Friday, March 20, 2009

Milo Wellness Commercial

Hello, I finally got hold of a soft copy file of the Milo TVC that some of you have been asking me to upload :) Enjoy!


c16_c17 said...

hi Chris,

napanuod ko na.. mas maganda talaga ung ngayon kasi true voice mo na un..

nga pala, whats ur reaction about Manny's changing network? paano na ung Pinoy Records? nsasad ka ba? gusto naming mapakinggan reaction mo about the issue.

takecare always!


your the best chris tiu!



fence sitter said...


I like the Milo commercials lately. They are very positive and not much emphasis on winning but on getting the child in to sports.

Congratulations on being a part of something so positive and uplifting.

Anonymous said...

it says" this video is not available, please try again later."..maybe later..ehehe=)

Always take care and God bless you always!=)

jennieca11715blue lover said...

yipee hahaha tnx 4 uploading it!.hmm hope that i will see u in personal soon hahahah..ur my inspiration huhu kip it up hmm stay safe xoxo smoochessss gudluck and Godbless GODSPEED luv yah ciao!!!

myv said...


..very nice and inspiring commercial!

..take care and godbless..:)

nurse jane said...

Win in life, be a champion..:)
Soar higher, Mr. Tiu..^o~

kalliepepper said...

Yay! I've been looking for it because I want to post it in my multiply account..thanks!

Good luck to you and the national team! Just want to ask, why do basketball teams always go to Serbia for trainings? sorry...I'm not really sure of such things...

joanna said...

galing! great job!

kalliepepper said...

oopps! sorry Chris, for posting again. can I ask for an embed code of the vid, or maybe a URL link from youtube if you have it? I need it before I can post it in multiply... if it's okay with you. ^_^

Anonymous said...

ayos! ^-^

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,

What will happen if Manny pushes through with ABS? What happens to Pinoy Records?

Will it still continue airing?

michiko said...

great commercial chris!
have fun in serbia with the pinoy team! take care!

syglerwar said...

too bad our laptop doesn't have an adobe flash reader.(sa bahay nalang ako manunuod.) Anyways I was wondering what's your MBTI test result. If you already took the test it would be nice if you'll post your result in your blog. I'm sure your fans would love it. more power Chris. I'm really proud of you!!!

--sarah c.

nurse jane said...

can i post comment again?..
i just want to say that you look cute when you jumped in glee with the kids in this commercial..
we never saw you jumped and acted like that in the real game...
that's so cute..^o~
nice acting huh!?..hehe..=P

badlongon said...

thanks chris! now this is YOUR voice. hehehe.. please keep us posted all the time about what you're up to now. I saw on News on Q that you're geared for the Olympics with the RP Gilas team. Soar high!

Can you share to us your thoughts on how to make our lives meaningful like yours?

God bless,

Erine said...

hehehe... yah.. this was the one I watched last sunday during the airing time of commercials on Mel and Joey... Nicer than the first one..

Ran said...

Hi Chris!

You're so cute in that commercial. :)
I also like the meaning of this commercial. I hope more people would be inspired by you.

More blessing to you!


alessia. said...

Hi chris :)
I really love your commercial especially when it was your voice na.
Nakakatuwa kasi lahat ng bata nag-enjoy dun sa commercial.
Anyways, more TV commercials to come?
Can't wait for it!
Oh by the way, take care to your trip next week right?
And Godbless too.

minmin said...

hi chris.. im am very happy that they used ir true voice na.. keep up the good work!!

my question lng ako.. wats ur reaction dun sa paglipat ni PACQUIAO sa ABS-CBN?? panu na un PINOY RECORD nio... im just curious sa reaction mu..

Always take care and God bless you always!^^,)

Andrea :) said...

hi chris! :) howcome the commercial shown on TV is quite "shorter", like it was editted or something?

this one is way way better ;)

bryanjay_12 said...

hi chris! Its nice that you posted the video of your latest milo tvc. I want to watch it over and over..hehehe..
take care.
God Bless. :D

Anonymous said...

it's better than the first one because it is your real voice... oh by the way what will happen to your show pinoy records could you share it to us :) take care!!

janine said...

.glad to see your TVC again and this time it's more nice because it's your own voice.
.btw,what will happen to Pinoy Records now that you're former co-host will transfer to the other network?.
.hope it will still air.

chngkym said...

Hello Chris,

Thanks for the upload, pwede na panuorin anytime!

Good luck sa national team and also in your tv hostings. I notice Sa Ripley's marami pa din commercials kahit late night airing na and I think Pinoy Records will maintain (or even surpass)its rating even without Manny. Congrats for doing a good job and more power!

karen said...

hey chris, mas gumanda yung Milo TVC nung ikaw yung nag voice over... thanks for posting!
grabe galing mo talaga!

btw what's your reaction pala about the issue of Manny? anong mangyayari sa Pinoy Records in case na lumipat siya sa other station?

and goodluck sa training nyo sa Servia...


Anonymous said...

it's better now!

Halata nga boses mo na yan me accent eh!


Anonymous said...

lam mu kua chris fave part ku dyan ung nag-jump you with the kids para kang ewan but still CUTE pa rin!!!


how's ur eye nga pala sana okie lang

micot said...

finally, i read your update on time!hehe...i've already wacthed your lastest commercial in milo. though i already know that the voice over was only dubbed, i cant stop wondering why it seems to be like yours!haha.

uhm, it seems that your tvc was aired frequently 'coz after every shows they make it a point that it includes your tvc and its nice to know its your true voice na!

can't wait for the start of PBL games.hopefully, you can still update your blog though i know that would be difficult for you considering your game schedules plus tapping for pinoy records and ripple's and among other things...

wish you luck for your upcoming games and more succes in life!
God speed =p

micot said...

plesed dont accept my first sent comment.there was an error in spelling!kakahiya po....

ung second po na sinend q na lang ang ipost nyu,tenk u! =p

glydel :) said...

GREAT:) ingat!

Anonymous said...

hey chris,
nice video. It serves as an inspiration to everyone particularly to those kids out there.
Keep up the good work, continue to be a good role model. :)
you`re a real champion!

well, it`s already your voice,nice.
BTW,you look great in that commercial,haha
keep it up!

Take Care Always,
God Bless!

-somebody out there ;)

sabriaĆ¼ said...

Thanks for this one, Chris. Now we can all watch your tvc any time we want to. :)

I was a bit worried when you shared to us about the brawl that occurred during your practice game earlier today. I hope you were not hurt. For all I know, maybe you were even the one who served as the mediator for the two teams. Haha. I pray it doesn't happen again though.

Good luck & God bless you and the National Team on your trip to Serbia! Grabe Chris, you've achieved so much, really. And it makes me really proud, I bet your family are too. Tapos you have remained to be very humble, ang galing talaga. You have inspired & still is inspiring so many people, count me in. You were raised very well, and for that, kudos to your parents.

Galingan mo pa ha, Chris. Make us feel prouder. Continue being a beacon of light, and prove to others what a true blue Atenean is made of.

Rock on, Captain! And once more, fight a One Big Fight! :)

Anonymous said...

hi chris! dis is rhea! i received ur msg a while ago regardin dun sa game prAx nyo between pharex!! muzta ka aman?! jejeje! yngatz na lang! God Bless! chao for now!! :)

bryanjay_12 said...

Hi again Chris! I just want to know your reaction about the transfer of Manny Pacquiao's boxing fights on Channel 2. Suddenly he decided to allow channel 2 to air all his upcoming fights.
According to what i have heard in the news lately, GMA executives seems to be mad at Manny. What will happen to Pinoy Records then? Will you be left hosting the show alone?
Or will they stop airing the show?
Sana wag naman. Im a fan of you and I watch all of your shows. It would be very painful for me not to see you on tv during saturdays. :D
Take care.
God Bless. :D

mars said...

wohoo!! this commercial is my favorite!!! thank you for uploading!

bianca said...

nice commercial huh.
I was able to recieve your fanatxt.. Brawl ba akmo iho?:D
naku ndi talaga maiiwasan yan, nasaktan ka ba?:D
kala mu nanay ee noeh? sana hindi na maulit anu po ung cause ng away?

haylin said...

hey chris!

whew!nice voice..
is it your voice already on milo commercial lately??
just wondering..

bfrances said...

Hi Kuya Chris!
I always admire you for being a great example for the youth.
Keep it up!
Allez,M. Chris! :)

A bientot,
Ben Francis Rances

bebsPriL said...

hi chris..

it's nice to see your MILO commercial with those kids and hearing your original voice!!.hehehe(",)
it made a lot of difference..

well,God Bless and continue to inspire the youth..

frOm bebs and apRiL :)

jamy said...

Yeah, nice commercial =]

tita kay said...

Hi Chris,

Your Milo TVC is really very inspiring, especially to kids who have dreams of making it big in basketball and other sports as well.

Continue to inspire people in everything that you do. You are, indeed, a great role model to the youth.

faye said...

Hey Chris! Love the vid!:) Thanks for uploading it! Galing talaga ng moves!:) I'm sure you'll be a better player after your training in Serbia. Will you be staying in Belgrade? And you are the co-captain of the RP team right?

Enjoy the trip! I hope we'll still hear from you despite your busy schedule. Take care!:)

Anonymous said...

wow the first time I saw your 2 milo commercials, believe me it really did stood up to the promise of the brand...wellness from nestle...Though it was really disappointing to hear someone else voice at first, but now that they had it w/ your voice already, it sounds better. Who made it (i mean what ad agency?)..great!

I know the news of Manny Pacquiao's change of network choice for the airing of his fights will cause some problems with Pinoy records, but I'm sure you can resolve it. You can actually just do the hosting but of course Manny Pacquiao being our "hero" today will still be a factor in the show. I hope to hear your side of the story...I mean your views on this.

Kudos, your actually improving in your hosting. More Tagalog to come!!!


inlovewithmysorrow said...

hi kuya chris!
memorized ko na yung lines mo sa commercial hehe!

galing-galing mo talaga..
you're perfect!

"actually, bangko ako `nun
ung iba bigger, better
but that didn't stop me.
when i was 7,
nagtrain ako sa milo
dun ako natuto ng hard work, discipline, perseverance
with milo, learn from sports, win in life, be a champion!"

you're the true champion..
kuya chris..
"dont leave para bumilieve..

"lahat ng pambihira,
lahat ng kahanga-hanga
pasok dito sa..
pinoy records galing ng Filipino.."

go go go kuya chris!
we love you..


Anonymous said...

mas okay chris! i like ur own voice on the commercial :)

gizelle said...

hi chris.. thanks fOr uplOading.. if lilipat si manny sa abs-cbn, lilipat ka rin ba?.. wag kang lilipat ha.. maganda na shOwbiz career mOh sa gma 7.. masyadO ng siksikan sa abs-cbn.. ikaw na ba magiging sOle hOst ng pinoy recOrds?..

Anonymous said...

hi chris, my name is blossom, and im so far from philippines as of the moment, in in florida right now and proud to be a filipino nurse here, but just want you to know that i am one of the millions of fans that u have. im happy seeing you in your commercial. b4 i also train in milo but in gymnastics when i was in elementary, i did represented my city in palarong pambansa pero i stop my dream when i reach highschool. just tc and hope u wont change. and continue to be a good example to everyone dreaming to be like you

Anonymous said...

it is better with your voice....

joy m. said...

hello chris!nice commercial! wow! there are so many questions for you about manny's changing network.. hope you'll be able to answer this one..btw, goodluck on your trip and take care!

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for the upload.... atleast i can have a copy of my own na :)

keep safe always >",<

christina said...

im glad they're airing the one with your voice. by the way, i heard manny transferred to the other network..does this mean that he'll be leaving PR with you? will he still do shows with GMA? i hope you could enlighten us on this.

Bonnie said...

i believe using your real voice was ok. so i dont think using others' is necessary. go chris!
and about manny changing network and Pinoy Records, i think you can manage a show alone already. Goodluck sa career! invite pala kita s church namin Victory Christian Fellowship. Hope you could come just visit Godbless!

miaka said...

aww your so nice haha ;)

thanks for the updates ..

coolness! :p



cariza said...

hi.. tgal qoh ng hindi nkapag comment syo ahh..
busy kasi aqoh s OJT qoh..

miss you ..

Anonymous said...

hi chris! you know i was wondering kasi the commercial on tv doesn't sound like you...pero dito boses mo...hmmm

krisha mae said...

hey mr. tiu,

this ad is much better than the first one. maybe because ikaw na lang mag-isa. :)
sayang di ma-download yung video sa laptop namin. tsk 3x. hehe.

keep it up! God Speed!

jane marlyn said...

hi kua!..

ang cute tlgah nun tvc mhu..haha
mas ok xe voice mhu nah..

just want to congratulate you..whee team captain ng RP team!..

hehe..xempre kxma c barrocadGreat..

tama b spelling qu ng surname nia??

take biogesic!..
an init ngaun..kakaSad..

arrie said...

hello there!yep this one is more like TIU,hehe!keep up the good work!god bless always! =)

CjOyz said...

hope to see more TVC of you chris...

Anonymous said...

it's one damn commercial i want to take home to mommy! We're so proud of you! Good job!

Anonymous said...

...uR d' best ever!

Anonymous said...

please update ka ulit...

kahit anu naman topic nadedeliver mo ng maayos kaya cge na updte ka!

i'm learning lot of hings eh!!!

stef said...

ganda po ng commercial..
sana mas dumami pa mga endorsements mo..


God Bless



Trisha said...

WOW! that's your voice na? right? supper cool. :))) Congrats!

Anonymous said...

the video can be downloaded using real player :)

weng10282000 (",) said...

hi chris...

its me again, when i watch your video on your blog, hmm... it's a nice video in your Milo TVC with your real VOICE. congratz, it's much a better version of your commercial than the dubber (with matching accent haha!). i suggest to you na sana maglagay ka ng EMBED on your blog just to share your video...

i hope it would be happier to you coz manny pacquiao is still to be a KAPUSO. according to the news, naayos na kc ang gusot sa kanila between him and solar entertainment na mai-air ung coverage on may 2 (US time) [may 3 (Manila time)]. buti na lang, naudlot na lang ang pagiging "kapamilya" nya. (haha!). So, tuloy na ang partnership mo with manny on Pinoy Records. :)

Hopefully, you should not transfer to another station, pls. just stay loyal to be a KAPUSO...:) (wag na lang sa ABS-CBN... oops... sorry for my side comment... hehehe)

goodluck to you and SMART-GILAS RP TEAM!!!!


Anonymous said...

CUTIE CHRIS...bagay sau ung commercial,d kc frankly jologs ung gawa...ingatz..hope to see u in person...

take care...


roger said...

hi chris

good job! i wanna ask if u will be the main host in pinoy records now that manny's changing network?

by d way, what's ur favorite shop? (i'm just wondering, this is not for stalking hehe)

take care always and god bless!

jake said...


COOL commercial !!

what are ur plans to this summer? ^-^

tc! ciao!


elaine said...

finally! ur own voice!

claidesaludar said...

This one is better...

Better since it has your voice already...

Better music (background) and sound effects...

almira said...

nice nice. it's really good to know na voice mo na yung naririnig namin. i do miss the times you're playing for ateneo. UAAP moments and all that. hope to see you again inside your true stage - the basketball court! :))

take care, captain of all time!

angel said...

Hi Chris!

well, i'm one of those people that is curious on your reaction regarding manny's change of network and right now alam kong nahihirapan xa sa napasok nya.. both networks and also the solar already explained their sides but still Manny was going through a lot of confusions due to immediate decision. I'd like to hear your stand on this.. what will happen to Pinoy Records? Ieedit na ba nila ung pictures nyo ni Manny at ikaw nlng ang host or will it stop airing?

Alam kong super busy ka ngayon sa mga commitments and ofcourse sa training nyo for the national team.

sana u can still find time to unwind kahit sandali and read our comments on ur blogs kahit dka magpost agad (but we're still looking forward to it) so you can see that we are always supporting you and we are definitely here for you.

wishing you well and gudluck..

baby28 said...

is it true that you'll be leaving soon for europe this march 27?

Anonymous said...

.mas maganda na nung TVC.

.ingat po sa trip.=)


.we L0ve y0u cHris.

Kristie said...

Hi Chris:

I think its great that in addition to promotional work, you are reaching out to inspire Filipino youth. Keep it up.

You know who i am :)

Leonalyn said...

It doesn’t really matter if it’s your voice or not… the most important thing to consider is the message of the commercial for the Pilipino youth.

What could I say.. Maganda talaga ang message ng Milo Commercials.


Anonymous said...

hi! chris...

i saw it na in tv...
finally boses mo
na ang ginamit...

take care
good bless you...


Anonymous said...

Mas maganda ngayon, kasi true voice mo na. [: Goodluck and God Bless.

khen said...

nice job chris! tee-hee!


♥ alyssa mari ♥'s 17 said...

really love it!

keEp the good work! =)

you're the BEST chris! =)

kittykath_17 said...

hello... ahmmm,true voice mo na pla ung ginamit mo ngaun..hehe! mas mganda...
take care.. God bless u

chacha said...

hi..naun q lang nkita 2ng commercial sa net..hehe...puro tv kc aq eh..nwei, voice mo man yun o hnd..mganda ung message ng commercial..sna mdamimng mainspire dun sa gnawa mo...sna mas mdaming bata naun ang mgkaroon ng passion 4 bsketball...

hope 2 c u in person^^

gudluck sa career and godbless!!

Anonymous said...

i just loved it:)

sparkle! noooooooo! said...

!!!! galing ng commercial mo! =D>!!! =))

michi said...

really love your moves..

sna magkaroon dn tau ng commercial... hahaha (sa panaginip ko)