Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Boston Vs Cleveland - An Epic Battle

The game 7 of the Celtics – Cavs series was one of the most spectacular performances I’ve seen between two superstars facing off. It was like an epic battle between Hector and Achilles fighting for their respective squads. Lebron James finished with 45 points despite falling short as the final buzzer sounded. Although he had some major lapses by not boxing out Pierce in the final jumpball which caused them to lose a crucial possession and by missing a crucial freethrow which could have cut the lead of the Celtics to 3 in the dying seconds, he did everything humanly possible for his team to advance to the conference finals despite trailing almost the entire game. He had to find ways to score points by himself while 3 defenders were surrounding him. He had to create and make plays for his teammates who couldn’t knock down shots but he didn’t get frustrated and continued to trust them. He rebounded the ball when it mattered the most. But most of all, he even had the daunting task of defending Paul Pierce on-ball and coming off screens who was having one of his best games in his career. He came up with big time defensive stops including a steal that led to a breakaway dunk, which cut the lead of Boston to 1 with around 2 minutes left in the game. Oh, and he did all these while only resting for 1 minute and 12 seconds on the bench. I’ve never seen any player as conditioned as that! Despite shooting the ball poorly throughout the series, he confidently buried two clutch three-pointers that kept them in the game. Truly the sign of a winner!!

Paul Pierce also proved to be a winner by producing 41 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists in their 2nd game 7 in this year’s playoffs. Finishing with the NBA’s best record during the eliminations, the Boston Celtics are highly favored to clinch the Eastern Conference title especially since Pierce is being backed up by superstars like Garnett and Allen (who hasn’t been playing like one). This adds to the pressure for Boston, especially coming into a game 7 at the Boston Garden, their very home floor which hosts one of the NBAs all-time greatest franchise. But Pierce proved to be reliable all throughout the game not just by scoring, but also creating for his teammates when the help defense comes. The only difference between Pierce and Lebron is the fact that Pierce had veterans who know how to handle playoff pressure. And it was in fact an unlikely hero named PJ Brown, who has been in the league for 14 years and will be turning 39 years old this year, who provided the support that Pierce needed to hurdle his nemesis. Brown grabbed timely rebounds and scored 10 pts despite averaging only 2.6 pts per game including the game winner for me when he knocked down the elbow jumper with 1:20 remaining in the game. That extended Boston’s lead to 5 points.

As the final buzzer sounded, King James walked straight out of the playing court into the locker room without any contact from his teammates, coaches, nor his opponents. I won’t be surprised if he asks for more reinforcements for the next NBA season. Kobe went through the same banana after losing Shaq, and look at the Lakers right now! If you almost forgot, Lebron is only 23 years old, just a few months older than I am and he definitely will have many more shots at that ring. In his post game interview, I quote him saying “I always want to win. I’m not disappointed at my teammates nor the coaching staff. I’m just disappointed that the season is over”. His maturity makes us forget how old he really is. But at the end of the day, no matter how ‘superheroic’ his performance was, it just goes to show that 1 vs 5 will never prevail.


Hxi Jin said...

"As the final buzzer sounded, King James walked straight out of the playing court into the locker room without any contact from his teammates, coaches, nor his opponents."

-Win or lose next season, I pray to God the King Eagle won't do this. (Though he has that tendency to not look at fans and opposing crowd after he has won a game--especially if he lost one:D)

We miss you! Enjoy Los Angeles! :) Write more entries! :)

Anonymous said...

we look up to you the way you look up to your heroes... you'll do great this season, the team will do great this season! you guys are our heroes! this year will be Ateneo's year. make us proud! GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

hello Mr. TIUperman... see by ur name itself hero na... whatever happens we'll always be by your side and ateneo's side....we'll cheer as loud as we could.. until we ran out of voice.... we'll always pray for the team's success....


Jamaica said...

Yep, i agree with you!

Too bad clevelend cavaliers lost

ainan said...

Hi! Mr. Christopher John Alandy-dy Tiu, it's nice to read that you're really enjoying the craft your into now, so you're really love basketball then?! because correct me if I'm wrong you started playing since seven-year old?! Its good that you & Manny Pacquiao will be on the same stage together, so the fuss that you two aren't in good terms are purely rumors then. We're glad that you continuosly posting us thru this blog, but hopefully you write about something about you we ordinary fan didn't know.:)
"KUDOS" for you Mr. Tiu. Break a leg this season enjoy your training, continuosly enriched your craft. :)

jonessa said...

wasn't able to watch that game, but i think there's no need for me to look for that since you game a very detailed and dramatic summary on it...hehe! i just hope the Blue Eagles won't suffer the same fate -- playing with heart and skill, only to be beaten at the final seconds.i always cry every time the Eagles lose a crucial game.

(I'm a Kobe fan, by the way...so i was following a different series --hihi--...tough one ahead vs Spurs...)

Anonymous said...

hi chris..

wow! that's a very informative entry especially for those who wasn't able to watch that game. (like me!)..

anyway, i'm looking forward for this uaap season.. hope you win the crown because you guys really deserve it.. Enjoy by the way you're stay here in L.A. even though you're main purpose is to practice here.. hehe.. and also i saw you guys but i became hesitant to approach you guys.. hope i could see you again..

take care of yourself.. =)

Anonymous said...

wow, what an informative detail by detail summary about the game.. (Boston deserves that win), well maybe, you're not just a good host, but also a future basketball commentator...

so good luck this upcoming season of UAAP.. hope you win that illustrious championship in your final year (that would the best way to end your season)..

by the way, i saw your picture in the frontpage of a newspaper.. (don't worry you didn't commited a crime.. it just used for the maiden issue of that newspaper named BASKETBOLISTA) hope that you would have a copy of that newspaper...

Anonymous said...

please give as glimpse of your personal life :)

chris said...

I didn't know I was in the cover of BASKETBOLISTA. How do I get hold of a copy of that? Thanks for letting me know!

About Manny Pacquiao and I, that's a funny rumor because we are not exactly that close so how can we be in bad terms? I'm not even sure if he knows that I play for Ateneo. haha!

Jonessa.. I'm a Kobe fan too! Used to dislike him a lot but he has transformed into a team player that's why I admire him now! I regret that i missed that first game vs the Spurs last night but i heard he was spectacular in the 2nd half.

chris said...

hxi jin, I believe that to look at the opposing crowd after a lost game is not exactly the best way to seek consolation and assurance, do you think? haha! I'll try to write more entries whenever I can!

eynah said...

Hi Chris!

nice entry.. Love it!

what's going on there in Los Angeles?

Hope to hear more and more from you..

Keep safe!=)

oda said...

sayang di ko napanuod yung game,but i heard medyo tight daw talaga yung score.

i watched the game of spurs and lakers.akala ko di makakahabol ang lakers(mapupurnada pa yata ang pusta ko!hehe!),buti na lang nakahabol sa final quarter.galing talaga ni kobe!(kahit di ako boto sa kanya for the mvp title.mas type ko si chris paul.).

nurse_jane said...

Hi Mr. Chris!
when will you coming back here in the philippines?
i really wanted to watch your game with la salle this coming june 7.
that would be my first time to watch you playing live..
pardon me, for i first saw you as an host and not a basketball player..
but since i saw you on TV...
i am now so much interested in your games..
i even watch even the replays...
please bring home tha bacon on june 7..
so that my first time would be super memorable ever...
can you promise a picture op with me on that day?
God bless Mr. TIU!..^o~

jonessa said...

wow! good to know you're a Kobe fan too. that guy is just unreal. im glad he finally won the MVP award. some people say he was a selfish player before and i always defended him, saying that there was no one trustworthy enough to receive the ball. (hehe!)

hopefully, you could be as good as him in the future, 'cause you have lots of potential...im kinda sad though 'cause i have a feeling you wont be playing basketball for long. but hey, there are lots of opportunities waiting for you..and i just wish nothing for you but the best. =)

dianne said...

A very interesting blog, it really shows your creativity and knowledge about the players and the game. :) I've been writing my own blogs and reading other blogs to acquire some inspiration to actually write a blog which is as appealing as this one, since I’m a big basketball fan too [and because I consider writing as a hobby]. Well, I hope to learn more from your compositions and thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...


ur a fan of Kobe! so, i guess you're also a fan of the Lakers...

well..i'm a fan of the San Antonio Spurs...and i really love the duncan-ginobili-parker trio!!!:)(as if you care..hehe)

i bet game 2 will be a very exciting game!!!

God bless you!
Gud luck sa mga games mo!!!

-carpe diem!-

ayra said...

I'm so glad that you're a Kobe fan too..hoping that they will win their games against san antonio so that they'll have the chance to grab the nba title this year.

-> as anonymous said, "we look up to you the way you look up to your heroes"..
as a team leader, we know that you will lead your team in achieving what you and the whole team really wanted...ending this year as UAAP CHAMPIONS..

ONE BIG FIGHT Mr. Chris Tiu!

(i already know the reason why my cousin was so proud of you..do you still remember ms.vangie aguirre? c",)

God Bless!

Liberty said...

Hello, Mr. Chris Tui! My apology with the way I call you. I'm a bit awkward to call you by your first name because definitely you don't know me. Anyways, I am Liberty, a fan of yours. You're such an admirable person. It seems like everything in you is so admirable. :) You undeniably fit to be called as Superman(my favorite superhero character since I was a kid)! I hope we could be friends. Actually, I am very excited upon learning that you have finally have your own blog where you can share events in your challenging life and about your own self - your thoughts, your emotions and the likes.

Goodluck on your team for the next season of the UAAP. You are one of the reason why I am so excited to watch it. I just hope I could watch one of your games live.

And I agree with you that Kobe Bryant have changed actually improved as a team player. Now, Kobe seems to understand the basics of basketball - as a game won by the team and not by a star! I am very happy with his improvement because I am also a Kobe fan. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!

By the way, I hope you don't mind me asking why did you choose # 7 as your jersey number. I'm just curious.

Take care always. Thanks for reading this!

God bless.


Jasmin said...

Hi Chris, I just want to ask you if you have a multiply account? I think this multiply account is fake: tiunami17.multiply.com

chris said...

Hi, well actually i do not have any accounts in multiply/facebook/friendster. This is actually my first time doing this so i hope you continue to support this site. Thank you always and God bless :)

Anonymous said...

What do you think of your monickers? Haha. Do you get a kick if they keep on calling you Tiunami or something?:) Kinda disturbing dont you think cos its a natural tragedy. :P

Anonymous said...

check gameface.ph, actually thats the website of the BASKETBOLISTA.. you would see you and casio are on the frontpagein the newspaper..

if don't have any copy of the BASKETBOLISTA, well i think i can give you my copy.. i already scanned page by page of the newspaper. actually i can't understand the issue about the ADMU lady eagles basketball team, they don't have any article about the team... well gudluck and Gbu...

ayra said...

san antonio just beat la lakers in Game3..='(
..hope they'll win in their next game...

->i've just watched pinoy records last saturday. you're really a good host. i admit that you're the only reason why i'm very excited to watch that show...hahaha.you're really cute! hayy..(kakakilig!) hehe..

opening of uaap dis season is getting near... again, good luck to you and your team.. i know that ateneo's team will make it to the finals and going to be the UAAP CHAMPIONS this season..

God bless!

Anonymous said...

am i reading a professional sports journalist's account or something? wanna consider writing for the sports section of our nation dailies,too? me thinks, others like me who can't relate with sports will gladly read such section if sports writers will write their account the way you did in this particular entry.
way to go, mr. tiu!

jasmin said...

Hello Chris, I heard a rumor that pinoy records is gonna end soon. Is it true? If it will end soon do you have a new show? And who is your local celeb crush?

Good luck to this upcoming uaap season! God bless too!

Pat said...

hiya, Can I help in making the layout for your blog? please please.^_^

Jeri Anne said...

Wow. I really like the way you compared the battle to a Hector and Achilles fight - my two heroes! ha ha..(Iliad's my favorite book EVER)

I've seen that game I think thrice or four times that day - haha. I was amazed at how passionate Lebron on that game well, he really does always) and how very determined Paul Pierce on the other hand. I am rooting for Boston and I am so glad that they won. I feel a bit sad for King James though, but I wish him good luck on the next season (just like I wish my UAAP team every season! - haha). I do hope that his team mates will step up and provide the necessary assistance that he needs. :)

Well, Mr. Tiu, I hope you can post something about the West and East Finals! I'll be looking forward to that. And good luck on your training abroad! (it hasn't finished yet during this time I'm writing this I suppose?)

God Bless! :)

pam bello said...

mr. tiu has a blog! hehehe just dropped by 'cause charles mentioned in his multiply that you made a blog of your own. hope you're doing all good! you guys train well. hehehe i miss going to moro already. see you around!

chris, id put your blog up in my links if its ok with you. :)

jericca said...

Haha can't really believe that you're actually replying to our comments. Thanks for being very accomodating and for sharing your thoughts with us.

By the way, incidentally, when my friend and I attended one of the school talks on modesty, the lecturer used you as an example by telling us that you mentioned in one of your interviews that you are actually more attracted to simple girls who dress modestly.

That's really interesting and consoling to know. Keep it up!

meg said...

chris! it's been a while since you last posted an entry. we can't wait for what you're gonna write next. i hope it's something personal... hahaha! how's the basketball camp? btw, what classes are you taking up this semester?

GOOD LUCK on your first game! i heard it's with dlsu. i bet it's gonna be a showdown... hahaha! make admu proud! :P

shai said...

hey chris,, nice entry,,, it's as if i watched the whole game already,, haha..

with kobe.. i think its that its just the people or most likely the commentators that made him look that good,, it's just that whatever he do seemed to be right,,when he passes the ball around and doesnt shoot that much for a game, they will call it an unselfish game,,if he does the shooting himself, he's the man or he's the playmaker for that game,,

see. but when other players do that, they will be called greedy or "buwakaw sa bola" as they say,,
hmmnn, i think that its just not fair,,
though i have nothing against him,, and to YOU of course, haha.
just expressing my thoughts,, haha..
hope you'll read this,,

chris said...

Hey Pam, of course you have the freedom to post my blog as a link. Hope you're doing great now that you're done with school! Keep in touch.

Pat, sure I'd appreciate your suggestions on the layout for this blog. Just e-mail it to ctiu17@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

wahaha! love the entry!!! really loves the 2nd and 3r paragraph!!

Have fun with you training there! It will really help for next season. Its just too bad that I wont be able to watch season 71 :( which is really really sad especially since I'm really looking forward to it.

but still... GOODLUCK!!!

miks said...

hi. i just watched you on tv awhile back. the show with manny pacquiao. :D it was really random.

i must say that my first impression of you was "wow, ang cute nya!".. i know its very typical as you have heard that from so many others before. but i can't find any other way of expressing my first thoughts about you.
i didn't really know who you were to be honest, but from researching your name, i'm impressed by what you have accomplished as a basketball star/and i suppose a great student as well. :)

well, i think i should stop here now. this is turning into a very long novel. :)

but before that, i was so thrilled to read that you're here in l.a
i live in l.a just 10 minutes away from universal studios. coincidence? i hope so. and i love to shop at the outlet stores in camarillo. i truly wish i had thought of going there! :( this weekend was a bit of a let down with its apocalyptic weather tho, wasn't it? :/
i really wish that i would bump into you at some point before you leave for the philippines. or rather i hope to see you there when i visit in june.

hope we can somehow keep in touch. :)

ruthcast said...

it feels so good to be able to watch that "epic battle" of celtics & cavs. pierce had done a gud job on that game. Kobe? i don't know but i don't really like him during the past seasons kasi parang wala syang masyadong tiwala sa mga team mates niya. but, lyk uv said, he has transformed into a team player now...well sana lang

hope u would also b a gud team player and be able to contribute to ur team & team mates for ur final season. wish u luck! :)

karlandrew said...

hi Chris... Welcome back to the Philippines... can't wait to watch the game on sunday

sam paras said...

hi chris!!! hows life? i am your number one fan here in calamba, laguna... i always watching your games live, even repeating it at youtube... before i am not watching basketball games for i use to concentrate my self watching just my fave sports (volleyball)but the time i saw you playing, your such as a good basketball player, very cool and i dont see you open your mouth for a trash talk in a game hahahahahaha... more power to your career, keep up the good works!!! love your team!!! ONE BIG FIGHT!!!

Xien Tiy said...


Such a great fight u had vs La Salle. i saw u playing and ur tactics caught my attention. ur not just a UAAP player but u deserve to be an international basketball player superstar. keep up the good work! i hope that ul be playing in all seasons.. =) ADDU will continue supporting you all hee in Mindanao!

Go Blue Eagles!