Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hi everyone! I was out all day today and I just got home from the grand birthday celebration of MVP (Manny Pangilinan) who happens to celebrate his birthday one day earlier than mine. There were about 300 to 400 guests I would estimate and that's already considered to be an 'intimate' party. The Talk and Text team was there, so was San Beda and of course the Blue Eagles. There were a lot of celebrities who took part in the program as well, which was held at the Captain's Bar in the Mandarin Hotel. But the best part of all was that everyone came totally dressed up to the Las Vegas theme with the guys wearing suits and the women wearing bright shiny dresses of course with the 'bling bling'!

Anyway, I just created this very short post to THANK everyone of you for your congratulations greetings as well as your birthday greetings! I really sincerely appreciate all your support and kindness :) I just had to approve all 98 comments waiting to be moderated upon logging in! I have a long day ahead tomorrow so i will try to get back to your comments when i can.

And to all those who texted me, I apologize if i cannot reply since my phone is flooded with messages but i really appreciate all your greetings! :) For all the Blue Eagles' supporters, all i ask is that you continue to pray for me and the success of our team this UAAP season :) GO ATENEO!

And for the record, i do not have any other accounts like Facebook, Friendster and Multiply, this is my one and only authentic online social network account.



meg said...

you're very much welcome... :P

francine17 said...

This post is a sign of how humble you are. I, personally, am here to support you all the way. You have been an inspiration to me and to many more people. Your smile is worth a thousand or a million smiles from other people. I know that a lot of people are happy for this simple entry. :)

Keep up the good work! :)

P.S. How will you celebrate your birthday?

Hope to hear from you soon. :)

Tiu's Day today! :D

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday chris!
god bless!

mrs.jay chou

Iko said...

oh, happy birthday! i just found out.:))

Nica said...

Buon Compleanno!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!! Good luck and God Bless!!

karlandrew said...

happy birthday to you...
happy birthday to you...

happy birthday...
happy birthday...

happy birthday to you...

what are your plans for your birthday, Chris?

Mich said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hi Chris! Happy birthday! Thanks for always updating your blog.
We'll support you all the way.
You (and the Blue Eagles) are always in my prayers.

Have a great day!

_Mary Ann_ c:

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Chris! Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day and as always don't overworked yourself.
Can't help but to admit that I kinda envy those people who can greet and communicate with you directly to your phone.
Anyways, have a great dsy! It's your special day! :p

blogger said...

well, 3-straight win is a good birthday present, what do u think? :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

oblivious2dobvious said...

happy birthday poh...

God bless...


psixteen said...

happy 23rd, chris! :)

reading your blog makes me realize how 'normal' you still are despite all of these...hahaha! i think i once told tim [your cousin] it must be tough being related to you...how they are always compared to you...but youve kept yourself grounded so it pretty sure is swell being a relative of yours. haha!

have a great one! :)

Anonymous said...

me too, happy birthday chris!

nurse jane said...

You deserve our support...
You deserve our admiration...
You deserve to be blessed...
Happy birthday, Mr. TIU!!
Wishing you all the things you deserve!
God bless you more and more and more!...^o~

anya said...

happy happy birthday chris! i don't think there's any more i could possibly wish for you except to continue as you are right now of which i think you're on the road to becoming a real man for others. =P

PS: strength, endurance and luck too for all the future falls you'll be subjected to in the games... hope these won't seriously injure you.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday and god bless to the blue eagles!

Iya said...

Happy Jolly Birthday Chris! :) And Congratulations to your team! Ateneo is the only undefeated team . Thanks to you and your mates. Keep up the great work and we'll keep on supporting the Blue Eagles! One Big Fight! :)

-Iya :)

Anna said...

Happy Birthday!
Everytime my sons tell me it cant be done, or that its too hard, I point to you and tell them if you want it badly enough and work hard enough, you can do it all.
May you continue to inspire and touch lives with everything you do.

eYnah said...

happy birthday Chris!

continue to be an inspiration for us...

we're here to support you all the way...

i'm wishing you success in everything you do..

TIU'sdaY! enjoY!

god bless you more!:)

Luv TIU!

eunice p. said...

happy birthday! TIU-sday nga talaga today =D good luck sa nxt game nyo....wow alang talo!!!!go go go go Ateneo!

Anonymous said...

and again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

you are so blessed already! and yet more will come! You're so lucky cuz many people remember your "day" and they somehow celebrate that even if you don't know them! :) I am personally part of that "people" who celebrate your birthday somehow. :)

Almost a hundred people greet you, plus your family and friends! :)(well not ALMOST cuz its a fact that a hundred people do greet u!) Meaning many of us love you! awww! <3

here's something for u! :)

"Be a person full of love and life! :) Stay simple and happy when things go wrong. Wag u lungkot! Just say "kaya ko to!" and always remember... God LOVES you!


and2 pa ang buong sambayanang forever fans mo!" haha!

happy bday ulit!

bonski said...

happy birthday chris! have a good one! here's to more years AND wins to come! god bless! :)

Anonymous said...

birthday greetings to you. congratulations for all the great things you have achieved and wishing you more blessings.
happy birthday! =)

Anonymous said...

hello chriss.. again happy happy birthday o you.. wishing you more bitrhdays to come and off coure i wish that ateneo will be the champion this season i always pray for that... keep up the good work and stay the same.. kipsafe and godbless you an also your teammates... :) GO ATENEO ONE BIG FIGHT!!!!

huhuhu i forgot my passwordd....

kathe said...

Yeah! and I wouldn't want to be left behind.

qu ni sheng er kuai le Chris!
Happy birthday Chris.
Enjoy the rest of the day. Cheers!!!

trina said...

happy happy birthday chris. :)

I wish you nothing but the best because i think you really really deserve it. I hope the Ateneo team would make it as champions this year. I must say, beating the Archers and the Warriors proved that the Ateneo team is having a blast this season. I really wish you guys would make it all the way. And just so you know, the last quarter between your game with UE, almost made me collapse. hahahaha.. i mean, seriously. The game was tight that I alomost forgot to breathe! hahaha.

i would be the happiest girl on earth if i receive an email from you. :)

bLade said...

happy birthday po..

ang CUTE CUTE mo talaga...

and humble pa..

wish yougood luck and all thegood things for you..

keep it up... (n_n)


maryknoll grace said...

hey chris!

happy birthday.. :D

-holymaiden- said...

happy birthday mr. chris tiu.!!

wishing you all the best in life, good health and many more birthdays to come..

may god bless you always..

happy happy birthday!!!! :)

sunshinegirl said...

Happy birthday Chris!! :D Maulan ang birthday mo. It's always a good sign, dear. Blessing yan~ ^^

Good luck sa game sa saturday~ :)

Pat said...

生日快樂 Ahya Chris!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey there chris! first of all, i want to greet you a very happy birthday. hope you'll enjoy your day. second, i want to congratulate you for your three-game winning streak. hope you'll continue your dedication (and of course, the luck!) hehe.

we, your fans appreciate your effort to write your blog (your views on everything).

gudluck on your next game and all your endeavors.

God bless you! =)

-kleyr and ritz!! =)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris!
Just want to greet you a very Happy Birthday and Congratulations to your Team! I personally think that you guys will make it to the Finals this season! Keep up the good work!
Good Luck on your next game!
Enjoy your day!!!! God Bless!

156 ^_^

Lea said...

happy birthday chris!..

keep safe always, be always humble as you are now, trust God about everything and good luck in whatever you do in your life.. your parents did a very good job in raising a fine young man like you!.. and we're all lucky that you had been who you are right now!.. =)

Jhen-17- said...

I want to greet you again a
I am always here to support you and the team. I hope you'll get the Championship this season.
Since the day I knew all your academic and sports achievements you've been an inspiration to me. I realize how possible it is to be successful in everything you're doing even in a very hectic schedule. And it's so nice of you to give thanks to other people(some you don't know,probably many). You don't know how you made a lot of people very happy with your simple yet very thoughtful entry.:)
Hope you post more entries!!!
Good Luck!!!


ainan said...

"happy 23rd Birthday" Mr. Tiu, wishing you all the best in career, lovelife and all aspects in life. Just want to commend you on your game with DLSU, you did well. It shows a lot of improvements.So what's your wish for your Birthday?lolz. "Kudos" Chris, you're so humble.nice one.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! :) good luck on your next game! GO ATENEO :)

angel_17 said...

hope you enjoy your special day.. always be happy and we wish you all the best cause you deserve it! but more importantly, i wish you good health and of course, the UAAP championship! god bless! you know so many people support and love you!! :D you are our MVP!! i know girls like me wish there are more chris tius for all of us! again, happy happy birthday and i think the best gift that we can give you is our never-ending support and loyalty to you and the Blue Eagles and our continuous prayers!


PS:you're too young to hide your age!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris.
生日快乐。Yes, I know I greeted you yesterday, but it's way different than greeting you on the day itself. Hope you have a great day today and god bless.

See you in class tom. Haha, I'm spending today studying for our test tom.



Joanna said...

Hi Chris!

Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

Wish you MORE happiness and success in life.. :)

Stef Go said...

Happy birthday !!! :)

simplytoogood17 said...

hei chris.... happy birthday to you.... may you have many years to come... hope to meet you one day.... tc olwayz.....

bombastarr said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS! :) And a huuuuge congratulations to the whole team! I lost my voice just by shouting for your team.. and I was at home ah! :)) Worth it yung pag-watch ko even if I had to review for a Physics long test :P

I agree with all of them, your humility is beyond words. Despite all your achievements, you still keep your feet on the ground -- and that what makes every girl on the planet go gaga over you! :)

BTW, my roommate and I decided to wear Ateneo shirts last night as a "tribute" kasi birthday mo today.. we're UP students na kase, but we've been Eagles fans for yeeears! :)

Happy Birthday again! :)

Mary Joyce Galvan said...

Hey! Good afternoon! :) Happy Birthday again Chris...and it' so TIU'sday nga naman..Haha! :) Thanks for approving my comment to ur previous entry. Wow! I'm very thankful. :) Have a nice day! :)

Anonymous said...

hi,,, kuya chris!! hapi birthday to you... hope you'll have more b-days to come...

uhmm...will you post in this blog if how you will celebrate your birthday today??? i'm hoping you would

happy birthday again... =)

---Charisse Ubalde

Chez said...

Hello Chris! Happy, happy, happy birthday!!!! :D
You are such a role model to the youth and I am very much inspired by the things you do. It's amazing you manage everything! I am a junior high student and I'm already so stressed!!! How you do cope with it?! Tell me your secrets! Hehehe.
Anyway, keep up to good, good work. I will miss you after this season, so I pray that at the end, the Lord will bless you and your team and be hailed the champion. :D
Happy birthday again. :D and congrats for winning against UE. One step at a time, guys! ;)

Anonymous said...

hi!! ahmm..can i ask your number?

i know its quite personal, its just that i dont want to hate myself for not trying to ask your number, i don't want to happen to me that saying they have na "nasa huli and pagsisi-si" at least, i can say to myself i tried to ask..

IF (capitalize to specify 'if possible) ever you'll give it,, just e-mail it to me at kimma_717@yahoo.com

happy birthday!!! =)


jassy ann said...

cause today.. is tiu's day!

hahaha.. happy bday chris! =)

hannah030590 said...

happy birthday...


nina :) said...

happy birthday. :D

denise said...

happy 23rd!!! god, you're 23 but it doesn't show..you look like a teenager!! anyways..goodluck and may you win the championship!! :)


Anonymous said...

I should`ve went to Moro today :( My batchmates went there, and they were able to greet you in person. Oh well. I just really hope that you`re having a great day :D

karen anne said...

happy happy happy happy birthday to you! hehe.. Gudluck to you and sa Ateneo! sana magchampion na BLUE EAGLES!! Hehe.. galingan nio! Godbless.. :)

loauie said...

happy birthday!!!!!!!;>

Anonymous said...

happy birthday idol.. :)

enough said (^^,)

Unknown said...

Ahia Chris, 生日快乐! :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you chris!! :)

xcil [of cebu]

Anonymous said...

From the Moment I saw you,
from the moment I looked into your eyes
there was something about you
I knew I knew
that you were once in a life time
a treasure near impossible to find
and I know how lucky I am to have you
Cause I've seen the rainbows that can take your breath away
the beauty of the setting sun that ends a perfect day
and when it comes to shooting stars, I've seen a few
but I've never seen anything...as beautiful as you

happy birthday!!! god bless!!!

maresy said...

happy birthday!!!congratulations that your still undefeated,,i hope that you'll be the champion,,
again happy birthday,,may i ask how did you celebrate your birthday??godbless always!!

ahreah said...

hapi hapi hapi hapi hapihapi hapi hapi hapi hapi bday TIUPAPA nmen....heheh...
panget ba pakinggan??

eloisa said...

..happy birthday!!!

..i was trying to stay up late last night to greet you at excatly 12, but im so sleepy and i have classes at 7:30..

..the win against UE was a great gift for you..hehe..keep uo the god work!

..you have the same birthday as my brother..hehe..(just sharing XD)

..take care and godluck in your upcoming games!(i cant still find tickets for your game against up..help..:c i really want to watch) hope to see you soon..


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ahya Chris!! :D

nina said...

happy birthday!
good luck this season! hope you become the champs of season 71! we'll be here supporting you all the way!

it's TIU'sDAY today!

rachelle said...

Happy happy birthday kuya Chris!

Goodluck, and God bless always!

dyan said...


hi! Happy 23rd Birthday.i know you dont know me.Lets just say im one of those people who admires you. Me and my friend are not from ateneo but we are always watching your game live especially when it's Ateneo and La salle,eventhough we have to buy tickets from the scalper! ..hehehe If you would just know how many people admires you and loves you(and im one of them!)for being a good person specially to your fans eventhough your in a high class society. Dont ever change! Will support you and team ateneo till the end!..



ayra said...

wishing you more and more
aside from passing my upcoming board exam(pray for me huh? and also for my friends whom i've influenced to be Tiu-natics too..hehe), i also include on my prayers that you and the rest of ateneo team will win the CHAMPIONSHIP title this season(and one more thing pa pala, to keep you away from injuries) i think yung game nyo against sa (la salle?), 2 times kang bumagsak...natakot ako nun..kala ko serious, buti na lang hindi..

wish you good luck! although i won't be able to watch your games and cheer for you live, still i make it a point na masuportahan ang games mo (kahit na sa house lang ako nano2od) and take note, di lang ako mag-isa ang nakafocus sa tv to watch your game..even my whole family! (starts from my dad up to my 2 year old cousin..hehe)
Go Ateneo!
God bless!

keem_015.7 said...


hapi hApi hapi hApi hApi hapi hApi birthdAy p0h!!!^^

god bless,
tAke care,
& G0OD LUCK!!!

<3 !!!


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!
I saw you're interview in 24oras
God bless in everything :))

Sexy Mom said...

Hi, Chris

me and my 7 children would like to greet you a blessed happy birthday. you are not only very good in what you do, you are also humble! one to emulate. good luck, and God bless you.

kim_015.7 said...


hapi hApi hapi hapi hApi hapi hApi
birthday, p0h!!!

take care

god bless

& goOd luck!!!

<3 !!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!and yes, I am guilty I texted you early in the morning, because I was already preparing for school at that time, I'm really sorry if I disturbed you... :)) Happy Birthday and God Bless!!

By the way: You greeted me on my birthday using a video message last February 18, and I'd like to thank you!!! It was one of my greatest gifts!!! now we're even!! :))

erika kristi said...

yeeee... happy birthday ulit! amazing, natawa lang ako kasi napanuod ko yung bagong commercial ni richard gutierrez on head and shoulders, tapos he was stating the stuff on his mind... one of them was richard being a basketball player, tapos color blue ang uniform with the number 17 as the jersey number.. HMMM? natawa lang ako. share lang!

happy birthday ulit! (for the 3rd time)... nag greet din kasi ako dun sa blog entry before this. :)

(i emailed you pala, i'm not sure kung tama yung ad... kasi... gave it a shot. :) )

anyway, GOD BLESS! I know you'll do great not just in b'ball, but in your future endeavors as well. :D

Sheena said...

your welcome and thank you also.. you give inspiration to everyone around and your wish for blue eagles to be the chanpion only shows that you are a person who thinks of other people and with that you deserve the best of life although i should say that failures teach us lessons but with you i know that you know how to appreciate things may it be big or small.. Cheers! Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

hey chris!

I just wanted to get ask you about your thoughts of Janina San Miguel. Right you were one of the judges at that pageant? Did you want her to win?

eldy said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Godbless and Goodluck this Uaap season! :D Good health, long life and success in your career may continue ;). Happy Birthday Again! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Quick question:
Was Charles, your brother, in my best friend's girlfriend? The one in the scene of the stripper. What did your parents think?

assumption said...

Hello! Hope you had a meaningful day. Happy birthday! Continue being a good model to the youth.

I really do pray to St.Josemaria to guide the eagles to victory. So far, he has been most gracious. :)

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday Chris!!! good luck with everything...take care!! ^_^


arthur said...

Dear Chris, thank you for signing my banner before the ue game. I made a report in socials studies about your great and mentioned to my classmates that the team captain of the blue eagles is a xavierian like us. Happy birthday and more power.

Coby III-H

jonessa said...

Happy Birthday Chris! I saw your interview in 24 Oras, and i thought it was my bday coz watching you really made me happy.
I wont make this long since you still have lots of greetings to read and approve; so I dont think you'll be able to read this also...nevertheless, cant let this day pass without greeting you. happy bday again...my wish for you is that God grants whatever you wished for today. =)

Migz said...

You are a man of gratitude. This post shows your deep gratitude to all those who love you.

I am really amazed in the things that you could do. You are truly one of the movers of this generation and life.

But always remember that your value comes from being one with the Lord, not from what you can achieve. You have worth because of what God does, not because of what you can do.

and again...

ENJOY! and...

=Migz XD

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

nikki said...


we love you! haha :]

punk said...

Happy birthday Chris ! :D

Jeri said...

Just a short message...

Happy Birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday chris!!! may god continue blessing you and your family..good luck on UAAP!! you are doing well so far..keep up the good work!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! My friend and I were at the SOM mall this morning, hoping to greet you in person, but then you were not there. so... I'll just greet you through your blog. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

psixteen said...

a saw ur short interview in gma a coupla hours ago...spending ur 23rd at moro...life of a student/athlete/celeb. nice to see u can still manage to smile and always look cam-ready despite the crazy sched. [did u ever imagine urself being this 'star' u now are? haha! the cute lil' xavierian is now a local celeb.Ü]

ur fam must miss having u around the house...and showing u off to relatives when u used to "climb" the walls of ur parents' bathroom (like u were spidey) when u were little.

i didnt realize ure this popular now...w all the vids i just saw in youtube yday---as i was trying to see if they had clips from the past games already.

Nerissa said...

hi chris!.. happy birthday!!..:) :)
wishing u all the best!.. including na sana mag-champion kayo this year!.. ok narin sa'kin (if ever) na matalo niyo school ko- FEU. haha!.. atleast naging super memorable yung last year mo sa UAAP. we will miss you TIUper!!..

keep safe always and Godbless!..

much much LOVE,

fence sitter said...

Happy Birthday!!!


eiprille said...

hi chris...

happy happy birthday to you!

hope you really enjoy this day!


keep up the good work!

i wish u all the luck!

its really TIU'S DAY/TUESDAY today!


hope you'll win this season!

AbbY said...

Pahabol... Happy Birthday!!! I celebrated your birthday by wearing an Ateneo shirt in my school...which is DLSU. Wahahaha XD

Gud Luck and i wish to meet you soon.

Migz said...

hey dude! is this the only way i could contact you? through blogs?
(just wondering...)

toshi123 said...

Hi Chris! Happy happy Birthday! May God always bless you through and through. You are one of my favorite people in the world because of your down-to-earth attitude coupled with good looks and intelligence only a handful of people possess. Stay happy and cool always =)

Migz said...

how does it feel to be 23?
everyone's getting old...
that's why we've got to enjoy life and the things that it offers!

so, how is LIFE going Chris? how does a Chris Tiu live life?
hmmm... XD


ana said...

Zhu ni sheng ri guai le. Gong xi fa cai.

-ana :)

missvixen said...

happy birthday chris!!!

i can't wish you anything more because i know you're having the time of your life right now.

i must say that im really impressed at how you have managed to excel in everything that you do. how driven, focused, and passionate you are.. at such a young age.

i normally don't go ga-ga over people(considering you're even younger than me.hehe) but what can i say? just look at those uber-god-damn-hot eyes!haha i dunno, maybe also because your aura is refreshing.. maybe because there's something about you that sets you apart from others.. maybe because you really have a good heart.. or maybe because.. you're the man that every woman wants???!haha! (am i creeping you out already?)
but seriously, i think more than anything its because you have always been an inspiration and a positive influence to a lot of people especially the youth.

if more men are like you, then the world would be so much a better place.lol!

actually im just saying these coz its your bday.hahaha!

but seriously though..hope i (and all the million greetings you have received)made u smile on your beeday.

keep your feet on the ground all the time.(and you will never go wrong)
don't disappoint the people that trusts and believes in you.

continue to be a blessing to others!

agen, Bon Anniversaire! ^_~

congrats to the team for the 3-straight wins! keep it up guys! ;)

kalliepepper said...

happy birthday! you're really a good & humble person & a great role model for us youth. just reading your blogs gives us a chance to get to know you more. thank you for deciding to start your own blog & for answering our questions & stuff. hope you won't get tired of it hahah...

happy birthday again! like what the other posts say...this week's TUESDAY is MR. TIU'S DAY! ^__^

Anonymous said...

happy birthday chris! :)

sharleein said...

Hey chris! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again and again. :)

I've heard you had an interview for Chika Minute. Sayang I wasn't able to see it. Ang swerte naman nung girl na nagwish sa Wish Ko Lang just to see you. Kung naisip ko lang yan before ako sana yun. Waaahhh.

Anyhoo, Happy 23rd bday again. I have this instincts that you'll be champs this season! :D

jyl said...

it's exactly 11:59 on my watch. para maiba, huli na lang ako babati. :D


i hope you had a blast today. :)

GOD BLESS YOU, and the whole team!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday chris!ü

>>go ateneo!ü


precious said...

happee birthday chris!! Mind if I ask what is/was your most treasured gift ever given to you?=)

wish you good health.God bless=)

Vanessa said...

hey chris..:),,i heard you're a big jay chou fan:),,,have you watched his movie initial d????if not im more than happy to lend it to you or send you a copy as a present for your bday:),,,it's a must see for all jay chou fans.....hope to hear from you soon:)

oh and by the way happy bday:)

Anonymous said...

hey...happy bday!!!:),,i heard youre a big jay chou fan...well i guess we have something in common then..haha...anyways have you watched his movie initial d???its a good movie ,,its based on a manga eh...:),,,if you havent watched it yet im willing to give you a copy as a late bday present gift:)...i hopeto hear from you soon:)....reply ka hah:)

oh and by the way,,,this is vanessa:),,heres my eadd...(sakurafirebolt@yahoo.com),,,you can send me a reply there if you want...:)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! :D ...A lot of people probably tell you this, but you're actually one of the people I look up to. There's not a lot of people who are as well-balanced,talented,intelligent, but still remain as humble as you are.
Keep on inspiring people and enlightening them with just the way you are. God has blessed you enough, so I just wish you have a happy birthday. :D . Sending you happy thoughts,

eyaa.. said...

again... happy birthday! :D

hope to meet you soon.

heartof blue said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations on your victory over UE. You guys are doing so well; keep it up.

Anonymous said...

hi Mr. TIUperman..bElatEd hApi biRthdAy..i fAild to gReet TIU yEstErday..sAyAng its uR dAy pA nmAn.."TIU'sday"hahA..wish TIU nOthing bUt the best..kEep up thE gOod wOrk..TIUnatics wE'll sUppOrt TIU all tHe wAy..gOod lUck oN yOur nExt gAme..gOd bLess TIU mOre!wE lOve TIU..

BelatEd hAppy biRthdAy agAin...


alyssa mari said...

hi chris!

haPpy birthday!
i want you to know that you're my inspiration.. we'll support the bLue eagles all the way. hope you're pretty fine! sana ma-meet kita in person! =] ONE BIG FIGHT! wish you all the best!

gud luck and god bless! =]

-♥-aLyssa mari-♥-

maganda_214 said...

Happy Birthday, Chris! Just want to let you know that

we are supporting you all the way and that we will

pray for your team to soar higher and may He grant the

desires of your hearts.. Continue being a blessing to

others esp to the young people like me.. Your works

are well appreciated. Stay humble and be safe..



maganda_214 said...

proud to be kapuso! kudos to your show Pinoy Records, galing-galing talaga ng PINOY.. and the new show (i hope matuloy very SOOON!)

We Love You :)

rhessa-chan ♥ said...

belated happy birthday! hahaha. i just found out from 24 oras yesterday. :) big fan mo ako! ;P good luck sa UAAP! go blue eagles! gusto ko kayo mapanood maglaro ng personal or makita ka! ahaha. god bless!

Trevi said...

Hi Chris ..

I am a BIG Fan of yours. My family always watches all the ADMU games (more so, now as ULTRA is very near our house)..My sons are both from the Ateneo GS. My youngest, Raf even shares the same birthday with you..he turned 9 yesterday..He said in 2021 he will be THE King Eagle hahahhaha..as inspired by you.

I hope to see you on Saturday's game - though i must confess i will be torn - as i am an Alumni of UP. Anyway, my Hubby (true-blue all the way till MBA) and my sons will be totally on your side. :-)

Stay grounded Chris. You are truly inspiring ....


KimF. said...

Hello, Sir :D ! We were the ones who gave you a " happy birthday " poster wearing PE uniform. HAHA. We hope you remember :D 2-6.

marvz083082 said...

belated happy birthday chris!

GOD Bless!

Take Care!


aiko said...

belated happy birthday chris..:) wish you all the best things in life..:)

if you don't mind,what are your plans pala after uaap? are u gonna pursue your basketball career or u will enter the corporate world na? hehe wala lang i'm just curious.. i'm a big fan kc eh..:) but if you don't want to answer my question eh ok lang tlaga..:)

Hope to hear from you..:)

pauLa said...

happy happy birthday kuya chris hehe..

g0odluck on your upc0ming games and c0ngrats,c0ngrats,c0ngrats..!wee 3-0..!

y0u kn0w what we're b0th cancerian...! i was b0rn july 20..[wla lng] hehe

we all love y0u...!


juneeeeper said...

happy happy birthday chris.. wish u ol d' best! i ope u can do some acting on TV, gurls or ur fan fans will love that hehehehe.. goodluck on ur next game. we're here to support u! go go go.. seen ur interview last nyt (24 oras), ur such a cutie hehehehe


batangUP said...


Angeli said...

Belated happy birthday! Good luck with your upcoming games! We love you! God bless! :D

fated star said...

belated happy birthday kuya chris.!

goodluck sa lahat ng games ng ATENEO.

goodluck din po sa lahat ng gagawin mo.

ingat palagi :)

iris said...

you're welcome papa tiu!

ill erase "chris" on my friendster then.

pwedeng paki-hi kina eric and nico for me? salamat ha? gwapo mo talaga!

cHarmE#17 said...

belated hapee birthday po... :D

melody_:D said...

hai kuya chris.....belated happy birthday!!!!

belated nlng para mabasa mo talaga...hahaha....god bless and more power....keep on rockin!!!!ur the hottest hardcourt hearthrob ever!!!;D

more birthdays to come....

and july 15 is really ur day coz...it was a tuesday and it was TIU's day!!!!hahaha...happeee birthday!!!~~~~melody

k-ann said...

belated happy birthday chris! i really hope that the blue eagles will win this season. take care and best wishes! :)

pox_garcia said...

belated....HeYpI bErTdEy chris...wish u good luck & so with team ateneo ;-)

habibi said...

hi chris!

belated happy birthday! my only wish for you is good health. uhmm, i hope i can watch one of your games and take a picture with you before i leave for canada. by the way it's my birthday today... haha just wanna let u know.... :) GO ATENEO! ONE BIG FIGHT!!!

crazypeach said...

Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY or OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU again!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a good one!!!! God bless always!!! ^_^

tyn enciso said...

I just want to greet you a
Happy birthday!!!
(though it's late)
still wishing you all the best in life, health and in your career.
may God always bless you and your family...
we'll always support YOU and the Blue Eagles all the way...
and again Happy birthday!!!
(hope you can reply) hehehe... just kidding...

tyn enciso said...

Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le
Zhu ni sheng ri sheng ri kuai le
Zhu ni sheng ri kuai le !!!
yeeey!! bOOM BOom bOom (fireworks)

--@xyl@-- said...

Belated Happy Birthday Chris. You're such a wonderful guy. Wish you all the best and luck. Good luck to you and to the rest of the Eagles. Have a nice day. :)

Liana said...


just dropping by to say im also into blogging..

so IF you have time, and that's a BIG IF right there, visit my site:



Nette said...

Its good to know that you made a clarification about your online account. Now I can delete the 10 account of Chris Tiu's poser in my friendslist.

berlai said...

heberday.ayy belated pala.

Anonymous said...

hi. ako po ulit to.... ah...... sobrang late na pero Belated happy b-day....

sayang nga po kasi nung b-day mo mababati sana kita ng happy b-day yun nga lang patay cp mo...
tinatawagan ka kasi ni kuya jamike jarin kaya nga lang patay cp mo... at may super late nga ako na gift sayo kaya lang baka sa laban nyo pa sa ust ko mabibigay kasi di ako makapanood ng live kasi ang layo ng venue... sana magustuhan mo kasi personalize yun ako mismo gumawa... wag mo na po ito ipost.. gusto ko lang po yun i share...

angela joy sarmiento

♥jen♥ said...

hi chris!
belated happy birthday! and Congratulations!
nice game you had last sunday!
3-0 for the record!
galing talaga!
lahat ng games ng blue eagles napanood ko.
first game against dlsu, then adu, & last sunday against ue.
my nephew really likes you too.
his name is alec lichauco, a 10 year old boy.
natutuwa nga kami kasi before he doesnt like sports. ayaw nya raw kasi na napapagod & napapawisan lang daw siya. he's always in the pc lang or in his ps2. but now, he wants to play basketball na & nagpapaturo na on how to play the game because of you. THANKS a lot! He's also watching your show esp. your games in uaap. he is always saying na idol ka raw nya!
so excited to watch you playing again on saturday against the fighting maroons!
we support you all the way!
good luck!
keep up the good work...
god bless...
nice to hear from you soon...
(curious lang, ano ung parang red sticker sa right arm mo nung game nyo last sunday? may ganun ka rin nung game nyo against adamson color blue nga lng un. heheheh! TNX!:D)

phia said...

hi chris, it's my first time here to post in your blog....

i love reading your blog even though i didn't see or talk you in person, i really felt so happy...

i just want to greet you a belated Happy, Happy Birthday!!! I wish you good in life and good health. i wish you to be successful in your career and whatever your plans in the future..
i hope that you won't change 'coz your being inspiration to many people like us... as one of your fan, i'll be here behind you and support you all the way... goodluck to and also to your team... i hope you win in the finals and i know you will..

God bless you...
Take care always...


rhessa-chan ♥ said...

So all the 'chris tiu accounts' on the net are fake. It's really a good thing to confirm it. But if you do have an online account somewhere, I'm sure you will have thousands, nope, perhaps millions of friends! haha. Good luck, Chris Tiu!

(I really want to study college at ADMU! ;P)

Hope you can reply... But we can understand if you are really busy.

Take care and God bless!

P.S. How about fan mail address, email add. or any way to ask you an autograph or something? DO you have one? I'm sure every fan would be dying to ask you for a picture or another. ;)

ChristineJoy said...

"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes short again and again, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best knows achievement and who at the worst if he fails at least fails while daring greatly so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

More powers to you!
i wish you a more happy and successful life =))
HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON (in tagaytay high=)!..

mary grace said...

Hi chris!

Belated happy birthday! It's too late na pero naalala ko naman talaga yung birthday mo. In fact, last tuesday, i asked my classmates "what day is today?" and then they replied, "it's tuesday".. I told them "yeah, it's TIUsday, it's CHRIS TIU's birthday".. Tapos tumawa sila..

Wish ko for you is sana you'll always have a good health & sana matupad yung wish mo na maging champion kayo this season.. And nga pala Chris, where's Ford Arao?

S said...

Hey Chris (:

This is probably one of the most preposterous things I'll ever utter but I seriously didn't realize the magnitude of your influence and the incredulous effect you have on SO MANY people. I do now, though.

As corny as this may sound, you make our heart swell with pride for how you're handling all of this and for simply knowing you.

There's nothing more I can say that no one else has said so I'll end this here.

I hope you had the best birthday yet! I wish you all the best. God bless and take care, Chris (;


Ahleesza said...

you're welcome..
we will still support ATENEO Blue Eagles especially YOU all the way!!

God Bless and Take care!


cj said...

hi chris!

belated happy birthday!
my wish is that the blue eagles will be crowned as this season's champ.haha

goodluck on your game tomorrow and i know that you'll win again over the fighting maroons!haha
hmm,i won't be able to watch it coz i have a class tomorrow. :[

anyways, i'm looking forward to see you and your ADMU team play live!

val said...

hey!! i know its late but i just want to wish you a happy birthday! God bless, chris! hope ateneo wins the championship this year!

angel said...

hi chris!

belated happy birthday!

I heard on the news that u will have another show. Goodluck on this new show.

I wish that blue eagles will won the championship...Goodluck on your games.

God Bless! and take care always!

LiEzl Tiunatic said...

belated happy b-day!

wish yuo the best and good luck!

sana manalo blue eagles!

we'll keep on supporting you..
especially the TIUnatics group..

we love and support you chris!

god bless..


kat said...

oops.. ur birthday is in july not june.. that's why.. haha.. anyway belated hapi birthday..! and about those other accounts.. if you try to search it in friendster you have dozens.. u've really got a lot of fans.. :) good luck on the games.. and i think i saw it in the newspaper that ur included in the draft for pba this august..? is that true..? well i hope that u get picked.. wish u all the best.. :) -kat

haylin said...

haPpy bUrpdei cHris!though its too late,I just arrived home kasi eh,buti kuNg alam ko ceLfone# muh..beTter LATE than neVer!hahahahaha,diBa?!LOL..iM a freshman student of ateneo de naga..wei,you kNow what??yoUr sMiLe reALLy makEs me siCk!daMn!you could be an enDorser of toOthpasTe!i LOVE your sMiLe,i really do..thatswhy when I saw you on tv,I had to stop and hoLd my breathe for a sec..You take my breathe away,awwww!!:)hAAaayyyy!!how i wish i could see you personally..may i just ask if your a globe or smart user??..curious lng poh..

Have you watched the show BANDILA in ABS yesterday?though your a kapuso..A referee was suspended because of his carelessness in calling violations in the game of DLSU and FEU..wei,Your right!What if they hire female referees to know the difference and change those males,LOL..But ofcourse they should hire those who are big but could run pa rin..hahahaha,how will it look like kaya noh??..
hope you could reply to my message..iF you will, Im gonna die na talaga,knowing its coming from YOU..ngEkz?hehe

taKeCAre and goodLuck to your gaMe toMorrow agAinst UP..GO AND BEAT THE UP MAROONS!I'll pray for your unbiased game for both of the team:)

psixteen said...

mary grace...

arao graduated last school year along w laterre. :)
[spell check---not sure if i spelled his surname right]

blue starbean said...

belated happy birthday,mr. chri tiu!may the Lord bless you more and more!

my_tiuperman17 said...

Belated Happy3 Birthday Chris!!

We all support and love you here!!

Wish u all the BEST!! I know U ARE!! :D


We are looking forward to your posts...we enjoy reading your posts...full of sincerity!

Keep up the GOODWORK!!


PS: I like the TIUva TIU-TIU thing...hehehe

arlene :) said...

wow, I have never seen so much comments for a single blog entry as much your have. it's crazy! :)

Belated 23rd birthday, Chris! I wish you all the best! :)

peace, love and jelly rolls. \m/

francine17 said...

Congratulations! You've proved your self worthy in winning the game against U.P. I noticed you weren't in the zone. What's wrong?? Is it because the guy(who is very lucky to have your jersey) in "Wish Ko Lang" asked you not to do your best in the game against U.P.?? Just joking..hehehe..(:

Have fun and good luck on your game next week with the NU Bulldogs! (:

Cha Mendoza said...

Hey, Chris! Belated happy birthday =) I greeted you in Facebook, but I just found out that it's really not you. And knowing about it disappointed me, 'coz that poser replied.

Anyway, thanks for informing! :) Good luck and God bless in everything :)

PS That poser is adding up the accounts of your co-Eagles and other friends. I don't know how I'll inform people that it's really not you.

jheynie:) said...

belated happy birthday..

Anonymous said...

Hi. Belated happy birthday :-)

Just wondering. why don't you create a friendster account???
hehehehe u know what. i saw a fs account that carries you name. i thought it was real. but then its not , because u said this is your only online account. :-) i'm watching your uaap games, some live and some in tv. hehehe. you're great.

btw, may i know your cp#?
hehehe. if its not too much for u.
God Bless!

09272241560,i'm chezka ;-)

C_U said...

hi chris,

congrats in sa game niyo awhile ago. Galing!! You really are determined to win this year the spirit can be felt. btw, kabatch kita sa xavier and wondering where you studying or polishing your chinese? As I wanted to really study again chinese as it is really important for business and in the future.


Congrats again and Happy Birthday!

shey'shey said...

Hey, Mr. Chris Tiu! This is somewhat awkward for me 'cause we don't know each other personally but I’m greeting you anyway. :)
belated happy birthday to you!
I just want you to know that you're one of my inspirations. You’re so hard working (both in your studies and in your career) that motivated me to become also like that. :) *I landed on being a DL because I’m so inspired whenever I see you play. hahaha!
I also want to thank you for constantly updating your blog. Through your entries I can get even just a glimpse of what had happened in your day and in your game (it just so happen that our class schedules coincides with your game) and know your views about everything! It makes me feel that you're a normal person, too! Lol.
Anyway, congratulations to your team! Keep winning! Once again, belated happy birthday! God bless you. :)

Anonymous said...

congratulations chris!galing nyo talaga...4-0..masaya na nman mga tiunatics..ganda ng araw nmin kasi puro ikaw napapanuod nmin knina sa tv..belated happy birthday ulet.

your TIUper fan MAY...

Anonymous said...

yOur TIU good talaga..laman ka ng tv kanina ha..cOngrats nalo na nman kayo against UP...galing!


Killer_Bunny said...

belated happy birthday kuya chris!

nix14 said...

hey belated happy birthday! sorry i wasn't able to greet you last july 15. anyways, congatulations with your game against UP a while ago and goodluck in your upcoming games! keep up the goodwork and i hope you and the blue eagles will be the champion!


(i hope i'll pass the acet and study in ateneo since i always wanted 2 be an atenean.)

francine17 said...

Last Wednesday, I decided to have a Birthday Party for you. I know it's a bit weird, but I really wanted to do it for you. i hope you could check it out and comment if you want to. here is the link:


if you want to know all the details, visit my multiply account. Here it is:


francine17 said...

So here is the whole story about the Birthday party we set-up for you. Just visit the link.


And here is the pictures to prove that we had a celebration for your birthday. Hope you could visit it.


the fan said...

i know it's a little too late to greet you happy birthday.what is your birthday present for yourself?by the way, how's your game yesterday? i wasn't been able to watch because i had a class...

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday..

i hope i can watch your game live..

yoleen said...

hi chris..
congrats for the well deserved win against UP yesterday!!!
ONE BIG FIGHT!!!!(^^,)

Bluebonnet_Elf said...

Chris, belated happy birthday! I want to share with you that I graduated from the green side but this year, I found an excuse to guiltlessly cheer for you in the UAAP. I enrolled in the MBA-Regis program of the AGSB and I'm having a blast! I have to thank you for that. =D

Anonymous said...

hi chris! i am a big fan of yours..but meron pang mas higit na humahanga sayo..nkita ko yung cake na ginawa nya for you..sana makita mo rin kasi its touching! she's from davao..eto yung multiply account nya..sana ma visit mo pag hindi ka na busy..http://inthetrendoftime.multiply.com.

wla lng..hindi ko sya kilala..natutuwa lng ako sa effort na ginawa nya..

iM lian fRom quezon city...

haylin said...

hey chris!Im waiting for your another post about your game yesterday but you still didnt have.I just want to clarify if why Coach Norman has been called by the referee yesterday?Is that a violation?And why the heck they gave UP a free throw shot afterwards?I dont understand the violation that occur and obviously they made so much calls that let the MAROONS ran for scores.

mary grace said...

Thank you psixteen for that reply.. Coz i'm wondering kung saan ba talaga si ford.. Graduate na pala siya..

Again, thank you..

chris said...

Hi francine 17, i am REALLY REALLY shocked and touched to hear that there was a birthday celebration for me all the way in DAVAO. I checked out the pictures in multiply and showed them to my sister who found it such a sweet gesture as well. Thank you thank you :)

ness..ü said...

hi ahya chris... haha... super belated happy birthday!ü take care oweiz and Godbless..ü

francine17 said...

Hi Chris! This is Francine. I am so glad that you checked it out. Thank you for viewing it. :))
What can you say about it?? Any comment?? Did you like what I added to the cake?? Pls comment more about the pictures. Pls.

clarisse said...

"Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Quick question:
Was Charles, your brother, in my best friend's girlfriend? The one in the scene of the stripper. What did your parents think?"
July 15, 2008 8:15 PM


I saw the movie and I'm wondering the same thing...

paula said...

hello! Chris...belated Happy birthday..
i admire y0u s0 much because y0u're so nice. I'm a fan of ADMU Blue Eagles... always stay the same...d0nt ever change because s0me pe0ple including ME appreciates a person like you so much...
GOD BLESS on your upcoming games and Good lucK!!!

GO ATENEO!!!!!!!


sarah said...

the only reson why i support your team is because of YOU!
maybe..im your nO. 1 fan!


PS...can i get your nO.?! ;p
[i forgot to put my name!]
[im SARAH ;p]


sarah said...

the only reason why I support your team is because of YOU!
[huuu come on!]
maybe...Im your nO. 1 fan?!!

PS: can I get your nO.?!

oOh..i forgot to put my name!
[im SARAH ;p]

sEvEntEEN-0-Seven said...

Hi Chris,

This is the 1st time that I have seen this site...(gladly I've seen it...) Nothing much to say but, Belated Happy Birthday and Good Luck on your forthcoming UAAP game/s... I'll always pray that you (guys) win the championship...

Congratulations in advance and Good Work!

God Bless you & your family always!!!