Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christmas Gift Idea

First of all, I apologize again for disappearing for quite a while. I was out of the country for a while and I had to finish some important shoots. Before I write about my trips, i want to share with you a book that I am part of. I contributed an essay about "Volunteering" in the book BE HANDS ON, which is published by Hands on Manila. The book includes personal stories from other personalities who have engaged in volunteer work, like Margie Moran-Floirendo, Marc Nelson, Karen Davila, Carlos Celdran and others. It really is inspiring!

Hands On Manila, for the past seven years has trained and sent out over 6,000 volunteers to projects from painting schoolhouses to being big brother or sister to indigent children. We may not have the money to help but Hands On helps us to give and share our time which is just as valuable. The 22 stories in the book are all different: One volunteer went to China to teach English. Another builds houses. Another teaches cancer prevention. There’s even one that shares her dog among sick children in a hospital. There’s incredible reading in this book all with one theme: When you give, and share, and help others, there’s a wonderful feeling of having been of service to our country.

This Christmas, instead of giving gifts that will disappear after a few days, how about trying to give something that will truly touch the soul and inspire? This is what Christmas is about anyway... giving, sharing ourselves!

Your purchase goes back to Hands On and will help them continue their great work of recruiting more volunteers. The book is available at all Powerbooks stores for just PhP 275 or you can call Hands On and get the book in a gift box for just PhP 250. The numbers are 473 7458 or 386 6521.

Merry Christmas :) But before that... Happy Thanksgiving! I'm grateful to have all of you readers. Together, let's inspire others and make our country a better place to live in :)



ma.theresa said...

Indeed, with a very kind hearted person like you and others who try to make this country and the world a better place to live in, the Big Guy up there will be so proud!

May He continue to bless you as you have become a blessing to others.

Happy Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi there.

I bet that your proud that you're one of the local personalities in the aforementioned organization.

You promised about the second part of your Beijing trip. He, he.

jessica marie =) said...

aww :) that's so sweet of you.
merry christmas and happy thanksgiving too :))

Anonymous said...

"When you give, and share, and help others, there's a wonderful feeling of having been of service to our country"

not just for the country but of the service for GOD.its really a wonderful feeling when you help other people specially on your on way, a different feeling of self fullfilment...thats maybe the reason of the players who played on the NCAA-UAAP All Star Game, for not to miss a chance of helping the Bantay-Bata Foundation.And I hope you can answer all those questions on your blog comment why you miss that chance.....

pAtRiCiA said...

Hi Chris!
im so happy that you have just post another entry! Its a great christmas idea! i had learned so much from it! Thanks for sharing!
And by the way, i was so inspired to your entry! And i'll grab a copy of the book!

mitch said...

Hi chris! Yes, I've heard that you're going out of the country 2 weeks ago. So, how was it? So happy that you're back!

I'd love to have a copy of that book BE HANDS ON. Where can i find Powerbooks stores?

Your kind words really inspired a lot of us! Thanks for being an excellent example to the youth!!!

Merry christmas and happy thanksgiving too. Take good care of yourself always dude!!! Hope to see you soon!!!

tricia said...


mav said...

very inspiring Chris =) why is the book from Hands On cheaper? aren't they suppose to sell it more considering the cost of the box?...just asking=)

keep on inspiring people to strive to be more than what they are. God bless your heart =)


zir said...

great! haha. you're super cool. you've been too busy this past few weeks. yet, you can still update your blog. if i were you, ER. haha! i actually don't have so much time even though i'm still a high school student. this chemistry thing is super hard to get especially when the teacher is not-so-good. just want to tell you, you're like a super high person. mataas, kasi mataas ung tingin mo kay God. BASTA. haha! wish ko nababasa mo lahat ng comments. hehe! paniguradong patok na naman to. HAHAHA! God bless. hehe! watch kang twilight. hehe! peace tayo.

carpe diem said...

(just want to share)I already had copy of that book, but I haven't finish it yet, I didn't knew you're part of that:)anyway happy thanks giving :)

Anonymous said...

You're such a great guy!!

sarah jane selisana from bulacan said...

oh that's so inspiring..
hay we miss u chris..
dami ko natututunan sayo..

Anonymous said...

hooray for chris tiu!

Anonymous said...

You are greatly missed. Marami ka nang utang sa min, ha. You promised to give additional analysis of the Final Games but it never arrived; you promised to give China Trip 2 but "nada"; you promised more about Boracay but "niente"... I will still buy the book though but will make it my Christmas presents to friends this HOLY SEASON if you will post more with more pictures. Hi,hi,hi... How about that? Speaking of being generous, I will be but please be generous to us also... You disappeared for a very long period then you posted without even a single picture to color our day. I think you deserve to be punished for being insensitive... But, I love you still... No matter what it is TIU we TIUSE!

3xie said...

wow..amazing...keep it help other people!! :))

Anonymous said...

im waiting for your another post..
hows your trip?
its a great feeling kapag nakakatulong ka talaga sa ibang tao..
i hope i can find & buy that book 'coz i really love to read..
always take care..
advance merry christmas to you..


Karina said...

Merry Christmas, Chris! Hope you have a happy one. :) God bless you and your family!

Gabby-17 said...

..hahah..nice it..keep up the good work..stay handsome..hehe

kristinee* said...

that is a very touching idea =) congratulations for being a part of this really inspiring ordeal..Hands On sounds very sincere. i'm a Kapuso watcher here in Hong Kong and i also think the GMA Kapuso Foundation does really good things for people too. avid supporter=)

anyway. i can't wait to be back in the philippines this Christmas =) happy thanksgiving!

jane reyes said...

i do hope i can read that book..
i do love books..
how's ur trip?
merry christmas to you also..
ur right..
hindi lang material things ang pwede nating ibigay this christmas..
ako nga e',,
gusto ko poh ma-receive
this christmas is my
fully recovery..
i know that god will grant my wish..


janine de gracia said...

..happy to know your back in the country..

..i'm really proud of you.. have a big heart for others that's why i'm really blessed to have you as my inspiration..

..hope you continue to help and inspire many people with all the acts of kindness you have..

..i know up there He will give back all the blessings you have shared to others..

..take care always..

..Merry Christmas..

dzoie said...

hi chris... its great to be back(been busy woking)miss leaving comments hehehe.. and should i say, great you're back??welcome back chris..anyway, i agree this book will be able to help others and also will be able to inspire others..i like it..everyone will benefit from it..thats the christmas spirit....

god bless you chris...

dzoie said...

wo hen xiang ni, chris....=) kat(dzoie)

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris!

i am so happy to read your new entry and it was very interesting. I would like to see that book hehe

happy thanksgiving to you, and advance merry CHRIStmas and a very happy new year :))

and like i've always said, thanks for always inspiring us. We love you and godbless you always! and Keep up the good work!


almira said...

your really kind, captain. :)
your deeds are really inspiring. surely, you are one of the best examples teenagers should follow. :)

your concern for the country is truly remarkable. :)

Merry Christmas in advance and God Bless! :)

(sorry is there's too much smileys :])

wangxiangmei said...

hi chris!

yup! you're right... :)

let's inspire others and make our country a better place to live in :)

happy thankgiving too..

ciangpotz said...

In the GREATER GLORY, you must, and will be a great leader. I've been always dropping by to your postes and read them this one out is so touching. I'll sure have an idea what ideal gift I'm gonna give to my family, from my mom til to my little sib. Continue inspiring other people. Advance Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

uR riGht!
tEkA, wLa bA yAn sA nAtiOnaL bOoKstOrE? cOz i wAnt tO buY!

EIEN17 said...

hi Chris!
- happy to hear from you..well everybody miss you..its been a while since your last entry and im glad your back..
-You really are a great person for doing such a wonderful gesture for other people..Indeed its much more fulfilling when you know that in your own special way, you touched other people's lives...
-Keep it up..More power to you and to you shows ( i've watched Ripley's last Monday and great episode esp. the carlover kid)^_^ and you look even more charming!
-Happy thanksgiving!!
-To God be the glory and God bless you always Chris!! love yah


marvz said...


happy thanksgiving too!

take care!

francine17 said...

Nice suggestion! I think I'll buy all my friends that book for christmas :)

Btw, it's so sad that you can't play in the Jesuit Invitational Games in Cagayan de Oro next week. I was planning pa naman to watch the games because I thought you were coming. Unfortunately, all my plans were crushed to the ground when they informed me you can't come because you have to visit Las Vegas for work(I think..).

Anyway, I know God has plans for me to meet you in person. LOL ;p

Take care and God Bless always! You never let us down. :)

armi said...

you really have great ideas in mind..
keep up the good work!

fence sitter said...

I would say the same for you...thank God for someone like you. You are helping promote change through taking time out to write in this blog.

I thank God that you are able to use the power of your voice to be a positive force.

God Bless!!!

Leanne said...

Hi Chris,

'Hope you're doing well. I will definitely grab a copy of that book when I get back in the Philippines.

It's really a great feeling when you help and share your blessings to others. Even if in simple way it would mean a lot.

God bless and have a great weekend!:)

crazypeach said...

You're the best Chris!!!!! Kudos to you! I'll will truly check that out!

belated Happy Thanksgiving and Advanced Happy Christmas too!!!

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,

Nice entry...
It is one way of encouraging others to at least help other people who we know, needs more help from us...

Christmas is not for all the parties and foods after all...
it's a season of giving and sharing...

a very nice, heart warming, kind hearted entry, Chris!

Nice One!

God Bless!

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

you are such a role model for us youths..
Advance merry christmas!!

Anonymous said...


Hi Chris!
...It's my first time to post a comment in your blog even though I visit your blog thrice in a week. I post a comment because this is the most inspiring thing that you share to us readers because helping our country by doing this things will give you a great blessing. Thanks for being a "role model" to us readers. Wish you to have a Merry CHRIStmas. Hope to meet you soon and be a good friend of yours!!

sabria├╝ said...

You're very kind, Chris. That's so nice of you. That's why you're very blessed. Perfect Christmas gift, what a bright idea!

I'm surprised to see 2 posts from you both written on the same day. Your schedule's permitting to keep in touch with us huh. Haha.

I'll comment on the other one as well though I'm not a Twilight fan, just Chris'.├╝

KimF and JudzSJ said...

This is cool ! Its really nice to buy gifts that won't waste your money. Haha. This sounds interesting :)

Anonymous said...

"First of all, I apologize again for disappearing for quite a while. I was out of the country for a while and I had to finish some important shoots."

"I'm grateful to have all of you readers."

kakatouched ka talaga chris! lagi mo kami naaalala mga readers mo! kaya love na love ka namin e. thanks din, kasi naappreciate mo yung mga ginagawa ng mga readers mo! stay humble chris!


jC said...

Chris.. You're indeed a living saint.. =P hehe ; )

angel 17 ^-^ said...

ooh..i really am so proud of you! hahaha.. you are such a blessing to others!

belated happy thanksgiving and advance merry christmas!!

we miss you!

chrissy said...

hello again... i think i wasnt able my comment here but anyway i will be making one again... :)

this has been indeed advertised by Ms. Karen Davila too last week in wonder mom... :) and yes it is good to share especially now that christmas is drawing near...

i will be leaving the country to take a big leap to pursue my career as a registered nurse. i believe that just like you 2008 has been a very great year and God gave us blessings..a lot of them indeed.. though unlike you i haven't done anything to give back to others the "gifts" that i received.

chris, do you know how can i be a part of the organization??? like how can i be a volunteer? or like how can i give my donations...

i hope you could provide me some infos
thank you and more power... Congrats!!!!

chrissy said...

merry christmas!!!!!

apol27 said...

..ooohh!! seems less comments ahh!!??..isn't this post interesting?? good heart was dt?!
..actually, me too, im planning to be a volunteer in some of our school activities dt aimed to help less fortunate people. this dec. 17, we'll be donating food, clothes, toys, books, etc. to the families from 'Gawad Kalinga-Baseco'.

..ahehe..i hope i can find time do lend a help!! ;p

..especially now dt a good-hearted atenean inspired me! ahehehe..

..i hope u could stil read my comment, though i posted late.

xiexie! ;p

ainan said...

"merry christmas too in advance" i agree much with all you said, one purpose of our existence is helping one another in any means we can, i really wanted to participate in such kind of activity like a sort of medical mission me in a medical field surelu suits on that purpose. And i do believe, that's a kind of returning back to God all the blessings we had this year,

Happy Holidays!

timothy said...

pinayagan na nila akong bumalikng school masaya talaga ako

ian laput said...

I brought the book with me to was an inspiring read as i'm also into volunteer works though more on physically handicapped children as well as catechism classes when i spent a year in a remote town in Camarines to stay with a priest friend. I do have my voluntary story and i'm glad to have read and relate with you and the rest of the volunteers in the BE HANDS-ON book...i want to join the group but don't know how...hehehe. Keep on inspiring young adults. LUCEAT LUX VESTRA

Anonymous said...

This world certainly needs more people like you. One thing i've learned recently is to never do things for the feeling of fulfillment alone, but to do it for our Creator most of all. I really hope that you have a meaningful Christmas Chris because you deserve it. :D

Anonymous said...

"no matter what, i still love you Chris,

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, hope you're doin fine.Just read your post and i was just wondering, how do i become a voluntee for Hands On?i've always wanted to volunteer for something and since I just finished school, (I'm a Nursing Grad by the way)I'm looking for a better use of my time while I'm not lookin for a job...Hoping for a reply soon...Thanks & Keep up the good work..Stay Safe & always smile...^_^


Erine said...

hehehehe.. You know what, you spoke the way like our adviser in SAMASI ( Samahan ng mga Mag-aaral ng Sikolohiya)

We're a group of students who usually do Outreach programs every yuletide season..
We do the collecting of donations start pa lang ng classes every sem,,, Too bad, we are scarcely funded kasi state university nga lang ang pup at priority nila ang academic societies... KAya ang ginawa namin, we collect a registration fee ( P5.00) for every student taking up psychology subjects,,, pero, as leaders of the group, we try to give as much effort as we can give para naman manatili pa rin yung org..we truly enjoy the outreach everytime we make smiles on the people we help... KAya kahit nagsasabay ang theses at yung mga activities ng org, ok lang.. Gow lang ng gow!

MAny of us have a lot to give but just a few people realize that.. I feel blessed of having the thought that I realized it before I graduate in college.. Fullfilling kahit wala akong makuhang award on graduation day...

Thanks for posting this entry.. I just wish that a lot of people will do the same selfless giving this Christmas season kahit on little ways...

Mboni Chrismen!!!

nica said...

Gosh! How come I saw this entry just now?

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure you know that you are very blessed chris..with what is happening with your life right now, with your career and with your other endeavours flourishing..well what can i say?!.hmmmm...just be strong and dont forget to thank THE BIG ONE..

happy new year and godspeed..


kemela said...

hi kuya Chris!!! just wanna greet you a happy new year!!!!I'm one of your avid fan from Negros[hehe].by the way i had read the book twilight,,,its really a wonderful love story!!!!!!!!

milkamilkz said...

if you have time please visit our organization site, i can see that you have a heart for the less fortunate ones..i hope you can help us..

email us at

thanks chris!!=)