Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Quick Look at My 2010

2010 was a roller coaster year for me. There were the wonderful moments that I've cherished and appreciated. But naturally, there were also the not-so-desirable occasions , that taught me valuable lessons and made me a stronger person. I've made a quick reflection of my past year.

Here are the highlights of my 2010

Jay Chou concert - The one event which I will never forget is the Jay Chou concert that I went to see live with my cousin, in Singapore. I can still remember vividly the desperate measures I had to resort to in order to get hold of those tickets at the front most section of the stadium. So you know how much it meant, I chose to skip an Ateneo-La Salle game just to watch this. I will blog more about it (with photos) in the future... and will try not to sound too much like a fan boy.

Gilas stints - There were 4 tournaments out of 7 in 2010 where we had a respectable performance. First is the Dubai invitational in January where we finished 3rd place playing with practically no import. Next is the Manila Invitational in July , which we won 1st place by beating the Jordanian national team. Third is the Stankovic Cup in Lebanon in August, where we made the final 4 without most of our main players. And lastly, our 2nd place finish in the ABA Championship in Haining, China where we lost to Samsung Korea by 1 point in the finals through a desperation shot with 2 seconds left in the game. Coincidentally, they knocked us out of the Asian games too.

New TV programs - I was chosen to host the show Ako Mismo on TV5, which features ordinary heroes, with the hope and goal that Filipinos may be inspired to do the same and make a difference in others' lives. Plus, i got to work with one of our most heralded heroes, 2009 CNN Hero kuya Efren Penaflorida. Just in November, the pilot episode of Hanepbuhay aired in GMA7 and garnered high ratings. The show encourages Filipinos to have that entrepreneurial mindset. And at the same time, my partner Love Anover and I give useful tips on how to run a business and come up with business ideas. Thanks to GMA7 and TV5, I have been given a platform to spread my advocacies through a very powerful medium. It's always great to be able to entertain, educate and share the right values all at the same time.

New endorsements
- Thanks to my two new endorsements in the pharma industry, namely Advil and Oracare, my credibility as an endorser was bolstered and my net worth has increased by just a little bit... enough to relieve me of my stress and headaches (haha corny!)

Guangzhou Asian games - This was a major disappointment for me , the team , and the millions of Filipino basketball fans. I could not sleep for many days. I know we are a better team than what the result actually reflects (6th) . It's a painful experience but still I am thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to play in this kind of high-level international competition which happens once in every 4 years, where we got to encounter the most elite athletes all over Asia. I have too much thoughts on this but I will save it for another blog entry.

Barangay Kagawad
- I was re-elected Kagawad (Councilman) in our Barangay in Makati. This gives me another chance to serve our constituents, mainly through sports & education programs .

Favorite Media Personality award
- Just last week , I won the Favorite Male Media Personality award given by the NCCT (National Council for Children's TV) in its 1st awards ceremony. A survey was conducted among 12,000 kid subjects all over the country to determine the winners. I thought only prime-time artistas could win this. This means so much to me, knowing that people out there, particularly the kids, appreciate what I'm doing and trying to communicate to them through my shows, basketball, advocacies and other engagements. I take it as a challenge, not just to serve as a good role model, but to take a more active part in reaching out to them and spreading the Gospel values.

Happy Lemon - My good friends and I (from Xavier & Ateneo) decided to bring in the franchise of Happy Lemon, an extremely popular bubble tea/milk tea brand from Hong Kong & Shanghai , to the Philippines. And after a year of planning and preparation, we finally opened our first branch in Promenade, Greenhills last November 13. We are very pleased w/ the sales and feedback of the customers so far, we are looking to open more branches (no sub franchises) this year. Next will be in the new Eastwood mall this Feb. In fact, we're very honored to be featured in/by OurAwesomePlanet himself. So if you're in the area, please drop by! We'd love to make you HAPPY! (To clarify, I am just a minute shareholder)

Family time - Because it was the first time we were given a break from training & competition in almost two years, I had the chance of catching up on lost time with family & friends. We were able to take short trips to Hong Kong, Macao, Tagaytay & Batangas where we really bonded. I felt I became closer to my family & friends in these last 3 weeks! How timely because it is Christmas season and that is what the spirit of Christmas is all about - giving! Not necessarily by giving material things but more importantly, by sharing ourselves with others - our time, our compassion, our love! Awards / achievements can make us happy at one point, but it is love that will make it last a lifetime! (Cheesy!)

Overall, my 2010 was an awesome one , except maybe for the outcome of the Asian games which dragged down the 'awesomeness' quotient. But I can't complain and I am very much challenged to do better this year. I'd like to thank the Lord first and foremost for all the blessings and good health for myself & my family. (I didn't incur any major injury... *knock on wood*) Thank you Lord for the perseverance when we feel like quitting, for the wisdom when we are uncertain! Everything was made possible because of You! We are merely Your instruments. I would also like to thank all of you have been so supportive with all that I'm doing . As cliche as it sounds, it can't be done without you guys! 2011 will be even better, I know it!! Part of success rests on chance but part of it depends on us. So let's do what we can to make each of our 2011s a fantastic one!

For my 2011 wishes, I have some in mind right now but I'm too sleepy already. Just wait for my next post! Happy New year everyone!!


yokishinai tegami said...

happy new year chris!!! i just dropped by your blog after 7 months. I'm already in London.. akala ko di na matutupad ang pangingibang bansa ko.. pero i'm really thankful to God natuloy na din.. you're one of my inspirations to pursue my dreams..! God bless!

Tricia's Paws said...

Happy New Year, Chris! Glad to hear that you were able to spend time with your family on 1 of the most important seasons every year :) All the blessings are for naught if there's no one to share it with. God Bless!

Gen Calica said...

Happy New Year kuya Chris!!!

you did great in the year 2010 and you will for sure this year... kaw pa!!!
well goodluck

KIER said...

Hapi Nyu Nyir!

Sharina said...

You are truly the epitome of what an Atenean is and should become. A successful man on his own with the innate care for others. Chris Tiu, you are indeed the role model for kids and adults alike. Hope you have more successful endeavors in 2011!

PS - Thank you for bringing Happy Lemon here!! :)

Ben Francis said...

Hi Chris!
Bonne annee! :)

Congratulations to you for the commendation! It's an honor for you to be recognized by a lot of people, especially the youth. Keep up the good work and God bless! :)

A bientot,

Ben Francis Rances

aisa.arevalo said...

Hi chris, I'm Aisa, One of your fans just wanna say that eventhough Gilas ended up 6th placer that doesn't mean that you failed our country. Just think of it this way Asian Games serves as a training ground for the Gilas to improved more so that in the next upcoming games Gilas might end up CHAMPIONS!!! More power to you and the team...keep it up and Dont lose hope...

alekss said...

Xin Nian Kuai Le! :D

P-chy (crazypeach) said...

Happy New Year to you! I'm happy you had lots of good memories this 2010, same goes for us fans. We'll continue to suport you this 2011!!! Hoping youll have more good memories to share for this new year!

Can't wait for you other blog entries, especially your experiences at the jay Chou concert in SG! Hihi!

Anonymous said...

happy new year chris!!!

congratulations for all of your achievements for 2010!! wishing for more in 2011!!!

good luck for gilas especially in the qualifying game for London olympics!!!

gud luck and God Bless to my favorite athlete and celebrity!! :) <3

jcs said...

Happy New Year Chris! God Bless all your plans for 2011. Take care always!

I'm excited to try Happy Lemon, will wait for the eastwood branch. =)

badlongon said...

We missed your blog Mr. Tiu! Glad that it came just at the start of the new year.

All the best for 2011. You're one of the few people I look up to. Keep it up!


Christine said...

Hi Chris!! I'm thankful na naging maganda ang 2010 is the same with me..Thank you for this another blog..because of this, we saw the other side of chris tiu..a fan (i'll wait for your entry about jay chou :D) and a joker (cheesy pala ha hehe). Congrats also sa lahat ng mga achievements mo sa showbusiness and sa politics and also sa basketball..

keep it up Chris..wish you have a great 2011!!

--and sana matuloy yung fans day hehe :D

Christine said...

P.S. and congrats also with your success in business industry!! :D

Anonymous said...

happy new year. it's been a long while since your last blog entry! :D i missed your Tiuper nice blog. :] looking forward to you next blog entriesssss :">


mai.loves.poetry said...

happy new year tiu-perman!
all the best in 2011 and onwards... keep blogging as you keep inspiring! =)

kim said...

hi chris,

life will not be "life" if you are always on the top..hope that you'll have a prosperous and wonderful year ahead..God bless..!..

Anonymous said...

hi ..
nice to know that .. thanks for sharing!
btw, Jay Chou has an upcoming movie with Cameron Diaz, Christoph Waltz, and Seth Rogen entitled "The Green Horneth"
I'm hoping that you're business will succeed ..

God Speed!!!
belated Happy New Year!


kat said...

omg. u went to a jay chou concert? waaa. so jealous. T_T
anyway goodluck to you and happy new year! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Chris!!Kaming fans mo proud sa mga achievements mo. Finally after a long wait, babalik kayo dito sa Dubai, couldn't wait to watch you guys play again. Wish you all the best!! Sana mag champion kayo sa Dubai Tournament. See you soon... haydee of Dubai

Anonymous said...

congrats for winning the favorite male media personality.. we're so proud of you..

jcs said...

Hi Chris! What you wrote was truly inspiring I admire your determination and courage. I believe in Smart Gilas Team! We will be here always to support the team. I am keeping you all in my prayers. You are truly a role model for the youth & the Filipinos. God Bless You!

P.S. I miss reading your blog, thanks for the new entry. =)

Anonymous said...

happy new year chris

i'm happy to all ur achievements last 2010 and congratulations..

gud luck to smart gilas and to my favorite host and athlete..(chris tiu)..


Erine said...

whoa,, I've actually thought that you'll never post a gain..
The post was never too late to give some awesome year highlights....

BTW, as for the Jay Chou concert, do you somehow captured a vid??? Just wanna show it off to one of my friends because after she watched The Secret and all his other dramas and movies , she was got terribly hooked.. hehehehehe

(It wont hurt if you'll sound like a fan boy... hehehehe, everyone have those moments.. Just keep it flowing.. hahaha)

HAppy New YEar!!!!! GReat KUDOS to HAppy Lemon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris, you are indeed an inspiration to everyone especially to the youth! :) Godbless you always! :)

Anonymous said...


Are you really a Basketball Player? hahaha

With your inspiring blog I know you are a GOD Centered person, continue to be a blessing to others. Not all so called "ELITISTA" are like you.

We are so lucky to meet you here in Bahrain when you played an exhibition here.

Cruz Family

clara said...

hi chris!

you have been an inspiration and good role model to everyone and anyone indeed! keep up the good work :)

also, may i know when happy lemon is gonna open in eastwood mall? do you plan on having branches in rockwell or ayala triangle? i really believe happy lemon will click in those spots!

Aya said...

I enjoy going to Happy Lemon alot! May I know from what time to what time Happy Lemon is open Mondays to Sundays? And do you have any tel# of the shop?
Thanks !