Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello, Singapore!!

First of all, I'd like to thank you all for the very supportive and encouraging messages that you've expressed to me & the Gilas team. It certainly gives us motivation to compete knowing that you are all behind us and that you appreciate our efforts in trying to win for our country. But for now, let's take a break from basketball.

This entry is long overdue. But I felt that it's not too late to write something about my last two trips to Singapore since they have been quite an experience for me.

Let's talk first about my trip last July 2010. The sole purpose of this trip was to catch Jay Chou's "The Era" Concert tour. (Unfortunately, he doesn't have a significant following enough for him to come to Manila) I've been waiting to watch him perform live and this was the perfect chance since we were given a week off from Gilas training after competing in the Jones Cup in Taipei. Wait, there's a little problem though, tickets for the 'decent' seat sections were already sold out AND it would fall right smack in conflict with the Ateneo - La Salle UAAP game. But I said to myself, this would be a dream come true and a once in a lifetime experience! So i exhausted all means to find 'good seats'. And i did. I got 2 tickets about 20 rows away from the stage and i knew these were not bad at all. I was quite familiar with the Singapore Indoor Stadium because we've played against the Singapore Slingers there several times before with Gilas and previously when I played with the RP Harbour Center team which competed in the 2007 SEA games.

Anyway, i went with my cousin Les who was a big Jay fan as well. We went for 3 days and 2 nights and stayed at the Fairmont hotel because we were able to get a great deal. What got us even more excited was when one of the hotel staff revealed to us that Jay Chou was staying in the Swissotel, which was literally beside our hotel and they even had an indoor connection to get from one hotel to the other. Despite having a huge fan base in Singapore, I was surprised not to see any fan girls waiting at the lobby to catch a glimpse of Jay or to have their posters signed. Maybe its a cultural thing, Singaporeans are more behaved and they don't stalk as much we do?

That's our hotel and the Swissotel right beside it.

Check out the view from my room. You can see the majestic Marina Bay Sands and the rest of the skyline.

That's the view from my room. Apparently, they were having rehearsals for their independence day celebration that's why there were tanks. Pretty cool actually! They were firing deafening canon shots too!

Concert was amazing! Production was very extravagant with lots of laser and LED lights. Jay's performance was excellent as expected. Towards the middle of the concert, we decided to walk closer to the stage and stand along the aisle to get a better view. And to our amazement, the locals were very kind and friendly to let us through. I expected it to be much more difficult to make your way through crazy fan girls. I knew all his songs so I really enjoyed the show! In fact, I decided to watch him a second time in Malaysia! Hehe! After the concert, we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Jay leaving the hotel with his entourage. He is smaller than i thought. (Hey, for the record, we didn't stalk him ok? We were just having a few drinks at the hotel lobby when he passed by :) )

Aside from the concert, we also took time out to enjoy the city and most especially, the food! It was here where I tried my very FIRST Happy Lemon drink, at the food court of Ion mall located at the basement. My first Happy Lemon drink, Lemon Yogurt w/ Aloe! I loved it instantly! Very refreshing!

For dinner, my cousin Dexter, who was working with P&G Singapore at that time, took us to this hawker place called Melbens, which served great Singaporean Chilly crab. Not many tourists, mostly locals. Nothing too fancy. No aircon. A must-try if you want authentic Singaporean food.

For Hainanese chicken lovers, you must go to Wee Nam Kee. The place was just so packed and the queue was so long. I love Hainanese chicken! I've tried the Wee Nam Kee in Manila at the Ayala Triangle Park. Not too bad, price is reasonable as well.

We also walked around little India. And just nearby, there's this little street called Haji lane with lots of quaint shops and cafes. We grabbed some homemade ice cream in this place called Pluck. They also have some cute souvenir / specialty items, which the girls loved of course.

Of course we couldn't afford to miss the hyped-up Marina Bay Sands. Its grandeur was overwhelming! By the way, make sure to bring your passports if you want to enter the casino.

My next trip to Singapore was in April of this year for the Adidas Sports Style Fashion show. For the first time in Adidas history, the five labels under adidas Sports Style (Y3, Porsche Design Sport, SLVR, NEO, Originals), including adidas by Stella McCartney were presented on the same stage. The event was held at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza along Orchard Road. It was a regional event with the other Southeast Asian nations taking part in the show as well. Each country had 1 endorser representative, except for Singapore which had several since they were the hosts.

Believe it or not, I had to be a ramp model for a night. Not really my thing. Thanks to Adidas Philippines, I finally did my first catwalk after almost 5 years! It was a very exclusive event though, mostly for media and retail partners.

Here I am modeling the NEO line , which was a very colorful collection targeted mainly for the young ones! It was very casual and I had fun doing it! The best part was getting to meet the other endorsers like former Miss Universe Natalie Glebova (Thailand), Carmen Soo (Malaysia), Aqi of Alexa band (Indonesia) , and various Singaporean personalities. All very accomplished in their own fields!

Here's a photo of my cousin, friend and my mom who accompanied me as my chaperone. (Yeah I know, she looks like my sister alright! She gets that a lot!)

We were all checked in at the Grand Park Orchard just across the venue. Not a bad hotel too, very modern. After the event, we had an after-party at the Boathouse, just across the Fullerton hotel. Great night view of the bay and the night lights of the buildings at the background. Then, we decided to check out Kudeta, a bar by the boat-shaped structure on the roof deck of the Marina Bay Sands. The view was just beautiful! If you just want to have a chill night with a great view of the city, I suggest you check out Kudeta. If you're a hotel guest, you can also take a dip there in the infinity pool next to the lounge. Too bad I didn't get to take a photo.
That's me, Carmen, Tessa Prieto, Natalie and Bruce, a popular architect from Singapore who also did the catwalk.

Unfortunately, we had to leave for Manila first thing the following morning so I could make it on time for training, as we were in the middle of the PBA conference where Gilas joined as a guest team.

I always look forward to visiting Singapore whether for work or for vacation. There are many reasons why I love it! First, I can practice my Chinese with the locals but at the same time, they can also speak and understand English when I'm having a shortage of Chinese words. Plus, it is very convenient to get around. Aside from the excellent food, I'm really impressed with the discipline and drive of the people, its cleanliness and efficiency. I guess that's why they have become a first world 'Tiger' nation. I'm sure we Filipinos can assimilate these traits into our culture as well in order for us to move forward.

Anyway, that's it for now. Until next time, Singapore! Byebye 'La'!


P.S. Thanks to my cousin Macy for the fashion show photos! Rest of the photos were from my digicam. All photos were compressed for easy upload.


P-chy (crazypeach) said...

Wow...thanks for sharing your thoughts again to us! Especially your "fanboy" (or what term should I use? hihi!) side. I can surely relate to that side of you. Hihi! ^^ And happy to know you get to have your own fun time amidst all the work you're doing.

I can assume you'll get more modeling offers after that Adidas Event. Hihi! And yeah, your mom looks super young and pretty! Hihi!

I also love Singapore and I am amazed of how they are living right now. Once a sleepy fishing village-dominated country...they became one of the powerhouses in Asia. Praying our own country can be the same in the near future!

We would love to hear from you again! take your's always worth the wait! Thanks again and good luck to your future games!

Jenina said...

wow! overflowing of pictures in your new blog. showing that you have lots of memories to remember each time you'll see this pictures. have a safe trip always! and God Bless you more.. :)

myv said...

Cute ng "rock on" pic!:) Hope we could see you do a ramp here in the philippines!:)

Anonymous said...

nice blog. Jay chou Fever! haha. Galing. fan din ako ni jay eh.

Anonymous said...

» Congrats only TIU love & my only TIU idooooL! Congrats din sa team Gilas.. Pagpalain pa Nawa ang Gilas sa susunod pang mga laban. Mabuhay ang Pinoy! [dAn1027]din sa team Gilas.. Pagpalain pa Nawa ang Gilas sa susunod pang mga laban. Mabuhay ang Pinoy! [dAn1027]

Angelica said...

"Singaporeans are more behaved and they don't stalk as much we do? " haha! napatawa ako dun.. :) and sa catwalk, you should enter to that! ur so bagay. and the happy lemon! i hope you can put up one in Davao. sana you can post a blog about sa SEABA game.. :) take care kuya chris! :)

Yanaliao said...

Hindi nga? You were just having coffee at the lobby? hehehe... convince me... aminin! You were waiting for Jay noh. *hahahhaha* Kidding! I got goosebummps w/ your first Pic. It was a nice angle, you caught the 3D in a perfect angle. Until now, I can't believe that was a Jay Chou production... still wanted to watch the Shenzhen one, but I guess it's abuse of freedom for me. x) Hahaha...

Nice pics :)

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

Great experience..
Good for you to have a break on basketball..:)

I really enjoyed reading this since I could relate on you being a fan..

Nice catwalk..I think you can also start a career on being a ramp model..:)

Thank you and God bless..

Kate said...

You're too cute, Chris! I'm proud that you've remained humble even though you have a lot to brag about! I've been a fan since 2005! Take care always! God bless! :)

Anonymous said...

Nagcacasino ka rin Chris? Heheheheh? Nanalo ka ba? Balato naman jan. =)

jilliane said...

Thanks for sharing your experience in Singapore. You're the biggest fan of Jay Chou here in the Philippines, I think. I wish I could visit Marina Bay Sands, too!

You're cute (as always) doing the ramp. Bagay sa'yo yung NEO line ng Adidas. So youthful!

You really have a good writing skills. How about writing for one of your magazines in Mega? Pwede!!!

Sana magpost ka pa din ng tungkol sa SEABA. I'll wait for it no matter how long. It will be worth the wait, anyway. ;)

joyce said...

Nice blog Chris! OMG! This entry feels like I want to go to Singapore... maybe this year if I have time. Hehehe.

You really knew the term "fan girl" huh.. :)) I'm not fan of Jay Chou but the way you wrote your blog is just simply... AMAZING~! ^^

Try to listen other Chinese songs. I hate recommending artists kasi mamaya di mo naman magustuhan in the end. :))

I would like to learn Chinese but I think that's too difficult. 'Cause I'm also listening to Chinese songs (but mostly, Korean songs.. I'm into K-Pop)so that I can understand naman kahit papaano... :))

Anonymous said...

nice blog kua chris!!!i luv ur picz!jahahaha!!esp, together w/ ur friends and ur mom,she really looks like ur sister!ahahahah...s knya mo sguro minana kgwapuhan m?>hahaha...nice luv u nd ur brother charles...nice olweyz..luv ur post beliv it or not,hahahaha...meganun tlgan=..

ruffa said...

wow!!! nice blog!! thanks for sharing your experiences to your fans!! :))) God bless you always.. have a safe trip always.. advance happy birthday..:))

ruffa said...

wow!!! nice blog!! thanks for sharing your experiences to your fans!! :))) God bless you always.. have a safe trip always.. advance happy birthday..:))

jae said...

Kuya Chris,I super like you for being my inspiration as a student. I look forward to many more blogs...I really hope to see one of your games this days...

I'm sorry for these stalker deeds.

Well,anyway,I hope you understand.

Because of you,I had good grades in my exams...

jeffaahne said...

Hi Kuya Chris...
Thank you for the blogs.
I look forward to many more blogs and updates of you.
Thank you for being my inspiration aside from my family...

Anonymous said...

OMG! You're blog is so adorable. I love it. I'm a fan of yours. When I first saw you; I was so shocked because, you're so handsome and intuitive. GOD BLESS always. :))
Hope you enjoy your lifetime as CHRIS TIU. hihi. :") Take care`coz I care.

Anonymous said...

hahha. enjoyed reading your blog! may i request something? i want Happy lemons in la salle PLEASE! hahaha. i'm serious. :)

Anonymous said...

aigooo. :'> you're the cutest fanboy ever! :)))

dAn1027 said...

advance happy birthday Chris..:) Best wishes.. You're an awesome man!.. You're an awesome man!

Anonymous said...

more behave?? haha (^^,)
thank you so much after a long time, you finally got time to write .. THANKS for sharing your experiences as well as the pix!!
reading it makes me feel wanna go to Singapore too hehe what a view! ..

Because of you, I got interest to know more about Jay Chou (^^,)

Advance Happy Birthday!!! (^^,)

till then!! Godbless for your upcoming games! galingan niu Gilas!
you guys can do it!

Maine said...

I really look forward to your blogs. Thanks for sharing some of your thoughts. Make me really inspired...

Gawwy said...

I love singapore, great place and the people are nice.

jae said...

Kuya Chris, I watched your game in Cebu Coliseum.I took the risk even if I don't know what route should I take...
That's how inspired I am.
It was an answered prayer because last July 4,2011, I just commented that I look forward to see your game.

Thank you so much...
Cebuanos want you back.
I want you back because I was not able to have you sign my math notebook.


jae said...

Kuya Chris, I watched your game in Cebu Coliseum.I took the risk even if I don't know what route should I take...
That's how inspired I am.
It was an answered prayer because last July 4,2011, I just commented that I look forward to see your game.

Thank you so much...
Cebuanos want you back.
I want you back because I was not able to have you sign my math notebook.


jae said...

Kuya Chris, I watched your game in Cebu Coliseum.I took the risk even if I don't know what route should I take...
That's how inspired I am.
It was an answered prayer because last July 4,2011, I just commented that I look forward to see your game.

Thank you so much...
Cebuanos want you back.
I want you back because I was not able to have you sign my math notebook.


jae said...

Kuya Chris' I hope you received the Mother of Guadalupe prayer stamp I gave to one of your trackers.I hope he gave you that.

Thank you so much for the inspiration.
I look forward to see you again here in Cebu because I'm still a student and I can't make it there in Manila.

jae said...

My name appears in the case of that prayer stamp.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! wow! that was really fun to read your stories, and i thank you for sharing your experiences. I was really glad that you had fun with your vacations and of course being able to attend Jay Chou's concert! i really wish i could to, and thank you for sharing what happened to the concert. hehe. till here. God Bless! and Take care!

-Janine N.

Anonymous said...

» Happy 26th birthday idol! wishing u good health, ur protection & safety at all times and ur success in life.. More birthdays to come.. muaaahhhhugss..! :) [dAn1027]°®

Anonymous said...

dito na po ako ma-popost ng birthday greetings cu sayo aa .. (^^,)

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY " my TIUltimate basketball TIUperstar(^^,)" (gawa gawa cu lan hehe)

hmmm, I wish for your happiness because I love seeing you happy,always (if you have time, please listen to this song "you make me smile by uncle kraker" i just dedicate this song to you)(^^,) Good health as well, long life, courage, patience, strength,lahat na hahaha basta I wish you all the best in life!

Stay nice and humble as you are aa .. we'll gonna support you in your showbiz career and of course in your basketball career, that's for sure! promise!! (^^,)


jae_mari said...

Kuya Chris, I know you can make it with the NBA Stars...
I, for one, will really watch your game.GO KUYA CHRIS....

You made me realize that you care for your fans by posting our comments in your blog spot.

I hope you know how much you,my family and friends complete my weekends.

Please tell your girlfriend that I super like your love story. I hope you could feature it some other time.I know you're meant for each other. Your story is a proof that no one is too young nor too old for love.

I hope I could find the Chris Tiu of my life at the right place and time.LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

Kuya Chris, I really love your personality and all. It will always be an honor and pleasure to know you no matter how unreachable you are right now.

I really hope you can visit University of the Philippines High School Cebu (Lahug,Cebu City)and lend us some help in our high school basketball girls team.

Kuya Chris,thank you for all the values in life you share to us youth.Thank you for inspiring me again and again.You keep reminding me to be a good citizen of the country.You are inspiring me more to pursue things like studies to the best that I can for the country.I hope you continue that as long as you have the chance to.



I wish all the best for tomorrow's game vs NBA STARS.

I hope you can have your experience, with NBA Stars, featured here in your blog for us fans and supporters.


jae said...

Hi Kuya Chris!
I'm so proud of you.You were so amazing last July 24,2011.Your team did a very exciting game for us fans.
That was hHISTORY in the making.



Please pray for me for I am taking the UPCAT this Sunday and periodical exam starting tomorrow until Friday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences and pictures. It's an honor to be able to catch a glimpse of your personality outside the limelight. :) God bless!

Anonymous said...

Godbless in your games (^^,)
wish Tiu luck.!!
we'll gonna support you.!!

Anonymous said...

Hecate here with regards to the Jones Cup (Smart Gilas vs Japan)
its been so long since I've watched Smart Gilas fighting off on Tv since been busy with studies. I would like to extend my heartfelt congrats against this game and all the games you've fought so hard for. It got so intense that I thought there'd be some brawl and despite the first parts being slow,,,the rhythm got back at the last minute. I can't emphasize enough how much I love the determination and the fighting spirit of Smart Gilas as a team and the fiery gameplay that individuals exhibit as the game progresses. But please DO take care of yourselves. You can always fight another day without broken bones than with one. I know its a very physical game, but health is another thing. Please send my regards and my prayers and thanks to the everyone as well. Though I'm not certain when you'll be able to read this, I just want to send this message nonetheless. Thank you very much.
PS. It would be a little request but pls don't post this. Knowing that you have read this would mean more than being posted and seen. (",

Analie Casuncad said...

Congratulations to Smart Gilas team in the recent Jones Cup 2011. Although we didn't get to the championship, still, fav ko ang team especially team captain - Chris Tiu... - Ana

Kathrina of Bulacan said...

Hello Chris.. ngaun lng po ulit ako makakapagcomment sau after more than a year..I just want you to know kung gaano ako naging masaya nung makita kita personally for the first time nung World youth day sa Ateneo last Saturday night... Sana narinig mo yung voice shouting "go Chris!!"nung time n mejo nablangko ka.. hehe! ako po kasi yun.. lumapit po ako sa inyo nung paalis n kau kaya lng,surrounded po kau ng guards kaya gustong gusto ko mang makapagpapicture with you, sad to say, di ko nagawa.. pero ok lng.. enough n sa akin yung makita k personally... :) Napakagandang early b-day gift sa akin ni God yun... :) I hope lng, someday, makapagpic tau together.. hehe! kung may nnotice k sa front n nakawhite shirt(although madaming nakawhite.. hehe!) na may pink stripe jacket around my shoulder, ako po yun... hehe! again chris, thank you very much...God bless you... :)

Kath... :)

Fantasisa_D_Lips said...

Hello Chris Tiu!!! Idol po kita
God bless po!!!


Fantasia_D_Lips said...

Hello Mr. Chris Tiu!!!

I really admire you for many reasons :flower::life:

God bless you! :flower:

Kathrina of Bulacan said...

Hi Chris... tnx 4 posting my comment... :) I'm looking forward for your next blog entry... :) take care and God bless... :)

Can I get a simple Hi from you as your response?...hehe!(so sorry for being demanding..but a simple hi from you is a really great word for a fan like me... :))

again, thank you and god bless... :)