Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Link to Smart Gilas documentary

Hi, here's a link posted by one of the GMA Pinoy TV Viewers of the Smart Gilas Documentary in Qatar and Dubai last January. It's posted on youtube and the quality is not exactly the best but it's worth the effort :) The segment on Qatar was missed out. But anyway, we're hoping that the material will be bought by one of the programs in QTV or GMA7 so that it can be aired locally, where most of the Filipinos are. Makes sense right?




crazypeach said...

I agree! It should be shown here. Your games weren't meant for Pinoys abroad alone, it is for every Filipino living in and out of the country. Everybody should know about it. Kudos to the one who recorded it!

kristinee* said...

Saw it from here in Hong Kong, awesome footage :)

Hope it all goes well for the local fans to see it! Only the best for the Smart G rooters!

Best of luck, guys!

Trisha Tan said...

Since GMA 7 focused too much on"Manny Pacquiao" .

I'm paging to Mr. Manny Pangilinan that all the remaining games of Smart Gilas will be shown lived or delayed telecast on TV5 . Since you owned the said network & likewise the Smart Gilas team .

Your immediate response is greatly appreciated by all local filipino gilas followers .

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! TThe SBP docu will air on March 7, 10.30pm on QTV (channel 11).

jasmine said...


tnx sa pagupload ng documentary because marami sa mga filipino like me ang nakakamiss sa paglalaro mo here in the philippines but I know ang laro mo dyan ay para rin sa karangalan ng pilipinas,I've enjoyed watching that documentary.I hope lumaban ulit kayo sa PBA.Super nakakamangha naman ang pagDUNK ni kuya japeth aguilar but of course I also saw your best three point shoot.

keep up the good work and do your best always.Good Health to you,to your family and teammates!!!!

Anonymous said...

i watched it in gma pinoy tv... it was a great game!!!

cieanne0603 said...

nice. hope to see you guys play again at araneta! haha. :) see you soooon. Good luck on your games.

Nica said...


Balik-hosting si Chris Tiu sa Ripley’s Believe It Or Not ngayong Wednesday sa GMA-7.

Ayon kay Chris, kahit ano raw mangyari ay hinding-hindi niya iiwanan ang pagho-host ng Ripley’s dahil napamahal na ito sa kanya. Mula ng mag-host siya ay malaki na rin ang ipinagbago ng kanyang pag-uugali at pagdating sa pakikisalamuhan sa mga tao.

Ngayon ay kalmado na siya at nawala na ang pagiging mahiyain. Salamat sa pagtitiwala sa kanya ng GMA-7 para mag-host ng Ripley’s.

Nica said...

Keep it up, CHris and the Gilas Team! Win or lose, we're all proud of you guys! =)

jonx_29 said...

yahoo!i got a glimpsed of it on my facebook acct.but then again it's not much of a good quality but nonetheless I want to thank that dude who uploaded the docu..i'm lucky to read over your blogs again,one of the comments said that it will be shown in ch.11 i'm gonna watch that!

i agree to some comments here that sir MVP should be the one to have a right in airing your games via tv5 since he owns it..mas masaya yun bcoz tv5 is not too congested of various shows..

that's all..well,the best of luck!


Anonymous said...

I'll make sure I'll be able to watch the telecast on QTV!

Didn't know the boys were funny, especially Magi! Hahahaha. It seems like you guys enjoy each other's company, which is good. :)

I've noticed that you did not join the other Gilas players when they shopped in the malls..or maybe hindi lang nakasama sa footage? Haha. Still, the closeness and the team amazed me. Kahit si Lassiter kasama sa kulitan e! Haha!

sherilyn said...

hi chris, the tv special will be aired on Sunday....I can't wait to watch it...

Anonymous said...

...im hoping that the future games of smart gilas should be air on tv 5,,since mr,pangilinan is the owner of the both companies,,
and for those who cant watch the live streaming...

Anonymous said...

wish that the future games will be air on tv 5,,since mr.pangilinan is the owner of both companies,,,

Anonymous said...

wish that the future games will be air on tv 5,,since mr.pangilinan is the owner of both companies,,,

Anonymous said...


Kindly find time to check out this song. Pretty much summarizes how i feel for you


Thank you.


Anonymous said...


Kindly find time to listen to this. It's nice. :) Disregard the link earlier. Thanks



Sabria said...

Hey, Chris! Was able to watch the Smart Gilas Pilipinas documentary on QTV. It was really good, truly worth watching. I got so thrilled the first time I heard it was going to be aired that I actually wrote the sched on my whiteboard where I put all my reminders and to-do's (because I have the tendency to be forgetful at times). I just wanted to share that. :)

I heard also that you're going to Taiwan in July for the Jones Cup I believe? Whoa, another big opportunity for you guys. Much luck in advance. Raise our flag high and proud! :)

God bless you, Chris, always.

jokeshn said...

I was browsing through the internet to look for Smart Gilas Team Pilipinas Roster Profile, unfortunately, I didn't find an updated info. I only found this one, which was posted Feb 2009 http://www.smartsports.net/basketball_gilaspilipinas.php
Would you mind posting an updated profile of your team?
Thank you.
Team Pilipinas for London Olympics 2012! :D

erica said...


i watched the documentary last night. its such an eye opener! i hope more companies will support the team... i want to call the attention of your PR team (if there is such) so that they will initiate more campaigns to gather emotional and financial support for you guys.

i am so proud that we can also be known for basketball. height matters but its your determination and passion that drives the team. sabi nga sa docu, what you have guys are the heart of true champions! (PUSO)

stay safe guys. wag kayong maghawaan ng sakit ah!


thanks for the constant updates and for letting us kn[ow the whereabouts of smart-gilas.

ahlai said...

wow.. :)

i really love the docu :)

cute ng kulitan nyu.. super funny!

super nag-improve na ang Gilas!
Congratulations, guys..

Good Luck! :)

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
GOD Bless you all.

ahlai said...

wow.. :)

i really love the docu :)

cute ng kulitan nyu.. super funny!

super nag-improve na ang Gilas!
Congratulations, guys..

Good Luck! :)

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!
GOD Bless you all.

karenFORTU said...

i love you smart gilas!! see you sa london olympics. i'll be praying for you guys!!

more docus please..

i am PINOY!!

karen FORTU said...

pafollow naman po sa twitter. kardecardoFORTU..TNX TNX..

ainan said...

I commend the whole team for the effort they exerted to make this country proud! Kudos! to you guys... I'm happy you're back in hosting Ripley's.

Is it true your hosting a new show on TV5? Godbless! Mr. Tiu

cutie 17 :) said...

hey Chris!

nagpunta ka daw sa Lyceum of the Philippines University-Batangas last March 12?

Oh my!
i didn't know... :(
we don't have classes every friday ehh :(
i cried 'coz i missed the opportunity to see you.. (hehe!)

so, how was it?
what did you do?

i hope you'll come back to our school..

Smart Gilas is doing great!
has beaten the Australian team :)

Philippines is so proud of you, guys!

God Bless you :)

Anonymous said...

...the documentary not only features their activities in dubai but also shows the other side of the players. their compatibility with each other, it's fun to see that they are in one goal..
that's why i support the team...
go smart gilas...

Anonymous said...

hi chris,

you really seem to be dedicated to tour fave sport. by the way, here's a song that might help you de-stress. enjoy!!!


from your number one fan =)