Saturday, April 25, 2009

Playing against Antoine Walker

Hello again from Las Vegas, Sin city as they would call it. But not to worry, cause all we do here is eat and sleep in the hotel, take a shuttle van to the training site which is about 5 minutes away, then back again to the hotel to rest, then to the training site again. Pretty much the same schedule everyday, except for unusually lucky days were we get to walk to the strip and appreciate the incredibly attractive.... hotel structures with their glimmering lights :) Not quite what you thought!

Most of my teammates are first timers here and so i'd have to be the guide. Believe me, it's not easy to lead a big group nowadays because after a few meters of walking, we stop to take a picture. Then, walk a few meters then stop and take another picture again towards another direction, and again... and again. Plus, everybody practically has their own camera, which means each stop requires 7 to 10 cameras of the same view. It's fun being with these guys anyways :)

Going back to our training, we train twice a day, plus weights. We have games here too. Our first two games were against the same team, the IMPACT All-stars composed of ex-NBA players Antoine Walker (he's so huge and strong, felt like a rock) and Mamadou N'diaye plus young NBA prospects that will be joining the draft this year, Alonzo Gee and Robert Vaden, who are predicted to be picked within the top 12. In our first encounter, we lost by 13 points. We thought it wasn't too bad considering they were all so athletic and talented individually. We felt like little kids being tossed around with alley hoops and slamdunks coming from all over the place. But in our second encounter, we were amused by the results ourselves. We actually beat them by 6 points 128 - 122 after coming back from an 18-point deficit. Our outside shots started to click and that got us going. Plus we got a big lift from our import CJ Giles (6'11) who scored 19 points. CJ played with the Lakers in the summer league. 23 years old from Kansas University.

That game just proves that teamwork is definitely more effective than individual talent because there was no way we could match up with them individually. This makes me respect the system of Coach Rajko Toroman even more, despite criticisms from our own fellow Filipinos. I want to save that topic for another entry. For now, we're just thankful for that rare experience to play against such big name players.



kalliepepper said...

congratz to you and the whole team! ^_^

Anonymous said...


JUST A BIG WOW for that!

3xie said...

whoa..ur so lucky 2 play w/ antoine walker :))

still sug luck 2 ur nxt games!!! :P :))


hey kua chris muztah na po...?

you look really good as if ur not in the training naman eh!!!

cge take care na lang!!!...


totoo mu bang aso si doughnut???

Anina said...

Hey Chris! I watched the Ateneo vs. La Salle game for the MVP cup a few days ago. I'm a Blue Eagle fan and I just want to tell you that I'm a bit concerned because La Salle, despite missing Casio and Maierhofer, seems very very strong. They've recruited some very talented rookies and Coach Franz seems to be focusing on defense, just like what you guys did last year. We lost by 2...not so bad but I hope they improve. Just wondering if you still keep in touch with the team. Maybe you can share with them the things you've learned from playing with the RP team:) Good luck with all your endeavors Chris! Good luck!:)

Anonymous said...


gud 4 u and for the team ...

inunahan mu q xa trivia about others called las vegas .. haha

btw since its PINOY RECORDS DAY
i want to share a trivia about the longest lake ..
"CHARGOGGAGOGG MANCHAUGGAGOGGC HAUBUNAG NGAMAUGG" (whooo!) means you fish on your side,i fish on my side,nobody fish in the middle ..
becoz other find it so difficult to read and spell (like me)they called it lake webster (much easier) this lake is going to central massaTIUsetts (massachusetts) hehe
it has a total of 45 letters (walang bilangan)haha

goodluck and godbless !!!(^^,)
im looking forward to see some pix ..hehe
weather here in philippines is rainy ..

Anonymous said...

I just read your blog and i was deeply impressed by you and your teammates playing with the presence of mr. walker. How does it feel playing with the ex-NBA players? would you mind posting pictures if you have some with the ex-NBA players? i would love to see them if it's available.

by the way, take care there in L.A. and God speed....

judielle said...

wow...your reallt luck TIU play wid antoine walker!!

gud luck!!

secret. hehe :D said...

just goes to show that you really are an NBA addict! haha :D take care chris!bl

diam. said...

bravo!! ((:

janine de gracia said...

.how lucky to play with antoine walker.
.don't know him much but i think his good.
.good to hear that you'd been the guide but it's also tiring. hehe.
.do you also bring a camera with you?.
.even you lost in your first game you still manage to improve your skills in your next game.
.it's better to learn from some loses.
.you're right in what you said that a working as a group will lead to great result rather than playing individually.
.as the saying goes,"2 heads are better than one".
.but it's better to say,"a team is better than one.
.hope you enjoy you're stay there.
.eat properly.
.take care.


weng10282000 (",) said...

hi again, chris!!!:) just wanna say congratz to you and your team for your play well done. your so lucky to have played against antonine walker and impact all-stars team. STRONG DEFENSE, DISCIPLINE and TEAMWORK are one of the most important factors in winning a game. just maintain and keep it up!!! let me ask you that your team would participate in the coming FIBA-ASIA Champions Cup in Jakarta on May 12-20 (according to broadsheet i read), is it true? i hope that you could respond...

praying for you, chris and GOD will always provide. just keep safe and smile... :)

Anonymous said...

hi kua chris again..

well goodluck xa career, and always take care. GodbLess u and you will remain as my inspiration in everything I do, i hope i had a big bro just lyk you.

pray always kei?

tnx2 puh..


faye said...

Hi Chris! Charles is in my facebook news feed and he picked you as one of his fave basketball players! How sweet!:)

And I checked the link Jerick posted here...I'm sorry but the comments there are just full of crap. Like they know you well enough to give such statements. Oh well.

More wins for your team!:)

Christian ko! said...

Tour Guide? New career? hehehe!!

well galingan mu Chris, haii,. I miss watching your game,. buti na lang,. napanood pa kita before ka umalis

Take Care,. and God bless you!!


sabria ü said...

I thought you went girl hunting, Chris! Haha. Well, I know you wouldn't, of course. Lagot ka kay Ms. Lucky Charm of yours, like what you dearly called her during your Gesu speech after the championship game. Tsaka I know you're a goody good guy.ü

After being Wolverine for one Ripley's episode, you're now Mr. Las Vegas tour guide! That's nice, keep it up! Share the pics!ü

Regarding you playing against big time basketball players there and winning one game at that, well, WHOA. You guys are just great! Ang galing naman. Coach Rajko must really be a brilliant coach, plus talented players to boot = a super RP team!ü

I wish you well, Chris. Oh no, I wish you the best! Continue the great job that you guys are doing, you've really made us all proud.ü

I still have that one question though, would you be staying there till May 2 to watch and/or cover Manny's fight?

Take care and regards to the other players and everyone else there. And again, thanks so much for the updates, Chris. Keep us posted!ü

Anonymous said...

hey congratz!! sana manalo pa sa ibang games...
gudluck sa iba pang games...
take care...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, not L.A. i'm always thinkin' of los angeles, cali. pardon me, it's L.V.nevada. before i forget, what's with the team practicing for? 'cause i'm interested with your teaming up with some basketball players from different colleges and universities here in manila. Again, take care there in las vegas. Goodluck to your team and God speed!!!!

Ceila said...

Hey! Wow, training again? Don't overwork yourself, you might get sick. But let's hope not. Good luck on your future games and just enjoy the journey. :)

lhen7 said...

Haha ang kulit nman ng buong team... Ok yan bonding kayong teammates :) Congrats sa inyo... enjoy your vacation and training :)

Anonymous said...

"not what you think..." part is quite funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi from there,,
Congrats to u and the whole team too!!!YEHEY!!
thanks for posting again and again...even though ur tired..
hope ur okay and keep safe always..
Always Pray..


death_ether said...

baka nanibago lng kayo sa first game. but the win was BIG time!

one thing i have in mind though, i find it really funny that your team mates brought their cameras and took pictures around. It must be really amusing seeing the big guys take pictures of themselves. I would probably do take pictures if i were in their shoes. But i am certainly not the type who takes too long with photos.
No offense to picture addicts but i thought only silly girls do such things,like my sister. She takes pictures of herself even in the bus or a cab. She even tkes a picture of her cup of coffee in the morning.She's gotta count as an addict don't you think.

Ramon said...

you are much too modest. you could have described how well your teammates did the screens for you to hir 25 points, mostly from downtown, in that game. that would have been decent enough.

jeNniEca xOxo11715 said...

GudLuck and GodbLeSS!..

stay safe



mOre powers!..

Luv Lots



Kali said...

i just noticed, you blog more often when you're out of the country. but i'm not sure that makes me wanna wish that you're always abroad. it's just that, i didn't even know you came back already if i didn't read in the papers that you'd play in the pbl... and now you're in vegas... wow, you have an unbelievably tight schedule. take a breather every once in a while, okay?! it's a really good thing that you get to play against some really tough players there. make the most out of it. i'm sure you'll learn a whole lot of skills that the team will need for the big league!

our love and prayers are always with you.

j_han said...

ang pinoy talaga mahillig sa kodak moments!!! dats common na rin sa friendly group namin...hehehe!!! imagine how difficult to collect all copies for compilation. sa barkada pa lng, ok na ang 10 same view at pose lng nman...makulit lng talaga ang mga pinoy!!! adik sa picturan...hehehe!!!

well, gudlak sa next game.yakang yakang mo sila...hehehe!!!!

Anonymous said...

mr tiu, i heard that there will be a camp fir FIL-AMs there,and i had an info that a nick hailey will be included in that camp. if ever you'll play with that bastard please leave him coughing from your dust..hehe that nick bastard is so boastful, nilalait nya ang pinoy basketball players. show him what pinoy ballers can do.

waah gusto ko matuto ng euro style basketball simula ng bata pko..sna mag turo si coach toroman sa mga barangay sa buong pilipinas..hehehe

a h l y said...

that's a gOod news!
Congratulations for that!

enjoy you're stay there!

Good Luck to all your games! =)

take care!

yil said...

hey, Chris!

Congratulations for winning over the Impact and ABA teams! Mabuhay!!!

I sat hope the RP team will be a much stronger and talented when you all guys come back home.

I miss watching you playing in the hardcourt. :(

I wonder when will be the winner of the Basketball Clinic with you be announce? And, will you stay there until the fight of Pacman to cover it like what you did before?

Don't commit sins while you're in the City of Sins. hehehe... I know you won't. You are such a saint-like guy. :)

Good luck on your training and don't forget to thank God for all His graces and blessings.

Keep me posted,
yil :)

joy m. said...

hey chris! sana you told us that youre going to vegas para napanood ko yung last game mo sa pbl but its okay maybe late lang talaga ako sa mga news =) . anyway, i can feel na youre having fun right now. just keep on enjoying kasi i know naman when come back hectic nanaman ang schedule mo. im also watching nba playoffs even though i dont know their names. hehe.. im only watching it because i got so interested at what you said. okay i have to go now, take care!

larfralf88 said...

well, hope you all the best. and, i hope u'll continue to have a great time wherever u may be.


mikee2009 said...

though i think antoine is getting older, he still has the skills to play.. he is a good defensive player and also an offense minded player...
not to mention that he is an all-star and an NBA champion..

nice to know that your teamwork paid-off and eventually you beat a group of talented and athletic guys...

just wanna ask what happened to the try-outs of the filams?
and what about japaeth aguilar> is it true that he will not join the gilas rp-team but he will join coach Guiao's team?

hope you keep us updated in ur fanatxt and in your blog...

we also hope that you will have someday a facebook account... thanks

good luck there in vegas..


hope you could get me a souvenir.. how about a CSI jacket? hehe.. lol.

go for the gold... goodluck always

almira said...

whoa! that was such a great experience for the whole team to improve.

keep safe :)

Anonymous said...



gling gling mo tlaga,pgbutihin nio p s mga su2nod niong lban...

pnnood ko ul8 mga lban mo dti vs. other universities dhil mis ko nang mkita kng ngla2ro gling mo tlagang mg 3 points,kh8 pwis n pwis kn gwapo k p rin....



jamy said...

Wow!Good for you Chris and also for the team...have a great time =]

mag;s said...

Olah!!! I was searching for some blogs to read when i noticed your blogspot. Wow, you write like a true author and i am impressed by your blogs so i signed in as one of the followers of your blogspot. About "playing against Antoine Walker", all i can say is that you and your team mates were very blessed to play basketball with mr. walker and his companies. They really were big hits ex-NBA players. Anyways, congratulations to your wins. Hope to read your incoming blogs. I would love to take some time reading them. jejeje... GOOdluck and take good care of yourself and your team. Godbless you all..... c:

wangxiangmei said...

hi chris!

wow! tour guide? hehe.. can you share some pics?

goodluck and Godbless!

Renegade said...

Good Job Chris! I don't know if you remember me, but we used to play against each other back in the highschool days. The Lourdes QC versus Xavier match-up. We usually lose to you guys.

Anyway, you guys are making us proud. Ang layo na ng narating niyo. Keep it up. We believe na maabot niyo din ang ultimate goal, yun ay ang makapasok sa Olympics and magcing ultimate world champs. WE Pinoys are behind nyou all the way, pati na din sa SBP.

My basketball community online, kasali din ako doon. You can share your thoughts about the game there. Pwede din kayo maglagay ng updates. Its

Its an international basketball forum.

Keep us updated. GODSPEED!

Nica said...

Im glad you're having a grand time there in Vegas! And Im more happy about your win =) I guess the team just needs a lil more polishing and you're good to go. Afterall, everyday is an opportunity to learn more and be better ;)

sherwin said...

congrats... i know that its a big win for you and your team especially the hard work and training you've been to.. ( i heard that you had a practice even the day before went to US and later you had a game in the PBL)

i red from the newspaper a while ago that you won over las vegas aczes with new recruit (and former team mate) japeth aguilar and ur import didn't play that game due to injury.. and you scored 16pts, so congrats again ..

i heard that you will be back here on may3 or 4 and go to jakarta on may 10.. i just want to ask if you and jvee are going to play in the PBL when you get back or it might be impossible because you are going to prepare for the FIBA ASIA CUP?

PS.. congrats to ur former team ADMU.. after their lost to DLSU, they won back to back in fil oil(over CSB and JRU).. they also won their first game in the nike summer league...

beckietiu said...

congrats po! antay ko ripley's now.. hehehe!

fence sitter said...


That's so cool....

Anonymous said...

Hi from there,, THIS IS RHEA!!
Congrats to u and the whole team too!!! nice to know that your teamwork paid-off and eventually you beat a group of talented and athletic guys... congrats to ur former team ADMU.. after their losS to DLSU, they won back to back in fil oil(over CSB and JRU).. they also won their first game in the nike summer league...

Keep us updated. GODSPEED! :)

Jerick said...

hello. for the first time, i watched one of your TV shows in GMA 7, its ripleys believe it or not. i really like the way you host. its amazing. i hope that someday, you'll have a project with ABS-CBN. i'm looking forward to that. hheheh. i'm wishing you all the best in your career. God bless always.

bhotyongnick said...

hello, my TIUperman!!!

congratz on winning your second game!!!

just keep on playing together and you all will be consistently playing on top of your game.

i believe in our team and rest assure that you have lots of supporters back home praying for your wins.

ciao for now and love you always!!!

mikee2009 said...

hello chris...

i just notice that you are wearing the #17 jersey again in the gilas lineup...

does that mean that you are feeling super lucky? hehe

we are expecting the best basketball from you!!!

good luck again!!

badlongon said...

hi chris,

wow, it's been a few while since the last time i visited your blog and i'm glad that there are two new articles here. hehe. i just knew it! you're in las vegas. pretty much exciting because you get to play with the right players for your training plus i'm sure, you'll get to watch manny's fight this sunday (day here in the phils.) good luck to you, Chris. please extend my warmest greetings/congratulations to your teammates. playing for our country is such a huge honor and not all Filipino people get to have this chance. God has truly assigned you to bring back the glory to Him and to our country!

We're praying for you and the RP Gilas Team and of course, Manny Pacquiao!

God bless



Congatulations...we are always here supporting you :) keep us updated. GOD BLESS AND MORE POWER.

Anonymous said...

eowzzz ..

long time no comment .. hehe

how's ur training??
for how long you will stay there??
(daming tanong?)haha

sorry ive missed episode of ripley's yesternyt its not just i forgot .. im soo sleepy na kc na i cant open up my eyes na .. hehe
but wen i saw dat episode in commercial i realized dat you and my kuya have a same stripped longsleeve .. (^^,) la lang ..

nga pla, wrong spelling un congratulation qoe nung first comment qoe (my apology) but anywayzz ..
"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! again" (yan correct na) hehe

>> para san pa at nabuhay cla??
..... kung patay na patay naman cla sken ... whahahaha jowk!

kipsafe godspeed!!gtg

cariza said...

ibo2to kta s topteen awards..
sna mnalo k!!

erica said...


Congrats RP TEAM!

Im looking forward for that blog entry where you will discuss the controversy between Smart Gilas and the other team.

Enjoy your stay and hope to see you play for PBL soon.


Erine said...

PArang ang hirap nga maging tour guide pag kasing tangkad nila yung magiging kasama mo.. well anyway, just enjoy the daily routine..
nga pala.. take a lot of good care with yourselves there in the US.. THe epedemic is very fast on spreading throughout the globe..

Im looking forward for the entry about your new coach.. HE seemed to be a very good coach.. I havent heard of the intrigues yet, but I think its just hearsays..

Stay safe!!!


Jamaica said...

miss you..

Anonymous said...

i second the motion with Jamaica because i miss you too.eheh:-)

Anonymous said...

hey! how's Vegas?


Anonymous said...

kuya chris injured pla si nick hailey....sayang hindi mo na sya makakalaro..sayang mayabang kasi un weh..injured daw sya..sna tumutulo na laway nya jan..pinagyayabang nya nakalaban na daw nya si greg oden at si eric gordon ng hyskul pa sila,anu nmn kung nkalaban nya di ba..

nweiz..gudluck sa camp..pagbutihan nyo jan..makakalaban nyo pla sa champions cup un isa sa bahrami brothers(un isa patay na) at un paboritong player ni coach toroman na si kamrani(un nagpataob kay alapag)..ahehehe tska sna madepensahan nyo si el khatib ng lebanon,un team na ipapadala ng jordan halos karamihan NT members,magkakaalaman na!!nakaka exite!!televised po ba laban nyo?..hehe team effort tlga ang sbp..hindi tulad ng PBA rp team..

kuya chris join k na din sa PBA forums..hehe kahit gumamit ka nlng ng ibang name..hahaha..


Anonymous said...

hi chris


nakita ko kayo sa tv patrol kanina...sayang #17 lang nakita ko..nakatalikod ka kasi...nanalo daw kayo...
nakalimutan ko ang team na nakalaban nu..basta may Sumtng "ACES" ang name ng team na nakalaban nu...

again congratzzzz
goodluck sa nx game
GOD bless

^.~ leyte

nurse jane said...

saw some pics of you and the team there in vegas..
the photos were so coolit!..:)
i just love to see all of the players wearing those smiles..
enjoy your stay there!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!!! congratz!!! galing galing!! just cant help but to be amaze every time i hear a local team beats a foreign one.. just so sad our nat'l team lost against the import in PBA all stars.. well, there's lot of room for improvements anyways.. hehe..

hope to see you playing in the PBA soon.. :)


Anonymous said...


glicyl said...

Last monday, i was informed by my classmate that you will be present in PALARONG PAMBANSA in Tacloban City, and you'll be the one who will open the said event..At first, i was hesitant to believe that stuff, because i have read your last entry that you were in Las Vegas..But they seemed to be so serious that i was finally convinced.When the thought processed in my mind, sadness came to my system, for i know i could not make it to Tacloban by Tuesday, because we do have a class on that day.And i just can't leave my class here, for i believe that i would miss onehalf of my life if i make even just one absence in my class..
During the lecture, i was pre-occupied by the activities in tacloban. I was thinking if only i made it to tacloban, then i would have achieved one of my dreams-to see you personally.But all i can do at that time is to look at my watch as it reads:10:00..They have said taht it will start at exactly 10:00am,and from our school,it would take 1hour before i reach Tacloban City..And so, in my mind, i thought,"Wala na talaga".After that,i forced myself to focus my attention to what our teacher was saying, even if it was very hard for me to do it.

Deep inside me, i can feel hatred to my loyalty to my studies. if only i can be absent even in just a day..if only i can stop listening to our clinical instructor and leave our room..But, oh...I can't do those things..Ilove nursing much that i can't take my eyes off to our lesson.At the same time, i hate my love for it...Ironic, isn't it?

But now, I wonder when I will be given a chance again to see you personally..If that happens, I'll surely grab it immediately!!!..

Anonymous said...

!!!helo chris!!!

glingan mo plagi

death_ether said...

since i am using the time here, I say good morning. Since i've been spending a few hours now trying to find people to talk to in chatrooms i might as well give a little trivia? This is nowhere near the things that your show gives but anyway hehe its about the reason why we have the so called palitaw. I just learned it from my grandma when we were cooking palitaw for merienda. So the famous Pinoy merienda was called as such because of how it is cooked. The thing "floats" (lumilitaw) when it's completely cooked and thats the time you remove it from the boiling water where the cooking is done. I guess that's it. I only noticed it now that i can narrow my trivia down to just a sentence or two but i guess that's what happens when you got no one to talk to hehe

i should probably go back to the chat rooms hehe so much for making your comments list a chatbox of some sort hehe

sabria ü said...

Hi, Chris. I happened to watch Edu Manzano's show Game Knb in ABS-CBN. He thanked several people for joining his advocacy Ako Mismo(?), and he mentioned your name, together w/ the likes of Luis Manzano, Angel Locsin, etc. I'm just wondering what that said advocacy is about. Just got curious. Haha. Edu even described you as "ang napaka galing na player ng Ateneo Blue Eagles" (or something like that. haha). I just wanted to share this, nothing really important.ü

I hope soon you'll be able to find the time to answer our questions by posting a comment here, blogging again, and/or sending another fanatxt update.

Pacquiao's fight is 2 days away. I do hope also you'll get to update us regarding that.

Take much care!ü

yil said...

hi Chris!

it's me again. :)

hey, i really enjoyed latest episode of Ripley's. I thought sa Ripley's ka magnu-nude while hosting. hehehe... in my dreams.
u know what, i'll be at your radio station whenever you're on air if you're serious with what you said. hahaha :)

Ripley's is really great! it's both entertaining and informative. it's the only late night show that i watch kahit inaantok na ako.

keep up the good hosting stint, Chris!

- yil :)

zia said...

congrats! by the way, are you guys by any chance..going to watch manny's game?

Anonymous said...


i've just seen at the news, may swine flu na daw dyan sa las vegas, well may isang case na lumabas. ingat ka dyan!!!

pati mga teammates mo at mga trainers and coaches..

i'll pray for your safety chris..

take care.. and congrats for winning..


love lots:

marj <3


hi kuya chris nasa vegas ka pa rin bah???

manu2od ka ba ng laban ni Mr. Manny Pacquiao???-

Ingat po sa swine flu!!!


take care always

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

watzz up.??

i heard you want to brush up with ur mandarin so i will teach you some japanese words .. hehe

ogenki desuka[deska](how are you)
ogenki kimiwa gakkou e(hows ur study?)

## seventeen >> jiou nana ##

i learn it from my classm8 ..hehe
just want to share i dont have any trivia 2 share ryt now ee ..
vocabulary nlan .. (^^,)

gudluck xa upcoming games & also k pacman, FILIPINO PRIDE!! hehe

dou zo,goen ryo u naku,(kipsafe,till here)
sayounara (bye)

Von said...

Chris, don't tell me you attended Manny's fight against Hatton... Hahaha! I really enjoyed the game! K.O. in 2nd round? Isn't it too early fall asleep?hahaha!

patty :) said...

Chris, Manny won by TKO just in the 2nd round (yeah, i know you know. haha) :)) did you watch it live there in Vegas or are you here in the Phils. already? hope to hear from you soon. keep us posted! :)

Anonymous said...

Ei chris send my congrats to pacman! nice fight!

Anonymous said...

antonette said...

hey chris, check this out. akomismo tvc at youtube. :)

antonette said...

the HABITAT vid, chris:


batutsy said...

astig nnmn!!!

hey i want dog tag din ung sa do u know how to get one???

Scott McLean said...

Hi there, Nice blog. I saw that we like some of same music so I wanted to see what's happening in Philippines now. Ok take care.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! I am just wondering. I saw your latest commercial a couple of minutes ago, well, actually not only by you but with other artists and people as well. What is "akomismo"? Sorry if I'm being dumb or slow but I am on the site( right now but it says there that I need to write something. Honestly I don't know what it is but there are hints flashing in the intro about what we can do. Is it for the country and the Filipinos? I can't access the whole site because it says there that you should be a member before you can enter. Anyway, I'll just try to register thru phone and see what really is it. By the way, I hope you can write something about "akomismo" so that we can know what is it all about.


Christina said...

hey! I'm also wondering what AKOMISMO is all about?... anyway, it was a nice ad..=)

yil said...

hey, Chris!

how's vegas?

Mabuahay tayong mga Pinoy!!! Pacman is undoubtedly the best fighter on Earth! please congrats Manny for me. I know you'll meet soon.

Tell us something about the on your next post, ha?

yil :)

sabria ü said...

Chris, I just want to share this with you as well as to the others who might be able to read this comment. I've already signed up for "Ako Mismo." Since the commercial for this advocacy started airing (prolly yesterday or 2 days ago), I became interested with it already. Well, not only because I know you're a part of it (as well as Ely Buendia), but also because I know it's for a good cause and it's a way of somehow being a part of something that could make the Philippines a better place to live in, and also eventually the world. I'd like to encourage everyone to also sign up. Feel free to visit the site through this link:
There is definitely still hope for change, and it can and/or should start with each one of us, which is basically the main theme of Ako Mismo. Let's do this for our nation!ü

Anyway, are you already home, Chris? Did you watch Manny's fight live at the MGM grand? Yeah, you updated us already through fanatxt, but like Pacquiao's fight, twas bitin! Haha. Blog soon please. Keep us posted!
P.S: Will watch Ripley's later tonight.ü

Anonymous said...

Hi chris!

yesterday is my birthday..i hope u could greet me here.. thankS!

Anonymous said...

aren't you going to post something about the palaro?

god bless!

death_ether said...

here's a PM:
I started reading your blog just last month out of curiosity, I guess. I just saw the blogs that my friend follows so yeah I began reading your latest entries. And then it just came to me that it's better to at least know a little bit about Christian Tiu as I read more of your blog.
I searched for you sa friendster and whoa! There was like thousands of accounts all with your name on it with your pictures, of course. And it was all easy. One click and I'll know more of a person I only know of because of his great aim for the basket. I just finished reading some of the articles from your interviews and somewhere from my mind it just came to me.

You definitely deserve to be a role model.

I'm not saying that the Philippines be a continent of amazing basketball players(hehe) but more of find inspiration and practice on what you and your family have shared which is love and faith in God. I can't arrive at the right word for it. It's just amazing. It's like having a perfect coffee.Just the right coffee, creamer, and sugar. Waha angcorny ng analogy hahaha.

You have achieved so much but your feet is still on the ground. Now I appreciate so much how you still manage to reach out to your fans. Para bang naging mgkaibigan ang aristokrata at pulubi. It's just unbelievable!
Therefore, I am more than proud to say I AM A CHRIS TIU FAN.

And uhm i should go back to cleaning my room or my sister's going to kill me.
And since this is made like a stalker-mail(hehe that's not even a word) and is nowhere related to playing with Mr. Walker huwag niyo na lng ipost or I'll end up being the president of your fans club hehehe

death_ether_no_more said...

CHRISTOPHER Tiu rather :) (for sure i will never be president of your fans club haha)

anna:] said...

keep on making others happy:) live your life to its fullest. go for the goal!


Anonymous said...

ello, check this site, ur in the candy poll:

check also this site:

thank TIU so much~~,


hello ulet I saw ur new Commercial


hindi naman sa nangungulet bakit ang ikli naman ng sinabi mo about encouraging the youth for the next election...?

but it is really cute lalo na ung dogtags hahahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

ur ryt d fight was so unbelievable ..
i cant believe dat it will end in that way ..
my tito said that "inunahan ni manny c hatton"
watz ur feedback about how martin nievera sung our national anthem??
i think not that bad aman ee ..
and its he's genre (opinion only)

i was amazed wen i saw batista ..
wow! he's really there to support the filipino community ..
btw, have you talk to kua manny??

how bout ur training.??

(^^,) godbless.!!!!!!!!

jasmine grace said...

Congratz kw ang no.4 sexiest man in d philippines for 2009.I hope dt in 2010,2011,2012 at s mga su2nod pang mga n ang no. 1!!!

Congratz din dhil ikw ang no. 1 s kpuso ultimate hunk!!isa ko s mga bumoto dun...

..gudluck rin..


angel said...

hi chris,

i know ur super busy right now out of the country ang tgal mo ng wala sa pinas ah kelan kba babalik?..

ingat sa swine virus actually i worked with expedia one of the leading travel providers in US..( we are so much affected of that virus as in everyday queing lunok lang ang pahinga..

anyway how's the fight of manny with hatton? did u watch it? i know u always have complimentary tickets going to his fight. Aside from ur training im sure this is also one of the reasons why you went to vegas..

congrats that u have been actually played with the NBA players.. goodluck on your basketball career.. i know there's still a long way to go..

i really like ur commercial first time ko nakita knina pagkagcng ko so naisip ko mag comment sa blog mo at work.. im wondering when did u make that commmercial? before u left? specifically when?..

i know u have a lot of commitments and things to do magiingat ka lang palagi.. try to answer our comments if u have time or update ur blog.. dami ng questions na nakaline up that needs to be answered and im also waiting for it ok..

godbless.. miss u more.. =)

a h l y said...

AKO MISMIsusuprtahan ang RP Team! =_

death_ether_no_more said...

mahilig ka pala sa suspense tska action.have you tried reading James Patterson?

almira said...

no updates yet? :)

anyways, keep safe, captain! :)

choczach said...

is there a video of your games? i would sure like to see it. thanks.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATZ po dhil kw ang no. 1 s kapuso ultimate hunk at no. 4 nman s sexiest man on 2009!!!!

syang ndi n kita npa2nood mglaro ng basketball kya ung mga dti mo nlang lban ang pnpanood ko s youtube ndi ko kc alm if tnetelecast b un at kung wt time

gling gling mo tlaga,ingat k plagi...


death_ether_no_more said...

i just wanna share kuya christian(just kidding), cris tiu:
I applied for a job just this morning and in the final exam i was informed that i failed. I forgot my umbrella in the room where my exam was conducted and they told me there was a mistake and i still had a chance to get the job. I said" Um why am i here?"I told them i came back only for my umbrella and now i got hired by the company.As a matter of fact, i didnt even want to come back to get the umbrella that i forgot because I failed and i felt a bit embarassed hehe
God is so great!

Anonymous said...

I'm a subscriber of your fanatics. Sometimes, I do received messages but I know it's not coming from you. Sana they would refrain from sending messages using your name. Also your not only a great basketball player but also a great dancer based on the GMA summer station ID.

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

how r u??
its been a long tym since you posted an update aa ..

btw, please greet ur mom a "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" and 2 ol mothers out der ..

hmmm .. parang nag-enjoi kna jan aa?? hehe (^^,)
CONGRATULATION xa achievements!! kip it up TIU .. (^^,)
olweiz kip safe.!!!

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

how r u??
its been a long tym since you posted an update aa ..

btw, please greet ur mom a "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" and 2 ol mothers out der ..

hmmm .. parang nag-enjoi kna jan aa?? hehe (^^,)
CONGRATULATION xa achievements!! kip it up TIU .. (^^,)
olweiz kip safe.!!!

Anonymous said...

ask ko lang p0..

may nanalo na p0 ba dun sa fanatxt m0??

ung mkaka1-0n-1 m0 p0??

curious lang p0...:)

and ang galing p0 ng ripley's... un na lang p0 ang original sa "bilib ka ba nights"

ingat p0...g00dluck sa games...:)

Anonymous said...

ask ko lang p0..

may nanalo na p0 ba dun sa fanatxt m0??

ung mkaka1-0n-1 m0 p0??

curious lang p0...:)

and ang galing p0 ng ripley's... un na lang p0 ang original sa "bilib ka ba nights"

ingat p0...g00dluck sa games...:)

death_ether_no_more said...

i got nothing to do here in front of the pc so i might as well react on what someone has commented about the singing of the national anthem.
Our country follows a constitution and the singing of the national anthem is included in our not so perfect constitution. The singing of the anthem isnt the same as singing any other song that you hear from the radio where you get to have free interpretation of it.
I just think it's a bad move for Martin to say in one of his early interviews that he is not apologizing for what he did.

bhotyongnick said...

eloh poh, my TIUperman!!!

miz yah much!!!

nxan kan poh???

keep safe!!! luv you!!!

ciao for now!!!

hallyugy said...

Happy anniversary! Its been a year since you finally decided to share another side of yourself. Thank you for sharing with us your thoughts, insights and experiences… for giving us the chance to know you better, sharing your dreams, your success and even your trials :). Keep on inspiring people, especially the youth… keep safe always! keep on shinning!

anna katrikka said...

you look pale....

elaine said...

good luck on ur trip to jakarta!

yanie mae said...


karen said...

hi chris! Happy Anniversary!!!
one year na 'tong blog mo...
grabe ang bilis talaga ng panahon.
God Bless =)

Jl said...

Hi Cris,

Take care always,

weng10282000 (",) said...
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Anonymous said...

hello just wanna say na la salle is still a competitive na lan tayo sa uaap 72...ang galing ni chris tiu BUT!!!! MAS MAGALING PA RIN SI JV terms of basketball skills and of being smart jv casio still comes before chris tiu!!! pls dont's the truth naman diba!!???? buti sana kung focus lang si chris sa basketball pero it looks like mas gusto nyang mag-artista...thanks for reading!!! you chris...sana friends kayo ni sana wag mong i- delete kasi if u delete it means your not sport..thanks author