Saturday, May 22, 2010


Group A: Iran (Mahram), Philippines (Smart Gilas), Kazakstan (Astana Tigers), Iraq (Duhok), Qatar (Al Rayyan)

Group B: Lebanon (Al Riyadi), Jordan (ASU), Syria (Al Jalaa), Saudi Arabia (Al Hilal), UAE (Al Nasr)

Venue: Al Gharrafa Indoor Hall (Al Gharrafa Sports Complex)
Ticket Price: QAR 10

RP Smart Gilas Game Schedule: Elimination Round

Sun (05/23): 6pm - Phils vs Qatar
Mon (05/24): 8pm - Phils vs Kazakhstan
Tues (05/25): 8pm - Phils vs Iran
Wed (05/26): 8pm - Phils vs Iraq

Competition is even tougher this year since almost all teams are fielding in their national teams plus 2 imports. Last year in Jakarta, we finished 5th. With our current lineup, our goal is to make it to the semis. Then take it from there. Iran (Mahram) is fielding their national team with the usual two imports, Jackson Vroman (6'10) and Loren Woods (7'1), both former NBA players. Lebanon (Al Riyadi) is also fielding in its national players, including Fadi El Khatib, plus 2 imports Nate Johnson and CJ Giles. Same goes for Qatar. Kazakhstan is fielding its national team composed of players who participated in Tokoshima in 2007 & finished 4th place.

On our part, we're shorthanded right now because we're missing JV Casio, Marcio Lassiter & JR Cawaling in our lineup due to injuries. JV, who was the best point guard of the tournament in Dubai, provides stability in the team as our main PG. We will miss his ability to score & create plays. RJ Jazul, who is a natural shooting guard, will have to step up & play the point position. I think i will have to play PG sometimes as well. Without Marcio, we will be losing some toughness inside the court bec of his physicality and aggressivity on both ends of the floor. He doesn't hesitate to dive on the ground for loose balls and that can be contagious. JR Cawaling is a very skilled & creative player, too bad his knee is really bothering him. Instead, Rey Guevarra, my roommate, was chosen to be part of the 12-man lineup since this is FIBA sanctioned tournament. Both JV & JR are with us here in Qatar, while Marcio is back home in Manila doing therapy.

On the other hand, Chris Lutz arrived in Manila on Tuesday & is part of the 12-man lineup. He plays the position 2 & 3. He's very skilled, athletic and smart. But 2 days of practice is definitely not enough to learn the system of Coach Rajko thoroughly. He's still familiarizing himself w/ the very complicated plays. For sure he will provide a huge lift once he adapts himself to the system & the team. We also have a Serbian import, Milan, who has been practicing w/ us for about a week & a half now. He stands around 6'9 but is not the most athletic & quickest player. He has a decent middle range though & has a wide body to bang w/ the opposing bigs.

Let's see how we'll fare in this tournament. It will be very very tough so I ask for all your prayers for us to play our A games and be injury-free. If you happen to live here in Doha, please come and watch the games! I believe they purposely scheduled Smart Gilas games at 8pm to draw the Filipino crowd here, which has certainly infiltrated the scarce population of Qatar. Your presence truly means a lot! Let's overwhelm the opposing teams by having the largest gallery! GO PILIPINAS!



Mark Barroca
RJ Jazul
Chris Tiu
Dylan Ababou
Rey Guevarra
Chris Lutz
Mac Baracael
Aldrech Ramos
Japeth Aguilar
Jason Ballesteros
Greg Slaughter
Milan Vucicevic


erica said...


cj on other team? hmm. not so thrilled about that.

anyway, just keep your head on the game but don't pressure din nmn yourself too much. i know there is a need to step up big time since jvee & the other players are not around. don't you worry, we believe in the team captain (ehem) and the team! you guys sacrificed so much (lalo ka na!) so be confident that God will be on your side all the time! all my prayers are w/ you guys :)

go team pilipinas! go smart-gilas!

pls. post na lang the sched of docu kung meron :)


yil said...

good luck, Chris!!!!

jasmine said...

gudluck po kua chris

Anonymous said...

..,,Gud LuCk sa FIBA...,
and sana manalo kau kh8 runner-up lang...
and maka-recover n ung mga players from the injury...

crazypeach said...

Good luck to the team! Even you're shorthanded, I still believe you'll be able to play better than before as a team! All the hard training will surely be helpful in this tournament! i wish all of you the best! We'll be fighting for you guys praying! Go go go SMART GILAS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Chris! Go Smart Gilas! I will pray for the team! We believe in all of you guys! God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck to Smart Gilas Team... We will pray for you guys... And for sure the whole are very proud of you guys...

KGirl said...

go smart gilas! my prayers are you all! make us proud!
go rey guevarra! hihi:)

Anonymous said...

hello Chris,

I wish you and the Smart Gilas team all the best. All the hard training and international stints that you guys have undergone will now be put to test.
I'm praying that Team Pilipinas will be guided by our almighty God in all the games that you will be going through. I also pray that no injury will happen to any of the players.

joyce said...

Go Team Pilipinas! :)

Anonymous said...

id like to watch the games of smart gilas team, may i know the name of stadium, it is khalifa stadium near villaggio mall?

Anonymous said...

I watch the gilas game vs qatar and kazakhstan, good game over all but the truth is we cant battle them on the boards. On the game vs kazakhstan, we could have win it if we just controlled the boards. Too many 2nd chance point from the opposing team. Our big guys were too thin to box out. Please tell them to add some muscle. I don't understand why toroman put lutz and baracael on SF position, they were too small on that position. It's a pity to see them being massacred by big guys. Chris, you were great on the Kazakhstan game, very intelligent.

singkitnga said...

no need to approve this one dude, just dropping by to give a piece of unsolicited advice.

its about your hosting, you are great and everything but you can still improve!

try to relax more dude, and don't be monotonous. you are talented and a smart guy, im sure youll get a grip in your hosting too, you too.

we love you! btw, did you run for any public office in this year's election?

Anonymous said...

I watch with all my Family the Game last time Here in Garaffa stadium Between Qatar and Gilas..unfortunately we didn`t Beat Those Qataris..sobrang napahanga ako sa Ginawa mong Tapang that time How you Played and your team mates.actually sumakit ang throat ko..talagang marami rin kasi hinakot na fans ng qatar kasi Pinas ang kalaban nila lol.but anyway everyday nmin kayong papanoorin dito sa Qatar and we Gonna Support you here"win or Lose"kasi alam nmin you will do your Best Hopin wla ma injured..
so thursday lang ang wla kayong laro kaya Pahinga muna kami ng Cheer sa Inyo lol..
So just Focus and Thank you Very much for Visiting us here in Doha!:)

chona said...

chris please pki post nlng ung sched. Nyo nxt game,.ang ganda ng lban nyo vs iraq..good job guys!..

Sabria said...

God speed to you and Smart Gilas, Chris. Bring home the bacon and make us all proud once again. :)

janine said...

i really hope that cawaling and the rest of the guys would get better soon..would pray for your victory...go team!!!...

Patty said...

Just a thought on last night's PR episode... It's good that you're interacting more with the judges, your co-host, the contestants, and the audience as well. And btw, I prefer Rhian as your partner over Sheena and/or Iza.

Anyway, I'm not sure if your overly hectic schedule still permits you to watch NBA, but I would just like to know your two-cents' worth on this years' Lakers-Celtics finals (although I know you're a Nash/Suns fan). Thank you.

Good luck as always.

meily said...

Gudluck team philippines

G. Ames said...

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chris said...

hi singkitnga, i don't know how to send a direct message to you. Just want to thank you for your comment on my hosting. It's not a natural thing for me so i really have to work on improving . Of course we always want to be the best we can be in everything we engage in - "magis" . Appreciate it!