Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Hi it's me again after 3 weeks! Actually I've been a bit lazy lately to exercise my brain cells and articulate various thoughts. Honestly, I can't think of any interesting topic to write about. Ergo, I will do my best to touch on the many questions that I have been receiving through this blog and the FANATXT. Thanks to those who continue to subscribe btw :)

First, the latest MILO commercial. Yes, it is not my voice. I initially did the voice over but because of some internal matters, they had to use a dubber at the last minute. But , I already did the voice over again and I believe it was approved and should be airing with my voice pretty soon.... i hope! Nevertheless, the essence of the commercial doesn't change. Glad you guys liked it!

Next, many have been wondering what I've been up to lately. Well, the usual, training with the National Team, hosting and doing some business on the side. But one thing that's really kept me busy this past month is my involvement in socio-civic activities. Once the PBL Conference starts again this summer, I won't have much of a life outside of basketball again. Going back, there are several causes that I truly wish to advocate. That's why I've been doing my best to reach out to them. Sadly, we cannot accommodate them all.

Recently, Volvo had its Voice of Leadership culmination activity with an elocution contest where I was the host and ambassador. The participants were amazing with the content and delivery of their speeches. But the highlight of the event for me was being able to watch Lea Salonga perform just a few meters from me and meet her for the first time! I was being teased non-stop after the event for appearing so star struck on stage! I guess she's one of the very few local personalities who can truly mesmerize me because I'm a huge fan hers and I love watching musical plays especially those like Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and others where she played major roles.

During Valentines Day, together with my family and friends, we made an effort to experience the life of a construction worker for about 3 hours with the Habitat for Humanity group. Wasn't easy at all! But an eye opener indeed. I hope that more Filipinos can get involved not just in building homes but in building communities and individuals with values as well.

I'm also helping out the Get Caught Reading campaign with their promo materials to hopefully encourage the youth to love reading because I believe that reading (the right materials) is such a powerful weapon in developing an individual as well as nation building! Like what Jose Rizal said himself, "a pen is mightier than the sword..." Coincidentally, I am currently reading a book entitled "Lolo Jose", a very detailed description of the life of our national hero coming straight from the point of view of his very own grand niece, Asuncion Lopez Bantug. The book was given to me but it might be available in some bookstores. Very interesting!

I've also done my rounds in various schools giving short talks and messages about various topics. I've visited, of course, the Ateneo High School, Southridge, Philippine Science High School and Northfield among others. But I think I'll have to put those on hold first as my commitments are starting to pile up again. So, these are the things that's been keeping me pre-occupied lately! From youth leadership, to perseverance, to education, to Christ, and whatever other topics I've been chattering about, I sure hope that I'm making sense and getting through to them! So do you still want to hear about what's going on with me?? :) haha!



+tiny+ said...

-super busy ka po..
kya pla tgal mo pong di nkapagpost dito sa blogsite mo..=)

-ung sa milo commercial ayos lang yun kahit di mo voice..mganda pa rin naman ung TVC kc andun ka po.hehe=)

-ingat po pLagi.
-g0d bLess...=)

MiTch said...

yes, i noticed that you've been too busy this past few weeks. But, hey! we still want to know what's going on with you so keep posting. Btw, congrats on your latest milo commercial. You really are a role model to our fellow countrymen. Thank God you are there to do the things that not anyone of us can do. Take care always!!! We love you Chris! Mwuah!

Anonymous said...

glad you posted a blog post chris! i always enjoy reading your blogs*;-)

jc said...

hi chris...do you have the link to the new commercial? can you post it?
thanks,,, goodluck and God bless

Nica said...

I love Lea Salonga! I met her twice in NY, once after her Les Miserables show and I find her very nice and down-to-earth.

I guess every Atenean's proud of Jose Rizal and it's no-brainer. I mean, even non-Ateneans admire him for what he has done for our country.

I guess Jose Rizal would be proud of you if he's living today. Inspite of your fame and wealth, you still find time to reach out to less fortunate people and see the real world out there. That's why you and your family are blessed. You were brought up very well Chris.

severino said...

Nakakatuwa naman po malaman na talagang dedicated kayo sa ginagawa nyu,sa pagtulong sa mga socio-activities,being part of different orgs which deals helping other peoples lives,spending time to educate children whats the important reading good books,im one of your avid fan and supporter thou im not gud in sports like you do,im praying that you still continue what youre doing ryt now..God Bless

simplegal said...

Hi Chris..thanks for the update..I bet you had lots of fun lately huh? Good for you that you still had time doing the activities that you love..Though it may be tiring at times, but I'm sure it's also inspiring and fulfilling as well..Just continue being that way and continue inspiring the youth..Hope I get to have that determination and perseverance you have in pursuing the things that you love..:)
Thanks Chris and keep safe!

Anonymous said...

lazy you! hehe

anyway, congratulate kita Chris, i heard yung Masquerade ay malapit na pala mawala sa ere, at may kapalit na ata, sayo na lang ang matatag. Congrats ikaw ang naiwan sa mga kasabayan ng Bilib Ka Ba Nights!

hope to hear more stories from you!


Anonymous said...

Few months ago, I submitted an online voluntary application for Habitat for Humanity, but I haven't received any calls nor texts from them.. I wonder how I can reach them.. I'm very in to voluntary works, like those in GK, Baseco, and other outreach programs specially way back during my college days.

Good luck to your endeavors and hope you'd continue reaching out to those in need and less fortunate. You really inspire a lot of people specially youths. Keep up the good work! ;)

Hope you can keep your fans updated on whatever you're doing. It really inspires them..:)

Take care.. God bless you and your family always.

Anonymous said...

good luck to your practices in the national team!

ian laput said...

It's nice to hear from you again...yeah i've read the volvo seminar in Inquirer, and the construction involvement at gmaseven blogspot. it's great, inspiring for having the heart and time to really get involve. I myself is busy every weekend with Hands-on Manila aside from the church activities. I might at most spend my birthday month doing things for God's greater glory. Hehehe. Luceat Lux.

jenniecamanuel said...

hmm finaLLy u pOsted a bLog hmm ur a good infLuence tLga kip it up

GudLuck anD GodbLess OLweiz

xoxo smOochessssss



claidesaludar said...

I have always looked up to you Chris as an inspiration. I may not be an avid fan of basketball but I am an avid fan of the players. lol. kiddin.

I came across with an article one day and I would like to quote it from the source where it said, "Chris has been chose. After serving as SK Chairman since 2002, he is now a Kagawad in their barangay".

I was shocked. Really shocked! ;o

I myself is an SK Chairperson for year 2007-2010 in barangay here in Davao City. After reading the article, I was eager to know some tips from you on how to handle the responsibilities given the position.

Hopefully I will be able to get in touch in you through this blog of yours and through other means.

By the way,I saw a picture of you showing the expression on your face when you were with Lea Salonga. You looked like you were astounded and starstrucked. Very starstrucked.

Hehehehehehe... I do hope to get a reply....


simple girl said...

uhmm.. hi there..
my best friend is your number one fan.. and she even subscribe to that "fanatxt" (if iremember it right).. heheh...

i started reading your blogs because of her.. we are both born again Christians,.. and she's praying to meet you in person..

she also has her blogger account.,. it's anne1714.blogspot.com

i know you are a busy person, .. but if you have free time, you can visit her account.. (that will really make her happy).. (sorry for being that 'demanding')
I believe you are nice, not like what other people say..

all i can say is God bless you..
in everything you do, do it to glorify God.. (I hope we can share to you about the Gospel, but maybe the Lord will use other persons closer to you..)


Blue Lantern said...

Chris, it's interesting to know you've been active and busy to so many fruitful endeavors, and you are doing a great job in making this country we have a much better place to live in!

Perhaps I would suggest, like what the Pope did recently, you take some time for a retreat. This way you can recharge yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Take care, and God bless!

Anonymous said...

hi! chris...

So do still want to hear about what's going on with me?? :) haha!

my answer to your question.

of course...
me and my friends are
always opening your blog...
to now what's going on with you....

your schedule was so busy...

but kahit gano man yan
ka busy kung gusto
talaga ang ginagawa mmo at masaya ka go...

ang ganda naman ng
bondimg moment mo with your
family and friends...

building a homes was not
easy work...
I've try it before
with my brother's and my cousins

I'm a fan also of
miss lea salonga...
sana makita ko din sya...

god bless you...
take good care of your self...


Anina said...

Hey Chris! I subscribed to that FANATXT thing and I do get your texts but how do I reply to you?:)

Leonalyn said...


For Milo... hmmm im guessing, maybe you delivered your line n scripted na scripted ang tono ng voice mo kaya they had to use a dubber....

LEA SALONGA.... OMG! she's one of the finest artist we have... I had the chance to watch her perform live in CCP... the Cinderella play.... She was awesome talaga..... your so lucky talaga!

Habitat for Humanity with family and friends, nice... kaso about 3 hours lang... hmmm for "experience" lang talaga....

Helping out the Get Caught Reading campaign... rounds in various schools giving short talks and messages about various topics.... Involvement in socio-civic activities, nice... this is one of the BEST way to keep ourselves busy. ENJOY....

Take Care.

Remember: Only God Is Perfect.

Thank you.


mars said...

oh sure do want to hear more about you!

Anonymous said...

oh come on Chris. how can one be bored with what you did lately? it's such an amazing experience one can have and you're so blessed to have that opportunity in your life. i envy the kind of life your living but it's a good/holy envy though. hihihi... Go ahead Chris! Soar high. so many people are looking up to you as their role model and i'm one of those.


ps. we were so disappointed that you weren't able to play here in cebu last feb 28. it was in the local news here that you were one of the RP team playing in that game. but i'm sure, they did it on purpose to attract a lot of audience.

Purple Penguin said...

thanks for taking time to update us tiunatics! yes, we're still very interested to know about what's happening in your life po. We can't get enough of TIU! haha! I'm amazed with how you juggle all your activities...how do you do that?! God bless you! More power! More Milo energy! :-)

kalliepepper said...

LOL of course we're still interested! particularly your recent txt regarding training with a local bank - hope you'll write about it as it sounds really interesting that someone like you is undergoing training for a local bank.

wow Lea Salonga! lucky lucky lucky you!!! ^__^

chris said...

Leonalyn, they changed some lines for the script at the last minute and couldn't call me back before airing it.

Badlongon, I was supposed to go to Cebu with the RP team but I had some prior commitments here and an injury i was treating.

Kalliepepper, thanks for subscribing to FanAtxt. I really learned a lot so far in my first day of training in the bank :) Looking forward to more banking lessons!

mikee2009 said...

hi chris... its been a while since you have upadated your blogsite...

we understand that u are filled with commitments and they just continue on pouring... hehe...

by the way? do you receive my messages thru fanatxt?

hope you can reply even once.... but i also understand....

hmmm,do you still remember my request to you to visit our multiply site? i was the one who asked you when RP Team was against Coke in FEU gym? hope that you have visited our site and hopefully, leave a short message for us...

just keep up the good work and god bless!

keep it up idol!!!


calleigh said...

chris, can you give us updates on where and when are your practice games? thanks

jessica marie said...

Good to know that you're doin

I'm a fanatxt subscriber btw :)

keep on updating :)

Jillian said...

hey chris. you're busy as a bee! When are you gonna drop by in Ateneo? Don't you miss the environment? I hope you can start a youth-oriented project this summer - to ease the boredom of each and let the youth get involved in such activities that are helpful in this society. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

myv said...


..its so good to hear from you again..we missed you alot..:)

..wow..you are really super busy..i wonder how you manage your time..galing talaga..haha..

.."So do you still want to hear about what's going on with me?? :)"
..of course yes! Hahaha.. looking forward to your next entries..:)

..btw, when will the PBL start?? im sooo excited to see you in action again..:) and san nga pla mag cocompete ang national team? (in the future)

..take care and god bless..XD

Cla Oyco said...

YEEES!!! hahaha btw...lose the blue contacts! hindi mo nadadala eh

3xie said...

kya m p yan kuya chris..haha..glng m sa commercial p po pla..haha.. :))

nika ech said...

Hi Chris! I never thought you were into musicals as well. Cool! Haha. And I love that pic of you with Tita Lea. Actually, she's friend of mine for almost 9 years now, and she's really nice, isn't she? Anyways, summer is coming up and as usual, Mama will sure make me work in Azul again. Haha. Hope to see you there! It's been a while... :)


luvel said...

yes! yes! i still wanna hear more about what ur doin' now and then..hehehe:) enjoy reading ur posts..
and now u are one of my inspirations! indeed, you teach me to value, share, and be a blessing to others..
truly u are a blessing, and u deserve happy life :)

be safe

Trisha said...

nice entry! :) were very thankful that even though you're very busy with your career , you supply an updates for the readers.

OFCOURSE! were very intersted upon knowing you MOREE! :))

Godbless always.

Ceila said...

I knew it wasn't your voice in the MILO commercial! Hah! You're babbling, but you're still making sense. :)

Anonymous said...

I`m glad you posted another blog again. keep on posting, I love reading your blogs!

jesse said...

an update, at last! yey! :)

about the Milo commercial, the first time i saw/heard it, i already knew that it was not you. i dunno why. maybe because the voice is quite different from yours. it's not like the voice i hear whenever i watch Ripley's and Pinoy Records. haha. :D

of course we still want to know what's going on in your life! so keep us posted, ok? :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!!
-wow!! glad to read updates on your blog...we miss reading it, though im still receiving updates on fanatxt, iba pa din dito kc mas madami ^_^
-katuwa naman un pagka star struck mo kay Lea...even big stars like you pala do feel that way...
-you have a BIG HEART talaga , no wonder God blessed you so much..
keep it up..We love you Chris!! take care

almira said...

you've been super busy lately but all of your activities are for sure worthwhile. being busy with a purpose is great. at least you are not wasting your time or something.

i'll graduate soon. :) haha. i really wanna go to admu but i didn't passed the acet. yeah, but whatever school i'll be at next school year, my heart will always be where the eagles fly. :) (even though am not an atenean ;]) its, cheesy but true. :)
keep safe, captain! :)

haylin said...

its good to hear that your back!
btw, about your milo commercial, nothing will beat it. its the best milo commercial I've ever seen,obviously because its TIU!

of course we still want to hear more about you,hahaha

please keep us updated!

janine de gracia said...

.i miss you a lot.
.i'm glad that you already did the voice over of the commercial.
.hope you still keep posting even it takes time.
.i will wait.
.i'm hoping that even with your super duper busy schedule you still have time taking care of yourself.
.congratulations for everything you had been experiencing.
.continue to inspire more people,especially the youth.
.take care.

sabriaü said...

I am very delighted upon reading this newest blog entry from you, Chris. Yeah, you've not blogged for weeks now, and you're sorely missed.

No, I wasn't bored at all with reading your blogs. But I do get bored when I see the same old blog posted for so many weeks, so good thing you've updated us all now. Haha.

Thanks for this new entry, and for the pictures as well. I'm glad to know you've helped out with the Habitat for Humanity. Also, I feel happy that you've met one of your idols in the local scene, Lea Salonga. You are a star yourself, but you were starstruck upon meeting her. Haha.

Regarding your Milo TVC, well yeah, it'd be much better if the voice over is your voice. And it's good to know that you've redone the recording of the voice. I'm looking forward to seeing the TVC and hearing your voice to go with it.

More updates, Chris, please. We enjoy reading them all.

Good luck with all your future commitments and I hope you'll forever stay as humble and kind hearted as you are. Take care and may God bless you more.ü

arrie said...

it's great to hear updates from you!love reading your blogs and hope you'll continue to write even if u're kinda busy.g'luck to your practices and try to protect the 'made in china' built.hehe.enjoi reading the book and stay happy always!god bless! =)

Anonymous said...

of course!

ur life...

r really inspiring...
and for me truly admiring...

so i hope u continue writing about what you have been to...

coz, somehow... u bring wisdom and lightness to others...:-)


francine17 said...

Is it true that you're going to be in Davao this summer for the opening of the Milo Basketball Camp(not sure..)?? I heard you are going to host the opening. Is this true??

marvz said...

hi po...

super busy ka po...


the best ka po talaga...

dami mo pong ginagawa eh...

dibale... kahit matagal ka pong di nakapag-post sa blog mo, ok lang sa amin...

aabangan pa rin po namin...


basta ingatan mo lang po sarili mo ok?

cge po...

salamat and GOD BLESS!

vianca said...

that was a mouthful haha! :) but i enjoyed reading your update :) just wondering...do you still find time to pray?

Anonymous said...

you're rili a busy man...but i didn't miss u dat much..bcoz i always c u on ur milo commercial...hehe...dat was inspiring..ok lng kht ndi m un voice..ganda p rin nung commrcial..
sna u cn stil upd8 us in evrything ur doin...

god bless..

->naidz millan

rappie said...

"So do you still want to hear about what's going on with me?? :) haha!"

definitely! :)
don't push yourself too much, though.

ainan said...

Gosh! really hectic schedule!

I hope like what you've said we can hear your voice soon on the MILO commercial, its nice to know that even celebs got starstruck with the likes of Lea Salonga she's a very inspiring and a world class talent..... Keep up your good work.

Anna said...

You are really blessed to get to do everything you want to do!

Which of your advocacies is the one you wont give up??

Karina said...

Thank you for the update, Chris! :)

You are so lucky you got to meet Lea Salonga! I could just imagine how starstruck you were.

And I do hope they air your voiceover in that Milo commercial.

Take care! :)

Anonymous said...

Ang pogi mo pala dude.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that one of your post, is lack of "of", between 'huge fan' and ' and I love watching'

who can truly mesmerize me because I'm a huge fan hers and I love watching musical plays especially those like Les Miserables, Miss Saigon and others where she played major roles.


Anonymous said...

That's okay if it's not your voice, at least, you are part of that commercial.

You right to be a role model of today's youth, and to the next generations.


Reu said...

busy busy busy....

joy m. said...

at last a new entry! your avid fans like us will never get bored of reading your blog. honestly you inspired me A LOT so now im taking my studies seriously and doing my best because i heard that youre a cum laude in your first course. youre a good influence to us youth so i want to thank you for being a role model. goodluck to your career!
p.s. please inform us on your upcoming basketball games.


mary grace said...

hi Chris!

I also experienced being a volunteer of Nico-Paulinian GK Village. Although it was tiring but it's just okay because at least I have given the chance to help others. Because it is our responsibilty to help other people.

wella said...

ohhh, very busy, but dont worry, we all want to hear more from you, believe it or not but people just idolize you, me included.

good luck!

crazypeach said...

Nice to see you back on Blogger! By the way, will you still continue with fanatxt..since from what I know the promo is only til March 31. I hope I get selected for the bball training! Hihi!

Anywho, that picture of you with Ms. Leah Salonga was so cute! We really can tell you were so happy to meet her. Hihi!

Keep up your good deeds! I wish I can do all that you're doing! Fighting!!!!

Penny said...

kuya. i lOve yOur Milo commercials! continue inspire many people especially the youth!:)
i always check yOur blOg pag mag-nenet ako cOz evrytime i read merOn akOng na22nan na bagO just like the importance of readng books.
last month i really diid swear to myslf na ths summer magbabasa na ako ng libro(kht ano bsta nkkainspire/"life changing" na mga books)
i honstly hated reading books since i was a kid, im not the bookworm type pro pagtungtong ko ng cOlej, tlgng narealize kO na it's so mpOrtnte tlga!to enhance my knowledge&vOcabs) TSK! but hey, it's NOT yet too late, ayt?

THANKS pO agn kuya!
hOpe yOu could also visit our school and have some short talks&& msgs. ths time for cOlej s2dnts nman.hehe.. here in XU-Ateneo de Cagayan:)

jOnX_29 said...

hi!i'ts been a long while since i visited your blog and to add a comment as well,haha..
wow,to know the reason behind why Chris Tiu is being a "busy man" nowadays is such amazing..

atleast you spent your time wisely(haha,am i right?wla kna atang time for yourself!)
in a serious note,nka2bilib p rin n aside from doing your committments as a tv host and a cager,nasi2ngit m p ung pgi2ng involve s various soci0-civic advocacies..bihira nlng ung tulad m n concern p rin s paligid nya..

and for that,you really deserved to be a role model(though i know it's hard kc mrami ng nkatingin sau,mejo pressure n yan)but i know you can do it..just follow whatever your heart desires!
God is with you..

cge,haba n ata ng comment q,hehehe.
P.S. buti ikaw n ung ngvovoice over s latest tvc m for milo..ung una kc iba ung voice e..

keep it up!^_^

♥ alyssa mari ♥'s 17 said...

hi chris!

really love your latest Milo TVC.. =)

aw! super busy nga talaga..
i hope you still have enough time to rest.. =)

i can't wait for the next PBL cup..
when po ba ang opening?
anyway, i've just read an article from a magazine na "humakot ka daw po ng maraming fans sa PBL.." =)
well, that was really true... ;)
many UAAP fans are also PBL fans na.. and it's all because of TIU;)

btw, i had some problems w/ your FANATXT.. i wasn't able to receive your update last night.. (march 10..) and also the mms yesterday (march 11).. i don't know why.. i'm always making sure that I have load naman.. wat's worse is binawasan nila load cu.. hehe! i don't think naman na phone cu ang may problem.. =)
anyway, it's ok lng naman.. SMILE!
sad lng acuh na di cu nareceive ung mms mu.. =) Lol! =)

*i really admire you for doing all those good things! you are an inspiration and role model to all the Filipinos..
ngayon pa lang marami ka nang followers! =)

i'm sure there are more blessings to come for you and your family..

Good Luck!

God Bless you "Mr. TIU-perman!" =)

Leonalyn said...

Hello Chris,

Wow, I'm surprised to know that u answer to comments noted in your blogs. Nice.

Regarding Milo, ha-ha-ha dats a wild Guess... actually i based it on how i see u in Television. Also, in FANATXT (if I remember it ryt) you just mention for SOME WEIRD REASONS regarding the dubber thing... and now in your blog, u just noted "SOME INTERNAL MATTERS" and ALREADY DID THE VOICE OVER AGAIN AND BELIEVE IT WAS APPROVED. Further, why didn’t you mention that earlier? I mean, why not note it in your blog: The changes in some lines of the script at the last minute and couldn't call you back before airing it earlier.

Anyway... Congratulation... you are truly blessed.

QUESTION: is it true n matatapos n ang Ripley’s?

Thank you.

Remember: EQ is better than IQ (la lang, a friendly reminder)


baby28 said...

you're a really busy man chris.. i wonder how you juggle your hectic schedule.. well, i hope that it isn't affecting your health.. anyway, hands down ako xeu chris.. coz i really don't know how you manage everything that you do.. samantalang ako, i'm only busy with my school works and yet i don't find time to sleep and rest.. hahaha:))

and with regards to your question, yeah, i want to hear more updates about you.. coz it makes me admire you more and make me wonder on how do you manage everything..

take care alright?
Godbless to you and your family..


smuchiepooh17 said...

~actually I'm not bored..i'm having fun reading your blog entry, it was interesting..not just because you posted it that's why i'm liking it but because of your experiences and your stories..to tell you the truth i was kinda naaaliw!.haha~

~thank you for sharing your stories with us..~

sunny fe said...

hi...chris!I was encouraged to visit your blogsite since I saw you in your TVC (milo).You are so handsome. You inspire me.You are so blessed chris that you have all the talents.Keep it up!God bless you...Dahil saung kagwapohan palagi kang topic ng mga boardmates q.How I wish I could see you soon....Godspeed!!!love youhhhhhh.......

maria said...

it is so hard staying late at night at magpuyat ng sobra sobra but with ur show, it's worth it.. with ur milo commercial,nah! ny friends are so freaking wildy because of it.. instead na ako ang mag-react, inunahan pa nila ako.. =)
by the way, exercising ur brain cells is not bad enough chris.. not using it causes deterioration.. regenerating pa naman is not an occurence in our brain cells lalo na ang mga neurons.. haha.. so go, utilize it.. kesa maka-acquire ka ng mga degenerative diseases (alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis... the like.. ) katakot naman.. i idolize u! bringing those things up at life is not a stressor to you ha! naks! keep it up.. kaka-subscribe ko lang ng fanatxt mo.. hope to receice any reply to you.. =) ---nurZ

chamie♥17 said...

of course, YES!!! hahaha!!! i will still be interested in every saga of your life. hehe!

btw, how's your first day of training in a local bank?? hope you will someday tell us about that. :)

Althea said...

Hey Chris,
congrats with everything especially your commercial. It's been awesome. Oh and thanks for being there during the Pure Fashion show. It was really awesome. All the girls wanted you there! haha And keep on posting more. And maybe on your experience in the fashion show even if you were there for such a short time. Nice meeting and chatting with you. haha Go Jose Rizal and keep doing what you're doing! :D Jess Bless and take care!


kalliepepper said...

hey sir! thanks for the reply! you just made my day LOL. yup I do subscribe to your fanatxt, though I'm not sure how to send you messages through it. are you training for a bank teller position? ^_^

Rachelle said...

Hi. I know this is totally unrelated to the topic. I don't have any means to reach you but here kasi. I just want to ask you if you could text Gelaine on the 16th? It's her birthday kasi. Payback lang for the video of you greeting me happy birthday na binigay nya sa akin nung November hahaha. Thanks pala for that hahaha.

Don't post my comment na lang hahaha.

Anonymous said...

hello chris!

woah pretty lot of loads.. but i know u can handle them very well!

goodluck with those things.. and still im so proud of you.. we're so proud of you!

keep doing the things that touch people's lives.. :)

and hey, its not that boring.. its as interesting as knowing someone like u that i look up to!

God bless to you and your family!

marj :D

biancaLOYOLA said...

I hacve read that you have visisted a lot of schools, why don';t bither visitng our school anyways?*rofl.
I will still read your entries, though. Sometimes I also write nonesense on my blogs, from the way I start my week until I end it. Those with flaws are alos written. La lang just sharing alng po.
Anayways thanks for updating us again I hope You'll keep on writing on your blog so that we will still be able to be more updated on your "SUPER FULLY LOADED" schedule.



blue17 said...

i do understand.. ganyan talaga ang mga taong masisipag, always busy.. miss ko na ang panonood ng games mo kailan kita ulit mapapanood maglaro on tv ha not on live kc malayo ako sa maynila..? and your milo commercial? how nice..

faye said...

Hey Chris! You're a very busy guy indeed! At least you're always productive.

I'm subscribed to fanatxt since Day 1 (I hope it started Jan 19) and I wonder, when will you announce the winner? Of course we all hope to win! Sana you could teach all of us na lang but that would be absurd. Hahaha! We'll just eat up your time, that's for sure. :)

I hope you do receive my replies thru 4627 because my service provider is charging me like crazy! Not that I mind, i just hope that it shows up in the system.:)

If I may ask, what are your plans this coming Holy week? My family will join a pilgrimage in Bulacan, for the 14 stations of the Cross. I also observe the "no meat Fridays" this lenten season. I have so many plans this summer and I hope all will push through especially my Ilocos trip! (I render OTs just so I could save up. Hahaha!)

Good luck on your training! Hope you'll tell us more about it! Take care and God Bless!:)~faye

anne <3 said...

hi chris!

its ok. bet you are very busy right now. :)

atleast nag update ka ryt?

ow.. not naman boring ang life mo eh. hehe.. just update us on what are you doing coz some people would really want to know. :)

keepsafe chris! Godbless!

Anonymous said...

hi chris!! this is rhea!! thanks for txtn thru fanatxt/ because of that nainform muh koh dat yah have a new entry!! i know ur bc talaga!! keep it up peo hinay hinay lang wah!! jeje!! hands down akoh sayo!! as in!! Yngatz lang lague!! Chao for now!! God Bless ;)

badlongon said...

thanks Chris for letting us know why you weren't able to play here in cebu. i hope i get to see you playing soon. hehe..

i really wanted to subscribe to your FANATXT but my celphone doesn't allow mms. huhu... just keep us posted here on your blog. :)

God bless


lhen7 said...

glad to read your new entry... grabe super busy mo... i'm very happy to know that you joined the national team... i'll be praying for the team's up coming games... yeah kahit sino siguro ma-starstruck kay ms. lea salonga, kaya ok lang yun hehe... dami mong commitments, from basketball to humanitarian projects, thats why super dami ng mga uma-idolize sa'yo, keep it up... just take care of yourself, nakakapagod sobrang daming ginagawa di ba? haha... thanks for updating us on the things that keeps you busy... hehe... i really like reading your updates, nakakatuwa ka kasi magkwento hehe... good luck po!! God Bless!!

scl061788 said...


i like reading your blog because 1. you really try to share as much information about whats happening in your life and 2. your cncerns(the current crisis) 3.advocacies..

You have so many things in your hands now, and you're very lucky that people(from advertisers to schools)trusts you.

You're also giving back to other people as well..and thats why I am your fan.

I hope others would learn from what you're doing.

You've been raised well. ;p


Anonymous said...

,hi, chris!..Ang ganda ganda po nung MILO TV commercial na yun..NAging maganda po kasi yun kasi bukod sa nandun na po kayo, nakapagbibigay po talaga yun ng inspirations sa mga young aspirants(including me of course)..hehe..

,take care
,and God Bless po..

bhotyongnick said...

wow, you are indeed very busy. i just hope that you still continue to be visible on TV bec this is the most effective way to reach your fans and to those you inspired. congratulations as well to all of your endeavors and i promise that i will never get tired of hearing and learning things from you and those interesting things that you do with your life. honestly, this is what keeps me going with life. thank you for giving inspiration to those of us who are tired of living. always keep us posted on whatever you do. thank you again.

Anonymous said...

of course we still want to know what's going on :)

keep posting....hihi :)

take care and godbless

aye :)

bryanjay_12 said...

hi chris! Glad to hear from you again.... Yes,it is always interesting to read about your thoughts. Continue sharing your thoughts because many others are inspired by them..

God Bless.. :D

tita kay said...

Hi Chris,

Nice to hear from you again. I've been checking for new posts... finally it's here ...

About the local bank where you're having some form of "training" - i think you are referring to Sterling Bank of Asia (SBA). I know that SBA is expanding, having just acquired the shares of stock and assets of another local bank. I should know . . . coz I drafted the earlier versions of the Special Purchase Agreement signed by the parties on March 9. Btw, I work for the major stockholder of the local bank purchased by SBA.

Anyway, I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Nice to hear from you again.

Anonymous said...

hi chris, sobrang bc moh nga.. kelan ang pba draft?? sana maglaro ka sa pba..

paddylast said...

why! im jealous because my baby really had this huge crush on you; but we truly like you because you're so down to earth and very articulate. we're always waiting for your next post so i hope you'd be posting still even if you're very busy :)
keep 'em coming please...

Erine said...

Wow.. What a busy sked...Im sure na nagenjoy ka naman sa 3 weeks of commitment... You really have a good time management because you can dribble your commitments... hehehe..
Hindi nga ikaw yung voiceover ng recent commercial mo ng Milo,,,( Sbi ng ng sister ko.. " Hindi si Chris yan, MEjo bulol yun sa tagalog eh.." LOL!!!)

Wehehehe... we missed you for the past weeks and though you weren't able to make updates, this entry was enough naman... Whew.. Akala ko di ka ulit magba-blog...

Ang cool ng Advocacy mo towards love for reading..I hope that a lot of youngsters today will have a spare time reading good materials para naman hindi masayang ang intelligent masterpieces ng mga writers ngayon..

Thank you fo the updates!! Enjoy everything that you do... God is always watching you!!!

gizelle said...

hi chris..
yeah, super hectic talaga schedule mO.. i hOpe yOu still have time tO rest.. take care..

Bonnie said...

it seems your time is well spent... goodluck s plans...

vic18 said...

is that CHRISTINE beside you in the picture?

send my greetings to her :">

Anonymous said...

hi, it wasnt still your voice on your new tvc, how come? :)

Jeri said...

Chris! I'm so glad to hear from you again..:)

I enjoy reading your blogs, I like that you present random thoughts to us, well, that's where we can truly see who "Chris Tiu" is behind the basketball and hosting scene.

btw, I really, really feel envious of you! I hope I'll be able to meet Ms. Lea Salonga too in person..:)

More power! :)

(I miss the Ateneo Blue Eagles a lot, I have to wait few months more before the 72nd season!)

thea said...

nice! good job chris! :) err it's my first time in your site.. and wow ha, you've got a lot of fans that reads your blog.. 200 comments? i'm so jealous. LOL makes me wanna be a celebrity now. HAHA kidding. :) anyway, godbless :D

ivane *__^ said...

hey kuya chris, i really like you as a basketball player.. i like your composure when you're in a game.... me and my little brother love your milo commercial... always take care... god bless you... hope to see you in person.. i want you to know that i am always a fan...:)

justagirl said...

you went to pisay???urghhh...too bad...sana last year..pumunta ka rin...

antonette said...

hi there. in what bank are you having your training? metrobank?

antonette said...

ow.. and when's the next pbl conference? :)

Anonymous said...

hello chris!

i'm just a very big concerned fan of yours..

you looked so haggard dun sa 09-mar-09 episode ng ripley's. pero cute cute ka pa din

it's just the hair...

tc tc Godbless

(--,) \m/

elaine said...


i would just like to ask if it's true na voice mu na ung bagong ini-air sa MILO tv commercial? na-notice ko kasi iba na ung voice...un ba ung original voice mu? thanks! :D


Anonymous said...

hi mr. chris tiu.i always read your blog site,as in every day!i always enjoy reading your blogs!your always busy po,pero i know n kya mo po yan and you enjoy what ur doing right?^_^.member po aq ng fansclub niu s friendster,may mga nagpopost po dun ng poems nla 4 u,pero ung friendster n un is not really affiliated sayo so you're not able to read those poems.i'm alexa 16 of laguna.graduate n po ako ng highschool this coming april 1!! whew hehe! sad kc mamimiss q ung mga classm8s q and our happy days.. anyway,i made a poem for you po,hope you'll appreciate it..

"You Tiu!" by alexa

i want Tiu!
coz you're kind and true
you're religious too!

oh how i love Tiu!
coz you're witty, talented: in
hosting and playing the piano also does Tiu!
and when he plays basketball with his colleages and for his alma mater
he wins and makes it through!

and i need Tiu or should i say
'WE' need Tiu!
coz you're a role model for the youth! responsible! and a hardworking student too!
and those who hates Tiu.........
dont you!!!!!! or else his loving fans will **** you!!!!

and the last part of this poem would be.........
Thank you!! coz 'YOU TIU'
inspires me to make my life
happy yooho0o!!!!!!

thats all,is it corny?? haha
we love you chris tiu!!!,will support you in everything you do!!!

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris, it's really nice that you've updated your blog despite of your busy sked. i enjoy reading your blog especially your comments coming to your fans (i'm one of your avid fan... heheh). i'm really happy for you that you've such a wonderful experience of being actively participate in socio-civic activities which deals
to help people's lives most especially to the youth.

btw, may i ask you, is this true that ripley's believe it or not
ended? when the pbl season opens? what are your plans
for Holy Week next month? (sooo many questions... :))

one more thing can i ask for, MAY THE LORD SMILE ON YOU... you're

soar high, chris and keep it up...

take care of yourself... GOD bless...:)

bfrances said...

Hello, Kuya Chris!
I just attended a workshop yesterday, and one of the main points for discussion of our speaker is about reading.

He told us that we should set aside time for reading, if we really want to know more and seek for improvement. It will always be a struggle to know and change, but it's worth it in the long run.

He even added that little knowledge is dangerous.

Btw, I just saw the Milo commercial and this time I already recognized your voice. :)

Are you flying to Serbia on the 27th? Bonne chance to your training, Kuya! :)

Ben Francis Rances

Erine said...

WAhahaha...at last!!! Its your voice nah!!! hehehehe.. Grabe, the last time it was the voiceover tapos when I watched Mel and Joey yesterday its yours nah... What a quick response..


Anyway, you sounded better than the voiceover naman eh...

bryanjay_12 said...

hi chris! What is the url of your new commercial in milo?hehehe..just want to watch it...

myv said...


..yehey!! voice mo na ung sa milo commercial!! tama ba?? mas maganda ung commercial pag voice mo ung gamit..:)

..take care and godbless..

*yanNah1217* said...

.,grabe.very busy.hope i can also be like you someday.you really give me inspiration to be the best in everything i do.khit ung iba thinks that i am weak.bsta you're there i can do evrything...(;

.,about the commercial.it was very nice.khit po hndi ikaw ung ng voice over.mgnda nman ung message nung commercial.

.,un lng po take care and god bless..c",)good luck s games with the national team!!enjoy..=>

antonette said...

hello chris. check out this very touching MV of jay chou. so sad. *sniff sniff*


christina said...

so you've been busy..as usual. ahaha. but its really nice to know how well you spend those precious minutes. keep inspiring people!

joshua mae said...

hello kuya chris!!!hahahah!!
musta na po??hahaha!!
...dami neo na pong na-post ah..hahaha!!if you have time...please visit my blog..hahaha eto po: ejoshuamaevillar.blogspot.com

please dont forget to leave a comment!!=)

im hoping for ur response/..=)

jane marlyn said...

..super busy mhu nmn naun..

..haizzt..aqu din!..waaaahh..mai summer class pah kmi naun!..

..super ang init taz mai pasok??

..haizzt talagah..gud luck xatin!..
and xa lahat ng mai summer claz!..

..grrrrrr..xana makapag bigay kah din ng talk xa skul nmn..

..feeling qu xe nid ng mga CI un dito eeh!..haha..and para inspired din aqu..haha..

..nanood aqu ng ripleys last night..whatta hair kah tlgah..ang cute!..


Christina said...

Good day chris!

Wow, you're too busy huh! Anyway, I watched Ripley's last night and I noticed that your hosting skills are better now. Ok na yung tagalog mo.=) And in your Milo commercial, ok na rin yung voice over mo. Kasi I think voice mo na talaga yung gamit ngayon dun sa TVC. Great job!

Goodluck and Godbless!


sEvEntEeN-0-sEvEn said...

Hei Chris.

How are you? It was so long ago since the last time I left a comment here in your blog.
I was hospitalized for quite some time and I am still recovering. I’ll take this opportunity to ask for your prayers for my quick recovery…=)

Nways, I already catch the TVC of Milo and I think with your voice in it. There’s really a big difference huh! Especially on the first part…. =) and is it really your voice now doing the VO’s for Ripleys? I think so… great improvement huh!

And hey, I also got the chance to catch your interview while building houses for Habitat for Humanities Ph. I was once a volunteer there also and it was one of the most memorable activities I did back then. It was really tiring but enjoyable… you’ll feel very much fulfilled after building a house huh! It’s glad to know that Habitat for Humanities is continuously building houses for the less fortunate….

Hei Chris, I’ll look forward to more updates ok. And take care of your self always. I’ll pray for your good health always too…
So long… More Power!


hani said...

wow. you've been really busy! i remembered the day you went to my school (Philippine Science High School) a whole lot of people were really excited to see you days before that, when the poster regarding your visit was posted in our bulletin boards. it was nice to have you there and listen to you talk about different topics.

miaka said...

you should have been a guest speaker too at st paul haha :))

tc.. and ei what about the rumors spreading na u'd be running as the vice mayor of makati , any say?

would be studying at dls-csb, nice course and scholarship grant eh, rawr, though blue at heart pa din :p


miaka said...

-- to add up, ...and bumped ms lea at rockwell one time, oh yeah, star strucked as well .. :))


antonette said...

i'm so in love with jay's songs now. thanks to you. nakaka-adik :)

antonette said...

i'm so in love with jay's songs now. thanks to you. nakaka-adik :)

angel 17 ^-^ said...

wow..super busy huh!!i wish u good health so u can attend to all your commitments!=)

i'm glad na it was your voice na that they're using for the milo tvc!

just received ur fanatxt update..ur going to serbia??wow!!good luck and have a safe trip!!looking forward 2 receiving ur updates while ur there..u promised!!heheh..=)

god bless..

Anonymous said...

miSs yaH!!

Anonymous said...

Chris! Your Milo tvc started airing na with your own voice! Haha. Kudos! :]

>>> stef <<< said...

hi chris.. ;)
looks like you have been really busy..
you should take a break sometime..
summer time is fast approaching.. haha. plenty of time to relax..
keep on touching peoples lives most especially kaming mga kabataan..
u have been an inspiration to many..i am one of those people who admire you.. wahaha..
**kelan ka pala kukuha ng actuarial exam??** hehe.. best luck in the exam.. i am hoping na maging actuary din ako someday, after i graduate..
..ingat ka po lage..
>> stef <<<

stef said...

..really lots of people leaving their comments in here..
hope you'll have the chance to read some of my posted comments..
can i ask you a favor??
..hmm.. can you please share some of your experiences while you were taking your actuarial science course..??..hehe.. some advices and encouragements too.. i really have this very big problem right now about my course.. actuarial science..haha.. i guess i am heading the wrong way.. i will be not able to graduate this april.. wahaha..

**keep on inspiring many people.. ;p


karen said...

Hi Chris! thanks for the update...

of course im still so much interested to hear about what's going on with you!!! i always enjoy reading your blogs... so keep on posting ok!!!

im so happy for you that you've met Ms. Lea Salonga... you're very lucky talaga!

bilib talaga ko sa iyo, grabe dami mong activities... super busy! i salute you for that!!! keep it up!

God Bless =)

stef said...

wah.. sori .. di pla actuarial science ang major mo..mali un nalagay ko dun sa previous comment ko.. Applied math din kasi course ko,.. major in actuarial science..wah.. kakahiya naman.. mali pa ako ng nilagay..
..hmm.. mababasa mo kaya un??..hehe.. kahi na mali, mabasa mo pa din.
..fingers crossed..

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Chris Tiu!
Congratulations for being the Top 4 in RP's Sexiest Men 2009!
It only shows that you had the sexiest wholesome image in the Philippines!

Anonymous said...

hopefully you could visit manila science high school....

stef said...

,,just droppin by to say goodnyt..
hehe.. tc

looking forward for your next post :)



stef said...

..cant sleep..;p

..ganda po ng milo commercial.. ;)
lalo na ung part na kasama mo na ung mga bata.. ;)

..smile po lge..
..keep on being a blessing to many people..

myv said...

..hi chris..

..i just want to congratulate you!(siguro nag tataka kung bakit no??)
..hmm..kasi may na notice ako.. ung sa tatlong 3 "bilib ka ba night" shows ng GMA, ikaw na lang ang original! ung dalawang show is napalitan na!! congrats for staying on top! this proves that you keep on improving in your hosting and you really have a nice show!


..take care and godbless..XD

iVy... said...

..kaya nga idol na idol kita eh!!!

continue to be a part of GMA 7 family..

happy kami kung nasaan ka ngayon..and we're expecting more of that!!!

siguradong marami pang blessings ang darating sa'yo!!!

God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

continue inspiring people especially the youth. you are one of the endangered role models in our society...
the youths need someone like you.

Joyce Zabala said...

Hahaha. It is so cool that the my mom's biggest idol (Miss Lea Salonga) was met by my very own idol. Oh well, are you still visiting our school? I haven't seen you since 2nd sem. Haha. Good thing your Chinky Chickens is still here. We miss you Chris! :)

sherilyn said...

hi chris,

Thank you for this entry...
I miss you so much..
We understand that you are too busy this past few days..But please do update us and keep posting in your blog.

I really love Lea Salonga...her talent is overwhelming. I would also feel the same when I meet her in person.

It is interesting to see Chris Tiu as a construction worker..:)

I hope you pay a visit here in our school...That would be awesome...:)

About the Milo tvc, It's now your voice! I'm so happy..the commercial becomes a lot better..

Lastly, I would always want to hear from you..no matter how long your story is. After all, all things that are connected on you is very exciting

God bless..

Pat said...

Hello Ahya Chris!
Wow. thanks for sharing the book about Jose Rizal, I'm a Jose Rizal aficionado myself. And I am hoping to buy that book you've said. Unfortunately, I'm not studying in Ateneo where you hail Rizal as the "Pride of the Jesuits". I'm only studying in a school where Rizal was recognized as an alumnus, so we didn't dig deeper in his life. =P. So anyway, thanks again and God bless always! 加油!加油!

frances batino said...

watch this video..
sa you tube..
ang galing po kasi..
wanna share lang po..
galing nya mag'gitara..


Anonymous said...

your second milo commercial was great...i hope you can have a lot of commercials...just keep on posting

Godbless and more power

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!

Well I noticed that you hardly post here sa blog site mo......

We know you are busy and we understand but I hope you keep on updating us pa rin.........kasi I really enjoy reading your blogs! Kahit anong topic pa yan! Hehehehe.

God Bless dyan sa Serbia!


Glenn M. said...

Hi Chris! Glenn here from NBDB. I hope you still remember me.
First off, I want to thank you for supporting the NBDB's Get Caught Reading (GCR) campaign and gave your precious time for the photoshoot at the Filipinas Heritage Library for the advocacy materials. I hope you saw the photos that we are putting out in posters.
hey i can post the pics here,right?

It's been weeks now since I last read your blogs. And wow, you mentioned the GCR. Thanks man! and the book "Lolo Jose". I sure hope you had fun time reading the book as i did. though i only read few pages.

keep up the good work, man. Hope to meet with you soon for more reading projects.

Claire Algarme said...

It's good that you joined the Habitat for Humanity build. I hope more and more people will be involved in such activities. Do join us again at Hands On Manila for other volunteer activities. Maybe you can do a basketball clinic with one of our partner institutions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

Does are there any "official" websites of the soci-activities you'd attended recently?

Good day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris.

Wow, ganda ng smile, kahit side-view.