Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Twilight Fever

Because I haven't been posting entries for the past weeks, I will post two entries today to make up for my disappearance. Thank you to all those who still continue to monitor this blog despite the UAAP season being over. I hope I am still able to keep you interested even if i'm not talking about basketball.

Anyway, I don't watch a lot of movies in the cinemas because of the lack of time. But for this movie premier, I made sure to block off my calendar so I won't miss out on this, even if i had to drive all the way to Mall of Asia. Not because I am a twilight fan, but because Volvo is the major sponsor of the event. In fact, I have never opened a page of the book despite raves from my sister, my friends and the general public. I'm usually a non-conformist (which explains why i don't have multiply, friendster nor facebook, at least for the moment). All i know is that there is this hot, god-like character named Edward which girls are crazy about who supposedly drives a Volvo C30, and that the movie is about vampires. I'm not exactly a fan of fiction stories and more so when I heard it was about vampires, I wasn't exactly excited to watch them suck out living blood. I was pretty sure that I will fall asleep during the movie because I had only slept for two hours the night before as a result of a shoot that ended at 430am and an early morning call for Ripley's taping.

I invited my family and friends to watch with me and we first proceeded to the 2nd floor of the iMax for cocktails and a short program, as well as some photo ops. I was surprised to see so many high school girls present. I was thinking, don't they have school tomorrow? Movie was scheduled to start at 8pm. Thanks to the Volvo staff, I had a whole row of seats reserved for my family and I with a great view. Finally the movie started...

I was ready to take a nap because finally no one would notice... then I heard giggling and shrieking from girls (even ladies) around the cinema. What was so special about a group of white, pale-skinned people walking into a cafeteria?? Then, the last guy walks in and his name is Edward. More shrieking occurred! Including my sister. I didn't think he looked hot, unlike a Brad Pitt for example. He looked lanky and had weird hair. My seat mates thought he was okay though, but not as god-like as the book had described. As the story progressed, i thought it was getting interesting and I was not sleepy anymore. A lot of kilig scenes, more giggling. Finally, they kiss! I was waiting for a hand to cover my eyes but apparently, my mom was 3 seats away and could not cover my eyes like she used to when we were younger.

The scene that I remember so vividly is when Bella was rescued using the sleek silver Volvo C30. The car's exhibition was beautiful! Makes one a proud Volvo driver! I heard that Volvo didn't have to pay a thing for that free showcase because that was what the author actually used in the book. Overall, the movie was pretty fun all throughout! There was no boring scene and I was kept awake the whole time (coffee can't even keep me awake). It made me want to anticipate the next sequel. Now, i'm also looking forward to reading the book to have a more detailed understanding of what was really going through the minds of the characters. For those who haven't seen it, it's a chick-flick movie, but surprisingly, i enjoyed it! I think if you are below 30 years old, you should make sure to watch it :) Now I know what this "Twilight Fever" is all about.



francine17 said...

You have to read the book! It's more exciting to read the book! Aside from that, the "kilig" parts are SUPER DUPER "kilig" if you read it! I really enjoyed reading it!

I also have to point out that Edward in the movie is not even close to the Edward in the book.

Read it and you'll have fun. It's way better than any book I've ever read!

francine17 said...

I have to say this..I think you might be a good choice of being EDWARD! LOL You are the Chinese version of Edward! ahaha :))

Come to think of it, you have god-like features and you have a Volvo C30 and you are the endorser! LOL :) How cool is that?!

Anyways, I admire you for being so honest. Some guys won't even watch it because it's so cheesy(that's what they say.), even if they enjoyed watching the movie.

Pat said...

Wow, I'm the first one to comment here. I think. haha. Anyway, ahya Chris, I never thought you would be the kind of person to watch twilight..haha.

I thought I was the only one who thinks that Rob Pattinson is suited to the role of Edward Cullen in Twilight. Yea I agree that he is not "hot enough" to play the part...haha.

Btw, I already emailed the blog code a very long time ago to ctiu17@gmail but no ones acknowledging my message. So did you receive it or not?

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris....

the movie "twilight" is a best-selling novel written by stephenie meyer and made a hit at US box-office. hopefully, i really watch this movie...

have a nice day... :)

francine17 said...

Sana you can visit the TIUnatics here in Mindanao. We are really hoping to see you here. :))

sahmae said...

yeah! read the twilight! it's better than the movie... Anyway read also the Midnight Sun (Edward's perspective), it was nice too but the story is not yet done.

Anonymous said...

you are so funny! and so candid! i love that about you! nothing wrong with being a non-conformist. that's what makes you unique and not like all those run-of-the-mill showbiz personalities who go with every new trend. i can only say, keep it up! it's what excites people about you. when you start doing and liking things everybody else does it'll be such a letdown. so, hang in there! don't ever get accounts on multiply, friendster and facebook, ok? and don't waste your time on the stephanie meyer books. there's no literary value, whatsoever. it's enough that you watched movie.

now go catch some zzzz's...

armi said...

grr.. i really feel bad every time i hear people talking about having been able to watch the movie because it's still not showing here in our place..i so hate it! i think my chance will come on the second week of december! so late! don't want to try watching through internet or pirated cd's because it would spoil my excitement.hehehehe

a friend (she watched the movie already) said that it's better to read the book so that you would be able to feel and understand more the emotions of the characters since in the movie their expressions were not that... clear? (i don't know if it's the right term..hehehe)

i guess reading the book is the best way to appreciate the movie more! though, i didn't like the first 10% of the book because i wanted more, it's like there's something "kulang" to make the other parts of the book almost perfect.i felt the need of changing the point of view of the book! the rest of the 90% is..should i say the best?...

if i base my judgement on the book, it's really kilig! you would feel that you're already smiling without even knowing it.

have fun reading the book!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. If you're looking for insight into the characters, you won't find that in the books. The premise is good but the writing is terrible. It seems like the books were written by a 12-year-old fangirl. Seriously, every other line reads like this: "Edward is dazzling. He sparkles. I love him. Why won't he make me into a vampire?" The movie is WAY better than the books.

tootsieroll said...

haha... i even spent 4 hours in cinema, i've watched it 2 consecutive times! kilig... though edward wasn't that gwapo for me. haha! it's the storyline that made me freakin crave for the book! take care chris!

Sahara said...

two pa lang comments moh.,?
ok lang yan,.
baka busy sila,.
mag'cocomment rin sila,.
siguro kala nila wala ka pang new post ehhh,.
natagalan kase diba?
ok lang yun,.
I know naman busy ka ehh,.
so am I,.
kaya di nako nakakapagcomment sayo,.
now lang,.
dun sa Bora di ako nakapagcomment ehh,.sorry ahh,.
so how's life naba?
ako ok lang,.
kahit sad,.

sige nah,.

MiTch said...

I'm glad that you posted 2 entries a few hours ago. I haven't watched the movie yet but I'm gonna watch it asap. Nice to hear that you didn't slept while watching the movie:)

By the way, I'd like to say congratulations on your 1st year anniversary in Pinoy Records this coming December. I remembered it coz your first episode was aired December 8...if I'm not mistaken. lol.

Nette said...

I’m not a particularly huge fan of vampire stories,.. but I am reading the series..from Dracula to Buffy, And with yet another example of that phenomenon in Twilight, I find myself wondering exactly why that is.

well the romanticism of vampires is a phenomenon that has been around for ages.

you have to read the book. it is better understood reading it in print than watching it on screen. :)

i finished the last page of Stephenie Meyer’s conclusion to the Edward/Jacob/Bella saga in "Breaking Dawn"..for me its..frustrating.. :p

God Speed!
Good life and Cheers!

fence sitter said...

I had a ticket to this, but I was not able to go. Sayang.. I just have to catch it in the regular screening this weekend.

I agree about some points you made. I have been hearing raves about the books in the past, but for several reasons, i did not want to read it. One of which is the fact that I do not necessarily enjoy the idea of vampires that much. I did not want to read about anything gory. Then, somebody said it is not at all bloody and proceeded to give me a copy of the series. [I am currently on the second book.]Try it. You just might like it.

On a different note, it is quite hard to see you as a non-conformist... =]

nica said...

I love Edward Cullen! Chris, for sure, most of your fans consider you as their Edward Cullen! My Edward Cullen is David Cook! =)

Glad to know you like the movie. Ive read the whole Twilight series. I love the three books but hated the last book.

Marianne said...

I agree! You have to read the book to understand the story. There were a lot of details omitted (as how it normally is in books turned movies) But you also should read the other 3 books...though for me, Twilight is the best cos of the kilig factor, and also you'll see how Edward treats Bella like a queen...this explains the shrieks. ;-)

I am over 30, and a mother at that, but I still enjoyed the book and now the movie. Made me love Edward even more!

Anonymous said...

hi are you?
dito rin sa bohol, may twilight fever din...hehehe
syempre, di ako gonna watch it tonight...hhehehe....
God Bless You always....
by the way,i bought the lifestyleasia mag yesterday,,wow, very nice....ang hirap pala maging atenista pass, no play!!

from bohol

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

tomorrow my friends and i are watching the movie, and maybe i can relate to you na. hehe

thanks for sharing your thoughts and your words about the movie!



c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

tomorrow my friends and i are watching the movie, and maybe i can relate to you na. hehe

thanks for sharing your thoughts and your words about the movie!



cookie said...

Hi Chris..I hope that you would continue writing your blogs despite your busy schedule..about the Twilight, I was also hesitant to watch it because I thought that it was just another typical chick flick..thanks to my friend who has an MTRCB access card, I was able to see it..It was great (despite the not-so-new ending). The scenes were exciting, especially the baseball and fight scenes. The performance of the actors were just light but the camera shots made every scene phenomenal..

Anonymous said...

i do also want to read that book pero sana ikaw nalang si edward..hehehe..
if im not mistaken..
favorite mo ung
volvo c30??
and kaw din ang endorser..
it's okei..
khit naman hindi about sa basketball,, coz i know near in the future..
makikita ka ulit namin sa loob ng court..


Claire said...

Hello... Its good to hear that you enjoyed the movie but sadly on my part I was kind of disappointed. The scenes that I was waiting for was not included in it... :(

jane^_^ said...

its about twilight..
hope u win to the nickelodeon kids choice award..
ive done my part..
sna cla din,,,
and congrats na din..


val said...

Haha!! I'm actually surprised to learn that you (of all people) have been touched by the "Twilight Fever" as you call it. I, for one, didn't want to read the books either, since everybody was reading it and I didn't want to go jump in the band wagon; but a friend's birthday request got me started...And I couldn't stop! Read the 4 available books in 2 1/2 days!

The book is so much more exciting than the movie...Although the fourth one is a little bit cheeeeesy.

The movie is just a little bit "meh". =D

Anonymous said...

ei Chris...will you be here on Xavier Days?Ü

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA:)) even you pala know the twilight experience! Girls giggle so much because of the love story! haha

read the book and its much more romantic! the movie's story line was compressed kasi eh.

BiancaUngpauco said...

Edward yes, as describe in the book is a godlike that's why bella cant rid of looking at him. They are weord family and forks is a weird place where sun is occassionally shining.
Aside from that kilig parts, there are also some action scenes and some instance in the book that are really unexplainable, even me a reader could not explain it. Anyways about that, baskteball, siguro naman no one will get bored in reading your blog, specially us who supports you all the way in all the things you will be doing. Hope you continue blogging, and keep us a bit updated in your life. Thank you so mucj for appreciating our comments, we will support you all the way. If you are planning to read the Twilight counterparts here is the list.
Twilight, new moon, midnight sun(but they did not publish it, coz of some personal author's reason) eclipse, and breaking dawn.
Hope you like reading it.

Keep up the good work!

tricia said...

HAHA! nice entry. :)) [with those kilig and giggling moments] tssk! I must say ,this one really is a good movie and a must watched.

It's good to hear that you already watched it. Apart from what they said nga that some guys won't even care to watched. I felt the fun you had. hehe!

thanks for sharing Chris. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL you just made me shriek here in the office! I didn't really expect that you'd make a review about that movie, but i did expect that you'll be at the premiere because of Volvo - the author used different car models too but it's the Volvo that stuck to my mind 'coz i know you're endorsing them =) anyway Chris, you somehow spoiled it haha...I was just going to watch it this Sunday. hmmm..i don't really expect that much though, been disappointed with all the harry potter movies already and all the other books-turned-into-movies flicks.

but really, you should give it a try. it's a nice book to read if you just want to relax. my older brother's been reading it and he's also hooked now..and he hated chick flicks and he's already 25! ^_^

kalliepepper said...

LOL you just made me shriek here in the office! I didn't really expect that you'd make a review about that movie, but i did expect that you'll be at the premiere because of Volvo - the author used different car models too but it's the Volvo that stuck to my mind 'coz i know you're endorsing them =) anyway Chris, you somehow spoiled it haha...I was just going to watch it this Sunday. hmmm..i don't really expect that much though, been disappointed with all the harry potter movies already and all the other books-turned-into-movies flicks.

but really, you should give it a try. it's a nice book to read if you just want to relax. my older brother's been reading it and he's also hooked now..and he hated chick flicks and he's already 25! ^_^

Sherryl said...

I watched it last night sa Waltermart. Maganda yung concept of family sa movie. Kahit di magkadugo, they considered one another part of the family. Para silang stray cats / dogs na nakahanap ng home and they were grateful for it kaya sila mababait.

It made me understand yung love behind adoption. It is possible to form a good, happy and loving family, kahit di magkakadugo.

Anonymous said...

you should really read the book coz not all the parts are being put into the film just like the harry potter...weEeh!!!jejeje

i miss reading your comments here captain, post nman jan...,even i know that you dont have enough tym to do it, but pls try it n lng...jejeje

Leonalyn said...

me and my officemates will be watching the movie later. Actually, I love Vampire movies... specially Braham Stoker's Dracula and Vampire Chronicles (Interview with the Vampire). Twilight is a modern Vampire story.... i would love to see the how the story goes....
By the way, Welcome back... A friend told me you went to Japan.... wow you really travel alot...
Take care always...


crazypeach said...

So happy you're back on blogging! I enjoyed this entry of yours since I was also one of those people who got caught with this Twilight Fever. I tried to evade it...but I couldn't! Haha!

When I read about the involvement of Volvo in the book...I seriously thought about you first! Haha! Because of course you are endorsing it! I want my own Volvo too! Hihi!

Anyway your encounter was really funny...nice to know you seem to appreciate it too! Other guys just have a question mark look on their faces about it. Hihi!

I can't wait to hear more stories from your recent travel! I heard you went to the Land of the Rising Sun...JAPAN!!!!! I'm excited to read about your encounters there!! I really really love JAPAN!!!! Hoping for it soon! Arigatou gozaimasu!!!!!

thanksforpostingchris! said...

Hello there!Thanks anyway for the post! Haven't been able to visit your blog very often since I'll just be dissappointed knowing that you're still busy.hehe. As for your post, the title alone really put a big smile on my face. :D Didn't expect too that you'll watch the movie. I am also not that fascinated about it at first since I really don't fancy vampire-related story (just so you would know, I fell asleep when I watched the Underworld Saga before.hehe) but just got curious about it because of the sooo many articles and reviews which are spreading across the net and the blogging world during the time of its first release. Anyway, I also just watched it the day it was first shown here in our place with my officemate. And it's really kilig! Though I don't get to watch love story movies, I really didn't regret watching it. And still hopeful to watch it again soon.hehe. Sorry for the long post :)

marsha18 said...

hi chris!
haaaay naku!..sobrang miss kita.Nways,me and my friends will watch the movie 2m.I'm so excited with it and finally the long wait is over.Changing the topic,I want to share this poem I made especially 4 you,medyo nkakahiya pero bahala nah!hehehe.I just want you 2 read it.please..

No one could really tell what I feel inside,
In my face it shows,no matter how I hide.
The happiness everytime I see you,
No matter what they say,Iknow this is true.

I've never felt this way before,
That all heavens I want to soar.
I feel a tingling sensation inside me,
Everytime I see your face on tv.

Saturdays and mondays makes me sing,
Knowing it's you I'll be seeing.
I wouldn't even blink,afraid you'll be gone,
I'll give you my first kiss,if only I can.

How could you be so handsome w/o even smiling?
I want to be your wife,I'm really praying.
Your voice is a soothing melody,
It's you I want to share my life everyday.

This may be impossible but I don't care,
I love you and that's all that matter.
I'll wait for you no matter how long,
Coz you're the missing note of my heart's song.

That's it!..hahaha.Pasensya na ha?masyado nang mahaba ang comment ko.
I can't help it.Haaaaizzz,mahal na talaga kita,swear!Ingat lagi my TIUperman.Mwaaaaaah!

Anonymous said...

hi chris!

Keep on inspiring us.
Sobrang mahal kita!hehehe.
Ingat lagi.

Anonymous said...

hi chris!

Take care always...TIUperman!

sHoPau said...

....i lOve this movie infact i also did a review about it=]

khreezna said...

i am also a huge twilight fan..
i read the 4 books again and again..
i've watched it 3 times..
because when i fist saw the movie
i'm kinda disappointed because i expected more from the movie..
there are many scenes that are removed..
but when i watched it again..
i started to appreciate it..

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris...

Yes..TWILIGHT FEVER! my sister is actually into it right now... She wants me to treat her for movie tickets this week, when she comes home from Boracay.
I'm really not into vampires and stuff but, I'll watch it still.. haha..

I like the part where "I was waiting for a hand to cover my eyes but apparently, my mom was 3 seats away and could not cover my eyes like she used to when we were younger."

My mom and dad also do it to us when we were young.. haha!

Anyways, thanks for your two-entries in a row! Don't worry, even if it's not all about basketball, your blogsit will still be the most visited blog site.. haha!

So long Chris...
take care!


sherilyn said...

hi chris,

first of all thank you for posting this one, I really miss your blogs. keep blogging..I cant wait to watch the movie! I dont read the book also but I'm just curious because it is so popular. Well, I like the storyline, and the themesong of the movie gives me chills!

Anonymous said...

Hi well you give an idea to watch the movie "twilight" even though I do not want to watch and my family want to watch it this sunday, maybe i should try watching also. Tnx for giving that idea!! I'm the one who post the comment in the "CHristmas Gift Idea", the one who told you that it's my first time!! well good luck in your career and studies as well as the Ateneo Blue Eagles Athletes!! I still hope to be your friend.

Alyssa Lim

aira said...

i was so kilig when i watched the movie to0! it was very nice indeed. it's good to know that you enjoyed the you're officially a twilight fan! :)

shobs said...


nix14 said...

i never thought that you would be the person who will watch twilight. haha. my friends and i are planning to watch it tomorrow because it's weekend. i've already read the entire published twilight saga and even the first 12 chapters of midnight sun :)

i also thought that you should read the book first so you can understand them more. hehe :D

belfrey blackraven said...

nice! i cant wait to see the movie tomorrow. About the "if you're 30 below..." there are "TWILIGHT MOMS", just so you know.


thepinksubstance said...

I'm a big fan of the books and me and my friends are going to watch it tomorrow =) and yeah HS. student din kami so expect namin yung mga ganung shreiking and gigling moments bukas haha =))

Anonymous said...

yah! you have to read the book! :p

hmm maganda po ba ung movie? :o
i haven't watch the movie pero tomorrow is saturday so, manunuod kami. :)haha

hmmm thats all.
godbless kuya chris! :)

renzlee :)

spellarli said...

Haha interesting.
My boy classmates, surprisingly, read the book and then, watched the movie. And they were all kilig all throughout the film. Daig pa nila kaming mga babae.

Twilight's a good read. :D

myv said...


..i agree with the other people who commented here.. you should read the book..:) there are a lot of parts that they skipped..haha..but all in all,it was nice..:)

..yess..same car!!haha!!:) i've heard they are filming the second book..(new moon).. cant wait!!

..take care! it's so nice to here from you again..

..hopefully,i can watch you play in the pbl or pcc..:)

3xie said...

yes...u shud read the so nice 4 me...haha... :))

sabriaü said...

Haha. Can't take this smile off my face. Really, Chris Tiu watched Twilight and it kept him awake? Hahaha. and the part where you said your mom used to cover your eyes when you were younger made me grin even bigger. More haha.ü

Ok, you gave me even a bit of interest in seeing the movie and reading the book. I'll try to find time, at least.

Why don't they just make a Philippine version of Twilight and get you to be Edward Cullen and Ms. Clarisse as Bella? Yeah, this is crazy. Hahaha.ü

I'm loving the fact that you are really finding time to post entries. Thanks, Chris. Of course you're still keeping us interested even if your recent posts aren't about basketball, there's a whole lot more to you than that. Though we'd all love to watch you play again.

Pardon me for not being able to watch Ripley's for 2 weeks now. My schedule's really hell and it's driving me insane. Haha.

You're missed dearly..

baby28 said...

hello Chris!! i was suprised when i read your blog about twilight. i didn't thought you'd be watching it. but i envy you coz right now i can't be able to watch the movie because of certain unfortunate happenings.:'c anyway, i hope you'll read twilight saga coz i'm sure it is better described in the book than in the movie. i have read the saga and it is really nice and romantic. it has lots of twist. haha:)) and you'll enjoy breaking dawn. take care.:D

sabriaü said...

Oh, I almost forgot, good luck to you for tomorrow's Nick's awardings! Keep us posted please. I'll pray for your success.ü

nurse jane said...

i really really love the way you construct your entries!...
thanks for sharing your experiences..
tomorrow is the awarding of nick..
I just wish you'll bring home the bacon..
God bless you more!..^o~

Anonymous said...

grabe! I can't believe that twilight fever reached you na.. haha.. well I suggest you read the book, but be prepared to get "bored", cause that's what some of my guy friends says after reading it, but for us.. haha.. the whole saga is really ... basta.. can't express it eh...


Anonymous said...

double kilig ang girls.. ^_^ its because you were there and shempre kay robert pattinson. ^_^ ciao!

Anonymous said...

I am madly inlove with this book and with the movie,,edward cullen was so handsome,,,but edward in the book is more handsome than in the movie,,bella was great also..

CrYzThA said...

haaha..the story with your mom when you were young(the covering of the eye thing) was soo cute and funny,,imagine if your mom will do that now (with your age now)haha...funny right...yah r8 you better hav a multiply or frndster soo that we can see more pixs of you.. and ofcourse even if your career with the uaap is over we're still interested with you..beacuse it was YOU hu kips us inspired..=) let us know if you hav d frndster or mutiply accnt soo dat we can be frnds even if its just there..hey!..send me the book that you've been part of as a late gift for my bday and as a christmas present...haha...just kidding lah!..and by the way,, i'll defintly watch the Twilight movie...arghhhhh...

akocDYUHLIE:) said...

the exhibition was DIVINE! i just love it!hahah:)

you should read the book. and the WHOLE series!:))

nina said...

your mom still covers your eyes during kissing scenes???;p that's funny!how old are you again?hehehe just kidding! i do that to my dad naman ;p hahahaha

OT:i bought an apron from your friend as a xmas gift for my boss' mom :) it was sooo cute! :) might buy again since they have new designs out :)

dianne_ said...

Hey Chris! I was just watching Bubble Gang a while ago, and I saw in their "Next Week" part that Rabeh & Nico are guesting in next week's episode (at least they were the ones I saw, the preview was super short eh hehe). Are you also guesting? Haha I'm thinking kasi that that is not your cup of tea, so you might not have agreed to participate. =D

Anyway, hope to still hear from you even if your UAAP days have come to an end =D

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

i just watched twilight na. And you know what, it's a very great movie to watch talaga! Very romantic and very touching.

Here are the lines that i really love to this movie :

"your scent is like a drug to me"

"bela you are my life now"

all said by Edwin Colin.

And i love also the lines that narated by Bela, that was so sweet.

haiy. . wala lang! Just nakakakilig lang. . hehe

i did really enjoy the movie, like you did. . hehe

take care and godbless always!


Anna said...

I would never have imagined you catching the Twilight Fever. Though I think you are the only person in the world that watched it primarily for the car!!! LOL...

I was chuckling at your comment about expecting your mom to cover your eyes during the kissing scene. Cos I do that with my boy too. hehe...

Anonymous said...

edward was not that gwapo..
but he was soo damn sweet!
that's why we will love him FOREVER!!!

Anonymous said...

madaming kulang.. kaya kelangan mong basahin! :D

corruptedvodka said...

Read the book. It's good but quite cheesy.

crimson said...

i agree with you, robert pattinson is not that good looking at all. he doesn't fit the role of edward cullen who is so hot.

char said...

Chris! You're my Edward Cullen. =)) Both of you are driving a Volvo C30 right? I loved the movie.

Anyway, when are you going to start playing for Hapee? I miss seeing you play na eh. Take care! :]

EIEN17 said...

-wow! its kinda funny that your still thinking your mom would cover your eyes like she used to when you were young (well i think all moms used to do that)^_^..
-nice to know you like the movie..well eversince i got the news that the bestselling novel "Twilight" will be made into movies, ive been dying to know who's gonna play who...though i was more into Orlando Bloom to play Edward when he was considered by the producers but since Stephenie thought he's too old for the role and opted for Robert P.., i think Robert did a fine job as Edward.. The movie is sooooooooooo
KILIG!!! and nice of you to like it even if its kinda cheesy..^_^
-you should read the book and the other 3 sequel...though you may have a hard time finding a copy as i am coz its really super out of stock wherever bookstore i go..but i know you have the means.. so go go go...continue the SAGA
-CONGRATS on your forthcoming 1st anniversary for Pinoy Records.. are you going to watch Manny's fight?
-Keep it up my dear "Edward" hehehe Chris... God bless you always and stay just the way you are...coz thats what makes you UNIQUE...
-Love yah..

xXLeaXx said...

I ,too, haven't read twilight. It's just that all these craze going around about it. Before when it first came out I was planning to read it because some of my friends abroad told me it was nice and good for light reading. Unfortunately, at that time i could not find it. I guess because not many know about it. Still,I'll watch it and maybe some time next year read the book.

diane said...

actually, it's better that you watched the movie first before you read the book, because if you did the latter first, the entire movie would really fall short of expectations. All of my blockmates who got to read the book first was kinda disappointed. ANyway, i encourage you to read the book. IT's really nice as compared to the movie. IF you enjoyed the movie, I assure you that you'll definitely enjoy the book.=)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Chris. =))
The way you wrote it is very funny. Haha. :)
Especially the part when you said: "I was waiting for a hand to cover my eyes but apparently, my mom was 3 seats away and could not cover my eyes like she used to when we were younger."

Glad you enjoyed the movie. I havent read the book yet as well, but I'm also looking forward to it after I watched. :)

KimF and JudzSJ said...

The book was better than the movie, but it sure was pretty exciting and funny at some parts. :)) .. You could imagine what'll happen in your mind of you read it, too. Though if you read it before watching they said you'll expect more than that. Oh well. It was a pretty awesome movie ! :))

anne said...

i'm glad you liked the movie chris. Well, i'm an avid fan of the book series and in my opinion well.. the movie was a bit of a disappointment :| You should read the book, it's seriously better, you'd fall in love with the characters more and you'd actually feel the love. Edward looked like he was in pain in the movie =)) But well, that's just my opinion anyway :))

Enjoy reading :) oh, and Volvo's rock! hope to read more insights soon.

almira said...

I'm going to watch it today with my friends and my classmates. yay! :)

good thing you liked the movie. me too, i haven't read any of the books but i plan to do so. i got tired reading thick books kasi. haha.
btw, watch harry potter 6 next year, okay? haha. :)

take care always and get some sleep, captain! :)

Anonymous said...

"Finally, they kiss! I was waiting for a hand to cover my eyes but apparently, my mom was 3 seats away and could not cover my eyes like she used to when we were younger."

??????? is this true??

4572 said...

i actually like it better when you post non-basketball stuff.

angelle said...

i really have to watch it! i've been hearing a lot of good comments aout the movie and the book as well. :) im sure you enjoyed watching.

and i admire you and bow down to you for being so honest and for saying that you had fun watching it! not all guys can admit that they got kilig because of a movie :))

take care chris! and catch some sleep. im sure you need it.

chel said...

i think that was a great movie..
gudluck pla..
sna you will able to get the athlete award to nickeledeon's kids choice award..

yoyoyoyo said...

the movie was a disappointment. the book's better. and robert is so not hot!

sarah jane selisana from bulacan said...

yeS!!! I have the copy of S mag..
I'm so happy today..
Thanks Chris,,
ur my inspiration..
sna makita kta in person..

regina said...

hey chris!

it's nice to hear from you again. anyway, about the movie twilight, i think it was too hyped up. in my opinion, it wasn't that good (the cinematography and the choice of artists). maybe because i read the book first and expected much. but i liked the baseball game scene haha. actually, the book wasn't that good either. it's just edward cullen that gives life to the book. i really wish harry potter was shown first. twilight is a no match to harry potter for me. haha.

janine de gracia said...

..i will watch that movie.. really makes me kilig when i see edward he looks amazing even he is a vampire that many people are afraid of..

..i bet you like it too..hehehe..

marvz said...

i watched it last night...
a nice film!
kilig nga xa...

sana sundan agad...

ingatz po lagi...

vianca said...

haha wow's really surprising that u actually talked about twilight...well, at first I was also like you...cuz I'm not really a fan of fantasies..I was also wondering why so many people are hooked with it...after watching the movie, it gave me a general picture of the book's message..and i thought that the author has really creatively portrayed and encouraged purity in a girl-boy relationship...i learned from my friends that, in the book, Edward was controlling himself from being "intimate" with Bella...quite a creative way of delivering the message, isn't it? she used the character of Edward to illustrate how a man should possess himself in a relationship..i'll start reading the book also :)

ebullientteen said...



Anonymous said...

God! chris u have exactly no idea how frustrated we twilighters are! the movie became dragging, boring and most of all dry especially the kissing scene of edward and bella, imagine no backround music??!! urgh. but anyway i am so much delighted and happy that uve already considered reading the book.. try reading the saga. PAGE-TURNER i must say..!


angel 17 ^-^ said...

oh! we felt the same about twilight! i wasn't really a fan of it but it's been all over and a friend was really into it and my sister talks about the movie all night last night so i think it's kinda morphing na to me! i gotta watch it too! i will read the book too!

chamie♥17 said...

you mentioned about the rescuing of edward to bella. was it when bella went to a bookstore? because that was the scene that i remembered that the volvo was much exposed.

and so the lion fell in-love with the lamb...♥♥♥

Lhadz said...

wow..pinanood mo ang twilight..hehe,
i love the car..super ganda..:D

mynewplayground said...

for people who are not a fan of cheesy and corny literature, they should stick with the movie. it's a lot more tolerable than the book.

although being "the book" fan that i am, i enjoyed reading it more rather than watching the movie.

i don't think Rob Pattinson gave justice to MY Edward Cullen (except when he wore those shades to school). And Kristen Stuart was even paler than all the movie vamps combined. :)

i really do hope they'll make a better 2nd movie. i mean, this one's ok but it's not enough. i guess with all the money they earned over the week, they'll be able to raise their budget for the next installment of the movie.

though i wish they'd combine books 2 and 3 for the it since edward isn't around much on the 2nd book. LOL.

visit my blog for my review and to get the free Twilight E-Books (including exclusive deleted and additional scenes from the book!)

bryanjay_12 said...

Hi Chris! Tagal mo ulit bago mag post ah...hehehe.. I saw you on tv the other day on your interview about the movie, twilight. I also want to watch the film because my classmate says the book was good and maybe, the film too. And you said it was good, so I want to watch it even more..hehe :D

And by the way, I am interested in everything that you write even if it's not about basketball. Your posts inspire me in some way. Reading it makes me feel happy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and i hope you continue writing on your blog..
God Bless.
Merry Christmas din... :D

lara said...

So you're now a twilight fan!
How cool is that!


d.d said...

you're way better than edward!!!

Anonymous said...

for me, if you don't have to read the book if you watch the movie..there are too many cuts in the movie........and some of the scenes are exaggerated...
but you can read too if you want..

7teen said...

the book is much nicer than the movie....but wait,,, the next book,,,NEW MOON,,,it's so better read the nect book,,ECLIPSE....heheh,,....

you are more like Edward Cullen to me....i'd hope to meet you....soon!!!

Anonymous said...

my gosh..twilight is one of my favorite should read's really nice...^^,

and it's WAYYY better than the movie...hhehe =))

and oh, i so love the volvo's my dream car nah...haha..

anyway, see you during the Jesuit Invitational games..

warriorprincess said...

hahaha..."what was special about white, pale-skinned people?" those are the exact questions of my guy friends and I understand why. it's not just that, it's the whole intensity of the character that girls anticipate from Edward (though I'm not exactly a fan but I'm guessing that it is what girls like about him).

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

I admire you taking the time to watch such a cheesy movie. My bf did not even bother to see it. So me together with my girlfriends watched it. It was fun though.

Robert Pattinson is sooo hot!

What makes it really kilig is his being so protective of Bella. One trait that a man must have where all women would definitely fall for.

I wonder if you are like Edward... we should ask Cla :)

Christine said...

You will enjoy more the book than the movie. In the book the scenes are more detailed and there are more 'kilig' parts there. I hope you will have time to read it. And it's very funny to think that your still waiting for your mom's hand to cover your eyes when there is a kissing scene hehe. Please read the book ok (there's more kissing scenes in there hehehe).

kuting said...

i am looking forward to watching the movie, as i am really still up a stump as to what the hype's all about. didn't really enjoy reading the books--takes me ages to finish a single instalment. the movie looks interesting enough, though...

yaney said...

the book is more breath taking.. at least that's what i heard from a close friend who happens to be a Twilight fanatic. They were upset with the movie. So now, i'm more curious & pushed to read the book. Try to read it too.. :)

apol27 said...

..ahai..cge n watch n dt "twilight-thing"!

..honestly..curious dn nmn q jn!!

..jst wondring.."whats up w/ d vampires??"..hmmmm..

..ahehe..i hope u pose sumthing bout them..perhaps after uv read the book.. ;p

..i hope u tke consideration chris..ahehe..still cnt find time to read the buk eh!!

fei chang gan xie!!

yunzhuan ateneo!! yi da zhengdou!!

ainan said...

I agree you must first read the book because there were some plots ommitted, granted you can't fit all those scenes in a movie. But some of my friends were quite diappointed because the movie didn't reach their expectation, But I was happy bout the movie.

I beg to disagree, the guy was deadly handsome, he's the one who played "Cedrick" on one Harry Potter movie. Actually, the Twilight Fever was quite infectious when i went to Trinoma to watch three out of four cinemas already fully booked, this looks like another Titanic mania i might say minus a beautiful soundtrack My Heart Will Go On Did.


aya said...

I never thought I’d see you post something about “Twilight” and how my dream car (“the stupid, shiny Volvo”) would connect everything somehow. It may be some cheesy chick flick, almost generic when I first saw the trailer. After all, there have been other vampire/love stories even before Meyer dreamed about it. I really recommend that you read the book in spite your busy schedule because it can be surprisingly human and spiritual (?-can’t think of a better word). Turns out being a vampire is not as far from the human experience (the effects of philosophy…). I’m really glad you that for a guy who’s not an avid fan from the start, you appreciated it. It really increased by esteem about you not only as a superstar student athlete but also as a person. Makes one proud to be an Atenean!

Merry Christmas!

bitter me said...

well..i was quite disappointed with the was OKAY...(okay means...3 stars perhaps..)

i watched that movie on the first day(even if i have a big exam the next day..) because i thought that it would be a GREAT movie considering na grabe ang promotion ng movie...and up to still regretting why i watched that movie instead of studying for my exam(i brought my reviewer in the cinema though..haha..)

anyway...i love the volvo scene...i wish i have one too..and i wish i could drive...urghhh... the's way better than the movie...

ian laput said...

I love the Volvo that Edward is driving...good thing you already had one...
The book gives a vivid description thyat it could lead you to imagining the scene a way different from the director's point of view.

christina said...

i haven't checked for a while, been busy with so many things too..

yeah, everybody's been reading and talking about twilight. it was until this morning that i had the chance to see this movie. it was really cheesy but it'll surely bring out the romantic person in you..haha. it has really nice lines too.

and yeah, i think edward doesn't look as godly as he is supposed to but his character could really sweep any girl's feet off! now im starting to dream of a fairytale vampire love affair..hahaha.

Erine said...

The guy that played as Edward ( i dunno his name)was Cedric Diggory of HArry potter Goblet of fire movie then.. he's cute..

Although I haven't watched the film, I just wonder.. Why are there scenes that they are out in the morning.. ( I saw it on the trailer..)Aren't they supposed to be afraid of the light?!

Your entry was funny especially in the part when you said that you're waiting for a hand to cover your eyes because of the kissing scene.. hehehehe... (naalala ko tuloy pag ginaganyan ako ng mama ko)
I also want to read the book.. PArang kakaiba kasi ang interpretation ng author ng twilight sa vampires..

Anonymous said...

lol, you too got caught with the fever. The book is better than the movie though. Well, I can not think of any book-based movie that had the movie better than the book. ^^

jomzkielixiouz said...

i'm not also interested in that TWILIGHT movie for i don't really into fiction movies... but, after what you post... i probably watch it tomorrow....

Monique said...

hmn... an interesting perspective of twilight from a guy like you...

wow! it's good to know that some guys somehow appreciate twilight, because i think one of the few things guys wouldn't appreciate much is the sound of screaming girls over some hot (as you call it) vampire.

that's so cool of you! :)

pAtRiCiA said...

i watched it!!!
it was so great!!!
i would love to watch it all over again!!!!
even the book!!!
KILIg moment are to the max!!!!
i enjoyed it!

tina said...

every girl dreams of a perfect fairytale ending, but what they want is not a knight on a white horse...

but a vampire in a shiny silver VOLVO :)

chun_yei said...

I love this MOVIE! the settings, cars,and characters are all pretty awesome. Yup,yup. You have to read the book. You'll imagined how it was while reading, the movie kase is pinaikli. I'm 21 but I was so addicted to it. haha. I really don't understand why thre are lot of people who are disappointed. And I didn't imagine too that you'll watch it. :D kase it is like "pang girl at teenagers lang" HAHA.

By the way, speaking of the kilig scences, I wish I was Bella at the moment, haha. dream on.

I had a "super nakakakilig dream" last night. You were there holding a ring, the place was a shore, it was like a beach, white sand around. And you were just proposed to me. HAHA. How's sweet is that? I dont know what's the meaning of that, my strange dream. What do you think chris? :D I'm not lying. I have a good memory, I still remember that dream.

Anyways, You didn'nt attend the fight on CDO, the ADCU V.S. I'm a bit disappointed. hehe. Binilin ko kase sa cousin ko na kunan ka ng maraming pictures then issend sakin. hehe. Wala ka pala dahil you attended daw the PCC?.. I'm not sure if that was it.

Anyhoo,have a good day chris.
Please reply to my comment.
Kamsahamnida!! ^_^

Anonymous said...

the car chase scene should have been longer... i love emmet's truck!

Ainna said...

"Finally, they kiss! I was waiting for a hand to cover my eyes but apparently, my mom was 3 seats away and could not cover my eyes like she used to when we were younger." -That was funny. :)

You're the only person I know that watched the movie because of Volvo.

bumblebee said...

carlisle's hot.. lol.
anyway. yeah, you really have to read the book. way better than the movie. and i was thinking, if they do an asian version of twilight, would you be edward cullen? lol.

Anonymous said...

hi chris. i'm glad i'm able to visit your blog again. i'm glad you watched the movie and you found it interesting.=)
if you might ask,i'm an avid fan of the book & the movie as well.hehe
i'm also your avid fan!=) hope you could finally read the book. btw, i watched the pcc finals last night. why aren't thou there?well, i just miss watching you in action at the court.=)
God bless Chris


Anonymous said...

sana i watched in MOA na lang. :))

Anonymous said...

watching the movie because of the Volve was funny

mars said...

OMG! You watched it! As a Twilight fan it is such a big thing to know that someone like you found it interesting. You got to read the book Edward! I mean Chris hahaha..

eena said...

hey the book is greater than the movie...but i love ALICE CULLEN...i idolized her.....

Anonymous said...

The book is much better, as in much better. But i suggest that you read the book AFTER you've watched the movie :) As usual, novels/books that have been movie-ised are not as good as the books :)

deniece :) said...

haha.. i haven't watched the movie yet but a lot of my friends are telling me that it was good but kinda' "bitin". i only read the book coz' i didn't have the time to watch the movie.. high school kasi eh! well.. you have got to read the book! its better! hehe.. you'll enjoy reading and won't get bored.

kai said...

The book's much better than the movie, but it's a good thing that you've seen the movie before you've read the book. You'd see a big difference... super big difference!

Anyway, u play good at UAAP (if this is really Chris Tiu I'm commenting too... and you have a really nice space here.

Keep Safe!

Anonymous said...

me and my friend also like the twilight movie.....but we never read the book....hahaha
we are fan of yours....

Ayei said...

Have you already heard about the Filipino Version of this one? which is Takipsilim I think? anyway I hope they give justice to it kung gagawin nila tagalog bacause according to you na rin madami talaga fanatic nean :)

kim said...

you should read the book.

stephenie meyer is amazing. :))

im in love with a fictional character. :))


nwei, keep safe, God bless!

jane marlyn said...


..i am a solid fan!..

..cant wait for NEW moon.. it!..

..books are out of stock!..


Anonymous said...

the book and the movie sucks. period.

oooppss. sorry for voicing that one out. ;P