Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick update on Gilas at the FIBA Asia

Hello there,

The team arrived here in Wuhan close to midnight last night (Tuesday). It was an extremely long trip which got delayed further. From 4:30am at NAIA1, we finally got to our hotel rooms at 11pm. Connecting flight in Beijing got delayed. We spent almost 8 hours in the Beijing airport, which i used to finally write my blog below about the NBA experience. It felt like we traveled all the way to Europe when in fact, Wuhan is just an hour plane ride west of Shanghai. That wasn't it. We had to get up at 7am this morning for our 9am practice schedule. Anyway, we got to rest in the afternoon.

Team spirit is okay. We are all excited to play! We play UAE tomorrow (Thurs) then China on Friday, then Bahrain on Saturday. Games should be televised live in Manila through BTV & AKTV.

I'll try to keep you posted on any developments through this blog since twitter, FB and other social networking sites are blocked here in China.

Again, thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!!

Let's go Philippines!



P-chy (crazypeach) said...

Go Gilas!!!! The day you have all been waiting for is about to come! We know everything the team has experienced within the 3 years you were all together, win or lose, will help you in this tournament. We believe in Gilas! We'll be praying for the team to win and to be injury-free! Take care captain! God bless! :)

MYAngligaw said...

always proud.. GO Pilipinas!

cie said...

Lezgow gilas. bring that bacon home! Fight!!!
Praying for you guys for an injured-free games.
Play all out, all heart! :)

OfficialTIU Group said...

Just always keep the team spirit alive and burning it's a key for an excellent play... we are praying for less to zero injuries and no dirty plays by your opponents... we believe in you guys... the nation is praying and hoping... win or lose we are proud and forever will be of those efforts you gave in order to just be there... We will always be united in supporting and admiring you sir and the team... PROUD TO BE PINOY :)

vhiaparado said...

Grab the key to Olympics. Good luck team Pilipinas. :))

vhiaparado said...

Grab the key to Olympics! God bless team Pilipinas! Go, go, go! Fight, fight, fight! :))

vhiaparado said...

Grab the key to Olympics! God bless team Pilipinas! =)

Yanaliao said...

Wow! Go Team Philippines! It's starting to get cold in Wuhan I believe. Miss that place, had worked there for a year, don't forget to try their zha jiang mian, it's famous in Wuhan, no one does it better... :) Check out the Changjiang Bridge as well, you're entering 5,000 years worth of History under it (Changjiang River) heee heee... Ingats always and have a great game!!!

jae_mari said...

Hi Kuya Chris! I watched your game against UAE last September 15,2011.
It was an excellent game 92-52.
I hope you can make it.

dyzsoloveit said...

Hi Chris! Im a fan from Phil. I always make sure to watch your game and even encourage my friends and family to watch also. I was able to watch live your tune-up game vs. Jordan and had photo with you. anyway, Goodluck with your games and I hope Gilas can make it to London! Mabuhay Gilas! Mabuhay Pilipinas. :) -dyzsoloveit

Gen said...

Gudluck po kuya Chris!!!

ingat po lagi.

go GILAS!!!


Jinn Gray said...

good luck and God bless Smart Gilas! :)

Angelica Kintanar said...

God bless Philippines! :) Good luck! ;>

jae_mari said...

You have more years to play for the country!YOU ARE A HERO!ALL OF YOU.
YOU always make me proud to be a Filipino.Remember,THEY MAY HAVE THE HEIGHT BUT YOU HAVE THE HEART:)