Monday, November 10, 2008

Blue Eagles in Boracay

The team spent the All Saints Day week end at Boracay as part of the series of celebrations after the championship. For some, it was their first time to step on the powder-like sand of Bora. Everyone was so excited. After winning the championship in the University Games in Dumaguete, they (I didn't join them in Dumaguete) flew back to Manila in the morning of the 31st of October then flew out again to Caticlan after a few hours of waiting in the airport. Most of the players didn't leave the domestic airport anymore. I met the guys in the airport then we flew together to Boracay courtesy of SEAir. We left in two batches.

Upon arriving in the Caticlan airport around 430pm, we were greeted by the hospitable staff of Discovery Shores, wearing their customized t-shirts "Discovery Shores welcomes the champs!" Then, all 30 of us (including some family members of the coaches and players) hopped in the sleek-white, air-conditioned private speed boat of the resort. The short 5-minute boat ride dropped us off the pier where we were picked up by the Discovery shuttles. For the first night, all the players (excluding Jobe who is missing in action, and Jai who followed the next day) were checked in Discovery. 3 players to a room. I was with Rabeh and Eric. And everyone was extremely impressed to see each room with a greeting posted just below the ceiling which says "Congratulations to the 2008 UAAP Champs!", not only that, each room also had their own Ateneo cookie, which i ate right away (see picture below). More than the iPod docks and flatscreen TVs in each room, what got the boys more excited were the white bath robes and fisherman's hat which they immediately wore out to the balcony right after settling in.

Overall, the trip was real fun! Weather was fantastic almost all throughout our stay except for the first night when it rained for a short while. I stayed in the resort most of the time to avoid the crowds in station 2. We saw various celebrities including Heart. Geoff, from the Amazing race also played volleyball with us. The Discovery beachfront was pretty festive as well with our noise and energy. We also played football and for the first time, i learned frisbee! That was fun! This trip will surely be remembered! Next stop for the team... Hong Kong and Macau! But that will have to wait :)

I didn't bring my own camera, so thank you to Bacon, Rissa, Coach Jon, and Rabeh/Ghen for the photos :) Please pardon the poor layout of the pictures. Don't really have much time to fix it up.



Lheng said...

wow.. it sure was a lot of fun.. good for you guys...:)

anna said...

Fun pics!!! Thanks for sharing!! You guys must have enough stories to last a lifetime. The kind of stories you dont get tired of hearing and retelling! Was Bora a team destination that you all voted on?

That cookie is cute. Its nice that they made the effort to personalize your welcome.

Why is Jobe MIA?

ley said...

grabe hindi pa pala tapos ang celebrations nyo for sure enjoy lahat kayo, naks discovery shores hehe...super busy na talaga sked mo saw you were at the pbl opening last saturday.good to see you in hapee uniform hehe...God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww.... what a cute cookie you've's sooo nice....(sigh!) awwwwwww..... if ever Ateneo would win again next year, I am sure you're going to miss those triumphant moments you spent with

nhat4 said...

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c16_c17 said...

Hi. . i know that your vacation is very enjoyable. . I can see it by the pictures. . hehe. . I thought last All Saints Day you were busy, but i was wrong pala, you're enjoying pala with your team mates and its good for all of you naman, because all of you deserves it! For all of the hardwork, the practices, and for the pressure you really deserves a very relaxing vacation. But i hope kasama din ako. . hehe

Actually, this time i was watching ripleys! Honestly! No more lies! It's funny no? And actually, kanina my friends and i went to a mall and the reason why i came there is because i bought a magazine! You know what magazine it? Ofcoarse, Lifestyle Asia Magazine! Ateneo Blue Eagles in front eh. . Even though the magazine is slightly expensive and it is not on my budget this week i bought it na din. . hehe. . My sister said to me nga that i am a chris tiu adik. . which is i really mean it naman! And like i've said before, watching all of your shows and buying your magazines with your photos in front is my simple way of supporting you, actually all of you on the team! You really a big inspiration to us (your fans). Haiy! I got dramatic na tuloy. . hehe

Like i've said always thank you for insiping me!


Leanne said...

wow! a very nice and cool place. also, you guys really had fun :)

c16_c17 said...

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Crush by David Archuleta

I hope you know him, everytime that i hear that song it always reminds me of you :)


chrissy said...

chris, did you guys went to gilly's island for some drinking?? :)

Rudy said...

something to think about...... I've always wondered why the winning uaap basketball team has to travel to so many places and spend so much money to celebrate. This is not specifically an ateneo issue, lasalle i think does the same. The question is who pays for all this travel expenses. Does the schools have a part of the budget allotted to this? If so, i think the universities are better served spending millions of pesos for these trips on scholarships rather than luxuries like this. If the boosters pay for it, then I think the teams can celebrate as much as they want. I'm not trying to stir things up but rather see what everyone's opinions are.

Anonymous said...

wow ang haba ng celebration, sarap naman!


simplytoogood17 said...

wow!!!!!!! so nice you guys are having fun...... i really love the pics it really showed that you guys had fun!!!!!!! tc olwayz TIUperman!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

cute pics..

Ceila said...

Wow! Bora looks amazing and I bet you had so much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Chris i wonder HANFORD ba suot mo nung time na yan? hehe


Anonymous said...

please post more pictures especially with the team, i dont see some of them here.please bait.... bait ka naman diba?
thank you po and GOD BLESZ!

eien17 said...

hey champ!!
-wow!! its the prize for all your hard work..nice vacation, nice welcome huh!! the cookie was sooooo CUTE!! ^_^ nice of them to make an effort of welcoming the Champions..well the staff really loves sure you're not just a good son of the owner but a good friend to them all thats why..
-thanks for the pix, it made me miss Bora OMG!..when i was there last summer our cottage was beside Discovery Shores, much as i wanted to book there(Discovery) my budget is a little bit tight so nagkasya na lang ako sa pagtingin hoping you would come out...just kidding!
-wathed Ripley's last night,..Good job! Congrats to you and the staff for making each episode more interesting; I am a die hard Kapamilya but i switched channel every Saturday afternoon and Monday night just to see you...Ohh my I really miss UAAP! esp. you with your #17 blue jersey.
-hope to hear from you again..
Goodluck my champ!. number ONE ka talaga Chris!!!
-love you..AMDG

bfrances said...

Bonjour, M. Chris! :) Wow! I'm sure you had a wonderful time in Boracay.

When I saw the picture of the Ateneo cookie, I thought of it as a thoughtful way of congratulating your team. That is cool! I wished to bake that one, too. :)

I was able to read some articles about your team in Bora.

A la prochaine fois, M. Chris! :)

Ben Francis Rances :)

.~.7teentwenty4.~. said...

hi chris.. again crisel..[as if you know me personally haha!] great pics.. i've been waiting for your Boracay post and this is it..gulo nyo sa pool ha hehe..natakpan ka ni paolo..c: is that rissa nakpil? sexy ha..c: til now pala may hang-over pa din kayo ng pagkapanalo nyo ng championship sa uaap..hehe..
i just wanted to share something lang with you..this is not related to your Bora post..hehe..but i hope you'll still read this..okay..let me begin..[sana hindi ka makatulog sa pagbabasa hehe..]
you know, before..i didn't know that you exist. i mean..i didn't expect to know you kahit na nanunuod ako ng uaap since season ka nun time na yun kasi you were in france that time right? you didn't able to play..but i've seen you play na din i think that was season 70..i can't remember na sorry..basta yun..i was watching then, last minute ata or last quarter pinasok ka then you made a 3-point shot..PASOK! [..CHRIS TIU 3!!!...] i think it was ADMU-DLSU game..
i can't remember if you won in that game haha!! [memory gap na ito!] so ayun..last year, i wasn't able to watch uaap that much..puro "pahapyaw" lang yun nuod ko nun..but i saw how JC INTAL cried when you lose to's very rare to see a guy who cries..sobrang naawa ako nun kay was a very dissapointing year for him..sabi ko nga "kailan kaya magcha-champion ang ATENEO? maybe next year.." [and IT DID.] c:

basta..i didn't recognize you that much..kahit na nakikita na kita sa yun FIRST time na nuod ko ng PINOY episode na kasama mo si mac buko yun ginawa nyong bola..kulet nga eh pareho kayo #17 di ba? hehe.. ayun. then one night..i was watching sa GMA7 then pinakita yun teaser ng PR..tapos i saw you again..parang may naramdaman akong kakaiba. i can't explain the feeling. basta all i can remember..was i just said to myself that "ay..ang cute pala ni chris tiu..." c: ayun. that night [to be exact JULY. 29, 2008..huwaw! imagine natandaan ko pa yun?! teehee..] i started to like you na..c: then, i watched uaap last july 31..actually, wala ako balak manuod ng uaap nun, eh may laban pala i watched. too didn't turned well kasi natalo kayo ng FEU.. pero natuwa ako kasi kayo pala yun number #1 sa team standings..sabi ko "wow.. Ateneo ang nangunguna..impressive!" and that game was your first and last na talo.. c: galing kasi ni captain eh hehe..yikeee!

since then..hindi na kita nakalimutan. [yak! ang korni ko haha!] i even dreamed of you pa toured me daw sa ATENEO..and you know hospital na pinapasukan ko [specifically CHINESE GENERAL HOSPITAL here in Sta. Cruz Mla. alam mo ba itong hospital na ito?] everytime there's a patient/doctor na ang surname ay TIU..ako talaga ang naga-assist! haha! la lang..gusto ko lang..haaaai..thank you for inspiring me.. it's sad lang kasi next year there'll be no more CHRIS TIU playing in UAAP.. *sigh* [i don't want TIU to go..awwww..:c] you'll be missed.
oh well, i think this is a long post na..thanks for your precious time in reading my "LONG" post..hehe..[sana hindi ka nakatulog haha!]

goodluck on your studies and career! hope to see you in person..take care always and may God bless you and your family always...

~[..CHRISel 1724..]~

kalliepepper said...

happy birthday 2 ur achi! ^_^

i haven't been to boracay yet huhu...been planning for it since 3yrs ago and till now...nada! they're still plans haha..anyway, thank you for sharing those pics! =)

angel 17 ^-^ said...

wow! diba your family owns discovery shores?? well, it sure looked awesome! the ateneo cookie was cute! i'm sure the celebrations and trips will last a year! until the next UAAP season starts! you deserve a little treat after all the hardwork and sacrifices the team exerted to win the championship! how i miss ateneo games... well, good luck to all of you and god bless always!!

angel 17 ^-^ said...

hey chris! can you tell us naman what were your fondest memories during your playing years with blue eagles?.. you know, happiest moments and crazy or funny stuff you guys did.. and what would you miss the most??=)

Anonymous said...


alicia said...

wahah!! i hope there are more picures :)) for me to see :D... its a good thing you guys had fun :D... congratulations once again to the ATENEO BLUE EAGLES!...

alicia said...

wahah!! i hope there are more picures :)) for me to see :D... its a good thing you guys had fun :D... congratulations once again to the ATENEO BLUE EAGLES!...

francine17 said...

What a nice way to celebrate the Championship! :) Hope to see you in the upcoming JIG in Xavier University. LOL :D

baby28 said...

i envy you guys!! honestly i haven't been to boracay.. i don't know why.. i think my mom isn't really that intrigued by the place.. but it looks nice naman there.. but anyway, you guys are so lucky cause of the continuous celebration for winning the championship.. i wish i could also go to different places right now.. i wish i could relax.. question, you guys will also go to hongkong and macau? i want to join!! joke.. well, i want to visit hongkong disney land.. it is fun to ride roller coasters and wild rivers.. haha:)) i just wanna share, my mom wants to visit macau because she heard that the place is really beautiful.. the new las vegas as they say.. but then most of the foods there are spicy according to my friend.. anyway, enjoy your next out of the country trips.. and always take care..:D

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

congratulations again for the blue eagles!!!

Its sure a lot of fun. Thank you for posting this..nice photos!

by the way, thank you very much for joining the PBL!!!! I watch the opening ceremonies..
I really want you to play!

See you at the games....

P.S. I've watch ripleys believe it or not last night( as usual..) Great hosting, you're getting better and better everytime:)

iAnne_25 said...

hUwaaw..! sya aman ng vacation nyo.. hehe..


yun lifestyleasia November issue isn't available d2 pa..



can't wait to read it..


catherine said...

hi kua chris?. hehe.. it's my first time of leaving a comment here on your bLog.. i just want you to know na super "vow" aq sau.. i bought yesterday the november issue of "s magazine".. i'm searching for the ther latest issue of "lifestyle asia" but hindi pa daw dumarating ung november issue here in SM BATANGAS eh.. i'm looking forward na sana pagpunta ko by the end of the week eh nandun coz i'm reaLLy excited to see what's inside that mag.. :) i'm super happy reading the articLes in "s mag" about you.. hehe.. natutuwa aq every detaiL na naLaLaman ko sau that reaLLy makes me proud and admire you more.. sharing lang.. ;) ah basta hopefuLLy makita din kita personaLy.. super fan mo q here in batangas.. sana you'LL have a chance to viset here.. =)

keep posting what's happening in your life in this bLog.. keep safe.. GODbLess.. :)


iAnne_25 said...

bitin sa pics.. ahehe.. sana may nxttym pa.. haha

hope it's not too much..

maggie said...


It's great that you had a wonderful time in Boracay.

I work in SEAIR...good to know that you had fun on your way to Boracay and your stay in Discovery... :-)

ian laput said...

Nice entry....nice shots though how i wished you had more group and solo shots.Anyway, congrats. LUCEAT LUX VESTRA.

kae said...

hey chris!
my dad was in bora that time too.
he took some pictures of you when you're in the Caticlan airport last Nov.3.
it was his birthday that day.
anyway, thanks for that awesome pics of yours. =)

c16_c17 said...

"It is to be prayed that the mind be sound in a sound body. Ask for a brave soul that lacks the fear of death, which places the length of life last among nature's blessings, which is able to bear whatever kind of sufferings, does not know anger, lusts for nothing, and believes the hardships and savage labors of Hercules better than the satisfactions, feasts, and feather bed of an Eastern king."

-Juvenal Roman poet

from the magazine Lifestyle Asia Magazine November Issue :)


Kim Mendoza said...

Cool. You guys definitely had fun. The "bonding moment" was good huh? Halata sa kwento mo eh. hehe.

3xie said...

hello! ang saya nmn pla ng vacation/celebration...grbe ang haba ng celebration nio..nkakainggit kau...hhahahaha...sana kmi rin sa varsity mgkaron ng gnyan..hahha..:))

cariza said...

wow.. mukang ang saya nyo nga ahh..
nga pala nakabili na ako
ng magazine.. bagay s inyo ung suit's na suot nyo..

ciangpootz said...

Sure there you had fun, I've never been to bora, just in Pagudpud, in Ilocos, coz of time. Ahay even in bora you are (your team) is soooooo sikat na. Thanks for sharing and keep on onforming us, lub et Chris. Kudos!
Bon Voyage next destination.

*~* .dyecee. *~* said...

looks like you guys really had a good time! well, you deserve it.

Congrats to the Champs! :)

patty:) said...

wow. thanks for sharing pics, Chris :) it shows that you all had so much fun. that's your reward for being champs :D and it was so sweet and thoughtful for the staff of the Discovery Shores to exert that much effort in giving you the warmest welcome :) the cookie sure is cute :D maybe the team's celebration will last for a year or so :)) i hope to read your China part 2 soon and the other entries re your upcoming trips :D more pics! :))
it's your achi's day? ooh, a very happy birthday to her! :)
i watched Ripley's last night! :D
enjoy the rest of your celebrations and cherish them all coz you won't be around next year as an eagle anymore :| well, at least you have memories that'll last a lifetime :)
i wish studio 23 would cover PBL games so that i'd get to see you play even on tv. i'm not so sure if i'd still be able to find time to watch you play live due to hectic school sched :|
anyway, take care and more power, Chris :)

blue-angel said...

hi, grabe na ung celebration nyo ha..., nico so cute on the pic ha..!, pakisabi nman hi sa kanya.., tnx...

Anonymous said...

When's the hongkong and macau trip?

Cla Oyco said...

WOOOOOW HOT PEOPLE!!!! except for you though hahaha...guess you really are...ugh...clean-looking...

Raiza said...

You guys really deserved your fun trip... Goodluck and keep writing!

P.S. I love the cookie!

janine de gracia said...

..nice pictures.. guys really enjoyed the vacation..
..all of you deserved the vacation because of the hardwork and passion you gave this season..
..keep it up!!.. the cookies!!.. :]
..hope you to see you play again..
..take care.. :]

Karina said...

Wow, your celebrations are endless! :) You all deserve it anyway! Have fun with the rest of your trips, too. Hahaha! Take care!

nix14 said...

wow. i want that cookie! i love cookies! hehehe :)) by the way, why are you hiding behind someone (i can't clearly see the face. hehe.) in the picture when you are in the pool? haha. i just noticed it. and how did rabeh and eric end up as your roommates? did you talk about it?

will i really see you on pbl? :) how about in the uaap-ncaa all star games?

i wish our next family outing will be on bora so i can have a chance to experience going there. how many times have you been there anyways?

tinay :) said...

Wow, I was a kid when I last visited Bora. Haha! I'm turning 20 soon so that must be..almost 16 years ago? Haha. I've been to Hong Kong and Macau, China already. Hong Kong is nice for shopping, they offer cheap designer goods. I learned a little of Mandarin/Cantonese there c/o of our tour guide! haha. I think my trace of chinese blood helped me! :))

Maybe someday you can also visit Coron, Palawan. That place is really paradiso. :) Pearl Farm of Davao too. :)

Anonymous said...

hi chris tiu,
Wow...What a nice picture.The place is so beautiful i hope someday i can go there.Anyways,nice to hear that your wearing again a basketball uniform in the opening game of the pbl.Mas gusto kong pinapanood ka na naglalaro kasya pumasok ka sa showbiz at umarte sa isang pelikula dahil hindi bagay sa image mo and also hindi mo na kailangan mag artista dahil na sa'yo na ang lahat ng achievements na inaasam ng maraming kabataan at isa ka sa inspiration nila.Sana mabigyan ka ng show na about sa sports at ikaw yung nag iinterview sa guest or isang show na pang kabataan o kaya yspeak.

char said...

wow, it seems that you guys really had fun. :)) talagang winelcome kayo ng bongga ng staff ng discovery shores ah. for sure you'll miss you're teammates next year.

i'm really HAPEE to know that you'll play in PBL kahit next month ka pa maglalaro. sna tuloy tuloy na yan hanggang PBA! :)

kharen tuss said...

...... sayang! I should have been
there!!!! miss u so mUch
Chris!! gud eve!

tootsieroll said...

ow... i so0o0o love discovery! nice trip!

Anonymous said...

chris talo Hapee kagabi, kelan ka ba namin makikita playing in our jersey sa team?


Anonymous said...

Super cute pics. By the way, will you be playing in the UAAP-NCAA All-Star games on Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Kirk Long is hot. So are you :)
...I wish I was there too

Anonymous said...

chris, just send me a smiley if u dont wanna answer my questions. i just dont want to be left hanging. i'm not someone who's just asking for your attention nman nor someone who's just really "walang magawa sa buhay" and make up stories. so you see, mahirap lng tlga our situation. i mean this is not an ordinary "being-fooled" story. im aware nman of kalokohan made by posers & all those trying-hards. u may not know me but i'm sure you can surely discern in your heart sino yung mga tao hu are making stories & hu are really sincere. :) this is something serious kasi tlga. I'm Gelyn Ty pla. Also chinese. From davao. Please do care & have mercy!

Anonymous said...

i'M sO jEaLoUs, wOw, nExt tiMe..
yOu gO hErE in BOHOL, thEr'S a lot oF cOoL dEstiNatiOns hErE.
yOu cAn gO in BALICASAG ISLAND aNd lOoK foR sOmE doLpHinS aNd hAvE sCuBa diVinG, yOu cAn aLsO gO in PANGLAO ISLANDS aNd wALk oN thE wHitE sAndS, LOBOC RIVER aNd riDe thE fLoAtn' rEstAuRant, SAGBAYAN PEAK aNd SAGBAYAN WATER PARK oR in thE dAzZLin' CHOCOLATE HILLS wHiCh iS kNoWn wOrLdwiDe..
viSit kA nAmAn ditO..

marvz said...

mukhang ang saya nyo sa bora ah...
ang kulit nyon pics eh...

lalo na yung nasa pool kau...


congrats po ulit...

ingat po lagi chris!

Leonalyn said...



erinelayog said...

wow... NAiinggit ako.. Looks like a lot of fun.. The cookie was cute.. I'm sure that there will be a lot more stories to tell.. Hehehehe.. Ang cute nung pic nyo sa pool.. hahahahaha.. You looked like kids playing in the water..hehehehe.. Can't wait for the next entry,,,

mitch said...

You really had fun guys huh....
Who's the kid beside you in the pic?

ian laput said...

Hi Chris...
THe US elections had just culminated and the 2010 Philippine Elections is about to take flight, with Binay, tagged "PHILIPPINE OBAMA" declaring his interest in running for the Presidential POst. What's your general message for the Filipino youth who looked up to you for the coming elections? What are your plans for the elections though i've read you're not really seeing yourself to becoming more than a Brgy. kagawad. You don't have to post this one, i could not find ways to write you since i don't know your e-mail add. hehehe. By the way, I'm Ian, you can email me at Thanks. God Bless.

crazypeach said...

Wow saya naman niyan! It's always fun to travel with friends! The cookie was cute too! parang sayang kainin! Hihi!

yeah, go to HK-Macau! I'm sure you'll have fun there too! HK for shopping and Macau for casinos. Hihi! But of course there's more to see! Try the Macau Tower! Medyo mahal nga lang dun. Huhu!! Pero kayo carry niyo yun! Please jump there for me! Hihi! I wanted to jump from there eh!

weng10282000 said...

hi chris...

this is the first time to post a comment on your blog.

Grabe, ang saya nyo pala mgbakasyon sa BORACAY with your teammates, it was so fun...

your pics was so fun especially cookies, so cute...

by the way, i really watch ripley's believe it or not every monday (yun lang talaga free time na manood despite of my shifting skeds) and of course, pinoy records...

keep it up posting for your updates and regards to you and your family...


Anonymous said...

how was family feud? dont you feel pressure to win since lahat kayo graduate ng prestigious universities?

guiane said...

Congrats po and good luck sa iyo..

ingat po..

Saranghae. :)

chel said...

nice nman..

well deserved namn kau for that prized..


anyways.. uhm are you part of the pbl??

i saw you in the opening..

but when we watched the hapee game last tuesday in ynares you were not there,..

accdg to the staff you have a taping.. hehe..

busy one..

how i wish there is a chance na makaka pag papicture aco with you..

during uaap days xe cla jai reyes lang un naka picture taking nmen,,\\

the captain ball na lang is missing.. hehe..

gud luck to your career as alawys..

you inspired us..

really a role model..\\

tnx for sharing.. wit us..

reichelle said...

sama ako!! hehehe,. kung san san kau nakakarating ah,. puntahan nyo aku d2 hehe,. baguio,. tunaw na yelo d2 eh,. mejo mainit nah.. hekz be safe kuyas!

Anonymous said...

hey chris! what's your take on the reproductive bill being passed? it would be great if you'd write about your opinion on it.

Anonymous said...

Wahoo! I'm certainly gonna watch family feud! :D Are you gonna be with your family (as in the Tiu's) or the Blue Eagles? :)

fence sitter said...

Wow....I am glad you all had a well-deserved r and r!!!

Hope you have more fun-filled celebrations.

Anonymous said...

magkano panalo nyo sa family feud, will you dontate it to charity? sure win na kayo since puro college educated kayo and matatalino kayo.

y0hj.o17 said...

wow .. what a cute cookie .. can i have some ? hehe ! (:

i love CHRIS !

CrYzThA said...

How I wish Dat u Had the TiMe to Make The PicTuRes moRe Bigger..hehe...its quite Hard to Look it,,we cant recognize and see your faces there clearly..but its ok..i love the cookie,,i thought its a new design for the ateneo shirt..haha...coz i luk into the pictures first before i read i whole blog..ouh how i wish i can see you and take a pic with you..Hey! glad dat u joined the PbL..YeAh..wer soo HaPeE..=)Pls let us know for your game schedule,,so dat i can go to the ynares sports arena,,im JuSt Near There,,Hahaha...just 1 1/2 hour travel only..wheew!..pls do update us..TnXs soo much chRis..GudLuCk!godbless u more...

sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hi Chris,

Ok this is a late comment.. =(
coz I was sick for the past few days that I can't even get out of my room... :(

Nice Bora Trip huh! Surely everyone enjoyed it a lot...
And surely this is not the last time that the team would unwind after a victorious championship game of the UAAP. More championship games awaits you guys! More "bonding moments" ... more "cookies" to eat haha..and more out-of-town and out-of-the-country trips!
I just hope that even if you graduate, you will still be there during the EAGLES' happy hours!

GoodLuck Chris...God Bless!


eien17 said...

Now I'm speechless
Over the edge
I'm just breathless
I never thought that I'd catch this
Lovebug again

Head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I'd get hit
By this lovebug again

I can't get your smile out of my mind
I think about your eyes all the time
You're beautiful but you don't even try
Modesty is just so hard to find

- some lines from LOVEBUG by Jonas Brothers ; thats what i felt when i first saw you..(well before i just see from afar but the first time i saw you malapitan whew!! Great!! One of the best moment in my life...)
-goodluck and GodBless!!

♥jen♥ said...

hi Chris!
nice photos! :D
looks like nag-enjoy talaga kayo..:D
inggit akO!
i wish i could visit bora too..
never been there..
are you going to play on sunday???
on the UAAP-NCAA All Star Games?
goodluck and One BIG FIGHT!!!
take care always..
God Bless..:D

Anonymous said...

wow im always watching family feud, basta kapuso shows! definitely i will on nov 20, hay taas na naman rating ng family feud, as always!


pAtRiCiA said...

its good for you guys to celebrate and be together again...!
Thank you for sharing Chris...!!!
it was just so sad that you will never play again for Ateneo...!!!
i love the cookies...!!!
it's so nice....

=,bianca59,= said...

++>> hi po kuyah Chris!!

++>> it's been a long time po after I've posted a comment here.. sorry po ah!! been busy for the past few days eh..

++>> anyweiz po.. how are you po?? it looks like you really have fun in Bora ahh!! hehe.. I envy you guys.. =,( never been to Bora before eh..

++>> and GONG XI gege for RIPLYE'S ah!! you're doing a great job po!! it's worth staying up late just to watch you!! (n_n)

++>> ay kuyah!! ask ko lang po.. are you going to the Entrepeneur sa mall of asia sa Nov.21 po?? kasi my friend said that the program has invited the 'young businessmen' dw there eh.. yung sa FERN C po ata yun!! when I heared 'young bussinessmen' eh.. you're name pop-ups in my head.. hehe

++>> my best friend also told me the program exampled you as one of the 'young bussinessmen' here.. my best friend is included po kasi sa entrepeneur eh..

++>> i hope you'll update me regarding that po kuya!!

++>> ge poh.. 'til here na lang po.. ingatzz po kayo palge!! God bless!!

gizelle said...

hi.. nice trip chris.. yOu guys really had fun.. =)

sabriaü said...

Finally, I was able to purchase my own copy of the Lifestyle Asia yesterday. Yay! The stories written inside are really touching, made me admire you and the Eagles all the more. Kudos to Bill Velasco for the wonderful articles.

I'm looking forward to watching you play ball again tomorrow for the UAAP NCAA All-Star Games. At least you're going to be with some of the Eagles again, and of course with Coach Norman and the other coaches.

May the best league win! Haha. But regardless of who'd end up victorious, it's for a good cause and that's the most important thing. You'd all be able to put smiles on children's faces.

Will watch Pinoy Records later.

Take care and Good luck for tomorrow (I'm quite certain you'll really play)ü


c16_c17 said...

Hi it's Saturday today and it's Pinoy Records also. . hehe

wala lang padaan lang. . hehe
take care always :)


Anonymous said...

cute! ^_^ hehe

haylin said...

im sure you enjoyed the trip Chris..Coach Sandy went to ADENU last friday together with Dr. Canlas..wala Lang,just sharing..Maybe next time, kasama ka na..hehe

Nice pics too, you really had fun together with the team..:)

colleen said...

wow!!.. Bora.. ang ganda.. then yung susunod.. Hong Kong and Macau! i noticed.. di mo pa nagagawa yung part 2 nung visit mo sa Beijing!:)) pero i know your busy.. haha!!:) pero at least may na po-post ka habang wala pa yun.. right?:) Discovery Shores, is that the first time na nakapag check in ka dun? haha!!Cute room!, nice cookie! anyway, hope you'll be happy always,sana mag ingat ka palagi, and GOD BLESS!:)

almira said...

nice trip, captain! at least you find time to relax and be with your colleagues despite your busy sched.

thanks for sharing that experience! =)

Anonymous said...

hi..thanks for sharing your fun and adventure!

sabriaü said...

Ouch. All the while I thought you're gonna be playing today for the UAAP NCAA All-Star Games, but you'll not. Aww. Oh well, maybe because it's for the benefit of the Bantay Bata Foundation c/o ABS-CBN. I wish you were still permitted to play, though.

I hope there'll be a benefit game for the Kapuso Foundation as well. Haha.

I'm really looking forward to seeing you play again. I hope that time would come soon.

Anyway, just take care of yourself.ü

Anonymous said...

3 of the best are out today-- nonoy, ryan and you. how come? :(

c16_c17 said...

Hi chris, bt ndi k ngplay s NCAA vs. UAAP All Star? kw lng ang ala s Mythical 5 this season. Si Rabeh,Rico,Jv,Jervy andun. Tpos si Jai&Erik andun dn. At si Coach Norman Black p ung Coach ng UAAP All Star. sayang tlaga! pti si Yuri wla din :(

its 4 a gud cost p naman. syang tlaga! haiy :(


little miss blue eagle♥ said...

whew. that was cool!x)

eien17 said...

hi Chris!
-i watched UAAP/NCAA games kanina, just wondering why #17 was nowhere to be seen...:)is it because its for Bantay Bata 163? and its affiliated with Channel 2? Well i hope its not...
-miss you in hardcourt...
-Godspeed. mwah

c16_c17 said...

Hi Chris. .

before i go to school today, i watched the news about the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards, and i am slightly happy 'cause i guess you won? Not yet sure but i have a strong faith talaga eh. . And honestly i watched it in ABS-CBN news :( but it's accidentally lang naman hehe. .

If you know that you won. . pls email me at . it'll be a big honor to me if you email me hehe :)


Anonymous said...

sa studio 23 ka naman unang nakita db? y u didnt play sa all-star? its for a good cause pa naman! la lang. disappointed lang.

Anonymous said...

hi chris!!
hope you've enjoyed at that bora trip..haha!
i've seen your pics..
it's awesome..(uy..)haha..

'can't wait for your next entries..

isha said...


♥chamie♥ 17 said...

i already asked my friends and my sister to buy me a lifestyle asia, november issue but it is not yet available in most of places in Manila(i think, even, in some SM). But then, i have a Blue Blood mag and you're at the cover!Ü

phylberth said...

OMG!!!i really luv TIU....

phylberth said...

i really really luv tiu!!!:)

ElyL said...

Hi Chris why dont you promote the Blue Blood Mag. I saw it last Sunday in 711. If Im not mistaken you are the FRONT COVER. and at the back, are the Blue Eaglets. and it cost 150Php. Well i bought one. :)

mania_ainam said... sure you guys had fun.. haahhah.. that's good for the champs..but why you didn't play at uaap vs. ncaa.. i was waiting for you to play again..hahahha..;D but then i didn't see you..but that ok..bcoz i watched ripleys yesterday..haahha..ur so cute when u say that u'll always be our prince charming..and npancn ko din na evryweek my magic kang gnagawa..hahaah..but its fun..hahaah..especially when u make baluktot the spoon..hahahha..:D anggaleng..eniwei..nice pic..:D take care always prince charming..;D hope u remember me..:D

Ainna said...

Are you playing in the ADMU Blue Eagles vs SBC Red Lions game this Sunday? Or does that event will even happen?

Looking forward to seeing your whole team play against ours. rawr!:)

iAnne_25 said...

I've already bought the mag.. I really Love the cover and the individual pictures.. Hmmm Jairus looks so cute in his pic..

aHmm Chris tje editorial is so bitin.. sana lhat bingyan ng mga story..


hope for another mag na individual eh may article..


aun ingatz..

jonessa said...

hey Chris! Congrats for a 21.7% Rating for Ripley's last Nov. 17. =)

kalliepepper said...

hey prince charming! haha you were so cute when you said that! ^_^

Sherryl said...

Hi Chris ! la lang.. what can I say ? I like you. You inspire me. Meron pa palang natitirang perfect na lalake sa mundo. Take care. Sana ma meet din kita one day. That would be nice siguro. I'll watch your shows from now on.

Anonymous said...

...i wAs hoping to see yOU at the NCAA vs. UAAP all star gaMe bUt i onLy salaMAt, rabeh, jAi...i hoping tHat youd pLAy as a one oF the guArds...

Anonymous said...

hi chris!

anong bagay ang masarap amuyin?

bulaklak, actually yun din ang una pumasok sa isip ko, same tayo, tsaka ulam, haha, pabango pala ang top answer! anyway, nice try chris!

more guestings on kapuso show to come.


c16_c17 said...

hi chris,

bt k ngptalo s family fued? umuwi p nman aq ng maaga pra mpanu0d un, haiy! sayang. .

pero ok lng, nkta naman kta, tska cute ng family mu. . hehe


angela said...

Hi Chris!

I watched family fued...

Kahit na hindi kayo nanalo, you guys did a great job.

Godbless and take care!

ainan said...

Eow! Mr. Tiu,

You look sexy on those black sando shirt and board shorts, you look enticing really.... Maybe, because i am conditioned to see you on a wholesome images. Nonetheless, its maybe a long series of vacation? next stop Hong Kong? Wow, you guys realy fortunate...

Btw! Is your Family the owner of Discovery Shores in BOra? coz i learned your clan owned the hotel in Ortigas?


patty:) said...

chris! i watched family feud. too bad you didn't win. sad also that you weren't with even one member of your immediate family, all of them are your cousins as you said. oh well, that's fine. for sure you enjoyed the experience :)

simplytoogood17 said...

Too bad you guys didn't win..... But you guys were awsome... konti nalang sana... hehe.... I already bought the mag and its terrific... I Love It!!!! I was so blessed to buy the very last copy.... Thanks God..... God bless Mr. Tiu!

Anonymous said...

it's nice to know that you guys still have time to have fun. good for you. :)


tootsieroll said...

i saw u lately on family feud! hey... jedrick lim? i think he's in my multiply contacts. how r u related to him?

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

I've watch your tv guesting in family feud last night. We have the same answer in the 'sudden death' question..bulaklak! hehe

Keep it up!!

I miss your blogs
keep bloging

Anonymous said...

congrats chris for 21.7% n rating ng ripleys nung nov 17!

just keep it up!

ktine said...

are you gonna come here in CDO for the JIG? thanks

diane said...

how can you be so lucky??!! hahaha, by the way you inspired me to create my very own blog, only not here, but in my multiply account. haha, It's actually fun being able to express yourself through writing especially now that I'm not able to join much orgs in college..

anyway, im sure you guys had so much fun.. It's really one hell of a year for you guys!! by the way i love the slightly-blurry pics you posted. haha. God bless you and your team always..

mitch said...

I'm gonna check in on discovery shores when i go to bora summer next year...well, i hope i have enough money to be there. But, i have to work hard for it first before it happens. I'll take a pics on the spots you took a pics too. hahaha!!!

Anonymous said...

hey! you're disappearing again.. :))

Tina said...

Hi chris,, Just wanna ask if you know how to get a scholarship in ateneo. I want to study in Ateneo but it was so unfortunate that I can't afford the tuition fee. Hope you can reply to my comment. It would be a great help in my part. Thanks. And more power to you!

cariza said...

bakit hindi ka pa
nakakapaglagay ng bagong entry,,
gusto kong malaman
kung ikaw ung nanalo sa "kids choice awards"?

Wui said...

Chris, I know this comment may be off-topic but I don't know of any way to reach you.

One of my closest friends is celebrating her debut 2 weeks from now. I want to give her something memorable because it's her 18th birthday! And knowing that she's a big fan of you, I was wondering if it would be possible that you sign on a shirt: "Dear... Happy Bday!...". It would really mean alot to her. That's why I wanna ask where I could locate you during your free periods in Ateneo. Do e-mail me at Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
Super cute mo talaga!
Anyway, kahit di kayo pinalad manalo sa Family Feud, OK lang kasi you're such a good sport. At least ikaw yung naunang pumindot ng buzzer sa Sudden Death Round kaso lang hindi yung top 1 answer yung nasagot mo. At least you're so romantic sa sagot mo (flower). Hindi naman talaga namin inabangan if manalo kayo kasi IKAW talaga yung inabangan namin! Keep to be an inspiraton to everybody especially to the youth! Ciao!

Anonymous said...

i have read this article chris.

AALIS si Chris Tiu papuntang America sa Dec. 2 para mag-taping ng Pinoy Records episode at makapanood na rin nang live ng bakbakang Manny Pacquiao-Oscar dela Joya. May mga naiibang records ng mga Pinoy sa U.S. na pupuntahan ni Chris pa-ra ma-interview.

Samantala, bukas abangan sa Ripley’s Believe It Or Not ang mga kagila-gilalas na nagawa ng tao sa buong mundo na isasalaysay ni Chris.

journal online

happy trip, at ingat sa byahe!


Anonymous said...

hi. will you be at the Aliw Theater this coming Saturday, November 29 for the awarding? hope you can reply soon so i would know :)

gail said...

Kuya Chris, pwede bang humingi ng favor? Could you kindly greet my sister through email this November 27? Because it is her birthday and I'm sure it would really make her day if you'll greet her. I know you don't know her but she is really a big fan of yours. She watches all of your shows and guestings. Even bought a number of magazines where you are being featured. I hope I'm not taking much of your time. Here's the email address of my sister:
By the way, her name is Gia. I hope you'll grant my request Kuya Chris. Thank you! God speed.

patty:) said...

if i'm not mistaken, today's the San Beda vs. Ateneo game, right? but i just tuned in to studio 23 and they're not airing it, still the replay games of UAAP. aww. sadness.. :| haha. that's fine. i just hope you win and prove you're the best! :D

Anonymous said...

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how i wish i cud be frend with you... anyha=)

myv said...


.just want to ask, what happen in the game between ateneo and san beda??:)

..hope you could answer..:)



angel 17 ^-^ said...

hey champ! congratz to the blue eagles for winning their 1st PCC game earlier! i managed to catch the 4th quarter! why were you not playing?? aren't you going to? yuri was there kasi so i was hoping you'd play too.. and after the game the commentator said na ateneo won even if you weren't there so i dunno if it means you weren't on the line up or just on that game.. well, i hope you'd still play! i miss seeing you wearing an ateneo jersey! i also realized that this was the first time i've seen the eagles play in since the championship! whoa! been 2 months already.. and you guys are also this year's defending champs so best of luck and keep up the good work! i hope you'll nail this one once again! miss you! you haven't been updating your blog lately.. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi! Just want to ask if you will play on PCC together with your fellow Blue Eagles' teammates. Hope you will response to this message. Good luck, God bless!

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

Tagal mo ng hindi ngpopost ah. Busy? hehe

Si Nonoy Baclao friend q n s friendster. gmawa kn dn kc ng friendster, para friends n dn tau. kht dun man lng eh mging friends tau!

I watched ripleys last night and your so galing n in hosting ha. . improving! hehe

take care always!
Godbless :)


angelle said...

hey Chris. you sure are busy these past few days. remember the ripley's episode last week? when you said: "ako, habang buhay niyong prince charming." something like that. a lot of girls were surely kilig. (including me! haha!) that was such a nice spiel. we love it. and we miss you chris and your new posts. looking forward to a new blog in the next couple of days. God bless! :)

Anonymous said...

hello!!how can i get tickets for nick's...?

kurt alexis said...

chris, are you going to the jesuit invitational games in xavier university?

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

kaw ha, nanuod ka pala ng twilight. . nakita q s tv, hehe with ur gf ryt? haiy ala lng. .

i'd like to watch twilight also, but i guess this weekend will be watching that with my friends. . hehe

cge ingats nlang po!


ms.Tiu said...

hello chris..
uhm, it's been a while snce you last posted an article..
super bc??
misz yah!..
take care..


sherilyn said...

hi Chris,
I've seen you in the news this morning. You have watched the advance screening of twilight...
I like to watch that film also. maybe you can share your thoughts to us about the movie through your blogs...

almira said...

no updates yet?! ahw. anyways, take care and God bless! :)

timothy said...

am back hehehe kuya namiss ko ang lahat. mukha akong rag dollmay stiches ako sa chest k0.ok na raw ako sabi nung maraming tao dun sa hospital. babay na sana makita na kitang maglaronallive babay said...


nakakamiss ka Chris!

take care^^.

Jasmin said...

was blog hopping.

sounds great. Discovery Peeps are very thoughtful all the time =) although they lost my skim board..pfft but other than that, they're pretty good!

Anonymous said...

ang cute mohhh,,,, talaga chris...
jeanry my insan dying to meet you.. keep up the good work....

my_Lizzie said...

congratz kuya chris!!! god bless!!!

chrissy said...

merry christmas chris

Boracay Hotels said...

Wow great, i loved boracay also your blog too... Nice photos, and i really enjoyed it especially the bonding with friends. I hope i can go in there in boracay too.

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Boracay Hotels said...

Wow, nice vacation. Sana makapag post pa kayo ng more photos. Ganda talaga dyan sa boracay.

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