Monday, August 17, 2009

Pare, sobrang cheesy!

Here's my latest Greenwich TVC, together with some Blue Eagles and John Lloyd, featuring the Extreme Cheese Pizzas.... The Philly Cheese Steak pizza and The Extreme Cheese and Pepperoni Overload pizza :) The first time I tried it during our shoot, it was really delicious! We all loved it! Hope you'll like it too.

Last Saturday , I visited Naga for the first time. I was invited to be guest speaker for the BACS athletic meet or Bicol Association of Catholic Schools . Schools from all over Naga, Legazpi, Catanduanes, Sorsogon, etc., participated in the various sports and cultural competitions held at the Ateneo de Naga University. The sports events include basketball, volleyball and table tennis, while there were also singing and dancing competitions. Coincidentally, it happened to be the opening day of the intramurals of Ateneo de Naga as well.

I took the first flight out and was back in Manila by 5pm. We arrived before 7am and immediately checked out CWC in Cam Sur, where people go wakeboarding. Then, had a quick breakfast, did a radio interview and proceeded to Ateneo de Naga (ADNU) where i spoke briefly to the students. After which, there was supposedly a short photo-op and signing session but apparently it lasted longer than we all expected. It was really heartwarming to see all these young and fine supporters... mostly girls i have to say. Then , we had lunch with the Board of Trustees of ADNU, who happened to have a meeting there that day too. Then we proceeded to watch the championship game between ADNU and Aquinas University of Legazpi. ADNU won that game with a huge margin, thanks to a very supportive and active homecourt crowd. It was a short but very fulfilling trip!

I want to thank the organizers for inviting me and making all the necessary arrangements. Everything was very organized. The reception i received was amazing. I didn't expect the students to be so energetic and friendly. It made me feel so lucky to have played for a university with such a big fan base in Bicol. To all the Bicolanos who happen to come across this blog page of mine, thank you for making my visit to Naga such a memorable one! Looking forward to seeing you again some time soon :)



lhen7 said...

ahaha nice title...^_^
The first time I saw you're Greenwich TVC, I could not stop laughing honestly... haha... It's really funny...
Those Extreme Cheese Pizzas look delicious... I wanna try those, pag balik ko sa Pinas... Wala kasing Greenwich dito sa Japan :(

I just watched the anniversary special of Ripley's... Happy 1st year anniversary! Nakakatawa yung may bigote ka.. hindi po bagay sa'yo, natawa talaga ako dun...peace po hehe...

fence sitter said...

Wow, another blog in less than 24 hours? Cool.

Thanks for sharing.

fence sitter said...

The commercial is so funny.


hahaha!!! i love it!! SOBRANG CUTE!!

simplegal said...

Hi Chris!Bilis mag-update ha..thanks anyway for giving me another reason to smile despite being sleepy already..(sobrang cheesy ba?haha)..I posted this pala in one of my blogs right after seeing it yesterday..sooo love it!Hope you can visit my page too.:)

I bet all your bicolano/bicolana fans and admirers were really happy seeing you in their hometown. Hope you can come here too in Mindanao again..haha..nakihirit pa..God bless Chris and keep on posting!

blairwaldork said...

I couldn't help but smile when I first saw this. Not just because I am a fan (wink) but also because I thought it was so clever. :)

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

it's very nice to see and feel you enjoy your short trip, and i'm very happy that you shared it to us. hope that you always like that, sharing your memorable happenings to your life :)

and you know i'm kinda jealous because all of the Bicolanos saw you na but how about the Cavitenos naman? :( haiy

i do really hope to see you soon, very soon!

and by the way, congrats for the first year anniversary of Ripley's. i watched it last night and it's very star studded huh? hehe but you're the most famous of all of them :)

and about to you new tvc, it's very funny actually and it's very chessy talaga :) congrats again for your new endorsement, you're very successful na ha! but hope to see you in court pa din playing basketball with ateneo blue eagles :)

takecare of yourself :)
be happy always :)


Jl said...

Hi Chris,

Yes! It's nice tvc again, sobrang cheesy tlga!

Had you ever been here at Lumban,Laguna? This is the best and beautiful town in Laguna.
Hope you visit!

Try to check my blog at

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.... ndi q pa napanood be4 wen my friend told me about this she was laughing and ndi q nmn alam kung bkt xa nata2wa pro dhil nga dw s commercial n un & inaabangan q s tv ung commercial pro bkt prang ala pa.... then ngaun napanood q n VIOLAAAAAAAAAA!!! hehehehe.... nice commercial nga...

btw, congratz to your new commercial, to ateneo & to ripleys!!

hope to see you soon!! visit k nmn dito s cabanatuan city minsan...

take care!! iloveu chris!! mwuaaaah!!

Mara said...

That TVC is hilarious. You and JC did extremely well in it. Haha! Good job with the TVC. I can't believe you got to chest bump with John Lloyd. I'm envious. Hahaha.

mina said...

this is now my new fave tvc...
super funny...just want to ask how many takes did it take for you to perfect the hug? it looks so believable...

Chie said...

I first saw the commercial last Sunday and the only thing that I can say is...sobrang cheesy talaga! Also, first time to see you in your (quite) long hair and you looked really good in it. I also watched Ripley's last night and I really laughed when I saw you wearing a fake moustache. ^.^

=tiny= said...

i love your new TVC!!
grabe tawa ko ng tawa...
i can't imagine...kung naging bakla c MR. TIU..
dami babaeng iiyak!!!(isa n ko dun.)hahaha
very cute mo p0 dun..=)
and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY sa Ripleys!!=)
congrats p0!...
=un na lang orig sa Bilib-ka-ba-nights...=)

i want nobody nobody but you! Chris Tiu! said...


it's amazing how you get to inspire the youth with what you do.

its really admirable!

that is why,

i want nobody nobody but you!

Nica said...

Your Greenwich TVC along with other Blue Eagles is sooo cute! LOL

Congrats ADNU for the win!

Another blog entry, keep them coming!


shynne_calica said...

That was a great commercial! I was laughing all throughout.hahah..Didn't expect you to do that kasi your previous TVC's were all serious.It shows the other side of you, i think..hahaha :)

Anyways,congratulations on your show Ripley's.Happy Anniversary! More years to come. No wonder coz you've been doin' a great job!

Anonymous said...


nikki said...

sobrang nice tlga ng tvc n yan....

sobrang cheeessssyyyy!!! hehehehe

Anonymous said...

hi so glad that you visited us here in naga.
i really admire you.
i hope that you can visit us again soon.=)
godbless and goodluck to your career.

i want nobody but TIU!=)

erica said...


nice to see you doing comedy!

sana next time si john lloyd na ang ka-eksena mo. same theme pa rin... that would be hilarious!

i am quite sure that a lot of your fans in Naga didn't only get starstrucked but also got inspired with your speech. hope you can visit more places not only in the country but also abroad.

hope you'll do more commercials.
and oh, happy anniversary to ripley's :D


mine said...

hi kuya Chris I'm really happy that you visited our school. We even thought that it was just a rumor. Marami ka tlgng admirer dito and going crazy over you and I'm one of them. haha. joke.I'm happy that you appreciate us and didn't get annoyed.I just felt bad coz I didn't get to have a pic with you on my phone. hehe. But I'm still happy that I got a pic with you through the official photographer and you signed my Ateneo cap. I really do hope that you'll visit our school again. could you promise that? hehe.. btw nice TVC.. till here. goodluck and God bless..


Danica Joy said...

Kakatawa talaga yung commercial na to! Ang galing mo na rin umarte Chris!

Erine said...

wahahaha.. The first time I saw the Tvc , I was rolling at the floor laughing... Akala ko kasi na yung sinasabi mong commercial na ginagawa mo eh something bout advocacies,etc..In fairnes, you have good acting, why still refuse to do an acting job at GMA7??
Sayang, I failed to watch the anniv of ripleys kagabi.. HAppy anniversary for Bilib ka ba nights... Yung show mo yung pinakamatagal... hehehe..

Yehey.. panalo ulit ang Admu!!!

Wow.. bawian ba to ng absence mo sa blog posting ah..


Christina said...

I like your new commercial. It's sooo cool. Meron ka palang "kulit" side! hehe.. And you're with John Lloyd pa! ang cute ng TVC nyo, sobrang cheesy tlga!:)

Anonymous said...

ang kulit ng commercial

bhotyongnick said...

hello, my TIUperman!!!

it is only now that I have a time to check your blogs!!! i'm so sorry about that!!!

i just watched your greenwich tvc last night and it was so hilarious!!! you have really loosened up. congrats on this tvc!!! i've never anticipated the day that you'll be having this kind of tvc concept!!! job well done to you and the staffs!!!

by the way, before I forgot. happy anniversary to you and your show, Ripley's. I just so loved the show last night. You've really come a long way!!! i'm so proud of you because your show is the only one that was not replaced on the "bilib ka ba nights" block!!!! congratulations again!!!

and lastly, always take good care of yourself!!! i've been receiving messages about you going to the hospital etc. and I am not liking it!!! pls. do take good care of yourself, i'll be sad if you'll get sick!!! (knock on the wood 3x) i love you, my TIUperman!!! ciao for now!!!

AimMyeL said...

...** nice TVC.. wahaha

...** my RElatives love your new TVC,, SobrAng cheezy chris talaga,, hehehe.. sO cute,,=DD love it..

Anonymous said...

Hi kuya Chris!!

Thanks for visiting us here in Ateneo de Naga..

Yeah, i was one of those girls.. Haha!!

Thanks for making us all really happy.. It was a great day for Ateneans, with the Ateneo Golden Knights winning the championship and Chris Tiu watching the game with us.

Hope to see you again here.

...and about your new tvc, SOBRANG CHEESY TALAGA, PARE!!

God bless, kuya Chris!!


cheesy :D said...

i can't help but laugh when i saw your new TVC. hahaha! it was nice, very nice! i miss watching TIUperman play basketball. :)

weng10282000 (",) said...

Hi chris!!! :)

It's me... again, how are you?

By the way, I like your new TVC on Greenwich pizza. It's really, really so fun and amazing... You're so cute and "kulit" on the side with john lloyd. grabe, i could'nt stop laughing huh! i loved it!!! sooooobrang cheesy talaga!!! haha!!! ;)

I watched Ripley's anniversary episode last night... some of your guests are coming from starstruck (mark herras, kris bernal, etc.)... actually it is one of the episodes i really like. congratz again and keep it up!

Have a great wonderful day... :)

darisxoxo said...

that commercial was the silliest!
LOL :]]
i just can't stop laughing whenever i watch it xD.

tnx for the update :]]

yeeee sobrang cheesy! haha!

take care and God Bless~


PS. the Ripley's was so GREAT! wow happy 1st anniversary and congratulations too ^^.

Trish said...

That TV commercial was cool! =)

maganda_214 said...

ang cuuuute..

mo :))


Anonymous said...

to chris and all his fans:

my friends and i created an ateneo blog. maybe you'd like to check it out. it's at hope you would all read it. :D

thanks, chris! it would mean a lot if you read some of our stuff.

Anonymous said...

you made us happy!
thanks for the words of
encouragement during your
visit in Ateneo de Naga!:)
It served as an
inspiration for
us to pursue wat
we dreamed for.MAGIS!(^^.)

wen u informed us abwt ur
Greenwich commercial wen you did the autograph signing in ADNU i get too excited to watch it bcoz
i'm too curious abwt how d commercial wud luk like.finally after watching was awesome!cute ng!



MiTch said...

Happy 1st Year Anniversary Ripley's Believe it Or Not...Nakakabilib!
I think when you turned 40...babagay na sayo magkabigote..haha!

I'm so happy to see you and Jc together again...ang cheesy nyong dalawa. hehe! Really miss your UAAP days. Sana lang Jc wore his Ateneo jersey number...

I hope one day, after your stint in RP-Smart Gilas you'll be able to join your former Ateneo teamates in PBA but not in Ginebra team. haha. I wish! I wish!

See you in more TVC! More power on Clear Men League, Ripleys and Pinoy Records!!!

krishae :) said...

cool commercial. and that rey valera song - sakto sa scenes. :D
p.s. i really like your scene with jc intal. i had fun watching it!

mr. tiu, keep it up & God bless!

Andrea :) said...

love it! :">

Anonymous said...

so funny cris haha..nakakatawa talaga peo cute hehe..

ian laput said...

Yeah,,your new ad spells fun. It was nice to see you guys just playing around, not that serious in court.
anyweis, Naga is a beautiful city though grabe ang traffic. I love the churches there also.
Your new Pinoy Records with Sheena segment is nicely done. Sheena balances your tandem kasi bubbly siya. Your Clear men future league is getting interesting... i personally cheer for the team davao.

superfan:)) said...

hell kuya chris!

nice commercial..
di ko mpigilan tumawa..

thnk u sa pgpa2saya sa aming mga atenista d2 sa naga..lalo na sa mga one of them..hehehe..
sana bumalik ka d2..
we will wait for you..

Anonymous said...

so funny ung commercial... hehehe...i lab it...i first saw it in araneta when we were watching the FEU vs. UST first we weren't sure if it was really you. haha.

janine de gracia said...

.i'm so excited to see you're tv ad.
.happy 1st anniversary!.
.you look cute with the beard.
.hope you continue being a very good host.
.you make us proud of you everytime we see you in tv.
.you make the bicolanos very happy when you viasited them and share you're own experiences.
.keep it up !.

.i hope next time you can visit our school, Fatima in Valenzuela.

.take care always.
.stay TIUper happy.


angel~~ said...

hello kuya chris..
i am really happy that you came here in naga..when i first heard that you will come, i was shouting for joy!
many girls in our school goes crazy about you. and i am one of them! hehe..

i've been watching you eversince you started at UAAP.
i am so proud of you. how can you balance your studies and career.?
nice one..

thank you for visiting us even just for 1 day..i hope that you can come back VERY SOON....=)
btw, you look like #24 of ateneo de naga golden knights.
have you noticed it?

congrats to your new TVC.
it was really funny!
nice one.
i missed seeing JC intal and you together.
hope to watch you playing basketball again soon..

i will appreciate a lot if you will reply..:>>


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha so funny i cant stop laughing. But I suggested it wud be very funny if john llyod will be the one who's hugging you. Its more catchy! ahahahhahah,,

bfrances said...

Hi Kuya Chris!

I have seen the new Greenwich TVC. Really, ang cheesy... :)

Ok, so I'll try their new offering. I want to know if it's really good. :)

You're extremely busy nowadays, but please take good care of your health, Kuya. :)

God Bless and a bientot,

Ben Francis Rances

ptrciafae said...

I'm from Naga and my home is less than 100 meters from ADNU. but too bad I can't really see you.. since I go to school here in Manila. :D

And my friends' FBs status messages were all about Chris Tiu since that day, and even some days prior.

I wish I was there.

And nice commercial.. Sobrang cheesy!!~

But I have yet to see it on TV. :DD

dearblogspot said...

I was laughing na whole time, it's TVC though so its short but there're times that I it just pop out on my head and start laughing again :) Congrats your acting is great may potential ahh...hope to see a lot from you-ciao

Anonymous said...

hi chris grabe ang cute ng greenwich tvc mo super... sobrang nakakatawa...eto pinaka gusto ko sa lahat ng tvc moh...hekhek..


Anonymous said...

happy anniversary sa ripleys!!!

Jenee O. said...

sobrang cheesy. i love it. my friends and i have been talking about this tvc.

i think it's very manly for you to accept and do such commercial. very professional chris!

haha. i hope to see more from you. you're a very interesting person. you shock and amaze me every time! what can CHRIS TIU not do? seriously?
i wonder what's next. singing? dancing? whatever it will be, i and your fans will always be here for you.

Anonymous said...

Super funnehh! haha. [: Makabili nga ng Greenwich pizza. [;

mike :0 said...

hello chris...

it's late in the evening and again i just want to congratulate you for your new endorsement...


dumadamai na ah...

sobrang cheesy kasi.... i really liked the concept...super catchy....

anyway, good night and good luck!!!

mike :O

jhadee said...

i was really laughing when i saw this commercial.. at first i thought it wasn't you because of the hair.. but it was really cute..Ü

jops said...

You have potential pala for doing comedy. It's funny and cheesy nga. Very cute.ONE BIG BITE!

jops said...

You have potential pala for doing comedy. It's so funny and cheesy. Very cute! Love ko na ang greenwich!ONE BIG BITE!

Anonymous said...

hehe,,,nakakatawa yung commercial nayunn,,, sana matikman ko din yung pizza,,,,

chocohani said...

hi chris,

i really like your new Greenwhich TVC, so funny! and its nice also that you and john lloyd are seen together in that TVC.

you look cute there,sobrang cheesy talaga! hai... can't wait to order that pizza, hmmn.. mukhang masarap, one of this days i'll try that talaga, treat ko na din ang mga friends ko,(:

anyway, we're thankful talaga coz you visited us here in naga. It was a good experience and you inspired a lot of students, thank you chris! (:

happy anniversary sa Bilib ka ba nights! especially sa ripleys!!!

trizzi said...

thanks for posting the tvc.. i love it (:

omg i wish u can post more of your tvc's here coz i can't watch them (im in sydney :S )

thank you (: ingat po ily ♥

almira said...

you're commercial made my day. "sobrang cheesy" theme is catchy.

keep safe!

sabria ü said...

This Greenwich TVC of yours is my favorite! I love it from beginning to end! Ha ha. Good job!ü It's just a bit funny to look at you being carried by JC that way. LOL!

I just wanna say, i like your style of putting your name at the end of every blog post. It kind of gives it a more personal touch. :)

lady el said...

Hi Chris,
I'm a student-athlete of ADNU. Table tennis is my forte. It was really an experience to have you visit our school even for a short while. Though, during your first talk our team weren't around because of our championship match. And after the game between Aquinas and Ateneo the crowd was all eager to take a photo with you. Sadly, our team was not able to have your authograph.hehe.
Hope to see you again here in Naga. Thanks for inspiring the youth.

Eleanor Haig

Anonymous said...


how nice ur commercial.
with ofcoarse JLC.
the first time i saw it i thought the guy is not you.
ha3. but it's so cute.
ilabit. :)

hoping to see you someday. :)

anyway, always keep your LOVE to GOD burning in your heart. :)

Anonymous said...

wow! i hope you can come to Ateneo de Cagayan too to speak for us...specially to Education Student's since you are an advocate on education.. =)

Anonymous said...


how nice your new commercial.
ofcoarse with JLC.
the first time i saw it i thought your not the guy.
but it's so cute.
iLaBit. :)

hope to see you someday. :)

anyway, ALWAYS keep your love to GOD burning in your heart. :)

Angel of Mayhem said...

Hi Chris,

I saw this commercial on TV one time. Wahaha. Aliw! Feel na feel kasi.. Hehe..

aka AngelOfMayhem

Anonymous said...

-- xoWEE.
my comment was doubled.

i hope you'll gonna visit more schools especially HAU again next year or maybe in the future. :)

baby28 said...

funny much!! hahahaha:))) LOVE IT!!XDD

♥jen♥ said...

nice tvc! :)
lalo ko tuloy naging favorite ang Greenwich.. :D
take care always!
God Bless.. :)

angel 17 ^-^ ♥ said...

i loved it!!!

soooo funny! marunong ka pala magpatawa! hahah.. loved that you were with the blue eagles again! it was really good!! i will eat extreme cheese pizza right now!


Anonymous said...

do u hve a fcebk?

Crisiboy said...

first time to visit here idol..i couldnt imagine na nagbblog i will be a regular visitor of your blog now.

Mabuhay ka idol!

jai ho said...

hey chris!!

Isn't it more appropriate to say that we all loved to see you here in NAGA and we really appreciate it. Thought you wouldn't share your experience here in your blog. Thank YOU so much!! Hope to see you again. We admire you so much for your patience, taking photographs and signing our notes.

Thank You Thank YOu!!
I really loved your tvc..hahaha.ang kulet!!funny pa.. I love Greenwich more tuloy..hahaha


jane said...

your new commercial for greenwich was so funny..

i love greenwich so its really nice that your now promoting it, hahaha

i hope you will do more commercials in the future, ang cute kasi ng mga commercials mo eh, ung sa sandbox and now greenwich, now we're expecting a lot from you, go Chris!!

Ceila said...

Haha, so cheesy! X)

nor-ann said...

.. hi CHRiS!
.. belated "happee anniversary" for your show, Ripley's.
.. i really like the way you host!
.. you look so professional.
.. well, GODbless & TC!!

angelle said...

I have to commend you for that commercial Chris! :) it was really nice. and funny. Hahaha. lalo na nung binuhat ka ni JC. Sobrang cheesy talaga! and its a plus that the other blue eagles are in the commercial too. :D

imurbiggestfan said...

Haha! LOL @ ur TVC!
Panalo ka bro and the rest of the Blue Eagles.

You're getting good at hosting ah? Great job! But to be honest, the new segment of Pinoy Records is kinda off for me and to other people as well. The segment is about finding the most extreme pinoy talent. Like the episode today, I felt sorry for the contestants that they needed to perform such acts just to win money. Plus, the segment is very similar to that of Ryan Agoncillo's Talentadong Pinoy. Oh well, enough of me ranting. I'm your big fan and I consider you as my idol. It's just that you don't fit in this kind of 'spectacle' (Sorry for that.)

God bless Chris! I will still support you. :D

death_ether_no_more said...

now i'm in need of a hankie coz i can't stop laughing.really funny TVC. At first when I read sobrang cheesy, I was like, " Am I in the wrong page or what?".The transition from the wholesome and reserved image to the comic and fun guy is really amusing. The concept was just great. You're a perfect fit for the character, really. Not that I see you as feminine or anything haha but it's just very surprising for you to be there with the slow motion and all haha. I wonder how many girls would line up just to be that guy who carried you haha. That's if they could lift you that high of course haha. that must be awkward haha

j_han said...

i saw ur new TVC in youtube.At first, i dnt believe its u in dat tvc. i pplayed over and over jz to make sure it is really U! it's very funny! i cant stop laughing!! Nagkakabag yata ako sa kakatawa. I even email my friends sa pinas jz to confirm it and share also the news.

Congrats chris and to the Greenwich family. Miss ko na nga pizza esp the mozarella garlic pizza and lasagna. Tambayan dn ksi namin ang Greenwich esp after work nung nsa pinas pa ako.hehehe!! keep up the good work!!!

chumchum said...

Hi. Im from Naga City. i've just read your blog. Actually, we were the one who were so grateful to have you on our university, ADNU. we really do hope to see you again. thanks for making us so HAPPY :)


berd said...

hehe...congratulations to blueeagles!!!!!!!!!!!!!hurray...


ur tv ad with loydi is really cute.seeing u two together in a tv ad its like a dream come true for me coz i really3x like the two of you....hehe

God bless to ur shows and keep up being a model and inspiration to the youth..i am also looking forward 2 da day ul enter pba...hehe more power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eniamregellenaj said...

your new tv ad is so hilarious!
nico is also there! YEY!
his facial expression is PRICELESS.

NICE! medyo uma-acting ka na ah. kahit sa mga ads lang. hahaha!

Milo Ordonez said...

hi chris tiu, m an avid reader of your blogs..anyway, when i first saw the tvc at facebook...i really can't believe that it was you..hahahaha.. ang JC Intal b yun ng carry sayo?!...

Anonymous said...

it`s very funny.
love it:)

Take Care and God Bless!

Karla said...

Hi Chris!

Ang kulit ng TVC mo! I love it!

Anyway, I know how influential you are so I'm hoping you could share my link with everyone else for an everyday life of joy, joy, and joy!!! nyaha! ^_^

Thanks! God bless.

Best regards,
Karlakinks ^_^

Anonymous said...

kanina ko lng napanuod ung commercial mo sa greenwich haha it's so funny...u look kalog sa ganun!


Anonymous said...

hi chris...nanunod ako now ng youtube sa last laro mo/nyo..nkakamiss ka mkita sa court..hope makita kita uli naglalaro not only sa's 3am na pero inisa isa ko pa rin just to see u...masaya ka kasi tingnan if nka suot ka ng jersey 17 mo...ingat


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

Honestly speaking, you are one of the reason i look forward everytime I go to work. I got a chance to vist your blog and keep me updated what is happening to you. I hope i could stop it but don't know how. I hope you will always be fine.

Ganda ng TVC mo.


yil said...

hi Chris!

This was the CHEESIEST commercial of yours so far. And I bet masusundan pa 'to. You did it well.

I was really laughing out loud the first time I saw it. Thanks for sharing, btw.

You know what, I think you have a bright future in acting like any other stints you have. Why not try to accept acting projects?

I envy your Bicolano fans. Buti pa sila, they had a chance to be with TIU. Aren't not coming to Davao City? I'll be waiting for you here. :)

Too bad i wasn't able to watch the anniversary show of Ripley's. huhuhu :(

Ripley's is really good. No doubt it reached this far now. I'm proud of you, Chris. Ripley's is the only original Bilib Ka Ba Nights show. I'll be waiting for its second anniversary!!! :)

Congratulations, Chris on all your successes. You really are a good Atenista. No place for mediocrity in all your deeds.

Thank you for always inspiring me.

- yil :)

Anonymous said...

eowzz ..

can't help myself laughing when i saw the commercial .. (FOTFL) sobrang cheEsy!!! hehe

btw,sorsogon is a good place ..
every year my family and I going there to spend our vacation.
And while ur in naga i was on ilocos sur, i had a chance to taste their delicacies and I also climbed on mountains .. just want to share.. marami talagang magagandang lugar sa pilipinas we have to discover it lan ..

more commercials to come.!!!
please take care of yourself .. Godbless!!

angelica said...

is that salva and burke?
its so funny!!
i just hope you really don't do something like that on actual games...hehe... your endorsements are piling up... on top of everythind that you do
hope you have more funny endorsements!!!

Anonymous said...

super cheesy talaga...(^_^)

lieutenant said...

whew! sobrang cheesy sa sarap're the prince of commercial in the philippines right now...dami mo nang tv commercials... congratulations! btw, i just wanna ask if your ateneo and smart gilas jerseys are commercially available in the market?..where can i buy them? coz i want to have your jersey. thanks...and...god bless!

Joker said...

warning: indulgence of this cutie chinito guy may lead to sleepless nights, time to time drooling, headaches and worst; obsession to being a stalker.

*catch red cliff in theaters september 16

goodluck christiu!

japz said...

I first saw this ad last week yata...and find it sobrang nakakatawa...lalo na yung part na you were runnner towards your team mate tapos sabay lundag sa kanya..hahaha

really funny yet cute..hehehe..

keep it up and sana more to come! ü

marygrace said...

I couldn't help but smile every time I see your greenwich TVC.

Tui always makes my day..

c16_c17 said...

hey Chris,

why you can't sleep?
may iniisip ka noh?
ingat po!

kathkath :)

Anonymous said...

(warning: indulgence of this cutie chinito guy may lead to sleepless nights, time to time drooling, headaches and worst; obsession to being a stalker.)

yea right!tama yn warning n yn..hehe..

marisse tiu said...

sobrang cheesy tlaga!
the commercial is so cute..
its because of you ofcourse! nakz//
this is my first time to comment here in your blog but since im grade six, ive been watching you in UAAP..
nice day and career ahead!

marisse tiu said...

nice seeing you at tvc with sobrang cheeesy something! =>

marisse tiu said...

me too..
im jealous coz you didn't arrive here in cabanatuan for ako mismo when you were supposed to.!

Threb Gabriel F. Cartabio said...

Hi kuya Chris! I heard that galing po kayo dito sa San Pablo Laguna, sayang recently ko lang nalanam!
I hope you will come again, and sana itelevise yun! TY!

Laarni said...

ang cute ng new commercial nyo..when i first saw it dq mxadong naintndihan kz last part na nkita q until one time,tnawag aq ng lola q nung pinakita xa ulit.8s rily cute.. astig ang lola q,tlgang pg nkita nya kau sa tv,ttawagin nya aq agad.tnx 2 her.jeje..

jennieca117 said...

ahahaha nice commercial LOL..


GoodLuck and Godbless







iwnnby! said...

im having a really really bad time right now. i am sooo lonely. i dont know wat to do. people are just so selfish. i am having this feeling of hopelessness again. i cant stop crying and crying cus of the pain. you are my refuge now. becus u inspire me. thank you for being a living reminder. thank you for the hope. thank you for being the person that you are. thank you for letting me see that there are still good people around and that love still lives. thank you thank you thank you. i feel better now.

Stranger said...

kakasabi mo lng ng blog mo sa startalk kaya inadd na kita agad ahhahaha...

idol ka po ng mga taga cebu...

do well po...

our prayers are with you...

go go go

fight fight fight

continue to be a good example to us young Filipinos toinks hahahaha

i was here,

cheenefool said...

hahaha. i love ths commercial.
i cant help but laugh..
pede k rn pla s comedy

Milay said...

Well, just one of your "older" fans and I'm not from Ateneo, I'm from the other camp, DLSU. But it's all right because it's not a matter of who's side you're on. It's a matter of seeing both sides of the coin. I congratulate you on your Greenwich TVC. After reading the comments, I agree with them that it was really something different and funny. I actually enjoy watching commercials like that.

More power to you, Chris!

Joker said...

I want nobody nobody but TIU!
I want nobody nobody but TIU!
I want nobody nobody but TIU!

saw this on screen in startalk when they interviewed christiu

Anonymous said...

HI! I hope to see you again in ADMU. and i wanna tell you that i really look up to you and hoping that I can be like you.
you are good in athletics, academically excellent and has a good future.
but it can't be me. :) anyway thanks for being an inspiration :)
btw, i love your latest commercial.

Jl said...

Hey Chris,

It's month end already! No new post yet! Still be waiting for your new story to tell. Like you've been in tagaygay last day for golf plays or your taping today even your interview at startalk. Hehehe

selle said...

hi Chris!!
..nkktwa tlga ung TVC m sa greenwich SOBRANG CHEEEEEEEEEEZY!!! ..hehehe..sna mgkaroon k p ng mdming tv projects..

.aun take care olweiz and godbless!!!

nobody nobody but tiu!!

vren said...

ahaha! nice chris tiu! i loved you tvc.. two thumbs up! :D

wengdestiny said...

sobrang cheezy naman talaga...haha...
hope to see u here in cavite...
i love it...
and the date sa tvc, birthday ko...hehe

bjoy said...

Sobrang cheezy mo talaga Mr. Tiu^^.
The first time I saw your greenwich TVC,pigil na pigil ako sa tawa kasi tulog na mga tao sa bahay. Grabe at first di ko maimagine na ginawa mo yung commercial na yun. Napakacute. More TVC pa sana.^^

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaah yung iba gaya gaya nubg "i want nobody nobody but tiu"

hehehe ako lang nagpauso nun har har...

i want tiu..

Lhen7 said...


I watched your interview on StarTalk...Ang kulit I want nobody nobody but TIU hahaha... Nice answers ha...
Really humble answers...Despite the fact that you are famous, humble ka pa rin...stay that way Chris..

Natawa ako nung ng-thank you ka sa mga sponsors mo...
sabagay bihira ka nga naman mag-guest ng live... ^_^

jasmine said...

helo kua chris

erica said...


hope you can blog about your GMA7 "tatakbo ka ba" marathon...

im glad you are participating in such causes, just like AKO MISMO.

hope you are doing ok :D


Anonymous said...

Hello Chris Tiu!

Sana magpunta ka rin sa Iloilo!
We want to see you personally hehehe. You are so very influential especially to the youth.

God bless!

VIANNE said...

I really can't believe that it was you in that commercial. yes it was so cheesy as in, but i found myself laughing. promise, I was really showing my gum. its nice though, but i still am trying to figure out the whole message of the ad. paminsan mnsan lang naman kasi akong nanood ng T.v but I am a real kapuso here in Cagayan. Good luck to your shows and more power

PS: I love watching PINOY RECORDS. I think bagay kayo ni Ms. Sheena Halili. Extreme talents.

iNg said...

nice =)

Leigh said...

Hi Chris...

ang lupit ng bago mong commercial nakakatuwa....ang kulit nun ha...
pero cute ka pa rin...


sherilyn said...

hi chris,

You came here!!!in San Pablo City Laguna for the NCAA Beauty pageant!!1
How come I didn't get the news...
I wasn't able to see you...:(
I'm so depressed....

Anonymous said...

Hi kuya Chris:)

nice1!nkktwa tlga ung TVC mo hehehe..nung una nd q p n nkkta ung tvc mo and cnbe sken ng frend q n mai new tvc k dw at inabangan q tlaga n ipakita un hehehe..sna mkta kta ng personal heheh..sna pwde aq manuod ng
ng shows mo ng live kya lng ndi alam ng cousin q ung sked ng shows m..she's working at gma network.,(share)hehehe..
.nqha q ung blog spot m wen i watched the startalk last saturday.hehehe..ang cute cute m tlga hehehe..
-dats mai yahoo mail heheheh i just want to share it with u!hehehe:)
.sna mg msg k sken jn hehehe..

aun take care olweiz and godbless!!
hope 2 c u soon..hehehe:)


ella1306 said...

hi chris,
im ella from glad na nagustuhan mo stay mo dito sa bicol..uhm..sana sa susunod na vist mo dito, albay naman ang puntahan moespscially dito sa legazpi..sana makapunta ka dito..every november nag-cecelebrate dito ng Ibalong Festival..
yun lang..sana makadalaw ka...keep up the good work and good luck sa mga games nyo...

M i g U e L said...

Dear Chris,

I laughed my heart out at the two "cheezy" Greenwich commercials, the latest one featuring yourself. Kudos!

Let us not forget, however, a related issue which was brought up by Prof. Quirino Sugon.

Let us offer our 6pm "Angelus-es" for the return of AdMU’s Catholic identity.

Du said...

TC =)

joy said...

hello chris.
how i wish that you will visit ateneo de naga again soon!
we'll be waiting for you..
goodluck 2 your career!


brent said...

nice post,,,
brent here; bicolano, atenista...
thnks for the good words,
we'll never really get tired of inviting pipol like you...
godspeed :p

alija said...

hahaha :) that TVc was so nise

evrytime i saw that commercial it really makes me laugh :p

hahaha btw i just wanna say thank u coz u inspire us evrytime we watch your show. and thank u din kuya cris nung pumayag ka mag pa picture wid me and my friend here at lyceum gym
that was 1 one the happiest things happen in my life ...hahahaha O.A

pero swear sobrang saya koh tlgah nun as in HAHA tnx! ulit kipsafe and may god continue to bless u and ur family! :)

^_^ said...

kuya chris,

hha..i was so happy when i saw you at adnu!! thanks for signing my shirts..i'm glad to know that you felt our extreme happiness when you visited us..thanks for visiting adnu and i hope you get to visit us again..

by the way, ang cute ng commercial nyo kuya..sobreng cheesy!! hha..


Du said...

OMG!.until now i still cant believe that ive finally seen you in're sooooo gwapo talaga.hha.thanks for visiting ADNU last month.=).btw, you're greenwich TVC is really it :)

Anonymous said...

it's nice that you posted your Greenwich TVC on your blog. I can't watch it on TV since my family and I migrated to the United States. It's nice that we have Direct TV here so I can still watch some of your shows.

By the way I already passed my CGFNS and I'm currently reviewing for my NCLEX-RN examination.

Siguro you can't remember me anymore... We've met 3 years ago after your game against UP, I was a college sophomore way back then and I was your fan for almost 3 years already at that time. I was lucky enough to have a picture with you.;)

I wish you all the best!;)


Anonymous said...

sobrang cheesy tlg. c jc intal b ung kumarga sau?tlo pla kme sa championship ng ADNU.sna s legazpi k nmn pumunta.sobrang idol

graxa.graxa17 said...

Hi there Chris! :]. Im Grace. Your # 1 fan! I really, really adore you so much! Know what? Anyone who knows me also knows that I have a crush on you. They will always tease me. Anyway, Im very, very happy when I saw your greenwich commercial. It's very funny. But still, you're very cute there. :]. Keep up the good work! Make many commercial so whenever I will saw your face just even on the commercial, I will be inspired for the rest of the day. You're a very great, great, great guy for me. A guy like you these days are so hard to find. Your girl friend are very lucky to have you as her boy friend. Hope that she will take good care of you. Ok. Til here. Take care always & god speed! Mwuah! :]

I am ekiM said...

well crafted commercials by Greenwich. nice blog sir..

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

no new entries yet???

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

can you write an entry about your visit here in San Pablo city for the NCAA south beauty pageant???

please...we'd love to hear from you...:)

Anonymous said...

i saw u and clarisse on tv during the ateneo-la salle game. na-focus kayo ng cam then the announcers recognized ur presence pero di nla namention c clarisse. but you two were too close that time while u were talking. hehe

charmie said...

hi chris!

ur new tvc was really funny, you have proved that you are very versatile..

for sure ang daming pizza ang mabebenta ng greenwich..

charmie_yi said...

that tvc was really nice >3
you just proved your versatility


Anonymous said...

hehehe.. sobrang cheesy huh! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

eowzzz ..

how are you??

olweiz take care!!!
godbless TIU.!!!(^^,)

joem17 said...

grabe,, nakakatawa po talaga yun... gudluck po sa saturday,,, ateneo vs, feu...

Anonymous said...

Ang gwapo mo talaga Kuya Chris! LOL!

At first, I didn't recognized that it was YOU! LOL! But when I looked closely on the jersey #, no doubt it was you. Very funny. And I didn't expect you would do such commercial not unless it is with Lloydie. Nakakatuwa. Ang gwapo niyong dalawa!

I love your Sandbox Commercial too.
Keep it up!:]

jasmine said...

gling po ng ateneo blue eagles congrats!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

how are you?

Nica said...

* * *

LAGING may oras si Chris Tiu sa taping ng Ripley’s Be-lieve It Or Not kahit busy siya sa kanyang basketball career at pagpapatakbo ng negosyo ng pamilya.

Alam ba ninyong ipini-fit sa skeds ni Chris ang ta-ping ng Ripley’s at ang programa nila ni Manny Pacquiao na Pinoy Records? Puwede namang tanggalin na lang si Chris sa programa kung talagang wala siyang time. Pero, si Chris ang selling factor ng Ripley’s. Ayon sa mga taga-GMA, kay Chris lang daw nababagay ang programa.

Ngayong Monday, aba-ngan sa Ripley’s Believe It Or Not ang mga tatalakayin ni Chris kabilang ang mister na susubukang palapagin ang pinalilipad na eroplano sa ibabaw ng kotseng dina-drive ng kanyang misis.

* * *


Wow Chris! You're that important talaga sa GMA!

ivy_tan said...

that was an amazing commercial!....
natawa ako dun ha!You've done something new and another great this time..

hehehe..cute rin ni nico salva dun

GAnda ng mga ginagawa mo sa ripley's and pinoy records!keeep it up!

Anonymous said...

...napanood ko yung live guesting mo sa startalk.. nice yung pag answer mo ng questions...nabitin ako kasi sandali lang..

but i hope to see more of you!

Aki said...

Congratulations to the ADMU Blue Babble Battalion for winning the 1st Runner-up! I know you've been waiting for quite long. Now, here it is!

Also, congratulations for the award you recently received. You deserve it!

Whoa, ACET's tomorrow! tsk, G'LUCK G'LUCK !

Keep being the Chris who you are now.. coz you inspire a lot of people.
Wish you success on all your endeavors, AJA!

AerOn Capistrano said...

Hi Chris! It's me, Aeron again.. :) Nice meeting you again last UST - Ateneo fight.. Congratz Ateneo! ;) I'm hoping na sana FEU ang makalaban niyo sa Finals.. Taga-dun ako e.. hehe.. :D Nga pala, thanks sa pagentertain sa amin ni Rhachel a.. Ang cool mo.. Kahit nagmamadali ka nung Sunday.. hehe.. Actually, hinintay ka namin nung tapos na yung laban e.. Pero di ka na namin nakita.. Sayangs.. Ayun, thanks talaga sa pagentertain samin a, kahit busy ka.. Thanks thanks! See you sa Araneta ulit.. Asahan mo na nandun ulit kami next laban.. hehe.. Thanks Chris! God Bless.. :)

Anonymous said...


how's your weekend??

i have watch ripley's yesternight.
it was nice aman naka2-jelly lan un last part .. hehe joke!

till here!! (^^,)

Bernadette Salvador said...

Hi Chris!
Nice commercial... haha. :))
sobrang CHEESY.haha.. :))
When I was watching it, I remember you playing in the UAAP.
I really miss you playing in the UAAP... BUT I'll still be supporing the Ateneo Blue Eagles... :))
and your TV shows... :))

Follow me on Twitter:

Thank You!
Take Care, Kuya Chris! :))

blucrew said...

I'm just curious...What can you say about the brewing allegations that Jobe Nkemakolam did not graduate from highschool thus making him ineligible to even be in college? This could place the 2008 Championship in jeopardy much like what happened to DLSU in 2006. It's on Manila Bulletin now:

As an Ateneo alumna and UAAP fan, I'm bracing myself for the worse. Please tell us this is just a smear campaign.

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

we miss you...please write a new entry...
I have noticed that you are wearing a ring in your left ring finger on one of the last episodes of ripley's..hmmm...Is it just an accessory? or there's something more??? are you engaged???...:)

Dawna said...

Haha! Nice. I first saw it when I'm watching UAAP on Studio 23. How's working with John Lloyd naman? :D

crissy said...

Hahaha! Cute TVC, Chris! Love it!

crissy said...

Hahaha! Cute TVC. Love it the first time i saw it!

Fina Florin said...

hi chris..isa ko sa mga nagpa-autograph sa'yo dito sa ADNU..hehe sa calculator ako nagpasign, para may inspiration 'pag exam namin sa accounting..haha

nice TVC :) God bless! :)

_lost-island-princess_ said...

sobrang cheesy talaga!! :D