Wednesday, May 25, 2011

22nd FIBA Asia Champions Cup

Hi there friends, some info you might want to know about the FIBA Asia Champions Cup from May 28 to June 05, 2011 held here in Manila.

Participating Teams:

Group A

Jordan (ASU)
Malaysia (WKL Dragons)
Iraq (Duhok)
Saudi Arabia (Al Ittihad)
Philippines (Smart Gilas)

Group B

Lebanon (Al Riyadi)
Qatar (Al Rayyan)
UAE (Al Shabab)
I.R. Iran (Mahram)
Syria (AL Jalaa)

Elimination Games Schedule for Smart Gilas Pilipinas: (Games will be held at Ultra in Pasig)
May 28 (Sat) 6pm vs Saudi Arabia
May 29 (Sun) 6pm vs Malaysia
May31 (Mon) 8pm vs Iraq
June 1 (wed) 8pm vs Jordan

Single round robin for each group. Top 4 teams from each group advance. Quarterfinals is a knockout crossover between 1vs4 & 2vs3 teams. Winners advance to the semis. Winners of semis advance to the finals. All games starting quarterfinals are knockout games.

You can purchase tickets at any SM ticketnet branch. Or you can call 4702222 for information. Ticket prices are not more than P250. Hurry because tickets are running out!

TV Coverage:
Live on IBC13

I'd like to personally invite all you Filipino basketball fans to come and support your National Team! This is a very rare chance to watch a very prestigious FIBA tournament like this LIVE! The middle eastern teams will be bringing most of their national team players plus 2 imports. Teams to watch out for are Iran, Lebanon, Qatar, Syria, Jordan, but most especially the first two. Iran has won this tournament back to back in Jakarta (2009) & Qatar (2010) and their core players (Afagh, Kamrani, Samad Nikkah Bahrami) will be coming as well. Lebanon will be bring their national team players as well plus 7'2 ex-NBA Loren Woods. The legendary Fadi El Khatib & Egyptian star Ishmael are in the lineup too but i don't know if they will play. So that should be very exciting! Very high level of basketball.

This is the best chance for us to unite as one nation and cheer for country! See you guys at the games :)


P.S. This is not yet the Olympic qualifier. The Olympic qualifier, which is the FIBA ASIA CHAMPIONSHIP, will be held in September in Wuhan, China.


myv said...

GOODLUCK! :) will scream our hearts out cheering for Smart Gilas!:)

Anonymous said...

do your best and be the best u are. God bless Team Gilas..

Drein said...

Good Luck Team Philippines!!!!

s. said...

God bless! :D

Clarisse Alvarez-Dy said...

Sayang.Walang coverage sa Studio23..anw,Goodluck!

Anonymous said...

go smart gilas and to you chris.. know you can do it.. you have the heart and the determination to win each game!!! go PILIPINAS :D <3 <3

jilliane said...

thanks for the info, Chris!

it'll be surely a tough competition.

Go Chris! Go Smart Gilas! Go Pilipinas!

I wish you the best of luck! :)

nicole said...

GoodLuck team philippines. If ever your bball fans wanna watch the game I have tickets for free :))

경 김 said...

Good luck there Chris and the whole Gilas team! God bless! :)

admin said...

hey guys,

you may find the latest updates of Smart Gilas in this site: Smart Gilas Pilipinas

This includes livescore and a possible live streaming of the games for the 22nd FIBA Asia Champions Cup.


Anonymous said...

Goodluck sa inyo! Kayang-kaya niyo 'yan. Nandito lang kami para magsupport sa inyo.

P-chy (crazypeach) said...

Good luck to Smart Gilas! I may not be able to watch the games live...but I'll wait for updates and pray for the team!

We believe in you and the whole team! (^_^)

MYAngligaw said...

keep playing with your heart, it will never fail.. GO TEAM PILIPINAS! :)

angelica :) said...

2 straight wins na! :) go Team Pilipinas!

Blue_Angel10 said...

Go Gilas...Good Luck
One BIG Fight Chris!!!
I'll be watching your games LIVE!
Go Pinoy...Make us proud guys :)

eLai said...

Please be careful so that you will not be injured! :)
Good Luck and God Bless You All!

Hecate said...

Basketball is one loved sports of the Filipinos and lately has been making noise on Tv and through word-of-mouth. Since I started watching on ch13 yesterday, I've been hooked on it immediately. Against the giants, Smart Gilas proved to the world that height is no matter against those with a dream and a wish embedded deep inside their hearts. Want you to know that though many of us still are not with you guys personally on the court, we are with you through prayers. Your pride is our pride. Your joy is our joy. That is what it means to be one nation. One countrymen. Hope you read this and give everyone on the team more hope. More courage. Too much that it makes me cry as well. Goodluck. Have courage; one that can go against an opponent so fierce, many think them impossible to overcome or defeat.
Thank you very much for the inspirational play you show to us. Thank you very much. (",
PS. I hope you keep this message on the side and not post it. I just want to extend my feelings to the team and to you. Thank you.

blessyzai said...

I watched your games in IBC. Fortunately, I was able to watch your game in PhilSport Arena last night. Congratulations Chris...Mabuhay ang SMART GILAS! Mabuhay ang TEAM PILIPINAS! Goodluck for the quarterfinals.

XYZ123 said...

hi chris! congratulations for your new commercial! you're the best.

Christine said...

GOOD LUCK CHRIS!! and to the smart gilas team..will cheer for you guys heheh

maria lissette said...

Such a tough game...Congratulations Chris and to all the players of Smart Gilas. God bless... We are very proud of you. :)

Hecate said...

Came home from somewhere and managed to see the last remaining minutes of the game. 77-70 was the score with only little time left. Nonetheless, I clasped my hands together tightly, as if praying, and wished for a miracle. As if reading my mind, everyone on the team kept together and scored closer and closer till it became 77-75. I was happy. Even after the game ended. Everyone did their best. Everyone showed their best. Nobody can deny that. It was a very good game. Sometimes, winning isn't everything. Thank you team SMART Gilas!(",

Anonymous said...

hi .. i just watched a movie of Michael Jordan "space jam" and there was a scene where they played basketball, a game is between MJ and his teammates(the looney tunes) versus the aliens that is much powerful than them. But sitll, MJ team won the game. And I don't know why it makes me think of Gilas. Maybe because karamihan ng nakakalaban niu medyo lamang in terms of height and size at ganun din yung kadalasang comment of other people sa mga social networking sites and some think too na kulang pa kau sa skills. But I don't want to believe them because I know Smart Gilas can do it! kasi lumalaban kayo ng may puso hindi para sa kasikatan kundi para sa bayan and that's the attitude! unlike skills hindi natututunan yun.. saka in every game we can see nman ur improvements and determination at kahit matalo okay lan it's part of the learning process right??

btw .. the game between Phi vs Iran is my fave game in Fiba because there's one of those scenes na pinakita mo un pagiging captain mo. In the last 20.7 secs you never give up.. you do my fave shot of TIU (^^,) the 3pt shot with another 2pt shot. I'm soo allured! you gave hope to the Filipinos. and maybe it's ur own little way pra palakasin un loob ng team. Inevitably, Smart Gilas Pilipinas gain my respect and admiration(you guys worth it!!)

"the will and perseverance of Gilas is like a military training, even though they're tired they will never shout dying"
I know the time will come for Gilas to shine!!! GO GILAS GO CAPTAIN!! (^^,)
galingan niu sa games aa lalo na sa olympics we will support you and Gilas all the way (^^,)

Anonymous said...

congratulations Gilas for winning SEABA champ.!! please tell us about the experience in your blog naman .. salamat po! (^^,)