice jacket huh:) is that for sale??. tc

Erine said...

Wow!! i LOVE THE gROUP pIC!!! Thanks!!! I actually copied and uploaded it rightaway!! Ang cute ng pic mo with Jvee Casio.. The sceneries were also good..

Nga pala.. San nabibili yung The Jeepney? Sana meron nun dito sa LAguna..Hmmm... KAsi I have a collection of mags na featured ka.. From lifestyle, blueblood, meg, chalk... hehehe..

Ang cool nung Ripleys kagabi.. Yung may double ka... hehehe.. PArang yung rebel side mu.. hehehe

Thanks for the pics again.. stay safe!!!


marlon tecson said...

i'm glad..i'm d 1st 1 to post a coment hir...hikhik

..juz wanna congatulate u...mR. chris tiu 4 a colossal accomlishments u've made...
btw, i hav so many things 2 say...
but i guess..an hour or day won't b unuf..LOL

nweiz, s chris tiu rily d 1 hu's managing dis site...hope...cud find it out.

kip seyf..GB!

ivane..^_* said...

hey kuya chris....
welcome back.. hehe.. nice pics... looks like you and your teammates enjoyed serbia....will you please post more pictures.. hehe.. take care..


gelic said...

you deserve a good vacation, mr. tiu:)

Anonymous said...

I`m glad you posted photos already. Serbia is a beautiful country, indeed. til` hir

Take Care Always and God Bless!

Somebody ;P

fanny said...

Ala eh kaganda baga don sa Serbia.Sana eh makarating din ako don Chris.

It's nice to know that your with JV Casio.

Sana eh makita nman nmin kayo maglaro dine s Batangas.

Good Luck on your basketball games.

Have a nice Day...............

♥jen♥ said...

goodluck on your games.. :)
tc! :D

Ceila said...

Wow! Serbia looks beautiful. It looks like you've gain some weight Chris. Did you gain some weight? But it suits you. :)

kalliepepper said...

wow cherry blossoms! i wish i'd get to see them for real... ^_^

bren said...

r u back? hehe,dami na nakakamiss sayo ah.mga 10m, isa na ko dun! happy na din ako kasi part ka ng phil team. kaso lang, iba kasi sa pba eh. yun almost everyday ka makikita. hehe, exposure. wherever you are right now, ingat lagi. GOD BLESS! ^^v

jesse said...

hi chris!

thanks for updating your blog.. with pictures! :)

i really feel happy whenever i see players from different teams hang out together as a team. and you guys really look like you're enjoying yourselves. i'm so happy for you! :)

also, i like your picture with JV.. you both look cute together! i noticed that JV is really loyal to Green. haha.

we hope to hear more from you soon. Good luck on your games! :)

jamy said...

Nice photos Chris...=]
Serbia is a very wonderful country indeed.

3xie said...

so wonderful nga =)))))

levy said...

good day chris,

we are one of ur avid fans here in barangay agdao, malasiqui, pangasinan, all the kids and the youths here idolizes u as a role model in basketball because of ur good character as ball player.we really miss the uaap championship last year and all the people here in our barangay always watching ateneo games.we hope u can visit us also here in our barangay someday.

*yaNnah1217* said...

.,ganda ng pics.mukhang mgnda nga tlga s serbia.cguro msya mg-stay dun.ang cute nyo dun s first pic.hope you guys enjoyed your stay there.

Go team Philippines!!

God Bless.=)

unhoLy.saint.13 said...

wow. i wish i could be there also.

marvz said...

wow! ganda po ng pics nyo...

at katuwa naman po na makita kayo ni JV Casio sa pic lalo na't magka-roommate pa kayo...

ingat po lagi...


c16_c17 said...

hi chris,!

gud photos huh? very nice!


aishite iru.

fred rose ann said...

Hi Chris, may God bless you and the team :)

Anonymous said...

wow ganda pala sa serbia... nice experience.. muka talagang nag enjoy..
yun lang take care always..

jenn xoxo(*^-^*) said...

nice pix!..

Gudluck and Godbless




stay safe!..


rowz said...

wow Chris, this is awesome!

thanks for sharing this to us!

take care



nurse jane said...

thanks for the updates and pictures..:)
all of the players look good in the first photo..love the outfit!
if you could only play with that attire..haha!
any update bout your fanatxt promo?
i guess i didn't win..:(
congrats to all the winners!^o~

Cla Oyco said...


Bianca. said...

Wonderful pictures. I hope I could go there too someday. Haha :)


Caliraya said...

Hi Cris,

Nice pictures, well, Serbia is a good place. You love travelling new places, I'm hoping that someday to travel with you( libre mo ko! Hahaha ). Try to visit within Laguna, ako tour guide mo! I'll treat you anywhere, and bring you the best here. Hehehe

abby said...

hi chris! wow! ang ganda nman ng serbia! i love your picture with the cherry blossoms very beautiful!


Aida said...

Hi! Isaw you dancing @ GMA Summer Station ID, to the tune of " SABAY SABAY TAYO " of Marian Rivera . Cool ! Hope next time you try singing too .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

HI CHRIS! THIS IS RHEA! THANKS FOR ALWAYS UPDATIN US THRU FANATXT AND UR BLOG! You've been to a lot of places already! Thanks for sharing your pix with us!
good luck to your games in the PBL!hope you can share pics from your practice gaMES

GOD BLESS chris! mwah mwah :)

Anonymous said...

hi chris!
though we haven't seen Serbia you showed us how beautiful and wonderful country it is... Thanks for sharing and good luck to your games in PBL...

faye said...

Interesting pictures! I don't know where to look first, to you or to the cherry blossoms??? Hahaha!:) Both are beautiful kasi, it's almost romantic!:) I wish we also have that here! It's a must-see.

It's good to see that you enjoyed your stay. Serbia is indeed a beautiful country with rich culture and it showed in the pictures you posted. :)

joy m. said...

its nice that u kept what u promised. i think u really enjoyed your trip there in serbia. by the way, did u played in pbl yesterday? because i saw in the newspaper that all members of the rp team wouldnt be able to play. oh and are u one of the gma artists who danced to the tune of sabay sabay tayo?! hehe.. i should look out for that! oh well, take care always!

j_han said...

WOW!!! Serbia is such a cool pace. wish someday i cud visit that place...

ei, jz read the newspaper, u lost da game yesterday...well, dats ok... GO GO GO TEAM pa rin!!!

Jl said...

Hi Cris,

Are you the one who took that pictures? Hehehe, it's nice, good portrait.


badlongon said...

hey chris! thanks for sharing some images of your visit to serbia. hope you are doing great with your practice. i heard you're next practice will be in las vegas. that's good! i hope you'll be able to catch Manny's fight with Hatton. Keep it up Chris!

Happy Easter to you and you're family.


patty:) said...

hey, Chris! :) it's been a while since i've last posted a comment here. because, just so you know, i've been out of the country these past few months. it's partly for leisure and vacation but mostly for some time alone and for soul searching. :D but now i'm back to normal, and part of my daily routine is dropping some comments at Chris Tiu's blog site. :)
i have yet to read through all your blog entries which i've missed since i left. though i've been regularly receiving updates from my sister, so i know that you went to Serbia with the RP team. :D also, i've heard that your PBL stint have started just yesterday, if i'm not mistaken. :)
i've missed several episodes of Pinoy Records and Ripley's. oh how i missed seeing you on TV :( but not for long! :D
this may be a bit too late already, but i'd still like to wish you and your family a Happy Easter. take care and all the best, Chris! :)

Anonymous said...

by the pix that u've shared i can say dat its such a perfect place to relax ... (^^,)

hope you can update ur blog more often ... t.y. (^^,)

olweiz take care!!!

nix14 said...

wow. i envy you! you got a chance to see and take a picture with the cherry blossoms. i've been persuading my cousin to take me even just a picture of it then send it through email. haha. i'm desperate :)

i miss reading your posts. it's only that this time i got my hands on a laptop. my own, to be exact. haha :) i'm very happy to have it because i can now look at this blog whenever i want to. :D

well, take care wherever you are chris :p

Anonymous said...

eto yung pinakaaantay ko e! hehe

chris, gusto ko yung pic mong cherry blossoms! ganda.

tama, maganda nga ang Serbia.

PS: nga pala, i have just watched yung summer station ID ng GMA, ok kayo ni pacman ah, talagang sumasayaw ng sabay sabay tayo ni marian (haha)

-JONA of Pangarap Village

Faye D. said...

Wow, Chris!

Serbia is a really beautiful place.
Sana Ganyan din sa Pinas, ano. Parang walang gulo tapos wala ding kalat. :)

Sana parati na lang game ni Pacman. Para ganyan kaganda dito, parang walang masyandong pollution diyan.

Thanks for putting up pictures for us to see. :D

Ohyeah, good luck in PBL!


weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris!!!

welcome home!!! :)... wow!!! it's a warm and beautiful place in serbia especially the kalemegdan park and also cherry blossoms with you :)... it's nice and cool pics, thank you for sharing some photos that really interesting...

keep it up, chris and take care always... :)

JM said...

Idol Ganda ng Jacket mo!

I dont know where is Serbia before and thanks to your post I just learned and see how wonderful this country is!

Goodluck on your games!

yokishinai tegami said...

ang ganda ng Kalemegdan park!!!! the best!!!! saka shempre yung pic niyo ni Casio!!!! hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

nice! our country has a lot of wonderful sights too, hope all of us know that hehe, nice pics! :)

floree-serenity said...

Beautiful Serbia.... Chris, thanks for updating us...GOD BLESS ALWAYS ♥

almira said...

it's been awhile since i visit this site. i went on vacay myself. haha.

anyways, thank you for your time, captain! you never fail to update us. :)

really one of a kind!

have more fun and take care!

looking forward to see you again in action.

ohh, why is rabeh not on your team?

chie said...

Hi Wolverine! I mean Chris! Hope you and the rest of the team are enjoying your stay in Serbia. It's been 3 months since I last left a comment in your blog. I actually visit it every now and then but can't think of anything to write about. Anyways, I saw last night's episode of PROBE and you're there as well as the Philippine team. I am not sure what it is all about because I wasn't able to start the whole show. It's like that some are saying that the team is not yet ready for big competitions and the others are saying that all of you are doing everything to make it all happen. Also something about the future of baskeball here in the Philippines. But inspite of it all, just wishing you and the rest of the Philippine team a good luck! Filipinos are always in your back!

Hay...cherry blossom, can you pick me one? Thanks!

Till next time, ^.^

diam. said...

wow! Serbia is such a wonderful place!!!

I love the cherry blossoms. How I wish I could see them in the future. :)

Take Care.
God Bless. :) :)

berd said...

hi chris...super thank u sa pg share ng pics,...LOVE IT!!parang bday gift m n ung pics s kin...(andrama)ehehe anywayz im also glad na ur in gd terms pla wd jv casio.i think super lakas ng team if magsama kau..parang new tandem?ehehe wt do think.?sana mkapasok kau ng pba...purefoods tj giants k lang..ehehe go...go team!!!

try to unwind nman in puerto princesa..im sure u'll love my hometown!!!
God bless chris...!!!

bhotyongnick said...

hello, my TIUperman!!!

it will be my bday tomorrow, 04/17...

wer's my gitf??? just joking!!!

a simple greeting from you will do, hehehehe!!!!

hope that I can watch you more in TV and in basketball court!!!

keep safe always, you're always inspire me...

ciao for now and love you always!!!

trish said...

WOAH! wonderful scenery.
goodluck on your upcoming games! ;)

death_ether said...

Having read the comments of others about the Serbia.I would have to say um.....


nurse jane said...

i must say that you improved a lot after the trainings you've attended here and outside the country..
i saw you play yesterday and you showed the positive results of your trainings..:)
and hmmmm...i noticed that you gained weight!..oooops!=D
don't worry..you look better!..:)
thanks for giving us chance to take a pic with you again..
and now you're fond of throwing jokes huh!..
was Ababou's sense of humor contagious? hehe..
God bless you more!:)

chun_yei said...

Ang preety naman ng mga "Cherry Blossoms" (Sakura). meron din pala sila nyan dun? hehe.
Ingat po kayo jan! Goodluck sa game! :D


chocohani said...

hi chris,

nice pictures, luv it! (:

just dropping by

take care always


goodluck sa mga games nyo, (:

arriane said...

wow.. i hope i can visit serbia too.. such a beautiful country, anyways welcome home chris!!!!
good luck on your upcoming games!

Anonymous said...

dylan is so cute in ur first pic..la lang..haha..ü

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

Wow, lots of entries!!!

Thanks for posting this
You are so lucky to be in Serbia.
Indeed a beautiful place...

Competing internationally is really tough but I have faith on our team. Keep it up and we'll all pray for the team.

Keep on posting and please update us about your game schedules on PBL and smart gilas. Thanks!

God bless you

glicyl said...

hi chris!yah, serbia is amazing..tnx for sharing those pictures to us.
by the way, im glicyl, your no.1 fan here in leyte.. well, i consider myself as one, even if i have a phobia on a ball being played by someone..haha.. strange, isnt it?but this is me,and i have to accept it whole-heartedly..im a lass with many phobias..and im really worrying about it now.. we'll be having our p.e.3 next sem, ang i think our topic is more about those sports that use ball.. what am i gonna do now, chris?i badly need some advice.. please send some on my email add:glicylalvero@yahoo.com ..ill wait for it..
im an avid fan of yours.. if im not in our dormitory, i usually stay at night to watch ripleyZ. but i cant do it now for we have a summer claz!yes.. even if im still in the 1st level in the nursing profession, we already have our summer... sometimes, i want to give up, because Nursing is really difficult and confusing.. but my dreams serve as a motivation to continue my battle..and thank God, i can still remain on top..
i hope you'l continue writing in your blog.. and im planning to have one.. you know, it can be a sort of a therapy to us, after a heavy load in school..
by the way, when are you planning to visit our historical place?Leyte is rich in cultures and tradition.. you'l never regret if you try visiting our place.. your very welcome here.. please tell me when, through my email add i gave..
i have to go nah..

christina said...

i watched PROBE the other night. it was about the Phil. Basketball Team controversy (about the contract and stuff).

i realized it was indeed admirable that you decided to play for the national team. hope the team could make good in the coming olympics..despite the odds, that is.

God Bless You always Chris!
i miss seeing you play. argh.


AziALe said...

ahah! meron rin palang Cherry Blossoms sa Serbia! wow naman, gusto ko talaga makakitra nun, pede kayang magtanim nun dito??? hahahhahhh..hindi yata....

ingatzzz lagi and God bless to all of you!!! mwah!

Anonymous said...

hi! chris...

ang cute naman ng mga places sa picture na ipinakita mo...

ang cute mo doon sa pic. mo na ang background ung blossom trees...


batutsy said...

nice shots!!!

dslr gmet mo???

sabriaü said...

Hi, Chris. You've said in Fan-a-txt that you lost to the Cobra team in PBL. Aw, too bad. Maybe you forgot to take your Soup #17? Hehe. Well, it's OK to be careful with injuries, but taking risks is a brave thing to do. Much is expected of you guys, especially cos you're in the RP team. So it'd mean a lot to the Filipinos watching you compete locally if you win here. Meaning you have greater chances of also winning abroad. But no worries, there's much room for improvement. So cheer up!ü

Also, I've noticed that you're wearing jersey #19, and Ford's the one in #17? Aw. I don't want to sound too superstitious, but maybe that added up to the "bad luck", or maybe it just isn't your day today.

Don't worry too much about not being able to update us regularly, though of course we'd very much appreciate if you do. But we understand that you're really very busy, with your two TV shows and with your basketball career, not to mention your business and being a public official, etc. Well I guess you have to take things one day at a time. And find the time to rest and unwind, and spend time with your loved ones.ü

When are you leaving for Vegas and how long will you be staying there? Aw, you'll be away again. Just take care and give it your best shot.ü

Sorry if this one's quite long. Thanks for reading my comments, Chris (well if you really do. haha).ü

Anonymous said...

eow again ...
how r u??

this is my 3rd time 2 post a comment here .. hehe my first one saying "its a perfect place to relax" the 2nd says "wat is a cow without Legs,the answer is GROUND BEEF!!!" (corny) hehe

its nice thing to know that you are definitely enjoyed there ...

my friend called me "TIU-TIU" while i called her "CHRIS-IS" La Lan biruan Lan dats how we admire you in some things (just want to share) hope you dont get mad (^^,)

have you watch the game of admu & dlsu?? i think its "MVP CUP" sadly, dlsu won & jai gets injured leg (i think) .. haizzt

ukei, im a little bit sleepy na coz im not feeling well ... yngatzkie nlan po & GODBLESS TIU ..hehe
thanks 4 ur update ..

Roselyn said...

hi! i love the pics... :) just wanna say it's really nice to have you as the role model of our youth because not only are you good in basketball, but you also did well in academics & you have a really nice personality. In my old school (San Beda Alabang) many of us really idolize you (especially the girls... hehe) I'm an incoming freshman at the Ateneo & I'm really proud that I'm also entering the school you also went to & graduated from. sayang nga lng at di na tayo magpapang-abot sa ADMU :P hehehe... keep up the good work & ingat po palagi! :D
PS : I am really glad that you are one of the chosen models for Milo. I have also enrolled in the Milo program in the past for ice skating. Now I can say I am better at the sport (hindi na ako natatakot mahulog sa yelo! haha) Well that's all po. :D

Anonymous said...

Hello po. I would just like to tell everybody and encourage them to vote you in Top Teen Awards for TOP TEEN MALE HEARTTHROB.
The link is: http://www.topteenawards.com.ph/Voting.aspx


♥Kymisa Murasaki♥ said...

oh no way..this is chris tiu? haha...waaa..nice site u got there muah..

HaJa said...

nice pix chris!..tnx for sharing it to us!.. =)

erica said...


i was there last saturday in ynares gym to watch the game between licealiz and cobra. a few mins after the game, i also received the fantxt update. it seems na dinibdib mo yung game. im posting this because well, i am concerned.

i am not an expert in basketball but i have seen how you played with the ateneo team last UAAP season. and comparing it from last saturday's game, i just observed na naninibago pa ang liceliz/hapee team kasi ngayon lang kayo nagkakasama. honestly, nanghinayang ako ng sobra dun sa mga pasa mo kay hugnatan kasi hindi nya nakukuha. as for the cobra team, most of the players were from UE. maybe that is the reason why they know how to respond to each other better.

give this some thought. maybe you can suggest something to the coaching staff of hapee. not that you don't practice or spend time together pero there is something that you guys can do pa.

i know you have a lot in your mind right now. but i hope you were able to watch the Probe Team segment that tackled the issue on the RP team. hindi ko na masyado napanood kasi late ko na nakita. i hope maclarify na yung issue regarding this kasi hindi makakabuti na nagkaka-intrigahan pa. At the end of the day, bandera ng Pilipinas ang bitbit ng team sa olympics or kung saan mang international competition. ang pangit naman kung hindi full ang support ng pinas sa inyo di ba?

another text message that i received na i want to share:
"People may trample on you but it will never diminish your value."

another motto:
Love me or hate me, either way, you are thinking about me.

good luck on your training! and keep in mind that may detractors ka man, marami ka pa ring fans.

haylin said...

Is chris already here in the Phils.??

just asking..

sabriaü said...

You already left na pala for Vegas yesterday, Chris? Grabe, now I know why you're burned out. You're really busy. Mag ingat kayo ha. And don't mind the controversies. They're just testing your passion in your craft. Prove them wrong. Defy the odds.ü

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
You rock man!

Erine said...

How are you kuya Chris? When I read last SAturday (tama ba?) on your FAntext update that you're having burnouts because of your sched medyo nagulat ako.. saka ko lang napansin na wala ka pala halos pahinga,and I can see it nung nanood ako nung Pinoy records,halata sa mga mata mo.. hehehehe..

Nisip ko tuloy, " Wow, napagod si Kuya Chris for the first time..." KAsi khit sobrang busy mo the past months,parang you never complained.. Sabi ko pa nga,you can dribble all your comitments..

PAhinga ka naman.. You deserve it...
Its ok if you cant post regularly for updates on your site.. We can wait..

"Hakuna matata"... Ok? (=';'=)


Stay safe!!! God bless...

Anonymous said...

helo po,

db c jv casio La Salle pro nka2tuwa nmn kc dti nagaagwn kau s bola unhan kung cnu mkashoOt pro ngaun nag22lungan p kau..dti pgnapa2nuod kita at nka2shoOt c jv asr n asr ako pro ngaun mgkroom p kau at my pic p kaung mgksama...go jv at xyempre gOgOgOgOgOgO
CHRIS TIU sna glingan nio tlunin nio po cla...!!!pogi pogi mo tlaga,sna mrami k pang pic n ipkita...

!!cencia n po kung tgalog n tgalog bka po mwrong grammar ako eh!!


tina said...

hey chris! i just wanna ask if you will be playing somewhere here in mindanao with the RP team this april 24..coz i happen to see a signage in a store selling tickets for an all star game. it says RP TEAM VS PBA SOUTH.

i would really appreciate if you'd reply. thanks in advance :)

fence sitter said...

Great pics!

joy m. said...

hello chris! matagal na rin akong hindi nagloload kaya i havent received your text messages recently because im so busy. i saw sabria's comment to you. is it true that you left for las vegas already? i guess youre having the most hectic month. i just want to remind you that too much working is bad for your health. just take it easy ok?! hehe.. your fans here are always behind you to support. take care always!

Anonymous said...

eowzzz ... watz up??

ive watch ripley's yesternight ..
wawa aman un parrot peo buti nlan ders some1 who concern ..
hope your bride will agree about the bouquet .. hehe

i think anytime the rain will fall .. haizzt but its still okay para lumamig aman sa pinas .. hehe

Anonymous said...

hi chris

i thot kayo lang ni jv ang kilala ko ndi pala...marami pala..esp. slaughter (cesafe)... goodluck senu lahat amping alwiz and god bless...


yil said...

hi Chris!

i'm sorry ngayon lang ako nakavisit ng blog mo. Wala kasi kaming internet connection sa bahay. :)

this is what i've been waiting for...your pictures from Serbia! Nice shots. I love the view. How I wish I can also go there with you as my tour guide...pwede? hehehe

i really love watching Ripley's Believe It or Not. Its really nakakabilib! Hey, I wonder if your luckiest bride would agree with the kind of bouquet you want. Hehehe

Sana ipadala mo thru mms yung mga pix na ito to us thru fanatxt. Pwede? :)

I received your updates thru fanatxt. So, you'll be training again. Well good luck to you and the rest of the RP team. Although ang galing2x mo na, I know you'll learn alot from that training.

Mr. Perfect, pahinga ka din paminsan-minsan ha. Don't abuse yourself.

Keep me updated even though your in Vegas na ha.

Thanks for the pictures and for always updating us despite your busy careers.

God bless you always!

always here to support you,
yil :)

Jerick said...

hey kuya chris, thanks for sharing those wonderful pics. you're a good example to everyone. just keep it up. God bless always.

Jerick said...

hi kuya chris, do you have a facebook account? please give me your e-mail add there. thanks. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll get to work with Heart Evangelista soon. You look good together. Don't you have plans of courting her? Kidding....

bhotyongnick said...

hello po, my TIUperman!!!

wow, nasa las vegas ka na naman ngayon. for sure, magkikita kayo ng partner mo, si Pacman. Pkisabi na gudluk sa fight nya and wag ka ng iwan sa show nio. mamimiss po uli kita. pictures uli co'z that make us happy and it's like kasama mo rin ako sa mga out of the country events mo. wag ka poh magpakapagod para di kana poh maburned out. i'll always be here for you. enjoy kapo jan. always take care. gudluk with your future games, go RP team!!! make us proud!!!
aylabyuolweiz!!! mwuah 100x!!!

KGirl said...

good luck to you and the whole team! i wish you guys all the best!

send my regards to rey guevarra of letran.. huuuuge fan! haha

Anonymous said...

eowzz ...
get tired?? rest ka aman mxiado kang nagpa2yaman ee .. hehe jowk! (i know you have a lot of commitments peo xana healthy ka pa rin)

* yesterday, my sister gave birth to my first nephew he's name is mark angelo .. when i saw him, i can say dat angelo is the ryt name 4 him becoz he has an angelic face,soo cute & huge baby .. im looking forward to play with him ...

how about TIU xcept from basketball? hehe (^^,)

Blessy said...

Hey Chris,

I saw you in Probe, well I guess, being a member of the Smart Gilas Team really puts you in the center of controversy, goodluck anyway.....

larfralf88 said...

u definitely look great with the cherry blossoms.

hope i can visit Serbia( in my dreams).


i saLutE tO u Chris

bfrances said...

Wow! It is nice to see that you and JV get along well. I wish the Philippine Team all the best! Bonne chance, Kuya Chris! :D

A bientot,

Ben Francis G. Rances

dane justine said...

wow!!! it's just my biggest dream to travel around the world and i am just amazed with your pictures in different countries.. kainggit.. hope years from now, i could also post pictures like that.. hehe.. :)

ryan_17 said...

gud day mr. tiu
im ryan from bulacan
i hope you'll accept if g.m.a offers you a project about yhe remake of koreanovela full house with marian rivera
i have also a collection of magz
na featured ka jejeje-from s-magz. the buzz that i have two issues. meg i have many issues. lifestyleasia.
lastly more power to ur shows

Joyce said...

married n pla c la salle green archer james mangahas s long time gf nia n c alena. congrats

KeiN said...

wow Chris...

your Jacket looks like Seigaku's Jacket...

(The Prince of Tennis)

tnx 4 d pic...

mi_ca86 said...

so they also have cherry blossoms there? interesting!