Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ateneo vs La Salle Part 2 (08/16/09)

Another win for the Blue Eagles today and this time much more convincing! I was calm throughout the game and enjoying myself. No tense moments. Finally the Blue Eagles made the right adjustments and totally controlled the game.

First, they attacked La Salle's press and got lots of easy points, unlike in the first game where they were quite passive. They were driving and dishing to the open men (mostly Ryan and Eric). Shooting was excellent today. Rabeh didn't have to bleed for his points, because most of them were easy baskets thanks to the beautiful assists coming from the guards, most especially Eric Salamat. Ateneo's defense was excellent, taking away the strengths of La Salle. It was clear that they studied the video tapes and the tendencies of each player. Great scouting. I think Rabeh played his best defensive game with 3 blocks. Prior to this game, he only averaged 0.4 blocks despite being the biggest player in the league playing lots of minutes. I think Eman Monfort and Jai Reyes might even be able to surpass that! Because of Ateneo's ability to make stops, La Salle could not set up its press as much and force errors. Also, we took care of the ball and took away La Salle's easy fast break points. Lastly, the boys were having fun in the court and it was very evident. They played as a team and everything was just flowing naturally. Great game! But still a long season ahead.

I love this picture by Aly Yap! Checking papers in an Ateneo-La Salle game... amazing! Only the legendary Fr. Dacanay can hack it. Good news for the Fr. Dacanay students :)


Nina said...

Hi Chris!

I love how you analyze the game :) Makes me understand and appreciate it more.

And yes, only Fr. Dacanay can do that! Haha.

See you!

i want nobody nobody but you! said...

cool! i've never watched a live basketball game in my 20 yrs of existence. haha!

i wish to someday watch a game with you. hahahah!

i just wish. ^_^

nix14 said...

i was bickering with my cousin who would win. and the look on his face was priceless when i read him a text message from a friend telling that the eagles won. hahaha. i wasn't expecting the text that early so i was really surprised when i read that. i was like "omg, ateneo won! haha. in your face couz!" then he didn't want to believe me so when we arrived home he went to his computer then checked the results on the net. he looked so dejected about it. hahaha. i just told him better luck next time :)

i was told that rabeh played so good again today. i hoped that it will continue 'til the end of the season :) and i hope that eagles will be the champion again. goodluck to their other games and more power to them and to you too chris :D

ooh, i just saw your commercial a while ago. i wasn't able to control my laughter that time and i asked myself "was that really chris tiu? hahaha." hope to see you in more commercials in the future :P


King Doliente said...

good game by the Eagles..the Archers were still having their bad days..bad shooting and lousy defense,it's no wonder how the Eagles easily pulled it to their advantage and eventually winning the game..

it would have been a more exciting game if you're still in there..hehe

AdmuFan said...

good news for the students of Fr. Dacanay!

Anonymous said...

do you still have a girlfriend?

how come u dont talk abt her?

please give advise on how to stop being such a hopeless romantic dweeb. sooo obvious that i am, i know a lot there are like this too. we badly need help.


Carlo said...

1st to comment! hahaha congrats chris!!! go ateneo!! ang cute mo sa last night sa pinoy records! galing mo na mag host ha! congrats!!! ingat!

phoebe gaerlan said...

Just finished watching the replay. Great game!

And I love Fr. Dacanay's picture. Multi-tasking! His Monday students are lucky coz he's gonna be in a good mood. haha

myv said...

its was a blowout game! congrats to the blue eagles. they played a splendid game..:) its was really a team effort.everyone contributed in their own ways.:) really pissed off the that "one green archer"!
..sobrang kayabangan..
..i hope he gets something like punishment for what he did.err..

.anyway, more good games to come for the eagles.:)

.take care and godbless.:)

julie orellina said...

yeah. he needs a life tutor:D last week was the kick. now the salute. WHAT THE F was he thinking really?! hahaha

during the first quarter, i was pretty confident that ateneo would win because rabeh was not bleeding for his shots:)

HoplessRomanticDweeb said...

i cant get u off my head!!!


stop driving me nuts!
-me talking to self?

badlongon said...

whoaaa! i cnt get enough of the game today. i was cheering for the blue eagles alone in my room. hahaha... i didn't mind myself at all.

i have to commend Rabeh for playing really well. He had the highest points today. Way to go Mr. MVP! Kudos to Eric, Nico and Jai (especially the 3 points in the last quarter). The guys are so amazing today. I had a good time watching the best game of Ateneo, by far, this season. Good to see you Mr. Tiu cheering for your team. Until the next game. Hope it'd be a Sunday again. ;)


lhen7 said...

ang bilis... nakapag-post ka agad hehe...

Congrats to ATENEO! It was indeed another great game... good teamwork, smart play and great defense... 1st quarter pa lang alam na kung sino mananalo ^_^

Good luck to Ateneo on their next games... Mahaba pa nga ang season na ito gaya ng sinabi mo... Nandyan pa ang FEU na matindi nyong makakalaban, at ang ibang teams na pwedeng tumalo sa Ateneo kapag nagpabaya...

Good Luck sa career...Ingat palagi...

fence sitter said...

It was indeed a good game for the Blue Eagles. I never thought the lead could be that huge. Ateneo never had that much of a lead in previous ADMU -DLSU games.

I think the player who made the salute also mimicked kicking someone as he returned to the bench from the dug out after the half time. Plus it is not just a salute but the smirk on his face when he did that. There might be more to him than meets the eye, though. I agree with you no player (at least from Ateneo, at present) has ever taunted the opposing crowd before. They ask the Ateneo crowd to cheer no more no less. As a varsity player, one should remember that he does not just bring his name, nor his family's in the game, but his school, as well. A student-athlete should be a role model.

I am glad you still write about the games here even if you are not playing for the Blue Eagles anymore.

Ko Ko said...

nice blog. if i may comment on this blog, i think you shouldn't judge the opponent players' attitude that way though.
'coz you may not know what has really happened out there.

if you wanna know, apparently, the audience of admu, ateneans were giving a finger to lasallians when they were cheering during the game..

i think that's something not to be proud of and if u think about it, as you said, probably the ateneans need life tutor too. =)

c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

congrats to ATENEO BLUE EAGLES for winning again! nice game! actually i'm very comfortable that ATENEO would win againts LA SALLE yesterday :) haha

by the way, who is the green archer that salute's the blue side? can't see him eh? can you say it? or just the initials? hehe i'm not that kinda curious :)

hope ATENEO will be the champions again this season and not only for this season but for all of the seasons :) but again as you've said it's a long season pa to celebrate, they have to beat FEU and UST pa the two strongest teams behind you. so goodluck and go for the gold!

always :)

egram said...

i don't understand why the uaap committee lets webb get away with his shenanigans!

1) webb's kicking incident against bacon in ADMUvsDLSU round suspension?! really?!
2) taunting the ateneo crowd in ADMUvsDLSU round technical foul?! not even a warning?! c'mon!!! *grrr*

Kae said...

Yes, only Fr. Dacanay can do that. And everytime there would be a La Salle-Ateneo games, ALL of Fr. Dacanay's students are praying REALLY hard. :)):))

Rumor has it that when the Eagles won the championship last year, final orals were canceled.

Now, let us hope that he will cancel orals again this year. *crosses fingers*

egram said...

btw, that was one heck of a crazy cheesy ad you guys did for greenwich! haha! was jc really the one carrying you?

Jl said...

Hi Chris,

Congrat'z to Blue Eagles.

Always take care!

-=lace=- said...

hi chris! i saw yesterday... but you're too far away huhu... but i'm really glad Ateneo won!!! ONE BIG FIGHT!!!! :D

I'm hoping to meet you one of this days... ;)TC

anya said...

Yep, Fr. Dacanay loves bringing those dreaded quizzes during games! Too bad it wasn't our winning year when I had him for Th131. hahaha.

Btw, I could tell you really enjoyed the game last yesterday. I feel sad that Ty couldn't really jump up and cheer for his alma mater. I do commend him for bravely sitting at the blue side with you. Would you be caught sitting w/ him at the green side? =P

Anonymous said...

hi chris

the game was great!

btw, thanks for visiting naga. glad to see you.



mina said...

Hi chris!

saw your new tvc yesterday while watching the game...
it was so funny that I could not stop laughing...

-- shei. :) said...

That was a nice game, Chris! I like your analysis! Well, I also noticed that salute by Joshua Webb! Tsk! He's always like that, nothing new! And uhm, you were always on TV, BTW! It's nice to see you cheering for the blue eagles with the other Ateneans! I feel for TY Tang, he's in the middle of the ADMU crowd, he's the only one wearing green there. is he really your best friend?

renee_magtoto said...

love the game! so sad that i just can't watch the games live on araneta.. instead i watch the games on studio 23.. hhmmm.. so nice to catch a glimpse of you.. that was the best part for me! hahaha.. and by the way, i love the greenwich commercial! about the player who made the salute, upon seeing that, i was like, what was that?? that was so unnecessary.. god bless chris! keep smiling! =)

bluebyyou said...

Funny thing in the first half when Ateneo was pulling away, LaSalle called time out and the DLSU crowd started chanting "Luto, Luto, Luto". Pointing fingers at the referee for the poor game of LaSalle?Ateneo brought their "A" game and LaSalle their "D" game. Just as simple as that.

bluebyyou said...

and with the salute, oh, boy! you don't do that when your team is losing!

wangxiangmei said...

hi chris!

that was truly an exciting game..hehe..

hope that the blue eagles will keep it up!

proud to say that i bleed blue! :)

mike :O said...

hi chris...

its been a while since i witnessed a dlsu admu game live... the ambiance was very exciting though i thinks there are more people from ateneo over la salle...

the game was totally controlled by admu since the beginning.... we'll it made the game a less exciting since la salle didn't give a very challenging one...

and about the one player who was more than pumped up, the saluting was indeed very wrong.... it's like taunting people who doesn't deserved to be taunted... he has an attitude problem.... being fired with passion on a game does not mean being rude to the crowd....

we'll he has to realize it for himself...

btw, thanks for the short time yesterday though you were in a hurry.... hehe... buti you recognize us pa...hehe

also, congratulations to your new segment in pinoy records, to your new "CHEESY" commerrcial and congratulations also to the 1st anniversary of bilib ka ba nights which i believe that only ripley's was the one who made it one year exactly....hehe...kabilib-bilib!!

good luck and god bless you more.....

-mike :O

bfrances said...

Hi Kuya Chris! :)

I really enjoyed the game! The Blue Eagles were so fantastic. You know, it's entirely different from watching the team practice their shoots and assists.

Rabeh did well, and also to Eric, Jai, Nico, and Nonoy. The team members really deserve the success.

The game made my day complete. I prayed to God that He may guide the team always and witness them play while exhibiting the values the Ateneo education has inculcated in them.


Tres bien, Ateneo Blue Eagles! :)

A bientot,
Ben Francis Rances

MiTch said...

Yesterdays game was one of the best games of Blue Eagles against La Salle ever...

MiTch said...

Yesterdays game was one of the best games of Blue Eagles against La Salle ever...

ian laput said...'s a very uncalled thing for that arrogant green webb to flash his air...
It's a great game for the eagles. They really did play well..i loved the 3 points that monfort gave. Good defense throughout the game. Eagles will surely clutch the title this season for they are one united team.
Thanks to you Mr. Skipper for once teaching them about it...

Anonymous said...

eloh kua chris.pwede mo p bang ipost ung original na video ng greenwich commercial mo? tnx

angel 17 ^-^ ♥ said...


it was definitely a good game for the blue eagles! i was really surprised that it was such an easy game for them.. i thought it would be as exciting as the first game but good thing they were able to scout la salle better this time.. i saw you with TY and ambassador again.. i wanted to take a pic with you sana but you were busy talking to some guys! =) anyways, hope you'll be watching the upcoming games again! see you!

congrats on your new TVC with the blue eagles! very funny! my fave so far!

happy anniversary to ripley's!! :)

Anonymous said...

that certain player is rumored to have ADHD. i don't know how true is that.
though the kick and salute is really uncalled for, it's better to just ignore him:)

yil said...

hi Chris!

Long time no comment from me. I've been exhausting myself to our review for the last few weeks. The CPA is fast approaching.

Anyway, here i am trying to unwind myself and I find nothing more comfortable than to have a dose of updates about Tiu.

I've actually read about the recognition you received from Ateneo in a newspaper.

Ripley's started last March 18, 2008, right. And now still remains in the Bilib Ka Ba Nights strip and is the longest of all. I must say it's because it is both informative and entertaining PLUS the cute host. Saan ka pa? :)

Congratulations for both of these successes of yours!!! But wait...there still your new segment in Pinoy Records and new commercial. Wow!!! Amazing CHRIS TIU!!!

BTW, Animo Ateneo! Blue Eagles is on the lead again. Can't wait to see them in the finals.

I think i have made up for my absences on your comment list.

Good luck, Chris!!!

Thoughts of you have always added sparkles on my days. :)


please pray that I may pass the CPA Board Exams this October.

lhen7 said...

Congrats Chris and to Ripley's on its 1st year anniversary...

Kakabilib talaga ^_^... Gonna watch the anniversary episode tonight...

ahly_17 said...

i really lub that game Chris!

nice birthday gift! =)

sObrang cHeeEeezZzyyy! anyway,
could u tell us something about your greenwich TVC???

I'm positive that Ateneo will end up this Season with another VICTORY! =)
Congratulations to the Atenean community!
Good Game!
Go Ateneo! One Big Fight!

i've just received your message through fanatxt.. =)
i will surely watch Ripley's.. actually, wla pa co absent sa panonood since ng-start ang Ripleys.. =)

god bless you.. =)

Anonymous said...

hi chris! i really like your new TVC! sooo cute!

- mais -


borrowed the pic for my facebook account, with proper credits of course. hope you don't mind. =)

lian said...

yeah!up to now i still cannot understand why that archer did the salute if they were up that time..haha.. gaya-gaya lang naman,, eric salamat kase pauso...:))


jasmine said...



Regina I. said...

LOVED the game! Ateneo really stepped up big time!! Congrats!

But I'm confused about the Webb issue, I was watching live with my friend and her family and her dad said he saw Eric Salamat salute to the La Salle crowd?
That's why Webb did the same salute to the Ateneo crowd?

Someone please clear this up? haha. However Webb's gestures were still totally uncouth, he's such a douche.

I hope Nonoy gets in Webb's face like what he did to Maiherhofer last season. That was theee best. :) I still remember that magnificent block with maierhofer down on the floor and nonoy right in his face.


Anna R said...

Fun to watch if you are cheering for Ateneo. Caught the replay and saw you reacting to one play, I think the one where Eric bounce passed to Rab on the break. That was fun to see, cos most times when the cam focuses on you, you are very, very calm and stoic.

How did TY feel to be in the midst of all that blue? :-( I love that you watch the games together.

chris said...

To those confused, Eric Salamat did salute to his own crowd (the Blue side). Rabeh and Jai were pepping up the Ateneo crowd to make noise and get the going. There is a BIG difference between pepping up and taunting. There's also a big difference between responding to your OWN crowd and to the opposing crowd. I hope i've cleared it up.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

nice new T. V. C huh!!!

it was a hilarious...
pare sobrang cheezzzy....
ingatzzz lagi

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris!!! :)

it was a great game for ateneo blue eagles yesterday... i really enjoying watching the games especially the team, ateneo-la salle. you've made it to the top teams in the uaap season, congratz and soar high to the team...

also, HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to YOU and the staff and crew of Ripley's Believe It Or Not! (Bilib Ka Ba Nights of GMA7). The show is really great and you're an effective TV host... Believe it :)...

Congratz again and cheers!!!

Take care and have a great day!!! :)

jai ho said...

Hi Chris!!

Kudos to the Blue Eagles. Another victory with the arch rival La Salle. The ATENEO's defense is really excellent! Rabeh really played magnificently throughout the game with his! Thanks to the assists of the guards..

Anyhow, there's really a BIG difference between pepping up and taunting.. I can't remember Eric did salute to the DLSU crowd. How could Joshua Webb did that with the smirk on his face!! I totally agree with you Chris since you said that it is golden rule never to mind the crowd. Thought he would be given technical foul.

saw your new commercial with Greenwich yesterday during the ADMU-DLSU funny!!haha. Thumbs up for a job well done Chris. see you in Ateneo de NAga again.

ingat! :)

--ur jai ho :)

Anonymous said...

ONE BIG FIGHT! Hope to have a back to back championship! :)

if ever, hope to see you again on the bonfire!


Trish said...

WOAH! :)) Totally, one big fight!! congrats on your school for winning again! They're playing hard!

keep blogging. =*)

Anonymous said...

I was just about to cmment about the salute thing.. Haha.. Gud thng nkita q ung cmment mo.. My frnd told me dat eric salute at ateneo crowd.. My brother said that it was dlsu crowd.. Ahh wateber.. Ateneo won! Haha..

One thng i love abt watchng dlsu admu.. U get to see the previous plyers of each team..ö and nagkakaisa tlga ung crowd.. I hope dlsu can enter d final 4.. Same wid ue and ust.. And of course admu!

Congrats ateneo!!

And congrats to you! Oneyr na ripleys.. =) and ur newest tvc.. I love it!! Haha..

-dont forget to rest.. Godbless. said...

i love the way ateneo played yesterday.. i wouldnt have thought na mabbreak nila yung full court press ng la salle..many of the players played good defense with la salle actually( kudos to nonoy, rabeh, kirk) some of them showed unselfishness(erik, ryan) some of them stepped up(kudos to nico)he's something(maybe future jc intal)kudos to coach norman and the asst coaches and trainors..

i saw you from where i was standing(gen admission)and ive been observing your reactions during the game.. just like whenever they're bringing down the ball... u stood up and acted as if ure telling the guys na "bilisan ang pagbaba ng bola".. but what i love most( i saw while watching the replay) was the moment when jai made a triple during the fourth quarter, u loved that jai reyes' shot.. who wouldnt!!i love the way u support our team..ure still the captain..

i, sometimes wish i could see you play with your former teammates.. and see u wear your jersey.. hay...hehehehe see you next game..

congrats to ateneo blue eagles...

erica said...


congratulations eagles! you won fair and square. no unnecessary fouls, no nonsense.

it was clear that the archers are poor in shooting. i know that they are aware of this, but what i don't understand is that they don't rebound! and they are intimidated by rabeh, it is so obvious! they just stand below the ring whenever rabeh is about to shoot.

regarding that player who salutes the blue crowd, i think he is imitating eric salamat (he acknowledges the ateneo crowd each time he shoots). going back, the kid needs to mature. i have not met him yet but i know he just got so carried away since the ateneo crowd is "booing" him each time his name is announced. but i also know that he received that kind of treatment from the eagles since he kicked austria last time.

i'm amazed at how disciplined you were by not listening to us (yes, as you know, i am one of them-the green crowd) and stay focused in the game... to think that you are supposed to be the most hated eagle of your time (teka, why does it sound like your too old, haha), we can't find ways to actually hate you because you just play the game as it is.
in the last 2 years of your basketball stint with ateneo, i am cheering for you from the green crowd. no one seemed to mind. haha.

well, looks like the archers will be kicked out of the final four. too bad for us. i think its the first time (?) or at least a first for such a long time.

i think its good that we lost because:
1. scalpers will lost their jobs or at least, lessen their income. they sell the tickets more than 4 times its original price.

2. its a lesson to araneta. 1 ticket should entitle us to watch 2 games. they need to improve on scanning (literally, get that scanner that dlsu-manila has) to scan the IDs of those who buy at the booths. a lot of scalpers got a hold of the tickets that is supposed to be bought by the students and alumni. pumila ako tapos hindi ako nakabili dun. imagine?! thank God my friend was able to buy at the alumni office.

3. lastly, but the most important. its our time to learn things the hard way, just like you guys did last year.

despite this, i am still proud that we came this far.

halatang bang masama ang loob ko? sorry ha. sayang lang kasi talaga lahat. sana manlang di kami natambakan ng ganun kalaki.


Anonymous said...

hi chris..

congrats to your new commercial//

you're great...

erica said...

@ chris: you're right. i missed that point-the difference between eric and the kid's intended crowd.

point taken. that makes it worst.
too bad he has a bad attitude, he seems to be a good player.

i do hope the fans won't be too harsh on him though, its just basketball...


Anonymous said...

For the 3rd paragraph.



Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! Like you, I was way more pleased with the way the Blue Eagles played last Sunday versus the week before. It's great to see them regaining their dominant form from last season. As deep as the Ateneo bench is, your departure as well as Yuri's, Jobe's and Batas' leaving the team left some big gaps that are finally being addressed.

Also, I have to say I'm saddened by Joshua Webb's actions. Until last weekend, I remembered him as the kid who led DLSZ to the UAAP juniors championship in 2007, and then consoled the Blue Eaglets (whom they beat for the title that year) after the final buzzer. I hope he shapes up soon - if not, the Ateneo gallery is going to have a favorite target for the next few years!

Anonymous said...

ang cute mo po tignan sa
fun-tastic/fantastic moment dun...nakatayo ka na p0 tlga...talagang todo-suporta..hehehe

i want nobody nobody but you! Chris Tiu! said...

Hi Chris!

You don't need to publish this comment if you don't want to. This is the only way I can express my thoughts to you. I am just hoping you really read each and every comment as I think you do.

Seems to me, you are a very analytical person. You were raised well by your parents and you grew up in a nourishing environment of love and good values. (That's why I admire you so much! :p)

As I can see (i might be wrong and you might accept it or not), you are a person of high ideals and you sometimes, naturally, tend to expect people to be, somewhat, like you.

That player you were talking abt obviously has personal problems and you can't blame him for being that way.

I don't blame you for having that feeling towards him. I mean, I would be really really annoyed as you were if I saw someone acting the same way, unprofessionally.

But I think its a bit unfair to scrutinize him in a blog entry from someone from the other side of the fence whom thousands of young (and young at heart) people look up to. I'm sure he just wanted attention, and attention he received. I just feel really bad for him, his team, and the institution he's in for the way he acted as well as for all the negative receptions he received from hundreds (or thousands) of people.

I hope you won't take this as an offense. I am just an inspired fan who cares. =)

joem17 said...

sayang di po me,, nakapanuod ng l;aban,,, hehe sana nxt game makita ko na rin kayo,,, malapit napo midterms namin,, hehe sana mabigyan niu ko ng advice since math wizard kayu,,,,,,,

joem said...

sana makapanuod me uli po ng ripleys,,, asssssstigggg,,,, kasi nun eh,,, hehe,, kayu din naman po...

chris said...

Forgive me if it came out as if i was putting down an archer. That was not my intention. My point was to remind the players from both sides that they are ambassadors of their schools and proper behavior is very important because it reflects on the university. Anyhow, i just took out that paragraph to avoid any misunderstanding. Thanks for your comments :)

chris said...

to "i want nobody nobody but you": Thank you for reminding me about that. I'll be more careful next time :)

psixteen said...

when webb saluted the sea of blue, i was reminded of malabes' almost a year ago. i hope the uaap board and refs be more strict in calling warnings for these actions. i worry that those rumbles once common of ateneo-la salle bball games will be a normal occurrence again [though i do not know how these riots were triggered before].

on the other hand, kudos to the blue eagles for a fantastic game. i have not seen that great of team work in the past eight years i have been watching the league live. proof that bball games are never won by just one player (or even five but by the entire team-coaching staff included).

sabria ü said...

Better late than never again, but, congratulations for OUR win!ü

I was happy to see your replies to comments here, it's been a long time since you replied to any of us. Meaning you've had free time the past days? Ha ha! Good for you!ü

Didn't get to read the original post so I wasn't really able to understand who the archer you were referring to is. But then, for sure you didn't mean to offend anyone, even if he is from the other side. I just know you're not that type. ;)

Oh, btw, congratulations too for a wonderful Ripley's episode! Loved the celebration part in the end. 1 year old na ang Ripley's! Nice!ü

i want nobody nobody but you! Chris Tiu! said...

Don't mention it, Chris. =)

I never imagined you'd thank me for that.

I alwys knew you had no bad intentions. You'r also subject to making mistakes.

Damn! Your giving me more reasons to
"want nobody nobody but you!" haha! Lovin' that song!

Stay humble. ^_^

i want nobody nobody but you! Chris Tiu! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mary kaye said...

hi kuya chris!
sorry.. if ngayon ko lang na discover kung paano mag leave nang comment sa blog mo...
anyway back to your entry,..

super duper galing nila Nico Salva.. as in.. I guess na over confident lang ang La Salle.

Ate Joyce, Kuya Mike and Ate Erica watched it Live!! niyaya nga nila ko but hindi ako pinayagan :(
Me and Kyle make a deal that if ever lasalle( kyle's choice) wins, lilibre ko siya nang merienda...
thank God!! nanalo ang blue eagels!! hoorraayy!!.. :)

but it's a nice game sna lang hindi sinunod sunod yung game nila na last Sunday eh la sale vs admu naman.. :)


nice game for the eagle..
can you please say to Coach Norman bagay sa knya ang yellow fitted shirts!! :)

Zy Evangelista said...

Whoever owned those papers he was checking during the game are lucky...I'm pretty sure they got good grades, haha..

lieutenant said...

i always watch every ateneo games on television and i always saw you on tv supporting your alma mater with Amb. Kenny..I'll be going to Manila on September to watch Ateneo-UP games..i wish that Blue eagles will win this time and hopefully, i'll see and meet you there for photo opp and autograph..whooow!

kAye said...

hi chris.. at last, I'll have a connection with you. thanks for airing on startalk your twitter acount and this site..

I just wanna ask bout somethin'.?

before kAsi,, may nakipag textmate sakin,, sabi nun', si chris tiu daw sya. as in alam nya a lot of things about u. syempre hindi ko alam kung ikaw nga ba talaga yun kasi via text lang..

ahm, basta ang alam nun, kaye ang name ko.. i Lost my phOne kaya d ko na yun naii text.. ahmn,,please po paki answer lang?

if it's ok with you Chris..


seventeen 24 said...


Anonymous said...

hey there so could Mr. Perfect,,, you know what,its better for you kung lilipat ka nlang sa ABS-CBN ksi mas matra train kpa don for your hos ting career,, or if you want you can be the writer of your show's sayang din naman kasi yung talino at ka-gwapohan mo.