Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Jeepney

Chris Tiu is in The Jeepney. Get your copy of Volume 5.

"The Jeepney Magazine" is a Filipino publication produced by the Urban Opportunities for Change, Foundation Inc.

The Jeepney Magazine has two main goals:

The first is the presentation of the stories and hearts of the Filipino poor. It is our intent to communicate the needs, struggles and more importantly, the victories in the midst of those struggles, of homeless people, to an audience that can make change happen.

The second is the provision of jobs, with dignity, meeting or exceeding the Philippine minimum wage. The provision of jobs, is modeled by the over two hundred autonomous street papers in the world today. The vendors of these papers receive fifty to ninety percent of the papers cover price. If the magazine sells @ P100, about 50 to 90 pesos goes to the vendor as his/her income and the remainder is retained for the expenses incurred in the publishing of the magazine.


I believe there was a vendor in Eastwood but I heard he might be transferring to Glorietta. I'll try to find out more details myself.



nahmeeh said...

Congratulations on being a good model to the youth.

arrie said...

will read it,hehe!btw,happy easter sunday! =)

Graxxie said...

Hello :)
I'm gonna get a copy of that Jeepney ASAP.
I wanna read it na. :)
Takecare. :)
Btw, Happy Easter pala. :)


Anonymous said...

nakakatuwa namang isipin na kahit iba yung uri ng buhay na kinalakihan mo, nakakapagreach out ka pa din sa "MASA".

you are making a lot of sense talaga! mabuhay ka chris!


badlongon said...

hi chris. are you back here in the phils? where can i buy the jeepney magazine? i heard you'll be leaving for las vegas this april.


jenniecaxoxo said...

nice!..i will buy 1

stay safe

GudLuck and Godbless





eena said...


♥ alyssa mari ♥'s 17 said...


berd said...

hi chris!!!how's ur holy week?haikz back to school nman...tsk.tsk.i hope to get a copy of that magazine...ehehe gs2 q ma-inspire eh..blita q mga inspiring stories nkalagay dun...congratz cz npili k ifeature dun...!!!tc olweyzzz....God bless>

bhotyongnick said...

good day, my TIUperman!!!

wow, another magazine article of chris. i'll surely get a copy. how are you right now??? any updates of your future games and shows??? i am still waiting for you to upload your pictures in serbia as well as the results for your fan-a-txt. it's good to know that there are lot of things been happening to you lately and most of us are always eager to look forward to and be a part of it. thank you for sharing your life to us. you truly inspire us.

pleaase don't change and continue sharing your life with us because we truly treasure every minute of it.

it will be my birthday this coming 17th of april (yes, same as your jersey number). what's my gift??? "just joking". just a simple greeting will do.

thanks for everything. take care of yourself. godspeed and love you always.

ciao for now, my TIUperman!!!

mikee said...

hi chris.... i cant find a copy of this magazine in any national bookstore outlet i've been,,,...

goodluck to your pbl stint!

3xie said...

cool..i wnt 2 buy 1..haha :P :))

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

hei Chris,

Nice Goals from the publications.
I know you have the same goals as the Jeepney in helping the needs of others...

teecee and

And I'd like to ask for your prayers for my next check up tomorrow, thanks!


Ceila said...

Yay! That's great for Chris! You do us all proud. :)

Anonymous said...

hi chris! this is rhea! just doppin by to say goodluck tomorrow vs oracle formerly harbour center! God bless! mwah! :)

janine de gracia said...

.it's my first time to hear about THE JEEPNEY.
.looks like a very Pinoy article.
.i like the 2 main goals of it.
.it talks about the primary problems our country is facing.
.reading it will surely open the eyes and hearts of many Filipinos to strive for the progress of our country.
.your presence in THE JEEPNEY will attract more people to read this article.
.hope you continue to support many projects that will help our country to rise and be progressive.
.take care of yourself there.
.waiting for your comeback.
.God Bless.

bianca said...

Hello Chris,
Glad to know that you'll be present on the PBL's opening. I was supposed to watch but then I had to presume, well for some main reasons.

Anyways, where could we buy a copy of jeepney magazines? anywhere in the country ba?
Like national bookstore or maybe magazine stand or in the link that you have posted. Anyways I'm gonna look for it to grab a copy knowing how much, never mind.

Just a request. Could you greet the tiunatics society in your fanatxt if you just looove to do it. We would love to see it..

We'll still gonna be keep posted on your updates.

We really look up to you and your good examples...


jeklog said...

nice. keep it up man.


ei, would like to invite you..

if ever u got nothing to do.

if u enjoy photography and a bit of informal rhyme...drop by..

most of it are street photography..

but generally random thoughts.

it aims to raise "kamalayang kalye" and to make people feel a bit fortunate about their lives compared to those i frame.

Jasper Christian D. Macabulos

faye said...

don't worry, I'm sure to get a copy. Hope they have one in Glorietta though. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks chris for promoting the jeepney. Check out their website to see where you could buy the magazines. As posted, the beneficiaries themselves are the ones selling so you won't see this in the usual magazine stands.

j_han said...

ei, ur leaving today for las vegas, right? well, happy trip!! enjoy and goodluck sa game...

jz take care and don't forget to rest...wag puro work...GOD BLESS!!!

kalliepepper said...

hi Chris. I've been having some difficulty looking for this mag. so far the site has Intramuros & Manila (Ermita) indicated as vendors on their site, but it's not clear where in Intramuros & Ermita!'s also not clear where in Ayala G3. huhu i wanna cry. T_T

Reah Medenilla said...

Hi Chris, My name is Reah. I work for the Jeepney Magazine. Thank you for agreeing to be our celebrity for our latest issue. I just want to answer some questions on where and how to get a copy of the Jeepney Magazine. From April 22 to May 5 we will be at Robinsons Metro East L2 near Info Booth. In Intramuros, look for our vendors near Starbucks, MAPUA, PLM, Letran. In UP Diliman look for our vendor in Shopping Center parking area. We will be in Trinoma on May 18 to 31. On Sat, we will be in La Salle Greenhills for the Homeless Football Festival which we are organizing. We are still waiting for Glorietta and Eastwood. Hope this could help. Email us at for more info.

Melrose Fulgencio Website said...

Jeepney is part of the Filipino culture already. In fact, they made it more interesting by installing novelty horns. (annoying to some though) if you want to hear some of their weird sounding horns, go to