Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Long Overdue First Entry

Hi Everyone,

I guess it’s pretty unusual for me to have a blog of my own, since I’m not a natural extrovert. But with a little help from my friends, I think that this blog will give me the opportunity to share another side of myself! I think it would be really interesting for me to be able to express my thoughts and also get feedback from people who might want to give their comments. I regret waiting so long to start this up because I think it’s good to document the milestones of our lives or even just our random thoughts. Plus, it’s a great thing for people to share their experiences and reveal the lessons we’ve learned, so that others can learn from them too. So here it goes!

The first thing I want to say is about my stint as an Ateneo Blue Eagle. A lot of people have been asking me about this, and I’ve made my decision that I will be back to play in the next UAAP season. I want to share my reasons why I’ve chosen to stay for one final year. Actually, I felt like moving on to new opportunities. But after the advice and encouragement of the people around me, I’m determined to stay one more year and carry out what I set out to accomplish.

Our line up this year is bursting with talent and potential! We’ve got an all-star cast of rookies, and of course the returning players are going to be back with a vengeance from last year’s sorry defeat! I think my role in the team this year is to share my experiences with the younger guys and to lead them with integrity. After all, I’m the SECOND eldest player in the team (Not the eldest – Yuri is! Hehe!). Just looking at this team and realizing its potential gets me really excited for the upcoming season! I know a lot of people are writing our team off this year, and that’s fine with us. It’s kinda like the Spurs every year. They rarely are the so-called “favorites” to win the championship at the beginning of the season, but come playoff time, they show up every game! (BUT I do hope they lose to New Orleans for
beating my Steve Nash’s Phoenix Suns!!) Sports analysts have ranked our team 5th and 6th in the last two seasons because of the loss of key players, but we still managed to finish in 2nd and 3rd. I really do feel that this year will be our year to bring the UAAP championship back to Ateneo!

I got into Ateneo the year after the school won the 2002 UAAP Championship. We’ve come SO close each year only to come up short. This year, I would be most fulfilled knowing that I brought glory back to my university by playing HARD, SMART, and FAIR

Also, taking from the advice of those people who’ve been in my place before, I know that the corporate world can wait. I have the rest of my life to do that, while I can only play basketball for so long. Besides, college basketball is the most fun of all ☺, according to those who have gone ahead of me to the PROs.

Anyway, while waiting for the next season, I have to stay productive! I am actually really particular about making the most of my time and being very productive. I didn’t want to waste time so I decided to enroll again and take classes that I find useful and interesting. Right now, I’m taking Applied Math and Finance as my 2nd major. I became interested in Investment Banking because of my internship at Credit
Suisse during the summer of 2006, under the supervision of one of the industry’s “greats”! But now I'm sort of thinking twice about getting into investment banking because of the volatility and weakness of the whole global financial system—as seen through the financial crisis in the US! And also, because of the many other options being opened to me.

For now, I'm actually taking a lot of Chinese classes in Ateneo because I'm serious about brushing up on my Chinese. In fact, I’m thinking about studying in China for a while after the season. To help me improve my Mandarin, I listen to Chinese music day and night, at home and in my car – to the horror of my brother Charles who shares a room with me. (I'm a huge fan of Jay Chou!) Oh, and even in the karaoke I love singing his songs! =)

Well, this has been a pretty long entry already! So, that's it for now. Time to rest for another long day tomorrow!


diane said...

hello chris. nice entry. :)
i hope and pray for the team to bring back the crown in the next season of UAAP. we will always believe in all of you.
Good luck to the Blue Eagles.

eynah said...

hello chris..
well,i'm so happy that you have your official blog now..

sana magpost ka constantly para updated kami sa mga pangyayari sa buhay mo..hehe..=)

so pano..goodluck for the upcoming uaap season..goodluck sa studies.. goodluck sa hosting career..goodluck sa business..GOODLUCK sa lahat..

we hope to hear more and more from you..(LaLo na ang mga words of wisdom..hehe)


Ralph said...

hehe, seems that im the third one to leave comment, and in China they called the first one who reply "sitting on the sofa", the second one "sitting on the chair" and im the third, so "sitting on the floor":)
definitely it's a really good place for me to know more about you and the team:)

barbie grace said...

Hi Chris! Glad that you've created your own blog!

I'm glad to hear that you've decided to stay with the eagles for one more year! I hope you guys do well this season! I do pray that you guys bring the UAAP championship back to ateneo!

Continue to be an inspiration to the youth! You're doing a good job balancing all your interests and we pray for your success!

God bless you and your family!


Leanne said...

Nin hao! =) 'hope you're doing great. Its good to know that you really want to be fluent in Mandarin. A really big help for you in the business world and of course you're a Chinese.

Natutuwa ako sa'yo dahil marami ka nai-inspire na tao especially the youth. To be honest, isa ako sa mga yun. As I get to know more about you (sa mga nababasa ko sa internet) mas nai-inspire ako na magkaroon ng well-balanced life and thinking about long term goals in life. I hope ma-share/or ma-post mo din dito ang mga “principles in life” mo.

By the way, try this book 視聽華語. It might help you studying Mandarin. This book usually use by Mandarin language schools here in Taiwan.

Wang Leehom and David Tao are also good artists. Try to listen to their songs too. The three of them are really great! The three kings of Chinese pop music. ^_~ Sa babae, I think si A-Mei.

Anyway, good luck to you and God bless you always.

Happy weekend! =)

oda said...

hi chris!
ang cute ng first entry mo.
kagaya ng mga nauna mo ng comment ,
sana makuha niyo ulet ang championship.good luck sa team niyo!keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

my chinese teacher told me that jay chou doesn't pronounce chinese words well when he sings. hahaha. listen to wilber pan too, he's cool. :)

jonessa said...

hey chris! finally, we could hear directly from's so nice to read about your thoughts...thanks to the people who really bugged you in doing it...hehe...

hope you could bring back the championship to Ateneo...perfect gift for your final year!

Anonymous said...

I watched one of the Ateneo-La Salle match last year when I was in Manila and I was really hoping that you guys would win the championship! Most of my family are from La Salle and so I was the only one cheering for Ateneo! I really wish I can go home this year because I want to see you play, but my first priority is to study! I didn't even know who you were at first, then I started to search the net for UAAP news and saw your pic. Apparently you're also doing a show in GMA? Well I hope you come visit London! Maybe you can study here? Hehe. Well take care and good luck with everything!

- K. Lim

rhostle said...

"(BUT I do hope they lose to New Orleans for
beating my Steve Nash’s Phoenix Suns!!)"

i hope so too!! haha ;)

jakedeleonramirez said...

Good luck!!! Nice first entry..

jakedeleonramirez said...

Good luck!! Yes, the prospects of Ateneo making it this year is dim, a dark horse really, but prayers, perseverance and hard work, those are really powerful.

Make it happen!!! One big fight!!!!

karlandrew said...

hi chris, its refreshing to read your blog... we'll support your final season in UAAP

Anonymous said...

gawd, you're a fan of jay chou too?!?...
haha..anyway, nice entry mr. chris..
goodluck to you & more power :))

Anonymous said...

since when are you studying Mandarin?
hope you'll reply.

zai jian.

ainan said...

hello, chris! it's good that your trying to reached out with all your fans, admirers, loyalist around the country & even the world. Your thoughts are very uplifting & inspiring..Keep on doing what you we're enjoying right now. Be grounded always & keep us posted.

joyce said...

Hi po Kuya! :)

We're all expecting great things from the Ateneo this year. I wish you well.. :)

chris said...

I started studying chinese at the age of 7 when I was still in Xavier. I never really took it seriously until now that i realize its importance. =)

Anonymous said...

hey chris! good luck this coming season 71. please bring back the trophy to st ignatius. i know you guys can do it.

mynameisyanie said...

hi mr. chris tiu..
that was a nice entry..
anyways, we're looking forward for the next season of the UAAP..
can't wait to see you all guys beat the other teams and win the championship..
i'm a fan of yours :))
and i was amazed to know that your a big fan of jay chou..haha!
now i know...

more power to you player 17 and to the blue eagle team as well..
god bless you,tc :))


dhe_17 said...

wow, you have your own blog na, goodluck for the upcoming uaap.

one big fight.

Anonymous said...

chris, try to listen to "yue liang dai biao wo de xin" by teresa teng. i love that song. i play it all the time on the piano. the teresa teng version is the best. its obviously chinese. my tita knows you. hard to explain.:D

k-ann said...

wow! it's good to know you finally have a blog... fans like myself have been waiting to hear from you! haha. well i'd say your blog is simply wonderful! i like your insights about basketball, school, jay chou (i adore him!) and other stuff... what more can i say? i'm hooked! :D

Anonymous said...

Watching Chinese cartoons or shows may help. I know of someone who learned how to speak Mandarin by watching Chinese cartoons. Why not study in Taiwan instead of China? I think it would be easier to adapt to the culture in Taiwan.

Anonymous said...

ola chris,
i am glad that you've decided to make your own blog.

And it is nice to hear that you will still be going to play this season... (can't wait!)

But you know chris, even if you were not the champions for the past seasons atleast blue eagles made UAAP exciting by giving all your best in every game. but i will still pray that this season will be your year... actually BLUE EAGLES year! LOL!
Good luck!^_^

cheska said...


i lalalaLOVE reading your blogs. the way you express yourself is really amazingly commendable. well, talk about a smart, hard court heartthrob.ü i really love watching your games!(even the replays on studio23) hehe. so i am so glad that you've finally decided to play next season. how i wish i could watch one of your games live. but i guess i can't. my parents are strict, i doubt that they would allow me to go.=P goodluck to the Ateneo Blue Eagles..goodluck to you, chris. i know you make a very good team captain for the team. keep inspiring people with your perspectives in life the way you inspired me. You insprired me a lot, helped me strive for my dreams , keep my feet on the ground and share whatever i have with others. Godbless you.ü

simplytoogood17 said...

hey chris!!! wonderful entry... at first i can't believe... but later on i realized why not?? i mean it might a way to reach ur fans (like me) i was sad when i heard this is going to be ur last season in UAAP...

but i wish u luck with your upcoming games not just in UAAP but also your other games.... we hope you'll always update ur blog

we'll always pray for your success not only for you but also for the entire team

mary joyce g. said...

Hello Kuya Chris!

Nice one at Pinoy Records..


toshi123 said...

Hi Chris! It's so nice to read your blog entries. Hope you have a Multiply account so fans can access it. It works like a webpage as well hehehehe =)

chris said...

I'm still trying to master how multiply works. I don't have any friendster, facebook, etc.

Yes, it's my last playing year in Ateneo. I think it's about time I finish playing college basketball! It would be great to exit with a Championship! We'll really want it and work for it, I guess the rest depends on his plan for us.

chris said...

I also listen to Wang Li Hong and David Tao's songs but I don't know very many of their songs unlike Jay's songs! I have almost all his albums including concerts and movies like the Curse of the Golden Flower, Kung Fu Dunk and the Secret. haha! Talk about being a fan!

I like the "Yueliang Daibiao Wo de Xin" remix version of David Tao better than Teresa Tang's, too old for me! hehe try looking for that version! I'm sure you'll enjoy it too!

chris said...

Would appreciate it if any Chinese music fans out there can suggest to me Chinese albums (especially David Tao's albums) that I can purchase while I am in L.A. right now because it's almost impossible to find them in Manila. Thanks!

Leanne said...

Hi Chris,

Its cool to know that you also listen to their songs. :) My favorite song of Jay is "七里香". And yes, it's hard to find Chinese albums in Manila. The "Yueliang Daibiao Wo de Xin (月亮代表誰的心)" remix version of David Tao is included in the albums listed below. I also love this song. Whether Teresa Teng or David Tao's version.Simply the best!

By the way, try to find these albums (recommended):

David Tao - Soul Power Live or Power of Live (Collection), Ultrasound 1997 ~ 2003
Wang Li Hong - Revolution (Collection), Shangri-La, Heroes of Earth Live Concert (Deluxe Edition), Change Me (改變自己)
Chang Amei - The Power of Love 1996 ~ 2006 (Greatest Hits)
Forever Love - 34 Best Mandarin Hits (2CD)

If in case you need some help to find some references (books or CD/audio), I'm just right here to assist you.

Have a wonderful day! :)

Love, Peace and Music,

Leanne of Taipei

kristine said...

wow... i never expected you will own an account in are really amazing. you can still manage to make and update a blog despite your very hectic schedules. how i wish i'm like you...let us just say "time management" is not in my vocabulary.haha!

how can you balance your acads,basketball, media career and other stuff? i mean it's really hard to handle acads alone, how much more if you have these basketball games and all the pressure from people around you...

i should say you are so blessed. i guess you are born to be an achiever and an inspiration to many people.

God bless...and be happy!:)

Anonymous said...

don't you think multiply is too public since people can tarce IP addresses there. i mean, they'll know where you live unlike bloga which are directed to the blogspot itself address

Leanne said...

Hi Chris,

Correction pala sa isang album ni Leehom. It's Evolution(Greatest Hits from 1995 ~ 2002) and not Revolution. Pasensya na, iba nasa mind ko.不好意思:D

Have a great weekend!

Love, Peace and Music,

Leanne of Taipei

Karyll said...

Hey, Chris.! I just started being a blogger so it's soooo good to know that you also have yer own.! I am a VERY BIG fan of Ateneo even if they say that I don't have the rights since I am taking up a degree at CEU. Hahaha. ;)

I love everyone.! Yer one of my most fave players because of yer cold blooded threes.! I also love JC Intal's pulse quickening dunks and of course LA Tenorio's neck breaking assists. I told you I am a big fan. Hahaha.

If you're going to put a list of your fellow bloggers in yer blog, please indicate my site. I'll be glad to put you on my list too. More power, Chris.! Go, Ateneo.! Godbless. ;))

chris said...

Hey leanne, I really appreciate those recommendations. Will keep those in mind when I'm able to go to a music store here. Why are you in Taiwan?

Karyll, fans coming from any school are very much appreciated, even if you're from La Salle! hehe :)

Leanne said...

Good day Chris,

'Hope you could able to find those albums in LA. They're worth to listen and have them for collection.

I'm currently residing and working here. I also started studying chinese at the age of 7 in Tarlac. I never took it seriously. I realized the importance of it just when I’m about to finish college. I decided to study Mandarin here at NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University – Mandarin Training Center). Their curriculum is good. I would say, they're one of the best mandarin language schools here in Taiwan.

You really plan to study in China? I suggest, try to consider studying here in Taiwan. Living here is very convenient and near in Manila. Just for about 1 hour and 45 minutes. :) A lot of foreigners are coming here to study Mandarin.

加 油! :)

Love, Peace and Music,

Leanne of Taipei

jackie said...

Hello Chris! Since you're now hooked to Chinese songs, here are some albums that I would recommend...
- Wilber Pan 潘瑋柏 - 玩酷 (one of the tracks there 完美故事 is nice)
- JJ Lin 林俊傑 - 編號89757 (one of the tracks there 木乃伊 is really unique)
- 林俊傑 - 樂行者
- 林俊傑 - 第二天堂
- Wang Lee Hong 王力宏 - 心中的日月
- 王力宏 - 改變自己
- Jasmine Leong/Fish Leong 梁靜茹 - 勇氣
- You can also try the albums of S.H.E.

Oh and regarding finding Chinese albums in Manila... you should try searching in Binondo.

Hope this helps =)


thryn09 said...

i also like jay chou's songs.
david tao's songs are great, it's super recommended. jolin tsai's songs are also good, but. . it's kinda girly:)

anyways, goodluck for the eagles this coming season. though i'm not from admu (but it's one of my choices for college), i'll support ateneo, haha! one big fight!

Anonymous said...

i've been looking for an authentic chris-tiu account for ages!! atlast i've found the one! God Bless you Chris! more power! hope ateneo bags the championship next season!

Karyll said...

I think I have to listen to chinese songs from now on if I want to cope up with the topic in yer page, dearest. Hahaha. I have my Multiply account.! If you're going to make one, please add me as a contact.! Excited much..

I really hope that yer team will get the championship back to Ateneo. I still can't forget on how JC Intal cried because of losing.. Vengeance.! Hahaha. Goodluck.! Hey, are we going to see you play at PBA just like the others.? ;)

lea said...

hei chris...

i just want to ask if you'll pursuing also a basketball career in pbl or pba (if in case, after your final year in ateneo?)..
well, i know that you played for team philippines (?).. and i'm just wondering what would happen after that?.. you know, as a fan of yours, and other good players of uaap, it would be nice if we could keep in track of you guys after you graduate.. though we know that some players ought to choose a different path of their own..

tnx.. =)

queenzel said...

hi chris...
lapit na uli uaap! goodluck po!
one big fight

queenzel said...

hello chris gudluck din po pla s june 7 laban niyo s dlsu!pwede po phingi ng free ticket?hehe

bday gift mo na po skin!tnx

mary grace said...

Hey Chris! Know what, I also love the song Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin (is it The Moon Represent My Heart?) but it's by Kim Chiu of PBB..hehehe (quite local but it's really a good song).
I hope your team will win on the next season of UAAP (malapit na yun)
Goodluck captain!

Anonymous said...

hi chris! its nice to see ur billboard in nlex ha..u look different..ur hot..good job..gudluck! one big lassy..

Lea said...

hei chris..
really would appreciate a reply from you about my question..
tnx.. =)

mary grace said...

ay no... The Moon Represents My Heart pala (kulang ng "s")

lianne said...

hello! nice!=)=)=)

I hope you can post more updates. Goodluct to all. It's my pleasure that I found already your blog. Have a nice day!



Anonymous said...

Good day mr. Chris TIU!
i've heard that you will be playing for the harbour centre team in the PBL..
i hope this is true..
because i cant wait to see you play again..
good luck to your career!
..wishing u ol da best!

Nassef M. Adiong said...


I'm a fan of your exigent talents in sports and academics, though in UAAP I support UE Warriors, I personally adore your wittiness. I actually added all friendster accounts attributed to your name in my personal account. Consequently, I linked your blog in one of my visited cool sites, you may check it out at Thanks for reading this, stay healthy and may Gob bless you as always.

NB. I found your blog in a Pinoyexchange's thread dedicated to you, I seldom posts there due to circumstantial conflict of interest i.e. I'm a member of the UE Red Tribe.


sam paras said...

hi chris!!!

i cannot wait to see you playing again... i beleive in you!!!

keep up the good works!!!
more power to the team...


erika said...

i really like you.. your so cute and ang gling pa magbasketball just like kuya arwind....hehe pero mas cute ka sa kanya e..haha.... hope to know you po....

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your life with us.. We do hope that you'll always update us whats up. Good luck,

aiko said...

hi chris..
i'm extremely thrilled that finally u had decided to share your thoughts to people dat supports u..:) swear!!:)

hope dat dis upcoming uaap season would be a fruitful one.. Animo Ateneo.. GO CHRIS! Go Captain! Go MVP! hehe

God bless u and ur family...:)

mayi said...

You can try MEI AH cd/dvd store in Binondo (near Eng Bee Tin?) and/or try for new Chinese releases. Have you listened to Mayday (Wu Yue Tian/五月天) (from Taiwan too) songs? They have nice rock-ish ones. Try Yong Bao and Wen Rou for sample.

I've watched Jay Chou live in his concert in Hong Kong Coliseum last December 2007 and it was soooo great. I haven't listen to his songs that much until I watched him. And he has lots of fan boys like you so don't worry. They even go with their girlfriends and family members. It's like a family event. He stage concerts once every 3 years only so you better watch the next one in 2010! :)

Anonymous said...

just saw your blog today.. i find it fun to read. it's interesting and full of nice insights.. right now, i'm watching you guys play against La Salle.. hope you win..
i was just going to read the entries but I could not help myself from commenting because you said that you're a fan of Jay. i think he has a new series coming up (or ongoing -- Hotshots).. Kung Fu Dunk was kinda corny but Jay was cute in it =)

luna said...

My friend sent me your blog's link so I read it in one go. It's quite interesting to have a glimpse of your thoughts. I'm a huge Ateneo Basketball fan even if I'm from UP (my sister and friends are from admu so it's ok >_<) I remember your rookie years and how you progressed. You've really improved a lot and I'm happy to see you being a great leader and a good influence not just to the team but to ateneo supporters as well.

and btw...good choice on not persuing investment banking. I'm working now for an investemnt bank and's one tough career choice.

good luck this season and i'll be seeing you in court (as an audience of course ^_^)

lara said...

For what reason are you studying or mastering Mandarin?

You have 2 siblings? I only knew Charles.

mars said...

I never knew Jay Chou's songs are pop like. I actually like Michael Wong's Tong Hua. We sang it in our Chinese class last year.

Anonymous said...

i was surprise that you are a fan of jay chou!
love his song secret! have a great day chris!

marciana said...

hi chris!
the last part of the blog was hilarious, im still laughing right now. when you said you listen to chinese music i thought it was the old school chinese music. i guess i just didn't expect it. really hilarious.
and by the way, i die every time i see you in school! haha. id appreciate if you wouldn't post this. i just felt sharing my thoughts and sort of 'talk' to you
God bless!

tasha said...

i looove jay chou too! can you sing 聼媽媽的話? :) oh and try redbox (if you haven't), they have the largest (and newest) collection of chinese songs. plus they use the real videos! super fun!!
i'm always there with my chinese-singing friends!

jane said...

hi there Chris, read ur first blog in terms of learning Chinese in China.. Best one is Tsing Hua University in Beijing, China :) Its a good thing that u put an importance in mandarin. Right now its kinda an edge to learn how to speak "bu tong hua" or else ul be left behind to this real world :) God Bless.. :)

hallyugy said...

some interesting sites.... just wanted to share ^^, (i have a hard bound copy of this book)

Anonymous said...

yeah jay chou rocks!! when i was in beijing and i didn't want to be left out sa karaoke, i'd actually spend the day before visiting karaoke practicing how to sing jay chou songs. :) 我会唱他的“彩虹”,“开不了口”,”回到过去” (你的电脑能看得出汉字吗?)anyway, if you want another auditory resource to learn chinese, you should consider downloading some podcasts from chinesepod ( they have a large variety of lessons available from basic, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced, and they cover all sorts of topics. that's how i was able to update my vocabulary before going to beijing since the only chinese they taught us in high school was literary mandarin. 但是去银行开账户的时候也不能用孔子的论语来跟银行的服务员讲话吧,哈哈。it was actually free to download the podcasts til september 1, 2008 (they were free for a really long time) but now, i think they charge na even for just downloading the podcasts. the basic podcasts are still available for free, i think, but they're a bit too basic for me (and prolly for you too, since you went to xavier and are taking advanced chinese language lessons in ateneo). well, that's it, happy mandarin learning! -allan

宝茹 said...

Hi, I'm not really a UAAP fan. But I saw the article in 2bU just today, and I was really curious about all this hype about you. So here I am looking over your blog. :P

First reaction--all about basketball~~ weh~~ hehehehehehehe and so pink. :P

Anyway, I think Jay Chou is so overrated. I have a friend who thinks he's like a little kid only. [I guess because he looks like one. :P]

Try watching Taiwanese drama if you want. Those are really good but mostly about love stories [if you're interested]. :P

Read the other comments...yue liang dai biao wo de xin?! Hehehehehe. :P

Taiwanese drama--believe me...they're good.

marisse said...

'love jay chou's listen to your mom's words (ting mama de hua) too...
you do inspire a lot of kids..=D keep up the good work.. =D

lmarisse said...

'love jay chou's listen to your mom's words (ting mama de hua) too...
you do inspire a lot of kids..=D keep up the good work.. =D

sarah said...

Hi's my first time to see your very first blog entry!haha..even though i've already been reading your recent entries!ahmmm..i heard from my friends that your course is management?!haha..goodluck to you..

PS::i have a question to ask..if you don't mind!'s about college life. I'm already in 3rd yr hs i'm thinking about the course that i would take..It's either management..major in accountancy or accountancy!would you please tell me more about management?!if you don't mind AGAIN!:)) thanks..

you inspire, i aspire. said...

Hi Chris. :)
It's so cool to be reading YOUR blogs. :))
I found out about this just weeks ago. :))
and i just can't stop reading them.
I just want to say...
1). you DO inspire lots of people! *like me!*
2). you WILL win the championship this year. GO ATENEO!
3). you and the rest of the Blue Eagles DOMINATED the whole game (ADMU vs DLSU 2)
4). i HOPE to see you and the rest of the Blue Eagles battle it out with DLSU again!
5). I'm seriously sad that it's your last year. But i know you'll have so much more ahead of you!!
6). YOU ROCK!!!!!!
7). Thanks for your wonderful blogs. I LOVE EM'! and i do learn a lot from them. I actually reflect on myself before i go to bed now. :))
8). Rock ON!
9). It would mean the world to me if you could reply back!

-you inspire, I aspire.-

jazzii said...

I can't imagine Chris Tiu listening to Jay Chou. Haha!

Keep it up! :]

nikki said...

oh my god, i'm a a fan of yours.. you're so cute. When I was 12 years old pa lang, idol na kita, now 14 na ako and MAY 10 mo talaga pinost tong first entry mo..

8-17 said...

Will you watch a beauty pageant in our school?
It's the most prestigious pageant in our school that will be held at the last Friday of September.

If I'm not mistaken, you were one of the judges at the Bb. Pilipinas a couple of years ago, right?

So i thought, it would be nice if you'd watch or be one of the judges.

FYI, i am also a candidate. So I'm hoping for your kind reply. :D

*I think there's no harm in trying to convince you, right? :))

VinVin said...

uhmmm...excuse me...i hope you don't mind me this really chris tiu? *blushes* is this really your blog site? *blushes* (^_^)

thank you (^_^) and goodluck with game 2 (^_^)

deanne said...

cool to know you are a jay chou fan. Amazing talent that guy has! his new cd is coming out next month!

God bless all your endeavors!

Anonymous said...

God bless on game 2 and hopefully that would be the last game for the season!! :) Go Ateneo!!!

And yes, Jay Chou rocks!!!

d.d said...

waaahhh!!! i love that song of jay chou that you posted!!! wow you beat me in having his all albums!!!! ive only got few!!!im sure youve watch initial d, thats my favorite and kung fu dunk, im still trying to look for the secret, and oh, boy!!! its hard to find an original copy!!! and until now, i havent watch it yet...poor me!!!wink.....:)

Kai said...

wow, much to my surprise, you like Jay Chou too? I love his Qi Li Xiang (Orange Jasmine) song, and Ting Mama De Hua..

-from Cebu.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I love Jay Chou. I listen to a lot of Chinese songs even though I don't understand most of the lyrics.

:) Congrats to winning the UAAP Championship. You did all well.


Crizzy said...

hi chris... i just want to ask... what's your favorite song?

Anonymous said...

woah, you're a jay chou freak!!:D i used to really really like him.. and then of course i graduated high school and my mandarin deteriorated. haha. anyway, i think that's pretty crazy but really nice actually-- it's not everyday that you'd meet a guy who'd admit he likes chinese music.

by the way, CONGRATULATIONS! i am from dlsu, but i think you guys really deserved to win (really, you did! -err.. good thing i'm posting anonymously! haha) but i really mean that :p

anyway, good luck in everything. i just wanna say i really admire you for simply being a nice person. :D yep, that's about it. kudos, chris tiu.

joncyean17 (.^-^.) said...

we're quite same, i'm not a natural extrovert as you. (^-^)v
hsie hsie kuya CJ god bless!
hope you'll have time to answer my mail to you. hsie hsie

joncyean17 (.^-^.) said...


Good day kuya CJ! First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you and the entire Ateneo Blue Eagles tam for a job well done in the 71st season of UAAP. Finally, after six years of patience and hard work, you guys are crowned as champions! Each of you deserves it for real. King eagle and the rest of the other high-flying did a great and astonishing performance for His greater Glory! Congratulations! Kudos! AMDG! (.^-^.) haha! I’m an avid enthusiast of the blue eagles since I was in high school way back 2003. I’m very much overwhelmed of what you guys did last Thursday. I even bursted into tears in the remaining one minute of that breath taking game. I was watching you guys on TV as you did everything you could to win. I was holding my rosary and I can’t stop myself from crying when you finally reached your goal and won the championships. I was overjoyed when I saw you kissing the championship trophy. “..At last! Thank God! A million thanks to Him!”, I uttered. I was crying my heart out that night. That was one of my happiest moments ever. I salute you and the entire team! (.^-^.) KUDOS!

I’m Joyce Ann D. Bokingkito, 20 years old. Currently I’m living at Calamba, Laguna to together with my parents and a younger sibling. I’m a fourth year BS Nursing student at Calamba Doctors’ College. I’m terribly sorry for disturbing you kuya CJ.sorry for sending you a mail instead of a comment in your blog. I sent you this mail because I badly need help for my studies right now. What I’m trying to say is I’m in need of a sponsor for me to be able to finish my course. I’m almost there, I just need to finish one more semester and hopefully I’ll graduate this coming March 2009 and take the licensure exams on June. I belong to poor and simple family. Each of us is having a real tough time; most specially my parents who are the only ones supporting all our needs in our studies and all. At the very first place, they told us that they can’t really afford to send us to college; but they’re doing their very best and giving all they could, and thanks to God and His graces we’re till surviving. We all work hard since before to continue struggling in our everyday living. Our family is drowning in financial debts because of my studies we have maximized all the resources we could but still it won’t be enough to suffice all the demands of my education. I’m afraid I cannot enroll this coming second semester of my fourth year unless I’ll find a sponsor. So now, I’m trying to seek help. Please help me; I’m almost there, one more remaining step to graduate. I don’t want to stop now because I know I’ll regret it. I don’t want to waste time as well as all the efforts for the entire three and a half years. So If I may ask, would you please help me sir? Would you please give me a chance to and finish my course and become a professional nurse someday? Please sir?? I swear I would not ever waste a single aid, all the help you’ll give to me. I’m ready and willing to do everything I could to get a sponsorship from you and finish my studies. I’ll try to give my very best and work even harder, just help me finish the remaining semester, please??? I beg of you. Even this is not the course I really wanted, I still wish and I really have to finish my course for all the sacrifices and effort given to it. I know this won’t be easy, but I still hope and pray that you’ll take some of your precious time to help me. “tatanawin ko po na isang malaking utang na loob to sa iyo at sa iyong pamilya.” I’m terribly sorry for disturbing you and taking your time kuya CJ. I’m just really in need of help right now at this moment. I assure you kuya CJ that I would not waste the chance you’ll give me and that every single thing would be highly appreciated and valued. Thank you very much and God bless! I give all my grati-TIU-de to you and your family; To Sir Jerry, Ma’am Lianne, and (kuya) Charles as well. More power and take good care! Again, congrats! I’m very overjoyed that you’re happy.. (.^-^.)
I have included some information about me,thanks! Hope to see you on hard court again playing basketball. One more thing, kindly contact me in this # 09212405859, regarding this letter and your answer. Hsie Hsie! ^_^ Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!

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Educational background:
College: calamba doctors’ college
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ID #: 05-01-0155
High school: mary help of christians school, canlubang

Jamie said...

Hahahaha nakakatuwa naman na nakikinig ka kay Jay Chou. I don't know his music but I've learned about him through people.

Some people think it's weird that I took Mandarin as a free elective kahit na nagJapanese na ako nung first year. Ang hirap-hirap ng Mandarin lalo na yung tones. Hehe Yadianyao (sp?) pala Ateneo? Maidanglao ang McDo at Kuailefeng ang Jollibee. Hehehe. May isa akong favorite na Chinese song, Tuo Diao by Alex To. Ang weird nga lang ng music video kasi nagtatanggalan sila ng damit, pero di daw bastos yung kanta.

I think you should look back on this first entry you made. Marami kang sinulat about what you want to be and it's very interesting. Now that the UAAP basketball season is over (congrats pala! heheh), baka mas tricky para sa 'yo ang magdecide kung ano'ng gusto mong gawin. Sulitin mo na rin yung stay mo sa school. :P

Anonymous said...

hi!i like jay chou too! try to listen to "yi liu xiang bei". its a nice song. :) david tao has nice songs too, like tong hua :D

i'm studying mandarin too! and i really have a good (strict) teacher, josefina tiu. she teaches in ua&p. ask your mandarin teacher if he knows her :)

kk. said...

Hi there!
Jay Chou has a new album, Capricorn..

- from Cebu

miyaka said...

hi cris tiu sana pag nag-mall tour k isa sa mga mall n puntahan eh ung sm fairview bec. my classmate is your no. fan and she want to saw you not only on t.v but in person .
hope you can visit us here in sm fairview
nga pala pinapasabi niya i love you dw
un lng tnx 4 being a good role model us .
un lng tnx!

wait said...

Nice to be here : )