Monday, July 14, 2008

ADMU vs UE (Round 1)

Actually the moment i woke up today before the game, I somehow had a good feeling about the outcome of this important duel against UE. I thought that i was going to play better than i did because i felt refreshed but i didn't need to be extra aggressive today thanks to the support coming from my teammates. Even before the game started, we received word from a reliable source in the dugout that Paul Lee will not be playing. We cannot deny that he is crucial to their team but either way, we all agreed in our customary pre-game huddle amongst the players that we will come out with intensity and come out to kill!

I feel that we can match up with UE pretty well given the fact that they have lost their long, athletic wings like Borboran and Canizares as Espiritu is forced to play the power forward position most of the time with the loss of Gregorio. And since Nonoy wasn't in foul trouble today, he was able to somewhat neutralize and even overpower Espiritu. They have a deep rotation when it comes to their guards but so do we. We have Jai, Yuri, Kirk, Eric, Ryan, and myself. We haven't even been using our secret energizers in Oping Sumalinog and Zags Gonzaga. In fact, we pose mismatches against the defenders of Ryan Buenafe, who is much bigger and heavier than most wingmen, and just so talented and smart. Many people actually don't believe that he was born in the year 1990, i think his brain was made in the 1970s.

No question that it was Rabeh's inside presence that gave us the lift today especially down the stretch with his 18 points and 17 rebounds. Most of his points did not come from set post up plays for him but from drop passes and offensive rebounds. So we have to credit his efforts in crashing the boards as well as the unselfishness of our teammates to get him the ball at the right place at the right time. I'd give most of that credit to Ryan. But overall, defense was key. For a team that averaged 80+ points in their last two games, we held them below 60. I have to say it was team defense but i want to give special mention to Nonoy Baclao who showed no signs of an injury. He had a couple of blocked shots but his defensive presence and ability to change shots really made a difference even if those are not reflected in the stats sheets. That's what i call heart! Eric also adjusted to playing the point guard position, organizing the offense, during the most part of the end game.

Now, back to the referee-ing issue. Those who were in the stadium watching live saw the inconsistencies of the calls. Of course its hard to tell just by watching TV, plus we have very diplomatic analysts who really gave fantastic insights and thoughts about the game. Great job TJ and Boom! It's just not in our culture here in the Philippines to have analysts like Charles Barkley who blatantly shows dismay or disapproval over certain calls by refs or poor decisions by the players. As captains, we were the designated spokespersons of the team in cases which need some clarification and I'm sure everyone in the stadium also noticed my continuous complaining to the referees because i felt that we were always being prevented from pulling away every time we would start a run (not just in this game). But nevertheless i apologized to Commissioner Narvasa while i was standing in the middle of the court and he was signaling me to keep quiet or else the big "T". We must respect proper authority regardless of your temper, that's what I was taught since my elementary years in Xavier. I try to be unbiased in my judgement, so i gave them the benefit of the doubt. But just so that i can sleep well tonight, i made sure to watch the game again using my mom's newly procured Pioneer DVD recorder which can record from TV directly to a Hard Disk or to a DVD. Pretty high tech... and costly too! But it has great features like the slow motion feature which i use a lot to make sure that i see everything in detail. So here's my assessment of the referee-ing: 1) They called hand checks consistently both ways. 2) They made some honest mistakes (i believe) with some out of bounds violation calls, both ways again. But, 3) the offensive foul calls were pretty inconsistent, definitely NOT to our favor. Whether intentionally or not, i do not know.

If you remember after the half-time break, they called the two captains (Marcy and I) to the middle or the court to tell us to relay to the players not to "flop" or act on contacts or they will call a blocking foul. I think they forgot about that conversation immediately.

Anyway, I was talking to Eric while taking a shower in the very filthy ultra locker room and we agreed that this win truly gave us more confidence with the potential of this team.

I want to thank everyone for supporting the team and PLEASE keep praying for us, that the game will be played on a level field for all teams (if you know what i mean) and that we will come out victorious after the season! One big fight!

Sometimes i wish we could have female referees! haha!
And thank you for the greeting Ms. TIUva-TiuTiu although you didn't have to put my age there :) and sir aly yap, great shot!



Nica said...

Congratz again! 3-0?! Woot-woot! Glad you always give insights about your games =) I understand basketball now than I have before! Maybe you could be a coach someday, a good one. Have you thought of that?

That fan of yours is so cool! Anyway, advance happy birthday! LOL! Everyone knows how old you are now :D

karlandrew said...

advance happy birthday Chris...

em_ said...

nice game Chris! congrats! :)

though i would like to say that a win is a win, i have to admit that some calls by the referees made me raise an eyebrow! :p

nonetheless, it was a good game and a really good start for this season! 3-0! keep it up! :)

and!! ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) wishing u a great and injury-free season! :)

A N G E L L E E said...

CHRISS!!! Hahaha, gising ka nanaman ng wee hours of the morning! Lol, akala mo ako hindi. Wahehe.

I didn't get to watch this game and I'm punishing myself (read:strangling myself, wow what an image) for this. ARGH. Bet it was super brilliant! I never missed a game you know, but the damn rain arrggghh. Anyway, I'm really proud of you guys for winning this thing! I'm so happy, I wish I watched it though, still, very proud of you!

I will be watching, with Meg again, and now with my guy cousin who's all for Ateneo as well, in the next games, if I missed it again *stranglesself* Hehe.


Wee, so proud of you guys. And wow, I'm older than you by months, I can't accept this. LOL! Still, Advance! ^^

Mish said...

You are awesome! <3 ^^

Raven said...

Great Game!!! =)

mich said...

Oh gee. First to comment on your post. Whoa. Anyway, nice game Chris. And congratulations. ;] I`m totally a big fan. ;]]

Btw, (advance) HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

dianne said...


may aLL your wishes wouLd coMe true!

good Luck! ONE BIG FIGHT!

keep safe! =p

Anonymous said...

wow!!!!!!!!! congrats!! I really hope this winning streak would continue!!! GREAT JOB!!

why would you want female refs? but it is a good idea :))

This is the 1st time I heard of TIUva TIU TIU :)). Thats really cute and creative. All I can think of is my very own I must stick with TIU! (you know, the song sung by pussycat dolls?) I even have a pin that says that :)) and...

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! more more more birthdays to come!!! God bless you always! :) take care!

Sana, you'll be able to accomplish everything you want to do in the future inside the basketball court and outside it. :) GOODLUCK!!!

goodluck for the next game!

Anna said...

Your inside info on what the refs told you and Marcy makes me even more frustrated with the way they were calling the offensive fouls earlier. It seemed like they had their own secret definition of how and when it should be called. How you keep from pulling your hair (or the refs) out during the game is beyond me... Female refs? hahaha. Moms are known to be stricter than dads!! Instead of technicals, players will get ear-pinches and be made to stand in the corner nalang, hehe..
Congratulations on the win! At least you get to savor it for a few days more this time. Great way to start off your birthday week. Happy Birthday! :-)

Katherine said...

Good Morning Chris! Hi! Congrats on all your wins and God Bless on your upcoming games. Forgive me if my comment is kinda 'off' this is my first time to leave or make comment on things like this.
Hope you'll rest some more and don't overworked yourself.

anya said...

congratulations on your 3rd win! Same as you, I had a pretty good feeling about yesterday's game. Please extend my amazement and thanks to Ryan and Rabeh who did exceptionally well.

I do agree with you on the fouls by the refs. Most of us watching the game live saw clearly that most of them were not to the team's favor... but I guess that's just the way things go in college basketball where things get so heated that people lose their sense of good judgment.

I hope that everyone in the team will be even more pumped up by this important win. 3-0! I hope we remain undefeated until the finals! Don't be pressured, just give it all your best in every game and I'm pretty sure the outcome will be favorable. =P

PS: Did Dean Ang watch the game live? I know Fr. Dacanay did. Extra blessings for you! =P

liese said...

Hi Chris,
Actually I didn’t able to watch your game yesterday.
And it’s nice that your team is playing great this season, with 3 wins and 2 lose.
Chris tomorrow is your birthday hope you have a wonderful birthday this year,
Hope that you can have a multiply account so your fans can access it.
It’s nice to read your blogs. Shocks! Is it true that u like Jay Chou? Did u know I have his songs in my ipod, its nice that you his albums. It’s nice to read your blogs.

Vianca said...

Haha sometimes I really wonder how you react to the "gestures" of your fans. Do you find it funny or crazy..Hehe whatever it is, I'm sure Ms. TIUva-TIUtiu will be pleased to know that you have acknowledged and thanked her =)

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Chris! What more can I pray for for someone like you who has virtually all the good things in this world =) I'll pray for your good health. And I pray that you continue to be humble and to be an effective instrument of God in inspiring us to maximize our potentials.

Happy Birthday! =)

Mosi said...

I sympathize on the referee-ing issues.
It's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys.

But as in any other challenging situation regarding authorities, suck it up and smile. Real courage is grace under pressure. Best of luck.

Lea said...

very very very nice game! whoah! must be the pressure of having no defeats yet on the first round. you're doing really, really well! I congratulate all of you for being such good players and handling your emotions inside the court smartly..

ONE BIG FIGHT! Hope you will continue your good games, be always consistent and I will always pray for your health, safe game and victory!..

oh by the way, don't worry about people knowing your age.. besides, hindi naman halata eh.. hehe!

Anonymous said...

congratulations chris! Another win for us. Goodluck on your game on saturday. =D

blue17 angel8 said...

hi... this michelle one of he supporter of ateneo blue eagles i agree with some incosistent calls of the referee but inspite of that always the right wins.. haha by the way i would like to greet chris tiu in his birthday.. wishing that your team will be the champion this season keeping my fingers crosss. and praying off course...ahm congratulations in 3-0 wins great job guyss keep up the good work especially to you chris tiu.. always keep your faith and b strong.. i know you can do it.. kipsafe and godbless.. :)

blue17 angel8 said...

hi... this michelle one of he supporter of ateneo blue eagles i agree with some incosistent calls of the referee but inspite of that always the right wins.. haha by the way i would like to greet chris tiu in his birthday.. wishing that your team will be the champion this season keeping my fingers crosss. and praying off course...ahm congratulations in 3-0 wins great job guyss keep up the good work especially to you chris tiu.. always keep your faith and b strong.. i know you can do it.. kipsafe and godbless.. :)

yhana said...

we girls, would love to be referees of your games. :) LOL.

i think that everything went well for your team yesterday except for the inconsistent calls of the refs [as you said in your blog]. your team showed what "teamwork" is all about. i hope you continue to do well in your games, you are doing a great job as a captain. :) we will support you and the team all the way. ONE BIG FIGHT!

and advanced happy birthday too!.

berlai. said...


though i was sad kasi im a fan talaga of UE. but ayos na din:)
i actually didnt watch the game yesterday kasi nga di ko lam san kakampi. :))
plus paul lee wasnt there :(

siguro maganda naman pinakita niyo rabeh! double-double.astig!

DEFENSE! yun yun ee:)


*si ms.TIUva-tiutiu ROCKS!haha.


alessia. said...

hi kuya chris :D
the game yesterday was definitely too close. pero still ATENEO won :D haha. un replay ln un npnuod co kc umalis aco. i hope LIVE na sa nxt game nio. actually wer planning to watch it LIVE kaso busy sa school eh pero we are still going to watch it LIVE hehe :D

advance happy birthday! gudluk :D

psixteen said...

i give it to you, chris. u have control over your emotions, despite the uncalled fouls given by the refs. it just sucks how inconsistent they can be. ive said time and again im no bball expert, but i can also tell wrong calls from fair ones.

yesterday's match had a lot of them. it was my first time to really get ticked off---as i make sure i keep my cool as well. it was a first for me to scream so hard my throat hurt. the babbles and other supporters beside me must have been surprised how 'that little girl' had that much intensity for a bball game. haha!

nevertheless, twas one HOT match. ue has good shooters in their team so you guys better be prepared for the second round.

all for God's glory. :)

imma be skipping watch your game against up. itll be too much disrespect for my college alma mater to be cheering the opposing team. haha! ;p

psixteen said...

and oh, xavier boys rocks! my best guy friends are in fact from xs.

paul lee is really good. he is m fave player of ue even from last season.

good luck on the rest of your games. will be back to watch live on the 27th. enjoy the sorta long break you have.


Anonymous said...

chris..happy happy birthday tomorrow!tumatanda ka na!! haha kidding ;)
goodluck on your next games! ill be praying for the team..

Eloiza said...

Hi Chris!!!! Good Morning:)

I just dropped by to say CONGRATULATIONS!!3-0

and Advance Happy happy happy birthday!!
wish you all the luck, health, success and love..
Sana kayo magchampion this season..

No more injury ah!!!
I will pray for you always!!

By the way did you have your friendster account??

God Bless to your next game!!
Hope you will win to your upcoming games..

Byie=p God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

You write so well Chris, and you notice details. I enjoy reading your blog. When's your 23rd birthday? I'm not Miss Tiu-va Tiu-tiu, or I'd know. Congratulations yet again!

antoine said...

You write so well, Chris. I enjoy reading your posts.

luna said...

i watched the game live and the refs calls were really harsh especially the offensive fouls called on eric. at least in the end, ateneo won the game.

happy birthday! =)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS for winning the game!!! and advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY too!!! wishin' you all the best!!! take care always & God Bless!!!



aya said...

That would be so unfair if UAAP has female referees. They MIGHT lean on towards the good-looking players. I think:) Anyway, nice job and good luck on your next game:)

Oh, and don't worry, you actually don't look 23 anyway:)

paula said...

., great game today Chris !
i'll keep on praying for you and the team ..
hope to see you in the JIG here in Xavier unix. Ateneo de Cagayan !!! hehe ..

One Big Fight!

you can also visit my blog:

hehhe .. feel ku noh ??

Nette said...

natawa ko dun ahh!... tiuva tiu tiu!..hehehe bago yun!..

juz what i said to my cousins you are connected to picca tiu!..hehehe..

congrats again!..

tomorrow is tiusday..

your birthday!..happy birthday po!..

Godspeed For The Blue Eagles!

flo said...

Congratulations for winning all first three games! :)

Bakit nga pala walang game bukas? Dahil ba birthday mo? Haha. Joke lang.

Advanced happy birthday! Ü

bonski said...

congrats chris and the whole team! i just watched the game on tv but i caught you having a "discussion" with the refs. there were a lot of inconsistent calls and the refs/commish should just let the players play. they're ruining the fun for everyone. anyway, keep up the spirit! we're 3-0 baby, hope we rack up more wins! OBF!

btw, i just found out about your blog today. it's cool knowing an actual blue eagle's perspective of the games. looking forward to your future posts!

Jeri said...

Hi Chris!

Congratuations for the win!

I really admire Ryan's game yesterday! And I totally agree with you that even though he's very young, his line of thinking is like someone in his 30s or so. He really played well. (so tell him that he really did a nice job..:)

We were very angry yesterday at the referees, I thought that was a terrible officiating. People all around me kept on yelling "Boo" at them (esp. referee no. 22!!) especially on offensive fouls they called against the team. We thought there were a lot of bad calls. Most people actually thought that those were intentional. Some just think the referees are dumb. (haha. sorry for that.)

Anyway, Good luck on your next game!
You'll be playing with UP next, right?

And of course, Happy, Happy Birthday!:)
May God continue to bless you and may you have more wonderful years to come.:)

Thank you for inspiring a lot of people! :)

ps: I really enjoyed the kids watching yesterday at Ultra. I wonder if you saw those cute little girls with a body paint lettering spelled "Tiu" on their foreheads. ha cute..:p

oblivious2dobvious said...

hello po..

im not a fan of basketball...

but i watch UAAP games...

err...i only watch ADMU's games...


im your fan po..

and galing niyo talaga...

if you want proof...

sa multiply ko po...puro about admu and about you ang blog entries ko...(i hope you wont freak out...dont's nothing obsessive...)

(private po yan..)

i really support you and your team..kahit taga-UP po ako...

i even printed the schedule ng games niyo..para makapanood talaga ako sa tv(too bad i cant leave iloilo to watch the real thing..)

and God bless po sa next games niyo...


ps..TIU rin po family name ko...(hindi po to pa-epal or something...) basta..kahit hindi po tayo relatives...proud po ako na TIU ang family name made TIU a very popular family name...

and i bought a copy of CHALK mag..kayo po kase ang nasa cover...

again..God bless you and your team...ONE BIG FIGHT ATENEO!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris! That was an awesome game! I really believe that Ateneo could be the champions this year! Keep playing hard and all of us will be supporting you till the end! One big fight!

PS. Advanced happy birthday!! Have a great one!:)

- Bea Regala:)

RAF said...

Happy Birthday Dear. :x

Hope to see you around. Told the people in Chinky a few days ago that I want you to be my man--I still do. :-)

Think about it. n_n

sunshinegirl said...

Hi chris! :D

I felt really sad I wasn't able to watch the game live at Ultra. It was raining cats and dogs so yeah it was hard for me and my friend to get out of the house. But I was able to watch it on TV. Congrats for the win again! Ateneo is currently the undefeated team and I hope it stays that way. :D

We'll watch the next game for sure!! I just hope the weather will be nicer this time.


rosy :) said...

i really hope & pray that we would win the championship this year since its my 1st year in ADMU :) ONE BIG FIGHT! :) btw, Advance happy birthday! ;)

maggie said...

I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I have to say that your entries are a must-read. Especially when you talk about your games in UAAP. Knowing what you were thinking at the exact moment I was watching makes it all very intriguing.

I don't get to watch a lot of UAAP games now since I'm already working. It's always nice to discover how a player feels about a particular game.

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more entries in your blog!

I'll be cheering for your team from our office. Hehehe... :)

pox_garcia said...

i watched the game yesterday,why is it that this uaap season they bacame extra strict with the game rules?hehe...ur new rookie is an asset he's really good(the very tall guy)..i forgot his name though hehe...advance heypi bertdey chris ;-)

jonessa said...

Chris, congrats again to you and your team for winning. I intentionally did not watch that game because I kinda feel that I have bad luck whenever I watch Ateneo games. So thank you for giving us details of that game.

Hope the winning streak goes on...Ateneo for the win! =)

mads said...

hello po!

CONGRATS!!! (3-0)

As I've noticed, you guys improved so much. I may not familiar to basketball stuffs but I think you improved well specially in blocking and defense (tingin ko naman tama)

TIUperman, happy birthday to you happy birthday to you, happy birthday, happy birthday.....

Hope you could bring home the bacon this season! Always PRAY.

I'll continue to support you guys no matter what happen.

Keep on rockin'!



rappie said...

you do have a nice heart, chris, regardless of the circumstances and that's what make me admire you even more. :)

kudos to your victories against la salle, adamson and UE. i believe that you'll win the following games and i do believe that you'll win the championship. :)


yLLA said...

nice game you had there against UE..
sana tuloy-tuloy na to hanggang finals..and advance happy 23rd birthday chris..

Anonymous said...

hi chris!

i just want you to know that i'm amazed on how you play basketball, for not just being a star player of ADMU but on how great you are for being the captain of your team by motivating your co-players in a good way (if you know what i mean).

btw, i'm from the green side (=P) and i'm also a jay chou fan. i really hope you can watch him live at his concerts (i did!) because he's really awesome. hope to see you at his next concert ok?!

the TIUva-TIUTIU is so cute! hahaha and

happy birthday chris! god bless!

Anonymous said...

hi chris!

i just want you to know that i'm amazed on how you play basketball, for not just being a star player of ADMU but on how great you are for being the captain of your team by motivating your co-players in a good way (if you know what i mean).

btw, i'm from the green side (=P) and i'm also a jay chou fan. i really hope you can watch him live at his concerts (i did!) because he's really awesome. hope to see you at his next concert ok?!

the TIUva-TIUTIU is so cute! hahaha and

happy birthday chris! god bless!

mrs.jay chou

eloisa said... entry...haha..

..anyway, i really love the game usual, your performance was great..and the whole team as well. rabeh was really a force inside!..keep up the good work, captain..hehe..

your next game is on sat, against UP? am i right??hehe.. hope i could watch your game live.. i'm still having a hard time to find tickets..hai..

..ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!7 hours to go..hehe..!!

Anonymous said...

hi chris,
it was pretty obvious, even on TV, that referees were quite bias on their calls. shessh. but im so glad you were able to keep your 'cool'. i'd always look up to you, you are a real atenean. =) advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - your fan all the way from zamboanga. =))

eloisa said... again..

..just wanna ask about some calls of the referees..i cant understand it..especially the hand check calls(?).. may nakita ako na light bumps lang natatawagan na.. ganun na ba sila ka strict ngaun??

..tnx..hope you can help me understand!

Mary Joyce Galvan said...

Hey! Good day Chris! Woohh... Sorry, wasn't able to post comments here, but..Haha! Before I forgot this, advance Happy Birthday! :) I'm sorry po pala sa text.. :) I know you get mad at me that time kasi it's ur private number ehh..I'm sorry po talaga for what happened sa text...Hope you understand po kasi I was so shocked po time :)I just want to make friens, kasi po, sad po ako, and wala po ako makausap, and you know what, parang I feel discriminated..I don't know why po but...hmm...(Ohh!Naiiyak po ako!!Haha!)I hope maging close friend kita...Anyweiz,congratulations po to you and ur teammates..Haha! You know what, nung pinapanood ko po yung game niyo against UE, AdU, and DLSU...WOW! I can't belive it! Galing ng Ateneo! Haha! All I can say is GREAT! Haha! Undefeated..3-0on the road :)About po pala sa Pinoy Records, ur such a great host der. Haha! :) Ok, that's all I can say for now kasi nahihiya po ako magcomment..Good luck to ur next games...GO ATENEO..ONE BIG FIGHT!!! :)

steph said...

haha, female refs would attest to gender equality. not a bad idea! (and i do know a lot of volunteers) when's the next game?

oh and how are you gonna celebrate your birthday mr. tiuvatiutiu?:)

Happy twenteenthird birthday!


congratulations chris!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, as well! goodluck with all your upcoming games!! :)) >:D<

lara said...

Ayii, congratz. (the third time around) :)

You're getting older tomorrow huh?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance TIUperman. :)

Anonymous said...

I watched the game live yesterday. It`s sad that the referees didn`t call that foul that was made to Rabeh, and they didn`t give Nico Salva free-throw shots when a foul was committed to him. But I`m just really glad that you guys won. Hopefully you`ll be undefeated :)


emilyrose said...

hi, happy birthday!!! you all played well last game. :) kaya lang daming wrong calls talaga...pero good thing is panalo pa rin naman. keep it up. goodluck on ur next game.
Ms. TIUva TiuTiu's name is JHOY. :) haha. I guess you already knw that she's your fan. :) u actually gave her ur aunt linda's contact was in d arena..i was wid her..

Anonymous said...

hi........ nakaktuwa naman..... lagi ka na naguupdate ng blog mo.... sana gumawa ka rin ng blog mo about sa love life mo...

CONGRATULATION! kasi 3-0 na kayo...
sana kayo ang magchampion this year....

advance happy b-day na rin...

ay.. b-day ko ngyon.....
wala lang baka sakaling batiin mo ako... feeling...... yun lang...

angela sarmiento...(o'_'o)

dianne said...

nice game! i was nervous watching the it for 4 quarters, because ue simply did not want to give up! keep up the good work =D
(o yeah, advanced happy bday too)

miss_azure said...


I was really nervous while watching the game on screen.

The outcome of the game was very uncertain.. With their back-to-back 3-pointers and the team's great defense, it was really hard to predict who shall bring home the bacon in the end. And of course, the 1st-3rd quarter scores would also agree to this.

Truly, your win yesterday is a good birthday treat for you.

Anyway, good banner huh? TIUva TIUtiu. It's so cool =)

Keep up the good work!


Oh, before I forget, Happy Birthday in Advance for you, Mr. King Eagle! ;)

akocDYUHLIE:) said...

saw the game! and yey you won!haha!
yeah, he calls were REALLY INCONSISTENT but i guess it kind of dont really matter because what MATTERS MOST is that you guys won.. and yey!your BEERDAY is coming up! bukas na!hahah (so as mine too!lol)

Therese said...

TIUva Tiu-Tiu haha, that's adorable! Congratulations to ADMU, I can feel our victory!

Anonymous said...

Congrats again! I watched the game live at Ultra and, yes, I found the calls of referees biased in favor of UE, specially when we are pulling away.I really hope and pray that the next games are fair so the best team really wins.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

heya, nice game ..
3-0 na ang standing ..
one big fight ..
advance happy birthday to you(=

regina said...

you did a great job yesterday.i think that is God's gift for you in advance. i remember last season, it was your birthday and you lost against UE. happy birthday! i wish you more happiness. good luck on your next game. it's against with my school UP. i'll be cheering for both teams! ahaha.:)))

erika kristi said...

Happy 23rd in advance Chris! The best is yet to come for you, you're always in my prayers! :) And good job on the UE game, congratulations. I'm not from ateneo, (i'm from UP) but I've been a blue eagles fan since second year HS. Hehe. Hope you have a superb season!

Kia :)

Anonymous said...

advance happy birthday..ÜÜÜ see you at the games.. hopefully..Ü

cha said...

hi chris!

i just want to greet you a happy birthday! All your fans wish you the best.

And good luck for the ADMU Blue Eagles! I hope the Eagles will fly high this season!

More power and God bless!

nikki said...

congratulations, chris! :) advance happy birthday! hope you have a great one. :)

Jhen-17- said...

Congratulations to your 3rd win. I hope your winning streak will continue towards the end of this season. :)

And Advance
Happy Birthday!!!
Wish you luck and success!

One Big Fight!!!

Jhen-17- said...

Congratulations to your 3rd win. I hope your winning streak will continue towards the end of this season. :)

And Advance
Happy Birthday!!!
Wish you luck and success!

One Big Fight!!!

Pau said...

Ms. TIUva- tiutiu.. --> haha.. cute.. though, she could have removed your age, oh well. =D

anyway, advance HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!
i guess winning that game is a very excellent birthday present..

it's so good to know that Ateneo is leading. 3-0! wow. so here, i continue to pray and cheer as loud as i can (even though i'm just in my room =D)for the success of the games.

btw, just wanted to know, do you know Noreen Go? =D

Anonymous said...

hello chris!=)...i'm such a big fan of yours though i'm from the green side...anyways, just want to greet you advance happy birthday...may you have more birthdays to come...God bless!=)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday in advance Chris! Congratulations for winning 3 games already. It seems that you can sweep the elims. I hope you'll be champions.

iris said...

hi chris! congratulations for your third win! it was really a good game. everyone played better than their usual game especially rabeh. i hope you will win this season.

advance happy birthday to you!

arthur said...

dear chris,
thanks for signing my banner at your dugout yesterday. it made my day

coby lim, xavier 3H

seventeen said...

happy birthday! :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! :) May God bless you always. Take care. (I know it`s tomorrow, but I might not be able to greet you. Hahhah)

cartesian_ghie17 said...

Hello Chris.. I really do agree with what you've said regarding with the inconsistencies of the referees' calls although i'm just watching on television. I even remember that coz i've been updating some of my friends with what's happening with the game because they can't watch. I told them about the bad calls and that you're complaining na about it. Anyways, still Ateneo won. Congratz again and we will constantly PRAY for your upcoming games. Good luck on Saturday. LEt me also take this opportunity to greet you a happy happy birthday. Wish you all the best!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there were indeed a lot of cheap calls yesterday. Anyhoo, a win is still a win! And yeah, happy birthday!

juLie said...

There will always be a place in my heart for you.. =]

inside of me there is a place..
where my sweetest dreams reside..
where my highest hopes are kept alive.. where my deepest feelings are felt.. and where my favorite memories are tucked away, safe and warm..

My heart is a lasting source of my happiness.. Only the most special things in my world get to come inside and stay there forever..

And every time i get in touch with the hopes, feelings, and memories in my heart, i realize how deeply my life has been touched by YOU..


hope you liked the poem.. =]


ciao !
juLie =]

Anonymous said...

congrats :)

i just wanna ask..

thanks :)

Migz said...

Hey Chris!

All I can say is that you are an inspiration to a lot of people especially to me. You are an epitome of discipline, diligence, and passion.

I may not know you personally but you seem to have it all! (Riches, fame, heck even good looks but most especially a good heart and a good soul.

Let love and faithfulness never leave you and I'm 100% sure that you will win favor and a good name in the eyes of God and man.

God bless!

- Migz


Almost forgot...


mumai said...

wow! 3-0! congrats! your off to a good start! keep it up! =) i'm really hoping that you guys would win the championship this year and perhaps an mvp award for you... hehe.. good luck on your next game.. go ateneo! one big fight!

btw, happy birthday chris! =)

psixteen said...

happy 23rd, chris! guess im the last one here to know when your exact birthday is. figured it out through other people's posts. haha! have a good one. :)

eYnah said...

Congratulations! Keep it up blue eagles..:)

happy bdaY Chris!
we Love TIU!:)

kylie said...

hahaha it's so nice of you to put up that girl's photo. i'm pretty sure she's freaking out right now. i definitely would be if my picture, by some twisted fate, landed on your blog. :)

happy birthday, chris! you're awesome. 23 x 60 more birthdays to come!

Leanne said...

Happy happy birthday Chris! :)

Wishing you all the best in life and good health always. God bless and enjoy your B-day! :)



meg said...

happy birthday chris!

i hope i see you to greet you in person... :P

christina said...


you, along with the team are always in my prayers. guys just play hard and pray harder. GOD sees the intentions of your hearts. He knows you play for the right values. no matter how tough and frustrating the officiating would be, just keep doing the right things.

keep inspiring people!

your fans are just here.


christina said...


you, along with the team are always in my prayers. guys just play hard and pray harder. GOD sees the intentions of your hearts. He knows you play for the right values. no matter how tough and frustrating the officiating would be, just keep doing the right things. let's keep the faith..ONE BIG FIGHT till the end!

keep inspiring people!

your fans are just here.


sharleein said...

Happy happy birthday chris! :)) May you have many more birthdays to come. And congrats for winning your game against UE. 3-0 na! Gandang pabirthday nun sa'yo. Yea. Sana tuloy-tuloy na hanggang championship.

Please do visit your thread in to see all your supporters not just as basketball player but as a host too. Here's the link :,5007.0.html :) Hope you'll visit it.

Take a bunch of care. Happy birthday again! :D

Lea said...

happy birthday chris :)

rappie said...

happy birthday, chris! if you have the time, i'd like you to visit either one of these sites of mine.

sheng ri kuai le! :)

francine17 said...

Happy Birthday, TIUperman! LOL :D

I want to congratulate you in winning the game against UE. I have to say your face looked a little pissed off with the calls of the referee. The whole game was a sign that you have improved individually and as a team. I guess the best part of the game was that you guys were able to remain calm and win the game. Let us also commend Rabeh for the job well done. Your leadership during the game showed your strength as a leader. :)

3-0. How does it feel to be the leading team in the UAAP this season, although you were ranked 5th(or 4th?) in the preseason?

So... How does it feel to be turning 23??

Congrats and happy birthday!
It's TIU's Day on Tuesday. :)

lorena_1217 said...

Happy Birthday Chris!! Many more happy years to you! =)

francine17 said...

Happy birthday, Mr. TIUperman. It's your special day today. It's TIU'S DAY How does it feel turning 23??

Congrats in winning the game against U.E! It was a game well fought. I can see your disappointment every time the referee calls a foul. You looked a little pissed. But that's fine. However, the team showed improvements in terms of defense and offense. I commend the Blue Eagles for that. I always pray for you guys to win the Championship this Season especially it's your last season to play for the Blue Eagles.

One Big Fight, Blue Eagles!

kaceee said...

GO Ateneo!

the team's really strong this season! keep it up! :D looking forward to more well-deserved wins, and a championship ;) for God's glory.

and btw, happy birthday!

jhoy said...

heyah chris!^-^

got d news from my friends earlier..
i was really surprised..for a moment i was speechless..super flattered!
thank u soo much for appreciating..and i have to give credit to ms. alyson yap if it wasn't for her..u wudn't notice(siguro?!) haha!

i laid low after champs league(those wer d most memorable days) but now i'm back and better than ever!=p

nwei so much for dat just droppin' by to greet u again..a very HAPPY "23rd" BIRTHDAY!

blessed be! seize the day..ayt!:)


Anonymous said...


Hi Chris! :-)

Happy Bithday! :-)

- faye :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Congrats on the win against UE! Let's all just pray that the Blue Eagle "curse" (great start, disappointing end)would not be the case this season. I pray we'll be champions this year. 2006 was supposed to be OUR year. :( Oh well. Good luck and God bless! OBF!


dhe17 said...

ei chris congrats, again you won against UE 3 in a row, well i noticed that everybody step-up, specially ryan, in spite of he is a rookie and he's only 18 yrs old, he played like a big man in PBA, he has a potential. i also give a credit to rabeh, who was the best player of the game and also for being a score leader for the team, he did a great job and you are the maaasahan player of the game, well both of you guys deserve it. UE is the good defense team, remember the NSL championship. When it comes to the referee, i think it's hard to be a referee, that's all i can say. We're here to support you guys, and we're pray for your team.
Your fans want to know what is your wish to your b-day? u.
Well, i wish you best of luck to your other games.

one big fight

tc olweiz.

Krishna said...

Happy birthday! Just remember: " The older the fiddler, the sweeter the tune." and " Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.".. ehehheheeh.. stay happy and in love! =)

ella n. said...

This game was much more intense than the Ateneo- La Salle game. haha. Pero yeah, the refs were super inconsistent. It was frustrating and annoying. I think I'll have to agree with you to get female refs, I'd like to be one! hahaha. :)

Anyway, happy birthday Chris! :)

cj said...

hi chris!
i know that the blue eagles will definitely win over the red warriors!haha

how i wish i could watch your games live but i have classes from monday to saturday and sunday is the only day for me to rest. :-(

anyways, happy birthday!
my wish for you? hmm,i hope that you will be crowned as champion for this season!haha

goodluck on your game on saturday!
i wont be able to watch it but i hope that you'll win!

angel_17 said...

congrats! i was just watching at home but i still wore blue! let's savor being the only undefeated team for the meantime and just hope and pray it stays that way until the very end.. you defeated last year's champions and second place! wow! best of luck on your upcoming games! we'll always be here to rejoice on your victories and cry on your defeats (hope we don't have to experience this again on your last game!)ONE BIG FIGHT AND FLY HIGHER BLUE EAGLES!!

take care and god bless..

eloisa said...

..happy birthday!!hehe

..goodluck on your next game!!(hope i could watch..)(i cant still find tickets..huhuhu..i need help..)

..goodbless!!tc!hope i could see you soon..xD

psixteen said...

to anyone who can and will bother to answer...

why is a ref getting suspended because of the feu-dlsu game last sat? i did catch the game but wasnt able to pay much attention...i cant find anything on it yet in the 'net kasi.

Helene said...


finally, rabeh has started to make his presence felt inside the paint.I hope to see more of his actions in the following games esp your games vs FEU and UST.As for Nonoy, its no surprise to see his defensive talent.I wish to see more of his offensive tricks though.Funny but you're right, your rookie seems to be a smart guy.He knows where to attack and to position his self properly.This guy has a bright future in basketball and I know he'll be as good as Danny Seigle someday.

You know what, every game you guys play, seems to be a surprise.For the past 3 games, you have improved a lot.First, your plays have become more consistent and yes, smarter.Coach Norman never fails to produce plays worth taking.Then, defensively, I think I should credit it to both rabeh and nonoy.Yeah, those two are really tough defenders.I hope they could stop Jervy Cruz in your game with UST.

Hahaha, about the refs again.The issue will never stop.Yeah there were some lapses from their part.Those inconsistent calls, they will never go.It seems that it would always be part of every UAAP game.I hope the organizers will do something about it.Is there a thing as written complaint in UAAP?Like a protest to really change the refs?Just asking...

Happy birthday and I hope that Ateneo will be consistently good this season.My only wish for you in your birthday is that your wish will come true.

kat said...

Many people actually don't believe that he was born in the year 1990, i think his brain was made in the 1970s. --> LOL.. i really can't stop laughing.. so cute the way you said it. :)

About the referee's. It wasn't just this year.. I think last year as well. But then what do i know? As you said we can't see everything as it is just watching it on TV.. But u guys can do it.. Go ateneo! :)

ang lastly tiuva-tiu-tiu.. :) it was endearing.. haha.. i've heard of tiuperman and some other things.. but that is definitely different. Talk about creativity.. :)

chriszxelle1724 said...

hi chris! [huwaw! cLose?! ;p] BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY..c: btw, im CRISEL MENDOZA from Cavite.. and I must admit that I am ONE of the million supporters of ADMU in the UAAP.. though, im from UPHDS-Molino hehe..but it doesn't matter naman kung saan ka galing di ba? i hope we could be good friends kahit dito lang sa blog mo..c: i have a copy of chalk mag [july issue] where YOU and JV Casio was on the cover.. you look good on the cover..c; naging crush agad tuloy kita wahehe.. i hope to meet you soon..! congrats for winning last sunday against UST.. 6-1 GOOD JOB! sana this saturday maging 7-1 na hehe.. ok so much for this.. keep up the good work and goodluck on your studies.. god bless you always..

.~. CHRISzxelle 7teen twenty4 .~.

cariza said...

hi im cariza
congrats sa game nyo

belated happy b-day nga pala

iza said...

hi im iza..

can i ask you something..
anong meron sa inyo ni "carla humpries"?

ehehe..juz asking

cariza said...

hi im cariza..
how's your day